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Seattle Storm survive first test in WNBA playoffs, beat Phoenix Mercury in Game 1

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01:29 min | 4 years ago

Seattle Storm survive first test in WNBA playoffs, beat Phoenix Mercury in Game 1

"The Seattle storm will head into their second. Game of the end WNBA semifinals with a one win over Phoenix the storm beat the mercury about an hour ago in front, of a packed crowd at keyarena komo's Steve McCarron talk. With a lot of enthusiastic fans who were there to support them Stepping up to the doors and keyarena tickets in hand Seattle storm fans could sense this day was the start of something special Like we've, got a team that can absolutely take the championship this. Year about feeling not felt inside this place he's twenty ten this year Fans More exciting right now because you can see it with them Goosebumps I'm so excited we are going to do it again I feel so confident dominance fuels that confidence the storm entered the postseason as the number one seed the. First time since winning its second WNBA championship eight years ago congratulations on being the. Two thousand eighteen most valuable player newly crowned league MVP, Brennan Stewart says the fans have definitely helped fuel that fire but I would say thank you for being here along the way no matter what happens in the days ahead These, fans are proud proud to be on such an incredible journey that has brought this team this city much deserve Win. Or lose that seat Championship is the next level It's a bigger deal the storms x playoff game will be. Tuesday night at key

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