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Fresh update on "mcgregor" discussed on Jalen and Jacoby

Jalen and Jacoby

00:36 min | 2 hrs ago

Fresh update on "mcgregor" discussed on Jalen and Jacoby

"And take a flight to flight island, And then promote the fight, so it was a great performance for him. I would've loved to see him. Get it done, then, 'cause maybe all of a sudden another prime striker like a conor McGregor looks at him and say. I want to try to come after that bill. WHAT YOU WANNA? Give Uis. Mine credit as you mentioned, but our guy will be in position to FIFA build again. It's interesting you bring up connor because connor and Mazda Vidal are such big stars because they're fights are so fun to watch because they are striker's but people like who's Mon- and Habib. They're more effective at winning the fight. They're just not as fun to watch because they're such good grapplers, wrestlers like that fight that United States way past my bedtime to watch that fight and it didn't climax the way I wanted the night, too. Many toasts downs away, too. Toe stops the refugee to say some talks not. I noticed I noticed. It's not against the rules, but stopped doing it. 'cause. It's annoying to watch also must have gone limp he. Around all the next.

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Fresh update on "mcgregor" discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

00:45 min | 8 hrs ago

Fresh update on "mcgregor" discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"Some ads. Some sports have returned and with that. You can make some money with draftkings. It's good speaks for everybody like nobody enjoyed that fight, nobody but Muslim. Dole will fight against soon. Stu Gods and he will make plenty of money because he learned it. Shale sonnen learned Conor McGregor learned it there, guys who who who had a an ability and then maximized it with their mouth. You you are right a whole lot there. Men Muslims said before the fights to God when they said that the fight was trending Khabib McGregor numbers. He said before the fight he's like. Why do you think that is because of me? It's not because of the other guy, and it's not because of the other guy and if. If he's headlining another card. A whole lot of people aren't going to watch for the same reasons you're talking about. Yeah, now listen apologies to my friend who are a Mazda. Only talking terms of my hair and getting a haircut like the next title fights going to be minute, and therefore I'm getting my haircut right after the show to them, and it's really long..

Conor Mcgregor Stu Gods Mazda Shale Sonnen Dole
Fresh "McGregor" from The Herd

The Herd

00:37 min | 5 hrs ago

Fresh "McGregor" from The Herd

"I'm just glad it wasn't it wasn't over in the first round by my takeaway was Aldo needs to end it like a career. Good career over. I really thought that the ref was goingto stop that earlier. I mean, I know he was still technically protecting himself, and he is a is a champ. So you always give you always give like the legends you given extra 30 seconds, But it was like not competitive for about a minute and 1/2 hearted to watch. It was, like, really big brother. Little brother feel to it. You're like, all right calling. Yeah, but overall, I thought the car was great. It was was it lived up to the hype for me? I know they wanted a more more exciting, You know, Title fight for that, But I thought his men and put on a good fight is the sweet science. Every fight's not gonna look the same right. Some guys have styles that are not as Is exciting Economy. Gregory Flight with six days notice, Yes, Connor McGregor is fascinating. His style is fascinating. Lot of guys are you know you're not going to get well, that's like the complaint about Mayweather fight. It's a lot of times that he's such a defense boring that the fights go all the way other boring enough outfight but like you have to respect the different styles. Mayweather's fight our mooring Canelo can bore me to tears to Mayweather in Canal. I know they're good, but wake me when it's over. That's also join with news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard line, Fox Sports NFL analyst Greg Jennings is joining us via the Coward Global Satellite Network, So I'm interested by the way. Great. I'm gonna read this. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Greg recently won Mr Minnesota's men's Physique.

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