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"mccall bible" Discussed on Reformgelical

"Star Trek but I mean it's it's like a it's like it's like the two worst teams in the league. Blaney judge who cares it. Everybody loses really just is this tickets gets cheap enough to go watch it. Basically I tagged you in an article on twitter and I hope that was a hint that I was going to bring it up in the show but did you you see that the Church of England actually took a stand and said that same sex marriage is the only kind of marriage there is in town. Could you read that heterosexual sheet. Oh I'm sorry heterosexual marriage. Well I mean on the one hand I can believe it because it's so bait. Patently patently absurd to think otherwise but on the other hand. I can't believe it because you would think that they would at least cave a little bit especially because it really wishy washy. I don't follow them too much. Obviously because they're the Church of England and were America and we fought a war so we don't care about England but they are. They believe that you can be in a relationship together. As long as you're not sexual like if you're gay you know whatever and all that stuff and so it was just really surprising to me because to me. It's like if your audio yeah I know so I mean that's not really that common of a belief I guess it but it seems to me that there's like this pattern and it looks like the kind of took a step back instead of going so those kind of encouraging. Yeah that's true it's a little bit. It's not what you would expect. The pattern is to go the other way and then they're just kinda hesitating a little bit now and that's a good thing I'll take any pushback even if it's just a little bit does just a moment of relief. Listen to listen to the guidance it says sexual relationships outside outside. Heterosexual marriage are regarded as falling short of God's purposes for human beings. Like you know so. They're not trying. They're not they're trying not to be jerks. I get get it but at least they they end up in kind of the right place right and they even say like if You know same sex couple came then. We'll encourage the pastors to take care of. It passed earlier earlier. Something very soft like very very weak. But you know you can't you can't get the whole thing. I guess with the Church of England but still I I appreciate the little the little bit of truth. Yeah and I so I brought this up for two reasons. One is that it was like. Oh it's kind of refreshing that we actually get a pause in this decline in these denominations but also just reading the article as reading it from the Guardian and it really just struck me that every time there is people that talk about the church. It's not assuming that God exists. It's always like well. The Rights Really GonNa love their position on this and it's almost just political and end. Game of thrones kind of like what kind of moves are they making behind the scenes. And what alliances do they have. There's no like it. Well God says this in the Bible and they're actually going going along with it like the assumption God doesn't exist in religion is just this crutch for all of humanity. Yeah it's just a political game like anything else right exactly early you know like why. Why did they come out with this statement at this time? What are they trying to do to the elections in the United States is like you know like like it doesn't? It's not that they actually read the Bible. They consider it God's word they said well you know let's clear. Yeah no they're taking a principled stand in their resting on their biblical foundation. No it's none of that whatsoever however that's not just true church England. I see that with all of the commentary on our churches it's always like Oh. Trump's fans are republicans. Whatever there's no mention of if God exists exists and and and again I sadly a lot of this kind of assumption of you know? It's not really what about what God says it wiggles wiggles. Its way into our circles as well. You see how people talk about like one example was recently people were all up in arms because one of the seminary presidents uncharacteristically made hard statement against James Cone of the founder of black theology. And he said he's a heretic and then everyone in their mother you know in the social justice debate was like this is not about theology. This is about a black man who said strong things like. You're just just assuming that God hasn't spoken right. You know what I mean. This guy is saying God has spoken. This is why I say this. You're just assuming that that can't be the case. This asked to be political olitical. It has to be racially motivated. It's it's there's so many examples of this that we could talk about this forever definitely Russell more just tweeted an old article about being pro-life that does the same exact thing where it's like you know like you know being prologue you know. We don't have to agree on affirmative action but we should agree that good you know black people madder sadder and but there's like no references to scripture right. It's like it's like no we do have to agree on affirmative action. God has spoken. And you know we do have to agree On healthcare systems and stuff like that God has spoken like we. We don't get to agree to. This is not a political game to me. Yeah right absolutely like the politics are so oh secondary yeah Things but I wonder if the reason why the world like talks and writes articles like God. It doesn't exist and just assume that it's all political is because we are so soft and we don't say things like thus says the Lord but we do the Russell more approach of. Yeah well you know. Let's just think about it from a rational perspective and a logical perspective. Sure I wonder I I honestly don't know but it it it it it makes sense to me. I mean people aren't used to hearing that like like I remember. One time I saw a sixty minutes I think it was sixty. Minutes is very old episode of sixty minutes with with RJ. Rush Judy on it. He was the theology guy and imagine rushed. Uni being on sixty minutes like. That's that's pretty crazy. And so they were asking him. They said they said so. So wait a minute wait a minute let me get this straight. You're saying that if somebody is caught in a homosexual sexual act that they should be stoned. Is that what you're saying like they couldn't even believe it and and and Russia and he says I'm not saying that God says what choice do I have. I have to listen to what God says and I thought that was such an interesting answer is like this is not about what I prefer. I just I just read it. It's on the page I have and you might quibble with what he believes there but the point is he still willing to be sold out to what God says. It's not about his opinion he doesn't care he's like it's not me. I just don't have a choice. I have to accept it. Yeah I g three which man so many people ask where you were on a story missed. Yeah I really wish I could have done. It was like this. The whole time and of this house thing was awful for that but anyway I totally understand that but anyways but you're going to be there for the fight laugh. Feast Conference Right in Tennessee. Okay good because everyone was like you better make him come and I'm like what do you want me to fly up there grabbing by ear and dragged. Yeah I'll be there great but During the breakout session that cross politics toby. It went on such a great rant about that similar thing and they were talking about the autonomy versus You know the difference between that end. What do they call? What crecy and they're bringing up those things like? What do you say to people that? Say Like Oh you believe that gay people should be stone or adulterous. People should be stoned. And he's like. Don't give me that in indignation and being condescending or killing thousands of babies a day right now somebody is dying. Someone is always has to die like that's just how the world works so don't come at me with like how can you be for wanting to stone adulterous or a homosexual or whatever or slaughtering children in every single day and it just gave me the chills. It was so good you know when toby gets on one of those rants absolutely absolutely. It's it's I was just on a podcast yesterday with with a guy that He goes to a Federal Vision Church anyway. Anyway we were talking about this exact thing where where people get all high and in Madiun. It's like y you you've got no right like like people say oh there's there's six hundred laws in the old testament just impressive. That's impressive and he's like do you know how many laws ause are on your. Probably your city ordinances. You probably got twenty thousand in a typical city and if you go to New York City you're probably talking in the hundred thousands of laws Recive totally and this is the thing I was listening to a federal worker. Who Does investigations? And he was sane rain. Every single citizen in the United States has broken federal law. That's what I told this guy. I said ten laws every day without even blinking and I right and what does that say to justice like if every single person is guilty and can be nailed on something. I mean. That's not a just society. No no but that's not get when you reject God's Law God's law simple God's laws not. There's not a lot of them and it's not oppressive at all there's a ton of freedom but people who are slaves by nature which is people that are slaves to send you know. That's that's what we are by nature. Hr were slaves to sin. We can't handle freedom. We reject it. We need to be we. We we need to be enslaved. And so we just enslave ourselves. Yeah yeah definitely and so. I think it's a good reminder in going back to kind of our goal of this year of being the cover is to throw throw this back in their faces like we don't need to be defensive and be retreating from this try to backpedal and cutting rationalize what God has said. We don't God doesn't need us to do. You know qualify things for him but we could just be bold and throw it back at them is like Oh you think you're so just you're killing innocent people. You're selling their body parts you know. Oh you're doing it for your own prosperity for no medical reason like give me a break. You guys have no sense of morality whatsoever. Who are you to throw that back at us? We should have the the firm stance to be able to do that. McCall Bible. The Bible has a great verse in. Marcus says used it for his show and it's a it's It starts off about cruelty to animals which some people don't know the Bible talks about this. It says a wise man has regard for his beast and then the next verses so interesting says but even the mercy of the wicked is cruel. And it's like yeah like your idea of mercy is actually cruel objectively. That's what it is for progresses. Yeah there's a compassionate there so woke there so cared about justice and yet they they think it should be a fundamental human right to murder your child if you want to. There's there's no there's no better example than that we cannot give that up..

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