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"mcconnell haney" Discussed on Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist

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"mcconnell haney" Discussed on Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist

"Welcome back to the Sunday sit down podcast now, more of my conversation with Matthew mcconaughey. Some great scenes in the book when you're on this run of romantic comedies I, think it's the first one, the big one, the wedding planner where they write you Jack and you go. Wow. Okay. I'm going to the sat dome. Armand, me get my own key to the kitchen could stakes three o'clock in the morning? Did you enjoy living that big life during that run? When really boy it was one movie after another that were hits and everybody knew you and your co stars also big stars as well. Did you like that run up until a point because in the book you say, I knew it sort of had to end somewhere. I did I thoroughly. Enjoyed it. When I gave myself licensed to enjoy it. I went ahead and said, okay, let's. Let's see how much freedom you can give yourself in go. Let's just let's the lean into. Your Life that that that you've that you've got McConnell Haney the access influence and fame let's lean into just let's let's. Let's go those play that character. For a while and I did and I quite enjoyed it but I always knew even going into it that it was going to be a stop. Not Stay I mean I knew I didn't know how long I was like no, don't go ahead. Don't don't don't. You know pull out of this too early leaning to enjoy it and you'll know when it's time to get out and that time did come where I needed more resistance I needed more I was I was I'd had enough Saturdays row. In my life and onscreen and I needed some Monday morning accountability responsibility in I needed some ascension and. Building needs resistance to create a new structure in my life, and then I think around two, thousand eight or so you sort of put on the brakes on things for almost two years and. Twenty months you say, all right. I'm going to recalibrate. What were you doing in those twenty months? Had you know which direction to head after that? Well. I knew I wanted to go rolls I wanted to do but those rules are not coming my way. So they were not an option so because I couldn't do what I wanted to do I stop doing what I was doing. South Romantic, Comedy Stop the action. Adventures. moved out of the Chateau, etc.. I'd met my now wife Camilla that time was falling love with her and we had. Created our first child. So. Those were to really great anchors to have for me in my life when I chose to take a sabbatical working. I knew I would battle bouts of insignificance which I did a new battle bouts of..

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