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"mccully bradley" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"The cats favorite food ganja what kind of animals live in Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs. The character rocket in guardians of the galaxy. Is what kind of animal raccoon? The first one this week. Nice. All right. Well, she want herself a mytalk one zero seven one knit hat. Yes. And boy who can't use a knit hat these days. I mean, the only way you can get one of those hands is by playing thirty second pop culture challenge, which you do Monday through Friday at this time. Oh, the time Bradley show, we do at this time. Mccully Bradley show blinded by the item. And today joining us to play some blind items. Careful. He's hitting me. We invited you into our home. And this is how you I'm sorry. He deserved it. It's Donna Valentine from the Dunin St. show. Donna Donna, are you ready to solve some mysteries? Yes, ma'am. Fantastic. All right. So our first blind item, listen carefully to the following bit of gossip now, by the way, this is a confirmed blind item. Meaning that we know the identity of the subject of this blind item. Okay. The waiting for a family member. This waiting for a family member to die. So she can have some money without working actress has been told no many times to reboot unless she includes all the original members. She doesn't want that. So the answer will continue to be no. And she will continue to live off of handouts. This is this is kind of complicated. So we're looking for a waiting for a family member to die. So she can have some money without working actress. Yes, now think about maybe perhaps he would that would be we all know this person. Oh, my person who's gonna die or the person for the person to die. We know the person who is waiting for the person to die. We also know the person who will pass away sooner than the actress we allegedly gonna give her some money as it a family member. Yeah. It's a family member now. Yeah. It's a parent. Is that parent an actor this person wasn't actor at one point in time. But this person is mostly famous for being ridiculously rich. Okay. And for having eccentric, tastes, and home decor. Groom's dedicated to fascinating hobbies. Life. You ought. Right now..

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