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"mcdonagh botany" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Three nothing i think it was breathing point if memory serves that was along the side of the net there gourd missed some open that's we played back one in the first he had a shot that went over the crossbar within open that he just had one of those nights where he was involved though he was around the puck and awful lot this evening for the most part the puck liked him i think you've got something coming up that way maybe the puck didn't like well five shots tonight for yanni gord in one thousand nine hundred shifts and just under fourteen minutes of ice time so the devils you thinking what's going to happen here are they gonna be wall stover are they going to have any pushback oh ye of little faith we've seen the devils pushed back time and time again they got a power play at nine twenty eight when brayden point was called for a trip now they did not score a goal but boy they put a lot of pressure on basil left ski three shots to others blocked one missed so the puck was in the tampa bay zone for the majority of that power play and even if you don't score but if you do move the parking get shot you can gain some momentum carry through because even though they failed to score is point stepped out of the box at eleven twenty eight little over two minutes later the devils are on the board in front it goes off the stick of mcdonagh botany and racist keeps it alive for a moment but pollak is paul scores giveaway by andrei pohlad and taylor hall is brought the devils within three to one at thirteen fifty five and unassisted goal because you can't give an assist to the opponent who had a goal in to assist having an effect on all three tampa bay goals that had been scored certainly had an effect on the devils goal.

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