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Molly McCully Brown  Transubstantiation

Poetry Unbound

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Molly McCully Brown Transubstantiation

"My name is padre tumor and often awake in the middle of the night and. I like looking at things in the middle of the night, looking out the window or going outside and seeing what's there and listening to the sounds of a city or the countryside in the middle of the night because things sound different than. Things that are strange become familiar calm down and things that are familiar become very strange. Transportation. By Molly McCauley Brown. It's the middle of the night. I'm just a little loose on deer and blues and battered air and all the ways. This nowhere looks like home the feels and boarded houses dead with summer the filling station rowdy with the rumor of another place. Cattle pace the distance between road and gloaming inexplicably awake, and then the TUB literate in the pasture for sale or salvage or some secret labor stranger than I know. How does it work? Again, the alchemy shapes them briefly into boats and then the bones of great fell beasts and once more into Keenan copper bells before I even blink. Half a mile out the bills backup along the margin. Country songs cut in and out of static on the radio. Lord most of what I love mistakes itself for nothing. A. This poem comes as part of an interlude from a book that explores imaginary. The legacy of a building in an institution called the Virginia State Colony for epilepsy six and feeble minded, which is a true place she grew up near. And this poem as part of the interlude, and in this interlude were in a nighttime vista that seems to mistake itself for nothing abandoned place. She's location us here in rhythm and rhyme and image, and the poet is inviting us into the imagination of the poor. That says, this place is loved even though it imagines itself as nothing even though imagines itself as unlovable and this isn't charity I don't think this is a point that's trying to be pitying or show sympathy. This is a poem where somebody's relaxed and loosened up by beer and. Is telling the truth and this is a point where the poets sees. alchemy sees magic and has a powerful message about the ways in which someone might imagine a place or a person or an area or population as discardable useful only but not valuable for itself and invites us into a different way of looking to see the multiple possibilities of meaning use and their own magic that people in places have. Narrator in this point has an extraordinary expansive gays and can see all around from the cattle to the bath tub to the filling station Rhody with the rumor of another place, and there's the city often the corner. This porsche knows so much and travel so much in this home as opposed to falling into a casualty that somebody might have for a poet who's a wheelchair user and what the expectation of the kind of poetry poet might. Right. It's a night poem and I think that's an important thing to recognize that this gloaming like that. She speaks about this strange life that's present in the middle of the night. She's picking up with the battered air at the start of the point I always wondered what is battered like an old car or an abandoned cars this about a former industrial places no post industrial why's the air bruised or battered maybe something from which much is asked little is given back maybe there's a lot of factories there and she sees that this place this nowhere nonetheless might look like home. The bath tubs are so interesting. She speaks the bathtubs being literate in the pasture. I assumed when I read this at the start that if there were bathtubs in the pasture, therefore the coast to drink from, you know to put water in it and just use it as a trough put. She has all these questions about the bathtubs they're for sale or salvage or some secret labor stranger than I know suddenly these bathtubs have multiple functions and then she speaks with a maybe being like a boat somewhere to go or a beast in and of itself or a bell bringing music into it again. And in this gloaming alchemy that she's speaking of the magic. She this nighttime, our suggests that things have many functions not just one and she seems to be introducing to these various things that you can see the possibility that things that think they're just on the road to nowhere could begin to imagine that they can be many things. I get the impression that this is a poet who very muscular really is saying places like this need to learn that they are loveable and loved and can be called this. She's describing this scene with kind of a home recognition. Doesn't seem beautiful. It seems abandoned like halfway place put the final line Lord. Most of what I, love mistakes itself for nothing. I think they will usage of the word Lord is so interesting because it reminds you of an old him or kind of aside but she's not saying Lord you love all this it's not God's love that's being invoked. It's her own. It's the poets love most of what I love mistakes itself for nothing, and there's a call from that observation I think to consider what would it be like those places that mistake themselves for nothing those things that mistake themselves for nothing actually could begin to believe themselves to be something what does it mean to? Take yourself that you might have mistaken for nothing into the self that you might have thought as a halfway or something that people just pass through or abandoned or. Something that needs to be fixed or is unfixable. What would it mean to pay attention to that and to consider that love an economy that can bring something powerful. This is called trump substantiation. That's the word Catholics use to describe what happens when the ordinary elements of bread and wine kit inhabited by the presence of God during the communion and our change then the body and blood Christ. And this poem seems to be imagining that the ordinary staff of an agricultural suburb caught between blues and country in places where things shift and people only pass through this poem seems to imagine that this can be transformed into something and the question is by who what is the transcripts. WHO's the priest here and it seems to be the poet as the priest here. Around at a place that seems functional industrial, maybe tired and battered. Is giving a name to a place that considers itself to have. No name is giving something sacred to something that considers itself desecrators. I grew up in a village caroline aside, a cork city. I liked us we were on the edges of that village and there was a lovely view across the fields. There was lots of places that weren't finished off. You know somebody had an imagination building a house and had run out of money. So there was abandoned building sites around the place put they were beautiful in the sunset and sunrise. I always liked the whole area. It's it's much more built up now which I sometimes feel sad about but I'm glad that people have on their home in that village. I hear sometimes people say something about the village to say you know its shareholders place that you pass through to get to the beach. What it's impossible for me to hear the name of the village without even the sense of all the love and loneliness that went into growing up a village the way that I knew the faces of all the teachers and every person in a school the way that you knew the faces around the village, the ways that I wished for more friends and didn't have any. All the the loathing and the long and the loving that goes into being a teenager as an adult. Now, I return to that place and the streets and the shops are filled with my experiences of those and I can't see this just another little village because it was the village that I grew up and and it's filled with my own story and how I have. Projected myself into those things and how those things for me too. Transplantation by Molly McCauley Brown. It's the middle of the night I'm just a little loose on beer and blues, and battered air and all the ways. This nowhere looks like home the fields and boarded houses dead with summer. The filling station rotary with the rumor of another place. Castle pace the distance between road and gloaming inexplicably awake, and then the bath tubs littered in the pasture for sale or salvage or secret labor stranger than I know. How does it work again, the outcome alchemy that shapes them briefly into boats and then the bones of great feld beasts and once more into Keenan copper bells before I even blink. Half a mile loud decision bills back off along the margin country songs caught in out of static on the radio. Lord most of what I, love mistakes itself for nothing. Trans substantiation comes from Mali. mccully Brown's book the Virginia State, colony for epileptics and feeble minded. Thank you to proceed books who gave US permission to use. Molly's Paul. We did on our website at on being Dot Org? Poetry inbound is Chris Hugo Aaron Soko Siri Grassley Eddie Gonzalez invo Christiaan, mortell Karen Navarre Wicky Karen Tally. Sweaty stop and me Lily Percy. Are Music is composed and provided by Gallup Shuki, Shannon and blue dots. Sessions. This podcast is produced by on being studios, which is located on Kota Land. We also produce other podcasts you might enjoy like being with Krista Tippett, becoming wise and this movie changed me. Find those wherever you like to listen or visit us at on being dot org to find out more. This podcast is produced by on being studios in Minneapolis Man.

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Archives : Fun Radio dirige par Benoit Sillard (1989-1997) [avec Bill Debruge, srie sur l'histoire de Fun Radio (P3)]

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Archives : Fun Radio dirige par Benoit Sillard (1989-1997) [avec Bill Debruge, srie sur l'histoire de Fun Radio (P3)]

"The best to treat at. The immediate release twelve, do Victoria or you? Liz Asha there was in practice restore the phonology auditees places. US Through College Prasong. Who S Demeanor Soccer Transit Emily get. But. I'll sit there don't on. Foundational obligated secret different argue to the jury been was complicit I'm over who what do you on WanNa. Let her paw shoe point if they're on some of our continued do I continue started phonology for. Build. A Vision, Danny metal shop phonology, demean of sock high. Said, gets more John Topalian with. On the bill three, hundred uneasily review Jewish fanatic about he puts on. FORMATO geologists, somebody's Thin audiobook. This committee Mundi Susan but he's to for. A whole. News third now, and I'll see you can also log onto the studio it can. Street in a cassette which on fail what? Resort. If you drop play mccully. Look Sudden. Vision. On. A. Mitch. Get enough yet. 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With producer Donnie, ear position altogether. Dr Kettlebells says. Socket says been was your. System. Middle W not defensive each. You she made. was He the new Stem Kitty and audience due to give you the house if comment must have all these files, emotional it, your mortgage come also side via. You'll see that problem is you get on the restaurant grill off yes Yang. Sample dental plan was on also. Separate Patrimony Amina focus on offense up. Here Bill. Unproductive. Gospel, the At school swift did affair seniority fuller alleged affair, a shopping mall ballot-rigging leaky. Sky said he do own funded gets school doom city is Donald should shave. Tear tweak button on the rear as yet. Guide Years He. mutational jumps rule them all wash Is that if it? With more chauffeured lot magical. Say I'll do news via. Multiple destroy not cycles. Acceptable. But. I you. Can You pre-cold souvenirs? Aren't you John? Said ventilators between. Donald Seasons Up. To Saddam clearly a APPALACHIA. 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Donald Trump Madonna la Saddam Tom Danielle Mexico US Detroit COO John Topalian Liz Asha John Young Gaza Mundi Susan Kibera WanNa New York mccully Yawkey Cowpoke
A Comparison of Austrian and Keynesian Economics with Noah Smith, Parker Thompson and Stephan Kinsella

Venture Stories

1:33:03 hr | 1 year ago

A Comparison of Austrian and Keynesian Economics with Noah Smith, Parker Thompson and Stephan Kinsella

"Hey, everybody. It's Eric torbert co-founder partner, Philip global, eight network driven venture firm, and this is metre stories a podcast covering topics. G tech business with world leading experts. Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of venture stories by village. Global on here today with three very special guests at the Jews themselves in a second. But we're here to talk about Austrian economics as a compared to classical economics Qian's, Ian, school thoughts and compare and contrast the different approaches in the assumptions underlying them Pratt's. No, we can start with you in terms of repack round where you will perspective you bring to this conversation in mainstream economics macro for part of that though. I quit. And now I after a rest- into the finance professor, I'm now a opinion writer at Bloomberg opinion. And that is what I do. Cool parker. Yeah. So I am far less qualified to talk about economics. Having taken a bunch academically in college did some graduate work in policy. So adjacent staff around copyright intellectual property it a bunch of programming. And now as one does I do venture capital. So in obligated. To a pine about economics and policy on the internet regularly. So here, we are all roads lead to venture capital. And stuff. Oh, yeah. I'm Steffan console. I'm a patent attorney and in Houston, Texas, and I was a general counsel for laser company. I do take patent work, and I'm also libertarian writer and speaker in theorists and heavily into Austrian economics. So why don't we start maybe with just definitions of of how to define the different schools of thought than we can go more granular seven would you like to take the a quick primer on on some of the most striking differences between the Austrian school and some of the other schools here? I'll give it a shot and keep in mind. I'm not an academic communist, and that might be to my vantage economics taught in in the mainstream schools is largely voodoo economics are pseudo economics. I'd say the main schools now, I think Martinez economics is on the decline, although the labor theory of value still informs a lot of people thought about policy and economics. You have Keynesian economics which. Focuses heavily on governmental stimulation of the money supply. And I'd say the mainstream economic thought now is in heavily by the Chicago school Milton Friedman, which is what we would call off the divest economics is sort of the idea that economic should be modeled the science based on the way, the natural sciences were which would be physics and chemistry and things like that. They sort of logical positive them up Harian testing idea the idea that you formulate hypothesis, and you have has it. So it's heavily empirical. Now, the Austrian school is distinct from that primarily I would say in methodology that is the Austrians which was started primarily by Carl manger in Vienna Austria and the eighteen seventies. And the main proponents now would be or the Mace famous figures would be Hayek who on the Nobel prize and seventy four nineteen seventy four and loonie on me's is the distinction between the Austrians and the mainstream economics we have now is that the mainstream economists. Believe in positive is that they believe yes. To formulate these these laws off supply and demand, and the idea that minimum wage increasing that leads to unemployment you have to test that against the date of the see if that's correct, whereas the Austrian have more deductive methods based on the individual perspective and based upon primarily the idea that value is subjective phenomenon not an objective one. That is value is just what the individual who is acting seeks to achieve in all of his actions. So you can't measure it, pardon me, like the Marxist and even the canes is and and the purses sort of end up believing. So that's one of the main distinctions, I would say that. We've you think from the individual perspective, we think value is subjective. Only like you can't measure it this results in a lot of other views. Like, you can't centrally plan the economy, you can't scientifically plan the economy with a central committee government can really screw things up. All they could do. Provide a stable property system that allows the economy to operate in decentralized fashion, so that's sort of the Austrian view. And but the the main thing to keep in mind, there's not positive that is we don't rely on empirical studies to test our theories, we think you can prove deductive -ly from the watching of human action. It means it's called it that increasing the minimum wage will to unemployment that inflating the money supply would cause price inflation. And so on it's a result of witnessing. What happens is the result of watching deduction. No, how would you sort of get? How'd you defined the more mainstream use it in contrast to that or color, would you would you add mainstream view, basically says the economics to to what degree possible should operate like any science, you should try to figure out how the world works? You should do that their combination of observation and modelling sort of kirks in theory which worked in a reciprocal process where you at. Have some ride down some ideas about how you think the world works tests that against data. You know, then go back and reevaluate etcetera etcetera that's supposed to word, and then armed with the sort of understanding of how things do work you then in turn to philosophy. That's the question. What do we want? What kinds of science or foster politics Nannu u-turn narrative as the Norman of questions like what kind of society? Do we wanna build and then given those goals use our understanding of the way the world works to accomplish them? And this is basically what's been done the science. You know, so we get a understand, let's say hydrology and geology. And then you know, we understand the laws of how fluids move through rocks and rivers flow into replenish, and all that stuff. And then we turn to politics glossy to say, we'll who should get the water. You know, like who do we want to get the water to where what would we want to put a dam that we want to irrigate do we? To do this. And that and then we turn back to the hydrologist and the geologist and say, hey, how do we do this? You know, what kind of things do we build that allows to achieve our goals with natural science is has been amazingly successful paradigm. Official science is of course, harder than Netflix signs because people, you know, are a lot trickier and harder to understand the particles and systems of people are even trickier and harder to understand than individual people. However, it's idea that the same basic approach will work as well as anything can work for economics. Even though the results may be sloppier more proximate to media before getting into places where where their differences in retouched a little bit on on them. We're the places in whether there is a there's a while. I mean, there's specific policies they might agree on. So, you know, so so for example, there's a school of mainstream macro-economists Albany, New classical or real business cycle school. Those are sometimes. Interchangeably and these people especially Senator on the university of Minnesota. But also Chicago in a couple of other places in the late seventies in the eighties. These people wrote down whole bunch of theories in the language of mainstream economics that incorporated some though not all of traditional Austrian use of how the economy works. So the example, for example, the idea that recessions are natural, and you know, sort of unavoidable and while they're not good. They're the sort of the best on you. If you print a bunch of money in order to try to follow a session. You're just going to get a lot of inflation in. You're not going to increase aggregate, the meander whatever that even means they don't even recognize very need something. And ultimately, the economy is driven by sort of innovation and technology business people building, you know, building businesses with technology innovations that affect the real productive capacity of the economy. That's why it was called the real business cycles will and as you can see if you know about Austrian views the business cycle, there are some big differences there. But there are also some similarities, and in fact, the the people who made art BC models real business cycle models did say that they were heavily influenced by by trumpeter by. The Austrians general. And so there is some flow of ideas from one to the other. They just a very different language. So no repeated a little bit of what I sort of criticize the difference. Like, he, you know, natural scientists have worked and therefore economic should seek to emulate those models. And that is that is one different the Austrians think that as a mistake that the the social scientists have made and trying to emulate the natural sciences because the natural sciences seek to understand the call the world. So we're trying to find the causal laws of reality whereas economics seeks to understand the consequences of human action, which is purpose driven or goal driven or choice driven. So as Telia logical. And so you just have a different model for there's. So that's why there's this type of dualization. But I would say what we have in common is. Yeah, we're trying to understand reality. You just have different missile tool, and in some part, this is due. The language the business cycle theory of the Austrians was initiated by looting going is who I believe is the greatest and the and the chief model of fringe janitor of Austrian economics Hayek, his sort of student followed his path and got the Nobel prize in seventy four four that some of the Austrians have a little bit of a conspiracy mind and visas died and seventy three and they think that the the Nobel committee waited until seventy four to give them to give the price to student hike. So they wouldn't have to give to me as because he was a little bit more libertarian views. I'm not sure if I believe there's any evidence for that. But, but yeah, the Austrian theory is that when the government control of the money supply through central Bank. It can't help a self politically. But to inflate money one way or the other and that causes anti on offense, which means harming Earl harming later beneficiaries of the money than earlier. Right. So it hurts it helps the banks and hurt the savers and it causes inflation which to reduce. People's spending power, and it also gives rise set in motion the business cycle. So the Austrian theory is a business cycle theory. And that probably has influenced some of the the other schools as well. So I mean, it seems to me it was we're talking about this something that's worth stating explicitly in perhaps discussing is. You know, when I talked Austrians, I think fundamentally the difference of opinion, we have comes back one of values as opposed to differences on for example, data right? And so as I think about the Austrian model, it seems to be that there's a high correlation with liberal libertarianism because the fundamental value is optimizing for the economy of the individual. So inflation is bad because that reduces my atonomy with respect to my capital, central planning is bad trying to achieve a global maximum is a bad idea because we should just let all of the individuals working to cheating their local maxima in contrast to the. Or classical model that says, hey, look, if we can figure this stuff out we can collective the create in Konami that is better for all individuals than individually, we would create on her own you may or may not by that. But it seems to me that that's a valid debate. And at the heart of this stuff when often we're talking about policies without explicitly acknowledging what's driving are out these about his policies. Would you say that's fair? If you're asking me all of a comment on that. I think that actually the Austrians already commended for being explicit about this. So the Austrian say that economics is what they call work, fry or value free. So they they sort of try to clearly distinguish between their economic analysis between policy recommendations so to them. The purpose of economics is to understand how the economy and the market works, and what the consequences in general of different interventions would be then as a policy matter as a human being like. It's an economist say, okay, well, if you favorite human, prosperity and welfare, and if you want this policy to achieve ABC, then you should do the following. But that's not strictly speaking and economic valuation. So because most people do at least say that they favorite human prosperity. Once you understand basic economics. You understand that most government proposals will actually harm it? You know, if you raise the minimum wage or harm him, a welfare increasing the supply of money and only help some people, but to the detriment of others and overall harms people, so if you favorite human welfare, then you oppose these government measures, so strictly speaking Austrian economics is not a libertarian thing. But it does tend to attract them because it helps you recognize the dangers of centralism and political control and helps you appreciate why we have for spared in the first place, which is the free interaction of individuals with a certain degree of property property rights. Well, it seems to me that I mean, there's a value baked into that. Right. When we say in inflation is that was a common one or the minimum wage will per se her folks by reducing the employment rights, well like that may be true. But that's a policy outside of the context in which were applying it rights might have higher minimum wage because we say look working below the poverty line doesn't make sense. So we'll raise the minimum wage and have a corresponding transfer to handle the folks who would otherwise be employed at that sub living wage who aren't right? So I think you you sort of, you know, making a you're applying set of values to policies in isolation, which I think the, you know, the more possible school and feel free to speak on behalf. Noah would say, well, yeah. But let's not be naive. And look at these things in isolation broadly, this complex system and see what family policy would be that would maximize author. I think to say, for example that that. Raising minimum wage or that the government printing Mani or themselves harmful to humans makes a set of a sumptiousness and around what the economy looks Feiger what how monetary policy interacts with other policies that the may or may not hold the way that, you know, economists mainstream communists think about it is to say, all right? Well, oppose we're considering a minimum or all right? What are the possible effects could happen? How much will people's incomes though, up whose incomes will go up by how much will they go up? How will the structure of production be changed? I will productivity bis acted who if anyone will be thrown out of work. How will the distribution of money in the economy chain, or of wealth, real consumption, all that stuff? And so and then armed with that knowledge of of what the likely effects of minimum wage would be policymakers and activists in anyone are really better able to determine whether they want a minimum wage, so for example, suppose. You find that, you know, raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars would have would would throw a few people out of work, and that, you know, like a hundred people out of work in a in a big city, and then would dramatically raise the incomes of a thousands of people. Now, I can't tell you off the top of my head. Like, oh is that worth it? I mean, I could I can give you my opinion. I can say, you know, oh, no. You harm one hundred people to help thousands of people, but that's not acceptable. You shouldn't be able to Hong even one percent helped someone else or I could say we'll actually you know, whatever you're doing or not doing someone's there's going to be winners losers. Someone's gonna get hurt smoke gonna get help over. There was this is actually good to do you know that some those are who Phyliss simple versions of homes, ethical frameworks working. But no matter what graphical framework has no matter. What you think is right or wrong. It helps to know, you know. How things really work. It helps to know. The fact that helps to know if we do this minimum wage what will happen. In other words. It's never bad to be for warned in forearm. Bright. It's never bad to be informed. It's never bad to have a better understanding of consequences or what you might do on that. I think is really the argument for positive economics. It's did no matter what you want. It's better to have the facts. And let me say, I I think in general, I would agree that the role of economics is to do that is to say to help you defy what the concept to know what the consequences of given policy would be now what we're Austrians would disagree is they're they're very skeptical of the ability to empirically quantifiably determine what these things would be. So they talk about ceteris paribus or or just tendencies. So the point is a methodological we can know this from from deductive reasoning we can know this from the very understanding of what it means to have the money supply, and how people use money we know that if we crease supply of money that is purchasing power will go down. This is just a consequence of law supply demand. Really? And we've known for a long time, the mand always true. I mean, I can think of lots of situations in which you know, the the law of supply and demand actually don't work. I I mean, we know that there are those cases I, you know, and then the Austrians would say, well, that's the case. The set or is not parapets. Right. Was so tackle then. And then and then the positive would say will then Austrian economics is basically a taut policy or empty, and then we get down to crown and whether the synthetic rob priori axioms, and of course, you know, strict Austrians like mazes did rely upon synthetic are periodic Ziems I side with them. I think they make sense. But I don't really think are basic human values are that controversial most people that engage in a conversation like any conversation or not going say, they're for human destruction. And you know, they want prosperity. They want everyone to be better off. So I think we know already it's been a long established that that individuals on free trade that restrictions on free the minimum wages, so it's not going to just harm ten people and help everyone else. I mean is going to cause overall destruction of wealth. How much you can't predict? But we have an idea from his story. And this is what means by the way has the famous book in in our circles. Theory in history where he distinguishes between the your e or deductive knowledge about the future and history what we know empirically and how can use that the model was going on. So there are different models, but the basic idea of arsenic, and omic is that a private property. Order is essential with a money system with a private free market money is essential for people to establish prices in these prices have to be free market prices. And they are used as data by entrepreneurs to rational recalculate in the future, creating money doesn't create well because money is not. Well, it's just a it's just it's it's just a medium of shame. So this is one of the central Austrian views, especially of libertarians, right? Who tend to be Austrians? Ratio. And so you notice that a lot of these things are saying are what we'd call positive statements about how Connie's work the idea that minimum wage policies, destroy wealth. The idea that money does not create value. A lot of these things. These are not. I mean, you can call these axioms if you really want, but that's not what an axiom really is. It's our can actually, but let me just point out. It's not a normative statement. It's so when I am very if not normative, so it's not it's not a values to it is worth fry. If I say that look if your goal if your goal is to achieve equality, and you don't really care whether does to overall wellbeing of humans in your society minimum wage might achieve that. That is not a I mean, that's just a prediction. That's just a that's an explanation of how Hugh economics works. But most people don't want overall wellbeing to go down. They don't want prosperity to go down. They don't want us to be demolished as a society. So we take for granted these these these values, but. We don't they're not part of economic. They're just assumptions let me put this a little more concretely. So people listening can can have a better concrete idea of what's at stake. Here. Let's take the minimum wage. So I can easily write down a model. Either in words, or pictures or math. That says that minimum wage will will reduce a Serbian will output in comedy turns out that if you have a very significant degree of monopoly power in each or in the economy as a whole it's easily possible for minimum wage to actually increase prosperity and increase the number of people who have jobs increase out of employment. You know? And of course, monopoly power situation where the law supply and demand breaks down because you have only monopoly on one side. And you don't have a whole bunch of little entrepreneurial each time to outdo the other one like you have enough Karm. So when you have monopoly power, which can happen for number reasons, you know, not just because the governor. Decrease in power beef. And also things like network Bexley natural monopoly, then can actually increase procuring understanding that requires, you know, some basic understanding of economic theory and also you can empirically say, well, okay. Yes, sure, you wrote down model where minimum wage is increased spirited. But does that ever actually really happened? And that's when you unleash the embarrasses to look for cases, where maybe that did happen. And so to me, this is a clear example of how the sort of mainstream synthesis of empiricism, and theory and normative an positive economics. All come together, you know, for very practical purpose. Well, no spoke earlier about the our common goal being be realistic about these things in if you wanna be really realistic. So no one's just an Australian. No one's just a libertarian. No one's just whatever. Their public choice insights that we we have to draw on our. Our experience in our reality. And first of all the fact is off the Austrians we deny the concept of an -opoly X outside the government. So there are no natural monopoly. So I wouldn't concede that to the real monopolies. Why not well? Because of monopoly means is only one stellar, and there's no legal barriers to competition. There can always be other entrance into the market. What if there's increasing returns to scale? Well, just hold on a second. If let's say, you think there's monopoly you want to have legal regulation to try to pain that prevent that. The only way to do that if the legal system and done by the government by the legislature, the government, the state is certainly a true monopoly and the only real monopoly around. So you that's not true. Yeah. If you're if you're realistic, the state is going to use this monopoly power not to perfectly try to calibrate the market. But I'm going to do it in all starts away the benefits special interests. And where the legislators are not perfectly tuned to everything don't have perfect data. According to the Austrian say, so the idea of using the biggest monopoly of volved try to stop what might be temporary. Place priorities. The government's a worse is just like, you know, the solution is worse than the problem. That's our view. I'm not arguing. I'm just telling you. That's our okay, I'm curious. How you got a lot of that. Stuff's just not Iraq. I mean, you know, the name, right. Why be curious if you have an opinion on either one of you on historical examples, right? We went through a massive period of antitrust and breaking up of trusts in in the last hundred years was that a bad idea. I like it. As a libertarian and of an Australian, I'm totally opposed to it. I think look any trust law is completely immoral and illegitimate there is nothing wrong or anti capitalist or any property about people colluding or trying to set prices cartels, usually don't work for for competitive reasons and the biggest cartels for government cartels like OPEC or the government's getting together to do things. But no any press law should be completely abolished intellectual property law, by the way, which I mentioned earlier before we started talking is considered to be a form of property rights by most mainstream thinkers, but is not it's really a form of government remanded monopoly, which causes problems. And then the government had to step into remedy this. So for example, you have the government complaining about high prices for firmer suitable and wanting to regulate it with regulations like Bernie Sanders, and these these Trump, and yet the reason we have these high prices because of the patent system. Which is a cause of the federal government in the first place. But you notice it even occasional Cortez and Sanders, these guys don't go after the real root of the problem, which is a patent system itself. So you have to get to the fundamental analysis of the problem, you have to have true property rights, which is not government granted monopoly. The problem is monopolies monopolies, the Virginia monopolies in my view or always created by the state. So I'm probably much more sympathetic reviews on intellectual property than those folks. And I'm I'm just curious how you would think about this problem of these monopolies granted by the state with the theory being that non rivalry good will be underproduced if they're not artificially protected by these novels, right? I don't I don't think that's the theory of it. But I can explain why. But go ahead. Yeah. No. So I'm curious how you would think about production of these goods. These broadly intellectual property patent coverage in a world where these protect rice didn't exist. Would they be would there be less of these things? Would there be more of these things? How would that academy works? Okay. So it's it's a complicated. Question of the Spokane hundreds of hours on this topic. So I can try to summarize some of this first of all I think that the theory you mentioned is an after after the fact rationalization, copyright and patent copyright arose. Because the state wanted to censor the speech that it did want promoted. So this was. Go back to the statue demand and seventeen hit just no doubt about that copyright sensors in limits respect, and I I that's not my understand, my understanding of that law was that it was pushed by publishers wanted a a they wanted to get the rights from creators and monetize those rights with their printing presses well of twice as complicated. So what happened was originally before we had the printing press the guild, the church in the state together could could could determine what was going to be printed because it was all done by hand and the printing press came about and so like an England the station was company was was chartered at as they had a monopoly, which is either patent or copyright. I know what you call that. But they were the only ones who could print things when their monopoly was going to expire the publishers had been used at that point to having a chokehold or what could be published so they lobby parliament. And they got the statue to the end publishes enacted in seventeen ten and that led to the system that we still have today. But which is crumbling a little bit thanks to the internet. Where you have these these gatekeepers publishing industry that had the monopoly, and they they get the author so sign their copyrights over cetera. So yeah. But it's all copyright. It's all result of government control of speech and thought and the patent system originated when kings and monarchs would grant monopolies protectionist monopoly certain favored court cronies and this practice got. So out of hand. You know, what I'm gonna give you the right? So she from this town or something like that that the that the statute of monopolies was enacted in England sixteen twenty three which formalised the right to grant patents for inventions so patents rose from that. It's only in the eighteen hundreds when the free market economist rose up against the American and the growing western system of patent copyright, which originated in these practices, which are totally anti market in totally any property rises. Totally anti capitalism. So the free market, economists started rebelling against this, and so the entrenched publishing and technological industries dependent upon these things started saying, no intellectual property, not a monopoly, and they came up with this rationalization that you have an underproduction of certain goods, if you don't have the government come in and fix this market failure. Which is why earlier I said that the whole idea of market failure is what mainstream economic theorist come up with justify government regulation. So bottom line. I am a Pat lawyer by the way, and I am I think I've seen in my twenty five plus years a practice that this does utter devastation innovation. The whole purpose of the patent system is to retard impede and distort innovation. It does not encourage innovation, and that's not the purpose of law. Anyway, the purpose of law is to provide a stable set of property rights, and you Justice so that people can have a free market and interact with each other without central oversight. The patent system. Does nothing but re- retard- and impede who in progress. I believe that in a pet and free system we would have a flourishing of innovation. We would have more technological innovation. The patent system is one of the worst of omniscience that the government hoses on. It's it's almost up there with the drug war and war and the central Bank and government schools that that's my opinion after twenty five years of looking close. I mean nursing do you think that's a direct function of your thinking around Austrian economics because I actually don't think you, and I are that far apart? But I I'm a strong believer in the concept of market failures in general, partly because I was a patent attorney and libertarian, and I started practicing in this field in nineteen ninety two or so, and I was getting uneasy with all the justifications that's free market economists were giving for the patent system and the coppery system because they all seem at hawk or empirical arbitrary, you know, they would say, well, the reason that you can. Only have a copyright for so many years or patents. So many years is this, but you need it more than zero but less than Infinity, and none of those reasons made sir to me. So I started looking for a rationale myself in Austrian and libertarian and property rights, literature and economics. I started looking for a reason that a way to a better way to justify patent copyright law. Since I was doing it for a living, and I finally realized with the benefit primarily of the Austrian concepts of your city as the fundamental Dacian of property, right? I realized that. It's a mistake. The whole thing is a mistake is an abomination. So I do think that the MS easy in the particular brand of Austrian economics started by looney. But amuses and Rothbart and hop on these guys who focus on scarcity, even David Hume. Did he wasn't an Australian? But the the the recognition that scarcity is the primary fact of a world that gives rise to property, right? And if you don't have economic scarcity in the sense of rivalry snus, right that it makes sense to have a property right unless there's a scarce resource. So I do think that understanding the Austrian makes led me in my current anti IP views. I'm curious if you make a distinction between things like business process patents and drug pets, for example. Right where I might put the former and the really bad category. Completely retards innovation has also right problems. Whereas the ladder, and maybe I'm just sympathetic to, you know, high think about this as an investor I struggled to imagine. A world where you know. The folks in my seat would be looking at pudding, you know, tens of millions of dollars into highly speculative research to come up with a molecule that then I could not get this. Artificial monopoly on you might notice them a little bit of a contrary. And so I actually have a contrary view even on IB skepticism. I actually think that say things like patent trolls and process patents and so-called low-quality or bad patents or the least harmful thing. And I think that Farmaceutica patents are among the worst because you know, Farmaceutica helps save people's lives. And so I think from a pseudo patents or probably the most ama- Jing because they raise prices so much. And by the way, the prices are high in part because of the government like FDA system, like the regulatory view system. So the government imposes onerous review for us her and causes prices to be really high. And then the government says well prices are so. Hi for these ports. Preneurs we need to give them a an artificial monopolies. So they can charge a higher price to make up for the damage. We've done in the first place why not get rid of the FDA in the patents. So if I could get rid of one part of the patent system. I would get rid of pharmaceutical I I would get rid of patent. Trolls and processed pet laugh because those are the weekend patent, and they do the least damage like patent trolls, for example. Oh, they're annoying. But all they want is a little cut of your. They're like a mafia guy that just one. Hey want to percent five percent. They don't wanna kill you. But if you're competitor gets a patent they want to kill you. They don't want you to make a competing product. They want to shut you down if they can. So the biggest problem with patents or good patent that are high quality that will be upheld in court that can't be used by a competitor. Who's actually practicing in this and they want to shut down the competitors. It's not weak patents and or low quality patents or patent trolls. Or even processed. Patents or or harder to detect I in they're harder to enforce. So I would eliminate the patents. That are the most conspicuous and the the ones that people say are the strongest case for patents, which is harmless. Suitable and by the way, if anyone is interested in this, and we can't go into detail. There's a book online by economist mccully Bolger, and David LeVine is called against intellectual monopoly, and they take an empirical mainstream economic approach to this. And if you go to against monopoly that or look at chapter seven or nine of their book, it's online, and they just explode all the myths about why patents benefit from suitable companies and why they're necessary for pharmaceutical innovation great off the check that out of question was asking someone like Tyler Cowen who's a as far as the libertarian, but not an Austrian economist and believes in the lease of the fed does reasonably good job. What is he not believe that folks like Stephan VJ? Who injures his deafen, boy Ponti believe what is sort of the crux of the disagreements there because his libertarian or share some of them those types of values from what I know about Tyler. I think he is a libertarian. I'm not he may even be an anarchist. But most of the people that are even associated with Tyler. They're not even the Austrians that I mean, look the strand of Austrian economics that I think makes sense is based upon this idea that we come up with economic laws by the power of deduction from knowing internally with the structure of human action is okay. And so that's what knees is called proxy allergy, which is the logic of human action. He came up at word. So all I'm saying is that there are group of Austrian economy who are more influenced by Hayek who was neither students like Tyler Cowan's, associates and friends at George Mason at other places like that. And they are more empirical minded in and less proxy illogical. Tyler Cowen is not either one as far as I don't on Austrian of any type. So I think he. Would be more of a mainstream economists. So he would believe, but look even like Milton Friedman who was Chicago economists in the guy who wrote this article positive economic, even he oppose say, for example, a minimum wage he thought you should just have a reverse or negative income tax. So even he thought that standard economic reasoning would lead to a more efficient way of doing things if you do want to intervene in the economy trek, theology is I think a fancy word for assuming that we know how people behave. You know, sort of in I in tuning how we think people ought to behave. And then simply saying I'm gonna sue my intuitions right this. I'm going to deduce, you know, how the world works in my brain. And I think that what mainstream economists have found is that this very often fails. So I can deduce that you know, I can fly off a cliff just flat my arms, but then, you know, no matter how vigorously and prolifically. I assert this axiom in writing. I will fall to the bottom of the cliff and die if I try. Visit thing is extant reality and humanity has limited ability to impose our axioms on your body. Although the economy isn't very complex phenomenon. And although humans are very difficult thing to model, and although human beings are are smart and will adjust their behavior to what you do all this stuff. Despite all those things there are lots of elements of extant reality that affect the economy. We can't assume away a quick example, even you know, just assuming that all monopolies ultimately flow from the government as does this assumption, and that without government, you have perfect competition doesn't make a lot of sounds reasons. Number one is that a why was the government on a natural monopoly in the first place? Why should the use of force or compulsion? Why should armies police in courts and things like that be subject to increasing return be subject to this economy of scale that makes it so we only have one government one big government. That was everybody naturally in this state at a ladder. Injured in the world. We don't have just one. Oh, no. You're you're absolutely right. You're absolutely right. But it's okay. So within within like an area. Why why does government, you know, have any kind of natural monopoly within its little boundaries or regions or whatever? And why doesn't this happen to companies in other sort of markets? Besides the market for taking people's asinine, failing them, not snow fit. Like, why does you know, why do other markets work differently net? And so in fact, there's there's no obvious reason why that should be true on. So we fund lots of evidence that market power network effects in economies of scale. The kind of things exist. You know, I used to I used to ask my students. I would say, you know, how many of you like face broken in maybe one person raise their hand lanes. They will how many you're on Facebook and everybody would raise her in Facebook. It has a network perfect because if your friend you could make an exact Facebook clone that nobody's on and nobody would use it because nobody else was used that's network effect. That's not to say Facebook is an absolute monopoly. They because obviously you can have other social networks compete with them to some degree. But with the fact that Facebook, you know, that it doesn't just lose it or gain vast amounts of market share, very quick is kind of indication that you know there. There's a lot of stickiness there. You know? Once you commit to being on Facebook, having your photos on their having, you know, knowing a bunch of people on there and doing events on their on all that stuff. Once everybody commits it's difficult slow for people to defect for people to leave pretty NS. Just one example you have. You have phone networks. You don't see you don't see like two competing networks phone lines to competing networks of sewers to competing networks of electrical grids, and and things like that. 'cause it only makes sense to have one of these networks that is network affect that is an economy of scale that is if not a natural monopoly, certainly a natural local novel. And so, you know, you just you you look, and you see very strong signs of these things existing. You can say, okay, we'll impure never, you know, ironclad. You can never complete trust some carrots. Yeah. But I mean like eventually evidence. So you can use Craxi practicality cert- that all those situations where looks like there's network affects ause monopoly. Our are actually perfect competition that only the government does the real monopoly. You can say that as much as you want for when evidence appears to indicate a reality doesn't agree with those axiomatic surgeons. Yeah, I get I get that that pushback, but your whole way of looking at things this is steeped in the in the sort of positive unit economics that like your axiology is is just wrong. That's just not what your classifying almost like this sort of antiquated Catholic natural all version. It's not that at all. It's not about how we just you. We assume things or what we want them to be deduced them, actually, allergies. Just the idea that we want to understand market phenomenon that we do observe, and we we understand it by. By realizing that we are human actors because we are all human actors from the inside. And if you just reflect upon that, we realize simply that this is what proxy algae is very simple. We are human actors who want to change what's going to happen in the future. We have some end in mind. And so we use our understanding of the world to us means which TV are in. That's all, but that's simple understanding of what humans do have lots of consequences for economic categories like like opportunity cost profit loss things like that. So it's just how we understand in categorize what we're doing. It's not it's not some kind of kind of a face pseudoscientific. Imposing our views on others is simply understanding the consequences of actions. If you know. As a simple example when two people trade they exchange. Eight eight AM be Shane something. They each have for what the other has the standard way of looking at. It would be equate the value of those things right there each the same value. But the Austrians would say no, first of all value is ordinal not cardinal. That means it has an order. You only rank values and things, but they don't have a an empirical measurable value. And when I take your apple and you take my orange we each value. The thing that the other had more than what we had. That's why he engaged in the change. And that's why trade leads to an overall increase in net value or net will from all society every exchange makes the other party better off, even though nothing was so-called created. And that's just a consequence of understanding the nature property and the nature of human action nature of trade. No math was needed. No measuring was needed. No, purple experiment was and I. I I would just reject this idea that that it might be true that if you create the money supply crisis will go down instead of is literally impossible unless something else changes, which was would choose not assumed to be constant in in the in the original experiment. Same thing with minimum wage, lots of other things, we know we know they're free trade, if we if Trump imposes tariffs on trade, it will make both sides worse-off. We know that if we wanted to make both sides better off the United States should simply unilaterally abolish all of its import tariffs that would make both sides. But they're all we know this from standard economic reasoning. You can have political reasons says, well, we shouldn't do that in a tactic because the other side to lower the, but that's not the point. I mean, all these things that you're saying or just proof by assertion. None of these. You know, you're saying, we know ex we know why we how do we know them under this knowledge, God grant us this knowledge. No are born at the smell note. No, we can't be not deduce this knowledge. So no. Humans axe to further on insists we can't I'm not proving it here with a few assertions. But I'm saying that this is already well known classical economics that free trade benefits both parties. There are theories that say that but those are just theories series the map is not very in series or not reality. You see? So this this is why this why what I find interesting. But Australian is they does get into serious philosophy in. It's realistic. It doesn't just make you sort of kind of bromides an assertion that you learn in grad school. I mean, this is what we teach students this. Why said earlier I you go to grad school. I've gone aggressively twice actually. Yeah. Did you go to grad school in economics? No, I did. And I said, how do you know? We learned the Rome is how do, you know? That's what we're learning Laura. I'm I'm hearing from a lot of people. They gotta becoming somewhere. I mean, maybe I usually heard bromide, but that wasn't most of what I learned. Most of what I learned was, you know, Matt. Well, I've heard a lot of times that you have to have a patent system to encourage innovation. How many times have you heard that in which I would say that I would say that that is probably a minority view, among communists? Really? Yeah. I would say that you know, for abolishing the patent system like one percent or less. You know, what we could? We could look at the mccully Bolger and David LeVine. I'll be interested to know. Except the hell you ever I want to redirect a little bits on one hundred business cycles. I wanna talk about monetary policy. But perhaps we can give a little bit of just oracle context. Meeting up to that. So is understanding that Austrian economics. In fact, was mainstream economics up until perhaps the late eighteen hundreds. When we I left the the gold standard, perhaps Stephanie you can give some of this context of of how that evolved than we get into some of the differences of from different schools on business cycle monster all see today. I would say. Until fairly recent times that some are strean presumptions were shared by most modern communists. I mean, Karl mango in eighteen seventy one I believe row his treatise, which started the mainstream Austrian school it had its roots in some earlier thinkers, but I think the subjective and the marginal revolution right that the solution of a diamond water paradox, which is sort of idea the paradox, which is why would be pay more for diamond than water when wonders obviously more useful and mango helped solve that with some other thinkers with the U of marginal value, right? The idea that people things on the margin. Like, you don't value every dollar. You have equal you evalu- the next dollar, according to what want it could serve. Right. So the the million I dollars worth less than the million dollar and so on anyway. So that way that way of thinking which is rooted in subjective theory and individuals thinking help to start what the Austrians the Austrian evolution. Then you have the corruption of economics in some ranches by this labor theory of value of marks and Adam Smith, which originated in my view, partly with John Locke and his labor theory of property, which led to intellectual properties, he all in my view. All these seems linked together that the ideal of lock was that we homestead or become to own things by mixing our labor with them. We own our labor and their own these things, right, which I think is a mistake in logic is this is the problem, which leads to the for property idea. If you labor on some idea that useful you should have ownership right in that to this is part of the argument. We we have padding the copyright now. But that led I believe to the labor theory of value of Smith and others which led to marketing economics right in this site. We even here this now of occasional RT's saying that employees eat a minimum wage because they're not being compensated for the complete value of labor. They contribute to the final product. Just repeated Marsin I don't wanna use a bromides again, but Marsin fallacious propositions about labor. So this is infected a large deal of economics. And then you have the Milton Friedman. The positives school, the Chicago communists who believe in, you know, testing things internally and least they have a free market basis. And at least they wanna testings they have some rooted in reality some degree. But I think they're all mistaken. I think that the the Austrian branch which is rooted in subjective economics, and the understanding of the importance of a free market for property rights, and for money is the one that gives us the most understanding of the consequences of policies that affect human beings. Wh is the data shown since we've left the the goal Saturdays. Is anyone if anyone wants to give you more color to when we as we left it again you in nineteen fifties. Or later on is it one. Does anyone want to give you more context than to? Does anyone want to interpret the data? Of course, we left the gold. Standard of prices have been. Fleeting steadily the price level was more or less confident until this happened in the early nineteen hundreds. So the government's constantly eroding. The value of money and the cycles have gotten worse, some the central banks created as an alleged Seca do the the the business cycle problem. But the problem with the business cycle theory that the empirical view which no kind of alluded to earlier is that any doesn't have a theory behind. It a cycle means that something recurs, right and an emphasis business cycled in the whole economy. So it's not sector-wide has affect the whole economy and has to recur over and over again. And the only explanation for that that I've heard that makes any sense is is the central control of the supply of monthly credit by central authority. So they inflate the money supply that causes an artificial boom. In distorts prices, it gives for Kanthi on effects and inflation, and then there's going to be an inevitable crash later. And so the contemporary view of business. Cycles is that the boom is good and the crashes bad and that like in the great depression. The problem was that the government the central Bank didn't inflate enough to stop the deflation that was being caused in the depression, the Austrian you use the opposite. They view the boom as the problem because that's what the government is causing this allocations capital because of the artificial price signals that they're distorting by artificially lowered interest rates because of the inflation of the money supply, which causes investment in and projects that will not be profitable. And they're doomed to failure. Because people aren't saving enough to buy the products that are going to be produced. And so inevitably something touches off the recession, and the Austrian view is that the government should step back and left the recession happen that is repairing of the air that were made the liquidation of these errors and left the economy come back to the health one of my friends. Bob, Murphy, he's one of the. The the leading Austrian economists on the younger side has studied the nonexistent the recession of nineteen twenty or twenty one when the government let a similar thing in Bob in his fifties. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I know he's not I'm fifty three. I think these forties. But okay, I'm thinking I'm getting older guys are all in their sixties or that. I know, but but no he the point is there was a recession that never happened in nineteen twenty twenty one because the government didn't intervene. Right. So if you have a recession this sparked off because of an artificial boom caused by the government central banks, just let it happen. It'll liquidate pretty quickly in the government will get back on the path and hell, whereas everyone else thinks the government has to have a soft landing. They have to play the money supply. They have to nip and interest rates have to put you on a string all these ridiculous things which are trying to fix a problem that the government caused in the first place just like the patent system is in sense held out as response to the FDA problem. I mean government needs said that you know, control re controls, but every intervention causes distortions and causes problems. And then the government has the solve those problems and sometimes tries to take credit for it. Even though they called the problem in the first place. So don't like. Maduro in Venezuela right now. I'm curious to Eric's point. If there is a quantitative way of looking this. Right. So you the sorted that the business cycle has gotten worse. You do. We know how to measure that. I I mean, I understand the theory that you presented, but I'm curious how you would look at that through data. So yeah. And so I would probably I might disagree with some of my fellow Austrians on this. I think that it's actually hard to do. So I think that the benefit of historical episodes in this. Why I mentioned eases the history earlier he distinguishes between here, which basically makes cetera pair of us or non quantitative predictions and says that if you do this everything else being equal the following will happen if you set in motion a credit in inflation, then you will start off a business cycle of boom. And then that will inevitably result in a bus. But we can't predict when it will happen or what the stent will be. So we can look at historical episodes. But. We only do that to try to illustrate the incur of the deductive point. And so like, for example, Rothbart get a great in the on the great depression, where he did look at empirical data in retrospect tr- to try to illustrate that the Austrian theory was born out in that episode. My personal view is that since then the economy's gotten so complicated and the methods used by the central banks have gotten so complicated. It's almost inspir- out and hard to measure. But basically, you can see that the housing crisis of two thousand eight and some Austrians thing we have another big recession coming up. I am personally skeptical the ability of using economics her say to be able to predict what's going to happen. Which is why a lot of people throw their hands up, and they say, well, then what good is it because they wanna cash value they want. They think economics is just a useless game. If you can't use it to know how to industrial money and make a profit, which is sort of the any animal show attitude. Display when people say, well, if you're so smart warrant, you rich. I mean, let's be serious. I mean, you can make theory is is different than the art of investing or the skill of an entrepreneurial investor. So I I think that the the recession's we've seen have been in the background. We have recessions on occasion. I think the ones that we've noted empirically that have that have stood out since the since the nineteen twenties or the thirties. I think they are caused in the United States by Federal Reserve policy by and large, and they are fairly cyclical recurring. When the next one is coming. I don't know. Yeah. I mean, I I wouldn't make particular Jackson that you're you know, dismissive outcomes, I think that's fair. Right. Siri can develop and you can you can have more data or less data to support it. I'm just curious in could we look at data to imagine what the counterfactual would be like or their natural experiments that exist that would tell us something about the so for example, when people talk to me about hard currency. I point them at the after. The mass of the Greek crash. Right. So arguably the last Greek recession was caused by an excess government spending might say, that's bad. But afterwards, it was pretty painful for them. Because it turns out they have no control over their currency. Right. So that seems like a case where we can look at this and say, okay. Well, you got a recession set aside. What us by would it have been better had they been able to stimulate the economy by spending money, for example. But this is the you can't set aside, the the reason that costs and when you say the Cup of the pain. She Australia's that the pain is not a good thing. But it's it's an it's it's a necessary inevitable thing. The pain is going to come in effect. The pain is baked in because I think that we have increasing prosperity in the world because of the increase of the accumulation of technological knowledge, which is one reason I'm against that system because it retards fro-. Technological knowledge. So I think as we humilate recipes as you could call as Austrians do that. And if we have more people in the division of labor spreads, and you have more property rights spreading across the globe. We have gradual increase in in GDP per person. But this retarded because you have this little up and down wave on top of that on top of that increase Z slope, and that is the business cycle, which is caused by the government, always manipulating the supply of money and credit and that ripple destroys capital and therefore lowers the overall growth of the overall curve. So if you had a smoother curve going up it would go up at a higher rate. That's just my sort of explanation of it. Can I jump in and say some macroeconomic things started going to grad school had to be good for something? So, you know, hey, I really want to use my okay. So a few things number one. So a little while back. You said that. If you print money inflation will happen. And you know, that makes a lot of sense to me, it makes a lot of sense. But is it definitional true? You know, look at Japan in you, look at the amount of money that Japan has printed. Of course, they don't really print money, whatever who cares, but look at the amount of money they've printed since their economy slowdown, especially since Ave can power. They have printed money, and they have bought bonds. They've printed money in. They've bought stocks. The Bank of Japan owns a significant portion of the entire of all of corporate band at this point if Brennan so much money in about so much stocks. They've printed money. They've just printed so much money by the money supply, and depend m-2 or whatever you want to measure it is gonna buy so much and yet Japan's inflation hasn't even hit the two percent target and they've slipped back into deflation. Something is wrong. With the idea that money printing causes inflation. It might be something else going on. And we can say we'll, you know, obviously, the you can you can sort of shove all the the failures of the theory into the settlers pair of us, right? Into the into the like, well, there must be something else going on. And. Yeah, maybe there's something else going on we if we can't tell what else is going on we're trying and we're asking a question like what happens if we print a ton of money, and you can say well, the answer used to be while you're going to get some inflation. And I'd say look at the experience of Japan to lesser extent us, but especially depending if we'll answer is well, we just don't know enough. The first observation I'd like to make the second observation I'd like to make about the Federal Reserve a you made a big awful error earlier. If you look at the volatility of GDP in amount that the the growth line squiggle 's, you know, those fluctuations actually, see. That before we went off the gold standard during both eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds the classical gold standard, and the sort of like, you know, modified gold standard that we had early twenties her both those periods. Actually, it was more volatility of duty just load up the data loaded into python or whatever type, you know, like urge all like a variant Songshan. You see that it was employment saying thing, and yeah, we've had constant, you know, usually fairly low level inflation since we went off the gold standard, but we have had a smoother real economy since and that fact, well, let me respond on a couple of those it may be smoother by some measure. But that's to my mind. Not the goal of anything smoothness is not a goal. Okay. That's fine. I'm just saying, that's the fact. As for inflation Austrians new use the word inflation in. I would say an idiosyncratic way. But we use it in the old-fashioned way by inflation. We mean inflating the supply of money and credit not price place result. So we were okay. So what you're saying? Is that if you print more money, you will have printed more money, and I'm not saying inflation increases apply money credit, and that's not done primarily by actually printing money. So that's a simplistic way of doing it. My friend BJ boy who you mentioned earlier actually wrote a paper about six seven years ago for my journal libertarian papers dot org, where he argues that the reason we haven't had price inflation because we haven't had money supply inflation because the central Bank is unable to do it by the techniques if they printed money and dropped it in helicopters. They could do it that way, but they are pushing on a string and some ways he's got a theory that I don't wait in on that. I'm simply saying that we do distinguish between price inflation and money supply. So we say that. If you increase the supply of money credit all things being equal, you will tend to get price inflation. And I don't see how anyone can deny that. And you can point to some cases where it doesn't look like the evidence bearing that out. But it could be that maybe the government is not increasing the money supply as much as you think because they're not effective at doing that. Or it could be that the GDP real GDP is growing enough to mask it or it could be that. We're not counting certain things in the measure of Christ implying that we should for example, stock market keeps going up house prices keep going up. Maybe that's where the inflation the price inflation is. So I would say that that's where he volatility uprating. Look, I'm not talking about relative smoothness from one generation to the other. I was simply trying to use the model. People can visit the picture in their minds. So thinking explain the Austrian view of how the business cycle harms productivity. It is an up and down movement on the upward growth. And if you look at. The price inflation rate. That's we've measured and the GDP per person of humanity. It was relatively constant until about eighteen hundred seventeen hundred and then the industrial revolution happen for various reasons that no one seems to be sure about right now. I have my own theories about that. But that started going up exponentially that point right? That's basically price per person was relatively flat. 'cause the government didn't have they have the ability to clip money, right? They could take a piece of the gold coins that they minted they monopolize it. They could take people's money from them by this little inflation. But they couldn't easily increase overall supply of money when it was rooted in a commodity standard like old or or some other commodity. So I'm not making the claims that you're I think it's a little bit of a strumming because I'm I'm not saying that we're smoother now the or the with her in the past and your now, I'm simply saying that when the government intervenes one way that they've reduced economic productivity and growth is. By the business cycle, which doesn't need to be there. So about that about whether the business cycle needs to be there or not I can't really say. Although it's my impression that a lot that Austrians have painted business cycles as cleansing and some Austrians recession is a liquidation. But the fact was not a good thing. But when you have an artificial boom stimulated by an artificial increase in supply of money credit, which lowers interest rates, right, which makes it more feasible to engage in more projects that you couldn't afford it easier because you can borrow more money now right interest rates lower. So you can engage in more long-term projects produce goods in the future that you think consumers will be able to buy because you think they have saved more because that's normally what drives interest rates now. So the Australians than in a in a sound economy. You would have a natural rate of interest caused by people willingness to wait for things in the future right there. They're time preference. The left time preference. They have then they save more. Save more. There's. More. There's more credit available when there's more credit available interest rates. Go down. We interest rates down people. Invest in projects in the future to make more wages than these people can afford in the future because they saved more. So there's a natural connection between the future and the path which is a big part of me's is your if money credited from the nineteen nineteen twelve or something like that. And the Austrian theory of money, but when the government's comes in his first inflating supply money credit, they lowered the interest rate that's their per. That's what they want to do. They make people invest in projects that the otherwise wouldn't have. But that the consumers have and saved up for. So they can't afford it the future. So inevitably this will come this will be revealed. And when it's revealed these projects that are not seen -able and should not have been invested in. They liquidate and that is a cleansing, you know, so the recession we all we don't say, it's a good thing. But in this restoring of the economy back to a normal health if getting rid of the excesses caught by the boom, it's like when you're high on drugs, and you have a high you have to stop taking. Drugs at some point. And you crash the crashes not pleasant, but you have to do that to get off of the high and to get back to health. That's how we look at the business. Like, I'm just saying that like a lot of these claims, you know, you're making are not deduce Ables logic. They are impeachable claim. They are claims that could be supported or refuted by data and all the macro data's really hard. You know, like each recession only happens once in the business cycle, you know, it's pretty global, and you know, maybe age recession is a little bit different than the last at cetera et cetera. So it's hard to get good high-quality date. You can't put the Konami in a lab and tested like him physics chemistry this, but you can amass a vast array of sort of incidental evidence and build a case as you would in court, and you know, a lot of these persons on that Austin cons like to make about the business cycle sort of don't. End up panning out when we look at real business cycles in the United States and out of the United States a lot of you know. And then of course, Australians will say, oh, we'll ceteris paribus. You know, actually, all the things he said were true. And these facts in the hill are any say, well, three point who cares. Like, if you can take all the the stuff that violates your worldview and shove it into the cetera Paradis arabists and claim that your worldview is is still correct by pure logic. Who cares what we really care about is the real effective policy? If you're asking what will happen to my Conny, if my Simpson Bank prints a lot of money in Austin, say inflation price inflation will happen. Prices will go up senators pair of us, and then what actually happens prices don't fill up who cares about the cetera of what everybody really wants to know. What's really going to happen in real life? I feel like all this, you know, sort of. Half value comment. I'm scared of dodge is that a lot of the time. Yes, he that's the cash value been Halley L. I just want you to be able to predict what's going to happen. Let me ask you a serious question. If if you had to choose between a world like we have now with the federal government has a central Federal Reserve, and and they have their current policy for for inflating for controlling supply of money and credit like they do to try to pay him unemployment, right? And and all their dual goals and or triad goals, or if we had a world where basically there was no central Bank. And there was just a completely free market supply of money. Which was let's say it was gold. It was almost fixed. And that was just gold and the garment had no ability to inflate it be played. It was totally free market phenomenon. Sorta like bitcoin or Facebook or now right or bitcoin goby, which one do you think would actually in practice lead to more prosperity for the human rights for Americans? Do you think the Federal Reserve system or a free marketing goals, if you had only those Federal Reserve system for sure why absolute no question, and and there's there's many reasons for that. And and it has you know, like you just look at looking. Yeah. Absolutely has appeared to what compared to. I mean like you look at the growth in nineteenth century and you look at the growth in the twentieth century twenty century just. You have to compare it to what would have been. I mean, you can't know that that's a counterfactual. So. Alright fine. But then you compare the catch up growth the countries that developed while on the go while on a gold standard to countries that grew while having central banks the countries with the central banks kick butt grew out. Yeah. But, but you know, the the logical fallacy of correlation and causation. I mean, you're right. Who knows you're right? You could be right. But the don't say like, wow. How can you possibly think? While I'm just I'm actually shocked. I mean, I don't know. Anyway, maybe you're right. And you know, like like, I said, you know, you only get circumstance. Can't put the macro-economy their lab damn says the property, but this is. Think we have to see this is the mentality of the positive. He's got on what you think we need to have evidence and do tests and have comparative studies, you know, even that methodology that you're doing you know, that it rests upon philosophy. Ultimately, you cannot go back. You can't ultimately rest everything on watchable positive as them. Alternately we have to make a sumptuous about the world. Maybe the laws of physics will change tomorrow. Yes. We know that it's the paradox induction. We all learned that in like freshman philosophy. That's not what I mean. So the Austrian was a dualistic view. So I think you're correct. And what you said about the laws of causality. So we don't know if law gravity will continue tomorrow because we can never we only have the empirical scientific method, but we do know that when humans act they act to prefer what they're aiming at. And that they prefer that to their second choice if not possible to just prove that by experiment, and this is what proxy allergy and the laws economics aim at getting. And we do introduce impure empirical contingent assumptions can make as measles says to make the results. Interesting. So for example, we could do a lot of economics, assuming a barter society. And it wouldn't be that useful. But we also we say, well, let's assume we have a money and meeting. Of exchange then what concert because because you don't have to have money. You can have a Barsha side. So Austrian economics im- introduces contingent in Turku assumptions, but it doesn't explicitly said, okay. Let's assume there's a money or you could even say, let's assume there's a government that has the following interventions what would happen. So that's the difference in approach between the two school. I just think people should be aware that they're different approaches. And not assume that what we're doing is pseudoscience and just some Yuga Boga natural law Catholic church stuff, which is not. Because I know the typical criticism strowman stuff. I'm just imagining the Guebuza slur being being with the Catholic church. Well, I'm I'm imagining primitive eight of the super super stitches, you know, ideas that are not scientific in modern rational is Stephan. I guess is. I hear the the Austrian argument for hard currency a common claim that I hear made in its may be implied. By by your perspective. Here is look if we had hard currency if there weren't inflation people would save more, right? So this discourages saving, and it often this is comes along with the claim that this is staffed, right? I hear this often in the context of why we should all be on bitcoin autos evil within a moral and so on so at some point I just said, you know, what let me do the mass. If I were sitting there in nineteen hundred and I said, I've got one hundred dollars ages. There's classic chart that everybody shares around how much how much money you've had stolen from you. What dot nineteen hundred dollar would be worth today. And you do the math. And you say, look if you just one hundred bucks, and you put it in the stock market today. It would be worse. Let me see. Look this up. You would have made twelve x on your your investment in justed for inflation. You would have actually I don't have that right handy. But affectively if you've taken your money and put it in the stock market, and this inflation is Leo strike, the idea being that mild inflation causes investment as opposed to you know, non-productive spending the balance the grow. Join I was until that part. How how does how does mild inflation encourage saving? How did that come out of Egypt said, well, so it encourages me to not we my money in a Bank, right? If I'm losing two percent a year to inflation. I should not put my money at a Bank account. I should put it somewhere where I can get greater than to resent. Right. So I should invest that money. I should put it to work with someone directly address. Okay. Okay. Well, let me respond to that. First of all in a game. I'm not representing every Austrian and things I say, I have my own view that resulted from. Mike particular brand Austrians do not distinguish savings and investment or the same thing. But. So in other words, it is true that people will save or invest less. If there's a higher price inflation rate because it reduces their increases the time preference. If the future is worth less because the government is chipping away at it by inflation, then they will invest or save less. That's why it harms the productivity rate of the human race is because we don't invest as much capital for long-term projects. But when a person decides to consume some of their income right as opposed to saving or investing in that ratio is affected by the inflation rate caused by government monetary policy, but the ratio between savings and investment is a different issue. So for example, if I decide to save, you know, a thousand dollars a month I can put some in the stock market or some in the Bank. Now, the Bank might give me one or two percent because that's the way things are right now. And that's not even keep. Up with inflation or especially with taxes with with game with taxes on my game. Or I can put it in the market which is a little bit riskier in a free market. I have no idea what the ratio would be may. Maybe you would put even more on the stock market. People would keep a certain amount of their of their savings investment in cash, and they keep a certain amount in other types of this, man. Would you make a higher rate? I think we can say that the men of wealth or income that you have that you don't consume or spin. You're either going to put it into a higher risk higher return investment like the stock market or you going to put it in a Bank now in free market. We're let's say let's forget about bitcoin. Let's just say there's goals. And there's let's say there's no price. There's no money relation of gold. Your gold would increase appreciate every year by let's say three four percent. So there would be mild price inflation which to Austrian ears. It's a good thing. Price in place to means your money goes further every year if you just. Put your money in cash is going to go up by four percent of the year. I'm just pulling number out of my head. But the stock market's going to have to go more, otherwise no one would ever invest, so we'd go by say ten percents. So some people would put some of their money in the stock market and trying to get ten percent growth. Some would put it in the Bank and just get four percent growth. What that ratio would be in a free market as supposed to. Now, I think is is is unknowable because are factors that you can imagine both directions. And this is stuff. I can't point. I can't say this is the foundational or a widespread Austrian. This is my understanding from the reading and the thinking of them this. Yeah, I guess I'm not clear. I mean, what you have seen with bitcoin, which is just an interesting. I mean, I know it's not the currency. But what you've seen is it's failed spectacularly as a currency because people just want to hold onto it. Right. Because it seems to be deflationary people would actually weren't putting it to use which seems unproductive right? It seems like you would wanna system where the incentives across population. Is to invest him ably indirectly for whoever can make best use of that capital. But that Holocene he should nudge people towards that activity to create broad economic prosperity while I personally don't believe money is capital. I think money is not a a well Asana resource money since a medium of exchange, and so it's not capitalist not being invested. It's it's just a meeting many change. I think that I don't think bitcoin has failed. I think the big point has not been widely adopted as they knew money is for two reasons. Number one, the government taxes, capital gains and the legal environment. It's very uncertain. So people are reluctant to do it. I in a second reason is that it it's possibly becoming monetize. And so people using the speculative investment like like me, for example. But the the third reason is we already have money we have dollars. They're not perfect. But once you have money the need to have a second money is is diminished. The the function and the purpose of money the reason money rises because without money. There are two big problems of Barker society, number one is the double coincidence of wants people that have things they want to train Meyer, someone, you know. So that problem so having a medium of exchange told the ones in this one, and his means is pointed out in his argument against the rationality of socialism and central planning is that money prices allow you to have rational economic calculation that is entrepreneurs can do experiments in their head predicting how much money in imperial quantitative cardinal terms. They can earn on different projects for uses for capital in the future, and they can compare them. And try to invest in the ones that make the most money, otherwise, you're groping in the dark, and he says, that's why socialists Connie's have to fail because they have no pressings guy. But I mean, there's a big there's a big gap between Marxism. I I don't like to use the word socialism because I think it means a bunch of different things. Bunch of different people. It's like there's there's a big gap between Marxism and Austrian economics. And it seems to me, you know, when I look at entrepreneurs, and I look what they're doing. I mean, they're pretty capable of engaging in this activity that we both agree is desirable. What seems to be a positive property of the economy is when you have miles inflation and low interest rates just tons of money. Arguably too much money of flows into the economy, and we just max it out. Right. Like, we're investing in crazy stuff. But when you look at the venturer Connie, for example, it's teeny tiny in the grand scheme affects right? So me, let's say, for example, we put four times as much money as we should be putting productively individual capital. Not turns out that all of that money comes from folks who can afford to get a slightly depressed return on their investment. And we get all that innovation. It's just from my perspective. It that's pretty awesome. So i'm. Trying to understand this counterfactual where as opposed to putting your money in the SNP. And then that flowing up into SoftBank them writing going dollar checks everybody you're saying look I gave were percent on my bitcoin or my gold, or my whatever it is. When we need, you know, I call sticking and under your mattress, right? Like to me, there's a high opportunity costs to spitting money under your mattress when you're looking at the aggregate value that accrues to society as a function of monetary policy. So it seems to me that if instead I can say to you look don't stick your money on your mattress. If you went one hundred years wanna have money just put it in a broad index fund, this tide that is lifting all votes lift yours. If you wanna stick it under your mattress, you don't want to participate in the system. We're just gonna give you mild tax two percent a year to just sit on your hands and well hacked, the tax the Playtex affects stock market investments in affects everything. So it's not it's just it's an. Overall depression on savings investment together. That's why I said affects in effect that ratio. But look everyone needs some amount of cash in their holding because you need cash to use it for the cash, which is liquid means of payment. So everyone's going to have their their savings investment the stuff they don't consume. They're going to either put it in investment or they're gonna put it in some kind of cash. The ratio is is not empirically predictable. We can see what people have done in the past. So people would have some money in goals or under the mattress as you say. And they would they would know that the earned or they might even lose money on that. If there's if there's price inflation, but people have to have some amount of cash, you know, even Venezuela. Imagine people have some cash lying around. They don't put everything in the market. In fact, the market probably decimated there, right? Really? You don't have it anymore. For innovation. I I've been a general counsel for a laser company do patents for them the dealt with VC seen. I don't have any reason to believe that policies one way or the other divert more money into into innovation sector of the economy than should be or how. Yeah, I mean, they do in a very practical way. And which is you know, if you look at VCU returns, for example, you're measuring firms of your IRA, right? Your internal rate of returns, and that's relative to the opportunity cost and putting that money somewhere else. Right it. So, you know, interest rates are nineteen seventy five interest rates ventured looks like an awful asset class, right? When interest rates are zero more money than probably can efficiently be deployed is flowing in. And again, I think that that's sort of you know, consenting adults losing their money. So I don't lose much sleep over that. But it certainly would be much different environment for us economically. If interest rates were significantly higher, there weren't that capital. Salable? I think another thing I'd be curious to get your comment on we talk about the effective inflation on savings. But there's this practical concern, which is in America. The vast majority of people not only have no savings that. Right. So you could argue the bed nets out. But it's not true that you're you're median American has negative wealth that is false. So what I can has about like sixty thousand dollars of wealth, which is not a lot. But more where is it though? It's in their home in a home in the pen in a retirement fund. So these are both. I mean, those are both long term investments that net out inflation presumably right like you would tend to sit in the housing market. And then as you invest by I find it. Interesting moving people make the claim that inflation his staff to accept it. You have these other people who are borrowing money for them. It's it's awesome. Right. Like, I would love to see massive inflation. If I have in essence what what the Austrians call Canty on affects right? The idea that. When when there's inflation price money supply inflation by the central Bank. It does benefit the earlier holders, and it also has effects that can benefit some debtors as opposed to creditors or vice versa, depending on what's going on. But all that means to us is that it has distorting effect on the free market economy in a free market. And when the government not interfere, I believe we would have no fewer business cycles. We have higher productivity. We would have some some amount of cash some amount of investment, some amount of savings some amount of spending any, but we would all be wealthier. That's the bottom line how they're allocated among these sectors is really not the business of policy of the government. It's it's whatever the free market would result in in a given economy. I mean, my census, you know, AOC aside. That's it's not a the mainstream economics view would be to craft policies that are more about encouraging for example investment as opposed to saying we should build that. Swines e right. So lower interest rates are going to afford more lending, but that doesn't imply that you're going to get alone. And I'm not going to get a loaner vice versa. These aren't grants from the government and an Irish possibly you shouldn't encourage investment because people live in the world, and we we'd make a certain amount of income. And some of we want to consume the very purpose of making income is able to consume it. So some of it we want to invest in long-term projects. So encouraging investment is shifting this time horizon from the future to the from the president who the teacher, but that's also distortion of the economy. There's no reason for the government to distort the natural rate of interest that would that would would emerge from people's time preference. As we got richer as a society and more productive and have a deeper division of labor and more people. Right. And and more wealth from our knowledge, then people would probably have more excess capital to invest future projects, and that would have a compounding effect. In fact, I think that's part. Why we had the industrial revolution? We finally reached that tipping point society. But the ratio can the government shouldn't just should interfere with that ratio. The government doesn't know how much we should invest and how much we should zoom. I. Yeah. I mean, I think the way that I would think about policy is look you have a policy can't not have a policy. Right. So the question is what's the better policy? And I think the assumption that leads to the set of policies that you would disagree with is look if we afford a more investment in this way that investment will. Generally, speaking be positive the economy will grow faster than the counterfactual. We will all be wealthier more wealth is good. And then we can figure out apple facts, how that wealth would be distributed on some. I actually don't think more wealth is good if you can never consume it. In other words, if we have one hundred percent investment and we never consume what's the point of the wealth. And so you have to have a division between how much of our income we devote toward consumption how much towards investment that that leads to the to the wealth in the future that we can consume. If you if you don't allow consumption, then there's no point to to wealth in the first place. So they there has to be a natural balance. And and I I don't agree with that policy comment the policy should be. Well, you know, as I mentioned reshow, I'm in. I I'm against the state completely. I'm an anarchist libertarian. I think the policy should be the government I and let the private property free market capitals society rule, and then whatever happened in that society is that is the natural result. And it's probably the best result. We can we can count on. So, but my my thought hearing all this stuff in the same as my thought, you know, usually reading Austrian economics stuff, which is that, you know, a lot of people. Libertarian beliefs. A lot of people have free market beliefs about what to happen. You know, like government shouldn't take my money. Government shouldn't play games with my cash holdings by insulating, the dollar, and all you know, government should tax me government should interfere with my business. All that. Sometimes those are right in my opinion, sometimes the wrong, but people have these ideas, you know, libertarian ideas are perfectly natural and perfectly normal that take knees and using sort of pseudo logic to reverse engineer, you know, a sort of a set of like fo- axioms, and you know, sort of fo- deductions, and you know, quasi pseudo. Empirical assertions is not the best way of upholding these bullies because it's gonna peel to people if you come up with a system of thought antenna system of Okemberian a system moves fancy sounding. But ultimately when evacuates statements had just. Defy people's libertarian beliefs than people will instinctively find that thought system or pseudo thought system appealing whenever they need a reason to justify their libertarian believes whenever they're looking for something to justify their idea that the government is being too intrusive cetera. And that's natural. That's our human rationality. That's just the sort of pseudo rational away that we work. That's will let Austrian economics is it is ultimately mumbo jumbo made up to rationalize are sometimes perfectly legitimate, libertarian, beliefs and ideals, but there's better ways, there's better ways than others more rational ways, you know, there's both philosophical and economic ways to justify libertarian ideas that don't rely on subscribing whole hog to a system of pseudo thought and pseudo logic that in my basic position at least she didn't use word juvenile. Let me have a a closing response. I appreciate that's the most polite qualify stated this I've ever gotten. You're completing libertarianism and Australia's which is fine. We tried to stick with them. But no, no, there's lots of libertarianism that isn't Austria it true. But I I'm I I can only speak for myself. And I'm I'm the melding of both. But oh, you're also engaging psychology zinc, which I'm not criticizing for. I I I think psychologists is fine as long as you if you if you cramp that someone is wrong. And then you try to explain why I'm perfectly fine with that. I think one thing you're unfortunately, wrong about it saying the libertarian ideal heels to people I wish it did is what appeals to people getting stuff free, which is why AO AFC gets votes. And why you have all these idiotic college students running around talking about free college tuition. I wish you were. Right. Venezuela's failing. Because you're you're just wrong people want things for free, and they don't they don't understand basic economics, which you don't even need to be an Austrian Austrian. Do I didn't intend to come on the show and be able to defend? All of this stuff. I just wanted to explain it. And I wasn't trying to be contentious, it might debating just trying to attack you at all. I hope you realize I I do realize it believe me. I liberty Syrians are not always the welcome guy in crowd. We everyone else's status that we're the only guys that are always being attacked by everyone else. If people are more interested, I would just recommend. They should look at my website stuff and can sell dot com, which I have a lot of links to my intellectual property stuff in my I actually have a book coming out later this year. It's my libertarian call law in a libertarian world where I will elaborate a lot of stuff, and I've been writing on this for a long time and me's Orrick has love stuff on the basics of Austria economics for people who are interested in looking into this further, but I can't defend it any anymore here. Obviously, I thank you very much for an awesome conversation would could've turned out turned into an all out brawl. Very was very distinct in though, well, while we're conversations thank you offer. Or joining part of thanks got great. Thanks. Next. If you're an early stage entrepreneur, we'd love to hear from you. Please hit us up at village. Global dot BC slash at work catalyst.

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America's Opioid Epidemic


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America's Opioid Epidemic

"Hello Yeah Hey I think Andre are to listeners. We called up to talk about Kosovo. We did earlier this year about Thornton and Ruthie blackbird a couple who escaped slavery during the civil war and started a new life together in Toronto. The four successfully successfully crossing the Border Thornton Blackburn found himself inside a Detroit jail which caused the first race riot in the city's history. The sheriff comes to the door of the jail with Thornton Blackburn. Turn beside him. Thornton had chains on his hands manacles on his feet. But up. Brash Street marched a crowd of two hundred and ingred yelling. People almost all African Americans but with some whites amongst them at the end of the episode. We told you you could visit the site of those riots called the Blackburn writes where the jail used to be. There's a library yet so we already had a trip to Toronto Plant The celebrate our anniversary and then we heard it through life story and this would you knows the great addiction to our trip that we add it just us cherise and Andre actually visited the site. But I appreciate most about your cell. Is that you open open our minds to. Hey there these things that have happened and are happening and now you do plan at the theater. Now we can go out and do our additional supplemental research cherise and entree and all of you. You have been supporting our show. I listening to each and every episode and now before the end of the year you can also support our show by donating to your local. NPR Station you can do do that right now by going to donate dot. NPR Dot org slash through your donation support your NPR station and our show. It's easy just go to donate that. NPR Dot org slash through light to find your local station and make a gift. Thanks and good night. Lee County Virginia is located in the southwest corner of Appalachia and at the turn of the twentieth century its economy was booming. Coal and rail industries were thriving. People were moving in houses. Were being built things. Were looking up. And by the turn of the twenty first century Lee County look different. A lot of its buildings were abandoned. The coal mining industry was struggling many of us. Residents were hooked Don opioids one of those residents was Arnold Fain mccully. This was a man in his seventies. He had been a fulltime coalminer for years Arnold was the guy who got stuff done. I s his daughter what she remembered growing up and she said my memory of him was he worked. Coal Mining is not and easy job and Arnold suffered a lot of injuries at work so he was. No Stranger to doctors treated numerous times. With immediate release opioids and had always been enabled. Get off then. One day he saw a new doctor prescribed drug called oxy and this drug turned him in to a non-functioning person person he loses. His job loses his family ends up dead under shady circumstances in his truck is truck overturn and pill bottles sort of lake loose around him. The thing is in this county. Arnold story wasn't that uncommon summit person after person walked into the doctor's office after being prescribed drug. They'd be like Doc. Osma family a lost my house. A lost my farm with a strangely familiar story. Oh Osma family housing house off my farm. Federal is is my God. The opioid epidemic is getting worse. More people are addicted to opioid painkillers than ever average. One hundred and thirty Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. The deadliest drug crisis in American history and there are virtually no signs of it. Getting better you're listening to through line from NPR. Are we go back in time to understand the present. Hey I'm Rhonda on routine Arab Louis Louis and on this episode America's OPIOID epidemic. We hear a lot about opioids these days the US has been in the midst of an opioid crisis. And it's gotten worse in the past few years about four hundred thousand people have died in the last two decades making it. The deadliest drug epidemic in American history St Entire Communities Likely County have been devastated by. It feels like there's no end in sight. But how did we get into this mess. Where does the crisis actually really begin? And how does it fit into America's longer history with opioids. After all opioids aren't new. They've been around for thousands of years. Humans throughout history have turned to opium which comes from the poppy plan for things. Like pain relief the ancient Greeks Persians Egyptians Chinese all used it wars have been fought over empires built an fortunes made but America's opioid story is uniquely American to understand today's opioid crisis. We need to explore the complicated Bukit relationship we've had with. Opiates for over a century. Now while opioids can be addictive and dangerous. They've also provided very real relief for a lot. Have people so we're going to tell the story of three game changing opioids morphine heroin and oxycodone the support for this. NPR podcast and the following message come from the YMCA A nonprofit offit striving to provide places and programs that can bring people together the Y. recognizes many teams do not have access to college and career planning mentors or safe spaces to gather the Y.. Offers programs support and services to help fill that need learn more about the impact of your donation at Ymca Dot net slash giving the why for a better us. You've probably heard of the freedom rides win. Activists took buses from the north to the south to demonstrate against segregation on public transit. It but what about the reverse freedom rides. It was one of the most inhuman things that I have ever seen. Get the full all story on. NPR's coats which podcast part one morphine in the early early eighteen. Hundreds of German. Pharmacist named Friedrich Zor Turner was hard at work conducting experiments on the opium. Poppy he was trying to figure. You're out how to isolate. Its most valuable component the alkaloid the ingredient in the plant. That gets you high and more importantly for his research provides pain relief. It was something no one had been able to do. Before for years searcher nerine all sorts of tests in the lab on stray dogs and even on himself eventually he cracked code. Managed to extract alkaloid from the poppy plant. He called it. Morphine after the Greek. God of dreams Morpheus Morpheus and for the next few years certner continued to study this new thing and he started getting more and more nervous about how it might be used in the future. He says we must be very very careful with this drug and he warns people the calamity around the corner. This is Beth macy. I'm a journalist and an author Based in Roenick Virginia her latest book is called Dope Sick so several decades after morphine discovered so turner's fears are realized. Calamity strikes strikes an ocean away in the United States. The civil war begins. It's an incredibly bloody war. The deadliest in American history and most of those deaths actually happened off the battlefield for things like disease and infection but there was this great new way of controlling pain that new drug morphine and the US imported a lot of it. Many soldiers became hooked and stayed hooked after the war ended. There's a saying or a cliche that morphine addiction. In the late nineteenth century was the army disease or thus soldiers soldiers disease. This is drug historian. David Cartwright and he says that nickname hides a significant detail which is other evidence suggests very strongly only the majority of addicts. Were women so call right says while a lot of soldiers did return from the front addicted to morphine. It appears that as a century went on women began get to make up the majority of morphine addicts in the US why was morphine prescribed. In the nineteenth century it's prescribed for for pain of all kinds which women tended to be diagnosed with to a great much greater degree than men. This is Nancy Campbell. She's a historian of drugs and drug addiction Men were expected to bear pain more stoically. They were not expected to seek out doctors for every ache and pain There were also supposed racial differences in the ability to tolerate pain. So if you are a white woman who could afford prescription drugs and went to the doctor for say a cough or menstrual cramps. You were way more likely to leave with a prescription for morphine than anyone else. One Dr Frederick Human Hubbard row in eighteen eighty one uterine and ovarian complications caused more Lisa fall into the opium habit. Then all all other diseases combined so morphine was the catch all drug that doctors and pharmacists us for pretty much everything and they prescribed it to women like Mrs Mathilde Webster. Mother of nine children who suffered from NEURALGIA NEURALGIA condition. Where nerve pain causes a stabbing burning sensation position? Usually in the head or face. She sent one night One of nine children two boys which was her usual South Brooklyn Drugstore and the child reported to the druggist that Her mother was in great pain bodily pain and was asking for something to help her. Go to sleep the druggist who was pretty familiar with Mrs Webster packaged up a couple of doses of morphine consisting of one grain. Each and Mrs Webster instead of Doing what the drug is thought she would do. which is taking a little at a time? Until her pain was controlled took everything the whole supply lie and she went into a coma lingered in a coma to- state and expired twenty four hours later. She had overdosed on morphine. And the druggist who gave her the morphine was put on trial. Which Campbell says was unusual because overdoses normally were reported deaths despite Matchel causes but Matilda's husband wasn't willing to let go and eventually was given five thousand dollars in eighteen sixty eight eight eighteen sixty eight so not long? After the civil war ended people were already starting to suspect that morphine was potentially dangerous like warning warning. This drug is not safe. As the nineteenth century went on on top of the thousands of veterans who'd become addicted during the war thousands more people. Many women became addicted. Still doctors kept prescribing morphine throughout the eighteen hundreds despite the warnings news mostly because there just weren't many good alternatives I mean aspirin wasn't even marketed until eighteen. ninety-nine by the early early twentieth century tens of thousands of Americans were addicted to narcotics like morphine. People were dying of overdoses which sounds pretty familiar. Yeah a lot like the crisis. Today people would go to the doctor's office get a prescription for morphine become addicted. Maybe even dying and communities. We're mostly white. Were left devastated remember. Morphine was disproportionately prescribed to white women. At the time and just like now it probably had a lot of people asking. Oh my Lord. What have we unleashed on this country? One doctor wrote an eighteen eighty four. Prompt action is then demanded less star Lange becomes stupefied by the Dr Phil Affects of narcotics and thus disease physically mentally and morally. The love of liberty swallowed up by the I love opium while the masses of our people would become fit subjects for Desmond but undoing. This crisis would not be easy right like how do you you take so many addicted people and make them unhooked well in the early nineteen hundreds. One pharmaceutical company came up with a new drug to try to do just that and it would transform the landscape of drugs and drug addiction in the US in the process. They unleashed in even scarier. Monster our next heroin only support for NPR and the following message. Come from Exxon Mobil. which is growing algae for biofuels working with its partners synthetic genomics thanks? Exxon Mobil is researching and field testing. Algae that could one day power the trucks ships and planes that help drive the economy with fewer greenhouse gas emissions keeping transportation tation humming while cutting emissions find out more about biofuels at energy factor dot com. Hey just WanNa give you a quick reminder to make a donation to your. NPR NPR station. Today just go to donate that. NPR DOT org slash through line to find your local station and make a gift. Thanks would you please say one. Two three four one chill three testing one party or heroin bottle arena warned Puerto. Rico when were you born may AIDS Nineteen Fourteen mm-hmm Harlem Hospital hundred thirty seven. Th Street online examine home these are the voices of former heroin addicts who became hooked in the Nineteen Twenties and thirties thirties. David Court right. Talk to them in the nineteen eighties. One night I walked in the bathroom and I saw this girl's known Tom Tom with this rubber band around all the Needham scared me to death of that. Never seen enough to make them an can she sailed it's Travis Nineteen twenty one. I started using heroin. The asaid MM melon us another needle actually minute. Juno that it was Soviet GonNA head Elena everybody everybody was sickening puke in not all lane on curb orientation of container was huge. You get to pick up once. He's done we know now that heroin is more potent more likely Alito 'cause addiction than morphine. But when it first appeared heroin was seen as a safe alternative to morphine the hero to end the morphine crisis that initial perception of heroin as safe alternative was no coincidence in the late eighteen ninety S. The pharmaceutical company bear began marketing. Heroin as a non addictive wonder-drug the published ads claiming that heroin would relieve your cough even marketing to children heroin for kids. Imagine that and this whole marketing campaign was uncharted territory. At the time. The idea that pharmaceutical companies could be big business in the way that say toys as our textiles are originally pharmaceutical manufacturers. Were called ethical pharmaceutical houses. Again Nancy Campbell and they did not market get direct to consumers bear did market direct to consumers but even so even so by The early nineteen eighteen. Hundreds people are beginning to write articles for medical journals with titles like and I quote the heroin habit another another curse in which they point out that yeah you can get addicted to this stuff to in nineteen o six. The American Medical Association included heroin in its annual publication with this disclaimer. The habit is readily forms and leased to the most deplorable horrible results. Despite that warning heroin was readily available as an over the counter drug and politicians became more and more suspicious. It's supposed non addictiveness in nineteen fourteen. A new law called the Harrison Act was passed it put a tax on morphine gene and heroin and forced doctors to register drugs with the government to prevent doctors over prescribing. Them see even. Though there was growing awareness of the dangers of opioids royds. Some doctors were still prescribing. Morphine and the government didn't WanNa Leave Room for repeal of the morphine epidemic with either morphine or any new opioid. That came along so they decided to step in ideas to create a kind of closed system in which everything is transparent and the narcotics eggs are going only for legitimate medical purposes. That act was important because it criminalised something that formerly was not thought ought to be a crime up until then opioid addiction was seen as a medical problem. Not a criminal one. The result of this new law was fewer and fewer doctors prescribing morphine and almost no doctors prescribing heroin. Problem solve well yes and no on the one hand and morphine used dramatically decreased but on the other hand this law had unintended consequences. It began to move both morphine and Heroin Irwin really into the fringes of the underworld after all if people couldn't get within needed from a doctor they're probably going to look for it somewhere else. The moment they were prescribed prescribed and that prescription ran out. They were soon experiencing that feeling of dope sickness again. Beth macy that excruciating withdrawal. That's like the worst flu times. One hundred and then they're going to the black market for heroin or for pills. They want sweet innocent girls. Take you boo so they can be enticed into Honky tonks now long after that in nineteen twenty prohibition began banning alcohol throughout the country a day and during that time organized crime also called the syndicate begins begins to grow underground networks alcohol smugglers began popping up everywhere importing alcohol from countries around the world and those networks made it easy to smuggle in other other things too so you begin to get Markets for illicit products products like heroin So heroin started to be seen as a drug of the underworld a quote Unquote Street Drug and in nineteen twenty four. The government outlawed heroin altogether. Making it completely illegal. Even for medicinal use pushing the heroin market even further underground fast forward to the nineteen forties war to is coming to an end a lot like the post civil war period became a big issue in post World War Two America. Yes every war has its drug and what typically happens. As after war's end and that drug becomes a domestic problem we have not thought well about how the practice of war seems seems to require so much pharmaceutical support during the war. The supply of opioids dried up but after the war ended opioids began flooding into the black market through illicit networks. You Begin to see heroin traffic heat up. These black markets were mostly concentrated in big cities. Where a lot of the drug routes pass through so by this time the average opioid addicts look different The Median Age falls to age twenty or so. So it's more frequently someone. From a community of Color African Americans Puerto Ricans in New York so by the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties narcotic addiction addiction in the United States is mainly centered on the cities. And it's mainly a matter of drug traffickers smuggling the drug heroin into the country and distributing it through various illicit networks. US Customs officers and police are having another drive round up dope smugglers. Yes some of the sway. Hey concealed in battles of oil they find millions of dollars worth of deadly heroin if they kill six million people so in nineteen fifty one. Congress is is concerned enough about the situation that they passed the first mandatory minimum sentences for drug use otherwise known as the box act they cannot say these are innocent. Teenagers who are preyed upon by dealers They have to sentence them to five ten fifteen fifteen years depending upon the quantity they possess at the time of the arrest and keep in mind these heroin markets were in majority black and Brown neighborhoods and cities and so the bogs disproportionately affected those communities. What we think about addicts depends very much on on who is addicted again and again in the literature you'll see this distinction being made between medical users or medical addicts and Pleasure users or recreational users and they were they were generally considered to be more blameworthy langworthy morphine addicts were seen as medical users heroin addicts as recreational users. But there's one sure thing this one game. Nobody beats you use narcotics before long you'll have to have another way to say this. Is that if the if the composition of the addict population hadn't changed inched if this had the same pattern of mostly medical mostly female mostly morphine attics. That we'd had ad in eighteen seventy then. I don't think American drug policy would have taken the punitive turn that it did In the nineteen fifties that punitive approach got even more intense hearings were held in fourteen major cities across the country. Politicians politicians declared war on heroin and Congress decides to stiffen those penalties allow for deportation foreign nationals. And the the death penalty to dealers. It wasn't the drug problem in the United States it was the heroin addicts are addicted to. Here's how this white powder as far as the policymakers in Washington were concerned and as far as the police in most American cities were concerned heroin was the drug to worry about in the fifties and the sixties and early Sunnis. Despite all these efforts heroin remained on the streets and drug users continued to be treated as criminals. America's public the enemy number one in the United States is Prague abuse until the new opioid appeared on the scene Support for this podcast and the following message come from the Walton Family Foundation where opportunity takes root more information is available at Walton Family Foundation Dot org part three Oxycontin. Okay birth question. Have you ever heard the name sackler. It probably sounds familiar because it pops up on buildings everywhere on universities hospital buildings and Medical facilities lease and art museums. The world over plus it's been in the headlines a lot lately for multiple lawsuits. The sackler is are one of the richest families in America. Erica and for generations. Now they've had a real sweet spot for philanthropy and you may be wondering or did all that money from the answer to that question gets the thing that the sack was are facing lawsuits over whether they bear some responsibility for the OPIOID epidemic. There's a kind of compensation I think. We have in America where we realized that a lot of our great cultural and educational institutions were built on money that we would now think of as tainted money. This is Patrick. Radin Kief he writes for The New Yorker and Patrick spent months. Investing the history of the sackler for a piece called the family that built an empire pain. He says the story of how the sackler is made their money. Money is also the story of how the drug at the center of today's opioid crisis. oxy cotton came to be it. All begins in the nineteen fifties you with three brothers in Brooklyn Arthur and mortimer and Raymond sackler there from an immigrant family the grow up in the Great Depression and all three of them all three brothers train as doctors the oldest brother. Arthur sackler is kind of the Patriarch of the family. He's this gap toothed brilliant brilliant guy who becomes a doctor specializes in psychiatry. Does a huge amount of pathbreaking medical research in the Nineteen Fifties Arthur and his brothers authored more than one hundred studies on the biochemical roots of mental illness. In other words they challenged a lot of Sigmund Freud's ideas despite his success in that field. Arthur sackler began to get restless after all. He was a natural born entrepreneur. So on the side are third joined and later bought an AD agency Z.. That specializes in medical advertising. It's clean simple and it's tantalisingly incomplete. What's missing the thought of him as almost a kind of don draper figure where in the nineteen fifties you have this revolution advertising in which all of these new persuasive uses techniques are being brought to bear? Sell everything from Jim Socks to a Ford convertibles and Arthur sackler has this revelation which is what if we applied some of bells and whistles to the way we sell drugs. The way we saw medicine is the father of modern pharmaceutical marketing. Thing I don't mean to. You know rein on parade or anything. But I've been a little bit surprised to hear him credited as the inventor inventor of of this phenomenon which seem to me to be everywhere in the nineteen fifties. This is David Horsburgh. He's a professor of history at the university at Buffalo. There was this purposeful. Turn in the nineteen fifties to really institutionalize expand consumer markets and all the various forms and guises from real estate to pharmaceuticals Arthur. Sackler may not have been the only one breaking into the medical advertising game at the time but he was definitely one of the best because his approach was innovative back in early. Nineteen hundreds when bear tried advertising heroin. They're marketing campaigns. Were pretty basic if you look at any of these early twentieth century adds that bear puts out again Nancy Campbell. It's not really made visual in the ways that we think of advertising advertising is being visual in other words they were pretty boring and what. Arthur realized that the people at bear hadn't was at advertising drug is an art of seduction and it doesn't actually begin with the consumer. The patient first person you need to seduce is the doctor why people trust doctors and he trusted doctors and so so. If you have an endorsement from a doctor it's like putting Mickey Mantle on a box of wheaties so he started developing ad campaigns brilliant and very persuasive advertising campaign Dan with doctors at the center of them. You want to sell a lot of drug you you saw to these doctors who will then prescribe it to their patients with sounds pretty similar similar to how morphine spread right but in this case the business model was much more deliberate and this ended up becoming. I think really key aspect of how we got to where we are with the opioid crisis is that it's one thing to go out on a street corner and try and find some sketchy person who's going to sell you something in an alley. It's another thing altogether together to go into your doctor's office and have your doctor Regio prescription but doctors were skeptical. Prescribing opioids physicians and patients have learned their lesson and so- Arthur along along with other pharmaceutical companies at the time. Turn to two. Different classes of drugs called barbiturates and benzodiazepines which were not opioids and and we're they're not derived from plants so they're manufacturing circulation was relatively controlled. They didn't seem like they posed a problem. And as as a result we've had a new acceptance of the idea that there is a pill for every ill and that taking pills can support it productive everyday lives and Arthur sackler is marketing techniques. Played a big part in that shift. He develops his first real fortune and marketing drugs like valium. Then he sort of brings along his brother's mortimer and Raymond and they end up having a buying a small pharmaceutical company called at the time. It's called Purdue Frederick and the company starts developing a succession of drugs during the nineteen fifties and sixties Arthur and. His brothers began making so much money. We're talking millions and millions of dollars. They were a company that knew how to the market their products really well. which is the goal of any business and a lot of people did benefit from these drugs their success and the growing pharmaceutical industry? You made some politicians suspicious so congress held a hearing about the pharmaceutical industry and called Arthur. sackler to testify and he was the genius I mean he was a really brilliant guy and he just. I've read the transcripts and he dances circles around these guys in keeps New Yorker piece the quotes from a Congressional staffers memo quote. The sackler empire is a completely integrated operation in that can devise a new drug instruct development and apprise have the drug clinically tested and secure favourable reports on the drug from the various hospitals with which they have connections. It's like they have drugs drugs that they're developing and then medical journals that can run articles about the drugs and then doctors who can go out and promote those drugs so it becomes the some extraordinarily extraordinarily sophisticated self-serving system Arthur and his brothers came out of the hearing unscathed. Their drugs kept selling pulling they kept making money. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies became more and more intertwined. And that idea that there's a pill for every ill became the new status quo. Oh but almost none of those pills were opioids remember after morphine and heroin. Doctors were resistant to prescribing opioids in any form because they turned out to be really addictive heroin was criminalised in nineteen twenty four and sales of morphine and other familiar opioids were restricted did Robustly pharmaceutical industry tried to introduce new blockbuster opioids every few years for the next seventy years. But these kinds of campaigns pains were never allowed to come to fruition. There was very fierce counterattack against any idea that there could be such a thing as not indicative opioid but in the nineteen nineties. Ladies that started to change in fact pain itself was redefined yes so early to mid nineties. Physicians pharmaceutical arm suitable companies pain groups funded by pharmaceutical companies. Again Beth. macy started pushing this notion that we had this epidemic of untreated. Pain pain became reclassified as a fifth vital signs. Like blood pressure heart rate temperature. You also begin to get different ideas about the safety. And applicability of opioids for people experiencing pain in the nineteen nineties indies. That comes out of a few. At first marginal figures in the pain reform movement but these marginal figures with shocking rapidity city become dominant figures. Who are claiming that opioids are in fact terribly underused that they are one of the best and first line treatments for a much wider range of pain? And the reason that these quite radical reinterpretations of opioids go oh from the margins to the mainstream so rapidly is because of funding from people like the sackler who give them a megaphone for their voices at the same time. Purdue Pharma was developing a new drug based on the OPIOID oxycodone. By this time Arthur sackler had passed away and Richard Sackler Arthur's nephew was a leader in the company. Now called Purdue Pharma and in Nineteen Ninety six purdue released oxy cotton to market oxycontin Arthur sackler living relatives and purdue Pharma took his approach to a whole new level starting putting the FDA there was a evil genius sophistication to and the whole arsenal of tricks that were employed to persuade the FDA when the FDA approved oxycontin in nineteen ninety-five. It approved a claim. That oxycontin was safer than other similar drugs on the market with this this wording quote delayed absorption as provided by oxycontin tablets is believed to reduce the abuse liability of a drug and quote oxycontin. Biggest selling point was that it had a time release mechanism built into it. So if you took one pill drug would be slowly released over. The course of twelve hours offering you longer-lasting pain relief and supposedly supposedly making it less addictive. There was no research behind that claim. It's it seemed to make sense. Purdue Pharma didn't provide any clinical studies on how addictive it's drug might be persuading the FDA was just the first step and the next step persuade doctors and patients. Not only that. This drug wasn't addictive but that it was actually a safer bet then some of the other drugs on the market and we were wrong in thinking that opioids abused long-term. They can be and they should be they aired ads like this one promoting oxycontin. They hired an army of pharmaceutical sales reps to travel across the country marketing Oxycontin if doctors to tropical destinations for weekend getaways they targeted doctors and rural and poor communities who are already prescribing opioids Oxycontin. Nickname they call it hillbilly heroin which means initially at least their customer base was majority. White drugs like Oxycontin were prescribed primarily to way patients number one because of access to the medical system which was unequal along lines of race but number two public panic over heroin addiction which was closely associated with racial minorities being and some of the larger cities and so the idea of addiction at this time had become both popularly and politically associated aided with non white racial groups and as a result. There was a reluctance on the part of physicians to prescribe potentially addictive medications into those populations in other words. David is saying that heroin exaggerated an already existing racial bias among doctors because heroin was seen as a black and brown problem. Doctors tended to believe those populations were more likely to become hooked on Oxycontin or really any prescription hill and were therefore much less likely to prescribe it to those populations within just a few years. It was clear to many doctors and of of course too many patients that Oxycontin was addictive in two thousand seven. Purdue Pharma even pleaded guilty to criminal charges that Miss Branded Ossetia in in marketing by misrepresenting its risk of addiction and its ability to be abused but by then small communities were shaken by it with people of almost all ages becoming addicted and thousands dying plus doctors and researchers are finding that it led to heroin use just like with morphine when the prescription ran out heroin became the plan be pushing people to seek out heroin as well as fennel on the black market but started out the quote Unquote Hillbilly drug. Now crosses ethnic geographic original losses. Vietnam Eric Lines mm-hmm now might be easy to forget about the samplers in all of this but lately they're becoming me harder to ignore. Some museums have even been rejecting their donations storm the GUGGENHEIM museum to protest donors alleged torture did you gals in London. cancelled a million dollar dirty. So someone's money for charity to turn down a donation. A one million along with purdue Pharma members of the sackler family are facing multiple lawsuits over oxycontin. Several members of the billionaire air sackler general usage pushed for the release of more doctors sackler family purporting to as lawyers like to say pierce the Corporate Veil Ale in documents released these court cases. We've learned that. The company is accused of not reporting illegal activity to the government like improper prescribing by doctors. For example it's alleged produce sales manager wrote to accompany official Depardieu was circulating. Opiates to an illegal pill mill. The employee wrote quote. I feel very certain misses an organized. Drug ring shouldn't the. Da contacted about this and quote. Purdue allegedly did nothing about that the email for two years. We've also learned that Richard sackler seems to have been especially aggressive in pushing the marketing and sale of the drug one of the lawsuits lawsuits alleges that he badgered sales managers constantly nights weekends and holidays pushing them to sell more. These campaigns were focused on getting doctors doctors to prescribe higher doses to their patients. The thing is purdue sackler have been in this position before but in the past even when they've been found guilty not forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and damages. It's like me giving you one hundred dollars. Just a drop in the bucket not much harm done but that could the chain. Could you farm out. The maker of oxycontin agreed to pay two hundred seventy million dollars to the state of Oklahoma. They're currently more than sixteen hundred cases. Against Purdue Pharma in federal and state courts we reached out to purdue Pharma for comment and they say quote it is deeply flawed to suggest that activities that last asked occurred eighteen years ago are responsible for today's complex and multifaceted albeit addiction crisis. The bulk of opioids prescribed are not and have I've never been oxycontin. which represents less than two percent of current opioid prescriptions and in total never exceeded four percent in any year since since we originally reported this story? Purdue Pharma has filed for bankruptcy and tentatively settled thousands of lawsuits regarding its role in the opioid epidemic whether everyone will agree to that settlement and whether it will shield purdue or the sackler family from further liability remains to be seen. Whatever they're telling themselves elves the real legacy year is oxycontin and the OPIOID crisis? But I think that there's a risk to attributing it too much of this to this one family. I mean it does make for a good story. But it means that it's possible to lose sight of the broader dynamics in the broader structures. That made them able to do what they did while but clearly villains in this story and you get no debate with me about that. The circumstances which made made possible aren't some ways more important to understand the fact that those were bad guys So David says the OPIOID story is bigger than the sackler or Oxycontin or purdue. It's about our relationship ship with pain and are very human desire to get rid of it. Something people have been trying to solve for forever. Who and so when you hear of something something that's new and that there's people with MD's and PhD's after their name saying this might be different this time around sure if you existed did in some pure form of rationalism you might say well you know that's little unlikely but if you're suffering and you want to believe as you know I'm sure all of us have at various times these things it matters? The sackler purdue tapped into this need for pain relief and made enormous amounts some money in the process but they are the only ones. Big Pharma is much more than one company. It's a vast network built on a strategic pharmaceutical marketing lack of government oversight and a whole lot of money and I sort of feel like we've been grappling with a version of this problem going all the way back to the civil war. I mean sure. It's become this sophisticated gated system now but the struggle to figure out what to do with new better trucks for treating pain and how to deal with their unintended consequences. Yeah that's not new then and now. It raises the same questions. How do we know what pain to live with? And what pain to treat and one of the social costs of continuing to address pain with innovative but potentially addictive drunks mm-hmm. Yeah that's it for this week's show. I'm run data Louis and you've been listening to through line from NPR. This episode was produced by run. Deny our team includes Jamie Yours. Charity Anna Hopman Lawrence Woo nor was was real Yoyo Michelle Lance leising summer Nigeria eaten springs. Also to on your grandma and Chris Turpin Jusoh Grayson Jason Andrea de Leon grow hitting her and Mark Meant. Our music was composed by Christina resnicow and drop electric and a special. Thank you to Columbia University Oral History Project and David Koresh for letting US use the powerful interviews. They did with people who struggled with addiction. If you like something you heard or you have an idea for an episode sewed. Please write us at through line at NPR DOT ORG or hit us up on twitter at through line. NPR's thanks for listening Uh.

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#1764 Rand Fishkin on how to amplify authentic promotion


1:08:43 hr | 1 year ago

#1764 Rand Fishkin on how to amplify authentic promotion

"Hey, there, freedom fighters. My name is Andrew founder, mixture jewelry. I interview entrepreneurs about how they built their business. I've interviewed ran fish in the founder you're about to meet several times today, and I have been beating myself up for something that I asked him into past and helpful answer that gave me and I think it's time for me to bring it up. Ranch skin is actually kind of funny. We someone on my team uses use my Twitter account to say that ran is the founder, founder of SEO MAs, which is true, it's no longer call this yomas MAs, but it's true. And the CEO of SEO miles, which is no longer true. It is the leading SEO company in the world, which ran into the back and said, no, we're not the leading, which I've never had anyone do. And I realized how did I miss that when, when I was proof reading stuff, and one Mathu? He so well known for this company and number three. Who stop someone and says, I'm not the leading. I'm actually like, number three or number four, most people put a leading when they just launched their company where the leading no, it's only ran fish, and nobody else would do that. So I think it's really honorable of him to have pointed that out, and it's kind of interesting about his personality, I'm inviting him here to talk about marketing in general, because he did start MAs. And because he is one of the leading voices in online marketing, and I wanna find out about this new thing that he's started called spark, Toro. I didn't know how to describe spark Toro. And apparently, I was wrong about what it did here is how he described it to me before we started. He said Andrew, imagine your marketer, who needs to discover all the sources that influence, your audience come to my site or use my tool performer search, and we're going to deliver that, that list of all the sources that influence your audience have some questions about, why would need that. And why he is now, creating these free tools like that helped me understand why fake. Twitter followers are but I'll ask that within the interview, and we could do this interview, thanks to two phenomenal sponsors, the first awhile. It's pilot for doing books, if you want someone to die run pilot by before. I did. Okay, good. I wanna make sure I'm not sneaking up an advertiser on you pilot. If you need somebody to do to do your accounting for they are the ones, I use. I'm gonna tell you why you should use them and the second I ran by by random I said, I'm going to delete it. He said, don't the lead their competitors? Just go within its AAA traffic. And we're gonna talk about how a address can help you grow your traffic with an understanding content marketing rans, good tab, year, it is wonderful to be back with you, Andrew. Why, why did you have to like had to? Why did you feel like you you needed to tell people Mazas not number one? It's not the leading. Your personality there. I mean, I think that my, my bias is always to trustworthiness, right and transparency. And so I, I have the sense that if I sort of, you know, low grade just let it slide, there would be people in the field who maybe not say anything they'd look and see that it go. I hate help everyone describes themselves as leading even when they're not leading didn't ran tweet last year that SEM. Russia traps had passed MAs in revenue in customers. Why isn't he saying something like is this guy just does he really believe in transparency? Can I actually trust him? So I want people to know like, yes, you can actually trust me. I will. I will tell you the good the bad and the ugly. And, and I don't think I don't think only punches on that on that helps I think, Mazdas done some remarkable stuff, but full credit eight tracks when MAs was taking its eye off the ball back in twenty. Thirteen to twenty sixteen. Eight traps was like now this market is huge. We're gonna double down on it. We're gonna build exclusively for professional SEO's. We are going to find a world of customers that are that are looking for another solution. Afterma hasn't delivered there. And they were right. They were so, so. Right. I think they built up a great reputation around their Lincoln dex built some remarkable, keyword tools. And you know, Mazda at some things that they think imitated, but then improved upon in a lot of great ways. And same Assem rush. This is the this is the route is question for me to ask you completely off base. But as looking at you I'm seeing someone worked really hard who even works hard after MAs to be accurate in a tweet. The could've gone fine by. And then I think of something I remember in your book lost and found which I told you I loved where you basically we're saying, I don't have that much money. I, I might be worth something because of my shares in malls, but I don't have that much cash my right? Yeah. Yeah. That's right. So here's a route part I kind of feel bad for you. And I am I right if you bad. No god. No. I to look at the white American male in the United States of America in almost certainly the top ten to fifteen percent of income brackets, how you are making what one hundred thousand I thought you said in your book, this is just sorry. The in the book, two hundred thousand two hundred thousand okay. When I left MAs, and I got generous severance from them, which was basically that much again for a year. And then I sold a book lost, and found her, which did very nicely for me. My, my wife sold a book, Geraldine sold a book. Yeah. We are we are doing just fine. But that's like salary fine. Do you want to know something rand the school that we start applying to schools for, for my kid here in San Francisco? If you make less than three hundred thousand dollars, the Quaker school will give you financial aid. Two thousand dollars a year. So you have friends who are super well off. You don't that doesn't bother you of all the things that bothers you. That's not one of them. Oh, I think, I think it does bother me. But well, let's see. How does it bother me? It bothers me that I foolishly for all the years that MAs was growing at a rapid pace. I talked about that in the book to write at, basically, we had investors who said, like, hey, you wanna take some money off the table. We'd be willing to buy some shares from you. We had that acquisition offer from hub spot, which would have dramatically changed our financial situation. Probably somewhere between ten and a hundred Exo. We are now and I turn them all down. And that's the part that regret. Not comparing yourself to other people. It's the I missed that. Yeah. I, I think it's the oh man. That was really dumb. Like, I, I was so cocky, I was so certain that MAs was going to have tons acquisition offers that they would be for way, more that the company would keep growing at these remarkable paces that it had for, for sort of those seven years, that our CEO. And obviously, those were that was foolish. Right. I just I don't I, I am not upset by anyone else's success. I'm only upset by my own poor decision making in cocker shortness Shaikh just. At that. You know what I do? When I go to some friends houses, I go not. So I don't feel any like jealousy or comparison in negative way to them except I do think should I have actually not been an entrepreneur, and it's not even just other people's houses like my wife. I'm looking at how will she's doing lush? She, she take the risks on taking geez. She's earning more Bank than me. What am I doing here and she's got like a nice? She gets nice jobs. They get health insurance. The whole thing. I. I do feel like there is a in San Francisco. I think in New York, maybe a few other cities. It's a different story. But in Seattle, the cost of living is no, it's not great, but it's not awful, if you if you have mid six figures, or a million dollars in the Bank, and you're making, you know, high five figures are low six figures, you can feel pretty darn comfortable. You really can't especially we don't have kids of gonna say, one of the things that you told me I asked you years ago. Why are you doing? So while you said, one, I hate to say it, but one of the reasons is because I don't have kids, do you regret that now looking back saying sacrifice kids for this? Oh well, let's see. No, no. I don't think I have. Ever regretted that Geraldine and I've talked about it a number of times. And I think that both of us are in a in a good place. Maybe I'm in even better place with it. I think I was even more anti kids than she was. She was sort of, like, well, I'm on the fence, if you passionately wanted them at probably say, yes, but if you're actually against them, I definitely have no interest. And I think that fundamentally I, I maybe it's a it's like a combination of I'm a selfish person and I'm not selfish enough to want to prioritize like a legacy. Yeah. I don't I don't really believe in that. I don't I don't have any particular desire to, like see my line continue or see, you know, my family name the the big important, but also, I really value my time value. My time doing the things that I wanna do. I love taking care of our friends kids. I love hang out with them, actually really love children. Get along with them great, but I don't I don't want to sacrifice the thousands of thousands of hours that I know would go to that. Yeah. Literally n also the hours that don't go to that are sacrificed partially in your head for that. Yes. Absolutely. Here's the part that I kinda regret that. Not regretting it as confronting it years ago. I said, what could I do to get more people to pay attention to my stuff, like I forget how I phrased it? But you said, look Andrew Google, plus, it's doing, well, it's going to send you more SEO traffic. Let's, let's put aside the fact that they closed now you're giving me a piece of advice that worked at the time that I could've used and I didn't use it, and I don't believe in believe it or not. I don't beat myself up. I had this thing where I'm very comfortable with myself, which is why could admit stuff like regrets. But the but I have to accept it. I didn't do it because it was one extra job and I couldn't get it done. And instead of beating myself up, I have to ask myself, why couldn't I do that? If I couldn't do that. What can I do? Like I feel like one of the challenges with marketing online with promoting, as you are really good. At it rand that there's a whole process. That's gotten so advanced people are really good at it in the process is really hard. What could someone like me says, I would rather spend time before my interview with rand, I would rather spend time reading his book before my interview with Dave founder of proof. I'd rather obsessively contacted competitors than say is full of what am I missing and understand someone like me, who still wants at what do we do that still works? It still says Andrew put in a lot of time in work into his interview, a lot of time and work into what he does people should find out about it, and who's not going to be the best at SEO and who's not going to be competitive in using Google plus even. If it disappears, what do you think about that? What you say to someone like that? I think that is absolutely fine. I don't I don't think that. I don't think that the only way to be successful with building a business or of brand, a personal brand, or a business brand or organizational brand podcast brand, what have you. I don't think any of those are dependent on one single marketing channel. I think that you can essentially prioritize based on what you love right? Meaning you know, it is absolutely fine to say, gosh, I really like visual content. I'm good at it. I love Instagram. I know that it's kind of challenging stand out there. But that's where I wanna prioritize my effort and the SEO thing, I don't get it on a like it on one half to write that way on wanna have to publish that way. Great lets people use it. It's graham. You can you can build a heck of a Brandon business doing that. Same thing is true in podcasting. Right. What your focus is the quality of the guests that off the interview the colony of the transcripts in the publication's? All things come out of that. And then you use essentially conferences in advance as your primary method of distribution, which I know a few people who do. Right. That is only thing go to conferences in events in. That's how they promote their stuff today, speak at conferences events. They talk about who they've interviewed, they find new people interview. Those people turn into amplifiers of what they're building. They help them attract folks through search and social media. They linked to them. Talk about them that helps build the brand. I've seen folks get their first thousand subscribers that way for sure I get that. I think that there still needs to be a way to like getting started and then have things moving without. Because it's too important it's I don't want to be someone who says, I'm working hard. Then people need to I deserve to have people know that I'm doing this. It's what you can't do is say, I'm not going to do any of those. What you cannot do is say, I wanna build I'm going to build something great. And then people will come to me, there is. I don't think that anyone should bet their business or their career or their brand on building. They will come. I think that is foolish, and you will almost certainly be disappointed annual almost certainly then reply to me with, well, what about x and y and z, because they did that and I think usually those examples are wrong, when they are right there outliers, and I think betting on the one thousand times when it happens is the nine hundred ninety nine times a dozen his folly. So I'm not saying you don't invest in internet marketing don't invest in marketing, some kind saying you can choose the channel that works best for you. And what you're great at what your audience, engages. Have you seen? I'm not in this bucket. I'm not someone who hates it. But if you see someone who hates it who hates promotion, do well with it. Okay. This is good us up. I know that I help a little bit, but not as much as you'd think but, but my wife Geraldine Reuter who runs everywhere dot com who last week, won a James beard award for her writing. She hates promotion hates it despises. It will not do keyword research refuses to try, you know, any any form of, of web marketing other than well tweet about my stuff because I'm on Twitter anyway. And I liked doing that. And she has had a disturbing amount of success from that granted, you know, sometimes because of our connection do some stuff on that front. But. She is very resistant to that actually about her. I actually I, I actually this is where I don't wanna come across his unkind at all. But I enjoy following her on Twitter more than joint following you. You're very business when I'm at Twitter at night. I just want to like be it in. I want some kind of mental something I want you want the thread about the inventor of the microwaves, right? Like that stuff is genius. And hers connection not directly related to my work. Yeah. You don't need fish, go gonna tweet some things that he saw on structural trending in hacker news and commentary about Google's monopoly, and face sky behavior. Great Twitter name, I see she's everywhere, yet she has she have more followers anew. She might she does not even close. I think she's aim have a fifth of my fathers. And yet, if you go into our Twitter Olympics fascinating Lee, you will see that her tweet. On average received more views in engagement than mine, do really, yes, more individual people. See her tweets and more of them engage with them than mine, despite the fact that I have. Yeah. Five times as many hours. So it also feels like she's not very. Not intend. Not I don't say she's non-intentional she's not working. She's she's, yes. She's dating, right? She's she's a hundred percent authentic. She doesn't have a technically. She has a financial motivation behind her blog in her career. Right. She tries to get pieces published. She tries to, you know, she got her book sold. Right. And she tries to get more people to buy her book, and people do invited events these kinds of things, but it does not feel that way because I think she's a very authentic. Promoter of the material rather than herself. So let's break that she's not just that is like here. It's it's not just even that she's. I don't wanna break down her process just for the sake of it. But she is doing something I think you came up with a great example, she's doing something that's easy to replicate. I feel them what you're doing is. But let's break it down and try to understand it. What is she doing? Sometimes she's writing about news articles issue seen. Sometimes she just thinking out loud wise all that working. What is she doing? That's working, I think it is a combination of four things one, she is inherently, a, a good writer and a humorous writer. And I think Schumer works, particularly well Twitter made family vacation of, of humorous observations. Second thing she targets an audience that is very heavily addicted to Twitter. I think they the Hugh internet and American life project. They put out a sort of, like, here's the, you know, the top ten percent of Twitter users how, how actively use the form, which is nearly hourly and all these kinds of things and. And those people tend to be women. They tend to be younger or middle age. They tend to be more interested in politics and social causes. Those are all perfect fits for Geraldine, right says she's found a place where her audiences, and she's amplifying messages that resonate with them. I think the third thing is that she is authentic member of this group. So it doesn't it doesn't there's no disconnect, like, oh, it's some sort of brand promoting, you know, it's a, whatever it is a makeup, brand that's promoting feminism as opposed to. Oh, no. This is an actual human being deals with a bunch of online, harassment and abuse and sexism in bubble in has in your career. And she channel sat. Right. She writes about it as she's experienced it in, in the ways that she hears about it from France, I carefully links back to her site. Yeah, and she rarely does. Right. I mean technically she's crawling to look for that because. You said and cheese there to promote her book, and whatever, and I'm actually scrolling several pages down and haven't found it. It's not it is not primary in her mind at all. And I don't think it's I don't think it's primary her audience's mind. And that's what makes it feel very authentic. Now, the question is, can you scale could you converse scanning that to a brand? No. But that could be a nice start. Like I like when, when Gary van or truck says you need to be everywhere. I am publishing sixty different post today and all these different networks, and it's still not enough, you need to do more. I like twenty finally said, look, if you're not participate in just start with. Oh, I tripped just publish that and then you're going to see that there's someone like a few people down, who cares. And whatever. And then another person will respond I trip to it's amazing, those start simple like that. And I feel like what Geraldine is doing is kind of simple that it's an easier way to start then here's how to get all the data that you can go to buzz, sumo, and reverse engineer everyone. Right. That's it's not as approachable by the way, I didn't I didn't get into the sponsorship. I don't wanna go into sponsorship ad. Then I wanna talk about, like let's take it to the next level. If you're someone like me who's really into starting simple, but also system, ising. What do we do about spark Toro doing there and what I should be doing? The second spot. The first bouncers a company called h what do you know about age rafts? You, you know, more than I do about them. I do. Yes. So age is sort of a platform is a suite of different tools and data that helps wet marketers. Those who are publishing content of those who are attempting to rank in search engines. All those things. So basically. No, you can do cured research there. Find the words and phrases that your audience is searching for than prioritize those in their product, you can do link research. Find who's linking to you who's linking your competition who's linger competition. That's not linking to you, which links to try and acquire. They also have ranked tracking data so lots of tools to help professional marketers s. Yes. For an interview like this could I type in ran fish can see what words relate to you, and then try to find one of those to highlight in the headline. Is that what I should be doing? Yeah. I think the one that will probably come up is net worth so many people being one. For every everybody, actually, you're right. I've actually thought we should do is everyone is like ran fish net worth. And then this one actually at the end. Imagine how some podcasters have that one or five questions that they ask every guest and then they cumulated into e book, and they give it away magin, if mine was just look network is more than just how much you're worth what is your net worth? And then have them have like a cutesy response. Ooh, ooh, at a so good. And then just have it as a little separate page for the instant answer, box, in view. Good. All right. Here's why trips is not doing great with my here. I wonder how they feel about me. Call him out on this. They didn't give me a URL house. I'm gonna know that I just talked about age refs, and people are gonna go, eight drafts and try them out because of me and maybe sign up there is no way they didn't commit you are like pilot is going to give a URL at the end. You'll see it. One like you usually have a trips com slash Mickey. Right. Where instead of seven dollars to sign up it would be like six dollars. It's the standing is a trust is not do any promotional pricing. I've never seen them give a discount even if it's just like, yeah, you're right. Maybe that's issue. Maybe it's like tagging us somehow to tag it. I think that's it. That's an issue but they know their stuff. So we'll see when sad is done or seek near their, their head of growth are sorry. Head of marketing Rhoda wonderful blog post that a lot of folks in the industry. So reference, I think it's a couple years old now, but it's basically about how they do marketing without paying attention to cost of customer acquisition. Churn rate. Any of the SAS metrics that you would expect to see they basically look at 'em? Ours are going up, right? We're doing something right? So in general, is Emma is month of current revenue going up if it is then so we bought an ad from Andrew, that's probably part of it. It's you know what I get that. But they also did this post where they said, we'll try podcast advertising. It didn't work. Yes. And I get it has with you, because I reached out and the guy, the founder is a fan. And so he said, okay, Andrew, let's give it a shot. But when I meant for them to do was their few things working podcast advertising, I'm gonna tell you exactly. Number one have decide learned from clay Collins have someone from your company go over the at go over the software. The way that I did with you before we started screen share go over. Make sure the person understands it ideally they should be using it before. But make sure they fully understand it. They did this with me because I insisted with age. I wanted to understand this number one. Number two, I hate admitted but a landing page does work. I had an argument with that midst of the founder of ninety nine designs. He bought a bunch of the early days, he stopped. Advertising even when they were like, what thousand bucks a month. It's nothing dude. I'm not changing much. You don't have to count it yet. But I count everything it has to be ninety nine designed dot com slash Mickey. You're saying, no, so we cannot advertise. I have to give up that ad 'cause I refused to pollute myself might my ad with a URL that people have to remember after remember ninety nine designed and lie. Specially forget that sorry Matt, it's not good for you. It's not good listener. He was right. I was wrong. You need people do remember, turns out, they do remember and number three, the needs to be an incentive for them to use at URL something that makes the audience feel like they have to use your L to track. But also the makes the guest and the, the, the host and the audience feel like they are ballers like they got something special that you can't get from anyone else. That is a Pat on the back to the host from the sponsor and a Pat on the back to the audience that we are here, this company cares about us more than they care about the general population. If you don't even use your L you feel like you're in there. Those are important, and I hate it all three of them. I have to admit it. That's my little rant. I really appreciate that. I think that's that's fascinating. Experience because podcast advertising podcast is one of the things that structural is trying to help folks with, you know, because podcast discovery four a marketer, right? If I want to reach an audience really, really frustrating nearly impossible. And so as we've been thinking about this. We've also been trying to figure out like, okay, how do we engage? How do we tell folks when you engage from podcast advertising podcasts marketing of any kind what should you be doing? I think those tips gold and so you're thinking about including it as a tool for spark, Toro, as part of the product or for your promotion. So sorry what I'm saying is that spark Toro is going to help marketers discover podcasts that are relevant to their audience. Okay. One of the things that we almost certainly will need to do in our in at least our content marketing is to say, hey, how do I take action now that I know that this podcast is listened to by the audience? That I wanna reach. Okay. And so you'll actually help me understand that. What the podcast is that my audience is listening to, yeah. Yeah, so let's say you wanna lighting designers in Los Angeles type in lighting designer you'd culture to Los Angeles. We give you a list of pop you click the podcast. Have you get a list of odd cast that lighting designers in Los Angeles to okay? I'm just like constantly rechecking with you because data for podcast sucks so much that I can't get that. But I would like that for myself, right? Just so, like we were looking for agencies when you're doing what with agencies I said, I'll go do podcast with anyone who has an agency podcast. I'll go do an interview with them. I'll do whatever we can find them in most of them were dead. And if you do a search on itunes, you end up with, like dead old podcast, many. No, it's, it's all, so this, we were basically doing it indirectly. So essentially, what we do is crawl tens of millions of social and web profiles, and then essentially aggregate up all their observable behavior. When I say observable I mean web trackable behavior rice, we can crawl your bio on your website, and your Twitter account, and your Instagram and your Lincoln page, and you away to channel whatever. And then we can say okay, look, we found seven thousand four hundred twelve people whose bio matches entrepreneur and tack, and then we look at what websites that appear to be podcast. They have shared liked followed the most. So I, I want that. How soon before you have that I technically have a little alpha version, I could do a quick. Search for Andrew was kinda wanna see what your. Your. Your audience is doing mix. Is that light driving crazy that the sunlight is? I know the sunlight may smart perfect timing rate, it's like the time of year. Plus, the where the shed is. Outta shed. You hunt working out of shed in the back of in back of my house, which is, which is actually lovely. I've actually been thinking of doing that to team percent of people who visit mixture, g DACA and have a social profile. We have about a thousand samples in our in our current database, which scaling up, okay? No surprise, number one podcast. They listen to his mixture j s good. That means a date is growth show from hubs by a third. One is startup report lost at home on casts fourth one control, Walt delete from what's most Berg. So he was like. They all make sense, right? There's sort of like, oh, this is seem like natural fits to now if I have that what I should do that and say, all right. My audience is listening to growth show. Let's see if we can pitch hub spot on a few different ways for me to get on there. Start up report. I'd never heard of it. But maybe that's a thing. I don't think maybe when I see their cover art on though, it control wall delete is dead podcast. But would it be interesting to have a Walt come on here? Yeah. Oh, startup report is that maybe that's the CB insights thing. It's called lost at home podcast loss at home. Okay. Let me guess there, there Twitter account is at startup report. Reasons. But anyway, you can like. Then you can go and look at what websites do they visit end your audience. Yes. I know you're gonna shocked by this mixing, it is Neil Patel, MAs, mixture cheese, wrap small biz trends. Yeah. I would I should be doing the saying can we pitch something to be on there for my right? Can you pitch something? Content to Neil Patel, like we've done in the past. Hey hail, you miss the stain you might wanna do that? Right. And then have them for you. I think this, this is a semi obvious thing. But I would go, and I would look at those websites, I'd say those should be my advertisers. Okay. Right. Because those are people who have high audience affinity with what I talk about. So if I go to them, and I say, hey, did you know that eleven in, in the last six months eleven percent of my of people who pay who listen to my show have linked to followed or shared, your website got it? So Neil Patel. You've got this agency. That's when you'll Patel dot com is, you're probably gonna wanna bring people in why don't you sponsor in? Let's create a mixture dot com slash Neil. Patel page. I mean buffer app. Right. Is a perfect one for front. Capital is highly visited you should probably pitch first round. Like they should be especially because you speak to so many entrepreneurs in first round is trying to build their brand. There. VC's don't buy ads, but they do participate. Right. But I mean you say they don't buy ads they sponsor so many vents. Do they, I, I wonder if they have I guess, maybe they do I feel like VC's are the cheapest when it comes to stuff like that? I won't argue they do they have an odd an odd model but I think first round is a little different than classic these seas. But yeah, you're right. But what's interesting is when I started doing courses on mixture. First round was the first to say we wanna help you. How can we help in any way? And that still is enough of an overlap that we can come back to them and say, a couple of places for you guys to participate. That's also good for pitching for pitching guests. So when I go to spark, Toro, I don't see that it doesn't exist. Right. May be able to see that sorry when will I be able to get access to that we hope to be able to launch this summer. So we're, we're only about six to eight weeks from Obata not too far and will you will, I have to ask you for access? Is this kind of thing that you're that there's a places up for? Yes. There is so on the product page, where it's describes this, this product they're building. Yeah. What we're building. Exactly. And we've had we have like eleven thousand people who signed up, so we have not been promoting that very actively because we sort of have. A much larger lists that we will be able to serve with our initial beta. But hopefully in the in weeks and months after that, we're going to get some more folks in there, but it's been fun. It's kind of exciting to see you have this theory. Right. Casey added theory. Oh, what if we called a bunch of this data and then lifted event, diagram, overlap of who follows shares what would you be able to get interesting numbers out of that in the answer? Looks like yes right now. So. Julianne Shapiro who have just interviewing and hung out with you while I went to the bathroom, and got some I've been here since ten o'clock in the morning. Magin. I have the, the biggest anima Stana of anyone. I know I will go for long runs. Wake up in the morning and be with the kids. I'm really good at that. What I'm not good at is, is a couple of hours. Just relax not good at that. He wanted to know what was different about spark, Toro, from MAs for you. Why, why leave one to the other? I have the fury I wanna hear from you, though. I mean, let's see. So, I think it is good to have an honest perspective at an honest conversation about the widely MAs and go to the southern thing. One of the things is my departure from MAs was sort of fifty percent voluntary. Right. I think if I had been the one volunteering I would have been volunteered, right, but that's partially because you are a little bit burned out in my right where like if you were at your best you could have been. In there. But you weren't you just did so much. No, no. I don't think so. I think I think most of my I was I was pretty open about this in my blog post, and you can probably get that sense from whilst counters, well, as that I was not on the same page with leadership. Okay. You know what things should be done? And how things should be donning. I guess is a part of me that thinks ran can do anything within this space, right? Especially within your own world that you created. But the truth is there are right there. They went in a different direction. Okay. Yeah. I mean I have I have very high hopes. I hope God. I hope that they're right. And I'm wrong all that would be heaven credit because all of my all my financial success in 'em. Probably of my reputation successes riding on that, too. I think if you know, two years from now laws is doing amazing in sells for ton of money or something like that. The perception of rand fish in the brand will be massively more than if Masaru keeps plateauing in kind of grows but slower growth in it's not it's not really breakout company. I think then the threatened fishing brand will be diminished by that as obviously my personal finances. But what's funny is I won't have contributed much of any. Either of those scenario. That's right. So it's just a okay. I feel like then the other thing that's different is reading Lawson founder. You basically took this thing that people idealize and you said, here's the reality of it. And the ideal is path is not the one you wanna go to you want more of a realistic one. No outside funding on imagining for spark, Toro. I mean, no VC funding yet. No institutional. We did we didn't extremely unusual round saw on. Yeah. Of funding, basically LLC that distributes profits, not dissimilar to hell, AVI. See firm operates. But very dissimilar to how most companies operate, right? Were sort of a, a throwback model. We be raised one point three million was ten months ago, ten eleven months ago and have been cranking on this thing. But we did not wanna take in probably will never take institutional acting because we don't know what's Charro might be. And so we're, we're, we're not gonna play those oh, one hundred one thousand odds. Roll the dice. Why do that? If certain tro the beautiful thing about the model right now is if spark tro is a million dollar your business, or a ten million dollar your business or one hundred dollar your business. It can be successful at all. Those numbers in that is not true. Venture backed companies even hundred million. You're often not successful. So that's the part that I picked from the book that made me think this is not what he wants to do any more. You also didn't you invest in Rasi will. Yeah. Tiny, they have lake similar worldview. Right. Yeah. Yes. Tiny seed fund. Honor, and rob actually talked with me bunch. When, when we did this ark tour around in said, hey, can we can we like just use your structure for the tiny seed investment mechanism? And I was thrilled. I loved it. And Gerald Nyerere investors in that I, I am super excited. For more models to exist, tech entrepreneurship has way more opportunity than just, you know, the sort of venture model but so few people can do that. In the bias is really strong to either venture frustrations on that front as well. And I feel like a lot of people who've gotten here also are weird like you in that world view. Right. Like, rob walling weird, like you in that world view Louis it, it's Leo. Isn't it from buffer who's also investor? Right. Also has a similar worldview. Chris savage just. Investors take your money back. I need to just run this business like a business instead of. I think I think that those types of opportunities should exist for a lot more companies, I think that I think that companies don't have to be as. Obsessed with growing at all costs, or dying trying. I don't actually think that's particularly healthy for I don't think it's healthy for companies. I don't think it's healthy for entrepreneurs, I think it's really healthy for employees. I think it's often unhealthy for customers. And I think it's kind of bad for the sort of socioeconomic situation of the world. Because it, it obviously by for case into the three out of every hundred investments that are successful in the ninety seven that aren't which means wealth distribution goes the wrong way. Yeah. Let me read my second sponsor and then I wanna come back in and ask a question that Nathan mccully asked, which is how you monetize in this. I want to know what I can do to us. Bark score right now. That's the that was my favorite report that I got on your site. Can you tilt your camera up a little bit just so we get more of the top of your hair at hair is so good? Now even have cling in the shot is right? The light is just in now and you step back we should go in the light shouldn't. Well, there, I'll tell you, my second sponsors, our company, called pilot even if it's not pilot. It's totally fine to say you someone else. Would you use to do your, your books your accounting books? Yeah. We actually have an accountant. Human being close time or personnel no-no part time part time. That's what a lot of my friends have my problem without is always been. I don't wanna like, screw up with the person. What happens if they get sick if something goes on in their family? They don't show up. They have another client who takes too much time. How'd you find your your bookeeper through a friend? Actually, we are connected the folks at Techstars, and she does Techstars Voces got it got it. Okay. So I'll tell you what I what I ended up doing his company pilot wanted to sponsor. And I said, no, I can't I don't know. You guys such the seller said Andrew, they do all the white combinator people as abbot, who knows. Maybe there's no y combinator books to do. Right. Maybe it's just. And then I finally after a while said you know what I'm going to throw them thousand bucks. Let's them do my books. I think it was a lot, and then I'd know them. And then I looked at my books January and it was phenomenal. They just had it all down. It was just amazing that they did all that actually, I shouldn't say, just ignored them. Completely. I hit a couple of buttons that they gave me to connect everyone. Except for CitiBank CitiBank was hardest to connect to their software, but chase connected easily stripe by connected easily the rest, so they pulled it all in the data was great. I had this thing where I said, I think you guys made a mistake on this one thing. And then I realize, no they didn't we're selling. These beads is like a thing 'cause I love these beads for focus. This is what I used to stay focused, mentally, someone on my team says, enter your love it, when we sell it for five bucks. We'll see what happens. We'll throw it over to ship. Bob and ship will mail it. Don't worry about it. I didn't realize we had done it. I look at my books that number was there, categorize great under the true mind is what I came up with the name. That's when I realize it's phenomenal. So I said, okay. I could take them on a sponsor's. I really like their stuff, and then I did a call with them. Which is I think best practice. You've gotta talk someone at the company and they start going to go over the whole thing. And I said, okay. So someone's gonna use this link. I need you to have pilot dot com slash g great. I need them to have a discount twenty percent grade. Then I said. And then how much you charging them. They said we don't want them to buy a house, this working, he said, Andrew, we just would rather do a consultation, call with them. And then if it makes sense, naturally works. But if we're trying to sell bookkeeping services off the bat. It's not gonna work. Smart, actually. I've heard I've heard a bunch of folks doing that up front consultation. Call Casey, and I've been talking about it for Arturo, and I think that's a really smart thing for software as a service, based businesses or even service based businesses that have a monthly ongoing recurring revenue system because you prioritize right customers and you don't get wrong customers in here customer database, which end by shoot of build all sorts of dumb stuff, and prioritize wrong things. So I love that. I think you're right. I think they're probably just pay the space where they're doing this now. I don't know if they're gonna do forever, but it doesn't make sense for them to get to know every single one of their customers. And also people aren't ready to switch bookkeeping companies right away. So what we're gonna do is if you go to pilot dot com slash mixer, g you will. Once you sign up there, you'll get twenty percents off for some limited time, it's on the site. But that's not really why go there. Go there and set up a call immediately with someone who's one of their bookkeepers. Who's going to go over your books with you to see if there any mistakes any opportunities to adjust one of things. I learned was I've two different products. They showed me that they could categorize each of my two products, my chap part, which is body Kadam Saturday by mixture de separately. The just said Andrew, if you do these little twin these little adjustments, you can figure out what's making more money for you, and where to spend more, every time I said, okay, that's to talk. They said, no, it's not you stripe. I said, yes, here's how stripe elected in, and you could suck it into your QuickBooks, this brilliant, so they can help you guys if you're out there, find these little opportunities, or if you haven't started a business or aren't using QuickBooks lettuce. Tell you how to set it up right from the beginning go off. And then when you're ready, you can sign up with them. If you go to pilot dot com slash mixer. Gee. All right. I really like them and they got pilots com, which is impressive is domain news. Who's other some very, very jealous flight instructors out there. They can't afford this. These guys do bookkeeping the more money in bookkeeping flights. It is the sparks score, isn't it? Yes. Bark scored. That's the one that I like the best. I typed my Twitter handle in its at Andrew Warner, type it and get sparks gore. I really liked that. I see the top people who I care about. But what am I doing with this? Like I see the scotch. At what's his name? I'm forgetting his name, Josh Pickford. He is like, what does it mean that he has a spark scored just undermine what am I doing with that? So I think that basically what we're trying to do was FARC score and let's be totally up front because I was up front when we released it, we needed a lot of Twitter API keys. And we also wanted to be able to analyze people's Twitter accounts in ways that correlated, well with how many impressions their their tweets received because we knew that was something we wanted to put miss art, Toro product so that when you when you go, and you see a list of like here are social accounts that are well, followed by architects, or plumbers, or entrepreneurs, or whatever it is, the search for we want you to be able to sort by people who have high engagement in their social account, and we didn't want that engage. We didn't want just use follower count. We don't like the methodology behind things. Clout score. So we came up with our own and then coming up with our own. We realized, hey, there's a great way to get more Twitter API keys. Let's make this free and open it up. And then lots of people will join in give us, you know, essentially access to jonky on making your software smarter make our software smarter tested out. See if it if it hits, it did nicely bring brought us much traffic brought us much people who signed up for the mail lists all those kinds of things. So what I'm seeing here, for example. Let's take a look at my friend, Shane Mack. He has a sparks core. That's just under me. He has just a few more followers in me. But he has a much higher engagement score. That means more of his tweets are getting responses and probably also means that he is responding to me more people who talk to him. Okay. And then wire, why do we care about him responding back in other people responding to him? What have we what am I doing this? I think that it is less a case of what would you specifically be doing? But if you are a Mark. Ter- and you're inside, eventually eventual Arturo product, and you're trying to figure out who should I sponsor advertise with reach out to get to promote my product talk to about doing a, a webinar together talked about doing podcasts. You wanna find one of the metrics, that you almost certainly wanna optimize for is people who are engaging on their social profiles, as opposed to just have high follower counts. Okay. All right. So sidehill Lavinia the founder of gum road, he has a very high and gauge -ment score. That means that he is much more likely he someone that is active on Twitter. And if I'm gonna ask someone to tweet he's a good person to ask for tweet. And in fact, you might prioritize over someone who has more raw, followers, or more raw engage more raw tweets, or more raw re tweets for tweet because with that engagement is happening. I wish we could do this stuff with, with Instagram. You know, that, that's where so many people are wish they would give us that data, especially since there is a true pain in the ass. Olo. Casey. And I have some hopes implants we he did some experimenting a few weeks ago. It was like, I think I can get out of some of this, although I don't know if you saw Instagram hiding the likes yes in Canada, which I that is gonna be that's gonna put a thorn in the side of so many social media. Yeah. I wonder see I would give you. Well, if I'm trying to work with sponsors. I would give you access to verify like, how active Maya count is. I don't know that Instagram's get encouraged that will the business pages Instagram's API is merely useless forgetting any competitive data. It's fine for giving you data about your own account, but. I think if you basically, if you wanna get Instagram data you have to use scraped, crawled information. So Nathan was asking how you gonna monetize this in think it's just subscription right to all this data. Okay. Another fascinating thing. So we are planning on having a subscription, but I think by virtue of the fact that we are not venture backed. We are also planning on offering the product for a one time type of purchase because really if you save yourself, I don't need to do this research, every month, I'm not a marketing consultant. I'm not, you know. I'm not I'm not a content marketer. Who does this with every new piece I published or social market, or does this every, every day, you can say, hey, can I just do my research audience intelligence research figure out who might need to target all that kind of stuff one time? I'm gonna do it all in week great. You pay us. Whatever few hundred bucks for one week of high level access. No subscription. That is something absolutely could not possibly offer if we took institutional money because they were counting on that sass model the model of monthly revenue coming in base even worse than that. It's because that revenue is useless. It is it is no good for the business like they don't wanna see it on your books. They don't want you to have nonrecurring revenue, it dilutes, the impression of future funding rounds potential acquirers, if you ever go public like if people keep buying, again and again like they might about that one week. They loved it, but a year later, they need to come back when they're changing it because every December. They decide they're gonna be a different company. If you have like seven years of history of that. Right. Right. That they're not. You're screwing yourself. And so your investors will be like, don't do that. Stop doing that. Do everything. But that, that makes sense. And you don't I kinda like that model to like, knowing how much money's coming in every month. Well, what are the interesting things that we just don't during the process of abated of talking to customers potential customers about this? A lot of our customers all certainly going to be agency said consultants, and none of them told us I hate I hate that I cannot Bill might client for the use of software product like if I. Astro. I'd be like, oh, hey, client X. I did some spark toil research. It was three hundred ninety nine dollars for the week of use that I used for you seven times from seven clients and be amazing. But instead, I can't just send them all one subscription because that's an agency cost. And so I can't pass it through can, if you could, please, give me a receipt in charge me for a one time. Use would mean the world I didn't think of that. I didn't realize that what other kind of conversations that you having to uncover problems that your customers are having guy daily customers will have I think a big part of it is. How do you solve this problem now? So you know what one of the weirdest, actually I almost want to ask you this. Yeah. All right. So the process by which, you know, you're, you're working, let's say working with a new startup man you're talking about marketing with them and the one of the conversations that comes up is okay. Where should we reach our target audience, like, which social Lafrance, they use who they follow what account? It's which websites they visit what podcast listen to what events in conferences. They go to let news locations. They read what do you call that? Oh, I don't know. I don't even know where I would go find that I mean so, so far, everyone I've talked to has either said I don't have a name for that, or I called every different person calls it something different and that is what you want to offer. But you wanna know here's the name that will immediately put in your head. This is what you're getting a yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. And so the way that you phrased it before we started was market, who needs to discover all the sources that influence your audience. Yeah. And you wanna know what that is? You need to know the sources that influence your audience, you need to know the, the influencers influence audiences influences word, caves word, influence, your marketing, because that may half naked people on Instagram five hundred dollars to pose with your Bryant right that, right. It's what's the thing that, that they look at what's the yeah. Don't. No. What was this was called influence or marketing in twenty twelve but in twenty nineteen we don't call it that anymore. Yeah. It's the it's the thing that influences your audience. Yeah. In Brandon Burke Meyer saying media habits but I think I think media habits works really. Well, if we're talking about big picture, like brand, media, right radio at stake. Are they using Forbes or four? Magazine to learn about business. Not are they on Instagram or Snapchat? And, and who do they follow on Twitter and linked in, and which Facebook groups, they subscribe to what Email, newsletters today read, and which conferences in events, they go to like that? Whole, essentially it, it is often part of the audience research that a marketer does. But it is an unnamed part of it. So that's, that's, that's essentially what's far trying to do. Oh, I wanted to go back to your earlier question 'cause I didn't answer it. Fully I sort of dragged off that you mentioned like why why build this instead of doing something MAs like in certainly, one of the things is, you know, I like small companies amici like solving new problems. So I wanted something outside of SEO. I wonder a lot of this stuff is data. I wonder how much more pain is inflicted by more data, like Josh Pickford company, for example, talked him about this bear metrics, for the longest time was telling me what my turn was all. I would do is have a stomach ache looking at it, and unknown. I have nothing did nothing. I could do about it. It wasn't until he finally said, I'm going to add dunning meaning if somebody's credit card doesn't work or they're getting something free that I thought, okay, now you're doing something with this, and I have something that I could make change the copy of the Email, you're sending out or something. But have some power on it. One of the reasons that we felt good about spark turtles. We looked at a bunch of. Mostly agencies and consultants, but some internal pitch decks as well as sensually, where we're like a marketer would put together a slide presentation for their CMO or for their marketing team saying, like here is our strategy. Here's why we're going after what wrote after and we kept seeing the same slide, which was essentially, like, here's the people eating to reach on social. Here's the websites. We need to target. Here's the conferences and events. Here's the podcasts here is that, you know, whatever it is. And that, that work was all manually done. It was dozens hundreds of hours of research that were I should say it was also as dozens not hundreds, okay. But. It was almost manually done meaning someone's just like googling around and then taking follower counts or whatever public data, they can to try and figure this out or they're running very expensive surveys. Big brands, run these crazy expensive like fifty K fifty thousand dollars surveys with survey monkey audience or Google or another provider like that, to try and get at which sources to pay attention to what, of course, people are terrible about telling you what they actually. So this, this was where we were like, hey, I okay. Like we are not. We are not just. You know, saving money or whatever we're like we're like a true pain pill here, and so you will from for someone like me, you'll let me go in and say, Andrew, your people are specifically on these sites, and these social networks, it turns out, Andrew, you're wasting time with Instagram because it's the thing that's fine. But it turns out your people actually on Twitter, you're enjoying it stick with Twitter, a my, my right, but you just said, one of those a little bit of that. And a little bit more of wear on like who on Twitter. Are they paying attention to who on Instagram? They pay okay hot. Are they listened to not just are they listening to podcasts? That'd be really interesting. If you told me, who the in the Instagram people are that they pay attention to. I would just invite them to do an interview here as long as I am curious about who they are. Right. Right. That, that, that is the I mean, I think, as a media as someone who's producing content right Vic use of your same thing. We just went through on the, on the website side, like, oh, MAs in buff. For in the Patel in common blogger and I run capital Shelby, your advertisers, because they have a high affinity with your customers right listeners. Okay. I didn't come back to this. We're not gonna do Justice, but I did mention earlier that I was gonna come back to after Geraldine basic passion play. What's next? Here's where I generally work. I generally say I'm gonna come up with something really ugly. I start system if if it works and I like it. We're gonna system is an expert in the next the first version of media and live interviews was fairly. I wouldn't say ugly because Megan ran it and she, she puts effort into she makes it look good. But it had a landing page, that was from click funnels it had zoom and had a couple of other things. And it had a bunch of mistakes nothing major that even the guests felt but okay we then leveled up with a checklist. And we're gonna improve it. The next level up is a see that I have some mistakes that I've made with the way that we're doing things we're gonna keep improving it until we could get to once a month doing this really well. And every time. Improve. What's another? What's a simple marketing technique that we could use with that framework of start ugly. Simply keep systematically improving. Don't drive your credit self crazy sitting down thinking, what am I gonna Instagram today to write a blog post about? I think you can do that with nearly every single marketing tactic. Right. If SEO is your topic. You start with a research published a post, I try and figure out a few people who might linked to drop them on. That's it. That would be the simple first checklist super simple, little version. Right. And then maybe I upgrade that by figuring out more people who linked to multiple competitors bias description to eight trips or MAs, or somebody like that, right. On time that data driven approach in there, then I do a little bit more with social media by broadcasting, it out and trying to find people, the amplified on social, so that publications might pick it up. And maybe I learned a little bit better. You know which types of content resonates, you could do that with. With. We talked about conferences and events every every conference in events sponsor I've ever seen does exactly this. They go to event by their booze, onset whatever they get the name tags badges, right? Yes. What do they do? They drop an Email line to everybody. They interacted with and talk to, and they see what types of people worked, then they try and figure out. Okay, what other events? Those kinds of people go to. Let's do it again at the next one. And what was the better law opening line? How do I have a better conversation with these people to make them interested? In what we're doing improve our, our, our sales pitch at the events, vited to speak on stage at the vet Theun so that I'm not saying, but instead, I'm communicating. You, you start ugly in all these different ways with every tactic. And then you evolve. I think that's exactly that logic behind the marketing fly with which everyone should be using everything, including poker, my house and start inviting people over on my playlist on Spotify. Everything's good. The last one that I did in my house was horrible because I got so good at the food. I knew the food that people wanted. And then everyone hated that it was distracting with the fricken food Andrews, sit down. It was a distraction. So I got two good at the food part. And I need to just say, all right, we're good here people. Fine suck at poker. And I would like to come over so joy, you're too good at the food. You know what else he would have liked the conversations with great, but it distracted from the poker? Yeah, they're light is definitely. All right. I think this is some. I, I am almost I'm so scared to say this, but I'm gonna say it. Anyway, I've had exactly that experience. But I don't play poker to what your thing you still did poker night in. It's still ended up that way Mila. We played the D N d I just started playing about. Yup. About twelve months ago, my I, I never and kind of fell in love with it. And so now we host people over and do it. Do you actually talk to people or is it a verboten to talk about life, while you're playing D? Oh, no. I mean I think that I think that. During the game, people talk about all kinds of things. That's the thing poker's good for conversation. But not too much conversation. I guess I've never played it. I guess that's a little bit more open. We did settlers of Catan that was more open to conversation. Yeah, I played, only once but I know bunch of people who just love that there was a whole crew MAs, who was Brinda that foresees sit down. That's where scotching is actually really nice. He just sit down for a bit in. It's about conversation. I do love, I love the human interaction element of all these like physical games. I mean DND is basically group, improv for for lack of a better word, not what it's about, I mean everybody you're just a bunch bunch of people like telling a make believe story together enrolling dice, but until do you do this for, like who's in my network that I wanna get to know are you generally looking for friends, because I'm. I don't think I have ever done it in terms of network, people, I wanna know, but we have a couple of times, met some totally amazing people through it, yet, we got, we got to meet and play the deal with Anita Sarkisian who's had, like mind blowing for me. Right. I think I've been a fan of she, so I think, unfortunately, she is most famous, she runs feminist frequency, but she's most famous for being one of the targets one of the big targets gamer gate. Yes, she she's just wouldn't extraordinary resilient kind person on our Wikipedia page. I see what you mean. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's what I love. I want that I want that interaction. I think I'm talking all day to you ran, and I'm talking everyone else today, and you'd think I'd wanna go home and just shut up. Oh. Come over for scotch only about like this Anita, circadian interaction that you had, I would like your wife to come over and tell me about what she's reading lately, and how I would actually want to know what her process was for writing a book all over the place. I mean you should interviewer. She is just as she's a more enjoyable Twitter. Follow than me. She is a more enjoyable guest, right because she's just could I hook it into an entrepreneurial audience. What's the entrepreneurial hook? I mean, I think if, if you were doing that I would ask her about three things, which is I think one building audience authentically without this sort of like marketing flywheel promotion system doing the, the classic build it. They will come which has been so successful for her. I think there's also. There's a strong bias in our field. Towards men. And she is seen in experienced a ton of both through personal experience. But also through our network of people women verners that we supported people run into our lives in that. I think you could almost certainly ask her about writing as well, which I know, lots your audience stuff. I'm into it as someone. Who's father her? This would be completely out of the blue for me, not out of the blue. It's just like out of left field. A send you right now have your cell phone number. I'll Email it to you because we need another cell phone message right now. I'll send you a link for her to privately. Send me a message book could you just introduce me, but I wanna get her link who? All right. Okay. That's one of things that I remember actually listening to Howard Stern. And he would always have these people who are so spot on with his audience was, and then you'd have this person who's just his personal interest. Yeah. Right. And that was in many ways, more interesting unless he tried to force it. I feel like that's one of the benefits of doing these, these interviews here, make sure that I get to know people because I'm really into their stuff. Bob Garfield was one of those people I used to listen to him forever on NPR on have Bob Garfield on here. It was great. Except that he thinks he thought helm, I've been doing here. Andrew. What, what do you want for me to just it's okay? I like you hear they'll gonna like you. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I, I have been on shows that have nothing to do with marketing entrepreneurship and sometimes those can be really enjoyable. I think I think the quality of the host the questions asked in the deep. The depth of the conversation can be. Incredible. Right. Even if the topic is not exactly what the audience came for. All right. We're gonna hook it up. I'm gonna follow up Email. Thanks friend. I actually do have kids, but I've got to run home and go pick up from school. Good. All right. That's one of the hardest parts hate having a hard stop to my daily just keep going until my passion, runs out, and it's it stinks because my passion doesn't start at nine o'clock in the morning takes a little while. And then fives, why get really energized. I you in higher both night owls like that. Yeah. All right, for anyone wants to go. Check out ran frankly, there tons of different places to go check him out. I think that the most interesting thing to me right now is this sparked touro spark score which so if you go to spark, Toro dot com, you can just sign up and you can check it out for some reason, on fascinated by that, is there, another place, if people should go see, I mean, my, my most active spot is, is Twitter. So if you're interested in sort of web marketing stuff at rant fish over there, and hopefully, we'll have a product for the summer and someone in the audience, said, Andrea, not recommending books anymore. You're not asking the guests for books anymore. It's true. I think that, that wasn't working for the conversation much, but I will say rent has a great book. It's. Called Lawson founder that I've said to him privately before we started. I'll say again, it's probably a bad business move for him to have created it. The next level marketing would have been more interesting thing to, to advance your career some being and that's the next thing, but an operate that way rand your operating in the here's where I could be helpful. This is the interesting thing that came to me, I right about that, and you're trusting that, that's going to overall help, help your business, and your bread. I mean it's the same reason I tweeted at you and said, like, hey, hang on. I'm not actually see. Oh, that company and they're not number one in the world. Any, you just want to be offended which, you know what I very much do, when, when I'm on Mike here and very much hate myself doing, like, who needs another authentic person. People aren't respected is what's going on in my head, but. And again, people say they replace stuff when I must dick so your people, right? I don't I don't want to be respected by the people who are like ooh. What electro magnetic resonance chamber did Jack Dorsey by I need to buy that you know what retreated Gwyneth. Paltrow go on. I need to go in that retreat. That doesn't interest me. I don't need that crowd. I need the crowd that says, oh man, you, you seem real. Let's let's hang out. Yeah. And that does come across. I thank you so much. And thank you so much for the two sponsors who made this happen. The I will do your books, meaning your, your accounting, right? It's called pilot day do mine directly into QuickBooks, and I love him, but don't hire them just go to pilot dot com slash mixture G and have them go over your books and give you feedback. And when you're ready to switch, then they'll be there for you, and then second, if you're looking to do some keyword research, if you want to understand what's going on with content on your site and other related sites coach out. Eight h refs dot com, no slash anything just a dress, if they're happy with me and the numbers go up for the month. They're going. Say Andrew, it's your, it's because of you will buy bunch. If not who knows. All right. Thanks for end. Great. See rank you bud.

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Insecure Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Faking the Funk

Is The Mic Still On

52:09 min | 2 years ago

Insecure Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Faking the Funk

"This episode of is the Mike still on sponsor by seatgeek and event ticket marketplace in aggregate, oh, sports concert, and theater tickets. Just download the seatgeek app or go right to seek dot com and enter promo code dead in. You use their code to get ten percent off your nets purchase at the checkout. Also listen to is the mice along the radio. Public app is a free easy to use app. When you listen to our show with radio public out, we received a wreck financial support. Every time you hear an episode experience our show today on radio public by clicking the link in this episode subscription and thank you for listening. Off, you got Keenan and busy, so it might be the people wanna know was the mic still on of safely you're listening to is the mic still on this is our insecure recap that we do every Sunday. We drop it like the day of the upcoming episode account of talk about what happened to get you prepared for what is going to happen tonight. So last week was to right. I don't know how you guys felt. I just go in and kind of jump right in it once they also. I guess I should say that, yeah, those of you listening that listen to the show frequently. You'll notice that there's a voice missing that is the song bird Sophie Sira music. I say that, right? I don't think so. All right. Sophie, Sophie missing. Here's a. b.. Is there is there on the run tour weekend? She's this is this is an event I so she she li- I came make so yeah, so we will. We'll get a full recap of how that show went. You know, on the upcoming podcasts at a drop this Wednesday. So anyway, so two man. Well, first of all, let's start here. People. Did you watch it. You think I'm gonna go two weeks without watching. Anything's possible. Okay. Just checking the people want to know too. So think about the first one just kind of real quick. Oh, the first one was everything you guy said. You know what I'm saying? It was funny because me and the wife we were going back and forth, as you know, was Daniel disrespectful. You know what I'm saying? She was like, not, you know, and I, I kind of felt that. But at the same time I felt were Mike was coming from like short who was as being obnoxiously loud. You know what I'm saying? But at the end that that was his house, you know? And I also found it interesting. You know how he was kinda just going to all of the motions of trying to figure out why ISA really was there. You know what I'm saying? So I, I don't know if I'm mixing the first and the second one. 'cause I watched. So that was in the first one? Yeah. So you know it was. It was just very interesting. You know, I think I think they have a very interesting dynamic and obviously that's what the second season is going to really play on his. You know, these two and you know how, how they're going to move forward with whatever their relationship is. I do believe they find their funding away to make it more interesting than antiquated. So did you feel that this episode was little more was better than the first one? Because you read you how I episode you was just like, I feel like they're like again, I feel like the first episode just kind of all over the place for like they was trying to stab list too many things in thirty minutes. But I, I mean, listening to last week. 'cause I wasn't on that the first recap, but I agree with Mike with the lift situation. I thought the list of heard going through the whole. I thought that was, I think, I think opinion is skewed because I'm I've watched that and it was called out. So I was talking about it's called rider driver. Okay. Whatever's on tech like. Whatever's like lackluster. No, I showed it to have the phone. So you think you you wrote it down? Yeah, it's call rider is basically saying type of. Weird that she kind of took that and it wasn't hers type of thing. You know out here pulling Connie. 'cause I mean is really have you watched it yet? I didn't watch it. Okay. I just remember when you said it, so I'm glad it's call riders anybody wanna flex black and sixty TV it's called rider, so same same same concept. Okay. So forgot that there be wasn't here either. So what did going to kinda give us your? I know you already kind of sort of done it. Kinda give us your your initial thoughts on. That's right. I forgot you. I just that fast. I forgot you weren't here. Oh, yeah, I was out of town. Yeah. When I watched it, I was like, man is ri- right. Morad to begin, you know about this season. So I was like, okay, I mean the lift the lifts the whole lifting was the best was the best moments. I mean, they definitely had its moments, but I think again, I think mom pain skewed because I've seen it seen that type of stuff happened on that the YouTube. I Gotcha see for me it wasn't so it was fresh and new for me and I thought up layers. But yeah, it was like like I just felt like it was just the episode particularly was just dry. Louis just seemed a little flat. I guess. I don't know, had a, I don't know. I was expecting more. You know, I don't see how you guys are saying now because it because I know where you're coming from saying that they were trying to establish a lot in thirty minutes and you kind of have to set up to, you know, it is a setup, but I, I don't understand flat though because because the whole job situation like that's for real right and the fact that she has to take on a second job, the fact that she has to go live with somebody, you know, on mccully sleeping on couches so many things that are going left for her. The fact that she's, I forget who here said it, but the fact that she's basically now Lawrence who said exactly so so far. So good. Good bluest. Like how. Dry again. Like I reason why I said, I feel like it feel flat is because mainly they was trying to establish. I don't want to say they was trying to establish too much in the first episode. It's just that they were attempting to establish everything. So for me, just how they never come, but how how is that? I don't know, maybe because I guess maybe that word doesn't, but I feel like it was just like when I say, okay, so I'm ready for the next one. You know what I'm saying? Like it's a good thing. Yeah, it means that they can't be a good thing. But the intention of that episode just like, I guess, like it just was that a set of Sosa me. I feel like that's flat. It wasn't rounded off. It was just an episode, but. I watch a lot of TV shows right, and I think power does this a lot where I think powers typically like chance episodes per season tennis, ten episodes this season, and there's always one, two, three episodes that just a setup and it's not necessarily fly like flat, it's it kinda is sets up everything else. Those are essential. I episode of a season. Everything that happened in the first season. Right? I agree. But again, I was gonna bring power power. I think it does a great job and plus it's an hour long. They they do a great job where time and more space. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So it's like with this, is this like a little bit is limited a little bit of this a little bit in thirty minutes? It just I get the setup, and I think I said on last podcast, I get that it's a setup show and all that. And but for me it's still that setup. Phil kind of flat for me because it was just it didn't quite establish it the way I felt like, well, how how much more could have been established? Because I, I just feel like it all everything that happened in the first episode was like, open ended questions, right? You know what I'm saying? I guess it was just too many open any questions for me personally, but it's the first episode I, I said, I get that. You keep you keep acting. Like I said, I don't get that. I do get that. It just for me personally, if fell flat, I would have liked alike. It to keep it narrow down to maybe two or three things and give us a little bit more so then. So then what you would've wanted is some of the other things that they're trying to establish in the first one to come down the road. Let me let me let me put it like this. So just going into the second episode because I don't want to stay on this too long. Like I feel like this one was a lot more focused and you still kinda searched and dabbed on other things that happened like, obviously, this was more about their relationship in in the house and everything. Right? But you're still kind of touched on the work stuff and all that. I feel like you need to like focus on maybe the main story and then had those little things in there. Some point in time, even if the first episode didn't touch on so many things, there's going to have to be episode that touched on all of those things to set up those things. I think even if it wasn't the first one, it was going to happen in the season at some point in time, and it's still going to happen. Light like TV shows have to have those setup episodes. So so this is going to happen again in season episode. One is very. Not remember what remember? ROY at all about the end of the season. You won't even care about it. I think you all know how it wasn't enough meat in this was this was the noth- meet like we're not even. Here's the thing. I think it's unfair to to to really. I know you're not shitting on it, but I think it's unfair to kind of poop on it a little bit the first episode because because he started a little bit on it. Yeah, you're right because I mean that what the first episode is four and I get you that it's it's cramming a lot of things into one episode. I get it, but I think that she did a very good job of doing that. And what's going to be interesting is we're going to start to see those different things break out as episodes get along. Okay. And I think that that's perfectly fine. Like if we're talking about setup episodes, like she did a damn good job in thirty minutes, like look at fucking Walking Dead, they do shit for like three episodes. Yes, wack like she set it up. I feel like we are going to remember because I think she's going to call back to the shit that happened in. I and even going into the second episode, right? Like I think the first thing that was establishing, you know, as I, you know, kind of go back through my head and everything that happened to me the entire episode. The second episode was all about boundaries boundaries at work boundaries at her new place of living. You know what I'm saying? Boundaries, even with the best friend. Exactly. Yeah. You know what I'm saying. So it's kind of like all of that stem from that first episode because everything was fucking wild in all over the place, which I agree with you. It was a lot of open ended loose ended type shit. And right now in the second episode, boom, we already established certain things and terms of the relationships that she's having what people. So I feel like you needed it for you needed that. I just the way. You can't have closed ended questions in a first episode because then what do you give a shit about its don't answer everything in the first episode. It's like, okay, well, then what the fuck are we door? Or she. It's not like we'll rod is saying is instead of giving us like eight different open ends, give us to open ends and then split those multiply. Those as the season goes on, give us that many open. Like we're exaggerating just gave the work. She gave amick of the of the Daniel. Yeah, gave them the Molly ship unless it wasn't really that important. It's not. Right, but that's alright open ended question because we didn't. She didn't leave anything dangling with that all dating lift. But when that's gonna work though, like you got a lump the whole lifting with work because she she has to create money. Oh, okay. You can lump it in, but they made it seem like two separate type of stores. I don't think the lift was really a story like we're, we're dwelling on this a little bit. That's not. I'm cool too. How long. Okay. With the Molly situation, you're the only one I think is yes. I'm not gonna ask, but this I think this is the first time from I remember that the wife knows like, yeah, they and they base. I think she all always knew. We just didn't know that she knew. Okay. One. Yeah, we never had audible confirmation from the wife say, okay, yeah, yeah. Okay. But I guess that's the trust right that we had to have in what was Buddy's name I draw drove drove the tall is can got. So we had the trust that he was kind of telling the truth, and then the amount of time that he spending what Molly light Bradley, you're wiped out a no you somewhere downtown and stuff like that. Any other last time. But either way. Again, I don't really care about even for Molly, right? Like even Molly established boundaries withdraw and even the her fuck buddy from from from the trip. Right? Like how she had to put them in place when when dude was like, you know, I'm about to be in LA next week and issue. She was. She was on the beach. Oh, you have a visa on from Cincinnati, and then she just ignore. So even she, everybody in that in that second episode to me was establishing boundaries even what's a little episode I, I mean, I I was that was the one that had the how Stella got my group back. See, I'm I'm gonna go. Again, I want the backside is one episode to me. A little bit to both of them. So you gotta listen more contracts. You got have full hour, but now I, you know, well. Revisited. One of those open ended questions, but it's like what he said now you see that. Okay. Now he's gonna break it down and go into this this open in probably next up. You're going to go into this opening or did you think you also you thought every episode is going to become think so? No, no, no, I didn't think so. I, like I said, again, I understand that this was a setup episode. I understand that. So, yeah. So, yeah. So then again, I didn't like the way. You understand it used didn't like the way it was laid out. I think so. Yeah, I think it was just like, I get it. I get you don't even have to sit. Here's razzle filmmaker asked me to go. He's just wrong. All of that. I just don't need all of that, but there are a lot of people that do I understand again, I understand. Those stupid little Pattie because I'll just like a like it to be a little a bit more creative. Like, you know, I think power really does a good job. It is like the kinda touch on a little bit like security minor and then and then you see later and it's like, oh, okay. I remember that in light such such episode, but as insecure really, always been that way though they always been very like till the point. You know, I don't think they've been like really creative with the thing. You know when episode they had one episode where what was at the guy was season was, but they were. I really liked the way they told it, but they told it from different perspectives when she would that attract running at this marathon or whatever. And it told it from like three or four different perspectives. I know. Dope, the way they did that. So they, they do get a little creative with iheart perspective, Lawrence perspective. Exactly. Talking about on average? No, no, no, no. Near average straight is pretty straightforward. Right? Which is why I think this one kind of the first one do we off because it is straightforward. It's more like the second one. So you thought the second one was straightforward or way? I thought a straight one was more focused because it only concentrating on one thing. Like that because it's like, okay, how get the other stuff and see I didn't. I didn't really care for this episode that much. Yeah, coming off the drama and the hot mess. That was an episode one. This one, this one fell flat to me. You know, just like, here's Daniel, the struggling producer. I thought it was cool that they finally because we didn't know that he was struggling like that. We thought he, you know, I think we can assume in our head that he was popping. Right? You said you didn't know that, right. We didn't know. That's why I like this one because now they like days. Oh, like you know how criticism was like, oh, man, just as reduce ado, we've seen this, but not as dude is really going through some say. He's not like just as they do that. Thank you, the shit or whatever. He's like faking like, he's the and really not. He really struggling. He's really like a struggle in produce. He's Lawrence, basically in a producer way. He's paying his own ransom. Any Lawrence? Yeah. He LARs guy got us up together, but yeah, but eventually, but Daniels holding is like you would never know that he was struggling. Right? Lawrence at the beginning Vaughan. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. But obviously, really faking though. Yeah, I don't. I don't think yes, he is because he's not wearing wanna be any feels like like the dude us in school with him that they went to school with like damn late. I'm doping in this dude, and I ain't where he added club faking then. Exactly what we're. No, he's faking like, if you look at the seasons prior looked like he was disguised, you're lucky. Look, he's this producer. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I think that thing is is you're seeing it from Isa's perspective. Right? Right. Exactly what I'm saying. He's not baking exactly. He's not ISA didn't know. So you're seeing it from Isa's perspective because she Daniels the complete difference from Lawrence, so so when she's dealing with Lawrence, and then she sees this guy and he's a producer and he's always, you know what? Well just stop well spoken. He knows people, right? So she's painting this picture that he's good. He's where he wants to be right now. He's doing what he wants to do, but he's not necessarily where he wants to be in his career, and I also don't think he's necessarily faking the funk because if he was faking he wouldn't try to be getting better and also pushing himself creatively, which is what he's doing. And what he said about his boy was you just lucked up and got a an artist. I got Senator. You got famous. Exactly. He's definitely not. He's not aching. He thinks he's. The shit. Right. I think this is semantics thing. So when you because you said it, right. I only only thing I see is from Isa's perspective. So if I'm seeing it from either perspective and now I get a chance to sit for mind as the viewers perspective. It looks like he's faking the phone. You see what I'm saying? Because he's not out get what y'all saying. He's truly not, because now we see that he's truly not. You get what I'm saying. But we've only seen the exterior of right. We have seen that when you see it's not making sense because, okay, so up until now we thought he was in this certain place. Right? So you didn't think he was faking for season one. You thought he was the shed now we see that he's not really the shit. So at what point between you think he's the shit and this season, did you think he was faking season to win? So. Because the initial perspective was subjective because it's Isa's perspective, you're now seeing it from objective perspective. Right? So he he hasn't changed exactly. Your view has changed, so I don't understand how you guys are saying he was making exactly when you come in. He's been Cutty because again, like why would she think that he he's made right. Why? Why was he think that he is? I don't think she knew that she just found out that he's struggling with confidence in that he is acting to wear. Because she was primarily dealing with with Lawrence, so she doesn't know all of the details of Daniel and also because Daniel is h that she wanted to scratch. So she's gonna. She already put them on a pedestal why. But he looked like he's popping when she met him wasn't he's popping eight. He's still dresses well, he played his own. That's not the case though, but, but but, but he didn't change. So why is he faking? Because he's really, truly not there where where he's what is perceived to be like he's received by law by by zone, so he didn't do anything to make her perceive you don't think that anybody's dealing with these checks that he's dealing with. They don't think that he's in a certain place. We don't know. We don't know that he's saying, we don't know the game. He suddenly, I guess will be assume though that, yeah, I think that's be assume I'm pretty sure that's selling even white Daniel. So I, I hate defending him, but I don't think he's faking. We're not. I, I'm not saying that he's he's running around. He got the big chains in, you know, he's driving a little web, whatever for desert certain stereo. There's a certain image that he portrays to people that isn't generally true. What image. That's he's a main producer. We don't know that he's not only thing. We only thing we know right now is that he's trying to get with this one dude, and we are to assume that the God he's trying to get with is really hot. We know because he says, oh boy said, you got famous. I got better, right. We don't. We don't know that he's not selling beats. Clearly. He's doing okay because he's paying his own, but but if you remember in that, I did. I did this. It sounds like unsure producer. No, no, Lillo peop- like because because ISA brought up the fact that she was like, oh, you did you did a beat for tied dollar sign? He's like, it didn't make the album, right? So you didn't get paid, right? It doesn't mean that he's not where he necessarily wants to be. He hasn't gotten to break that. He wa- on. So so why that hasn't changed from season one. But you know what? I also that that think even Daniel himself thinks that he's a little bit further along than he really actually is. And we can see that play out in the studio when his boy came through, he didn't want to go to the club musically. He thinks he's further than what his career as right. He thinks that his talent and everything that he split into music is further along than his notoriety. That's not faking the phone. That's him being confident and his ability in slightly egotistical because he didn't want us exactly what being roughing. It's not being fake. That's just being like y'all mush. It is exactly tied dollars if nobody come into the tide. Ty dolla sign, tapped him for a beat. Doesn't matter for didn't make the album. He. He can't be some scrub. No, yes. Is not a certain like he's not where he waited being right, exactly. So, but but how was that him faking? He's there's a certain air that he persuade like, what do you want him to do? Like you really want my way holy shirts off. Flip-flop play because like Mike said, right, like he, he may not be timberland or for row and name. Right? But the man is paying bills off amuses. Talented? Yes. Making. What are you thinking like you're not going to be confident on. Hold on. Hold on. Hate on an imaginary producer. On. Let me ask us, let me let me ask you would not feel more confident. If you can go around telling people when they ask you, what do you do for a living? I do hip hop. You. You're gonna pop out a little bit more that you are your own. I'm not saying that all I'm saying is like we. Okay. Okay. So. So so you're supposed to walk around with? No Jay's, no socks, you know saying, oh, well. You wouldn't be man with a million views. That beat biolo-. Todd dollar sign is probably what was preventing him from going to the club to try to get with this guy. Seven, I'm out no, no. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on people on offers. Second. Our with Tom dollars while you're has the same opinion that hold on hold on, he has the same opinion that we would have if somebody came to us with the same type of bullshit come to the club chase me around just to talk to us, you know, God damn. Well, the first thing out your mouth is I do that shit, and you know it is that thanking may say that but route with no, we gotta go, we gotta go, would you? You wouldn't want to go to the club and chase some fucking artists around for interview? Yes or no? Chaser artists around? Yes. Do the same type of shit that he's talking about? Let's Owen. Yeah. I'm not saying chase them around, but like if I see the opportunity opportunity prevails like presents itself, I'm yeah, I'm gonna tell with he said, I'm gonna come to y'all studio, but he doesn't show up. Then he tells his boy. Oh, yeah. Tell him to come through the club. We can talk. You're going to go to the club if he tells us that's what you think if this boy comes and says, oh yeah, someone so said come to the club, we can talk. I'm going to be the first one to be like, fuck that shit. I assume Ken would say, fuck that shit. I don't know about foam and be I feel like y'all are putting Daniel in a completely separate spot, then you would put us. We would do the exact type shit. I would not. I'll be like, fuck that. He say he was coming to the club. He'd come into the studio. He didn't show up. I'm gonna go chase this dude around for a fucking interview. That's the same thing that that Daniels doing, but we're just talking about like the image that was cast it off by the character in the show this point, and he has something to do with that too. Never mind. We're just going around and. Yeah. A hater y'all. Hater definitely. And that's fine. Still. Hater. Exactly. You're saying he's faking boggy. Never fake. Not calling the do fake. I'm just saying he's kind of faking the funk a little bit because it's like you're, you're, you're putting yourself out there. I'm sure I'm not saying, okay, let me let me let me clarify. I'm not saying anything was wrong with it. Let me let me put it in basketball terms input in basketball. We ought to religion said though I heard what they say. They say what I say. Did you say, why are you going to it? Did you hear what I just say before you go into. You say. Hey, look, man look, look. Sometimes sometimes you know, you can. You can have all of the skill in the world, right? Right. If you have the wrong coach or the wrong team, you ain't going nowhere. Okay, right. You should be further along in your career, but there are certain things holding you back, right? Right. Are you gonna walk any different or talk any different? When somebody asks you about your game? You'll be the nam the best defender out here. Okay. I hit threes, right? You know what I'm saying? I'm clutches. Hell right. Well, why you'll record thirteen and fifty. Okay. But again, like if if somebody would assume right based on because I walked like that, right? And I talk like that that maybe I got some scholarships on the way or maybe I got some some type of deals on the way or whatever. Now we are now name now. If I, if I go around saying, you know, you know, Celtics hit me. You know what I'm saying couple of times. You know what I'm saying? You know what I'm saying? So I know you know, do hit me up if I'm going around like that. Like I'll kind of faking the funk because I know deep down that I'm not really getting knows opportunity here line. Exactly. Daniel li- live. It's not. It's not about him lying. Okay. Let again, let me. Let me clarify this. I'm not saying anything is wrong with it because I do agree like if you shouldn't be confident you should walk around just because you're not what you want to be your, whatever you can't steal Jay's or whatever, where dress nice. But you are kinda faking the funk little bit. You are. And I'm not saying anything is wrong with that. All I'm saying is that you you kind of are you are putting on this character and maybe maybe one of the reasons why he didn't want to go to the club was because he didn't want to face the harsh realities that he wasn't where he bay portrayed himself to be in his head. I don't know. I don't have this forty. I don't have to go to the club. You know they not about their business. They don't wanna work. Not what he said. Okay. No, he clearly showed. He didn't want to go to the club because he didn't want to have to go over to the guy and put on some big fake, blah, blah blah, which is what he had to do, and and it was have Daniel understands his weakness, right? He's not a good people. Person clearly is a better people person to just have just random conference. I see where you're going with, what he's not that good at that. She's better than him. That's all I say. He didn't look when she was like ready to go over there and he was like, nam given him his space. Clearly. He didn't want to go have to humble himself to talk to because he faces in his ebb. He. Heard repeat thought that he would have just walked over them like your mother of that. He couldn't hit up at the studio. He couldn't even get the clo- list because she called to do list was tripping. He could've beginning to club like, oh, boy, had. I think he's all that because he doesn't exactly what he does, and I agree with that. That's why I liked the character now that's why I keep trying to trying to tell you. That's what I like about the character because he's not that do he is. He is like kind of, I don't know if it's forced to humble himself or is it just, he is humble. I guess that's what I'm trying to figure out. Okay. He's always been humble but confident in his ability because because I have yet. That's right. And yet and one and one season in two episodes have I seen him just out below? Yeah, I'm the best producer he's, he says, man, you know, I produce some ninety. Nine. I, you know, come to the studio, got some stuff. I will give you. It may not be as far as the other person's fault because you're, you're thinking on this. I never, right. So I guess I get as we speak out. I guess that's what you guys are saying. It's not like he's intentionally faking the phone is just like it ain't his fault that you think I'm in a certain way? Yes, exactly. And then going back, you gotta help can. Yeah. Going back to the club scene, he wasn't, you know, again, going back to the Franken, the phone, I guess I should be the name of this episode. Like like he he, you could tell that he has some type of social anxiety, right? Like housing. So Nah, I think he just knows that dude going to be a fuck boy about it, and he doesn't. He doesn't want to make himself look stupid. Yeah, I okay. One thousand percent. I agree with that. I want percent agree with that. He didn't necessarily wanna go up there and make himself look dumb. And then also he didn't know how his home way was gonna react. Produce their lunar. He'll he'll do more us just kind of diminishing him and just begging himself. So he didn't know how a lot of those dynamics were going to go. He did go up to buddy humbly as I, you know, I do beets. I do this. You not working with dollar sign. They didn't make house. Oh, did this this these songs on homeboys mix stay exactly. I don't know if you heard him exactly who was dismissive is because he hears, here's what one of his favorite joins us like an artist was I, it was. It was cool. You know what I'm saying? And then we don't know if that's just club talk or do you really feel in it, but they didn't wanna give off that because you could definitely tell the person faking the funk was artists exactly out of everybody. Faking the phone there. It was the artist. He was the one with the facade. Nobody else truly especially not Daniel. Daniel was the most humblest person there. Again, this is why I I'm growing to like Daniel day. They've made me like start began to start to lightning. I always like, dang, I know. I know probably, yeah, I don't don't. I'm not either. I'm not really interested in seeing them to in this ship at all, but but so so do do you think that is going to evolve into a relationship because ISA put boundaries on that to where? Because remember when he went over to an hour again, I don't remember if this is the first. Okay. Yeah. When he went show. Yeah, he had to try to see like really why you hear so now now that that's been established and he knows he can trust Easter as a friend because that's what she truly wants. Then we like the, you really think is gonna cross back over to a romantic relationships. They're going to skirt that line for the. I think that's gonna be the crux of is exactly minds. Oh, yeah. And I think he's probably throws a curve ball at the end and make them not get together, but kicked off the show for next season. Somebody. Ollie's boot. Some shit. I just don't care about their relationship. I don't really care for Daniel. Do you think. So why not? After this episode, I think his character is boring. Even after this. Yes, it's just like he's not aging. He's not in depth like like, like Lawrence was relatable. Absolutely. All been through what Lawrence was going through. Lawrence was open like the camera, followed Lawrence, right. We understand that Lawrence had some shit going on with Daniel new Lawrence in the fall. Yeah, but but I don't care yet. Okay. Going with. Don't care for his character right now. I hope third, that's just soundcloud producers producer. That's fucking these chicks we face out there. We. That's fucking these tips, but that they were moving that will as a right now, the removing not really removing moving. Episode, I feel like they're removing it because they're, they're, they're, they're, they're breaking them down. Now he left the house. Listen to what I'm saying. Okay. So he started off here a chick, like you say, a fucking shit up producer this fucking these checks, but now they're breaking breaking it down by layer like, okay, that that was the thing that they portray him to be, but he's really not that who said he's not that. Because like it's like within himself is he looks a little unsure not of his fucking ability. Nothing. Nothing in their takes away from the fact that he's fucking chicks we don't. Okay. But he could be fucking chicks in a sense of like I'm living a life, but it's still not fulfilling for him. We don't know that, but that's what I feel like they're not allowed to be on this. That'd be like you don't wrote a whole side, right? Right. It's fucking. And now you're trying to force your size grip on us, not, but but I get where rise I do because I see what he's doing, but I, but I see what eastern is doing because they're kind of breaking Daniel down. You know what I'm saying? And you're seeing that this man really has value because he's putting Isa's friendship over fucking these chicks. Right. And we saw. She addressed knowing how long when she addressed it, he went over to his house for three days and was still fucking her. He was. He now. He was. He now. But, but but now but now it seems like it's just I'm not saying it's true, but it seems like he's not gonna be messy, whereas many chick, it's not even his seem like like he. You're listening to the alluded to a win was within coffee shop or whatever they were, and he said, don't worry about it. He can still, you can still stay here. Don't worry about. He's like, you can stay as long as you want because he kicked grout because he. He's got a week to week. That's my show as much is going to trip that. And then he now. He now clearly that wasn't really the reason of reason he was going to tell her to leave is because he, I think he has feelings for her eight nine. They both have well, each year. But I don't think that was why he was kicking her out. That's definitely why had nothing to do with the chick. That was just an excuse. The chip wasn't. She was barely paying them any attention. I didn't say a damn thing about either. He made that, oh, you're saying it's more about his feelings for her more. Oh, well, I care about our friends. I think that he, he likes ISA and well. He says not as an easel was not reciprocating at the way he wanted her to. So he was like, you got to go. It had nothing, but also her her presence is interfering in his other relationships. He has to leave the house to go stay as some other chick crypt because she's there. Yes. But that does not mean that I don't see any indication that he's not gonna be fucking shakes. He's never said that or implied this. Story that he, he was stop, but he hasn't. But again, this is this is what we're predicting nothing from this episode. That implied that that he was gonna stop fucking absolutely. No, no, no, no, no, fuck them somewhere else. And that's what I said from the beginning. That's what he should do, but I'll tell you, but I think because of the relationships of him because he was fucking other chicks and he's coming back, I gotta stay a little bit longer. My situation's not where need to be. He was like, I got a week, and then you know, you gotta bounce because this is like fucking up. Everything that I got going on, like you're in a is right now. And then now that they went through this whole situation, you know, he realized that shit, I'm yield. So yeah, you can stay. We'll be fucked up together. We'll just be fucked up in this whole apartment. Again. No, he does like her. I'm not taking that away. But I, I still think she hasn't like people went to an earlier and she's already said that we're not gonna get down like that. Like this is not where it's gonna go. So he out of consideration for her. It was like, I fine. You know, I'll just go to chicken. There there Correal, but this is still interfering with everything that I got going on. The fact that I gotta leave micro to make you feel comfortable. So sorry. So they kind of go further because we've been on this a long time. So just going further into episode to what he thinks he's going to do with the whole apartment situation because they're going to now. But now she's a situation where you can actually get her own place. Now she can't credit score. She thought somebody called him job. Yeah, that was the end of the episode though, was that a Java was that was a job for. I thought it was because it was it was four apart UPI thinking that because it was for a property manager. Exactly. Yeah. Property management brand like laws, but then maybe if she gets the property. I was out. Right. I think it was interested in moving forward is I think ISA and Daniel are gonna realize from a business perspective how they can help each other out. You know what I'm saying? Because I think that ISA can be that that face that mouthpiece that Daniel just kinda isn't. I think I think I think they're gonna figure out like that working relationship. What's gonna bring him closer again, what would what he'd be able to do for her. Not often. Back now. She's now she's, she's looking, she's looking. I'm just saying she's looking for work because her job, he pushed it. Your man on the. If you wanna got the dollar sign on the album, he would have got ego to gotta check. You would have got the probably the biggest he's ever seen. I'm just saying, I'm just saying he's, can we agree that Daniels on the cusp or not. I don't know that he's on the cost. We don't know that. They, they just put it out there. So we don't know how mad he's really doing. We have no idea addresses well has own place. I car we, we know that he's decent right doing exactly and all I'm saying is it because he's doing okay, that means you're on the cusp. If you're getting tired dollar sign o. v. trees time out. I just remembered another element. Do you remember what those girls said to him at the club? You got no weep. He used to be a drug dealer. So maybe that's what he's living off of. We don't know. We don't know when he stopped. Yeah, we don't know when he stopped. He might not be. He might still be doing it, you think? So how we know Pete out, they will come into holiday him, right? Yeah, come on. Come on pop that college. Oh, no, I well, how mold again thought he was the shit. His, hey, come on. I'm Daniel baby. Soundcloud rapper extraordinaire. Respecting this man. Breaking them down. And you guys think is is fucked up that it appears that ISA is more supportive of Daniel than she's ever been Lawrence. That's not true. I thought the same thing when I saw it, but if you remember she was supportive of him at first and then she just kinda got Tyler in this stop. What point does she get tired? Just remind. I don't remember exactly where it was. It was Nate. Nay had to remind us. Oh yes, right. She did. She was supportive if I just kinda got fed up because I got tired of seeing him on a couch and all that he had a passion he didn't drive or the what's he supported him for a while. This is what I don't know how deep they went into that because ain't do the science. Obviously they do it because it like the app shit that he was trying to do. He had all kind of ideas. Yes, and she it was put out that she was supportive of that. It just got to the point where she just was tired of. Yeah, because she was basically like never get a job. I'm paying all this shit. Burt. Like you got look all your dreams and aspirations. I'm for that, but we got bills do the day. So what you doing about that as the man of the house. And then once he wasn't able to and by the time he established himself and got all that right. She had already flagged already, but she was like, yeah, yeah, they, they moved on. Was dope man. I was really low. Yeah. So you know, one thing we haven't touched on well hall before we get to the other thing I was gonna say, but did y'all notice the chick when like when they go into the club and there's like some performing, did you notice the chick with the flute. Well, I guess I was the only one confused I was confused as fuck that while this chick is wrapping like it focuses on this chick with a flute. She's blowing the fuck out that flute. I didn't hear Nara one sound fast remotely, like fuck of loot. I want you to episode twice and I'm still like you see the chick with the flu with jam, and I are you gonna heavy, go back and watch. She was just like jamming LSU with tearing up flu. Beat what you're doing. But now the other thing I wanted to ask y'all was the board room meeting which I thought, 'cause I'm gonna talk about Daniel. I thought that that was actually the most interesting part from this episode. It's not racist. I'm saving them and that's that whole like, yeah, I can say nigga I'm not racist, but if anybody else does it, then they're raised like the fact that she kept being so defensive unless you like, it's not racist. It's me, it's my hand. I'm helping them out. No, you're not listening like that. Shit is such real scenario where you like trying to explain to somebody look, no, I know your not racist, right, but understand what you're putting out there. Given come on is that it's racist and she's like, no, no. And that's right. No, that's not true. I have black Friday. I dated help and I'm no motherfucker. You're not listening. I thought that shit was actually turned Hove's more interesting than dang. I'm asking. We're interested in that more than everything else because I want to see other player because even the the guy was like, what did he call a post? Punk moonlight. Yeah, postal moon. Moon. Great. I was fucking was. Line, I'll bring it up. But yeah, I thought that was a great line when he said that he was like, yeah, we're the the rainbows or something like that. And she just kinda totally enor- him too. And it's like all of these people, you know, are trying to like fight for representation and she just focused on. No, I'm not intentionally been. Yeah. Yeah. So even when they get those are quick even when they get to the the lunch after and they're discussing it, they're like, will you should go talk Isa's like, no, I don't want to be the voice for all black people, and he's like, look, I'm the voice for all gays. You're the voice for all black people. That's just the way it is. I'm like, God damn like that is some real shit. Like when you go to a party. Yeah, probably don't know anything about this, but I've been situations like this. Plenty of times we go the part, you're like one of two black people in the entire spot and of any kind of race issue comes up. They look at you directly. Those kind of like side. I like, let me see what the one blast getting mad. Okay, we're good it. He smiles steal. Okay, we're good. Like you are. Medically, the voice for All Blacks, whether you like it or not. And it drew me back to that that open Mike eagle line where he's like, fuck you. If you think the I speak for all black folks before you, if you think that I can't speak for all black folks. It's like damn like that kinda shit is where I love this show this Daniel shit. I don't fucking care would do more because we just don't care about at least I don't care about the raggedy loves tuition with this fucking producer, and that's why I love that line because oftentimes you'll hear people say, you don't speak for all black folks and this that another, you kind of see people saying that well in certain situations to kind of have to because you're not being represented at all right. And if I'm not there to speak on behalf of us, you know, then we won't be representing, we won't be represented, but but again, kind of sticking light put on putting on my directors out again. It's like this show is called insecure, and we gotta remember that. So that's that's the main point of the show, like the whole Daniels, he's insecure about things ISA. She's insecure. About things. A friend is like, that's the point of the show, not like the other message, not saying that those aren't dope. Those are don't mess. I think the show turns into focus. Place of insecurity insecure being the spokesperson for all black and and even the the rector, you know, saying being insecure about all of the all of the stuff like she, I think it, I think it all plays into it plays into. I used to spend more time on the other shit. Yeah, I think there's a relationship citizen made point. Of course, it is. I just don't wear out three my my this, the one. My favorite line of that episode was if I was a nigger, where would I keep garbage. Y'all remember that part where she was cleaning up the house. She kind of moment underneath a thousand. Would I keep a garbage can. Fell out laughing because you know, just a single black man, you bachelor style, and we don't kinda put stuff where women can logically think you should go, you know, at least some of us. So I just thought that she was fun me when I heard it. I don't remember this though. If this was the first one or the second one was probably the first one, one win dude. Was that ma'am? Sorry, you're moving out how stealing your WI fi digger. Went, what was that. When she was selling all her stuff in the yard sale. I'll remember that was last season. Yep. I say. Oh, you know why? I know. Despite. Wife does the recap. She watches the last episode of the last CEO so we watched three episodes that had all kind of. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I went I, that's what I say every day. Everything is whatever I can't the last episode of last night. I thought that was going to be somewhat of an issue because she basically trying to make herself useful of the vice over friend. You know, kinda went in and start cleaning up and moving everything around. He was like over the Cup. She was like over there about refrigerator, you know, 'cause drink. Yeah. Yeah, so that makes sense. Yeah. But I mean, again, like certain guys don't really kind of think that we would just put shit wherever you know what I'm saying. We see some, we put it down. That's going to be it, but but yeah, but I just threw myself. I like I hate when I come in and all my sheet has been moved and I can't find my shit. Like I thought like it would have been interesting if she would've actually spent some time on that to like that was something like he coming in and I came, whereas all my shit. Like, why are you in here? Moving at all my shit. This is my house. You're a guest. I'm letting you stay here. You know, out of respect for our friendship. Like that, but not that day? No, I well, why not? Because, oh, because they immediately started talking about the club shit and. Yeah. Well, damn, she missed out. You missed out Easter holiday diem. I'll give you some more ideas. Thank here. Yeah. Anyway, Matt. Kenneth, we cover everything. Yeah. Yeah, that was really it. It was just like, I. But again, I personally like the more focused episodes. Yeah, it was. I, I'm, I was just. Very, how you felt about episode one was about this one? Yeah, this episode, either episode one, I loved this one. I was just like, so I didn't have any drama just hers. Yeah, yeah. Some mess. You meet some shade, but, but this was a setup for the mess. No week, no, I don't think this was a set of saying, we're going to end up going back into the auto. No, I agree with you is there wasn't? Yeah, it was a setup. It's just a setup. You don't care for. I don't think she just kinda stole told you score now because they go about what's going to happen with Daniel branch. Daniels gonna get in the studio with this artist and some going to go down. We don't know if it's gonna be positive or negative in terms of ISA, like, how is it going to play out with her job interview for property manager? Right. Like what part of LA is it gonna be? She going to be with the Mexicans is you're gonna be with the blacks like is she like we, we don't. There's so many questions that can be drama full. You know what I'm saying? I thought the cliffhanger was more of the setup than national set it on previous episodes. I'm kind of sick at a home Molly in and that will they let it off this woman to ski? I'm just I got. I think he, I think rapper say lamp, they've kinda drawn a little bit too long. That's been going on since pretty much the entire last season and they steal. They still kind of dragging out on this season. So I hope they kind of did that and meet. You give her another angle at ANC story, but he had any right to be mad about Molly wanting her key backing. All he didn't have a right, but I can see him being upset. Yeah, I can see like why you trip right from the beginning, you know, for you new from John stupid. That's why that's why I don't like it, but I'm saying, but Molly even said, you know, light, look, I need boundaries to that was last. Hey, that was last. It is all whatever freshman last episode. Yeah, I know, but I just don't care molly's cooling on. I like her character. I just don't give a fuck about this stores over. Oh. Because there's anyway. All right. Well, yeah, I guess that'd do it man. That's our recap of insecure episode to, you know, let us know what you guys think. Man was Daniel faking the phone. Or not. So hit us up.

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Campaign 2 Ep. 41 - A Pirate's Life For Me

Critical Role

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Campaign 2 Ep. 41 - A Pirate's Life For Me

"The critical role podcast brought to you by Ican sundry. Hello everyone. And welcome tonight's episode of critical role or bunch of voice actors sit around and played them dragon. Travis is in transit don't freak out. He'll be here in just a moment. He is making this way here from the late thing. He couldn't. Laura, right. Well, if you knew what it was good for. But before we get into tonight's episode. Let's go into some quick announcements. First and foremost are fantastic returning spots for this campaign. Our friends our family at dean. Everybody our trip to the UK changed us in a lot of ways we for exposed to the European culture. And and that sort of area of the world, and we fell in love with it. And. Tonight. There's so much to talk about that. I'm going to actually need some help. Everyone knows Matt Scottish accent is top notch. But I've been studying with a dialect coach that I found on Craigslist. And I think I'm on ready to bail and my Scottish bro now because it's so accurate. Matt's going to translate. What I'm saying? I be saying things in Scottish traditional accurate Scottish about de beyond hill translated into American English that okay here we go. Bonnie and losses is don't be out. We'd mccully on's being haven how DND beyond mice the ball op up to hide all. Dandy beyond is proud to announce the continuation of the water deep campaign dungeon of the mad-made is out tonight at nine PM Pacific. I gotta be off me. He'd it's types. That guy. The London wait in the magic the gathering dandy crossover guild masters guide to Rev Nicole also drops tonight. It's at nine PM Pacific time your wish to Nick at now or your foot to be getting skelped you her job you can get both at DND beyond dot com slash marketplace. Oh, it's my turn. Oh, no, that's your life. But you know, that's my okay. What should we can Jiang's you're on right hoodie dober- Yar Purewal of your note? Beyond is hosting a two-day streaming event this Friday and Saturday at gain hold con to benefit extra life. Joke. Thomson's Bayern's, it's quality. I'm just gonna. These words off their real both days will feature three four hour sessions from seven thirty seven thirty PM to ten thirty all well from seven thirty AM to ten PM with special guests raising money for a special cause thrown him. Get on your thrilling and he dove into twitch dot TV slash get folks. Yeah. Clot. We. Be sure to tune into twitch dot TV slash d on to check it out. That was. Again, we'll start again, maybe it's winding down. Oh, yes. Well, we'd just love London. We love you k-. We love at all. Ancestry is extremely pleased. Thank you as always. Hi, dole to too high though, I believe, and it means something. All these words are real up to hydro means like a lot. Guide to replica. So the next guy the next episode of all we're going to play we'll debut this Friday at twitch dot TV slash critical role at seven PM Pacific this week Liam and Sam are building a custom mame cabinet with police today and are fantastic director events, Bernie Wallich. Its main cabinet something I've been chasing my whole life. And finally, there is one in my business. Vicinity at least you join. Awesome. So check it out Friday. Also through the month of November. And in celebration of Veterans Day, we're raising money for Travis favorite charity operations oblige. We've talked about it before we put up the account. You guys have already raised a tremendous amount of money for this. So as much as we can get the word out there before the donation period closes continue to help them up. Operation supply drop has already helped over seven hundred and fifty thousand members of the military community since its inception continues to support active military members veterans their families. 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We'll have more details to that. Available Monday morning. When all this goes on sale. Should I transit? We just said for Scottish audion. Do I have a choice. I'm going to show off an image from inside the book. This is the standard, by the way, Matteo scholar and artists that I fell in love with reading the black science comic book. He's fucking amazing in the comer. This is the standard. That's good. It is so beautiful show that thing off your exhibition which comes with a little ribbon, and you can see this wonderful wonderful cover art with the eye with victim centered around the and the and the four gods depicted in the corners cowering before his mind death maitre D's that we're playing alert. This. I'm going to I'm going to show off a little I even look this look at this. Who are these lovely kids right over here. Oh. Just like go to win. All right. We'll look forward to the information that this coming Monday at role dot com. I believe those are all of our announcements and with that. Let's go ahead and jump in. Just a nice episode of critical role. Hello, everyone and welcome back. So last we left off the mighty nine after making daring escape from the temple of the false serpent on the island of Casal managed to nearly drown in the escape make their way through the jungle being chased by both on and the lizard men that is of this island making your way to the shore just in time to have the actual pirate ship. The squall eater there to defend you firing various heavy cannonballs towards the creatures that which had given chase and allowing you to escape on the the boots to safety upon reaching the top of the ship. You've found the the mistake has been repaired enough to be seaworthy though. It does need some more. Intense repairs. Your supplies are relatively low. And it looks like the current goal is to find your journey westward to the island of dark toe which has been wiped from your knowledge wiped from the Clovis Concorde's control many many years ago and currently resides as the center of all piracy into loose notion. As you all interest for the evening Ford who will be here shortly. So I can embarrass him. Had an evening's conversation with captain vodka in which it was discussed his past history with his. Kind of childhood father figure. Who also seemed to have a history with Vaughn Tacoma's. Well, and some hell rolled in with this strange TOA phenomenon. It also came to light that the shipwreck in which gave Ford his powers might have a connection based on the captain's intuition with where this third and final sphere may lie and it was decided between the two of them. This may be the next goal. Beyond dark. Towed pursue. After which they. And so. Well, that era of the story is transpiring. I want to ask you guys since we have a moment here. Or in the loose time period of figuring things out as as you recover from the intense. Return to the ship. What would you like to do is there? Anything you want to check up on. I IV everyone seven. On a long rest after this will be the long prevalent before. So this isn't. This isn't the days the next few days of our sailing adventure. This is that night. This is that night. We will then begin to embark on what that journey will be. But if there's anything you wished to do before the evenings done. Already gave my shade. I'm done. Would try to locate conducive on the boat, actually? I don't know if he's hiding on. I'm I'm in the. I'm in my room. I was I was before Ford came backward. This is well forty okay. So I'm in I'm in my room. So go to where he is on the boat. And. Hey. Kayla and evening. Battered Todd as I feel. And do you have a moment. Sure. Sure. What can I do for you? May I come in go guess, of course. I feel. Poorly. For the time. You have been having traveling with us. I was not a very good day. It's been a string of bad ones. In fact. And I my grateful to have you along with the screw because. We get hurt a lot. We stick on those places. Maybe we shouldn't. And you have been very hopeful. And I think I'm coming to the realization that. Perhaps I was not entirely clear when I signed up for. But I don't think that means it's the wrong path. I'm. I'm getting used to the idea that this is. Wouldn't be test. If it were easy. So is it your intention to continue on with us. I. I joined your group of friends, I guess in our group of friends now. As a testament of faith, and it would be. Disservice to that faith to turn around because it's hard if it had been easy, and I Sposi wouldn't have needed to be called to it. I. I've been thinking a lot about it. Juster gave me a lot to think about the honest. You know, sometimes. Of good faith off to be rewarded when they can I wanted to give you something. That will make your time with us a little bit easier suppose, I start to pull the Perry out on this. You know, I'm always so far back away from. I hear you Laura in my peripheral, I hear you. I'm always very back. Anyway, this isn't doing me much good. And it's better that you stay up more than I stay up. Because if you go down, that's it. So this this is just a little bit of extra. You know? You know protection? Anyway, Mr. Caleb. Do you believe in fate? Lots of different kinds of fate. I know that's a that's a heavy question. Do you believe that we are driven towards something by things that are greater than ourselves? I don't know. I would like to think not. Time. I think about the cruelties of the world and the things that have been put upon me in my family, and I would hate for that to be a plan. And there are times when like today. Mm. Very grateful. For being in the right place at the right time to make sure that the right people are becoming strong in the ways they need to be. And I don't think that excuses the pain. I don't think that you have to. I don't know. I don't think you have to. Not care about it or fight it with everything you've got. But. I think the world is shaping you into something important, and I wanna make sure that you get to wherever you need to be. That's a pretty big Monson boat. You won't have to work very hard at it. I mentioned I think just be you wherever the world puts you just fine. If you have this magic, by the way, can talk and tell. Thank you. I hope you that makes it easier for you to help all of us. So I promise I will continue to help you all this. Even when not the best of people, I feel like we're still moving towards something. That's good and worthwhile. And I'm feeling the struggles of my way to bring us to where we need to be. Welcome to the nine. I'm honored. Okay. I feel like shit. So I'm going to go to bed. Thank you for this won't forget it. Four. One hour later rolling them one. So you get to remove that item. You get to add a tear having closure. It just feels right with you. Yeah. What does it do? It's hard for him to die. I'm gonna go to Caleb winning. It's back Caleb. Caleb Caleb kale? Or as my? Oh face. Doesn't drown. It's amazing. Magic or sometime. We had good times you have three or four days to. Two. Favor. Fucking right next to my bacon. Got this red feather from Neela and. I don't know when she when she handed it to me, she was like. Very deliberate about how she ended it too. I don't know. We just see if it's like magic you want to know if this is something. Yeah. Do you have a moment? Cast identify on this. It is not magical sentiment. Yeah. That's a feather. That's just a arts. Good looking. Tighten my staff. I'm not I'm not appointed. Disappointed. Are you good? Bye. Pullout sprinkles. Okay. So as you reach back into your your waterlogged hood, if your your coat. You hear this tiny little? And we'll pull out this extremely waterlogged and on happy crimson weasel. Your tap sprite. He was Keith appeasing your hand. Okay, right here. Stay there. And then going to look for well, I'm going to look for but she's not around then going to go look for not. I'm drinking. I don't know where we all stay in the same room. We have a couple of there are three rooms between the group. I think that given to you people that have been moved to mistake drinking on the deck of the on the deck. I was on the deck of the ship to how. Hey, I not. Steeper wasted. I've got a good buzz on. Okay. I even question for you. Hugh. I mean, I think you have because you said you are like into somebody before have you ever kissed able. Cutest. I've kissed a boy. Was it like? Excuse me. What was it like when you kissed him? Have you never have you never kissed someone. No, let in your mom has. He's a. He's a master. Was like when you get someone. That's all because you haven't done it. Well, I didn't know if it counted. Oh, what was the situation? I was drowning. Oh, you mean today? Okay. Well, I mean, let's let's take let's take a look at this. Your lips pressed against each other. It meant something. Did it? How did it? Make you feel like I wasn't said. That feeling I did it make your heartbeat faster than than being completely stopped. How? I mean, it's not dead. If I had to if I had to fight to do my first kiss over again, I would want all of those things. Yes. That's the best. I kiss someone you care about. I didn't know typically means something. You'll remember it forever. I will. I remember that that that the like after part of it, you know. Oh, yeah. Little struggling at the beginning part. What? Yes. Well afterwards. I don't know if you felt this plan, you just can't stop thinking about it. And you you sort of feel feel the sort of soft pressing against two and then almost taste taste him. Just a little bit hate doesn't go away for a while. Beep. He's US Clark growing back. You found a little. Knew what does your first kiss like though, it wasn't as romantic? It was just a day. Really with you. Don't I don't I don't know. Just. Just someone. I don't even I don't remember too much. That's we you said you never forget it. I should. Just a, you know. Pretty young. You know, just kids just say like you kiss each other you kiss each other. Now, just one of those types of game kids do that sort of stuff a lot. I think some to. Yeah. But I don't remember his name. Thiel? Remember, the softness of his lips? I do. Yes. It was a good day. Today's pretty cool too. Well, do you think things will change now between you? Oh, no. I mean, he might have a big crush on me. Now, you know, you interested. Oh, I don't know. Sometimes boys like tell you this. You're. Sometimes like it if you are a little bit aloof a little bit cold to them afterwards. Like, maybe they did something wrong. And they don't even know what it was. The play the games. Just a little bit of like like, just keep them guessing. Like, did I say something that I do bad kissing? Okay. That'll put him on the defensive way you want to. It's right. And then you throw. Funding kelly. I'm just kidding. Friends. How fun with your Skokie? All right. I will go write in my journal her fun drawing. All right is everyone concludes their evening activities the journey looking at the map and the distance. It's about eight hundred miles to Darko from UK zal. Doesn't have done. Centrally. The ship normally. All of this. We should get some beanbags or something. Role of the other direction. It straightens it out. Did you know that I don't, but it under my could just okay. Whatever you guys do with your map. So the. So your ship is actually traveling faster than normally was as part of the blessing. Devante received can achieve about fifty five miles an entire day of travel. Which is which is which is a bit faster than general sailing ship, which would be which is which is why the the mistaken, go faster, but they are pair. So you're looking at about fourteen days of travel, Terry fourteen days book, welcome to being on the open seas. Didn't that bullet trains and dandy? You have eleven days of supplies. There will have to be some sort of supply stop or way of handling the so have thing called create food and water, and we can mix it up with the normal food. So it doesn't taste as bad that is going to make this journey. Not an issue when it comes to supplies look at that do magic. You don't have to stop. All right. Great. So so sorry. Like the only thing we need to like doing need to do. We need other any other supplies to make this trip or nuts. We're not to get the dark dark Toby repairs made the other ship, and possibly some small repairs to the Kurds journey and any other supplies you would need while there. But it's a fourteen day journey at at full speed during this time a couple things one you guys can decide to if you want to learn how to run a boat. So that being the case we get to decide what types of skill sets. You want to pick up on out here on the ocean? So that being that being the case we have the quartermaster quartermaster is the one who is the most thorny under the captain of ship. They take over if the captain's able to a deveop plunder or whenever you bought a prize vessel. They decide what to take them to leave the generally held that whole process there as far as para chips are concerned, there's the navigator the sailing master, you do have Worley hired to do that for you. But only can also train one of you to be a backup in case really say anything I like being able to go by the stars or otherwise something might be very well, but you can try to do. I know which direction is north at all times. I don't forget anything real smart. Rap battle over. We have we have the boatswain Dosen is in charge of the ship itself. You know, keeping it top shape for travel in battle. They Hindlip over the would the campus the ropes making sure that everything's solid. And optional the lead shore parties for supplies and repairs and oversee activities like dropping, and weighing the anchor setting the sales clean adak things. Like that. So start thinking of things you might be interested in there's the Cooper which makes and maintains barrels for storage food water there's carpenter which will actually repairs the ship's structural integrity. When it takes damage the answer the boats in the net going to keep the whole masts in the arms, functional. There's the master gutter who handles organizes the placement of shot powder. The fuse aiding the ship's cannons. All right. So. The master. And if and of course powder monkey which is the next one below who basically just runs all the stuff. Funky all apprentices participator monkey this should be needed. You'll become hopefully, a good Mestre. So anyway, those of the the most important aspects like kind of learn a little bit about sailing as you go, but sort of getting idea if you want to right now, which one of those you'd want to specifically kind of begin to focus on. So we do again he runs a manager of the ship office manager, right? Keeps you make sure that all all the the canvas the ropes the what everything's kind of in good condition. Experience better quartermaster so do. That he a quartermaster not those. I guess I'll do the boatswain's. I feel like I would really bad that it. China's the books which actually to that point the next morning as everyone begins to kind of go about the first real day out here in the listening ocean, clear blue sky with dapple bits of cloud around the smell of C Salton foam and spray making its ways flashes. Of course, the across the front of the bow. Ivanka catches up to you. With VERA being called to the side. She was. The I if you'd be kind of like to call let's say the the upmost members of the crew piece to the deck, and maybe some of your friends is of course, bring up as you all kind of gather on the deck. Those. I appreciate all of hard work. You've put into this Mike Lu and deals as we are making a way back impotent that we properly balance as endeavor here and make sure that both training that has been inquired about is properly. Disseminated? And two of curiosity and with no disrespect to you. Vera, I will be replacing you as the ships called domestic into the tent docto. I'll captain. Viewer. Kind of looks taken back briefly offended. But of course, I kept in. So call them esta. Paying attention. She begins the DVR responsibilities to the rest of you in the various positions that you requested start learning some elements of the journey. Have you moving over to the mistake moving back, especially for the repairs elements and whoever decides they want to be the carpenter if anybody and son of you onto that's a strong strongly crushing. Any got. No Melvin nothing up to you. Apparel makes and maintains barrels barrels your whole life. I kind of already know how to make a barrel. You want to beat the boatswain? I was thinking the one where you actually have to go out and find supplies. I might be really good at that is the most. The carpenter. All right. There we go. So note that somewhere or new character that those of the position that you're training on the Stor Cooper got it. Well. Here for for now. Alrighty. So a few days into this journey. We'll say because your training as the carpenter. Jester? The mistake is kind of keeping in time. With the squad leader and you're brought so's down a bit. And you're brought over the visit side, and they're looking around you wander under the deck and find one of the tables, you see Waldoch who's one of the one of the deckhands of the other ship currently sitting at a table with looks like a large tanker of really really rough grog or AOL biting his lower lip, and he has a sleeve pulled up, and you can see orally has this unique kind of almost like a bow string of some kind that's wrap between fingers an inkwell and needle in Bennett needs currently halfway through doing this kind of really good-looking laboratory to across the arm of the deckhand got. Got a patch over his eye kind of right up against one of the portholes with the lights coming through in his using it for perspective. And he's kind of he's almost lording over this the smaller kind of thin human and kind of nets over. Can I go to send over his shoulder to stare at? What he's doing keep watching conc-. He's doing this kind of curled mermaid that is coming up, and and kind of on one hand is kind of holding onto hippy and other one is picking looks like a fruit off of the tree being the question that design a bit in early just kind of says fan. Would he requested? Why are you having a mermaid to pick fruit? If she's in the water. I see sitting there on. Had rough. Breath with some scurvy a few years back in them to things like the idea of. He's see the can save me. Oh, that's really smart very meaningful. Or are they kind of chuckles under his breath? It's very well done, and you can see like other tattoos that across his body. We're probably done by him on himself. Arly? I'm training to be a carpenter. Did you know? Was on we'll action, but. Maybe you should ask ground for the. Man was doing repairs around. This will definitely do that too. But that also want to learn how to do tattoos. Can you? I can try some of them really good. This. We must gills. Got kind of specific talent with some of these. Yeah. It's a thing that wrap around your fingers, and then you go like days. Do you mind? Good artist. Don't worry. Her. Already helps can show you how he threads this and the needle set up. Go ahead and make it performance. Artistry. Oh, no performance or they'll say exterior if you really want it. Seventeen seventeen picking up where the initial kind of partial ink sketches were you actually continue to fill in the rest of the upper torso. Do very good job. You can see where the style does shift in the art. But it's not a brace. It just continues the nice, and maybe you're mermaid one-time googly eyes. No, no, appreciate Pepino think really make her look really are more from you. Puts his giant total shoulder. Those. I don't let them. Messing with the autistic. Stand. I don't want people messing with my artistic vision. Either ray. Meal. Really, we're going to be best friends. Deal. Own. Poran of order one two. To have any sort of. I do. Like a like a jab that's been powdered or like Inc. I have. Some mobile we make like sparkley Inc. More. I mean, I mean, I don't have any powdered gems, but I could probably powder. Some gems. Picked up Louis technique a goal from the some of the. Individuals that spun from the legacy of the item folk. Now's neither still. Ink spot as he does that he can flex his arm, and you watch the tattoo kind of shimmy ever so slightly and you watch his muscles of Bolger. If I do that. Will you teach me how to do that? If I give you some dust. See it's not so much something that can be easily Todd mold on it. So something bequeathed by elva. Do you want to be clear to me? What if you really like me though? We'll see time Lewis by the voter Tom Bill. Just. So. He talks to you about it. And he gives you an overview capabilities so for different types of gem dust, he can imbue somebody with a series of tattoos that can alter elements of their physical self. It's not inexpensive and each person can only have it once ever. So it's not like you can have multiple, but like for twenty two hundred gold worth of ruby dust can be permanent, plus one the strength. For twenty two hundred gold emerald dust can do decks. So he runs down stat stat sheet their most expensive ones constitution last twenty five hundred of diamond dust, but there are all the different types. They're he also imbue certain resistances those are more expensive. Those are five thousand gold worth of Meyer, Opal dust for fire assists and five thousand that worth of Clack sapphire dust for coldest has the capability of imbuing, essentially magical permanent. That is amazing drillers kit. Majori a shitload of gills. Yeah. That's something else. Some don't. Some stuff that we don't want to get rid of. Shimmer? They'll do they look sparkly near body. They look like you can see aspects of based on what enchanted as like an early his specifically like an aquamarine dust. It has this kind of faint aquamarine light blue shimmy to like when the light hits kind of glitters cross. Cumbrian dust being one boost charisma. That the. Many focus said that. Definitely went to learn this from you, and they probably won't take it little more rich, and they have some powdered gems I'm going to have you do to me. Will you just going to have to keep me implored for quite a while? Don't get hurt. Okay. Don't give me hurt. He goes back to finishing up tattoo individual. What was the guy's name is getting tattoo that was Waldoch? Well, well, I'll see you later. Okay. Going to go carpenter some stuff. All right. So. Roughly. Eight days into this journey. You've moved but one hundred miles off the shore of this other Allen of Bali. When a small horn sound goes off on the squall eater. Back. Be an ethic that I totally failed on. This is intentionally a small. Glancing at the top you can see of onto KYW's climbed to the center of the main mast, and for this one of the crow's nests up top and looking down kind of points to you Ford and goes to master. Masta two of your compatriots that you trust to the top with me. We'll do. Juster deuce. Up. Oh, yeah. I like it up there. All right. So you guys climb up the main mast to the crow's nest. And there you see the Spyglass, and she leans into the three of you drifting million towards photos. So that we I see. I want to show you something she pulls up a Spyglass and hold it over to you. And kind of helps you pointed the direction. Here you see what looks to be a vessel. Little ways off on the horizon. A little bit north of where you are. North westward direction. To whispers over your shoulder. The rest of you can hear. So lansing. This. Sheep ahead of us. It appears to be con- code ship. Sheep invested probably carrying sweat goods piece to be quick fill rapid travel, but we could head to talk. As cool domestic I asked, you feel opinion. What should we do? Of what lot sure it's. Ship of innocence. We don't want to stray from our. Path correct ticket. What do you see? The Spyglass neat perception check. Torturing orphans of a deck. Don't okay glancing at a it's it's a pretty made ship. It's meant for speed. It doesn't appear to be heavily manned. It's not carrying or transporting. People it's gonna be transport ship of any means you see a handful of small sailors on board with a hand crossbow or a saber. That's she that it side. You see on the deck a handful of crates that were not kept in beneath which means it's probably pretty well. Packed. It does appear to be concord colors. So it's probably traveling striving south big either. It's probably recently finished with your finished stock materials travel supplies and its goods, and is based on the path that setting southward. It's either going to arc around to tell Dory or beheading direction of Marquette or possibly if it's feeling risky. The shattered teeth. Gibson? Are you in a habit of intercepting said vessels in your time? It sea. Depends. If it's if we can do so quickly without losing any sort of momentum pill helps not all ships voted and the loss of life. Most I'd say probably eighty percent of encounters out here is just intimidation. Most of take what we want and continue on away. They don't today. It's important that you know in my previous life. I. Had encounters with pirating vessels as well. And most of those experiences. I did not enjoy let it to beef fail. Plenty of asshole sons as well as does not surprise me. But it is your choice. I say may talk amongst your friends, but they always opportunity. You say no need for a loss of life. As they how do you say? S stupid. Are stubborn. Will my fellow boatswain and navigator to be? Nope. Boatswain and. Carpenter. Okay. Carpenter and. Abo- some of glad that completely backwards. I'll take real good notes. What say you on such a dangerous expedition is this. Oh, yeah. Yes. Of course, take a look at this thing. Twenty two to. Okay, you make out the same details. Does. Nothing catches your attention. Nothing about it seems out of the ordinary per se, but it does seem to be a vessel that is filled with its payload and making its way. Sale on the sale. Make it perception checks. I would totally do and I rolled like I just thought I think that shit. Wrong. Obviously decision is yours, but we are low on supplies, which means we have more to lose. Something goes wrong. We lose vital members of our crew or burn through magic ability. We're going to be without food. Whereas I'm sure they're probably very well. Stocked. And prepared for these sorts of eventualities. I feel like we would be coming in from a place of weakness. That's my initial thought. Gesture. Oh, man. I don't know. I'd be okay with it. I guess euro first on the seas. Doesn't have to be scrap. Like vaulter, gut said, it could be, you know, just like go in and take stuff. But maybe we could also give them something. What would we give them like new names or drawings? Yeah, we get, you know, make it the fun time for them. Trade interesting. Very well. What's his decision as long as we abstain as well as we can from violence, and as long as your men in the crew understand my disgusted such tactics. I think we. Can make our way towards an intercept you watch as this kind of playful look on her face as she watches this discourse turns into this extremely in tense almost joker like grin. And she goes. Come to pair of ac-, my friends come and she jumps off the side and has the ropes down. And Megan shouting commands to people on the ship. Question that what we just did was one thing. And then her face made me think is a whole other thing. Well, you said we need supplies, right? Well, said that we were in a position of disadvantage felt like your words were different before. Listen, we're going to not use violence. All right. I'm not the sales shift. Was it a rupture? Bring pulled in victim today were in the direction amongst the rest of us. Right. And make sure the rest of the crew ears as well. I don't want innocent bloodshed. If it can be helped. I mean, whatever Ford, I guess we can't do that. He want to. I don't care. I'm already down. I'm not that. All right. I feel like this is your previous bad decisions. Shit. Big is the big back Boettger folder. Yes. Yes boulder is on this ship. She has been moved from the mistake partially because voter access bodyguard to avant. And because the other ship itself is in serious repairs. They assumed probably don't put the giant heavy over on. It can I find Bogo. Sure. Enough boulder got is down there. Currently getting ready with what looks like a giant great club. That is carved from an older masthead, Vova gut. I'm sure that is just for show. Yes. Who show it's important to understand? I have an agreement with the captain, no unnecessary. Bloodshed. You will make sure that the rest of the men. No this. She can't looks back into goes. Oh, don't worry. You are the quartermaster. You are the one who is to be building any sort of ships that we encounter. So you choose your people. I know. You know, that is all. Machination that felt vaguely like a threat. At this point, you watch as e- pass who is the second made of the ship. This kind of sunburned gnome scurrying up the rope. Doug ahead and put their flag on display. Pets IP s. What is the flag? The flag on this is like a dull grey purple color, and it has a similar sketch of the same tattoo that of guys on our chance. As that goes up and the ship against move to intercept glancing through the glass notice to see the other ship noticing the approach and there is now bunch of chaos the running up and down the ship notifying everybody else on there. What are you doing if paradise run undefined, not our master gutter? Trading house not. I need you to keep an eye on those guns. We're not looking. Extra. Fucking extra charges. Not god. Again, we're not looking to sink this ship. Okay. We're going to try and board. Get what we need and let them go. I don't want unnecessary violence. I run powder that I've been billing. Is. The the angry like Tuff red bearded door that actually acts. As the Kennan Messer, the ship suppose, fiscal deuce. Interested in possibly getting involved with this too much fun to watch. Can it? Got five pounders twelve pounders. Sure. Who act as powder monkeys are also helping like get things organized. What's going on? We're doing great bow. Your join me as we pull alongside the ship part of the boarding party. Go up go up above not pull not close when I say if you fucking fire on that ship before they fire on us. You will never get into the academy. Do you understand? Cavalry. We're not fighting the letter that I have access if you want that for Caleb. Oh, I see. Oh, I see so act real tough and yell real loud. Don't fire on them unless they fire on us. You understand I wanna commend if you're gonna to do running show pens to get them a bit spooked boots and slow indict? So morning shots. Okay. Cost about the ship in front away from it. But just enough to show a little bit power to me. It seems like the closer the more intimidating a range of era with these weapons of perfect. So don't. Long as you don't hit the ship. I'm sure he will. At this point. The sales are fully unfurled speed is picking up the other ship is was trying to gain speed and is a very fast ship. But as it tries to move away. It ends up putting you at a parallel pace at which point the the other master gunner kind of leans into you. Be by think defy can slow. All right. So just gonna take us week. Gets behind you almost like not quite like making the vase and ghost. But it's like trying to help show. You exactly how to set things up and get the cannon ready aim with uncle. Quick message and say Florida, I'm about to wanting shot. Good to go. You can respond to this message. At your will. I will like view. I don't know. Yeah. Powder shot. Put the fuse in aim fire. Okay. So. Yes would make an intelligence check. Okay. That's a natural one. So excited. Okay. So. The fuse. What's going on? Did you put him in? I put the fuse. And I I didn't I put the. The powder. It. One of the balls, right? Don't think that's. I think you do. Well, I think that's. Clean that kind of years. Move. So you've been sitting up other candidates. So you put a pattern I but the ball get the other. The other canon goes off. Is a shaking sound what was splintering wood and a bit of smoke in the vicinity you glance over that candidates. Fuck I come running in your I need to fix arts would sure runs up from under the deck with cellphone one hand and batch it in the what's going on. Where? Different. Going on currently committing an act. Fisken's seizes and having having knowing your skills that goes go back upstairs. There's a lotta powder in this room. Aren't we? Oh stance. Your boy. Go go get this. All right. So you always a canon. Trike it. We'll see if that would help. Destroyed cannon. Not long cereal. A single break or terror. No, no, no. I can't fuck. All right. Try it again, the DC's lower this time. Because now you've you've fucked up. This are they getting away doing they're still like you guys you've managed to head him off their major to get speed in there curving this way, and you guys are moving to meet. Nation. Okay. That's better intelligence. Check your twenty. Without issued this time proper order or the rapid pace halfway through Fisken's like. Know. He said it. The whole thing lurches back about two feet and a large wooden from the kind of catches it from the impact the room shakes for a second glance through the little side of the gun home, the gunpoint you. Shit the water maybe about forty feet out from the front of the other ship at which point you hear shouting and the other ship, and you watch it starts to slow come to slow or crawl begins to give up its chase. Mission accomplished wheel. Mobile. So you guys been more visuals perspective. Just the visuals guys if you live in the UK, you're gonna get some faster cheaper shipping. Cheaper of the art book books are heavy. Yeah. Which is going to be available. What? Exciting. But also. Those will know this. This was sent to me, but actually make these in. This was head custom-made awhile back cases shift how have a grid. Yes. Printed or laser. So. From the side of this. Eventually the two ships are brought in anchor is dropped. Which is our spice is yours here. This is this Walter. So. On the opposite end. You can see the crew has all moved up to the deck. They have weapons at the ready, but not necessarily ready to fire. They're in the process of realizing, they don't have much recourse at this moment. And at this point the rest of vodka Kaz crew. At least number of them have come out on the deck is support. But you're the one who's helming this. So what do you do over? Have you any desire to intimidate some folks? Do you need that yet? Okay. We have a name going with. Oh, there's there's she isn't Tim dating their ship. You don't. Can be nice to people to. And make them think that they are friends. Yeah. I don't know that that's not where I'm going. Yeah. Team up with boulder. Good. I want you to go go on the opposite ship, captain. Okay. And take. Can I see how many men now that we're closer? I'm an era above deck. Yes. And just to give you a brief perspective here. What you see on deck? Often side. Those people you see that are all. Some of them appear to be deckhands and armed from like a small short sort in their side a couple of peer to be little better dressed. But none of them are warriors. They don't that doesn't appear to have like a very very heavy visible guard on the on the deck of the ship. Sarda monroe. Yeah, I'm coming with you just keep an eye out. Make sure no one's doing any shifty biz violence here whatsoever. Not not a little rules of engagement apply. Not fire or tack unless fired upon you make an announcement, baby. Yes. I'm going to project my voice very loudly onto the other ship. Okay. Fellow friends at sea. We wished to have a par lay with your captain. And we hope to keep this entire confrontation is blood listened reasonable as humanly possible we will do our best to be civil and not encourage anything inappropriate over the next several minutes. We would appreciate your cooperation in this direction. And then I'm going to try and make all the doors open and available to us from the other ship is with cheese while I'm gonna pop all their doors open soon as that sentence to end e here a rapid clattering of heavy would against wood. It's all the various ports indoors into the ship all miniature sleigh open at once all the members. The opposite side can look at each other making commission. Check mood. What number? Yes, I have a number. Does that's a twenty two twenty two. The all kind of look at each other. And we're gonna back leaving further away from the edge one of them. Russia's down. Goes deeper into the ship and momma later returns with one figure which appears he'd better dressed than the others. You see very very bright, blond hair and kind of a. Relatively well-dressed leather tunic over decent. Cabins clothing comes to the Fronton goes. I am the captain of the stone Cup. Who am I to Palang with Ford and breach for gloves that aren't there not not do that? My name is Ford. I'm Representative of the squad leader here if you will but humorous for a few moments. I'm afraid we're very short on supplies waiting to replenish, our stores, and perhaps enrich our pockets. If you're men behave. I'm sure we will get out of this very little worse for wear. And I'm kept in Jerusalem. Of the stone Cup. I would very much like the lives of my men spat. What's do you need? Pass. It can be a trade organized. Indeed. Deuce food water, definitely food water. We also in the need of some gems of possible also say that if they hadn't require any healing at all of anybody who might be sickly on the ship. I'd be happy offer my survey. Yes, the will being your men, obviously, it was something that we would easily tend to expression gets really confused. It's like. It's like. Okay. Of onto kazaa on the other ship visiting against the opposite side watching this happen. Like just keeping an eye on everything now in exchange for our goodwill in this interaction. I'm sure you won't mind if we peruse below decks and just see if there's anything of interest. Looks cost the rest of his men over towards again, by the way, human looking right now. Okay. Speed. You can't dating camping's meet. Okay. Do you? Boulder. Gut all call the ogre up to just bored board their ship and stay on the gang between hours, and there's Bulte. Again, takes a step towards the gangplank and goes. Vonts? Shouts. Not having her on the plank is a good idea. I'm sorry on their ship on that side of the gang playing. That point bully got backs up and doesn't go running John. It's the other side, and you watch the ship in a shift in the water from just the impact of the weight of his over. So now, you have that our frontier is going to play Chiappero, right? And sure everyone stays nice and happy up here. But would you mind coming with me? Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Let us know if you need anything will do and again, I must have precise. No tricky business. We're in good moods. Be smart. Keep that way. I find a five straight up into the sky on ach over London ocean. A fire bolt? Don't want us to be unhappy. Making from check. Eleven. Okay. Captain thinks himself in odds. Turns and steps aside from the doorway that he's been standing emotion to third. So it's not just bow myself. One of the other crew members of the squad leader to come with us downstairs, okay to disposal, right? There would probably be a VERA who was the previous quartermaster, but she's she's a bit older. She's she looks bit not quite geriatric. But you know, is is in older years. A school either people. Bureau. Norcal. Five. Your norcal says name so. Who you calling? It. This is the. Let's let's come. So the giant bushy beard. Gnome comes by and has his short sword. Drawn. We're going shopping. So the three of you make it across the game planks. It's now the group is this four of you, including boulder got. The large opening leads down into the ship. The rest. Comes Gordon's says it's underneath them to the back. Going to the captain's quarters, okay. So as you head down there almost everybody is on the ship is up top seat figures that are deckhands that are just carrying and rooms they scared shitless. And when when you going to walk past here like. Just trying to stay quiet. Happens quarters. What are you doing to look for any type of important paperwork correspondence, what these guys are travelling logs investigation also down in the back of your skull books. Books from kin. What are you doing? I wrote a natural nineteen twenty four number of shipping. Ledgers? There are books keeping tabs on payments to the crew. How long have been hired. There is one paper. You do find that is hidden and like a locked compartment beneath, but you managed to pull find underneath this little bit because if your fingers through in polish sheet of paper out on the opposite end of the of the shelf, not getting it. And this is a list of supplies on the ship. Anything of interests there's food and water for the journey there. Clovis concord spices menagerie coast, specialty dried meats tropical fruits that are specifically frozen and then brought for their slowly felling for the journey to get them as fresh as they can't or they're going. It looks like this journey was intended to go to market. To port Tamale the bay gifts. You do see amongst all the various bits of just general supplies clots, including in silks that are specific menagerie coast. There are some elements of empire goods as well. That are putting everything catches your interest. Is there is one last edition? Everything else seems to be written and handwriting and this is different handwriting on the final entry in the final entry says requested package. Guarded? And the amounts that was paid for that. Was one thousand eight hundred gold that was received by the captain to on this ledger to keep on the low. I'm gonna mmediately look around. Do I see safes anywhere where you would hide guarded package in here in here. You do not not within this chamber. All right, Ford and Northolt. Nope. It with us. Okay. Meet them. They're all you're looking you guys waiting for Bower you heading. Vo are you heading? Okay. So Bo joins up with the US. Oh, entire inventory of the ship. That looks interesting. Oh, yes. Indeed. It does who wants to ask about that? I believe I will. Kevin actually, actually this Heiser instigation. Check was continued investigation of the room searching for any sort of thing. You do not find this package, but you do find underneath one of the small kind of tossed somewhat mildewed rugs that Mark the floor. There is a section of floorboard that pulls open, and you can see that. There is a small chest. That is locked on you kind of pull and can shake it a bit. It's filled with quite a bit of coin. I grabbed the whole chest. Okay. It heavy. It's pretty heavy. Grab the whole chest. Nice. I room he has to feel your. That's that's real good. Do you think? This is the shipment. Think this is that what I deduce that this is that or no no no way as you're moving. It sounds like it's filled with a lot of coin. There's a different package here. Found out one way. All right. I'll call over boulder, gut do me a favor and just take. Well, just love this over onto the ship for me. Would you believe that graduate with one hand just walks over as makes her way onto the deck? You can see the captain notice it. Silao hangup. Tonight hating more of an inconvenience in this already is and I want to get the storm cap on its way as quickly as possible. Do you do me a favor and have all your men come down here in a simple at the bow ship, please? This is just getting too interested in I just can't have spread out all over the place men, please to the bow the ship kinda all begin to shift and make their way that that direction as the captain means Mughal all ask pieces leave enough supplies to make our journey mode. Of course, captain, what are we monsters? Does not break contact with you and just gives you the serious start glare. Start mobbing Phya boats into the sea. Like, I'm skipping stones. Every ten fifteen sides keeps the other side nervous. We'll make our way below decks to see what we can see. Okay. So you you go past into the cargo hold which is blow on the level where the captain's quarters are and just below there's the rest of the becoming quarters for the rest of the crew and below got his cargo holds, and as you make past the various kind of hiding other members of the deckhand crew done blow will you can see there are series of crates and barrels that contain all the supplies that were on the ledger. You would assume all trade materials. Yeah. Oh pig. My head into one of those rooms where the cruise riding house, you you and you get your ass up. I want these crates second above deck and put on our ship to quickly. Do it quietly. Which ones and I'll point out the the ones with the food and the some of the water and some of those frozen fruits as well for scurvy needs. Okay. They all kind of trying to keep distance from you scurry down getting lifting things that which point voice below goes. What's going on? And they and they begin move stuff. Back up at the top. Over have one of them before they. I heard that. I kinda crack my knuckles behind Ford. You know? If you were on the C long enough, you would know that I'm the type that only asks a question once who else is down here intimidation. Twenty three. Is why the pupils kind of gyrating a very very quick shaking motion. Snake swim to the came with one of the pieces of cargo. Stays down there. You can go. Mcguinness continued to grab and pull the crates up. Guess message? We reloaded ready to five if you want me to literally reply with any word, you can reply to this message. I don't feel like we need reinforcements from this, right? I mean, I feel deeply capable but. I feel deeply capable Yasha. Yasha? From across the other side stepping stubbing out of the game plan. Yeah. Yes. Bounds across the game plan comedy decide. What what do you need? Down to the ship with you. Think secret package is a person. Thank there's a person thinks he's a secret package 'cause he's on this Leger. It's different handwriting. Anyway, let's go find the person. We'll make our way further into the hold and try and find the source. Everyone's on the deck. I'm just going to do a quick detect magic. And just scan the vote. See if anything the whole book, everybody ended the boating. Disclaimer. I'm going to say, I need that volunteer. From the other crew and the canned Veloce say, I'm gonna take it. And that that that Trump that they just chest. They stuck on the chest. Does not magical presence Norge. Really check the other ship. You have to go across onto it's kind of scandal crossings thirty foot. It's thirty. Okay. I'm going to the very least I'm gonna get close and sort of walk the. Okay. As you begin to make your way over towards concentrating on the spell. Tiny little magic source below you deep in the ship catches your other ship and the other ships something magic down down below while. This is how I save all the time to my lady friends. You guys down to the cargo hold. Super on Ryan guarded mic reception. Check guard dark vision goggles. Okay. Okay. Thank you. I will take it. Three and four. Something magic. Okay. Inside it is it is light Lewis. And appears to be empty aside from the series of of crates, and shipping containers that are in here. The ones that you've had moved up to the top and between the three of them. They've they've done like two quick up and downs. They've brought a fair on supply. So far continue if you tell them to can't see shit, but I don't trust it. Maybe if I readjust let me just goes my eyes for second. Okay. Why don't you try? Can I can I give it a better look with my daughter because you here? Ten feet is both of you looking. The fact that he has another. So I place my hand on conducive shoulder and then look through from concise to see what's going on a little bit of magic down. What it is. But it's making me nervous looking through. I wasn't trying to possession. Check. I'm not searching for anything. I'm okay. So you're keeping tabs on the let's. Let's. I just I just want to let known that they masking volunteer from the crow. Oh god. I need a volunteer. Each other. Anyone? But there should be braced one the captain steps foreign goes for what special. Three. Persuaded check awful. Thing. Oh, man. Treat. Go live that way the. One of the. The deckhands look like me. Onto onto this lawyer. Comes across the gangplank over next to you. Tattoo stuff that or been teaching me? Give them a ten. Give them a ten. Four. Got this. Do you want it? He's just like I what still good. It's going to be still be different. Poor guy. He's got a test on somebody. Like it. Let's get the open. Everything's going on. Over at the captain anymore cleaned the like. It's going to be one smiley line with two tusk sticking out of it. Been abducted. No by kept in McKay. Dextra chicken -ducted. Congratulations. Oh. Over the next ten minutes. You'll you'll be able to provide a fine tattoo of that. Got fighting. And again, I'll make my way forward them to the whole though, we haven't seen much. Okay. All right. So you move ahead into the whole about ten feet or so there's like a small pathway that's built between all the different elements of crates and barrels make sure you can get into the back of the whole. As you move around the corner in a flash you here. And you see this quick arc of steel as suddenly from around the corner, a fairly will armed. Man, it looks like with kind of skin dark sun dark skin in short hair pulled into tight kind of top not or a gun of some kind is has a two handed fully along to Hanan swings. At you, three strikes. That is twenty four to hit. That is eighteen hit. And that is a twenty six miss. All right. Seven three hits there. That is. Sixteen points or slashing damage. Thirteen points. A slashing damage. And. Eighteen points. Mazing? Kaftan you'll quote a masters under attack. That is. Avant Toco goes. Tossed he can take care of himself. Semi down. We'll see all right now. I need you to roll initiative Ural initiative and all initiative for Yasha. I'm sorry. I don't trust you. All right. Eighteen twenty five twenty. All right. So. You're eighteen. Enroll than maintain go. So yes, it I. Okay. Good. No. Alright. Alrighty, so Yasha first so seeing these flashing blades across Ford Ford. It's not back creating into. So that your by crates you watches from the impact here the cracking of wood. And as soon as the figure pulls back getting the blame defensive position backing up against looks to be like, a former that was set with a table and a chair, and this is centrally the guarding post of this figure below you can see there's a very very faint bit of light in the corner. Full XP lanterns faced towards the inside of the crate. So wouldn't give any sort of light that reveal this location basing going to defensive position Yuccas at First Armored armored? Yes, half plate. Plate section. She will rage to attacks with the magicians Judd go for. That's not good. That's an eleven eleven misses. The latest scrape across his armor known backed a twelve both the first one scripts crossed armor causing couple sparks to fly briefly lighting up. Just his position the second time he actually pulls along sort of Perry period caused the believed to completely miss kind of impacting getting stuck about an inch before she draws back angrily gritting teeth that turned bow. You're up. Okay. Come up on a par core of one of the crates, and I'm to kind of try and come down. And I want to nail him in the temple and try and do a stunning Stor. I I'm just gonna try and hit. Oh, all right. While I'm do this. I'm gonna be like from game fogy, hell and then. K nineteen nineteen hits. Actually, come into do something from on that. Rolling. Advantage on on barrel Cooper. I'm using my ankle. Five point two damage on that first one do stunning straight stroke on him. Boxer that is. A pretty decent. Calm. But he only rolled a fifteen now. Let's see fourteen fourteen. Yeah. Saves on that one hang on. Wait. Wait. Wait, wait. It's my proficiency bonus. Plus, my because I was afraid that I had been fucking this up plus my wisdom, which is together face plus your persons who on his plus your wisdom nine to eleven twelve thirty no still fourteen. So the first across the head, but he can't resist pulls back teeth gritted. Pow Pap did again. Twenty twenty hits role damage for the strike. Bullshit damage six six points damage. Says Kahn was good. I mean, you don't know these pretty decent evil the fifteen on that one. But you can try it again. One more time more time key key point, other key point that is a twelve. He's for anybody. Pulls back. He's rearing to to try to flecked, or at least keep you pay the second strike as you crack right across side of the head. He'd kind of goes down to one Nique, and you see his eyes go wide as kind of rolling a little bit in the skull. And he's currently trying to shake you on his bel-. You still have your bonus action Bona's action. Advantage. If you're he's done. Yeah. That's an eighteen actually team. And another God damn one five five points damage already. So he's. He's stunned on on his knee. I'm gonna look at from and be like Caleb. If you're watching. I don't trust in the nuts. All I can say, okay. That brings us to boulder turn. Boulder. Is not a lot of space here somebody ever disadvantage under attack because she has to try and swing this largest grade club in this enclosed spaces and over. Kind of charging by. Comes down to go ahead and do an overhead strike actually with vantage because stunned social role again, the natural fourteen hits. So for that. He takes. Thirteen points damage and that hits and then the other attack. Seventeen that hits. And another fifteen points damage. Nice. So bully comes around, and she slams almost falls to the ground again the impact slamming into the back of the middle. You can see the actual armor. Dented inward from the impact should pull the birth. Second strike. Done on top. This actually sends him doubt on the ground. And he's trying to get back up from the impact in the back of the armor is like pushed in he can kind of limited some of his mobility with a shoulder blades from the way, the metals come and pushed towards is upper shell shoulder that's gonna end bold against turn. It's not from go from east going to fly over towards this gentleman. And try to with towns Reich across his head adventures. Because. So that's a teen eighteen eighteen eighteen so I cast them pillock touched through from touch and he takes three six. All right. Roommate? Him. That is eight points of necrosis damage suck Pieta somebody. Florida. I go from can listen. From go for. Will stand up after having getting the holy fuck and shit knocked out of me with those logs or shots and say friend, you better be real sure. This is something you want to die for. I would suggest you drop your sword. You're outnumbered. And I will take a step back. Okay. Make a intimidation. Check. Because he's done be shit. I'll give you advantage. I twenty four. Okay. Turn Yasha up y'all show will walk up an attempt to grapple him into a bear. Okay. Go to make enough lex check for her with advantage because she's raging. Twenty-one? Okay. He is. Phil strengthened saving throws doesn't say anything about as. I'll say it's fun. Vo your he's grappled is currently being held by Austin. Looking right over forty is backed away hands up. I'm gonna say. Look me in this guy. I've been trying to be better about not hurting people. You know, we're trying to watch out for one another. The truth is for one talk to you. We're going to get answers from you. It's kind of your choice. If it's going to take us breeding them out of you or you just want to give them to us. So. I'm not gonna hit you. Which is no feel like you're lying to me punch, looting shit out of you. And then you're going to tell me what I wanted to know. Anyway, understood. That's your turn. Yeah. Comes to his turn these being held by oughta I think. Shakes off the days. Grits his teeth. Just throws a sort of the ground. Inkling. Murder monsters. Dr dark leading thing goes. Point sur, negate one point. Josh is still kind of clutching them there. Friend. Al second. We saw a little manifest and said there was some guarded parcel down below can imagine that they were talking about you. Now, my friend was correct. She can punch shoot at you. Also, we can see how well you swim. Or we can just make sure that you're on this boat healed up a little bit and sent on your way, and you can create whatever story, but I do need to know what you were protecting. Still being like grappled by that saying the word is like this this look of defeat acceptance of one's pride and he's just trying desperately not to engage more than he has to kind of glances over towards a crate that is across from where he was sitting that would still be in his visual perspective, but it's an unsuspecting crate pushed kind of in a cluster of others just. Looks in that direction and gives a head nudge to it. Okay. Before opening look at them. And I go sir trap in this damn thing on his head. You're lying meals throughout. Do I think he's lying? Make an inside. Check. I'm gonna start heading over to see what emotion is. Hard to read pretty grim fellow start heading downstairs to see what she walked very. Whatever. Please. Just let me go. This. Thank you very much. Crates very carefully. As he lifted up looking inside. There's a few heavy sacks of rice or grain or sand. You can't really tell. Lining it for for weight on the crate. And in the center, you can see there's a kind of a pillow or like a piece of folded fabric. That's kind of fold in place in the center. Fifty pull the fabric back. And there you see what appears to be a very intricate wooden box of some kind. It's about maybe that big but size of shoebox if you will. But it's but it's like really well scrolled and carved wood like like a. Whittle recovered spend a lot of time to make it look very beautiful present. Hurry, pulled that out of the great. It has these kind of these chain handles on the sides kind of thing on the edge. And it has a little act on it. And it's locked. It's locks. It's pretty light. Hey from -ken, if you're listening, can you have Caleb tell not to come down here. Please. Soon as Caleb felt could use this walkaway dropped from inside because didn't wanna be smack in the face a couple times. But from can listen to you. The captain of the top says like. Are we done yet merely there? I look at the guy. This trapped. I don't believe. So what's your name? Oh, really wish you hadn't done that. I can't guarantee her reaction to that will be a positive one. I'm trying real hard right now. Like. So you are really will you've already guaranteed. I lose my job and my weight. What more can you take from are you being paid to protect this? I was. Hundred and fifty gold upon my return. I'll give them seventy. Slip into his power now walk up and put it in his. As he looks. He looks confused untrusting like he's guard by we're trying real hard. Actively trying real hard. Soma? See now was that. So did that take you being fuck in rude? He just glares at you. Are you coming down under? Yeah. Probably getting down. Get not. While you're here. Oh, yeah. Someone did the number on the sorry. Would you mind helping this fellow out just give them a little little love both of you for by pleasure to meet you? I I get the feeling you're having a really bad day. I'll go get not. I'm going to just do a little healing spell down. Here's feeling a little better. I'm I'm going to start doing a little where am I doing? Yeah. A little healing on both of you. So take a few minutes while you guys figure this out. All right. He rocked. Miss rigid. Prayer prayer of healing on both of them. So okay. There you go not Boca just up to. Standdown? There are two the powder monkeys that are currently playing cards. Wait for my signal. Fourteen points for you, fourteen points for him. I think from can really likes me we had a bonding moment front kin like took care of me and protected me. I know that it's true because I think he's not things smoke. Is the best cap that whatever. What's going on his four dead? No. Don't get. Pick up his lungs over. Yeah. It's pretty well. Maybe it was still I still have still by the way have my detect magic up getting anything. Pair of healing concentration. You came in. Yeah. The source of magic was. Fox glowing. Like, yeah. By the way, by the way, I was suppose that FOX's definitely magic. I'd be very careful with that. All right. Let's be gentle with that was it. So Ma Mr. Soma, so so how'd you how'd you get this gig cures? Hire protector. I mean, like do you work for anybody? Do you like have deal with somebody like who you work with? I mean seems kind of a rough gig. When people like you come in here ruin it. Ruin it. That's fair. This is just like I imagine being semi under. No anything about by God. No suv. That's just a. Just leave a mind to wander. I don't know. It'd be surprised how much of an industry revolves around just that. I know I would. He's taken aback even more. I would say you definitely the strangest pirates I've ever heard of. Sort of a reluctant piracy don't know the half of it fun at our job. We like everybody to walk away feeling as okay with everything's possible. We're going to let you go now. And be on our way, I'm gonna keep this as a memento. I would advise you to stay below. If you pop up can't guarantee the same. Goodwill extended true you understand. Kind of nods begrudgingly. Played by the way. Looks expensive. It was kind of looks over at the part of it just been smashed. Great club. Tossed the box. What is this? Very dangerous me. She's it's magic do you want to take this on our ship them be on their way to a blow. Masha already did that once. And checks this magical. Facs back there any sort of alcoves or or closets or chests around here. There are a number of crates in the vicinity. Crate and put it inside. Okay. Then moved back in use may championed. Try to open or check for traps. Okay. We're taking trips. Kenneth get close and kind of inspector. Well, then I will check for tracks. All right, go for thanksgiving. That is a twenty twenty. It is trapped. How trapped is it? It's a fairly complex trap. But it's it's or match mechanical. So is the magic not coming was not coming from the boxer. What was inside box. Gather. It's what's inside the box. Yeah. Can I attempts with major for me Chang can do? Okay. So backup get some distance here. Cover us. Probably critic curious. Clutching those. Buddy. Okay. I'm going to get a little this syncing. Go out go outside the room just to Kate. Mr Ford, I would recommend you. We'll take that advice. All right. Go ahead and make a thieves tools check, please with dexterity. Twenty eight. As the dimple may hand. Clutching thieves tools begins to kind of almost do this weird ghostly finger dance across. Can spring break. Chan shocker is the vox. Sure. You're a spring. You you hear the spring break on the interior? And it seems to walk has been or the Trump has been disabled. Iran. All fucking open open. Okay. Allows disable the trap old unlock it. Oh, yeah. With sleight of hand or these tools twenty seven. Yeah. Yeah. Sure there there are three locks Gwen lock in the front and twenty side and. Rapidly. How look okay you going to open up the inside. It's a soft kind of like velvet interior of the case. And there you see what looks to be a small almost like a ceramic pot of some kind like roughly about that big that has a lid on it. And it is enclosed and then above it. You see meshed in there. Looks to be a paintbrush about a foot long. Long paintbrush, and it's like a pot of paint looks like. Not going to test. This is going to take this to our friends with a guard glances over and goes. This is bullshit. This is fucking bullshit. You were wrong. You're paid to carry the surround do you think it was a prank or you Frank by a friend of yours? Mr. Caleb is gonna maybe wanna take a look. I would recommend hiding it in a completed tip to capitalize on your disgruntled feelings, would you mind, telling us who paid you to guard this or where it came from this paint brush, I've given you too much. Let me go amongst my. Pride swallowing. I feel feel really bad about this. We throw him any money or something. Which means you're gonna tell us who paid you. Come on, man. Don't. Don't make us to this the hard way. We're trying to be good who pays you. I don't know. Comma, comma on where where the agency then did you sub contacted from? I know how do do mercenary work out to put the on from time to time and other places along the shore normally some of the higher paying jobs are a don't ask type scenario. Burn up other taking up enough time you've been more than flexible with our questioning facts is very true. I think we won't mention anybody that we three a little cash, obviously that doesn't need to travel and whatever. I understand dignity thing as well. As the fact that you spend my face leave that here for cross out these doors. None of it happened. Actually, if you like we can walk out of your being very irritated affected like just like too much. Do you wanna see that? Like, oh, you got me on my kidney just giving the thousand yard stare into a shadowy corner. I actually do feel that way. So let's just. Stops and turns around towards pats on the head. Then follows up guys. We should leave these these people with with most of this has been enough. I don't wanna I don't wanna cause any more trouble. I agree. Do you wanna make sure everyone's feeling alright before anybody else needs some healing anything? Really? Kevin gills. No, please leave us. If you have everything you need. The. Just your what are you doing? Runs back across like. Maybe friend over commercial polish shirt Assad. Did you do this? That's where thank you for your hospital early. I'm glad that we complete this transaction peacefully. Captain kind of gives them not. Thank you for sparing. The lives of my men. I wish you call maters and safe journey, and we will take it back over to the squalene. Okay. Make your like. Whispered afford say of onto goes going along a paintbrush. Avant. Kaz gonna wanna know about that paintbrush. Not yet. Guys, come across the rest of the crew polls over the gangplanks, they pull up anchor, and look nobody opposite side goes. Do not put up your Anka until we all be on your sites. If we shift beforehand he will turn its back around. The crew nods. Sales unfurl when picks up ship begins to move he'd be continuing to head westward. Which point once you're out of earshot avant because keeping an eye off the edge of the ship. Looks back the rest of you and kind of. The rest of the crew begins to Plath, and there was a bit of applause. Is that by fines? Trudy? It means to be free on the impact of you. So let's see what you found. And they go to start opening the chest. And we'll go ahead and take a break. Oh. Boise. I'm hiding the little pot. Wiz there. Sure fuller-good saw everything unless we want to bribe builder. We'll get to that. When we come back from the break. All right. So we'll be back here in just a moment. In the meantime, we do have our more giveaway evening. So for this to head over to the critical role, which which dot TV slash critical role to enter tonight's tonight's word, keyword is. Reef are eaten f- insert once or the ones who disqualified once only available for people knew us and Canada excluding Quebec. But tonight, we have a fantastic figured Myrtle would dice vault. A new word a new would offer by wormwood, which is actually really cool texture to it. It's a weird. It looks like almost quite pretty and one of us gonna win that we were turning so enter and we'll see you guys. We'll see you this. Hello. I'm Dr Willingham, and you're listening to the critical role podcast and welcome back everyone. So the winner of our fantastic figure Myrtle would dice vault. It's really pretty ironically. Well, well, named captain cupcake. Regulations cake. That. We'll get to your right? All righty. So having no major way on the squall eater off from. I I know all of your first real bit of piracy boy pulling away the chest. That was brought on board is currently being picked an opened by members of the crew. As it. Folds open looking inside. You could see it is a mass of gold, silver, copper and occasional glimmer platinum coins. This was quite a bit of quite a bit of change. Which point that the captain looks over to the quartermaster in those. Done. This would be divvied up appropriately. What tends was found to be got some to put food the the thawing fruit tropical fruit that was placed there. Boulder bet to me Buller guts just sitting there. The rest of you kind of looking around and listening to the captain looking off in the distance. Maybe like ten feet from you. Check on the canons dance. Pal. Be back. Make a deception show. Minus three. Ten. Inside the captain kind of glance. Why don't you stay here at least to be finished being up the findings? Of course, captain I met you can call. She's. So anything else what time spied below? You have no told me what's happened penalty. There was devait scuffled. Johnny arm. Being realized this point not a whole lot of. Timber difference between the male or female ogres that you've encountered in your time. Just more hair on the top of the head stumbles about this. A man in full plate armour who got. Quite a few shots in one less pirate ship or trying to prove himself a hero thought he could stand up to a lot of us. That is impressive. Did you finish him? Well, we didn't kill them. But we definitely embarrassed him. Thoroughly something that I find some men find worse than death. Placed very. Strongly adhering to this. Not killing aspect of pilots. I can tell you from experience. It does not last very long, but respect to the. Anything else? I heard there were some very good tropical fruits super rare in this crate bay someone I found. Good meal litter on keep the sword. I don't remember. We did. Yes. That kept a memento. The long sword. Back. Volta gardellin's in right over your shoulder bone. Like, I just slit her like thirty gold. Mika sleight of hand check. Bribing the crew in front of the calf phrase paste. I'm not I just I'm trying to. Oh, my goddess. Always it. One. Their coins slip from your grasp and all across. Hold on my power. Helping you pick him up fumbling with her fingers. Thank you. Good show everybody. Everybody greats time just wanted a round of applause. Tusk? Sorry. Quartermaster toss to formerly captain for us. In a good day. Start doing a little more healing on. You can just give a keen look towards. Oh nonce. Yes. I thank you. I appreciate y'all. Anymore or if you want any of the ones you have improved. Let me know. Consideration. Anyway. Godless where done impressive work. Let's continue on into the drag shadow reefs come on. Come on. So. To not going as well as just you two. Say people do doesn't asking. What are we stay up to interesting onto gut? I. Syncing the my biff. Casually. I am I turn to. The press e -pez save here. Like, man, great work. Tell their Aboukir was up. It was very impressive oppressive this sheet falcon right journal, and pumpkin that. Good good day, man. And I go downstairs to go by. I'm going to the down obviously tired go. Go fall. You guys to take a nap? Get doing anything or okay. You guys are going down. All right on the fucking wizard. I find Caleb. The they do that. I try to find you find Caleb killed if you haven't left at the top of been exactly what I was do you want to know more about mica because he walked off before. But the funny thing about a cat is that they've? Very sneaky. But with the right person down not and from can with me with just so I just so genuine question. Have you been telling a story? The entire time. I've been gone. No. That. Person foolish. I spoke to. And also some people say that they have nine lives, which is what I have some that. I think that you would be deeply interested in find books. I didn't fuck in God. Fucking books. Yeah. Okay. You know, books cats, I get it. Yeah. Love your facination of both the most boring famous. I can think about. Books in cats. But let's. Go look at something. Awesome. Thought it to you. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You're telling me your love of learning. I understand did you need something because you don't want to about cats. So we could end this now. Just. Keep your mouth shut for like, thirty seconds. We've bring him to them. I wonder now let's kids into our rooms chambers. Yes. Time keeping. On this. Shingles in what is? You know? Okay. Can be invisible she might be this room right now. But just do this. Do you? Club. He's. It's. Thing to thing. Yeah. Faith identifies. I can talk now. Okay. About cats books. Help need Anita moment. So I set it down and I start scrolling on the floor around it about ten minutes later. I. So what happened? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What did you? Ox respecting the football. No, the the no because well, I guess I wasn't there. No, I meant they put the box on in front of me. The box. The papers Inc version the Inc. I know but shoebox-size, but it's the size of the item contained within. It's not the. Detected magic, and it was glowing occupying. That's all I'm saying. So I need to figure out what it is. You choose. Now, give me a moment. Ten minutes later after I transform into an auto body. Cast identify through the ritual spell coasting. Novel. I need time. It's wrong piece of paper the lights lots of knowledge. Talk amongst yourselves for one minute. What do you think it over if we could pick any tattoos from safety? Like what physical attribute would increase or what would you want the tattoo to be picture of what you went to that to like a picture? I had idea for. So. This is going to be stupid. You're not fucking. Affair. It's not fair. Pigeon. Ferry. And overnight. You still have that that marble solar field. Take time to a few times. But it takes ten minutes. Oh, you mean the shield shield? Okay. I had this idea 'cause 'cause Molly on the back of his coat his neck his tattoo. Around the coat on the back of his tattoo. He had an all seen. Yeah. Just I don't know. I thought it was really cool. And I feel like, you know, could be cool to have it on my back kinda all right below my next. Molly would like that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. Maybe it was really steak or to me would be really super offended. Maybe you would like to assure, you know, he's dead. So what's he gonna do? Wow. Wow. So you can roll d twenty if you throw a twenty I'll tell you what my thought. With that later. Visit. Saddam, saddam. Your lucky day, and this is very dangerous to give to you. But you all the present to have it. So. It is yours. This would allow you to paint things and they become. What? It's nothing to fence. Old. This is this is some Bugs Bunny. It's your. Warehouse. Yes. This is where oh, yeah. What's sword? This will allow adore and adore this will allow to paint a sawed. And there will be a sawed. All you can eat Ford white does eventually use the paint over Tony. Every foaming. Minute dicks. Think this through this wasn't Neville ably where this was going. Someone falsely thick. Thing in the. Mild mount overrule, the Dalai. No one can explain the huge dogs. Holy places. The most amazing thing in the entire universe. Foul. So just don't create a penis on my head. Okay. And. Where all your cloud. Excellent. Living. Mount of ink or. Living fan. Create fabulous Jewison, it cannot create dick. Escape from somewhere. And if we want to to spirit ourselves away from this boat in the middle of the night. She could paint us a boat shoe need a surface to painted on. Like. There'd be really big time talking about like a wrath. We should just pay a little raft. And we can be. In the small boat on the deck of the ship. If no one was watching. Difficult to this is a real conversation. We actually need to have with the entire group present. Let's speaking of we're just. For four. Oh, four heading heading to port, regardless. I figure at some point before port. Plan. Four. Oh my God. This is the most amazing thing in the mire universe. Things. Don't change regardless. You only had. To actually be pirates in fucking roller ship to get it with that. I could live. Does it say pay? It comes comes with enough to cover thousand square feet of surface. Then I would like a lot. I would go just dealership. Things little. Think about how nights apartment. That's like two thousand eight wonder if you're a five hundred pound diamond, you can't do that. It would create FX simile of that. But it would be worthless. Things that make Sarah not. Identify this in ten minutes and give you the shield. What this is fair. Mike kiev? L? Or they have good news paper lingam. Lingam ford. Four. National. Keys, ladder or. Move close. Magical, license you. Cat woman outfits. That nick. This is this is this this blast enemy with a bit of Arcadia. A shield that can fight a little bit. Yeah. That's so cool who could use a shield. Do we have? I do. Shoot. News shield. ACS seventy down here yet. No, go to. I go get for that thing. Casually interrupts like a cocktail party. Okay. I don't wanna be. You know? I do the like, you know, when you're ready just. Raider. It's up in person. Could be good for us. Like the clerics. Oh. What's your I see again? Oh, yeah. I really like my shield. Oh, this is interesting. No. Technically, anyone can drew his sheet. Proficient this bad things. We just covered this in our handbook for episode. Right. Wreck notions. Consider it a gift after nearly died in the past. Well, now eight days I may just for my own personal aesthetic trend mount my Ling's onto this. But I like it. We'll do that later. All right. All right. Let me. So. What do we do that to their? Oh, you'll have to out customs. Oh, I told him like when you're ready. This is where we are one of my say, how many times can I have at this level there. Freddie levels three three. All right. We need test toothed on because that was an interesting after noon, but it that want to do with the rest of my life. I have a lot of ideas on my way back down. They go. What we get nothing. Weird that they would have an armored guy with a long sword. Protecting up paintbrush that does nothing how you feel about floating Dick's about post. It's a floating dick making my sinking. I mean, should they try just to see don't waste any pay less? I'm going to paint on the floor like team me the vix like this big. Okay. You take a little bit. You do the thick and certainly. Penis or a wrecked. Of course, that's the go-to. You paint it and finish it. And you look at it and can take the papers, nudge it and it rolls a bit. Minutes. It's like it's like. Like, a stone sculpture, you know, not fleshy. It's not made a flesh. Yeah. You're not turning the second life all the different flying everywhere. Question. Then if I if I make like a tree if I draw tree with the treaty made of stone or what have you made out of wood? Can have to find out and try this may actually give you what is your she'll what what's on the suture? This is actually this doesn't give me an eighteen seventeen already plus to with my shield. What is plus two? Plus, okay. So right now to check. Nevermind, now's working. I hadn't tuned. It. You once we found a paintbrush that can you can make things and they will come into being is that what? And the shield. For my taste. Do a little work to enemies. Don't ask protect you ask how everybody. Humor me feels after today. Wow. Prefer not make a habit of that? My neither. I mean, if feels like a bucket list item. Checked off the list, but there were several times that I might have questioned everything that we were doing bucket list is in hijack ship before you're kind of like the full pirate experience. But a travel agency could not provide. So it was it was very authentic, and that was amazing. Nothing just not ask. If you had any reservations. But you seem. Very enthusiastic about today's. I was born to be a Kennedy. I can't promise there will be a lot of that. But I at least I know that you're BTF cool Kayla down to fire Phira. How you doing? I mean, this is a matter of survival for not cooperate. She's going to kill us. I'm not opposed. Per se to what went down today. But it's not what I wanted to do with my life. I would prefer to break away from this woman. But we're here for you right now trying to figure out. No, you'll thing. I think I'd like to hear from you what the plan is to implant as we on the ship and the sea Zeph auto. Yeah. Actually, I do have some news to share. Avant apparently is come across my old mentor. Bandra before she knew him. Apparently, he carried the same sort that. I have it's called the sort of fathoms. Hasn't name. She's of the opinion that he always carried on him the sword and another one of those spears. She asked me if I knew where the ship that. I was on went down. I did recall the area, and she believes that if we were to search that shipwreck we might find this third spear. She has the ability to mess with water. No. And in some of the dreams I've been having. I believe there's quite a bit more or that has come from. So having those dreams. Not all the time. And I've made a been very excited about all of this. But. The things I see our. World changing. Scary. In a good way or bad way. I don't know. Is it dependent on the operator? I don't know that either. What is the good scenario? The good version of releasing a massive serpent onto the menagerie coast. When you say it like that. Right. I don't I don't know a men only the the power the might come before that happens. Serpent released if the little or bizarre spread out of other people or they all have to be in one person. Why? Or three actually don't know. I'm just assuming that because she placed her sphere that the bottom of that. Well, and that temple there to other temples, which we have to do the same thing, and that might lead to the release of that surface. So. That this other or one of the others fears the button shipwreck, not necessarily temple the thirds fear, and I have the second. No, she had one. But she she got rid of it Ford has any traded for how for us to get that last one. So she can she does get your last one then we would have failed. Well, at least she would be twice as powerful as one. It'd be a lot for one person. She would want the third which is. She would want Ford's body. Correct. Cannot just take a second and could do to check the door. I've been paying very close attention and listening into the hallway and just trying to keep very. Fifteen. Seems to be fairly clear. Heard any footsteps or. Look at the porta windows report a window in the room, you're in currently there is not a port. Saying too much more. I think it's best that we all listen to calebs words and play along. We'll be making our way to Darko. Yeah. Then we will reevaluate. But over all mission is to get. Don't say anything. Just feel like and I'll try Soto as possible that only two people in a room with here. There are people that we can't see I just don't feel like this is the best place to converse. Feeling around the air. It's not Russia. Herschel. I feel like. For the time being just might be best to. Be the best that we can be here. And be as helpful as humanly possible. Our goals are relatively aligned and as long as we don't have to hurt anybody on all right? The rest of these people. Formation always to find. Your ship. I think I would know the location based off trae route where. You know, the general vicinity of where it would have happened who it would take a little bit of searching a little bit of you know, about them. Depending on what you have. You're supposed like definitely narrow that search. But if it's just based on your memory, it would take a while to find it, but you know, the general area where went down. So do I. Was to bathing heavily in watching vodka to see if with the destruction of trying to the pirate ship today. That I could maybe sneak into her office with the distraction. But. I notice she was very adamant holding back in watching the entire scenery was not saved to go into her quarters. But if we need to get into her office, I think it's going to have to be important enough and big enough distraction. Maybe Ford you can like go seducer or something. And then you know with the seduction. You too. Some people give up information been seduced as well. Something do all good ideas. Like she's into you noticed trying to use that to our advantage. Great. Thanks. I'm trying to keep her close. She starts to suspect us, we'll be in trouble. If anyone feels comfortable with how things are going, please. Let me know curiosity is not worth. Dying for doing something that you feel you regret value. What everyone thinks here? I think if we don't do anything. It means your eventual demise. Let's just fucking dark. Yeah. Right. Unless we beat avant to the punch in every sucks. You're going to get. Doc. Jester? Where would you learn a phrase like that? I live in. What you need to do to get all the information out of that. You can't if we see you with their world know that it's just too, okay? Something similar last last couple of days ago. All right. We'll. Enjoy the paintbrush. Okay. Yeah. Mean we're going to find a way to Darko you want someone else to do. Yeah. 'cause I here. She's made up interest pretty clear. Whether they wanna find ship. I think I might be able to help with the seducing. No. I mean. Definitely if you wanna teach me to about Lewin a woman. Now, I don't think. To that. I think you've been doing just fine. Yes. To what you said. And yes to what you said, you might be able to help you find the ship helps to do you just do you girl? All right. Don't understand any of this is any more. I think that'll be very valuable at the time comes. Funding ship. Some of the day. At this point Slater afternoon. It's early. Break out the banana Margaritas. No, it's like five or so even our two from dusk. Okay. Georgia. Effects of good. All right. What if makes them barrels? Could I speak for you speak to for a moment above? All right. Christie, go buy your business. I'm taking that. Shortlist. Yes. Looking over the rail. Okay. How far away are you? Sure how far away. A broad daylight. Six seven feet. Looking drawing I this but actress Dick's dropping into the ocean. How far away are you just? Teams fifteen. See where gesture is a. May I ask you a Frank question? Of course, you can buy scanner around for about Toco makes checking. Twenty two. Thinking about across the deck. You see her currently near or visible? I have to admit I found my self a bit surprised you. Mine initial impression of you was someone of the bit timid maybe preserved make even. But your. Tone your opinion of what to do with of Onta in order to make sure that we're okay? It seemed very. Calculated very. Risky. Do you mind me asking if you've? Have you ever sacrificed anything in order to achieve a greater goal because I feel like I am. Swimming in the deep. I don't. Oh, quite know what I'm doing dealing very large responsibilities now. I don't envy position. You know, my father was a. Souljah? Expected a low tonight London from him. Try to live up to the man that he was. Largely failed. But I picked up what I could. Do use my wits understand my surroundings. I wish I had half the courage heated. I don't know. You know, I think. Traveling with all of you as. In Bolton some was alone for a long time. Run round from everything. And I like this group. I enjoy traveling with you. Knock wives. You don't miss much do. Always been like that. I have a good memory. I remember everything. Do you have a very shrewd sensibilities? Well. You seem to be able to weigh pros and cons in cohesion scenario. Math brain. Feel like a fool much of the time. I'm glad you think. So. I do. I don't make any of it is critique more as a as a complement, and I'll I'll add with it. Request. Keep that of yours about conforming. I don't entirely know what her. Intentions are. But. I feel like they're only a few that I could ask to. Exercise quick judgment in a moment of need. Start just sort of nervously twiddling. Why are in my hand? Absent mindedly. I think you know, what I mean. But. Case this thing gets out of hand. Can I count on you to? Right the ship. If need be. Keep the group safe. Of course. As always I will do my best. Thank you. And thank you for. Talking. Cough. Very hot into my hands. Cast message to him. And briefly quietly say I think that that woman is going to try to kill you. I really do. Yeah. Just so. Turtle. Caleb. Do you have some? I create water in my hands. Receive? Not much left of most of its Bill. In your hands as drink. What does that have? Is this a custom? Yes. Just give. Give good. All right. So if you more days of travel Darko. Couple of moments here in one night that you are in your room sketching in your book kind of testing out some of your new paints. Feel a hand on your shoulder. Prince over and you can see the pale soft fingers. And they dark greenish sleeve resting there. Went over to the side, and you can see the dripping hood the slight curved smile across the. Thing dealer. Chin the traveler protruding from beneath the cloak. Hello. I see you found new toy. I am quite excited to the things capable of Justice. Pretty good. Did you want me to make you something with the paint? Surprise me. Travel. Yes. Ninety. Are you having fun? I'm not. Yeah. I've been. Listen surprise. Tenacity. Chris we still things, but they gave something back. Dislike you, always teach. You know? Maintain the. That seat of care. Traveler. How do I make Aibo like me? Well, there are many different champions that could. Achieve the goals. UC? If I want to do it with an enchanted -ment. Trickery? Maybe. Listen. Listen to what? Peaks interests. And the napkin to be the source winning needs. It. And if that fails. There are plenty of that can sway right? You'll help me out with that. I'll do my. You're not jealous. Are you know, you'll always be my number one love, but. So what are you making me? I wanted to be surprised for you again, tell you. Oh. I'm glad you're here. I'm never fought. Price. What do you make from? Oh my goodness. Okay. With my magical paints. Gosh. Planning on fucking up some other things. But right now, I will make a little shrine like a little stat. She lived a traveler. And that way, I can pray to him. Finished painting. It kind of suddenly gives the takes gravity almost seems to fall a centimeter. Center itself. It goes to mental shifts like you have to almost almost like blinking like shimmering green sitting up from the edge of the bed. The cloaked figure walks over lifts it inspected. Places. It back down. You know, getting better I could these around other places would you think preferably wear? It will be released expected the creepiest defied. Okay. Excited. I can make so many of these. Make me protester. Times coming soon. We'll meet the rest of your brethren? I wrote it down. It's you right. In like less than a year. What? Soon. From your notes closing your book, you turn to look and travelers. Yeah. Down that they. Right. You guys on anything? Conversation. Ford. Maybe two days out from the reefs you go to bed that night. And the takes you. Find yourself kicking through the thick sludge like waters that surround you sluggish in your movements. Documents all encompassing yourself alone in these shadow depths. A faint. Green light is visible in the distance. You pushing swim towards light growing brighter. Closer. As Equis closer a second light even further impossibly distant. But you can acknowledge it rests on the horizon. Is that I like, it's brighter. You can see the source taking shape. It's a figure female Newt also swimming. Vodka. Emanating strange green glow. Swimming ahead of you, her body wreathed in this faint greenish yellow aura. She looks points to you. The waters around using glow. The same colored light. You look down at your body. You see that you are? Now, the third glowing source of this green energy and suddenly the waters are easy to traverse. What was wanted to sluggish and difficult to Ford is second nature? Voice comes through. Watching. The distant light seasonally dives with incredible speed nearly out of sight. If Onta dives down after rocketing down below you breakneck and her speed. You dart after her to give chase moving far quicker than you had -ticipant it. You realize the waters becoming Finneran thinner like air. You're falling. Three Shooting Stars plummeting through a dark sky. Glancing down below the endless. Void you plummet towards the details seems to be a surface rushing towards you. Towards an ocean. The faint distant endless glittering of moving. Shifting waves of some source this moonlight just barely giving the shapes below with three large masses. Spinney few like, a misshapen triangle of land masses of incongruent sizes. One two three. You rocket downwards the space between the three the center of this triangle hitting the waters of the ocean with tremendous force impact. But no pain. You sink? The light of the other two figures cluttering through the lightness waters. Sink. Until you see a structure come into view from alot. Tilted tower wrapped in see mine's the hollow center, providing a wide tunnel further within. Pierre signed this empty tunnel. The towers debts. And watch say sudden bright yellow light shines from within. Gleaming yellow I. The two lights seem to try and drifts towards you behind you. You fall into darkness in the dream. That's. I wake up and immediately grab the map. Yes. Queen s. Relationship. Oh here, right. The raves could Keizo towards Darko. Coming across the past the wall. Did we pass pass south of it? And you actually the your your piracy hit right at this trade route there. Triangulation? Why would that be there? Well, this is we are going to play this. Msrb. Right. This is everywhere. It's where we were three were the three masses were not even in shape and size. And they were clustered. There's another reef here. There's territory fear. There is dead center is a lot of. You could say this center, but. Okay. Okay. Close to your ship that you know. What does this triangle of to where the three objects or were three temple vision? The three landmasses are do, you know direction this ship was heading. At the time. At the time from what you were called the ship was heading out work. So I'd be heading west. Maybe he knew where to go. And he was heading there to get his gift. Said about morning breakfast from station or something. Anyway. Contemplate. But in the next few days that pass. Eventually. The fog rolls and and the blue cloudy skies. You had become familiar with this journey. Give way to grey rainy, cold this marine front rolling in as you begin to come upon the outskirts of the drag shallow reefs. Go on just real quickly. Steal a bunch of gun powder. While I was learning how to the powder. Have days. Okay. Do you do know that the current master gunner is a very close out on you after you've exhibited? Yeah. Only all. I don't want the my trying to steal a barrel. Just enough to make one of those bang bang EROs, just like enough for the tip of an okay? Make a handshake. That's a natural. Okay. You steal overtime a pretty decent amount of this powder. Pretty damn proud of. So right down in your inventory. You have you have a handful of pepper. Back trying to construct a explosive Arrowhead awesome. Go go ahead. Dis nuts. What am I doing? If you're billing. These are in theory tax this one this should be. Yeah. Jackson one fifteen. Yeah. You managed to construct a pepperoni? Fuck. Yeah. All right. So. Ship skirts around the southern edge of the reefs. You can now see the tangled graveyard of destroyed ships and gathered driftwood marking the shallow spots across the jagged cluster of reef. Curving around a south western passage, a channel that opens. The channel beckons you and trees you turn to head northward to what would be the center, the heart of this cluster. No more than maybe twenty minutes into entering the channel vodka shout out of the rest of the crew raise the. Which point the massive ochre boulder. Got tosses the Noche second mate if it's up to the central mast to the crow's nest where he swaps out the flag to a new one when that is straight purple. The biggest push it's way in make the perception check. Just solid purple. For four twenty different flag. I'm the one that was raised during Patterson. Fourteen. Fourteen twenty natural. Ten board in nineteen. Twenty total twenty four. Okay. So you just her. It's a couple of things you you pick up on the details of the five it is straight purple. But there's something. Different about you're not entirely certain. It looks like a straight color, but there's like sometimes the way some of the light hits that you can see like sheen parts of it. It's best describe. But the rest of you look around, and you can see amongst these reefs. I don't have the jagged bits of it. Come forward and bits of rock that kind of shut out the ocean -mongst the rest of the rebel around a looks like a lot of has been placed both as kind of a communal barricade. The reef and and a challenge in wishes come in, but you can see areas where the rock itself is a little more sturdy in above the surface. There are watch towers, and there are bolt throwers catapults, and there are defenses all the cross elements of this reef that you imagine one of the many reasons it's not been taken back by the Clovis concord, and the what you would know to be the forty plus years dark Darko has belonged to what is known as the referee. The revelry. The revelry is the the communal band of pirates that work together to maintain some internal order. Like a history check Ford and anybody else proficient with history. Twenty five. Okay. Eleven all right. Foreign caleb. You know, that this this began as a dispute with the heads of the guilds in the Clovis, concord, they own and run a majority of the trade routes to come in and out, but a lot of the smaller shipping businesses and various other side industry leaders were being overtaxed repeatedly in an attempt to close them out of the business, and essentially completely own all means of shipping in the vicinity this pissed off a lot of people and eventually in moments of combined desperation and frustration they banded together. And we're Darko was previously a very very important repair and stopping station this far out menagerie coast for long distance shipping. They ransacked it took it over. They killed those that defend them. Selves, and any those who did not want to raise arms would be absorbed and be allowed to become a member of what was now called the referee. And as such they have since held this location and continued to be the source of piracy both for their own wealth and continuation of wellbeing. But also as a continuous source of of aggression and. Destruction of the otherwise very prosperous trade that the clothes concord runs. You do know also that the revelry is run by what's called the plank. The king biting the previous one was killed fifteen years ago. By the current plinking. Challenged him. Thanking is known as Wyatt marranos. All you've heard is. He is a giant of a man. As you move deeper through this channel the day goes on begins to get somewhat dark as you begin to see the glittering lights of what seems to be the southern edge of dark Darko. I'll. The cold kind of post through and a light rain begins to fall as you approach this island. Unlike the jungle islands that you've come across and a vast majority of this Swain islands here off menagerie coast is mostly rock and cliff. In fact, from what you can see most of this island from this perspective is jagged cliff face and probably a few hundred feet up is worthy islands like even surface. Even begins at the base around this cliff face. You can see a scattered web of shipyard just tangled docks that just maneuver around containing dozens and dozens of ships, and it costs that you see numerous tortuous that Mark varies intersections where they all meet and built into the base of this cliff face, you see a number of buildings windows all slowly being lit as the night grows darker and darker. This mass of almost natural looking hive like pirate city there stands before you. Dr. As the ship makes its way to the docks eventually comes to a stop can see a few figures of the one of them. That's rings a Balas at comes in. And the couple of that come out to meet vodka steps out, and you can see this couple of hands raising Logica. We ever I know it has been quite a while. But success and celebration, I believe our on our lips tonight. And a few of them come from look over the crew and look over a few of you take some notes then dart off. Guess we're. Ardley island. Now are we office ship the ship now has docked the beginning to take remains the supplies the mistake. You can see his pulled off ended other side and Orleans. Other hired crew are looking very wide and confused about what the fuck is going on Italy hired a bunch of guys. Been brought into. On. Wow. So you begin to step off the ship. Giamatti steps off the rest of you know, looks to to cut. Goes up. Used to only fifty more golden counted what you gave me. Map and she's a high tide correctly. Coins out of her person hens it too. Counting. Businesses component looks the rest of you. Careful on these. He turns and walks into the city. Dead Man Walking. My hands in these kiss the ground. It is a salty with cease flash and cold touch because of the nature of the stone over Cirque abuses. A little got away kind of quite. Yeah. He was not a known talk to him over the journey. I guess we were switching back. There's a lot of back and forth. Vodka terms. West crew has been good journey. You've been very kind to have been resolute and taught we'd be proud. So tonight we drink gun, but this be off to the bloated Cup. The rounds are on me. Marius comes around the. Yes. Remember Maria's twelve. Yes. Okay. Don't mean to me. It's really. Fuck hover. We. Where at the end of the world. Friend. Okay. Is going to be tough to toughen up pirate face. Both really. Okay. Well, until you find a better one that'll do what's your name? Should it be? Marius the mariner Lepaul got. There's more. Pau the pay. I was really good. Could do this the. Husin? Pretty good. Or lease big total hand class in the back on the left shoulder Bongos. How do you mean? Juice. Okay. Yeah. So. The Laura lay out to do. Tis that are fans. Mayor Prentiss make me, but queens me. Follow the rest of the crew kind of confused amongst themselves kind of stick together and one of them who would have he his name would have been, oh, this is this point this is gallon gallon. Who's kind of was recovered and is kind of. Yes. Who's kind of become loosely? The because he's only one on the missed and it. Well, he's become kind of the done mother of the other hired crew that you've brought into this widely adventure. So. These ones. The plan. Did we say there was a plan? Do we live with plan? Sure. Did we have plan? We have a vague idea hired them for a certain amount of time. Probably let them go home eventually earlier. Remember who they are fair. We should let us go home. Eventually, maybe they should stay on the boat after it's repaired. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then we will take them. Eventually, we'll pay them more. No. I think we brought them to a port of great business. If they choose to stay here. They certainly K otherwise they'll have to wait until we're even again all ask around. He doesn't seem rather. He's been before. I again, gone left. This port on the missed seems generally he's kind of over the travel has gotten a little bit of concern. I seem somewhat invested in the new crew you've. Goes release that message care. In the meantime, the rest of the crew seems to have followed suit with Advanta leaving a few crewmen that are just part of the docks to keep watch. How how guarded or patrolled or monitored are the docks pretty damn well patrolled and monitor like, this is the bread and butter of their business in this area. Are there uniformed patrols or do? You just see people armed muscle. Is you get the sense here and from from based on your history checks, everyone who resides in Darko is a member of the revelry pack. By the way, you guys are members of the revelry. So by touching down on the island. You become a member by becoming part of a vodkas crew. Heavy defines coming into port and having a few individuals. Mark your presence to imagine. That's probably the case. And when you what are you guys doing we're going to follow going? They loaded income of let's let's let's make sure that the crew knows they should be repairing the ship and the B shipshape at some point. That was the easiest membership ever obtained or the most difficult membership. I've ever obtained part to say following up on full. It's question. Travis question that the muscle that we see around us is look like it's are we in deadwood to or is there like a strong. Police force of sorts that is making sure that should not going down. Where would would identify anyone in charge? Or is it just a saloon with Cowboys everywhere? It's more the former than. From the first part. It's there is no uniformed guard. There is no, you know. No. We're gonna have this. Piracy Barbados, basically. The thick of it. Yeah. This this the heavy rubber piracy's only existed for about forty plus years, and is still kind of in some ways finding its footing. They can have the evening civilize, just Bennett. See this whole time in the morning. We expect work to continue them. Stay on Harris talk shit. Get hit. So wanting the docs following the rest of onto Kaz crew. The dachshund bridges, it's it's this labyrinth defined your well, your find your way, you know, beyond that to the to the stone in rock where you at kissed earlier the city itself is a series of switchback pads and carved caverns and cave entrances since outfitted with pieces of wood windows, and now at this point. It's it's pretty much pitch black in the sky. The what little bit of light there is from the nearby torture. Lantern light gives just a hint of the mist that's kind of rolled across the outskirts of the island and the only lights. I is. You have are those keep on you. Or the distant glowing smattering of hundreds of Firelight windows that from the inside the warm buildings that make up the city. As you make your way to what you assume to be the the tavern the bloated Cup. If you will onto Kaz currently standing outside talking to somebody. And there you see this kind of burly kind of rough looking human man, probably a week and a half unshaven. This thick kind of five o'clock shadow kinda grayish curled hair. That goes bright about shoulder length. It's kind of slicked back with his fingers to one side. But it's enough where it stays in place. Wearing an officious coat. And the curly in the middle of a discussion. And she looks for the rest of us. Matt policies. They always one bit of business. We must tend to before we can set up rates the rest of you continue. My new pay tweets, it seems and the the human figure pipes up and goes. Word is reached the years the plane king at you've brought new blood here. Darko imagine these the new blood based on looks at sheet of paper that's headed to kinda looks at the description that was written. Would appreciate to bring them to the throne roost and have an audience. You will assistant plant king. What is your name James tilt? All about this. Getting the assistance to plank king. We need to bring any presence or anything to the plank. Certainly wouldn't argue. Smiles now, the first gritted, there's just maybe six or seven. Most of them are blackening. Rick medial, follow me. You two of the care. He wants to chicken. She going to size, but gives the smile. Bring bring. Five hundred. Shirts counting out gold from one of the chest. They had brought with them. We never divvied up that box. No. For her to do. Having to do. For me. Chord master. He said deveop Jesuits quartermasters do. Bowls. Intentional guys. It's all good. Quite as passed over to a small chest. Involve kind of carries it up on her arm. So. You guys are led to the western side of the city and then begin climbing. This precarious set of winding stairs, carved out of the rocky cliff. Above the city slick with missed and recent rain. Looks like the way the winds hitting the rain is hitting the crypt side. But you can see it passing. Maybe fifteen tweet fifteen twenty feet. This is prac Kerry s you. Partway up this climb the occasional torch is now replaced with a wooden pike holding a skull or ahead varying stages of decay. Put my my medals, go mass gone. Okay. If you're middle scary feel at home. They're nice. Your lead up further maybe two hundred and fifty three hundred feet up cliff face. Kind of leading you with some of the bursts of win to lean against it. Deploy across the stone stairs themselves vary from two feet wide to maybe foot at times. Looking down over the imagine a few folks, you're sure have found their end with an odd misstep. Here's finally stop a wide stone shelf that overlooks the town. About two or three hundred feet above the furthermost edge, ending just above the rocky waters of the inlet cave. Mouth greets you against the cliff warm with Firelight two watchmen notice you stand there keeping an eye as a quote man pushes past to to descend from where you came. Pushes past. Nonce to the guards. And shows the chest got past. Was it? Look like what you're wearing is always passed. You not making perception check let these guys go by dude nine. To dorgan. There's too much rain. It's hard to make any details. Unfortunately. Ivanka then use in showing the chest offering the rest of you follow offering. You all are offering. As follow inside, the smell, find of little fine cooked meats and sauces mingles with wet leather and the stagnant. Water a soft fiddle in squeeze box kind of do at dances through the evening air, the Bartik sources atop stools next to a large stone chair carved from the surrounding rock. Sitting atop the throne was a giant of a man half giant to be precise. His dull grace can Mark with scars his coat long in velvet blue tattered at the edges plane breeches and boots shift as he stands his eyes cold shifting with his smile. Long black curls toppling along the sides of his head past shoulders framing his face to mid chest. Now, you know, this through your research, some of you had experiences those part male goliaths don't have here. Little sub Sary's Lux. As he stands up a servant enters and leaves a bowl of somewhat boost feet some some bruised fruit at the feet of throne. The figure claps his hands once loudly. The large figure in the music stops coming to a halt. Deep case. Voted to bring guests. We'll come friends to the revelry calm. Spill. Two servants all of a sudden combined you hear the scraping of what against stone. As two long benches are pressed behind you kind of find yourself having to sit on the music creek with your weight. Another bowl of nuts and somewhat mushy, berries, placed caducity hands a bottle of lying this open handed to Caleb. Minus. We're all the. I am why it's not on us applying king of docto muster of revelry. The king. All how. King. Oh, wow. We are part of a vote to Kaz crew. But humble servants in her. Ventures. Adventures. I am some call Gilligan others. Other names, I present to you this dried meat of the Harvey as a present for you. Arpey jerky sets kind of awkwardly on one of the arms of the stone thrown. Okay. Gilligan? So if onto. Seems you took all these new. Wing. Nods and takes her chest and flits before goes that these two, and I believe there s to introduce themselves on the moment. I love them. I'm the liberals fire. My name is Philip. I'm. Some call me, Tracy. Ford tusk tooth quartermaster of the squally. Call me clay. Yes. Should just goes. I should. You've all come into the school liter. What draws you to a life of piracy? What drives you? Drives any of us necessity. Urgency for a better life. All right rally, cool. Steal thinks. Disdain for. Organized crime in the empire. By certain nature. I'm the maker fine graves. I love water so much. Good. This quiet. Refugee from empire. About the life. Looks the. I like to punch thing. Smiles looks back over shoulder. Goto that lioness new see off to the side and kind of alcohol if you weren't looking you see a man hunched over is currently writing everything down in a book. Sketching who's paying really close? Attention. Everybody. To getting some of your drawings. And you watch he's feverishly like taking notes and sketching you recognize these drawing as well as making those so definitely like everytime mate post differently. Okay. Well, if the cotton the vote just full you not trust you won't go causing any trouble. Only law here is no trouble combined between pirates while within the reef. Because trouble and Joe. You've seen a few on your way. Oh p. True blood, say the reef. Well, you are the two and two explain your cases nine decide was fair or need of punishment. Or if you don't return just Sumio guilty. The big ones understand. This just include harming other pirates or stealing from them too. Depends on what the other one thinks if the other one does want to be stolen from well. That's breaking hall. God. Got it. What if the other one isn't around to logic complete? Well. Meets a here that you broke it. Doc told means protection means family. And family shares its good fortune. It looks to to cut sheet out kicks chest across should scrapes stops it with his foot kicks open the lid, and the coins are there now visible couple spilling out too. Except tribute. Welcome back. Good ship's open fixed real soon. Welcome to the revelry. Soil. You suddenly shocked one of the craziest losses of the swollen islands. Special. Three chases. She'd be should be willing wishy leads you. She's crazy folk and notes empire time, you're either. Equites PTO self there must. Squint Stu self. Thanks. That's it Chev. The folk out my room. Just ask. That's Linus personnel. Other interest writing everything down that we say. Yes. Mother bunch. I love dog and pope. Glaring over ally. Leave. Go just enjoy your fine place. Now, thank you for having us favorite. Cocktail the bloated Cup or or or no Madrid split to Pierre. Right. Of course, you do. All right bye. As leaves the rest of your leaving. Kind of take arms and like pussy out leaving you the exit. Planking? Aside from above make protection check. The seventy seventeen couple of things you notice one. You glance kind of in the vicinity look notice the planking right worthy with a hairline is. It's a Dolor peeler white. Joe? That moment. You remember the the first plank kings definitely known for his longer darker locks. Sure. That's a metal and looking around the interior of the chamber because the way this carbon side the mountain. It's it's kind of nice arched cavern top. And there are a number of alcoves hidden spaces and glance around. And can I just a quick glance noticed at least six or seven other figures that are hitting coves just watching? Creatures like figures figures seem to be other other shoe snipers. As you're opening ushered out of the chamber push to the side the planking anyway do enjoy a night drink. Well, we'll take care of that. And it was a little tug on your arm. And the plinking kind of just comes in whispers in the side of your year. Says. Kenia right. Von Secca, Nathan tool toil little community. You let me know some grand coordinator for yet. How much just backs away? Yank away from. Nevan? Tellier snow fifty. Third too much. The bathroom stall with your legs raised. Yeah. No. Yeah. Notebook. That you make your way out back to the stone. Steps vault. Kasese you all Zangas. That was harrowing necessarily but ova for drinking. Yes, seems like quite the but Netherlands leader. Series of adjectives. Yes. I'll give you that. How long has he been in a seat of rule? Well over a decade, probably. Much on average Japan to not kill you. Paying him to not kill us. Sharing in spoilers to bet to the community. And if you didn't share your spoils. I don't know. I have never tried right? Yes. Very slush. Nevertheless. I'm going to get who's with me here here. Let's go. All right. Come on. She smiles and turns around and you begin to make your track down the somewhat slick stone steps to the darkened city of dark. No being glittering Firelight open windows below leading you to what other revelry evening hasn't store. That's real picking. Happen. Shippen followed the path Howard. Dollar. Scalp. You. War on the 'nother katainen so part of it. Basis in comparison to these folks so bad. Comparison. This is true the main of other creatures. Heroes here. Good shit, man. This is very Neak flavor of cafe. Plaque kings, cope footwork. All right. Folks world pick next Thursday. Young look for to the art book coming on sale Monday. The final chapters. The second half an end the Volkswagen his campaign as created and presented by you. Fantastic. Our community. Yeah. Other than that have a wonderful weekend. We love you and visit Thursday at guys. Thanks for listening to the critical role podcast. You can catch us live on Thursdays at seven PM Pacific standard time at twitch dot TV slash key consideration. Is it Thursday yet?

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Our most anticipated video game is WHAT!?

GG Over EZ

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Our most anticipated video game is WHAT!?

"Hello everybody. This is my colleague john from the funniest podcasts that's right in the mogollon kalkin from the bunny. Any is broadcast. Isn't that amazing. I've actually been told when i do and so they should bring up my name and then even my podcasts. The bunny is podcast with mccully galkin is many times. They possibly can so check out. My podcast is actually pretty funny. We what's the name of it again. Let's wait. What's my name again. And whatever enjoy i know. Go back to whatever you're listening to sorry. I interrupted you. Oh my goodness as we have fought through so many podcasters to get in here to your podcast and tell you about ours which is victory points. That's right becca scott. It's a good podcast. Yes it is jake michael's. It's podcast about people who love tabletop games interviewing other people who love table top games about the tabletop games. They love jake. What's a tabletop game. It's it's a game you play on the table like a board game yeah or even a role playing game or a card game home. You can decide what you like. Let's tell them about the amazing guests we we have got amazing. People like twitch dreamer van mahoni or jimmy wong the actor and host of the command zone podcast professional role players standard genre and more were so go subscribe to victory points on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast okay we gotta get outta here because other people are slamming down the door to tell you about their podcasts hi eighty over one muslims mr fruit and welcome back to this episode of g g <music> over easy where we'll be talking about well. A lot of video games new ones coming out. Bring me rate them on a scale one to ten how excited we are different games going to different consoles a lot about video games so with that sad. Let's get into it. <music> can handle well also. Thank you for joining us. It's nice to have you again. We almost forgot to put you up. We need to put blew up. We got rob here greasy cassini. You'll hear great to see and here you. How's it going love much. Love dude again touching only fall very regal yeah. We're gonna have to sue them with this. Podcast uncast rated five stars on apple podcasts five. You can find it there as well as ever else. You've probably listen to your podcasts so you should do that. If you're watching this on youtube or even on your i mean i. I'm looking at you right now. You're like wait. Should i leave a review right now. Yeah i'm looking at that you frank yeah. In fact shadow swarm warmed it. He said epic gamer podcast firearms. If you're on the fence listen to this one these guys are fantastic on youtube and just as good in audio for oh aw thank you shadows when we got tons of reviews here we do appreciate it. You're obviously we love you. Thank you guys. We appreciate the support. Thank you guys for their listen in hanging out yeah we do. We are happy to ramble for you. All we <hes> we'll have some sponsors coming up in this episode. Let's go ahead and get started with video. Game can't wait. I mean this is. This is the best time for video games like right now. That's why like i'm so excited that like my birthday always kind of fell around this time because i know at least the re games baby. You know that birthday money. I'm getting to know lease took it. He'll reach my birthday and sort of bad stray <music>. I'm sorry that's rough. What it was exciting. At the time they were real quick. We can remove your already know that it would taylor. Just turn it into a shell of what that was like where it started to okay row quick. We're gonna already get off side track. What was your first midnight release of a video game. Do you remember like <hes>. I tell mine yeah i mean i didn't go but my mom wit before me because i was at my friend tyler's birthday party. It was halo to my mom would atom bomb was a great mom around came out like november ish and i like my birthday gift. I was like mom lake. Please let go do this for me. She did what a mom hillary hillary was was. Probably around there okay i. I'm trying to think i think there was something before this mom and dad were they are. I'm sure you weren't allowed out the house by midnight. You better be back right yeah. No i think i think my mom probably had to drop me off because at the time i didn't have i wasn't sixteen no yes. She had to be there because i couldn't five five again. I wasn't seventeen says my mom yes so she had the kombi lightning ball. I do remember though the i m rated game. I bought myself myself though was actually i think actually came out to on my seventeenth birthday. Whatever gears three game stop bob. He's going to see your. ID bobbie-ann sorry about that too too bad. It's fun that was good. No it has no. It's not that good. What about you have you. Have you been to midnight releases. I was moreover to that's the only one i ever went to. That's oh that's a great one. Though that's a great lay on the monterey fair to train because i was too busy played halo three. We're too busy being real game and then like at school. Everyone's like in general too busy playing the other franchise. It really was at the time it was like oh you picked and you know it's so weird like with halo sports. When i saw the call it duties clovinger losers. Are you kidding me all. ER proud franchises now are like doing cities. It's overwatch league rohan. You'd be lucky to see a halo tournament within my my uncle joe's hosting the world championships in his backyard middle of victims of the world championship. Eh rosters <unk> letters asked. Have you played your butt really yeah. They're sitting there like please all right so let's get into the games <hes> so the first game i put up <hes> is probably the one i think everybody's mostly throughout definitely has like the most kind of hype behind. It is probably borderlands three. We'll probably to the closest. Oh yeah i mean. When does it come out from. I mean so this sunday. As is this podcast five yes next week basic yup. Are we grinding or what could like about just be losing. Their lives question asked the greiner of self. The gwb go pretty hard is what you got into blue like. What got you into the genre like a loser shooter. If it wasn't for borderlands i probably wouldn't have played desi in all honesty. I mean you're right. I would've never met hard facts borland's to the first one i played. I played <unk> orleans one later on but to so good and it got me addicted to like that luke grind that way <hes> in destiny came out we didn't have an extra in luder and this is the first one by destiny because i want that same like dopamine rush from getting cool lewd so of wasn't borderlands. I wouldn't be playing density. Which is why i mean. I could probably throw myself in that category too. I mean with borderlands. I remember when my boy ryan rolled up. It was like did have you heard of this game. Called borderlands had already probably been out like three or four months. 'cause i was kinda late on that train to and it was so sick i mean how long has it been since portland. Suit suit borland's own nine nine kat. Sorry audio is much. I just whacked my can't or the microphone memorial but so one was was nine and and i think for you too was twenty twelve to two thousand and now it's seven years later which okay so i'm going to go on a little in here may be a bit of a hot take here but borderlands three didn't as much as a seven-year-old game in development trip happen. It hasn't been seven years in development sure there was like but the team that gave battle born recipes oh man i know i i missed adult so tired. I know that like to i know but within those seven years you would have thought they found a new way to add something big for an like. Maybe they're hiding something and game. I doubt it. I feel like they would revealed that. Oh no don't reveal that. I would like yeah but i mean. Did you play through portland's season game like did you. Did you go. That even borland's too yeah. I did okay 'cause i mean 'cause i mean realistically mystically the i. I don't know how far they've expanded the end game as far as activities go the borland's endgame. AM is basically just kind of fighting the same kind of bosses that they scale up to your level as well right and then you're the classic and game where you go through <unk> specifically the table and just like tears of difficulty harder and harder and then like when you get that gun and then like the perks on it can have tears as as well so it's like hunting for the perfect perks on it to kind of percentage role so that's all it is basically right is just kind of doing that. There's no like missions or something you just just basically pharma boss bosses and stuff that you can't get if he didn't do you like a different tier or stuff like that which is a big part of borderlands but gearbox doesn't like i i if i got borland's twos endgame today for me shooter repre- disappointed but so you need leading tell you what it was because destiny and everything you have this big game a lot of activities. A bunch of radio play broke what i mean it. It's the miles redder than i mean in the same you compare i'd before twins william okay sure but like it's not that expansive like crazy. I think like border point is if you're player coming into disney toots pretty mike game like i was expecting them to be like yo. In game like there's an actual arrayed <hes> something like that especially since it's co op you'll think and that's why and that's why i have a lot of faith in gearbox because i mean honest they already showed off a couple of things to do which are just activities in general <hes> for the end game which they have his horde mode. That looks super. Sake our notes you do you are a sucker for hormones some of that but thinking about gearboxes. They're gonna make their own lane. They're not gonna put like six player raids or like pseudo pseudo hoard modes for the eightieth time bungee by but i'm sure gearbox has their own stuff in their sleeve. Honestly even i could probably still go back to borland's students june. Slush fund replaying through the difficulty modes because borland's has always had just fundamentally fundamentally. It's a lot more fun to play through. The stories and bosses of borland's is played through destinies quite auto yeah one hundred percent so i if i had but if that was the only like reason to replay then at this point in time this late in the game then the i probably would get pretty boring pretty fast yeah so i i think the game is going to be more bordeaux. Institute just more borderlands two which isn't a bad thing and it'll be fun but so far haven't seen anything that deviates from that same formulate blue sam. It'll still be fun with through it for me to the fun thing about forty minutes to was more so going back through with different characters. Do all the different classes sauce still do that. That'd be the fun part but i'm hoping they're still going to be something else to shoot for or gross difficulty modes something i could totally see borderlands three having a dungeon kinda system like instead of just like going to a boston like walking in front of him like you go through like a dungeon or something like that so let's it has to be it because i'm with you guys if it's just kind of the same thing where you just play for just kind of having the best kind of gun for seven years ago. That's what i'm saying. It's like literature as we know it have expanded. I know borderlines is different formula and stuff but you would think they would have taken something especially because they like to focus on the whole coop. Thank you think they would have pushed some new activity or some new way to play with everybody that would enhance gameplay rather than just well. That's what they haven't said it but i'm cautious to think that they wouldn't use that as as like some weight like for sure well especially and that's so i have faith in gearbox because the card on the table they put down as well. We have like an actual huge open world right which is already. The world's like don't you if you look at borderlands two. It's still bigger on a scale of like commission areas and just places to patrol the destiny right so yeah. The whole big sale is already. Well are are already big world to explore his even bigger so obviously the story is going to be its gearbox story. It's gonna be cheesy campy. There can't go an awesome yeah. They're all so. I feel like the cards on the table of marketing is more borderlands. We'll hear some more boylans and if they do have more like cool activities for you to do that would be just that'd be just something that you it's kind of finally game 'cause gearboxes pretty traditional as far as like marketing a game. I thought i was really high for borland's that you you guys have kind of brought me down but i am so high forty. I'm still i i as much fruit says yeah it would be disappointing if that's all there was i would missile gets plenty more than six worth out of that game. If it really was that was all it was because borland's everything so well. The guns are so fucking creative. When we went to the event it was cool. It was cool but like it was. I knew it was borderline. I knew exactly what i was like the play it was fun like don't give your had fun but it was borland's to like. It didn't feel blockage it. What do you mean get him out. Guess that was the point has the whole joke when they revealed like <hes> the thing people get most excited about as a slide mechanic and a two thousand nine hundred games you can slide and people do all right down. I don't get that criticism people that let people be hype for cool stuff. Yeah i mean you gotta understand with people with borland's. It's like this is larry been seven years since last one saying so seeing and they're so so much i mean there's so many out of devs now like when it comes to like delivering people were like man like what if it's legit just borland's too and it's like they don't make any quality of life changes so for me. I was excited because it's like damn okay so this is actually borland's in two thousand nineteen game because i feel like i'm so jaded by getting disappointed that i was like damn what if he's right so if i'm gonna put so we'll we'll end borderlands three there. Let me add one one thing. I don't mean to bash specifically on borderlands within the whole sliding thing like i remember at the desk to reveal their like you now have a mini map and you show up on it and people like yes and like yeah. That was like yeah okay. This is like you have like quest strikers a yeah we should have had we should've had a long time. There's just quality life stuff that anyone like especially if you're not excited for the series yeah we i just wanted them all right so on my scale of hype. I'm gonna okay. We'll have like one for me being being like cursive o cyrus. That's my one ten being like one. Okay keenum hearts three wasn't that great of game but you are a high tori was a tent right borderlands three. I did have that attend but then when you guys like broke down and like just kind of said it's borderlands ends and maybe the end game may not be there. I'm gonna nine. I'm at a nine high tories. Are i mean seven years. I am borland's three. I'm not an avid borderlands fan. Dan been waiting for it. There will notice that we also leaving borderlands the precinct. Were not even aware it's been seven years wasn't really yeah but i mean that wasn't gearbox so it's australia gearbox and like that's what i'm saying like. Some people like off. What's your score from one to ted. I'm gonna put that a nine for me. It's not a ten because it's i mean like i said it's like twenty nineteen. There's all this. There's been so many things that have changed in the genre so it's nine because even if it is evan if it isn't like as expansive and like all these activities to do the game so borland's like the yeah. The time i spend in it is is going to be of higher quality than i've gotten destiny. You don't shave great score like we're over here trying to explain why it's not a ten. We're like like come on borland's might only be like a five hundred dollar game for me right but it's like those five hundred dollars will be more a significant than like fifteen hundred. I've put destiny no shade. I'm going to rank it because we have some upcoming games. <hes> and i'm gonna give each one like the one out of the list i most height for is going to be ten okay and then i'm going to try and roughly think we're borderlands falls in that kinda see. I'm just going like so i would say they got the same score. Mice go he. This would be seven a seven because i think here. That's what you're saying right there with yeah but i'm saying i'm saying that because out of this list. I think there's three games above more excited okay. That's just one eight nine zero scaling on it yeah okay i see so i'm still superpipe that same route okay yeah. I'm not saying it's like. SC your game hype fort but they're more games closer already already know what my tendency to. That's why i kind of forgot what that list is because it's a long list show with that once we got a big old list. We can just start chugging through it next. We got to the one the only you never thought you'd see it two thousand nineteen. We got banjo kazoo we but we i didn't just get banjo. We got a san. We basically got a sand skin for everyone was more attr- about that than any announcement the sand skin what stands stands san s eight and s all. I've never played under tales so that's like the skeleton guy <hes> yeah. It's a skeleton guy. You see all the time slip out. An outfit and people are freaking out about it. It's i mean to be fair. It's a pretty solid outfit. I mean if going on the gaming goku out. I thought it was funny because people were like oh do banderas launch tonight and they revealed a new real terry. Who's from tom. Terry was it fatal. Fury and people were like oh. That's cool but most hype people were were for me me gunnar skin so outfit sands under tail. Whatever you're gotta tilt pantograph relations is just can with a hat yeah. Everyone's saying i don't get it. I don't know i mean what team was that to. The trailer was cool like they were all trying to go for it. In the genesis i think yeah yeah but it was like back early nineties. It wasn't huge fighting game yeah. It did have a lot of work but one thing i wanted to bring up with ultimate and i'm interested to see what do you think about it blue because you can kind of see it on the list if you have in front of you. Do you think we have seen the peak of ultimate you know. It's almost been out almost a year. Now like netflix haven't so you definitely think it's still going to be going even though the spider pass isn't terry almost the last fighter to be so that's the other thing they they announced the soccer. I pretty much said just because this fighter passes ending. We're actually working on more characters paul. That's why they named it. Fighter pass one because it is literally. They're getting ready for one so i'm assuming we're probably going to five more characters <hes> of next year okay. What is the next time you think we see smash like a new smash smashed. Title switch will ever get another one so i don't ever like the nintendo makes their new console. Nothing's gonna be anytime soon. Five or awesome soccer is last mash but i'm always someone but he's he's been making it. It seemed like from the from the switch from from the direct last night. He made it very clear that if this is going to be the last man he wants to put as much as like make it as big as he possibly can yeah so he pretty much said we're working on this as much as i can so i don't think we're getting. I think this is the last mash we're getting for for a very long time. I don't think smash will be done. Even if soccer has done. They'll get someone else to do it. We lost sock right. Let's give up on french. Fries yeah smashed which is exactly why. I think swansong if we do get another smash. It's not going to be for a while. I would say this is. How long was it from malay to brawl only our ears. I think yeah wait now. Wait now. May god was like here. I can look no bro rose six. Was it yeah. I think you're right. Oh six and then <hes> we we you was. I don't even know 'cause i didn't we use twenty eleven. Oh no brought to yeah okay so we have ultimate came out in two thousand eighteen right. We had a super smash bros <unk> twenty fourteen yeah <hes> super smash bros brawl two thousand eight may lay was two thousand one and then smashed <unk> oji was ninety nine well. If i'm doing the math it was it was seven years from malay to raleigh up and and and so now you yeah yeah well so this is so this is the difference because the deal see one hundred percent. You don't really like you don't really need to have another installment like this. Game will last long enough. It's already some games you do this kind of game you don't you can just yeah i mean and and there's no there's no really reason to make a new one if this one continues to draw numbers because he says i think this is not even close i ultimate is going to be the most popular smash title title as much as people of malay as far as monetary wise one hundred percent gonna make a former money on ultimate than they ever monetary wise but i think among the fans and the culture richer of malay. I think there will still be here who've claimed to be bigger. I reach the malay community will always be doesn't matter. I'll making it. They'll be like no malays a bubble that you don't touch and i'm fine with that because i would rather not smell bad i mean the the reason to is like now. They may lay nintendo doesn't make anything from that. They don't sell cubes anymore. They don't sell malay. It'll make any profit so that's nothing but ultimate still making plenty of money all right right so let's put malay on the scale of your guys as high. Let's say let's start the terry in there and the fighter pass to and stuff. I don't even know what how to be high because i don't know all the people on this fighter past. What like spider pass your wildest pass one hundred percent so schumacher. Uh of i see what you're saying. I mean just you just joker and banjo. Alone is like so. I don't even know what it takes. Row quick anybody in smash. Who is your number one. You know who fruits fruits this years ago can mainassara from kingdom hearts like any keenum heart. You made even mickey brown. Mickey will be lit that would be sick for not submitting mccoy's in kingdom hearts. Daddy doesn't <unk> yeah. Hey sore would be sick. Riku like kyrie any of those kind of kingdom hearts characters would be my pick. Maybe maybe like a hero thing when you change the skin changes like the character but navy that that'd be over yeah. That'd be very sick any fighter. I don't have like a honestly mine's pretty lame. I wanna pauley on but it's that's that's that's a fever more probably more realistic goku especially since he is an dan important colon the penguin characters. I'm honestly because all the characters never coming. Goku would've been <hes> my number one but i know that's never gonna happen like just because he said because he's the only that started from video games when what is that <hes> like characters are not in mongo or TV shows when he came out and said that up to band. Is there tade. Oh yeah i mean very possessive so it's a double whammy of no but if squaring extra get cloud it was scoring has always had a working relationship intendo so it's not important to six. Mine likes excessive kinda. I like smash. I'm not super into it like blue or really good at it. I'm casual smasher. I think i'm better than the normal casual player. It goes casual casual rob people who are good and somewhere. I'm so worried that makes and you know what good is this sponsor. Oh ooh wow blue great job. Let's hear from them. Oh my goodness we have fought through so many podcasters to get in here ear to your podcast until he bought ours which is victory points. That's right becca scott and it's a good podcast. 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All kinds of people from comedians actors celebrities rappers about their first worst experiences. Whether it be drug trip bad job experience a bad day etc etc. The stories are crazy. I guarantee you'll laugh and we have lots of guests ranging from michigan kelly people. SNL george lopez. It's is really fun over here so do yourself a favor subscribed. You're worse. I and come feel better about your own life. CNN and we're back whoa that's crazy wow and we also realized we are on our list nineteen more game and we talked about two and we that's what it's been out for almost a year yet so we should probably we're doing fantastic honestly will the their stuff at the end that have more her topics yeah so we don't have so we can kinda rapid fire some of this talk briefly about it radim so smash i wouldn't even know where to it'd be pretty pretty low like i love smashed playing new character yeah. The problem is i get on and i realize i sought all right. This is why i don't play smash. You tried for a long long time. I tried and then no one watched. The videos candidates got much time <hes> i. I don't know how to read it. I mean gene smashes like just part of my my myself is seven so like any angrily. UC smash get hype for like seven. I'd say i'd say i don't oh no. I can't really rate the i s. I would really more excited because i just think oh this. Is someone new to watch competitive like. I just hope they're viable. Yeah i can watch competitive. That's really yeah. I see that rather than like playing them just to see how it makes us. The pot like someone put some player next on there. I can't really rated. I mean if if if but if like the last fighter pass which is like goku i'd flip out it'd be ten w we automatically change the ten of couse announced yeah there you go okay so next up. I wanted to talk about this. Rob kept being like what. I don't get that then either. You might be sleeping on it but it's one apple just too early. Mr i don't even know three and a half years gordon warfare to everyone's been waiting. There's been anticipated like the the community and this technically isn't garden warfare. It's like a what exactly they're calling on it. Yeah fall asleep. Whatever listen. I love shooting games an an i love it when there's one that makes up the formula especially when it's colorful once what's up reactive. It's like p. has right like like you can play against zombies in the game but there's also players in the game to and there's objectives right yeah well yeah mainly. It's usually twelve twelve and alternatives in this plans. Versus zombies obviously a whole bunch of different classes. It's fine. They even have like a little like skill system now. Oh you can like make a load out. You can level them up like prestige them and get stuff whatever i was hyped about that not only because it's happening but whatever like hey hey this is out oh and you can play it now yeah like he hits the DM's up yesterday and he goes guys. This is playable night and i was like oh this is going to be like gears. Like what is this when i open it and it's like welcome to plant versus zombies. You're the problem. Do you have an open mind. Will you want some other generic gritty modern suitor <hes> like borland's three. I would love that okay but see see borderlands a special too. I like that because that has character in stylized quirky and it's it's it's kinky l. at the same time. Here's my score for. I don't wanna hear it's out anyway screw. You was probably like okay. I'll put eh too because to means. I'm willing to record it with one. I'm not recording with how that goes to just like literally. I wanted to be supportive of my friends. Exactly i love you and i will make some content with it like those games that we all four morning bullying my gears here again years man. Let me give you the support late. You gotta like years a war right. I don't care or man <music>. Did you did at one point or another. Everybody did gears more the cheers i taylor for years war. One bro is one of the best video <music> game trailers of all time years one in so campaigns sto good the best here's around the time gears was becoming this big big thing. I was just these two. That was just playing. I was so decent solid throughout my adolescent years just the most so these games just didn't really hit me on my radar while i've been looking at early reviews for it and like kind of like not spoilers or anything but they say like the campaign is like so far really good and like is is like the most similar to one two three in the sense because the gives awards between artists had been just whack well apparently to i. I haven't read too much because they didn't want to but they have like an open world now or like some levels or like a hub and so there's like driving on these open worlds and style and i was like oh that sounds dumb but then it's great like they'll try spin on that i mean you've got to try and play it a little bit right like on the creator password ever did i don't know no. I just wanted to get p. gains. No <hes> everyone was busy playing. I mean you gotta be at least excite for the horde mode right nah and <hes> what that's like gears like is the popularized lord knows for sure. I don't know man. I saw that game. It was just a bunch of biff a bunch of buff swale dudes guy. The rhody run allergists it to two extra for me. I i just loved. It wasn't for me. Here's a on years. That's no but for me i well. I'm good. I feel almost the same way about gears is i do halo like the gears named named franchise has been drug through the mud dude recently like the gears pop game in all that trash dude. Here's a war one is like one of those games are hold like close to my heart. You're like it was when like my stepbrother was in high school and i was like maybe like sixth or seventh grade brooklyn. I owned those initiatives bro ice. Dont those kid around on to. It was cool as like a little kid. <unk> always wanted to play ragging insane. This kid's reflows whenever i hear gears did i just think think of that and then gears wanted to probably one of my favorite kind of PD like the kind of things you could do. You could like grab a weapon that kind of slide with it while you picked it up. There's little things you could do with it. It's something that i really liked so. I'm gonna put on my list. Dude like eight said then like to hear about these good scores. It gets me high for now if they were like. Oh this sucks i it's just another tab yeah then. I'd be like okay well. The reason i'm more hype for is because that two guys if it was on just xbox fox i will get to especially control now i can use mass and keyboard and <hes> i think i'm gonna like it more and i played the multiplayer by the beta and i was actually like ended and i was like man. I wish you could actually more yeah yeah so i'm i'm excited for that. I didn't really put that in my upcoming. I guess because like we can play it right yeah so i guess if i'm going if i'm going on the list i'd put it right under borderlands at six and that's why because yeah it's like non to are you blue. I guess like no interest at all how to be supportive of you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed years but she's not my thing so you will you record it with. Maybe how much <hes> we'll get into the game has come down. Play hoard or something cod can barely get you to play kidding. I don't tell us until now uh-huh oh we're all hyped your son button did you project and some serious stuff omi because never once in my entire never wants to the damage like didn't also say anything. That's got but if i didn't say yeah you could probably assume it's probably about <hes>. I'm pretty excited pretty vocal about it. Let's next numb soon. We have <hes> the pene simulator death stranding a uh so confused. I don't know what i'm could keeps talking about. He's like yeah. It's a social strands is like fuck you saying i'm take that is very controversial in the video game industry or like video game fandom okay. I don't go thank god. I had never played it edo. Could you the game what oh i never played a game in my entire life. You never played phantom pain. Never play to pay game so like when i a story that like looks confusing. I don't understand what's going on. That doesn't interest me. I give a all that is like it. Just doesn't look like anything. I would be interested in playing like i like a narrative kind of driven story that like you don't know what's going on in the kind of cool thing about that but for me that just turns me off from it and it's like kingdom hearts darrell but i don't play keno hearts for the story like that game is driven by me and like fighting in that in this this game. There's not going to be driven. Climb stairs imagine m. f. imagine imagine like kingdom hearts level level of convoluted story but it's like political and that's metal gear solid. That's what makes it so good. Oh god that one that it's just it's just the story is just so no. I never play ridiculous and overplayed so it'll geared anything so there's so many like play this game to play this game. Play this game to get the story. Are you from this game. You've played four play five. You'll get a background on what happened in four. It's like god. I like northern regions. I am going to rate that. Ah question mark is. I don't even know how to read it when i don't even know what the gal i'll put a four because i care less but if he will say that it's good i'll see the reviews yeah exactly the people are saying it's seven just because i have no idea what it is but it's could jima and i would blindly follow quite honestly this. The line royalty appreciate that star wars djeddai fallen order okay. I am a star wars like a fan until i die star wars fans. Stop listening. I was not happy with the last movie that we're not talking about the money. It's gotta come into it. Don't just go into toilet go into a monologue expectations. This game was pretty cool. I played a lot when i was a kid. I i wish but i urge the martha's more excited for coats order honest. I was very scared because it's easy a and i'm just afraid that they're just gonna. EA it up and just you i know didn't they make like some single player campaign for battlefront or something and it wasn't even. I thought we were talking about the release of of that other. You know a new cool yeah. I'm cool that one yeah all right yeah and respond though so i'm kind of i have faith and it star wars so it's like i have have to get it like. It's like a not not going to get it. Miley issue with it is yeah well. That's part of it but i was told by some insiders and stuff before when there wasn't anything they're like god of war like the new war just star wars and saw my all my god that's too. I love no such a good game so i'm like oh that sounds so dope and i watched the game player beal and i was like he's just stopping open them. Yeah i was like yeah. It's too easy not quite as because that's the that's the hard part about men in a game and star wars you don't want because they're so powerful compared to like a grunt stormtrooper that like for you fi- stormtrooper like you have people complaining like i put bullets into the studio i have this molten like sword that can just slice it anything and he's not yeah so. I can see like why that's an issue but it's just it seems like it can be very linear and i usually don't like super linear stories. He's got a war was nice because it was but at the same time it had the open world like the lake choose. There was like optional places bosses that kind of stuff so it wasn't strictly the bat. <hes> and i'm just worried this is going to be like a almost like a like play along movie getting almost like quicktime a yeah might as well be but there were some sweet things you can do in that game like when he when he like four stroke to do to in front of like the bullet that hit him. I was like all right well well. That reminds me for some way back. PS tour love that game mainly because like the destruction ad and that was like you could just do crazy after like user powers stuff so that'll be a fun. I'm excited for it. I'm just i think all that hype received from people like disappointed yeah when you have this yeah i i just had this is impossible thing that like like rio and how like <unk> cut awards such a game so i'll put it like a five a <unk> six just because it stores anything star wars in its name is six that means. I'm gonna get it but if it sucks like i'm i'm gonna hate it. I just never dated from what does it out though build. I like yeah i mean i feel like that's the type of game i would. I i would have gotten like twenty fifteen yeah. PS twenty twenty fourteen PS three-game me. I feel like we're all about in the same page sir. I hope it's good because i will respond. That's got a chance to and they're they're while i mean taxi rank it in uh no. I'm thinking of anthem bio l. by by all yes don't say the b word here right next next up okay well. I don't know where blue lands on this but i know robin stoked modern world. That's more bearable <music> awful day which means it's a nine. I i can't wait. I've i've had fun on the coms long nose and i didn't even have sound too. I didn't even have sounded. I liked it. That's true we were playing that and you couldn't get your heads one twenty. Whatever so we recorded. Aren't you a ride. You can't here and he's like where are are they. What do you mean where are they. It was awesome but it's so fun and you know like i'm a sucker from honor warfare like if it has malware fanta title scher like i'm i'm complain and it's the only thing i wish it would be a ten if there's cross play okay so i learned there is but console players have to optum all they do okay. That's fair okay playing with not attend they can now. It's a ten was the only reason why okay maybe it's a nine because i probably inaugurated a campaign. I'm i'm not a big call to campaign guy. I don't ever play the quality to campaign. Black ops was the only one. I don't look good. They're all just kind of like the same kind of like thing going going in and mission and save somebody and then you just want us. Brice gotten miss me with that. I'm all about enough player. Y'all the only only thing i'm really really really worried about is the loop box thing or whatever they have in there. That's gonna you twenty gold tokens like. Do you want us ten gems to open up this and see if you go back to black ups. The black ops is a barren wasteland that you would not recognize now because when it started off really good good and they're like oh blue boxes. Oh no those and now you go back. Luke luke luke box. They just wait until the reviews iran. Yeah and let's put him in now and i. It's going to happen like it's a pipe. Put money into it. It's going to be prevalent. It's going to happen. This is what it is people. Just don't i mean i'm. I'm one of them if i i don't mind giving the game money if it's good like if i enjoy it right but like if it's too like a paywall with the apex did with that one thing that's ridiculous. That's where i draw the line like i ruined the. I will not participate in anything like that to force. You did your problem well. I am the problem. I'll admit it it's listen to it okay. I don't buy much your passion. You're going to buy point and bypass. I you'll be fine. Its content yeah to literally. I don't spend my money in anything best separated. Yes sometimes like that and like it sounds sad but like i get a little excited in that little dopamine rush. I'm the problem. I know i know when we go gambling one of these days. I don't know it's like that times fifty bro. I know i have like an addictive personalities. Don't so call of duty nine like i'm really excited for it. I just pray that there's challenges congess. Forget fall cammo not by ten packs and hope you get volcano like that's what i'm hoping for me. Black ops did it well backups four. They had like it to get diamond. I am and you have all these challenges <hes> yeah. I'm just worried about how they're going to introduce micro transactions because the problem black ops four. You're i was fine with it because i know it's inevitable yeah like their division in whatever like the last quarter from black ops for micro transactions and just that that quarter got more than world war two has gotten for ever sales everything ever so like of course there's going to be <unk> transactions. I just hate that. Blackhawks four puts unique weapons behind those great yeah. That's my problem. I don't want that modern warfare where you can put skins or whatever as long as blessed in the sense of like what like weapon like this only forty five select the normally a gun lock when you hit level sixty is now instead so they have their normal weapons but then they're like oh. We have this new m four. You only get it if you can get it through this case that's the problem i have surprise mechanics baby cause and it's it's not just like a rescan like oh. It's just a different model. It's it's a whole new gun. Only are type. All attachment likes yeah. That's my problem so that's why it's nine for me. We'll buy you. I would put nine nice so for me. It's the second most yeah hype game. I am now and that's just one thinks we dope yeah to like. We re plan dan just that to be to mode. Yeah literally could have just felt like the old like exactly you know school high school. I would just stay up all night. Just grind match after match so once. I had progression russian to chase after two prestigious soccer you are and not only that there's rumors. There's like fifty or sixty weapons in the base game and that sounds dope yeah. What about you blew. Put at seven eight two nice hell yes we call the game the four four back in quite honestly <hes> and with all modern warfare eh pretty quickly though black ops is like going pretty well for like three months and then well well the problem too is. I'm hoping this cross plains stuff fixes it and now that people know nope backups for the first until like actually have yeah. It's not just a terrible porton so i'm hoping the PC community doesn't die so fast. That was my my problem. If you go on console nat- it's still thrive on yeah so i'm hoping either with cross play or just with the new hype and stuff they'll be a more emphasis on the PC community that was really my only problem with it because because they definitely put more emphasis on like their council community i mean it's where it's where they get most of their money on one the bank thank you get. The bank can't blame him. I can't blame them. Either and i can't blame us for going to this ad bray. Oh you listen to real stories about today's most popular celebrities and influencers. I had your number one source and it's our hollywood podcast behind behind the scenes. What's going on everyone. I'm tony morris creator host in c. e. O. hollywood's most talked about celebrity news outlet of all time holly wire hollywood behind the fame podcast reveals juicy celebrity relationship stories tips and advice on how to be a true influence her the positives and negatives of being in the limelight. 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Moriarty x. aegean editor video game expert and the host of the finest playstation related show. The internet has ever seen sacred symbols sacred symbols. A playstation podcast is a weekly deep dive into all things playstation four playstation. VR playstation vita and soon enough playstation five and with my co host comedian and youtuber chris reagan we ballast the informative with the absolutely amy because podcast should be actively fun to listen to and not just a thoughtless part of your routine with sacred symbols. You'll laugh. You'll probably cry although that's usually inadvertent and you'll definitely learn something so come join us on sacred symbols also playstation podcast available each and every week wherever you download your podcasts and hold hands with us we navigate video games and the video game industry in ways. You never have before and we're back. Ask with plenty of video game talk so modern warfare where all pretty <unk> robin. I'm more so yeah. Sound blue is seven on blue scale at the great eight score. I think what that means. Blues terms is no. I'm going to grind it. I might not feel good about it but i'm going to grind yeah. I know i'm gonna play import input unhealthy amount of hours into it and it's going to either bernie or what's a ten then what it would be. What's ten like you're gonna find out soon big boys. We're gonna gonna find out okay. He did say it's coming out. It's probably the same as fruits yeah probably next up so this one is in a new upcoming coming game. I just want to briefly touch on it. Kinda like touch touched on like smash banjo hunt showdown. It officially came out of early access. I'm addicted. It's fun fund man. I've i've had a good time with it like it's not definitely the most optimized game. It's fun. I enjoy it. I mean the preparation of it for me. It's like an FBI guy yeah and i love bikes and it's not as far because we've got areas to play with it. He really likes it. He loves escape eight from kharkov his and that's that's too much for me and for those who don't know escape from markov. It's like super hardcore military yeah the military later later. If your character dies you lose them forever every year. Everything everything like in order to put bulletin magazine you have to pull out an empty magazine and then put the bullets since own like load that whole thing then take that magazines like individual locked bet like the whole the whole nine yards super the fan super hardcore. Essentially hunt feels like a software version a softer. You don't need to know as much. It's not as it's like daunting yeah. It's more forgiving and it has the whole like monster hunting and i like that that's one thing that i like. I'm i hate scary movies but i have a weird i love for scary games like the genre of him and you definitely get that sense of tension and like scary inches yeah. That's something that i really like what a game can make. You like feel that way so like i it's fun and i like the emphasis on sound <hes> we're like you. Don't wanna alert these crows or these dogs like would early. We're like when you had gotten off as we were fighting. A boss and i heard dog start barking ours stop yeah. He left the boss room and sure enough because i heard those dogs wchs we saw two people like trying to sneak up. We got the jump on killing yeah so like that whole like nine namic like an it's twofold. I have to watch the as i making making a game like yeah. I know you're not as into it but i hate it though it'd be it'd be a five night. I'll play like if anybody nobody asked me to play so. I just want to touch on that. That's like a game recently that i've because normally i don't have a game especially if i don't make videos on the put a lot of time into putting a lot of time in hunting all right now onto the topic most of our viewers. I'm sure excited for as well as this guy apparently and this guy destiny the need to shadow keys boy. I'm in a really weird spot with this new right now man when i first played destiny do it was the VP that i loved you know and like the PB. He was like my side chick. You know what i mean. I kind of liked visited was like what's up like. I like you like let's raid and stuff but like TV was like what i like. Did you know that's where like. I spent most of my time because i don't know but like with destiny to man. I don't know what it is about the p b p. It's a sandbox change or just. They can't get the super counter ryder. Anything better games came out that it'd be better if if shadow keep doesn't figure out how to do p p man. I'm gonna lose it 'cause it's. It's like i can only do p. P. v. so much i can read three times and then i can do a couple of characters but that does that's a day you know like that's a day of is gaining. We'll see the the reason i play destiny and i know a lot of people aren't like this but i play. PVA to play pea <hes> i play PVC to get these weapons to then go use and i liked to do and so i can understand why like some people love the grind and i do. I love to do that initial grind yeah but then like grinding the same thing over and over unless it's four this exotic. That's fun in p. VP i'm probably not about it but i've been hearing some. There's a bill two packs west and haven't done the same pox patch notes yet they'll do. I'm sure sooner release but like i was triple. Raccoon tweeted out low impact sniper hyper rifles can one shot headshot supers again. That's good so like roaming. Supers hopefully like like that's a big problem and blue made the joke when we're doing the dream team video. It's like there's. There's a point a game where it feels like we just play him. Yeah i mean it is it's true like the first two minutes is fine because you shoot your gun and then you get into gunfights and then after that everyone gets their super and he's have have six trigger titans chain to run and that's the other three minutes and then it's to me. It's that it's that again. There's a cycle that i don't like and i don't think i've ever felt in destiny s. knee one. VP ever and i think the other thing especially for you. The lax is the competition like trials. Yeah i guess that too. I think that has yet ryan the drills. I oh i love trials. I think i i think trials more the sense. It's like i'm better than you because like in a in a sixty six kind of scale. It's kinda hard with like an weapons and all that kind of stuff but that's why i like using off meta stuff because i don't want to just be part of everybody and then oh you use clues to but like if i out gun you would like my j. raby. ICU because like i'm way better with the problem is i feel like there's less options for yet while i think the other problem too is inherently the PC version yeah. I feel like the console version. You'll you see more variety all it's so different but like PC. It's like if you're not using a hand cannon. You are putting yourself into this yeah. It's just like him because of the way recoil on the way. PC works and everything so i think that's kind of part of the problem is just the sandbox like i was able to use right hand. The other day got a rerun outta medals with an audible yeah yeah those found in this matter like i like that doesn't happen yet but i love that because it felt like i was and destiny one yeah like i was using this auto rifle and poppin yeah and just popping off but i feel like you can't do that more often in a PC community now because everyone is just running around with reclusion that one shotgun you get from that one strike bill. If we had actual reasonable lifetime i talked to that if you had what have we had like actual recoil might be unpopular because people love their lands you recoil in the senate. What like but part of what makes part of it makes shooter so fun for me is learning patterns recoil like just like learning your patterns. That's so fun. Learn the guy that's a huge skill yet to and learning the ins out of it and then on desktop. PC records does everything's a laser. Everything's the laser as much as cool that is that is i would. I mean i want my guns uh-huh to feel like unique sense yeah like my last word doesn't shoot the same as my out of rose or whatever that gun yes you could console. You could say that you can say that. This gun shoots different this gun because that's one as recall this one has less but on PC. I don't get that same satisfaction and so i wish i wish that we did get some type of recoil on our guns because that would just make it as much as people hate. Recoil recall oil is part of what makes gunplay satisfying 'cause if you can control your equal better than the next to their skill gap and player. I wouldn't go as far as to say they like. CS go round but if you find a happy medium where there was still some amount we're like you didn't just have to hold your mouth will you had to have some even if it's a little dieting and the promise they'd have to figure out like hint canes have super recoil before returning back because the other problem thing about a hand kane's that are so good on PC because you fired so many shots with like an auto rifle has a big spread and that means you're having to counter counteract this entire thing meanwhile bashar time to kill. We'll just land headshots yeah so i think i don't know how to fix it but yeah humans are just everything they show with TV dude. I love it like he becoming like. We're making an announcement. We're going for worlds. I hear we're gonna have a team. We're going forward or go wrong we're going for. We're gonna we can do it dude. If we really looked down and put our heads down and not look for for chested we came. We would have been pretty close to world. I don't know i with the right one hundred percent right. We could've beaten pre we. We cleared a. We cleared kallas faster than any other team. Literally had the fastest cost clear on the day yeah just so stupid. Dogs okay so shadow. Keep yeah. I mean a like mobile spent forty minutes in the undergrad love. I love destiny but i'm gonna play because you guys are so like <unk> have literally the inverse opinion i do because i'm probably higher than i've been since probably taking cash. I wish i was i. I wish i was plus. They've has because they've made such a big shift to expanding what we do. TV which unfortunately has come at the cost of p v p but i feel like from business in a sense they have to make this decision because launched destiny to was just catastrophic for them because they put so much emphasis on to the next expansion two was they didn't that they put all this put all this emphasis on making PCP spectator sport and the three stores into and it didn't didn't work because the game super boring and unfortunately the hard fact is most people play this game four PVC so they had this shift to okay. Do we wanna make this a PCP didn't want to make this TV game. That happens a few p or or so yeah so that's why i'm so hana right now i i would like to be enjoyable at least because right now. It's not we'll don't get me wrong. I love the rating and the PB part of destiny and i liked him a nauseating dope but i can only they do that for so long. You know like the rate with the guys. That's six hours of my week like like that's all i know. My destiny is going to and maybe the nightfall. I guess well that's the thing for me is if p. b. p.'s better. I'm more invest. PB yeah like i'm the inverse <music> of most people i if i'm having more fun and i'm chasing that i wanna play and that means one. I just like the game more more likely to me but also it means. I'm chasing stuff. Yeah i wanna do stuff like in these past couple of weeks. I'm going to have a lot of fun because since you and i we more or less quit will after forsaken fisher <hes> and he made a little bit for well freaky back for a little bit well. That's what i'm saying. That's when i came back with seasonal violence and then i kind of fell off because and we had the summit and stuff stuff yeah but <hes> i came back and it was so nice one because i had so much stuff i hadn't done that yeah you had a ton of onto stuff tons of weapons pinnacle weapons like the fun thing thing was like i was playing crucible not for one pinnacle now all of them in the city. I'm so it's fun to chase and on top of that the quality life changes. They've done the opulence stuff and the the somebody like you to get back into destiny. It was the perfect time and like that's and i think i was also higher on destiny because of the shadow stream yeah with like the actress said the words like MMORPG's and i was like oh my god and they're like we wanna double down RPG. I'm like oh my god. I'm doing so i was like okay. We're starting starting to talk and armored to point out is a good way to like start. I'm just worried that shadow keep will be good but the size of it and i. I think it's going to be even more quality. Life changes like armor to winnow. The content will probably be great but it's not like forsaken size. Is it rise of iron plus for sure on the it's like hey we're going to be disappointed. That was because i i feel like i'm one hundred percent. Positive save a lot of stuff forgetting and shadow. Keep going to be content. We were like dido which is what it is. I mean but i don't mind that too much. As long as they keep reprising is it and then eventually becomes like we have definitely one in destiny too because what i want like a shared game shared world and we moved forward and we don't lose all the stuff we just build l. upon it yeah and i know how they talk about like we don't want to if disney three does a flurry said without bring lots of stuff forward when whenever you destiny three then that's gonna be branding talk about some jumping point for. I think that's going to be like another. They jumped. The shark pulled like they're gonna. They're gonna have another destiny to launch on their hands. Manco that was terrible first week. Destiny was one of the greatest weeks my life and then i hit maxwell characters. Oh no this it is not good so <hes> i would probably say on my list eight eight modern warfare okay just because i'm at two i i'm for the most part. I know i'm expecting. I know i'm gonna like it. I'm going to grind it yeah. I don't think it's going to do you like it's the reason i'm more excited about is because it's setting up the future. It's the said the building blocks. They're starting to like armor to point out a good start for sure and so that's why i'm yes i do and their independence they can do whatever they want whatever they want and activism of the problem no i mean. They said it was like doc. They can't put all the blame on them. Two way street all right. I'm just hoping no doubt sounds like but they have more freedom to be. They want the day activision funds owns them activists and funded them to be shooter. Yes shooter the shooter i like. RPG deal that's cool and all but we want you to have an accessible shooter earlier and now they have an opportunity to really double down on a lot of stuff that maybe would have dragged away like been. Maybe a little not not as accessible to the average if player yeah we'll speak in a dead games will not that anymore. <hes> fifteen year old dead game has has been revived while class this me with that. I'm i tried okay. This is a new take so i tried the like i was like all right. I've preloaded in and i was like all right. I'll just give it a try. Click on white main. Click on my character or not. Don't click on my character. I just click on white main and then i'm just looking looking at a portal and it says q. of sixteen thousand and it's going to be about twelve hundred minutes my brain. I'm like i've seen my playstation downloads. Unlike all that kind of download stuff words like it's going to take eight days than it really takes like an hour so i'm like i'm going to stick with this so i put on some anime. I'm just chilling and i'm like mike and mike four hours have gone by and i look by and it's like nine hundred minutes left. I'm like oh. This is a real and i was like i'm never playing this and that was it. Oh so now it's like a one and then like now. I missed the boat. The boat is gone so it was either gone on that ship and went with it or i watched it sail especially now because you got all these other exactly and that's what might that window was that now it's gone so so close because you won't be able to level with charlie exactly and they don't want us level with level. One nubia never ever played and i don't want to put that on them they would but i don't wanna do that too but i mean twitches still i. I'm impressed by how many people still poland <unk>. I just feel like is this weird honeymoon phase and on me. I think it's people watching the streamer rather than the game area. I think that's what it is. Maybe nine in case of asthma gold but in the case of like like tim lyric all those other people soda. I think they're watching more so the stream. It's a game. It's an astrologer trip. People go down memory lane playing stuff that they played laid back in the day and i don't know it's i i mean i'm glad people enjoy it but for me. It's like a feel like i feel like the style joe will only take me so far destiny one fresh. I'd be like oh. This is so sick but then give me a week and i'll be like this. I could could just go. I'm just gonna go play d. Two i know 'cause i related it like if halo three released because that's like mine nostalgia game like if anything could come back. I know i would be hyped. That'd be playing it but then after i don't know but i know for me i wouldn't dedicated. Oh my god yeah. You'd be the dedicate classic players yes. There are those either while class. That's probably all i would play honestly like it was exactly the same so you would be in. I'm ed but i know for me. <hes> i think it would wear off this dope. I'm not in toilets. Also we've come when times past yeah we've come past the and after the the initial <unk> nostalgia of new players and everything i'd probably like lose interest so that's just the way i see while classic like your perspective. If you were essentially in the wac class <unk> there are people like that. I don't care and even before this. There are people who have their own vanilla servers potted plants. I know is going to be people on there. Yeah forever forever yeah planet but but i don't think it'd be like people are treating it like it's the second seemed. Call me in a month and we'll see what it's how it's yeah. Let us know how that goes. I mean maybe on having for for you guys. Don't get it yeah like it doesn't affect me. I'm happy law. My friends are playing and that makes them happy. That's great but i don't get it so none of us do yeah so don't really have to write that and yeah we're not. None of us are playing ones. This is a an interesting one well. We'll come back to that cyberpunk cyber fun yep upcoming blue. I haven't really we we need to get to before we run out of time. I haven't really looked into it at all. I just know keanu reeves in it and it's kinda blatant. I'm interested. I'll play it. You know i'm not like i'm not like this is going to be the sickest storytelling gun game ever <hes> but i think it looks cool. I'm excited just because the quality looks unreal israel like this looks like the production of this looks so far ahead of anything else that i've ever seen videogame before <hes> which that alone gives me extremely excited yeah <hes> i've never been that big on like witches or anything. I don't know that much about senior project red or like the the rabid fan base they have but the game looks sick. I love the the the cyberpunk setting to play runner. I said later on her <hes> snatcher d- <music> holstead. That's dope and i'm looking forward to also kiana reeves keanu reeves. I mean i'm all in. I think it's i'm super excited about. I'm only sad because i have you looked into it more than i have like. I haven't i've watched the the only problem i know is. It's going to be a in my own time thing 'cause because i just can't really make videos in some way or at least not how i make it would definitely be a lot of cutting in right like a two hour playthrough intended minutes yeah if that so maybe it'd be just a random stream game but like the RPG aspect of it the shooter aspect of it i played witcher loved that and so i know how the guys make witcher made this mocha's yes yeah so i know how they're like adapting and just the way their time at like how in depth this game as like what i'm saying if they deliver on what they're saying and it looks like they are <hes> it's going to be insane and then i got even more hype because they recently tweeted. He's like yesterday that they're like yo by the way where like supporting this single player fully we're going to <hes> void develop it release it. There's going to be extra content for that onward after released but we're also looking at multiplayer after these and i might not meet yeah for all i know that's like a co-op or multiplayer modes that you use your now would something yeah she'll like if they add that as what does when they say multiplayer the it's limitless like what they can do with multiplayer yeah so whether that means i could play that with friends that would be double or even take that soldier with all the gear and enhancements and use that multiplayer match that would be sick yeah either way. That got me even more hyped. Where would you put them newest sitton a seven eight yeah. I guess closer to eight. I'll give it a kiana reas- i'll give them something for me. I give it a key honorees canneries. I'd put it nine and a half a who ooh above plus still right above modern warfare but still blow. I'd have to put that there but i mean i'm like <hes> like you said. I'm all in some really excited for that one <hes> blue would you wanna touch on this list. You know what i want to touch. What is it everything pokemon baby. She'll come november bitch. That's my ten streaming that you guys are gonna get like attachment like i'm so excited because his first pokemon game i can actually like stream and like on DS right. It's dumb citra. Get your cap occurred. No the switch ray go baby could play pokemon right with the boys and i'm so excited so you guys go camping together. We're not sure you can't yeah people through just like matt when i look at what we wanted i look get it as like i start as a trainer and then i worked my way up to the elite for beat them and that's it. You're done and we'll you're. You're okay sorry that's shallow. You beat the four and then you catch. The game starts baby where the game starts. I mean for me like i distinctly remember my mom telling me too because i think i wanted like pokemon wallpaper some for like one of my early bedrooms. She's like no. It's like you're a fad. You're going to be over a year and i was like seven am twenty simple months ago. I flew out to ohio labor plates book most exciting game. It's still pokomo. Take that mom both from it just so excited. This is the first actually this is the first current jam pokemon oakmont game like an all it all. It altered reason. It's so exciting because this is the first time we're actually getting to play a main title yawn and actually powerful console. I i know there's going to be short comings and there's like drama but i know i still just there's ports point so hard. It's pokemon and that's it's the same game. Maybe so fucking pok mon. Do both okay well. There's co op too like i'm i'm. That's your ten years. It's borderlands but you know it's i know orlando. I'm a hypocrite okay but it's folk my story to like kokomo. It's new pokemon shield field but it's pokemon red polka as like these ten at times no better than like sports games where they do every year like i know that i'm not i'm a part of that problem and you're okay with that. Yeah that's one hundred percent of the problem and i know it should give it more criticism than i do and one hundred percent like like i i wish game freak would invest a little more money into the main line titles considering. They're like they're billion dollars awesome billy dollar franchise franchise. Why don't you put more money into but i'm also going to put so much guy damn time and poke them on. It doesn't matter the whole coke addicts thing to luke frequently <hes>. We just don't have enough people in time. They only have one hundred twenty employees hire. Some you have higher much money have so did you think about the fact that there's less than two hundred people working on that that's my boy would have combined working on something like forty or santa and they crank them out like two years between each other right lane crank them out yeah sorted their sun and the moon was like every three or four years generally as a new show uh but like that's you imagine they have thousands but studio album. You'd have the most crazy game and that's what i want i i it's bad bad but also i'm gonna play it. Are you guys worried that micro transactions from pokemon go and poke. My masters are somehow going to sneak their head fine win the core game and that's when i stopped being there's there's a lot of micro turns. Actually they introduce mike but you said you love my for transactions you don't i mean in maitland games. They've never done that if they do that. If it tastefully they make they make so much money from polk amman. I guarantee emmys much i in a win they make more from polka masters and go the no make from every sale that shield and whatever you know do on they make so much money from that stuff little speed mechanics and stuff doubt weight speed up when he talks like like life beer liquor tong to level fifty. You can give to gems and that was the case. We piss yeah so like something like that might never do that in the main line. That's when i think micro transactions the mainline i think of predatory. I guess if they're like yo. Here's some clothes for your avatar or like but see. I don't know what else they would add that. We wouldn't affect act that would piss you off. They make so much money off of the main line. I don't see them ever doing that. This is going to stay untouched and the main line is where they make their money if they did it would be mad. What you've got understand. Go and masters are free investments for them so they're handing it to people. They have have to make money somewhere so obviously it's going to be micro transactions with pok mon. They know everyone's going to buy that sixty dollars title and well. Here's the thing too they know hardcore fans most that's just pokemon engineer or a hundred percent and that's effectively sixty bucks for a few different i mean and then when the third one comes out you guys are go by that one because there's always a third one that comes time really which was kind of black and white like the third one's roy's the best because they took everything good about it at equality alive added some other. You've now they'll do like <hes>. What's the word like ultra versions. Oh yeah ultra sentiment was the black and white to which was which was really like an in all tra- that was basically different but yeah i mean it's. I don't wanna talk about august. I can't defend that one. That was so bad. There's awful january bed. They've ruined the super the game too bad. It's the same it's the same game that's broadly the same game they add a couple of new things here and there and they completely butcher the sun moon story very don't buy from two regular ganic pokemon hands. That's saying something that's why you'll never see me playing that now sunday to i love senate move but don't be playing heart bold. Gold is the only skipped that was like a ten. Oh no cap like the little hokey the little pokey ball that would came at school just like shaping up brian horne l. so mm-hmm yeah. Thank you so for better for worse. That's blues is most anticipated game. I guess ten ten ten. That's just like as a blind fan but literally aside from that like you're more excited for that than cyberpunk border but that's why i'm saying i'm blind. I know that that's dumb and realistically aside from that like cyberpunk would be my most exciting in modern warfare like pokemon with realistically be like savvy and and but i'm a blind fan boy because it spoke amman. It's like no matter what it is and i don't know if i'll do any content on it but i know i'm just going to go solo. Oh depot play seven like i'm playing it like and if it came together yeah sweet. I can't wait for poke them on. That's thing about me though is even even when the dome of the game like i'm still like trading and grinding and breeding. Should i walk with my ride on behind me right you can and why hope i'm then like for me. The sun moon to was really fun. Just completing the pocock's sigh hope <hes>. It's just what i like halloween. The local decks because the problem is like national x.'s. You'd have those pokemon to catch transfer from ways yeah so like but like complaining. I had a lot of fun with that. What would you do if after this one and it was everything like every poke amman but that's what we've been in hoping for for a year in game but i don't think makes sense. I think they also roll out these games with not as much improvements or changes that you would expect because they can then just keep making these tiny changes in new games throughout the mountain because like if they did like ultimate game. It's like why buy anything else and also so twenty. We're gonna game which is like wives. Multibillion dollar company starts working on your like by yourself on a game like a game of that scale. You need like at least like he's like. Here's millions and millions get some people. I like playing megan by myself. I'd rather just just who cares about that. Yeah that's upsetting. We had some other stuff but we'll just end with this one because i think it's funny announced yes and then attended direct overwatch on swear <hes> yeah right. That's like this is funny seventeen. I can't believe <music>. I can't belong names for do things like this coming to the swiss that that's gonna make me go past seven announced it like come on like there's say maybe on the switch would have been a big a big deal up to three years ago. Yeah hi donna though like i would have been like would be better better. I guess but like you mean for us. Obviously it's like. PC even probably random switch players who haven't played overwatch yeah the point where like they'd ask somebody. Hey rush nowadays about now. Oh oh no no no and then like this. What we're talking about is like overall. It's time for overwatch now like it. Something happens some thing like i'm not playing anymore anymore. Because every time it just goes from one to another and it's just off from one worst one off to a different work yeah and it's like men goats. This goats can't be any worse worse than it is now and then like with single or watch. I think overwatch is such like interesting in gray analysis on why you shouldn't shouldn't you shouldn't develop a game strictly to be an eastport because then what happens to the rest of the people who who aren't eastward players true very very hard yeah. I think that is lit. I think this is like the best game to exemplify. Wyatt bouncing from the top down is good but making the entire game for for the crowd of twelve people to doesn't doesn't keep making keep game for me. There's nothing more boring than quick play overwatch. If that's the problem with quickly over watches like oh i i wanna do some silly. The other team goes to shield their. I can't do anything there goes. My fun like this is just dumb yeah. It's just celebrated change. I don't even know what <hes> yeah. I even overwatch to or something being announced like i mean i think i don't know if we talked about i can't i don't think we have in these recent. GD agrees but it's like doc. What have they been doing for the past couple years like they bring re skinned events with nothing but new scanners gains but that shouldn't be the pull to bring new players thirty tabei characters to be completed from characters and they were on and which would have gone into time to make new characters and you get maybe two to three characters here and that's that's not a nun. Al how many do you get in league year. While now you get like four to five years of their ranking to every other week yeah yeah and then like people want overwatch to start getting to like the banning phase and all that kind of stuff and it's not even close to that because the pools the pool sounds big like what is probably thirty something thirty eight thirty or whatever that how much is legal champ like one hundred fifty c. n. to get to that point they would need another thirty characters but and and they can only do so much like the they just implemented certain characters that would negate so many other yeah and so it's hard even design around us up like that's why they had to like nerve brighi because earlier this year we destroy every designed their first hero at one of their first. Here's a sambre literally cancels. What the character does like is which is one of the most frustrating things to play against is as i'm playing the game onuma plan because i just got. I just thing that turns me off so much is because so much the design philosophy and overwatch is stopping. Someone like that's how you win and overwatch is how well can you stop the other person from playing the game. It's just gathering shit to me. Yeah you're right. You're not wrong all that. I mean that's why game design you're supposed to. Most most people look at it. As the way you're supposed to is like is this fun for the person and the the person doing it against yeah like is it interactive for both people in a negative way like hacking. I would say like somber attacking like that is a bad design yeah. It's not even that fun for the person doing eddie passive <hes> and then the other guy. I can't do anything like you're right. Now you're yet. You're just swing your hand right so it's not very interactive like that. <hes> so it's just not designed the there are ways to do something where the person doing it can have fine yeah or feel powerful but also not have the other person just like rates. Quit quit every single time. You're like this is like the old scattered around <hes> that's terrible didn't think about it throwing ricochet one shot a tank but that was satisfying swang hell but one for one person but that's what i'm saying it was fun for the honda but pneumonia-like road hog four health and the road on sean. You're nuts dead. People like fifty right up the ben so yeah i think that even if introduced like twenty characters dude i can only imagine what the because they for each sport so i can only imagine how the sport community would take that because now you have twenty characters learn and all that kind of stuff. I just hate yeah. It's like a whole different game now. You're playing a completely different game. The competitive scene directly impacts and drives had the game plays in league. It's different and they try a lot of design. Philosophy is to try to not balanced <unk> around sometimes they have to or they do some things here and there but like the thing about league is i can play and even though this is what the pros play i can still play something else and still succeed yeah or like. I don't need that cop uh-huh but unless it's like just you have to play this yeah. It's that if you want to win. You have to play this weather. You wanna have fun or not and it's like. I don't even know how you fix the problems like shields tara going to get around that that's all i'm saying i don't. I don't get paid for dave. They literally had just put themselves into a corner at this point and it's like we announce a campaign like if that's it's all they got. I mean it's over at bliss. It's gonna be a big big time from overwatch. Where's the overwatch imo then. We'd start talking titan minute what it was supposed to be what i've PMML like that i'd be done but anyway that concludes this <hes> <hes> video games syndrome actually was yeah. This was actually the only video game yeah we didn't get off. Topic yeah only talked. I had no ten says i'm not over. You know tens monitoring. What was your closest and i guess own mon- weapon. The eight was borland's. His ten is demon slayer player. That is go watch even slayer. It's so i'm going to weigh myself. Real quick rob's going to williamson pop plug yourself. Keep update a blue. Where can people able find you. You guys can find me at blue slow everywhere. We're we're and what would you say we're up about. A month is like the first episode. GTO risi came from like a month ago about a month deep in his <hes> in his during used to say i. They were closed okay but he brought this up. He's he wore clothes last time weight so it doesn't change anything you can redecorate people hundred sixty seven point point to almost about ten pounds at about ten pounds about ten pounds more so in my face and i hope you say why rob you look great and face because that would make me feel align better basic screen. TV slash ravi instagram dot com slash rapidly following me dot com just look for it on youtube clicked router. Click the notification bell <hes> if you're watching this on youtube. We never actually addressed it. We don't have three candle. Yeah sorry no three cam oppa oppa ada battery yet so long story. We're working on it. We'll figure it out but this was only one came. Hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you for listening. If you're an audio listener be sure to give it a aliker rating or whatever you do wherever you listen to it and next week we'll <hes> yummy will read your comment will see you next. Sunday will love you.

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Fast Money 04/09/20

CNBC's Fast Money

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Fast Money 04/09/20

"Everybody welcome here exactly right guys. I'm not sure anybody's GONNA turn down a three day weekend given that we've had a forty two day workweek already this week. Welcome everybody to see him to see and fast money in our continuing coverage of the markets in turmoil. Well another day and there is more green on the screen you're going to hear. Mata stats like this markets. Best Week since one thousand nine hundred seventy four or nineteen thirty eight. There's your big changes doubtful percent. Four Percent Nasdaq a ten percent. But let's be honest. The markets are still down big time this year so cold comfort for investors who may have gotten in toward the end of last year. We're going to dissect all of that. One big theme. Today is the Federal Reserve effectively riding to the rescue of the bond market and even the ETF bond market look at H. Y. Something we've been highlighting for really going on more than a month now up seven percent as well as the Fed as it says there goes all in and we are all the great lineup for you tonight. We have got guy we've got ten. We've GOT KAREN AND WE'VE GOT Steve Grosso. It is going to be a big our got Paul mccully coming up. We'll talk about rare mineral supply chains but I want to get back to the Fed Steve Grasso because the Fed Reserve. And I know it's very difficult for the audience out there. That is not doing this every day to keep track of the alphabet soup of acronyms. The Federal Reserve came in today with another two trillion dollar program. Did they affectively bailout? A big part of the market. Yeah I think they did so. The Fed has always sort of said frown down upon buying risky assets or junk bonds today. They said they're going to be buying junk bonds they're gonNA be buying collateralized mortgage obligations they're gonNA be buying. They're buying anything that was in danger of failing so Brian on the show we always talk about the H. Y. Just mentioned it. We use that as the risk barometer. The Risk Barometer jumped today. It told everyone that the market and everything is not going to be allowed to fail so when. Oei o-9 it was too big to fail. Now it's no one will be allowed to fail so I'm not saying we're completely out of the woods but extremely difficult to sell the market in the next thirty days to the next sixty days because nothing is going to fail. Balance-sheets don't matter earnings. Don't matter the Fed will be buying everything if you're in poor shape you're being bailed out if you're in good shape you're going to be putting not acceptable numbers. Your stock will rally so. It's not really a Powell Guanzhou. Which just really realistic near-term. It's impossible to buy anything that will fail bankruptcies. No one's thinking about that right now. We'll they happen. Maybe but right now. It's about bailouts about stocks that are performing and it's about virus counts death count's so. I don't want to be little that no we're never would guy down. The numbers are staggering. When you look at what? The Fed has announced already. You multiply then by possible leverage from the Treasury. Okay we could easily get to ten trillion with a T. Maybe we need it. I'd have no idea but I do know this. To Steve's point. We have never seen a fed that is this makes the great recession and financial crisis looks small by comparison to mazing. Isn't it. Obviously a lot of people spoke about it today. I mean I find it not ironic that on the day or the day after Bernie Sanders gives up his run for presidency. That we've gone. Basically Bernie Sanders. I mean we've effectively. Now privatized wins. We SOCIALIZE LOSSES. And there's this belief and maybe rightly so that the Fed has our back and they'll buy everything I mean that in and of itself is extraordinarily problematic. I mean with that said I hear what Steve Saying I think. To a certain extent the four of us on the show tonight have said similar things. I think Tim's probably been the most bullish. I know Steve has been saying it's twenty. Seven ninety level is within reach for why it saying as well. I Know Karen. Spin absolutely optimistic and here. We are not again not ironic that we close at the level. That a lot of Sa- flagged in a long time you know in terms of what the market if you take the Fed out of the equation if if the market on evaluation basis is probably exactly where we were at all time highs. If you take what probably would have been one hundred sixty dollars worth burnings instead. It's probably closer to one thirty. Although I think a lot of people think it's less than that and something that Scott Minor said still resonates in my head you know. He's brought up that seventeen hundred level and the S. and p. a number of times. I'm not saying we're getting there. And maybe he looks back and says now with the Fed and the game. There's no way we get there but I mean it's something that's still sort of sticks in the back of my mind so you know. Look here we are. I think the market is on better footing but for probably the wrong reasons and Tim. Listen you know. We're all active on social media for some reason. Anyway all the people are coming out saying all the negative on CNBC Been wrong and look at the market soaring and they must be fools. Here's the market could keep going up. I have no idea because the Fed programs could do a timber. But I'm sure you will agree with. I hope if you don't let me know that we've got to be very careful here. A couple of days where the market bounces in a terrible market does not mean the all clear signal has sounded does know but fundamentals are not really playing to the fore here and so Look my view. Is that the paint. Trade has been and could go higher today. The the Fed ripped the face off of shorts essay prize pledged to buy downgraded corporate debt into the high yield market. I mean absolutely just completely threw this market upside down so You know we talk about too big to fail and this is where I get a little bit more Negative in pessimistically. Some of my colleagues here. I mean I. I think society fails when when you get into the dynamic that we're painting here. I think Fiat currencies maybe an endangered species at some point with this kind of activity having said that Again Healing in markets. What do you want to look for about the Aussie dollar? That's that's up. Fourteen percent fifteen days. That's a measure of China to measure of reflation so measure of of commodities have that treasury volatility which is essentially flatlined over the last three or four days certainly relative to where it was about the Japanese yen which is also again he funding currency in this risk on trade which basically back to six month levels Again when when the yen was rallying looked like we're going to go to eighty dollar yen. It was it was time to run for the hills. We're back to where we needed to go so I'm looking at the retail market if you look at the X. RT which is at least measuring the retail sector. It's outperformed the S&P by eleven percent over the last four days The parts of the market And again they're obviously extensions of the parts of the economy that we needed to see recovery and we're the most off sides of the ones that obviously have outperformed here. When I saw Karen the move today. I instantly thought about you. Know why because I know that you've said that you've been short a lot of high yield but long the banks. Well today I thought maybe Karen loves and hates because high yield surge because the Fed basically bailed it out but the banks also rose today J. P. Morgan up what eight percent. How did you I mean I read it? I don't know what to make love. It then hated a lot of agenda net net. Not that much change in the piano but I thought the Fed actions were just absolutely extraordinary today. They had to be. We're an extraordinary times but it to me is is sort of reminiscent of two thousand when we saw some other extraordinary actions and I want to talk about one of them. That was the most interesting to me. In September at the absolute leaving had just failed and things were really coming on dead the a the SEC. Actually said you are no longer allowed to short financials which was an extraordinary measure and I think we have a chart that shows where the PK. X. Index was right around September. And what happened in the two days following that the B. K. and X. Index was up twenty eight percent in two days which is absolutely extraordinary kind of the reaction. We're getting now. But then as time went on and it became clear that that those kinds of short-term policies weren't GonNa be enough we step back and look a few months later the B. K. Acts actually traded down by almost seventy five percent. So I'm not saying that's what's going to happen right now in the H. G. But I am saying this is an extraordinary move by the Fed. I don't think that's a -sarily means that they're giving you an act the money put. I do believe there's a put there somewhere but I don't believe it's at the money and a lot of this money. That they talked about today is going to debt that is newly rated debt newly rated junk. I'm sorry that was investment grade before March twenty second and now not investment grade due to what's happen that's where the focus is going to be so it's obvious those those kinds of securities traded really well this by support to note. This is huge for the insurance companies. They're the largest holders of some of these. This is huge for them that there's a buyer of last resort here but one of the things to a point that you have followed closely which is the versus the price of the H. Y. G. And some others. The Fed has said even though they are going to buy yes they're going to avoid buying. Etf's that are trading at a premium to they don't say how big of a premium but at a premium to the so that premium really spiked at the last couple of days. I don't know if that means the Fed would no longer buy them right here. I'm not really sure. But the measure is huge. I just sort of think that this will not be that. Companies can't fill. I don't agree with Steve's companies can't go bankrupt I believe they can. I don't know that the Fed could save everyone but I do. Applaud them taking extraordinary measures because we are and extraordinary times. It certainly is and some of these clothes in funds that we've been talking about the DSL double on Pimco D. H. Y. of Credit Suisse. They all went up today. I'm going to get to our guests in a moment but I wanna hit some OPEC headlines very quickly. We've been waiting all day for this OPEC plus meeting to wrap up the reports of the deal a couple of hours ago. We did not report that well. Apparently statement is out now that there is some kind of a formalized deal OPEC will cut ten million barrels a day starting may first of this year but only for two months then they cut eight million barrels a day through the end of the year and six million barrels a day from the beginning of two thousand twenty one through April of twenty twenty two. A lot of these numbers were thrown out there today. The market didn't like it oil by the way did some. It's only done three times in thirty years and that has moved twenty percent in a day it was up to four percent. One point down nine percent for twenty one percent swing. It closed down there. We'll get more on oil all right. Let's go back to the markets and really what we've just talked about making financial history folks and I mean for for awful reasons obviously with Cova nineteen. We are rewriting a lot of history. Well we were wrote financial history today as well with this latest program. So let's bring in somebody who has lived it studies at knows more about it than almost everybody out there on the planet. Bad as Paul mccully formerly of Pimco now of Georgetown University Paul without getting too much into the Federal Reserve Act section thirteen three. Which basically is this jump? Ball gives the feds sort of semi unlimited powers in your view did the Federal Reserve today if credit controls equities and junk controls credit today in a way the Fed reserve bailout the US stock market. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is not just the fat. What the feds doing is very much in concert with with Treasury in Congress are doing So I would say the Bank of Uncle Sam we. The people are government essentially ensured that our economy is a going concern. Even though it shut down and believe me I'll be the first to give a salute and a high five to the Fed. But I think it's important to recognize that this is a joint venture with treasury and the Congress because Congress has got to allocate the law absorbing capital for all of these. Spd's that the fat is creating which then they can lever. Tend to one with helicopter money. So it's a beautiful. Corporate cooperation between the fiscal and monetary authorities and the stock market thinks. It's really cool and I do too okay. Spf special purpose vehicle. One is other three letter acronyms. We haven't heard thirteen years now. They're coming back. Paul let me ask it more directly. Do you believe that the tax payer we forget that tarp? The taxpayer made money on tarp. Do you believe that these programs while spectacularly expensive now will all or some ultimately pay for themselves? I think that will be the case in some of the facilities and others. It won't be in fact the one that I'm focused on the most is the P P P liquidity facility Which is the paycheck protection program facility and the Fed essentially said that they would take those loans originated by banks at face value as collateral into the special purpose vehicle and we know categorically Congress plans to forgive those loans so essentially. That's one where the FAD will get losses but they actually won't be the fat losses They will be absorbed by the Treasury. So this is very different than the financial crisis where actually the fat did make money But this one is designed to quote UNQUOTE LOSE MONEY ON THE PAY. P P Facility and that money is come from Congress and if they need more I will bet my last dollar congress will appropriate more P P P is the essence of getting the economy going forward as a going concern and stop the cascading of bankruptcies that would happen in the absence of these programs because the P P P again for our viewers. It's hard to keep track of is designed more for the small and medium-sized businesses. That Bank loans program that we've been talking about a lot of course separately you've got all these backstops on bonds. I felt like today and I don't know if this is needed or not. Paul we have been. I have been critical of certain. Etf's for about a year now. In terms of market structure liquidity concerns does ETF liquidity to match the underlying assets. Whatever did we get? Kind of a bail out of certain. Etf ETF providers as well today to in your mind. There's no question that this thing has got moral hazard all over it because it is a very macro program and There will be beneficiaries of it that we we were to sit down and say you know. Should they be beneficiaries? The answer would be no So I think that will be an outcome But the bottom line is they had to go macro And they did. And you like it Paul mccully. We appreciate having you on the program. Hope you have a great long weekend Paul. We'll talk to you again soon. Thank you very much for insight very valuable time like right now. You take care of my friend Tim. I want to go back to you. I mean this is something we've we've talked about for a long time as far as concerns certain liquidities here in your view did Parts of the ETF market and maybe ETF providers get a bailout today Well I mean by the way love the professor Paul mccully who is my economist at UBS Look I I think if you look at what's going on in some of the some of the asset classes especially with acid facts in mortgage backs and we'd heard about some of the large mutual fund companies. I don't need to name them But they are household names that actually had some liquidity issues and a couple of their funds. I don't think the Fed is focused on that again. I think the Fed is more focused on credit on the underlying credit on the underlying things that make up those ATF's and therefore I think the run on liquidity fund providers very different than the run of liquidity for the underlying names in my view even though ultimately the funds of the ones that are puking They have to meet redemptions and therefore they have to puke out a bunch of these securities where there is no bid but again to me the most important thing the most dominant thing that happened today was the Fed stepping down into junk and saying that they would actually be buying downgraded corporates and being willing to take them out and that that that relieves so much stress on the system. We'd already seen a fair amount of thaw in the high-grade market But taking this out of the high yield market even the specter of this is what I think. The Fed is focused on and again. The the Fed. With their words said forcefully and creatively whatever Other adverbs we used Those were the things that came to me from the Fed statement today around what they did. Yeah and what they did is they. They've front run. Some of these credit rating agencies. Tim's point what he's saying. Is that when we see this spate of downgrades of credit rating over the next couple of weeks and months the Fed says we got your back? Junk Bond Market. Tim Great points there as usual. All right we have got a lot more to do here on. Cnbc's fast money the final in a holiday-shortened trading we remember the markets they are closed tomorrow but CNBC as always open for business tonight. At seven o'clock markets in turmoil special. We got us Jim and then special tonight all right sticking with US looks like OPEC plus as a deal oil markets at least when it traded did not like it. We'll talk more about that and a company who says what's oil we're gonNA talk more about Tesla and what's going on there around welcome back. Let's talk about oil and OPEC for just a moment shall we? Because OPEC plus meeting OPEC plus Russia and some other members held a huge virtual meeting today. I mean you saw shots. There was a zoom with like forty different countries in there and it looks like by the end of the day despite some opposition by Mexico toward the end. Reports are that there is a deal being reached ten million barrels a day being cut for a couple of months eight million barrels of aid being cut for longer than six million barrels a day being cut for effectively twenty twenty one through half of twenty twenty two the market did not like the number and I look at Wti crude and as we noted earlier oil did something today. It's only three times in thirty years. Move Twenty percent in a session. Intra-day we were upto percent at one point down nine percent Lou that we've done it twice in a month. Steve Grasso the only other time we saw this kind of intraday volatility was oil was all the way back basically when we all had. January ninth nineteen ninety one but the oil stocks. They still rose. Today was that because the Fed was something else fundamentally both so the Fed a lot of these companies have weaker balance sheet so that was the arm of if that was going to be the ballot for them but obviously everything is reliant on OPEC in the cuts but that headline number the ten million barrels. It's not really going to be as high as that and the dedicated players in the space. Feel as if OPEC was serious they would have cut now and not wait until may first. That's number one number two. The Saudis are at an elevated level at current levels. Right now on output. So they're cut is not gonNA be as big on a percentage basis as it really was if you go back just a few months ago where their output was realistically so I think it's a sell the news event I don't the bigger question is for crew. When does demand come back on? So you have all the cuts in the world if we don't get back to work we don't start up the economy again. The demand side never comes back. That's the true variable that everyone is missing right now. Yeah Yeah it's great point. I mean listen Karen. The pipeline companies some reassuring forced Missouri's. Basically saying you may have a contract. We're not taking your oil. We got no room the refiners they're shutting down or cutting dramatically back because nobody is driving everybody's looking for home for their oil. These stocks have been decimated. Your value investor. Are you buying or would you look at any of the oil complex at all right now? No not yet I think before. Do you think there will be bankruptcies? Clearly oil energy is probably right at the forefront of where those would be. I think to see point. It's demand as well if not more than supply so you know you're half sort of pushing on a string. Okay you have. Some supply cuts that say that. Say Sumi all happen. Let's assume that's a given? I do think that you need demand back and so I haven't I haven't been near the space. Okay well so guy want to go to you quickly because Sean listen in the services side the ones who actually sort of get the work done as far as drilling and moving things around. There's not many big producers. They've consolidated or gone away. There's only a couple is Baker Hughes Halliburton Schlumberger. Say of the mega caps. I know you've been positive on slumbers. Obviously before this happened is still a name that you would look at now know. I think Tim could probably speak more intelligently right now about that. He's sort of been dabbling in. I'll go quickly and I'm not trying to pull an audible Anya. But one thing we haven't about is the moves and some of these big calf integrated names. Exxon went from basically thirty to forty five over the same course at the time. Chevron went from fifty to eighty five those were lower today. So maybe Steve's point this is the this is the point where you start parent down gains and if you have them in some of these big cap integrated names and I find it. I still find it fascinating. That six months ago we wanted lower prices. Now we want Jairo prices to to to have those conversations in public to me. There's that's a very dangerous game. We're playing that has to have consequences at some point. It certainly might and listening to you guys confused on their slumbers day. How could I not the hair so some good? You know. It's easy just in guys up. Sometimes you're both so handsome. Tim What about SOB slumbers? Eight long-term largest firm out there where the balance sheet is fine The question is on E. P. S. And the question. There is free cash flow there Extra report next Friday. I'll be watching that stock traded I think below thirteen And and that's again one of those cases where the most money is made When things go from terrible to just bad this isn't earnings concern This is essentially top line. That's going to be down ten to fifteen percent But you know this is a company that will be here tomorrow. Cutting edge technology for the sector. And I think one of the best companies out there certainly in that space. You should own it. Here is my view if you want it for the long term all right. We'll say guys appreciate that all right. We've got a lot more to do here on C. N. B. C.'s. Fast money. How about these numbers up? Seventy three percent up sixty three percent and a sixty percent this week. Those returns for three well-known retail stocks. We're GONNA lay out these incredible moves and whether the whole thing is just ahead plus rare. Earths we talk a lot about oil. What about renewables? Electric cars solar panels? Guess what need rare earth minerals to make those things? How bad is the supply chain right now? The founder of the mountain pass mind. Jim Lewinsky will join us on. Just that coming up in a few minutes can't miss that will back walkabout to CBS's fast buddy. The markets ended higher today ended higher for the week the S. and P. Five hundred up about twelve percent but that pales in comparison to the move on some of these retail. Names have been beaten up the numbers I gave you before the break. Seventy two percent gain this week. Sixty three percent gain this week. Fifty one predicts that Kohl's seventy three percent gain in four trading days. Macy's up thirty six percent Tim Seymour. I know that makes some investors in these stocks who've been suffering and struggling happy. I get that that's good. But is there any way to make sense of these moves at all? We're talking about macy's again. It's it's at some level to certainly with some of the other department stores macy's particularly two covenants review You have to make some assessments about same store sales and and and the things that we're not gonNA know what they ever important holiday season. Looks like for macy's as we get into the fourth quarter as we come out of all this but Or or going deeper into this but I think the assessment on macy's has been a credit story a balance sheet stories. Same store sales again. we'll probably be down close to fifteen percent this year. J. P. Morgan just downgraded their EPS. Thirty ONE CENTS DOWN. Thirty one cents a share It's throwing darts right now for a company. That was beleaguered coming into this. But again this was priced as if they were going out of business and I don't think that that's the case I think there's also very real assets there. Yeah and carrying the the equity may be having a conversation but it appears that the bonds are screaming. Something else yes. I think that's right and I always think the credit markets are smarter than the equity markets. And if you look at macy's there's a bond. I think we have a chart of it. This paper that comes due in twenty twenty three so not quite Three years from now. And it's trading at seventy. It hardly bounced it all certainly nothing remotely close to the bounce and the equity and something trading at a you know high teens yield this is telling you there are very real concerns about macy's is an ongoing business. Maybe it survived but I mean in the in the dash for trash. I just think it's too risky. Sure you'd have giant. You could have giant run up like we had in the last week but I would much rather be inequity. Retailer like target bonds traded par north of par. It's not going to be up thirty six percent at a week but it's not You know on the watch list or is it going to survive either so that would be my way to play the retail. Space all right. Let's talk now about. I guess I similarly beaten up space for similar reasons that is concerned about consumer. Of course Steve Grasso listened to cruise lines. David hit for a number of reasons. I mean it's a consumer story. But of course they had these horrific headlines as well related to corona virus on cruise ships been hit hard. But look at these week today. Performance showing our audience. Royal Caribbean sixty. Five percent carnival. The casinos win. We'll get to that was guy in a second. I mean carnival selling what debt at twelve percent this week. Hardly a vote of confidence although the deal did get done. Any reason to take a chance with some of these cruise lines stocks. Yeah I think there's a reason to take a chance but behavior has changed even before Corona Virus Brian. These were hit with with a wall of worry. Always there's always a capacity issues with them. How many ships they over build ships then when you have the flu outbreak? No one wants to get on a ship. Forget about that now. Times that by ten? I think you're looking at maybe possible balance for these companies. That's number one number two more. Put out a piece. Yesterday I believe saying that they can survive near-zero sales into Q. One twenty twenty one. That takes a lot of the ambiguity and dark zone off the desk for at least the media future so you can dabble here. I think out three years is what he was. Navarro says and they also say go with the best brand so these are down basically seventy eighty percent year to date stick with royal stick with Norwegian. I'd stay away from carnival. Okay Stickers Guy Dominic goes on cruises but you think about people a lot of people may go on cruises to gamble maybe they want to stay away from cruises but they still want to gamble. Maybe there's a long-term bullish case to be made for the Casino Company's. Yeah and you know. It's we talk about casinos a couple of weeks ago. We said if you're looking for I remember talking. We remember talking about saying look. There's some signs of life here. Some green shoots and emit be coming into form of casinos and win. Went down to forty three. If you recall rallied back the seventy five came back off you know. Now it's a seventy dollars stock. I mean I'm not saying it's going back to one hundred anytime soon and I think trade these things but the fact that these casino seem to be getting their footing is encouraging. I think you trade him still. I think if we were to get back to seventy five. If you're in the name you take profits and look for the next leg lower. But at least you're seeing some glimmers of hope in some of these casino names and I think that's somewhat encouraging Brian for sure. All right good stuff there. Thank you very much looking at the consumer. Everybody right. Earning season is nearly upon us but this earning season is going to be spectacularly different than any quarter maybe the country has ever had at least going back to the financial crisis. There's some of the names but what you need to focus on on such a scary weird time like wren now manual. Swell talk about rarer supply chains a lot more to do for backup the back big interview on tonight's mad money with Jim Cramer and that is speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi very wide interview but Jim specifically spoke to her about the small business protection program the P P p. here's a clip. We just don't have to trickle down. We want some about to be directly for the small business moral America Indian country places like that. Which don't even have one with the bank. Don't have a relationship Roy. We said we want you to know your your to know your back but if you don't we still want you to be able to participate in this initiative so that's that's about it and I do think that it was a small ask and plenty room for negotiation here. All right small part of gyms wide ranging interview with Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi and catch the whole thing tonight on mad money at six o'clock. I'd coming up after the break big week for Tesla and the option side of the market which we are people betting where to find out as well plus. Don't miss our special report tonight after mad money with Jim markets in turmoil. Seven o'clock tonight. We're back after this all right. Welcome back we talk a lot about oil and energy on this program certainly because I cover the space but we also talk about renewables and we need to go back and revisit an important story that we brought you last year at the Mountain Pass Mining California if you wanna make electric cars solar panels you WanNa Make Hydro Wind. Whatever it is. You need rare earth minerals the mountain pass mine one of the first operating facilities to try to bring back some of that supply chain from China. We're joined now by the co-chairmen that Jim Linski who were out personally with a number of months ago Jim. Thanks for joining us. So much certainly has changed in the word. But how's the supply chain doing right now because this is a critical element to the? Us economy long-term absolutely into thanks. Brian it's great to hear your voice again and and and You know I think first of all my heart goes out to everybody affected by this terrible tragedy You know it. There's nothing more important than life and death and family and obviously this could be any of US impacted we're all impacted and and that's the most important thing right now when we get through the acute stage of this crisis which will happen and hopefully soon we have to recognize that The single point of failure in our supply chain Which is which is becoming so evident with the crisis. We have in healthcare right now. extends across industry and My concern and the thing that you know as you know we've been Sort of very very open and out front about this over the last couple of years is we've been trying to rebuild the supply chain the. Us is that as a country. We have this single point of failure right now. We have a life or death issue. That's certainly the most important thing. But when the acute stage of this crisis ends this temporary unemployment that we have. Hopefully everyone will be back in their jobs soon. Enough is ultimately going to become permanent situation if we don't recognize that Slowly and methodically over time. China is extracting or manufacturing and our advanced industries and so our GDP longer term is at risk. And that's tens of millions of jobs in the country and Michael Dell pretty much as much people kind of dance around it Jim. Because it's a sensitive topic right the coded language like we need to geographically diversified supply chains. Because we're realizing medical equipment pharmaceuticals lot of it's coming from China and that. Sometimes you can't get out. Are you guys up and running? And Are you still able to help supply some of these makers of these of these renewables that the economy is counting on long term? So we are up and running and we are. We are producing fifteen percent of the rarest. Concentrate globally and. We're actually doing that. Profitably even though the Chinese government taxes US via tariff VAT nearly forty percent of our revenue. So although we have two hundred. American heroes out there amount. Pass getting the job done. You know. We're pretty much under attack You know by. By having to ship into China we're ultimately working on a plan That's underway where we're retrofitting existing will produce separated rare but Brian. Here's the thing when we do that. And we are producing the rare earth. We will still not have solved the problem because over the last twenty years the Chinese have not just taken over the earth industry. They've taken over the magnet and industry. Which is the rarest? Go into so when you look at your castle or you think about Apple. They're all buying their magnets. There magnets in China so at N. P. Materials our plan is we WANNA WE WANNA ultimately solve the problem but our our plan our mission is to restore the true supply chain the United States of America which means we need to continue to move downstream. You know we certainly hope that industry will come And you know. We hope that corporate America's held to account to you know take as I saw. You had a Tesla Tesla. They receive billions of dollars of subsidy Yet they buy their magnets in China. You know at what point as a country and I don't really think that this is too controversial. It's competitive But at what point is the country do we say hey? Our taxpayer dollars should not subsidize. Companies like tests on Apple Apple that have brought their supply chains elsewhere You know certainly Wall Street and Silicon Valley benefited. Clearly we've had a few stimulus programs recently that Although money has gone to people I think there's been a lot of discussion about you know where that stimulus is going. And and I think we should have that discussion as a country and we should think about the fact that I think Wall Street and Silicon Valley have disproportionately benefited and I think as a country. We would be better off and actually economically better off. By not making sort of the short-sighted supply chain choice of in the short term making stock prices go up by having supply chain overseas but then encountering every five or ten years a major crisis where we realized that you know. Tens of millions of jobs are at stake. Because we've we`ve. We'VE MISSED OUT ON THE BIGGER PICTURE LONGER. Term Strategic Out Situation so if we can hopefully oh sorry go ahead. I was going to say Jimmy. We gotta go there. No I love it. Listen it's well said and here's the thing is it's not controversial because that's the beginning of the conversation we're going to be having the nation for the next years between trade wars and this this is going to completely change the way that businesses look at sourcing. We just gotTa get through this as you called acute period. Certainly well said Jim. Good luck to you and your team. I can't wait to visit you in person again out mountain pass can't you we're looking at and and you know we're we'll keep doing our part. Thank you Brent. Yeah yeah get on. Get on a plane again. Actually can't believe it but I can't wait all right. Let's talk about company that Jim just talked about. And that is Tesla some moves in the option market might kill you probably GonNa come on. We're batteries are made. But you can comment on Tesla objects. Well Yeah I mean. Obviously we have to concern ourselves with supply chains. I think Jim is you know. He's making some important points there. Although I would also point out that the subsidies tesla receives well electric vehicles. They certainly have their place. Carbon credits and things like that also have their place. The options market was seeing some bullish activity and Tesla. Today we did see more calls than puts training above average call volume the trades that I was looking at that. I found most interesting purchases opening purchases of the April six hundred calls. Those were trading for about twelve dollars and those expire a week from tomorrow so buyers of those calls or betting tests going to be above that six hundred dollars strike price by at least the twelve bucks that they paid. That means that they're betting. On an increase of eight percent or more over the course of the next week and implied volatility. The price of options and Tesla has gone up quite considerably. But you know this is an interesting situation because this is one of the stocks we can point to. It's actually up on the year. Still even though it is well off of its highs from February. Well ties might go. Thank you very much. Steve Grasso comment there. Maybe on tussle the options the stock what. Jim was saying we in subsidies for companies who make all there's not tested make all their stuff in China but you've got his macro point. Yeah get back or point and I do agree with the macro point. The stock specific is last sales. Five seventy one tesla's always about where people are positioning themselves. Not about where. The reality is so one hundred day is basically at at At Five thirty five fifty days at six forty six. We're trading somewhere between there. I would say you have room to where Mike is looking at to that. Six hundred level short interest pretty high still and test the still defying the laws of gravity defying. The Laws of gravity. Steve Grasso. Thank you very much. All RIGHT COMING UP. We're GONNA talk about earning season. Believe it or not. It's here and it's going to be very different than any that we've have seen in a long time. Credit Suisse's manny zoo plus what executives bought the most of their own stock? We bring it to you at the end of every trading week. And we're GONNA show you the five companies whose insiders pulled out their checkbooks and bought equity stick around. Welcome back to fast money. I was pregnant. Special Guests Manzu of Credit Suisse. Chief Derivatives Strategist Mandy to pleasure to have you on fast money again. I can't wait till everybody's back around the table with Melissa the gang so I'll start with you. How relevance is quotes. Earning season going to be if an super important or not important at all given. What's going on? Thanks Ryan Yeah. That's a great question I would say. Would it be priced into the market? Coming round of earnings will be less important than mobile to what to keep in mind cause upcoming first-quarter earnings as most mostly gonNA cover a period before until locked out so the informational value. Boeing Ford not going to be a lot right so I think it's important to keep in mind and so what are you watching that and your team. Mandy most closely. Sure what is going interesting. The derivatives market right. Now is you know with the spouse off of the Lowe's market up you know twenty plus percent. We're not seeing any upside chasing. In the market in fact investors have been using. Rally to act downside. Hedges no buying down puts in the major indices. Snp Russell Two thousand etc which to me is actually very notable because typically these meet your market correction we do see a fair amount of upside Co Buying as people come to pick the bottom that activity that flow is completely absent so to me it. Signals is very high amount of skepticism. You know there's rally can continue going forward. Okay Yeah and I mean what? What is the biggest so many risks? Mandy? I feel silly asking this question. What's the biggest risk right now and we're talking of course we're talking about equity markets what we do here on. Cbc Sure I think you know what people are watching for You know the term data. Everyone I think by this point recognizes going to be absolutely horrific whether you're talking about unemployment. Gdp earnings etc. I think what we're really drive more kids. You know. If you're looking for the next next leg higher we really need to see constructed data coming from either the underlying virus in terms of keeping the infection rates or signs that we can get the economy back to normal faster than expected So I think that's that's what everyone is watching. Not so much the near-term data because that's been I would say completely written off The more signs of the Second. Half what. Type of rebound. What kind of recovery are we going to get? Is it that v-shaped recovery or if you get a lot of Asian economies going to lockdown? I'm having more conversations with clients talking about a second way inspection and the potential. You know. Maybe you shaved or w shaped with coverage. I think that's what most investors were really focusing on this point. All right man. Is You credit? Suisse man you look forward to seeing you back onset soon. Thank you very much all right. Let's guys go around the Horn and talk about the next week. Set up obviously tomorrow guy. Downey is a holiday long weekend for Easter. And Passover and I'm wishing all of you and your families the best of what's been just incredibly stressful time guy. What are you watching for most closely gold market? I mean Newmont mining up thirteen and a half percent today. If you look at that and we we outlined a pretty bousquets for banks a couple of weeks ago I remember. Jp MORGAN TRADE IN EIGHTY FOUR. And we said even if you say book value went from sixty two to fifty five. You're still looking to be able to pick up J. P. Morgan. At one point five times price attachable book levels you would have signed up for in spades so I think to me banks and gold town and the end of lent by the way you can. Finally we can raise a glass. Virtually together It will be under control looking for the Easter Bunny. But I'm looking for retail sales on the macro front retail sales out Wednesday China also import and export numbers but obviously earnings JP Morgan Bank of America then lvs and even slumber j. all very important Karen for me. It's what the banks say. It's not all about what they're going to earn. I think that's completely in the rear view mirror. It's about what are they seeing and what actually happens to their balance sheets if they have forbearance on loved those loans get marked down so that gets to guys point of book value. How badly do they think book value is going to be hit watching that and any any testing news on expanding testing would be important? That's huge Steve. Grasso what are you looking at buddy? Yeah so I'm not interested in earnings yet as the rest of the group isn't managed to the economic data yet. I'm interested in the human toll so I keep tuning in to the president's press conferences to governor Cuomo's press conferences. I WANNA see those death rates flatten out. And that's you know we're out of the woods. That's that's definitely what matters and let's hope we get that over the weekend. Guy Tim Karen Steve. Best to you and your whole family's for this Easter and Passover next couple of days. Thank you all very much. All right. What corporate executives bought the most of their own stock of the past week. This paper has the names on it for me. I will read you. This paper on the insider buying boob. We come back right after this. Wrap up every week with it inside or score dot com. The company Dupont. Their own stock. The most I mean they're insiders Kohl's children's Patchy. Saic and carnival their executives coming in big in fact carnival aboard member bought ten million shares. Thanks watching we'll see you next week. Mad with Jim starts now.

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Animal Talk  Coyote Peterson Brave Wilderness  Episode 78


1:08:45 hr | 1 year ago

Animal Talk Coyote Peterson Brave Wilderness Episode 78

"You're listening to the podcast network visit. WWW dot podcast detroit dot com for more information hey there's the music that means it's time for animal talk. Show some of the best dog on pip people on the planet here to help you with your pets like the guys sitting across from me hi. I'm brian glorious day here in detroit. <hes> it is at the other side of the hell hi i'm matt fox and i totally agree green's back man over there where my weatherman now think of. It's a beautiful day in detroit. One minute past the hour fifty nine minutes ahead headaches here. We go while you've done talking. Weather on the assets is my name's jamie flanagan. Just make sure everybody. It has a good time animal talk. It is america's best show <hes> brian yes. I've been stung and yeah no not really but <hes> our guest as we have our guests on the phone. Oh no not yet so it stung bitten coming up on the show. We have a coyote pete peterson this is this is kind of crazy so he's he's a big youtube star and he's going to talk to us. He's got a new book out so we're gonna talk to coyote about his book and we're going to get some help with the pets and i got questions i actually i i should probably bring up a couple of the one of his videos and louis snippy guys. Holy smokes as a bystander. I'm kind of curious as to what's about to happen seizes up and then it's like the powerful they call them. Calculators intense pain right there. That's kinda channel. That's his thing him just a mess in himself up if i if i played that added just the right time it would have sounded like a porn <hes> <hes> so it might so he's <hes> his his youtube channel is called the brave wilderness and he has a series of different shows. I mean he goes out and adventuring and looking at stuff and then hurt hurt himself and so it'll be fun. We'll we'll talk to coyote peterson shortly. He'll be checking in with us and and <hes> but their stuff on the on the web that we wanted to check in. I thought i thought there was something in here. I had something saved life of a high school teacher. I is nope okay. He's right. A manifesto margins margins us awesome yeah. I thought i had i had oh here. We are designed dog designer designer dog maker sorry about that designer. Dog maker regrets his creation. The inventor of the labra doodle beliefs created a frankenstein. Wait a minute. Wait a minute wait a minute. There's one person who who claims the the the writes genesis of the labrador so i was in a lobby of a hotel in toronto says this article on the line waiting to be picked eggs up and take it to a venue where i was scheduled to give a talk well-dressed middle-aged woman was standing nearby sand colored curly haired dog bent down to give the dog friendly pat and she nets to me. Molly is a pure bred lab doodle just like the one jennifer aniston has amaze me how intelligent people can refer to an intentionally intentionally cross bred dog as the labra doodle as purebred yeah <hes> elaborate noodle is a cross between lab labrador retriever and the poodle it avoids is all the negative labels of mutt mongrel because it's deliberate crossbreeding and those people are marketed to <hes> they market them the pups and they refer for to these designer dogs a label that gives a hint of sophistication and elitism <hes> there are many designer dogs now and the majority involved crossbreeding poodles totals and some other breed poodles have like they don't have further of hair right yeah yeah so i mean that's that's kind of a hypoallergenic thing <hes> <hes> that a lot of people go because a lot of people love dogs within their allergic so perhaps the earliest appearance in the nineteen fifties was a cockapoo cocker spaniel and a poodle cross never achieved that much popularity's nowadays one can find a golden doodle. A schnoodle doodle doodle ru doodles rottweiler rottweilers. Listen poodles get me out of that meeting. Pen yorkie pu shitsu shitsu poodle a multiple a maltese poodle apu john you know our friend nick over at pecci right yeah you know his his mother is polish joke okay and his father is mexican all right and they intentionally bred and they made it and came up with nick and i've always called him a polack it does he enjoy that no reverence. I don't know what his problem is <hes> so but <hes> this writer was fortunate enough to be able to meet an interview wally carr carney in a few years ago the man credited with the creation of the laboratory laboratory so a guy named wali khan run rally conman wali khan run <hes> CON r. o. n. Wally conrad is credited with the creation of labor doodle <hes> he was <hes> the puppy breeding manager for the royal guide dog association of australia in one thousand nine hundred eighty when his boss set him to a difficult task blind woman from hawaii e had written them and they wanted a guide dog that would not shed hair because her her husband was allergic. Conrad said oh yes that'll be a piece of cake standard. Poodle is a working dog. It doesn't shed hair so that'll be great. <hes> <hes> thirty-three dogs on the coast of three years they all failed to make the greatest guide dogs and so he did the crossbreed so the crossbreeding was to get a dog because of the poodle. I just wouldn't train to be the guy dog but the labradors did so. That was the the reason for the cross but he said he's is not pleased with his creation. You know the not only that the the poodle. The poodle is pretty distracting like in airports because they always walk on their hind legs with a little to do. We really need that. Do we need that. I will show any labrador. I've ever met though <music> <hes> they've actually been pretty intelligent. They hit very wise is any labrador live very wise is. I don't know why that is but it just what's the ones. I've come across yeah yeah. They're good dogs but it brings up a lot of questions. I <hes> you know when you think of value in these days. You can't place value on life but let's let's. Let's let's go there for a second. You know when you talk about purebred animals purebred dogs you know the lineage has always been very important. You know all this one goes back six generations. They're all they're all show dogs westminster champions and then all that's out the window with these designer breeds in the value. It's so funny because you take a purebred purebred golden golden retriever a purebred poodle. You mix them together. The offspring is more expensive then either one of them. Isn't that weird yeah. It just doesn't but i mean you know what i guess. It's it's you know if you can sell so you know. People will buy it and it's <hes> that creates the value right so i want. Someone saw somebody coming now. They have you know palm skis in <hes> i mean there's an alphabet soup now of docs dachshund chihuahua chihuahua so there's there's a dachshund and you're on your good comedy. Well you know you you heard about mine. What did you mix with your weenie. No no no it didn't go very well during the during the heyday of this <hes> designer briefly. I guess we're still in it. Yeah i had an idea and it i'd be the only one at <hes> head. I wanted to mix a papillon a samoyed <hes> in a mirror cat okay. I was going to call it a pep samir. How did that name test now. Well now well to my surprise to my chagrin. How disappoint yeah but you know not not. All ideas are going to soar like eagle. No oh good luck opposite day today at it <hes> at at animal taco the the whole the whole studio has been turned around yeah bill had before. I'm actually looking into the this the shipping company normally. It's like getting beaten. The is by the sun and that spot is <hes>. I think we're it's the sun is starting to set a little sooner so you're not <hes> blind again glided yeah so yeah samantha's. Who've you notice samantha's not here no nope she. She got called into work yeah and so so. She abandoned us yeah. She's not even she can't. She doesn't join the chat thumbed up on on the video or anything we we feel so neglected by samantha but <hes> so we're going to get her work in hard when we moved to our new studio yeah looking forward to some new digs coming up very very soon expanding the podcast network. We're downtown detroit right now. Yes in the detroit shipping company <hes> in the past detroit studios here but podcast detroit northville ville will be kicking off very very soon and <hes> looking forward to spend some time in the hangar are co working space out northville. It's a newly rehabbed billing one hundred forty years. There's also a lot of history and there's going to be a brewery there nor center brewing co working podcast detroit. It's is gonna be. It's gonna be really cool. Spot really cool. Everybody in the metro detroit area if you're looking at it we're gonna. We're gonna do a free podcast their free podcasts day yeah. It's like crack. You give away the i. I wanted to kind of kind of the plan but we'll we'll play a factor fiction today. Don't be afraid. I don't know who i'm going to abuse the fact of fiction. I'm not sure oh yeah we might pick on brian today. I'm thinking we might thing and i think that might be the route that that we go yeah yeah yeah so but here's a question in about dogs and energy. My dog has way way too much excess energy. Sell it back to the utility company all the energy back so yeah. My dog is way too much energy. We take an afternoon walk and an evening walk and has plenty of toys. Ask to play with but still is just insane doesn't settle down at night is normal for dizon. Say gimme a karenni for all. We know it could be a pep samir so in general how do you how do you how do you help a dog. That seems to have too much energy. You know some dogs. Are there just wound so tight. You know it's hard to hard to run them down but the best thing to do is to cycle the energy so you give the dog expectations during the day so the dog learns that at this time of day not unlike us you know a certain times a day you feel tired energetic and <hes> so uh well for us as me after eleven o'clock in the morning. It's tired all day. That's it two o'clock. Coffee is coffee is worn off and dragon but for the president and then at night. You can't sleep because of the meat sweats. Those steaks cooked yesterday is like oh. You're not faced with now ed really three of four of them. How do you how do you go. I go rare. Also your medium medium rare. You're an aficionado auto then you're a lover is at it's harder to do a good medium rare at home on the grill myself. I've been trying to get better at it to have your meat thermometer and oh oh yea like one hundred twenty five degrees thirty ninety well. That's right out of the fridge the body the ninety eight point seven talking about the meat sweats at night but the energy yeah off of a dog so what you what you do is <hes> and i know there's not a lot of detail in the email but i'll bet at some point they said yeah. Stocks had a lot of energy. I know it's ten o'clock at night and the dogs. I'll take him for a quick run around the block you do that a couple of times then the ducks and start expecting that that walker that ron to get that that last bit of energy out don't do that walk him during the day or run them at a predictable time try to do at the same time every day you know so <hes> the most consistent time your day if you have a little bit you know like maybe before work or something take on the backyard so the ball for ten minutes. They mentioned they take a walk in the afternoon and evening. What about the morning so yeah trying to reschedule your energy level so okay yeah so you try to cycle it so the dog had <hes> dog has an internal clock just like we. Do you know so if you get them used to that he'll he'll settle in but yeah some dogs definitely are more challenging. I'm not i'm not not. I don't mean to make it sound easy for most dogs. It is but for some dogs and they <hes> you just don't have an off switch. Just have to do your do your best and then <hes> you a little bit of chloroform on a handkerchief never hurt. Does this or formed you yeah. That's never a good pickup. Line used to be funnier than it is tall yeah. He's a great one now. It's like bouncer yanked out of the place again again but i thought i thought i thought of a line. I thought the line but i don't have the complete fleet joke around it. Okay okay okay. It's like the line goes like this seriously this just pop right in my head. It's when the rufi kicks in that i can really be myself should laugh now. I can be myself. Okay yeah yeah. You don't wanna dig deep on that one. I don't came from either. Maybe maybe maybe i shouldn't have said that laughing all right so here's what we're gonna do. Hold on before you get to that before yeah. Have you guys seen the new dave chapelle special. I saw about the first ten minutes. The guy and i sat there going. David say that you can't say that dave. I stopped with his mccully cock and i said i haven't seen a single second of all aw i guess like david kids say that i love him. We'll yes this whole thing is. It's open season on on celebrities. You can't say anything because you know everything. Can you feel uncomfortable about i grew up in a time where there was <hes> <hes> <hes> jokes on every nationality so if you're a polish jokes irish jokes sexual orientation. There's jokes everywhere but everything right. You got to be very careful. Can't you can't yeah you can't and dave chapelle toward that reds the whole whole time. I'm like you gotta draw shades before you laugh okay wondering if it kept going all kept going on good the genius he really is all right so lauren is checking in the chat room your little peanut peanut echo. I was like trying to check with dave what the live feed soun- sounds like fun. She called them to say we sound echoey. Yeah she didn't question. I know she's always in the chat room yeah but i mean she she just you guys have the echo on purpose. She wants to hear you sorry to see with my glasses i can. That's why sam's over here usually handling. We tell none joke all they can. We tell none none whatsoever. I got some blood see. My aunt is a nun she she we share the same birthday july twenty fifth the hello several years apart and she's a adrian dominican nun. She's back at the mother house. Adrian just ninety s komo is is this the order of nuns. I can only speak every seven years. No have you heard about this one yeah but there you heard about the old system maria at this order that where did they could only see my god. I'll see the mother superior every seven years what she say go ahead she joy. I didn't know joins the order of nuns okay and seven years go by and mothers call system into the indoor office. Say if you've been here seven years. Do you have anything to say and she said <hes> my bed is cold and and most superior says <hes> very well. You said what you had to say. <hes> kerryon seven more years go and she calls her in system where you've been here fourteen years. You have anything to to say. The food is kind of bland. <hes> and mother spirit says okay. You said what he had to say. Seven years go several years twenty one year right right. She gets called into mother superiors office. She says sister maria. Do you have anything to say. It's been twenty one years and she said <hes> yes. I quit and mother superior says i don't blame you. You've been bitch and ever since you got here all right. I thought that i was going i have i have a couple that are wave. They're more chapelle with my aunt. Being a non pretty awful to say so but i used to watch podcast is ortho. I watch the chapelle special. He skewers every sacred cow. I'll think it's perfect yeah that was like just about ten minutes in with the mccully caucus joke and i was already. I always like going. Oh you can't oh you can't you can't oh you did. I was watching it at school to on my life so i was feeling today. Hey you know his second day back to school with the kids thing and i was like y'all be quiet while we're having lunch inch. Jay's going to watch david chapelle. Oh my god i was alone on ah yeah. You can't even watch that in the break room. You can't even you can't even watch that with the custodians down in the boiler room. Drinking whisky rarely watch into your own hands. It like you said you gotta draw the shades before you're gonna laugh. Yeah mercy all right so i'm not sure if <hes> coyotes going to connect with us today or not so we'll just kinda move on coyote comes through brilliant and if not not <hes> we'll just say mean crap about him till the end of time <hes> maybe we can get get bill ampere on the line. The lamb veered. You're what were you there for bill mbare no oh you weren't there for. I didn't send you the other clip either. That's <hes> yeah the whole my goodness. There's there's two separate clips saga about inappropriate. <hes> is right out of david chapelle show and then there's a bill laimbeer we because we had bill lamb beer on the show when remember bill and beer it must have been because bryant took off from the show you'd had enough with me piston champion part of the bad boy we started a company called laimbeer packaging. My brother actually drove a truck for him. Just so what what did he have to say well. It was a gentleman named bill in beer who traveled down the amazon river but it wasn't the the bill and beer but it was really fascinating story about the <hes> about amazon we were we were expecting our favorites asli stack to join us and so we were like you know yeah so we get a little confused on our guest but i've got a question for you brian while we well we toy with that so we got a three of this we have. We have a breed in an age okay. You're a little better when their ages attached to these things. We have a three year old beagle basset hound mix. What would you call that a acid. I don't know but everything's dragging on that uh-huh okay so i'll tell you what before we do the email it's a beagle basset hound mix and a few years old so a couple of things we that that should be happening with his dog. He's he's full grown. He's fully matured so you shouldn't be seen any behavioral problems or anything at this pointless or something wrong something going on with the ducks. I'm sorta stress dress wants. A dog is two years old. You pretty much have the same dog every day and if you don't that's a warning sign because behavior swings can sometimes be indicative. They could have some sort of illness right. That's what we know so far to hounded. Probably you know it doesn't listen very well. You know real attentive is not not a golden retriever. It's going to you know <hes> jump to attention every time you you talked to him so go ahead. So what we have here is been adopted. They've had her. They've had her for about a year and she suffers from separation. Jennings -iety okay so not too uncommon with dogs. Is that <hes> our hounds kinda attach kind of dog. <hes> not not really no but i i'll tell you what if if you have a separation awesome problem with the hound and you got a big problem with that with that bark eagles to be a little more kind of clingy more anything else yeah i would say they are more than battles. Maybe that's maybe that's the part of it there so separation anxiety so we got her on prozac <hes> i try to crater but she nearly destroys wizard teeth on the crate trying to get out <hes> she slowly becoming comfortable in the crates <hes> i leave a warranty shirt in there to help quieter. That seems to help a little bit still barks when i depart. The neighbors are complaining. What can i do to help. You know prozac good. The alternative is it. Actual prozac or is it. Maybe there's a call yet done doggy prozac doggy prozac. Okay yeah a little little bit for mommy a little bit for the puppy. Hey do well i would i would continue with this protocol at the vet has yawn okay first of all and secondly you not working say after after your shift is over your home or during the weekend i would put that dog in the crate as many times as you can for about three or four seconds okay seconds. Why because <hes> dogs they're when they're put into a situation. The stress response is usually immediate. Okay so if you can get over that hump of just the first few minutes. They're usually find the rest of the time. They're in there as interesting so it's just usually the initial <hes> the initial <hes> anxiety of a so <hes> you're watching TV. <hes> commercial comes on take your dog to the crate. Put her in the crate. Give her a treat and take a right back out so you you you put her in a take her out before she gets a chance to have that that stress rings diety triggered okay okay so if you can do that you're gonna make progress if you keep her in there and then she gets stressed out and then take her out. All you're doing is reinforcing the problem so i i would do a lot of that. During during the morning evening weekends try to put her in and out of that cage again before so part of this also desensitizing meaning. You know i can show oh. He's something scary but if you if you see it enough you go through it enough. It's no longer going to have the same effect so the i've been teaching for fifteen years. It's getting worse. Do you want to say it doesn't hundred and eighty days crack every day. I walked out. It was is like the last day of the first day first day and i walked out of my room in our contract in michigan. You have to teach one hundred hundred and eighty five days right. That's how school years workout one hundred and eighty five days in generally. They're never more than one hundred eighty five days. Because that's all the state requires uh-huh. I walk out on my classroom myself. I'm like a hundred and eighty four to go visit my head. You know walking. Just gotta laugh at myself having said that i walked by another teacher. He's like hunter. Her native is a guy like that and i'm like oh my god so i said the exact same thing last week i said to myself you did not look well last week. You unhappy you're unhappy. I was i was mad. I was upset with myself about several things yeah so it was it was a part of the stress but yeah i was. I was displeased with myself on other fronts as well so thanks for bringing that were your friends we could upset about. Why would i'm good. I'm thinking thing if i'm jamie flanagan. What can i possibly had had a great household you and the cat. Your wife is wonderful family. It's a i don't so that's it okay all right so it's all gone now all right. Thanks for ridge and that backup count your blessings jamie. I thought glad i had another because the designer dog thing just cracked me up <hes> if you could mix any two dogs brian well. You said you have your pap. Samari pap smear matt now. What about you what if you could mix. NET dogs doesn't have to be to have a ridiculous name like russia was fairly incidental is has no idea to end up that way. It's just see i i've had beagles have had cocker. Spaniels have had labradors you know if i was to are you talking more of mood or someone to hang out just a dream pet a dream patching it would have to be a chocolate lab <hes> with my cocker spaniel <hes> oh okay that would be dream pet the reason why is because my cocker spaniel loved to be around people <hes> the the chocolate lab was very loyal at the same time so so. That's my dream chock yeah. Thank you sure figured it wouldn't take big long to bring it around a dream not mine. We my dog is older. Five years old probably a little older because we're her second family early only matter for a year but she's still not housebroken. Oh what do i do with an old dog. That's not house wouldn't what breed of dog once again. Devoid of dog is a mutt five-year-old chalker cock check so this is the second family right. They adopted it from from someone who who passed. I i didn't wanna go dark yes so it wasn't trained well by that and so they've had it for a year and they still can't housebreak see we don't at this point. There's a few things things we don't know. We don't know if the dog has never been house broken for maybe was housebroken and being upset with the change of john you of the home yeah homes and everything that maybe it's having a relapse level of sounds like it it it. It's never been husband. It's well. It's it's it's it. It may not be real easy but here's what you do. <hes> i would just put the doctor the same protocols you would a brand new puppy you get them home. Eh follow him everywhere. You take precautions with if you can't keep an eye on 'em. He should be in a crate feed. At the exact same times everyday put everything on a very very precise schedule because then at least you'll get the dog going at the same times during the day and he may not make that distinction between outside and inside but if you get them going at the same time every day you can make sure he's outside when he needs to be so i would get them on a very very strict feeding program. Don't worry so much about the water. The water will take care of itself once you control the food so when i say exact feeding schedule i mean if you're feeding them at at seven o'clock in the morning. Don't say well seven. Maybe seven thirty seven forty five seven o'clock every day for ten minutes. At first you might see he'll you know he might not eat enough other days mighty too much but after a while i will become come very regulated and that's going to dictate everything else so once you get the dog eating at the same time he's going to be eliminating at the same time and then you gotta then you gotta. Just make sure he's in the in the right place so you're gonna have to watch and there's no shortcut to keep an eye on. I'm just like a brand new baby or a puppy or you know any any new assistance. Distancing is the key. It's absolutely key. It's everything yeah but yeah with the food you know when it goes in the same food every day same time every day. It's going to be processed pretty much the same same rate every day. So that's the key okay. Consistency is the key so what about is that it's is a person i know has a chihuahua and then another person i know they got a pug and and they they they let them pee on the wee wee pads and in the house but the dogs have mistakes and go places other than the we we pads like all the time and i don't know how to train this dotted and it's like it's like we'll put it on a leash outside. You know it's not like you live in new yorker the another another neither one of these people live in new york so they could easily take the dog out your apartment but okay walk down two flights thousand betting man. You know what i'd say if it's dead easy to take them outside yet they let them going on in hudson popat they're probably not they're probably pretty lazy with watching them. They're not they're not being very diligent with watching they don't really want to that's why they got the we had. It makes you even more lazy as a pet owner. Yeah and dogs learnt through immediate media association so if you're not right there you know you'll notice a common thread in all of my answers yeah. You know you gotta. You gotta have that you gotta. You gotta be there when they're making kim stage. You gotta be there when they're doing things right so you can reinforce good behaviors squelched the bad behaviors but <hes> yeah you know you kind of profile people based on like you said said sound like during the thirtieth floor of an apartment building in manhattan thirty four walk up take them out. It's a ranch and <hes> and clawson. That's right so i would. I would say that they're being pretty lazy. I mean dogs never going to learn and here's the other thing once the dog starts going in different areas of the house even if you clean it they'll be able to smell or they went before and that creates the habit of going in those places so you know with the urine and the feces you clean it up you have to use. There's a urine neutralizer on it just to get totally get rid of that smell otherwise they're gonna go right back to the same spot yeah. We've had a thri percy our cat his he. He was in his crazy like a shelter. Sometimes they have like blankets and things in the in the cage is they have a lot of cats in the cages as some of these keys and the cat's just pee all all over the towels and stuff so person. He's got a bad habit. You can't leave towels on the ground because it goes back to his childhood p on anything else. See how strong a habit is yeah. Habits can be very very strong. He hasn't done that since he was an. You know crap. We've added freak for like five year. Yes it's that's why we like to instill habits that we want and don't let them come up with their own habits because they can be sticky literally smelly and nasa yeah yeah so. Don't don't leave a towel on the ground at my house. I do the same thing how piano towels on the floor. I don't know where that came from. I only bought your child bounced around from shelter shelter. That's terrible okay now. Getting back to <hes> you know this is short attention span theater yeah so getting back to so you're okay this week you're doing. You're doing great yeah okay. It's good back <hes> good. Yeah you know we're on the the the war on the second floor on a i guess a mezzanine sure overlooking the <hes> you know the the the bar in the stage trade shipping companies detroit last last week when jamie was holding the railing i i could see that he was he was thinking about jumping so as a friend. You know what i did. I don't want to be around for that so that's all you need to put a phone right in the middle. Don't <hes> if you if you like jumping. Please pick up this line. No we're having a good week. <hes> what do we got. I i think i don't know i think i wanna mess with somebody. I'm we might have to torment someone eh rochambeau rock paper scissors on that one <hes> who knows back backdoor fiction you decide. I got <hes> three headlines. I don't have any of the headlines. I'll you're getting them all again them all right because bryant. You're going to have to guess which of these lines is false down. I guess driving in matt matt was driving and i was doing it in the car so i was afraid that matthew seeing these while i was while we were driving paid attention to what you we're typing while i was driving your like that thinking there's no way i'm gonna get shown up. I'm gonna figure this out all right so three headlines to true one is false made up for me by me. As i was driving down here passenger three headlines here number one robot deployed into listen for whales robot deployed to listen for whales headline number two robotic mouse traps you can see and hunt in the dark robotic mouse traps can see and hunt in the dark and our third headline is. EPA allows allows us of cyanide bombs on wildlife so there you go so three headlines robot deployed to listen for whales robotic mousetraps can nc in hunting the dark and EPA allows for cyanide bombs on wildlife all right now. Here's how i do my process of elimination okay cyanide bomb sounds preposterous and that's why it's probably true okay the robotic the first robotic one one was about deployed to listen listen to wales that sounds that sounds believable and there's a lot of robotic shit going on on stage especially on the ocean now the robotic hunting your mouse hunting. That sounds like you're parlane the popularity of robotic the bottom two. I would have to say story number. Two is false story number. Two is false to one or naught. Go wow. I don't understand why sam has such a really tough. Why is it so hard. It's a a process of elimination so here we go sam. That's how it's done if she's listening at the store. She's so mad there. You go matt though i'm gonna. I'm gonna call on you to read a ban animal joke. Oh some point so we've got plenty of time. We got time i i. I i want to listen to hear about these wales and robot. Oh yeah i messaged. I message the the coyotes people and they said oh will remind him to call so who knows he might he might chime in who knows but yeah. I had these articles saved in here. There's a a robotic whale while they're sending robots off the scottish coast so the the little robots kilts to listen for whales to roll out listening for whales and dolphins as they move around the sees and they're doing it between scotland and ireland. It's <hes> it's a scotus association for marine science deployed the marine of the machine called all the glider off the western isles around august six. The robot is named. Tell us kerr and it's traveling south and off the north west west of ireland taking measurements of water temperatures oxygen the sailing in the water <hes> the saline levels <hes> whale dolphin sounds recorded by the glider. Will we'll help the scottish marine society. The experts understand about the their habits so there you go they run glider missions through the atlantic at off the scottish coast and it's <hes> yeah so it's just i don't know what they're trying to prove the data to to hope up to about the distribution of animals where the dives occur so yeah they're just trying to figure out the density in population of the animals in the straits there between ireland and scotland so there you go interesting but my business idea with robotics. What is your business idea for about. Oh this is serious business now. This would have to require <hes> require choir. I dunno maybe like a nuclear powered batteries or something because it takes a lot of power okay so you have a a robot drone. Underwater robot drone has little robot arms that can pick things up has a basket and it's it's <hes> you know it's it's it's connected to GPS and wireless from your living room. In your underpants. You'd be able to rent one of these underwater rovers explore the bottom of the ocean and anything found would be mailed to you and basket may be enough. It's treasurer something split with the the the the government or the country that <hes> on because you know there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sunken chips vast amounts of of the the ocean it is as of yet and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of gold and booty eighty pirate moody not to mention you know casks of wine all these wouldn't it be cool you you know from your living room just rent and underwater rover so you could have like a screen as you can. <hes> has a live video feed of the saying just kind of explore or the ocean and see if you can dig something up and i don't know. Can you fit the titanic into a robotic basket. I don't know if i can't it's mine so and of course the the the sound the whole time you gotta you gotta you gotta have right echoing through your house the whole time while you're doing on it -ma- made me loaf. I'm exploring the ocean floor. Why do i feel like we should be playing battleship right now. <hes> all right. What do you mean. I don't have a job marine archaeologists dammit. Is that really the sound that it makes you hear that in all the movies yeah right here right now a different number. This is gravely. It was fun isn't it. This is what makes it most interesting when radio was in its infancy. I'm underwater. Gotta beat the going on in me. I'm taking a call well. This is what it's like a submarine. You hear everyone else's conversation that goes. I'm just glad the mike cerrone on. I'd be really embarrassed if some of this win over the so brian. Do you want to introduce our guest yeah. I want to introduce our guests with a little story of of my own. Okay okay so a few years ago i used i took to jogging in the morning like five in the morning and one particular morales jogging and i noticed this this is lady was walking the same directions so i was going to overtake her at some point. It's five o'clock in the morning so i said you know she's walking out. I don't wanna. I don't wanna scare her. So maybe i'll clear my throat. I'm thinking of all this as i'm as run up behind her because i'm thinking i don't startle her with my heavy breathing jogging pastor writer so as i jog pastor about twenty feet before i get to her i jog off the sidewalk underneath. This tree and i bumped bumped into a bee's nest. Oh and i was stung in the back of the neck so right before i got to her i went and of course you know so much for the best laid plans. She was a little startled. I thought a lot of things right at the moment but you know what. I didn't think what didn't you. I didn't think maybe i should get myself stung by something else it on youtube coyote peterson does the shit oh oh constantly yeah and he <hes> he subjects himself to this and you know just like a hot peppers peppers and there's always something hotter right. There's always always something that will stick to your bite you that's more painful than something else right but so he actually looks for these creatures and submits himself to this and then you see him writhing in pain beaming being fourteen million views. That's that's it. Yes yes coyote peterson. Welcome to animal talk. Thank you for having me guys. I appreciate it. Give you a lot of credit for drumming at five o'clock in the morning. That's right there. Yeah and you know what a few years before that. I was collecting electing firewood at a camp and i was. I was stung twice in the face and you know what i said but you know what i didn't so you know what i think. Maybe i should do this again and put it on youtube so are you. Are you crazy. There's something wrong with something. No <hes> so what what makes you do this stuff well. That's a good question as far as getting stung intentional about things just record. I think i got you with the bee stings. I've been in some thirty times in the face by these wearing a beard however that was a BB. You're gone wrong. Don't turn out the way we wanted it to but getting stong intentionally wallets it's created this phenomenon of on the educational purposes and the sort of story that that we can bring to people to show you just how painful these things are. I guess just ended up being the right formula for the right place. In time when it came to getting people excited about animals and <hes> like you said getting to the tune of you know whether it's it's it's forty million views or whatever the numbers may be. It's really just about getting people to recognize the fact that there are some pretty cool creatures out there that we really haven't heard of before and you know just to shed some light on this. <hes> you know i <hes> in my early days at trained dogs doug attack dogs and <hes> when you when you first start doing this you have to learn to feed a dog your arm you have to it's it's the most anti intuitive thing in the world to subject yourself to danger so i just want people to know that when you do this and i know you know you <hes> a lot of it is in the camera and you're very good at it and and showing people your reaction but there's some real there's some real struggle going on psychologically psychologically when you subject yourself to something that you know is dangerous and everything in your body going back one hundred thousand years. We used to run away from sabertooth nats or whatever we're back then but we you know we've we've developed this instinct to stay away from that kind of danger so <hes> that's did you. Did you find that you've always always been this sort of the the the the type of kid who's oh yeah. I'll put my finger on this. <hes> this brick while you slam it together with another one i mean were you that kind of kid yourself else's kind of stuff well. No i was definitely not the kind of kid there was like <hes>. Let me see how bad this would hurt. It really came down to just recognizing nice seeing the fact that the audience <hes> was able to grasp onto these experiences in a way that people have not not reached an audience with animals before if you've seen episode that i did call canine attack were actually i've taken down by the belgium alamos or have you done this before getting taken down bye bye dog in a taxi. Oh i have yeah yeah. It's it's not very anti intuitive to let yourself go. It's it's super intimidating and i was actually a friend of mine and i were actually really bad my dogs when young when i say we i mean she was mauled really bad. I fortunately escape being able to run him. I don't have to run the dog run you well. It wasn't really not run. It was more about sustaining still and making yourself look big so i backed down a german shepherd and the other dog. We got attacked by two dogs at the same time and the dogs attacked him. I mean it's it's it was horrific. It stop it off ripped off. I mean it was traumatic and i was probably around eight or nine years old. I mean dramatic uh-huh actually peed my pants in the process. I'm not afraid to admit that like if you've ever been charred site dog little in two thousand and a german shepherd would you nine year old is like a grizzly bear the it'll scare the PR hitting when when we did the belts and mallon wa take down the the dog that i worked with her name is maya she was only around forty eighty five or fifty pounds and i was like okay when you see her like you're not that big and they they asked me. Do you want in those for you know that there's a couple of different gauges of suit so so i chose to go with the thin suit that is just a jack and i was like yeah. This can't be that bad that dog beat the life yeah not only was she able to pull me into the ground but the force of ripping my arm around like i had massive blood blisters alter my forum it was rough. It's yeah it's it's no joke in <hes> <hes> you know you're talking about the bite suit. I remember one time <hes> when you get used to the fact okay you run away and the dog likes the duggal chase you you hear the dog coming up behind and you and you hear the dog panting the footsteps running behind you. There's a split second where you hear nothing and that's because the dog is in the air right yeah and then there's the second after that and like you said it doesn't have to be a very big dog they the way they can whip you around is. It's very impressive. The strength that a dog can muster up when he's when he's in full attack <hes> now you know. I'm sure you know the story of steve. Irwin is not lost on you <unk>. Are have you ever been in a situation where you know. Maybe things got a little out of control and you really like man. Maybe i shouldn't have done that think we've gone too far. Yeah well. What's funny about that is is is the answer to that is yes but it's it's also no and no is that it's never happened in the scenario scenario think it would go like getting bitten or somebody something intentionally the most dangerous situation where the answer's yes. It's like this could be the end has actually happened with human mistake or simply by being in the wrong place at the right time period for example we once came upon a mother grizzly bear and her three cubs over on the side of the river in alaska. If you've got the capital is literally the exact same scenario able to scare the mother bear and cubs off and she made that choice to go in the opposite direction forces charging in attacking me and my camera team at the time and had she attacked us. There's nothing really thin bald possibly to death <hes> you know but a lot of the other like incidents that they sometimes do sometimes don't make make it onto like channel cheap channel or the content we film are human error like for example. I was catching turtles in australia or it was a team of professionals and i don't from about grabbed onto the back of a two hundred and fifty pound turtle. It was so song that it was able to side and i got hit by the boat in the process the hit me and literally sloppy zoghbi out the back underneath the power lying the fact that i did not get sucked into the plate if that maxine soft into a million pieces was a miracle michael and and that's honestly one of my closest calls nobody knows about but it's oftentimes like being in that moment where you're willing to take risks to get the scene or having encounter counter that can sometimes be more dangerous than the actual itself so all the bites and things i've taken on melt calculating my while atallah just mario and i do an extensive amount instance talk to medical professionals and make sure that if i'm going to do this what is the proper protocol we have in place in case i do have a bad reaction right because it's usually the allergic reaction to venom that causes somebody to go into anticlimactic sock or crease that scenario cruelty life but otherwise i mean you're i'm gonna get stung bitten by things and if you can seek medical attention and the right amount of time you think be totally fine you know. I watched a video where you're being stung by. <hes> this little watch wasp wasp look like was it was like alvin colt you call it a cop killer and you mentioned you mentioned the video that you know being bitten one thing i've been been lots of times by dogs and <hes> but <hes> when when it comes to venom and your body chemistry and how these these animals have evolved to use their venom for defenses <hes> yeah there could be some there could be some really bad things going on inside your body. You know you're you. You know things like incidental things like your heart stopping or you know or your your your lungs stopped working so these are real things so have you been. Have you been checked out against. All these venoms intend to know how your body's gonna react or is it just well. You know we're close enough to a hospital. Do this scene seles. Try it well. You can't necessarily get checked out in advance but with a lot of these benham's the safety protocols to basically say okay once you take can assisting and i've only taken a very small number of venomous bites. I've never been bitten by something like a a rattlesnake black mamba or something like that. That's crazy and we're smart enough to know that you don't take bites that are like okay. This kid seriously kill you quickly and the thing with a rattlesnake bite his the humor toxic nature of their venom regardless philosophy of use higher by iraq's. It's still gonna destroy you at blood cells and it's gonna walk in your body if not caused you to lose limbs so you know i'm not that crazy tracy but with with the insects that i have been bitten or stung by a lot of that is based on the immediacy of the reaction so let's take the bullet lenient for example like we knew this was a very painful sting highest drink sting. It's time for pain but we all send you. The you know part of one of the rituals that happens in south america's is that <hes> the the the native tribes will pull ans- prince isn't between boyhood and one hood and they will take hundreds of stings so if a nine to sixteen year old boys taking hundreds of things i know me taking a single sting should be okay. Even i'm going to oughta pain and there's going to be swelling. The odds of killing me are very slim to none but if my body were to go into some sort of very negative reaction we have happened effort tens on on location right there so one of my specialist behind seen would essentially intact that into my leg in russia adrenaline throw me we'd have enough time to get me to medical attention so it's fairly unlikely that i would die from the most interest but the thrill of what that is certainly creates a scenario where people are like. I got to watch too. It's going to have her. There's a really big can of back teen on standby dates he is. He is good to go but there's a lot of good information. There's a lot of good educational information. Woven throughout the insanity in the brave wilderness fourteen million people following you on on youtube is youtube where you got started or did you start someplace else. Youtube is really were all sold into you know. I don't like to use the word success lightly because successes capable and many different realms is these days with in many different fields. We feel very fortunate the to have collected the audience that we have that are behind the concept of hey. I wanna learn about animals. It's very flattering to how the following we have but with that type of an audience is starting on youtube. It was a huge advantage for us because it's an international audience and now getting the chance the book that i i just did conscious animal kingdom and the new television series of coming out on route to replace where we're able to now share the bigger stories with an even wider audience and and at the end of the day our goal matter what the dramatic start to get to that moment it's about drawing wrong people into animals and primarily animals that you weren't even necessarily aware that were there <hes> your reptiles amphibians insects and arachnids. It's tide pool creatures. I mean you know lions and bears and elephants in these things while they are equally important in the grand scheme of animals people have seen them a billion billion times over. It's the things you haven't seen. The don't realize are right around you. That are essentially aliens. Living in our world are the things that we found the most interesting ching and capturing not fourteen million person audience and now what will then be even more so with the launch of animal planet. The animal planet series <hes> really is is is pretty. It's a pretty cool thing you know. It's it's flattering thing but a very cool thing to get people excited about animals. I mean that's what really drives us. I hope you don't mind but i'm gonna kind of rip off your idea and i'm gonna start a youtube channel where i just gets stung by. Tinder dates sure that's that's you in the picture dangerous thing in animated i had i had one thing me for twenty two months. The worst thing of my life man so there is a bigger picture here then you want. You want people to understand that you know these. These animals are interesting. They're they're part of our world. There are things that you may not have seen considered because you know once you once you open your eyes to what's out there because you know kids these days. They have their their their faces in their screen all the time you know they're they're not riley going outside and exploring things and finding salamanders and stuff like that that we used to do you remember remember those pterodactyl eggs. We found a little. Jamie sat on it for a week but yeah but i mean the kids just don't do that anymore. I i think that might be part of the interest in your in your channels that i've never seen a red velvet. Is it a red velvet ant ah velvet ant it looks like velcro red velvet cake <hes> but yeah velvet i've. I've never heard of that so yeah. It's it's it's very interesting so is is there a larger message. You have well. It's a very interesting point and i'll base it off of the term pterodactyl eggs right like imagination that it takes you fumble told walker lake and then if you're gonna sit on it for new bay hatch out eight flying reptile. It's sort that's what it's all about for us. You know going going out and doing the extreme. The stuff that we do are really only makes about five percent of the work that we do. The core is promoting conservation education really reaching a younger audience to look. I love wasps on your devices. Youtube is the greatest entertainment power on the face of the planet. TV of course is up there as well but if you can actually step away away from that and say okay now. I'm going to go on to have an adventure. I'm learn something from this channel to realize that okay don't buy the stuff identify venomous or the poisonous poisonous animals properly and then look at the ones that i can interact with safely this salamanders the frogs and toads the lightning bugs whatever it might be forms of curiosity awesome that will essentially sculpt you into maybe one day being wildlife biologists or a conservationist or a paleontologist. Wanna sit on teradata legs. You kinda got the appeal intelligence to do that. So all of those early learning you know devices in mechanisms that we create his kids. I am an adult form of that exact axiom kid. This is how i grew up and this is what i'm trying to bring to the rest of the world to be like the outdoors is cool but we have to use media to bring back to our audit in the wonder and learning never ever stops incomes nature. I've been telling everybody about this story. That happened to me just recently. My contractor contractor dug a pond kind of a mud hole in my backyard to drain some of the water because we had a really bad spring right and i kinda like that. Why don't we expand that make a pond out so he was as he was digging now. This is only six months old this muddle. He was digging it. It drained part of the shallower part and there were fish in the mud hole and i'm like if someone is someone playing a joke on me and you know <hes> i i got on the internet as in birds like herons some things they'll eat fish fish eggs than the land somewhere else and they'll shit it out and <hes> and and sometimes these eggs will hatch and little water puddles and and i had probably fifty or sixty tiny little fish in a mud hole in my backyard talk about wonder i mean to me i call it a miracle article so yeah miracle my backyard you know jesus gave me fish in my backyard but <hes> but nature does find a way and it is it is extraordinarily interesting interesting <hes> and it. It said the wonder never ends. I remember watching wild kingdom as a kid and and it's it's every bit as interesting now is it was forty years ago so coyote god yeah no so you have the you have the two books that that are coming out here in october yes or are they out now. The actually the picking encounters in the animal kingdom comes out <hes> next week tuesday excellent ah excellent so that the adventure of september all right brave adventures and what's the other one well this brave adventures. I'm too so there's brave. Adventures wild wild animals and wild. There's the king of sting and there's brave adventures on which is epic encounters in the animal kingdom okay. That's the newest one that comes out next week right so what are people. We're gonna find <hes> in this in this newest volume <hes> what's adventure series. Is it catalogs some of the greatest adventure interesting we have over the course of essentially to your period so they may be the most epic animal interactions or encounters that happened and <hes> we design. These books look really wanted them to be something. That was a vintage nature like the old serial westerns from the fifties and sixties so what's interesting about these these books. My mom actually does all the illustration. She's a phenomenal artist so she is illustrated. <hes> with a pencil and paper all of the stations that fell throughout the book and there's close to three hundred illustrations in his new book <hes> and then you know the stories end combines altogether and it's it's based off of the videos on youtube but gives you a a little bit more of a cinematic insight to the story that actually happened in how to encounter went down. I love it all right so we got an issue though with the cover there's a squid on the cover. It's an active push standing next to a wolverine this poor octopus water. What are you doing well. There is somewhat in the foreground in yes. I i will admit cover combined potion animals in with land a the design the cocaine. You have all these different within the same book. It's this guy's even mentioned that because when i saw the original original drastic that covers said to myself <hes> is it going to be a problem because octopus is technically out of the water. Actually octopus can spend a significant amount out of time out of the water and that's why you find them entitles because when that water levels off so move from pocket of pocket pocket pocket but you're right. How do you get all all these animals onto the same. Time is ten year old kid wanting to read animal bench broken. I like knock to push definitely be the choice if i was a ten pound tuna and i could build some sort of breathing apparatus and i out of the water <hes> sorry i'll i'll tell you what though these illustrations your mother did all lease illustrate the she is a phenomenal artist. I'll tell you that she's these. Are these are very very. I didn't know that part of it. That's that's very sweet. That's very sweet so my my my mom didn't actually my mom didn't do the cover o'shea y'all can't. I'm talking about the pencil drawings in the book. They're amazing using yup. Well thank you show. She greatly appreciate that. It's pretty cool to be able to work on a project like this with your mom and my mom is essentially the one that's responsible support for giving me the childhood that led to this now adulthood of animals in adventure so what's going to be what what can we look forward to in the animal planet <hes> <hes> what's gonna be different. Are you taking it to another level or where. Where are you going. Where are you going from here. It's definitely the next level and i know a lot of people like mandy. Would you crazy things with bites and stings and bites and things do just happen naturally by mistake right so i'm not going into the animal planet's used to do anything intentionally like this is our opportunity to work in a timeframe and budget framed would allow us to tell bigger stories right so the animal planet will be thirty minute blocks versus the average size to ten minutes that we do on youtube so we're focusing on on animals that are more obscure more bizarre more misunderstood asunder stood and getting the chance to interact and tell them much larger story for example last week. I was literally in south america and spent five days something for and swimming with anaconda thing that only a handful of people have ever done. There's literally one place on the face of this planet in <hes> bonita brazil can get into the water and swim with science snakes in crystal clear water so it's an experience that most people have never done and even fewer people have ever captured on camera and and what we you did the extensive. We want you to get the good shops and i it's just it's the next level of what we've done before so we're really excited to bring this content this coming year rotate planet and essentially the world i mean this is as big as an animal has ever been received a human interacting scenarios with animals. I like it. I like it so brave. Wilderness dot com and then the youtube channel is <hes> you to brave wilderness where where can people find <hes> the books just install the online sellers yeah i. It's <hes> for presale right now. Amazon dot com and next week starting on the tenth it will become available nationwide right and in bookstores and i think a number of other different stores across the nation so we're very excited for it to launch and just very proud of of not only the stories but all the time forbids input in by little brown and the artists that were part of the process. It's it's a dream. Come true you to get to have vision wants to tell a story the able to put those words is on paper and then have so many amazing people surrounding you to to see it's a promotion like this. It's it's a lot of fun to be in this position. Call it congratulations on on the channel the books and the animal planet planet and we look forward to check that out when it happens we'll circle back. We'll chat again when the animal planet things in full swing and you can tell us all about those adventures as well bat sounds great. I really appreciate it guys and <hes> we'll talk to you will probably fun yeah. Hey stay safe out there coyote peterson. That's that is they said. I'd you know his it setting setting examples for kids. I was gonna <hes> you know just yeah you know go do what they did on the internet. Those all those challenges tied pod yeah well here. Here's the thing where i sit anyways. It's interesting to watch people do that stuff but i'm not going to do it but i wanna see a reaction if somebody gets stung by l. some asian wasp or something that has a stinger two inches long sri. What's what's that like when he stinks you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so oh i cry at mosquito bites. It is a dangerous business though you know. I learned to to steve irwin. <hes> you know he yeah. He took a <hes> stingray stingray barb in the chest and died pretty pretty instantly yes. Were you say it's up man oh <music>. I'm just enthralled yeah well. You're gonna say something now yup. It's time for the dad animal joke of luik. I saw i'm gonna go back to the beginning. We were talking talking about the crossbreed. Yeah okay right. So what did the dog safely to the hot dog bun. I don't know what did the dog say to the hot dog <music>. Are you purebred. I like that. I thought it was going to be dirty waiver. I do it all right so let me find it the camel and elephant or talking to each other and the camels the says hey. Why don't you have to boobs on your back offices. Are the cavs was that's funny. Coming from guard got a penis on this are there you go. That's gonna do it. I think we got anything else. I i like to end on a high note and mad. Thank you for that. They hired the fish get hi. How did they get high seat. Animal talk radio animal talk radio dot com all the socials twitter instagram facebook. It's all animal talk. Radio wearing funny dot com is the t shirts and <hes> yeah so the sending pictures of your pet and we'll put it in the pep parade raid and get a t shirt like subscribed. Thanks for long thanks to coyote peterson for spending some time with us getting connected. Glad glad we're able to hook up. It's pretty fun <hes> so next time. Please have an exotic leak and kiss your wild thing for him when the gas by.

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How California's Worst Oil Spill Turned Beaches Black And The Nation Green

Environment: NPR

06:02 min | 1 year ago

How California's Worst Oil Spill Turned Beaches Black And The Nation Green

"Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from the almond board of California working with almond farmers to improve water management practices. Learn more about the almond communities efforts to reduce the amount of water. It takes to grow each pound of almonds at almondsustainability dot org. Fifty years ago today, a damaged oil well off the coast of Santa Barbara California caused what was then the largest oil spill in the history of the United States. The public reaction helped to shape the modern environmental movement. It also led to restrictions on offshore drilling restrictions. The Trump administration is trying to roll back. Here's NPR's John. Hamilton, the disaster started here about six miles from shore. You can see behind us here platform the sign right there on the on the rig I'm on a boat with Douglas McCullough marine biologist at the university of California Santa Barbara. We're circling the oil rig known as platform a mccully says back in nineteen sixty nine. It was owned by union oil and workers were drilling new well and then ten forty five AM January twentieth. Rancho problem, the drill hit a pocket of gas and oil under enormous pressure. The result a blowout. The says crude oil and natural gas began rocketing to the surface. So they're taking these big drilling pipes in shopping back down the home in these gigantic, steel blocks. On top of that the seal off this Loa it worked briefly, they had capped off the blowout successfully. But they created so much pressure at the bottom of this. Well, that it actually broke open this seabed oil and gas began to pour through five separate fishers. Eventually that created an oil slick on the surface that was nearly the size of Chicago. It took a few days for the oil to reach the coast. Mark mcginnis lawyer came down from San Francisco to take a look, I smelled it long before I saw it. It didn't really stank around here. And what I looked at the oil on the beach. I cried mcginnis left his job at a big law firm to help out a legal response to the spill he soon became a leader in the environmental movement McGuinness says a few weeks after the blowout. President Richard Nixon arrived in a helicopter. Book McGuinness says Nixon surveyed the slick from the air, then visited an oil soaked beach to show his concern. It was a matter walking around gingerly to make sure that that one's shoes. If you were the president wearing those shoes didn't step in this stuff by this time. Hundreds of oil birds were arriving at the Santa Barbara zoo. Nancy McCullough ridge zoo's director says there was nowhere else for them to go. So the zoo closed its doors and concentrated its time and energy and taking in these oiled birds treating them and then rehabbing them back out into the wild. Most didn't make it but photos of oil coated goals and grebes and Brown. Pelicans got the public's attention and Peter elegant historian at UCSB says nineteen sixty nine Mark the turning point for environmental activism, the Santa Barbara oil spill really helped to take an issue that was growing and really converting it into legislative action and whole. All body of environmental law, the federal level and also at the state levels that we still have with us today. The first Earth Day took place just over a year later, then the Environmental Protection Agency was formed and congress passed the clean water act. Elegant says it probably helped that Santa Barbara was home to a lot of wealthy Republicans who had helped elect Nixon he says Nixon himself was no environmentalist. But he realized during a time when there were many other extremely controversial divisive issues like the Vietnam war, for instance, that as American public concern grew about damage to the environment that this could potentially be a winning issue for him today. Santa Barbara is much better prepared for an oil. Spill there's a forty six foot fast response Fessel in the harbor ready to deploy oil containment booms, and there's a statewide group called the oiled wildlife care network ready to help sick and Daniels. Julie Barnes is a veterinarian at the zoo. She says animal experts learned a lot from the nineteen sixty nine spill here and even more. From the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska nine hundred nine and the two thousand ten Deepwater Horizon, spill in the Gulf of Mexico, many more animals survive now than they would have back in the sixties seventies or even in the eighties. The k- that we can find from them. Now, he's phenomenal compared to the k- that would have been providing, you know, in those early use of oil spills Douglas mccully says the greatest danger from oil these days, probably isn't another spill it's the climate change caused by burning all that oil. He says a year ago. Santa Barbara got a preview of what that might mean. It came in the form of a mudslide boulders and trees rushing through the community, traveling like twenty two miles an hour down the street in destroyed one hundred houses to kill twenty one people mccully says the mudslide was caused by the sort of extreme weather that accompanies global warming. I think that is being the most insidious the worst thing that the industry has done to our community of MacAulay says an end to off-shore drilling could slow down climate change by reducing the supply. Why of oil, but the Trump administration seems headed in the opposite direction? It's preparing a five year plan to encourage offshore drilling in federally controlled waters, including those off the coast of Santa Barbara, John Hamilton NPR news. This message comes from NPR sponsor. Comcast business. Business has always been driven by innovators. That's why Comcast business is helping you with technology that provides better experiences. Comcast business beyond fast. Actual speeds. Vary and are not guaranteed.

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A Face in the Darkness  (Halloween Edition Part 2)

Unsolicited Advice with Ashley and Taryne

1:15:32 hr | 1 year ago

A Face in the Darkness (Halloween Edition Part 2)

"Any is broadcast isn't that amazing I've actually been told when I do and so they should bring up my name and then even my podcasts the bunnies guest with mccully Galkin as many hello everybody this is my colleague Algen from the Bunnies podcasts. That's right in the Mogollon Kalkin from the services so inbetween every service we all like everyone on stage like the worship team always gets down we all have snacks you have coffee we chitchat talk a little bit until the next service so like curated sharable playlist and collections that are made just for you along with personalized recommendations to help with content discovery and the best part is it's complain drums since I'm not kidding infancy infancy and my mother is taught me I've been playing ever since elementary school in front of people and on Sage Avenue sick and you just keep going yeah and I've dropped many sticks in my life it's not a big deal but it's been a long time you were there yeah it happened yesterday terron and I were both playing at church she listening avenue I'm sure it'll be yours too so do yourself a huge favor and download Himalayas today and be sure to follow our show once you're there my arms doing this twitching thing it's been doing this since I've dropped one and yesterday a pretty early in the morning maybe that was why you're it was just gravity about point on the right stick just goes flying and I you know we walk off stage and this are played a pretty big church and there's a lot of congratulations because you're already using the best podcast APP out there and if you're not you're totally missing out yes you should be having that moment you did and I it's something that tearing already knows about but you guys don't and I honestly I just wanted a moment to share my own tearing it up story I know about this yeah I know go back to whatever you're listening to sorry I interrupted you hey guys are you listening to this episode on Himalayas if you are we just want to on camera because it was such a quick thing yeah I was like it could have been because they have a camera setup only on the drum set well there's like at least what like five different cameras things I played guys the most epic thing happened it wasn't epic actually it was very embarrassing it happened in front of everyone was super and I so thank since yesterday that's what you've prepared it's it's not at all it's not at all I have some very exciting news okay bad timing my right hand was moving over to the left side of the kit while my left hand was coming up and my left stick hit my right I I had my very first not very I I did that very poorly I I also have awkward moments in my life but I had a very charitable super easy to use I could even use you could use it we could use it how we can all use it it is definitely my favorite oh mouth for sure major leather your podcast or if the N. Himalayas is designed with you in mind Himalayas has a ton of cool features. I come down and I'm just crying I'm laughing so hard I'm like in my head picturing what happened and I think it's hilarious but I in my head I'm like there's no way they caught the it was good good the camera guy got it camera and it happens so perfectly Taryn is in the shot like it's a focus on welcome back to really awake yet and I didn't have enough coffee but I was playing drums with Taryn at church on a Sunday and these stick one hundred percent like it's focused on her and in the background in a tiny little corner you can seem like in a shadow it's actually kind of like you have to focus your eyes a little bit because the shot is and just like for school I did all these things dropping your stick is something happens it's something that just we all have learned that it happens you shake it off videos watch she recovered like a champ like literally it was like a b. that went and I say it was like right at a double chorus where we're supposed to be doc it's probably one of the funniest like most embarrassing things because Friday because she was like oh I can't believe it it was so horrible but whoa posts a long time and we are in our first series Oh my God I just felt like an SNL moment where I was trying to copy you the show impressive shocked myself but yeah that we didn't you didn't get beat like the breakdown so like I e C me like really quickly turned back because I'm like trying to read the band like did I mess up and then she comes in so like I was like oh she maybe she thought it was is focused on Taryn you have to kind of like focus on the background a little bit and then you see me and then you see perfect perfect timing you see me drop my stick and my face go blank the most single as we're sitting in our fodder wad guys I mean we're posting our socials for the other for the first time today and we were tripping out on the response like you guys obviously were soulmates because you've responded to this as much as right and just came right in yeah but she recovered so impressively yeah I was very privately opposed to like I dropped it right on one yeah like if you're counting for podcasts guy guys welcome back Taryn I'm Ashley and this is a nice we're we're very professional because we've been doing this John you wouldn't be able to tell here but like you wouldn't be able to tell so like guys this I dropped my stick it was really funny we have to watch it and long story short the angles and it's constantly switching so what are the odds that wasn't on it yeah like the singer is or lies or even a wide shot shot if it was a wide interview recording so like it's like Mondays for us or like Mondays our podcast podcast so we were just in the car right now 'cause we just came to yeah I was like is that what she's saying of course it's what I'm saying I was trying to confirm and then you know halfway through October I was like yes we're here we're here we with our October series social posts are way too much fun are promos have been probably the highlight of you know September and October like Julie John's one of us has a Harry Potter to not we will not disclosed location on that one's body you'll never know hilarious because because we're super single talking about dating sometimes but it's like a variety of things right but for some reason people love when we talk about dating advice and yeah is on we got robes we are glasses we have one we have one should we tell the story I gonNa set it up for you and then I think you should tell the full story because it makes sense from perspective so as you guys now we've been having way too much literally geeking out on the response so so the first episode actually dropped today yes so we drop an episode on Mondays and we also that's when we he been excited for this because you know it's Kinda scary when you're doing things like this you can throw out an idea we're GonNa do scary stories and whatever owns like the socks ah yeah but it it just worked out so perfectly because universal has robes that you can buy it has ones that you can buy it has Harry Potter Land and we came here for dating we don't WanNa hear about this which is so funny 'cause for some reason I feel like a lot of times when people talk about podcasts they mentioned dating advice yeah which is and he he must be an actual actor because he did a phenomenal phenomenal so he walks and he likes zeroes in on me right and he's walking up to me I I don't care that I'm in my thirties I am literally a child at heart and there's Times where I lose all control of like la where there is a universal studios and we were like we should go to universal because we got passes yeah we did we did last year and building so ride is the double courses like supposed to kick in dillon drums cut out right so in my mind I was like Oh my God I messed up I'm so sorry for every single episode of our heads on like a Lancaster always pays his debts Oh gosh we keep our promises keep our promise and we are dressed up obviously so we went in the like the whole plan was to go into the store very quickly and go grab ourselves a couple of ones and I wanted oh funny because we both were like this is stupid we don't WanNa want experience we just WanNa go and get it 'cause we got things to do busy we had a busy day but then the second we were like go okay I said that Weird Yep so we go and we somehow get in this line and we were both like complaining it was over it we got like ushered into this room and immediately both of us looked at each other and we're like this is a cool listening match this is amazing why did we not want to hear and he goes what's your like tear it like savvy so then he's like please set for it and I was like freaking out like so there's like the desk and the wall behind his awful of like wand and there's an actor there and he starts walking around the room with this like thick accent the people who don't know like if we're county if it's a two four song than you're counting one two three four one yeah I dropped it came back in on like three yeah and then straight up tell me to do a spell like one of them he was like I want you to like pick those flowers off the wall and bring them to the floor so he was like I want you to say there's obviously so you might be very very aware but if not you should check out our youtube channel because we are in Harry Potter costume as we promise you guys you're going to dress up it was cool so we go in through this like hidden door into legit Alexander's like if you've seen Harry Potter the scene where he gets his wand that's what it was acting me and then he does the famous line he goes I wonder any how he tells me to come closer to him by this I love this girl she's a guy I go up to the desk he's like talking about Wan's how the Juan chooses you he would set a wand in my hand he likes excited and just a real quick note I immediately grabbed my phone and filmed the whole thing was so obviously we're going to be posting this for me but the all yeah we got it almost a year ago it's really bad we gotta you know we need to start prioritizing you can say when we were there that we're going to try to go every other week yeah so we really should jet ones like we didn't know how did she be ones you can buy yes we wanted to go to olive anders and Bob Because the truth is we actually are big fans like and we were like well if we're going to spend money on uh-huh literally like ten inches from my face staring straight into my eyes I started crying trying to keep it together this was one of those times so I go I'm like frequently looking at Ashley and literally just squeaking like just going screen nick and that's when he knew he picked the right person I'm literally staring at him fully aware that like I'm like have like an inch of tier thinking of planning it out picking out the costumes a lot went into it and we've been having way too much fun that being said we were like you know what we should go we we happen to live in I'm not kidding keep saying that because multiple people around me said that and I was just laughing holding my phone going younger children comes alive like fans are blowing like my hair's in the air my shirts flapping there's like a spotlight on me just in the movie because the shows me she she was staying ending over a wind tunnel it was amazing and I look at Ashley and I'm like screaming and I was smiling like a proud mom and so anyways so all this to say I was like I am doing this like I m performing magic right now I'm a wizard wizard anyways we go through these spells all the ones allowing costumes with are legit Harry Potter John's that was chosen for Taryn and that I chose for myself yours is very cute I might chose but did you hear me all right is you'll never know my jobless Terry and take it away how did your are fluid just between me and this guy and then he like pick simple one puts it in my hand and the entire like rooms John chose me it was most magical experience my life I- aesthetically was not even like this is not a Wanda would choose but it chose me and like your engagement with us we appreciate it I do I'm still trying to figure out facebook it's funny 'cause facebook thing when we were younger but then this period of time likes time I went on I forget what it was four but I couldn't even remember I couldn't figure out how to post something I couldn't figure out my own photos forever Absolute favorite pages is unsolicited advice updates all love that one yes I don't know who this person is but every single time they and that most fit your personality figures yeah so mine was made for me too yeah cool oh my gosh I wanted to read off all the people around me the entire time where like he picked the perfect person the perfect person next year like Oh my God she's so cute I pick the perfect person guys comment and have discussions of your own with other people about like what you thought about the episode things that brought up whatever if you want like to say something encouraging to that when God saw which obviously knew what that's like I do it and then it'd be like all this smoke in the flowers would like die so I literally we're oh my gosh we also on twitter getting tagged in a lot more things so we're trying to step up our engagement and we love it you guys are involved so I feel like this I pay a pretty penny for it shows me one was meant for her it was magical say that we are here in our without even speaking to each other and talking about this took screen shots of all of the things I forget but honestly okay here's the thing you guys are starting to step it up and a start becoming a thing where we just read off like our Fan faves because we both were like so excited we're like dude did you see the things people were saying this week it was great order saying like I would love became that but all this to say like on Instagram we're starting to get some fun at its which is like mine and Ashley's favorite thing in a legit horror film for a minute nice work girls and we have to admit that was not US elsewhere Mark Martin music with great I literally when I was like reviewing it the aesthetically with three is said I was listening to your first October podcast with my headphones on and just Tasse Tessa Couture oh seven she said yes I can admit that all I was thinking about whilst listening to visited pod Remember Twitter's on solicited pod. PA wd today was where is this creepy music that I'm hearing coming from made me feel like I was things people had said that I didn't even know and also like we're going to do a better job of like posting when we have an episode and I would love for it to be a place where like you Kim where like wasn't cool and now I feel like it's kind of cool again yeah but now that I went back on it I don't know how to work it anymore like I was trying to say yeah all of the wonderful things that you guys were saying Oh my Gosh I have some about this last episode you guys love the October series so much Taryn and I did I was walking down for my apartment to my car and like when you come out it's like a gate you go through and then there's a sidewalk so like realistically someone and I did this like weird like like like and then he would he started cracking up I was like I'm so sorry but I immediately stories in our DNA is I don't know Allie said that and then who else was it it's someone else one second one second had my pictures though so all this to say I literally just found wary like you guys post on her facebook page and I was like oh my gosh there's like all these got a really cool feature where it's like you know like horoscopes where were you look up your personalities based on your out they had different types of wood that were based on personality so you could pick a one it kicked in and I got chills shoe this is good I know I read the story but I'm still terrified I saw so many more Mama Angie stone it has a scary moment and then it like eases yeah it's you know anyways m wait it's my turn o go thank you this was a tweet that doesn't I mean it does talk about our October series but I my heart like we say all the time I don't think you guys understand how much like we're like emotionally invest something I almost always have headphones on so it does result in me getting scared time I'm waiting for the day where I accidentally punched someone like right in the jugular I'd jumped so high it's a lot of people were like I'm not sure if I can listen to it and you know I feel like you should yeah and then I go on my own personal instagram and only actually posted I read the caption and was like Oh God they are making this lame Monday amazing today's episode Chock full of Spooky Stories and I just like that literally my heart immediately I was like girl whatever you're could surprise you from like both sides when I walked out I looked right for check if there is anyone and when I went to look left there happened to be this man walking past me and she said seriously listening to unsolicited pot has been so good for me in ways I will eventually be comfortable talking about but for right now that's all it says and it was the funniest thing I re posted it I think within like a few minutes posting it tagged so funny from you it's funny because sit in all of you literally if you're hearing me say this I love you we love you so loved you this is from someone on twitter her name is Abby Grosso cast and it has definitely had you know some more serious topics and it's definitely gotten to like some funny states as well but like I hope you guys know that our ultimate goal is that you guys becoming like I'm here I love ready for whenever you like want to talk in just the fact that like that so brave of her to even say that and the fact that she's so we both access our instagram's Our instagram for this podcast so it's funny because all get a notification that says unsolicited advice tag talk about it and it's fine if that data doesn't come but whatever it is our thoughts are with you and I'm proud of you for even being open to that yeah we talk about a lot of different topics goodbye so you can learn things from it I think you should adopt Gary but it's also not like I mean I guess it is kind of horror movie esque but like it's was like ready to like pond and I was like this guy was probably just out having a stroll and I just read sock him in the throat that's hilarious everyone has different responses yeah are comfortable and able to share stuff like that so it just makes our hearts very happy because that was like the original intent was able to like literally just be obviously opening yourself up to be listening and like challenging herself to grow so I don't know what it is that you're not comfortable talking about and it's fine like you don't have to see oh happy love it I have one line that I wanted to share medallion eighteen posted a long one so I'm going to kind of sum it up a little bit she says that's right now is currently very windy and stormy so she started to freak out a little bit creepy was going to go on also the family dog unfortunately I'm so sorry for this passed away a while ago she starts she lives in tourist scary episode and it was all good except that her parents have been gone for ten days ten days yeah there aren't a trip so she's home alone with you like sisters do you guys being able to talk openly about topics that you guys want to talk about the fact that that she's like getting more comfortable her brother now now he's on the phone with him after listening to the podcast and all of a sudden the call dropped she said where she listening for about two weeks now and it's already got up love that I love I was like that's dedication right they're pretty far into it yeah another sure yeah episodes the next three okay so let's go ahead and jump into a quick break and and I have a role in my house I'm I can only listen to it while the sun's out the second son start setting I have to put on positive things card so she has no dog no brother parents she's home by herself freaking out I put she ended up by saying that like that my gosh totally the Technical Tactical Sarah Ninety-seven side the listening to today's podcast and my male persons scared the living crap Outta me by ringing my doorbell how dare there one second oh smalley six said she wanted more angie stories as well she also said she just discovered us wash that way she's been benched Tehran is reading the second story from her mom my husband comes into the room my back is to the door he grabbed my shoulders tell me something and I almost died peace out home sickle peace out home cicle that's my title Teaser let's go ahead they gave like physically I know that got me I was like that's something that I would do because there's our house is usually very busy so I if I'm listening to something or watching I wear them for other reasons for fun purchased yes I one of the companies I've always been obsessed with as worby Parker from twitter Elena Burgmuller that right was like I hate that I'm addicted to this park house because they probably can't sleep tonight I was home alone and had no other option to you high I I I fully alley feel that I actually listen Sharon both due to a lot of chew crime episodes then we'll get this party sodded yeah do you WanNa go first yeah I can totally do that okay do WanNa give us a teaser I do I have a title for you I'm ready so I'm definitely a fan of glasses I feel like you know this I do I do I am too but I don't I don't need them this podcast so much by probably won't be listening to hey we support you in this decision to come to us the NFL and then I'm always like so excited I'm sure it's the same for you yeah it's funny it's Hilarious when I post for you a Ashley she's made like an error I like go on in like cracked it and just text I got you like I love it just fine I have a couple to you so I have from tunes whatever it has to be on windows shut you know like on like I'm not allowed to listen to that kind of stuff at night because I will have nightmares out a little tip for maybe had this this edit for the Halloween series is a priest holding up arpanet podcast picture captain says blessing this podcast they possibly can so check out my podcast it's actually pretty funny we what's the name of it again let's wait what's my name again and whatever enjoy take our break China pieces he'll be able to figure it out as we got into it all right people worldwide lack access to glasses that's such a bummer. It's such a bummer and they believe that we should get on top of this so they partner with nonprofits and we'll get into all the details about why they're so cool but one of my favorite things about them is the purpose behind them and did you know that almost one billion uh-huh tax chat video and phone conversation you can and switched to a different therapist for some reason it's not a fit with no charge to you and better help is affordable but they also have financial aid that's available each pair of glasses starts at ninety five dollars including prescription lenses which is super super cool and fine and if you have an Iphone X. Return Shipping label all you need to do head to worby parker dot com slash advice to order your free try on Kit just take the quiz You can get the worby parker up guys this is sick it's a virtual try on option so you can help you take a quiz you get matched with a licensed professional therapist that your love and under twenty four hours there's four modes of communication if you qualify girl you nailed that yeah guys a moment a moment of applause for Taryn Rene for remembering it's better help time we have a really grown fond of our better help sponsor we feel like they get us triumph program what you do order five pair of glasses try them for five days there's no obligation to buy them ships free and includes a prepaid this is wall but I got a blue filter pair of glasses so they look like glasses nonprescription but they have a blue filter and I think this is amazing because it's such like people don't talk about it about how dangerous it is for your eyes and I edit on my computer twenty four seven ninety percent of the time at night and like how you normally wear your your sunglasses and other glasses and stuff like that so that was actually really helpful for me to find the right pair of style that I liked it even asked like what all of that I couldn't agree more is a truly affordable option and you guys of course get your discount all you listeners get ten percent off of your first month you'll love again that's better help dot com forward slash unsolicited advice. Your aesthetic is to to help you figure out if I would want like colorful glasses or or more like subtle glasses so that was super fine the and we get them and it's just a good it's a good fit yeah we are sponsored by better help today and we couldn't be more happy about it and guys so I just personally orange myself to try to you know spout off some of the facts so you should check me I'm going to follow and make sure that you get everything yes let's see this better on the glasses which is so much fun which will help you pick out the five pairs that you want to try on at home so that was Super Fun as well if you would like to try the free yrant at one of the schools that work that I actually was her daughter's preschool teacher when her daughter was too I was approached by a Guy Hi this week I'm not even joking I haven't even told you this I was approached by people at Church I was approached by a pain I'm so that was cool but I am like honestly like four other people I even had someone recognized my voice and asked me if I was yes what guys I'm not even person and he was saying like it was funny talking to him because he was like yeah you know what do you mean critical like he has an opinion about every oh got it got it and if he didn't life that's such a good point yeah and he was like an because you guys don't pretend to like have anything together or be professionals by any like way shape or form using the discount code unsolicited advice and I must spell it for you it's U. N. S. O. L. I. S. Wow S. I meant see I welcome back to you through the break get started I just wanted to see the job if you've been wanting to talk you can get started right away go to better health dot COM unsolicited advice guys simply fill out the questionnaire and get matched with a counselor it's funny listening because he's like I literally felt like I was just sitting in the car just talking to you 'cause you're exactly the same on the podcast is like when you talk and joking I think that we're growing and it's so exciting because the array of people who say they like listen lover Podcast is all over the board to find a pair that is perfect for you today again go to where we parker dot com forward slash advice A. D. I c. e. and get your free home try on today I didn't really know like what would look best for the shape of my face but they have a quiz that makes it so easy it asks like what your face is like it asked about your eyes like the park has like he would tell me so and he was just saying love people like that like I love it and then other times I'm like okay calm down nine I recently got my own a pair of where we parker glasses and I know I just said I don't need them so you're going to like why why did you get well they have sunglasses you literally can talk about anything and it's not like off putting because he's like it's all you're coming being like hi this is a podcast about Blah Blah Blah here's our Ryan about all these things right it's like we're literally just two girls like saying whatever we want so like he was like so you literally can talk about anything and like I'm just sitting there just like along route yeah analogy that I have oh take yeah so Ashley Ashley likes to like mother but not in a way of like caretaker in a way across the board and I was just super pump this week are you a fan as getting turn Baker I love that I even had tyler who we talked about him Ed because I waited too long so this is actually really cool thing that I've just started using and I don't really wear eyeglasses a lot so talking because you did so well and I wanted to okay thanks U. S. O. L. I. C. I. T. E. D. A. D. I c. of like I'm GonNa Baciu around and make you feel like you're five years old and so now that I live with her I've learned about that a lot more it's like have you had your snack thank you take your medicine Blah Blah Blah things like that which you know lover for it but we we officially named her been referred to as current accidentally yeah like restaurants and stuff like that and I was like oh I don't have like a name well I think Karen has morphed into it not only you know when you let go into the store and try on stuff is kind of a bummer when you shop online because you can't trace that's fine but they have an at where you can virtually yes Kansas inside of me has a name yes you did choose it so her name is Nancy that makes sense because you like to like look at all I'd rather no yeah okay so but he said something that I thought was like see required because he was like with how much I look forward to your new episode every Monday and all the laughs she put in quotes and cries or parentheses said quote that I shared however when you both ask for October story I remembered an event that happened in my freshman year of high school I am in my second year of college right now the head I'm going to pull this pull this back and get into my story you guys freaking Halloween series view I have lots and I mean lots of stories that I've considered sharing one of them being a time where I ripped my pants at the gem love it eight silly string on purpose alter ego of basically when someone wants to like insult me me too like Ashley she'll be like God carrying get it together and just because I know how much sugar that this is our second episode going with it we're very pumped about it again this title is peace out homesick all ready they face every single time is just like so mad she wants to me and I was like I don't really have anything like that and tearing goes into detail about a person hey ladies hey for the sake of time I'll just say right away that you can call me Momo him Mo love that With that being said I just want to tell you retreating and even then with my best friend at that time and I we were very close to stay home all night and just watching scary movies which I feel like I struggle with that name she doesn't hate care any of you care it's a beautiful name it sounds very similar to mine it's just the fact that I get her and so she gets triggered dead gangsters which means to say that we were very baggy clothes and had subpar face paint on that's that's one of those classic like let's get dressed up real quick they were very tempted to stay in all night and watch movies but on a whim with some leftover face paint from michaels which I don't know why we had it we dressed up as history story so I told you guys about Karen Karen Attaran has You know all often times by the name Karen so whenever I want to you know get her mad if she's like taking a long time or if she's doing something that's bothering me it'd be like God Karen Figuring House sure yeah like a scarecrow that's another good one oh yeah anyway the night was a seemingly normal Halloween night for a couple of teenage girls we had pillowcases so we go up to this one house with all intents and purposes of doing the whole ring the doorbell ask for candy stick she said stick I wanted to make sure that go over to the condos on the other side of the last row of homes to hit that and get some candy before heading back we headed up one side of the condos it was weird we were both very worried that maybe someone was hurt inside or something really bad had happened turn around like a couple of smarties we go and it was pretty dead no lights nobles of Candy until we hit the last house now I just want to say that I didn't do drugs that look candy and we were doing pretty good we went all throughout her neighborhood making our candy stash bigger before deciding to cross one of the main streets I still remember the inside of that Condo it was completely dark besides some faint moonlight illuminating parts of the room which looked messy and lived in yet Dan and I don't do drugs now what I'm about to tell you is just a wacky weird true event that I can't even describe well so I'll just get into it dr because even though we're dumb enough to think that going in was a smart idea we definitely knew there was a line that shouldn't be crossed although particular door that we had entered in through to head back onto the main street we see standing a few paces ahead of us at the end of the street it had already gotten pretty late and trick or treating was basically done on the whole street we were the only trick or treaters left no god the realization that this place work with who is like very shoutout David he was like are you talking about me I'm puck this is your moment he is like such a like critical inside to check it out and oh honey Momo I feel like that is just a rookie. You can't do that those rookie move you can't go in nationally that's like every movie that seems just unreal and just type of story that feels suited for this fabulous my outcast so excited that year's Halloween would be my last time I would ever go trick was not a place that we should be in settled in our hearts and we decided it was better to leave and go back home this is when it gets really weird when we turn around from the there were no people there which made it all the more eerie we checked it out for a few minutes and deliberated on what we should do by that point in the Halloween night on camera and even scored a point and team sports volleyball with my face yes my favorite Egor Superior Talent I feel hungry hungry hungry hungry that was the worst they're so cute I like it did suck like at the apartment where Alesina because people didn't trick or treat so it was like Gary Stories I go uh-huh you're absolutely no no I think adds a lot Asu the scary stories she continues now we don't get very far anyways again I am a master these are these Rozhok sweaty okay okay okay she's just go somewhere so we usually do that but now that we have a house the the neighborhoods just prime like the great and Beijing I can't it's it's so much fun very character that literally just stand and then literally their head moved slowly two inches to the side hungry I don't know why art him not talking but literally just watching US oh my gosh freaked out we decided the smartest option would be to face this creepy clown and slowly walk so on the opposite side of where we would be going a very tall clown became a horror movie gosh he Taylor's office hey tyler is often guys have a productive day don't get back to work I'm just okay I don't know what happened backwards down the way we came as we try to understand what was going on which which would mean that they would have to like walk past him exit the house when he every once in a while goes an inch forward no well no I am blabbering all this stuff about how my friend takes self-defense classes luckily my friend took taekwondo losses this is where Teheran cousin and I'm just getting so as we're slowly walking backwards it desire every single Halloween yeah like I always plan on doing a bunch of things and then inevitably I'm always like I'd rather just stay home and watch and hand out candy I know because the kid okay we'll see our friendship has turned into Karen Nancy here in a Nance someone please Megan edit with Nancy the I can't wait uh-huh Berry tall sanding and just standing there watching us not making a noise so ever got a straight MR creepy clown man shouts peace out homesick yes yes in case you're wondering if I wrote this wrong or with the clown man which sounds like something I would do asking him questions in hopes that he would break character and reveal that he's not a crazy murder rapist psycho seriously honestly but does this do talk no which is why I decided a different and better approach would be intimidation and away from him but they don't WanNa turn their backs so there yeah as we did this and since I couldn't handle the silence I was trying to make conversation awards walking approach wasn't getting us anywhere far we both looked at each other and just turned around and ran as we begin to sprint out of the spooky town miss often and now I have a name like right now I just told her okay nancy she said Okay Nancy because so Karen Nancy who knew this was going to go you'd will not back off and does not say a word while also keeping his attention on our every move oh my gosh so realizing that the slow back unlike walk backwards but that means they have to be closer to him because he was standing like from what I heard it like I'm picturing him standing and they walk out and they're trying to win Titan not I do not it's clear less like it's obviously it there's no doubt about it no I'm not kidding there was a crippling dressed clown who do we can't figure it out which is actually smart so she's blabbering all of this Yada Yada Yada stuff to him trying to figure out the both of you guys really took on our characters I think Taryn would have been the one who took the taekwondo classes because she is very like she has her her in a previous episode he tax was like yet so I knew Monday ritual and my entire office has gotten into it so they just things like that that I'm like oh my something like that we had a group of friends with US tiffany and Rachel so there were four of us right and we decide to get dressed up because where I used to live there worse and now it's just a funny weird Halloween story I'll always have if you decide to share this on your podcast it'll make all the oddness so much assume is following US yeah I'll never forget they marches slides onto the

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"And Williams sphere radio's upstanding. Mystery crime drama join their talent to make your hair stand on. Thank you SAM space. Presented by the makers of wild route three oil while the hair. With Howard, duff starting is fade. Wild brings to the the greatest private detective of them all in the adventures of Sam stay. Own. Have on Virgin River. Abuse over interesting. Result of erosion. Yes, and it's also had to say Hamlin ranch. A working ranch. Get Him Dispirit? My job was to the chicken. And that's how I met him. Very Cultured Gentleman Cultures. Sure let's see the energy. You don't say. What's his name Charlie shanks trolleys? The Shack Institute of Architects articulate corrections. I should learn articulately corruption. Where is this instant? Here General Delivery Butte Montana. You're sure you didn't help him. Break Parole. Oh, no, Ono long! Run on long walks together. Where two! Different places again just. Like Conan. He invited me on this championship, but trip honorable cost, but I couldn't go on kind of my sons. Awful awful. And then then he went back to Butte. Yet. Leave such. You can even say goodbye. It was a pity. Because an old friend you haven't seen in years came looking for just a few minutes later with a war. No well, he was an attendant in a nearby hospital metal oh. Yes, very intelligent! You read me some of his poetry. Maybe you've heard it A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and wait a minute, isn't it? The Ruby out of homer? Cayenne was written by a guy named Fitzgerald. That's his name. Yet, but he say that to society and the other time it was a bad beef. All about him. He cried on my shoulder afterwards. When you make a mistake. Nothing happened well I'm glad he cured salmon any. Ready Oh. I got. Notebook Fan. Turn over a newly not too bad idea to. Date July acn into Mr, Alexander Young. A. Try that again Mr Alex M Young Blood Po box three one seven San Francisco from, Samuel Spe license, number, one, five, nine, sixty young, but I need a vacation myself. Fortunately until I met you my only experience with any of the men and women who make your newspaper run? With one of your Car News, boys shortchanged me two times as many days. I have not read your accent, but your name worked imposing this other the three hundred dollar. Check upon what you're reading. Hurry on selections properly. Four PM on the Fifteenth Inst I must move the letter of your city room door. Mock am young blood publisher managing editor instead. I wanted if you ambitious Brogel or free men. I did not know that you have good faith until I saw trim, fortyish toothsome secretary your. New here on you. Well I'm not exactly here. I'm just here to see Mr Young Black. namespace annual. Sam Stuff most trend. Well, my advice to use them is to be the hasty retreat. He's in foul call. Why is the blind or older than fails I of course a spectacular John? That's IF I may call your mess, please. This is needed the time the plane. My name is Philip, Watson and my phone number isn't a directory. If really interested are good, thank you and if a man is telling your my French teacher. You'd better go in now if you're late one appointment with him, you're through. You have anymore whereas wisdom. No, but I hope you can do something to improve his State of mind. He's been off lately. Thank you for watching. I'M GONNA. Pass Four. You must be Mr. Spade. That's right. You're almost late. Saddam's pay cigar no thanks I don't expect offer. A drink wanted Baker. I hope you don't listen to the radio do. You will not break in this office. Thing habit a cool of off the clean Gurgling, laughing mountain stream. You sound like a reformed drunk Mr Youngblood offset. Many years ago. You don't mind. I'll just paste up the weather report for my morning edition before we talk all you do that, too. Yes, obviously, Henrik goodies I. Remind Myself But I was once a people and I find it a splendid wave through at least once each day to la myself to the level of the working. Very Hot Phoenix is. Just what do you want to detect us for the young one? I was coming into that Space Sanni now. I let me walk you. The join assignment is a highly confidential. They all on in this case, man's life may be at stake situation I newspaper at my authored onto my guidance is launched a campaign against crime, not aimed at the petty criminals that they easy living lectures at the controls of Iraq. It's the hoods and bankers clothing. The Mansion House parasites WHO director pickpockets second-story man, the housebreakers who gamble away now. Income. Yes. I understand I understand your after the boys on the safest side of the fences. So nicely puts. In a long shot it is. The author of the Expose Series Ray McCauley my top crime author. There's been missing for two days. I want you to find it. Makes you think he's still alive? What happened spades? Is You suggest that he is because of I were mansion house parasite dangerous being on a house by on those Hawk is, said newstalk standing in a cement block in the bottom of the bay. I accept that only when no stone has been left unturned, every strong on every haystack has been searched every nook and cranny. Yes sounds as though you need. At least one police force Mr Youngblood now. I don't no, no, no, no impossible. It already had have brushed with the police over the expose. I've not been dictatorship stage of the game. I started this investigation. Finish it alone. Well. It's pretty big autumn, the young blood, but Times I'll see what I can do good. I hereby turn over to you all the resources and power of this mine newspaper, when one of my reporters is in trouble or dangerous, I will spend every penny of my fortunate necessary to deliver aid aided. Suck up his side. Run. You then gave me Ray McCauley's expose stories. I saw you as family and friends, and his creditors could have been worried about. They were hot. One followed a stolen car climate a heist movie alteration of the body colors. Pii Brands License Number Motor serial number. Five was shoved onto a US carlisle. They named names all the way through. And another the same of the firm, Potter Badger and mole hurries, and alleged manufacturers of coach from closet. Roemer Collie dropped out of sight. Right after that story of public. So I left your office, hoping that I had reached the address of Otter Badger and mole before quasi how I did. The fleshy showroom if I buy a dozen attracted for burying models female. Wax. The live models male worrying padded shoulders, pointed shoes and coats tailored for under armour tillery. With Madame Toussaud's Works Brooklyn the burglars Actually Hey. Hey, one of the things. Woman why do I find Mr Roddick. You'd law. Leo Semi. June is your. White wine crabby. You say you want to on business. Not Nudging, they let a rod in. Hey, move! Okay, okay. Bush. What is the Joe here to see him or not you? KNOW NUDGING! Sending to see me I wonder why if you're Komo's character here out of my hair, I'm trying to sit down with A. New and Tom Yeah, that's why Leo sent me a local muck. Recommend Ray McCauley interviewed you. We also viewed Leo, but it didn't get funded yet. Leo Wants to find him so I. How can I help well? He walked out of here went to was hotel, wrote the story and mailed it in as the last anybody saying. L. is just SORTA often that you've already taken care of not yet. That's all I wanted to know fact. That's the moment. Leo Sending you off loan. Why not? That's boy that mcauley? He's got plenty of protection. That's what you need. What kind of protection go along with him? Move your way onto. You know, look Luck Mr! Rider! Book Gift Horse in the mouth, but the way I see it. This is a lone wolf type. What's? Good for you. Well I wouldn't say that good. Then take more. Don't miss it up with any of Leo's boys. If he's up to get that mcauley, he's all friends. I was beginning to wonder Julio. Grabbed the name off a calendar on the wall Leo's Family Story. Don't know whether he was the audit, and like I hope I wouldn't find. The best ragged. Finding shake woody. On the way uptown I walked past four police stations crossing market street. I pushed him straight into the arms of the Guy who beg his pardon and let me offer the one. At, the blue bottle bar and grill I gave Joe the bartender, the Mickey Finn's sign, but what he likes the another. Place Columbus where the brakes were even better, it was called LEOs place I, wanted a man anything. 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Several, well informed quarters suggested that only show of force by the Western allies will determine whether Russia wants a war or his bluffing. Line form to the right yesterday as basic steel company spell in line behind Steel Corporation, hiking wages with the promise of higher wages to come bet. Lehem Steel yesterday granted a thirteen cents hourly increase to it's eighty thousand workers throughout the nation. The new agreement jointly announced by the company and the CIO united steelworkers raised hourly wages from nine and a half cents to twenty five cents an hour, the increase retroactive to Friday. Rebellious southerners last night. Put Governor J Strom Thurman on South Carolina at the head of a bolting ticket, pledging to fight president on the theme of preserving each racial strain and keeping the Jim Crow laws, accepting the Dixie draft with governor, fielding Wright a Mississippi as his running mate. The forty five year old Thurman asserted we believe that there are not enough tubes in the army to force. Force the southern people to admit the Negroes in theaters, swimming pools and homes, meanwhile to Alabama newspapers, yesterday editorially assailed the Alabama delegation at the Birmingham meeting. Rebellious Southern Democrats, as a group of obsolete broken down politicians, the editorial printed in the Florence Times in the Sheffield, scummy atrocities daily, said also the state's boulders at the recent democratic national. Convention in Philadelphia betrayed the best interest of Alabama. Philadelphia still sweeping away the debris of two national political conventions, rolled out the welcome mat yesterday for the third and last conclave of this presidential season as the vanguard of Henry. Wallace's new party began arriving for this week session. Their convention will get under way July twenty third party leaders. Already, were sitting headquarters in the Bellevue Stratford Hotel. And when the fire alarm is sounding and a five storey building in Memphis Tennessee. All the city's downtown firemen respondent locating the fire. In the motor drive water pump. and Af Corey of Colby, Kansas who is owned one umbrella more than fifty years said he's re covered it six times three times with new cloth and three three times from someone who who borrowed. It didn't bring it back. Some of the day's top news stories reported in the newspapers of Sunday. July eighteenth nineteen, forty eight on your radio seventy two years ago, the adventures of Sam Spade which continues now on classic. Radio Theater. Heard. To Join. Sure fine We're not getting anywhere. Really take your way. Maybe when I go gun for somebody or go where I'm at least likely to succeed you live. and. what are you? What are you know about this Guy Macaulay? You'll hear the push. You say he's red. He's got plenty of. Furnishing well, you see those. Just working worked. When I saw disappointing, she was wearing a. Black Satin with a plunging neckline and look only in places where matter. But she's still looking like a secretary of awesome to be out of place and we. Didn't stay that long. She made a beeline through the kitchen in the rear exit I made a beeline right up. What he was breathing on my next thought about the regularly outside stairway of the back of the building. I stop the landing in time around the facing. Letter. I didn't wait to see if he made it all the way to the bottom of the stairs I was. What was going on at the top? Adorned open fellow stuffed inside the manner. Let her and looked like Ray. McCauley Oleo. Space, I don't know that name your boss. Hire me to find you. And I talked to you I. Find your neck and walk up slow. Godson. What's the matter? Not, acting glad the semi, this guy, so I was. Hired in this afternoon hilariously now. What do you want me to tell young? Not, going to tell anybody and It caught me right Miami year. The last thing I saw was that plunging neckline as full as rush forward. I didn't know whether she was rushing through my rescue and again a few of our own five seconds later I didn't care. Mowlam slammed up at me I had just time to wonder why of all the people who are looking for Roemer Kelly I had the final. I was out. On. ME FOR MY Acres of wild green while presenting the weekly Sunday adventure of. Famous private, Detective Sam Spade From seventy two years ago, July, Eighteenth, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, eight, the adventures of Sam Spade the conclusion in three minutes on the Saturday edition of Classic Radio Theatre. Are you drowning in debt? Are you struggling to make minimum payments? Did you know that on average household? With at least one credit card struggles with over fifteen thousand dollars in credit card debt? 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Theatre Jack Webb and dragnet from sixty five years ago July, nineteenth, nineteen, fifty, five, the big Bobo, but right now the conclusion of the Adventures of Sam Spade, starring Howard Duff July Eighteenth Nineteen, forty eight seventy two years ago. Oh. Oh. No back to the missing caver. Adventure with Sam Spade. was lying on the floor in a room of nothing, but a and army caught the square of dirty linoleum. And cold water over my head, her closer look. House Ray McCauley. Very sitting report. You've been stabbed clean through a long bladed kitchen I've set on a handle property of Leo's place. Went through his pockets, his Wallet and Prescott Police Cried Union card and ten genuine crests new thousand dollar bills. I gave me a line on the killer. It was crazy, so was I. I left it on them to. Folded up in his pocket I found newspaper clippings one from the chronic from your paper both weather across the same day. was very hot and finished according to both papers, but according to your weather report, the temperature in needles California was a hundred and thirty five degrees. At made me. Sort of this local paper I found on his shoe, a number nine and a data than stamped with a rubber stamp. The date was the same as that of the weather remorse. I turned it over. Said ruthies booth Manson Bowling Alley. Your. Ties to rounds panicked Panajachel or for. I got a nice wine a notion, she'll. Know I. Mean the Dow's Hollywood doubt. You're not the only your dollar tech very reasonable. Hey, what's on your mind? Laos? Are you going to collect the slips here? Tonight to see I'm GonNa sort of the troubleshooter Leo's checking up on some of the numbers. I don't want any part of those wrong numbers scary. Who brought this? Last! Number nine. How can I forget? He put five hundred dollars and honest if he's around once, he's been around one hundred times as being paid off courses. Learn finale. He buys a every day and if you ask me, he's learned it system because he's been winning. You know dimes and then a dollar and then five dollars, and then when he combined with five hundred on number nine, hundred dropped. Japan! Somebody was injustice afternoon grocery prototype. Round the corner on Manson eight ten. Maybe that's IT systems. Eight and one don't have that up to nine. Why are you going? Come back. Next week, or you must have spinelli. Some talk your husband home. Man. It takes him away. Then! I'm sorry. Out of the. Tech maybe I can help you. Commend. On. While again at confidence after that still quite a while. Together the grease second. Words. Out of. Down in the form of a statement, I asked. Item Staples. Finale! oh. He played the number. I told him just a bunch of to. Win! Many met this man mccully write for the newspaper? Says this man show some help to win? Some. And he goes to buy and can. Take off season. had twin purdue. Old Oh. And this McCullough Parson. Sure. brought the money home in his hand. and. What! I took it right here, sleeping with Ryan and gave it through man. Had Ten him all I. To. It's like we go on. We help the big. I say we don't want to do so good. We married at the van. Gogh he says okay. If, I changed my i. Don't change my mind. Because reading my husband, Kierstead Has Hold. that. No. Don't change my mind, who? Wasn't working viewing. Find Your report. I had I wished I had. The rest of it. I been for myself. You weren't in your office when I got there but was. Behind the city desk and the active broadening tomorrow morning's weather report into the slap I grabbed out of a hand what? was. Is Your boss Oh my guess we'll talk in his office. Come on man. I explain how I. View! Saddam. Don't have to be so rough matter with you plenty I'm still. Stood, at a take, this job and I was stupid to play Cagey with you I should have beaten the story out here before the trouble started a little late in the day, and but not to like the sends you up Kelly's murder. You're insane. mccully. On the only one who has tried to help me only one place you in that room I ten minutes before the murder, I told you I can explain buying a save your own skin. Spinelli was only one of a half million poor dummy, loser, nickels, and dimes and dollars every day and the policy racket. Only he had the bad luck the win. There won't be any more lucky dead people like him. If I have to make Patsy Outta Yo to stop headlong, won't stop at nothing will write off big and brave like you know he's dead. Thousand Bucks dirty money in his wallet. Let you say things like that. Ray with anonymous recorder to honest, he thought. Meant what he said about that cleanup campaign. Wanted to run this time by himself. Clean up his competition. When rain started collecting material on the numbers back, he's still thought young God was on the level, but that was before he stumbled onto the thing about the weather reporter that was on one the duck show. Just add up the stock market quotations. racy customers weren't good enough and arithmetic, but who knows how hot is in Phoenix unless they live there? I don't know what you're talking about. That saw the number game works we? The suckers pick a number from one to ten see the operators tally up the slips in the least popular that they has to win. The weather report doesn't have to pass through the copy desk and young blood. Pasting it up with a few strategic corrections. It was easy to make their winners. Look as if they on the level, but across. You have no way of knowing that you only watch them do day after day. She couldn't understand why he did those things. It seems silly falsifying a weather report, but it didn't seem as if it could do any. mccully for the jets, your cut of ten grand finale was killed for. You. I went there to warn him about children. I don't know. All right on lying but I can prove that ray was on the level. I've got the proof right here. The whole story he wrote on the numbers racket. Even naming young blood is the head of his own publisher. I went there to get it. I was going to take it to another newspaper. I can't tell you that you don't have. Spinelli was confused grief craze. On somebody did she got her revenge the only way she thought she could. Have Been. Right about that But she killed the wrong man. Why didn't you tell them that? You knew who killed? Ray I wanted to give you a chance to tell me yourself. I'm glad you're. Only! Atmosphere young the crop. I'm sure you appreciate the fact that I gave a double. Scoop the your paper like Mrs, Spinelli I have my own ideas in fact. The size of my up your circulation, a little suddenly use a little extra money the defense. BY WAY WHO's Leo? underreport. SOB! Kills Kali. You're absolutely correct Mrs Spinelli. Mr MacAulay pardon the expression. Why did he? Didn't I was wrong. Vacation didn't help you mean she didn't kill mccully to avenge the murder of her husband. Colleague Mr Finale. Every stop going mad. Oh, you need it, they tation. Up The classroom keys may stimulate you to further cerebral activity. Way More Shoe. Oh. and. You're absolutely right. Typing cleared. My mind is all clear now. That's the one thing. Let's clear that up right away. Mrs Finale Nellie I. Did Not. contact. MacAulay kill Mr Sonali really did not Joe Spinelli. MacAulay. McCallum cal! Let's start all over again. This regard everything we set up until now make your mind complete black all right in the first place McCullough eight the not kills finale. What? Tam. Stop he's. GonNa be like that he missed. The SPINELLI was killed by one of our policy records to get back to ten grand. He won on the numbers game. Hold of the money. Get into Kelly. collies. On using his alias. Thing I what Mrs Finale up the him because he was afraid or husband might be killed for. The money when they killed them because missile spinelli already taken it. Home Efi I'm sorry. But I thought it. Was a long talk. Just vacations have a habit of doing that to you. After a week Tony Office de all rest up again taking. Five nine mine worth Texas. I. Don't I sound very. Nice to have you back. To all Tan healthier. Great. Noses feeling we'll. Of Stayed Actual Hammett's famous private detective produced Houston directed by Williams Beer. Sam Spade is played by Howard's of the ring. TITLE IS FA. Adventures of fancied for radio by Bob Dole and kills with musical direction by BUSCA yield director tonight's broadcast Williams fear is. Join US again next Sunday for another adventure with Sam. Speight brought to you by wild pretty Moyo again and again the choice of man who put good grooming I. This is Dick, joy reminding you to. Wow, cream or It's your hair interim is. An alcoholic art. Man. You better get wild cream off Charlie. To? Find you will have a tough time. All the girls away. All the. Away from seventy two years ago, July eighteenth, nineteen, forty, eight, the adventures of Sam Spade, we got a complaint recently from a listener to classic radio, theater, who got ruffled that we ran a quarter hour, Amos and Andy from the nineteen twenties. The pull the see what the person said and I'm quoting with no punctuation, which is exactly the way it said and I got to take a deep breath. Yesterday I listened to a name. Is Mandy Program on classic? Radio in this day and age. That program seems inappropriate to me. Cultural awareness certainly is evolved since one thousand nine hundred thousand. Thank you. Yeah. Our CEO suggested I reply with a two word responsible. I would never use them polite company. I said. Thank you for your comment about Classic Radio Theater. As you may be aware, program is not just about sanitize history, but news and radio, as it truly took place in the day of the media to sanitize it. The programs of the time is to literally change history, which is something we as Americans cannot do as. As the late veloce Jorge Santana said in the light of reason, the phrases of human progress written in one, thousand, nine, hundred five, said so eloquently progress far from consisting in change depends on re -tentivness when changes absolute, there remains no being to improve, and no direction is set for possible improvement, and when experience is not retained as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. We consistently point out in our program how life has changed and how America is a much different place today, but we do not continue to recognize how far we've come. How can we chart a course to the future? Thank you for your thoughts? And now you have a better understanding of mine. You have comments classic. Radio, DOT stream is how you get in touch with me. I'm Wyatt Cocks thanks for listening date this station support the advertisers. Tell your friends. The great radio shows her back. I just can't talk today. Class Radio Theater, on your favorite station and the USA. Radio Network. Off. Derek Reilly auto part story after the third time jumpstarting my car I finally realized my battery was dying, so I stopped by O'Reilly to have it checked. They tested it right there in the parking lot. It was bad who real bad, but they helped me find the right battery for my car and even installed it for free now my car starts like new. Album Auto parts or you nearly maxed out and your credit cards. It doesn't matter if you're using your credit cards for fun or to survive at the end of the month. 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Try to find a parking space. Walk to class or learn online at Independence University in the park bench on the beach hotel or on your couch with your kid. Your campus is wherever you want it to be. That's independence university at all your supplies. Including brand new laptop and tablet are included with tuition. What eight, hundred, nine, six, zero, four, eight, one, one, eight, hundred, nine, six, one, zero, four, eight, one. You're listening to. The heartland newsfeed radio network. Lie at Hartland NEWSFEED DOT COM. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by. On facebook twitter and instagram search. and. This is the libby. Your daily source for Liberty News and activist updates produced in partnership with the S. and L. S., network and listeners like you. Online at S S.. Network Dot Com. I'm Mike Murrow with your latest edition at the Liberty Beats. Golden starting at one thousand, seven, hundred seventy six dollars silver eighteen dollars, seven cents, and Bitcoin is trading around nine, thousand, one, hundred sixty six dollars. Today's gold silver in bitcoin prices are brought to you by brave panicles high-quality, crate him and CBD at reasonable prices with excellent customer service. Brave botanical is activists known and mission driven. The liberty and brave botanical believe so strongly in the power of freedom. We're giving away for eight. Just go to liberty. BEAT DOT news. Slash recreate on. This is the liberty at SNL. S NETWORK DOT com. In the news, completely destroying the offside at loan, bad apple theory, according to a new report from the international human rights, clinic at the University of Chicago Law School Police Departments in twenty of the largest cities, failed to meet the minimum standards basic international human rights guidelines, the free thought. Project reports that the report indicated that compared with many other places in the world. Police are given far more discretion to use deadly force in the United, states. The report also noted that police in the US are authorized to use brute force arbitrarily, which they say is a common tool of torrential and despotic governments. The researchers behind the study tried to determine how police policy in the US compares with International Human Rights Standards. As metrics for the standards the report use the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the International Covenant on. Civil and political rights, which the researchers said were the two fundamental international instruments protecting human rights. Ever wonder where we find all the news report right here on the liberty. Meet visit. SNL S DOT news to get. The world's most censored media published all in one place save yourself from the endless time spent searching for reliable alternative media. SNL S news makes it quick and easy. No ads no Click Bait just roll headlines Twenty four hours a day. visit, SNL, S. DOT news and get informed today without the corporate media spend. Your news now continues Jeffrey Berman the powerful US attorney for the Southern District of New York has been the lead investigator into the Jeffrey Epstein Child Sex trafficking case since before the billionaires suspicious suicide. However, this friend of President Donald Trump, who contributed to his campaign was removed from his post by Attorney General William Bar. Who falsely claimed Berman resigned? The Free Thought Project reports the law airport several of Epstein's Victims Kevin Kurban is speaking out about the highly suspect removal of the top attorney. He is speculating that trump or one of his staff may have asked Berman to stop investigating Prince Andrew. Ties to the billionaire pedophile and then fired him when he refused. As the Guardian points out. Berman and the Duke of York have become embroiled in a series of public rows over what the US prosecutor alleges is his refusal to answer questions in their investigation into allegations of sex, trafficking and other crimes against Epstein. Off. Darren rainy is gives a frantic man serving time in prison for cocaine possession screamed. Please take me out. I can't take it anymore. As he kicked the door of the scalding hot shower repeatedly, while four guards stood just outside for two full hours, laughing sadistically at his agonizing pain. That happened eight years ago this week and neither John Van van, Cornelius Thompson Ronald Clark nor Edwina Williams officers at Florida's Dade Correctional Institution who forced a man into the one hundred degree shower as admitted punishment wherever two arched. On the eight year anniversary of Rainey's torturous death, his case is receiving some renewed attention on social media. The project reports. That's largely due to the fact that he prosecutor who refuse to charge the officers involved Miami, Dade State Attorney Katherine. Fernandez rundle is up for reelection. Support for the liberty is brought to you by the homestead guru. The homestead guru is an educational website offering tips, tools, News, stories and commentary on everything homestead static topics include green homes gardening animal husbandry. Do it Yourself Home Remedies Alternative Energy Survival Ism on schooling and more. Those details for found online at the homestead docu roof. This is the liberty beat powered by the SEC. Network at SNL S NETWORK DOT com. I'm Mike Moreau reporting for the liberty beam, reminding you spread liberty with a smile. Derek Reilly auto parts story after the third time starting my car I finally realized my battery was dying so I stopped by O'Reilly to have it checked. They tested it right there in the parking lot. It was bad who real bad, but they helped me find the right battery for my car and even installed it for free now my car starts like new. Auto Parts. The USA radio networks presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Ladies and gentlemen. The, story you're about to hear is true. Only. The names have been changed to protect the innocent dragnets. This is classic Radio Theater Guy I. I. was a communist. So. Everybody. Now, here's your host Wyatt Cox. He was one of the hottest movie stars of his day. Charles Boyer in the short run program entitled Presenting Charles Boyer. This was originally broadcast. July eighteenth. Nineteen, fifty the episode entitled the Me Cope Presenting Charles. De. Soi. Soi We share. National Broadcasting Company takes pleasure in presenting a new series starring Charles Boyer as Michelle and WHO's Michelle About on the Mantra Chard the front the neck. Francois Cloisonne. Well he could be any lease and has been all. Where he belongs to that Royal Line of adventurous, who's our stitched on the fabric of their imaginations, but who willingly give up any title for a moment of romance or spot of cash? Look at him now walking into a meals bistro. As important things on his mind, namely conway the gentleman who buys his story. Aamir come yet. It's about time showed up as a matter of seventy five years. Yes, of course, have been out of the cd-rom your immune. This is Mr Conway. The famous American writer I've told him about you, please. This is meat. I was telling you about Music Conway. Oh yes. Doing meal now? Randy from my friend. Brandy for me, please. There is the matter of seventy five Charlotte's my guest. Here to brand-new. Thank you, thank you at once. Mr Conway. Like you. We've met again I let you nice of you Michelle. Why because of? What mankind memorial, and so he's leading. And I suppose whenever the Twain shall meet. There's a story. That is when something is has been added two hundred dollars for instance, so you know when it was involved, it should be higher oab. It started at a theater shows it easy. Two hundred dollars with friend of mine connected with a management. I was given a way complimentary tickets to the new Jira Dupree. Do Circulate Lobby and express my enthusiasm. Curtain side at stopped by to hatchet. Stand July together. When? Any approached me. Vision beauty and delight for the first time evening has the practice. Would you check his for me? was. I should be delighted to do anything for you. Time and was I'd be just vote. As you're stepping. Way She. There you have it Mr Conway. That is I. It is step magnificent mink goat. Out For the beautiful lady that came with it whether you're in each intermission, I tried to find her in the crowd, but to no avail. When the final curtain fell. Retrieve the main with my ticket and stood slightly baffled and quite solid today in the lobby when another stranger approached me. Waste time thing. I Beg your pardon. She Ain't coming back. She isn't no I. Know How you feel but I. Hate. Being stood up to how? Coming back. Dame's you know she looked skin. No offense to you missed a you know, but the way she threw that scorer login run off! Right away I knew something was wrong. It's why come back come back from where where I took it. Oh so you. Relating I just took my camp. He owned I see and don't ask me how I come to be driving a cab in para. I had intended to see after the war I wanted to see Paris so I got me a jalopy. Im still seeing it and you have no idea how much doing around his look can I think someone is now? Wait wait. You started to tell me about the leading I did what you said you took. Some places brought a and I took a hey. It's none of my business, but Degen, fight or something. Me Either hard to fight with somebody. You don't know you don't know Nina never before or since. Honey lengthened, say my name is Joe mud and no jokes. I am. I'm glad to meet you. and. What are you GonNa? Do it that Squirrel. Squirrel is mink all dead cost, don't it? Main does not grow on squirrels. Will I would know see I don't know any makes? And you don't know the thing. But they have a goat. Yeah, yeah, that's right. Say I'll let me drive you home in my hack and we can drop awesome place for a nightcap. You know kind. Talk this thing over talk over. About this mink now what? I like wreck Kuhn once. What make that makes it so clancy? Tony Mitch picked up on the Rue Royale CNN upper off on the road. And she didn't say nothing to me and I didn't say nothing to her. So that's just when I know, but this one I went back to the find out something, and then I'd have to search berries to find out what you want to find the you get the cone on. Maybe it's Austin Ghana. Hated weakness if. I say live leading to a dead. Jimmy hit a one about a boy and a hand. He's running mega birds. It makes mammal and so is a lady, so needed absolutely right. Only she is live. Well I! Don't need talent. Meet Kid, say I'll have another beer of you. Know Mind. Don't have another Calabasas, okay, and where we draw one bubbles and one applejack. Where was on this deal making? It see. I have a mink coat nine eighty. I've known latest to go to great lengths to get a mink coat. But I've never known my extensive experience known want to throw Mingo Wayne especially such splendid specimen. This one will all right. Why did she? That is the question, but I would put it this way. Why didn't she come back on tenure? She was scared. You see I saw her face and she scored away as fast as she could want left to offer the corner. Thanks gentleman. Twenty five francs. said that could be twenty five francs. Excuse me the. There is twenty five frank Oh! Joe, yeah. My apologies hall what? Gentlemen which one of you is paying for? The drink Darsur news I friend. Here is my guest. Juice and I find it to have misplaced my what it. Just found that out. Okay okay yeah wait it. Thank you thank you very much. You don't look to me like the kind of guy who forgets his wallet. Broke in and a little bent. Jersey. I don't know why. I feel prosperity brightening. Wherever there, it's mink. There is money besides she was beautiful. I must find this girl. Ten Me! Have you handled francs to despair? Hey, I almost lost that much in fans. Just sitting here not that I don't like the company. My thank you Joseph! Don't mention it. If you don't mind, I would like to mention the matter of one hundred francs. You want me to loan you some dull. No, let's call it an investment in what for instance? You know! Discreet advertisement placed in tomorrow morning's papers night. Bring some surprising results. You mean you're going to sell the Co.. Decision race we sponsored by advertisement. The owner applies and degrade food provisory wall. That's just one possibility. I had this discharge my duty as a citizen, however having done so should it prospective purchaser interested? Your Joseph would be even more profitable will go for that second one. Put me in now. Let's see the label in the coats. Says styled by John Paul's overshot. Say Beautiful Minka. Style by Sean, Available Excellent Condition Nice. Dispose at months, advice do three nine. About mistakes that I think's would bring quickly cents. began. Advertisement is you directed and found the for coat in it is? Very! Good Vicar, and we have caught an even bigger prize. I believe we have the ringleader of the organization himself. You have a promotion. Send Him in and. In. Good Morning. This, show. Well. You make over there s captain. mission. Thank you. This is too good to be true and I hate to disappoint you captain. But whatever you're thinking, it is false. You of always been. Shall we say so discreet Michelle kind of you? I hope. I always shall be, but even the best of us can miscalculate. Isn't that right? Are you speaking about you said Captain I can understand why you would be engaged in such a profitable operation. Selling stolen furs St-. But advertising payments Michelle that is not like. That case. You would believe me when I. Tell You what happened will tell you eighteen months ago. An entire warehouse full of valuable I was ransacked. Since then these skins have been turning up in many places made up into expensive coats, and bearing half a dozen different labels. One of them is styled by John Paul fine that expense everything to me. Thank you very much goodbye going to find a of what lady you give me the code. With, you Michelle. There is always a woman. She lets me holding it in the lobby theater and vanished someone. You knew well Oh. Contrary I didn't know at all yet. She gave you this valuable coat and then disappear site. Now, do you WanNa? Why interested in not happen as interested in her as we are. Do. You realize how deeply involved in this fan I I'm not proud of it. All you've got the good then I also have you. But, I want this lady, even more I might even be willing to pay a reward. How much that depends on? HOW USEFUL SHAKIEST TO US? You bring me this lady of yours. Within forty eight hours forty eight hours captain. If you producer then we can discuss the matter of reward if not, there are forty eight months. You'll Michelle forty eight months. Four years of my life in the hands of a beautiful day did have never met. For Sir. Charles Boyer from July Eighteenth Nineteen Fifty. It continues in three minutes here on classic radio. Theater this is good news. Maybe exactly when you needed to right now Meta share is waving their new member fees. 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Dot Com or call toll free. Eight seven seven Newsmax, that's eight seven seven newsmax. This radio could save your life. This offer ends soon, so order today, and you're listening to classic radio. Theater on your favorite station presenting Charles Boyer. The summer replacement over the night summer of nineteen fifty fibber, McGee and molly and the show only ran during the summer. There you go, let's get back to it for sending Charles Boyer. July eighteenth nineteen fifty. Connery. I was a victim of by innocence I had to find a girl. I had to start from nowhere. We'll find someone who could be anywhere. On my way back to my apartment, I could not make up my mind, which las regretted the most the mink lady. As I open. My wasn't to Sept by changed man in my apartment. Yes, what do you want? What do I want? What dishes? But This is apartments six, isn't it? Yes, you want. Well. I noticed an advertisement in the paper this morning and I understand you have a good for see. What do you want a for? Colt, Thought night. I see it Sony Sewn. Imagined that Mr May instant attitude injury, my own slammed in my face. Street in order to prepare my strategy. I noticed Joe Sexy. Standing by the. Job is not inside, but luckily. Net, skype! On the front seat I would put it on. Down as low as I could just as changed man I had left in my apartment came out with friends. You. Got Getting. Raptor gentlemen last. No GO TO BOULEVARD! Sounds amount sixteen, seventy two. So that's it. You want to see the Laura. Last included missing leading, Mister gone away. The. Got Out. Particles. And waited and waited. Was Dog when Thomas came out with her. The first thing I noticed was that she was wearing another magnificent mean coot, if I had a chance to swing my cab around, she stepped into a text, waiting in front of our door, so all I could do follow to a nation, then idol swiftly back to my own apartment. was afraid of something like this. Guy Got him you. Don't. Reform I. See and I. Come up to see you ain't here so I'm sticking around CNN, guys they? They get sore at me because they believe. You when I can't produce the coat that give me a business I didn't talk see I played dumpty. Play it so close to the best. I lost the puck you. Then I get warning. I say to myself. I say John. What do you know about this character this? Mitchell, you meet him and a Mink, both at the same time and invest one hundred francs now what? We're GONNA. Came Back Mitch. Our worries over I found the will happy day. Why don't you tell me a plane and give me a chance? I've got to go out again right away as soon as I dress, my evenings those tell me what happened. Wisdom Inc.. Might get things. You said you domain domain. Did you give it back to know I give it to the police? A holy smoke the COPS. One, no wonder you're in a hurry. What do you dress up for I'll tell you everything on the way to the willing. That's hope she hasn't gone before. We get their. Mutual sure I got an investment to protect Mitchell. There's just one thing that I got more respect for didn't gold, and that's brass and. You get plenty of that. Mitchell Cafe Pacific. How'd you like to ride? I let you know when I get my breath back Saint Anthony's. Policemen way, it is the only way again. Keep out of Jeremy said. There's the little matter of very war a high. Yeah, that's for me. Want me to stick around with the. Chief, she student here come on. Clancy joint mixed disdain must be planned for high stakes of goes. Badly. She may be one of the most important Lincoln. Issues joke win over the table in the corner with back to us. She leather coat is draped chair. She looks good from the back here. So that's the main guy so coming out of pot with hore inside of it I hope well good luck in. Eight week you'll come back you all right cook it. What's the matter what? Nothing's. Except he's not. Looking for. She should never have timed around wrong de. Goodbye boy hundred Francs Goodbye Mitchell, and what do you have a cake with a file in it or a cotton Cotonou cigarette? Just a movement shows no, what do we do? This movement I'm going over to that. I want to talk to him. And what floor to good one dame is just as good as another. When she's mixed up stolen furs and believe me, I want that this one run away home i. get your kid where you're going to take over from here. Good hunting up. You're catching automate. Shake your good for you. Thank you. Oh I'm so sorry. You're not delay the I thought you were. Compare I would say small just all right. You are much more beautiful, thank you. Are you expecting someone? When was it nope? But that is my. My friend had lead. He'll be back. Too Soon I hope ply. One man's absence another man of virginity. Do you mind my joining you for a moment? You have already. That case my name is Michelle. I'm Dolores. We're nodded. We are properly introduced evening. Good Evening Michelle. Are you sure you don't mind me to check you don't bother. It isn't necessarily. Very attractive MIC. Yes, it, isn't it? After, it was stalled by John Paul Kersey could only as beautiful as the woman who wears it. Any Woman Looks Beautiful Jean Paul coat if she can afford it. Are you thinking of buying a coach is someone. That you should mention that I have been thinking about it in coot. But now of course have something on my mind Oh. Ten me. Are you especially vulnerable link? It's drive the Nice. Why do you ask when it's not much of anarchist dancing? I knew anything place called. Ghetto? District something quite different, so we go. July Eighteenth Nineteen fifty, presenting Charles boy a on classic radio. Theater I'm Wyatt. Cocks, we will conclude it in just about. Four minutes here on your favorite station reminder. If you miss a day, you miss a lot, so you can always catch up with classic. Radio Theatre by going to the web page classic Radio Dot Stream. Classic Radio Dot Stream. 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Start Your journey to better health today by calling one, eight, hundred, two, four, six, eight, seven, fifty, one, or by going to balance of nature dot com again that's balanceofnature dot com, and make sure to receive this special radio offer by using Discount Code USA. Thanks for tuning into Classic Radio via here on your favorite station now the conclusion of the summer series presenting Charles Boy Eh. July eighteenth nineteen fifty. The mink coat so glad you came if defeat with me Dolores. Glad to? Danzig subs a great many problems, doesn't it? Does been people again. Mixed, strands of changes so quickly. LEXA down from. Understand your enthusiasm for this place machine. It is much gear here. I'm glad you like. Oh I'm sorry. We forgot to check your coat again. That's just as well so chilly. O O! where? You really looking for someone else at the. Can't they put on at first? But once I show you. What I changed my plans completely. Michelle. We've been very nice to me and I've had a wonderful wonderful evening i. want to be completely honest with you now. I'm. Not. What you think I am. And what do you think I thought you were lale ago with a mink coat and expensive cafe. With that I don't want to pretend long. This coats isn't mine. You mean you borrowed. That you see! Well. It's my job then you run up pretending I mean I'm kind of a model? I'm employed to wear coats like this to places like the cafe. Sold, that's why you haven't checked. tried. To keep it with me, so people can see. Then if they admire the code. And US. For information as I did. Then I tell him about John Oh. What about John? Oh? John? Paul isn't any ordinary. It's a personalized service and they make the coach up only on special order. Of. You're not really interested in. I only told you so you wouldn't misunderstand. I understand now. What do you mean? This John Paul. Only a trade name. It's really Carl and Thomas yes, but How long have you been working them about six months? They've been very nice to me and I'm grateful to them. You never know how much I needed this job. I'm sorry to hear that, Dolores. You're great food helping to sell stolen fares. Killed in. Surely you missed known. That's what they are you. The police fortunately per you know with the police are looking for those employers of yours and for you. I'm sorry. I didn't know. It. It's all right. No, it's not all right now. It's not a right at toll is much worse. You have told me about this if you knew what you were doing, what you say is true. It's through. Find out only too soon then. Then I'll just have to stop runaway well. quit you quit I. Quit I. think another goal. Try to do that last night. We mink coat at me and right away and then this morning. Readily light in the paper about a young woman found in river sane. Have no way of knowing that it was the same. Could have been she to wait for the jumbo. She must have known too much and utilize. Know too much to. Is Within And I'll have to tell the police and if they believe you. Release, don't catch up with this car and Thomas really endanger for your life, but if you don't tell the police now and try to explain to them later would be hard to convince them that you are innocent, and even if you've got the smaller jail, sentence imagined. It would be very difficult for you to get another job you mean. I can't run away and I can't give myself up. Michelle it. It must be something I can do. The half's perhaps one way, Dolores. Will you let me have your coat? Yes, please take it I. Don't want it now. Then you do believe what I've told you why I I started believing you Michelle when you stopped making love to. If you say many more things like that, I shall begin again people that come with me. Now Mitchell your disco. Joint messed up. Betty ain't even made and Joseph lead in advance of the hundred francs I. Want you to take out an advertisement. You WanNa go to the pokey again. That's exactly what I don't want to do now. Joe, this time I would have to use your address. The employers will undoubtedly be visiting apartment, so she got away with Ted Nights. And you can stay at my breeze. I can hear the wheels weakened in your hand all the way up in Oh that your your accent Jersey joining. Yes Joe. You're the owner good. Patient when you see them, keep out of sight. Follow them up and stay outside. You know when I need you. Know Goodbye. Good Morning. The release, so it's you again, Michele but gentleman. I didn't expect you so early. Would you mind taking your walk around the block and come back and say? Fifteen minutes expect to get away with the same trick twice on the contrary. I wanted you to come, but not now please the advertisement ringed in Pencil Unlimited headquarters. Corny, to plan, only your timing is long, you will have to come at us. Miss you guys doing anything you want later, but now skin site quickly rare. His look offices. Here's the. It's yours. Take it with you and going to. Give me just a few minutes speed. I suggest you deplete legs such games. We have no time for their mouth. Come on man. I would prove it to you. Step back and watch. Owning Gentlemen I've been expecting you. Men We saw yesterday Thomas. Get Him right. Back all of. Our apple juice. That's what I meant I. Get back you with the other. On come on now, no much. You need to watch out all the COPS GONNA. Come back here. In this to get in line all of you much. and. After I had identified. I say with much expense and effort. On my part. I decided to use the. Combat CONC- is again sometimes. GYNA- Captain, but I insist that you'd be my guest on the next occasion. It's a good story, Michelle but bit about the final chapter. What about Dolores? Fine on courageous on his girl, approaching it, Louis Jordan girlfriends a small shop northbound us. She's working there now, she looks lovely. Hats but what about the I go? Those go the lady with the mink. The I mean blue that lady. You may not believe this music. But do you notice? It wasn't more high weeks later when I was on my way to get home, he went to Peru. You've never told me that Michelle. I haven't Ni- friend my experience with ink. It treasure beyond all comparison. Yes, yes, but Michelle. What's that got to do with the young? mink got to do it. Mr Conway, that's another story another two hundred dollars. Giles will soon be starring Douglas irks production, the First Legion and the role of Art Conway heard. Hanley Stafford also in the cast or Sheldon Letter Ted, Von, Joan banks, wilms Herbert. Her butterfield on diamond and Ken Peters our show directed by wolf tonight script was written by Barbara and Milton Merle actors of Michelle and Conway were created by Ernest Boyer and permit Scott Gilbert doesn't again next week at the same time to presenting Charles Way. Stanley speaking stay tuned for throwing big town on NBC. Little series July eighteenth, nineteen fifty, presenting Charles Boyer on Classic Radio Theatre Unique Items for strange times. That's Patriotdepot DOT COM, for instance where new and your friend are playing your favorite drinking games by social media listening to Joe Biden, Bam, about nothing you can win and stout with your trump. Forty five bullets shot glass, and then hope that hangover by porn. Tim Coffee in your truck. Camper Mug. Patriotdepot DOT COM is the place to find these. These and more remember Promo Code USA. Even have the trump wall known to keep you company. 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Long Story Short I'M GONNA. Get balancing the credit 'cause I don't have any pain in my neck anymore. Don't wait to see what getting over ten servings of whole fruits and vegetables. Every day can do for you right now. Balance of nature is offering free shipping and thirty five percent off on any new preferred order. Start Your journey to better health today by calling one, eight, hundred, two, four, six, eight, seven, fifty, one, or by going to balance of nature dot com again that's balanceofnature dot com, and make sure to receive this special radio offer by using Discount Code USA. On Classic Radio Theatre. Let's head the pine. Ridge Arkansas check out the goings on of blooming abner. This episode originally broadcast July Eighteenth Nineteen forty five now. Let's see what's going on down in Pine Ridge well as we look in on the little community today we find the old fellows in a cell in the jailhouse listen. Stone? Find blaze, stockbroker, and leading citizen like me to be. I don't know how many bad again get used to it. I come down here often. It's SORTA beginning like home the me. And my favourites sale right here that hot afternoon. Me Orion for you, but for me each. Discrete of course. I wouldn't come down here last nine. Natural but I mean ask you get in here. Ain't so bad on Martin mold or holly hit. It is beginning to. A little trouble in the home. That, I'll get myself arrested on our part I can come down here and get away from the place for a few days. Thank. I wouldn't give me a chance to get away for a few days. But sitting around a g housing mind either. Don't we won't have to be here very long. Own mousy gray arrested this breaking into USS Clancy's house last night. Reading all depends on. How are you? LEASEES wants to push the charge. Oh! That's a s one. Ma The worst part of all this is we went all the trouble of breaking in got conscious drugs and never taken stock certificate after all. Got What we doing again a low also we decided not to do. We got. Shows hair at don't pay to be law abiding reckoned. Don't we just never order A in there? In the first place of course, a worked out all right if you got that idiotic idea, having Mousy, grazed and out there Ron, lookout. STARTED BE SAVER. They'd away I've ever known. He was on duty as deputy town Marshal Hash. Or to find out for you, get a feller to help you break in somebody's house while he might have at least told me I. Let us meet my policemen to help you. I did he was the police last night when I? Say it like it? Yeah, it is yeah, you're fiber. Get outta here. I'm GonNa Take Baseball Bat and hit him on the head so hard on bus both ankle. Don't blame him. He was just doing his duty. Cedric had worked at nine, so he had to find somebody else to take over frying. Dad Blame that cedric feed on I'm GONNA. Take the baseball bat after we'll don't blame him neither after all you wanted to. Make the deputy for that night You'RE GONNA. Take that baseball bat anybody in order to be on you. Blame. I'll Kohana ran for going out of town making me that definitely. Been Ten to it'd be nice. We never would have got called. He never goals ten foot away from this jail. Hell, it's too late to worry about that now. Guest are saying one ad uncle. Henry gets back I. Don't get I'm going to give him a piece on my mind yesterday now, baseball bat to read AMAC. You realize what you said just in You said when Henry gets back. Show, we're gotTA. Wait against back long as I'm in jail. I can't go all over the country looking here, but don't you see what I mean? If uncle Henry's out of town, you're stealing the town marshal that puts you in charge of the jail well Charlie. That's right. What's your? What are we doing sitting in here all night long? When you're running this play, come on, let's get. Alleviates many. Just Hawk out here. Why can't we you know where the keys don't you well? Yeah, Mousy were just on duty that one night after he rested in showed us in jail here. He handed the badge back to you and went off duty how coming to think this before come on well now wait I mean at long can't let a couple of housebreakers feel out of jail and lose. Somebody's liable to get raw well now you know better than that. We Ain't going to rob nobody. We never taken the hang out of you. How well no, but we broke in again the law our. They're not hold. You can forget you. Everything can't now when I'm awesome. I what I feel at Funchal? Henry Comeback and found out I've let a COUPLA next radio were breakout jail. You won't have confidence in. But how you going to feel uncle Henry comes back and finds his chief deadly in jail for house breaking. Surely Ain't GonNa help his confidence and you. Tried I never had thought about it? GETS THAT WAY HARMON showroom. The only thing to do is to get out of here. Well now, wait. Let me. THINK ABOUT GAS I. Believe I can do it got study on the While air for studying when it when we get back over to this door. I'll give you extra hour for studying well I. Don't know an ally. Answer all. We never taken the thing out of house and you know it. No, we never taking aim on getting that stock certificate back never done it. Actually I? Don't know maybe you fellers it after all on red to hear. You told me that away Marshall. Wait a minute. The old obvious Tampa, thank. You fellers wrote. The quincy is Genius Line Cut Class Oil lamp when you broken last night. Eight, so I'm going to do my duty. I've got the whole strat damaging property in salt on batteries and all national. We never broke the Lampoon purplish Oh we don it'll. I was right there I seen him, and you know how valuable Atlanta Laws May. As Quincy thought the world and all of that thing, yeah, no, she did her mom. I'll give it to her and ulysses as a wedding present, all has been fair. They'd get both calmly. I know him as Quincy. And I'm sorry I can be that. We broke. It I wouldn't have the thing personal. I just WanNa have to hold you to. US, to dollars pay someway. I don't believe we can do that may say well, not sold at thing thousand dollars. No, no consider no sediment value cheese. Put on, but when you come down to the actual value the lamp. Would be pretty high. You can tell that thing to cost people money just by this is. Our biggest warm lamp say is on. Mine was big on washed bill in things besides surely. I don't know nothing about I just figured the more likely to put out the more cost. You sit around here in the middle of the room. Zang recollect ran. You always had to lean over and look around, and if you want to talk to somebody sitting on nine department. Time I've come away from after stiff neck from trying to hold a conversation with you lists and look at the same time. I admit we made a big mistake by breaking that lamp last night, and we ought to try to make it up to them, I? Don't know what they'll do for heat this winter. I don't either have always kept on. Children slept on any that all shoved down. Four cruise is something else? We still got to David Broder farm. Get that stock certificate Maktum Ulysses. That's the only evidence again. That's it. Looking for. I wish now we'd have taken. That stops gate long. We didn't get that back. They can't prove that we were doing nothing on. Only ever ninfa instigator. Ought to make a deal with you as we can, but I don't be aromatic deal in okay with mom, not after breaking that lamp on oil, never know or I think he screamed why we need to get it back and try to make the best deal we can mine. He's stubborn headed. He never deal with. Our wait a minute. Ulysses don't we wanted broken I? AM as I? Don't think he does. All he knows is that they were somebody in their last night, but he don't know who Hammond and as woman had already went to the party. Of course, maybe a mouse gray told him home. Call him out. And he ain't totally noir I'll tell him not to. Yeah. That's good I. Can Use. A phone uncle. Call Him. Locking. Now mashing, forgot to lock it last night. Miss get out of jail. Grand Hope Mouth said nothing. We got a good chance to get back on our one stock certificate and keep ourselves out of the penitentiary. While I'm for anything, IT'LL keep us out of their last place here. Don't mind, but the paint has too far away from home. Yeah, your mouth rain Likud common. Jewish who must have found a homey? How US's. How are you today? Okay well good say tell me, and the Fellas, break heartland why? What you say how hot lane. That big in the part of them. Honestly grades that you value rate well, we may as well admit to. Yeah we'd on it. Okay. Take this. Gene and. This is this Dr Kepa Gate. Okay well, wait a minute. Yeah, you want it back in. Well. Sure, but we all came. You Got Lizard wonderful you. Don't understand it, but how much do you want first? then. Powers dig a big favors for me fellas head. Yeah bussed in Dadgum land. I'm trying to figure out some way to get that tornado thing without causing trouble in the home for thirty odd year and much well. Wait a minute. Come back here, you see. We WanNa make this up to. You got time now I've got to see a man about paint my heart. I gotta get that same Paik foon goodness. Out, much trouble base before all mind. And only it looks like us out of here now. Let's go back and say get our hands. The happiest day of my life, Freeman Again Good for good fat. Wait a minute. I believe you're picking up his hat long. feuding. Good I. What. What you're waiting for. can. At nor must slam shot markets. They often keys it out there and offer. What is the concept? In here with Jessica. You Hell Hell. I swear those to get into more trouble. adver July Eighteenth nineteen, forty, five on classic Radio Theater Please visit my web page classic radio. Dot Stream I'm so lonely. 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The mind unleashed her boise epistle twitter accounts of Apple Uber in squares cash APP we're hack in the CRYPTO currencies scam as we're account belonging to billionaires. Bill Gates Jeff. bezos Warren Buffett Mike. Bloomberg anyone mosque. Rapper Jay West former US President Barack Obama and democratic, presidential candidate Joe Biden also fell prey to the hackers. Each of the twitter accounts had millions of followers. In various tweets, the accounts posted messages requesting the followers send USD one thousand dollars in Bitcoin to specific web addresses after which they would get double the contribution in return. Ever wonder where we find all the news to report right here on the liberty, meet visit. SNL S DOT news to get. The world's most censored media published all in one place save yourself from the endless time spent searching for reliable alternative media. In, ls news makes a quick and easy. No ads no Click Bait just roll headlines Twenty four hours a day. Does it s and LS DOT news and get informed today without the corporate media span. Your news now continues. Nearly Ninety people were arrested, and now face charges after refusing to disperse in a protest, demanding justice for Briana. A twenty six year old black woman who was shot to death in her home by Louisville police that ended on the lawn of Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel, Cameron. Demonstrators now face one to five years in prison, if convicted on felony charges under Kentucky Law. By all accounts, the protest was peaceful as over one hundred community members gathered near Ballard High, School in Louisville Kentucky and began marching to the conservative attorney general's home, according to a report from WWL Ky... The Mind Unleash your boards. Community members marching to demand that officials charged the three Louisville officers who shot tailored to death in March while executing ain't no knock search warrant at her home. Researchers are decrying collapsing birth rates around the world which they warn will result in profound social change if governments don't roll out new productive health policies Spain Japan, Portugal and Thailand, or among the twenty three countries that could see their populations more than half a jaw dropping trend. while. The global population is expected to peak at around nine point seven billion around twenty, sixty four. The population will fall to eight point eight by the end of the twentieth century. The might unleash reports that according to a new study by researchers from the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and published in a peer reviewed medical journal. Fertility rates are presently in freefall, and the rate is expected to fall even faster in coming decades. Fertility rates or the average number of children women give birth to or a key indicator for population stability. When the number falls blow an average of two point. 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Radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Ladies and gentlemen. The story you're about to hear is true. Only. The names have been changed to protect the innocent dragnet. This is classic Radio Theater Guy. I was a communist. So. Everybody! Now here's your host why it talks an episode of suspense, Originally Broadcast July Eighteenth nineteen forty six. It's stars Michael O'Shea. It's entitled photofinish. The Night Romo winds. Bring you Mr Michael O'Shea, storrow photo-finish. Suspended play her use that it'd end directed all Roma wind by Williams fear. Enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk about the worst had all year, and I had made a dozen cash since morning. Five. o'clock, I was still plugging because Alex the way I am. I love that guy. Dame it looked like they might go for good to shot and snap them and the guy that conduct tells him how he can get three prints up that fine candid camera shot. I just made him for only adopt one that he just brushes me off like all the rest. The last shot on a Roland I unload and a call of the day when when I see a guy coming through the crowd. That's dressed up a apposite. Glance himself sideways in store windows, and generally seems extra fond of themselves, so so flash sites on them, and then a funny thing happens he. He sought a staggered as somebody had just come along. Give them a big slap on the back and. Starts folded folding, also sudden that I can't even stop myself and so help me I snapped right in the middle of his dive. Then he's out like a light and everybody has a crowd around. Everybody's saying. Get get the doctor and he'd somebody. Else's calling enough enough enough enough I'm all burned up with this guy and the heat and everything, so I just turn on my heel and head for Jake's place to cool off. Say Cup of Coffee Yeah, Yeah Alhaji Goethe. They do any good kidding. People don't want to have their pitches may when they got preparation. Lennon Donna faces, and the guys are in Shirtsleeves, and the dame's dresses are all wrinkled up out of shape. Only want to do is to get somewhere where they can call off like me. That's right all right I guess. What a day! And the payoff listen to this. I'm making a guy just before I come in here as well shot. It would have been too and just as I snap. What as opposed us? What falls collapses right in the sidewalk? I've boom. The heat is simple matter Is that right? Yeah, boy, do I. Pick the cash customers tough on the poor guy tough on him. What about me I? GotTa Live Duino? Oh, well. Yeah, that's right. Jake Friendly Pharmacy. Well I don't know. Just a moment, I'll see a Hey, Joe, it's your wife. Oh, I forgot. She told me specially. They'd be home early today. She got a stake for tonight. What like teller? Heller I'd just left. No, no wait a minute telling you ain't seen me all day, okay? No no, he's not AMAS Muni. Haven't. Mrs. Yes Mrs Morning. Yeah I show well. She said if I see you. Joe You'll wait. I ain't got time I'll see you tomorrow. Your whole. Hello, honey! Honey me. Something smells good separating supper ready Oh of course suffers ready. The potatoes are all nice and dried up in the midst couldn't top sappers been ready for an hour hour has to you know I told you to be home on time and I think they Hannah's fakes off for good behavior nowadays gosh more I forgot that. You'd forget your name of. It wasn't pasted inside your head. What have you been? Watching this laid on a day like this. Wait a minute. Let me look at you. Wait a minute. Wait Marvelous. Some happen today. I wasn't going to tell you about this I was going to spare you feeling. This one had better be good, well it. It shook me a pretty bad I. don't mind telling you and that was the whole trouble why I was like I. Suppose this time. Find an atom bomb in his suitcase and you pick it up. Listen Maude I'm serious. I saw a man die today Maud. I do it every day, don't they? But more I was taking this picture he he died right while I was snapping right up me feet swollen I, suppose he grabbed you around the ankle, so you couldn't come home with Maude. They thought it was murder murder. Thought so why? Everybody thought that they was asking me all kinds of questions show. What do you WanNa? Tell me a story like that Shwim. I swear I can prove it. I got the film. I'll develop, but right here tonight I. got it right here in me. Camera and I'll get my. Now My camera I forgot I might have known. This was all leading up to something. Where tickets the you know what the Pawn Ticket Mall. You got me all wrong. The cameras all right. It's right where I left it right in Jake's place. Jake's place well with isn't the Hawk shop or Jake's place. Um what I was only in it for a minute shell. How can you do at losing your camera hanging around that cheap joint? When you know, we're trying to save up for a studio of our own? Joe is never going to get out of this Rut. Look I. I had to leave the camera there had to why because of that Pitcher I was scared to bring it home it. It might be evidence. Just said a minute ago. You had it with you, said I. WHO, in the world could be I'll get it honey you. You stay right here. That's just rest yourself I'll go. Your name Monet. That's right. Yeah, sidewalk, photographer! That's right. Pick a picture of a Guy Keeling over on Main Street about five o'clock this afternoon. That's right I was just telling my wife your camera here with the. Wino- No I, left it downtown. You better come along with us. I say one is this. Who aren't you release headquarters? Police say say what does this all about? You know you saw the guy bumped off in I'm off. Maude. The guy is that he was martyred. Of course I could see now. How that picture? It'll be pretty important evidence so naturally I'm glad to go along with these compass and help them out all I can. We get out on the sidewalk as a cot, Aaron, do what a guy sitting in a all plainclothes cops, evidently the homicide squad I suppose and we go over to the Senate calm. The Guy Yeah, but he don't have wigham rigid downtown. I've forgotten left their place mainstream. Spread. We've got that other caller making main streets out of the way. Sorry just happened tonight I. Forgot you talk when you're told the rest of the time you keep quiet, see. Sure opposite just we go by this journey mainstream, and then we make the call. We can't got to be on time for that one right on time going by main street, we, we'd never make dumber GonNa. Take this Mug along say that will make it up a crowded after we leave the. After we leave yet a place a Mooney. You got a crash. Site, in the opposite of one, Hey, an idea we take his put the alright. You won't have any take him and his car Harry drives. You follow us. You got it okay Frank. Go. We get in my car. And start downtown after the others, not the cop they call. Harry is driving and I'm sitting in the backseat with the other one at first I don't say nothing especially after the crash that other competent maiden anyway I see these sort of tense nervous. I can see these cops that they can described really. But after a while, loosen up between themselves, and I look for a chance to get self compensation right. He's taken it easier than I thought. But I wouldn't wanNA bring. Those guys must sit up. Say I sure hope I can be of some help the. I wouldn't worry about that. That's about delays for your words. It's nice of you to put it that way. Say you got the I mean like a coup. Kill the sky or anything yeah. Some guys that didn't like him. Gee It's funny though I I never would have thought it I mean I didn't notice anything like a shot or anything? There was a silence at Job Talk Toma Exit Difference. You'll read it out papers. Its tail talk too much, and then we go and now. The more. The Mall Yeah, we wants you to sort of identified a body. We we get the dog and drive up to the entrance and wait outside while he's cops in the Kaga win at to fix it up for me to do my stuff by. But in about five minutes come running out and daughter. McCarron something wrapped up in a sheet and I don't need no x Ray is to see it is a stiff. And then they throw it into wok car on a broader backseat like like it was a bundle of would. We take out of there like somebody was after following. The other guy had a west side of town. I don't know it all happened so fast and I'm hanging on so tight when we go around the corners on two wheels and trying to keep my feet out of this stiff space at beginning to feel not so good about the whole thing well at first I. Don't there my mouth for fear? My heart will jump right out me laugh, but after a while I can't help I, just gotTa find out what it's all about. How you I I, guess that's the the body. Boys Bright Harry, he must have went to college. Out Twenty one, but identify it all. You have plenty of time for that junior. Gets you get? You're not going to join main street from my camera one thing at a time, but one thing at a time last question and ain't health. Healthy. COP COPS. Signaling it means we should separate. Pick your next to the left and head for the hills cop. COPS chasing us, but if you guys. Oh My. Best thing we can do dishes. Hey, I ain't taking no rap for Frankin like this like cops. You guys cops. Why don't we do with him? What are you doing now? What are you guys going to do? A wedding. That is the last thing I remember. A wild fullest is. A veritable blackout. Suspense Romo Wines are bringing you Michael? O'Shea in photo-finish, a radio play by Roy. GRANDY and Robert Richards. 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Bring back to our Hollywood town page Michael O'Shea as fearless photographer Joe Mooney. photo-finish! Tail well calculated to keep you in. Suspect! Something, that sounds like heavy machinery at work. When my brain's ought to be and every time this machine turns over. It feels like it's GonNa, blow the top off my head, and I'm all sprawled out someplace. And then it turns out to be the back seat of a car. I managed to stumble over something. That's down on the floor. And then I'm out of this current standing in a little dirt road and it sometime at night. I don't know what it's all about I, I. Don't know what I'm doing here at all. And then I see that this is my car, and that makes some sense, and then I remember my camera I. GotTa. Get my camera it. Says I shouldn't let Jake's place. That's where I left it and so I crawled back into the car. And I turned around and headed down his dirt road pretty soon I'm on a bigger road and then on on the main highway back count all time I'm thinking. This is a funny thing for me to be doing. But the main thing is. I gotta get the camera. And then I'm pulling up in front of Jake's places. I'm going in. Your. Wife was looking for you mark. Were she in here? She comes down to pick up your camera. Well, that's okay, then that's what I came by for. Hey, you're right. Yeah, yeah, I get so. Would you don't look at? Where's your hat hat? What had I don't know? Maybe it's out in the car. I. Come here. What happened ahead Oh. Don't you better go home? Get some sleep. Joe and have somebody. Look at that head. Put some of Merck York Romano, all. The saying like you would all know. I better be gone oh. Wait you left a purse. She was kind of said anyway worried about joy, yes! Well. You're Lucky Joe. I didn't know Mrs was anything like that. What a knockout! Yeah. She's Gorgeous Joe. That don't sound like more, don't will? It was hey. What the disdain look like they picked up my camera. Listen, you ain't so far gone. You can't remember what your own wife looks like guy. You know only eight. My Wife's Spurs. It ain't now. Did the dame look like? Oh, medium, size, young, blonde, terrific figure, gorgeous face. That ain't more. Oh No mortis. Kinda well. but she's nothing like that. What do you know that Listen Jake? I've been having some awful peculiar experiences tonight. You'll must've been here. I better call more. She can always figure these da Joe. Maybe you hadn't Oughta just now. We should let me fix you up with a little summer. Great the UP. Hello Hello. Hello more. Well, it's about time you turned up. I've been worried that listen mortar. I came by to get the camera. Only some girls. Some blonde had already picked it up, but I'M GONNA. Find and get the cameras so so, don't you? Get mixed up with any blondes. You're mixed up enough already, but it's all right I'll just pick up the camera and come right home. It's funny though when when she came here to get it. She said she was. Not. All it's funny. You're in pretty deep. Joe, Mooney in the first place, those menu went out with the police at tall. The combat trying to tell you they weren't cops I. Call the police headquarters. Myself and they said that. Way More. Now I remember we were going to go to get my camera. Only we didn't get it. We got my wanted to Morgan. MoD. My car. I got a dead man and Mike. You look you see no goals. Don't say that Jake. Come on, you gotTA. Help me come on. Okay job books. Come out in my car. I'll show you. What am do what am I going to do? He wanted to Steph the dead man. What and my? Listen Joe come back inside. Let me fix you up a little sun. All know it's there. I'm telling you we do. Joe But. Let's just leave it there awhile. Maybe it'll go away go. All right all right all right? You think I'm crazy how? Look. Yeah. No it's gone well there now. Isn't that Jake no look under level jake. I remembered the whole thing now I was hijacked by gangsters, and they stole a stiff out of the more the guy that was killed that I took the picture remember, and then the cops chases, and they hit me on the head. When I talk, come on, the whole thing came back to make sure sure did. You come on back inside. Let me fix. Put a dream that all Jacob. Could I now you just sit down right here and I'll now wait listen moral, Jay. She called the cops when I didn't show up and watch that blunt. Don't after my camera. What about her? Well? That's a different story. That wasn't oh ghost, Jake. I got to get that camera alice in the first place. You don't know how to find the day well. Maybe it is an address in that. Twice if there was all these guns, stiffs and all. Maybe she's mixed up with him in third place. Hey, that reminds me. It was a funny thing about that camera. Right here when your wife called the first time I mean on the phone with your life by. GEICO friendly pharmacy friendly. Oh. All Yeah. Yeah, well now just a minute. Joe. It's the blonde on the phone, the blonde yeah, she's still saying she's your wife wants to know. She left a purse here. Oh, well I wanNA talk to her. Okay taking it a boot. How'd Yo-? You know the customer custody? and. Hello, I'm awfully. Sorry travel you! Did you find it? Listen Madam. This is Joe Mooney. What's the idea saying you and my wife and Swiping my camera? Moni Yeah. Yeah! Well. I'm listening Oh Mister Mahoney I. I don't know how to. Better find out because my wife mortars plenty saw and I want my camera. I know it was a terrible thing to do, but that picture you talk to the man who killed. He was my brother brother. Gee. I don't know why those terrible men killed him. He was wayward, but he wasn't a bad boy and. He was all I had. I didn't know about that picture of him. I wanted to sort of. Mentor I didn't know if you. Why should I didn't give it to you sure I would. Sure you can have it. Oh! What about my camera? Oh, I have the camera. You can come up and get it now if you want to that it'd be fine if it ain't too late. Oh, no I! I sort of need company. Though sure you get well, I'll be right about. I got your address right here. I. Don't know how to thank. Why don't even try to mention this? Would! You mind bringing my purse when you come? ME. I'll be waiting okay BABE MISS I'll be right up. Well underway up to think this is an awful funny. Pitch it to one as a souvenir of guy, a shot of him getting bumped off in the street, but the cost is no accounting for dame's. Then I figured she probably don't even know the kind of shot of the poor kid and I figure I better break. It was I can, which is only what anyone else would do especially if she's a knockout jake says. And she is. Mister Mooney Yeah Yeah. Well thank you miss Day. Mister Mooney. You must think I'm a terrible person. Why No, not at all miss. Day why I knew the minute I. Talk the NFL. Girls I mean that he was, he was the real thing. The money. Issue Purse Oh thank you you. Got My camera Oh. Yes, I've got the camera, but you were going to give me the picture once. You Oh sure after you give me the camera. After I give you the camera. Yeah, you see the Pitcher, the film that is still in the camera. Oh, but it isn't Mr Mooney I looked. It isn't, but it's gotta be. Are you trying to tell you don't have the film Mr Mooney, who? How could I had my hands in that chemists since I left a jake's to set the no look Miss Moon. Let's not be difficult. Just give me the film but I ain't got it. I'm telling you ain't got it. 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Hey, what did they come from friends of mine here? But they put a dead body in my car. When a wait a minute! Don't you worry about that none? He's in a nice save place all right all right? We ain't got all night. Was that film film I? Don't know risking okay. Hold Still I. Still, Miss O'Day these guys that body. That was your brother. Get the show. You just can't believe nothing Dave tells you in a true junior. you don't have it on a frankie. Now look follows I. Don't WanNa have no trouble. All I want is my camera. Notre Elicit, Moody. We want that from. We don't care how we get it, said talk and talk, but how could I have? It I ain't had the camera. Nobody got that film except her unless Jake Jake. The mug at the drugstore. Yeah, yeah, do you think that guy's got it? Okay. Yeah. All Right, okay. Thank Perry at the tip off. They're on their way up here. We scrammed. What about him? What do you think? Wait a minute. Come, but I can't move. That world, full of stars again and that veritable blackout. It was all like something that had happened before that that big machine banging away in my head thoughts beginning to flow up around a little by little. Only this time I'm in a room. The lights around there's nobody there. And then I saw my camera. I remember. I remember. There was a phone someplace to and I found it in crawled over put. My number. Oh Maude job. Got The camera. Never mind the camera nitwits where I. Came up at blondes place you see with my aunt fanny. Time. You're mixed up with a bunch of gangsters. They wanted that film. Film either just come all ye, but the film was in a camera. Joe Mony I. Know All about that film. I don't trust anybody. Not even the police and I realized that might be pretty valuable to after you left. iphone Jacob told her to take the film out of the camera before he gave it to anybody and then came back to the phone news Mumbai. More point to somebody coming. Born on got to go I gotta go. I grabbed my camera and find a service entrance in the kitchen, and even though my head feels like it's bound on every step, downloads backstairs on wings. Then I'm at my car and ten blocks away before I. Bet them guys up. There have even had time to crack the lock on a door and I. Keep on going until I'm back where there's plenty of. And then I feel really safe and believe me I have some sigh of relief. Oh boy. I'd be glad to see more than the old shack. Talk that time I noticed this other couple alongside. and. Head water. Out brought Friday not why should not arrest cookie? I got the jump on them. And I got that thing down to the floor. Because I get. My luck is about to run out and I'm dumb enough to let these guys grabbed me again i. don't decide to answer the consequences. I make a right and head for the lower part of town. That's just cut out duck and white. Trump's like them. And then I looked around to see where. Ya Good half a mile behind I figured. I make it easy only when I look back at the road. Ranked, the, road the Post. Only you'RE GONNA. Know Them Stars better than that editor. Planet is what I'm picking one. Time I am walking. And a guy, all dressed in white has me body on so naturally, I think I'm coming up to the gates. And sure enough. A big iron gate only looks too much like the bullpen and headquarters to suit me. And I got it looks like a goddess opening it, and then I'm in a room with a Lotta people, cops, and all of them gangsters and the blonde. And more a little days, but he'll be alright. Maude Gel for heaven's sake. What happened to your had plenty? I'm sorry about the accident. Mrs Mooney, but he tried to run away from expected brought it on himself. All righty usually does just want to ask him. One question was it'd be feels like answering. Of course he can answer it Mr Mahoney. Can you identify these people is the one who stole a dead body out of the morgue. She'll can and how? That's all Mrs Mooney. We'll call you when we need you again. He he does get the reward though, doesn't it? You'll get the reward or is the reward you better get home. Yeah come on, come on. But more weight than what is this with with this reward him? Ten Thousand Dollars Ten, thousand, steady thousand. Ten Thousand Dollars Goodness Joe. Don't you know yet what's been going on listen joe? Those people were wanted all over the country. They're a gang, a bank robbers or something that man. They killed a double cross on somehow. And then they went to the morgue and they held up the. And they stole a body and disposed of it. You see because they figured with the body and that film yours out of the way, there wouldn't be any evidence against him. Yeah, that's right. The film Oh no! Film was pretty important evidence and ten thousand dollars Joe. Mooney. You are a knit with your the only one who could identify that's all maybe I'm a nitwit. Maybe I'm with, but I wasn't do dump to get that. Ten thousand dollar figure was. Was I. How you took the Pitcher all right all right, but there wasn't any film. Film. Because you forgot to put film in your camera minus. Charlotte. By wine are. Made in California all the enjoyment throughout the world. This is Mike O'Shea. suspensive a longtime favorite of mine. You know what I mean. Well as the I'm sure you'll want to be listening. When one of Hollywood's finest radioactives Mr Elliott Lewis will appear as star of suspense and the play of which he is also the author. Next Thursday same time Romo wines. We'll bring you. Mr Elliot. Lewis has star of. SUSPEN! Radio Outstanding Bitter Brill. Produced, by Williams fear till I. Eighteen, Nineteen forty-six Suspense Classic Radio Theatre. Time you're sitting at home and you ponder what kind of gifts Divi for someone pick your people dot com. has you covered from Puzzles Games novelty items? 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You sound very strange probably from nursing a lump on my head that it put the star of Cape Town Shame. Found diamond. To put lightly. Somebody slugged me here in my role and WANNA go. To keep me from sailing on the set. And empress just shoved off, and I've got a strong hunch that diamond as board. Did he confessed murder. Shot. He does not have the dime. either. He passed it to somebody aboard the southern empress, or he was chasing got low turn. I've got to get on that ship. Out. Of the harbor wouldn't have stray helicopter around which. Arrangements with military. May attend. You. Tonight and every Weekday Night Bob Bailey in the transcribed adventures of the man with the action packed expense account America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator. Yours truly johnny, dollar. A. Special investigator Johnny Dollar Location Capetown South Africa. To, the Home Office traced and indemnity associates a silence. The Star of Capetown matter expensive con-continue. Can't read it airfield where the helicopter was waiting for. I don't know which was throbbing the lowest helicopter engine. My head on the way out to sea had time to try to put the pieces together. As usual they didn't fit. Play boy named Andrew Forbes and Harris a diamond call the star of cake, Tom with one hundred and fifty genes. Insurance Company gets FIDGETY AT THE WAY. Fog is flashing the stone around. So they send Capetown to talk some sense. But now loves is dead and the diamond is. And the fact that his probable killer was picked up a board the southern empress before it shoved off convinced me stone somewhere on that ship. But. I've got no proce, even though I'm breaking my neck to get their. Break up the southern empress about twenty miles out at sea, and the helicopter pilots down on. The passengers added, but I didn't see Forbes. Sister Agatha nor Helen World spent so much time within the ninety was killed. I got a woman headed for Agatha Forbes Statement. As I stood at the door. I caught with of Forbes. Favorite perfume forever. The kinds Sheila worn. Yes, what one? It's Helen, isn't it? I don't think we've met Mr Dollar Johnny Dollar. No, we haven't met officially, but we were both at Forbes party the other night speak with Miss Forbes. ELLEN MR dollar. I'll be in my state room if you want me misfortune. Just a hell. WE MISSED MR dollar. I must say you are persistent person on my job. I have to be Miss Forbes. As long as you here, you might as well sit down. I still would rather not talk about what's happened. Me Understand that, but if I can throw any light on it which I doubt very much, and I suppose it's my duty. To one thing, I must ask her. What is it that there'd be as little additional publicity as possible Forbes name has been dragged through the dirt enough as it is, how do my best? Hey, well, what is it you want to know? Several things I. You think your brother could have been killed for a motive other than the diamond. Hadn't thought of that after all. You must admit that diamond like the star of Capetown be motive enough to the kind people. My brother thought it amusing to consort with. You're probably right, but I'm trying to cover all the possibilities. How about your brothers fringe, she'll for instance I prefer not to discuss her, but do you think she could have done it i? Don't know I'm afraid I wouldn't put anything past to alright. Another thing was Forbes I was pretty surprised to find Helen here in your room when I knocked. Hide it. No, you know her. I had engaged. Helen is my travelling companion. Oh, trying to sudden, wasn't it? As a matter of fact, it was my brother told me about her one of the few times in his life, he was right about someone. She's a thoroughly nice person, so you hired her. I think I told you before. How exhausted I am by all this? I needed someone to make arrangements for me. Last moment she decided to make the trip. MOMS tonight'd. She made up her mind at the last woman. ask quite all these questions about her. She's pretty high on my list of possible impossible. As far as we know, she was the last person to see your brother Alaa refused to leave. She could possibly well I. Hope she isn't I've gotTA run down. I can get if I don't recover the star of Cape Town, the company I. Represent is on the Hook for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, I have not filed. A claim is yet Mr. Do I propose to reach New York. She'll give you every opportunity to recover the diamond. I appreciate that Ms. But I'm afraid it's still doesn't mean much time and. Back to my state always. But I was sure I closed it when I left. Inside was the same lingering smell of the same lingering perfume phobes favourite forever. She'll learn it. But as far as I know, she was still in Cape, town. and. I remember saying that Forbes have given Helena bottle of it. I also remembered smelly it in my Capetown. Hotel just before I got sled I thought then it was a carry over from Sheila's early visit. Now I wasn't sure. I started back out of my state just in time to collide with somebody in the past. Sorry. Partner you sure took the wind out of my sale I'm sorry I didn't know anyone was. Just passing by partner Stacy's Ben Stacy. What's yours? On the level. When I tell people I bumped into guy named dollar aboard a boat I'll mean. So he could have been just passed by like, he said. But if so, he moved off quiet for a guy his size. I like my door and headed for the bar expense. Account, Adam, nine, hundred, fifty, a double Martini which occupied me just long enough to get a couple of things nailed down in my mind. Namely Open state room doors and the smell of perfume. Odd had to be hell no two ways about it. At this point in my brilliant chain of deductions I made a big mistake I look down to the end of the bar. And the person I saw sitting there. Maybe realize in one big hurry to my train of thought had just gotten itself derail. No Sheila. Johnny! Back in Cape Town. My should I be? What's stay for now? But. You didn't tell me you were leaving. You didn't ask to them. Must have decided hurry if the only way I ever decide any. You picked an interesting both the same. I suppose you know Helen Support Small, boat isn't it? All of Sheila supposedly drop the flip chatter. Okay. What do you want me to tell you that I hate Helen Digging Andy Forbes away from me? Okay I do. It's happened before, but he always came back. What hurts this time is that he was killed before he had a chance to. Shoot, worry. Occupied out of her way I won't make any trouble. and Johnny. Do me a favor. What is, let's just forget I'm on board. I kind of like a decent chance to forget a few things if I can. Just one thing she even yeah. Where you in my wrong a few minutes ago, home on the level. Sure why. Skipping. See. Let it okay. I hope you find your diamond, thanks. I hope you'll find what you're looking for. Know what it is. I got news for you. Neither do I. One thing was clear anyway. If Sheila hadn't been in my state room, then the perfume smell must have belonged to Helen. She seemed to be getting higher on my list all the time I have a chocolate, but by the looks of things. I wasn't going to be easy. She was doing a pretty good job. Will avoiding me. About half an hour later though I spotted her topside and addiction with Agatha fogs, next to them was my old bud, even the wide open spaces, some of the things we. Ask, you just wouldn't believe. I've never been there, but oh, hi, everybody! Well! Sir Mr Dollar Sell Now I. Ask you ladies if that isn't just about the most colorful name of. Mr Dollar. And Helen I'm glad. I wonder if you'd excuse me. I'm afraid I have a headache. Down through okay? Wow now kind of chilly reception partner looks like Little Lady doesn't like you much Oh would. You can't win them old. Thanks I'm sure Helen simply tired Mr. Mr Stacy here tells me he was quite a good friend of my brother's. Oh, sure partner Forbes I was best nobody's. Well I didn't see what his party the other night. He asked me of course, but I just couldn't make it I tell you. Though Doug Defy wouldn't have been. There was going to be a Wendy's last party. All excuse me ma'am. How long had you known for? Mr Stacy Years Dollar years. was always bumping into each other and a darn as places. Cairo are- Copenhagen, I tell you what was always a barrel. While we got together back, I'll never forget one night on little day car we. Say. We're going to be in daycare and a couple of days, aren't we? I suppose everybody be going to show you. What you don't WanNa. Miss day-car why I can show you some places you just want. To tell you what? Why don't we get a little party, Stacey? It sounds very pleasant, but I'm afraid you'll have to excuse me. I'm not quite loom for sightsee. Understand Enough Fish Forbes. How about you? We'll see yeah. Well anybody care to join me for a walk around the deck now. Thanks gotTA. Keep up my appetite you. See you later, but don't you forget about the car, Yup? Yeah. It'll be a barrel fund. Miss Forms. Did your brother ever mentioned this character. Stacey to you know. Andrew had many strange friends that he didn't mention to me. Sure. Back to my state. This time the door was closed and there was no older of perfume. Went in I saw that I'd had a visitor again and this time he had been much more thorough. The room was torn apart from one end to the other one. I sat down tired and beat time. Somebody drop in Cape Town on the bang on the head collecting in my hotel room. I know that whoever I was after it was also after me. And I would look like a third party was involved. However at torn up. My run must have figured I. might have the diamond. Sheila Helen Stacey. It could be any of them. Are even worse, it could be somebody I didn't even know about. One thing was sure I was no closer to that king sized diamond. Pretty soon we beginning to car, and once everybody had the chance to get ashore. My chances of getting the diamond back practically zero. I had a strong and sickening hunch that the car could be the end of the trail for me and I didn't like it. July eighteenth one thousand nine hundred fifty six years. Johnny Valor on Classic Radio? Theatre hope you'll visit the webpage classic Radio Dot Stream Classic Radio Dot Stream there you can stream are classic Radio Theatre podcasts on demand and learn more about classic radio clicking and even contact me. Are podcasts are available anywhere buying podcast disturbed? Just search for USA Classic Radio Theater. I'm Wyatt talks. Thank you for listening. Thank this station. Support the advertisers, teleprinter, great radio shows or back classic radio. Theater right here on your favorite station and the USA radio network. 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The mind unleash reports, community members were marching to demand that officials charged the three Louisville officers who shot Taylor death in March while executing eight, no knock search warrant at her home. Researchers are decrying collapsing birth rates around the world which they warn will result in profound social change if governments don't roll out new productive health policies, Spain Japan Portugal and Thailand or among the twenty three countries that could see their populations more than half Joel dropping trend. While the global population is expected to peak around nine point seven billion around twenty, six, thousand four. The population will fall to. Eight by the end of the twenty first, century. The might unleash reports according to a new study by researchers from the University of Washington. Institute for Health Metrics and published in a peer reviewed medical journal. Fertility rates are presently in freefall, and the rate is expected to fall even faster in coming decades. Fertility rates or the average number of children women give birth to or a key indicator for population stability. When the number falls below an average of two point, one populations start to shrink. Support for the liberty is brought to you by the homestead guru. The homestead guru is an educational website offering tips, tools, News, stories and commentary on everything homestead. Topics, include green homes gardening and we'll husband drink do it yourself home. Remedies Alternative Energy Survival Ism on schooling and more. Those details for found online at the homestead docu ru. This is the liberty beat powered by the SNL. S. Network at SNL WORK DOT COM. I'm make murrow reporting for the Liberty Beam. Reminding you spread liberty with a smile, wow! That's what it's come to somebody. Okay, so the covert thing happens. They start doing online school. Yup, the online homework was not done right. and a judge decided the best thing to do was to send her to juvenile detention center where presumably she'll catch covet. Plenty of time to do the homework, though yes, plenty of plenty of time while she's coughing and wheezing and you know all sorts of I suspected the education in the juvenile detention center is substandard. I suspect so as well I suspect that they they don't have one. I'm just going to go ahead and call all the government education sub-standard. Yeah? Pretty safe to say it's not really even education. It is definitely. Educated sure it's the two sons educate themselves. It doesn't matter what you do with them. They will get some level of education They're going to you know, make that happen, but combined schools make it less fun and interesting government schools you know by and large. This is me saying you know ninety plus percent of the time. The worst school for the for given grade in a given geographic area is going to be a government school. Well. We know that the United States government based their education system on the PRUSSIAN system, which was designed to churn out obedient workers as fast as possible. Yes, yes, it was, and not really much of anything has changed within that system. There's been some advances in technology. You know some teachers, a change in response to a change I mean we haven't even gotten into the details yet, but to send somebody to juvenile detention because they didn't finish. An assignment is definitely a change when I when I went to school. If you didn't finish an assignment, you just got an F. on it right. Now having read the article, there are some circumstances surrounding this individuals get into a fishy trading, the knife the judge. I. Just understand now happen. Of course. What cascade of bad decisions would have a judge? Send a high schooler tiny. You even get in front of Judge for this juvenile detention center for not. Doing their homework. A really bad I as I understand it. My son is in school. Government School, though not a government school, but he has in government schools. And his friends and government schools. What what their parents said, my wife and me was the teachers. Are you know they're? They're just there for the kids during this time. The, not enforcing homework or anything like that well. This isn't New Hampshire. Wasn't in New Hampshire, okay. Where was? Michigan Michigan Ave. A. When This article is dated. Just rely fourteen. Okay, see articles recent on the Najing. This happened a couple months ago or some. I think article summer, veal's. Find out as we go. A fifteen year old in Michigan was incarcerated during the coronavirus pandemic after a judge ruled that not completing her schoolwork violated her probation. P, it just doesn't make any sense. Unquote, said the girl's mother. It just doesn't make any sense. Says the talk show host. Hosts well more than one okay I'm not gonna say that a good thing, but I will say I can understand more about the story now. When you're on probation, the state owns you top to bottom. Yeah, they will tell you and this is Juvie probation, not normal criminal adult propaganda. But I know that in normal criminal adult probation I know this from knowing people who've been on it before. They have very stringent requirements. You may not be able to leave your house during certain times you, certainly, in most cases cannot have an alcoholic beverage inside. Your home doesn't matter if it doesn't belong to you. You're have been people who have gotten a violation of probation. Simply because their father had a beer in the fridge, the probation officer came over. Searched the house. Closed Beer in the fridge, and said violating probation under though dad was like well. That's my beer under eighteen like anything considered you. Massa generally speaking under ATM. Any of that falls under family court law and we know I, know specifically from a having a watched documentary called Divorce Corp.. really family court handles court has labs no criminal cases it can right because family court can come in whenever there is a juvenile involve them for whatever like and they have less oversight than regular court true so like they can basically do whatever the heck they want. Whenever the heck they want, and there's not a lot you can do about it even if you go even if you have a bunch of money and you hire the best. Best lawyers and all that kind of stuff, because regular law doesn't pertain to family court well. Here's what you can do about this I mean. Here's the solution before even get to. Any of the details is get your kids out of government school, because if this young person was being home, schooled or unschooled or even at a private school, the odds that the judge is going to find out about any kind of school related violations very very slim. Let's go on with the straight. What what I'm imagining? It's going to tell us why she was on probation. In the first place. Pontiac Michigan one afternoon. In mid June cherise drove up to the checkpoint at the Children's Village, juvenile detention center in suburban Detroit desperate to be near her daughter. It had been a month since she had last year. When a judge found, the girl had violated probation and sent her to the facility, dealing the pandemic. The girl grace hadn't broken the law again. The fifteen year old wasn't in trouble for fighting with her mother or stealing the issues that had gotten her placed on probation in the first place, fighting with her mother and stealing Brett presumably physically fighting. I believe that is correct. As she was incarcerated in May for violating her probation by not completing her online coursework when her school in Beverly. Hills switched to remote learning. In Beverly Beverly Hills Michigan. California, Okay you can bet your Babushka that if this happened in Beverly Hills California that. We would not be the only outlet talking about this particular story I'll never probably would never would've happened. 'cause kid would have a lawyer. Because of the confidentiality of juvenile court cases, it's impossible to determine how unusual grace's situation this goes back to my bid about family court. Where like they don't have the rules, other courts do they can hide and secrecy in You know you can't get any statistics about what and how many and how often and all that kind of stuff hold that thought we're GONNA continue with the story here in moments away in on just insane levels of punishment happening inside the government school and courts systems. You're woken comment here. The toll free number is eight, fifty, five, four, fifty, free, eight, five, five, four, five, zero, three, seven, three three. What have you experienced either as a student or parent? Recently. How bad is it getting out there John in Dover you're on Free Talk? Live Hello John. Hello FELLAS. I I just wanted to briefly explain my situation. I was born with a visual impairment called Star Wars and causes me legal blindness. Now I can be, but I have a problem seeing and of course reading small print so instead of just. Doing what they had to do with the education system, the government provides in school. They went ahead and placed me in classes with people that had learning disability so every year I get to learn the same mathematical actions over and over again I never learned one single thing I dropped out in tenth grade led to a life of crime and drug usage, and now that I finally got my head right and I started to learn on my own. No some things man, but before that I knew absolutely nothing school is corrupted. It's all the features you care about. Their, while they don't care about the cats. I'm a perfect example of it. fell. Fell through the cracks is what he was saying there at the very end losing your signal John Thank you for your call tied I disagree with anything you said. You also left the government school system or did could for you now? You talked about that in by the way in detail. Last night got the captain's origin story. Nobody tells the truth. Gore twitch, and de live channels and go play back at your leisure was great show and I think I've exported it to youtube for safekeeping double check that more coming up here. This is free talk. Live news from news DOT BITCOIN DOT com. The IRS is requesting information about Privacy Cryptos from people that are still filing their income tax forms. Coin Base may be planning. Go public on the stock market this year. 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Thanks to any pay, and the most important thing about this is you don't have to pay a fee to accept these crypto currencies. In fact, you will get to keep more of money that you've earned because credit card company is GonNa Hitch a for upwards of three percent or more in some cases and Crypto doesn't have that stuff you just get. One, hundred percent of the sale right, so check it out any pay INC. DOT, com I N C DOT Com. We're talking about a disturbing story, but shouldn't be surprising these days with. Young people in government schools being put into jail cells over all manner of things being arrested for things like having I remember years ago, there was a boy scout who had a knife and a first aid kit in the back of his car. He got arrested for that. So there's just been all kinds of ridiculous zero tolerance stories. There is where he had went to. Juvie for carving in his desk or drawing dascomb wasn't there one about a kid getting arrested. The COPS showed up at the school and they took him away because he farted. So classroom disruption I mean. We've got to put somebody in a jail cell I used to make fart machines right seen so like one of those little book cushions, but a machine kind of one of my uncles taught me how to do this. You basically take a a wire coat hanger, and you break the the coathanger top off of it, so it's basically just a piece of wire. Yep, and you. You Flex that into a U. U Shape Right, and then you take two rubber bands, and a Washer and you just loop the rubber band through the Washer and put it on one side loop another of her band through the Washer put it on the other side, and then what you do is you twist the washer up, so then the rubber band has some tension, and you sit on it, and then you just gently like lean over like you're gonNA come on. Let's the rubber bands sort of takeover, and the wash ago's fifth on your seat, and it sounds like far now. If you're on like a wooden seat, it doesn't quite apart, but if you're sita's cushioned at all, it does not indeed sound like a Fart I used to make lease and give them to my friends. We would all do them in class simultaneously. That's great, because let's. Put you in jail for that today I'm sure yeah. And that's what we're talking about here. We can continue with that in a moment, but I We'll talk about this young person who went to Juvie over not doing their homework. It's real story. I jerome is on the line with us in Charleston. You're on free live drums Joe Rome, no after that. I can only think of one thing. Roy Robert stood stay. Classy San Diego. Curtis is a classy show. We're professionals. My apartment sales of rich Mahogany. Flawed Kirstens. I you know you are want talented individual rights. WanNa let you know that. The captain doesn't tell. There's no doubt. I've been told I. Have many talents. Who Needs Patrick Mojo's will we have to knew? About the NFL. It's going to happen with the. I predict right and I predicted this recently to some coworkers of mine and my my day job. Not that free talk live is in a great job. You know I have two jobs now. At any rate I predicted there will be no NFL really I hope that they're in and put like I'm predicting this. Predicting nothing predicting this in hopes that like reverse psychology works now. I heard that the baseball season has been shortened that it's supposed to start shortly and is not going to be as long. The NFL's already is already talking about like an opt out clause for all players, so if any players like. Yeah, you know I just don't want to risk it. They can go ahead and opt out and they're worried about Cova. When they should be worried about getting their head cracked open and there's so many. Things that happen to these guys. Is that they're not playing in front audience. They're probably not going to get as much money or something's going on. I can tell you not audience at home. Not as much money will be made the NFL this year. Players may not make as much money and what I would say is that hey, look I got a limited career. I'm not looking to get injured this year. Do you think the player contracts actually allow them to adjust downward the amount? Depending on the player, no I would not exerting the year, but they can be adjusted on the renewal, and some of them have performance clauses, so they don't play. Games the. CETERA, and so on, so it depends on, but the NFL has already said they're not going to allow attendance. That is fans at preseason games right? They usually have some exhibition games, and there's some discussion going on as to whether or not, they're even going to have preseason games, or if they're just going to have a couple of instead of the normal forty five. Bedroom can tell. I can tell which one of us a sports fan, but that's not what I won't talk. I WANNA. Talk about how it's with all this going on. With all this going on, how is now his knees? She's coming after him. And Book. There's stole nine hundred and fifty thousand copies of. The first time in. About! Two hundred fifty thousand copies okay okay. And this is. She's already this new. So the book, okay, and so, what are the allegations in the book? The allegations all the stuff that I knew was true that he's a liar. Liar crazy. He doesn't like women. And Renewed that when it comes to the bus, you know then we'll sit on the bus whatever they see on the bus deals in about. No, it doesn't steel into. Why is one? Republican? Office? Disaster Man, and then it's a disaster in a matter who's in office dude I mean. Barack Obama dropped bombs on innocent people to you know like doll to help bombs, people don't. Listen to what I said. Barack Obama dropped bombs to that means that trump drops bombs. Bush dropped a bunch of bombs. Clinton Clinton dropped some bombs, so they're all liars. They're all scum. All of them. Look, just admit it. Girl Okay well look. You have to kill to be scum. But I don't know how many kids how many dead children have to be lying on the ground in the Middle East Radel by their mothers before you'll after Dudayev. That at all. They should just ask the crew through L. Path to they don't have to. He didn't have to authorize those bombing raids. He could pull those troops out of there, but he didn't, and he didn't close one Tana Mo- either he said he was going to in his campaign and then didn't. He also said he was gonNA put online for everybody to review every new law that came in under his guide and did nothing of the certain. Rebut that. Republicans put a war. Kanye or lefter start President Obama stuck with I. Don't disagree with you. Stuck with it jerome. Thank you for the call. Yes he exactly the same. That's what you can't see that. No I I. Disagree that Republicans. Dig Democrats are exactly the say are fundamentally the same age. Same Big Stinky Buzzard your fifty free like freedom. Fundamentally they do the exact same things more coming up here. The next generation wallet is coming from divvy in just a few taps. You'll be able to send earn spend an exchange digital money in seconds, send money around the globe with only a swipe, instantly exchange between divvy bitcoin and Fiat. Right in the mobile APP and withdrawal directly to your bank account divvy already offers the first one tap solution for earning passive income with Crypto multi-tiered master nodes allow everyone to partake. Partake in the network visit. Divvy Project DOT. Org Dav Project DOT org. Do you want more businesses accepting bitcoin cash and dash now with any pay you earn passive income for every purchase at those businesses, finally a financial incentive to spread bitcoin cash and Dash. 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If you especially, if you're brand new, it's a great place to get started at Bitcoin, dot com plus to buy or sell bitcoin cash. You can do that at local DOT bitcoin. Dot Com and get the latest. Latest news headlines at news, DOT BITCOIN DOT com and that just scratches the surface of all the cool features that got hold gaming site over there to over at Bitcoin Dot Com Ian, the captain and Mark in the studio here tonight whether you want to call in and bring up whatever's on your mind, or we continue the story about a teenager fifteen years old in Michigan who she was apparently on some form of juvenile probation correct, which is where the trouble begins here now you're a typical student isn't going to go to prison yet for not doing their homework, but this young lady was sent to juvenile detention, which is jail. For juvenile's and she was sent there because she'd endure homework. Because well, she was on probation, and basically being on probation means that the judge owns you. Lock Stock and barrel. They've got you and they can tell you whatever they want you to do. The ridiculous. The probation in this case was for fighting with her mother as well as some sort of theft. I believe akin to shoplifting. Okay, so she's a troubled teen. It sounds like. which I mean, how many teams aren't right? I mean teenagers just by definition. Going through puberty are troubled right once. you start having those things. Go You happen to your body? I mean. That's an interesting time in everybody's life I think for sure, but she was incarcerated in May violating probation. By not completing her online coursework when her school switch to to remote learning. Because of the confidentiality of juvenile court cases, it's impossible determine how unusual situation is, but attorneys and advocates, in Michigan and elsewhere say they're unaware of any other case, involving the detention of a child for failing to meet academic requirements I. WanNa just interrupt here with the idea that is impossible. They said it's impossible to determine details about the case basically. Yeah! It's not impossible, but it's highly unlikely, so you can't just show up at a juvenile detention hearing and attend that as a member of the public and I think Ellen. Doesn't apply to juvenile as well. It certainly doesn't unless the juvenile person would like people to come to their hearing so as I understand, this may be different in other states right I'm not giving legal advice. This is my understanding here in New Hampshire if you're fifteen years old and you've got a court date and you're like well I'd like my video camera man to come in here and record. Record this here and can you if you're a sh- should have to allow you to do that. Fear radically if that is true Could you say something like I would like this to be open to anybody? I believe that you can. No I believe that you can't now. I suspect in court so right now I don't know what level of decision parent has in that factor a great deal. About that something I've never actually been able to try there was this kid got attacked here in Keene New Hampshire like a year ago. The there was a high school guy. He was vaping allegedly in the bathroom, and this goond the school what do they call them vapor. Israel! That's what it is. These days school the so-called resource officer. Went in there, and like confronted him up, allegedly grabbed the vape from him and flushed it or something like that. Put it in a way. That terminology resource officer I mean school cop. Yeah, well, it sounds less threatening. Also doesn't make any sense resource officer if you're an officer of course. Then? You should be just doling out like I. Don't know budget. You know things that the school has that children need you know you should be doling out resource if you're the officer of up? Resource officer does make any sense when saying that they're basically the school cop off. They are well from their perspective. They are trying to. They're trying to distract from the fact that it's a school. When the state and government facilities misused, terminology are used terminology that is confusing. It's confusing purposely confusing in the same way that they say to serve and protect when they actually mean to serve and protect the state. They don't mean you right here. It's not your resource. You're not using the suggestion I think is this officers have resource for the school you can to them. You need to talk to somebody. You can go talk to the resource off. He's a resource resource they can use of. They don't have to do the job. Yeah, okay, that kind of makes so yes I mean he's sourced to them. They're just papering over the truth, which is, it's just a cop. That does cop things like arrest people and hurt people and so on. It's like decriminalization when they talk about marijuana in a state like Oh. Yes, the state of you know. Blah Blah has decriminalized marijuana. Not what happened because decriminalization means it's no longer a crime for you to possess use or trade for marijuana. Right No, that's not what they mean when they say that what they mean is. It's still a crime on the books. It's just the lowest level of prosecution so the rest of the story with this guy that got so again. He had a vape in the bathroom allegedly. He claims he didn't. He claims the officer did not confiscate Avai from him and. That, he threw it in. The urinal doesn't make sense because why would. Anyway right, it wouldn't flush, so there's some interesting allegations in the story, but the outrageous part was when the teenager walked out of the bathroom, the officer was like yelling at him to stop or whatever, and he tackles the dude from the back I remember this runs into him from behind and tackles him to the floor over an alleged vape in the bathroom. Oh, the reality was! He was tackling him because he didn't do what he told him right like. Hey, stop right there. Whatever keeps walking and so you know this copy is the maximum amount of force, so I reached out and there was. Was Video, of course, thank goodness some of their teenager in the hallway or whatever had gotten video, but I was able to find out who he was because a friend of ours actually Michael who is a co host of ours for a little while his son also goes to the same high school so I asked his son. It's like Hey, do you know this guy said Yep, and so I got instagram's and message and said Hey I'm I'm interested in you know. Come into this hearing. You're GONNA have and and recording it and he's only fifteen years old right so supposedly. These hearings are closed. But I would have been able to record that hearing. Had It actually occurred? Unfortunately, the family decided they were going to leave the area and moved to South Carolina after this, so they initially had said they were going to fight this, rather they they instead ran away basically from it, so it never I never had the chance to do that, but I did go to the first hearing. That they had which curiously was just happening open court so I didn't understand that either. So I don't know maybe that. Maybe they knew I was coming. They had it open open court. Because I was going to be there. I don't know was weirdest thing so. You know the the harsh words here against. A. Source, officers and stuff I remember the one in my school they had one when you were in school yet. Really well thought they started that when I was in. Nineteen, eighty nine, there was a school resource officer didn't have the first year. They put him in no. High School. It'd been years. They had been there for years, but I will say this. Of the people who have been arrested and of the people who went to jail and of the people who went to prison, a remarkable number of them were at one point usually right before they were arrested in the proximity of a police officer so. Ask Yourself. Do you WanNa? Send your teenager I mean these aren't the people that are known for making the greatest decisions in the world to a place where a police officer is employed to be every day. When it came to the private school that I went to prior to this public school. do not have an officer on to have any security at all now and any any issue was handled by the principal or the vice principal right, and it was handled the school, and if there were a private school for whatever reason had the need to hire security, they would hire private security agents likely Ian. They would handle things within the school, and it would be fine, and the judge wouldn't have to know about it as I understand it. Officers being stationed in uniform with their service. Arms right there revolver their pistol or whatever I don't remember whether they have top carry I think so as I understand it if uniform as if they're on duty They have to be paid at like the going rate, but they're still technically moonlighting like the state is not paying for them to be there. I mean they are. Run Curiel is paying them to be there. They're going to pay by the school. Right and I know this because I worked at a gas station that employed off duty officers in uniform, full full arms and everything and we had to pay them at the same rate. They earn as an officer all right eight, fifty, five, four, fifty free. If you WANNA join us here whether it's school, so-called resource officers. Whatever's on your mind goes here. Are you afraid to go to? To the mailbox because letter after letter from the IRS, they stacking on more and more penalties and interest by now you know the problem won't go away on its own. Don't let the IRS chase cedar grave with penalties and interest in Liens and levies. You need real help now. I'm. Dan Pilla I, wrote the book on tax debt settlement, and I helped. Thousands of people solve tax problems. They thought couldn't be solved. I can help you to call eight hundred thirty four. Four no tax or go to my website. Dan Pilla DOT COM that's Dan pilla dot com Dan Pilla dot com now with orders to stay at home. 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Anyway you can join us your radio. Eight, fifty, five, four, hundred, fifty free we do, take your phone calls or whatever you want to discuss. We've been talking about this teenager who was sentenced to violation of probation, so called for not doing her schoolwork in these new. School at home kind of things that have been happening across the United States cove and my son missed full classes because he didn't have the schedule down on where where he's supposed to zoom in what he's supposed to do. Well that your son wasn't on probation. So that's the difference. Oh! Yeah, but I am. Attack or the aptitude to participate like suddenly. Like, there's a bit of a learning curve, if you've never used any kind of online conferencing before, it's not exactly easy, you know if you're familiar with apps and stuff like that. Maybe it's easier than an aptitude aptitude as i. see what you did. That's right. What else do we need to know about the story decision? They say flies in the face of recommendations from the legal in education community. That ever urged leniency and prioritization of children's health and safety amid the crisis I don't think it mentioned least if it did I don't recall what was the actual sentence. We know that they. The girl was sent to Juvie for violating the probation, but was it for ten days thirty days. was there some amount of time on this or was it till she gets schoolwork done. You know what was the actual. They haven't actually okay. Missed it. I'm trying to remember if they mentioned i. have read the whole article, but it flies in the face of all the other stuff. The case may also reflect some experts and grace's mother believe systemic racial bias. Grace's black in a predominantly white community and in a county where a disproportionate percentage of black youth are involved with the Juvenile Justice System K.. This isn't uncommon. across the country teachers, parents and students have struggled with the upheaval caused by the months-long school closures. School district have documented tens of thousands of students who failed to log in or complete their homework excellent, fifteen thousand high school students in Los Angeles one third of the students in Minneapolis public schools, and about an order of Chicago public school students. Wow, you know failed to like either logging or participate shape awesome news. I mean we've been talking about how homeschooling is likely going to become more popular, and there's been some stories about that recently that we've discussed here, but hadn't heard the actual statistics on how many students were not showing up to these These new government classes well I. I think that a lot of times I don't suspect this is good news Ian that killed showing why because school sucks and getting getting kids out of government, school is one of the best things that can happen. I don't give them a better chance to school. You're saying government sense what we were just talking about your public. Showing up for classes doesn't mean the rushing out to put together impromptu classes of the care what they're doing. If they're not government schools, they're less likely to end up going into a prison cell. If they're not in the government schools, they can pursue their and learning. This girl was and she didn't do her homework. So anyway, this is a problem. Government schools are terrible. They actually do damage to two kids and we've talked about a lot of that. And how much better it is for people to be schooled at home, and how unschooled works very very well, typically, and what that means is a self directed student directed learning has has been very very successful. So I'd agree with that, but I have this to say about on schooling is is that if you take a kid who has been safe for fourteen or fifteen years in the government school system? Don't expect them. To give them a week. No on schooling, and suddenly they're gonNA. Figure it. They're going to go party they're gonNA play video games. They're going to do whatever they do. It's going to take a year least decompression. Right and I don't think unschooled for everybody you'd do, but you've never had a child I've never. Know, but from what I from the people I've. Spoken with WHO'VE HAD UNSCHOOLED and who've done surely Sudbury Education, which is basically unsettling. Try General schooling, telling you, it's not right for every okay. I'm sure that everybody. I'm sure there's somebody who needs to have a man or woman standing in front of them, telling them things, but for the most part as you said before mark, most people are children are going to learn stuff they're gonNA, because they are driven to learn if given the opportunity to naturally decide on their own what to learn in what order right and they're gonNA fail unless what you're talking about. In is like charter schools right where schooling is the idea of a young person. I'm talking about. The charter schools where they allow the kids to gravitate towards what interests them. To show charter schools are two different things. Okay, well, then this charter! Charter school that I'm thinking of that. I can't remember the name of, but I've read about this specific type of charter school called a Sudbury School West in Sudbury Massachusetts where they allow the children to gravitate towards what interests them natural. Try and then the we'll call them teachers for lack of a word, but the. Facilitators that are there then come to intervene? Oh, you're interested in Oh. You picked up this guitar great well. Let's talk about this guitar. Let's talk about history. Let's talk about how math talk about how Montessori doesn't. Really interesting because I actually met a couple of guys in this area to the original Sudbury School in Massachusetts and They just raved about the experience. Not only is it? Self directed learning, but they actually at the Sudbury school, because it is a physical location. And the kids are together, so the kids can learn from each other. They've got different. Age Ranges there that are mixed together, so it's not all the same a class, so there's benefits from that. And also the Montessori. Two three three grades, and they actually in this case, they mixed the whole thing. As I understand it, but. And so the other thing that they do is, they can actually hire and fire. Buddy, so the kids in the school. If they're like well, we don't like this principle anymore. We don't like this karate instructor, or or we WANNA learn Jujitsu or whatever, so they will decide what they want to do, and then they can vote at history teacher mark. He's certainly. Votes to hire a person even down to like the janitor from what from what I understand. They get to decide everything about. How the is run, which is kind of interesting? That's pretty cool. Yeah, yeah, no, it's definitely. The sudbury schools that I was referring to when I was attempting to you know. Talk about this subject that may be you know a step between pure on schooling, where there's no structure whatsoever and putting somebody into a classroom environment where they do have a positive influence and that that's what they talked about was. They talked about how whenever. Like a kid would come in from the high school who had been in the government school system for quite a long time. It would always be the same experience. They said the kid would come in, and they're like wait. You're saying I can just do whatever I want. Well, I'm just going to sit here and play video games. Hell, yeah, right so they sit down and play video games than they realized that around them. There's all these kids doing all these other things strike. City you'll pressure is real, and that's one of the values of a Sudbury. School is that it gets a kid who is otherwise going to do whatever they're going to do up doing other. That's when they get up and they'll hand. Spikes curiosity and some kids don't want to learn from mom and dad right. Some kids WANNA learn from other from adults, sure toll free number here eight, fifty, five, four, fifty free if there's more to this story. A little bit more about this lady that young lady. 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We're hack in the CRYPTO currencies scam as we're. ACCOUNT BELONGING TO BILLIONAIRE BILL Gates. Jeff. bezos Warren Buffett Mike Bloomberg anyone mosque. Rapper Kanye West, former US President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate. Joe Biden also fell prey to the hackers. Each of the twitter accounts have millions of followers. In various tweets, the account posted messages requesting the follower send USD one thousand dollars, in Bitcoin, to specific web addresses after wit, stay would get double the contribution in return. Have a wonderful refined all the news to report right here in the liberty, meet visit. SNL S DOT news to get. The world's most censored media published one place save yourself from the endless time spent searching for reliable unitive media. SNL S news makes it quick and easy. No ads no Click Bait just roll headlines Twenty four hours a day. Visit SNL DOT news and get informed today with the corporate. Media Span. Your news now continues. Nearly Ninety people were arrested, and now face charges after refusing to disperse protests, demanding justice for Briana Taylor a twenty six year, old black woman, who was shot to death in her home by Louisville police that ended on the lawn of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Demonstrators now face one to five years in prison, if convicted on felony charges under Kentucky Law. By all accounts, the protest was peaceful as over one hundred community members gathered near Ballard High School in Louisville Kentucky and began marching to the conservative attorney general's home, according to a report from WWL Ky... The mind, unleash your boards. Community members were marching to demand that officials charged three Louisville officers who shot tailored to death in March, while executing eight knock search warrant at her home. Researchers are decrying collapsing birth rates around the world which they warn will result in profound social change if governments don't roll out new productive health policies Spain Japan Portugal and Thailand, or among the twenty three countries that could see their populations more than half in jaw-dropping trend. While the global population is expected to peak at around nine point seven billion around twenty-six Four. The population will fall to eight point eight by the end of the twenty. First Century. The might unleash reports that according to a new study by researchers from the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and published in a peer reviewed medical journal. Fertility rates are presently in freefall, and the rate is expected to fall even faster in coming decades. Fertility rates or the average number of children women give birth to or a key indicator for population stability. 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April 21, Part 1: Remembering victims of Nova Scotia shootings; Andr Picard on mourning; Inside an ICU through the eyes of those working there

The Current

1:11:01 hr | 6 months ago

April 21, Part 1: Remembering victims of Nova Scotia shootings; Andr Picard on mourning; Inside an ICU through the eyes of those working there

"This is a CBC podcast. What happened here in our province is not who we are. We Are Strong. We are community minded and we take care of each other. So let's do that now. Let's do that together. The Nova Scotia Premier is heartbroken and bewildered as all of us spy the mass shooting in his province this weekend. We'll speak with Stephen McNeil and remember the victims from a beloved teacher. A retired firefighter to a family. Who are making the most of this pandemic quarantine by posting videos of kitchen parties and their time together. That's in just a moment. Also this morning health writer. Andre Picard on the challenge of morning in an era of physical distancing and later. I'm falling through the cracks on all of these programs. I know I'm not the only one that I know that there's many other Canadians in my shoes who feel overlooked who is not being helped by the financial aid offer during this pandemic the stories of those falling through the cracks and a French economist. Thomas Pickety has his way. We'll come out of this crisis with a better sense of how to close the gap between the haves and have nots in our society his prescription later this morning. Plus Nature Writer. Richard Loo on what this quiet moment means for the wildlife in our midst in appreciation of the natural world we begin though in Nova Scotia and the stories of lives lost. Good Morning. I'm Matt Galloway. And this is an extended edition of the current. Like so of us. Lisa mccully was just trying to make the best of self-isolation during this pandemic recording a little song with her two kids a few weeks ago and posting it up on facebook a little good night song to all our friends and family we miss you from the collies. Ooh Don took earn. Good night recorded a couple of ago with her two kids and posted up on facebook on Sunday. When a gunman tore through rural Nova Scotia killing at least nineteen people. Lisa mccully was among them a mother and an elementary school teacher and diverts Nova Scotia. She was well loved by family friends. And those who knew her her sister Jenny. Kierstead joins us now from Halifax Janet. Good Morning. Good Morning. I'm so sorry for for everything that's happened in the last couple of days. Thank you what is it like hearing hearing that hearing your sister singing with her kids. That's a beautiful moment. It is and so we shared that woman with her and we shared moments with her right right up until her life was taken I have text messages from a few minutes before it happens. And when she didn't respond she's highly communicative. I I knew something was off so yeah it's A. It's a pretty raw time. The shock is starting to wear off. So I apologize for the quicker in my voice Yeah we're all pretty. We're all hurting. Can you tell me a little bit about Lisa? Who was she? We got a little glimpse of her there on the Ukulele with her kids. Who she that is such a perfect snapshot of who she was. She was the life of the party. You wanted her your party because she was just so much hun she had a crazy sense of humor and just brought so much levity to every situation and She she was so musical and gifted and You know we always joke. She loved Jim. Cuddy and She was a regular gym cutty. She'd have an egg on her foot. Tap tape around her shoe Rhythmic Egg and then she played guitar. Play the harmonica and sang all at the same time she was. She was just outstanding person. Where did the come from? D think that that that sense of joy and that sense of of of life in her. Yeah we were brought up to really Appreciate the wonder of life and it was just. It was a part of who she was. And that's the that's what's being seen in social media posts at The the the communication that we're receiving from people is She's such a loss because she was such a light. She brought that to the classroom as well. And you're hearing from the parents of students from students from people who knew her in that classroom the head of the The Nova Scotia Teacher's Union put out a statement saying she was somebody who taught from the heart. She taught her kids not just the curriculum but teaching about virtues and personal qualities. Tell me a little bit about about that. Approach to teaching and what she wanted to bring to teaching in grade three and four. That's such an important time in kids. Lives really is and You know we grew up with mother who has a United Church Minister and and so she brought That that sense of spiritual connection and love for children into her classroom and yes. She taught things like gratitude and kindness and compassion and respect that Span this beyond any academic work that the children did so I think that's why they're they're grieving so much because she connected at such a heart level. What does it mean for you to hear from people who who knew her as well? Who as I mentioned the students and the families of those students and people who might have just had a casual encounter with her in the classroom or in her life that are now speaking about her and talking about who she was in the midst of this unimaginable moment? What does that do for you? I just keep thinking about what she would want. And this is why I'm speaking to you. She would want to be remembered in the highest way and people are doing that and sharing that and It's it's so hurt warming because she was all of that and more and We have received such an outpouring of support and people women assing and I just think that we need to take her light and carry it into our own lives. You were texting with her that evening. Can you tell me a little bit about the the communications that you've had not even that but just the way that in this weird pandemic time people are being kind of drawn together through technology and that's an often how we're ending up talking to each other How often were you in contact with? Oh daily multiple times. A day. She'd send photos through look their their life and that sleepy little spot by the ocean. Yeah yeah they were just Enjoying the quiet life. What do you know about how she reacted when she heard that? Something was happening in her neighborhood. Well I think it speaks to her just she. She was always a natural leader and so willing to step in to help and so she put her kids in the basement and then went up to see if she could help her neighbors because their house was on fire and I don't know if things would have been different but it. It speaks to her personality to step in and risk. How are you coping with this? You've been through loss in the last couple of years. Your your brother died a couple years ago. Yes yeah we were just coming through the The hurt and the pain of that because he he died very quickly within a few months and he was young as well. Forty eight at the time. It was forty eight forty nine. So yeah it's a family has been has been through a lot. Would you drawing on for strength in this My immediate family is wonderful and You Know Lisa introduced me. We lived in Vancouver for years and she introduced me to the practice of yoga and I loved it so much. It was such a healing practice for me that I made my life so I mean the business of Yoga and mindfulness and to really tapping into those tools and and Unfortunately feeling grateful that I know as much as I do about traumatic experiences and how to how to shepherd the children through this time when you think of her In this really difficult moment and again i. I'm so appreciative that you would come and talk to us about who she was. It's important to hear her story and to remember who she wasn't what she brought. What's what's a moment that gives you a smile when you think of her I think just the pure joy that she would have around children. Children were life and I every morning I wake up and I just wish it was a bad dream but not and this morning. I thought she would give the message to all Canadians to take care of the children. All children now their hands need to be held right now. Their faces needs to be stroked. They need to be affirmed that they are safe. Right now and I think that that would be her main message right now. I'm so sorry for what your family has gone through and again at the strength that you've had to come on and talk to her speaks a lot of the relationship that you had with her and how much she meant to you John. Thanks again to carry yourself Jenny. Kierstead is the sister of Lisa. Mccully Lisa mccully was killed near her home in Puerto Pick Nova Scotia Farewell to Nova Scotia being played on church bells in Banff honoring those who died this past weekend. Part of an outpouring of grief and solidarity across this country Stephen McNeil is the premier of Nova Scotia and he joins US now premier. Good Morning. How are you processing? What you're you're province has been through. Well there's really no way to Process this really. I mean we're kind of all in shock You don't expect this to happen anywhere in Canada let alone or small role part of Nova Scotia. Where you know people for generations have lived there? They've known each other. They know each other. They share with each other each other's lives and have This kind of horror Thrust upon them Is really thinkable. A you know we we as a province We'll find our way to find a way to try to support those families As they continue to deal with What is unthinkable hearing from from Jana Kierstead? There it's just a real sense of of of who was lost and and who What those people meant to to the community that they lived in. What is the message that you would give to people who are grieving at a time where they can't grieve together where they can't mourn together because of the restrictions that are put in place not just in Nova Scotia but right across this country? Well well the denise the talk about her sister Lisa demonstrates the width and breadth of this tragedy It is a deep deep loss To the individual families and to have them you know lose a loved one. In such a violent a public way is unimaginable. And then when you look at The depth of their involvement in communities You know For Lisa and all of those kids she would have taught. Families are trying to describe. Been trying to articulate young people what this is about in in the midst of all of this we cannot what The anger that will come overtake The generosity spirit of the people. We've lost They as Jimmy described to border sister logging in carrying a full of life Wanted children to understand. They weren't all that no matter what may be happening in the world or in our communities that we will actually hold their hands And I I think that was a beautiful message that she shared with Canadians. How did you first learn of what was happening when I go up on Sunday morning? I'd hurt There was a incidents happening in in Colchester County Required shootings happening Law Enforcement we're on on site And then it started to unfold during the day Our Attorney General Justice Minister would've been involved a little bit earlier. There were questions as to why an emergency alert wasn't sent out at any point to the Nova Scotia. Rcmp were tweeting on Saturday. Night that they'd responded to firearms complaint in Puerto. Pick and then by eight o'clock the next morning this attorneys as you mentioned into this active shooter situation. Why wasn't some amber alert? Hamas emergency alert sent out at any point during this in four able to send an alert. They need to be notified and asked to do so by the agency in charge in. This case would be That did not happen. We had our MO office open for covert and people were in able to do in forever reason. That request didn't come And that is something in the days ahead that we will have to find out here vote. We've done an internal review to identify was or anything on our end and we didn't see that but you know in in the midst of all of this is You know I wasn't on the ground with the activity that would have been happening. And I you know I think it's period of time as we wept the church to to define or describe a process of happened. I guess the last question on this is is just about the use of twitter. Twitter was used to communicate this threat given the fact that this is a rural communities are question John Connectivity. There are a number of seniors and unprovoked who just may not use twitter at all. Do you think that it's reasonable to use that as as the means of communicating a threat of severe as as the one that That unfolded on Saturday night into Sunday. Well we've been using The C- to send covert alerts asking people say home through. The order came through public health. And we've been using it But you know the Are Determined why they chose the vehicle. They did communicate to notions and There'll be lots of review to this It's it's It's been a heartbreaking crotchety for the community and Right now as we go through as they go through the investigation to try to put some closure to go since those families that community give them some sense of of how it unfolded. The shooter was dressed as an rcmp officer and was apparently driving would look like in our vehicle. What questions do you have about motivation? But also about those two elements of this story. Well you know it's it's frightening aspect of this weekend first of all. I think any of us if he's some pictures that were put up. Look very much like a Nursing Vehicle and see the uniform vehicle certainly looked very much like any vehicle in any town across Canada The frightening part of it is We all pull over. It's just what happens at the lights. Come on behind this and You would have no reason suspect. It wasn't a a member of the fourth pulling you over a there'll be lots of questions on how it is possible that you can be a mocked up to that And how it is that a uniform If not being an authentic one can be made to look a enough to convince even while enforcing themselves that Do you worry that that will affect? Trust me pick. This is in some ways an issue of trust to your point. If you see that vehicle you get a knock on the door. And it looks. Like somebody is a an rcmp officer? You're going to open the door. You'RE GONNA pull your car over. Do you worry about the impact on on trust because of something? Oh they're certainly be. There's no question I can tell you this problem. And part of the province. There will always reservation for long periods of time but I would strongly say this She families and communities we cannot let One individual Determine our future They we cannot allow the trust of important institutions to be torn down BICYC- individual And it is something that we the province and I would say. Canada will fight her too. We can't be defined by by this I think The pain the suffering the agony will be a huge part of what shapes The province in those communities but it also needs to be put in the midst of how Jenny described we carrying loving supportive ensuring that her light is the dominant light shines through all of this in the light of all of the victims are the ones that dominate What we do going forward Not One sick individual who who who who was violently Went on a rampage. We need to make sure that love and kindness and enjoy That's been described. Many of our victims is what actually leads us through this. There have been some great scenes already people pulling together not just in your problems read across the country and that I'm sure we'll continue in days and weeks ahead in the meantime premium McNeil. Thank you thank you and I would say this. In those signs of acts of kindness and wealth across the country. I mean a lot not only to this province but to families that are grieving. It's absolutely critical that they know.

Lisa mccully Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Rcmp Jenny Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil Jana Kierstead Canada Nova Scotia twitter facebook officer The Nova Scotia Teacher's Unio Andre Picard Thomas Pickety Matt Galloway writer Writer
St. Cyril of Jerusalem - Mystagogical Lectures on the Eucharist

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St. Cyril of Jerusalem - Mystagogical Lectures on the Eucharist

"Welcome to Catholic Culture audiobooks production of Catholic Culture Dot Org and under the patronage of Saint John. Henry Newman my name is James Mayevsky. Today's Reading Cyril of Jerusalem's Mr Gojko lectures on the Eucharist. During lent we heard the first two of Saint Cereals Chemical Truce. Now we jump ahead to his final two. You'll remember from our introduction to cereals lectures that they comprised a whole curriculum of Catholic cases given by Saint Cyril to the catacombs preparing for baptism from beginning to end Cyril gives a total of twenty four lectures nineteen of which took place during lent hence. They're being termed the London lectures and the final. Five Cyril gave during the Easter season. In these Mr. Gojko lectures as they've come to be known. Serial gives instructions on the very mysteries into which the newly baptized had just been initiated. Baptism confirmation and the Eucharist. It's his final two lectures on the Eucharist. Which will be hearing today. And what's remarkable about these fourth century? Lectures is just how familiar they sound. For the most part they read like a Kakissis that would be given today a wonderful testament to the church's Apostolic Tradition in the First Lecture Cyril discourses on the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist Body blood soul and divinity and in the second he describes the parts of the EUCHARISTIC celebration which are virtually identical to the corresponding parts of the mass. Today I was particularly surprised by his instruction on how to receive communion in the hand in which he employs the same imagery which was used. When I myself was taught how to properly receive communion in the hand what immediately follows however is a rather odd description of what seems to have been an early church practice of blessing oneself with the precious blood. I suppose we can be glad that. Not Everything. In the mass today is exactly as Saint. Cyril describes it. These two lectures would originally have been given during the Easter season. So we can make this listening part of our ongoing Easter observance and we can pray in union with Saint Cyril Greater Reverence for Christ in the Eucharist and deeper gratitude for this unparalleled gift. Saint Cyril of Jerusalem pray for us our eastern challenge fundraising campaign is still going on the means that donations made between now and Pentecost. Sunday will be matched up to thirty one thousand dollars. I'll just mention that. Catholic culture never seeks to raise more money than it means that the purpose of this Easter challenges simply get us through the upcoming slow summer months. So if you're able please visit Catholic culture dot org slash donate sash audio to make a contribution. Every little bit helps. Thanks again for listening everyone. We'll see you next week The fourth and fifth Mr Goodridge lectures on the Eucharist by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem translated by Leo mccully S J narrated by James T my F- scheme for myself received from the Lord the traditions which in turn I passed on to you. The teaching of the blessed. Paul is of itself sufficient to give you full assurance about the divine mysteries by mission to which you have become one body in blood with Christ for Paul just now proclaimed that on the night in which he was betrayed our Lord Jesus Christ took bread and after giving thanks broke it and gave it to his disciples saying take eat. This is my body then. Taking the Cup he gave. Thanks and said take drink. This is my blood when the master himself has explicitly said of the bread. This is my body. Will anyone still dare to doubt when he is himself? Our warranty saying this is my blood. Who will ever waiver and say it is not his blood. Once at Qena in Galilee he changed water into wine by his sovereign will is it not credible then that he changed wine into blood. If as a guest at a physical marriage he performed this stupendous. Miracle shall he not? Far More readily be confessed to have bestowed on the friends of the bridegroom the fruition of his own body and blood with perfect confidence. Then we partake as of the body and blood of Christ for in the figure of Bread. His body is given to you and in the figure of wine his blood that by partaking of the body and blood of Christ you may become of one body and blood with him for when his body and blood become the tissue of our members we become Christ bearers and as the blessed Peter Said partake of the divine nature once speaking to the Jews. Christ said unless you my flesh and drink my blood you can have no life in you. Not Understanding. His words spiritually. They were shocked and drew back. Imagining that he was proposing the eating of human flesh the old covenant had its loaves of proposition but they as belonging to the Covenant have come to an end the new covenant has its Heavenly Bread and Cup of salvation to sanctify both body and soul for as the bread is for the body. The word suits the soul. Do not then think of the elements as bear bread and wine. They are according to the Lord's declaration. The Body and blood of Christ though sense suggests the contrary let faith be your stay instead of judging the matter by taste. Let faith give you an unwavering confidence that you have been privileged to receive the body and blood of Christ. The Blessed David is hinting to you the meaning of these rights when he says you have prepared a table before me against those who oppress me what he means this before you were coming. The devils prepared a table for mankind. A table defiled and polluted impregnated with diabolical power. But since your coming Lord you have prepared a table in my presence when man says to God you have prepared a table before me one else. Does he refer to but the mystical and spiritual table which God has prepared for us over against meaning a raid against an opposed to the evil spirits and very aptly for that table gave communion with devils. While this gives communion with God you have anointed my head with oil he has anointed your head with oil upon your forehead. Meaning the seal which you have of God that you may be made the engraving of the signet. That is the sanctuary of God. Your Chalice also which neabry breeds me. How goodly is it? You see here. Spoken of the Chalice which Jesus took in his hands and of which after giving thanks he said this is my blood shed for many for the forgiveness of sins for this reason. Solomon also in Ecclesiastes sees covertly alluding to this grace says come hither eat your bread with joy. That is the mystical bread. Come hither he calls a saving beatific call and drink your wine with a merry heart. That is the mystical wine. And let oil be poured out upon your head. You see how he hints also of the Mystical Prism and at all times let your garments be white. Because the Lord approves what you do it is now that the Lord approves what you do for before you came to the grace your doings were vanity of vanities now that you have put off your old garments and put on those which are spiritually white. You go clad in white all your days and do not of course mean that your ordinary clothes must always be white but that you must be clad in those true spiritual garments which are white and shining then you will be able to say with the blessed Isaiah let my soul rejoice in the Lord for he has dressed me in the garments of salvation and would the robe of gladness. He has clothed me in this knowledge and in the firm conviction that the bread which is seen is not bread though it is bred to the taste but the body of Christ and that the visible wine is not wine though taste will have it so but the blood of Christ and that it was of this that David Sang Vold. Bread strengthens the heart of man soon. His face glisten joyously with oil strengthen your heart partaking of this bread as spiritual and make cheerful the face of your soul. God grant that. Your souls face unveiled with a clear conscience. You may reflecting as in a glass. The glory of the Lord go from Glory to Glory in Christ Jesus. Our Lord whose is the glory forever and ever man laying signed then all malice deceit and slander. By the mercy of God you have in our former assemblies received sufficient instruction about baptism cruiser and the partaking of the body and blood of Christ. We must now pass on to the next subject intending today to crown. The work of your spiritual edification. You saw the deacon who offers the water for the washing of hands too the celebrant and to the presbyter who encircled the alter of God not that he offered this water on account of any bodily and cleanness of course not for we did not originally enter the church unwashed no the abortion is a symbolic action a symbol of our obligation to be cleaned from Olson's and transgressions. The hands symbolize action so by washing them we signify evidently the purity and blameless -ness of conduct. Did you not hear the blessed David supplying the key to the ceremony in the divine mysteries when he says I will wash my hands among the innocent and will encircle the altar. Oh Lord the handwashing then is a symbol of innocence. Next the Deacon cries welcome one another and let us kiss one another. You must not suppose that this kiss is the kiss. Customarily exchanged in the streets by ordinary. Friends this kiss is different effecting as it does a co mingling of souls and mutually pledging unreserved forgiveness. The kiss then is a sign of a true union of hearts banishing every grudge. It was this that Christ had in view when he said. If when you're bringing your gift to the altar you suddenly remember that your brother has a grievance against you leave your offering by the altar I go and make your peace with your brother and then come back and offer your gift. The kiss then is a reconciliation and therefore holy as the blessed Paul said somewhere when he commanded us to salute one. Another with a holy kiss and Peter so loot one another where the kiss of charity. Then the celebrant cries lift up your hearts for truly it is right in that most awful our to have one's heart on high with God not below occupied with Earth and the things of earth in effect then the bishop commands everyone to banish. Woodley thoughts and work daycares and to have their hearts in heaven with the good of God. Assenting you answer. We have them lifted up to the Lord. Let no one present be so disposed that while his lips form the words we have lifted them up to the Lord in his mind. His attention is engaged by worldly thoughts. Had Old Times. We should commemorate God but at least if this is not possible to human weakness we must aspire to it in that our then the priest says let us give thanks to the Lord. Indeed we ought to give thanks to the Lord for calling us when we were unworthy to so great. A grace for reconciling us when we were enemies and for vouchsafing to us the spirit of adoption. Then you say it is meat and just in giving thanks. We do indeed a meat thing and adjust but he did not adjust thing but one that went beyond justice in deigning to bestow on us such marvelous blessings after that we commemorate the heavens the Earth and the sea the sun and moon the stars the whole rational and irrational creation both visible and invisible angels and archangels virtues dominions principalities powers thrones and the many face Cherub him equivalent Lee saying with David. Oh magnify the Lord with me. We commemorate also the Seraphim whom Isaiah in the Holy Spirit saw encircling the throne of God with two wings veiling their faces and with twain their feet while with Twain. They did fly as they chanted. Holy only only Lord of hosts it is to mingle our voices in the hymns of the heavenly armies that we recite this doc. Sala G which descends to us from the Seraphim next after sanctifying ourselves by these spiritual songs we implore the Merciful God to send forth his Holy Spirit upon the offering to make the bread the body of Christ and the wind the blood of Christ for whatever the Holy Spirit touches is hallowed and changed next when the spiritual sacrifice. The bloodless worship has been completed over that sacrifice of propitiate we beseech God for the public peace of the churches for the good estate of the world for the emperor's for the armed forces and our allies for those in sickness for the distressed for all in a word who need help. We all pray and offer this sacrifice. Then we commemorate also those who have fallen asleep. First of all the Patriarchs prophets apostles martyrs that God through their intercessory prayers made except our supplication. Next we pray also for the holy fathers and bishops who have fallen asleep and generally for all who have gone before us believing that this will be of the greatest benefit to the souls of those on whose behalf are supplication offered in the presence of the holy the most dread sacrifice let me use an illustration for an argument for. I know that many of you say what does it avail a soul departing this world whether with or without sins to be remembered at the sacrifice. Well suppose a king banished persons who had offended him and then their relatives Woven Garland and presented it to him on behalf of those undergoing punishment would he not mitigate their sentence in the same way offering our supplication to him for those who have fallen asleep even though they be sinners we though we we've know garland offer Christ slain for our sins propitiate merciful God on both their and our own behalf? Then after this we recite that prayer which the saviour delivered to his own disciples with a clear designating God as our father saying our father who art in heaven. Oh the greatness of the mercy of God to those who had revolted from him and been reduced the direst straits he has granted so liberal apart in for their crimes he has been so prodigal of his favor that they may even call him father our father who art in heaven they also are a heaven who bear the likeness of the heavenly man since God is dwelling in them and mingling with them. How LOAD BE THY name? God's name is by nature holy whether we call it so or not but because it is sometimes profaned among sinners according to the words through you. My name is continually blasphemed among the gentiles. We pray that the name of God may be hallowed in us not that from not being holy it becomes holy but because it becomes holy in us when we are sanctified and actions correspond to our holy profession. They kingdom come. It is the mark of a pure soul to say without reserve thy Kingdom. Come for it is the man who has listened to Paul saying therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body and has purified himself in action thought and word and who will say to God by kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. God's Heavenly Blessed Angels Do the Will of God as David said in the Psalm bless the Lord all ye his angels you that our mighty in strength and execute his word in effect. Then this is what you mean by this petition. As in the angels they will is done so on earth being done in me. Oh Lord give us this day. Our Subaru central bread ordinary bread is not super essential but this holy bread is super essential in the sense of being ordained for the essence of the soul. Not of this bread. Is it said that it passes into the stomach and so is discharged into the drain? No it is absorbed into your whole system to the benefit of both soul and body by this day. He means daily as in Paul's while it is called today and forgive us our debts as we also forgive our debtors for our sins are many we air both in word and in thought and do many Adid which deserves condemnation indeed. If we say that we have no sin. We are liars as John Says So. We make a bargain with God begging him to condone fences. According as we forgive our neighbors bearing in mind then the disproportion of this quid pro quo let us not delay or put off forgiving one another the offenses committed against us are small poultry and easily settled but the offenses we have committed against God. Great too great for any mercy. Accept His beware then last on account of slight and trifling transgressions against you. You debar yourself from God's forgiveness of your most grievous sins and lead us not into temptation Oh lord is it this that the Lord teaches us to pray for not to be tempted at all. How then is it said in another place? A man untempted is a man unproved and again esteem it old joy my brethren when you fall into various temptations but into temptation could mean being overwhelmed by temptation for temptation is like a raging torrent which defies the traveler. Some people in time of temptation managed to cross this torrent without being overwhelmed by the raging waters their prowess as swimmers saving them from being swept away by the tide but if others who are not of the same metal enter they are engulfed like Judas who entered into the temptation of avarice and failing to swim across was overwhelmed and drowned physically and spiritually. Peter entered into the temptation of the denial but though he entered he was not drowned but manfully swam across and was delivered from the temptation for thou. Oh God has proved us thou has tried US fire. As silver is tried thou has brought us into a net thou hasselblad afflictions on our back thou didst let men ride over our heads. We have passed through fire and through water and Thou didst lead us out into a refreshment you see them celebrating their escape from the trap and thou has brought us out. He says they're being brought into a refreshment refers to their rescue from temptation but deliver us from the evil one. If lead us not into temptation referred to not being tempted at all he would not have said but deliver us from the evil one the evil one from whom we pray to be. Rescued is our adversary. The Devil then. After completing the prayer you say men which means so be it thus setting your seal upon the petitions of the prayer which we owe to the divine teacher next the priest says holy things to the holy holy are the offerings after they have received the visitation of the Holy Spirit and you are holy after you have been privileged to receive the Holy Spirit so things and persons correspond both are Holy Next. You say one is Holy. One is the Lord. Jesus Christ for truly one only is holy. Holy that is by nature yet. We also are wholly not indeed by nature but by participation training and prayer after this. You hear the chanter in you with a sacred melody to communion in the holy mysteries in the words o taste and see that the Lord is good entrust not the judgment to your bodily pellet but to unwavering faith for in tasting. You taste not bread and wine but the anti typical body and blood of Christ coming up to receive therefore do not approach with your wrists extended or your fingers splayed but making your left hand a throne for the right for it is about to receive a king and cutting your palm so receive the body of Christ and answer on carefully. Hallo your is by the touch of the sacred body and then partake taking care to lose no part of it. Such a loss would be like a mutilation of your own body. Why if you had been given gold dust would you not take the utmost care to hold it fast not letting a grain slip through your fingers lest you be by so much the poorer how much more carefully than will you guard against losing so much as a crumb of that which is more precious than gold or precious stones after partaking of the body of Christ approach? Also the chalice of his blood do not stretch out your hands but low in a posture of worship and reverence as you say. Ahmen sanctify yourself by receiving also the blood of Christ while it is still warm upon your lips. Moisten your fingers with it an so. Sanctify your is your forehead and other organs of sense then wait for the prayer and give thanks to the God who has deigned to admit you to such high mysteries preserve this traditional teaching untarnished. Keep yourselves unsullied by sin. Never cut yourself off from the communion never through the pollution of Sin Deprive yourself of the sacred spiritual mysteries and may the God of peace sanctify you completely and may your whole spirit. Soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord. Jesus Christ who is the glory now and evermore world without end. I'm in this has been the fourth and fifth Mr Gojko lectures on the Eucharist by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem translated by Leo p mccully. Sj narrated by James T mayevsky copyright nineteen. Sixty-nine by the Catholic University of America Press Production Copyright. Two Thousand Twenty by communications. This podcast is brought to you by Catholic Culture Dot Org and made possible listener support to donate please visit Catholic Putra Dot org slash donate sash audio. That's Catholic culture dot org slash donate slash audio.

Lord David Sang Vold Christ Cyril Paul Saint Cyril of Jerusalem Catholic Culture Dot Org Catholic Culture Peter Saint Cyril Cup Mr. Gojko devils Henry Newman Leo p mccully London Saint John Catholic University of America James T
Our First LIVE AT LARGO Episode Ever w/"Weird" Al Yankovic

Bunny Ears

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Our First LIVE AT LARGO Episode Ever w/"Weird" Al Yankovic

"The. Fine me gag. Through the pond the brand. The full die kill me in the packing house. I'm on stage. Hey, everybody. Welcome. I am MacAulay Culkin. Right. So yeah, listen this actually the first time I've actually done something like this like a a live podcast. So I really don't know what to say, I should probably prepared something I'm feeling kind of stupid right now. But yes, so I'm gonna do is. I'm going to bring up a guest, we're gonna talk, and it's one of those things where it's just a regular conversation. And you know. You know, it's it's like the Kuti's, but like would no music and less clever. I guess. So listen, I've a really really special amazing guest right now for you guys. This is actually really kind of for me. It's a big deal. So it should be a big deal for us. It's a an extra to bring them out right now. I can see him right here. He's wearing Hawaiian shirt. It's Mr. weird. Al yankovic. Right. Talk about nostalgia. Right. Hey, guys. Hey, guys. You know, I listen if your podcast that the audiences on those podcasts are so quiet. Yeah. Well, you know, it's you it's you we we need more weird. Al. Yes. Yes. So you guys ever listened to the bunny ears podcast at all any events. You're the ones, let's. Seriously gonna pump our numbers of a little bit. So. So Mr. L. Going call you Mr. humane. Thank you. So. Okay. We actually have a funny history together. So it was poli what it was nineteen ninety or something that and I in an interview when I was ten years old and promoting one of those home loans or something like that. The SPF any movies I loved, and I said I went to bat for you know, I said you h f I go. Oh that movie. And let me separate until you that meant so much to me that time because that was shortly after the movie come out, and bombed in a major major way, you bankrupt, Orion pictures, basically. Yes. Yeah. But, you know, MacAulay Culkin likes it, and you and you sent me a signed poster. Yeah. Yes. Yes. All of a sudden in the mail. I have a signed poster of UHF from Mr. weird Al yankovic and yet and so didn't never met. And then we met at Mr. Seth Green's Villefranche. Hey, Seth green. Where are you? Wave. He's here. Game his place, and you were there. And you said I sent you. And I went up poster. We sons. Exactly. Old friends. Yeah. So yeah. So we got to go way back actually the last time. I saw you was at szeswith. That's right nine years ago that was nine years ago. Yeah. We're all we're old now. I think this is officially the most we've ever talked together though before honestly, yes, hanging up backstage. I was wanted to ask some questions. Save over the podcast. Same saving, save it. This is gold now. This is not right here. This is nailing it. So speaking of UHF, Victoria Jackson that. Yup. What do you feel better politics? No. Richards's also in that you speak to him. Okay. No. We'll just drop it. Got you got you everybody that was in that movie is either dead or clinically insane. Except for you, though, not feeling so well. Little little saw today. So we're gonna wind shirt. Listen, I've actually was for you. Honestly, I've been rocking a lot of a Hawaiian shirts lately. They're amazing guys highly recommended I'm I'm turning that corner. Forty and I'm like, why sure. Doing Hawaiian shirts. Segue into going for it. Now, I heard it was on your writer. It was like when you were touring all they would have to give you a Hawaiian Shrek, and they haven't been lately been eighty heard that they stopped doing it or you request. They stopped doing it. Because you had just too many. Yeah. 'cause I got like seven hundred Hawaiian shirts gonna ask. How many Hawaiian shirts you? I don't know. How many I know that we donated literally five or six hundred goodwill a couple years ago to goodwill. Google Google thinking. Google really needs us. Who ensured Fridays Google? All right. All right. But you still have an extensive collection though. I do I've got some at home. I've got so many storage lockers somewhere. Greater Los Angeles. It's good to be weird. Al. So. What is it about the shirts? I don't know. I I've always just liked garish clothing glows in the dark. All right. The the comfortable in their breathe -able. Again. I can't emphasize this enough Audis Hawaiian shirts furrow. When you've given up. Wiser gave up early in life stable relationship, and like a cool Hawaiian shirts from. I'm gonna turn impress anybody. So so you direct a lot of your music videos. Correct. I wrecked. A lot of music videos. Direct direct them direct. A lot of music videos. Correct. Yes. I do. Yes. Yes. So. Let's say tacky. Okay. That one mortgage show into. So what engine bite me? I didn't have your contact information. Dane now, I do though I got your Email address backstage neck. It's video. It's true. Nick, Nick, now know next tacky video lightning. Techy? Two point. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That sounds good. I don't see you do a lot of not just your own videos. You do Hanson? I did one hand. Oh, yeah. Back in just one. Oh, I thought it was more than one we've been friends for many. I directed. Video them Taylor Hanson played piano, one of my track. He's pretty there. He's always is. And they were guests on my Saturday morning weird. I'll show back in the day. Oh, goodness. You actually also had a cartoon or a Senator morning show. Yeah. The weird Al show on CBS which had a glorious thirteen episodes. Mike cartoon had thirteen episodes. We have so much in common. I know were just handing out like TV shows Saturday morning shows. I think Rosie O'Donnell had one. I mean, there's certain things that came out of it like candy, which is really good bobby's world. Rosie O'Donnell one. Was the wish kid MacAulay Culkin one? So that real thing. Get home thing. I think she actually did have a Saturday morning cartoons is. Well, yeah. Google it. I get my first back while I'm out. Yeah. Exactly. Let's see I'm looking at looking some stuff. Oh, so you're huge fan of. Goodbye yellow brick road. Is that what it says over there? That's what it says. I'm looking at my thing is that why you learn to play the accordion. I started my accordion lessons a few years before that. But when I was told thirteen something like that. Goodbye yellow coat with the first I with my own money. And I kind of learned how to play rock and roll on the accordion by trying to figure out the corporate Russians on all the songs, and it was gonna play things that you heard. Yeah. Yeah. So I listen I write out the charts and I got to play along with being tire album. On the last year. I played actually several cut from that album is part of the the vanity Tori did a bunch of cover songs over the course of seventy seven shows and their couple couple tracks from that. So it's I I guess that's natural transition into the parody stuff where it's actually you learned the music, and then you apply new words like another one rides the bus. You know, things like that. That sounds just like the Queen song. Right. Yes. It does. It does. I mean, I've seen you on Letterman doing that. Yes. Did you? Yes. I've never been on motormen. So tell me about it was it was it was Letterman was it. The bus Tom Snyder cider. Yeah. Where he was looking like you had a person playing the suitcase that was Madrid. A suitcase. He was drummer was just bopping is that was how I met him. Actually, Jon Bermuda Schwartz who is my to this day. But back in nineteen eighty he was at the doctor show, and I was about to play another one rides the bus for the first time. And I said descend wanna bang on my accordion case for percussion. If there, well, I'm a drummer, I can do it. That was the first gig with me, and he's been with me for thirty almost forty. I've been drumming ever since. Nice. Nice. And you start with a doctor demento. Yes. That was back in the days before YouTube, and that was the only place in the universe where my kind of songs get played because you know, nobody wanted to add those kind of songs to us radio station playlist. I miss was implying it. No. But because Dr models playing it and it was a head on his show. It would get bootlegged. So so my songs. Yeah. My went viral in the days before things viral and other distractions were recording songs demento show. I was still in college at the time. This is my senior year in college, and I'd come home from classes. My roommate would say you've got you've got a message from New Zealand. They want to know how they can get a copy of another one rides the bus. So it was getting out there. And it's the only way natural is viral was fire. I heard I just heard actually this morning. You turn with the monkeys. I did. That's awesome. I did that was eighty seven and Jimi Hendrix. Yeah. Supergroup right there. It was like rid revival when they're doing. They're like there's of airing the monkeys on MTV. Yeah. So I I wasn't the first reunion tour. I was the second reunion terrific. The bloom is off the rose a little bit people. Remember, remember one thing was, you know, they're getting the reruns getting played on Nickelodeon constantly, and they had a whole new fan base of kids that were just discovering the monkeys not knowing that they were banned from the sixties. It was it was. Davy Jones, right. He's kind of like a lot of young kids shut up for the show, and like worthy monkeys are bunch of old guys people do that to me all the time. Really? The parents are pushing their kids to me, and they're like, that's your home. No, smelly adult. Smells like cigarettes. He smells like how my aunt petty. Looks. The passage of time, man. I know tell me about tell me about it. So. Actually, don't tell me. Okay. You might be wondering what this is. I was wondering. Okay. So. Again, UHF. I'm going to circle Beck around. I kind of I know where I'm going. I think I already do. So you guys have watched you, Jeff, right? Correct. L five you. So. I know you're vegan now. So I made a vegan twinkie Weiner, saying, okay? Thanks, and I made a real meat one for myself. I'm no longer a vegan. Now, are you willing to eat this with me, I will have a bite. Okay. Because I have with let me let me check my bag. I'm looking for wiz cheese was. So which which one's which this is this is the beginning. I believe me. I heard the myself. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. Job. Yeah. I used. The styrofoam and everything. Lovely. Yeah. This honestly, I've actually both looking forward to this completely dreading this. I am mostly just reading it. So do you know what it tricky weenies reader sandwiched guys? So it is a hotdog sliced into a twinkie, which he's was on top of it any kind of spray cheese. Really? Yes. So. Yeah. And he's so here. I know honestly. Yes. Thank you. Okay. Here we go. Oh, it's not even warmed up either. If none of awful if you think. If not as awful thing. Becoming fed that not great. Just want to finish mine. Yeah. I thought so. Oh, good. This is like, oh, yeah. Forgot. Sandwiches for me. And we're out. That might be the first one I've had about twenty years. We I eight seven during the making of the movie really seven takes. Yeah. Oh, goodness. Goodness. I'm still chewing on maturing. So actually, I watch you about two and a half times in the last twenty four hours. To prepare myself for. Two in the morning. I text my buddy, Mike hotdogs twinkies. Trust me. So here we are. And here we are. So the magic happening. So I hear you're not drinker not so much because I got you a bottle of champagne. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. You can rig it to wherever you want all of this. Now don't own on. What did to give you a gift? And then we got it for you. Then I heard you're not a drinker knows like I'm gonna give it to him. Anyway. I'm gonna give you food. You can't eat and things you can't drink. Great. Well, thank you. Hear exactly. To stay there. I don't know there were prizes involved in gifts just stuff. Wow. Just the thing things most goal things and stuff and stuff. You know? Now. What are your some of your favorite bands? Because I know you're fans in Oban bands. Sorry. The coup. I like the Kuti's I didn't know they're gonna be playing here tonight. Even for the Kuti's, right? New. But you know, they were fantastic right there. Really funny. Yeah. Mostly just them. Is that what he listened to growing? Yeah. Pretty much. Oh, no. But seriously like, no. What were you into look? I mean, were you more into rock we well one discourse having those into new wave? So at that point late seventy I was into like talking heads and B fifty twos and annoying go boy and go and things like that. And a lot of the nineties, and I tend to gravitate toward bans that have a bit of a sense of humor. A little, you know, little odd little alternative. Yeah. So yeah. So yeah. So it was just kind of the old kind of thing. The all the old stuff. Here. I'm sure I'm gonna look up some other. Okay. Good. Maybe we'll both learn something this. I heard you've been refused by prints zeppelin McCartney to to parody various things. Prince several times. Yeah. He never let me do anything. They kept asking. Yeah. No. Because we thought you know, maybe he'll develop on humor. And it didn't really happen. And then leads up one. There was one time. I heard that a Jimmy page was a fan because he he called somebody from his his office called our office asking for videos or something like that. Oh, Jimmy Page's a fan. And I thought, hey, maybe he'll he'll like a Led Zeppelin polka medley, and we got back now not so much. But then we were able to re record a bit of black dog there's called trapped in the drive through. And there's a bit of it where the band is playing leads uplands black dog and apparently upland his never allowed this before. But they let us like recreate black dogs. And that was that was kind of cool. That's cool. And it was mckearney pains me that McCartney is on that list because I'm such a huge Beatles fan big fan, and he had a great sense of humor. I've told this story million times. But basically, I want guns and roses had just had a big hit with live and let die and I wanted to do a parody, of course, chicken pot pipe. And and and I had to get permission from Paul McCartney because he wrote the original song, and the story was that he felt bad be determined on. Because he said, look, I'm vegetarian Linden vegetarians. And I can't condone a parody song that condones the eating of animal. Wow. Really? That's that was. I mean, and you know, I worked with I can say that I've directed Paul McCartney because he did a little bit partner three D movie that I made a few years after that. And a great sport degrade humor. Just that one thing that went and I'll Paul Paul h. Zero vegetarian. Also, you're getting again. So, but no still like see I can I can I can still sing my bologna. And not mean it. That's what I'm saying. You know? Character character peace and and listen to you play a lot of polka and things like that. There's a poke on virtually every album, I did on my on my first few albums, and then I left it off of album, and there was basically rioting in the streets. People were very disappointed. And I said, okay, I gotta gotta give people their polka fix. You you play polka. Do you like folk music? Do I mean, I can't listen to it my car when I'm driving around say into it, are you? I appreciate all your onerous, polka music, isn't politician. Good. My long. When I do it's sort of a combination of traditional polka music spike Jones, because it's it's a lot of wackier than you know, what you'd hear October fest. I add add the bells and whistles and sound effects. Nice. So I remember actually I was thinking about reaching out to I was in a comedy parody band, the pizza undergrad undergrad. Yes. You heard it. That's the other band that I should say the Kuti's and pizza underground favorite band took. You took your long. When we started doing some recording things of that. I wanted to reach out to you. I'm like, well, you're the godfather your. Yeah. I mean, we rhymed mushrooms of mushrooms do that you can't do that. I mean, we can we did. But it was like, yeah. It was definitely not the same level. But yes, I remember things I should reach out to the godfather for this because I know all sorts Rams with mushrooms. Yes. Go on. For your next album. I hope. Okay. Okay. Okay. Just want to make sure make sure. So so Victoria Jackson. Does she ask about me? Oh, yes. Oh, okay. I'm gonna ask you your opinion about something. Really controversial. So that. The empire actor. Yup. How do you feel about that situation? No, actually, let me rephrase rephrase. How do you pronounce his name is it just or juicy? I think smollet or small a juice Molay juicy smell. Yeah. Okay. Good. Good. Get controversial for a second. One question. What if you? Empire thing. Juicy juicy juicy wacky guy. So what's the least favorite song that you've covered that? I've covered. Yeah. That you've done a parody of rather. Well, no reflection on the original song or the artist. But the only that under duress was my Cindy Lauper parity by my first album didn't sell that. Well, and nobody cared. My second album was a big, hey because at had eat it on it and my third album, my record label all of a sudden like own now that people care we're going to get involved creatively. And they said you gotta have a send you LOP prepared head that lava. Yeah. Well, I've got a Madonna parody. That should know you gotta do send you oppor-. And they said we're not gonna Pat your album unless you have a lot properity on it. So I did what? Which one is that one? It was a pretty girl just wanna have fun, and I did girls just wanna have lunch. Which was nailed it. Which would call horrible horrible idea. And. And you can hear in my performance of the song. But I'm doing it against my will. See you don't play it life. I don't think we ever have. No because you tour look how how how many dates do you do year? Well, very from year to year last year. We did our the ridiculous self-indulgent ill advised vanity tour. Wow. Which which was a lot of fun we own that sounds amazing. Because normally we do a big production with like, you know, costumes and props and bills and whistles and big screens. And last year, we did a tour seventy seven dates last year where it was literally just the band walking out on stage and sitting on stools and playing our instruments like no, click tracks prerecorded anything. No screens. Nobody just guys. It was rolled around. Around. It was great for us. And the the fans had a great time. But it was it was geared more for the hardcore fans because we weren't playing the hits we were playing the deep cuts and stuff like that. So stuff that you'd never hear us play. Like in thirty years, we crammed into that tour and this this year, we're doing the strings attached to her. So we're going from our? No, we're we're going from our least impressive show or biggest most extravagant show. We're doing every single date on this tour with a full Symphony Orchestra. Well, how many pieces it's going to bury? We don't travel with the orchestra. But it's going to bury between forty one and eighty five pieces every night. We're doing the Greek later he's going to say it's going to be like different cities. You're gonna get the local orchestras and some of our brand they're like and some of them are just like picking up whatever local union guys, we're putting together orchestra. It's amazing. How many dates is that we're like sixty five sixty six. Yeah. Really that many people play the violin. Apparently. Yeah. I'll tell you from the moment that I was doing this particular tour, my emails Deandra filled with people going, you know, my cousin plays the Joa. Maybe he'll call now. We're we're on top of it. Because in in your phone. Yeah. Hello and welcome to the first ever video edition of meditation minute. As always I'm your guide Lewis Prada meeting. Face to face is always joyous. Except this time I've long intended to keep meditation minute unsullied, by advertisers. Well, I'm broke now, and I can't offer these meditations for free anymore. But I understand that many listeners colleague tokens podcast have come to rely on these meditations. I've even heard there's something of a cash cow for you mccully, and maybe the only thing propping up this whole ridiculous bunny ears enterprise. So mccully I propose a compromise. I will continue releasing guided meditations for free but certain features will be held behind a five ninety nine a month. Payable if that's unreasonable mccully you can start paying me a living wage literally anytime you'd like anyway enough bad news, let skinny dip into the pools of serenity together, I want you all in the audience, take a big deep. Breath in with me ready. And hold it. Because X hailing is five ninety nine a month. Pay pal is accepted that needs that cheddar and mccully is a little bit stingy. Now. Imagine yourself. Overlooking beautiful lake you see something in the distance of scared by fog as the fall breaks. You realize you've been looking at the most beautiful calming thing you've ever seen. Go ahead audience shouted out, what beautiful thing did you see? Yes. Yes. It's there. It's all there all the things you shouted. Arthur you assume because they're all behind the pay wall. You could hear them, but you can't see them. But for five ninety nine a month. You'll be able to see the thing that I told you to imagine this there now return to your breathing don't worry focusing on your breathing is included in all subscription levels. But if your mind wanders to something else that's also behind the pay wall. It's a waste of my time in my time is cash money. I may be a man of peace and serenity, but I'm tired of taking the fucking bus everywhere. Mccully? I hope this guided meditation has brought you the serenity you seek my name is the Prada, and this has been meditation minute, and remember applause is free. But booing is behind the pay wall. Nama stay. Is there anything you're sick of playing? Like fat need it knew any of those like the Greenwich. The. Do you think I should not play those on this tour do bad ass? I was just naming your catalog. Yeah. Well, you know, I try to give arrests every now and then like even big hits. I try not to do them every single tour. So there's some songs which may just be put on the shelf for a while. But we tend to bring sick of besides leper goes just wanna have lunch. No. I know. I mean, not not really I will say one of the one of the reasons they did that whole like self-indulgent vanity detour was on the previous tour, which was the mandatory fun world tour. I remember near the end of that. It was like that was like over one hundred dates and near the end. But I remember I was putting on my fat suit for the thousand time. And I I don't know if I want to do this on the news. That's the whole scale back. Exactly. So I mean, what song are you most proud of? Probably be one of the original songs like half of my. Is original song pastiches and style period. But. There are some song. There's on the last album called Jackson park express, which is a nine minute long weird song about a guy who fantasizes having relationship with a woman on a bus, and there's not much more to it than that. But it's very weird and creepy and. Inappropriate. I remember it was a polka power or whatever that's the one that like like, I I still get stuck in my head woke up this morning with that in my head. We're really like you win over all the songs of that year into straight up in accordion on the street. Yeah. That's why I was asking about polka music. And I'm like, you're obviously really really good at it. But you just don't even son too. Because for people don't really follow pop culture is sort of like your cliff notes of what was big in music for the last two years, the polka medley you're up to speed. No it. Dare to be stupid is one of those songs that get stuck in my head a lot again. I'm sorry. I know I know it's amazing. It's very Devaux. It's very much. That's on purpose. Of course, it is. But it's on the transformers soundtrack. There's an interesting story about that. I record label said, hey, we're going to put your son on the transformers soundtrack. Just look at the next question. Right. Hawaiian shirts. Let's see. What's your favorite Hawaiian shirt? This one for you. What you one? What's the craziest one? You've got gosh there were some there's some I don't wear these anymore. Of the storage are like the ones that have sequence own through them. I did a home video call to complain at like in nineteen eighty-five. And there's a whole thing about going through my closets. And we made sure that those extra flashy and flamboyant, so there's so some Hawaiian shirts with epaulettes sequence and probably some neon glow at ark stuff like at glow in the dark. Like minds pickles online. Two classes, I get really we're gonna help flashy. I get. I just saw this on my it's my last year in all three naked gun movies. That is true. You were. Yeah. I was I was on the first one is myself, and I was on the third one as myself as Vanna white state at the Oscars. Go on and the second one I play a an unnamed. Guy with a gun who? My bit. My big line. I brushed in a room with a gun and say pay. Okay, pig say your prayers, and then Leslie Neilson inadvertently knocked me out with the door. So I think we I think it was holding OJ Simpson at gun point. I say what was it like to work with OJ Simpson. Well, I'll tell you. He didn't kill anybody on the set. That you know of. Yes. So he's. Who's to say? I think more fun OJ stories. That's pretty much it. My OJ contact. So listen you've done a lot of parodies of a Michael Jackson stuff. Yes. Yes. Somebody knows that. But yeah, it was what was going to ask you a very serious question. What was your relationship like with Michael Jackson? Mostly tonic. He was very I met him to three times. He was very sweet to me. Go on. We we shared a twinkie Weiner fan witch and. Pretty much it. Sounds amazing. Sounds really cool. Yeah. So I will say he was a huge huge fan of yours. Yes. He was he always had your videos and things like that like kind of playing constantly looking. Yeah. Yeah. It was he told me he played UHF in his home theater. Yes. Yes. I think there for that. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. But no, he loved loved your videos like he was a big fan giving. Well, it's nice to hear exactly right validation. Praise from Caesar. Did you have you thought about doing some more films? Should I? Yes. Okay. Well, I hadn't. I hadn't thought about until just right now. But since you brought it up. You're welcome. Actually, I'm I'm actually pondering actually writing movie right now with I probably shouldn't mention any names as this is like before it's even being bitch. Tom this is like just out of my brain. I'd love to the movie, and that might actually be happening sometimes ten fifteen years. Oh nice. I mean, would it be kind of a like an anthology too much already? Okay. Jeez. Sorry. So that movie they were just talking. Really press. Let me really press. If you could remake you Jeff. Yes. Would you? After a came out and didn't do well. Every single night before going to sleep. I would spend a torch a couple of hours going. What should I have done differently and reedited the movie hundreds of times in my head? And there is what I should never done there things a million changes. I would've made probably starting with the title, which was not a great title. I mean, even then was sort of an anachronism analysis. I don't think they even have you h f TV channels anymore, but at the same time when I'm scrolling through like, I tunes thing like, there's no you movies. So it's pretty much UHF. UHF that inaugural buck and yet true. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I don't I don't own book. My phone. Everyone when it came out at tanked in the states, and then they're going to release it. In europe. And they said we can't call it. A and I said, well, why don't you want to call it the video because that's a little plan words, and that would make more sense than people. Don't know what you HFS means. And they said, well, we want to tie in with the failure from the United States. So we're going to call it the video from u h f. What's the worst heard in my life? Yeah. That was that was what it was in parts of Europe. Yeah. Wow. Really? Yeah. I know in France, home alone was maligned missed the plane. So you know, those overseas markets. Good. Good. Struggling like YouTube channel or something like that. Oh, yeah. Got. That's right. When we keep pitching can do it. Do it. Do it forever. L tube. Yes to. Yes. There too. What do you? I mean, how how many shows do you do a year like wife shows? Yes. A really berries. I mean, our on the road were on the road. We do five or six cities a week. You know? Meet bus. Yeah. It's all bus, and we do three stretch a nice bus. You're welcome on the bus. We'll do that. But yeah. And we're not doing it all next year because we've found that if you to for three years on the road by the thirty people like haven't we seen you already so everyone here's each other stories like that's the thing is nobody's funny anymore awhile. The longer on tour. Yeah. Yeah. No. I heard that you have to walk away for for a while. And then come back. But like a normal year like what would be like a hundred shows. Yeah. I mean, like seventy seven last year, we're sixty five this year. And with the last big tour that was forget how many days. The big tours about one hundred days you'd probably like count by your Hawaiian shirts. How many how many gigs? Eighties. That was that was for two tours way back when that was back when all the the Rockstars are asking for ridiculous things like the whole van Halen. No, the green Eminem Irene Eminem. So he's thinking I wanna test. My. Pizza underground we had Beverly Hills cop two poster for every show. Yes. And most people fulfilled it like I actually had early. I have a file a filing cabinet of just full of Beverly Hills cop two posters. Wow. Yeah. It worked it worked. What is that gonna be an art project with you do those? I don't know actually somebody made a stencil too. Three and a half by two and a half foot canvas of just actual Foley. Just how. Yeah, it was. It's it's in a word. It's dope. Not the word ideas. Yes. So I mean, I mean, do you have any link? Hardcore rock and roll kind of thing. But you have any kind of crazy stories from the road. Sometimes like everybody on the whole buses on their laptops. Do this crazy. Wikipedia or something all serving all surge. St. web surfing. All right. All right. You know, like talk to the loving wives and stuff sometimes. Yeah. All right. Yeah. That's crazy old people on a buzz. Wow. I'm in. Sounds great. My brain went there. I want to do that. Invited. Yeah. I wanna be an old person of us. So are you married? I am. Yeah. Look, look look. Look. Pictures surprise. Picture. How we've been married for. In two thousand one. So for doing the math OB eighteen years. So yeah, do you have any children? I have pro created. Yes. I do. I've got a sixteen year old daughter. Really? What's that? Like, what do you not believe what I say? Is that so far fetched? You procreate? No spring for my loins. Juice. What's it like to reason daughter? I don't have anything to compare it against. But I've enjoyed the whole process. She's been a wonderful human the entire time. I've known her which has been her whole her whole life. But I mean, she was. We be. Terrible. If you have a gli horrible child looking nobody ever says that about their own child. Oh, they're just they're ridiculously ugly in their their terrible. The new Hitler. I would say that if it were true. You'll really I mean painfully honest, but no she's been great ever since. I mean, you know, we're only she was a baby people like wait until she gets to the terrible twos. And she was sweet as a two year old. But it's not really the terrible twos. Is the terrible threes. And she was great down like I'll wait until she's thirteen and all the hormones, and she's been really kind of cool and like an are good. Even just very I mean, I don't know what we did turned out. Really? Well, and so you thinking about public college and things like that with her over me over her. Yeah. Yeah. No for you know, for her. Yeah. Yeah. She's gonna tenth grade. Louis Laughlin kind of like. Top of getting the wallet out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Out and stuff. Yeah. She she smart, she sherpa. She is I I've been able to help with the math homework, and I'm just at the point. Now, we're sort of like, I don't know if I can help you too much longer. Algebra only go so far. And the. Yeah. So you've just been raising a kid making music being married. Also Moseley talking. That's can't believe a lot of that is like touring and enduring the the home life thing. Yeah. You've changed. Your look also Lazic like twenty years ago, but. I was just watching you a jevon like oh we used to wear glasses. So I did a nine hundred ninety eight and nice to be able to like, you know. See things. Am I continued to change these these glasses or on my neck, just because anything that's twenty feet or so it's a little fuzzy? So I can still see s denied HD. Can I see him on all on a whole on hold on? Oh my God. You look like everyone's really cool. It's still a black. Void much more clear. Black void now. I know. Yeah. You'll give cool ankle. Thank you. Welcome. You're welcome. Oh. All right. Let me go back to the list. We do you want to. Sorry. Can I help you my phone over there? Never mind mine. Can I can I? Let's see. Do you wanna play a game shooter? All right. Something in my bag. Let's see what's in the bag somewhere in here. Air we go. It's a chess clock you play chess. No good playing chess. Anyway. All right. So we're gonna play this game. It's called clock blockers. So here's how it all. Right. It's a standard chess clock. So if I hit my button, your timer goes, okay? And if you hit your, but in my timer. Okay. It's fairly straightforward. So we pay a category. So really really vague the broad of their better like animals. Okay. And then I'll say. A dog, and you can say cat elephant. And we keep on going. And then whoever runs out of time for the again, my daughter does like you name an animal, but then the next animal has to start with the letter. That's the last letter the previous animal, I know I know that game this is kind of a different. So just literally any animal. Yeah. It's it's kind of the same thing. But also, the broader better you'll see it's kind of your brain's going to hurt. Okay. So I have a minute and thirty seconds to think of an animal exactly we both have ninety seconds a category. Anyone have a category sitting broad? Countries countries is just so you name it country thing, and we'll get started. I mean, keep on naming countries until we run on time. And you'll see your brain lockup. I will say that that the geography the blue square is the blue pie is my favorite pie in trivial pursuit. Really not. I'm not a grad Russia. They're gonna my own game. You're gonna crush me. All right. Okay. Gosh, tough. Okay. The United States of America, France. You're good. I know right. Mexico Spain, Canada, Australia. Gosh, other any others. Egypt China Japan. I'll say that. Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia. Norway Sweden Finland. Germany Germany already do. We know. Okay. Okay. A New Zealand how do self Africa? Okay. Africa. Yes. Of course, Madagascar. Simile Zimbabwe has to do with me. Brazeal? Qatar Chile Sudan. Democratic Republic of Congo. Brazil, the federated states Micronesia. I know I already had Portugal. Belgium. Okay, antarctica. That's not a it's not. Oh, that's a continent. Well, isn't it also country? No, okay. Fine. I'll give it. Guatemala. Okay. panama. Oh, I did it. Venezuela made his way, okay? Oh, we do India India, no Pakistan jacket. Okay. Cuba. Say Puerto Rico, but it's not the country. It's commonwealth. I know right knowledge. Then other ones. Belgium irish. Oh, do I lose? No, no. Keep going. You're going sixteen seconds left. What okay. Of mind. E-? Right. It's hard to while. After a while. They can't remember what we've already said before we should have a running list. Can I just lose? Time and time. Game again. I mean, I was sitting there going I can't wait to see Belarus. I'm ready for it. I'm gonna get that one in the chamber right there. So Antar does not a country. So what how does that work? Well, I think it's been claimed by multiple countries is. It's if it was a pie that'd be slices in Russia. Okay. Norway gets slice. Even nothing to do with Norway. So Antarctica, the only continent with no countries. Yeah. I think I think is valid. I think it's a very valid argument of yours. Yeah. Yeah. One of my mind. I know right. I knew. So we talked about some of the accident. You've been rejected by like before focus on the negative MAC. Why bring us down negatively what I wanted to do. I wanted to ask whether or not there's somebody that you kind of kept on going to Princeton, the only one prince the one that you kind of multiple again and were like, did you have multiple ideas? Yeah. They're like a half on her. So there was for nine hundred ninety nine very day. For nineteen ninety nine door. Yeah. I was going to do like a like a late night infomercial thing, you can just nineteen ninety nine. The whole bit on that. And and I'm sure there was actually an UHF since we're circling back to that the whole set peace in the middle. Now, the dire. Straits parody was originally supposed to be a parody of. Let's go crazy reprints. Oh, really? Yeah. There's a whole it was all written. It was all ready to go. And this is after printed turn termi down. If you've times where things come on friends, come on wasn't into it. Kept on that it and still never got. Have you tried now? I don't think I can get permission now, I know, but still people have asked me that. And you know, because I theoretically good could go to his state, but I pride myself on respecting the wishes of your rental artists and prince made his wishes extremely clear. So I'm not going to go back and try to get around that. All right. All right. And again, I mean, but I mean have you actually dead people before though, I mean, haven't you? I've done that. Yeah. See? Okay. But the. I know because he did George Harrison when you still alive six, and actually, you know, that one sticks with me all thank you. Just six words long. The I that's not actually written by George. I was a cover song Georgia did. So we didn't actually have to go to torture that. Of that. I'm actually good friends with this. Dan, you now fantastic. He's also the spitting image to if it's kind of crazy. It's some even looks just like his father got to go to the the George Harrison tribute a few years ago. And do do what is life with the orchestra and singers? And it was amazing. It was so fun. They did a whole like on Blu Ray or they did a big special for the night. Yeah. I just I had Jen candy on the podcast recently. John candy's kid. She's a maze. Ing she's great. And also has the same eyes same eyes and kind of the spitting image. But you can see her father look inter in. It was it was something. It was it's amazing. When you see the kids of dead people. Right. I met John candy once he was doing doing the schminke brothers bit. So even leader hosing and all that super cool guy. He was he was listening to kids are really really hard to work with. And he was very very kind to the schmucky kid. Yeah. Yeah. You ever kits me? I. I like kids just fine. Okay. Do you like working with their kid? The kid knew that spit in my face a lot of fun. I think she just watching that scene. And he could see he was having a hard time. Just not breaking. Oh, yeah. We use every single second every single frame that we could before completely lost. Specific. Oh. I could have done that. I know a guy. Is there any kind of a modern band or something that you've been looking forward to like? Parodying? Queuing? I've got thoughts. I've got random ideas pop into my head. But if Wien pops in my head all the time really ever since that Super Bowl performance at the same tattoos just on the off chance that I ever do. Adam LeVine payers. Got to be prepared me to. But do you have any like on that you're gonna like, you know? You know, kind of bone. I don't really listen to music anymore. So they still make music. That's like nine hundred ninety eight to me at least like neutral milk hotel or something like that. Yeah. I get random ideas every now, and then, but I I haven't been super super inspired one of these days. Right. Get. This music is not inspiring. Is it I didn't say that. Well, I mean you implied it. You're being very kind. So there's nothing there's nothing that you're like nothing that I'm currently working on that. I can tell you about got you that you can tell me about. That sounds better. Like time just not working. At home playing to-, Jim and Earl all day. And what if I were? We wrap things up because I'm looking at the clock up. There. We see that glasses even without my glasses. I can see that we should read up and everything. But actually, it's been a it's been a ball and biscuit, my friend. Yeah, it's been really nice a everybody do so much for coming. Give it up a weird. Al. I hope you enjoyed the show enjoyed the Kuti's weird out on the whole works. Thank you very much guys. Get out of my house get out. Get out. Getting. The hopes said it's eight four easy. While ago, but I got nervous the safe, right? And my Guinea pigs squealing in my kitty cat when the and so I had to go on and them 'cause they're still scribbling in the hour. But I have finished. I'm telling you man, the creaky bandits would be gruel. It would be a little here freak listen. What? After the square circle plants mood writer. I'm gonna roll. Yep. With a one two three big three might give you the booth on the way out listen here. What are you gonna do brother when Lance moved right comes to you creaky bandit because they're trying to get the kids and everything and they're trying to get into health and still all the stuff and burglarize things, but they can't quite get it because the get along, and they gotta take the medicine for their knees within he's the work as the. Nothing to say, I love you. You're awesome. Take care. It would be a really good yet. My sister needs of it. It was over a hundred if you have the winning lottery numbers, I'm trying to sort on my company, I'm making alcoholic maintenace. If you know, if you know the numbers, I it would help a lot. We were heaven and creaky me. Did. Credit though. Fine me. Take me through the on the rent. You are.

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Stories Philippines Podcast

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"Task. This episode is sponsored by inker. podcasting is so much fun, and now it's easier than ever to start your own podcast with anger. Everyone is passionate about something. For example I love talking about spooky stuff now, thanks to anchor, you can spread the word about the things you love, and maybe even make some money doing it. Start Your podcast for free with anchor using the anchor APP or by going to anchor. Dot FM. They'll even distribute your show for you. You'll be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more of your favorite podcast platforms. Anger also provides tools to allow you to record and edit your show from your computer and even from your phone. And no matter how big or small your audience is, you can make money from your podcast. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. I using her and it's been the best podcasting platform. I've been a part of so join me start your podcast today by downloading the anger, APP or go to Anchor Dot FM. y'All have something to say. Thanks anchor. Be, one gun, adventure and mystery series. Case file number. Six New Stereo Sally being young. Couple nuts dot. See Apple Juanito. SA- by hang on walks in gene, Kiko. Alexey Lhasa. Nope, on the AWASA been on. I O Manila meaning wounded May by not waga a momentum yards in. Thank Goodness Gino on film non. Camera. On Madonna lucky. Southern Jana. Sixty Hungary sixty ongoing Malachy. Hustle putting teeshirt, not genetics Naguma. Underlying fellow all. May so beaten attacks. Muni? Avenue Benzene so Billabong. Onboard board more. Hawaiian up. Delaware DEPA ON HUBBUB NONE portal. In the yeah. Belief. Mine it young soccer do. We know. Ballgame belling Mahala. McGowan, Deng happen. But the Nina Gino so. Tina and Bielsa got Saddam Nila. been above nome. Della at by the Tonopah with some. Guiding by Blah? The NITTO Good. News Gina Della new. Komo. Aena host of the Niemann Amine! It dating the number who yen? Makiko Ninety while on Cayenne. On southbound on Komo. Vehicle. It'll. Be By a virus now bobby! Good conduct the modeling in also. Metropolis sending by. Volumes. CG Noli. NASA boondock Cassia Sabato. My Hindi, but some behind the a by the ANINA COMMODITY Oh. Own. Malaria on by. The of no messy. Scene! In Nina. Gino Opium Da. topos in gutting and then Wa. An Indian. Or know. How Nikki. Be. Good Gino. Among a massive sum but also. Somebody to you on the long been attilio at Mobility Lamar, some and up. No knowl-. Delete who. Genome. Data to Amazon Teen Omar D'Amato Matan. Fatal. Nina Gino. Convenient Thomas. Mahboob what No. Gino. It'd be not sally belief is unduly. Sukey Conan more Tabula. In allegany last night on Hawaiian. So UNHU on by. GEICO It's got. Komo. Galahad enough to one zero Gino at GEICO. Nominee Long Juanito. Nilo, I, sixty four now on NATO. May Not doing nobody home. The data borrow so many. Puts US our my up. Don't customers by Nursing Daniele? Market Saga unclogged by NATO NATO. Gino. Apple it get a Guy Mariano Duncan holding a gun under Lucky Polo. Manila volume will last saying. Be Ntsb Mulan. Gada. owner. Thing Ditto. DE LA A. Dance among the now, Weeden. So good Nilo Juanito. Gut The new among may not pseudo busey Lanka to boom lock in guarding subpoenas Salawah. Made along fishing basket uncomfortable. Salon knocking ear McDonnell on Casteel on. By. Demon Indiana to on Turnham, assume dial of dial, so we can't steal an along my own. Kind of three new money's eighteen hours. They don't go along Della. So, good uncle, kitto book. SAGRADA! On, Dowell nominates a basket Nagami. into any all at Noma, not steelers. Be No, no, not. I mean Diane. To. Me Abra. Who? On hoban allegation Lugosi among. Eight, and we! Can Be Hobo? Mahir pancaked on mobile. Hindi Poobah. Of Your monkey bunk. Suits economic equal. To smuggle. Gold damage terminent lobbied. Mehta US on Kabbal. Pedal were apple. Lemon urine. Silent nominee is so soon unburnt. Some billing to me give. Dont`A. It'd be no Bob. Moon on Genome Abi detonated align open. Up. My on one leg being suburban. But nothing Kiko hob on. The. She'd on Bahira Mom. Advocacy must be strong. Succumb percent-owned Silla, mail being. Loneliness, among an-and yelling and Sobbing Juanita now Michael Okwu, Mamata. Honiara. A Good Gino. Misteri Mistero. Racing at the APP Bunk Diana now house among me being me. Money New Alabama guy need being bent, then among pain adding monning. Lena Egypt Manama Small Mobutu Non Bowen. mcdonagh's Sabang cry. On on the Huang New Orleans adopt a subway below Mela. Gilmore Yuma Ole. Nikki. Hugging about finding with end up. Along with a Hindi Mata, we know. Secretly! Sabet, nutty among Apple Bogomolov. By Impo Boggling Ancona Galilea Jennifer. The, to Gallo Better Maroon among the. Alumni, among own nine, hundred and eight eight in began numb not before. It Again Dot The photo along the guests lung. mean or debate. MIAMI. SIMUL unlucky bill. Must Bear in bottom saga non-pas. Did it be should. Satellite dish. So Good Nikki. The Nila among Ian Fina. Copa on an incident in on. Guy Among Nuggets Nunca Oh golly anomaly down download. Monaco belly ago. EASTBOUND tunnel, but media on am now. Sham fragrance to nealon the being cement their your lung. But I'm young in. Digital Somalian. uncuttable finding new Alka C.. C. OF PHNOM by illegal combat that look on you your Mama Google. Malone Kyle new brought to limit die. La Obama will not an atom. D'Amato could a dot the bottom boy open Laima Osama. Beta whom Telugu Stone Martina being? By an Alum Colona McGowan I mean I an Ila guy and let the. Kannung. Hundred Miles in. All, but none you. Saw On. On. An. To not be cool but unbalance diagnostic look. Into own, but I'm here by Oman, mcdonagh her not be nothing the hobby among. Some good. Probably my don't along. Got Him not on site. Known about the. Bug. And play boss old, no Boondock neon. My, he gets his office. Unlock Demeans no Cueva at now Mahato. Think that me so Doodoo. COMING DOWN MONGOL MONK ABOUT A team dealer yawn. Beaten Nilo. Hundred Sabet nothing on did. Not Bunsen nominee may holly being door ninety. Knock off of goal at NASA got no matter. The unholy in the. Genome. Undoing Malaki I'm. Gonna Say, Hian diesel among dial, Muhab at Melilla NBS. Seen the wholesaler. Sobbing. Akiko Nugget Balikatan. I Love Donny Intel down. Oh the. It the apple. One eat awesome skinny DASA. The on by not mean. He mcnutt Salama teacups and Marine Inc.. So long geneen Machina here up. What gave up and I am. In. La La. La La Salle. Last, Month in the. Solano Masato. Thoughts some Baharan. Simona a Gino. Emma Benigno Masao again. Sabi Nilo been books have been talking by. Meena a genome, the number at open alison. Hub Open. Mama's Dunham by Nilo. Cut On you and Ian. Bottom by so long so nasty Sahu yet. Sunk Palapa glomming mob CEELO. When the mom! Had the Muncie, Kiko so but. So? Gula shops and comfortable by. Me Ian. Soundcloud Paloma, Enough I'll let you answer new posted. On Bobo a Yati Sahal good. Sleep. Then by? Gourmet been done on by a Hindi Mikitani Kiko. Dial Tau Ilna May Mahabharata bunks. Type Somewhat. Keith. I answered. I don't been moon. It will among done. Maliki go Saddam Gino in China. Ongoing so mob with is. Who in? Hong. Kong, up at nappy. Him. Don't. have. So he by nobody nobody what the Hawaii. They get no bottle. SADULLAH blogging and The whole mainly eat the whole gun. Now may baboon. It won't be too. Similar Makiko unnecessary or at Nagoya Chop. Then we begin a Luma bus number looking Bob mccully Newman Aladdin Bobby. Minding, Sakib, Akiko Gino. The mustangs bogging now Hilo Pasha. Gene SOC-. Not It'd be. So by cocky. cocky aluminum Baba in Orlando municipal. On Dilawar, don't boom about see Lola Juanito. Made, don't be children to be a felon gone. Gun, Camonte. Munavarsho NATONAL value paramus Briscoe. Yeah NATO Meno Song done. No forty nine, dilawar. Sabet tongue! Lucy lacks an apple Juanita. Mukasa. Maple Massive Natalia Solo Auburn by. Harnessing it'll Nina gene at GEICO. Something good on matting a brutal. Mayor Ongoing Carignan Qahtani and. Maureen on Cullinan. Ballot, Nila. My lucky moon it made you think it among it didn't Matta. MACACA Palanquin. Bisky light bottle may blush. Barrel. Through on rosy cheeks Leila. Some Alami. Up a home, Seattle basketball. Muscle Young Lila Nilo Veneto. In Benito's Apple, who shut in Delaware of some Locker Morte. SOBBING SOBBING! Moves Patel Megani Lalu. Sunniness Amman, Nina. Sobbing Niro battle now. My by Keenum Tower Martin. Of by Lamar. Is mcbrayer behind our. ECONOMONY ON An Ilha? Bela Nilo Las Apple. Salama Passable Bouma Solo. was sobbing and he'll. Done. When I under battle. So Good Agony Gino. Chemo will. Arkin. Benito. All Synergy. Among the Hula. Big Anita on some heat. No booklet owning della. Gobert thought on long island been a subvert certificate. Barrel. Long Island a Chemo Woong. Blue knittle. Handsome I'm in a long island. Christian name. I may native named incoming. NBA became the Mahmut and. Poor. Sob finicky Akiko. must the going going not in a look who are an artist in the long run? The toilet! Don't believe nothing. Gino. Willman Laszlo. Lee Jimenez Gula Noto. Oxygen ignat dignity not been Kiko. Bahira now. That NATO Nina gene at GEICO. Hudson John, McCain. MOB uncle. To really be known. Injury bias of the gave. The No. Nina Gene Akiko. Battle. Fun! Dunham Need Gino Diet Hindi millinocket Nakahara Then the one little. A Delaware. My uncle to to. See Me Don Ghia non. GRUPO DOMAS. Knock Home Kosov Made the wrong decision I are. Big Give Kampelman. Unceasing winning, Nikki Mahboob. Bug Mutt Mega. Dose Adela. The East significant that deeper end up. On me, he but. I, know in a moment one. Yvonne Hokey out. Seeing it Nikki. Casino by you'll necessarily Koran he'll native house. The blonde dogs have been owned by. Thought they, Bundle Olien. Wanda Baio door depend on the Nuxie Lonzo. Ball going bogging by. He see look Tina blood. Me Relied. Them not get. Some of the ticket customized fair enough. Allegation. Nothing GEICO. Sabina Gino. Ill. Moran the nothing. digger it. I've been ongoing by local Papa Pugwash Asawin release. Sibenik immobile nobis Tasse Salem them by. Dean nuttier. Your money can Agena GEICO. Buying another Lolo. Osama Boston beholden long until you. Bottom Madigan Salem mcduffie beaten. lassie Lanka Molly Molly. MAPA, Glenn Orbit. Yachting so so box her nealon Mahan. Become inured.

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Hope is fading for the Kiwi nurse missing in Syria

RNZ: The Detail

23:20 min | 1 year ago

Hope is fading for the Kiwi nurse missing in Syria

"A brutal killer one who is caused so much hardship and death has been eliminated the death of the Isis leader Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi late last month had he'd lines around the world he was the the world's most wanted man as the leader of Isis Abu Bakar Al Big Dotty was responsible for a reign of terror cost Iraq and Syria and copycat attacks across continents continents. He was killed in north Syria on Saturday after being targeted by US forces but a New Zealand this another reason it's been in the spotlight so one possible theory was that he was being kicked close to L. Bay daddy because of loosing background in his death raised hopes that she might be found neom a ham or in the vicinity I'm Sharon Brick Kelly and today on the detail the heartbreaking disappearance of a New Zealand News and who link with a brutal Isis leader six years ago Luisa Arkady disappeared but that was kicked top-secret Sunday I start times editor Tracy Watkins was the first New Zealand journalists to pick up the plight of the news now in his sixties what was stuff's political editor at the time I was on the campaign route twenty fourteen during the two thousand fourteen election campaign are being Christ church for a debate between Donkin David what kind of the next day we got a call from one of Australian Sista newsrooms defects at the time and the correspondent in the Middle East had heard rumors of a New Zealander being held hostage by Isis and this was right at the point where we saw a lot of those eastern hostages being killed in Indiana hey workers the latest victim of Isis executioners please suddenly the nines of Jihadi John revealed at lost the mosque murderer of is has has been named as Mohamed and was from west London he's believed to have beheaded several Western and Syrian hostages including James Foley Steven Sought Love Love David Haines Alan Henning and Han Kasich terrifying images of people and boiler suits being beheaded and at that point we were told we've heard that these are a New Zealand New Zealand and amongst us so I put a call and to one of my context and Sita's as correct and they see it well that's a really big question I'll get back to your and it was probably a few hours later that I got a call from the foreign minister at the time I in the colleen sort of can you come up and say us so at that point I flew up they worship show who is at that time was this sort of stuff senior editor and we flew up there Darren how amazing with the farm minister where he basically laid out the situation told us what they knew and seed and I'm going to ask cure would your cake story secret for now because we think any publication will put Louise's life at risk where I would put her life at birth well this was actually standard practice at the time and why at the time when we first heard about it and putting the cool and had a fear I do here at this point that probably there was some truth to the rumor we didn't rush into print ad head thing well known at that time that wisden media had cooperated in keeping the identities the hostages secret basically because it was felt that giving isis any oxygen would raise the stakes on what was the century a propaganda propagate to game for them telling them hostages instilling terror and fear into people's hearts about Isis and basically just leveraging off the publicity by having a more high profile killing also isis the head been proof of life offered for Louisa did also being discussions about F- Disney publicity about this we will kill her who was having those discussions well what we know is that when Louise was taken she was with another group type ended up being passed from one group to the next before ending up with the group that we now know as Isis and they had been basically ransom awesome demands in exchange for her freedom I think it was in the millions of dollars that were asking for and they were demanding that from the New Zealand government I believe the I see us see the Red Cross negotiations went through the ICS government apart from being briefed by the ICS I understand at that time was not particularly involved in those discussions and in some ways I think they felt it was better if they stayed back from that because once it became a sort of a government under shoe a national issue that could raise the stakes even further for Louisa and also the ICS's had experienced negotiating the release of the hostages and they had actually a negotiated. The release of some of Louise Mates I think who had been taken at the same time but unsuccessfully an Louise's case so those does discussions had had gone on off and on and then once the game changed for Isis contact dried up and then track the the negotiations sort of to start it's wasn't just the national government at the time and Murray mccully about this I mean you about it saw aw we were the first media organization that you about the small circle within government and it was very tightly held within government also defeats the ministry Farner the fees and police all of her head people involved in the operation which became known as Operation Rocks. Don't ask me why I've never actually figured Out How they came about the across obviously was aware of it but it was quite tightly held elsewhere would sort of teen to get out I know that at various times and the the mini as past we had reporters at stumbled onto the story of renowned the would suddenly seemed an alert up through the system I know that a few months later other media started to get onto the story and they all had the same conversation that we had ultimately and made the same decision which was not not to publicize was that a hard decision to make Ashley no and the in I think I was about fifty fifty before the meeting and the meeting it was just basically no we can't publish we accepted the argument debt it would put her life at risk but it's something we can also question Louisa story goes hand in hand with it of the young American aid worker Kayla Mueller as the civil war raged in Syria Kayla Mueller headed toward the suffering to see see how she could help when the aid worker was taken hostage in two thousand thirteen she'd been visiting a hospital in Aleppo Syria Kayla spent eighteen months in captivity Louisa and Kayla shooter sell in brutal conditions and then she was killed in two thousand fifteen but hit my mother daughter relationship I looked out for each other a sort of like managed to glen this from talking to Taylor's appearance who've done a lot of trying to talk to people who are in the cells at the time but at some point Keller and Louisa were separated cheaper righted Kyla was sent off with some young did he gills to another place at that time when she was being moved from the prison sal that she she was sharing with Louisa she was begging People Louisa come with her because she was worried about or wanted to look out for her because she was quite sick what was she sick worth nothing has been confirmed and she is diabetic and apparently she was quite through diabetes but there had been a bit of a firefight not to to rescue them at some point somewhere along the line she suffered from shrapnel wounds it's believed so she was injured as well as just not well Kayla had been sort of looking out for her big for her to go with them when I lived but that didn't work Kayla the ended up being basically as life of Baghdadi and ultimately it's believed at some stage with code and no one's quite sure how isis is claiming the death of a twenty six year old woman from Arizona Isis claimed Kayla was killed in a Jordanian airstrike airstrike but her remains have never been recovered dame maintained a lot of secrecy around the daughters Tippety I think they always questioned with that was ultimately the right thing to do or with more publicity Mara put more pressure on the government to rescue here I think an al-Qaeda it's a bit different because we never really had the resources resources to go and rescue Louise we've had a lot of people over there at various times operating secretly behind the scenes and working with the Americans and others to look at risk cheap plans to help with planning but we've never actually been in a position where we could launch a risky mission house so you agreed not to go public with it but at the same time did you you start digging into it yeah I mean it was always obvious that it was going to be a huge story when it eventually broke and saw would I did start start to do a number of interviews I started to try and pace together what I knew once I knew about Louisa it was you could pick up the trout crowd rather international media reports as well which often referred I blakely Tony Zealand news one of the international news organizations ran a story about Kayla Mueller giving up your opportunity to escape at one point because she was worried about a sick cellmate I knew at that time bet eh that Louisa had been unwell and sort of put them into together and started to make enquiries and was told Yep that's that was the New Zealand government understanding as well breath that was the situation that's disputed these other people who think maybe that wasn't help things but that was what they believed to be the case so as a result of that they're not going to touch the Kayla's parents to peace gotten Arizona to the about what they knew and that they actually made a lot of inquiries into louise themselves else because they were really quite hopeful that one day they might be able to talk to Louisa him more about Kayla's last last few months in Syria because they'd been so close and I've always kept on top of everything that's been happening with Louise that people don't realize advocated for her in Washington to make sure that your name wasn't forgotten they did a lot four ways of behind the scenes as well we actually just talked for a long time in the catch before we actually sat down and did the interview and just made you want to cry that we're communicating directly with KAYLA's captors they found out later about some of the horrific torture that had been inflicted on her physical and emotional torture and you just talked to them and thought hacking appearance stand this they were communicating directly worth yeah hell hole because they were being asked for ransom and saw there was a lot of communication was email I think they were mouse yeah and I think this is one of the things that they have tried to raise the profile of as the whole issue around Manson that were paid for the hostages because we know that there were a number of governments that did pay ransoms in twenty thirteen g eight leaders signed an agreement stating their governments would not pay ransoms terrorists but only the you can us have stuck to their word and they were offered an opportunity to free Kayla by paying a ransom in the would have been people who would have quite heavily given the money to get her out but the revised by the government that that would be breaking the law that I would be effectively enabling terrorists if you like and so it was against government policy and in fact anyone who gave the money would be breaking the law as well taking hostages become seen as a guaranteed cash return al-Qaeda is estimated to have made more than one hundred hundred twenty five million dollars since two thousand and eight according to the New York Times the French government has paid more to al Qaeda than any other nation life some sixty million dollars the New Zealand government has always said there was never a solid opportunity to discuss thus ransom in exchange they see Neva got to that point and I've not been a piece that at all but we're they mean that those negotiations never reached the government government stage and we're just set the stage or whether it's because it was just such a changing situation it was so fluid started to be a hostage negotiation the intended to something else awesome and everything just patients away it's it's very hard to Ni- what do you know about the conditions that Louisa his

Isis Abu Bakar Al Syria Louise Mates Isis Abu Bakar US Iraq Murray mccully one hundred hundred twenty fiv sixty million dollars twenty thirteen g eighteen months twenty six year six years one day
 A day inside the hidden world of youth courts

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A day inside the hidden world of youth courts

"Today children in the dock spending a month inside a youth caught and Jonathan Freedland and on a shambolic start to the election so this is rob surly. He's really all wearing a sharp blue suit and an outrageously colorful tie awkwardly paired with running trainers and airing I have rob is a specialist. You've caught lawyer in Manchester. HE'S DIV court lawyer. He's been doing it as long as anyone else and he reckons. He does more cases than anyone anyone else on. Today's no exception. He's got five different clients all in a single day. So I've got this loud. I won't say the night so I'm still don't go the evidence on that for the first appearance of being requested for two weeks so I know nothing about They stage because they keep sending me back saying the Puck is not ready yet We're supposed he's got a week in advance something like that and you don't have any idea what evidence the police have gone on here. I had one yesterday And we have how to agenda because they all had was The child sheet and one statement no case summary no interview summaries of what was said in interview. Apparently there's about tunnel channel the statements that should have been on the file but none of it was there so we just had to adjourn the case. Five clients all appearing this morning on coal. And you've got to try and juggle the mole. Yes I I've got got the second day of a trial then have a lot in for breach just for a breach of his order and then the one I didn't know about until ten minutes ago is a lot that mccully represented in the police station last night for a robbery. So that's why I was slightly late meeting you. Could I was just speaking to on the phone trying to find a little bit about what that's about This may sound chaotic ferrall. Bits thelhi normal day. Something strange has been happening in the youth courts of England and wiles over the last decade. The number of cases has dropped dramatically because of a deliberate policy to divert people from core. The justice budget has seen a massive cut so few cases have been squeezed into a much smaller system which causes chaos. You don't really see that because it's happening behind closed doors. generalists are allowed to go into youth courts but rarely do and the general public aren't allowed Dana Tool. So unless you're in kid or grandchild ends up in neath call you'll probably never see inside when the Guardian north of England editor compared and her team have spent a whole month inside the youth court in Manchester and today in focus spent the last day of that month with Helen and the lawyer rob slowly what they saw demands political attention but the plight of children who end up in youth course is unlikely to be top of the agenda in this election from the Guardian. I'm initiative Astana. Today focus a day inside the closed off world of eighth call. So we stunting outside Monster Magistrates Courts. What we're looking at signs of all the different courts? What is contained within the building? And it's not even assigned for Munster Youth Corps. So if you didn't know it was here. Well you wouldn't you wouldn't know it was here Eh. Big kind of glass atrium. We are just ending outside the front told security entrance. Everybody has to go through airport style. Security If you a bottle of water they might use SIP encases some sort of explosive liquid. They'll confiscate our recording equipment on the way in a shopping center. I always think there's two new escalators down straight in front of me and then you get to the top of the escalators. You turn left for Youth Court turn right for the adult court. Two people get. You'll so yeah I mean there's always loads confusion there's always lawyers looking for their clients. There's people wondering which court there in what they supposed to be doing. I mean the thing. That's quite surprising about these courts is that there isn't like a rigid timetable to everybody's told turn up half past nine and the courts open for business at ten o'clock but that's no running order so for example in court one day youth caught. We know that there are twelve children who've been listed but they won't be they won't appear in that order OUGHTA it'll be according to WHO's ready so he's got the papers WHO's turned up. That's quite so there's always a lot of confusion and add to that the fact that most lawyers or many of the lawyers representing more than one person and they're trying to Dr Between Courts AS Roma's going to be doing today with his five different clients so yeah when I first started covering the courts I just thought I I don't I don't get what's going on. I'm really confused. But now I've realized that that is normal state of play so he's a little bit Baffling Helen. Youth courts exists that children have a different experience of the criminal justice system to adults a less confrontational. No one are more supportive. who was in the waiting room on that day? So we see this twelve year old boy who could actually have been tanned. And he was wearing a smart school trousers and Gracia buttoned up right to the top and he seems really nervous. He turned up there with his grandma. After awhile is dot. It came in with a big bag of Greg's foreign. Don't think he'd had his breakfast. And before we left the house seemed to take his mind off things for a while and then there was another family sitting together in the corner. And it's the mother and grandma of one of the lots. That rob is defending in the bank robbery trial and rob talking to them very warmly and they've got toddler with them who keeps escaping from Prom. And he's like running all over the place trying to get into the interview rooms where solicitous talked their clients before their cases are called on. Yeah thanks for. There's nobody has no children in the interview room when he does burst in. I can just imagine the same with these kids running around other often. Lots of kids in there. How how does that work? Yeah could because a lot of the adults who come to a company that children's because of often often single parents and a lot of them have have got lots of younger children and maybe they can't get a babysitter and you're not allowed to take the children into court So yeah sometimes. It's like a bit of a crash out there. And and Rodman said he's literally been left holding the baby On occasion Elahi Eastwick in a nursery before he became a Lewis he quite likes and the babysitting holding onto the baby. WWL Right now is legal documents and sometimes the kids are just sitting there by themselves and those of this the the cases I find saddest when anybody support them all children supposed to have of an appropriate adult so either their parent or social worker but all too often on their own so at ten. AM share comes through the doors and calls out the name mm-hmm of one of the young people in the waiting room and they're summoned into the courtroom. What happened so the first hearing in court one involved a child who turned up wearing wearing shorts and a massive puffer jackets and he He was in care and he turned it with his support. Worker is fifteen but he looks younger and the reason he was in court is that he had missed three appointments with the offending team. The end he was supposed to go appoints as part of his referral order. which was a punishment for breaking the law in the past And this is the kind of youth justice equivalent of Pervo so his lawyer who wasn't rob. This time said he'd missed appointments because he'd gone to see his brother who lives in the city city. That'd been separated when they both went into care and his brother got into some kind of triple so he ran away to the city to support him and that meant he missed his appointments. He'd nearly finished the referral order. And this is just one slip up and the lawyer asks for an extension on the order for one month so he can finish it. And the magistrate say yes is pretty much straight away and says quite friendly tonal. Let's put this behind us. So she basically let him off without any extra punishment so the next case is one of rob's I mean seventeen. He's wearing a black leather jacket. he was on a referral order for burglary. which had done awhile ago? When he was living in the C- he was also in care and one of the conditions nations was curfew which stopped him going out at night which attend is his favorite time of day and just before the curfew to and he went over to a friend's house drunk he woke up at two? Am and then rub. Says he panicked and then he stayed another night because he didn't want to face. The music tells the magistrates that his client has autism and has been shits shits all over the country to live with different carriers moving from place to place and the magistrates asked questions you know. Why did you decide to stay away for second night? Why didn't you just go home when you sobered up? And he said well as a saying infra penny in for pounds in and he said I prefer the J. K.. Rowling Rolling Iteration might as well be hanged for Dragon. Hegg silence in the courtroom. The magistrate seem to really like him the smiling the answers and and rob pleads leads with the magistrates not to prolong the curfew which was nearly finished anyway and they agree. I Don Rob suggestion. They just give him to additional days of activity requirements. which is the youth justice? This version of community service sounds like a smart cat. Yeah clearly very sma- I kind of am Hypo hypo literates with his own interesting logic. One thing that's really striking in the first two cases on that day. Is that both of these. Young People Apple had really complex needs. He said they were both in care. You saw one hundred twenty eight. Children Pass through Manchester Youth Course in a month. Is that typical from what you've seen. Yeah definitely so twenty. Two well looked after children. Seventeen percent of the cohort and to put that into to context In England Wales fewer than one percent of children looked after so really vastly over represented and as kind one of anecdote. Because it's just it's aren't very good A very high proportion of children generally in the courts these days have got. ADHD communication and payment eminent autism various issues in their lives and often mental health problems. The sort of the easy cases gone almost all the children of lead quite complicated. and Bob Lives. I suppose the question half you is so many of these kids are in care massively disproportionate. Would they be ending up in front of you in the youth call. If they've been with their parents were they just doing things that in any normal family you parents would you still with. Yes and that's exactly what's not supposed to happen the guidelines on say that you shouldn't be that children shouldn't be prosecuted for crimes committed in a care home where reasonable parents wouldn't call the place but we saw four children who were charged offenses committed to kind of in the care setting so as one boy who had spats his social worker. Honestly it's really unpleasant. But if you'll kiss sputtered you would you call the police. Definitely no exactly and then there was a thirteen year old girl he would damage the wardrobe and the TV in the floor boards at her. Care home okay. But from these first few cases says it sounds it's an example of the youth court. Doing its job fairly soundly. There was a sense of empathy. Sensible solutions jains even with really troubled. Kids yes definitely. And then the next case. It really wasn't clear to me why the case had been preceded against him so his crimes really depressing pressing so he was charged with two counts of fraud misrepresentation so he he was using somebody else's debit cards. That is bad. What he'd use the card for was to pay for his bushfire and not just seem so sad to me and they were other cases that I saw during the month where it was stealing very small amounts or very childish things so there was one boy so he was charged with burglary when he was found. McDonald's eating helping himself to a mcflurry as she was four pounds with him but flurries so I think he must have eaten too. Yeah so those are the kind of case where he was the. Why is this in court? Really in this case the boyhood who used the money for for bushfire communication the courtroom kind of starts to falter a little bits and the prosecution lawyers seem confused. Why the cases they're tall defense lawyer asked for the charge rolled into another case? The magistrates agree and like the kid just left the courtroom looking confused and having barely said a word. And that's really common. Actually if you wait in the waiting room the kids come out and just what just happened and these are quite young kids. It's I mean the person you describe when I got there was a twelve year old. Who looked at yes will happen to him exactly and and he was actually eleven when he allegedly they committed the crime? Say It'd been waiting almost nine months. which is a very long time in the life of his more boy am? We can't go into too many details about the case for legal reasons but that day the case was adjourned retrial. And he won't go on trial until January twenty twenty. It's not be more than a year after the alleged offenses took so place. An all this time. You'll there with the lawyer Rob You're watching him do his job. It sounds as if a couple wlove examples of pretty good practice followed by things getting more more hectic what was it like watching him. He's quite a cool. Cucumber is Robin. He's been doing it for over twenty years so he's used to the chaos but he was getting antsy because he knew that he had a trial that was that was supposed to finish the previous day but it it rolled into a second day and the Osha from the other court. Had come in and whispered saying you know misdemeanor need you in court three. Who's getting quite stressed? And he'd literally. We reached a point where he was supposed to be in two places. At once to courtrooms Dune two cases the exact same time and at that point it really did look pretty chaotic but then somebody came came through and told him that. One of the young lads in the robbery case which was due to start in the courtroom have no appropriate with them. In other words. This is mom. Hadn't bothered to turn up and she hadn't run into tell anybody she wasn't coming amendment. They couldn't start the trial. So in that sense rob. Canada got saved by the bell. Well so he finished off his last case in courtroom one and then we went for very quick bits of lunch in the nearby Lebanese restaurant where we were able to turn the mic back on the thing that struck let me most and what I wanted to talk to him about. Was this contradiction that the number of youth court cases gone down massively so in two thousand seven there were two hundred twenty five thousand children. He received a caution conviction England Wales and less jet gone down to just under twenty seven thousand. So it's been an enormous enormous exchanges in the twelve year periods and yet despite that drop it really feels like the criminal. Justice system can't handle amount of cases that they're still dealing with. I'm a lot less. People are being brought to called. I'd like to say that was a good thing. If they were following models used in other countries for diversion and working with young young people in putting in the resources that would be fantastic. But really what's happening is they're just not taking people to call to save money but you. Sometimes I'll waiting and and in similar levels of business with in courtrooms because they don't use all the courts in the building g to cuts so they create it's almost like an artificial cube. We know to sort of rolled is from the magistrates. This morning. When told that the they would certainly not gonna get trial dates until twenty twenty? I mean it might WanNa be four months away but it seeks as far from ideal with these young people whose well it's like a lot of other things with the court they make cuts huts and then be surprised when trial dates can't be fixed soon. All Down Simona money. Yeah does it I I mean does it get you down that you witness seems to me or sitting waiting to say over the last nine years. Austerity is hit social services. The police ace the courts education. You're in the middle of this perfect storm and and you're kind of seeing the consequences if you agree it does. I mean I can think one particular client. I was dealing with over the last few years. He has had a mental age of about ten eleven and he has always struggled. He's always been easily influenced influenced by other people around gets into committing offenses on nine for a while. The local authority managed to get funding for a mental for him and suddenly he. It was keeping out of trouble. He was keeping his youth funding appointments which was a miracle for him he never went to a single one and somebody who's going to all of them lasted for about nine months and then the mental funding was cut. It was straight like turning a switch straight back into trouble so some decent funding some decent intervention would work wonders with these kids. And it's not there and it doubled up with the situation. West schools are absolutely delighted in my opinion to get kids like these off the books. And when I say eight and reading the paper out people being prosecuted for their kids missing a few days at school and I'm representing kids who have not been in school for two years three years and nobody wants them. All softy lovely Lebanese You Follow Rav back into the core for the robbery trial. Tell me about that. who was on trial so it was the big event of the day and it was a multi robbery case? They're the two defendants rob unusually is representing them. Both we can't use their real name so we'll call them dominic and Cameron Cameron's family at the ones who've been sitting around waiting all morning with the little boy. You kept on running in and out to the interview rooms. And they'd been complaining that they become part of the fixtures and fittings of the courthouse. Step in there so often and and It's dominic mom who haven't shown up in the absence of an appropriate adult. It was up to dominic himself whether the trial should go ahead. Opiates in front of the day and Andy decided to crack on and get out the way just before the trial is is due to stop the lead much straight. He's very officious. Sort of officious looking king middle aged man with he notices as sitting at the back of court and asked us to leave like not very politely. Until do they know that. This is a youth court and he just didn't seem to know the little which is the bona fide members of the media to have a right to be there and he asked us to get out the Coleman. We refuse to leave and then he was eventually persuaded to go off and inhabited briefing from the legal adviser who Actually sort of caught clock in the youth court. Who Explains Actually? They're allowed to be that he comes back and then the trial gets is going. Something that happens law. I mean it's a bit worrying. Isn't it a magistrate. Supposed to know the law and decide the fate of the young people before him doesn't know the Laura about who can be in a courtroom. Yeah it happens all the time and it's not just a monster youth problem. I mean it's up to me leads and various other ones. I think because it's quite rack journalist not to go to youth courts. What's unless there's some really high profile very very serious case? So they're just not used to it so what happens in the trial so dominate income earner on trial for two separate put robberies and the first case is a moped robbery. And then the second case was A robbery at cash points in the middle of the night normally any need defendant in the trial is allowed to come out of the glass they secure dog and then they go and give evidence in the witness box but Apparently the core is too short staffed today and they don't have enough security guards in the dock to allow boys to get out so they have to give their evidence from inside. The DOC is not ideal because they just have to speak a little gap in the bulletproof glass and it just kinda makes them look guilty before they even told their side of the story and then so rob goes. I said that's the he just asked them really straightforward questions. They tell us the story and the cross examination is really aggressive from the off. The prosecution lawyers stuns stands up and he would ask a question and then he listened answers and then just repeats. The answers in the kind of disapproving tone shouts nonsense And he just use language. The boys clearly don't understand there's one bit where he tries to imply that dominic is lying when he talks about selling tobacco and he says you know it's tobacco a euphemism. Dominic clearly has no idea why euphemism and just as what does that mean and then prosecutor tries to explain it just gets even more complicated it until the legal adviser steps in and just shouts was really tobacco and then dominic. Oh Yeah it was. It doesn't really sound that different to a normal criminal cau- aw it sounds pretty adversarial. Yeah it was very adversarial. It's not visceral system. That's how that's how it works in this country. And how did that case player the magistrates come back and they quickly deliver verdicts and what slightly different in the youth court is. It's not just a straight verdict. They explain how they came to their decision on dominic can come and have been found guilty of everything thing and then. What's a bit weird? When the going through their reasoning? They seem to make have made a mistake. They found Cameron guilty on the basis. That one one particular witness that identified him at the cashpoint and actually that person had identified dominic being the person who was there. It's confusing how they've reached that conclusion. Shen and then very quickly security guards they put the boys back in handcuffs and start to take them out to the dog down to the cells. back to prison and Cameron's mom burst into tears shots. I Love Cameron and his response is to say. Send me some money so I can buy some trainers in prison. So the family rips up. Yep Yeah and then Robin the mother they leave the courtroom and recruit with the rest of the family outside everyone else's left by this point. 'cause she taken the magistrates choir while to each decision and toddler is still running around like a duracell bunny. He doesn't seem to of and a clean is entertaining and by this points and then rub tries to explain what just happened. What the boys options are? And they're going to come back to be sentenced next month. We met him straight after we'd spoken to the family and offered to buy a drink and he went from massive Corp in the coffee shop over the road and he just got it in kind of weary. It's just gone quotes to six. We finally left court for the day was just happened. Well unfortunately we've lost the trial for both defendants on all five judges. I was very disappointed because I thought we'd one on some of the charges. Both trials very unpredictable and it's especially difficult in the magistrates court because statistically a- lose a