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"mcgowan dave" Discussed on The Moratorium

"Born to an italian carpenter. Stagehand father from naples an african american opera singer mother from alabama. It is the most. That's right just incredible fluent in italian and spanish. i'm just gonna read his Just the cool shit that he can do. He's a pretty short. He's only five foot seven and a half the end. All these actors are little except The ones that were in dukes of the ones that are big. Let's make that the tagline for this episode but you were never a big fan of Better call saul or breaking bad or you never seen either one of those. I heard they're great. They are grass seed giancarlo in a fedora. I assume mall of the cast members and breaking bed end up in a fedora at some point and that interests me that alone. I like seeing women in fidora's sometimes So hat wise. Breaking bad would be a home run for me. But i just haven't had time there a movie called stardust and nineteen ninety eight. Is that the one with the robert deniro and address. Nope okay no. This is Charlie's dad and vince a microchip. That can be used for evil purposes. So charlie finds the chip and implants it into a vacuum cleaner named stardust. Did you just make that sounds like it. How does something like this made. Did the vacuum cleaner ha- even have a receptor like a. how do you insert it into vacuum cleaner. You'll have to watch it. I guess i'm looking at it now. It looks insane are not for that i am clicking off that with extreme prejudice aright jin karla was also an monkey bone that a video game. Now it's brennan. Frazier bridget fonda. John turturro kris van. Rose mcgowan dave foley. Bob odenkirk whoppi. Goldberg animated I've of egli remember. I wanna say there's a video game that goes along with it or something. What year was that Two thousand one. I'm looking at this and then that's it. I'm breaking my computer and that's it okay. Moving on.

alabama John turturro stardust robert deniro naples charlie five foot vince Better call saul Frazier bridget fonda Goldberg Charlie Bob odenkirk whoppi nineteen ninety eight kris van one italian Rose mcgowan dave foley spanish a half