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"mazo farren" Discussed on Ali on the Run Show

"There is a a lot of work to be done and since then you know now i can do still can't quite keep up with some of some of the longer distance girls on the team but i can do the k. Repeats at the start of the workout. I can work my way through some of the tempo or a large portion of long runs. i mean. Of course. I'm still a little bit on the shorter end in the training group But yeah i'm able to do things with the team. That are sort of staples and i definitely could not at the start of joining the team So my skill set was always being a little bit faster and being on the track and in the weight room and doing more like explosive speed type stuff and now i can actually help out with them and other stuff which is nice. I actually feel like i'm helping everyone right. So speaking of your teammates. As i mentioned earlier. I have two questions that i use a lear asked me to ask you on the record so in for my asia is what can you tell us about your travel journey to tokyo oh. I don't even know how to summarize this. It was a total disaster Let's see i will say we were stuck in a parking garage before we left for the airport because we lost our ticket. No that that started this often. It's not great place and then we finally got the airport and check in and we thought the pressure was off and then joe was gone suddenly because of an unpaid parking tickets. So he's missing We finally get to the gate. And of course i. Asia is struggling to walk and Emma and i were cockpit security for too many liquids in our bags and we finally get there. And we're told that we can't board the plane because our cova tests don't say the word And i can never think of this word like something that means that it was a a a no swab philan- g or something weird and it's not that but it's like a strange thing. Yeah so anyway. The point is that. I had to get on the phone with the swiss doctor who reminded i owe a present. I have a friend who something back to switzerland And i got his information and he. He diligently got to work and filled out these japanese forms and honestly saved us from being unable to board the plane and there was literally account down going on. I mean like a thirty seconds until the door closes. you're not boarding and we're all like sweaty and angry. Anyway the doctor calls back. And he's like i. I'm scanning the papers. And it was like the most joyous celebration you're like all jumping around and as they counted down ten seconds whatever we get the papers and show it to them and board the plane and the league made it and it was really high stress and everyone says that i was like a Like on like disabling a bomb. Because i was so focused and precise with my language and a side of me. That doesn't come out. That often came out. Which is the one. That's very much a result of my dad and it was just very focused on the task but anyway we made it the day own. My gosh did google the word. Because i wanted to know so. I googled nasal swab word to seeing that we had. I shouldn't attempt to pronounce this or recording. But you can correct me. Mazo farren. Gio for ngo. That was nice. Yeah that sounded good. We not seller did not sound cute. When i out often i had lost that day. It was like we need for farren. Jen enjoy four on our tests. H chill start. Yes oh my gosh. Yeah we things. Just that was a little bit of a signed for us i think. Oh my gosh yeah well before we talk more about tokyo i'll just ask you my next question from asia which is how do you wake up so beautiful that was asked you. She was like she wakes up and she just looks so beautiful time she wanted me to ask. How do you wake up. And she's training camps together. And i think we spend so much time together that we just all you know. Just see everything. And i mean i. Obviously i have no idea. I appreciate that. She thinks that. And it's probably because my hair does well in a state of chaos. Like sort of how i let it be and so i think if i wake up in my hair is a little crazy. Naish likes that but I was just. I woke up like this. That's just a little bit. Yeah i love it. I always yeah i mean i wake up and i wash my face right away. So maybe that's part of it all right so tell us you have the chaos at in the parking garage chaos at the airport but you make it to tokyo. I believe it was alison wade from fast women. Who said something like. No one is having more fun than corey. Mcgee in tokyo right now. Instagram's stories were so fun. So i want to hear all about what it was like. What was it like arriving. Who was your roommate. Tell us about the stuff. Tell us about the cardboard bed and the skims home. Give us the tokyo one one. Yeah oh gosh. It was awesome. Everything was so exciting. And you as someone who loves the olympics you see so much of what the athletes are up to and the gear and Just everything that goes along with that. And i feel like even though this olympics wasn't the same because we weren't with our families and didn't have spectators and whatnot. The things that were the same were just so awesome. Like i was obviously a loved from my family to be there but the reality is like i was so happy and there were parts of it that i could have thought about in let myself be sad but i was loving all of the things that we were able to do and I loved the girls that i was you know in the same suite with i roomed with emma and i got to know katie to get the poulter as well as Raven rogers was in our sweet and we had an awesome group of people. There and taylor manson. Who's actually up the university of florida and runs the four hundred so i love having her nearby But yeah there was just great group of people and the polo stuff. I have to say. I was like over the moon because i've always just loved like all of the team. Usa stuff but the blazer for the opening ceremonies in any of the light polo bear. Stuff is like a just feel like it just screams olympics and it makes me so happy so talking the time in my life i mean i was very happy and i think It's sort of one of those things if you've been to the olympics before maybe you don't like get as totally excited about all but this is my first time. Erin i was. I was feeling it. So the i wanted everyone to know i wanted to share it. I want i. I just think it's so exciting. Well it was so fun to follow. Along. what is your single favorite item. That you got is is it. The blazer is it the skims robe. What's the number one thing thing that you will never.

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