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"mccullough hunt" Discussed on WTVN

"I don't believe that we can continue to pollute the planet with impunity. Right. But even if the US cuts back on its emissions in countries like India China Russia when they don't we don't accomplish a whole lot. We just end up. You know, kind of jacking up our way of life thinking, we're doing the right thing if the rest of the world isn't going to fall into line is it really going to matter. Here's another thing. That drives me nuts. Politicians the ones that demand we comply with these rules and regs to curb climate change. They're demanding that we change our lifestyle, but they're never ever going to change the way they live their private jets. And and they're they're they're giant SUV's, and limousines, or whatever that's only for us that, you know, the the small people, and when they start talking about taxation and paying for your carbon footprint that makes me real suspicious because they're just they're just coming after your money. I really don't think global warming is the concern. They just want the distribution of wealth. I also believe some of this is kinda cyclical we don't really know because we've only been tracking it for a certain amount of time a hundred and thirty nine years people that try to tell you they knew what was going on prior to that. They don't really know for sure again, there's a lot of these records that supposedly exists but not everybody has access to it. Because it hasn't been digitized. And if you listen to people, like Rush Limbaugh, for example. And I think he's got a very valid point. How the term global warming now is Morphing into climate change. Because now you can put anything under the client climate change umbrella and pass it off. Do we get as much snow as we used to when you were growing up? Don't you? Remember winters being a lot snow ear. I do. I I grew up in Minnesota. So maybe they were a tad more snowy up that way. But I hear people say that about Ohio all the time that they remember winters used to be snowy. Or is that some sort of romanticised memory that we have? Our summers hotter. I can't tell because when I was a kid. We didn't have central air or a C or anything. We just had fans and I lived a large portion of my younger life without a sea or air conditioning. I think when you're younger you can deal with the heat a lot easier than you can when you're older, but. I don't know if it was hotter back then in the summertime. I also like I said, I think you deal with the heat better. When you're a kid, doesn't it seem like no matter what anybody says at the end of the day, you can find another study or another professional or another talking head to refute. It. And then I'll wrap it up with this. I remember back. I believe it was in the early nineties Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted. I specifically remember hearing the news reports when Mount Pinatubo erupted they said, this thing belch more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere in that massive eruption. Then mankind has put into the atmosphere since mankind has been around. So if a volcano. Can do more than we have in our in the entire existence of mankind. Ken, we really change what we do. So let's get to the phones jump on with Dan. I Dan thanks for calling six ten WTVN. Dan. Do you believe in climate change? I believe changes as our planet all the time islands appear audiences appearance. So you leave a cyclical cyclical do I believe that? We are mankind is the cause of the warming. How arrogant to believe? I mean, gosh, we are at sunspots solar players and volcanoes account for nearly all of of climate change. And we all respect on the part of it. Now. I mean, get real. I want to believe you you sound intelligent. You sound like you know, what you're talking about. What how about would you rather deal with extreme heat or extreme cold where do you fall in that, man? It reads a cold because I can always throw on a sweater. But you stripped down so far and few listen. All right, Dan. Appreciate the call. Thanks for for buzzer. And let's get with the McCullough hunt. Real quick Michaela. Thanks for calling the six packs extend WTVN, what do you think? I would you rather deal with extreme hot or extreme cold? I rather deal with extreme hot. I think but I had to call you because I'm driving home from Cleveland about this whole global warming bed. And I was with the American fisheries society today, they're up there at the Hilton downtown, and we were having this exact conversation, and they're so sad that global warming was a really poor choice of terminology back in like the mid to late eighties or early nineties for what truly is climate change. And that from like, a marketing standpoint, even if you had to look at it that way, it was just not the right terminology because people don't get it. It truly is climate change. And and it was. Was the vibe that we are responsible for it human humankind race. So these are a bunch of scientists right now, and they're not backed by heavy lobbyists or anything like that embarrassed. Dang. I have to leave my comment with that. They're saying that we have dug up enough carbon in many different ways to impact the atmosphere is that it has a real effect. And what we say. So bear explanation of it. Are we in dire? Trouble. Do we have twelve years to turn it around like Alexandria, Cossio Cortez says right? So we were talking about that twelve year bit to today. They're saying what they see with fish. They'll tell you what they see with fish way. Fisher moving like way upstream in certain areas of the country. Even colder water is an indication them that we have a problem, and they are really concerned about it. And your comment about the folks, we're driving, limousines, and all that stuff. We need people actually to consider when it meets. I'm a very balanced standpoint. And they think we are they think we are in trouble, and we need to fix it. But they say it's more like, you know, we're looking at twenty. Fifty. We're there could be real impact, especially with pollution in streams, which comes they're saying from this climate change. All right Michaela. I appre. I got a jump here. We're kind of behind it. But once again, you're on with many Dreyer Sunday afternoons, right? Yeah. I am from four to six, but I had to call because it's great conversation. I was just on that today. Appreciate it. Michaela. Thank you. Thanks, dave. And talk to you soon. Let's get traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens from TempStar heating and cooling products. Johnny hill. Sorry, Johnny got a little bit behind schedule. Seventy one southbound michaela's on to stuck down here near sixty one that traffic much improved after the accident scene. Dhamma sixty one was moved to the side downtown in Columbus. We look really good in all four directions. Keep an eye out for a couple of accidents scenes Hamilton road between seventy and Livingston report of an injury accident. Fender bender for Stelter, an international gateway by the airport. And of course, tonight the jackets in town at nationwide arena Puck's gonna drop here at seven traffic..

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