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"mc noah emmerich" Discussed on How Did This Get Made?

How Did This Get Made?

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"mc noah emmerich" Discussed on How Did This Get Made?

"The media not south. Find the answer the question this. Hello. And welcome to how did this get made? I'm heroes Paul Scheer joined as always by Jason man's Uca's. How are you? Jason. I'm good Paul. How are you? Very good. And this movie didn't care for it. Really? This wasn't like this, isn't you don't think this is kind of like a successor gem. No, no. It's not once again, you've made me watch something that is like something that was lost the deserves to be lost to time. Oh, no. No, no. This. Eat a dick is like speed. This is like a better version of speed. It's like. It's actually how did this get made all star kinda day? We have to returning guests on the show. I guess I'm so excited to have our first guest, you know, in probably from the Mindy project, or the hilarious film blockers. He just wrote directed and produced and starring in a brand new movie, it's called the oath with Tiffany haddish. It's right now available on the OD. Check it out mister Barone house. Thank you. Jason. And I went to the night gathering the juggle O's together last year to each other. We got we met up on the drug bridge. My man was sucking down a strawberry Fago. What? This is the premiere of this movie, and I really enjoy. I'm sorry. Did I I'm know? you do say something nice about moving interrupted. Go ahead. Oh, sorry. I was at the premiere of this movie, and it was great. And you were you spoke very eloquently and passionately and the movie was fucking fantastic. I talk good about the movie good movie. The movie is great. I also sought. And it's I think what I love about the movie is how funny it is. But then it also is it's a very like tense movie. You do a great job of kind of bouncing comedy and tension, really. Whereas well, thank you guys. It's basically like Twitter were movie where you look at a tweet where it's like the tweet of like a pig. Wearing a diaper diaper. Pig diaper. Pigs amazing. I love him. And then the next tweet is like, I don't know children being separated from the parents you start crying. You're scared. That's what I wanted to make a pig. A real thing. He is he is readily at UTA, and he does a budget difference of either writer, though, that's why I think he was a YouTube celeb-. He was part of a Logan Paul's crew. He was a Jimmy hilarious. So he's hilarious. And a good person. That's great. We also have another special of joining us today. She's also been on the pod she has her own amazing podcast called throwing shade. And a fantastic book, which I read and love this called feminazi. Please. Welcome Aaron Gibson. Hi, y'all. What? What a real turn movie this. This. This is made you watch. I watched it last night after well, I'm kind of nervous about the election. So I've been almost a full bottle of wine. Of course. So this is post bottle of wine. I have to say this is the way to do it. You guys you guys have me on this podcast for my hot takes. Right. Yeah. Of course. Oh, yeah. And you're hot looks. Thank you. Here's my hot take this movie. Wasn't that bad? In fact, listen I'm listening to hot I've listened to almost every episode of this longtime listener second time guest Barunholtz. I think I know how this guy made. That's helping before. I think I know how it got made. Here's the thing. I agree with you. I think it exists as a film like you can get you wonder since story great actors in every time a new scene. Started MC Noah Emmerich, the guy from American. I'm ed. Yes. And again, this is a young Chris Evans who is playing like a real surfer, dude. It actually made me appreciate his body for captain America. Because I was like, whoa. What his his even in this where he's much skin ears bodies frigging dope. Yeah. He he's like, a straight up hung. He's a hunk. He's a hunk and a half. But it's right. But they got him right between Johnny flame. Yes. Fantastic. Four four and and captain America. They got him in that that stat spot his his his his his whole thing is he's an approachable hunk. Yes. You don't think he's going to like put a date rape drug in a very charming? He's a hunt that you like went to school..

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