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"mcculloch hartman" Discussed on Arrowhead Addict: A Kansas City Chiefs Podcast

Arrowhead Addict: A Kansas City Chiefs Podcast

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"mcculloch hartman" Discussed on Arrowhead Addict: A Kansas City Chiefs Podcast

"And so what did the chiefs do. And there's been a lot of talk about. Melvin ingram. I think what the chiefs do in this situation is just kinda wait to just gotta wait and see. They've got frank clark under contract. He's probably not going to get suspended into all the stuff gets sorted out and they may as well have at their disposal and hope that he pleads down or you know. I'm not a lawyer but maybe there's a way to sort of lessen this maybe. Nfl comes in sometimes. Midseason lays down a four-game suspension. Or something like that and he's back to the playoffs. I don't know But i do think it's important that the chiefs explore all of their options here and don't just like well. Let's hope that. Frank clark's going to be around. We thought they needed some extra help. And some more bodies long defensive line anyway and on the edge. Ian rapoport From nfl network has said that the cheese may still sign. Melvin ingram look man if they know the breadth beach knows the roster better than i do if he's looking at the guys that young guys that they haven't house and he doesn't think that they've got a guy that can bring what annulling room at this stage in his career can bring venture. Go get melvin ingram right like i'm for it But i think if you've got some of these young it's the same thing for me with the number two wide receiver thing like you got some of these young guys got cornell. Pow still got mcculloch hartman. You've invested draft capital in them and hopefully should be able to develop them and they can develop into the receivers that you need instead of. Like the like. The larry fitzgerald talk. Like let's get larry fitzgerald in here Same thing with the cornerback. Let's get richard sherman whose he seems to be far far away from playing any football right now with the recent things. That have happened with him if you weren't following that was arrested for burglary. Domestic violence there has been reports from. Espn that he was threatening to kill himself was intoxicated. This just happened The other day upsetting situation. I always like richard sherman. I hope that whatever is going on that. He's able to get the help. He needs glad nobody was hurt. And that situation but so here we are right like the we got good. Would we want to bring in. Richard sherman. If all these things weren't going on. And i think that you wanna try you gotta develop these young guys that she's done a pretty good job of that by and large at some of positions particularly at cornerback. So you know if you think of veteran can help you sure. But i i think. The chiefs have to pick their spots when they're bringing these older higher priced veterans. Because we know these guys are on the decline and they need to stay young. They need to say cheap and they need to stay athletic to keep up with everybody. You don't wanna turn into an old team and be trying to blow up the whole thing. So pick your spots with. Melvin ingram with all this stuff going on with frank clark. I think they should absolutely kick the tires on him again. We had a great article by jordan..

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