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#49 Alchemy + Integrity + History + Science + Art = Craft Beer

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#49 Alchemy + Integrity + History + Science + Art = Craft Beer

"<music> hello and welcome to the food disruptors the podcast castro capitalism meets america's food culture. I'm theresa brown and together with my co host lawrence we delve into the stories of the big personalities these who have shaped our food system and what why and how we eat today for better and for worse and we look to the future through interviews with with today's food disruptors who even as we speak for determining everybody's nourishment and help as well as the health of the planet in years to come if you think craft beer was an obvious line of business fair creative young man with good taste in a bit of capital in the nineteen sixties you would be wrong. You'll be called in the last episode of the vid disrupters that there was no longer and industrial infrastructure or labor market for craft beer. Fritz maytag took on the daunting task of regenerating an entire industry one batch of beer at a time and then on the basis of a truly early great tasting products and really cool low key marketing. He proceeded to change the beer drinking culture in the u._s._a. So let's hear how he battled some of those big beer windmill last time we talked a lot about sort of the the history of anchor brewing up until he took it over as well as the history of beer in america but once he got his in his hands on it sort of what happened and why even did he want to buy this failing brewery okay well. I think we should start with who is fritz. Maytag fritz maytag was born in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven. He grew up in newton iowa. Why and he describes his upbringing as that of a regular pretty idyllic midwestern boyhood and he you went to a prep school back east and then he decided to follow his very smart sister to stanford university which which was the wild west and and so many people as probably you and your parents thought rediker like oh my god you're going to stanford. He sounds like he was was a bit of a anti-establishment free thinker so he ended up at stanford i think he he graduated in one thousand nine hundred fifty nine so he's kicking around in san francisco in the early sixties and sit there was a lot going on in in san francisco in the very early sixties it was one of the birthplaces of the counter cultural revolution and <hes> i've seen these pictures of of fritz maytag during that era and we'll put a or maybe a little bit after let's say the mid to late sixties soon we'll put some on the website and he's a very handsome man as a young guy he really look like a preppy and why that stands out is because in these pictures there he is holding a glass of beer looking very prim and proper proper surrounded by all these hippies who worked with him and it looks like everybody's having a good time working at anchor brewing company me and you corrected me riddick. I kept saying working at anchor steam beer but that's the actual beverage and the company is anchor brewing company right. It's a pretty common mistake. That's how iconic the beer has. Come okay well. Thank you very deeming me. So anyhow fits maytag. He was was the son of a wealthy family the maytag family his great grandfather started the maytag. Hey tag washing machine company. Now i have to ask you. Do you know what kind of washing machine you have riddick. I do what do you have. We've a- bosh okay lots. Latina okay came with the house. Did your mother ever have a maytag. I don't think we ever have a maytag but i mean it's. It's probably the only one that i could say is synonymous with washing machines these other companies. I'll make them now because everybody makes xerox. Xerox is is really an iconic brand. Yes and that is because just very briefly because the food disruptors is where capitalism meets america's food culture. I just want to give a little bit of background. Maytag washing machines started to become famous in the early nineteen thirties ladies in the one thousand nine hundred twenty s washing machines were were automatic washing machines electrical washing machines were or we say electronic washing machine trick electric. They were finally on the market and they really did revolutionize is a woman's role. I will say because women did almost all of the clothes washing and clothes washing by hand is hard. It's really hard labor. A maytag started producing electric washing machines and they quickly developed a reputation awesome for high quality and that became the standard of the maytag company. They focused on high quality. There were other bigger larger manufacturers out there may tags by word was quality over quantity that has spin the way people think of maytag washing machines and and older listeners of my era may remember the lonely maytag tag. Repairman doubt was one of the longest running ad campaigns in the history of madison avenue. It was a very cost effective ad campaign and and there was just no reason to change it. The maytag repairman was lonely because the washers hardly ever needed to be repaired and i had i had may take washer sure drier and loved it very very good machine. Anyhow so this idea of high quality over quantity was something that fritz maytag was raised with now heated and go into the family business nor did his father by the way his father did jump into food ways in another way with the maytag dairy company and perhaps we'll talk about that when we talk about cheese making in in later episodes butt fritz maytag after stanford was having dinner when night at the old spaghetti the factory in north beach in san francisco and there was one of the thirty places that actually served anchor steam beer. You're now but that time in the early sixties anchor steam beer had quality problems and often it would be sour and they'd have to return the product back to the company but fritz maytag was one of this small group of cognoscenti we we might call them. Beer snobs who were sort of you know is a very small group of people like wine snobs back in the sixties there weren't that many of them it kind of wasn't a thing but he's drinking his beer at the old spaghetti factory and somebody mentions ya'll anchor steam shutting in down and he was looking for something to do. He was a well to do young man and he so we we add some capital and he decided to buy this almost defunct brewery the way he put it was well if somebody said i have this model t. here and it doesn't run very well but i'll sell it to you for fifty bucks. You might do it for a lark like why not so that's how he bought debris but suddenly it it just grabbed hold of his imagination shen he loved the sort of mystical aura of this really old brewery last week we talked about the history of anchor brewing company penny and it was in six or seven different locations and at many different owners since the middle of the nineteenth century but it just was redolent of san francisco history and i'm sure it smelled musty and was dank dark and sort of wonderful to young man with a vivid imagination and a liberal arts education that he was very very proud of but i think it is worth noting and you will appreciate that rhetoric as an engineer because he didn't know anything about engineering and he didn't know anything about brewing equipment so he he just decided he was going to learn the craft of brewing beer and he had bad adequate really old equipment with known problems of contamination but he decided to to make a go of of it again. I i think you use the ma the the metaphor of an old model t getting but i feel like with the amount of energy and passion in that he immediately poured into it that it's more like buying an old defunct hot rod or something and then really going at it and investing quite a bit of money as well along the way yes in fact. He kept putting money into it and probably got some pushback from his family. Ah who wished that he would not squander his inheritance he didn't wanna squander it and he didn't act as if he was squandering he made well-calculated investments and he for five years around the brewery and upped its production action but it became any any new brought it to the point where they could bottle and before they were only producing kegs and and there's a funny story from the caig era you know he he knew what he was doing with branding and he wanted to really be be low key and i'm going to say suave and be a word of mouth brand is so he developed these great labels roles working with the local artist and anchor brewing company's labels have become extremely iconic and collectors items but in the early days when they were still just producing in barrels he decided to throw a big party and kind of really raise the profile vancouver brewing and so he invited everybody who is anybody in san francisco including the mayor and furlan getty and all these bigwigs and i don't know who accepted and who came but they did have quite a guest list and <hes> he was asked we know what was sort of one of your worst moments as an entrepreneur and he cited this party because the day of the party he was at the brewery where the party he was gonna be held and he realized oh my god all the beer is sour and so you know what do you do and and so he resorted to ally and he went down the peninsula to where one of the reliable purchasers purchasers of barrels of anchor steam beer was and he said they just made a delivery so he knew this guy had the beer so it went down and he said had to peer we sold you it turns out was one of the best batches we've ever brewed and we just need to buy the beer back so that we can figure out what makes it so good and so this retailer kindly let him have the beer back in the party went off without a hitch and of course they had the great beer to to to serve these important guests. I liked that story but he there was a lot of high pressure and he just continued to throw himself into into it so some of the the aspects of anchor steam beer that were very expensive. Talk a little bit about what makes anchor steam special well nowadays. It's interesting because it's one of these things where it created this category of craft beer so nowadays it's it's a number of things you find in in other areas but at the time everybody was making these cores lights in these sort of not super flavored light. There were no light beers of course lights all right. We're heavy and and what they did is. They said we'll know we're gonna make a very flavorful beer and so so you know if you've had anchor steam it has a lot of flavor you would not confuse that with with one of these mass produced the cores and so that goes back also to just this creating this sort of really. You need more expensive ingredients. You need more care to get a flavor like that to to have it. Be that that prominent. I mean all of their beers where were were these very flavorful. Very different beers and expensive ingredients is a key concept because anchor steam uses two two row barley not the more common six row barley in in its fermentation and is very selective in the hops it uses and we could you do an episode just on hops and maybe we will because that's a huge industry in the pacific northwest and we've we've even talked about when hop zor added to the beer making process and last time he described it. You're making process and i do know with a liberty. Ale was one of the the first signature brands aside from inc the steam beer at that anchor brewing company came out with and it was known for dry hopping so what does that even mean so dry hopping is a process that gives is huge hop flavors to it and particularly the sort of more delicate aromas <hes> because when you're thirsty i by the normal way you add hops remember you added before during the boil and you had it before your fermenting and so like with many things when you put it through this hedin hedin all processing it loses a little bit of those bright flavors with dry hopping you essentially just add another tea bag of of hops either during a secondary fermentation sometime basically towards the end right before you bottle the beer so it extracts all of these oils that are really flavorful and sort of what now you think of as this great hop flavor but so yeah that's why the liberty l is a much more but happier you can smell it. You can really experience it is because it adds it at the end after you've already done all the boiling and this is a good time to make the point about why fits maytag was a tooth food disrupting because first of all for most of our listeners out there. You're probably thinking well yeah craft beer. That sort of is <unk> as what craft beer is like is delicious bright interesting flavors well. There was no craft beer in the united states in the early nineteen sixties when when fritz maytag decided to make beer in this way he was the first there was no craft beer market craft beer was not around and i think that's a really important point because he disrupted what had become <music> sort of as stabilized status quo market of just a few big producers in fact we talked about how in at nine thousand nine hundred there roughly there were about four thousand breweries and by nineteen sixty five that or there early sixties that number the number of breweries in america was around the seventies and just so you can see where the story is going by the nineteen eighties. It was thirty four doc and today it's well. What is it today. I'm not sure about today's numbers. <hes> i i do know that in two thousand fifteen they passed the historical peak so it took all the way from eighteen seventy three the previous peak okay he'll twenty fifteen to surpass and that was four thousand one hundred and thirty one brewers but that's pretty quickly since one thousand nine hundred eighty s and since fritz maytag started anchor steam in the early sixties and there just weren't any other are craft breweries there were two others in the early seventies both of which were no one was in northern california and that was albion brewing company and then there was the boston brewing company that came out with sam adams beer right and new albion new albion up in l. a. k. and one of the interesting things though is that you know maybe this is a little bit apocryphal but is the reason they were. There are a number of these early ones in california is they all tasted this anchor anchor steam. They'll newly all these beers and solve what could happen and we're inspired to start their own family tree that really sprawls out from a from anchor well it does and i think that that was very intentional. Attentional on the part of fritz maytag he he did not advertise conventionally and he wanted knowledge of his spirit to spread spread by word of mouth but he also needed a market and he very avidly and generously shared all of this knowledge college he had gained in the school of hard knocks about craft brewing and if a sincere would be brewery entrepreneur came to him and needed information needed guidance needed mentorship fritz maytag gave it very gladly family and he helped launch probably at least one hundred other small craft breweries another thing to note about the kinds of risk he was taking was at that time since there was no market for craft beer there was snow capital equipment around like you couldn't just go buy a nice ice clean that which he needed because he had contamination problems going on so he had to improvise every step of the way and he he was key by encouraging other entrepreneurs who was helping build this whole base of infrastructure as well as more more and more people learning about craft beer through other types of craft beer so it was very crafty on on his part and and i think generous and in keeping with his idea that the craft brewing is more of an art and that his liberal arts education which was in literature had value he wants said that he wanted anchor steam beer to be the platonic ideal off of beer and so he put he put that much care into it now we're talking about his need for equipment and we talked about how he bought this brewery that was almost defunct and had really bad equipment that was contaminating tamin batches of the beer they brid so he knew they needed a new brewery and in the mid seventies he we had just scraped and clawed and barely brought anchor brewing company into the black they finally after ten years of operation. We're no longer losing money and it wasn't like amazon so but they they were barely profitable but not very attractive to any bank lender <hes> at all so the only way that fits maytag could get the capital to buy and outfit a new brewery or actually build a new brewery was by putting lina his own personal inheritance behind a bank loan. So what did that mean well. He was the science of the maytag corporation. I guess by then a corporation and this was in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven and you are too young to remember this but i remember vividly because because i graduated in seventy six into a terrible recession and stepping off into some of the worst inflation in the united states has ever known and my husband and i bought a house in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and so where the story is going is fritz maytag lined up alone based on his the value of the stock held which he wants say okay how much but thirty two dollars a share and by the time he actually was drawing down the loan the stock had fallen to in the mid twenties and when he arranged things that i the prime rate for business loans was seven and three quarters percent. I don't where it is today but i'm going to say to i- anyhow that so seven and three quarters percent by the time he's halfway through the construction the interest rates are heading towards twelve percent and then and and the stock is is i'm not doing well and by the time you know everything's up and running interest rates are at twenty percent and believe leave me i remember this period and it was frightening and it was devastating and you know we had a mortgage like seventeen percent. Were really young. It was really scary and it was a very stressful time for fritz maytag and he was about to lose everything but he's stuck with it and kept up the quality of his beer and you know he came out with the liberty ale that we've discussed us and he made it he he scraped by and built the business and it's it's a remarkable story. Not just of entrepreneurship worship was when he had the idea of actually making it grow and of you know running this business where all the employees really really cared about the business and where he was there are no twenty four seven just loving this business and and making great beer then fortunately interest rates came back down and you know the business started to i think i think it's fair to sake thrive and i'm not going to get into barrel numbers because i don't even know how to put that in context. I know they had twelve thousand five hundred barrels per year. Eh one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. I believe their facility. The capacity is one hundred eighty thousand barrels a year but i don't know how many of that they actually produce okay. That's a good capacity. Numbers you out and look look out your window at their building and an interesting co. Two you know creating this crappy. The revolution is basically what happened. Is these large beer companies. Which essentially an hour i'm they might as well be holding companies with all the different brands they own. They started realizing oh everybody is everybody's getting into craft beer. We should own some craft beer companies and so you have anheuser busch purchasing goose island i. I believe it's heineken investing lodden log anita's in the north and then recently sapporo bought inker. Oh that's right in seventeen seventeen right in <hes> in two thousand seventeen now i mean they actually purchased it so i may tags sold it to to sky vodka executives in two thousand ten <hes> so he basically you know he built it up to a great business and then sold it to these two folks who essentially build even further really expanded and then sold it to sapporo but it's interesting interesting that it's all sort of coming full circle is initially. You couldn't get this flavorful beer. An flavorful beer became so popular that the big guys need to get in and by these companies he's yeah and that's certainly is seems to be a very big part of the story of where america's food culture is going going is the big food processors are finally catching up with the market and with changing demand and with changing chain environmental pressures as well. So what do you think about that. Is that okay. It's very interesting because as far as i'm concerned you know from beer standpoint the more that the largest distributors and pushers will say of beer are committed to making now how better beer you know there's a large distribution arm and things like that. It is a little bit sort of nostalgic and that that it's too bad that they're not all owned locally early right in that. They're not all these small businesses. They're all thriving but honestly it's a high capital business and it's hard to it's hard to stay independent in in the environmentally. Yes i did notice not only did sapporo purchase anchor steam but i think just this year two thousand nine hundred eighteen. The workers of anchor steam voted to join the i'll w the international longshoremen workers union of which i was a member i will say uh-huh along sherman tastes but yeah it's the capital needs and just employee benefits things like that. It's really hard for a small craft enterprise in any aspect of our food culture to really make it long term and this does interest me it. It's a question that we come back again and again on the food disruptors as we look forward is big necessarily bad. It's a fair question because i think there is something that attitude but you know we we can and we will go back to many of the big cereal companies recently. We talked about oatmeal and we've talked about c._w. Posed yeah yeah and and general mills now which actually started with cadwalader washburn and the flower company is investing in huge lii in small food startups that are you know into regenerative agriculture and alternative alternative proteins and non mono-crop grain products sends so is it a bad thing in the beer industry. I don't know listeners you. You should let us know what you think about that. Yeah i think the way i feel is just that the the large companies tend to reflect the new innovations and the type of innovations day drive is is usually around marketing right so now tequila has become huge because some importer said i want to kill to be huge and did a big branding push i but this idea that the large companies would try to disrupt their own beer market by making different beer. I just don't think that would happen so that is a really good point. Brad innovation is always gonna come from small folks who have nothing to lose or needed a way to compete against much larger rivals. They need to distinguish themselves and then at the end of the day the the large companies. We'll come in and snap up some of them right. That's the course of disruption it disrupts and then it becomes the status quo and then on we moved to further disruptions options driveway just to close with a nod to fritz maytag i he was a disruptor of a high order. I i love his the lofty goals he set for himself personally to make something great but i also loved that he is just a classic food disruptor in that he took this huge risk and a huge personal risk and just about every major food disrupted that we have talked about did that in one way or another they they shoot for the moon <hes> <hes> absolutely unfortunately it's not quite lunchtime so we can't have beer yet but soon so what's your favorite beer. Do you choose different bruce for different applications. Are you a craft brewer. We're yourself. There is an amazing culture of pardon beer aficionados today in the u._s. Anchors seem beer and it's colorful. History is is only one bright strand in what has become over the past forty or so years delightfully berry tapestry of breweries and beer types. Stay on the lookout for more disruptive stories about beer and do check out the food disruptors dot com for some revealing photos and links to the brits maytag an anchor steam beer story. We love hearing from you so feel free to comment and keep the conversation going. The food disruptors is created written and hosted by theresa brown co hosted hosted by ruddick lawrence website and tech support by dan curren and is produced and edited by charlene goto of goto productions. If you like what you hear insurance subscribe describe rate and comment to the show on apple podcasts or wherever you find your podcast media thanks for listening.

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19  We Drop Anchor and Learn Beer History

Life in 16 oz.

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19 We Drop Anchor and Learn Beer History

"Why are we not going to the Irish pub? That's a long story. Basically, the owner said that there was a Leprechaun came in through bull coins live the place smash bottles in the took off or something. That sounds really familiar like youtube you do. There anyway. So I'm going to take you to this new place that I've heard about. Oh? Okay. Welcomed the lefties. FELLAS Thirty beer-taps. Oh. We'll have a life sixteen ounces. Please have all those you go with that. It's a classic good choice. Structure. TAP, welcome to life and sixteen ounce show that raises a pint to the explorer the adventure seekers. So's wanting to break free from the nor to fill their glasses with memorable experiences. Basically have a good time. I'm Brandon it's twenty twenty and I say bring on the locusts and I'm Paul I'm going to make some tinfoil hats because I'm pretty sure aliens are on their way. Good Choice. Let's get the show started. This episode after graduating from the University of Bir, history with an over achieving two point oh GPA. We pontificate over our knowledge of the original Sarah? Next we visit a tap room and eatery owned by two southpaws who offer thirty plus meticulously vetted beer selections six of which are featured in this month's battle royale. Home Competition Filing. We converse with two former anchor brewing employees who've expound on their perspective of the perilous pitfalls and prosperous Paragon tweety bird, the beer industry. You're bringing Gary Spitting, deliver your microphone buddy. That in our usual crack in this episode of life in Sixteen Ounces. Did it did it did it did let's talk some news. All righty. Here we go. Food and Wine magazine had some pretty neat stuff. For instance, six ways to explore. They had new beers but I'm thinking just beers in general. How'd you? Beers? During the covert situation well, like new like Joe, go out and get whatever. You can locally gathering it back and explore. Now what I mean is what what they're trying to convey is Try to take your time the number one was be more attentive to the beers at you drink because. It's a social instead of just slamming them does -actly beer-drinking is very social gatherings. You're talking you're you're paying attention to the whoever whoever's talking hey, what's going on Blah Blah Blah you're you're right you're grabbing your sipping it next it's done what the hell did you drink I you you have no, you have no idea. And that's one of the things that we're gonNA talk about in later in the show is just drinking drink versus. Actually exploring your taste buds knowing exactly what you're putting in your mouth. I'll move on before you comment. But dubber to break out your special occasion beer, our friend Michelle does this a lot. Well, I've had this wind sitting in the cellar and a special occasion. You know what I'm bringing it out baby and I, did that with with a bottle of vodka once it's set for like ten years or something, and I didn't touch it at. This point we're way far into the covert situation where there's no longer special event or a special occasion. Yeah this is just annoyingly. Busted. Open. It doesn't. It does it shouldn't matter at this point. Number three choose styles or flavors. They actually brighten your mood like this one. But if you don't know what styles or flavors brighten your mood, this is where he didn't back to number one. That's what I'm GonNa say you just hope that would be completely conflicting with well or what? But that's what we talked about some individuals last night at at this taproom. Yes, you like. I love what you like about as. Well then figured out what hops. Malt. Make you happy how much knew that that? Well. More drink that's that's you could go into a million and a half directions with that with all the okay well I'll let me get into that. Then let me get into that number four mix up your beers to fight palette fatigue. Oh again, this is this is interesting because it's going to touch what we're GonNa talk about later know what would be interesting is to talk to somebody upside down. Sorry. No military things. That's remind went no. I was somebody who has been drinking bud budweiser for. Teen amount of whatever twenty thirty years, and that's their go to to see. Whether or not they eat. Can. They can stand or the talent can stand something. That's that's brand new. Okay. I got number six forty. Okay. Let me get to number five because it will shock you. Know Four, mix it up and fight Palette fatigue beans just break out of your break free from the norm and try other things that might be interesting at this point was a song by Wilson Phillips. Oh yeah break free. They were good. Where do they go number five drink high? Because you don't have to. This, you don't have to drive to work. Some have to work. You know that's what they're saying and go go to town because you should be staying home on your couch. Don't do what we did last night. All right number six, go ahead and drink lagers I didn't like the way this was titled, but it made sense as they were going into it. Because they talk about when we first started drinking you more than likely based off of everybody that we've talked to. In our previous episodes, they were introduced to beer with the lager. So why are they asking you to do this because it's nostalgic it might bring up some special memories of when you were growing up now. I looked further into it because I was getting annoyed. Okay. But it actually said but maybe not necessarily the big boys. That are out there. Go ahead and have and support your local brewery that more than likely has a pills near Coche or lager Gotcha and do it that way but yeah. And don't don't fear the loggers folks. They're actually pretty good especially again in ninety one, hundred degree temperatures. Chances are good to another thing I found was. Reverse Guinness Reverse Guinness Okay. Hopefully, you have an idea already in your head listeners but. More than likely if you drink enough beer and you're listening to our show, you know what a- Guinness looks like when it pours how amazing it just flows in clouds arcus night. Oh my gosh she's beautiful and then it turns and finally settles Pristine, Beautiful Line Oh? You're talking about the Nitro, the NITRO and eventually how it settles when you you get. I think we've talked about this when we went to the. Island iron trip, but somebody come up with. A reverse Guinness a white or albino stout the from team toxic environment poll it's a Vegan vegetarian beer. But in the end, they're trying to give this sense of flipping flipping the script Yo. You Got White and I'm talking to white not like a white pastry stout which Ike our friend Jason at true symmetry has. Okay. It's still has a bit of a Golden Hue to it. Their beer is white white, and then there's a fairly fine line and then it's black as night and it's just a gimmicky thing or necessarily I mean it's well, it's a course. It's gimmicky same thing with the whole Guinness thing is gimmicky because you know it's it's it's a perception thing where you look at it and it just makes you happy. You know this reminds me of is clear Pepsi. Why Zima we're going to go down the list of no but I'm saying look clear Pepsi was something that came out for a while in this kind of sounds like. A reverse they've been working on for five years trying to perfect this thing. But yeah, no I get it. What time case it's black on top instead of the whole thing being black and white with a little bit foam and. This is not black and white. Well, you know what? I mean the the the the foam head is white. So you're telling me that the foam head is black like a squid ink black it looks really strange to tell you the truth but the actually said when you drink it, it tastes like beer. What is supposed to taste like? I don't know. That's what is d do they talk about what that that toddler is GonNa Secrets will not be revealed because again, they're still trying to figure it out and you're right. It's a gimmick that they want to hold onto and try to get people to come to their place and try to hide it just it. It looks really odd and strange. But I thought it. Was Neat. Reverse Guinness. Now. So speaking of trying to find your local beers and supporting local breweries ordering stuff. By, all means go check out support beer dot com. Craft Beer Dot com, they actually had a state by State Guide that tells you what you can get here what you can order there. We've done that truth to regarding this episode trying to bring in the top ten beers and a lot of stuff you can't order in in have shipped but there's a lot of places that are starting to do that. Yes. In the Beers delivered to your door these two. Can help you with that. I. Thought. It was really neat. Was the the map that they had You can actually see where Bruce are closest to your home and across the nation and see how it's focused on one particular state. Or region. So. Cool. All real quick. Some funny stuff flash here's a here's a Flash News Bush unveils new beer for your dog now. So you can pop a top with your dog it's really odd but again, it goes back to your comment about cancer just being used for everything. Let's see here. Craft Breweries recapturing carbon to brew climate-friendly Beer. It's getting out. We Love you climate change people. I also read anything thing about. Just. Because this episode is going to talk about sales and distribution. There's a research that talks about. Beers how well they're doing on the market sales stocks, things like that I found that it's called. I R I new Belgium accounts for five top thirty craft brands. This is interesting. Slim cans. When Likely Seltzer? Slim cans account for twenty percent of off premise caned. Favorite White Claw Richard, a matter of fact, the white clause actually pictured in the photo. Come on. That's enough of this stuff. Yes. Let's do a little pontificating about beer history. Hi this is Mike and Nicole you're listening to life in sixteen outisde. What's in my pint is camp. What's in my pint? Is Mind Hayes I P A. Delicious. The US ranks fifteenth. In the world in per capita consumption of beer while total consumption was second only to China what? I'm GonNa Start Throwing facts that you man too early for that. There were seven thousand breweries roughly I mean I'm pretty sure it fluctuates back and forth each month especially during covert and after Cova, there's only going to be two thousand left. So let me hit you up I want to we're going to talk a little about beer history in the United States and then zoom focus onto California right so we're not starting with B. C., times Mesopotamia stuff like that. Yeah. Let's go back to Mesopotamia and Egypt and yeah if you look it up, it sounds like that's kind of where it originated and then it sort of expanded from there and you know they talk about. Germany in England. And just different. Brewing techniques over. The centuries. That got us to where we are today, but we're not going to necessarily dive that Sean. This thing I, I'm not ready to do petunias. King so and so. Deadly Pete in. That's that's good. But we're we are going to what I would want to bring us to now are the top beers. Voted by. brewers now you mentioned. Sarah visa files I think. That's what. Word I think I might miss but that means beer lover. In. This this list is voted by beer lovers actually brewers American home brewers association, the AH A in two thousand nineteen. This is list I'll give you the top ten. This is of the United States correct. Okay. You can go into beer advocate and you look at the top rated beers there in it it it varies slightly but there's still top. Use this word quite a lot on this show pillars of the brewing community. To show how amazing that beer is not just once. Not Twice five ten, fifteen, twenty years of production. Bring the same beer to make it an absolute classic art. So number. One. We mentioned this before in other up, you're going to start with one and now. You want to do that. All right and number four will shock yet. You get ruin the whole thing here. Let's start with the top ten work your way down. Well, I do WANNA bring up a couple of. Notables in the above ten category. How about that? So just Throw out there because there. There's something that moderable mentions. Yeah. Well, not honorable but there they did a top twenty five. and. Something that you might be focused on, for instance, number twenty, three as north coasts old Butin. North from. And Allah Gas White. Number Twenty one. Goose Island I wanted to bring up just because we've talked about how yes they're owned by inbev. They clearly were somebody who'd making some good beer. Anheuser Busch, said you. Make, good beer and we're going to buy you. But we're going to not only by you, but we're also GONNA help you produce and market way beyond you've ever disturbed. What so had a goose island? Bourbon. Stout which is. On the list so Kudos to them and if I rec- that I'll go out and buy it. At the ABC is ridiculous. You can you imagine number sixteen Sierra Nevada's celebration Ale which I thought was just a seasonal. You can only get that I think during the. December. Yeah very much like the Christmas holiday. Type. Timeframe but that's on number sixteen. Another. California veer to the top ten to shoots up an Oregon fresh squeezed Ip, which I think you can get almost anywhere. Yeah. All. Right and then just a throwback what we just had on the last episode Cigar City. made it into the top. Eleven number eleven. We had their Madero Brown Ale and last episode and one. For rubbing it in my viewers, but cigar city has a high. Ally Jai Alai jai-alai yeah. I don't know J. I a. l.. A. I. IP A. Number Eleven. Right number ten. Weld works. Juicy bits okay. They're out of Colorado. Or we're going to have interesting names the whole time. Juicy bits, I can number nine founders, breakfast stout. That's a that's you can find out. Almost anywhere. Number eight bells brewery out of Michigan Hop Slam, double Ip. Well, reason why I'm telling you the style. Because I wanted to kind of understand how the Top Ten list of what people's. Taste buds are kind of leaning towards. So automatically you have A. Juicy bits, you have a breakfast stout and then a double with a bells hop slammed but hopefully, it's across the board here we're not going to just have a bunch of IPA's. then. You will wait. A baited breath. But yes, number seven founders again all day. Ip. which is ascension. So it's low lower and Lower Abe. Number six founders CBS, which is Canadian breakfast telling me there's three founders back to back to back six, seven and nine. Oh, it was close but the Canadian breakfast stout is a version of the breakfast stout. Here aerial. It's maple. Maple. Bacon. But. There's coffee and chocolate number five alchemists heady topper, which we've had we have had that where you can't get that one versus. Well, you can actually get founders. In, the breakfast out in the all. So far you can't get bells and weld. Works. The alchemists is a new, England? WPA? Number four founders again go Kentucky Breakfast Stout. It's another imperial Habeas I was GONNA ask about. A Bourbon barrel aged chocolate coffee staff. So these would this would be one of your. Pillars if you will then on the south side. WanNa have a if you love stoute's or you want to try out and you like Bourbon or you like maple. These are the ones that you try. Well, let me throw this year direct shed effect. It had a picture of them drinking it out of a Coffee Cup. This is way off. All interject. This squirrel yeah squirrels. So founders I believe it's founders is coming out with an October fest style beer. And I just. Got Back to me woo and I, it should be shipping to California. In the coming week. So I am going to pick that up and I will do a a massive review. All right on that. Yes. That should show up in the top ten seasonal it better number three. Sierra. Nevada. Pale. Ale Art back home. Classic. Solid pioneer of using cascade hops and everybody sort of followed suit number two Russian, river pliny the elder. Is a double. Matter of fact I just WanNa go back by the way Sierra is the only pail so far. So Russian remembered. So everything Pliny, the elder is a double. And I don't know if you can actually order it now and have it delivered to your house and it actually says pliny for president. No, that's a different one. What is it? Off Because I. looked that up. On a beer advocate and it was it's different from Pliny, the elder or the younger that some I know that they'd got the elder and the younger the same not no. But there this this this president, it's something. Different to be something off because my brewers friends bought it had it delivered said. It's it is something off some interesting. CAIN looks cool though. Number One. Oh, here we go. which obviously knocked off the other two over the last few years. Bell's brewery and then GONNA show. So they've got to of the list. Yes, he do number eight and number one, this one is there to hearted. Double, A., which is an American style. and. You can't get it here. This is the one that you we talked. You might not get it outside of Michigan what you we've talked about this in the past. The bills taking over the number one spot, right? Okay and I looked it up to in now they have a double to hearted. So it's A. That right with triple. Triple Double Ip. Crippled. So. There you go. That's the top. Ten in a couple of noteworthy ones in what would be considered the American homes association voted by people who Brew Beer. Are Sarah Philis. Sarah Files Sarah File. A file service FILES VESA two thousand and nineteen there you go. Did. You want to mention. I know people listening to our show crossed the world but WE'RE GONNA bring up what California hot. Have that in front of me right now. So starting with number ten is supplication from Russian River Nines Mad River, steelhead, Bruin, company okay. That's wild Ale number nine Citra from the Kern river brewing company Mines Fall River Pa Exit Genia, you must have like you lots of rivers you have the matchbox I've got the hot wheels list. Number Eight is cable car from the Lost Abbey Nice interesting minds lost. Coast says weird great white okay. Oh that's well nail number seven is Wesley from the Sante A- Darius? Rustic ails minds anchor brewing is their anchor steam. Who is a shout out to the rest of the show maybe you just have the classics or something number six is speedway stout. Vietnamese Vietnamese Vietnamese Vietnamese coffee I've never heard of it in this survey bourbon barrel aged sign I should actually heard this one reminds twenty first amendment this is from Route Ale Smith Elsia through my number six was twenty First Amendment Brew Free or Die Oh Okay Number five is. Para Bola. From firestone Walker in doubt. Mines. Rush. Live is Anderson Valley's boot boot. Ale this thirteen percent. Oh my Gosh Oh a number four is duck duck goose. Off Your from the lost Abby. Okay. It's a lamb BEC-. Oh, really a sour yep. My number four is bare republics racer five. Okay. Well, hopefully, maybe our top three of the same we'll see number three, pliny the elder there is Russian river. That's my number one. Okay. A different list number two is fundament- fundamental observation from bottle logic brewing. It's a stout my number three was Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale. Are My number two. Sorry. As LAGNOTA SPELL IP -S said. This fundamental observations fourteen point three percent. You've Y you've mentioned nine out of ten beers and we've never had on our show and we're in California this really. Really upsetting I'm feel very stressed out I. go take a nap shit. Number One. And again, it says at the top of this list, some beer that you've never heard before yet arguably. The. Best. Beers from California, that's what it says. One though is pliny the younger? Ip, a ten point two, five is it's a beautiful beer but I'm just thinking of Beers that you normally get. That those those beers are so that's my list wants to stuff. That's just so. Far, out Mitt, maybe this or based on harvests in special releases I mean that I can. I can see that if you're mentioning Beers that I've never heard before actually ever heard some of them, but you can only get one time per year because certain hops that are that are made or they make they bring it so fast off the harvest in brew it and you'd better come and get it right away or it's just not gonNA taste right. So people flock to get it and that way they go. This is the greatest beer of ever had. That's why the numbers are. So you you should say, Yours your list is the top high highest rated beers I'm beer. For Caliph makes sense that makes sense to when it comes to the beers because you can't go you can't get go younger right now you don't get planning well, folks when you're looking at your list of Beers make sure that everything is something that you can go out and purchase near you what We'll get more into this into the story but. Did you know Mu that you that in today's society with as many breweries that we have in the United States that. There's not a person who has to travel more than ten miles to get to a brewery. In some cases not have five choices. Again. NAP that I saw on craft beer, dot com is just insane of how many. Places you can. You can find just mentioned how we talked about going to Russian River from Windsor down to Katie. Is a twenty five mile stretch of highway on the one on one, and there's twenty five breweries along that road we're going to have to take that Tony at some point. Let me ZIP through the. Overall Vision of fears that came to America. Obviously we're talking about immigrants coming German immigrants. Mainly that created things like anheuser Busch, paps, Miller cores, US, let in you call it when you call paps a beer. Well. How dare you? Sorry, Schlitz. and. I'll throw out I'll throw out ying-ling. just because again just German immigrants coming out here and I. Think you might mention this later on. Where they landed in the united, states was crucial and how they were able to brew beer on the East Coast Cooler temperatures. possibly caves that they had access to that brought the brought the new temperature control. In the ability to do lagers, which obviously, that was the thrust of these pioneers. When he first arrived here was a pills ner. Well I think that we need to explain that in order to to grew one of those beers you have to have a cold environment in which it's it's going to sit if if you have an environment that you know we've got one hundred degrees plus on a daily basis. It's going to be hard to to be able to to make that kind of beer, and that's why when I interviewed Dickey Ling. He mentioned that his father father and all that stuff just magically found. Caves buried into these rocks in Pottsville Pennsylvania area. So that was a magical combination. Hey, we have a way to store beer keep it own under fifty degrees. In that way, you can actually do the the. Bottom fermenting lagers that gives you that nice clear crisp. Alcohol. That at that point was this thing to do I mean you were working in coal mines you`re Basically creating America and working your butt off, and then you turn around say I needed something very refreshing in these pills nerves loggers were were the way to go. We're going to shift now because I don't think we need to really. Drum down too far on. The big beard names everyone knows and how they actually made their their mark. But one of the pioneers. came out. To California. And was able to. Take hold of the the gold rush I mean, just everyone knows the story. So we're we're we're an eighteen, forty, nine people flocking to California they're up in the Sierra Nevada's they're they're in the foothills there digging as much as it can to find the gold in the promise of of wealth. And all that stuff as they were living out in their camps, they would ship back and forth supplies to. Places like Sacramento in San Francisco. Mainly, San Francisco is what I'm thinking of. Because Places there. Were feeding off of them. Yeah I don't I. Don't I don't I'm not a goal finder and I'm not going to go up there and but I know you need supplies I know you need food and Drink. That was where anchor steam beer came from. It was an and we're not going again when I'm looking to get into this either because we've got to. Phenomenal guests coming up. Yes. The talk about the history of anchor steam, which is now anchor brewing and how they came to be. But things like. They were they helped. Cultivate and inspire other. Service a files. Beer lovers, for instance, new Albanian and Sierra Nevada A. Mendocino. Which is Known to be the one of the first brewpubs in the in the country. And then of course, Sam Adams New Belgium? In going beyond that into many different brewers, one of the things that really struck home was the hop variety right trying to find places that actually had the right climate and ability to grow these varieties versus a lot of the German, a lot of the German brewers. Were brewing off of what they're, what they're used to, which is the German hops German malts. I always, we talked about this when we did A. Feature on Mexican lagers Mexican lagers were. Built upon German immigrants knowledge of beer making they came, they planted their feet Mexico. In created what we know as. Maddelo and to Kati and Pacifico and soul and. The ones out there but they were using German hops in general malts to make those beers. So in a sense yes, they're all hills nurse. In the Mexican lager sense. But these other guys like Fritz Maytag, you might recognize that last name if you own an appliance. But their approach was I want I. Don't want to do the lagers I don't WanNa do the pills I want to break away from that and they discovered hops like cascade and Sitra in centennial and Chinook. simcoe. Willamette Warrior, all these hops were. Discovered or created, and that expanded everyone's ability to add different flavors to their beer. Okay. So I'm going to stop there because I can go way down the rabbit hole it is pretty deep. It is in I. WanNa make sure that we turn our focus to something maybe a little more digestible and that would be The pioneers here what some would argue not many honestly of the first craft. Beer place, which was anchor before we get into the the interview with these these two gentlemen. I had some thoughts about anchor steam or anchor brewing. and. Some of the things. That were flowing in my head at the time. First of all, you can get anchor. Beer. In all the lower forty eight states. Okay. And it is the twenty first. Largest craft brewer, but I was curious about was the way it's made. The way that it was. BROUGHT INTO THE PUBLIC'S MINDSET In how it's how it's Miniscule evolved since it was created. As a classic as a pillar, there's my second user. Is this is this what the earlier generations would. Their gateway to craft beer to the next level they probably didn't look at it. That way they probably saw this is just a different style of beer that they hadn't experienced before and. Which we've talked to enough people in the show. Yeah and what beer stands out like that now for data five. Exactly. That is oh, this is really different flavor from whatever been trying and wow, this is it's you know what? Really let's be honest. It's just more full as a fuller body to it. There's not really that much of a difference between that in maybe you're you're pissed beers that you have out there that you can find that you would ra would normally have a pitcher on a on a bowling alley right? Right this the ADL five. The only difference I believe. Is that it's a it's a fuller body, and maybe that's exactly what they had back in the day with the anchor. Was it. It was a fuller bodied beer. It's a one of my go to's anyway. If I was going to stay if I was going to stock my mini fridge with beers I was going drink. On a daily basis we're talking eight. Oh, five because it's easy. we're talking anchor steam. scrimshaw. Alaskan amber. All, of those are pretty much the same style speaking of common before because I don't think we've talked about this in in the lead up to the show in our research that we try to for we turn on the record button. Is. I do know that they're going to talk about steam as a trademark. Okay I do want to bring up again ying-ling. And I think you have some background? Information on this as well. The beer. That's. Is Anchor Steam is known everywhere else as California common. Okay. I mean and this is something i. didn't even know as I entered the home brewer. World, you can go and you can get a clone of California Common Ale and that is the usual. Baseline for what anchor steam same characteristics. Okay you just can't call it steam. Because of trademark that. Let me let me at least bring this up for you talk about the Steam Beers okay. When I was talking to ying-ling and looking up their history as well. They did the same one of their one of the sons broke away from the. crew and created I think James Gate. burry. A little further down and again, they they tried to do the steam beer. Approach. And and if I think flooded and some other stuff but in the end, there's there was not that many that were became successful and you have some numbers. Ya. numbers of steam steam brewery, steam breweries. So there were over a hundred steam breweries in California. Couple of others in Oregon and Washington Idaho but. When prohibition hit That was. Pretty much wiped everybody out I. Think they said their numbers were within the thousands prior to prohibition, and then there were less than one hundred after prohibition. At one time there were twenty seven steam beer breweries in San Francisco alone. And guess what it dwindled down to. One. Now just as a history lesson. The reason that it's called steam beer or at least one of the reasons it's called steam beer is this matches up with the guys talking about this right now they're gonNA. Oh, they're gonna do but I think you might have had a little different interpretation which is on that's what it's all about put in a nutshell. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail but I'll just say that because it was under such pressure in the casks. That that it was in. That when they went to tap the Keg, it actually let out kind of a sad I said this look imagine back in the day your. Working Somewhere Oh. Yeah. Up in the hills trying to get gold or up in the coal mines at that point in time. I'm not sure exactly how. The Beers are being to you if there are just coming out of. Out of TAP or they're in these. Bottles and there's there's not a lot of carbonation not a lot of pressure put into these things and European them up. Or you're being given to them. Them. To you I always they always think about the In in because I, watched Jamestown and Helen wheels and I know they still talk about these people who brew beer on this shows an hand you them, and then you just drink but get I was going to say well. It I. I think about in my mind when we talk about, you know barrels a beer and stuff like that. There was the scene. and I obviously people have read it before they saw it but in the Hobbit, one of the scenes has. A bunch of casks being put into like a river and the casks. All right, right? Yeah. So they escaped. The escaped but but I I in my mind, that's how people got to get the the Beeri was in. Oh barrels. Shoved it. You know that's how the downright. Shoots the probably through sluice loses. Yeah. Well, even then you sluice sluice. Yeah. If you get the, you get the barrels in you open up the Bung. You know what kind of actual pressures in there who knows but I'm thinking depends on what you eat if you're. If you're out there in, you hear the first time A. Moo What was that? And then maybe it's resonates with like five or six people. Well. That would to me would be novel that would be groundbreaking and then. They discovered. Even further and find out I'm sure something a sounds like steam escaping. Why? Because at that time trains were huge yeah. That was the mode of transportation and that's and right after that when somebody had their I taken out, they had to put on that warning label contents warning contents pressure, right? That's true. I. I the first. I Attorney First disclaimer first warning label and then everything just went to. This is. What I bet you were freaking way off. People are listening to these guys don't know what the hell they're talking about. Well, we got a two point. Oh. That's right. Folks we. Getting we only have a two point. Oh. Well, let's Let's get into the first story. All right. Let's check it out. To, be a good were you could make the same batches, ten times twenty times over your good. Now, they don't do that I. mean the these guys are making you know because everybody wants fresh, they want new. So you're not really making the same time. You're just making different batches of different things. So really it's like you're cooking one meal and then you're cooking another differ next week because so you don't really duplicate it much i. mean that is Julio Peaks. He is a former employee of Fritz maytag at anchor. He also came from Dad's kitchen, which is a triple D. diners drive ins and dives as you guys. That was yeah, right. They won. And of course, people are going to latch onto that. He is also one of the CO owners for lefties taproom one of the southpaws as you as you put it. And a bit of a beer savant. And a Sarah Fil pacificist whatever that word wasn't right that we use. And this guy knows the beer industry. So he was just talking about right. There was consistency. WE'RE GONNA get further into this, but there's lots of stuff he and his buddy Dan will we'll introduce here in a second. Have to say about the ups and downs and let me try to repeat what you said earlier all the that was a lot. But yeah, this is a pleasure to talk to these individuals. Let's see what else he has to say old school you know. So I bring in very public you know I racer five and that's so it's still in great beer and it's amazing. It's a pillar. You see these guys now they're trying to show well, I've got distant I got this. Then I got this there's fifteen flavors on a burger I go through what am I chasing in my mouth I don't need all that. And these guys brewing there like. Like IPA's on steroids I might to your looking Maguire since Seiko a beer I don't know I don't need that much or the trip will split triples. I want a beer now maybe have another beer and maybe chill out the last session of some. So I can may have trimmed three beers at my pace. One of those it's like a quick blur. The heck is he talking about? To give you an idea is I he called in on the show. My Studio. And we were kind of BS being back and forth till his buddy Dan joined the call. And we were just talking about you know how beers seem brewers to be brewing just all kinds of stuff all over the Board and Oh, just to get their name out there and maybe not having a consistent flagship, which is you know a lot of breweries kind of lean on i. mean we just talked about the top ten. Beers in both the nation in California I bet those brewers brew this every? Possible. Moment to keep it untapped, you go into a place. Hey, I want this because I've read about heard about it. Oh. We don't have it what why don't you? Muny, brew it now and then. But beyond that I brought up. My brother. In Maryland going hey, if you tried this like what it's a triple hopped beer and I just made fun of him, I said, what does that mean? because. If it's dry hopped, it's dry hopped. And If you double hop it or double dry hop it. Okay. Them. What does it end? Oh no no no no. This is triple dry hopped. Okay. So next is going to be. Quadruple dry hopped. So it was one of those moments where we try to figure out when does when does it actually stop the insanity and he was just kind of going off On his on his tangents until. Dan Joy. So it was kind of fun stuff but I can see where he's coming from but the. As on steroids meaning, Hey, this is crazy. This is now approaching double triple IPA's I mean what? Probably we're going to get a quadruple life you you know there's going to be somebody out there obviously that and I've these before they've got like two hundred issues. No three hundred. Twenty twenty, four, twenty, percent Ab. And you drink it to what to complete. Just get drunk or do you actually take the time like we said during the news banter, which is, do you actually explore in figure out what your palate likes what you enjoy? Maybe that's just the American way we want everything better faster stronger. All right. So Of course, it is all right. Let's hear some more if you look at how people come into the. A craft beer world. Where they Discover hops. which now is not much discovery. What seems to happen is then it wets their pallet to trying as many different hops like this one's this one's grapefruit This one has is more piney this one's like that and instead of. Kind of contradiction you little bit instead of finding. A hot they like. It seems like there is like stamp collecting or collecting butterflies where they have to try each one, each one and there there's. I suppose thousands of POPs out there. Now you know I think. Later we'll talk about how many selections of hops there were back in. nineteen, seventy or nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty or even nineteen one thousand nine, hundred, ninety i. mean it's just exploded. So it's exciting. There's a million choices and that was that was Dan Mitchell he also worked at anchor. and. I believe he worked in the lab there for several years. He understands the complexities of the brewing process, the fermentation, all the data, the numbers that really bring in. The beer to where it's supposed to be targeted the original gravity final gravity all that stuff. So versus versus Julio Who Likes to drink beer. Liked we do. But he he was in sales. Oh, Saga what kind of you and me right there. S Right I'd be the Julio Allies. That's true. Dan. It was funny because he joined the call late and they all they immediately started jabbing each other because. They. They have a respect and which which we might. Showcase here later in the interview but to have respect for Fritz Maytag who was a bit of a an authoritarian on being on time Dan said he would call me at five twenty and called me at five twenty, one O. Ge Is. It was quite funny but before they get into because as soon as I had him, I said, we gotta get into the anchor steam anchor brewing history, but I want to just double back a little bit regarding. The stamp collecting comment which I thought was amazing it. It is out there it is what you see. We went to lefties taproom they have thirty plus beers on tap and you. Can See people go up there and go all right. I'll have that who have that and then on now have this and they bounced around the menu, which is understandable dusit wine. So do you think that they do that just as they can say that they've tried ABC Or are they looking for something new and well, how many people go to a brewery get a sampler and go I like beer one, two and three in that order and then I'm GonNa go back and get bureau number one I. Mean That's what we've done in the past. Yeah, I. think that's. The point of the flights or the samplers are made for is to figure out what you like in a smaller version, grab it, and then stick to that beer. But some people go in and they just take the the radio. Hey, you gotta read I'll take. Oh absolutely right yeah. They know what they want and they're gonNA they're going to drink that but I this is one thing I do appreciate and I wanted to point this out is Dan in Julio. Liked to drink high initially and knocking about Ab, right? Yeah. Not Not drink high as marijuana. But I know I know Julio does not but yeah. Exactly. I NEED TO BE CLARITY MINUS thirty. Yeah they drink high ab initially. Yeah and it could be it could be a six or seven, and then they bring it down to a more sessional beer. Okay. That could be in the four threes. and. That's that's how they taper down that the evening versus of when you get a nine. Oh now I'm going to get a four now when you get a seven. Three now, I'm going to get four. It's all over the place, which is what we're doing. Wrong. Maybe that's why we don't remember the next day. All right. So let's let's get more back into the anchor history. Tell people is that steam is. A beer that a nickname for a beer that evolved out of the gold. Rush. And it's it's a classic story of when you don't. Have what you need You make. and. In this case, we have the gold rush. And all of a sudden San Francisco, the population explodes. And the people who got rich weren't necessarily the people that. Went up to the Goldfields to the rivers American river and started panning for gold. The people that made money were the ones who sold the pick axes in the pans brewers came out because they knew there was a population. That would love to have beer they. The limitation was there was no ice and When you make ligers, you have to cool down what you just boiled. In. In the Lauter Tun and then over. So the hot cattle you've got a cooled down in a hurry so you can pitch yeast. And Yeast lives at a certain certain temperatures. And so cooling down in a hurry is important. Because you risk infection, you risk bacteria. for the cool at the boiled this liquid. It's GonNa take it might take days. and. The fear can be infected and you won't. You won't know until you've gone through the whole process and you go oh, we haven't started dear you know ask any home brewer and so they had to figure out a way to cool that liquid down in a hurry. And what they came up with was a new story. A shall open for mentor would cool that liquid more quickly than the traditional deep vessels. A also had forgiving San Francisco temperature. So they could get away with making loggers in San Francisco with without the benefit of ice 'cause they. Was Up Sierras they couldn't get it. So with schauble pants with the forgetting San Francisco temperature, they could make the now popular loggers. In a fashion did actually wasn't like the lawyers that. The miners were having. Back? East. In other countries it was a little different. It was a little hardier. And it it got the nickname steam beer. We can talk about that later. But After the Gold Rush, there were number of breweries in San Francisco making steam beer. NFL Out of Bennett fell out of favor. Prohibition. Prohibition and also also you could get ice. Technology caught up so you can make lotteries the way the rest of the world were making lockers. Lighter and crisper. and. So Steve fell out of favor last make steam beer was anchor brewing. Company. And they held on till nineteen, sixty five. When they were about to go out of business. They were only a draft early it was still using wooden barrels in making sixty five. And a bartender north each. Told someone who drake steam beer hey you might want to check out the burry they're going out of business. It's part of San Francisco his. In might WANNA it out so Fritz Maytag, the hero of the anchor brewing. Story Letdown see the brewery. which was under the freeway at like eight and Brandon. I think and ended up buying it for a couple of thousand bucks. which was smart. And Getting, make a done for ten years with you could say was not that smart but he he had a strong belief that there was something to say. And that there was something unique to this beer and That's that's part of the anchor steam beer story so. history. On anchor and there's variations I mean, you mentioned some stuff and then I've read some things Dan bring some other things I what I thought was interesting. Was He? Fritz. was. Maybe, well known as a as a maytag. Son of Maytag and he was in San Francisco. He was at old Spaghetti Factory, which is one of his fun places to go because they had anchor steam on tap their. And the guys like Hey, I know I know you're Fritz Maytag and I know you have money and I know you love that beer and maybe that's where things like hey. This beer night might might not be available to you anymore you might want to go over there and use your money. So this guy actually was the hero story has. Some bartender never know his name but yeah, that to me that was interesting in in how he heard about it. And was. Sort of. corralled that weighed to anchor in apparently that day. Drinking in the afternoon told about it and then went straight over there and bought it right on the spot I. Wonder How many he had before he decided he. was going to be. Just breweries my favorite in the world I heard that they him and his father did clash because. You know if you're a maytag planes guide and you stay within the bet you hey, I got I got an established business. My son's going to take over nope Nope I wanNA I wanNa Beer And that was my next question was, what did he come to the table I am buying this place don't they call a riot? Cool. We're staying. We're to stay above above water. What do you know about brewing? So that was, my thing is where we're his as reference points in. Managing owning. You know improving. Things that anchor steam or anchor brewing was at that point in time. So we'll see we'll see what else you have to say for its had a template to start with when you get to visit the brewery which I hope everybody does someday we'll. We'll Dan you you`re Not GonNa date. He's people have these things up on the roofs. Yes. So it was open it was exposed to the to the to the elements. That's the fog would roll in and cool the beer down. But then things changed. So we had these inside he's rooms Eric Air controlled and we could we could. We had all the control he wanted with the the cooling system so hard. Though. The idea was that we were making a steam deer. In a perfect situation day in day out. I know they mentioned Fritz having a template and they don't really get into it. At this point we get into it. Later when we talk more about ingredients, monsters, hop farmers just if you're improving the the ingredients are improving the process, you're improving the flavor from where he entered. Anchor as it was. Basically sinking to the bottom of the ocean wonder how many hop farmers were back and right now I did ask them I did ask them sort of those questions and they Bring it up later, but it ask about the. Motivation. Drive of Fritz at this point. Did he just come in there come in and really want to shake things up in? Drive home how Amazing. This beer is we're gonNA spread far and wide. And I asked him about reaching out like tentacles in how how much Fritz was was was tentacles reaching out to try to expand his empire. And this is this is what Dan said this word before and I wanNA. Thank you call. I think Fritz was tentacle lists I don't even know if that's a word. But he felt like he could be on patrol hill in San Francisco, try to make the best beer possible and that people would come to him i. mean there were when I started people would come in and tell me stories about. A. Coming out to San Francisco from Someplace in Colorado and Stacking up five cases on the the Sissy Bar if they're their motorcycle and back to if you wanted it, you get it here. Eventually. What happened was people would come to San Francisco taste the beer. Go back to where they were from and say, Hey, you know what? That was pretty good beer I can't. I can't get in New York I can't get it in Chicago floyd sure like to get it and distributors. Caught onto this and that they call for its and say, Hey, I, want to sell your beer and Delaware or Boston and I would say you know I'm not ready for that. Yet. Fritz really had the reigns held tightly being bigger wasn't necessarily being the best and that what that was A. That was a plus for everybody who worked at the brewery. We wirtten hurry to be a nationwide worldwide beer although we had that reputation thankfully before the Internet word of mouth people knew was a great beer. So they bring up the interesting comment again about consistency. And kind of like how I consistently beat you darts. Exactly. But not tonight Dang it the although you haven't had a lot of beer so far in the show toll might be I might be screwed. But you can tell from the sales standpoint. There's clearly a way that the old. Generation sold it, and brought it out there and and got people excited versus I guess now which Julio will continue to talk about. I I asked fine. If Fritz was was was this. Crazy about consistency and. Wanted to create a a really good product at one point time, did they today decide to evolve? Yes beers out there and you know or yet you want you like it. You heard about it you better come and get it. But at one point time did they say okay, we've got that. Let's go to the next style. There's got to be something else. And I, know. Damn will probably mention the porter but. There was something around the horizon in Nineteen, seventy five he decided to celebrate and make a Christmas sale. And he could in cascade hops. And some people, there's a little bit Paul. There's a little bit of a debate about this but it's easy to say. In general that Liberty L.. Came, out of the nineteen seventy, five Christmas sale. So it was it was dry hopped. cascade hops, which we can use to tell people but everybody knew. And So he decided after Christmas this is a great beer and There weren't. How E beers in the United States in nineteen, seventy five. The happiest beer in the United States might have been Ballantine Ale. which was like a blue collar old man's beer. And what they did kind of interesting is they took cops and distilled it an added to the. Ballantine. Ale. So it was a it was a fairly hoppy beer but be used I I would laugh. I would doubt it was. Even twenty be us. So Outcomes Liberty L. and it just. It turned heads. So in nineteen came out in seventy six to commemorate all Rivera's. Ride. We nineteen seventy six, it was the bicentennial. So it was convenient and it fit and so I was like, okay we're we've taken what was the Christmas Ale? Maybe a little different but here comes hoppy beer and that beer was the beer liberty. L. L.. At, turned the heads of. Sierra. Austin lager. Number of others though went like wait beer tastes this way I. I. WanNa. Make Beer. So a lot of people showed up at the Berry Hill to talk to France and say like I love what you did liberty. I like to make something like this. They might have been home brewing. In the with Ken Grossman. Unsure. He had been a home brewing garage and went like I. Love this fear and got help from Fritz and. This this I think is. Unique and business and I think it's important. People overlook anchor but. French more people to make good beer so that when you went to store it, he wasn't standing alone. It was like, Hey, here's the section. Of people make beer the old fashioned way the craft wade the the way that has flavor as opposed to. At the time the big boys or kind of dumbing down not kind of dumbing. Down Flavor. Hardly, any hops fizzy. LAWNMOWER beer. So a Fritz in. Seventy six released the in April. In April Eighteen, seventy, six, he released liberty. Al.. And that Might be the fear that with the craft year on the map while that is interesting because I was doing my research on this as well. The history of craft beer in just the California area and. Ken Grossman. From Sierra Nevada brewing basically. It was the cascade hops the nailed right his beer right Even, though you know like they just said liberty, AL was the. Actually what I, what I heard was at liberty. Ale was the first to do to start the dry ha I hop right right and I mean I guess One. One genius learns from another I suppose right in. If you were if Ken was that motivated I mean you said he's he owned A. Supply store. He was a hole in a shed at Chico I was going to college there. and. You know you don't you don't. You don't do that just out of a win. He clearly has a interest in it and he jumped into it and at one point time he must maybe he did go down to San Francisco. Why not? It's not that far of a drive to learn from one of the pioneers true pioneers of the. Of The beer industry. Including using hops. Beyond, a pills are lager. Well, he must have been playing around for it. Four years, right? Because it was in seventy four that they talked about it coming out or seventy six. Yeah and it was in nineteen eighty that Oh. That's when it came out the Sierra Nevada Pale or he opened Syr Vat. Okay. Wow. That's four four years to get all your stuff straight. Pretty Fair about right well. Couple of things that I did ask these two gentlemen before they got. Beyond the anchor history. was things like. Like you said dry hopping. I first place to try it. What other? Milestones did Fritz anchor have we did we did a wheat beer but it was unfiltered nobody did. Until tweet beers. Time but you I pre- invest sample like what's supposed to be you? Well, yeah. Because everybody's used to drinking filtered wheat beers but we did a filtered wheat beer. So it would be like it. That was a whole nother curb on people. Why? Why? What do you mean? It's filter week there you know it's like it was just he was always doing something different. And like we cannot plastic bottles whole nother animal to nobody's done that. You know it was very unique. He always wanted to be the he likes secrecy electing these the St odd guy do somethin' where. You shook up the market a little but you know I ain't Christine. Also, we also wanted one percent of the population. They want everybody drinking are beer because it could it could make an. So he wanted to I mean go into sales managers meetings, and you know everybody does her dog and pony shows sell beer and everybody's doing their thing and I walk in now go hey man. Out of the whole month, just concentrate on one day to some my peer. They'd look at me like I was idiot like what? Just one day just one day. Get an anchor day. Because if you sell one day, we can't make an appearance San Francisco supply everybody in the country. To like you're crazy. Like that. That's sold and Fritz. WanNa be the biggest guy I. It was never his intention and Leaving Dan I got a couple of times for that so. We got one employs. Yeah you got more than me I should at once like. I wasn't. I was a witness. So that counts all. Ten Times. Things about politics jump in with the week beer I mean. We're talking about Acre so that you have to talk about Fritsch to begin lifts. I think had the brewery for forty years anyway more than that Almost, fifty some odd years with the wheat beer he started making that like in. Their, early eighties and he used more malted wheat. Than any week year out there because. The guy has a Palette and he he wants balanced and he wants to play, but he wants you to taste certain things and. We was very refreshing beer. worldwide or Germany and Czech Republic and a few other places. It's refreshing you WanNa, taste that we but It's It's tough to work with It gets really gelatinous and the Lauder on when Julio or I were scrubbing fermenters. After they dropped a beer it's it's like taffy image. Pay He knew. What flavor he wanted to get out of beer and so there was. An insistence? To have. What he was making truly be reflected when you're when you're in that back and and drinking it I mean you were tasting malted wheat we had touch and feel sensation with all the ingredients you know you. Walk into the brewery smell everything. You'd see everything you touch everything You knew where it came from to me was the most amazing was. Takes the same. It was almost like McDonald's. You could taste the beer in New, York Boston San, Francisco. SEATTLE. Austin Texas and at the same maker steam bear the one. All right. We're going to stop it right there. What? All this great information about. Anchor steam and Fritz Maytag. Yeah and and this is where it Kinda ends. With the talk with Dan and Julio Transition into. The beer industry as it is today. So I wanted to take this opportunity to to maybe break it up a bit. I'm feeling something I. Don't know what it is. A OFF I WANNA know Are. You Are you? Are you saying that you? Are you parched or well. Something's coming to me. We don't need another Biro we don't need to know the way A. Neil. Diamond right we won is life. and. I, WANNA be. Beer Beer. Uh. Michigan's. Views no alcohol. I can't take this much slow. GotTa have a beer. Before we dive back into fear history in a few minutes. It's time to announce our first two beers to fight for the title in our battle Royal Beer Dome Competition. For September. We're GONNA have Julio from lefties taproom. Pick. The style. I picked you guys an IPO for your second choice I picked a amber. Hill and finally for your third choice I got you guys. Lager. And now ladies and gentlemen. The first contender making his way to the ring is from brewing school full circle hailing out of Fresno California weighing in at six point six percent with an ib you count to fifty five and wearing a label with a hop being ripped open like an orange and juice dripping out it's the juicy New England I. A And in this corner, my beer. From the brewing school of blue note hailing out of woodland. California weighing in at six point three percent with. No Ib us to talk about and wearing a space theme with superheroes and Star constellations. It's their good. All right here in the rules, a beer must be style I pick ab the percentage must be within three percent of each beer serve at the proper temperature according to Nevada. Clean. All, right clink classes and go to your corner. We've hydrated and written down our ratings from one to five. So let's see what beer takes it on the Chin and goes to the Matt. The winners will make it into the champions bracket in return at the end of the year for our ultimate beer-drinking game also known as a long day and night of drinking. All right. Well, let's start with a Roma and for this one I gave it three and I gave it a four I felt that. Actually I. Well I had a decent smell not off pudding. Okay something must have been operating for you must've been. He's not a bad score l., but there wasn't a huge stood out how? You're right. That's just you know what find through. Stand. Flavor gave it a three I give it a four. Okay. I said that a of Piney. Peter. Dry a little bit. You said drying I totally disagree with you piney multi tropical and definitely a few hops were used in this one. I said. Really was a standard kind of a dead on. This is not a bad. No, it's not I. Guess if that's what you're going to have that's that's what you're going to get. Right so mouth I gave it A. Four I gave a three. And said. It was cloudy wh lip chopper which I actually I like. But then there's a bit of a chalky nece after taste and I think that might be where some of the piney parts come in for me Oh. Okay. Well you. Brandon Brandon Brennan drug. He spilled some beer on his notes. Retired hieroglyphics eases on my is starting to go one of the two. Let's move onto the next. All right. So the second one just blew, we know we know the beers. This is this is the difference between previous beer domes and this one. They were poured by coolio pints, and we kind of have an idea of which ones which were just curious between pace better. But. I think the battle royals and work that way any. Well, we're going to. We're really looking for the person who has the highest score in this one. So. Okay. So starting out with the aroma on that one I gave it a three I give it three also okay was citrus juice smell. Like I. Kind of. Almost like a juice which you buy at the store smell. Pau G- or orange juice or Sunny D. actually sonny's. It's that it's that. Pomegranate Palm. POGUE. Is One of the things with the with the little. Caps, and you smack on. Yeah. That was. Getting back to the ninety, I'm thinking to the National Toy Hall of fame count should be in there. Yeah I smelled like an orange. Peel without. Three. Flavor I gave it a three even three also. Okay I. Thought that. was. Poppy some saying, was there definitely a vitamin C taste in my mouth that's were I. Left. Oh and Our engineer just told me Park is a damn thing full. WHAT PUG IS PASSION FRUIT ORANGE GUAVA. You've been corrected. Thanks. Thanks. Little Charlie. Thanks. Thanks Charlie. All right I said that the flavor. Borderline Hazy but there was definitely a bit of a tropical stone there. We go back to PAGO. Now. Made by Dole or somebody doesn't matter. All, right. So Southfield. gave it a three as well. Kind of across the board I give it three I said that it was non non lingering easy drinker and you know what? I could probably Pasha for six pack. Yeah. See I. don't agree with you. Maybe three I I got a bit of the same type of mouth feels the other one. Which I scored a three, but there was a juice box kind of feel to it. So I I just did it through. All right. Well, there's our first two competitors battling it out in the ring. WHOA. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA here come the next to the tunnel Joe and who Who are they? From the Brewing School of Drake's bring paling out of San. Leandro. California weighing in at five point five ABC v was an issue count of forty eight and wearing a bottle with A. Fifteen hundred. That's a number. Logo on the bottle it is the fifteen hundred dry hopped. Pale. Oh. Joining him in the ring from the Brewing School of Pizza Port. Hailing out of Carlsbad and Sunday Yego California weighing in at four point nine percent A. With an IB you of turn. And wearing what appears to be a green colored logo with beach art it's their chronic. Bar Hey. Well, it is a modem in the ring. We had better get right to the aroma on this one. So starting out, I have a to gave it to also oh, I said medicinal. Tasted again like approaching the cough syrup type of. Thing. Nothing special. Flavor to I gave it a three sweet caramel multi. Kind of. By the way. I looked up and this is historically brewed with hemp seeds through just wanted to throw that out. Well I felt that it was watered down. Kind of a commercial takes unless rewire. Thakin. Mouthy. Again, to I gave it a three. You felt bright clean and but still had that kind of choppy multi flavor that I? Like him mental. All right and famously I this is a one and done I would. It I would say, I. Agree. Okay. All right. Moving on to the next one which. Would be. Strikes, hundred. For the aroma again, a one. The other is not for me. There was I tonight it smelled nothing. Day I gave it a three just because you had a bit of a tropical notes but you're right I don't think it was jumping out you know. flavor. Boosted Fife. There was somebody was drinking. Oh, there was something about this one that The back of my mind I thought I had this before and definitely it falls into my. Knowing it, you were a fan of Drake's already and this is just brought you back to where. Yes. Okay. I. Gave it a four I said tropical multi keep saying this stuff. Tropical multi and sweet but a four, it was actually good. Obviously, you get five flavorful. Lingering flavour. Mouth feel I gave a four to give it a three. Okay. There was a bit of a lip smacking nece there, but it also felt a little bit watered down. Well, we'll let them do can out with the other two in the ring as well. Well, here comes more guys. GOING ON BASS pandemonium. Who just entered the ring? Now, entering the ring from the Brewing School of a law. Hailing out of Sacramento California weighing in at five point three Ab. With An. Account of Twenty Six and worrying and artistic stained glass tile of red, white and blue and orange. It's the low. Check style pills Nur end joining him from the Brewing School of Crooked Lane hailing out of Auburn. California weighing in at five point three percent Abe with twenty-seven ib US and wearing a white background with two staunches clinking. It's their. Videos Bra coal. All right. Before they beat the crap out of each other in the ringlets herb and get to the numbers on on this one we'll starting with a Roma. Ford the pills ner and You'RE GONNA have to help me out because I don't remember drinking them. All right. Well, I gave it a four. Oh, sounds good. What did you? What did you? What was your? Kind of Straw Grass Aroma, which is like a classic pills and their smell. That's exactly what it would have said, yeah, and and the the beer is slightly. Darker than the coach. Right you just take it from here. Flavor is next. What did you get I? gave it a don't remember. Maybe tick marks joins I gave it a four. Had A tropical Crisp bready and had a sweetness to it I. liked it good. Classic Pills Ner I probably given a tooth. Feel. Then I gave it a four. It was very clean and refreshing which would be phenomenal right now since sweating. Go back I'll hearken back to. A couple of episodes we started sweating from every orifice, my body, what were the numbers you had again four, four and four. Wow. Across the board. I don't I. I don't I don't deviate from the train tracks is. Okay so Driving right into the goal sh yes. I it a three, four aroma it was grassy and lovely piss smell. That's coast baby. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa rely on you because I think our numbers probably would've been fairly similar. I, think you'd have all think you've like this call because flavor I gave it four. Okay. Again, a bit of. I I wrote a word that I can't even serve this thing graphs fresh. No, that can't be right. All right. So malfa four, which was clean bright and crisp again beer I could use right now. I'll get you something in a minute. Okay. So you got. No what was the last? Number? Four, four, three, four, four, three, four, four, got to make sure. On keeping a tally. Score, what are you? GonNa do those numbers well, I'm going to by the way. Yes. That was the last but not the least competitor in. This model Royal Orion. We've got going on there and they are battling it out. Well, let's send all these numbers into a gigantic calculating machine to tell you the scores and we will find out who the top. Contestant is. Right after this. And we're back. So let's get back into the story with Dane and Julio. We're shifting gears now and matter of fact, speaking to shifting gears, it sounds like Julia was shifting gears interview. He's he's building make some sort of erector set in the back swatting flies might something I think he's actually installing is thirty nine taps and taproom, but one of the things that we we shift to is. kind of what we're seeing a trend and this is not something new to a lot of listeners. is you talking about the beer industry, the beer industry people what they're drinking why drinking it? So this new stuff from from Dan here. And of course we've always discussed this we're approaching. Seven Thousand Breweries eight thousand Burris. A you can go to San Francisco. There's what seventy, four in a seven by seven. Yes. Somebody's. Cell Block up in Sacramento there's thirty plus now and like you said in the beginning of the show, some places, there's five within a ten mile radius of your house. I've got some numbers for you. Okay. I talk about this or going grabbed the numbers book as. A stain ability of this. When's IT GONNA drop off or will it ever? So interesting stuff coming up from Dan Julio regarding that. Ahead. All right. So in Nineteen Ninety, there were seventy breweries operating in California. In two thousand. There were two hundred. And in two, thousand, seventeen. There were nine hundred plus. Breweries in California alone, and what did we see in San Diego? Well number wise. Yeah. When you when you? Craft Beer Dot Com map and you start moving your finger on the maps. San Diego had the. Again for Stott was small. If there are small numbers, it got larger and larger and larger. Yeah. The DOT was huge Dennis Diego we're three, hundred, seven. Oh my gosh, that's a lot. In I don't the only one was bigger than that. Was I think that the? DC area or something I don't know one hundred, but it was it was matching smashing against. Three states. So, yeah. Let's get back into some of the stuff that Dan Julio are. What irks them in what works them when it comes to the beer industry the good and the bad. Here we go I think people just drink triple hopped as you said, triple hopped. A. And they don't know what they're tasting they. You can't define it. Yeah. Is it hot the yeah. What does that say it's bitter will what what are the nuances and and people talk about but Dan, it gets me messed up to. Know the triple up gets me messed up. That's what I want. These, kids that's what they want how. They want to get hammered instantly I'm like, wow, it's just a different. It's a different world we got back into the discussion about hops in Dan brought up an interesting. Perspective, how you know there's Thousands of varieties of hops whereas everyone's trying to reach out for the new experimental ones, the ones that you can barely get and they wanna be again, the first one to use it, and you should check this out. This is great whereas the old classics and the Noble hops that are are. There've been established the the whole thing. They have this feeling that they're gonNA be left behind. People are gonNA move on and not care about. The Cascades in Centennial's and you know the well I think. It's probably cyclical right? You're. They'll go away from these things for a while but then somebody will want that classic style or taste, and they're infusing into other things. I mean obviously. Anger in. Tall. Some of these hops are always going to be in German lagers and October Fest Beers because it's a seasonal thing that comes up over and over October. But at the same time we mentioned earlier it was Palette Fatigue and that might be where. That's kind of what they're getting. And nothing that we needed to talk to him about was the whole sellouts because we're brought this up in their previous episodes, sellouts versus the American dream in. So they have some neat perspective on that because they they go both ways just Kinda like we've now learned. You really sell out or you were brewing this in your garage and now somebody's giving a billion dollars I'll take it. Exactly. They did bring up some. So he mentioned Tony McGee. He's talking about the owner of log Anita's okay. Ken Grossman is the owner of Nevada. He mentions ballast point. I. Don't know who the owner malice point is. A big is trumping like like leagues because they're overhead. The rents are paying the trucking. Workman's COMP and you've got these little guys that are going into a little industrial park paying about fifteen, hundred, two, thousand dollars rent and just self distributing. They're cutting thirty percent out of the game and their surviving I think down the road lobbyists have to step in and go hey, man little guys. After if you sell over five thousand barrels or you know whatever five thousand gallons or whatever you need to go to a distributor, you gotta slow unbound you can't stop them but the big guys the guys are. The pillars of the beer industry twenty years ago they're falling down I mean they can't keep it up. It's going to die all these guys. You know these little guys like I'm going to be the next Tony McGee I'm going to be you know I'm going to be a Grossman I'm going to be ballast point while you're not it's not going to happen anymore. I mean those days came and went. I mean you look at bows points for billion, and then what about a year ago? They sold a fifty million. So really. Everybody thinks I mean Tony McGee. I still to this day, go believe me so that he sold it. But he's still controls North America. He is still running that show even though he sold it out and from his perspective. He's like. I take my beer to Africa I took my beard at the Central America things like that have never done in my lifetime because of Heinekens veins and their structure, and they're just they're breweries all over the world. I. Could Make my beards and had my people trink Trinka whatever you know lodge Nita's girl they wanNA drink. You know little something something. And that is pretty. Yet dan gets into. Seltzer it's you cannot avoid it and. It, was it was kind of a bit of a joke but. I broke in because we we we were just drinking the other night and we rented somebody WHO's drinking Kombucha. Yeah we did and Seltzer still huge again. But it reminded me of that culture of coolers. You don't want the bloating as of some of the beers that are out there but you want that buzz and and you want to still be Kinda thin and leaning. Cool. So the Celtics come in and it's kind of a NEAT perspective. If truly Julio Talks about it could story we just brought in Big Sky Seltzer. I percents. All natural. Great up, but it's only four percent. This table was drink Kaffa keg because they wanna be cool but they want to get a buzz. So they're pounding these things down at. Four percent to get there. So I mean there were just pounding him down to the bathroom powder him down and like you know it was funny but they're cool because they're only drink drinking. And it's it's better for you but they're drinking each guy was drinking five six nights and cracking up I'm like really 'cause they still want to get to that goal of getting a butts without asking a brought up. A permanent handles. Julio explains a little bit about love handles. We're getting. Stop It. There was a permanent. Yeah. No. The we've talked about the TAP room takeover how the to me I remember them talking about it all the time. Five, years ago now you barely hear it about, yeah we're coming in. We're GONNA take over this taps. Maybe, like you said Hulu, it's it's about distribution about cost and how if is even worth it? Now sales people coming in. Yeah. They. Don't anymore. You could on any given Thursday down px here in town modesto they had a rep for. Whoever was that was that they were bringing in had pint night. and. You could sit and talk to the repor salesman and and get some free swag and whatnot but guess that those days are over. Maybe, maybe we just don't frequent the bars that's been maybe we'd rate is happening versus breweries and tap room's more of the the bar like the CD joints. Skating. Dive bars in the. Holes. So interesting stuff about the permanent handles. Dinosaurs when we used to sell beer, we had permanent handles. That is that it's gone those no longer exists I would go into a bar gender would go across the country and we had relationships. So fears did not rotate you go in there and I am I gonNA handle in here I commend spend money whatever I might be able to get a second handle. That was not going to change. It wasn't that many breweries it was what it is today now I, can have I could theoretically go to independence and I don't have to go to a distributor ever in my life. There they I know they need me I don't need them. I could go at independence all day and just deal with that, and now the the beer industry has changed where salespeople they don't. They don't go to bars anymore. They might do a tap night here and there when does it take over but no 'cause you're burning money there for you to spend fifty bucks sixty bucks to get one cake for the month I don't need it. Now the concentration is on stores because the lease a lucky the Safeway's. Get your get your place right at eye level and in that little Caesar from the other brewery. WHO's Your Beers? I'm puts his beers and your. And if you don't go back to that store, you'll never know and that's how ugly it is. Now, you know even for somebody of my stature. This. Is GonNa be good. Yeah I don't don't talk down to me well. You're talking down to me. Well, you you are sure. Yeah I level stuff Just last month when we were doing the in the studio brand standing in a box. Little. Apple, Cart. I was in Bev Mo, looking for Brown Ales for our Brown versus Brown show bear dome appeared Oh and They didn't have to browns at that time but. The Maduro Watch was the winner winner it was at the bottom of the shelf I almost missed it. So I, it's matter of fact. Listeners do this experiment to you're wherever you get your alcohol from and just watch people for a few minutes. How many actually CROUCH DOWN Or look back and forth and actually try to find beers that are at the bottom because that's exactly what they're talking about people come in or at least they clean that that's how it used to be I'm sure sales guys have crazy stories when I say guys I mean both men and women. To go in there in move I level material out of the way and put your stuff up there. That's crazy. I did ask Julio about that. and. When we saw the other night. In he I said, don't they have somebody? Who is actually monitoring these things? He says, they don't have time for that. They don't. They don't have somebody a what he is doing bad air they don't have somebody that's. that's dedicated to the to the the wine and spirits in in in some players have style separated to. Yeah. But that makes more sense to me if you go in and you. Want to buy particular beer. You find it and you and you look you look for and you grab it and you go. If you go in there, sometimes we do. I will look for spice. Beer. Red Beer a Mexican. I'll search every high and low possible to find when looking for and I'll even ask but. I'm very curious to see what's how much did I level beers or shelf sell compared to the bottom shelf interesting. Yeah. Back in the day which I shouldn't say anymore Equal come into the brewery. It's am the homebrew alert. I just made this. Would you taste this and it was it was kind of Nice for then you'd have a bunch of brewers white suits sitting around the taproom going like, Hey, this is pretty good. But then the next question was, can you make this ten times in a row? Because he got to be consistent. Now, consistency might not be a hallmark of a well-made deer anymore which. That's what a well-made beer used to be. You're consistent. You could go into the club you could buy six pack at the store and you were tasting what you lights. Now it's a, it's a moving target. It changes all the time I got to tell you the joy this A. COUPLE OF REASONS BUT There are so many ways to go on this topic I know, and you can go with the new rovers, how they go. How are they going to? Navigate. A new business, with. Seltzer. And siders and or why did stunt brewers make these decisions? Up million ways to go. So it's interesting. Interesting. Indeed I mean. He was kind of given that that olive branch to to take it. Wherever we wanted to take the the interview I spoke to these two guys for an hour and a half yes, you did. And I know you I know you're you don't like it when I do these things and then give you these massive. Things to edit and I'm going to throw this out there I don't know how long this shows turned out to be, but we don't we're trying to get it within. An hour but this one is clearly not going to not going to get there just because. These, guys had so much to talk about. Yeah, and there's a lot of history behind. Them, in the things that they've seen the video done that they've been involved with, we actually cut a bunch of stuff out. Sorry guys. That's that's the reality of it and and they go on to start. The go into talking about some of the pillars of the of the beers that they love in the brewers mentioning things like Jeremy from revision who came from knee deep in Jamile from heretic. Who writes tons of books in part of beautiful podcast out there Peter Huey, from urban routes. So they give these props to to people who know what? They're doing certainly that consistency that they really harnessed on. To Urge people to. Go for that goal but great stuff. We have to turn our attention to to wrapping this up and so I. I want to say thank you very much to to Dan and Julio for just for jumping on in sharing what they have I know they want to talk more. These are these are the two guys at wanted to have a fast themselves. I think they probably should or we'll just go up and We'll do a tap through a TAT takeover. By cat we could probably drink with guys all day long and just really have a blast. Yeah. EFT UP. All right. Great. Thank you very much. This is Julio and you're listening to life in sixteen ounces. What's my pint highlight Vic Sky Trout slayer when I'm chilling, it's a Pale Ale, and if we ever Sacramento come by Lefties, we got thirty five taps. We got smoked meeks with the big beer garden and you will have I guarantee you a good time. You're listening Dan Mitchell talk about some of his favourite beers right now enjoying classic old anchor steamed. Follow it up with probably a scrimshaw pills ner. And then if there's One in the fridge, I'll have Kelly craft calls. I'm keeping. Keeping it tight. You can have the other two. Okay. FELLAS had all my beers time. You hit the road. Oh. Well. It looks like we're approaching last call. Let's head back into the ring for Beer Dome where two beers enter only one league flood both get truck. Well. What a huge lay the we had in this battle royale in the ring. This time boy we we had. Some of the stuff was really close. Oh, a blood there's nails there's chairs. There's small animals. Really, odd. What mankind was. Right, sock and a mask, but a covert mascot. Well, we sent all of our numbers into that gigantic calculating machine. Tally. Up The scores and here come the results in a sealed envelope. All right. Well, the results of the first two we had full circle and blue note. I'll tell you that full circle boom took out blue notes. There is the first one. Oh Full Circle had twenty two. Versus blue, note with eighteen close man was close it was closed. I got the. Edge of their seats twenty five dollars, buy you a ticket, but you only need. All right. So for the second. Pairing. That entered the ring you know as Pale versus. An Amber Ale, which is you know it's not sovereign. What he deigned close. Drake's came out on top where they twenty. Versus. Pizza Port with a thirteen o crushed stone yes. Fifteen hundred Pale over the top rope he by folks. all right and so for the last. The last combatants logger. Phase or whatever it was the pills versus a cult. Yeah. Yes. So The coach got a twenty two. WHOA. Yes. Versus the Elsner. alario. Overall winner with twenty four. s wait a minute so. Sorry. That's the that's the pills neuro the pills no one the entire thing you tear thing not. He just barely knocked culture out of the ring and then full trickle went after that. It was folks it was ridiculous. But yes, Alario was the winner of our battle. Royale last year's old competition. Well, forget twister folks in play this game at your next party or brewery visit. Pending Wargame game. All rights reserved we'll speak Blah Blah Blah we see you. There the lights and it's closing time. Geez. Relieve in Virgo and okay we hope you have enjoyed the show. Yes. Tell your friends and support us my visiting life in sixteen. Z DOT COM and subscribing to wherever it is that you get your podcast from remember we are a monthly podcast. So keep checking our social media sites for more of our usual crack where can they find? They're all lanes at the bottom of her website. Hashtag. People rejoice. Life in sixteen. And what's in your pint are email is sixteen ozzy at g mail DOT COM PINGERS air to suggest show ideas, pitches story do it just do it? Do It do hot. This episode was stitched together with a lot of help from steam and crowds and Music is by the proclaims five hundred miles I would walk five hundred miles nine. By hundred more about the platters because we've been having fires I'm I even got evacuated. Smooth gets. Your. Hey. Hey is still covert. So we need to be safe. How about men without hats S S. s S., eight, F. E.. T. T. Y.. Safety. All right that's IT folks join us next month on life in sixteen ounces launch. Salonika. Hey thanks for visiting lefties. Hopefully see assume next time are going to town.

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048 Anchor Steam: The Vanguard of a Craft Beer Renaissance

The Food Disruptors

29:31 min | 1 year ago

048 Anchor Steam: The Vanguard of a Craft Beer Renaissance

"Offers the podcast where capitalism meets America's food culture. I'm Theresa Brown and together with my co host Lawrence. We delve into the stories of the big hello and welcome to the food disruptors through interviews with today's food disruptors who even as we speak for determining everybody's nourishment and help as well as the health of the planet in years to come today. Most of US expect to plop down at our neighborhood brew pub in order up a cold fresh taste steve craft beer. We don't realize how endangered was this alcoholic refreshment option as detailed in today's episode of the Food disruptors. Fritz Maytag is a to food disruptor of <hes> not exactly the current day but certainly if the late twentieth fits Maytag is a poor we're going to be talking about in the next two episodes but just just took that in the back of your snobby the century and he is known as the father some would say the godfather but I think he prefers the father of the craft brewing this gorgeous old art deco building and the story of Fritz Maytag and the craft brewing industry is bobby mind reading that that a brew master like Fritz Maytag learned a lot from the cores brewing economic and political pressures resulted in massive consolidation in the beer industry in the Mid Twentieth Century from forty one hundred at the turn of the last green industry in the United States and he actually he he got to this point by purchasing the anchor brewing company while it was not doing too well they differ and who actually thinks that there is a very appropriate place for coors light in the beverage segment of America's sixty five maytag bottled anchor steam beer in nineteen seventy-one and ignited a major disruption in America's company and not all in the negative sense right well they do make a lot of beer and at a scale that is amazing so but tells more about Fritz maytag well fits back in the sixties and that's of course also very close to my heart because we can actually see anger Bruin from our window you can and it's a beautiful building to this. What anchors steams place is an anchor steam. I think we can almost call a character in the story anchor steam beer absolutely so America's food culture and that's a guy named Fritz Maytag who had a lot of good things to say about the cores corporation ear. What you probably drank was the light lager that tasted pretty much the same no matter the brand but change was afoot a prime mover ruin came to be in American food culture and been we'll get to what is in many ways a quintessential. San Francisco Story and our listeners know the food disruptors is based in San Francisco California Century to only fifty one brewing companies in nineteen eighty three and in those postwar years if you wanted to mover in the revival of craft beer in the U._S. was Fritz. Maytag who invested in a nearly defunct local San Francisco Brewery in one thousand nine hundred sixty is beer culture. Let's hear about the context in which he made his move which was better coors light or Bud light cares at that point there commodities well. Actually I can tell you someone who would beg to. We're of craft beer radic. I have to say and I am pretty much. No nothing although I know what I like when I drink it what's your the personalities who have shaped our food system and what why and how we eat today for better and for worse and we look to the future two so we're GonNa talk not just about Fritz Maytag. Today I think we'll do a little bit more on him. In our next episode and let's talk about why craft brewing when young and proud of it and anchor brewing is is really a conic to the recent history of San Francisco but we're GONNA so so. Can you describe what is steam beer so maybe it's better if I start as what how to brew beer listener and well. Today's topic is something. I'm very excited about Theresa because it's something I'm very fond and that is the craft beer movement in America. Yes you really are a connoisseur your favorite <hes> well. I'm I'm hoppy kind of person on Oh. Thank you so much more sophisticated than I but I'm all about the hops and insperity you can have most of it. What's your favorite. I really recently like coaches. Coaches have become very popular and they're very easy to drink and you can drink them all day during the sun so I'd I'd have to say I really like as yeah. That's the only one I don't like. Actually that's perfect. If you get a variety pack we can easily split that one. Oh okay well. Some people would say the same of course light. Actually I have a number of friends say the same of course I have some friends who used to argue over beer. <hes> things like that and you heat it until it cracks open and you. WanNa get heated in water. You heat it in. I believe it's it's especially and so all of beer is brewed pretty similarly. It starts with multi so you take your grain which is usually barley but you'd have other things like wheat hall going in it and depending on the type of beer you might do it in sort of room temperature for Ales for maybe a week or two and then for loggers that's where these little enzymes wake up and start running around and attacking sugars exactly of and so and Lee allowing it to partially sprout and then you dry it again <hes> and put it in moisture again and uh-huh and normally cold temperatures are the preservative or refrigeration does wonders yeah it slows down the processes of bacteria this US do law green which is may fermenting it at a much colder temperature for a number of weeks okay and lagers the liquid and you throw in some yeast and what you do is they gobble up all that sugar and they excrete out alcohol so this is where you get the alcohol hops to keep it really preserved so just so people understand beer will go bad or you get very sour if it's not properly preserved honor intuitive well. It's just like some people like living in Chicago and living in Florida okay so we're talking about Chicago type of used in loggers lagers uh-huh okay exactly so now we actually get to the fun part which is the fermentation and at this point you have your your flavored really sugary. There is an els use different types of yeast. Is that right. Yes and that's why you have the different temperatures is because the different temperatures for the different yeast is when they're the most happy that's when because it needed to get from Britain to India and then or if they put it there needed to stay in this really hot no refrigeration area for colonial times and so they put in a lot of hops that sugar inside out because you're going to want this sugar for next steps. Maltin is the process of actually cracking the head of a grain of a grain seed. It's fascinating and it does go back eons really so the people the White Europeans who landed in new actually don't know the numbers but I certainly like lager okay. I think it is I think well the all of the Big Commodity Beers that ferment certainly would've worked in the cold months in New York and and the colonies I wonder about the you add in things like hops so the hops that you love so much were originally added as a preservative that that's right and that's why India Pale was so happy is then you go into the mashing which might be sort of the beginning of what you just described where essentially you boil it. You put them in hot water and this really I used to add hops with the different herbs which is very weird. It's very different than the beer that that you expect today. Most European beer had hops of some sort in it tatum masher where you're really crunching stuff up but it's actually more like steeping tea. Okay the the Bruin right listen. I don't know why but I'm sure we have lots of listeners who will write in and tell us why I am a novice in the history of of the brute shade but but hops do the same sort of like our our hops like fermenting agent. No there's no fermentation yet. They're just a preservative. What is the you have to brew it. Yeah okay. WE'RE GONNA call it mashing just to keep people like me very confused because you create the Mash. Oh the coupon eh you were looking down your nose out a few minutes ago does our loggers right yes and loggers that type of of yeast and brewing brewing came to the United States from the Netherlands and Great Britain that was the predominant type of east they used in those locales New York and brought their food cultures with them brought lager beer and so this cold cold kind of is that when it's for mentioned the Colden we get those enzymes going so I think is what you're that's. That's a deceptive term 'cause when I read about in the mashing process I pictured like both this was an early natural form of essentially doing Matt Cain it from going bad okay hops hops and they're actually. I've had beer that was developed before they <unk> southern months. They must've dug deep cellars that that were cold. I don't it's possible that they just didn't prove your down there. I don't know that's a very and they sit there and very happily will eat away all their sugars. That seems weird to me that some of the yeast like cold temperatures more that just is a little counter in that I believe is the most common type of beer in the United States. Is that right law. I actually so it's similar to you know you see all those crazy words at the end of of of packaged foods Zorba Tall and all these things that that make it stay shelf shelf stable uh-huh so this now gets really sugary. The enzymes are going. The sugars are getting out next to you. You put it into a true full boil where controlling you've to control the humidity but is not boiling okay so the first few a multitude basically crack it open and get the enzymes going and get some of maybe they were more citre heavy in in warmer areas word drunk probably as much or more than water because good question. We'll have to look that up yeah and I do know that beer and other alcoholic beverages but certainly we'll cider. Also maybe food disruptors listeners will remember from our episode. I think it's thirteen where we talked about milk in in the middle of the nineteenth century and how there was this huge scandal called the swill milk scandal and another name still a little bit of east in it and you bottle it in that Yeast Creates Some C._O. Two at naturally and then it it ferments or it fizzes up the beer so I said that is the mash of course but that's essentially a waste product of the brewing activity right <hes> and loyal our revenues from their processes would often would establish dairies just right up next to the breweries little fusion about the mash being not that you mash it up at the steep it but then you do get all these broken up grains that are left over and you we'll get to that in a second but in the cities breweries were located every few blocks because they didn't have refrigeration for distribution is that how anchored peers made today naturally carbonated <hes>. I expect I expected that they are will you know lean to shanties and they'd put these poor cows in these horrid little shanties and the cows were fed the swill okay up and you leave it for a while and you get to whatever percentage you know four and a half seven percent if you're doing a high alcohol beer but now it's not actually fizzy yet. It's just sort of this this alcoholic making up the war. I'm sure that some bacteria was was killed. I do want to mention in this process of beer making and my confusion aim for beer mash is beer swill and in those days remember the brewers. There were breweries everywhere in those days. We'll golic flat flat beer so the next step is to actually bottle or keg depending on how your packaging it and carbonated and nowadays most our listeners will be interested in. I happen to know that you worked on a beer bottling line right canning Buchanan a beer canning lines okay I. I think we can call some of them but back to beer in United States food currents or food ways on a scale like that you probably probably injected with co two just because you need to get it out faster than than you have time for the two bottle condition it now a little aside that that our progenitor of anchor steam beer started in eighteen forty nine certainly during the California gold rush by a German in in various ways. Let's talk a little bit about anchor steam because I think it's illustrative back in the early early days the yeah okay and then probably there. was you know some consolidation in the industry as you know will happen. Shen said that the beer the fresh beer could be drunk the better and they kept it really local and all these bureaus to increase their changed hands at one point and then was bought again by another German immigrant Schinkel and it was a guy in it was a vital part of of what Americans included in their daily. Diet and you know I mentioned all these breweries beer is carbonated. Essentially they inject a bunch of C O two into the bottle and you know the same way as you make Seltzer but you can also do something called bottle conditioning. Which is where you there's an immigrant named Brecqhou and brickell ran his brewery right up into the eighteen seventies. It may have changed resign every other corner in New York City back in the mid nineteenth century will there were a lot of breweries in general in the United States right. Yeah <unk> only the first of many episodes that disrupters will do on the beer industry and specific breeze and brew disruptors yeah going back. I mean there were I think at the peak there were four thousand five thousand breweries and this was in eighteen seventy three was ah you shove it into the bottles shelvin okay and then cap it to capitol. Yeah and I actually I expected. It is probably a combination okay anyhow episode thirteen check it out now on with with the brewing where are we. We've gotten Steph is fermenting okay. You're getting your alcohol up. <hes> that's that's probably another episode beer bottling versus. Buchanan and how each process precedes did you add C._O. Two into the cans no nation of both of where they have some yeast. That's creating the fermentation but at the same time to inject a little bit of C._O. Two but I don't actually know okay well. <hes> this is because the water was was tainted and beer had those good hops preserving yes and and of course the Ferman tation processes well and during the Oh by the time we got it. The beer was already fizzy in. I guess it's really at scale the way dude as you do it. In a big tank already okay you add this to that point and then you is the peak of the historical peak of four thousand one hundred thirty one breweries eighteen seventy three and now it's just the ones that somehow were reported or recorded moonshine his son-in-law pretty typical of German immigrants who had such a big impact on our food culture back in the nineteenth century they we're family focused and there's a lot of these combinations of of fathers and sons of brothers of of inlaws all men in of Russian Hill and Brecqhou. I guess had had bought a saloon and started nearby but as happened in those days stuff happens the brewery in eighteen ninety six those of you know San Francisco. It was on Pacific Avenue. All we know is it was near the base of and the Lore goes that this is where steam beer actually originated now steam beer is a particular <hes> Klaus broncos started out his career as a food disruptor in San Francisco in the popular industry of locations south of market again for those of you who but I don't know exactly where but before I move onto the history of anchors steam did we give uptar who started that that Steam Wendy in its way up to mix with the fog okay so anchor steam where are we were nineteen o seven of brewing and no doubt like a like Godly brickell Klaus Spreckelsen new his beer like in a good German house sprinkles sugar king their sugar king but as detailed in our episode. I'M GONNA say seven chairman working person in those days and he established a brewery in San Francisco. He called it the Albany Brewing Company in what is now a trademark anchor steam beer but before nineteen eighty-one would not word was trademarked in association. It was called that because of the the fermentation stage so you remember we talked about how needs to be cool to make your lager is they found a yeast that I that could as a business but then draw prohibitions Astor Street Yeah Nineteen Twenty and if you go to the seven and then both the owners died but two other German guys bought it and they were ticking along doing okay is with beer steam beer was California common beer and it's because of that steam rising up off the rooftops of San Francisco and I just love and what you would see is steam rising off of these open vats usually which of course terrible for keeping out contamination the open vats would show the steam rising off. Steve was up and running pretty darn quick afterwards and they didn't have the resources to go into soda pop as many of the larger breweries did or withstand slightly warmer because in those days you couldn't have you didn't have ice out here and they didn't have refrigeration and so they used to do is they would leave the vats on the roof or outside where the cool fog air would cool them down to sort of approximate that that logging temperature good weather for that and I'm looking at a fog bank right now that is just receded a bit and I'm sure we'll be back in tonight so that's the origination given not. I don't think we have to a very important food disruptor whom we've talked about before another German immigrant Klaus what's up on the rooftops and then probably even in the summer the coldest winter mark Twain ever spent a summer in San Francisco perfect. It's So San Francisco very distinct to this area too right. It's something that could only happen here that did happen here and it developed its own style and and I love that it was another food disruptor off of it and so became this very distinct thing you could look over and see that they were Bruin this spear and then they were on the rooftops right they'd put these pretty shallow taps and in the case of San Francisco was the one thousand nine hundred six earthquake and it debris burned said they established it at a new location ambition years which was a long time it was thirteen years till nineteen thirty three but then sort of out of out of the dust anchors. Steve in those days as as far as the records show so it was <hes> Schinkel and Baru for Ruth and they bought the we will have a link to the anchors anchor brewery <hes> website on our website the food disruptors dot com but it is for other kinds of malt beverages and I just have to think they were probably still brewing here in San Francisco and is and just an interesting little aside. Their website says that well nobody knows anything about Anchor Steam Brewery during the prohibition the character of Beer. Yes Oh steam beer. Now is a trademark of anchor. Yes so everyone else. It's a California common to everyone else but <hes> nineteen thirty two that catalogues with Al Hirschfeld is the illustrator who does it catalogs all these speakeasies in New York but it's amazing the different varieties just on the down low and probably they had a lot of San Francisco city. COPS is their regular customers so I'm sure I I've agree coffee table. Book called speakeasy is of Nineteen <music> of you know you have the high class ones where he's drinking martinis still as if nothing's changed you've aloke last ones where the drinking stir no cocktails and in between the ones that just serve the beer that they've smuggled in <music> sure you had a similar similar environment out here well at the brewery. You probably did beer with a lot harder to smuggle then then then distilled liquor right more volume it takes up a lot more room and there's all these preservative providence to you have to keep it cold so anyhow then in one thousand nine thirty. Zayn your podcast media thank you for listening the San Francisco food scene but by nineteen sixty five things had gone down to such an extent they were just producing aliens and millions of barrels says a producer of six hundred barrels a year. It didn't have much going for it so that's when Fritz maytag really sort of a philosopher brewer and I think rather than say he started something completely different. I think he might say that the pressures converged to favor the big efficient producers and the highly flavored little specialty beer and during the war the I don't quite know what the deal was with barley but there was definitely a big push push to make sure that most grains went to the troops so it was harder to get the raw materials for beer so many things really altered the market for Beer <hes> prohibition as had not rolled over either even it he revived a craft and then but you're right the actual brew he he made was completely different and after prohibition was was repealed and they kept pushing hard for a lot of restrictions and taxes on producers even of specialty brewers like Anchor Steam Beer. We're getting more and more squeezed but anchor steam sought sway to World War. Two brewers pushed back a bit saying that beer was a very healthy food that brewer's yeast has a lot of important was determined by the powers that be that the troops should have rations of beer which helped save the industry but it also all of these using I think six hundred barrels a year and that's in context with today's volume of total beer produced is in the millions again. I know just disaster strikes yet again so they moved to a new location and for those of you know San Francisco they were in. Thank stepped in. I think just this history is one of my favorite things that the the father of craft brewing didn't start something from the Komo going to speak about on our next episode more heap was and is back in the day he was a very young man and really vitamins and B. Vitamins will we'll put that in some show notes and make sure but brewer's yeast is a healthy food and so it but it was not an easy road and it's very interesting food ways stories so shall we talk about that. Next time sounds great. Maybe that yeah good winches and then you know there was the war and the war really as it did for so okay so cool that we can taste the history of San Francisco in a bottle of the design district on an upper floor which would must have been hard to manage with all of the raw materials lugging it up because winches and the Korean War but it just it got harder and harder and they they ended up closing in Nineteen fifty-nine. It was his own special alchemy that that made anchor steam something really special once he got it up and running again breath anchor steam beer. We'll have a link to anchor brewing and other beer enthusiast sites on our website. The Food DISRUPTORS DOT com we love hearing and has produced and edited by Charlene Goto Goto productions. You're enjoying this podcast. Be sure to rate subscribe and comment this show on Apple podcasts or wherever you thirty three anchor steam beer amazingly resurrected and then a looks like we're GonNa have anchor steam beer around at burns the Fritz Maytag as he revived the craft beer industry in the American Food System C._N._N. next time Baseman Dean you know experiment and he took over a company that had been Iran had all this history and had been bought and sold a million times but really then turned it rain but somebody bought them a guy named. Steve and they reopened in nineteen sixty and just you know it's never say die attitude in I'm from you so feel free to comment and keep the conversation going and be sure to check out our next steps owed to hear about the Quixotic Adventures uh the food disruptors is created written and hosted by Theresa Brown hosted by Ruddick Lawrence website and tech support by Dan curren and it into something completely different than it was just use that as the raw material to shape it into this thing. That was a craft beer. I would fits maytag.

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The Final Lap

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2020 Driver Review: #11 Austin Dillon

"The final lap with kerry murphy is. Is we continue our look at the top sixteen playoff drivers of the two thousand twenty nascar racing season and coming in at number eleven. Is austin dillon win on the year. Four top fives nine top tens and led one hundred thirty five laps. I think is this more about season every opportunity you get you know. You don't know what could be your last. Everybody is fighting for their job. Every day doesn't matter. How many wins you got something could come up and change sponsorship wise or ownership. Why'd you just never know these days so you just want to seize these opportunities or in the playoffs again There's another opportunity to become the first to win all three championships. Um that we got your sixteen guys that have this opportunity and more one album so you want to take advantage of those opportunities and go out there and perform you know you can consistently so yeah just doing everything you can to take advantage of of the moment have fun doing and i do feel like i think the prime age and my dirk crew chief is always said this. The prime age rayson is like thirty. Five austin's win came at texas motor speedway in july and he leads six races overall. This season and this was austin's fourth appearance in the nascar cup series playoffs. And that's our look at the number eleven driver of the two thousand twenty nascar season. Austin dillon up next. We are crack in the top ten at number ten on the final lap like us at facebook dot com slash the final lap our homes and our alliances have gone the extra mile for us this year and this season is the perfect time to get back to home right now at lowe's save big on the maytag smart capable washer and dryer with the most powerful cleaning in. Its class a gift for your overworked. Overworked laundry room brings joy to find gifts. Deals and special offers all season long at lowe's home for the holidays offer valid on select appliances cleaning score of eighteen pound load among leading top lou. Grant five to five point. Four cubic capacity impaler washer versus comparable cycles see store for details. Us only.

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E021 - 10 Things Student Pilots Do Wrong

Behind the Prop

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E021 - 10 Things Student Pilots Do Wrong

"Uh-huh clear prop over two way. Traffic three mile problem runway be going off on this is behind the prop with united flight systems. Owner and licensed. Pilot bobby dos. And it's co host major airline captain designated pilot examiner. Wally mulhearn. now let's go behind the prop. What's up wally bobby. How are you doing great another week. Another episode we love doing these shows for. Y'all hopefully. You're enjoying them are. We've got a number of new five star reviews on itunes and other platforms. If you're enjoying the show please take time to Write us a review and if we should be doing something different or better don't hesitate to reach out and let us know that as well lots of good questions and ideas for the show coming in also and someone said something about Us covering some of the top mistakes that student pilots make and lo and behold. We found an article. And we're gonna we're gonna borrow this article and talk about our thoughts on some of these things in flight magazine. Which is the texaco flight. Training magazine from the ao pa. Still the one that i get imprint. I much enjoy it. has a lot of good things in it as a relates to flight training. So if you're not a member of the go register you'll get the magazine for free either imprint of electronic but way back in january of two thousand eighteen There was an article written ten things ten mistakes. That student pilots do wrong. And we're going to talk about those while the examiner. I know you see a lot of things that go wrong. let's jump right in. We've we've done some of these topics but we'll we'll go through all ten of them. What's number ten number ten pertains to checklists and lonely appalled. We have done a An episode on the usage It is something that is required to be graded or or evaluated. Rather i should say on a check ride Pretty much on on all the landings. All all the takeoffs and everything down there in in One of the elements that i'm supposed to be looking at as proper use of checklists and You know it's pretty simple. If if you don't use a checklist you're obviously not properly using it. So i see Occasionally on on check. Rides that that applicants. Are you know especially for our landing checklist. They're just using gump's and they're going through it and they're going through their mind. But there's not a checklist anywhere close And that's that's really a bad habit pattern I and i know Maybe a cessna one seventy two especially a fuel injected one where carburetor heat is not Introduced to the the scenario. There's really not a whole lot to do As far as landing. You know as far as Checklist items But it's it's a habit pattern it something that is required and it something expected When you get a job plan a big airplane especially at an airline. Checklists are are used. They're used every time You know. I fly big airplanes and some of our checklists. Only have three items on them. And i have a memorized. But i still pull out the checklist and i look at it and i read it and i i respond to it appropriately so it is a big item. You know you're not gonna fly the same airplane all the time. You may fly. An airplane now has cal flaps. You may be flying. Fuel injected one seventy two. And you're used to that but today you're flying an end model and you've got carburetor so you got carburetor heat to be considered and that's all on the checklist Landing lights Just just everything. That's on the checklist is it's there for for a reason so you know it's something that that We we need to do better with you. And i think as a student pilot when i was training you i did get lulled into this fact that i'm flying saint planes. They don't the school when i was going here. Only had one seventy two. So i was always flying a one. Seventy two all tricycle fixed gear aircraft. You could get lulled into that. But i've flown a lot of different types of aircraft. Now and if i only thought of those items on one seventy two n p models than if i did like you said flu anything else that i could get myself in trouble or hurt pretty quick right so number. Nine on. This list is poor weather. Planning i find that to be something that I find myself chasing people down talking about on a regular basis at the flight. School people learning how to fly. They wanna go. They wanna go And they just i don't. I don't think as much as we talk about it. I still don't think students understand. The dangers of what weather can do to us. And that weather as europe pilot and you fly weather is not necessarily the same three or four miles from here. We can see here. Might not be what. What's going on three or four miles away And it's it's shocking. I think i've told the story of trying to fly to brenham to see my dad. Not that far away didn't do a weather briefing or really understand all about the weather. Pass this airport and get out there and be a wall of clouds just five or ten miles away and have to do you know quote unquote a holding pattern out there for for a thirty minute time. They would burn off but they never burned off. And i wasted a lot of gaffes in a lot of my time Trying to get somewhere. That i could have solved for that. If i would've just looked at the weather yeah at some point the weather changes you know at some point. There's the weather's good here and across the street it's bad there's a line somewhere and a lot of times. We do get lulled into the the fact of well. Jeez i'm only going fifty miles. The weather's gotta be fine over there and And you know if there's that that front is somewhere if that front is halfway in between we may have southerly winds here and north winds over there or or you know at some point. The clouds moving Maybe clear here but it may be eight. Hundred overcast over there so It is something that that We can certainly do better with and and be aware of it and You know again says this is number nine poor weather breathing so You know get in the habit of of using different sources together. Get a weather briefing. You know on a check ride. I will always ask. The applicant applicant okay. We're going from here to there How's the weather okay. And they they you know a lot of times. What is great and i will say okay. We'll tell me how you got your weather briefing. There are many different options. There's using your efg There's there's actually calling the weather briefer and talking to somebody. And then there's there's lots of online options To a good weather briefing and more times than not. I would say. My applicants use Use more than one source and That's always a good thing because you especially if you talk to a real weather briefer you you sort of get a second opinion. Think that intimidates a lot of student pilots and even private pilots because they know what to say. Those people are very helpful. They're service oriented. I would not hesitate one bit to call for weather briefing Because i it's going it's going to provide more information than you seeing. What four flights telling you. Are you seeing what the weather aviation weather. Dot gov is going to tell you. The person on the other end probably knows whether pretty good and probably will give you some ideas on whether they would go or not go in that current surge situation right and i don. I'll date myself a little bit. But there used to be a commercial for washing machines. Back in this is probably in the seventies i think goes a maytag commercial and the the whole idea of the commercial is that the maytag repairman doesn't have a whole lot to do because maytag appliances never breakdown. And when i was A long time ago or or actually actively teaching a lot We used to refer to some of the guys at some flight service stations as the maytag repairman because You could tell that they didn't have a whole lot to do. And when you when you call them up for a weather briefing. You could almost feel like they were excited to do it for you. And that's the way these guys are so They will I i have seen applicants. Say i'm going to call to get her weather briefing in thirty minutes later they come back and say wow. I'm worn out The guy gave me a whole lot of information so It's a it's a good thing to talk to somebody. Number eight on the list is not enough on takeoff. Now i'm part of the show. So i happen to know we're gonna talk about left turning tendencies and upcoming episode but obviously this this is going to prevent some of those left turning tendencies on the go I can remember and i. I still see if you go look at people taking off out here. You probably won't want to own a flight school if you watch a bunch of landings at the airport but Not enough rudder on takeoff. What are your thoughts. they're willing. Well we did an episode of few back about Flight controls and i talked a lot about in that episode. Talk about crosswind landings and you can use the same. The same verbiage that we used in that episode and talk about You know the proper amount of rudder on takeoff. what does it take. How much ryder does it take on takeoff and the answer is whatever it takes. Keep that airplane on the centerline. Obviously a big high power engine is gonna. they're going to be more left turn tendencies. I i fly saratoga piper saratoga three hundred horsepower. Engine big airplane. And when i get in there with somebody who's not used to the airplane. They pushed the power up. And that's usually. The first comment is wow takes a lot of right writer. You got three hundred horses out there trying to trying to get you off the runway and we've got a fight that so whatever it takes whatever it takes us. How much rudder you need to use on takeoff yen to something that as a student and for the instructors listening you just gotta keep keep practicing and keep telling to make sure that it's happening To to to counteract those those forces number seven or usa air port diagrams This is one that. I'm definitely a was a victim of. I think i've changed my mind set on it as i got my commercial rating and i've flown to a lot of different places in a lot of new places again. I think it's a tendency of the way we teach nowadays. Wally that most private pilots students fly to the flat two or two one or two airports. They do the same cross country two times and then one long when they'd probably also includes the same airport. They've gone to so they they're passing their check rides and they've maybe been to five airports and they probably know those airports fairly well to maybe towered three probably not towered which means they've got a runway and taxiway not too big of a deal. But you go you go. Land twin engined plane at a professional big airport. Like austin bergstrom. Where big jets are flying in all time. There's multiple taxiways. There's maniacs it's there's multiple runways you're going to have to use an airport diagram or you're gonna look or sound stupid And need some progressive help. Yeah but it. They're they're easy to get their online. If you're gonna go print them out highlight what you think going to happen right. I'm going to exit midfield. If i'm in a single engine blame probably going to exit before midfield. Yeah and then no. You're going to have to taxi. Have that have drawn out. Yeah yeah and this this a little bit. Goes back to the checklist. The first element of use of of properly using an airport diagram is to have an airport tiger If you don't have it obviously you're not using it. But i know it you know with my my airline job. We're are required to brief the exit. The a taxiway that we expect to exit the runway on and our our taxi plan into the gate and and sometimes it's complex and sometimes it doesn't go as we expected but we do have a plan. We basically have a default plan. And i usually highlighted on my on my diagram on on the ipad. So i have an idea and You know a lotta times air. Traffic control will tell you what exit they want you to attempt to make off of the runway because a lot of times. It's not the first exit that you come to you. Know they may say Plan to exit. Charlie and bravo is before charlie and you could make bravo but for whatever reason they need to go down to charlie so You know again. The first the first way to properly use it is to. Obviously you got to have it with you. So be ready for that. Number six rushing the preflight. Now i'm sure while he is a dp. Your students are your. The people that are being examined aren't rushing. They're showing you their best day ever pre flooding aircraft. But it's something that they can happen. External forces get us to where we're in a hurry. We have time to be somewhere. Something happened that held us up. And now we're running a little bit late. We rush lots of really bad things can happen. We've talked about some of them in previous episodes. But i think we should follow the checklist one. That's in the peo- h hope louis copied it or using something that follows that and we check everything on the outside everything on the inside of make sure. We're really ready to go. Yeah yeah and and as an examiner. I i tend almost see the opposite. I it's not unusual ac- thirty minute pre flights and you know. I'll usually debrief the applicant. I you know say i. I know that's probably not really what you're doing. So you're putting on a little bit of a show for me and get that i get that but have you know don't don't skimp on the preflight a main you could be in an airplane. Maybe a a one eighty two or a one seventy two. Or you're gonna a cardinal that doesn't have struts something that you need to Bring a ladder over to to check the get up there and check the fuel. Don't skimp on that where we we are last couple of episodes ago. We asked our mimic mechanic guests. Ray if you could if you could only preflight one thing what would it be. And he said well no question it would be the fuel. Not and so yeah. Don't don't skimp on the preflight. Um you know get there thirty minutes early And take care of that number five selecting cruising altitude. Something we all learn but As we've mentioned before we started recording some pilots nine ever fly above three thousand feet before they the earned their license. You know they might have done their cross country with a three thousand foot ceiling and flew over wherever they're going two thousand and two thousand five hundred feet and maybe have never been above three thousand. I don't. I don't know that i ever bought was above three thousand before i passed my private check ride but if at a busy airport like this if you listen to radio long you'll hear people requesting the wrong attitudes on fly followings based on direction of travel the the controllers are quick to correct them In the might might hear them not requesting an attitude that they're requesting apply following and it's it's really one of those mechanisms that keeps us safe that you really need to understand and know i if i don't i fly afar a lot now that i'm an r. Pilot follow fly plan. And i told what to fly of course requests something but That's pretty easy. And when i'm feeling that fly plan for flight guides me because it knows where i'm going right. I fly via foreign request fly following. I have to take a deep breath before. I open my mouth because it's been a while since i've requested that number and i use Saying that i learned that is is one that that helps me might help you. East is odd and west is even odder So you know that east is an odd altitude and west is even odder. So you know west isn even out to to Just something that has helped me remember so that i don't ask for six thousand when i'm going to austin Because it's a it's a. It's a well that would be right as a westerly heading. But i don't ask for the wrong thing. If you know what i'm saying right right and i have i have inadvertently filed for the wrong altitude and air. Traffic drove very graciously. Says for five thousand. You're you're going northwest you want. You want four six and you kind of swallow your pride for a second. Say six thousand would be good. Yup look you give us four four three two one. While what's number four number four staring inside the cockpit. You know a lot of the airplanes that we have today have a lot of cool stuff inside the airplane. Lot of lot of information. But there's a lot of really nice stuff outside the airplane to One of my and there could be really bad stuff right outside the airplane exact. We would like to see before we make contact. Exactly i I think i mentioned this in a previous episode Back in the summer. I gave two consecutive days check rides in a brand new. Sr twenty two cirrus and the next day. I gave a cheque right in one thousand nine hundred forty piper cub and you talk about the difference in airplanes And i just found myself in the piper cub Just having a great time just looking outside and because there wasn't a whole lot inside. I mean i was in the back seat. There weren't really any instruments that i could see very well anyway without really straining to look But you know especially looking for traffic and avia far scenario or or or i offer. I mean there's other airplanes out there You know that that air traffic control may may not may tell you about and there's also you know now we're in a situation where we've got people. Flying drones and a lot of times drones are being flown where they shouldn't be flown. And you've got to be careful about that so yeah look outside the window and I one thing. I try to watch on On private and commercial check rides is When we do steve turns whereas their focus are they outside the window. I we ought to be about eighty five percent outside and fifteen percent inside on steep turns. And you know you can have you can vary on that but You know put some those on the horizon and find that forty five degrees bank or fifty whatever the case may be and and keep the keep the nose there and you're probably going to be okay and As an instructor. I used to just cover up the instrument panel and steep turns enforce the the student outside and They usually would do much better. That's a good tip to to cover it up completely because it does. unfortunately we ties we. We might get caught lured into teaching to pass a check ride. And we're doing that as a student. We're trying to make sure we're holding that fifty or one hundred feet and we can't necessarily see that outside but i as i fly with a varying range of pilots. Now when i'm flying with some of these trying to learn how to fly if you just pick something out on the rise in and point that you're probably gonna fly straighter line than any other time right. Never going to hold a heading by looking at the company the heading indicator not as well as a as a as a mountain or a building or a tower way off in the distance and then And at night you just pick a good light that you can hone. And that's the same thing. I think in maneuvers as well if you look aside and pick something and hold it. You're probably going to have more control. The aircraft than you would by looking at the instruments right right number three is poorer radio communication and we did an episode several episodes back on Proper atc Phraseology and communication The something that I the bottom line. Is we want effective communication and when all else fails just use plain english and talked. Atc i mean if you're up as a student pilot and you look over there and your instructor happens to to pass out get on the radio and say i'm a student pilot. My instructor passed out. I don't know where i am. I don't know what to do. Okay that's that's not you're going to get someone's attention they'll understand it you're gonna get a lot of attention but You know proper communication. I i will ask a philosophical question to Applicants into two students really. I will say if something is not right. Is it wrong and For instance Houston center cessna one to three level at eleven thousand. Okay is that the proper way to say no no the proper way to say it would be we're level at one one thousand rather than eleven Does it effectively communicate. it probably does So is it wrong. Well i don't know. I don't know if it's wrong. It's not right. It's not the exact right way to do it so you know try. Try to try to say the exact correct thing to t. And i think Atc will will pick up on your your level of professionalism. And i'm not gonna say they're going to treat you any differently. Because i never felt that way but it's just the right thing to do. It used to be Oatmeal commercial back in the day and the the the guy said the reason. You should eat quaker oats as it's the right thing to do well that that's that's kind of the way it is here and especially for pilots who are aspiring to have a professional. Va career. You know at some point you're gonna fly internationally. And that's that's where i believe it really becomes very important because you're going to be talking to controllers whose native language is not line in english and they have very they might have a very limited command of the english language so You want to use standard phraseology. Yeah i'd prefer everybody back that episode Lots of good stuff in there. We talked about some some tools from the faa. That are out there as well to help you. Learn and use that phraseology correctly and number two overshooting final approach We see this a lot especially as you would expect in crosswinds Let's say were on North south runway. I'll just use our always here. One seven Basically north south runway. And let's say we have the winds at one twenty at twelve. And so we're on a downwind. Basically flying north The one thing that causes an overshoot on on final is you're not flying a rectangular pattern. You're not flying rectangular pattern because you don't adjust the heading on the dow one leg so if we are a imagine north south runway Where we're taking off and landing south and we're making left pattern and we have a wind coming. Easterly one twenty se Obviously if when we make that Downland turn if we fly exactly the reciprocal of the runway heading. Which in our case would be three fifty We're gonna get blown toward the runway. And so we make the base turn All of a sudden we look in wo we've already passed their own way so overshooting final. That's one cause of it Another cause may be just Just you know a poor turn. So if you're in the pattern and you know you make the mistake one time. We'll make adjustments the next time so You know usually usually bad landings can be traced back to a bad approach. So no question. That i i do think that we we work on things like turns around a point and those sorts of things when we're private pilots to learn how to to to counteract what the winds doing i think as i became a private pilot. You drive on a road. You don't have these acts these forces changing the way you drive a car but in a plane you definitely do. I need to think ahead and make sure that if the wins like that that you know when you're going faster because the winds bond you're when you're going slower and make sure the box looks the same because you're in control the aircraft the winds aren't in control of that aircraft And that i would say this is a very common problem because we we takes time to learn how to fly plane but don't ever tried to pull up and catch it right like if you're if you're going through final go ahead and just keep that shallow. Turn go around if you're not stabilized Don't don't i hate getting slow and steep in a traffic pattern and still scares me to death thinking about. If you do over shoe final disc- go round and try it again. It's it once you learn it. You learn it right absolutely and number one mistake. That student pilots make it says Ten things student pilots do wrong. I should say At says flaring too early or too late I don't know how many landings i've made in my career but Ah bunch a whole lot. And i still i still as i am coming into. Land say to myself. Look at the far end of the runway. Okay and i think Usually if i find myself in a landing slump and you know at at the airline. That's tough tough thing. Because i may only get three or four landings in a month. Maybe maybe even less so you don't you don't have the next time around the pattern to redeem yourself. But i am always telling myself shift. My aim point to the far end of the runway usually if If you're fixated on where you're going to down You know you're probably gonna probably gonna flare too late so You know finding that. That sweet spot on win to flare is you know. It's the key to kito a nice landing and just keep in mind up. Probably a textbook landing is not always what we would call aggressor landing. you know. We don't want to bang these airplanes in obviously we might hurt them or or even worse. do do some hurt ourselves but you know flaring Too early you're probably going to get to slow and if you don't make proper adjustments You're gonna hit really hard Flaring too late obviously You're you're gonna hit hard as well. So it's just something that will take practice and But just keep in mind A firm landing is not necessarily a bad landing. Yeah i think there was one podcast one one video or one article that taught people how to land and not struggle with his flair. I i would. I would rent a lot less aircraft. I mean it is not something. That's just picked up by every pilot when they're learning how to fly many many tips looking further down the runway. I would. I would seek to if you're if you're in trouble now. Ask your flight structure to do more work with you in ground. Effect whether that's taking off and staying grounded factor whether that's a on approach getting in grant affecting in ground effect down the runway and go round again. Once i think once i realized what ground effect was doing and how that that cushion of air was was helping me and what that looked like to to be looking down the runway while i was in ground effect. It really made me change my thought process on the flair and the flares. Really that point where i am. I am transitioning from flight. Too graphic to the ground And it it just changed my whole aspect. I share that with people in your instructors should be able to fly the link of your runway and ground effect and you should be able to feel that in the seat of your pants of what that feels like. But i promise to all the students that i've ever talked to who are struggling with landing. Once you get it you'll get it Yeah and you'll struggle with it again and you'll have issues and as you go from rating the rating the rating You'll have different things that you'll run into. I go from private to commercial new power off and you gotta hit a certain spot and you've maybe got a little lazy in the last year so you'll you'll you'll. You'll really learn how to do some of those things that you were doing really well on the day of private ballot. Check right absolutely great article gray magazine and One of those things that we have been doing together. Wally and bobby's released by the proper. We've also been doing some free courses here. United flight systems. Wally is Been gracious enough to offer himself to do another event at united flight systems and online. So wherever you're at in the world you can participate in walis next seminar here. At united systems called overcoming check ride anxiety. We did a once it was a we had a huge group of people show up for that event a challenge you all to go to united flight dot com slash courses and register for walis course on february twenty seventh two thousand and twenty one. I know if you're listening this after that date you won't be able to see it but we'll we'll do more courses in the future. Go out register for walis. Course it is one hundred percent free and we decided whoever's the farthest away maybe people from other countries we're going to ship outs a mugs afterwards to All those the you attend from around global locations right currently the podcast is listened to on six continents every week. Now wally We hope to send some mugs around the world and hopefully get pictures back of you guys taking selfies with our mugs but that's february twenty seventh two thousand twenty one at ten. Am you can you can participate remotely via zoom so. Please go register for that anything to wrap with as we close today. Yeah and there will be a question and answer Session with that with that Course on the twenty seven so if you've got some questions You can actually if you wanna email them ahead of time. That would be fine. Either myself or bobby wally or bobby at behind. The dot com We'll we'll be sure to answer those in the in the course because whatever. Whatever you're thinking somebody else's probably think as well no doubt no doubt so with that. We'll wrap up turn out to be a long episode. Thanks for listening to everybody until next time please stay behind the prop fly say thanks checking out the behind the prop podcast be sure to click subscribe at check us out online at behind the pro dot com behind the prop is recorded in houston texas creator and host is bobby dos co host. Is wally mulhearn. This show is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to replace actual flight instruction. Thanks for listening and remember fly safe.

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The Tech Ranch

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"Welcome to detect Rach my local here on Super Talk Twelve seventy the latest gadgets online security websites and apps social media and so much more. How can technology help you? Let's find out it's time for the Tech Ranch on Super Talk Twelve seventy from our studios in beautiful mandate North Dakota along the mighty Missouri River here is your guru of Geek Marlow Anderson so have you ever wondered what maybe the next emerging technology will be and maybe you can get into it early and yeah get couple right exactly fifty years ago it buying into McDonalds or something yeah exac or apple yeah yeah so we're going to have we actually have a list of the top ten emerging technologies of Twenty Nineteen <hes> that will have near-term business and financial opportunities now. I'm definitely interested in this because I want. I'm looking for things to Indust- sure sure so at the control panel producer extraordinaire Jim Wall so you bought a TV yeah. We bought a beautiful T._v.. Trying to remember the brand. I think it's a Sony we got it at Walmart. Okay <hes> it's a big fifty incher okay and we got it at home and it doesn't fit the entertainment big. You know. It's funny that <hes> I can't first of all I. I bet you're surprised at how inexpensive they are yeah. It wasn't and that actually allows you. Maybe if you know if you had a budget of whatever it is right in the goal there and you're like oh my goodness I can get some much larger three four hundred dollars. You can get a thing. That'll seems like it fills half the it had the wall. It's amazing. I mean I can't get over how inexpensive T._v.'s have have gotten. I know uh-huh light light light but it's it's bulky but it's not that heavy. I was working on my mom's T._v.. Yesterday I put a some bar in in my mom's house and because one of the problems with flat screens and and you're probably gonNA maybe with what you're doing. You're not gonNA notice that but I had mounted. There's on the wall yeah and the speakers tend to be in the back of the of the so then they couldn't hear it very well. So then I wanted a sound bar on yesterday which was a significant an improvement but <hes> but yeah I mean it's just <hes> but as I was working on it you know people are asking if I needed some help taken down off the wall or whatever I'm like. Why can I can handle this thing with one hand yeah? It's so late that it's just you know it's amazing to me so <hes> it's really it's really impressive. How far television technology so we got the new one set up <hes> in the the other one we got the smaller version catch set up in the bedroom okay and we got netflix and everything else on that right right so we're hot to trot? So did you knew income with all. Its Pre install yeah roku everything yeah yeah which is really nice once we get it set up and I've got a couple of my favorite <hes> big screen movies to go apocalypse doc alleged now and I won't see you for a week and say annually merged with Cheeto dust on your face yeah as me and Colonel Kurtz right right exactly Charlie. I don't serve so <hes> some some news things we need to talk about. <hes> so facebook has announced Dow Libbra crypto currency facebook is going to get into the cryptocurrency game crypto currency Bitcoin <hes> currency used by Superman's yeah. That'd be Kryptonite that never good though I liked that in fact there should be. I wonder if there isn't a cryptocurrency call Kryptonite any Ariza may series series called Krypton. Yes it's like a Prequel to the whole psoriasis ray right and my wife loves that stuff so so facebook's get into this <hes> they unveiled the new crypt lip liberal crypto currency will let users make purchases or send money money to people with virtually no Fli no fees no fleas. We don't have to flee that yeah yeah on your money. That's right <hes> either online or the local exchange <hes> like grocery stores so they're they're planning a partner with grocery stores so we can actually spend your crypto currency which is pretty amazing sure <hes> unlike what we have now I mean it's difficult bitcoin. You can probably use bitcoin. I mean there's some places that allow you to use it and other crypto currencies agencies to but <hes> this is GonNa Kinda. I think facebook will mainstream cryptocurrency so this is really interesting and it'll be available on WHATSAPP MESSENGER and then they'll have its own APP as well facebook will test the blockchain systems soon then implants to a public lines in the first half of twenty twenty so on a body year now. We're going to see a cryptocurrency coming out of facebook and what's interesting about this is does this pave the way for other companies like Microsoft croissant or Google or whatever released their own money. I mean that's kind of what is going on. You figure it's going to take one of the big companies to start doing right. He others will follow. I agree with that so I think were on the verge of something pretty. The extraordinary here where currency I mean Crypto Chrissy right now isn't really backed by government but now you're gonNA move into big companies like facebook who might be I mean it's still not backing your own currency but it's putting their name on it right yeah and that's what I think is going to be the big change here and people who are who have at least some trust in facebook me. Everybody uses it almost daily matter trust. The government. Money is a matter yeah that's exactly right and the government that the they'll back this up yep so I just think that this'll be really interesting for makes it easy for us to purchase things on facebook. I mean is that the next big move by Ebay and and pay pal for example that cryptocurrency is going to be a big deal to so what about a gold standard I can imagine some crypto currencies actually doing that back Golden. That's interesting yeah. That's very interesting reality so yeah we if we have some time later on the so we'll get into blockchain. If we don't have time this week we'll get into it next week a little more because he's some of the more <hes> hard core libertarian types going for that I agree with that. You know the Nice thing with crypto currency and of course with the blockchain piece that works with that is that there isn't any single one place place that manages any of this the yeah blockchain uses thousands and thousands of computers to create a public record using what's called a hash yeah to record the transaction and money becomes another product that you can <hes> you have options. Yeah you can choose this type of money or that's correct now. That's interesting that is very interesting. You know it's not that the WHO knows I mean really who knows where this will will take us in the future <hes> U._S.. Hits Iran with crippling cyber. cyber-attacks over the last couple of days <hes> basically not surprising there. We took down their computer networks that control their missiles over the last couple of days. Isn't that interesting that he interesting so here that much about crazy that wasn't talked up. I was on the actual <hes> whether we were going to actually have a shooting war right folk right while basically if that was the case then our military just decided yeah if if you guys want to shoot missiles at us and we'll disabled missiles at all the plug on we don't have to actually go in and blow up things yeah we can just basically like you said pull the plug on it which is interesting. You should devote a show to that at some point because there's is a lot of very interesting and frankly very frightening possibilities behind the well and even even on our own country. I mean you know we we lag as far as <hes> cybersecurity goes here too but we're probably better than most parts of the world. There's probably a few parts you know. Governments have do aluminum job than we do but we're we're at risk as well. I mean just just because we can take Iran down doesn't mean that Iran can't do something with us yeah about the whole electromagnetic pulse exactly exactly and of course <hes> the Chinese have have so many products you know in our system right now routers and things like this and you know even T._v.'s that listen to us and whatever else in a lot of this stuff people don't understand or know that it's out there but it is and it's all great ways that other countries can spy on us and probably have some ways to create some chaos with us. I guess we all right everybody. After the break our top ten emerging technologies that will have near-term the business and financial opportunities. You won't want to miss this blow. The Guru of Geek at FACEBOOK DOT COM backslash tech ranch or twitter at Guru of Geek or the tech ranch dot com here here again is your guru of Geek Marlow Anderson so rory the delve in to the top ten emerging technologies that will have a near term business that will have near term. I'm not even that right. You'll have financial and business opportunities from this area right and the things that we have talked about in the past on the show but we'll get in a little bit into a little bit about what's possible with these things so <hes> the first one on the list is Iot or the Internet of things so the Internet only have not before. We've talked about it a lot. You know so the Internet of things is basically connecting things other than computers and tablets and cellphones owns to the Internet and I guess you could even talk about you can even say that tablets and cellphones are were the beginning of the Internet of things because we used to have just a cellphone right and now most people wouldn't even know what to do with that device vice they carry around with them and connected to the Internet. I Oh gee I call it the I._O._S.. Internet stuff all or sometimes stuff. I use the other word that's interesting yeah. <hes> yeah <hes> so anyway so you you have things like you know like right. Now I have light bulbs that are connected to Wi fi right and in the course they turn on and off when you want them to and and they're in the clapper all yeah yeah they turn on when it gets dark go off when he gets light outside. Did you can program turn on when your cell phone gets to a certain point. Why are you laughing about the clapper? <hes> the clever did you have one of those. Nope never did what was the movie where that was in one of those naked gun movies vs where Saddam Hussein they broke into his house. Okay is native and lying in bed in the he went. Oh that's right. That was funny. That's not the one I'm thinking of. Though was the couple that bought like Oh who was in that movie <music> anyway. There's this older lady that lived upstairs yeah and she would have her TV plan so loud so they broke into her house and put a clap Ron us with it he could win. He would play downstairs and clap and turn it off right after she fell asleep. I saw comedy bit one. It was one of these is a parody of <hes> science fiction spy things where this the spy or he was a detective or something and he had a sidekick who is a female android over it was the actual woman playing the Android <hes> but she was activated and deactivated by clapping clapper wired were dogging somehow that is hilarious yeah the comedic possibilities in Su. Are you have to share that tattle with me so time I I love to watch that yeah <hes> but anyways so the Internet of things is something you have to think about in the business realm where this could take you. I mean what are the possibilities here <hes> and you know like lightbulbs. I'm I know of toasters that are being developed developed now the that are online and you can actually download things so that you that you could like <hes> toast Mickey Mouse on the side of your bread or things that I'm convinced that toasters already have intelligence of their own they I do actually not entirely benevolent no no if they if they know that you don't if that you don't like burnt toast they will figure that out and they will burn your toast every time they just saying they just basically what they wanted the cats of the yard that's really good. I like that so yeah. It'd be looking for the Internet of things and think about in your business. You know maybe ways that you can leverage things so one thing with with Iot is <hes> a place and and there's two of them actually <hes> but when I use mostly called if I f t t t if this then that and this is where the Internet of things really gets interesting so if my cell phone gets to a certain G._P._S. coordinate and it's dark outside side than my garage lights turn on now very if I post something or if if somebody posts something about National Day calendar on twitter then the this lightbulb will blink where you already I have that that's why I'm bringing that up nuts. I'll be right next to my desk flicker. Why why why I know it blinks a lot here but those are the things that you can do with with the Internet of things and I think as we move forward in this realm? You'll I mean what things are going to be connected or. Maybe the better question is what things are not going to be connected as your cars are going to be connected they already are actually if you have a new one. <hes> you know almost every major appliance that you can buy for your home right. <hes> has connectivity options already <hes> so you just don't know what opportunities lie out there when it comes to this <hes> next one on the list is artificial intelligence <hes> a I which. this kind of what most people think i have i'm just saying because it's not learned right it's a little plug i have in the back of my neck and i put a nasty card in their matrix that's right so artificial intelligence <hes> we'll have impacts across all industries from retail healthcare hospitality to finance and finances where i really find this interesting they they claim in like nine or ten years what ninety percent of all counts will not have jobs the i've heard that because our there's just way yeah 'cause have you i don't know how you do your taxes <hes> but i last year the year before i guess i had somebody do my last year again but i was my wife does ours and she uses one of those online because that's that's exactly right i love them and they're not bad that's exactly where i was going jail these online services it's powered by and they keep them in the cloud so if you ever have to go back if you get an audit or what i guess right there but as you're going through your taxes is which is a complicated complicated nowadays and a._i. makes it really pretty simple because it'll you'll punch numbers in and they'll make suggestions about where you need to go next and all this other stuff right so it's really interesting and artificial intelligence audience is more than just that just seen a commercial this morning <hes> from microsoft about artificial intelligence yeah <hes> working with beer companies <hes> and you know using artificial intelligence to us to take their showing they used take seven years to make a batch of beer <hes> to determine the link though it take to determine if the beer was a good beer and all this other stuff that they can figure out in seconds while because of artificial intelligence so <hes> it's really interesting and to see what is possible and i think there's a lot of opportunity as we move forward <hes> to use artificial intelligence in ways that aren't even thought of the and pretty pretty easy things why won't they easy things to do but there are some you know to get into artifice artificial intelligence there's actually a lot of things like a._p. is that you caring in <hes> that you can start playing with this stuff to see if there's some implications to your business or what have you so you can get into the stuff relatively low cost i yeah i really see it like you know if your bank or whatever you you probably need to be looking at this pretty hard but one of the obvious things to me is health care yes and that brings the question in the long run will make healthcare more or less expensive that's obviously a major thing you talk cabal well i think artificial intelligence will reduce costs long run i think yeah yeah sure run maybe not so much because there's a lot of investment yeah no but i will say you know i haven't you know knocking would but i have fortunately compared to most people my age i've been in relatively good health yeah you know <hes> yep and it's just been recently that i've had to start doing a little doctoring and i'm impressed with the the ability yeah i had blood work done three weeks ago and from the time i left to have had my blood drawn to time it took for me to get to my office i already had my results yeah that that i was i was blown away by a lot of stuff a lot of tests they do that <hes> the turnover as much fast it's just incredible and you know the ability to have results like that so quickly <hes> can really you know i won't say put your mind at ease because if you have some issue going on and it verifies this issue but even if in verifies this issue you can act on it yeah with at least some knowledge about what you need to do to move forward right again saw live in seoul yeah i'm sure it does all the time got that's an issue that has to be attended to pretty quickly i was amazed absolutely amazed at how quick i got those results so <hes> and that's all i'm sure artificial intelligence is involved with that because they have you know they they mark all all of your blood samples rules and goals to some lab and the lab is doing their thing and they already have you know they already have your your client i._d. number and all this other stuff and here it is an email to me when i get back to my office i was just blown away by that so i really is improving improving a lot of these things so five g. is next on the list so a lot of us are used to four g. on our phones dodgy means generation so the first generation was about this loss internet that you could possibly have fallen but allowed you conflict connect of course we had to g which is probably most people came in to have an internet on their phone seven eight years ago then there was three g. and and that was a big improvement <hes> and when four g. he came around that was the rise in my opinion of g._p._s. on your phones yeah and that type of thing because you can get information quick enough to allow you to navigate using your phone as a you know with a g._p._s. unit built into into it <hes> before that you could probably drive and drive into a lake before the g._p._s. would say make a u-turn you know so driving so this is really interesting five g. <hes> will be do you know approximately ten times faster than four g. which will allow us the ability to manipulate an analyze data across wireless platforms you'll have drones that will be able to talk to each other and fly distances now <hes> that type of thing and we'll get it into that a little bit but yeah there's a lot of opportunity i think with with the increased speed <hes> that fives you will have it's an expensive <hes> transition though from four g. to five g. because the antennas the best way to describe this actually is a._m. versus f._m. yeah right so a._m. <hes> probably not as good a quality right yeah but gets a lot longer distance yeah amplified modulation rate it follows the curvature of the planet yeah that is correct you know so f._m. doesn't allow you to go too far so that's but you get better quality you get much better quality bell so this is kind of the same thing here your four g. allows you to have a little longer distance <hes> from antenna to antenna five g you need to have a lot more antennas as simple as that yeah because it just doesn't go as far but your speeds will be incredible yeah so all all right but everybody more on this after the break we're back to the tech ranch stream this program now at super talk twelve seventy dot com here's your guru of geek marlow anderson i andersen and at the control panel producer extraordinaire jim wall happy It was cold that I just rained. My errands went home back bid for oil since so cool around here this year that <hes> today was about eighty today right it feels hot outside and we would normally pants on yeah we would normally be enjoying this as a cooler summer day but it just seems really warm because it's been so cool anyway <hes> yeah so we're talking about the top ten emerging technologies that can help you with business and financial opportunities in the future <hes> if you take advantage of some of these right now we were just talking about five g. in the speed that that will be bringing as far as wireless Internet goes and <hes> basically you know the bigger things that I see here are driverless. Vehicles drones wins <hes> data transfer. You know if you have <hes> you know if you're a weather reporting station and need to report large amounts of data to someplace. I mean the remotely that those are the opportunities that I see <hes> with five G. and you can talk about saving people's lives proper absolutely NATO's and much more efficient yep and of course the ability to stream video and all this stuff on your devices will give significantly better <hes> so yeah I mean all that stuff will <music> but of course by by being able to stream more that our telephone companies will charge us more because we're using data so and the media companies going you'll have to adjust because people aren't going to the theaters like they used to. You know that's very interesting. Dean and I didn't realize how big of an issue piracy is yeah in this industry and it's always new music to always been a big industry in fact it's been a game changer for most of this game of thrones that I shared this with you know <hes> but the first episode of the last season of game of thrones on H._B._O.. <hes> was viewed by I think it was seventeen million people but guess how many people watched it illegally <hes> downloading it through piracy website Ethernet and all that Yep fifty million whoa so I had the same problem with the end game with the avengers Yeah Yeah Yeah it's it's <hes> An and you wonder and the same thing with music and you wonder why are prices. Keep going up for this stuff. It's because there's so many people that have a way to get to it illegally that the people who actually pay for it legally are paying for the people who steal at <music> music is had the same deal huge deal there and and that's the number one reason that a concert prices have gone through the roof. Rolling Stones are on tour this summer but now how many people are going to sit home and watch it on <hes> some pirated video yeah yeah yeah exactly so so anyway. That's that's what's going on with that stuff but <hes> so five G. anything that you can think of in having more speed to move more data. <hes> is all opportunity for you forward so server less computing is number four on the list. I service computing allows organizations to create a no ops I._T.. Environment that is automated an abstracted from underlying infrastructure reducing operational costs and allowing businesses to invest in developing new capabilities that add more value so that's I haven't had a server in our business probably for three years really yeah. We don't idea we are all everything's called base now and I just think that you know the cost of having a server in your computer. Sir can be significant. You know I mean overall it can actually maybe dropped some costs down but if you if you don't have to have that piece of hardware that you have to update all the time and endorsed neck oh it's unbelievable and and it's costly so updated then you find l.. A. Worked better before it happens ninety percent of the time quite frankly I think the number one reason that people bring their computers into our shop now is it because of viruses because a computer update yeah break something you know it's like they. They put on the market. No will work the bugs out later Yep Yep so there's opportunity here for even more and more things that come out that will create <hes> work environments that don't need servers right so if you're in that space you have opportunity here to <hes> take advantage of that so the next thing on the list is blockchain of course we talk about blocking time with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies <hes> but Durham organizations that for exploring and implementing blockchain to solve the increase need to secure a managed transactions across the Internet and this this is everything from buying a house or real estate. I should say <hes> <hes> to other financial transactions that don't even include the transfer of money. <hes> I became familiar with a company recently that are moving <hes> large amounts of files in fact I could move my whole Oh computer to yours jim with a single email and you click on the link that I sent you right because it's been chain <hes> <hes> I'm trying to think secured allows me to say Jim you can have this one fowler all the files so I don't have to upload them to a server someplace and then you download them. You can just pull the files across as you need them. The Saudi eliminates that one huge step yeah so there's things are happening around blockchain that are really really getting exciting and you know going back to facebook's announcement a couple of days ago of their new cryptocurrency again another blockchain initiative. I think this becomes mainstream mainstream very very very quickly and if you have opportunities to take advantage of blockchain one thing with block chain <hes> you can go to blockchain dot com right slash A._p._i.. And get their A._p._I.'s and you can start using I utilizing blockchain almost immediately in these systems that you have in place right now so if you're moving data at all and you want to encrypt this or secure this is a great way to do that so encrypting probably isn't the right word to use but securing it is so biometrics biometrics. Yes sounds like an exercise program. It can be but <hes> face fingerprint retina scans okay so this goes here even yes yes. They're become mainstream mainstream. Why am I saying that wrong? All the time I mean strange naps of verifying identity. These methods will form the secure foundation for four solutions delivered by I._T.. Companies moving forward so we're we're probably in the last cycle of using passwords for everything really while that's to me kind of exciting. I don't know about you yeah. Nothing frustrates me more than trying to remember pastored. I used a year ago. Oh yeah I I mean I've got all I got a bunch of. Of accounts and half of them have one password and they all have different requirements to come up with a password that meets all these different requirements and then you run across it doesn't work with numbers some don't want right or someone have an exclamation. That's correct. Don't it's just amazing rate and it's difficult to keep up with all the people there are some software that help you with that <hes> but it's still very very frustrated like thumb-printing rentals can't be or facial recognition ignition there actually there's actually more and more talk just about using your face and that's it so <hes> it's interesting that with this moving forward but there's a lot of opportunity here again companies who are in this base <hes> that can create softwares whereas or what have you right and for that so three D. printing is on the list as well three printing offers a solution for the low volume manufacturer of complex parts yeah as well as fast local production of difficult to find products so this is where I see three D. printing coming from or going to in the near future. It has gotten so good. <hes> and I don't know if you've seen my three D. Printer right yes so it's amazing what you can print and and you can print everything from is <hes> like I always say I called a vase until I do then. It's a vase <hes> two houses and then he can go the medical side and you people are starting to figure out a print joints and organs and all all the stuff my brother over the weekend I was talking with them over the phone in his dog was having some issues with it's a leg yeah and they actually three D. printed the splint dog to put on and the thing is the estimate for that specific specific. I'm I'm sure they just scandalous leg <hes> and then they were able to create a splint around that scan and that's exactly right. These are the things you're days of having like these heavy cast on your arm is more diverse yeah all that stuff is going to disappear because the three D. Printing. It's really remarkable what's going on and there are so many opportunities in this space I mean you could open up a business <hes> and get really good at three d printing and then when people come in and say hey I need I need to print apart from my made. Take Washer right you would have the ability to instead of them ordering it and then it takes a day if you do overnight shipping or takes three or four or five days with regular shipping. Most people don't want to wait that long to wash your next load of clothes right <music> so here you could print the part you would pay maytag this is this is my idea of hall. My vision of how this will work you will pay maytag for like the blueprints of the part yeah you you give them a couple of bucks for this yeah and then <hes> instead of them having a manufacturer then you are responsible for the manufacture of and you pay somebody or you do it yourself or what have you but I think there's going to be a lot of businesses popping up that have the ability to print things for you. You and it'll be a local business. Probably I'd into a printing business or what or a shipping business. It's something folks could get into Yup by a couple of decent printers yeah and get and get going with it. Yeah <hes> so I really see three D.. Printing becoming I mean a a thing where you're going to have all kinds of places <hes> starting to pop up and have a couple more things on the list and we're just running out of time on this side of the break so we're just going to get to them after the break but we're talking a little bit about over to reality and of course drones all the stretch WanNa come back that follow the guru of Geek everywhere he goes poster comments or orth questions at the ranch dot com once again your guru of Geek Marlow Anderson and we're going over technologies emerging technologies that might give you a little bit of a business edge or opportunity in the future. We've gone through eight of them so far investing. If you missed the boat on apple a few years ago yes exactly <hes> yeah so we're up to number nine on the list and that's virtual reality augmented reality. Have you played with any any of this stuff jim just <hes> here in the studio. Okay now you <hes> there was <hes> few years ago I was vacationing on the East Coast and I was at a beach community or they had an arcade and they had one of those virtual reality boxing. Oh yeah where you put on the gloves and you put on the glasses like you're actually boxing with somebody. How did that feel the weird thing about it psychologically? Is You know it's it's just a picture right the weird thing thing about it. Is The guy hit you in the face for a second. You actually feel like you're getting hit in the face. I was <hes> at C.. S. Two years ago yeah I was in the oculus booth <hes> and <hes> they had a camera camera me and it was it's interesting watching a person with this on afterward right. You know 'cause all you. Are you just have these glasses on right. I was in the scene and Dan I was strolling through the jungle in turnaround and here's this Toronto source rex bearing down on me. I mean just you know the mouth open not wreck and I mean it was so lifelike and again you know it's not there yeah yeah but your body wants to react to it right yeah and then I turn around and I take a step and I'm on a cliff. <hes> I mean my next step takes me over the top of the cliff so I stopped there. I mean I could feel my heart just race knowing that the T. Rex's right behind me and I'm like wow this thing and you get to see me Kinda like trying to get my balance because I didn't WanNa fall over the top and the I was really amazing so but V._R. and augmented reality. We're GONNA be spaces where we'll have opportunity in the future sure <hes> because you'll be able to imagine if you're working. Let's go back to the MAYTAG Washer for a second right and it's two o'clock in the morning and you want to actually work on this yourself. <hes> we could just hold your phone up the augmented reality peace and it'll show you how to take parts parts to replace Magin working on your car this way and you always have this coach. That's built into your phone. Yeah <hes> that will help you. We'll guide you through repairs as well. They're already using it. I know train people to fly air force yet. ICAL schools are using the train surgeon Yep Yep all that some as possible so anything and I think you're hitting on the big thing is the training piece yeah training and <hes> the opportunity while I'm I mean even even I would imagine even surgery as we move forward into the future surgeons might be using V._R. or augmented reality because they may run across the unique instance. Stints were then they can use a library of footage or something and then and then actually look at this and see it instantaneously. I mean people are still in the experimental stage but people are using it to train like basketball players right yeah because I mean the most if you if you get it set up right the muscle memory will be the same absolutely and that's more better player Yep exactly exactly so. There's a lot of things in that V._R.. Augmented reality piece <hes> you know even in tourism history and all this other stuff. I mean go tour a a historic site. Yes he would have looked like three hundred years ago or what have you training the military to do various things yeah you know. Would you know be harmful if they actually had to do them right right. Drones is the last time I list for the top ten as many more of course over just picking the drones <hes> enable robotic automation with fewer geographical restrictions opportunities for development and integration are high in this market yeah <hes> and probably the biggest thing and I have on my list of stuff today actually <hes> for new stuff that we didn't get to but I'm just GonNa go to a right now because it relates to it through all my pages of stuff here actually about theater anything no <hes> Uber. Oh actually has <hes> they're going to start delivering food via drone in San Diego. Oh okay well. They've been talking about that for yes and and for whatever reason I am not seeing that in my stack of notes here I remember she in that story somewhere <hes> anyway yeah they have <hes> one of the big change over elevate there we go close call Uber elevate <hes> since it's the aerial arm of rideshare service Uber and they announced that they're gonNA start a fast food delivery by drone tests later this summer right so here we are. I mean we're actually about ready to embark so grand forks North Dakota has a delivery service <music> on one of their golf courses right now actually was there the first day they did this lie or member and had my sandwich delivered to me on whole number tanner whatever it was ordered on the APP yeah it delivered. It's kind of a funny image is like the jets it is kind of a thing yeah yeah I could go for a sandwich. Go give me a sandwich was interesting about <hes> and this is just one opportunity of many of course that's right yeah you and I talked with our hands all the time so our mics are always in the way right yes right yeah I just accumulate as I are exactly but uber elevate <hes> what they're going to do. They're not really sure whether they're gonNA land these yet because of the safety concerns so they're thinking after gonNA use Uber Vehicles and they're going to land on the top buber vehicles and then and then that driver will finish the last leg of the delivery so it might be in front of Your House and then the drone lands on the vehicle in front of your house in the Newburg driver will bring your morale little miniature panther their their set of goals. We're going yeah exactly exactly so so that's interesting so drones will <hes> are really going to make an impact and even along with the delivery I mean you think about the ability to get a drone to somebody who's having a heart attack yeah <hes> or other medical issues and all these other things that are possible <hes> because of drones and even flying cars. You know like like to find car. I was in about six months ago. It was just a big drone is all was <hes> <hes> but ability <hes> to lift me until the guy and driving around so a lot of opportunity in the drone space as well <hes> and I have another you know basically other business opportunities that you probably want to be aware aware of <hes> and one of them actually just have three more on the list. I think we got enough time to maybe get about three four minutes so tell community okay you know <hes> in in your industry right now jim big deal is starting to happen. Yeah I mean mean more and more people are actually doing their own. Radio shows from home yes because they have the equipment there. They can do it and they can voice track their stuff. I ascended to the radio station. It's amazing what's going on. I have a friend day passed away recently but you lived in the Seattle Washington area and he <hes> voice tracked was the word they use for it. A recorded <hes> shows for radio stations right country right the also you know even in your industry in fact your industry is probably one of the very first now that really adapted tell community but more and more more companies <hes> will probably have more work force at home right <hes> which is interesting because you know maybe the day of huge office complexes and stuff will be coming to an end <hes> because if you're emerging company right now do you need to if if you're growing by leaps and bounds do you need to build these huge office complex. I imagine if you live not so much here but if you live saying California where your commute to work in the morning is ridiculous three hour hour. It's a work right and you can bypass all yeah. I'll just by sitting at home. When you're little house Burbank? Whatever exactly doing all your work at home tell community will change Los Angeles if more and more companies that they really are too many many many many largest places yeah? Many of your <music> cities will change. I mean yes exactly another big thing that I think we really need to be looking at is voice search so right. Now I mean Alexa on home. Siri Google home assistant <hes> in in all of these things have really changed the way that we are starting to use devices and in such a way that you as a business owner or somebody in business needs to really take a serious look at how you can in leverage that technology to better what you're doing now and be thinking about that when you're actually you know even building websites and whatever else is is your website voice search friendly <hes> because more and more of us are going to be using voice search so so if you can optimize that content that you have for your website for example and I'm just thinking about you know if you ask Google or Syria whatever Gimme Gimme two choices for dinner tonight now if you can figure out a way to optimize that I mean more and more people are GonNa be doing that with their devices and if you can get better than everybody else you can really give yourself a strategic ed or Siri. I feel like Italian. Yes exactly that's exactly right you know so. Those are the things that I think you really be looking for when it comes to voice search so we've got about a minute all right well Jim any big plans for the week <hes> just to enjoy this incredible weather and get my t._v.. Up and working doesn't fall down. I'm excited to hear your story and if you need help by the way I'm happy to come over and help you. She ate that greatly. I'm calling yeah that would be great. 'cause I love nothing more than to sit back with a friend and watch the last fifteen episodes yellowstone so well. My wife is pretty handy with <hes> the carpentry stuff so.

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#267  Thrill Masturbation

Kinky Katie's World

59:51 min | 1 year ago

#267 Thrill Masturbation

"The following program contains adult content crabs language of sexual manner completely wheatley irresponsible advise along with some things. You'll wish you could on here if you are under the age of eighteen easily offended or like to judge others based based on their sexuality. Please turn off for those who remain enjoy and have a nice day because i was sucking the shit atr. He's tried to take down to the jiggle. It'll her old tricks. It flipped over media first task as good. I like them. Please food. Katie's ruled in ten nine. It seeks katie's need starts now the katie are you ready to transact. You said you wanted to play dress up. Don't you <music> elmo doll and now live from rule thirty four studio. I bring you a girl that things you can't hear her masturbate in bed in the middle of the night they host the one the only can be katie good below and worker to the show. This is key the world number-two sixty-seven and we are coming at you live or razz radio live dot com katie radio dot com radio cast nets. I'm your host kinky. Katie and with me as always is my favorite. I covered fucked toy no one i'd only mistress in boca. Oh we've got a fun show for you today and lots of nonsense murad about because tile we know that's the only way we know how to uh-huh. That's right here to entertain you. Hopefully we can't be mooring we could be that's that's right. If you're a fan of my <hes> of my other show. Oh my lord sir. It got better. I got in charge anyway. If you're listening life et kahn or fetish con is going on right now in saint pete and you can catch one of the after parties <hes> in tampa saint pete it'll place somewhere in the city of to have or compete cleveland ohio role that be role now so anyway you can you can check it out because there's lots going on on tonight's and it'll still be going on after this show so you can finish listening to us and then go out and fucking get your rocks off and putting advice if you're listening to and and podcast foreign basically your shit like instead it already happened. The naked fun time happened without you and i told back this two weeks ago because i knew phew podcast people that you had a chance to say yeah. You totally had a chance only had a chance we had a chance and obviously we're not at any of the parties anyway. That's right really so five bother great. Could it really really be 'cause. I'm here. Do you show for you so yeah. I gotta show i'm doing uh we might not. We might not have a live show next week because we are going to be in orlando doing against tattoo work by mr witt aw yeah that's right. I'm ready and i have no idea how long it's gonna take well and he's pretty quick though and if you're if you're listening in podcast form at already has you'll miss it. We'll have a there won't be missing shell because we will be recording one on sunday podcast. Only yeah yeah yeah so you're going to have to listen to you pike as people and once again old people still love you though i do. I still love you just want to remind you. I don't know you guys get sick of it. But whatever since it's our it's going to be happening in tampa bay screams. Is it a couple weeks. It's august twenty three to the twenty fifth. I will be there at the sleaze bach booth all three days so not just the nudges saturday but all all three days so make sure you stop by a high also lefty. Lucy is going to be one of the movies playing at the film festival and play topless activists yeah so oh hey you weren't a prostitute. Check it out. Can you believe it. I was were you weren't a prostitute. I'm tired angry feminist. That's right what japan out your boobs out feminist right not to be confused with the tabu away feminist which we although aren't nearly as much fun god damn it. I'm just saying that you know there. There's a left to right within the feminist movement and actually it's warren warren. It's one <hes> a bunch of awards to yeah. That's what i heard now. I would be glad to see it. It went plus. It's by a different filmmaker. That's right so who knows what it's going to be like. You know what i mean. Exactly we have no expectation. I watched some of the trailers to some of the movies that are going to be at the film festivals and i it looks okay yeah. There's a lot of them. Little slash on yeah and also sunday is the premier already of the w._d. Dead in the morning so g._e._d. So it's cool so we it so. I get to do that on sunday evening. We do that on sunday evening but edward kits. It's made a cameo basically yeah. Take cameo yeah so if you wanna see just my boobs getting b._b. Royal port all over them. Yes it might count as office my friends like i hope you made a mess in there well. It wouldn't have been you you making a man. I mean you had nothing to do with the oil. I didn't bring the oil. I even know there was going to be oil until i heard i heard the words. Where's the baby oil. What why are we why do we need baby oil and three one on the sun what's going on all larosa those whose robing what he's going to pour it so anyway good yeah. That'd be fun to see your screen again again in every movie i've ever done you know what are you gonna do. It's been maytag. What are you gonna. Do you know basically basically it's not how you get a role. It's what you do with the role. That's true would've hey look at my breasts. That's right well. That's what you want things. I mean that's really what you're after anyway. I guess so why not look my chats please. Breakout role stunt the bra boston louis c. u. S. can be as be oh. Oh boy stubhub done titi. Oh my goodness. I repeat today i do you think you're funny funkier okay. I think i'm funny. People i to me and tell me yeah well. I can't say that i don't 'cause i laugh at you all the time so very different reason though walker laugh is laughing. That's true you know what i'm saying. That doesn't mean senior not funny. I mean obviously you're funny. I loved it you. Oh my gosh i mean they're puritans that are unfamiliar with some sex toys out there but <hes> like thanksgiving peers and what are you talking about now just like prudes. Oh okay civilians gentiles milas yeah but i mean i find this a tad ridiculous especially in germany. The german police mistook cochrane's cock rings for fucking explosives well. They are kind of intimidating allcock. Greg ish wrapped around fucking junk and take at the same time. I reasonably uh-huh tight. I mean <hes> something's going to explode when you remove it katie. Oh well the the local jer they heard a strange strange humming noise coming from nearby garbage. Can that was located near a men's restroom. They said as your garbage can been vibrating the checklist. We ask you when you get into this club. Christ is your garbage can vibrating well. Authorities had evalu- <hes> evacuate around like ninety people from the gambling hall and three explosive experts were called in but no they're just vibrating cock rings a ah mach schnell <hes> that's right. That was the place that had the weiner ice cream or no. It wasn't germany new york. Okay both german. If you guys want to see a movie it is that is cute but it's really fun when you're high <hes> dec- hoodwinked entering seen it. That's all right just a total children's many but there's a lot there's adult humor funny humor. Same jokes folks. You gotta live at eighty. Why are you talking about fifteen year old ten year old. Whatever old ass movie movie point. Is this like movie reviews with katie well which coming up on that you're talking about the weather other next maybe okay get off my lawn reese insipid broth immune of the band ramp ramstein us yes well. They protested russia's heinous anti l._g._b._t._q. Laws heavy on the anus well yes in the best possible way they <hes> they made out with each other on stage during a concert in moscow really yes. They get like lynched. I mean not only is it the government but since i've been putting putting out propaganda and shit like a lot of the people are like like fervently anti gay you know what i mean. It's not the government the fucking people blur anyway yeah you know and it wasn't a direct defines of it. Just it's terrible well and the law should makes it illegal to show any <hes> any non traditional sex acts. You know what they call nicer dash. It'll go oh missionary well. It does russia e style know each other. We do it like bears. How'd you bears faulk in the woods. There third units argue style to bears the bears to doggy barefoot in the woods. I'm sorry we're having like major issues. As usual on the fucking end of the little inflow key murder face is causing a problem. Mommy's getting pissed off taco leib brace stepped in to kind of give them the what for like you'd better cut it out. Totally step to rightness face is gonna come out son to ask you to leave and then nobles goals. The pussy was like a bud here. I'm not get involved in this crap. I'm gonna get in trouble anyway anyway. Well they're saying they're doing all all in the name to protect the children to us russia. They're actually pretty scarily anti gay. You know what i mean. <hes> like people actually getting pulled a lot of cars beat up. Yeah people totally afraid to let people though that day you like tech or that you like buzzy. I know i know. I just think it's just because of how you how you fantasize. You know what i mean. Who cares how you fuck on academy. That's right. If you like. Oh you like it we deal. I'll make fun of you. When you wanna fuck farm animals while i do because that's wrong shouldn't fuck farm animals. They fucked bears in the woods. We already talked about this lot. We get consents as i like to twice earth off. That's alright caviar off to naples either eat seven of us anyway when steph over the line. I don't care that's how i do talk to bang pools of borsch. Now there is a trans woman that testify before the human rights tribunal choose complaining that she was refused brazilian brazilian waxes from more than a dozen beauty salons dwells woods more than a dozen oh they would they would they wouldn't whacks her up really yeah i mean and peop- places where x. men and women so why the fuck i don't understand either. I don't see what the problem is. Yes she could tell him mary's. Hey there's mary's down there. I warned you just a lot. You know mike litz really big really really big about hormone replacement. Don't make fun of me got damaged. Shame me for me hormones. That's not a ball sack. That's a large skin tag. Ah you're you know i i don't. I don't under- i don't understand what the big countries this <hes>. This is <hes>. This is here really yeah. Twelve places uses twelve over twelve. It's really generally down there and you little. He's got tangled. Maybe unclean no she. She said that she said that apparently wash every day that they don't. They're like they don't do mail waxing where she lives. <hes> well then they do do they. They do do but several of the of the salons they said that oh they blamed it on lack of experience and waxing men and or they're not comfortable doing it because of their personal religious reasons <hes>. Can you find thou shalt not remove tubes overgrown bushes well well. That's just one of those things like when you're the deacon of the church. You're probably not the the wax in the area. You know what i mean chris. You're looking at everybody's taint liked the entire flock. You are taint gazing at least on the gays. Take as it up and not only that but you're like smearing stuff on it. You're putting a little batch gotcha material. I mean you are seeing literally their curly's bold out and then you're gonna go to sunday school really and teach <hes> well. You know you kind of have i mean you know you deal with pain all day and you think you're above beat somebody who has a dick and lives a life as a woman really. I get my nails done and this guy that i was dating. Here's a stripper. He would go get waxed every time i get my nails done. That's what i'm saying. What about males drivers yes. That's right where they gonna get waxed. Where are they gotta. Get whacks how're you. How are you going to get that that sheen of oil to look so shiny when there's bucket hair their house i could <hes> so shannon smoothed. I know throw ladies dilatot when they go to the rallies. It'd be a little a little sadistic too because you like <hes> smear hot wax on your crotch area korea it out. That's what i'm saying because it does hurt. The more inward you get does me. I've had it done. Ones yeah had a brazilian and <hes> yeah. I didn't realize at that time that i had heroin ad i told you just don't listen to me. I know take them. Fuck it with zia. It's not like you're not harry really anyway. I mean you just you're not a furry person. I'm not yes so i wouldn't really be. You always get that look of concern like. I can't believe i had butthole hair. Whoa yeah you're kind of person that's it happens to everybody now now if if they're completely waxed be machined up front and they left their their their asshole furry would that be considered like a crotch mullet. This is so it the parking in the from from just a sanitation issue. I would think being non free-rider astles probably better policy anyway. I think sarah its head ed or peanut butter out of the shag carpet thing so so like real. How'd how'd you get peanut butter on with shag carpet with a sprayer up a day like that. Yeah days are the way to go. I've never of the new millennia jeff. I bet that befell really good after a series pussy pounding insider backwards you let the water like a lot of those this how judgments and stuff believe it or not that word super high tech that would be nice to say oh thank god a little fan dry little air dry ooh blitz u._s._a. They have fans. Some people just like hey jude kisses and you you just kinda. Hang out there while your ashes drying read your book yeah. You got a phone. We watched porn if you felt like it i don't remember i don't bring my phone into the bathroom. No now i really weird. I just don't i don't i don't either. I like that's really weird and yet now i have i have there are times where i know. I was going into the bathroom and i said i wanted. I was watching a video or something and i'll bring it in with me watched radio share. It's not a normal thing. I mean it's only at every once to the occasion the alarm if my alarms going to be going off soon so turnoff like an idiot. I just bring it with me. You need to know what's going out. He'll i recant. You're gonna burn your baskets seriously. You're going to burn something and you know 'cause. That's why you have timers gallon. Usually anyway do yeah i. I just said oh. I totally forgot. There was a fan a new fan at publix. His name is michael. I'm michael he. He absolutely loves us. He's gay okay seabra game all right and he doesn't you just outed him. I'm really nice. No no no no no no need not be yeah. It was out. Okay it just reminding you. It's proud sometimes you don't think about it because i don't think it's a big deal okay. I know so oh you know unless the person has told anybody but then again that is a pretty generalized description. We didn't even say what state or country he was ed sow fire way. Jack has a left hand curve three freckles right on the end of it. I don't know about that. He's a a little way to kids excited anyway. He thinks that we're hilarious. Good and he's a year's soap and great all right so hey why is up michael congruent shout out to chat outs. Is that what you're doing. It's so and so's not doing that anyway. Thank thank you okay. I wanna talk a little bit about furry his that's right. What did we see today. In most don't give my book the most don't fuck but what what we were watching something and somebody was describing. I said yeah you know the people who dress up outfit who dress up and stuffed animal costumes costumes and find fuck you you don't really fuck all that often like you really think that they would at least a one three run into nobody gets. It's very for the most fire you know. Sex isn't just i mean they'll be humping your leg. Yes that may happen. <hes> however that not not with actual take you know what i mean like a burning the bondage bunny he is he goes to a law almost every fetish thing up here and it is a big pink money and he usually wears a harness like a leather strappy harness on a chess yeah hi it's mid bernie the bondage bunny so isn't fuck people and everybody loves fucking who knows if he if he every once in a while all does some weird shit in his costume champs out with his clam out. You know what i mean. Maybe sure air but typically. That's not really what happens j. Because that's you know i'm sure people do it but riley most of the time it's a simulation star bank just dressing up and playing pretend they're being <music> a character and whatever that character is which is always fun. Though everybody always has a good time with furry yeah totally true you should use it father ruined. I mean literally when there's a bouncer out that's true because usually they are bouncing around chipping awesome sonic the hedgehog well. You really can't bend then far. It works really well with alex. I tell you i got is close to club clubs bag anyway. You're in a club and everybody's dressed in satish wear you know d._j. Crayons plan his normal shit and you got a big pink bunny bouncing around a would chat every every now and chuck just just come by in fucking. How ya oh yeah it's fucking gray. It is pretty awesome fine. Yeah i wanna i wanna we've never even seen i y you know what it is to. We've never been around fucking curry's like phrase stories. That are actually fucking i. I've never seen in person. I've never have either though guys love always just see them in costume. I mean fun. They will be helping ought to hangs debit. That happens a lot but there's no genitalia. I don't know anymore. You know it's been a been a little bit little bit since we've seen furry out <hes> with the lack of alcohol. We're not like going to a lot of faddish parties really yeah. I don't ever ask that. I just assume i just go whatever i don't care. I saw it i. I don't care if anybody else saw. It got a little hangman. That's not a little penguin leave alone. Everybody does obviously think that that's what they're doing all the time yeah now that sir. It's like you like just weird sykes but not quite the way you're thinking i i we've got teddy. Bear heads that. I would teddy bear head on really fuck out. Do bear style see we could do that we could we could we could be our own ferries. Just wear the bareheaded and we have a panda bear and a teddy bear head right. That's right see forgot about those didn't ya did i said and we totally scrambled out to get him when we found out about gone gone right afterwards all right five minutes later great to sit in a box however though we could do something talk if we chose to everyone stuffed animal heads exactly and i have i have a complete head to toe gumby cost there you go what if i want to go frank at some point. You know what i mean way of papers papers. I'm lean lean the panda we lo- <hes> we're gonna take take a break and a episode of rule thirty four and when we come back we're going to have a new tits man and you're also gonna find out what my what my latest goto you jerk off. Material is and you might be surprised sleeping so on that note <music> out flippy repack yum yum. It's time bullet basically and refreshing snack <music>. I personally prefer coffee or tea to wake me up but there's this kid he decided to stick a four inch long acupuncture needle back up his fucking every threat self up while he was doing homework okay he didn't he wasn't just curious on what it would feel like to do a little needle saudi now who's it now. He was in a lot as needle using using asian kid doing his homework. He's like fuck my mom's mad so i better wake up and keep doing my studies. Yes he and then use to embarrass the say anything and then his mother noticed that he was walking funny and it's a two hour movie in his pictures of the x x-ray and pictures of the needle abner. It's out josh. We got stuck in there yeah aol down in his in his your ethernet it almost bladder dude. He was totally doing it for fucking kid. Fuck out of here fuck. I you know you and i both i'm giving him. The benefit of the doubt is that he wasn't seven. Anita lovers dicko because he liked it because that's exactly what was avenue. Well yeah yeah you can come up with the story because that's the first way i thought of waking myself up was to go ahead and just shove an acupuncture we need and no on with the show <music>. This switch took it up. Forget forget this which i forget in this which but we will look back to you. Kiki's world on rez radio dot com katya radio dot com rating cast dot net's you can get me on the twitter later had had kinky katie radio katie radio dot com kinky gatorade gmail.com facebook kiki katie radio. Google may try my name. That's all right if you can't remember kinky katie radio l. for fuck sake then then you don't deserve to see my boobs karachi area. You shouldn't see anything. How did you even find minded to hear us right now what i want to know because they were probably forced to by someone who likes us there. I don't know how that avenues to be honest with ya. They're subjected to this by for dolly stuck in the car on a on a road trip. No i'm sure there's a multitude of reactions the what the fuck is wrong exactly that's okay. That's okay if you're not making somebody really mad at how you're doing. You're you're doing something wrong. That's true okay. I'll say that so my latest kind of goto masturbation material material yes us okay. We sat me sleeping yeah besides me. That's it usually i wanna fuck vader yeah yeah kinda some night that kate katie katie has has been getting into the habit of well. At least she did last week a few times and she does it all the time. She takes out here but i'll be i'll be i'll be obviously eight right at and i'll tell you run around like so. She's literally got her benny. He's fixing a rub on out and she's trying to be quiet. You can totally tell she's trying to be quiet and then every once in a while the little aggregate so you'd hear you gotta get. It turned it off road. Quick look over at me yeah so i fully buster last week at ed and you know so. I say hey do do you. They come sleeping. You're gonna you're like mortified at thought. It was funny. I don't know why i've got so shy. Did your like even now alleged so so today. I was on the couch while he was napping. I was wrong. She likes to the the thrill dental. You can rub one out before forty wakes up. I swear to god i can do it. I do it. I can come before the locks. I see him right there as a the front door you're really i have gotten that reaction a few times where it's like. You'll come out of the bedroom all his shoveled honey are it's just bacon. How are you your table in order to <hes> in your home early honey. Let's go get the car forget. I you know and i can't believe that that these days there are still men who get mad at their significant other for you know from debating just say pleasure i mean it is is one thing if it's going completely. You know excessive. You know what i mean like especially by a dude. Just jerk it all the time like everywhere. You get disease yeah okay. I get it but you know every every. Maybe you know if they're doing it and half the time. You don't even know we're doing. It really isn't a problem really. I mean come on if a girl masturbating when she's by herself. Did she really masterful know. Exactly i mean you gotta understand. That's like the only way a lot of checks are gonna get off is by the south. Maybe ration- where it's gonna make that bean we know what to do. I am i'm definitely i've seen orene orientated. Sometimes sometimes you're inflatable oriented. Sometimes she added yeah. I've been using the the tenjin one a lot lately. I like. She sees this ad for like a a little many tens year two. We could get this for your sore muscles. I know you wanna stick it on your clay. I like you're not even your i mean. I hear what you're saying. Great yeah you're trying to no you wanna stick it on your pussy and i know you do a yeah. When you wanna bet how long it takes to put it on your cloud. I said the same thing that's happening immediately. I might give it a test fire on my leg just to see what it feels like yeah and then it's like game on this thing. Can i turn it down a little. Let me check it out just right. Ooh whoa yeah i call it by sonic screwdriver doctor who fan sentence right yeah and i know some of them are we gonna fucking. Abbas says what i learned now. I'm fucking tired. Away knew who episodes. I walked them now right either. Whether female who i don't care i like her <hes> <hes> i like her but how okay with it okay you do so the whole reason why we started the conversation but we just went fighting him. Wherever ever my latest masturbation material is <hes> it's bathroom sex. The thing secret gave athem sag. They get on their knock three times everything they're like one one stall ones in another guy gets it's dick gets down and stick his ass under the partition and then gets back under the partition yeah like squats like a frog and he goes on to the partition hinges as part of his legs and then the guy comes out on his back. The guy knows style doggy style like a frog <hes> and then how's the guy getting low enough to fuck him. He gets he gets on his knees and you know like spreads on that fucking taller they will maybe these aren't real real bath okay with cellphones and make it look like it's funny. I don't like it fake no well. There's a real stalls. Get grime matt's right i wanna. I wanna know that somebody's smells like urine after this can't your dryer getting fucked. You got your deck on the floor. <hes> ah put some people think that though will that's the whole idea is the filth of felt felt felt yeah. That's dad's doubts decided situation to where we're around people that do you know a water sports or play are real deep ones that they're almost disappointed when you don't have a look of her. I really noticed that think think think that that's that's part of the camp for released. We've run into was the fact that it shocking has no but i've got so many questions <music> disappointing to the people who had us come watch them poop. He did get a little excited though when i when i did i gagged a couple of times because of the smell yeah well. It was just like you. Do you ever just like you'd think it would yeah the. There's a very small area hotel room was not very large ago. I wanna take news how i'm just telling you they didn't fucking smear feces all over fucking tell them well they did but they completely have mostly dues each other but they they bring big rubber fucking tard like vinyl vinyl tarps shed they laid out everywhere so they can just roll it up and up in the shower. Are they clean it off in the shower yeah well. You know you gotta put it somewhere. You gotta put it. You know what i'm saying. Yeah sure where you're gonna put it. What are you going to walk down to the lobby. Now you gotta hose fluffy flushable floor drain and hot and cold a hose spigots inside your playroom. That would work very okay. Well you just ho hoes down and it goes right down the flushable floor jane in m._s. gone. It's very tough works with all kinds of of wet sport. You know what i mean chang real. Whatever who wins you if you're into like splashing. It'd be great for spotting it would be you can just rent it down. The drain bob baked beans new breakout. The hose measure wash my asshole lotion. I scared her. This is the girl oh my god. That's just cracks me up so much so there is this woman. She holds the record for having the the most u._s. Currency in a body cavity. Oh that's right. I saw that is close to six point three thousand dollars up her vaj. That's right expensive. Place was pushing purse hell of a cover charge on that j._j. Jesus christ there was also a <hes> maggie of meth in there to party. I'm talking like cavernous. Puss go well. She knows how and it was all. It wasn't all <music> large bills either. They said it mostly consisted of ones fives and hands she was she was a working girl. She worked for tips and knows it. That's her tip money. He stole stolen from her boyfriend. Well it. She was pretty cute to threes. He was completely. You would think like this. This is definitely patty. The daytime hooker kind of thing no no skew completely would not think she had you know six grand and and lots to drugs over the girl at the bar and she can bomb. That's what she looks like. I don't so now she just that's a that's eight had been wrapped in like all one dildo sized package. Though you know it's pretty large it was wrapped with a rubber band like it was rolled up into one of those like circle. You know like cylinder chunks. I just had a rubber band around it. I've got two words for shelves where you amazing thai. I yeah jaya so we could fit a lot of money raising ties in yeah what and you know what amazing thai was a long time ago to announcing but she was one that sticks out to me for taking giant traffic cone sized items of her snatch large law very like things things. You're looking at kelly okay. That's that's definitely like an ornament for your yard right. I mean you're putting that out front stat of the pineapple as outlets going out. No you're putting that in your oh god and oh god oh god oh he's just put a two liter in your but backwards yeah what the ah ooh yeah like. No i mean whatever you do. I love i watch the dudes. Though well the guy the concert toyed. We've talked about it before for whatever reason seem to take the larger objects. Yes it's crazy. You would think you think well maybe maybe because we have a thinner wall between our asshole in our vagina and maybe they just they're like. I'm not worried about things were. I think it's just because guys have that that the on average there's more of the guys that are willing to have anything to to like get off. Yes basically would have said yeah because i mean fuck. Goddamn prostate. Is i mean i do. We hear nearly as many stories about like like women putting acupuncture. He punctured needles in your your era. You know no you don't once every once in a while but all the like like guy has a weird object in his ass. Ask or data's day call or did something. Digesting masturbate like just slipped. God damn it. I told you a fell and here's someone who <hes> sure do some weird shit but really really guys. We're like all time leaders in and you know we stick a lottery nuts. Okay extremist proud but we stick a lot of stuff on our pose as yes well. You know you have a you have a cavernous void. They need to refill the old so i ran out the space. I mean you gotta figure for you. Know the city the existence a man like women aren't allowed to like go self-titled. No man must be the ones you feel caverns so you're doing it on the sly to that's right. You know what i mean. We're dudes are probably just jerk it off in the streets check into people. That's what that's probably probably what happened in the one thousand nine hundred sixteen year the dark ages and that which is way before the eighteen hundreds but you're getting the idea to be sneaky. I used here's the leftover breadstick from an olive garden like in king arthur time. You know what's to stop anybody. I have soared. I'm gonna jerk off and toss it you to fuck you. Gotta do what you are. You gonna hit me with your fucking garden hard with your garden. She's a regular host. She doesn't work in the garden approach. Her hands are very supple. That's right like him that way. Soften civil so i like my hoes. You know s._a._p. Has a strange obsession. I wouldn't say obsession but fandom were naked. Eh afraid if you're unfamiliar with shown naked and afraid they take a guy and a girl but what i am obsessed with is if a girl has accused about on it. I'm totally into watching people who don't know what the fuck it is. They take people made it a woman and they are. They put them somewhere. You're in the middle of nowhere or whatever depends coldplay's sometimes as hot as hell and is like things that can kill you. They're all they have is like one item and they're completely naked. Survival show our twenty one days that around for a long time anyway but yeah we seem to you watch an awful lot of it ah to and it's because i can consistently see some ass different situations. I like that and i deeply the nipples in the crotch. Whatever i can i can completely see what is going on and i like them and their natural environments prancing through the forest all nasty enrolling in turt- i just i find idiotic erotic and i like watching it like you can like bernie manda you would eat no i don't because that's a completely different type of person like the the people who are going on the naked psoriasis. Shell you know they're not thrilled with beatles up there snatch although like they're not routing for lady goats for the next week. You know what i'm saying you are. I am but the person doing it. It's completely like i wish i could have some fucking okay closed. Some of them. Do make clothes however however when you're the other situation stop to same thing see you like the fact that they want a million yeah. It's great and i'm not alone that goes not alone that goes along with thug and what we talked about on the show show. What did we talk about it as a free show how you slap in my face coming in your hand in my face 'cause you. Do you like the bigger a girl or sometimes the pages depends. I like to know that you're feeling you know what i mean. I need to fail well. I just you know what i mean. Look of terror that works for me good lord heart. We talked about this thing anyway. It's i'm not i didn't invent this now. No no i'm <music>. I'm really not that bad. You know. I don't fuck with you that much. No you know what i'm saying however however naked afraid. I like to check check. Check people out but you try and do you do the same thing i the dirty faces. You're completely the same way. If one of the girls has a nice but you like she's really chits pretty good my dick. I'll give you kurier you the longer little girl oh on really late on anything come here. I got a turkey probe. Load on toast with some takis waiting for you <music> takis. I'd have a flaming hot. Fucking piece of fire will because you you know they try to eat it. You know what i mean like. That's just cruel and mean why weren't gave them food. Why am i mean i'm helping them out. I gave have you fucking turkey provolone and of hugged bag of talkies. I can't help it. You're survival situation. You better fucking nut up punk. You're you gotta starve out here. Oh my god i'm gonna tell you just walked off and got picked up by car and we haven't seen you since i wonder what it would be. I wonder if you could survive on <music> on what we've talked about it before probably algebra and <hes> the the the calorie content income. I'm sure there is something a to it. But who it's you know i remember. We asked my my <hes> my health teacher in high school and she said no. There's no insur- that was popular fugger topic. There's no nutritional value. She's the one who her husband. I mean i who i don't know if i completely believe that oh. I don't know maybe because there is a huge thing for the benefit of this one girl who had a eating disorder in the class like she's probably going to try and survive on. I'm sure it's not up jerry. It's it's not a lot of anything. You're gonna get out of eating comes right. I mean the summary like i do it. Every day. I brush my teeth. I cook with it. I mean if you like boo cocky style dial. I don't even think still even that probably not much. Oh god that's i. That's one thing that gives me the shivers. I don't know why i i will not non react and i can't fuck if i see it live. It's gonna make me fuck you. It's not my favorite favorite either. I just i just can't do it. Go l. well. It's it's it's it's. It's a tough nut to swallow really plural for that joke. Shut the fugger anyway. Let's go to your favorite segment by standing by boobs in and on the news. It's it's time once again for all right. It's a video popped up at this guy begging this a couple of girls in another car to flash. Their hoots showed titties show either t._d.'s asking. I'm not telling i'm asking just to make her feel extra special. He added golan alon. Love your kids out. Maybe women love that makes them all moist wet. What was the term after you heard on your favorite. Try show a little frothy. The gash no frothing at the gas raw thing. I was like oh my god. You're so sexy. I'm like i don't and a girl is the one that said and i just i don't. I don't know whether i'm mortified or i think it's fucking great great well. We don't use the fancy words like that. Kristie were no. We don't especially now with the accent either wait. What are the girls are the girls bills. She feels wooed and she decides to take the offer and she whips out the tests. That's right teddy. The person things took a let. Don't you hear the music is like a child situation. You can actually hear this. Okay anyway. Things a left turn after the kids came and the girls smashed into the car in front of them so that your p._s._a. They make sure you pay attention. That is your tits fit so they wrecked titties they they did it titties. She oh wow no one no good deed goes unpunished. I tie that's sir you know because we try to encourage behavior and i know i totally get why you you it. It's completely. It's empowering free the nipple. It's lowering if view choose. If you just driving down the road and you indiscriminately just pull your top driving by somebody that you choosing to do something on your own and it makes them wednesday. I think you know the whole show them. Teddy's wow i oh. Let's just say if she wants to do it. She'll do it to you are asking escape. That's true. Do you consent to show mascot you askin. I'm not telling i'm asking i have no uh-huh power over you see got it all on camera sima phones right now women out bogies please well well if you're having trouble sneaking in party supplies <hes> having trouble sneaking and party supplies to your favorite festivals and concerts search and shit well say now are because you can get a bring that girl with you all the cash and math and that's really all you need is catching rouse us really a festival present you the butt plug nut job jog ooh. Hey wait a suitcase it. Yes it is is a glass by plug with cork and it is that's what it is and then you stick your shit in it and your drugs in it popped popham up. You're right and then it's easily removable. <hes> sure you wonder how that would look at the if they'd they'd probably freaked to fuck out if you went through one of the body scanners and you had one of those your ads about especially if you didn't have anything illegal or contraband andy in it you know what i mean. They just see something there and they totally fucking. Take you in strip search. You remove your your about luck. Ah jar up your yeah. Yeah surprised i did this for you. I <hes> with going for the world record. You dick booking dig. I had it in for thirty six hours straight but it is glass. I kind of do worry about getting crushed tempered so you know that's true used them fucking dildos on the counter all the time and it's broken yeah yeah and you're those things are hard to break. They are used to katie wed. We've mentioned it again was was would hawk deal does or you know different stars anyway. One of them had an orlando. You know they all glass dylan katie would when she's talking to somebody about it with them on the table and chuck it on the ground when they when she was talking about and they're like indestructible due to demo like he's doing a fucking swimmer wechat. She's like billy blanks. Thanks all up in the dildo section and she throws out. If people always go oh my god it would never break. She never had a problem until the actual rep for the combination came to the store was just talking to katie you. Gotta show your lear pitch the way you do this and so- katie does it end. She breaks fuck. It clucking breaks. They handle snaps off. I'm like oh my god. You're dildos. Hold up to this abuse. I don't usually use this one. Ah like this. I cooled up heated out this. Is i make it cold. This you can do this this this this wack wack wack you can turn on the poor pink think and no no that is run unfunded. He does the voice. Dammit not thrown fund chairs hi. I'm wrong fine she have. I think he's adorable. Oh i here's out. I don't know what planet came from so cute. Evidently not the same planted. I came from which makes me find him very amusing for what reason i no. No i'd okay well. Because what do we ever see. We don't ever see him on anything. You know what i mean anymore. No he was he what he was doing like a network thing and we don't whatever network that as we're not streaming so now let's write a lot of stuff way down say really high. One of that movie. Come mount fuck is that. I didn't know about this until i saw it on facebook. Well 'cause we're not we haven't had cable in a long time. That's true yeah anyway anyway. There well speaking of kind of t._s._a. Up your bud thing <hes> there was <hes> there was not with. There's a woman she. There's and there's a video the i'll i'll post you can see it. She she took a bottle of water and she was she duck taped a a sex toy to it go on and she threw it in her husband's. Carry on go on this just as a prank 'cause she knew the t._s._a. Or take the water underway. The sex toy did anybody could it on film yeah. No i've got the video we'll post the video video so the guy is like opens his bag and he takes it out and and it's like the the double double ended double pronged so it's vaginal asks a tape to a bottle of water to see delivered mood because he had to throw the water in those there for a little while and it's very funny. I can't imagine if you ever i did. I actually you care you be like oh. This is my tongue will though if that ever happened to me there's only one way to roll with it and that's just to <music> owned the dildo jealous touch. It smell it. I mean i could go that direction and i couldn't be really go katie. I found your ass toy. He probably would <hes> you haven't washed l. Pavee come on. She can't just leave toys like that. You know you're stanch kits on everything that could backfire on. You really good i. I like. I'll give you twenty bucks for it yet because once it happened at that point. I've i at maximum embarrassment anyway so really you're going to either. Go down swaggie again or your what can you do. You mad about it. You can't get mad about it and now i mean you could be bad about it but you can't let anybody know that you're mad about it just way more satisfying vying. If you don't i would i would feel kind of bad though if you did it to me if i didn't hear what you anyway well probably just because mostly the worst part about it would be your shit and it was the worst part would be like the t._s._a. Essay being fucked with by the t._s._a. Just in general yeah like like what's in your bag <hes> i i would go through. I don't know what is in my bag. I what did i leave it there. Did you pack your back yeah of course it. It's been with me the whole time and i'm like. I don't know what happened. What here godson i had done a bottle of water there. What <hes> there's no pound of cocaine. No no consecutive not china like jail time on saris can't go jaffa delo. That's what i'm saying so but that would be the worst part which is sweep the t._s._a. In general i don't like people go to my shit. You know what i mean. I don't either. I don't even like people jarring in my in the house. No definitely not definitely not or say. How do i gotta run an erin. How do i know have you. Have you been here. What do you say. I don't know if you were here. Who here what are what are you. What are you be did. He never say they're supposed to come by like last week. Oh you're talking about. Would you call for maintenance to come by apartment exactly and you. You don't know if somebody came by to look to okay that makes sense. Now you know you just ran at that without any precursor as to what the fuck you were talking about it. I just want to point that out it really you know i had no fucking clue and i live with. You and i had no clue imagine these people care. I can't change who i am honey. You know this oh my again is we are going to get out of here for tonight for the week and <hes> we will catch up with you on the <hes> on the interwebs that's right so everybody has a wonderful rest of the week weekend whatever they're doing if no until today have a great and wonderful beautiful day during the review five stars did up with the finger economy whatever you're listening to us on. It's just fucking five-star it up this nice. That's right and what the fuck you go into it yet. You fucking didn't do it yet. Jill thank you mr is and <hes> yeah. Does anybody does.

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Sierra Nevada Brewing Company: Ken Grossman

How I Built This

1:07:11 hr | 1 year ago

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company: Ken Grossman

"Hey really quick before we start the show. We're launching a regular video conversation. Every Friday at twelve noon eastern time with a different founder to talk about creative ways to build resiliency in the midst of this crisis this week. Join me and Susan Griffin Black Co founder of e O products. She'll talk about all the hand sanitizer they've been making. You can join the conversation and ask questions by going to facebook dot com slash. How I built this and you don't need a facebook account to watch. Bring your questions for me and Susan. This Friday April third at twelve noon eastern time facebook dot com slash. How I built this. We were out of money for the time and head Gonda F- feel family in that we just did under five thousand or whatever we can get the doors open. We did that a bunch of times and so we were at a point where it's like we can't go ask for money again. We've told them. This was the last time five times ago and I just thought to myself. You know. We're down to this desperate of a situation. We had no money. No we're we're not gonNA make it from. Npr is how I built this. Show of. Innovators entrepreneurs idealists and the stories behind the movements. They built on the show today. Have Ken Grossman went from brewing? Batches bitter beer in his closet building. America's third largest craft brewery Sierra Nevada. So just a few days ago. Ken Grossman and I were supposed to be sitting side by side on stage at the Sydney Goldstein Theater in San Francisco for a live. How I built this show to hear how he built. One of the biggest craft beer companies in the country but instead that events like every other event was cancelled. But we didn't want to miss out on getting a chance to hear Ken story because too good and to inspiring to wait until we can all go out again so we asked Ken to record himself from his home just outside Chico California and by the way that's how it's going to be for a while because our staff our guests me probably many of you were all at home now and starting to adjust to this very weird new reality. I'm gonNA confess something here. I feel a little bit conflicted about doing a show that celebrates building and creating when so many businesses are in trouble now. Somebody people are worried but I also think of this show as a place of hope and possibility this is GonNa be a long challenging journey for all of us and we're going to need stories of people who can inspire us with the challenges they've overcome and the battles they've waged the odds. They've defeated to build something truly special. Sierra Nevada. Now before we even get into Ken Story. We wanted to hear from him about how things are going with managing the crisis so far and of course in one way the company is in better shape than most because lots of people are in need of a beer these days so in places where they can get it they are buying it. They're buying a lot of it. And when I spoke to Ken a few days ago he told me his production facilities are still open but he has no idea how long it might last a lot of the businesses that we depend on to sell our products are severely challenged right now and you know having this kind of financial disruption happened to tens of thousands of small family owned and run bars restaurants With the stores across the nation is going to have a huge toll on the lives of those people. The economy's in those communities so it's it's been one of the most difficult and stressful weeks in our existence I've had a lot of them over forty years. It was a lot of sleepless nights but this is sort of the pinnacle of of things for us to have to work through an and to make decisions about and yes over the course of building. Sierra Nevada beer can has had a lot of sleepless nights starting with trying to build a craft brewing company in his twenties with barely any money. When people didn't really know a craft beer was in fact when can introduce his now legendary Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to his friends in one thousand nine hundred most of them thought it was undrinkable but today his company is the third largest craft brewery in the US. After Boston. Beer Company and yelling in Canton and his family owned one hundred percent of Sierra Nevada but making money and becoming rich from beer was far from Kansas at his core. He is a beer brewer. Not a businessman totally obsessed with the process with the hops and barley in the mall to the strains of yeast and his interest in brewing and fermentation actually started when he was a kid growing up. In La's San Fernando Valley. We had a a small neighborhood group of boys Growing up through elementary school. So I met my neighbor I think it was second grade and his father was a you even back then was making home. Beer and wine and Was a Super Very progressive person for the time. He's into cooking and baking and for Manning and culinary arts as well as Being a cyclist so he was into bikes. Which later got into cycling and touring and also was a scientist? He was a meddler just in work for Rocketdyne and so he sort of had all those passions of Of Life and and I guess it really appealed to me so I was around fermenting beer from probably the age of Seven or eight or so And seeing things boiling on the stove every weekend when he would brew and his Senate. I were best buddies for many many years. I ended up moving up to Chico when he attended Chico State. What was your friends? what was it? What was his dad's name must name the cow Molar County since passed away But Calvin Molar He was this a very early adopter of of the. The science of brewing mortem brewers back in that day. You know. We're using English old sort of crude books on how to make cheap beer but not necessarily You know how to make great beer and had a had a do it at home with sort of a science based yeah so He approached from a scientific side. So here here's what I'm wondering you are in high school and I guess from from whatever you bought your first home brewing Kit Around that time Which I think a lot a lot more high school juniors today would put in in the early seventies certainly not early sixties. Early in common Did you did you WanNa make beer because you liked it and wanted to drink beer? Or what was the? What was the thinking behind buying a home Brooklyn When I was young so I couldn't buy beer and so I just wanted to experiment with making bear. That was it. Yeah and he'll today if you want to brew beer you just go on the Internet and order the hops come in pellets and you know wherever you need and then you just do. It was it. Was it a little more complicated than nineteen sixty-nine It was so there were actually some Homebrew supply stores just getting started. And you could buy beer and wine. Making supplies at that. Point pumping was still illegal but They did Nobody got arrested for providing mulder hops. But if you think back to that era there was still a bit of a carryover from prohibition brewing and so you could buy malt extract even at hardware stores and it was You know sold with a crock and packaging east and a little block of some pretty lousy hops. But there there were ingredients that were still available. During the prohibition era and no good information on how to make great beer home there was just For those people who wanted to brew Abacha Cold Brew. And how how? How early batches I mean were. They terrible terrible. You put them in a closet and your house. Where did you go? I had to hide. 'em Hide Him from my mother and Actually made a batch of wine. I which was pretty tragic. Which was out of welches cantwell just grape juice and some bacon east a can of grape juice cans anymore And then I got some all extract and and being. A bunch of me did a plastic bucket and and started bruin a little bit. How did you? How did you know you weren't making like you know Botulin Eum or anthrax or something? I guess one of the things about beer making is that Things like that don't grow in Beer. I got you okay. alcohol the P. H. Hops are all inhibitory to Toxins not that you can't make bad beer but it's pretty impossible to make beer those kind of toxins yet. All right so you. You're you know doing home brewing and and I guess when you Graduate High School in Nineteen seventy-two You decide that College is really going to be. You're saying that you you you WanNa Kinda just get out. La Move Up to northern California. And you go you end up in Chico California a small town in In the foothills of the Sierra Nevada the idea was that's where you want to to be for a while. Yeah I got a job at a bicycle shop which was a family owned business With the father and two sons working there in a pretty frictional environment the dynamic was not great and after less than a couple of months I sort of had to change your heart and say well maybe I should go to school and so I applied at the junior college to study chemistry and ended up eventually transferring to Chico state and continued to take science classes I met my girlfriend and then later wife Through a mutual friend about the same time this is. This is your wife. Katie that you met you met her at Butte Community College matter. She was going to Chico. State and And I was transferring to Chico State and We connected and go river since all right. Katie will factor back into the story later on and we just mentioned here that she met her and I think to day does not drink alcohol. She's a teetotaler right. Okay okay important. Important point to note the The third largest craft brewery in America Founder wife doesn't drink. Okay all right you Katie. seventy-three your cash. Because your baby you're like eighteen years old It's Great. I mean you were so young and I guess I I guess you You got a job in that area. Iran Chico to tackle oroville managing a bike shop For a while. Yeah I had Ma Fbi parents got divorced You know I didn't get a lot of support. I think I got a one hundred dollars a month Go go into school and so I had to keep working so I kept a part time job as I went to school and then Eventually I I got the opportunity to go manage One of the bike shops the owner and Chico had recently purchased in the talent word Bill. And so the two of US got a dinky little one room house Sort of in the foothills of or bill and I ran that shop for a few years and our daughter was born. Sierra and Born at that House et home we had Albert gets home. Birth and then I had a neighbor who loved my homebrew and convinced me that I should open up. A Homebrew supply store. And it's your neighbor Ron. And what was his name? Jesus Jesus okay. So he's your neighbor. And I guess just pointed that you are like twenty twenty one still home brewing presumably. You've gotten better over the five years six years you've been doing it and you Most people probably in nineteen seventy six seventy five or drinking like a mass produced beer right in America. There raises like the Big Budweiser. Most people drank. Yeah it was pretty much the approaching the low point of the. Us Brewing Industry. The the breweries that had survived prohibition that you know the family owned regional breweries were in very difficult place with trying to compete with the national brands and so the the beer industry was consolidating very rapidly. Through the really since prohibition but fifty sixty seventies hundreds and hundreds of burris went out of business and it got down to write about the the year we started in one thousand nine hundred eighty for the bringing for the brewery got down to the low point of forty three independent. Us amazing that included the biggest end. The small amount of small brewers that hung on there. So but going back to this time in the mid seventies right brought like one ron to Jesus when your neighbor like when you met him he would have before he met. You just normally been drinking like budweiser probably or want one of those people. I'm probably not even anything that expensive so You know again. We were young and didn't have a lot of money so we were probably drinking. Buckhorn and the Spring beer out of maier burned company and in Los Angeles. I mean there were a handful of cheaper beers that were probably what our age group would be drinking and these were not high quality beers. It's just like They were certainly not interesting beers. I got you okay. All right I mean the. Us bring industry has had a history of making you know generally good quality products but they're not necessarily products that have a lot of character so he he meets you and your brewing this beer and what was the style of the beer. You were brewing at home I I was probably fairly advanced by that time so I was doing a little bit of roasting my own grains in the oven and Sprouting my own week to make wheat beer and and so I was pretty experimental and at that point my wife and I were sort of back to the landers we had A small her two goats We had chickens We were making cheese and Bacon Brad and so Making beer sort of fit into our lifestyle. So your neighbor Ron says. Hey you're you're disappears. Great you should Sell it And I guess that's sort of what I from what I understand. It's sort of inspired you to open up a like a home brewing business like little shop or you could sit like supply. People is that is a right now so we found a little teeny building in an in what had been an old downtown hotel and Chico that was being converted into a bunch of little shops and studios and so for. I don't think it was about sixty dollars a month rent. We could rent this little room. And it was just a bare shell which we ended up doing all the woodwork. And finishing up turning into just a little shop you know next to us was a potter and a used record shop and jewelry store and a little teeny antique store and just a bunch of little artists and crafts and shops up there sound so idyllic especially from from two thousand twenty where we couldn't we couldn't pay the rent some months and so we worked out a deal where we'd be the janitors for the for the Place and Lou grant so Getting night did that. For couldn't you couldn't sell sixty bucks worth of homebrew supply was You know we could tell. Sixty dollars would be really big day but out of the sixty dollars you made maybe twenty and then you had to pay the lights and share a little bit of money to take home and so now. We didn't make a lot of money. Homebrew supplies and and what were homebrew supplies in nineteen seventy six So it was you know. Malt Syrup primarily Although we were pushing and and teaching classes and trying to get people to actually grew from grain which is the back to the beginning of the process you buy malted barley which is barley that's been soak sprouted in germinated and dried a monster and that creates the base for then converting the the Maldon sugars and then sugar boiled with hops. And and so we stocked hydro meters and Crocks and tubs to Bruin Glass car. Boys submits the beer beer. Here's here's what I'm wondering candidate in in the late seventies right. This is still a subculture like like craft brewing today. Right like half have had the staff of how I built. Us GOES TO CRAFT BREWING festivals. Right like it's just a very cut mainstream thing. Every bar worth its salt has craft brews on tap or in bottles right in nineteen seventy six. This is a this is a subculture of people like like like dungeons and dragons. Yeah so I'm just trying to understand something because obviously you proved everybody right but when people said to you can't this is just like gross. I don't what what do you like about this. Why do you like the taste of this? What would you say well Yeah there was. No Knowledge of craft beer and homebrew was You know not necessarily viewed in a positive light and and you know bay sort of on what most people had tasted if they ever tasted homebrew. It was highly alcoholic Acidic in look murky and Which today is and again but back then beer was supposed to be clear and so most people were pretty put off by it but I made pretty decent beer and I started to have a following of friends who wanted my homebrew. Well what did you like about it like a? Here's that's what I wanted to like when I talked to somebody who resilient to why right. There's just a the complexity and the different flavors and the it's almost like It's like it's like somebody who's WHO's really interested in in like mysteries there. They love the nuances. Is that what beer was like for healing making it harder but I think was the allure of the alchemy You know just the ability to take things such as disparate as you know a bitter leaf off a plant but the hop and the sweet malt from barley and eastern sort of see that magic happen of of converting those basic raw ingredients into something that has lots of nuances in character and flavor and can bring joy and social setting and So I think the process was as intriguing as the finished product. Because in then late seventies it would have been unusual taste right like our taste. Buds were not attuned to you. Know Multi hoppy beer. No they weren't and You know I don't know what percentage of my friends actually liked the beer. The that told me they did but I'm sure it was off pudding for the majority of people who are used to drinking. You know regular lager beer and it was even that way. When we first started the brewery you'd go to a tasting and ninety percent of the people were like. Wow this is way to better I I. I can't drink this or I don't like this but then you'd find somebody is like. Can I just loved that bitter character? And so the you know the Human Palate Certainly interpret those flavors differently. And I think as a craft brewing and as beer culture evolved I think people became much more appreciative of beer styles that they have a lot of character. All right. So you've got this little storefront. At what point did you think you know? Maybe I should actually make beer and sell beer was like a conversation at somebody encourage you to do this. Was there. 'cause you've got the store and presumably like you can make that your career like we could be talking today and you could have started the chain of of homebrew supply shops right. But but at what point did you think maybe I should just sell beer. Well I Actually went down to a conference in Oakland And on that trip we arrange tour to go see. Fritz maytag anchor buried. Fritz Maytag was the guy who founded anchor brewery which makes anchor steam He didn't find it so he he Purchased it so because an old brewery he purchased it. Yes an old brewery. But he kind of kind of revamped revamped. It made it into what yeah revamped it right so he helped Sort of create. What is now the craft brewing industry by realizing that? If you're going to be a small boutique brewery in this country. You better one producer unique product and in to figure out how to charge enough of a price that you can survive as a small producer. So you meet him. You meet him at this at this conference in Oklahoma. I didn't meet him. The conference actually went overdose brewery and he gave me tour me and a small group of folks and Pretty primitive at that time It was Lot No automation and not a lot of sophistication the berry and I was fairly sophisticated sophisticated as Humbler Culturing some of our own decent and doing things like that and making twenty gallon batches. I think at that point he was making maybe fifty barrel batches and that sort of inspired me a bit that you know. Maybe you could do it as a as a startup as a homebrew her and then I went and visited new albion which was really the Sonoma's Jack McCall of that parade and he had sort of gone pretty much homebrew and opened up a commercial brewery with all home built primitive basic equipment Very small batches About forty five gallons per batch and after seeing his operation realized that it was feasible to do as an independent Glorified homebrew set up and sell beer commercially. So you were actively kind of exploring the possibility of doing this when you contacted you know Fritz or when you went to go visit new albion did you say hey. I'm thinking about doing this myself can I? Can I come talk to you or did you? Just say Oh. I got this shop where we saw equipment. Can I come check you out like what was your? What was your approach? Well You know thinking back then with Fritz. I don't think I yet had the notion that I wanted to try to go commercial When I went and visited jacket was starting to Gel that This is maybe something I can do and I got together with one of my humber shop customers Polka Mosey and he was buying homebrew supplies for me and for from other Homebrew suppliers and you know. We decided Let's see if we can raise some money and open a brewery. Wow so that so basically that all right. This guy seems to know what he's doing and you knew what you were doing because you were like twenty three twenty twenty two twenty three at this point and I read that you you guys sat down and wrote a business plan like a pretty detailed business plan And you figured it you figure that you need fifty thousand dollars to actually start a a beer company a brewing company She went to the banks right. And what are the banks? Say when he shouldn't plant I made I guess. In hindsight it was not a pretty detailed business plan after seeing. You know more formal business plans. Those who we thought was a good business plan so we had You know printed off articles of of sort of the trends that were happening in beer one on Fritz maytag and one on sort of what was happening in the import space starting to grow in the US and the demise of sort of much choice in the Baroness Dri thought with. Give us a small slice of of the Pie. That was rapidly being cut up so I think we wrote several drafts of that business. Plan the original one. I think called for fifty thousand dollars total and went to banks and we. We actually started so we started pool our money. I started a bike Whitman. I started to build equipment. I enrolled back at the junior college at Butte in. Welding classes machine shops Anything that that gave me. Access to use forklifts andro presses and welders and everything else needed to weld. All the pieces together took some business. Glasses took Refrigeration repair it. Took a couple of semesters of that. Started to build skills and started Bill Equipment as we were trying to raise money The bank's pretty much said There's no way and if you were Ah Banker of of any sort back then and you researched the US bring industry. You would have seen that. It was pretty rapidly Declining small brewers were you would not have given a loan a Donnelley to a crafter incoming but till like two guys in their twenties. Tried to start a crap. Reagan who had no experience no experience in the brewing industry. You know we'd never worked a day for a brewery or a beer distributor meaning like that so yeah not very Likely investment to make Verma banker standpoint. Got It so you need fifty k. How much money did you in Paul have between you so we had assembled seventeen thousand dollars and I between the two between the two of US I had sold my homebrew shop for three thousand or four thousand dollars And I had some savings in. My grandfather gave me some to go to college. I cashed all those in and Paul had somewhere was sort of all his savings not a lot of money. So how did you get the rest of fifty k? That you still need like thirty five K. Went to over family and eventually some friends and got Five Thousand Dollars. Ten thousand dollar investments and thought. We had enough money several times but kept running out of money and we were so low on cash that we did not hire pretty much any thing out so we did the framing. That sheet rocking. I did the plumbing. I Did. All the electrical. I did other frigerator. Yeah where was the location? Where was where was the site that you found? We found a little metal warehouse building three Thousand Square Feet Empty. Shell Had Been. Ah a sheet. Rock warehouse Chico and Chico right and so we came in and in order to keep sanitation and quality in a bring world. You need floor. Drains and you need separation between the rooms and the fermenting yams and So we went in and Unbeknownst to the landlord we Jack Hammered Through the floor. Saad and put in drainage and then poured sloped floors on top of that and But we did all that ourselves and it took a really long time. I was taking my fifty seven Chevy and driving up and down the Sacramento Valley up into Oregon and Washington and looking for old pumps and pipe and tanks and and things that we could scrounge for basically pennies on the dollar to us to build the brewing equipment out of and I I got pretty lucky. The daring industry was also sort of a tough point. Where he's little family dairies were closing. And there were hundreds of them scattered throughout that would have won milk tank and it was sort of a side job. I get a lead that you know. Go down this road and you might find So and sold sold dairy so knock on the door and asked if they had any old equipment and picked up the barn and their be dusty pile of pipe and maybe a pomp and occasionally I get a tank Three hundred bucks or five hundred bucks. Buy It all from. This is an important point and I want. I want you to explain this to me because I I think that people are going to be confused and think that I hope they're not that you just kinda figure it out as you went along which is partially true. You actually did a lot of research like you actually went to. Uc Davis which is a huge. It has a huge agricultural department and you like met with professor there and and went to the research library to learn about brewing. What what like. What did you do that so yeah we were fortunate so UC Davis had one of the only university brewing schools in the nation. It was started. You know they have a big wine program as well but they. They started writing a beer program Quite a few years back. And we availed ourselves of both their library and I would go down with stacks of quarters. I would either read their or photocopy everything I could get my hands on like scientific journals. Like like scientific academic papers and boxes today and there were a couple of really important scientific brewing texts available and they weren't. They weren't homering text. They were if you're a brewing scientist Four or five hundred page Tomes on You know every aspect of of being a professional broher and I read them cover to cover and so I was a fairly Learned brewer from at least the literature side As we went into into bring commercially and it also sounds like in the two year period because it was like really two years. Right seventy to eighty. When you were working ramping up here and really going public I mean selling it to the public that the other guys like the other folks in in the craft brewing industry. We're really collegial like Fritz. Maytag ANCHOR STEAM. Like you went to these folks advice and they were really they were like yeah. I mean I'm I'm just wondering why were they? Just good people like it gives you early twenties. I mean they could have just. I duNno looked like. Why are we taking this seriously? But what what explains because they were right. There was a lot of like asking for tips and stuff right. Yeah and I and I think that You know Fritz was probably the first one I leaned on bit. And and he had Had the same experience so when he was starting out when he bought ager. He didn't know anything about brewing. Or the brewing industry and he would go and visit other brewers and he was shocked at how open and supportive. They were but We did have a really open relationship with pretty much anybody in the brewing industry. I joined the master Brewers Association which was really the big brewers technical group over early on. But you could call up A technical person at another berry whether it was coarser anheuser busch or Miller and ask a question and they would talk loud and while the commercial guys. The guys who are selling beer in the streets they. They didn't have the same relationship but the the technical side of growing Brewers tend to stick together to help solve problems so in this two year period of ramping. Up Right what does Katie thing? We've got a daughter baby girl at home it was. She Likes Katy ever ever like gay. Can like this is not doing. It was tough and We made a lot of sacrifices. She made a lot of sacrifices You know we didn't have any money and I was working all the time so If I wasn't studying wasn't welding if I wasn't working because I was still having to work on their job If I wasn't building at the brewery I mean I was. It was seven days a week. twelve hours a day and I had the I guess the early opportunity right when I was committing to build the Burri taxi by one of the bike shops I had worked in. The owner was Getting out of the business and He would have sold it to me. Probably preferentially if I said I wanted to do that. And there was a point where I thought I could buy this bike shop and probably make a decent living And it's a sure thing but I was. You know in my mind thinking you know am I gonNa then question Could I've ever really pulled off building a brewery and being a broker for my livelihood instead of a bike mechanic? And so we had a a thoughtful discussion. Kadian I about what should we do? What should I do and came down to you? Know I think you've gotTa Follow Your Your Passion and See if that's what you WANNA do. You should do that. I've read that you you you even a book about about these really. These new wrote that By September nineteen eighty. You're running out of money quickly. And this is a quote from your book Psychologically we you and Paul were starting to break down. What what. What do you mean just from the stress of of watching you know nothing happened money going that like? What was the breakdown there were a few Points of desperation and we were getting there We were out of money for. I don't know the ten th time and and had gone to family and said you know we just need another five thousand or two thousand or whatever and we can get the doors open. We did that a bunch of times and so we were out of point where it's like we can't go ask for money again. We've we've told them. This was the last time like five times ago. We'd spent everything we had and they said we borrowed enough that you know not going forward with a certainly been big failure so it was like no. We gotta do this. We just You know didn't have everything together to start brewing and I needed a cold box refrigeration system for where we're going to age the beer and I remember a friend of mine said why. No of this Backyard Butcher shop that the county shutdown. That's got a old refrigeration system the coil on it and you probably have it or get it for a few bucks. So when over there and in his backyard he would butchart chickens and hogs and things for for neighbors illegally and There was a little cold box there so I took it to the burry started. They clean it up and it was covered in blood and feathers and Was just completely corroded. And I'm sitting there cleaning it up and I just thought to myself you know. We're down to this desperate of situation. We've got no money making Making beer still a few weeks off. WE'RE NOT GONNA. Make it when we come back. Ken finally brewed his first batch of beer to sell to the public and how people began to buy it not by the KEG. Hide even by the six pack bottle by bottle by bottle stay with US garage and you're listening to how I built this from. Npr support for this podcast and the following message. Come from the American Jewish World Service working together for more than thirty years to build a more just and equitable world. Learn more at age. Aws Dot Org. Thanks also to better help online counselling by licensed professional counselors specializing in isolation depression stress and anxiety visit better help dot com slash built to learn more and get ten percent off your first month when the economy goes Haywire Planet. Money is here to make sense of it for you from the big bailouts to the tiny details of exact seen stockpile. One of the first thing we did was secure a large number of chicken flocks so these are like hard working government chicken hardworking government chickens. Npr's planet money podcast. Listen now hey welcome back to how I built this Guy Roz. So it's the fall of nineteen eighty and Ken and his partner. Paul Caluzzi have basically Jerry rigged an entire brewery hand-me-down dairy tanks and random pieces of scrap metal there almost out of money in their totally stressed out. But they're also almost ready to make beer except can needs one more thing I needed to hop stringer had been trying to find a suitable. Us tanker or container to use for hop screener and wasn't able to find one and didn't really have the money for it and I had a few pieces of scrap metal stainless steel leftover from him. Something else and I said okay. This is it. I'm going to go well Bob Straight and we're GONNA brew beer tomorrow and So sort of the last piece or two. We just sort of made do and Made five barrels of stout November Fifteenth Nineteen Eighty and learned a few things but went. Okay took around twelve or thirteen hours to make fifty gallons of beer and more hours to clean up to that but at least we were sort of on our way and then started burn. Pale two days later and started to realize we were not able to make batch after batch taste the same. They weren't bad they were just Pale. Three was actually pretty good. I remember we were battling a little bit and sharing it with friends sing. I think we're there really close and we brewed Pale Ale four and it wasn't quite right and then we brood fail L. Five and it was different We ended up dumping all those beers cannot just because this is this. Is your most famous beer. Right Sierra Nevada Pale is and I think cancer like most of your sales today the majority of your sales. I'm over half. This is a is got four things in water malt yeast and hops. Right is it. I got I got the recipe for people who don't know anything about fear right Like what was it about? I mean you're you're sitting. You're going through a bunch of batches that beer right. What were you looking for? Because you said that I wasn't quite right. The second one right third is okay. The fourth what were the criteria you were using your mind. Well one way we knew we needed to be consistent. And I think that's probably as big an issue as as anything. It's just that they didn't taste the same So some of them fermented faster some fermented slower so they had different nuances in the AROMAS and character. So I think our our concern was we couldn't make the same beer batch after batch and we better figure that out I. So here's here's now another question about this right. Which is if you go to Germany right. They've got this law where all German beers are. Certain kinds of German beer has to have water malts water malls hops yeast right. So it's the German purity law to Germany law right but when you go to Germany and you drink a lot of their beers like call shore Or like a certain brands like Warsteiner Bitburg their lagers right. They're very clean. Clear Light Lagers You're using the same four ingredients but you're introducing or you're bringing into your beer. A like the was like that was going to be really intense. Like this was for some people. The flavor was even going to be slightly more more than slightly bitter right like it was that. Was that something that most of the time just weren't focusing on the happiness of the beer well If you go actually back to Germany in that era there were places in Germany making really hoppy beers and well. What is it about the hops that makes the beer taste more bitter well? Hops are added to beer for their alpha acids which are the the bidding component or a major part of the bidding component of the hop and. That's something that has varietal specific as far as those levels so pops are a spice essentially in the brewing process. Right and I guess you could think of like Chili's and they're basically leaves they're like miniature leaves that grow looked like a berry where it's actually It's like a flower Claro. Que Guy in the fast is the bitter. Acids in those aromatic oils are geographic in some cases so a variety that's growing in Oregon may be different Same bright than it. It tastes in Yakima Idaho showing in France or Australia in this country. There wasn't really a aroma signature from the US hop industry Until I said a few other brewers started to focus on a new variety called cascade Which was brought up in Oregon state it was Piney and citrusy in had some real distinct character but it wasn't what the German brokers who worked at big breweries we're used to using and so it really didn't find favor in the US bring industry until Sort of our wave of craft brewers started to punch things up with AROMAS and characters that were way different than what beer had been before. These beer brewed in America. All right so you get this beer down this Pale Ale beer down. And how do you? How do people respond to it when they try it? I mean obviously. I'm sure there are some people who who sort of were sophisticated and were there. People who are not just you know super sophisticated and they tried it and thought it was like. Yeah well really. Most people didn't like it now again. If you're used to drinking an American light lager style and you're hit with a very aromatic -ly hoppy and bitter balance in your beer and and you know just a a reference point in numbers are sort of going to be meeting this but just as a melody number. Today Domestic Lager Beers might be in eight to ten bitterness units And there's there's outliers to that but that's about the range are Pale when it came out and still is Is AT THIRTY EIGHT. Bitterness units and so You know if you quit that. Sort of Chile's. It's you know it's quite a bit more than what people are used to drinking and again we were trying to feature very Aramaic POPs pine and citrus always other nuanced. Roma's at come out hop so when we were producing a beer that was polarizing to sit. At least yeah I mean but it's interesting because Y- we've had founders on the show who say who said In the past you know if the thing you're producing is polarizing might just be might just be on on the right track which obviously you were but I mean this was going to be the the backbone of Your Business and and lots of people most people were saying. Oh this is this is A. I don't know about this. So how did you? How did you start to sell it like what was your first we were I mean? Did you go to bars that you were going to sell it on tap or unit Celta shops? What have you can have people to buy it? Well You know we looked at How are we going to go to market we? We couldn't afford six pack cares. That was sort of out of our budget. So he had individual bottles and we started out in all returnable bottles. That we would charge nichols deposit on so we. We would buy used bar bottles at eighty five cents. A case from a bigger breweries who had surplus bottles are willing to sell us and we would charge a a Nikola bottle so a dollar twenty a case when we sold the bear and we give them a nickle back when we got the empties back and we pretty much loaded our van up. We bought an old van from a A friend of ours Took the seats out. And that was our delivery Van I hired An old high school friend of mine. Steve Harrison. Dvr Our first employee and salesperson He would help bottle during bottle days and he would drive the van around and tried to sell beer. If you go back to that era there wasn't a lot of options for draft beer so if you went into a normal bar and they might have one or two or maybe three taps but it was normal just for one or two taps so we actually did not go into the bar. Trade at all initially. We've at least not on draft. We just said there's not enough money. They're not enough tab right. So we priced ourselves at the highest price without me get by with. We did know market research. We just was the price. Eighty five cents a bottle and that was at that time in one thousand nine hundred eighty one. That was expensive for about that. Was what the you know. The higher priced imports or selling for on the shelf. So we thought well we're GONNA price yourselves and stylistically try to be like a unique import beer and you were just going like. How were you destroying this? I mean he was presumably. He was just you guys right Yeah our man we just drive around and go knock on bars. Restaurants supermarkets wherever and try to convince them to buy a case of twenty four bottles and were most of then dismissive or most of them like interested or what was reception. You got in our hometown. We got at least a quite a few bars and restaurants to take a case so in the hometown since we had been in the press. A couple of times about this little borough putting up We were able to get some placements Once we started leaving Kiko and went to the barrier it was a real slog You know there was no craft knowledge that no Internet. You know there was not a a way for a business. That didn't have money to get much Notoriety we couldn't pay for but We were really fortunate that there were a few writers who were intrigued by the whole startup of this craft beer scene and and started to write stories including in the when like the San Francisco Chronicle or San Francisco Examiner. Actually there was a I think five page color spread on the burri Little Chico Aloun that was just an amazing shot in the arm. We got this huge amount of publicity and we are also very fortunate. There was a beer buyer for one of the large grocery store chains whose daughter was going to Chico state and so he would come up to visit his daughter and he was into beer and so he can buy the brewery and have a beer with us and so he started to run some promotions for us with is really being involved or knowing about it. All of a sudden we'd get a bunch of calls from distributors with You know wanting beer and And then the grateful dead actually They somehow early on got hooked into the beer in so when the dead would travel around We'd have to watch where their concert series where we get all these orders for bureau ahead of them hitting town and how were you able to produce enough beer. I mean you pray if the demand was was starting to lap well some of my business plan called for us to brew hopefully twenty five hundred barrels of beer year I was able to brew twelve ten barrel batches a month so three bruce a week That was sort of far are phase one and we had planned in an expansion to go up to thirty five hundred barrels ear doing some Some more modifications of the facility. So we did that. Pretty quick and our business model was so flawed that We couldn't survive at Thirty. Five hundred barrels of a barrier just was was not enough things cost more and there was always some financial need. We hadn't planned on so we pretty quickly realized we better. We gotTA grow. We figure this out quick and so I went over to Germany I think in eighty two eighty three and I bought a defunct Brewery over there was just a a shutdown brewery. You just bottle their equipment out I bought their whole brewing side so didn't get their packaging equipment but but the house and paid basically scrap value Fifteen thousand dollars to buy all equipment and we more more than that creating it and keeping it back to the US. I I went over with high school buddy and we spent three weeks in Europe Helping dismantle equipment and getting out of the building and and brought another business plan and could not borrow money still so we had this equipment sitting there in a crate But we needed what we thought at. The time was like a million dollars to sort of move into a new facility and to equip with enough equipment to use that bigger house so it actually sat there for years. I think almost four years in a row and we just Came up with every way. Possible to expand production so we knocked out walls. We took over other metal buildings in the little street and put tanks outside and brute around the clock so we eventually got the production up to But twelve thousand barrels or a little less than twelve thousand barrels in eighty seven. Were you just would be between nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty seven or maybe even longer where you just working like. 'cause you were the beer brewer. Right you were actually the guy making the beer. Yeah I did all the Boeing and all the packaging In the beginning so I would brew three days a week and package two days a week and then as we got a little bit bigger I was starting to focus on how to grow On expansion so I was building tanks and welding pipes and adding things and so I started to hire some broers And then hired somebody to run packaging so I could free myself up to to do all the expansion side of the business was was your day like I know. What time does your day start early as a boy Four to five. Wow you had to start brewing. That early dark dark. 'cause I in particular as we grew we needed to brew as much as we could and so it was almost twenty four hours a day. I mean we. We typically have operated twenty four hours a day so something that we haven't discussed yet but There was I guess. Probably Fair from fairly early point Quite attention between you and Paul Community or CO founder Fr- from what I understand like there's tension over work Were commitment he. You felt like you were working ten fifteen hours a day and and he was working fewer hours and An attention seems to kind of continue What what happened between the two of you. The there was certainly when I felt and I think everybody around us who were involved in the business you know saw as well that you know. There was a disproportionate amount of effort being put in. I mean my days were always longer than his and more physical and so at one point it became a critical issue between us and we did end up adjusting compensation so I was making double what he was making an so we we try to address it but you know as the business grew and the value of the business grew and We were fifty fifty partners. It started to feel that I was doing a disproportionate amount of building value in the company. And so we started to have discussions in the late. Eighty s of the something. I'm not going to continue doing for much longer and we've got to come to some resolution so as we moved into the new brewery In the late eighties and the nineties. It became a bigger and bigger sticking point and The two of you Was it uncomfortable at times? I mean imagine it was yeah. It grew uncomfortable at times. Yeah I mean early. On he was he lived in our house him. He was just to save money. He was a roommate But then as As things went on it became a bigger and bigger Friction point. You would go on to buy him out in the late nineties and I think You had to you to really take a bunch of loans to do that. Because by that point the business was worth a lot of money. So how did you do it? Well Initially I didn't stick. That was a possibility. I didn't have any money and the thought of going into debt at the kind of dollars that we were starting to have the company valued at was just A. It wasn't in my thought process that you know I can figure out how to do it. What were they value the company at that time and in the in the nineties nineties the valuations cross industry were absorb all over the place but also were going up pretty steadily And you know thirty million. Forty million fifty million in this me. Buying all out took years to work through with attorneys. And so you know as time went on we were still growing and so the value of the business was growing and I had a really tough decision do I. You know hamper the growth of the company in order to not have the number get bigger and bigger so I could participate for that or do I do. I think it's right for the business and and continue to grow and so that was a really challenging time for me personally We were In market that was sort of exploding from Some of our competitors were making big moves and We were becoming hampered by our facility Why what what what was going on with that. Well the brewery that I had designed in eighty seven hundred eighty eight when we moved into the new facility. I had designed for sixty thousand barrels worth of annual capacity. You know if I think back to to that time. That was more than anchor was producing. And they were the oldest of the sort of winners in the craft world and we had Produced a little over eleven thousand or twelve thousand barrels or so in eighty seven. And so I thought you know these if we could grow four times that bigger or more than that that would be an amazing achievement and sixty thousand barrels seem like a pretty lofty Projection and so our first year in the new facility brute about twenty thousand barrels or next year thirty thousand barrels or next year forty five thousand barrels and the next year we are out of capacity and so we started doing whatever we could. We put tanks outside. We added brewing equipment. We started growing multiple times around the clock. And I think we got to a point He goes nineteen Ninety seven we brood. Three hundred and sixty three days twenty four hours a day. We Christmas and Thanksgiving off. I think can just Other than that just kept going now. And that's right when I was trying to figure out how to bipolar out so Very very challenging period. Did you have to go into the into serious debt to make that happen? Well so we explored And I didn't think it was possible for me to buy him out and so We met with every group. You could imagine You know bencher lots of venture funds and had lots of dinners with groups that You know told me they were going to be my best friend and But I got cautioned from other people saying watch out You know things go south. You'll be in trouble and so I started having real angst about okay so I'm going to have a an investment group in my partner. They're going to have some really Tough metrics that. I've got to give them. The returns are looking for. And then they're gonNA want out in five or seven years and I'm GonNa be right back where I am today but in a worse place so I really got cold feet about doing adventure Dale. So what'd you decided to instead? So I had a really great attorney in San Francisco and we started looking at Alternatives and he brought in a friend of his who was very experienced with working with banks and structuring deals and It was at a time when money was relatively easy to get Compared to how it had been and We got Couple proposals from banks and put together a deal that it was As much leverages I would ever want to have on The company And sort of just rolled the dice and said you know if this goes well. It'll work if it doesn't Pity I gave it a good try and that was right when I if you look at a graph of the trajectory of craft brewing in It was that year that we did the deal that the bottom fell out and the growth weight growth rate had been slowing but essentially went down. I think to one percent growth across industry the next year. Wow in one thousand nine In Ninety eight ninety eight ninety nine what explains that I mean. We're we're sort of their today again. And who knows how will come out of our current situation with the with the industry will will look like but no there were starting to be a saturation of of craft players but the the imports really probably sort of reasserted their place in the market and craft had been somewhat the darlings during the late eighties and mid ninety s But then I think the the imported beer started to realize that they You know had a place in the market and pushed in I guess the craft industry also lost a little bit of credibility some of the bigger players back then were contract brewing meaning. They weren't brought their own bear. They were going to one of the big brewers and having their beer made and there was sort of an expose From some of the big brewers saying. Here's WHO's really brewing. Your special craft fairs being brewed at A. You know at a Stroh's brewery or whatever so there was some negative industry. Pr That also probably hurt the industry a bit so you. You're super leveraged beer sales kind of kind of Kind of fault we act Came out of that in a pretty good place. Compared to a lot of our appears in in the reason was you know as we were Bruin. Three hundred sixty three days that year we were starting to ration and not shift to all of our markets and not chip all of our brands and we had some pent up demand so when we came out of that. I did do a big expansion right during that period of buying Paul out which also added stress and debt to the picture But we really double the capacity that you're ninety seven and we were able to sort of immediately Go into some of that. Pent up demand so We grew I think double digits When the rest industry was flat so we know what happened right because today. Sierra Nevada is the number three craft brewery after a sems- Boston lager. Boston Beer Company. That makes him Adams and Yanling Base in Pennsylvania. New when you can when you think about I mean the the just incredible journey that he no you took right and the unlikely maybe not unlikely because clearly you were motivated and you you were learning about different things chemistry and machining and brewing. You're these things all you know a very deliberate way. You were talking to people. You're finding mentors. You were going to visit breweries and reading technical journals But still I don't know if I met you in Nineteen Eighty when you were twenty five working on Sierra Nevada. I Dunno I would have thought. Oh I don't know about this guy I don't know if I don't know if I would give him a part with my money for To invest in his company. you you built. The third largest craft brewery in the United States accompany would has an enormous valuation and I mean do you. Do you think that this happened because of all those things I mentioned because of your work ethic and commitment to to the craft or do you think a lot of it just had to do with luck The hard work part. I think That was a good component in when I opened I mentioned I think there were six of us and the five other craft breweries. That opened in that. Same era have all failed today on the last man standing so We all sort of had equal shot at it. I guess yeah timing. I think we were at the right time. In a sort of American culture when people were looking for better unique different distinctive there were coffee. Roasters popping up and bakeries and the scene was starting to grow and the worst part of it It's been A lot and you know it was a lot for Me But a lot from my family I mean we might kids grow up in the brewing industry. I have two children still active in the industry. My son's out North Carolina and my daughter Sarah's here in in Chico to it's been a family business but it's not an easy business and even though a lot of people think being a brewers romantic It's been hard and it's going to stay And I think You know we're still around because we were passionate about beer and passionate about having a great company that's Ken Grossman. Founder of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company ongoing pandemic won't be the first crisis it impacted the company and the community at the end of two thousand eighteen campfire destroyed the town of Paradise California. Which is the next town over from Chico and about sixty employees of Sierra Nevada lost their homes can responded with a relief fund and Sierra Nevada brewed. A special beer called the resilience. Iba All proceeds from that beer donated to long-term relief effort. And thanks so much for listening to the show this week. You can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. And by the way if you've got a business as working in ways to tackle the global economic and health crisis please let us know we may feature it on her how you built that segment go to build. Npr Dot Org. To tell us your story you can also write us at H. E. T. NPR DOT org. And if you want him to tweet it's at how I built this or at Cairo's is our show. This week was produced by Neva. Grant and Rachel Faulkner with original music composed by rump Tina. Bluey thanks also to Kansas Limb Julia Carney Casey Herman and Jeff Rodgers are interned. Rini toll on Deraz and you've been listening to how I built this this is NPR.

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050521 Hour 3

Ace and TJ

22:45 min | Last week

050521 Hour 3

"Has your property when damaged in an emergency visit charlotte dot. Paul davis dot com storm fire and water damage restoration mold removal contents cleaning and more visit charlotte dot. Paul davis dot com. That's charlotte dot. Paul davis dot com. It is time for you to start getting better sleep and start losing weight. There's a product that is scientifically proven to help with both and that product is called callan. It's safe because it does not negatively affect or interact with any of your other medications. you may be taking. You can take it at night as a matter of fact. That's when you're supposed to take it at night so therefore you know it's not gonna jack you up like some sort of stimulant and get your heart racing out of your chest. It's collagen and that's what we need is collagen and you want your doctor to get off your back. Listen to this you can lose weight safely with callan and you get a better report. Better numbers from your doctor after losing the weight with calatrava. That's great in your sleeping better as well. The special is right now. You buy the ninety day supply you get ninety days free that ninety day supply has a huge eighty six percent success rates. It's a great time to stock up and save or split with a friend. You can do it all right now. At top loss. Dot com t. o. P. l. o. s. s. dot com top loss dot com or calendar. Today there's news and then there's the important stuff the stuff that's trending. This is trending with brigands on the tj show. Today is all about one thing that is cinco de maya. Happy cinco dema. It is the top trending topic this morning. Not mexican independence day which is also trending because people are wishing everyone a happy mexican independence states. Not the same thing. That's in september. I believe because there is a mexican independence. It's just not right today. something today. September sixth this actually mexican independence day. Yes the don't don't make that mistake but a lot of people out you guys go out and drink. Some tequila need some tacos now. Probably not drink tequila anyway. All the time necessarily true but is not true. There's not lamar home or anything. They probably will be when you get home. You're maybe that's a possibility. There'd be tequila and your wife. That's where they keep it inhaling or other ones see more and more mass mass pasta kayla. No alto tequila. Don't that's exactly right. Yeah you're not gonna go out and do that. I'll probably not. We may go grab something e well. Let's stay on instagram. Later on just past is also national. Hoagie day. I don't know what part of the country calls them hoagies. I think that's the north. Yeah that's a hoagie sound everywhere else. Yeah i mean. I don't think there's a difference but there is hoagie shops less true. Yeah i never thought about recalls hoagies here so think just to the northeast Britney spears is set to speak in court Very soon and i didn't even know she was attorney. Well she's not but she is going to talk to a judge. He wants to clear up some things and they're now pretty confident that she's just going to ask that. Her dad be removed from all issues concerning her relationship. because they are not on great terms at the moment neither are her parents. Her dad and her mom are not speaking. So we'll see we haven't really heard brittany. Speak out using your own voice in a long time about this specific issue. So i doubt that they'll have cameras in the courtroom for it but it'll be interesting to hear what she says by the reports. I wonder what her mass will look like. What her what her mask will look like you. He's going to have real fancy looking mask when she walks in there. Probably i bet she does. She's brittany exactly look like schlub. Get some special. No i want to ask your opinion really quick. I got an email from the the building. I live in yesterday. And it said Attention if you're the owner of a certain color audi which is like a luxury car A resident accidentally dropped her carolina. Blue yeti cup under the center of your car if you could retrieve that and please bring it to the front desk at your earliest convenience. She would like it back. If i'm the owner of that is why is that now by response she should have retrieved it and she knows where it is. She knows where it is. I guess she couldn't reach it for whatever reason but it's under this person's car i'm not get i'm now you've given me job. I don't like that. Yeah but it wasn't you anyway but you put yourself in that person's position and got mad for them. I did especially during covid. I wanna touch your used tire. Alanna blue yeti cup. now i'm not just the ground. Why would you not just now that you know it's there and she can't reach it a move car. Grab it for you wanna come back. Yeah thanks i mean i would do it gladly but if i were her i wouldn't have given up on it you know. Where's that can do. Spirit broom right. It's so important to you that you go check out how to do it. Exactly where the personal responsibility help me. Now you're inconvenience everybody else because of your cup. Nah everybody else open the email and read it. Wow i don't like getting emails fifteen cents off of a burger. Sam's burger joint. What i'm getting something out of that. This i have to give something. You don't even have to give the cutback you can take. It doesn't take it. I just i agree. If i really cared about outta found a way to get it right there and then take shirt off thrown under the like last over something. I left my cup at the pool. The other day and i didn't call them and say hey. Can you send a mass wide email to anybody that found my cooler. I didn't do that. But i'm not going to you could've but i lost. It's my fault. See you know what. That's my spirit animal right now so sisters along that really hot and nice. There's no way she's hot. A bitch us know high. Come on because they wouldn't have gone to that trouble for not hot girl. No that's awesome. She wasn't only gross. Use a yeti's we know that for a fact we should not run around with magellan. Top of the line baby grows. Yeah so okay. Well that's what i needed to know. That is what's now trying. So how can we help you. Wednesday return next with a very unique scenario from late. That's just at her wit's for needing something very specific and hopefully someone can help her. Next elite podcasters us radio button network dot com to find podcast resources. This is the ace and tj. Show proof so you can always turn to family for radio family is. How can we help you. Wednesday on the act tj. Show so on. How can we help you. Wednesday for new to the family. We have family. Who's looking for some assistance and we turn to other members of the radio family to help for example in the past when they needed or car repaired in. What was wrong with somebody who was able to help with that. A variety of things books for kids other kinds of stuff. It's not really a. Hey i need five thousand dollars kind of thing. It's more of a you know. I'm looking for this type of thing. And this is rather unique and interesting cristina welcomed the. Act show good morning hey. Christina lives in denver north carolina and listen and tj show and hit sunday. Six point one. And here's the rocky mountains. Here's what she wrote. She said i'm desperate. I'm a mom cooks every day. In my two year old matak rain. Maytag is dying. The specific control board. Part that i need is back ordered online. New to covid and delayed manufacturing shipping. I've reached out to maytag directly. But they can't get it either and have no estimated arrival date they also recommended not purchasing it from sketchy online dealer some putting out of the radio family for any help locating the part locally paying for the part isn't it isn't a big deal and she even knows the exact part that she needs to fix it. Thanks so much for any assistance. So we have the part number. And i'm going gonna get involved in trying to give a part number over the over the radio because that's going to be too hard for people to write down but You just the whole problem obviously is kovic. That has caused the backlog. Is that right. Yeah there are a lot of product shortage lot of product shortages out there appliances and things related to appliance that. That's that's a big one. That people are having a hard time with new construction homes. I've talked to a builder the other day. So they're not even offering refrigerators in the new houses anymore. They're just giving like a five thousand dollar credit because that's how hard it is to get this stuff. So what i'm saying is that anybody can be able to help you girl dvd. just kim. i have faith and somebody will be able to energy out there. So that's kind of what. So what type of a maytag. the wizar- near model number and that stuff that we need to know christine and so it all kinda ties back to that part. The model number is just as long as the part number. And so it's only it's only two two years altoona half years old and it's like what you're saying. Today i went to lows trying to even have a backup. It completely dies. Tomorrow's if i have about the same one you can get it. I can't even get it. So kim stuck here. So the there's today's how can we help you win today. It's rather weird and unique because normally it's very broad but in this case it's just seems odd. It's a kovin related issue. May the company can't get it and it's it's probably backlogged and actual production anyway. And so she di- she knows it's going to die and then she's a mom with no way to cook. And how many kids you got. Two kids Multiple meals a day. And that you would appreciate that k- kids and get it done. So she's not saying there are sure about. I mean it could go either way. That's good though that you've cooked so much in that you've worn out in two years. That's great duty in the morning. Try to kick breakfast preheated and it takes forty five minutes to an hour to preheat and then it's says raynham teamsters so you have that do anybody any good. So here's what we do know if anybody can offer any assistance and granted. This is a long shot. I mean this is. This is because specific and unique. This is a long shot but if anybody listening anywhere kate help let us know. I think you may be better off trying to get tech d. rob to help sign you up for these apps this in coupons for fast food every day with my family like i'm i'm i'm doing if somebody somewhere knows how to get can help her with shipper. The partners of the figure it out. Right allie christina. Hang tight a second. We'll see what we can do because all of that is cheaper than going and buying a brand new one. So i would like to buy a brand new. And cain with him. yeah so One triple eight four one to twenty three thousand five. It's one triple eight. Forty one as tj or facebook and twitter. If anybody can help out with that as how can we help you. Wednesdays elite podcasters radio network dot com to find all their podcast resources. Tj gumming up. We're the aco tj. Family radio podcasts streaming video social media online in your email and soon once again in person. This is the tj family toys. How can we help you. Wednesday and This is christina. Who were trying to help her. Find a very specific part for her range. Because it's just all over the place it takes like forty five minutes to an hour to heat up and nobody can help because they can't get the proper because cove it and so forth in zone. Well we did have a guy that contact us christina and say he might be able to find you one on ebay. He's professional e bayer. He also said his name. was tom. brady so we're not really sure i don't know if he was being legit or not. Make a joke okay. What's your name sir Tom brady yeah so we have. Here's what we did. We've got his number. He said he can help you. But we'll just we'll give you the number you decide. What do we know as as a neighbor. Tom brady and it may be common name. We're not making fun of the guy to saying you know you see that you'd be like Well i'm saying could be the real. Tom brady remember when Our phone screener day answered the phone as well. We were doing our show and the person on the other end said that it was rick. Dees the radio. Legend rick dees was. He was listening to us in savannah. One of our affiliates and yeah warranted to say that we were doing a good job and all this stuff and we just rake the phone screener over the coals. We made funny. Yeah like sure that was rigged eased. Few months later we talked to rick dees and he said yeah. That was me. I was checking into hotels. playing coffins van. Heard you guys on the radio so this could actually be that. We've been wrong before this could be. You know the goat it is. Anita need his number two chombo just he does dabble in appliances. It gets him completely away from football. You're not not cooking so he could just take it off their ranges into you and we do have a couple of people that message messages on on facebook a couple of locations that will pass along to you here in a second and one lady. Shane help you get a brand new and for fifty to sixty percent off so have some what. That's what she. She's interested in the new oven. I can help get one for that fifty to sixty percent off. I made me behind the derek. Take talk play. Love lovely is exactly right. Christine is we found options for you to proceed. Did he say don't blame. Yeah these people claim they can help. I'm telling you what the event turns out to be tom. Brady you better call him back to the real deal. Richard hang on a second. We're going to put you on hold and go through all this stuff rob. Some of them were on our facebook. Page okay So i basically never participated. How can we help. You would listen okay. Thank you did a great job on the radio. You got a wonderful personality. Yeah i appreciate it. Thank go anywhere. Cold food geico oven broke. Because you could how to use it. Maybe your family broken just to shut you down. Oh glad you tom brady. He added swing by aaron rodgers. House what do you got going on his given another successful. how help you is. Probably my favorite one. Ever zero has much men. Women were laughing instead of cry. We're gonna we're doing dom routers. Brett farve can overnight bradshaw corkscrew. We have a segment slotted next giving you an update on what people are using to get high now downing the no. We need that we've got share funny live starting at nine eastern eight central on the ace. Tj body available in east. Tj dot com. Tj app and iheartradio is quick book slowing your business down. Give challenges managing inventory project profitability. Just getting paid fast enough. Get your business to a better place in graduate to net suite two day stop paying for multiple systems. That don't give you the information you need when you need it. Ditz the spreadsheets and all the old software you've outgrown now is the time to upgrade to nets by oracle the world's number one cloud business system nets we gives you visibility and control over your financials hr inventory e and more everything you need all in one place instantaneously whether you're doing a million or hundreds of millions in revenue save time and money with nets we joining over twenty four thousand companies using net. Sweet right now let nets. We showed you how they'll benefit your business with free product to our nets netflix dot com slash info. Schedule your free product to a right now at nets dot com slash info net sweet dot com slash info today and tj family. Podcast subscribers will get a lot busier in the liberal axis. That's coming up today. S new podcast that we dropped So the the lexus podcast. Total recall podcast. Today i get them confused. I think today is simply the panel of women from threes panel minimum. Sorry four women. And it's i think that's today. I'm not sure so. There's a lot of great stuff toyota recalls the podcasts. We post every day. That's old stuff from the archives of the tj show. That's always really good. There's also this week. From the ace and tj. Show the new edition of tj. And jodie's house the new edition of nerd news and take derive and the why. I'm single podcast. This week is spectacular girl. Sarah that put her dating life on spreadsheet. She came in talking about how petty she was being and over. The course of the conversation figured out that she was the problem in two of the three relationships that she was blaming the guy that she didn't see stupid things that she'd done and she figured it out while she was in her talking to like. Oh i'm the problem here so it's very funny Why i'm single podcast. Also out this week. From the as and tj show getaway where you get podcasts right. There's a trend on social media. People eating rotten meat to get high. Why are people having to stoop to crazy ways of getting high now. I mean High is more readily available in the united states than it has been in the history of the world to the regular stuff. It's it's called high meet. Hey this what are you having for dinner. High meet people say that eating old decomposed discolored meet with mold and bacteria grow in on. It makes them feel euphoric about to die Are they cooking it. Say either way once. It's at that state. Does it matter whether it's coop tonight. The heat would kill some bacteria or some But there's all kinds of potential for problems I don't know how that would get you high point unless it's like that same feeling that people get when they lick frogs and stuff. Yeah there's a certain kind of frog you lick it. It makes you feel like you're on drugs or something. We don't have them around here there. In the in the amazon you order on amazon. Can i the frogs that you like in that makes you got those at. They call dart frog poison. Dart frog most wanted poisons fox she and people are just going around laking them that frog for thing like what did you say. As part of a what. I thought it was part of like a spirit. Like when you iowa oscar spiritual prime never been there is apparently business right. Some people think it has a lot of benefits. The death of the egos they said makes you puts puts things into perspective and it looks scary when people do it like the know what that is. It's like comes from a tree. I think right back a tree scientifically speaking. It's like it comes from like a tree. Doctor dr on now trending with riggins important special day but the tequila on ice details now turning in less than ten minutes coming up at nine and share plenty live on ason. Tj buddy available exclusively at tj dot com the and now on iheartradio.

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TechStuff Classic: How Washing Machines Work


45:33 min | Last month

TechStuff Classic: How Washing Machines Work

"Dateline the true crime original every friday. You'll find a mystery to be solved. A story to be told and justice to be served every friday. An only dateline with a twist the true crime original every friday at nine eight central only on nbc while we are desperately ached for escapism bridgehampton. The shunned land smash on net flicks came streaming along. Now we wait for season two. But in the meantime you can hear how this show came to live with the cast. The production team and the creators of bridgeton listened to bridgeton the official podcast on the iheartradio app apple. Podcasts or anywhere you get your favorite shows. Welcome to textile production from iheartradio. Hey there in welcome to text up. i'm your host. Jonathan strickland. I'm an executive producer with heart radio and above all things tech including washing machines. Yep it's time for a classic episode. This episode originally published on april twenty. First two thousand fourteen. This called how washing machines work and it seems simple but turns out. This is one of those topics that has a lot more going on than you might imagine so Let's roll up our sleeves and dunker arms. Deepen that soapy water and find out how washing machines work all right. Lauren yes jonathan. Have you ever had to clean any of your clothes without the benefit of a machine to do it for you actually sink wash a lot of stuff. It takes effort doesn't it. Yeah it sucks yeah. It's not fun. It is not a fun thing to do just the opposite of. I have also done this. I lauren and i have both in the past not together warren costumes for various occasions. Like it's thursday yeah And so stays my favorite. Cost them some costumes you just. They're not washing machine. Save their delegating. Yes you've got to kind of not so delicate that you don't have to put in a ton of effort to get them clean. No so here's how washington's to work. He gets them water. You put some soiled clothing in the water then you agitate the soiled clothing and i don't mean you say nasty things about its mother you actually have to physically move that clothing around to shake loose the dirt if you really want to say nasty things about its mother. I mean pretty much naturally happens. It's not gonna hurt. It might actually make you feel better as your as you're scrubbing up to your elbows. I'll make your roommates. Think you're really weird. That ship sailed a long time ago. So yeah you have to put in all this physical work to kind of shake loose the dirt and then you take the water away. The clothes away from the water you take the water away from the close however you do it and then you rinse it off and then you try and ring it out and then you hang up to dry or however you want to try it so what we needed to do was find a way of making this process which used to be that that used to be the way we cleaned. Everything didn't matter if it was delicate or not. We need to find a way to make that less of a chore so we wanted to talk about the history of washing machines as well as how they worked and to begin with histories. Not all that clear because as it turns out a lot of people just didn't really bother you know recording all the developments washing machine technology. Oh well the thing is. Is that most of the time. The washing was being done by By people in the lower classes who were not also writing scientific papers about advancements in this kind of texts so so there's there's a whole lot of disagreement on when stuff happened where it happened What the terminology was because the terminology varied from town to town. Yeah yeah whether or not. You had a stop bucket or not. Yeah there's some great terms that we're gonna talk about here but so excited we're going to. We're going to do our best to wade through the confusion and lead you to the other side where the light will be seen by all and we'll have clean clothes there. That's michael so i we're gonna start with ancient rome because this has nothing to do with washing machines but it was so cool i had to bring in so the ancient romans were among the earliest people's to offer public laundry services. They had an entire class of people who whose job it was to clean clothes and those those people were dudes. Dude this was. This was men's work because it was heavy duty hard work. You see back in roman times all. The clothing was made out of wool wool. This heavy at cotton didn't exist yet. Yes so. I don't know if you've been to italy or various other regions that were part of the roman empire. It's warm and people people get a little. You know little little sweaty little stinky little stinky and so you need to clean those clothing so they had these people. These men called fulanis now alone is were a the. They were the in charge of cleaning the clothes. You would pay them and they would take the clothes they put them in a vat It'd be a vat that you know go up to like say the waist or so has some water in it and then they'd stomp on the clothing and stomp stomp and stop and this is that physical agitation action. We're talking about that shakes loose the dirt And then they would end up pulling that out ringing out the clothes laying them on the ground or hanging them up they would also use other materials to try and whiten anything that needed to be white. They try and bleach it. They would also use the sun to bleach stuff. So this is the the way the earliest close here. You know. we're talking about roman times. How they were washing them all the time and like we said associated with men. That'd be about the last time we say that to my house. I do the laundry. So i do the laundry and do the cooking know. We're not we're not tied down by by gal -tarian gender roles at any rate medieval europe. So this is where we start getting into some interesting terminology so people would use things. Called washing bats also called beatles or battle doors. yes. Raise the battle. Dr and watch that tunic. Yeah it's simply it's something that you would use specifically to again. Agitate the clothing wallets in a flowing water so usually this was done for most people literally along the side of a river. Yeah yeah you use is kind of a a. I think that washing bats referred to like the scrubbing related devices like it was used in conjunction with the scrubbing boards. Right right. yeah. Yeah the scrubbing boards. You also had there and you had to go to where the water was having. Some people had water come to them but not very many And again use ethical motion to loosen dirt washed away by water You can do this in a tub with a hand held agitator if you weren't near any sources of of running water and that's a that's kind of how things how things went or frigerator centuries yeah to we get to the eighteenth century and and this time this is when we start to see the concept of laundry being quote unquote. Women's work The idea being that women since you know they don't have to go out and farm all day. They can stay at home and do the easy work. You know like the breaking laundry that has to be done by hand. It really was a very tough job. i mean especially in places where you have to go. Run out and get the water What does the washing. Yeah got a quote here from a nevada housewife from the pioneer. Days really Her name was rachel haskell and she said that doing laundry was the herculean task which women all dread and also described it as the great domestic dread of the household hoof. Because this is. I mean it wasn't just that it was back breaking work. Mean you had to really put effort in it if you wanted clean clothes. Also the materials used could be kind of rough on skin. I mean we're talking about plastic materials. I e l for a long time Whites and natural fabrics were soaked in pierre. Lie instead of being washed with soap because soap was really expensive. so so that's really fun A recent study out of the university of montreal suggested that advances in household technology during the twentieth century was partially responsible for a jump in the number of of married women. Being in the workforce from five percent circa nineteen hundred to fifty one percent circa one thousand nine hundred and a decrease in time spent per week on household chores from fifty eight hours to just eighteen hours in the same approximate period of time. So dropping forty hours a week a full-time job. Yeah worth of chores dropped in a week because of devices of convenience like the joshing machine. Yeah you know. If you didn't have that river handy you would. you would have heavier. Have your bucket and a tool called depending on where you were. And i had to add this note because all these tool names make me so happy. A passer dali dasher punch or punch ch wanna punch by do this and something that at any rate looked a little bit like a plunger with like who holes events in the base To let water squeezed through and you just stand over a tub on the floor and manually agitate the laundry. Yeah yeah by the way you guys are really missing out. Because lauren and i are both expressed people and when we talk about how this happens we acted out. So it's ted. This isn't a video podcasts. No no no no. It's really good that it's not a video so moving on we. Now get to seventeen eighty two now over in great britain. A fellow named h seizure invented what we think was the first washing machine and what this was was essentially a cage of wooden rods and the handle turn those rods entering the handle move the roads which would agitate clothes within a vat. So you're still using hand power to do this but you're no longer like actively in the water clothing around. Yes so that that was a slight hanage and other people started making similar sorts of washing machines. Now most of these were not really convenient for like home. Use this stuff and industrial just too big and too clunky and too expensive for most people just wasn't practical for them but it was showing where things were moving. The first patent wouldn't show up though until about eighteen. Forty six right. Yeah that's when you got a patent in the us patent office for a washing machine that cleans close by rubbing them between two curved surfaces. And once again you mechanically move this yourself yet. A lever the lever is what made these curves surfaces move against each other and it was that rubbing motion within water with these services that would actually cleaned the clothing and ended up being a pretty popular design and in fact would last well into the well the early nineteen hundreds so nearly a century even after other alternative methods were introduced so eighteen fifty one we get james king who invented the revolving drum and that's the basis of most washing machines and dryers to. Yeah that's that's what. You've got at home probably. Yeah although an improvement was made just a few years later in eighteen fifty-eight you had hamilton smith who invented the revolving drum with reversing action. Being the drum could actually revolve in either direction So this would allow lots of different washing machines to use that kind of Back and forth motion as a a form of agitation. So if you have a help decent of the work for you of moving water exactly so like the front loading types of washing machines. We see today. Most of those can turn and either direction so they're really descendants of hamilton. Smith's work then in eighteen seventy four. I had to add the senate to include the starkey joke. I wrote in the notes. Which is that william blackston. Who is a corn planter and manufacturer created a washing machine and gave it to it as a gift to his wife for her birthday and then she threw cornet him. Okay so so. While i make a joke about the guy buying his wife another appliance for her to do work with reality. It actually was simplifying her life quite a bit. At that point it could probably be considered a sweet gesture because it means taking hours of time off of all the chores that she would have to do. I mean hopefully there is like chocolate involved two or something. Maybe it was. Maybe it was partially made from that. In which case it was probably not not very effective but now no actually a lot of washing machines like he actually started to offer to sell them because she did like this. It did make it easier for her to wash clothes. And again this was mechanically operated. There was a hand crank. It wasn't like it was some sort of Automated or it wasn't pouring steel drums in his seinfield. Not steam powered washing machine or something. So she she would turn it by hand but still made it easier and because it was so practical he started to sell them and the price tag on a washing machine. A william blackston washing machine according to the sources i saw and keep in mind. This is another one of those things where i am skeptical but every source i found said it two dollars fifty cents for washing machine. Wow that's a bargain. Eighteen seventy four. I the the true calculators. Don't even go back that and eighteen. Seventy four two dollars and fifty cents with by the nevada territory but or a washing machine. Listen i'm no scrub but we do have to take a break and listen to these ads. We'll be back to talk more about washing machines. After this quick break the average time it takes for an online business to secure capital is between six to twelve months. applying for capital with clear. Bank takes five minutes clear. Bank is the world's largest investor in online brands clear bank provides equity free capital for online businesses looking to grow simply connect the apps you use to run your company like shop affi- and facebook ads and receive an offer based on your business. Metrics there capital is equity free meaning. You can grow your business. 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Just your laptop got a lot. More complicated and frustrating with barco click share conference in just seconds with literally one. Click of a button. Your laptop is connected to all the room equipment wirelessly and you're connected to your remote team using any conferencing platform such as zoom or teams to see how we've made this so simple schedule. Your free live demo. Today at experienced click share dot com in eighteen eighty eight. We had allen who invented ringer to sit atop washing machines and help dry out the laundry. She sold the rights to her idea for eighteen dollars The story goes that she only sold the idea because of being a black woman. She didn't think white women would buy the product if they knew who had created it and eighteen dollars really wasn't too shabby at the time. Though the fellow that she sold it to wound up making a good deal of money on it although more on that in just a moment so in eighteen ninety three we have the maytag corporation being founded. How yeah how. Now now wouldn't be until nineteen thousand seven that they would come out with a washer because they did more than just washing machines and that was still mechanical those truths still mechanical is not electric washer at that time. Well which makes sense because only eight percent of. Us homes at the time had electricity. Only twenty five percent had running water. So you know if you're going to market it to a large group and if you wanna actually help people then you have to design something. That's going to work for the most people right. I do think that the maytag repair guy probably got called out for more repairs back in the mechanical days. He doesn't get a lot of according to the commercials. He doesn't do very much these days. Although the time since since telephones weren't very popular outside may also it's colin ferguson. News the maytag guy. Now which is kinda weird. That's very saying the guy from eureka as the matak repair guy in one thousand nine five. We have alva- j fisher who produces the first electric washing machine now. The motor at that time was bolted to the side of the washing machine and was unshielded. An electric motor now. I don't know about you guys. But i've been taught that two things you don't necessarily want to mix together. Our water and electric apple has told me many times. That if i do introduce those two things. It's totally my fault. Yeah so it turns out that Water from the vet could sometimes come out and hit the motor and causes short circuit. Sometimes this would result in damage to the device sometimes result in a jolt of electricity hitting a person but it wouldn't have be until the nineteen thirties presumably after one. Too many laundry workers got zapped that they would start to shield the motor from the rest of the washing machine us preventing water from actually hitting the motor Kind of funny that. It took nearly three decades for that to happen. Nineteen thousand eight we have the hurley machine company of chicago introducing the first electric power washing machine which had the name of four according to one source. It was actually called the mighty. Thor and this was based off of alvin. J fisher's designed so fisher was working for the hurley machine company at that time so thor hits the market and then nine hundred eleven. We have Developments with the oscillating cylinder which And also with domestic washing machines using sheet metal tubs mounted on angle iron frames to be the basic design of your washing machine at same year. The uptown machine company which would later become the whirlpool corporation formed and produced electric. Motor driven. ringer washers. You know we. We mentioned ringers. You said the ringer. That was one of the patents that they bought in order to build this machine. There you go so if you wonder. What a ringer actually is. It's think of two rollers that are really tightly. Spaced together and you ring the clothing by putting it between the two rollers you turn a crank this kind of pulls the cloth through and it squeezes that excess water out. It's kinda like imagine to steam rollers right next to each other and also you don't want to put your fingers anywhere near there because they will get school. Wish yup all right so then we get up to the nineteen twenties. That's when manufacturers began to introduce electric or gas water heaters that are part of the washing machine itself because while we started to see running water entering more homes. Not all homes had water heaters life. You had water. There was a chance that was just going to be cold so in order to make a more effective washing machine. Hot water tends to wash clothes a little better than cold water. Does the we'll get. We'll talk a little bit about that with the modern ones well. Some machines had on board water heater electric gas right. So but then once we start seeing water heaters going into homes. This became less important. And you stop seeing models with their own on board heaters For the most part nineteen twenty two maytag introduces a washing machine agitator. doesn't use an agitator to introduce washing machine. That would just sound irritating some guy coming to your house. And say hey. You're closer dirty. You need to wash them. No we're talking about an actual component within a washing machine. Lorne is doing her head. Shaking thing. nineteen thirties. We have manufacturers who began to include a drain pump motor to remove water from a washing machine. Once the cycle is over. Because if you're thinking these early washing machines meant that water magically entered into the machine then you did your washing turns some cranks or whatever and then the water magically went away. No you had to put the water there. You had to take the water back out. You know you had to find some way of some of them had like a little drain spout type thing that you would drain the end of the day. Whatever this was an actual pump. That would use mechanical motion to pump water back out to who so again a using electronics. To kind of simplify work. Nineteen thirty seven. We have the bendix corporation introducing the first fully automated washing machine now. This involves using a clock timer. That's connected to the washing machine controls. It tells the machine essentially what stage it's in and therefore switches because before that you had a manual switches that were that were operated by a human being in person. Yeah you had to actually sit there and or come back even more frequently to your washing machine right. You have to sit there and say oh you know that that the timer says that the time has passed for it to do. The wash cycle now need to go and switch it over to do a spin cycle or something along those lines so yeah. This was another big advance in the nineteen forties. Washer production in the us would largely stopped supplies and factories were bent to the war effort because that was when world war two was happening home for example whirlpool which was then under the name. Nine thousand nine hundred corporation Produced some two million components for p forty were hawk aircraft from like propeller pitch controls to carburetor parts. Yeah i hear. They were the cleanest parts and all of the war effort. She shaking her. Just gonna move on. Nineteen forty seven general electric claims that they invented the first fully automated washing machine. Now we assume that they mean fully automated washing machine actually had an agitator right. The previous one did not have an educator. The editor's job again as to to provide that motion within the washing machine within the tab. That's moving the water. And it's really just really meant to simulate a ancient roman stomping on your clothes. That's really one agitators. Meant to do the way. I like to put it so we then have very slow evolution in washing machine technology. It wasn't exactly one of those areas that required A lot of Of of advances to keep it to keep the industry healthy for one thing. Once you buy one you pretty much stick with it for a really long time. You don't need one for a good bit because I mean they're expensive and They generally last a long time so we didn't see huge advances But we did see some and then just skip to nineteen ninety. That's a certain. James dyson british inventor creates a washing machine has two cylinders rotating in opposite directions which actually reduces the wash time and supposedly. It actually watches lows more effectively than traditional machines. Wouldn't surprise me. Dice made a lot of interesting stuff. Two thousand eight last thing. We have in our timeline. That's when engineers at the university of leeds create a washing machine that uses just one cup of water to wash a full load of clothing. Wow what yeah. I don't understand that when we talk about how much water our normal washing machines used. One cup is crazy. I mean we're talking about using less than two percent of the water and energy required by conventional machines to wash clothing and also the closer pretty much dry after you wash them. You haven't used that much water. So yeah i don't have any more details on that about what is actually happening. I suspect laundry gnomes. I always suspect laundry is due to their suspicious. Little jerks all right. Well you know what. It's time to turn this episode on the rinse cycle but to do that. We're going to take another quick break. Dateline the true crime original every friday. You'll find a mystery to be solved. A story to be told and justice to be served every friday and only dateline with a twist. The true crime original every friday at nine eight central only on nbc looking data. Podcast you're mix one that tackles big tech predictions dives deep into the latest trends in enterprise tech and explores what it all means for our shared future. Hp tech talk is a podcast for it leaders technologists change makers and those that want to be in the know on the latest shifts in tech. That are propelling businesses and whole industries. Forward the hp tech talk explores questions like how will excess scale computing transform. The world are telecoms. Leveraging five g at the core to open up new revenue streams and why does zero trust matter for data security from edge to cloud tune into cutting edge conversation with industry trailblazers on. Hp tiktok search hp tech talk in your podcast app to subscribe okay. So let's talk about how modern washing machines work and we're going to start with top loading machines so these are the machines where there's a little door at the top of the machine. You lifted up. You put all your clothing in most of them. Almost all of them have an agitator inside. That's the kind of the central post that sticks up from the bottom of the of the washing machine. Although from now on if you really want to you could probably call it. A passer dolly dasher punch or punch. Okay so if you're using your posture. Polly punched dasher. Panch boards rudolf. But the agitator has usually has some fins on it and some other like protrusion on the bottom of it. Now these serve a purpose when it's turning in the water it actually has this action upon the clothing. that's also inside the machine. It will either pull it down toward the bomb the machine or push it back up toward the top and that's the agitating movements. You get to shake loose all that dirt so again trying to replicate all the other means. We've used to clean clothes over the years that inner drum that the clothes are sitting in itself may or may not move as well. Yeah usually you have one. That will Spin because it has to drain the water but during the actual agitation process. It's pretty common. That there's going to be a braking system on that thing and holds it in place so the agitators doing all the moving because if the drum were rotating the same time the agitators rotating. It would reduce the effectiveness of the agitator right. So yeah most of these are going to have an inner drum. That's going to be steady. It's connected to an outer drum. Honored drums watertight. It has to be or else. You have a huge mess every time you attempt to make a to clean clothes. The inner drum has holes in it that allow the water to drain out. And then it usually. It's picked up by adrain. Pump that pulls it out of the The machine itself but with your top loading washers. You've got intake. Valves that allow water to come in and you have a cold water and hot water one right. So generally speaking most of these washing machines They if you set a washing machine to wash cold it'll only allow water from the cold intake. Come in if you want it hot. It will only allow water from the hot intake so the machine itself for most of these doesn't have its own discreet. Heating element is just relying on the temperature of the water from your house to provide the heat or the cold water if you want warm. It doesn't mixture of both right so not too complex. They're now some do have a little heating element and they'll allow warm or hot water to go across it to make it even hotter that tends to be more common and front loaders that i've seen the top loaders but it's possible that you get find a top letter that also has its own discreet. Little trick heating. Looks like the sort of thing you would see an electric stove. Okay so and then water just goes over it and that heats up. So then you've got a water level sensor that's inside the machine itself so when the water hits the right level the sensor is triggered and that sends a message to the control center in the washing machine to say hey stop letting water in it sends a signal to the intake valve has a little sullen lloyd. There that when you trigger it. It'll shut that intake valves so no more water will commence you don't have to worry about a huge overflowing mess and i'd valves of course being the kind of thing so that there cannot be a exchange of water back out from ee. You can't get the dirty wash water going back out into your neighborhood Yeah into the pipes type because that would be. That'd be really bad so yeah. The valve has two purposes one to stop more water coming in and to stop all the dirty water going back out. You only want the dirty water to go out through exhausts is like a one way thing. Yeah yeah a lot of pinball machines sullen noise that's what all the little trigger us using those just little little trivia. There he will listen to current geek have heard me busta trivia in the past so now you've got The the water has hit the right level. the mode goes into wash cycle. That's when By the way for these top loader ones don't know if you're familiar with us but generally speaking you have to put the soap in manually like you don't put it into a dispenser or something you did. It doesn't go automatically now. No you just you pour it on top of the the clothing whether using liquid detergent or or a a solid detergent doesn't matter you put it in with the clothing if you forgot to put it in there. You're not going to have that. You know daisy fresh scent or whatever brand happened to get so the agitator begins to turn. It usually will What you guys got to drive motor normally. It's on the bottom of the washing machine. It also tends to act as a counterbalance a counterweight. Which by the way. You've got several counterweights in your washing machines because he got lots of motion going on and if you didn't have them there. Your washing machine would be dancing all over the place. Yes anyone who's ever had unbalanced load a washing machine and you start hearing that thumping noise. If you didn't have the counterweights in there it would become catastrophic. Oh yeah there's there's actually a really complex suspension system It involves like a like a inner frame a cable and police suspension and these little like disc brake like mechanisms the connect that inner frame to the corners of the outer walls. And that's when the frame that inter frame shakes the low it down softly so that it doesn't hit against the outer wall of rusher because otherwise you would just be convinced that your house had been invaded by a horde of extremely loud ghosts who apparently are mad that you're doing laundry really clumsy robots who are all antilock robots. That's the terrible so next you have the ones that drive motor gets going and it starts moving the agitator wants. The agitator is done. it's done oscillating. Which is that rotating motion where it goes in one direction stops goes in the other direction That's what's actually moving the close around getting them washed then you have the drain pump pulling all wastewater out from the top of the washing machine and through the drainpipe that's it's actually the same pump. That circulates the water into the tub during the wash cycle. Thanks to the pump motor being reversible. It spins one way when you're driving wash cycle and the opposite way when you're draining the top exactly. Yeah and so after this. Then you've got the the those breaks that are on the inner drum that keep it from rotating while the agitators moving they release and the inner drum begins to spin and that that removes the water from the close raffia it can. It can spend a lot faster than the agitator does because the Although the motor itself usually only has one speed. And that's the fast speed. A gear reduction mechanism will translate the motion to the gentle agitators speeds. Come up like a washing machine version of a transmission. Yeah yeah because and there's even more than that involved because hey the pump and the agitate spin mechanisms are both driven by the same motor in some machines. There's in fact. A an actual transmissions system with this automatic clutch that that spins free with the inner drum during the agitate spin cycles and then locks into the outer drum and the pump system during the the water related cycles or alternately. The motor can hook in a police system which i understand less well and thus will not talk essentially use police where you have different sized disks to to translate the motion either as fast and frantic or more you know kind of loosey goosey term make sense. So that's when you got all the counterweights draining away when when nothing is in spin it's really. There's some serious g forces coming out of that spinning drums. So that's why you have to have this counterweights to keep that washing machine from bursting out and killing your family frequently. They're made of concrete. Because why not. Yeah so if you've ever. This machine is so heavy. Yes for reason. It's filled with concrete and crazy crazy mechanics if anything goes wrong. During this entire process there's usually an overflow port that will pipe water directly out onto your floor. Yes that was. Not a design flaw. It was intentional. Because if it goes up over the sides of the inner tubs it could get those electrons wet and there were right back to that old bolting the motor directly to the side of the washing. Yeah at times so we talked about how that that that special leads team got one. That would wash load clothing with one cup of water and we talked about how that was less than two percent of what your average washing machine is able to do. So top loading washing machines if you're using a high efficient top loading washing machine. We're talking one. That is as efficient as they come. You're still talking about using around twenty gallons of water per wash seventy six liters a typical non high efficiency. Top loading washer is closer to forty gallons aka one hundred and fifty one leaders and older ones are even thirstier than that some use as many as five gallons hundred eight liters of water so And again you know. We talked about how this technology doesn't necessarily develop that quickly and that there's not a pressing need necessarily to upgrade because these are expensive purchases for most people. It's one of those things where you like unless it breaks down. We're keeping this go and as long as we can keep it. Oh yeah and they're even expensive enough. I mean plenty of plenty of households do not own their own washer dryer. Sure yeah yeah. Yeah i mean it was. It was quite some time before i had my own. I often was one of those people had to go to the laundromat. I recent for me so so so yeah if you if you end up having one of these things then it can be. It can be tough to make the move to say. Let's go to something. That conserves more water but the nice thing is that even if you take the environmentally friendly stuff and you say let. I can't consider that because it's it's It's out of my price price range. If you look at the long term. And i'm i'm talking like a few years here. You can save more money with one of the more efficient machines just from the water use water in an energy use. Yeah because frontloading machines. In these high efficient machines. The high efficient top loaders use less water and less energy and therefore the ongoing expense decreases. It's lower than what you would use for a traditional top loader and you will save money in the long run but that's the long run not everybody has action. Yeah so let's talk about front loading machines. They're pretty similar. I mean obviously you've got a door that opens in the front as opposed to on the top And there's a spinning drum inside them and there's no agitator so the drum does all the agitating on its own. You have water coming in along with soap. In fact The early process is identical to top loading. The water comes in through intake. Valves a may move over heating element and might not. It actually comes in through the drum the drum. The inner drum has a holes in. They'll water to pass through rather than a spout at the top of them. She in which is what most voters have exactly There's also an outer drum just like with the top of the energy from. That's where all the clothes are. That's where the water comes through the outer drum again watertight. Just be a big mess. And then the the inner drum will spin one way and then the other will have this oscillating motion very much like an agitator. And that's doing all the agitating for your clothing Again you have to have counter weights on the drum the outer drum itself in order to to stabilize it. And there's some counterweights also when other parts of the washer to make sure it doesn't go walking Now once the water comes in a lot of these front loaders have a detergent drawer. You put the detergent in side the door and then close it when the water comes in. It'll actually flow through that drawer first and then pull that all the soap and stuff into the inner drum itself so it's This is one where you don't put the soap in. After you've put in the clothing you put it in the drawer and then you closed the door and then you start the washer Presumably put the clothes in there already. Otherwise would hope at some point he would put the closing because otherwise you just have soapy water. Oh it's fun to watch. I get bored and not. Netflix doesn't always have something i want to watch. So anyway Again you know the hot and cold water. You've got the same store stuff top loader it's gonna water level sensor just like the top loader does so it knows when to shut it off it basically is taking its cues from either whatever setting. You've said like whether it's a light load moderate load or a heavy load or some of them can actually detect. How many how. How much clothing is based on weight or other parts of the water sensor and we'll just shut off automatically yet. It's also you can put in more clothing in front loader than you can of a comparable size of top loader because there's no agitator there so you've got more space so you might be able to put in a few pounds of clothing more than you could with top lorenzo fewer loads of laundry. It's another way of being more efficient tip so then you got a motor. That's bolted to the tub. It's often acting as other counterweight just with the top loader and its job is to turn that drum to turn it know make it oscillate and then also to spin it when it gets to the spin cycle. The it's already drain the water. There's also a drain pump just like with the top loader and then the the whole drums spins wicked fast until it pulls most of that water out so the brains of it is a control module this is the same for both machines top letters and brought loaders and it usually will be syncing to all sorts of stuff like when to allow One space of the washing process to go to the next. It also will maintain Information about the door because unlike a top loader which often you can open the door while the top loader is working and it'll continue working it it depends. It depends sheen's different stuff. Yeah i had an old one at my. My parents had an old one. Where if you open it in the middle it was just going away to add more stuff to infect in some cases that you had to manually add in like if you wanted to put it in fabric softener you had to wait for. It was not fully automated. You had to wait for the right time and then pour it in manually Front loaders are different. They have a locking mechanism and good. Yeah yeah and it's only if that mechanism has since that the door is actually closed that allow it to start. Otherwise you could end up with lots of leaking messier potentially yeah Granted if the is not working then it may think it's close when it's not really closed and then you get water everywhere but assuming everything's working correctly should be fine in any case it's slightly less water than you would be using for a top loader generally a- yeah it's normally somewhere around the twenty gallon nor seventy-six leader amount so that's the same as that high efficiency top loader and it tends to use less energy so it tends to be both more energy a and water-efficient and you can find some that are even more efficient than that and it all depends upon things like the angle of the drums. Some of them are not angled directly horizontal. Some of them are angled so that they're kind of like there's a deep end in a shallow end and away from when you're looking at it in the front tilted downward a little bit And some of them are just. It's based upon how the water comes in and how efficient it is You still see lots of of advances. Like whenever i go to see. Es there's always some companies that have like the cutting edge washer dryers and they talk about how their technology has has improved to the point. Where you're you're using less water than ever and less than ever so we're still seeing those advances and of course we're also seeing this come into the thing side our share you get push notifications when your laundry is done or you'll be able to Have it work in tandem with other electronics. In your home for reasons i don't fully understand. I mean honestly. If i if i could just get by dryer to dry my clothes without me having to run back up the three flights of stairs where my laundry room in my house and i'm not i'm complaining here. I know that a lot of people had a lot harder. And i'm over all really glad that i don't have to do this river by the way if if someone does ca- vetch a little bit about about having to take a little extra effort that does not automatically mean. That person feels that they are in a worse position than anyone else on the face of the planet. Just accept that because some people on the internet Do feel that way that they are in a worse position than anyone else on the planet not. Let's not make the assumption that everyone is because once in a blue moon. I do complain about things. But i do so with the full knowledge that yes indeed. I inhabit a very privileged position in multiple ways. Yes so Any rate as someone who does the in my home and our our laundry machines are not on the same floor as our bedroom. Which means that. There's lots of hauling up and downstairs. I also feel that I i want my electrons to be interconnected. So that when i go to cook something it tells me. Hey you're cooking shirt is clean. You wanna put that one on because that's the one you don't care if you get grease stains on it you slob. I would like it if it were more polite. But i don't have high expectations of my electronics. In that regard hope you guys enjoyed that classic episode of texts stuff. How washing machines work from two thousand fourteen. If you have suggestions for topics i should cover in future episodes of tech stuff that made no the best way to do that is to pop on over to twitter and we use the handled tech stuff h. s. w. of an air. I'll tell you again soon. Tech stuff is an iheartradio production for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows i'm dani shapiro. Host of the hit podcast. Family's secrets join me for an all new season of incredible stories. That show what happens when long held secrets come to light and how even the most painful discoveries have the power to liberate. He'll and even uplift us listening. Subscribe on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts the twenty seven club dispatch the twenty seven a serialized podcast about iconic rockstars. Who died at the age of twenty seven returns with the story of janice joplin on thursday april twenty second. The twenty. seven club is hosted by me. Jake brennan the creator of disgraced the award winning music and true crime. Podcast listened to the twenty seven club starting on april. Twenty second on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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The Great Moldy Washer Mystery

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The Great Moldy Washer Mystery

"I'd like to meet Nancy Williams Nancy Williams and from Asheville North Carolina University Administrator and a weekly columnist in the regional newspaper. Nancy and I spoke on the middle of the Saturday from the relative safety of our own spaces as we protect ourselves during the crow virus. Pandemic in fact all the interviews. You'll hear today where conducted safely over the phone. How how you guys handling all of this? We're good. I've got a college student at home. And it's like keeping them inside his like tie-down wild rabbits but I didn't call Nancy to discuss strategies for isolating teenagers in a time of mandatory social distancing. I called the talk to her about something else. She desperately wanted distance from. What was your first foray into deciding to get a front loading washing machine? We had a twenty eight year old traditional top-loading. Just your regular clients that we had had repaired a couple of times and thought you know the last time that it was fixed. The repair guy came out shaking. His head said this is it. There's no there is no more so we thought okay. It's Tom Nancy. Mother of two boys is both pragmatic and practical. Her motto is by. Well take care of it and it will last a long time like twenty eight years so when she headed out to buy a new washing machine a number of years ago she wanted a top loader old fashioned shirt but reliable problem was there weren't any instead on the showroom floor were model after model front-loading washing machines. When we went shopping on my boys went with me and they were dying because you have to swear the regular ones where you lift up the lid and you put the close down on the top as an agitator and my kids are like my mom's Amish in if you've got a hand ringer outback somewhere. She'll take that so she buys a front loader in matching dryer and takes it home and she treated just like previous washing machine. Put CLOTHES IN DIRTY TAKEN OUT CLEAN. Move on with life but her washing machine had other plants. I I think those kind of Funky odor and I thought have have closed mildewed you know. Have we left them in there overnight or something? I started being really vigilant about washing them and immediately go on as soon as the pretty noise. That sounds it tells you. The closer knits fancy. Very Nice says that tells you that the clothes are finished. I'll go right to them and they would start to kind of smell kind of have a an odor to them that they didn't have when they went in and I thought you know something's not right here. Changed Detergent. It exchange different cycles started washing different temperatures of water and try to number things thinking. It was something that I was doing Initially and then eventually. I think I started googling. What's you know what's going on here? What do I need to What am I doing wrong? In saw a lot of other people had the same problems. I'm Robbie cover in. This is the consumer reports podcast with much of the country currently in lockdown. We're all spending a lot more time with our appliances than we're used to so we thought it was about time we discussed the persistent funky problem. Front loading washers. The very best type of washing machines on the market a lot of them are growing mold and mildew. There were plenty of good reasons for Nancy to purchase a front loading Washer. Look at any of consumer reports product ratings over the past decade. Or so. And you'll see that front loaders. Typically are an excellent ratings in water efficiency energy use and most importantly cleanliness of clothes. They look good. They save you. Money on. Utility bills are better for the environment and are gentle on your clothes. What's not to love? He pulled when they got these newer machines. They were like. Wow this sing. Uses a lot less water by? They do a fantastic job. They're the best actually cleaning. This is Kimberly Janeway. She's been reporter for consumer reports for about fifteen years in during that time for well over a decade I've written about washers and washing machines shouldn't leave your clothes smelling like mold especially high end models can go for well over a thousand dollars but some do and why that happens has turned into a decades long mystery that has confounded consumers product engineers and Kimberly. But it's not what Kimberly thought she was getting into at. The time was assigned washing machines. I really here's this. This big white box and ship often. People had them in their basement. Still in it didn't seem very sexy or interesting. But Kimberly couldn't have been more wrong almost from day one of her new beat consumer sought her out pleading for advice and they would even call me number in. Yonkers in. Find Me Somehow and talk to me about the mold in their front loaders and how frustrated they were. No one was calling about their top loading Washer so she knew this was a problem. More common front loading people were battling mold in the rubber gasket around the door in the detergent trae in their clothes and even hidden in places they could neither reach nor clean and it wasn't limited to a single brand. Either I think Maltese people react to. Its kind gross right. You see mold on. Cheese SNOTTY mind doesn't exactly go to penicillin it just sunk. It's kind of gross looking people. Send me pictures of their their moldy washers. It is pretty disgusting. I have to say disgusting enough that in the past two decades there have been five mold related class action lawsuits covering some eleven and a half million front loaders to put that in context. That's almost the same number of front loading washing machines that were shipped to stores over the past five years and while manufacturers may want you to believe me washers thing of the past. A recent consumer reports survey of over ninety thousand customers found that an unsettling seventeen percent of participants say mold or mildew a problem in their front loading Washer. That's nearly one in five front loader owners in so that got me to think like wow is that is that acceptable is that okay. So Kimberly started digging. She spoke with frustrated consumers. Who couldn't seem to get rid of the problem perplexed? Manufacturers who struggled to find an engineering solution and wearies sales people who were hearing from customer after customer about their moldy machines in this little box this this appliance that its only purpose is to clean close. That was a whole world of things going on and complaints and mysteries all in a white box. The first front-loading washing machine that consumer reports tested was the Bendix Model S. front loader in the march issue of nineteen forty and we found. Actually that was really impressive. The cleaning and on was very gentle on fabrics at the Hallmark. So front loaders. The review makes no mention of a mold problem with the Bendix but it did have a few issues. I it vibrated so much that it had to be bolted to the floor and at one hundred fifty dollars. Almost twenty eight hundred. Today it was prohibitively expensive for many Americans so the price was a problem. Twenty eight hundred dollars for Washer. It's a lot of smackers. So as the decades were on front loaders more or less disappeared from the US. Consumer market people loved their top loading agitators which worked by filling the drum with water and detergent and turning the clothes. They were simple inexpensive and as Nancy Williams twenty eight-year-old Washer can attest much easier to maintain. Problem was those washers. Were also huge water energy hawks but now we must also expect environmental responsibility and respect the natural world and I reject the notion that sound ecology and a strong economy are mutually exclusive by the time George H W Bush came to office. Environmental concerns regaining renewed. National interest cities were choked by smog and global warming was entering the public for capillary in this nineteen eighty-nine speech. President Bush is arguing in favor of an updated clean. Air Act meant to drive down pollution. It's time to put our best minds to work to turn technology and the power of the marketplace to the advantage of the environment. Clean Air wasn't the administration's only goal and under President Bush. The Department of Energy Begin. Updating energy standards in nineteen eighty seven. Ronald Reagan had already signed the National Plants Energy Conservation Act which set energy efficiency standards for a number of household appliance. But it wasn't until President Bush's environmental initiatives. That washing machines began to see a change. I think it's fair to say that. The the the the round of standards that were completed during the George hob H W Bush administration in early Eighteen Ninety S. What was in large part in response to that administration's interest in addressing environmental charts? This is Andrew Delaski executive director of the Appliance Standards Awareness Project which works at the state and federal level to improve energy efficiency standards in home appliances and those. I standards required that now for the very first time that those washers had to meet minimum energy efficiency standards. Those first standards were pretty low but by the mid nineteen ninety S as part of the Energy Star Program the EPA and we teamed up to allow appliance manufacturers to voluntarily meet stricter energy guidelines according to Andrew. The sudden attention on efficiency gave washing machine manufacturers an opportunity to open the American market to technology. They've been using in Europe for years. The front litter designs could save enormous amounts of energy and water estimates on the order of fifty to seventy percent. So it's pretty pretty radical savings. We're not just talking about shaving a little bit but rather cutting energy use water use in half or more. The reason for these impressive savings is inherent to the front loaders design rather than Philip completely with water like top loader frontloading machines. Just a small amount of water that rests in the bottom of the TUB drum. Maybe an eighth of the way then lifted dropped close in and out of that in and out of the water over the course of the cycle or adding to that the spin cycle extracts more water out of the clothes which leads to less time in the dryer saving even more energy and the savings didn't come at a cost quality as independent testers such as consumer reports have shown front loaders typically do a better job of cleaning your clothes as well so the manufacturers saw not only will debut offering a product potentially that would be a good environmental choice. But also choice. That makes me a better clothes washer. So they took the small European designs in re-engineered them for the American market. Making them larger so people could run bigger loads but when the first front loaders started popping up on showroom floors in the Mid Nineteen Ninety S. The public didn't exactly race to the store to replace their top loader. I starting at eight hundred dollars. They were at least several hundred dollars more than top-loading agitators and the argument. That higher efficiency would save money over. Time wasn't enough so I guess I would like can the front loader to the lightbulb situation right so for over one Hundred Years. Americans used incandescent lightbulbs and these light bulbs were cheap and they have this warm yellow glow and then we switch to led lights. It were a lot more expensive but they lasted much much longer. I really think that's a hard sell to say. Okay pay ten dollars for Light Bob but over time those save you a lot of money. It's true but but it's it's kind of delayed gratification. Right and the same with front loaders. The price tags that delayed gratification. It's wasn't enough to switch them to the front loader. Also hit probably didn't help that. Many consumers didn't understand the technology or believe that something that used so little water could actually get their clothes clean. Just ask Nancy. We used to open the top. You can see it. Going AROUND. At sailed bright you know lotteries being done and lots of water lots of sets in there with the clothes but look in the window of a front loader and it just looks like the machine got stuck at the beginning of the fill cycle so the how physical science part to less water more close you know and then come now claimed didn't really Rest wealth but I thought okay you know this is just the new technology to get on board with it. So marketers were faced with a twofold problem how to get consumers to buy a product that was expensive hence seemed less capable. The first step was to prove the efficiency of the machines so maytag teamed up with the Department of energy to run something of a field test and they said well. Let's look at a town Scott to be a small town and it's had to have some water issues. Let's for example droughts periodic droughts and let's off for the residence of Free Maytag Front loader to participate in a study working in nineteen ninety-seven dealy researchers descended on the tiny arid town of Burn Kansas population. Two hundred after recording how much water and energy households were using to run their regular top loaders they offered maytag. Neptune front loaders to dozens of households. The goal was to prove in a real world scenario that in a place where every gallon of water mattered. Their machines could bow. Save people money and do a superior job cleaning their clothes. What happened was the task confirmed. Watch may tag had been saying the D. O. E. had been saying is that they were very water. Energy-efficient Kimberly managed to track a few of the participants down. There's some of them. You said I love this machine then I love. Tau It cleaned my clothes and I loved how it saved a lot of water. I loved that it was quiet. I mean there was a Lotta love in this conversation. And we're talking about a Washington shing. All of this data was used to generate publicity for front loaders. The front loaders really took off when manufacturers stopped making them look like the boring family sedan washing machines and turn them into sports cars. It turns out. Even washing machines need a little sex appeal. They came in traffic colors. Cherry Red a beautiful blue and he had great styling great curves south flare so they were no longer these boring white boxes and so that helped increase their pill and certainly in the stores when you saw them next to unagitated top loader. Who's like wow this is modern? It's it's stylish. It has innovations that the top loader doesn't have in and so that that started at Getting consumers interested in them. People were taken by the sleek new designs motivated by impressive efficiency and encouraged by strong ratings. They became willing to pay the premium price for a new front loader. Their popularity increased steadily peaking in two thousand nine with thirty eight percent of the market but growing in the damp dark places of that market. Share was a musty problem. Something was starting to smell and it wasn't coming from dirty socks so the thing about mall is is mold. Spores are everywhere right indoors or outdoors. you can find him almost anywhere and to. Thri they need moisture so any washer could develop mold Front loaders can be closed systems. The main problem front loading washers as that. In order to keep water from just spilling out the front door needs to be completely sealed using a rubber gasket. That's great while the wash going but pull out the clothes and shut the door and that same gasket keeps all that residual moisture in creating the kind of human environment. That mode loves to make the problem worse because the machine doesn't completely fill with water. Detergent and fabric softener. Residue can gather on the upper parts of the drum and all the little bits of organic material. Your clothes collect from bits of hair to forgotten snotty tissues. Find their way into the nooks and crannies between the inner and outer trump. So this moist environment you have these this food for mold. And then you put your close into the washing machine with mold. Spores airborne fungi. And that how it all starts. It's confounding issue. The design that allows front loaders to use less water traps that water inside the machine and allows residue to build up not only that engineers and detergent manufacturers found ways to make machines clean just as well using cooler water and this is great for cutting the washers energy use but cold. Water doesn't kill. Molt so I think it was all these things came together to create this problem and then the Cossack action suit started to be filed and eventually settled in in that time manufacturers started tweaking designs of these machines. Some machines now have tilted drum to help better drain the water or add holes in the rubber gasket so it can train many now have a tub clean cycle that runs at temperatures. That should help kill mold and bacteria finally manufacturers began adding more and more maintenance instructions for the consumer squarely placing the responsibility of fighting mold in your hands after Nancy Williams. First frontloading machine developed bald. She stopped back to the store and complaint. The salesman offered her a new washer at half off. It was another front loader but she took it went home and open the Manu some quite the manual girl things out. Start reading the manuals. When you know there's a nature that but the door is supposed to be left open the easiest way to prevent moisture. Build up is to leave. The WASHER DOOR AJAR would not use but if you have small children or have a Washer and a tight hallway. That's not always going to work the doors being left open. Does it feel right? It's like a cabinet door a car door the door to the pantry. It's just doors. Tend to stay closed. Unless there's a reason for them to be open he said well. There is a reason for it to be openness it. It doesn't feel right. Manuals also recommended to wipe out. The gasket regularly cleaned the detergent dispenser and at least once a month. Run the Hot Water Tub Cycle. I think there's something wrong when you have to wash the washing machine other one. I had twenty eight years I never had to wash. It never had to wash washing for consumers like Nancy. It all started to add up to an awful lot of work that she'd never had to deal with before but even so. Nancy thought it may be worth the effort. If it prevented the mold problem problem was it. Didn't guy are you staying ahead of it and just frustrated that takes work or are you losing the battle? Definitely losing the battle. In fact I had some friends or coming to spend the night in her guest bedroom and I took the Sheets they were going to sleep on. Took them to the laundromat and they did smell good when they came out. But I thought this is so pitiful that I am taking my laundry. Somewhere else to be washed so that It will smell clean for my guests. I want to impress Nancy's not alone. In two thousand nineteen consumer reports found that only thirty percent of members who had reported mold had been able to get rid of it. A survey commissioned by GE found that half of consumers who had purchased front loading washers returned top loaders because of odor's in the maintenance required. Is it merely a coincidence? Then that front loaders have lost more than ten percent of the market. They held a decade ago. Okay we're entering the chamber right now. This has temperature control and humidity control when it closed door real quickly. The front loaders aren't ready to raise a musty smelling white flag. Just yet now. We have to washing machines here. Were measuring the moisture. That's left in them after a load of laundry. This is Richard Handout Test Project leader in the home appliance department where he oversees the testing of washers and dryers in the past front-load machines have had issue with moisture and some odors and g came out with this feature to reduce those problems in late. Twenty nineteen GE released a new line of models which they call the ultra fresh there the first frontloaded explicitly marketed to have answered a moult. They're very upfront about this. In a way I don't think I've seen before in Psalm. Is that these new line of Front. Loaders are designed to protect against mold and odor causing bacteria so the conditions in this chamber seventy degrees Fahrenheit and fifty percent relative humidity. I think they spent two and a half years rebuilding these front loaders from the ground up. Ge completely redesigned the rubber gasket around the door so that it drains water better they also added a proprietary antimicrobial to the Gasket Pump in detergent dispenser. And then the biggest thing they did which is different from other manufacturers is they created this event setting on it so the ultra fresh vent on the machines is supposed to dry out the machine after a low to reduce moisture in the drum and also reduce possible orders and also periodically turns the drum at low speeds to try to get some air flow going in the drum. I remove the moisture. We're running the test with Out to feature I and we're measuring with a sensor in the drum the temperature and relative humidity in the drum over six days time. And then we're GONNA do the same test with the feature on the ultra fresh van and again we're going to measure the temperature humidity in the drum to see how much moisture is removed with the feature. You still have to activate the feature yourself but the goal here is to remove the need to wipe down the gasket and keep the door open regularly. It's been six days now so we're going to go in the chamber. We're going to remove the sensors from the washing machines that we tested the ultra fresh feature. Let's go in there now. What Richard and his testers found was that while just shutting the doors normal kept the internal humidity over ninety percent during the trial using the feature did lower. The washes humidity levels. I'm opening the door. The washing machine and I'm removing the center. The question is will that lead to the end of musty-smelling smelling t shirts now. We don't know how this is going to affect. Moult crows in doubt. You know time will tell. So here's where we stand with front-loading washing machines. Mold is still a problem but if more manufacturers. Ge are willing to stick their name on claims of eliminating that mold. Perhaps it really will become a thing of the past for now if you don't want to think about molded all better. Tibet on a high efficiency top loader which thanks in large part to the advances made by front loaders now use far less water and energy than those of years past but if you want the best highest rated machine in terms of efficiency and performance you still may be best off choosing a front loader. Just be sure you're ready for the commitment otherwise you may start getting nostalgic about the one that got away thinking about the old one that I long for and it had start go. I think had three choices now. These things are so fancy but you know they. They've lost their way. Just give me the three cycles against the close clean in that. I don't have to take care of in study and read about and have relationship with give me just the basic simple andy happy. This episode of the consumer reports podcast was based on Kimberly Jane Ways Article Mold. The mystery in the menace which can be found both online and in the May edition of the consumer reports magazine. This episode was produced by thirty minutes West. Thanks for listening.

Tom Nancy Nancy Williams Kimberly President Bush GE Department of Energy maytag Yonkers Mid Nineteen Ninety George H W Bush Europe Kimberly Janeway US penicillin consumer reports magazine Asheville North Carolina Unive Ronald Reagan Administrator
252: Limiting What Comes Into the House Podcast

A Slob Comes Clean

27:21 min | 1 year ago

252: Limiting What Comes Into the House Podcast

"Welcome to a slob comes. Clean the PODCAST. I'm Dana K. White I blog over at a SLOB COMES CLEAN DOT com. That's where I share my personal diesel vacation process as I figure out ways to keep my own home under control. I share the truth about cleaning and organizing strategies that actually work in real life for real people even those of us who do not like cleaning organizing. Thanks for joining me today. This is podcast number two fifty two and I think I'm going to call it Limiting what comes into the house. We'll see anyway so I'm answering a couple of listener questions today and In it there are two questions related to that and then when that's not related to that but whatever anyway so that's what. I'm going to basically be talking about today in case I'm super rambling. You know the stuff that's going on right now. On March of twenty twenty you know. It's a little overwhelming and I've had kind of a morning but hey I am recording a podcast. Let's see if I make any sense. We'll see what happens okay. I'm before we get started though. I want to remind you that I do have books that are not super rambling. And that had editors and everything who like make sure that everything all made sense and I went back over two million times and spent over a year writing it and Blah Blah Blah anyway Those are available. Wherever books are sold you can go to Ace. Lob COMES CLEAN DOT com slash book. And that will give you my I Anyway it'll have links to wherever those books are sold which is everywhere all the different formats. So they are how to manage your home without losing your mind if you're feeling completely overwhelmed in your home right now like. Oh my word. I just don't know how it gets this bad all the time and what is wrong with me. That's the one you need 'em and then there's decluttering at the speed of life if you're wanting to declutter and you're feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. That's the book for you so anyway. There's no one to start with. I'm just saying but Those are available in audio form. E-book kindle nook all any paperback whatever okay before we get to the two questions that are more related to the actual title of the PODCAST I did have one that came to me And I'm just going to be honest. I have been meaning to do this. Podcast with answering questions for a while and I had written out notes for it and then I didn't save it and my computer turned off and I don't know which documented is and I just don't have the energy right now to like do a major dig in my computer to find the recovered about whatever anyway so. This question is from memory Also I it's been so long that the questions. I thought I was going to go back and check in my instagram messages. Yeah those do go away after a while so anyway this is one of the and it was basically about the trip up issue of there being one or two dishes that need to soak When you are getting your dishes done at night now to be clear especially for those of you who are all day and have weird schedules right now yes I am I mean. I have t shirts that say do the dishes. Okay I mean like I am huge about doing the dishes but the time of day is not actually the issue. Okay for me. It works best for me to to do them before I go to bed. Put them away in the morning And then that way I can just keeps things running more smoothly. Not that things are running smoothly and my house right now but whatever But that's not the like whatever time of day works best for you and you're GONNA only figure that out by doing your dishes and figuring out what works best in your home so it's not so much an issue of nighttime but anyway it was at the question was what do I do when I can almost have the dishes done and yet I have one thing left to soak okay. Here's what I'm going to say about that And this is one of those things where I don't have all the background and everything and because I don't have the thing in front of me I just remember this being one of the things I was going to talk about so I don't actually have the what somebody wrote as their their question. If it was you were not okay. There's like what twenty thousand of Y'all that listened to each episode within the first week or two and I just said I don't know if it was you which feels weird but whatever anyway. I think this is an issue that a lot of us have however for me. This was an issue that I had before I was actually doing my dishes every day like it was a predicted issue for me. I assumed that would be one of the problems with doing my dishes. Every okay well. Yeah but what if I get them all done and then I have something that has to soak and so they're not technically all done. That was my tie. It was a predictive trip up something that I was. Pretty sure would be an issue if I would do this everyday k. Here's what I have to say about it once. I started doing my dishes every day like literally every day. I found that I rarely had the need to soak things because a lot of times what I was soaking was something that had sat for awhile. Sat sets it. We know it's not sitted but y'all seriously my brain issues. Anyway that had been on the counter for a while. Let's say that that had been on the counter for a while Getting Christine Christine. Okay once I started doing the dishes pretty much every night you know. Then it was only a couple of hours at the most after the pan- had been used that I was washing it and things didn't you didn't need to be soaked as much the other thing too as a. Lotta those dishes I'm not telling you which things to put your dishwasher or not because I put things in my dishwasher. I'm not supposed to just deal with the fact that they're not as pretty as they used to be so. I'm not going to tell you to do that because that's your business but by doing the dishes every night. I generally have room now. It's a little bit harder right now because at the moment we're using a lot of dishes okay and I'm generally running my dishwasher twice a day but or at least like an extra time every other day or something anyway. Whatever like I said things are not great right hearing them on that front but when I was running my when I'm running my dishwasher every night I generally have space in it for some of those bigger pots and pans. And here's the other thing. Make sure you're using high-quality dishwasher detergent. You're doing dishwasher okay. if you're handwashing and you are sure that it needs to be soaked let it soak at the beginning of your handwashing okay and then by the end most likely if you only used it an hour or two ago. Most likely by the end of this round of washing the dishes. It's GonNa you're GONNA be able to wash it pretty easily kate a hand. Wash it if you're using a dishwasher. I recommend that you get the tablets or pods okay. And I've explained this before. I think I had a podcast on getting the most out of your dishwasher This is something that I as a super duper cheapskate used to not do. But when I went to the Maytag labs years ago eight years ago now. Goodness gracious that's crazy Or longtime ago at least however long. It's been one of the things that they talked about. Was that because of different changes in what was allowed to be in dishwasher because of environmental type things When they had they had to remove one of the most common ingredients that they use to To have in dishwashing detergents for dishwashers. And when they did that Was around the same time that pods and tablets and things like that started to be really popular and so they started putting all of their science all of their research into tablets and pods and so that was. That's why those items are much more effective. Okay so if you put a pot or pan or something and it's not getting that clean check and see if you were. You're using the more expensive stuff because I'm telling you it's not that much more expensive. It's more expensive. Yes but it's not much more expensive and it is so worth it to me to have my dishes. Get sparkly clean okay. Let's take a moment to talk about this episode sponsor. Better help if you're finding that staying on top of your mental health is very challenging. Check into better help. Better help us online counseling that you can use from home. It allows you to connect with a licensed professional counselor in a safe and private online environment. So you can get help on your own time and at your own pace. You can schedules secure video or phone. Sessions plus chat and text with your therapist. Better help has US licensed therapists across all fifty states. If you're not happy with your counselor for any reason you can request a new one at any time for no additional charge you can start communicating and under twenty four hours though it is not a crisis line. Here's a big advantage through better help. You have access to broad expertise in the network so you can address your unique needs. You're not limited to what's available in your local area and the service is available for clients worldwide and you can check out testimonials posted daily on their site. It's more affordable than traditional offline. Counseling and financial aid is available. For those who qualify. I want you to start living a happier life today as a listener. You'll get ten percent off your first month by visiting better help dot com slash clean. Join over eight hundred thousand people taking charge of their mental health again. That's better help. H. E. L. P. dot com slash. Clean Okay next question. I'm a super impulse shopper. I have to be really careful. Which sale shopping sprees? I know you said that this is talking about me that you had the same problem with yard sales. How do you deal with the increased price of intentional purchases for example once in a while? I hit up stores after holidays and get toys. That are at least seventy five percent off. I can spend a hundred dollars and get enough toys for the year at regular price. It would only be enough for one or two items. I don't know how to get the best deals while not going overboard. How did you cope with items for pennies at yard sales verses the prices after the yard sale break So I have another podcast on how to stop cluttering and it basically is on this concept. That might be another good thing for you to listen to at that point I mean or whatever after this. I don't know like I said random words coming out of my mouth today. Here's the thing for me. Yard sales were my Kryptonite. I mean like I was obsessed with yard. Sales loved them. Planned out had so much fun. I really honestly. It was something I truly enjoyed doing. I enjoyed the hunt of to yard sales. Not Knowing what I was gonNA find. Getting shockingly amazing deals on all kinds of crazy stuff that was I. I'd look back now and even though at the time I would have said that I was doing it to help my family. I look back now and I acknowledge that it was more about the hunt than it was about the deals I was it was much more about the thrill of finding staff and getting great deals that it was about me actually needing these things that I was getting great deals on okay. So as I've changed now you know we do. My daughter and I went to some garage sales well back a couple months ago before there weren't grudge hills anymore and You know we were specifically looking for an office chair. She wants an office chair for her room. And so I still will go. But it's when I need something specific now. The hard part about that is if you go to garage sales every single week. Oh you go find a lot of office chairs. You're gonNA find one this week and then you're gonna find even better when the next week and then the next week you're going to be like. Oh my word. This one has all the things that those other two didn't have an. It's only two dollars or whatever and you're going to bring all this stuff in your house. That was me okay. So did we find an office chair? No we did not have. We survived. Yes we have okay so and here. Here's here's the thing and I always hesitate when I'm answering questions because I don't want anybody to feel like I am picking on them but I wanNa make sure you understand that I'm coming from my own. Having had the same exact issue. Okay you also know that. I was a coupon her when I before I started the blog or when I very first started the blog and so yes I was all about getting those deals even when it wasn't a garage so but shifting that perspective and realizing that I had too much stuff in my house. And that's where I have to say that if you're listening to a podcast about decluttering and if you are sending an email to me I feel like I should be safe to assume that clutter is an issue. Okay which means at other thing when I answer these questions is y'all we all have these same issues. I mean that's the thing I've learned over and over so I'm not picking on any one person but I'm saying most likely clutter is a struggle you otherwise you wouldn't even have sought out or found my podcast and blog and books and stuff. Okay so you know because I know people who are major bargain hunters and don't have cluttered houses. So obviously there's something different there. Okay it's not the bargain-hunting what the real question here was. How can I stop from getting too much? So here's where the practical things come in going when you need to. Even though it's taps a maybe you you can still shop for sales at the time when you need something. They're not going to be as great of a sale as they were. When it was seventy five percent off but often I have found. I'm more able now because I don't get things ahead. I feel like I get things that are a little more personalized for my kids. Not that they're necessarily toy age anymore. They're not wage anymore But I'm able to get things a little more personal than back when I would just grab grab grab anything that they might like. Okay because then the things that they might like would come into my house and make our house harder to manage okay. So it's kind of a win win even though they're not getting as much stuff. They're getting a little more like okay. This is what they're into this actual moment so we we have my sixteen year old home. Goodness you guys. Teenagers are really fun and they really are. I love them like it's so much fun but who anything you thought you were getting away with when they were little. Oh it's GonNa come back okay and one of the things that my sixteen year old brings up all the time he's like. How did you convince me to ask for a tool set for Christmas? How did you convince me that I wanted a tool set for Christmas and I was like because I found it on sale? That's why I did it now. That's what I had to do when the kids were little because we didn't have a whole lot of money but So there's nothing wrong with that but what I'm saying is it's kind of Nice nail to be able to wait now. It's hard now because we do have more money than my than we did when my kids were little so I. WanNa make sure that I'm not acting like oh just spend more money. It's no big deal but at the same time even back. When I was shopping for sales I was going against my GRANDPA's which was always. It's not actually a great deal if you don't actually need it. Do you see what I'm saying? My husband just walked through the room everybody. He waved. Okay soon now. This gets awkward. Okay anyway so But but it's not it's not actually saving money because even though yes. I only spent ten dollars for what I might have. If I'd paid full price I might have spent four hundred dollars for a whole bunch of stuff and I didn't actually need it so I would've saved even more money if I would have only gotten what I need whatever. So how do you go about doing that? Well the container concept okay first of all. Try to just shop for what you need. Which is really hard and I know. That's difficult to say But it it comes down to the Container Concept K. The container concept is. This is the amount of space that I have in my home to store toys. That are going to be given to my kids over the course of a year for their birthday for Christmas whatever. This is the amount of space that I have. That is your determining factor on how much you buy versus how much you can get for one hundred dollars make sense so ultimately you know that amount of space. This is the space we have which means you go. Look at that space before you go. Hit that seventy five percent off sale. You don't go to this or if you get to the seventy five percent off sale and you realize that you didn't look then You know maybe you run home and look at it or you ask somebody who's allowed to look at that space to take a picture of it or something and send it to you and say so you can have visual realistic understanding. Of How much space do I have to store these things ahead of time because it is great? I mean it's a great way to make your life easier and save money and Blah Blah Blah to go ahead and pre by while things are on sale. However if you're struggling with clutter. It's likely that you're overdoing that okay. Which is what this email is about. So I understand that. It's just all comes down to that container concept. This is the amount of space that we have to do that. And maybe if you can't resist the sales to realize okay because I know my kids had way too many toys. I mean it. All kind of went together back when I was shopping at garage sales and couldn't believe that I was getting this fifty dollar toy for two dollars and so I was buying twenty of those fifty dollars toys for two dollars. Each my kids at the same time had so many toys that are play room was literally knee deep and couldn't even be played in and their rooms were complete disasters and so all that stuff kind of went together for us. Was this meat overbuying. Because I was putting myself in situations where I was finding all these amazing deals on toys and so I was stocking up on toys and their spaces were disasters and we couldn't keep that under control and it was very hard for me to stay under our clutter threshold under the amount of stuff that we personally could keep under control easily and that being unique to each child of what they personally could keep under control easily. All that went together at the same time me over buying them having more than they could handle. Jerem saying okay so The other thing too is to go ahead and declutter right. Now if you're listening to this in real time and April twenty twenty. It was March earlier because I might have. Who knows anyway? But if you're listening to real time you can't go to these sales anyway although you can do them online but you know what I mean And your decluttering instead. Go ahead and declutter declutter their toy area. And be honest with yourself as you declutter. Be Realistic about the money that you spent on this even though it was a great deal. And what did it didn't get get used because that for me personally was the very best way for me to get over. Spending money on sale items was decluttering and realizing. Oh yeah that was two dollars wasted. That was fifty cents wasted and it made our home harder to live in and gave my kids more than they could handle. Who which was my fault and and with that I started to change my mindset in go maybe instead of ten toys for one hundred dollars. Maybe it's actually better for me to have to toys for that hundred dollars that I was going to spend anyway or even best to toys for twenty dollars so the decluttering will help to change your mindset So it all comes down to the container concept comes down to clutter threshold and realizing realizing your clutter threshold by doing the decluttering and acknowledging which things you thought were going to be great and weren't and that's going to change how you look at things even when there are a great deal you're gonna see things differently because you've declared so much stuff in your house. Okay let's see. Here's another question. Do you have any questions you use for new stuff? That has just come into the house to decide whether it should stay. She doesn't mean intentional. Purchases but like for example empty kitchen roles for craft. I think that's paper towel rolls Or a pretty shaped box that something came in or nice wrapping paper. That could be reused. Both of her children left a craft but only intermittently but they both loved the idea of it and so they always want to keep stuff like that and she says I kind of do too because it's useful school projects CETERA. Do come up. Is it a container concept thing and the answer to that is yes okay. We're done no but yes it ultimately has to be a container concept thing meaning you know designated space for craft projects and then as things come in they go in there and when it's a designated space it will trigger in your brain that it's completely full or almost completely full of empty paper. Towel Rolls. Okay or you know pretty boxes or something like that and win. It's a contained space. A designated space and pretty box comes into the mail. I mean comes in the mail just recently. My daughter has been taking several really cool boxes that have come in the mail. And she's MoD putting them and she's using them for something specific okay and so. I am more than happy for her to do that. The reality though is we have boxes come in all the time and so I'm not saving them for just in case. I'm just saying Oh. This one's cute. Do you want or feel free to take any box that you see but I let them go. Because I know that more are going to be coming in the future but if you want to keep it if you WANNA keep it in a space it needs to be a designated space that you can't afford to give to it okay. So the container concept is you have to fit your whole life within the space that you have to live. Which means that. It doesn't make sense for you to have an entire room dedicated to craft staff and then there's no place for the new baby to sleep. You know unfortunately as much as you may love craft stuff. The reality is the new baby. Needs a place to sleep okay. So that is how I had to change. My thinking is is to go. Oh okay while prioritizing people I people come first. We need the space to do the things and live and sleep and do the things that we need to do. And that takes top priority over storing things but if you have the space to store it and you want to keep these pretty boxes then as you get a new box and you think Oh. This is such a pretty box. You go take it to the space where you have designated that those are going to go and you go. Wow I have six other boxes that I've saved and we haven't even used yet and so it may make you go. Oh Yeah I don't need to keep this one or you may say. I have six other boxes that I haven't used yet but I really like this new one that came in. And then you just say okay. What what in here do I not like as much? Maybe WANNA keep all the boxes but there is fifteen paper towel rolls and you can get rid of three those to give room for this box or whatever but it's space for space concept of the container concept and it applies to everything. Okay or like I said I had on here or use it right then and that was what I was talking about with my daughter and using the boxes. We just kind of as something comes in we say. Do you want to use this or not? And you know you might decide my kids really like to use these repurposing more than they like the set of really cool paints and paint brushes that so and so bought them. You know the paints and paint brushes. Sit there while the boxes and the paper towel rolls get used so that means that the boxes in the paper towel rolls deserve space more than the paint or vice versa. Whatever okay I feel funny saying. I hope this has been helpful. I think it may be has been mostly. I hope it's been comprehensible. I think that's a word. Okay that's where I am today. I don't even sure what words are. Words okay I will talk to you guys next week bye.

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March 11, 2020  California Beers HR.2

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44:18 min | 1 year ago

March 11, 2020 California Beers HR.2

"It's been a long week. Grab a beer and sit back. Here's Tanner Chad in the brew. Doctor Himself Dr Michael Moser Wondering Second Hour. We can't get a happy. Birthday clipper can everybody's tired of that. I think you're the only one who is tired of that. So coming up after us is of course the nerd show and Farley. It's I don't know what they decided on Mr Brady Holes. It was either you whole for his nickname. I don't remember otherwise hulk all one they did win. So it's the whole confer early don't like the hulk. But the hulk or Farley that one four four really does show with Brady and Farley left us some coconut Carmel Oreos for Chas. Birthday duo try them. You don't try these sure why you guys weren't going to say no. We're just dying all that he might as well try something out all of us all of a sudden snacks tonight. There you go. This is interesting for me. He's like so like girl scout sharing your food while they smell really really weird Karma that is very carmyllie weird even better than expected. That's not how you eat an Oreo. You have to break it apart and lick the. Don't eat it all in just one bite. That's what I do not miss one thing when I have a normal Oreo. Yeah really. Hey you just put the whole thing in there. That's actually quite because if you don't eat the whole Oriole all at once you're not gonna eat the whole packet fast or you talk on thirty. I will say that. The color of the cream inside is unappealing appealing. It's Brown Brownish. My ground baby dude diarrhea again. We apologize were not on facebook. Live tonight because certain someone messed up the holder that we were supposed to be using. Tanner will own it but so yeah. Farley from the nurture wanted that they'll be talking about these more in depth but what are your initial thoughts. He actually really liked those me too. That's it they're not bad. I I wasn't expecting it to have this sean to make a terrible judgment. Oreo Oreo no is weird to me. Because when you look at it it looks like the Carmo is going to be like Chewy caramel and then it's like the same. Consistency is normal. Oreo filling and it just weird to that flavor in the mall there used to be a shop called Caramel corn and that flavor reminds me of the smell. When you walk in the mall and you'd smell corn baking and coating it and I'm twelve years old. I know exactly what you're talking about I. It's the same as like the carnival and stuff like that and smells like the Carmo from a caramel corn. That's exactly what flavor isn't it tastes like. It's got a little curry type flavor to it. It's actually really fan of it. No more than the normal. Oreo I actually am a big fan of regular oreos. Yeah you're eating and a little differently yes through your style. Well you gotta pull the cookie apart and lick all the stuff off of it. And then you cookie. I'm just dive right in. I don't break them apart oreo eaters. They all have different styles. Don't they yeah? There's the twisted parts and eat the filling or there's the little nibbles and just eat the cookie or there's the milk dippers yet which I'm Ed tell you. What if I had milk right now that that would be fantastic? I'm an all at once. Those are amazing though. Really good no so anybody in their beer you know. Oh this'll be good in. We have one maybe not the one. I just dipped it in over there hon. Session isolation IP FROM SIERRA NEVADA. Do so that stout over there. I sure do. Hey let's break it open. Let's try this exactly craft on that. I have doesn't go well with the session and not up it. Well did you save any? I've got two of these left. They didn't leave me too much. Because they've got some dachshund waving his hands saying I don't even more. Yeah Right Jerry. Everywhere days you had you try this for the love of Pete. Can we skip the birthday? Just don't have next year. Come on we're just GONNA skip it next year. All right. I'll take. This is the coffee so this is where you talk. Well okay I just had that weird flavor. That just doesn't really we described this. Npr yeah hemp e flavor. That kind of just doesn't go with car not knowing that tastes like you know skunk but it is still weird yeah. I don't think it worked. This woman blends very well with it. I want to say yeah the Coffee Stout Weird. It's like you're almost not like I don't know you try the coffee stain there. Someone's like you're not eating an Oreo. I didn't know lost half my oriented cycle little snack. You're saving for later is literally floating in my beer now. That's our science experiment. For the night do orioles float or sink. They float there you go until they get saturated and they fall apart and saying that's been sitting there for awhile. That's pretty good coffee out. I'm not really good coffee style coffee soap fan and that's pretty good. Well the orders. If you WanNa just hear about the orioles tonight which is I mean. I know they have milk. But they don't have beer and we'd bearded parrot with so if you're GONNA learn more about the orioles tonight you can do that on the show which is coming up directly after arrest but the coffee sounds pretty pretty damn good. That's pretty impressive. I actually liked that one quite a bit. Yeah it's a nice coffee flavor finishes kind of dry which reminds me of black coffee like the dry finish and all of that does remind me of black just drinking goal. Yeah Yeah exactly. Great take on that. Yeah that's exactly what I'm getting cold brew which remain honest. I don't Love Goldberg so But but it does. I mean it's exactly what they claim it to be all right. Let's let's take an early break here and the start of the second hour when we come back we're GONNA talk about dinner pairings with California Beers. We're going to talk about the history of California Beers. Let's get it onto that and much much more when we come back. It's Brew Talk Radio on this Wednesday evening. We're not on facebook live. I'm sorry you have to listen to here on thirteen ten K. This is brutal radio past. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. Let's go now to the history of California. A beer with a man with no notes. Hits Dr Michael. Mosier makes that much more much. That much more exciting to. I don't really know what I'm going to see what you're gonNA say. Here's show shoot from the HIP so California. Breweries started out about the same time that California was settled definitely by the gold rushes of the eighteen. Forty S and eighteen. Forty niners There were berries starting to pop up on one. In particular that was particularly noteworthy at the time eventually became anchor. Brewing Company Anchor was located in San Francisco and they made a logger as most of the juries in California did made lager style Ales Lager Style beers unfortunately because of the temperature they were actually making lager style. Ales and Anchor Brewing Company would take the the beer during its Processing while it was still hot and put it into big VATS that they had on top of their building and let cool breezes from the ocean. Kind of cool am off So that they could then ferment them into beer there. That would release an awful lot of steam into the air and hence the style of beer that they were making The they named it the steam beer an anchor. Steam beer is now One of the few styles that originated here in the United States and given the style. California Common Anchor steam beer is still available. You can still get it Thanks to Fritz Maytag In the eighteen or nineteen sixties Anchor was in some financial problems in so Fritz. Maytag came along and decided that he would help out and buy a controlling interest in the company. Yes maytag the same person That you may be familiar with by his last name and so we can. Oh a little bit of a thank you to to multiple industries for Saving California Common Beer Dishwasher guy in the dishwasher guy do washers and dryers probably appliances commercial with the maytag man. Yeah in nineteen seventy seven. New Albion Brewery was one of the few or first brand new. Burris a craft breweries. That got started in Sonoma's California. Unfortunately you did not survive but it was the first So there's a lot of firsts going on in right we get into the eighties and then we start to see. Sierra Nevada starting actually nineteen eighty. I'm starting with their Pale Ale. And continuing to this day we see the lager style being replaced by craft beer styles there. I in really pushing the hop envelope coming up over the top. Ipa's and That's what we see today. It's just a Cornucopia of different kinds of styles. There are many of them very hot forward. And the word of the day is luscious. Sure Cornucopia Copa was and the definition is a multitude whole bunch. Many many all right. So there's a Cornucopia of Great Beers in California as well. Yes currently there's over one thousand over a thousand forty microbreweries breweries in California which Kinda rivals Colorado right and. I didn't want to interrupt view. Got More history there but but some of those. I mean here Nevada. Nine thousand nine hundred eighty s is that what she's nineteen eighty so we're going on forty years and we've got beers sitting right here. That's I we were talking about that. So if you didn't hear old Chicago's parent company and was at rock. Bottom rock bottom is part of that filed for bankruptcy and I looked at Chad when it came out and I was like holy cow. That's that's surprising right. And he goes look. They've been out for twenty years. I mean they've they had a hell of Iran and that's true but when you're looking at like Sierra Nevada and when we look at stone and stuff like that I mean these guys have been here for a long time. Now well the job of getting to like a company you know and build up and grow but they don't become super corporate. I mean they do slowly become more and more corporate and I think that when you see things shutdown it's just because a lot of them get to corporate and too top heavy and that just causes too many problems I think breweries are at least two initially a little less likely to go down that road well and yeah and there's a lot of different kinds of ways to do your business plan but I'm I was going to say that In California now the you might recognize many of the berries. Even if you don't recognize it as being a California brewery like Sierra Nevada alike rogue Mike Stone ballast point right and the list goes on and on and on AOL Smith et Cetera et CETERA. So there's tons of breweries that you've probably heard of you've probably seen them in the liquor store may not have known him out there. California. So I'm GonNa talk about real quick before we get to the the food and beer pairings. We talked about the lawsuit between Keystone and Stone. I had a keystone the other day. I'm not proud of it. But I had a keystone the supporting the wrong side of that loss it was a keystone light to and it was the picture that we had actually that the stone looked a lot like the one. That's on the stone that sitting here right in front of me but the thing that got me was on top of the CAP. It said how are either. Have yourself a stone or grab yourself a stone and it's like dad is wary? You know I'll be where the big part of the the objection that's stone brewery look and I haven't had a keystone forever and I was out of my brothers play. He seems like he was like the only thing you have and he. Yeah so so we went with it right and when I grabbed. It was like that's ridiculous. I mean that's when you talk about that lawsuit. Maybe they do have have a leg to stand on I. I would agree because I'd never heard it called stone before we always talked about it as keystone right so right to all of a sudden see on top of the the label on it says have yourself a stone. It's kind of hinting. Yeah a little bit too far and like we talked about. I mean California is rivaling Colorado and a lot of the ways with their microbreweries and stuff like that My question to you and I don't know if you have the stats or anything like that. Are they still continuing to expand on this or are they kind of the point like we are with Colorado where it's starting to hitting a peak you might think of saturation as being the thing? That citing all that's doing is just causing new. Baristas come on with Super Innovation With Dino. I mean just to pick a city in California and go visit for the weekend. I dare you to try to go to every single burry in that weekend. You can't in that one location. There's just that many different choices to have without getting arrested for some sort of well. Yes contracts I strongly recommend you take public transportation data point Dematteo rather than saturation I think plateau is a better word. Yeah there you know. You're going to reach a point where bruiser closing but new ones are still opening right. And and they're still breweries and be more innovative. And you're GONNA see hurries instead of saying we want to be a regional berry. You'RE GONNA see Berries go. We want to be a neighborhood berry. And there's plenty goes out there with ninety river here in Colorado. We're GonNa Start and chief and kettle and eating and I mean we're starting to see a little bit more and more of that here in Colorado. I think that's where California's right now. With their side of things talking about Farley and those those orioles that we tried earlier he said really jealous right now. Then obviously I'm talking about the the keystone that I had. And he said I can pour you a beer out of the men's urinal that tastes better than a keystone so You know where he lands on that at at least he's coming at keystone there but you got to. You got a plot his his dedication to craft beer. That's true but I still think that there's a time and place for every flavor that's out there and extreme optimistic even in my repertoire. I don't think there's anything wrong with the PBR. In in hot day by the pool or out at the lake. Like when you have a cold. And you've been taking tylenol and you can't tax your liver to the corona verse. Okay we've extended this on the history of beer here. Leads get into beer and dinner pairings. I'm excited to see what he says. I have a feeling seafood. Might come up at some point. Let's talk to Chatty on the master chef out at the Saint Michel Square shoot. I didn't do seafood really sarcasm. That was sarcasm. You've got seafood on the right. I got fish tacos on your. Hey let's see foodie so you know again. California and trying to pair beers with California beers with with one type of food is you know. There's a broad spectrum of California beers broad spectrum from California food so we'll talk a little bit about what some of the foods that you think about when you think California you said seafood automatically. I think fish Tacos when I think California good beats food. Good something to eat. When you're out surfin fish tacos go great with pills. Nur's or something like a Belgian wit. I think really well dependent on on the fish. Of course that are in the Tacos If he out a little spice to that then you can throw an Ip in there maybe the session. Ip We had something. Nice and light now again. You're on the beach. You're thinking it's hot weather. It's you're enjoying the Sun. Your enjoy the water. You want something that's easy drinkable. Kind of quenches your thirst and goes where with well with a light fish tacos. I Avocado every time I think of California Avocados and other one. I've got on Cezanne's triples go really well with the kind of cut that fat. Okay Higher. Carbonated Beers go well with Ricardo because the the effervescence e were ever remember that word bubbly again. The the bubbles tend to cut the fat on the Avocado Avocados are rich and fatty and full of flair. And the the the carbonation kind of helps cut that. What do you think avocado? Sorry you think California Talk. Almost every city in California has a Chinatown so you think Asian influence. I'm huge agent population in California. So again you're thinking. Are they spicy foods? You're going to think as Cezanne's go great with some in some Asian. Foods Berliner Vice. Sometimes the can help cut and pear really well. Chinese foods along with Asian influence. You think Mexican influence. Yeah so there's a lot there. I would go there before. I thought right Chinese again a lot of times. We've talked about some of the Darker Beers. We've we've drank some of the the porters the the Scotch Ales and the multi nece pairing really well with with Mexican influenced my days or the rich deep flavors of a molay or or Mexican food or like we had at the launch beard. Interfering there was a very limi- or lime is is at the word I'm looking for? Maybe yes Rhett Limi- beer that we Mexican a Mexican lager brewed with fresh lime in the Mexican lager and we had car NASA again. It's a nice light lager with the lime in essence pairing really well with that Mexican food so you know to say one food or one. Beer pairs really well with California. Food is really kind of tough to to narrow it down to if you could pick the one dish if you have one dish and one beer that you could say here. The the captures the the essence of California. What what what is it that you do to me down to me? I automatically think fish Tacos 'cause one I'm huge fan of comfort food and fish tacos to me. You know you've got a little bit of the. The Latin influenced the Mexican influence in California with the seafood. Right there on the ocean and I'm automatically thinking when I think California might automatically think coastal cities and there's huge agricultural now and other things in the middle of California they don't necessarily go along with California with with coastal food and seafood. And but then I tend to always go to the southern California so the first thing I think of in California food is spicy enchiladas and things like that which which I think loggers and pills nurse and things like that that. Go with a really. I think that's part of the reason why we see so many California breweries right. There's so many diverse tastes. There's so many diverse needs when it comes to the type of beer brewing and and I think that's what it comes down to it so Chad. Appreciate your input on that All of the different tastes. You have on the beer and dinner. Pairings that looking for the beard interfering with Horse and dragging coming up the end of the month yet. We're looking forward to that. We'll get into that too. But did you ever things you missing or young? La- majority of it. You know a lot of people. Think why wouldn't they think California but I think there's a lot of great breweries in California as well and just get out there and see what you can find completely agree all right. Let's take a break when we come back on the On the other side. It's going to be beer thirty time. We might actually be a little past beer thirty day column. Where you're supposed to keep it sometime here. Come on man. I'm just giving him a hard time. We beer thirty when it coming back on the other side. We're talking California beer. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to talk radio on thirteen ten. Kfi WHOLE SPORTS STORY IN NORTHERN COLORADO. The state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. chant what What time is it can rona. O'neill we just. I acknowledged Dick. Dale the King of the Surf Guitar. There I guess that's fantastic. Nice work I might be little past beer past beer thirty so we better get rolling ear. This first beer comes to us privileges of me Doctor. This is Rogues a dead Guy Ale it's a six point eight percent by volume brewed and bottled by Rogue Ales It's a pretty cool little label etcetera etc and I kind of like rogue. Yeah that's something when you text in on. I think it was Monday. You takes me and said what you were bringing by the way. Happy Birthday Chat When he checks me on Monday with what you were bringing I was like I feel like I've seen you were that somewhere before. So this is definitely fan. Definitely a fan of this beer. What are your thoughts on it? I really like the spear the multinational bitter sweet as I. Talk into my glass apologize. I was smiling the beer which were apparently not supposed to users. So that's sound effects. I really like multi sweet Brigadier Sean. This is one that I feel like if you're looking for something new that you haven't tasted a while. This is one of those beers. That does that for you. It's one of those that it's on the style that is common lean you know. Put out there. It's not an it's not a red. It's not a half of is and it's not a Cezanne. It's kind of a mult- forward you know. Some kind of I duNNO I. It's it's almost like some sort of con- like not a California but it's kind of sweetness to it so you know that's that's kind of the the the VIBE I get from it but it's a good beer it's in. It's a break from the norm. I think it is kind of a break from the norm to It's It was the first one that I ever had. That was a really cool Beer and I should disclose. We probably should Rogue is not California here the origin of it right but but it's popularly like distributed in California. Oh yes but the origin of it is Oregon is or is finding out. Oh that's basically North California so this was made in North California yes in Newport so yeah sorry about that new turn to me. It's a great example of something that you would find in California House that I save and the first time I ever had this pure I thought. Wow that is really far out there. You can taste the dead guy in it and it's really good so I like it. That's fine last week. I called Nugget and Noble Hop. So we all make mistakes. Well let's get into the ratings on it. We'll start first with you. Sure I will give this an an an eight. But if we're talking California Beers zero probably a little bit lower telephone. I'm going to give it an eight no matter what Chad I'm GonNa follow you right along with. You is what I really liked spirit a lot when I don't drink as this. I tend to go to quite frequently so for me. I don't know you know when it comes to this type of beer. WanNa get into the beer thirty. I look at it from a what I order this at the bar or not and this is not one that I would order again and I don't know what it is about that. I'll let you guys dock and Chad figure out where we're going. We're going with one of the hazies but this is not one that. I would necessarily order again for that reason. It's it's a good beer with the with the style and what they were trying to do with it. But I'm going to go ahead and give it a seven on this which we have one more so I have to give it a nine for Bruce. Talk approved right. That's how the math word does make it. Bruce DOC approve. This is why I decided last. I signal just kidding. I do think I'm not going to give it a nine. I'm going to give it an eight as well. It's a good style. It's a break from the norm but it's nothing that kick the doors down and as you know amazing in with that that does not make it through. Tuck approved philosophy funny if we made a non California beer super right. I think we might lose all credibility this one however is a California Beer. Fortunate right back me up on this. Yes Sierra Nevada. Unless they made in North Carolina to do but this is out of Chico California. This is a hazy little thing. I P A hazy from Sierra Nevada. I'm searching frantically for the AB. But I'm not seeing on the box. They're either. I'm not saying I remember right. It's in the force. Nope you're completely wrong. Six point seven. Did you find your way off? Can you know how much I hanging? How much improving your own to show from. Maybe four data for Matt. If I jump in here trump for the hazy and what it is I mean you can't ask for much better than this candy or a little little Hazier woulda. It's new mildly hazy. Yeah but I know yeah and that probably comes from the six points. F six point seven percent a bionic. Also be to that. It's not quite as hazy because it's in the can and it's was canned of few days so it may have settled a little bit so you're saying you should shake it before you pour it. It's good to compare rate. That's right not a beer expert. Warm it up to room temperature and then shake it well. Yeah I don't know. Is that the US by says. August Twenty Nineteen. So so that's usually six months out from when it was raining so it was probably so. February. That's about a year old. It's holding up well for a year old beer now. I'll say I'm a big Fan about this Beer August. So yes it was. Oh Nineteen nineteen not August. Twenty past was usually six. Months is when they put on there and so we're talking about a beer. That's about a year old. That's been sitting right here and I have no complaints about. Actually that impresses me a lot but That's why it's probably not quite as easy as I think. They'd be. Happy looking at this after a year and seeing that this is how it held with the head just won't go away on this And so that's really nice to always have a little bit on your beers you're drinking and the carbonation is really good too and it does have that wonderful fresh squeeze kind of flavor to it. Bright citrusy citrusy kind of notes on it as just I liked it deeply refreshing after Dole. Fister beer dot take a deeply refreshing from. Sean. Let's start with very different stuff right right and this is one that I'm a big fan of we all know that Sean. Let's isn't it funny. How progress from like Sour? Ism and things and now. I'm starting to get the hazy. It's weird while the hazy. Ipa's are like little steps when you get into like really heavy if you drink that session. I P A drink them. That's that's something that's the world works. I was GONNA write coast earlier and had the wasn't the session I'd be. What was the name of that? I don't remember what knows well perks. It was a world works why. Pa Yeah I can't remember the name of it was but it would start. Colored wasn't a hazy at all. Was it there West Coast the one because they just released their original three. They have their read their west coast and West Coast steam ethics team. Something very good. That's an amazing. Be Right so I'm grown up any who. Let's get to the rating on this beer with the hazy. Little saying with the The hazy little thing from Sierra Nevada cert- I with Shaun Johnson for a Hazel thing. I'M GONNA give it a crazy big number. I'm going to go with the nine and a half. I think that you know. I was impressed with us. Beer flavor as it is but knowing that it's aged as long as it has and it's held up this flavor for me is telling me that a year ago this would have been that level for me and I think it's impressive to me that it's hold up that way so I'm going nine and a half on this one. This one's good it Hazies are just not my favorites Little to fruity from my tastes like Malt. I like malt rather than fruit. And so I'm going to It's still quite drinkable. I'm GONNA say Eight on this one for me. Chad you ready to give up I'M NOT GONNA go quite as high schon great beer. I enjoyed it quite a bit I'm going to go with a nine though. Yeah I have a feeling this next one might blow me away a little bit so I'm going to give myself a little bit of room with this as well as six point seven percent. That is A. That's a big hazy. So I'M GONNA go with a nine on this. I still think it's a fantastic beer. Very much improved but I feel like this next one is about to to get some high ratings so a nine. It is for me which does make it broke. Proved my friends. Or you don't have to worry. I haven't heard I haven't heard that skin yet. You don't have to worry about that here on this next one is found at on the rocks liquor highway thirty four and forty seventh avenue. Tony John and the staff at on the rocks proud of sober eight years serving really. They're dry through is open every night until midnight. He can't drive through safer or king. Supers without what DOC? Getting TICKET GETTING A TICKET. You GotTa Right Man. I appreciate you. Check out their great selection of Colorado Craft Beers wines and hard to find birth. I'll let you know Lucian on a little bit of a secret. We are working on a brew talk approved sticker so you'll be able to walk through on the rocks liquor and find the brutal approved beers. We've got This one right here. It is stones never ending Hayes. This is their new release. They're just sending out right now. This is Kinda sticking to the trend of what beer is going to four percent alcohol on this. It's not nearly as big as the Sierra Nevada is four percent. It's Kinda got a crazy. Wacky almost history Khoarai with design on it as where I would throw. It's got that icon stone demonic logo on animal. Yeah right that on it. So let's Let's get some first initial reactions on this from from the crew First off I say that the head is a little bit more bubbly Larger bubbles not the little tiny foamy nece that I saw in the other beer beer a little darker of definitely Hayes or Hayes and there's a lot of a Roma fruity aroma. But I'm not catching it on the backside when I taste it. I'm catching a lot of orange on the flavor. The aroma a little bit of hops. In definitely citrusy goes away real quick after. It goes off the pallet. Just getting more more like Orange Ryan than an orange. Maybe it is weird. The Aroma seems nice enough. But it's almost like they used you know they decided everybody's using these hops for this style of beer. We're going to break the norm and when you do that sometimes. The style of beer is heavily dependent on that. And I'm getting weird flavors that I think are just from some different hops and they use that I'm used to. I'm still deciding if they're pleasant or unpleasant it. It does. Strike me as more bitter than I'm used to. For a hazy. It does and the mouth feel isn't quite as it's a little bit too watery hundred. That's the four percent that's the it's the social even where you're talking about. Hey I'm still not look. I had high expectations coming into this. I'm not a fan of this. I'll be completely honest. Everything about it. I mean it smells like it should be a hoppy big beer and it's not the the the side of it. It's still hazy. It looks good but the taste of it still doesn't align with what the other aspects of this beer should be for me personally and we all know. I don't like beer that confuses me so when you confuse me with your beer I do not appreciate it. I do not like it when you claim this as a hazy with four percent this is all of from a from a beginner's aspect this is all the bad things about an with none of the good things. It's not as it's not an easy after days. It's it's hard on the knows. It smells like it's going to punch you in the face. It doesn't necessarily bad but it's still four percent which is a smaller beer so I I'm not a fan of this beer at all and I'm GonNa say it Also has kind of the same kind of flavor profile that I would expect from the Seltzer. An orange flavored seltzer exactly. And that's exactly what I'm tasting in this with a bitter after-taste yeah and so it's it's confusing and this is where that wryness. Yeah the if you bite into an orange peel. Yeah it's the bitter and the orange of probably where they were going right because this is the trend of beer to get lower alcohol content to get fewer calories and with lower alcohol content becomes lower galleries so not a fan of this. But let's start with Some of the ratings I. Let's go. I wish Johnson Yeah. I've had low calorie hazy. Ipa's that have more flavor than this on the more balanced. I'm not a huge fan of this. I'm going to give six and a half. I don't blame you at all. I probably won't be as generous. I'm going to say a five on this one for that. Might be the the lowest score that we've ever seen not a fan here now. I I don't blame you either Chad. No it's not horrible by any means but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm going to see and for the reason. Here's the reason that I'm going lower than anybody else did here tonight. This is what put a twelve it becomes brutal you were. We were looking for California Beers. We're looking for you know with this. You're saying that never ending Hayes. There's a specific connotation that comes with that you get the Hayes but the nose on. It's way too strong. Then you get the. That's way too low. I am not a fan of this. I think it's misrepresentation when you're talking about beer we'll have one more beer when it come back on the other side. This beer has really pissed me off. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you. I'm giving it a four very upset with a spear which is whatever the worse. Imagine the worst thing that you can play right now and I want you to play it for me. Okay thank you. I couldn't imagine that better myself. Terrible of me that. I hope that he would just play more of tanners voice. Come back on the other side. Sean won't be here but we'll come back on the other side. Wrap this thing up. It's brewed talk radio right here on thirteen ten. Kfi Get your day started right with up-to-date news weather and sports mornings with Gail. Six Am to nine. Am Weekdays on thirteen? Ten K F K would say first of all happy birthday. How awesome. Secondly we've got a late entry into beer thirty presented by the tavern at Saint Margaret Square. We've got a Sierra Nevada because that's stone beer. It's so bad I wanted to. We went off air. We're going to try Sierra Nevada Pale Ale here quickly. I and I mean quickly Sean. You're you're introduction of this is Sierra Nevada's flagship. Here this is what has made them. You know super huge. It's which is for you. Yes is what a ton of people think of when I think of Pale. It's the original kind of pillow fights. Six five point six percent alcohol or was that your rating five point six percent alcohol. It's you know. It's the Sierra Nevada green bottle. It's what everybody knows from Sierra Nevada. Right okay let's start first with Shaun Johnson with a rating to this this. I'M GONNA give it a nine just straight up come. This one is Go to Pale especially nice. California flavor benign for me to an epitome to me of California. Right here on nine as well. I'm very sorry that we didn't have brew facebook. Live going to nine on talk radio because I have this magnificent mustache going on you. Do not sure is the word I would use. But anyhow there's some stuck in like the sides of my mustache I'm saving toys ratings quick so you could talk about your mustache for me. That makes it brew. Talk approved that that redeems. You know I'm a stone fan. I have not had a bad stone beer. I don't know if you can say this is a bad stone beer but if I was writing Stone Beers this is at the bottom of what I would buy. I would not buy this at all. Right let's before we go before we're down for the night and I go to break. We're done for the night Dr Mojer and Shawn Johnson some news coming out of UNC. You guys will be off until April six Actually just working from home off correct. You'll have that. You'll have springboard for spring break. Come coming up and then you will. Of course be working from online courses classes already online. So that doesn't affect us too much right so we're all good. I was expecting to go. Shell can if you want. You'RE GONNA be open man. I'll be open. I'll be working. We're we're doing situation as normal. We always wash our hands. We always try not to touch your face. And we always sanitize cleaner workstation. You always have good food. You don't if you put alcohol in your system that's going to kill a lot of things and I will say this. Here's my personal rant for the evening just because this is a scary time and I'm not saying that it's not that doesn't mean. Local businesses are going to close. But I can promise you one thing. Is that if you quarantine yourself and there's no need to quarantine yourself. It is going to negatively affect your local economy because if places like the tavern if there's other places you hear the commercials that stop doing advertising then that affects me in that affects everybody else here at Cave K. Who has a job because of local advertisers? Keep in mind that if you do not need to stand if you are a healthy individual please remember to support your local businesses. Because that's who is going to be impacted the most during this trying time remember. Stay Safe Wash your hands and just make sure you enjoyed good because lies way to shore right fellows. Exactly absolutely I love it. Hey that's the first time I've got them all to agree for Cohen Felix for Chatillon for Dr Michael Moser for Shawn. Johnson I am tanner swint. We we'll talk to you next Wednesday and we're going to be doing Irish Beers Irish beers next Wednesday. And if you're going out for Saint Patrick's Day make sure the Taveres Emiko Square. You might run into Dr Shawn or myself. I know you're probably Chad there. But make sure you go out there because it's going to be a lot of great deals going going on the shows next they're going to talk about orioles and much much more thirteen ten KFI May.

California California Beers Sierra Nevada Tanner Chad Sean facebook orioles Ipa Farley keystone United States Shaun Johnson Cezanne Colorado Dr Michael Moser Tanner Anchor Brewing Company Hayes Maytag Mr Brady Holes
Haunted Crime Scenes 15: Dissection Class || Tagalog Horror Story

Stories Philippines Podcast

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Haunted Crime Scenes 15: Dissection Class || Tagalog Horror Story

"This episode is sponsored by inker. Podcasting is so much fun and now it's easier than ever to start your own podcast with anger. Everyone is passionate about something for example. I love talking about spooky stuff. Now thanks to Anchor. You can spread the word about the things you love and maybe even make some money doing it. Start Your podcast for free with anchor using the anger APP or by going to anchor on. Fm They'll even distribute your show for you. You'll be heard on spotify apple podcasts. And many more of your favorite podcast platforms. Anger also provides tools to allow you to record. And Edit your show from your computer and even from your phone and no matter how big or small your audience is you can make money from your podcast. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. I using her. And it's been the best podcasting platform. I've been a part of so. Join me. Start Your podcast today by downloading the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM. We all have something to say. Things Anchor Calm the stories Philippines Gus. The Very First Filipina Story Narration Padres in the Galaxy win over two hundred episodes and counting and going strong. Budka snappy lead in Agai if by Gopalani can about the state though thank you so much and don't forget to subscribe the despite Gus. Wherever you listen. You're asleep threat coming up. Plus England. S- among a new listeners will not mean Manami Saddam macbook when the lingo it on video boy gents stories. Philippine spat. Gus. It's among all the time airpot supported. I knew by Mace Upcoming Epistles neon Pussy Boston Homo now. Miles you're the on that. Grind seems episode though by. We hope was the boss. Ed Ed Long boss updated Bc Bush assign him on. Go out in Super Hot It's NATO it. They've been wrong. They section lass. Biddle by you will Lhasa Unionism Be Melinda area. Sarnia mccaw flossy up. The group said they section lessening NASA more glycine. I not a not for the donor university that NASA feared UNISOM Illeana support so made his finals leader. Sean don't sound over or eastern bank. Who Samantha Allen? Neela among low of no might. It's a three thousand mill in the Muncie. Go to be bill Sheila Michelle Assistant Either Group One. In a million money Sheila for more westbound eighty embattled by dean thrown beat us on the Non Grupo Navy Eland a chameleon on Buncrana isn't about a thank you on on May one about that. He LAMESA Linguini Ito. Freezer wrong funeral parlor knocking dumping a been a govern Villamor classing lackey so bought them will ask them by a garden or two million. The number one. This muscle seem inning uncondition. I next thing Sinai. You Ado in deep budding maytag woman. Dellagha on this appointment allowed to even find one was a near the MARFA. Vernola McKee clean. I am not an abandoned funeral parlour. This is only an desimone will a thank final exam. Probably one Sheila Napa Boone. Don't meaning Asi Million Dishes Markeith on the more about dilemma. `Then Cassie Montalban. Dong the Moma face various opened on now wafting and GEESE LOUIS MAY TRAINING SAUCE BATTLE. Modding them in a classy lassie. Lago Gut final something that you know history number but Nonni Melinda though now Nina in the UN's some public hospital the Melena. Pneumonia and down complications gear and exempt from denser organ fielder. Moulana Lynch is on bye-bye Submergence. It'll went under doughnut. He thought Canine are enough number. Union though it'd be London nicknamed Lombardo Automated Eight Indication Inside Finding Nemo blame. It'll Bouma leaks Paris on your Alabama. Now Bugsy Malene does about. This is about that but bobby layman on your Momma. Google beaten in Edison Allegra. How emotions dish among the Luba nine our sympathy except Dina pneumonia about Blida Amboina Button by Ken Panella Mya? I'm known by the body in the blend now. Our digital me was don't order Daddy. Send mythic redone on the Long Island. Southbound versus going writing session Bangala onboard Sassaman gold among the number thirty. Beat it than to tonight in Mississauga young pneumonia at by a disabled bong internal external factors. They Molina some bargain about that. That none of some Bitney Melinda. Some Awesome Mahan Wilson. Yeah Alison Newman night. This an on foreign objects impeding on. Y'All keenum Athena. It didn't happen on the new one guy number. Say Some headlamp bottom inspection your noble. The Marines Embargo Nido de Sonoma Monja possibility and a graduate artisans R. J. Michelle. There by ignity shall not fasten. Super Garissa. The Harm Boom Grupo. These new MONJA number three about a new order spineless nudity. I'm cut the Wendy Doughnuts Bagels jungled Murphy found solid evidence now not only on group. No motherly out. Let's just call it a night geist. Michelle Lee Licnen Untied Eastern nine. Am Boo us. Ray Smith joined namely the Fella in Muslim Baba Sahib panacea system elite. Not The one them money samba. Guman under lag. Make everybody Shimron Demon so cassidy made buffy Wattisham Reform Blaine and again up stuff. Our our oldest family meet bus hyg underdog. Let's listen bettering deeper in check dinner. Diallo unthought Melissa Lane. Denia Murari Nelamagan Kenyan pilot been in the mini Diaper Eric when you've been getting alarmingly Melinda Mamata Kosovo but but unknown lamb should so get nine billion now announcing a Business Magda Bugaboo. Don't look now. I need an easing Yup. Get THEM NO BIG. Jong Sung all the Ulama Belabor Subroto one the Laga Bhagat Inch Adam them in England so on the one Nepali Boston. Bounce Million Linda a good the Beatles Lampshade Sleep Busey Sabaot Tournament Yvonne Thou- Solo Bunny bans on yet own enough after using Linda Dina shipping again at one. Nothing in Maine shown on. Es Menarini not the acid Obama and you'll see lead. The next apple is also Nelson Mandela unconventional us up a beliefs the mahalo bustling. And you're putting comite when the onion Karma might be unknown below in being a big deal in the million dollar tackled at McGuire in dealing aside number. The muscles absorb bopha sesame and nothing else. It'd be Bot ups law of Karma Sydney but the million down in early MILTA- bedroom dealing with Asha Montigny divide better but Louis Perrin. I'm you know foreseen in to seem Agana Guam within the hope not no week on the lag more BUSCA Jan beaten again by you name million. Dan Tightness Awadi said Nabi Business Barfoot some Muslim woman Akita a highest Patino Siemian. Whenever fussy. Say nothin' Calmer I think Bugaboo Lumumba's isn't Milan Mugu. Omaha bamboo huts. Tips will my eighteen. Nine below the near Orlando Tampa. Tie MONTEK NUTTY. Bouma leaked that more. Unbe know Amway dealer not admissible dunemann allow in Russia though some of the Huang said Illinois uncommon in Alabama in Donnie Melinda. Unh- you are. Nicholson one. Will it only among low to me? Gil newland Linson delete so batmobile east more important how Saddam being aga- enough of Buddha suffering. So many say who Melissa Million Gallon Club aluminium. Only you I am Ben. Keenum Dorna net new one last more Canadiana Muslim but Arlen drew. Menu will belong. Zahn NOL WEEK NUMBER ON GUY. Dorna up when it's GonNa the whole the whole week gun million Sebununguari known by Nissan. I knew somebody better on the way Papa Luna now saying only London us up on January Borbon island been at the whole asking with Rasta raping Ingham Akin Thought Persona fit on could be glad Rican Mamba Subway Simone Donnelly Kiddo Attila Labor bare the Ba- million us a million and a monarchy. We'll be this don't macbook but by Lebanon's Nelson Mandela Nunca Numa goldenrod capacity belittling and city. I will not do them by a good. The monkey no argon the million square dipping luana on Yari while Ashoka Alum Cumani New Orleans grow book or indeed synagogue ups. I'll MARLA. I may lead Lucia Sosa that Lombardo see genevieve at Dona Guy in a book filing cannot asset so buner in Illinois instant after napping. Afo Southbound Allegra been awesome similar on sick more long number dossier genevieve. Lanham LEMON BAD Wasiyu island lung. Tissue Samples bought a puzzle. Worry Samir Legal Technology Department almost repel Mahaney BASAN ORDERS LUMUMBA SLANG MISSILE. Da May three sizzler. Jamica mcgonagall meets PAVILIONIS. Alas Masilo unload them John Bussey genevieve Massamba best with the ability that John. Thune innocent me number campaign about the subdued Elena. Mika flossy investigator supposedly Shine Paso number by the Mola Nuigini newly investigation again on Madrid Spain about that deeper. Enuma men sauce. I look I didn't but enough vassal Numba. They number four SINISA nominee Linda. Kenyon findings war open my opponents of Saddam Castle Ilan hearing among Gherardo Mojo oil on my silo Super Glasson so long come one more about being again. Danila million non. This Anthony Being Sagana Viv. Deena MOLINA DOCKET. A multi NAMBA. Sonya Hung Gunson.

Linda Dina Deena MOLINA apple Donnie Melinda England Asi Million Dishes Louis Perrin Gus London Illinois Alabama Melissa Million spotify Sheila Michelle Long Island NASA John Bussey Pneumonia maytag NASA
FOF #2903  Pluck the Peach Proficiently

Feast of Fun

1:09:48 hr | 7 months ago

FOF #2903 Pluck the Peach Proficiently

"When we were young and came out as gay people would ask, how do you guys you know do that for many? There was a lot of mystery surrounding sticking eggplant into a peach for pleasure that question doesn't really get asked much anymore as you can see it all happened online is truly a realistic portrayal of how to get it on today sex expert and writer Michael Al Vr joins us to talk about how you can find pleasure by locking your body's own natural ability to take it in the rear Michael, surveyed gay, Adult Film Stars about how the heck they manage to take it in the end. For hours and from the answers he got he soon realized there needed to be a healthy guide for sex with men in his book? How to bottom like a porn star Michael takes the reader on a step by step process on how to bottom healthily and painlessly for maximum pleasure. The new revised edition features dozens of graphic eye-popping medical illustrations makes a great stocking stuffer for the holiday. Listen as we take a look at one simple exercise, you can do open up and why is there so much mystery on cultivating the rear end rose I'm Fausto for no, I'm Mark Villian and this is Feast of fine. Feasts Fun is made possible today because a fierce fabulous people just like you and by better help. H. E. L.. P.. Dot Com slash. Fun Right now you're not going to be going to any therapists office at least not face to face you might as well tele mental health. Yeah. So you can visit a mental health professional at better help H. E. L. P. dot com slash fun, and you can talk about all the issues that are on your mind right now you're going through a lot of stuff and don't bottle up inside talk about it. Share your feelings grow as a person with a licensed mental health professional visit better help dot com slash fun. Michael VR Michael. This is Fausto. Hey Hey. Mark, how are you? We're great. It's great to have you here today on the podcast. Absolutely tell us about the sex inspectors you're on British TV show in your investigating sex crimes or SUV or what? Because of all. Talk Shows I've been on about that show no one is quite put it that. You were helping people solve problems with their sex lives, right? Exactly. So think of it as a peeping Tom Peeping. Jayme Tracy Carts with my co host and we basically went into the bedroom and showed people what they needed to do you watch people hump is that how well the thing was that they had? Like heat cameras. So we couldn't see you know the details, but you could see the hot spots. If you know what I'm saying, it was a straight show, but they wanted to put the gay in it so they. They would look for GEICO host. So how wild was the show where you guys like a? Sending a couple into a bedroom in a studio and you guys had an infrared camera and. The audience is like, yes they're having sex with no no no. No. We would visit their homes. We would do a lot of B role in. We would see you know sometimes they had kids sometimes I didn't, and we would see their lives because when when you really think about it, what goes on outside the bedroom influences what goes on inside of it, and so a lot of what we did was really talked about their relationship. Yeah. So a lot of people come to US and they're asking us about anal sex you know as if I'm some kind of expert. I am no expert. Right that's why you have me. and. This is the thing about it is. It's like it's this shared mystery the but you know when when people say that you know conservatives are anal retentive, they really mean it. And you know if we wanna live in a better world and love each other, maybe we need to unlock the mystery of the bought. Go on like on the Internet and all these sects forums they're filled with horror stories of straight guys like. Well you're so sex negative to their girlfriends like saying, you need take it up the but and women are like reacting with great sadness and remorse. Lovers are forcing their foot pushing them into doing something they don't WanNa. Do all right. Don't forget fear. For your. EARS THOSE FAIRNESS So how do you? How do you position this to not just to queer people but to everybody like how do we make sense of anal? Sex. One of the most shocking things people here is how little anal sex game in half. If you look at most surveys, it's not as much as you would think I mean the the the way we go on and on about it makes it sound like everybody's doing it all the time and it's not true. One of the surveys I saw asked that was one of the best design service that I'd seen on Sax and it was basically just a couple of questions and in one of the questions was. The last time you had sex. What did you do and thirty seven percent of people said they had anal sex whether it was. Active or receptive, and so thirty seven percent. That's that's a lot less than most people think Michael is gay couples or straight couples or Couples No. That was gay couples not straight straight couples and would be a lot less. Oh. Zero. When you think about it, it takes a lot to have sex. Any kind. Of any kind but especially anal sex, it takes a lot of preparation. So the other people are doing aura mutual masturbation that kind of stuff, right? Exactly. Exactly and you wanted to put out a book called how to bottom like a porn star which you know if I got this for for a loved one, they run screaming. You know what I'm saying if it weren't scared before now you're really. Terrified. No actually, I call it that for for for two reasons. One I think especially in the gay world, there's an aspirational quality to. A point everybody watches it a there is. There, there is a kind of an. Iconic status that we've given to adult performers in porn. So that was part of. The but thinking about the title is I wanted. People to think that. You could reach a certain iconic status in your own personal. You could be like a rock star in the bedroom with your lover asks where you want to be your own. Dawson your fifty load weekend. That slipped out of your tongue show smoothly. I think you're a fan. I have seen it while which is you know Listen I. Applaud his efforts. Without those, we all know as Dawson is that people He did take fifty loads that weekend but you know a Lotta people started their process before they finished in Ham. You know what I mean. That's the key. If you WANNA take them and he loves you CAN'T GET FUCKED for ten twenty minutes by each guy. Also you know you'd be you'd be split into hopefully. But it is like you know as Americans, we have this very fancy feast or famine approach when it comes to a sexuality and you know there's always like a mark. Kit around with somebody's bragging about taking loads, we call the MAYTAG. Because she's like public washing machine. They'd never breakdown or back, but also they're just taking all load full loads. A public. Laundry Yeah Maytag. Right. Right right here. But. Like this idea that it's like people don't know how to approach the subject and you know do even have have anal in the first place. Right Right and if You know I I. Don't WanNa make that kind of pronounced because I think anything that people. WanNa do that's consensual. Should be celebrated and and accepted because that's just something. I. Think That's you know. What is normal is what exists? Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's pleasurable. So why not have it at one point in time in our in our development is a species or animals. Everything came out of the same hole. You look at a chicken right? Everything comes out of the Coakley right and eventually during whatever happened is like. Re Three separated from from from your butthole and so you know it's got pleasure receptacles there. So why not take it in? Right, and the thing is like it's something that is that it takes practice. If you WANNA do it. Correctly. And that that's part of the reason I wanted to write this book and also I named it how to bottom like a porn star because this is kind of like a funny background to the story is that I commissioned all this research on the porn industry because I wanted to write a book about how Porn Stars, Approach Anal, sex, how do they tolerate the pain? How do they do it? How do they clean out the whole bit well? So I had a research teaming we must have been reviewed. Does. ME. Okay. I'm going to write a book about this I thought Oh my God when I saw the research and what the answers were I thought my book is dead. I can't write a book. Like this. result. Drugs? Drugs. Drugs. That's. Coppers. But that's why everybody's look. Every. Letter of the alphabet and. It's like they get so high like what would win performer said yeah one time I just wanted to cry but I couldn't 'cause I was so high. And It was just like it was a very famous producer who I will not name that said because one of the questions was how you get straight guys in porn to take it up the but. and. It's a great deal of the mar the I would say the research showed like somewhere between twenty five and forty percent depending on who you talk to. Dig Out the Porn Stars, are are straight and. This very famous producer director said, oh we just get him I. Answer we get them high. Wow. What drives are the most popular one C. is not that I'm trying to take notes. Everything from you know the Colombian gutter glitter to. You know mass to anything that will. Cover the pain and. When I saw that I mean first of all, it wasn't a shock that porn stars. It was the extent of it and The ignorance job. Price they answered answer. Honestly with a lot of these kinds of things, most of the time I read stuff like the people that create porn they're like no drugs on sets, and if we if we find somebody who's doing drugs though be banned in some porn stars tweeting I had to not do a scene with this person because they did drugs and I'm always kind of like. They all look to me. Yeah It's probably because I mean. We promise them anonymity. so I. More open about it. Yeah. The there. There were a lot more open about it, and then also like some of the just inane ignorant things that they would do like we had one port star say that he would ice his. Bot. That would dull the pain. Lisa. Michael are good for for having sex. So especially, your first time like something like poppers, right I? mean it does kind of loosen you up down there. It makes it easier for you to take a deck right? Yes but then the the problem is that you solve one pro and gotten a bigger problem which is that. First of all, you got to be pretty healthy poppers because if you have any kind of heart condition at all you in trouble girl and if you and then yeah, it's pipers with Viagra Kazakhstan, right? Right. Right. They'll be carrying out feet first and not in a good way. I have a friend who insists that that's not that big of issue as people make it out to. His doctor about talking to like it's not that big of a deal. You know. poppers it's not something I feel comfortable doing a talk show. To. Advice we will give you. Give that advice because I have a lot of doctors and traditions by you know. Informal Panel I've yet to have a doctor say that's a good combination. I I mean that's not something I. I don't know. Are you sure this wasn't a Caribbean doctor. Whether even. Back. Has. Dr. And so the other the other thing about poppers that's that's really important to understand is that okay what if your health if you're young and you're healthy and you don't really you? Taking Viagra and WANNA use poppers. It's like y'all ain't my book I would I do say is. 'cause I'm not a prude about drugs I think drugs has. Has Their place. Somewhat. But it's something that everyone should consider because you have to consider its everywhere if you don't have a choice about not making a choice young. And my thing about sex and drugs is understand what you're doing and make sure that you're making an informed choice and not a choice of circumstance because that's where you get in trouble. The reason I don't recommend poppers for anybody is that yes, they will loosen you up. But then you're gonNA have to use them every time you have sex because you have trained your finger to relax. All you've done is you've you've let the drug dues work is a what do you think is going to happen the next time you try it without toppers you're going to be in the exact same position. So to speak. We're talking about drugs one time five. Sorry. I were involved in a panel on gay men and sex and crystal meth came up the idea of taking crystal matheny. Asked recipients like why you take the do the math in a many of them responded. It allows me to have the kind of sex that I want to have like it somehow gave them permission to do the things that they wouldn't have done otherwise. I make sense. I mean you don't do drugs because they're not fun. Right, who file my? Taxes. Do. Michael. About that. Idea of like you know I think because his game in a lot of times we have a lot of shame and then people have a lot of shame about their their but. And and so somehow kind of alleviate some of that kind of stuff. But I wonder again, I am not like some Henry and schoolmarm when it comes to drugs I have done my share. Smelled more than. Lindsay Lohan. Concerns. and. So what I would say is, why are you looking at drugs to have some kind of psychic freedom? The are are you a drug allowing you to do that or is it the drug medicating you so that you're not feeling? What you're what you should be feeling. So you know and the other thing is I always say this all the time. Make an informed decision. If you WANNA do math then you need to. You need to understand what meth does to your body when it comes to sex because. For most people. It gives you what they called Krystal Dick, you won't be able to get it up. So if if that's the kind ski deck of the crystalline. Drag game. She only Adam but that's why people get drunk to right. It's just like letting their inhibitions. Yes or dress up. And hang out with Transylvania NHS in a spaceship. Mansion and does it In my book, I talk about with with alcohol, which is something you don't normally see in guy is I I basically you? Say that. You'd be a fool not to understand the inhibition releasing properties of alcohol. I put it under the heading of buzz management. Okay. Because a little is good a lot is bad. Yeah, and buzz management is the process of deciding. When is enough because the truth is alcohol will make sex better. After the first or second drink, and after that, it makes sex worse. So because it starts doling your net your nerve endings. And people start looking way better than they actually are. Office right and that's And that's the shame of it. But So so You know. What I'm saying about drugs and alcohol just be smart about it and understand what you're doing and whatever whatever you're doing. Do a little bit of it. then. Yeah. Then if you're okay with it, do a little bit more we'd like to take a little break now to remind folks that Feasta Fund is made possible because of fierce fabulous people just like you and today's podcast is also brought to you in part by better help dot com slash fun is something preventing you from achieving your goals what interferes with your happiness are you feeling stressed out or experiencing? Visit Better Help H. E.? L.. P. Dot com slash fun, and assess your needs and match with your own licensed professional therapist that specializes in depression relationships and lgbtq plus issues, and so much more the services available to people all around the world here at Feasts, the Fund Mark and I want you guys to have a more joyful life. As a listener, you get ten percent off your first month by visiting better help dot com slash fun and join over eight hundred thousand people taking charge of their mental health. Please if you love the show and you're curious about getting mental health services grow as a person visit better help H. E. L. P. dot com slash fun Americans have this feast or famine, right? So like yes, they're going to drink or they're going to do something kind of drug. Now it's you know your Gene Simmons in a hotel room in Las Vegas, in the. Eighties. You're exactly and part of it is like this and I really love the the approach you're taking here in the book, which is looking at what your body is capable of doing regardless of drugs or anything and tapping into your own bodies, a innate ability to feel and to give pleasure. Right. Exactly and through the book, there's there's a couple of exercises. Or insights that you can get about how your body operates that I think has been enormously popular. I. Don't know I'm sure that. You know because you're looking at it but it it says second edition. And the book have been out for five years and I've just released I mean like literally like last week released the second edition of the book which includes for the first time ever illustrations. Of Gay Sacks and not I'm not talking like. You know the joy of sex kind of yeah. It's it's. Yeah, they're. They're like sexualize medical illustrations. No one has ever seen anything like you will not see this if you putting a. Anatomy of the anus in Google images you are not going to see this because it does look like the inside of an ear. Finger in his ear. Gigantic. That that's not what he's sticking in my illustrations but. But I told the graphic designer i. kind of funny I said he was looking for you know artistic direction I said I want you. To. To gross me out and turn me on all at the same time. Happy. Because that's how I? Roll. and. So. I'm happy to say he succeeded and they are they that I kinda gross and then you're looking at going, ooh, I have a slight stickney on that and and and the whole idea that I had for it was was with that. You know it's it's dark and damp down there and it's Kinda hard to visualize what it is that you're doing sometimes and I think the illustrations. Just do a remarkable job of giving you a hobby moments that words can because one look. At. What angle you should take If you look at the illustrations. In just the light bulb goes off. Because you have you have a partner that has an illustration on how you should angle. The penis to go into the butthole because This idea that? If, it doesn't go the right angle. It's GonNa Heart because it's going to hit this or it's GonNa hit this. This way it's going to go slide right in right, and the reason is because you have the anal canal is shaped like an s got s curb tour, and so if you go in at the wrong angle, you're gonna hit the the the back of the rectal wall you can either if you go into high, you'll hit the front rector Wasi go into too low. You'll hit the the backward dwell and here's here's like the. GOLDILOCKS position right? Right right exactly. Yeah. Right just right and for your listeners. The the goldilocks angle is forty five degrees away from your navel. Because that way you avoid hitting the prostate because of prostate stimulation is very, very satisfying but not when you hit it with. The head of a Pena's. So upon entry you want. To go down the middle of the Hallway, shall we say? And that forty five degree angle, and by the way that that applies to any position on tax because you always WanNa be forty five degrees angle. Away from the naval and that's your your best bet. So perpendicularly to the naval, if we're moving forty five degrees, are we going towards the feet or towards the head of person of body? Towards ahead. Shoot. So basically like standing actually or spooning would be would make more sense. In a way I know middleware. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly and I mean like I mean the idea of like you know if you if you think of a penis. Erect an your partner is standing. That would be like you know straight in and that would not be good. So you kind of want to bend over a little bit. Yeah. The basically the midnight, the park. Angle. Like if you're imagining like narrow to businessmen. Stressful Day at work and they going. To Park cruising park and they're having sex with each other before the police catch, them were a romantic. That would be the angle that you WANNA have. My God. Well. So the the other thing that I think is really exciting. This is something that I wanted to see if you guys were willing to do this this this is. It takes sixty seconds to do it. It'll taper willing to do it and I would invite all your listeners to do this while we're doing. Okay. You can do it anywhere. You can do it while you're driving, you can do it. So can do it when I'm yelling at my employees have room. No. One percent of this. You're not gonNA fucking Oh hold on. Exercises. Well. Forty, five degrees. The right. Right right exactly. So this is one the the new things about the second edition of the book. Is something that I call the sixty seconds victor release. And what it is, I've consulted with some physiologists and some. Physicians with an alarming knowledge of anatomy about what would be the best fastest way to completely relax your sprinter. So that entry is not painful because the more is anybody who's ever tried the more you can relax and it's hard to relax this winter. The less is going to hurt. So we sort of devised this new. Technique. And it's called the sixty second sprinter release and what it does is that it's based on A. Concept called P. enough which a lot if you're if you're a trainer and you're listening to this. A physical trainer in Jim you you already know what pf is and the, and that is basically that you have to get a muscle as tight and hard as you can. Until you experience muscle failure and that muscle will relax way more than a few just tried to convince yourself of relaxing or listening to tapes or music. So. Yeah I'm into it. Let's do it. So we're we're GONNA contract, our butts really hard for sixty until we can't take it anymore and Evans can be relaxed. Should we be setting for this? I. Don't really think it matters because what matters is is that it usually takes if you time it, I, mean you know some people who have stronger pelvic muscles are gonNA last. How many? How many hands? Raised You're GONNA last longer. But what's really so fascinating is to experience at first because in my book I say. You know just. So you know we're we're going to end up just picture this picture an erect penis up against your Anna's but not in there and not trying to get in just like positioned against you're ready to penetrate but not yet. So pictures off like. Every been to a concert and there's so many people you're like crushed against the fence you're not going through the fence, but you like your. It's tight, right? With too many people. Yeah Yeah Yeah sorry. I didn't like. The next floor. Right now. Well no we're. Getting ourselves writing. Time do you of a timer? Yeah Ready. So just so you know what's going to happen. Yeah I'm tell you in in the beginning and then and then in the end about why we're doing this. Okay. Because what I want you to picture is that penis up against your anus. and. but it's not it's you're ready for penetration but not yet we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA do it now for a little bit. Okay. So let's start the clock at sixty seconds everybody squeeze your starfish as hard as you can okay like I'm talking. Now of course. Is that. Starts, now sixty seconds do you ever a tire eleven seconds already? Okay. So you. Just keep just keep it tight. Keep it right as hard as you can't do not. Let go for any reason like you you really have to concentrate and the idea is. Just as hard and as long as you can and I'm just going to sorta coach you that as as time goes by ten twenty seconds, thirty seconds you're fine. Okay. Thirty five seconds you start go forty seconds. Oh, you know and then like right around the fifty second mark. A lot of people are like I'm running out of lithium crystals I can't do this any longer. I can't I can't hold on. A minute now? Okay. So keep going as hard as you can't most people have to release six, and by the way is not have to what you'll notice is you have no choice. But to relax it. And Tell me when you've reached that moment. Or if you're if you're still going to. Be Honest I can't. Do it kept wanting to clench my botox muscles not my. Kunda. Lean muscle. But if you I mean you can do this at home. Okay. and. Our where you can feel like now. Yeah. Because you do you do have to concentrate automatic one what will happen and this is really I mean I have to say it's remarkable. You will not be able to. Keep a tight it is going to relax and it is going to relax so greatly. So. Profoundly that is the moment that your partner should enter you. Oh so tightens up. Did you see what I'm saying. Your victory will be so loose that A. Because is experiencing total muscle failure and when you have total muscle failure this finger even when it gets penetrated cannot do what's called rebound clench. Because it's so exhausted now it's not going to be exhausted for long but the whole point and you know I, invite anybody to listen to to look up PIA nuff because it's It just puts. God neuro muscular. So you're in bed with somebody in their bottom and they're super tight. One of these even asked him to do is just to do this kind of thing. As part of like, you're you're warm up to it right? Right. I mean, obviously, it would be a lot easier if it's a partner or dating or you're in a relationship with. One. into. ACT proprio receptive Niro masculine facilitation yeah that sounds. neuro-muscular muscular newer muscular. Fascinating about your book is the other thing that you talk about is how your but. Hoover vacuum cleaner, and the actually helps you take a Dick because you can actually just suck a dick it. Right. Right. So What are the one of the key things in the book is that you don't Let a penis penetrate you. You let the Pena's come into because if you do some of the excise in the book and you will feel the vacuum that's created when you. Put a finger in there or put sex twain there and guess what why do you think there's so many trips to the Er with cucumbers in lightbulbs and all that because there's a vacuum gets created in the end. And it sucks it up and that's why you should never. Use a sex story that doesn't have a flange on it that will stop the toy from going up your. But yeah, that reminds me of a one time that I hooked up with the puppeteer for the. What is there a Broadway show was it was he was a he was in the poppet. and His. Like sucked and my Dick like a vacuum cleaner and I was like that's a trick. To say something about his hand up the puck no, no no, it was. fisting thing it was like he was just really like He. Stuck shot you know sat on my Dick and it was like You know what was the name of the knocked? It was the dog blue dog 'cause. There's a million people who play that role in for years and years. Outing somebody. But the reality was that he had thought a lot about like. Putting things where they don't belong. and. Of ways it was like I just thought. It was really like it was a talent. You know like a friend of mine says that people who are really good at sex are analogous to somebody who can run a marathon like not everybody just because you can play basketball you're not going to be Michael Jordan and just because you can play the cello doesn't make Yoyo Ma and the. GOES FOR SETS like everybody has sex but some people are excel at that and some people I it's okay just to be average, right? Well I, don't really. Average to be what we shoot for. I. Mean Like my if you ask me what I think of as somebody who's great at saks even if I hadn't slept went up. In other words like what is the theory? You know your countervailing theory of what makes a good sex partner? I would not say stamina. And I wouldn't even say skill because you can. You can be really good at something and just be you know a skilled laborer. Not Yeah. Young. Romance into right right right? It's it's it's passion and passion what. That's what separates somebody the average from the great and when I say. I don't mean like. You know an intensity of you know the. Roses on the bed or or. Even. necessarily. Being Romantic. Passionate to me is what happens when you are actually listening and responding. And giving? The pleasure to your partner that you are so attuned to what they want and what they need that you give it to them. In a way that is pleasurable to them, and that is something if you've ever been with somebody, who's a selfish? A sexually greedy person. They may be really good looking, and by the way, the worst people at sex are the best looking guys I know I'm. Every day. Occurs, because guilty. Yeah Yeah because they are in your looks. Yes and means that you you don't have any history of pledging anybody because you're. You know you just lie there in bed and taking get pleasure on. This until I realized, I was a sex God. Michael. You talk a lot about fear fear anal sex in your book and one of the fears that you bring up is this idea that if somebody starts to enjoy having being the receptive partner in anal sex that they are going to become an insatiable bottom like it's some kind of slippery slope. And I think that is because we as a culture and a community have somehow. Made, an erotic activity into an identity. Because if you think about it bottoming is nothing but a sexual act. And yet. The fear that many people have is that I will become a bottom. Bought them. Right. So there's this psychic prison that we put ourselves in. And or a prison, we don't want to go into a perceived prison. And that can create all kinds of psychic Obstacles to experiencing all that there is to experience sex and I think that is something that we perpetuate all the time. Like if you noticed there, there are no jokes about tops. There are only jokes about bottoms. Right. When was the last time anybody heard? There's nothing but tops in this town. You know like never. So why why is that and the reason I bring it up in the book is because I think there, there are two main fears to bottoming. One is anticipatory pain which we've talked about you know some ways of getting rid of that. And the other is the idea that that if you bought them, you will become feminized. that. You will become this thing called a bottom. And I just sort of bullshit on in in the book because I think labels belong Una can not a man. As as gay men, we've gone through so many obstacles in into our intimacy right? We went through the AIDS pandemic. Now, we're in the COVA pandemic and they're always seem to be some kind of punishment whether. Real or imagined from God, right? Keeping us from being intimate with ourselves happy and at home in our own bodies. That is a really great way to put it. And you know Yeah uh-huh go ahead. Sorry. No, I was GONNA say in the the weird thing is. The covid in some ways is worse because. With HIV at least you you there were ways you could protect yourself from it and. You could still have intimacy and not have sex and not get HIV, but it's that's not true with Kovin, any kind of intimacy Cohen. Is a dangerous thing. So. It's you know but I guess we're well practiced at it. Aren't we? Part of it is like and people are talking about this topic like what do I do you know? The the Spanish flu never technically ended people just gave up because they couldn't find a cure. Died, and then at the roaring twenties came along and you know the musicals Chicago now you know that she's the irony that musical is that she's singing about how great it is to be alive today, and then you can have all the sex that you want. But girl everybody knows dropped dead from the Spanish. So this I imagine like you know ten years from now we'll be singing some new musical about like how great it is to be alive and have all the sexy you want. But you know right now there's a lot of uncertainty and say, one thing that position to people is like you know harm reduction is a great principle to think about it's like absence is going to be just as devastating as you know going the polar opposite so. You. Know limiting some to some degree but giving yourself the ability to have pleasure and intimacy is going to be really critical in surviving any obstacle. Wholeheartedly agree with you I, think. The the the concept of taking something that really came out of the HIV pandemic e. Harm reduction is absolutely crucial to keep yourself. Human. Out Kovin. Because I, do think that there are. You have to chart out the territory for yourself about what is what what is a risk you that may not be a risk to others vice versa, and what are you willing to do? What what risks are you willing to take and which ones are you not? I mean I'm very clear with myself I've always been very clear. About that sexually and you know now with covert non-sexually just going out to eat is A. Is a traumatic decision that you have to make. Tell me. That got my order. Wrong. Almost had a fit. And then it of Shit. But in your book, you talk about fiber being your bottoms best friend. And and you see this like if you ever on like a you know gay websites like logo. You know there's there's an ad on the side is like the bottoming Bajic. Porn Stars don't want you to know about and basically it's a pill. It's silly husks in a pill fiber and. Fiber such a good idea and why does know beans get such a bad reputation frame? Mexico's not doing annual sacks. Yeah. Well, the the basic part is that fiber. Basically compacts all the fecal matter. So that transit it's leaving very little residue in in throughout the canal and so the more fiber you e. and you can tell by looking at the toilet and seeing you know, does it look like? Jackson polacks underwear lords as it looked like a NASCAR card logo. You know you've got a problem you. You know you're not eating enough fiber. Logo. Wire. Tracks. Tracks everywhere. I thought it was like a lot of advertisers. A lot of meat you get what's called in the restaurant business, a food businesses called mud, but right 'cause like it. But is gets very muddy because there's not that fiber there too right. Well, shit all away. Now we interviewed a porn star once on you know it was on a panel with a lot of people talking about doctors anal sex, and he said he got ready for his scenes as a bottom and he would do for three hours basically to make sure that he was absolutely clean inside the doctors. I wouldn't recommend that. Each their own right he had a very he was very proud of the fact that he went through a very rigorous. Yes. Cleansing Cross and I imagine he didn't have water up his but the whole time I think he probably just did it like. Once. Revisited it maybe if there was some more or something, I just can't imagine he was gaining is Colin for three hours. Well the my favourite illustration in the whole book is about what happens when you? Have An. And it shows exactly why Named like talk about an hommant when you when you look at it, you realize. Why it's so bad for you to have an enema because the lawn go. Yes. If you look at the `lustration, it shows it's like an x ray of what happens in during an enema. And what happens is that? You have something called the Sigma Oi Junction, which is basically fintor that stops feces from coming into the anal canal that juncture is closed, but it's not it's a muscle is just a muscle and it remains closed. But when you have an animal that shoots up water. It's going to go beyond the Moi juncture where feces is stored feces is not stored in your anal canal it's stored it stored in the signaled colon. They the ENEMA is going to it's it's literally shooting water up your ass through the signal juncture, which is white stops feces from going into your anal canal, and basically as it rains down, you know gravity pulls the water down. It's taking all the fecal matter down with it and it literally makes your but dirtier than when you first started and that's why it takes hours. For an animal because you are actually creating a shit storm inside your anal canal, your anal canal is way cleaner. Before. You started the process but of course, you know then after hours of doing them. You know the waters run clear but there's just a little. Problem and that's if you look at the Australian, you'll see that the the whole apparatus if you WANNA call. Is Full of foles. Let things are folded upon each other and there's curves and everything that water can't come. It's called anal leakage and it often comes out hours after you're done. So the Levy Faucet yes exactly. Sometimes, eight won't come out for hours right in time for showtime. Right. And There are lots of horror stories about about people using an enema three hours later at the moment of truth. The. Nas Car logo appears. Underwear. If you'RE GONNA have sex in the but sometimes shit happens. Yes. Yes. But I also have an illustration of what happens when you use an anal bulb, which is more of a thing. That it's still not good for you, but at least if you do it right and you don't over squeeze it. It will simply clean out the anal canal and they won't go up to the signaling where. Very, bad and smelly things start happening but it's a good idea to sort of clean your butthole. The same way you would clean your ear canal just scored using a dedicated tool for that like the bulb. Well I mean technically, you shouldn't be using that because anytime that you would something. Yeah and just to be clear why? There are. A couple first of all, putting a something like an anal bulb of but if you don't do correctly, you can tear the lining. The Anal lining so That's a problem there. The other problem is that. When you shoot water up there, it creates parasols. And a lot of times you start getting. You know you can. You can start needing to do that before you take a dump. So. So between those three things, it's just not a good idea to do it on a regular basis but. Mother she was with La Leche League and she said before you can if you think you're gonNA give birth today, go take shit. Always. been my advice to people's like don't worry about douching. Don't worry about AAA or whatever. It's like or you're selling just take shit. If if you'RE GONNA have a hot date tonight, take ship before you meet them and you'll be okay well, sometimes, you don't have control over what? This is this is part of like I talked about buzz management with alcohol I. Think this is like but management with douching labor there are there are probably times like if if if you're F-, you got a date with Mr Man and you know some guy. Want like he is the one and you want this to be a really special night. Shore Blind. But doing it on the regular. You're you're just you know you're much better off just. A necessary. Meeting extra fiber and doing little finger mopping up there in the shower. And that's why you know take most vegans or bottoms. Reason why I'm sure that's part of the reason why? Is Because They WanNa take the Dick's. The only meet. That's going inside them Ainley we'll maybe. So, say there has got. A six inch poll. There was a famous blogger. K. Tyler who became an Internet sensation whether Catchphrase Dick will make you slap somebody. Showed this wonderful cable access show where Her mother just looked at her in horror as she talked about the power of the Vagina and. And the power of the Dick and how sexuality and sexual organs had this ability to really. Shape how we think about ourselves and the world and you you have a passage in your book about why we love. Deck. Station and you know there's there's somebody said is like if there is not a five hard Dick Whitman if there's not a hard dick within a five mile radius nobody's happy. Yeah. I love that illustration is called why we love Dick. And it's I think is going to a great mean that you can. Pass around because. If I can read just a couple of days. So it's called why we love Dick and it's an illustration of a beautiful beautiful. Pena's hard Pena's and the sub-headline is it's big strong and committed, and it must be said without conscience. And basically It's kind of funny but it's also got some very. Interesting things saying about like that you are both. Dominating with your Pena's and you're submitting to your partner's penis and that is what makes it so interesting because it can be your master and it can be your slave. Oh and that's group. That's yeah. I mean if you if you think about it, it owns you. because. If you if you want your Partner's Dick, it owns you what it wants. You will give it. On the other hand if the if the tables were reversed, you own it, you own your partner's Pena's because it's your property and it serves you at your pleasure. It's very young, right? Yeah. Exactly. It's very young. Master slave is such. A harsh terminology can't we have like some type of socialized. Egalitarian relationship. No. Bam. I was getting at is that there's a very thin permeable line between dominance and submission. And I think That your relationship to those two forces. are going to determine the quality and quantity of. In the you know the kind of sex you'RE GONNA have. In. The the more of a relationship you have with both those two phenomenons dominance and submission and realizing that you can have the those experiences at the same time. Is What really makes six exalted? So if you are the receiving partner, you know if you like to bottom, you know what I'm talking about because you are both. Being, submissive and dominating all at the same time and you dominate how can a bottom be the dominant right? It's always like a head scratcher, but if you think about it. WHO calls the shots? When they're? When there is fucking going on if I can be that frank, it's the guy who bought him. Because, he's the one who decides whether. Intercourse is going to happen is not the top it's the guy who bottoms. And not only that. But in the end, how you have of course is going to be determined by the guy who bottoms. So if Is is going to be a condom. Ask. The Guy who bottoms because if he insists on it. Sorry top you're going to have to wear one. That's the way it goes, right? Yeah and I do I do want to say something that's because I know a lot of listeners that's not true because I've been pressured I've been coerced. And What I'm talking about is consensual sex. I'm not talking about being forced into something and yes I mean I've I've been on on both sides and I've I've been the guy who's trying to top somebody and saying You know I want to do this I wanna to do that, and then the other person is saying and I, may actually be able to talk them into it. Okay. But guess what? How much power do I have if I have to talk somebody into doing something. Did you see what I'm saying like With Adam and you know bondage or leather community. It's it's the submission who really submissive person who really. Wields the power because they're the ones who can say, yes or no to the situation what a beautiful paradox you Charge but you it was the in Star Trek the the ladies the. Orion slave girls were in charge all along. Yeah. I. Mean. If if you in in in my book, I talk about like every step of the process. The Guy who tops is probably has the least influence. On it. meets. World. I mean, it's basically a top nothing but a bitch. because. If you. When you read in the bucket, you'll you'll understand what I mean because I know that the top can course I know that, but we're not talking about coercion. We're we're we're talking about Michael is one a up sorry. You'RE GONNA finish. I. Finished. Michael I just want to express a lot of gratitude for your humor and your willingness to not only document these difficult sexual things. But making a manual, a guide that all kinds of people can access and learn from. It's not every day. That's happens you know Dr Ruth Westheimer Shiite here. No more. So we. Can Yes. Oh Great. Too, but she's The need for that I appreciate that I'm just trying to make the world a better way. I do appreciate Michael Do. Do you sometimes? Feel like you're under pressure when you're being sexual someone who like well, Michael doesn't practice what he preaches them as book. Yes it's funny. You say that, but I actually don't for a long time. I wrote my books under a pseudonym because I didn't want that kind of pressure. Say so you're not using the books as like, Hey, look you know I'm I'm fabulous in the bedroom. My Book says so and all these. Writing my is fabulous. I don't know about my writing. I mean, you know the fact is like your book is very celebrated and loved in your. You know fantastic at speaking about this topic that I imagine that you know you have some amorous fans who reach out to. Yeah. Yeah. But like I said I you know for a long time I wrote it under pseudonym Chris. Precisely. Because I I do feel pressure like. You know sex is sometimes a performance and sometimes you close after the first night and. It's just it's just one of those things where. just because you're good at writing it doesn't mean you're good at it. Saying. Teach. Exactly I do. Know I I I really appreciate you guys giving me some airtime auto because. One of the things that I love about writing the book. is seeing the. Facade of hopelessness go down because there are so many people who have given up on their sex lives because they either. False perceptions and ideas. there. They've been battered by society which systemically tells them that. Their desire is wrong. there is no gay sex education none. Unless, you WANNA consider porn but poor, and it's I dunno porn is like learning about sex city. It's like learning about food looking at advertisements for McDonald's. or or you know like being taught how to spell by somebody who doesn't know how to read you know like it's I think. I'm a big fan of porn but. The only thing you're GONNA learn from porn than to how to get off quickly. Is You're GONNA have really. Harmful perceptions of what sex is supposed to be like if you're the top, you're supposed to get hard all the time you're gonNA come like the Trevi Fountain And if you're the bottom nothing, hurts no matter how big and all you have to do is spread your legs and if you if you don't spread your legs and feel no pain than there's something wrong with you know like it's very unrealistic. I love that the book can. Can Be the can occupy the space between. The lack of gay sex education. And the terrible sexists. That porn gives you well, that's the thing is like you know a lot of these right wing movements are field by men. And women who have very disastrous sex lives you know the the I mean the whole in-cell movement is, is men talking about how? Feminism has destroyed their sex lives and really like you know they're destroying their sex lives is that they don't have sexual education and Feminism's actually trying to heal that and so literally it's like somebody who's drowning who instead of swimming up for air they're going the opposite direction and getting making things worse. Right and that little little education goes a long way. And unfortunately you know I don't know of working to get through this because it's like sexual education is diminishing in the United States and and certainly it's is a cause of a lot of despair and sadness where people and you know even the where like a very well listen to you know not everybody listens to fun not everybody has the wherewithal to seek out solutions to the. Problems that they have. But at least there is porn out there. So people canceled because when I was young, I didn't have any access to gay porn. So the idea that like I was a quandary, I'm like can addict really fit up but it seemed like it was like almost an impossible task. But then you see important you're like it can't happen. There are unicorns out there. Michael I WANNA. Thank you for coming on the podcast today and talking about your book. How to bottom like a porn star we learned a lot today. Well I appreciate the opportunity. So you guys take care and hopefully I will be back on the show with a third edition of. Michael. What city are you based out of? I'm in. Atlanta the small town with the big band. Thank you Michael Yeah absolutely guys take care. Thank you Michael by Michael. L. VR lives in Atlanta Georgia. Then Bell you can check out how to bottom like a porn star through the links on our website feast to fund dot Com, and of course, you're listening on your podcast player can scroll down to the show notes and there should be a link there as well. It's click that link and we got a little percentage of those sale a nickel. But you know what every little bit helps. Everybody buys the book through our links does make a big difference and then of course, you all your Christmas shopping to do that. Good. Actually, it's a good stocking stuffer. Really it is. It's a nice. It's a nice inexpensive fun to read book. It's a great I, call it a a beach vacation or toilet look by it for your partners. Somebody you WANNA have sex with somebody who you think needs to have anal sacs and it's you know in terms of guests is actually a helpful useful lighthearted look at Anal, sacs that may make somebody changed the way they think about themselves and their body and I really I. You know I enjoy looking. At. The medical entries because there are good drawings, they are good L. Associations on what's going on in there because sometimes you know you kind of forget my friend Christopher Rincon, who is a visual artist and a painter and he and I used to perform together as soft men back into the early nineties. He did a painting a very much like Michael's medical illustrations of of the two men having anal sex in a cross section and people said, it looks like an ear canal. And so he had he took it to an exhibition at the University of Texas at Austin and it caused US scandal. Because people at first, you don't realize what it is. And then you realize what it is and you're like Oh shit home. Owned and it was like. Hanging the Harry Ransom Center. which is a kind of imagine at the the the equivalent of the it's not the metropolitan opera, but it's a place where a lot of Hoity toity. Rock. Concerts. Concerts musical theater orchestras perform matt and people were just like this needs to get. Our folks, we can't do this podcast without your support. So if you not a plus member yet sign up today if he's to fund dot com slash plus because your contribution to the show is what makes this show happen and you can access all the hot tea honey and all the colds he to and ice tea sweetie and this we and salty and bitter tea at our of Patriot on page patron dot com slash fees to fund, and also, of course, fees to fund dot com slash plus thousands of legendary podcasts with incredible people, sex experts, or sex perks. In the field who might awaken something magical inside you and you could go on the journey of one just because you may not be having sex with another person or wanting to have sex with a person right now, you can still unlock the mysteries and the magic of your wonderland that is the human body. Thank you so much for listening. I really had a great time. It's weird guy came about sex with Michael and with you, it's always knew. I'll say. Thanks for listening.

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PT Cruiser Pt.II - A Custom-Built Downfall

Past Gas

33:00 min | 1 year ago

PT Cruiser Pt.II - A Custom-Built Downfall

"Hey It's me Holler Moriarty proprietor of the PODCAST Network Collins last stand co host of the mega popular playstation podcast sacred symbols and also co host. Another show that I think you may enjoy a retro and esteemed romp called knockback. I co host. The show with my brother Emmy Award winning sesame workshop lead animator and character designer digging Moriarty and we posted new episode each and every week celebrating. All that mattered most to us growing up from the seventies eighties eighties nineties and beyond on one episode. We'll talk about an old video game on another classic movie and another yet stories from our past delving into all things old school. If you WANNA tickle those gestalt muscles within you remember the glory days of years gone and have a lot of laughs while doing it join us for knockback with new episodes posted each and every Thursday on your favorite podcast service all right. Hey welcome back to past gas the media podcast. Thank you so much for joining us once again. My name is Nolan. Sykes Aches James is not in this week again because He's taken some rest so with me. Today I have one Joe Weber Heo and Dan one. Jeremiah Burton Hello Hello. They are both riders at Doughnut Media. And they're great guys and we just last week we had a ton of fun talking about the PT Cruiser. which we're GONNA continue today was was that last week already lost? Hey guys welcome to the pass gas. Ask podcast if you like passed gas. Please help us grow by giving us a good rating and a nicer view on the podcast platform of your choice. Really help us out and I really appreciate it so so. Thank you all right now for the show all right heading into the new Millennium Chrysler had a lot of good energy surrounding them stirred the prowler. He didn't do amazing. But it gave Chrysler much-needed image rebranding and got people excited for what was to come. They had spent the better part of a decade designing and engineering a new car using the most sophisticated technology on the planet and they were confident it was going to be a hit. The PT Cruiser was Chrysler's flers savior. Chrysler chose a plant into Luca Mexico right outside of Mexico City to begin production on the new car. This Chrysler plant had a reputation for building. High Quality. Cars on a shoestring budget says workers were not paid very well. I don't know This plant also made dodge see brings and strategize strategists dodge stratos the Gulf of the year. Two thousand the first year of production for the PT Cruiser was to build one hundred eighty thousand thousand of them but Chrysler immediately ran into a problem. The car in the engine were assembled on separate production lines until the engine has to go into into the engine bay. Chrysler did this all the time but because everything on the PT cruiser was machine to fit perfectly. There is literally no room for error. The engine in Bay had only point six of an inch clearance experience. Workers struggled to fit the engine into the pizza. Cruiser and for the first couple of weeks of production. The only we finished one car a day for Reference Ferrari today builds about twenty cars a day. The only way that deluca plant could do it was by stopping both assembly assembly lines until the engine had been installed in one car something needed to be done quickly if they were ever going to meet the one hundred eighty thousand car quota can you imagine being on the production line and like you're in the middle somewhere like do I'm good at making doors putting doors on this thing right those baths at the time. Just do your job put the engine. I do WANNA be the guy gets to run up and like hit the red but the next stop C. I. A.. You got to put the engineering guys what you will need. You solve the problem. Exact Gary Henson told the plant manager Luiz Rivas to practice the process for two weeks. The workers set up a three section practice area in a corner of the factory. Each sector had five workers and if they could not complete their task before the car move to the next section the line would hold until the could seems pretty reasonable at the end of the two week practice session. The plant went from one car a day to one car. Every ten minutes conventionally as production got into a groove and Chrysler selling cars that deluca plant could build one. PT Cruiser every eighty seconds. Problem solve so act. That whole thing was because there is only point. Six of an inch I think combined or light so like when you're dropping the motor and before the hoods on. Yeah you have a little bit more than half an inch to squeeze in the voter to get it in in place because they used all these cats systems engineers designed it to be as practical and like utilitarian. Tehran is possible right so they used every square inch every square inch of space and then the workers figured it out engineers are Dick's the year two thousand was huge for the PT cruiser. The car officially went on sale in March and people went crazy for them for the first year the not only came in two trim levels base model. PT's had an MS RPM of fifteen thousand four hundred fifty dollars and the highest trim level the limited addition came in at eighteen thousand two hundred sixty which according to my inflation calculator. Fifteen thousand four fifty in today's money as twenty three thousand one hundred seventy one dollars. It's more expensive than I thought. And then the top of the line trim at eighteen thousand to sixty is the same as is twenty seven thousand three hundred eighty five dollars to twenty three thousand dollar car or twenty seven thousand dollar car. What what can you get for twenty three grand today civics Cross track severe across getting a Nice Kia. If you'd like but it was going up against Camrys and yes and probably record and there's probably a lot of people like people cross shop really weird stuff all the time I bet. There's people cross shopping against like GPS Sherry Raff four four. Yeah that kind of stuff pretty pretty small compared to this right so this had five more cubic feet of cargo space raffling around our. Okay Yeah Okay Anyway at that price point even the most expensive. PT was pretty affordable customers loved the PTA for its unique heritage inspired. Styling and utilitarian design nine. Don't you ever say retro. It was reliable cheap fund and had a cool factor. It didn't look anything else on the road which was again we have to remember. This car is a huge deal back then and that was a large reason why was the looks pretty groundbreaking dealers couldn't keep these things in stock and soon weightless filled up one in guy from Louisiana bought one of the first. PT's in his State and someone stopped him on the street and immediately bought it with cash for more than he paid even though it ahead of cracked windshield. That shows the demand for these cars. The hype for the Peachy cruiser created was on par with the new beetle. At the time. It was a hit right off the bat and the bigwigs at Chrysler eating it up especially Tom Gale Tom Gale and senior vice president of design. Trevor Creed these two guys were the official hype men for the cruiser. They always knew when to drop a cruiser mania or PT fever interviewed to blow the whole situation out out of proportion so most of the quotes in this book are from these two guys and to their own horn a little bit there to their own horn there too in the PT's horn fine. It's hilarious because Tom Gale was involved in a lot of other cars at Chrysler head of design like he was one of the reasons. The Viper forgot built he. was you know the NEON S Rt.. He was head of. Sat for Awhile. Yeah he's a hot rod enthusiasts. Yeah but like he's super jazzed about the P. T. he as well but also it makes sense 'cause like last week we learned they sold over a million of these right. Yeah so he's making money honey. You know you go sell a million of anything. You're doing pretty good. That's true. We were like different people last week. uh-huh whether it was a rear luggage rack front end bra or polished. Chrome Wheels Chrysler encourage drivers to customize their. PT's Tom Tom Gale said it fits any lifestyle. Some may seem as a tribute to the classic era a street rod others as multifaceted and functional light truck in a class last of its own or some is simply a cool senate wheel boy. Tom The speed equipment manufacturing association or SEMA show in late two thousand was packed. Full of custom PD cruisers. This is when it gets really good. There was a Louis Vitton. Cruiser Maytag hewer cruiser cruiser. Even a futuristic woody concept Tom Gale personally debuted gt cruiser concept with a turbocharged. Two point. Four liter inline nine four but the most exciting had to be the Brian. Setzer of Self Setzer cruiser Accidentally Typing Seltzer. I I thought his name was. Brian Seltzer L. Just so these are all just one off. Build that people brought to seem Became you have your laptop in front of you. I suggest you look up the volume peekers right now. I'll describe the picture that I see Yup Bright Candy Blue Chrome wheels. It has red flames going down the side with lock texts that says vote them in and the flames and a guy standing outside at Planer. Red Guitar Guy. That's fine Seltzer. Dude if you took the year two thousand and boiled down into a syrup the boom cruiser is just that like Jeremiah mentioned. It's painted in electric blue with yellow and orange flames. This was customized is by Chrysler. PACIFICA advanced product design center. It features a built in guitar rack. An amplifier inside the cab and the word vote on the fender which was actually a promotion for Seltzer. 's album of the same name. Oh my tail lights and bright orange. Leather seats says class like bright orange leather. We'll get back more. Pass gas right now. Over sponsors in the first year production Chrysler sold one hundred seventy five thousand. PT cruisers across fifty eight different countries. Hang that it was good news as they had planned to sell one hundred thousand so a little short but that's all right. The better news was that Chrysler received three hundred thousand expressions. Sion's of interest in buying next year's model gotTa love those expressions of interest who Yeah I'm interested. That means nothing to me. I express breasts my insurance shout it from your from your rooftop. It's my money and I. I do declare I made interest traced to deal with the demand Chrysler started producing European. PT cruisers at a plant in Grozny Austria when when that proved to be not enough they spent three hundred million dollars to expand the tha Luca Mexico plant in order to bump production up to eighty thousand more your. PT's a year. This is going bananas in two thousand one Chrysler debut the PT. Woody and dream cruisers. The woody was a limited run of one thousand cars and in nineteen sixties surf style wagon complete with a vinyl wood. paneling on the doors it was modeled after the nineteen forty one of nineteen fifty Chrysler town town and country and apparently it was a GLOB ration- with East Coast. Based Ron. John Surf shops those keychains. I used to live right by Ranjan. Yeah Yeah Yeah. The dream cruiser was named after an annual event in Detroit the Woodward Dream cruise every year. One point five million people in thirty thousand cars. What crews Woodward Street one of the best crews strips in the US they only made seventy five hundred dream cruisers that had numbered plaques on the Middle Console on so it's like really gaudy big plaque the inca gold with gold colored matrix leather seats? Oh yeah the so there. Leather had it. It was called Matrix Leather. One crazy special edition that I'm actually pretty jealous of was sold exclusively in the UK has called the PT cruiser Nintendo ds addition feature tune in D S.'s. Unique badging intended windows. Only one hundred of them were made. Unfortunately Chrysler would show up to events like BMX amax contests and the touch me to her. What that's exactly what you want to name your tour going to young kids playing nine video game touch me tour which was a get inside my van? It's actually a light truck. One notable one being the V ten powered PT ten had a flatbed and a viper engine in it that boasted five hundred horsepower. That's so sick but that wasn't the most exciting thing that happened that year. Believe it or not at the two thousand and One New York International Auto Show Trevor Creed debuted the PT. Cruiser Convertible Chrysler Chrysler saw it as a necessary evolution in a sector of cars that they already had foothold in Chrysler basically owned the convertible market in the US At the the time other car manufacturers weren't producing many drop tops and the SEIB ring made up fifteen percent of the convertible market. That's just the seabourn Chrysler was hoping to add to that success with the PT convertible. Stop for one second thing about how crazy that is. One car makes up fifteen percent of Actor of of Card Chrysler and guess what Chrysler was right. People responded convertible concept very well the regular PT cruiser. Also one motor trends France car of the year award in two thousand and one which still very impressive the PG cruiser was meant to appeal to a younger audience it was cheap customizable and most importantly unique. Thank but when Chrysler took a look at who was buying it. They were surprised. It wasn't so much cool young hipsters as old oldies as it turns out when you build a car. That's meant to look like. It's a car from the thirties. The only people that by people who lived through the thirties as an added bonus older people loved and how easy it was to get in and out of how high the seats were. It was also very quiet. Millions of dollars in development money had been spent in the N. V. H. Department or noise vibration in harshness to decrease engine road and wind noise. This is like the same problem that the Ceylon XP had because they developed a really practical hip unique looking car for young people but it was also very easy to get in and out of so only old people by the one with the commercial at the dancing mice. Now that's the key assault which also it was also very easy to get in and out of a very practical and unique collecting in the old people. Buy It. Actually one of my ex girlfriends drove one knows good car you're like Cihan whereas like okay. There's all these old people are buying cars. Let's have concerts and art show to attract younger buyers and and Martin is crazy though like they spent hours and hours in like hundreds and thousands millions of dollars is to be like this is the people we're going to go after and then they release his car. It becomes a success but not with the people that they designed for. That's just crazy. It didn't matter if the customers were older not pt cruisers. Were still selling and the people who bought them love them. Maybe some people didn't get it but the ones who did they went all win if there's one thing to be said about the PT Cruiser community. It's at the fans are hardcore. Still even today there are active peachy. Cruiser clubs all around the country and in other countries like Japan England Italia Italia Australia Germany and and the Netherlands. There's even a magazine called Cruiser Quarterly Chrysler bought into this early on and started hosting events centered around the PT cruiser there was the a PT Block party an annual event over three thousand PT cruisers could show up and talk to other owners showoff their cars and mods and even customize their PT. Then there at the Mo- par speed shop which featured a bunch of aftermarket parts. The first one was held at six flags great America in Gurney Illinois with a concert at the end emceed by Casey Kasem that featured act like Chuck Berry and Little Anthony. And the imperials and those guys. I think that's a huge get first of all Casey Kasem Little Anthony easy gays definitely goes towards. There's the older audience for sure they're having these events like block party events and it's cool it kind of trump this Energy within the community people bring their PT's and shut off their flames or whatever like it's always flames one year the PT Block party was held on route. Sixty six at the head of the pack was a street cruiser route sixty six edition dedicated to the mother road honestly. This is really hard to convince people. This is a cool car when they keep doing stuff like this at the time. Like I'm pretty sure. Route Sixty six was like played out by that. Yeah I'd say so. That life is a highway song. When did I come out? I don't even know. The event ended in Pomona California at the fair plex that was decorated like nineteen fifties town quote. They held model competitions with the kids. Had A drag strip where you kid test the yet to be released. PT CRUISER GT and. There's a concert by none other than our friends little anthony and the imperials little entities really cashing in on this cruiser man. He's he knows a good thing when he sees it. Chrysler highly. Encourage drivers to customize is there. PT's play and have fun with them. They use these events to listen to customer requests and what they expected future models so they're taking notes from their loyal customers which which is really smart. Two thousand two was the first year that clutch Lewis Electric gear shifting was available called auto stick. Yeah it was done by levers next to the steering wheel Oh my goodness this is our first year you could get your pt cruiser with flame decals from the factory factory l.. Yeah the flame option came in four different paint schemes black inferno red deep. CRANBERRY in silver. Damn dude the cranberries. My favorite deep cranberry has it blew so these are just the colors of the flames. You could jet. These are the like Plame packages order and it was just a paint scheme with vinyl flames on it and this silver one. I don't know why anyone would get that. It doesn't you can barely even tell those flames on it but the cranberry one is blue flames or melt. I remember this one. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's it right. Yeah Yeah I remember those. I'm pretty sure someone in my town how these things I I love the PT Cruiser. And I just had a wave of love and too stodgy for this thing. We're not even done yet. The PT Cruiser GT debuted in two thousand and three it had a turbocharged two point four liter four cylinder that made two hundred fifteen horsepower. I believe this is the same engine that was in the NEON S. Rt four it featured an aluminum engine block instead of the usual. CAST DARN one. That's awesome as well as a redesigned head and crank. They use the sound as a marketing device saying that it doesn't sound like a normal p. t. they also added Special Acoustic Cousteau dampeners in the turbo intake manifold but killed all turbo noises. That's what the understand about this whole thing. They they're like. Oh this thing sounds cool. But then they're like but don't put any turbo noises like make sure listen. They're they're going for that older crowd. They liked quiet. Riot's what what's the name for that department envy H gration harmonic. They were like. Don't you dare Bratislava. Can you imagine if an old personnel like what's interesting about this engine. If I'm correct is that that it doesn't have a muffler. The turbo killed enough of the noise that it didn't need that and that's kind of the same thing you hear when you see like a Fiat. Five Hundred Barth Same same deal. Yeah Yeah Jay Cutler as a sound awesome right but I bet it was just too loud for that. PT Crowd Yeah honestly. Chrysler wanted to appeal to a younger crowd and younger crowds want lapel. Beta and Mo- pal. They got nothing screw arguably the best of all time came a year later in two thousand four the PT cruiser Gt Turbo. High output had an updated version of the turbocharged two point four liter. That now made two hundred twenty horsepower. Paired haired with five speed transmission e could go zero to sixty in seven point five seconds. It did come with an automatic option that had zero time on those half a second slower. Isn't that crazy that there's a half a second difference between the automatic and manual. Usually at this time. Yeah I mean usually automatics faster Mr nowadays nowadays this is just a bad transmission the MS RPM of the GT was twenty. Eight thousand dollars back. Then which is about forty thirty one thousand dollars today Q.. MAGIN spending forty one thousand dollars on a PT cruiser. It's been twice that again. Chrysler was sending mixed signals the the GT was aimed at a younger audience. But the price didn't reflect. That isn't that that's the truth. Man still still like that. We'll get back to more pass gas right now over. It must sponsors cades me Halla Moriarty proprietor of the PODCAST podcast network Collins last stand co host of the mega popular playstation podcast sacred symbols and also co host up another. Show that I think you may enjoy a retro. And the style JE themed rump called knock-back I co host. The show with my brother Emmy Award winning sesame workshop lead animator and character designer digging Moriarty and post a new episode each and every week celebrating. All that mattered most was to us growing up from the seventies eighties nineties and beyond on one episode. We'll talk about it on video game and on another a classic movie and another yet stories from our past delving into all things old school. If you WANNA tickle those nostalgic muscles within you remember the glory days of years gone and have a lot of laughs while doing it join us for knockback with new episodes posted each and every Thursday on on your favorite podcast service. Two thousand four was the first year you could buy a PT cruiser convertible from the factory. Fans had been holding their breath for four years since the concept debuted in two thousand one instead of retrofitting and already existing. PT Cruiser convertible was designed from the ground up as convertible nothing from the a pillar back on the convertible it's interchangeable with the regular PT cruiser. That's pretty incredible. Chrysler engineers used a CAD system or computer the design system to fortify structural integrity. The sport bar stretched across the cabin helped with rigidity. The stiffer body meant a quieter ride. Better handling limited twist and bend. It was actually much quieter than most convertibles the NBA team went crazy with sound dampening. It was said that you could have had a picnic table conversation with your passenger while the top was down. That's definitely some corporate marketing. Speak Their the sports bar also moved air over the car so it didn't get it sucked back in the cabin. That's very cool. It had a slightly different grille and a bumper the same color as the car instead of the dark gray plastic bumpers on the rest of the models which is very good but like pt enthusiasts hated this new update. I don't know why I feel like the the bumper of the same color. Looks better than the big gray the bumper and they also met with the grill a little bit. Let's get some opinion going here. Some hot takes like it's like a separate peace in the earlier ones right. Yeah and then they yea kind of molded it. I do like the older one really. Yeah the grill portion on the new one. It doesn't go all the way down. Yeah it doesn't drop down like the the old one definitely looks like the old one better. I don't like the gray bumper but I do like the grill butter on the older one. I can't believe I'm saying what am I talking about the regular. Pt was updated as well with the new front from the outside. It would seem like a small change but PT Loyalists. It was a slap in the face so so much so that the called any cruiser from two thousand and four on Second Gen even though technically there is only one generation over the life of the peachy the face lift the general public also began to turn on the heritage cruiser as well. Maybe it was the lame corporate custom. MODs maybe it was that only only old people drove them and old people are generally not great drivers or maybe as that. Michael Scott drove one in the office. It wasn't a superficial issues either. peachy cruisers with plagued with real mechanical problems as well reliability was bad. The gas mileage is bad. He was too small to be a utility vehicle. And you'd be much much better off buying something like a Honda Element that was actually more utilitarian and way more reliable. The engine was hard to work on. Because of that clearance the air intake. Jake needed to be taken out to access the battery. Oh my God. It had a huge useless turn radius and blind spots Galore. PT Interiors felt cheap plastic. Okay before long sales dropped drastically and the end was in sight the PT Cruiser had become a joke car. That old people drove in no matter. What Chrysler did did the reverse that? Image production finally ended in two thousand ten with over one million peachy cruisers spending ten years of production. Wow Yeah I think there are other Russia cars coming out. Sorry heritage designed cars at the time others the SS our truck. So I think what they did was like this car is trying to be too much. Let's just split it into a bunch of different cars. But that's where the the crossfire came out of the Pacific If you you look at it kind of looks like a Surf Wagon has like the texture side that we could almost be like what grain or whatever then the HR came out and took a huge chunk out of PT tails. Well Yeah I mean in. Hr just looks like a boxer version of Anti cruiser also so a big thing that led to the cars downfall. I remember reading somewhere that the reason they're able to sell so many of them is that they just sold to anybody regardless yup credit. Oh Yeah Like pre this is like before the recession and everything but like people would buy these cars zero money down crazy interest rates and by the time they were done paying the car off the card depreciated like seventy five percent or something over the course of like three years which really messed messed up the reputation share. Oh so what do you think Jerem I. What do I mean we begin this series trying to change your mind on the PT Cruiser? And tell you it's a good car and then we ended the story by saying a piece of well like all kinds of cars that I don't know much about but then dig big dig into which is pretty much what we do for up to speed the PT Cruiser has some who models the best one is that pfeiffer truck on I mean it's a one off think I think I think that's the best best peekers if you're going to get a PT cruiser. It's gotTa have a viper motor and a three foot bed that you could put but I don't know some apple crates or something I don't it's not like it's a very big bed back there because that's what you're doing if you own one of those is you're going from the apple farm. You're an apple farmer. The apple stand very clearly apple person But it's still you know it's Just not for me. I don't think not for not for me. Okay I think I I think we could change your mind if we took to. Pt Event which actually we just hired a limo waiting outside. Oh The yes okay. Yeah I just like that. People love their own car. These guys are still sounds like they're going pretty strong. Yeah so the thing about that. Uh there's too many clubs to research in the short amount of time I had so I really like spend time researching this Colorado cruisers club MHM which is open to any cruiser. Oh by the way but is Most people in this club have PT's and the woman who they interviewed is like in her late fifty s and she was like. I'm considered young for this ono and I went to their website. And there's a really passive aggressive live post. It's not updated much anymore but let me read you this please please do. We've had only a handful of people this past year. Help US organize places Acess to go and things to do. We do enjoy meeting with you every month but we are running out of ideas we need you to step up and get us set up for activities such as parades going to interesting esteem places restaurants etc.. We all have very busy lives but if we want to continue to have fun together we honestly need your help. That's what a club is in a group of folks not individuals. Love Tammy drama. I mean yeah I mean tomorrow and if you're going to be a part of the club This group is crazy. There's a guy that spent one hundred thousand dollars. Oh this is yeah. He got like some well-known comic book artists to do like an air brush. I'm trying to back right as well as like incredible flames but some guy in this group made a v Eight hemi powered rear wheel conversion of it and yeah. I think that might be my favorite. I think really fun project would be one of the turbo cars Make that two super fast depends how cheap if someone gave you it you spend. Would you spend time time and money to work on it and like make it better The that that that that's the test. That's litmus test is someone gave it to you and they're like okay would you want. Would you money until I wouldn't dump money I'd probably I'd here's I do. How would ask our our boy? Jimmy I would get the wheel dimensions of the car I'd say hey. Find me the most ridiculous knockoff wheels. You can for this car. And then I I'd buy some cheap suspension slam. It put dumb wheels on it and begun with it. I think it stupid you know what I would do. I'd raise the roof and other two feet converted to three. We all all right so we have some mixed feelings. Thank you so much listening to pass. Gas has followed donut on Everything follow our Youtube Channel. If you haven't watched videos at for some reason follow us at Dona media on instagram twitter. Follow me on twitter at Nolan J sites and and on Instagram and Andrea sites me on twitter at at Joe Webb at Joe where my other plug was for my instagram. It's just going around the circle. Yeah I only have one instagram at Jeremiah. Bird Polish. All thank you so much for listening again we're GonNa talk about the Nissan. Gtri next week so stick the thank you very much for listening. Bye Love you guys. I'll make this quick so you can get back to your murder podcast or whatever. You're listening to I'm drama from group chat the number one podcast in the world. We make cool people smarter and Smart People Cooler Seriously. Our topics ranged from Kim Kardashian to Jeff bezos goes to Donald Trump and everything in between if you want to be entertained and educated. Check us out right now in the podcast APP. Just search group chat by the way. The EX boyfriend isn't the killer. It's her best friend who is sorry for ruining that but now you have a little bit more time give a listen.

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Oktoberfest in Your Kitchen!

The Maria Liberati Show

36:21 min | 6 months ago

Oktoberfest in Your Kitchen!

"Hey listeners if you haven't heard about anchored dot fm it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain angered dot. Fm is free. There's creation tools that allow you to record. And edit your podcast right from your phone. Or computer will distribute your podcast. Were you so. It can be heard on spotify apple podcasts. And many more you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Download the free app or go to anger dot. Fm to get started. That's a. n. C. h. r. dot fm. Welcome to the. Maria liberati show where food meets art travel and life. This is maria liberati. This is the show. Everyone has to answer the question. What does food mean to you. Tell me a recorded sound by of sixty seconds or less or a written post of fifty words or less post on social media. Hashtag marie liberati show if your sound bite or hashtag selected to be part of an upcoming segment. I'll send you an autographed copy of my book. The basic art of italian cooking to you as special thanks and just a reminder. I am having a lot of contests going on and giveaways if you follow me on instagram at maria liberati Find out about my contest. We just give gave away a of my book basic art of pasta and or having some really neat giveaways for the holidays with a couple of food companies. You'll find out about that on my instagram account. Just follow me on my instagram account. And you'll have a chance for some of these giveaways for the giveaways coming up in november and december are only for listeners in the united states but we will have some more giveaways of book for our international listeners. Also but again. Just follow me on instagram at maria liberati. You can also follow me. For my hashtag. Friday favorites on facebook at chef. Maria liberati and twitter at murray liberati with a capital n. And of course my website. Maria liberati dot com so two thousand and twenty will go down as the year without an october fest. Yes this was. I think the first year that october fest was cancelled in germany and the ever so popular beer though is gaining in even more popularity in places that hardly used the trickle of the stuff before while sales of mass produce be or have been faltering slightly. The craft beer sales have been rising and there are more micro and nano breweries popping up all over the world in italy. Beer is being served in place of wine at meals more regularly and in watering holes. Of course there was always fear in italy but it always took a backseat to wine and cooking with beer has also become just as popular there as well as all around the world. I was hesitant when i was recently. Asked to develop recipes for a beer company but never realized how easy it is to cook with beer. It's even more economical most times than cooking with wine in all my recipes. I use mainly darker. Malt beers work with stronger-tasting foods lake beer with sauteed peppers and bureau sauteed mushrooms using beer in place of white wine for the home cook. The recipes are easy to follow and beer is usually conveniently available in your fridge when you cook with just like when you cook with wine you should serve it with that vary brew that you used in your recipe. As mentioned the best of using this recipe is a dark mall to get the best results. But you can certainly try with whatever you have in the fridge to make it a quick easy experience beer with pasta. Who would have thought. But here's this delicious dish that uses few silly pasta and beer. And if you can't find few silly pasta protein e pasta will do well just the same. Just remember make sure it's Make sure the pastas meet with them. Lena flour and again for best results dark malt beers work best. But if you just have beer in your fridge to make it less complicated try the recipe with whatever. Beer that you do have. Here's my recipe for awkward. I call sparkling few silly one pound of few silly pasta half a cup of cream or type of a cream And you can make a vegan creamy using soy milk and cornstarch one pound of mushrooms clean stems removed and sliced one clue of garlic one cup of beer three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil two tablespoons of broth beef chicken or vegetable salt and pepper to taste three tablespoons of parmigiano reggiano cheese graded or shaved. And i always tell everyone if you want to make this a vegan dish. This is definitely vegetarian. If you use vegetable broth if you wanna make it vegan just get in substitutes for the dairy ingredients the parmigiano reggiano and the cream and you can use. I've used nutritional yeast to get that cheese flavor without the dairy so without the parmigiano reggiano you could also put in nutritional yeast. So you're going to place the olive oil and garlic in the saute pan saute over medium heat until the garlic starts to turn golden ad in the mushrooms and saute till tender added in the cream. And the broth remember. It's vegetable chicken or beef. My preferences vegetable star lead simmer on low for three minutes then add in the beer and continue to st simmer stirring every so often until the sauces a creamy creamy consistency. And what's going to happen. Is the alcohol actually burns off. And you're left with the flavor of the beer and you. You have this thick creamy consistency. Meanwhile while that's happening you're going to cook your few silly or routine pasta till al dente. And i always tell everyone followed the directions on the package of the pasta that you have. That manufacturer usually knows the best cooking time for their product and of course taste as well to make sure. That's to your liking. You know you may want the pasta cooked a little less or a little more so remember when it's almost done cooking taste it to to see where you're at one of the few silly or done going to drain then top few silly with mushroom beer sauce. And then top that with some type of grated cheese or as i said nutritional yeast and a handful of freshly chopped. Parsley definitely garnishes the dish. And serve this with a glass of the beer. The very same beer that you used to cook the dish and you have. It sparkling few silly. Hey hughes missing. October fast when you have your own day. She can cook at home with beer. I had someone as my special guest to gosh. I think we've known each other for a long time. And i know if you are talking about gary is the person to go to. This is gary monto rousseau. And he's the host of what's on tap you want to know on. Pbs of beer connoisseur. I mean if you want to know anything about beer. Gary is the guy to go to gary. Thank you so much for being with me today. Maria it's a pleasure to chat with you as you mentioned. We've gotten together in so many years. We used to do those. Those events. all over the tri-state area and let's face. It co corona viruses. Just put a damper on everything right now. yeah so. unfortunately we haven't were not going to be able to to do one of those events this year but it's nice that we're able to get together this way anyway. At least we get to chat and catch up. But you know what gary so. I had mentioned that. I am going to be doing some recipes on cooking with beer and i wanted to ask you. Do you have any favorite recipes do you. I know you're really a beer connoisseur. And i know sometimes wine connoisseurs shy away from cooking with wine. But do you have any like. Do you get bob with cooking with beer. Any favorite recipes. I unfortunately have to decline you. Don't want me to cook maria. Let me tell you i mean. I have to stand over pot of boiling water to make sure i'm doing it right. That's no problem. That's like i i as i was telling you. I know the like somalia as a wine connoiseurs they generally. They don't cook with wine and it's kind of the same thing so i'm thinking you know what you probably 'cause you know so much about beer so so tell you know. I know we started talking about. Because i was mentioning that the last time i was in italy because of the rising prices of wine and food trends people even in italy are getting more into beer then wine and they're cooking with your an beer is just all over the place so i was really shocked because i was seeing more people coming out of stores with lots of different beers than wine. Which about you know ten to fifteen years ago you would hardly see them buying beer there every so often you would but but anyway. So you're telling me there's some really interesting beers coming out of italy are i was actually exposed to them. primarily in new york city. Believe it or not At a place. I know you're familiar with is called. Italy s yes absolutely remarkable One of the principals involved with that was a fellow. By name of sam kelly joan. Who as you probably know. Owns a dogfish head brewery over in milton delaware. Yes as sam was involved with that. And i got to meet a couple of Italian brewers who were over kind of learning the craft and getting into the american way of doing things of brewing and They released several beers. Which i believe are still carried over at italy in new york and maybe another locations as well. One thing i like about the italian you might imagine. They're integrating ingredients that are indigenous to see some date. You're going to see. Some chestnuts incorporated into these flavors and the bears. Trust me when i tell you this. I have some bottles down. In my basement or completely well-made i'm thinking of companies like balanchine and it officio with tagliani heard. The mind does use the two countries. I absolutely fell in love. When i did get to meet a couple of the brewers as well and Chatted with them a bit over over some of their beers and their. I'm just really really impressed. There are beers being created good beers literally from all over the world every year. We think of the beer. Capitals world is being You know. Belgium czech republic in england her example but there are some countries that are developing quickly in terms of a beer. And we're thinking some really nice mexican beers coming out as well. I'm talking about mexican. Craft beers walkabout italy. We're talking about you even poll obscene things from poland italy. Yeah really loved the beers coming out from from italy. And and i'm more interested. You talk about cooking with beer. I'm frankly more interested in the pairing of flavors. How would this. And i was just about to ask you that. So you know. I talked to a wine expert about because it's really difficult to go out now to different places. I talk to her about setting up a wine tasting in your home so i think that would be interesting like do you think. Could somebody tried to set up their own bureau tasting. You know if you wanna just for fun. Say on a friday or weekend. Do your own beer tasting do you think. Could you give us any tips on setting up your own beer tasting. I've done those and regardless of have you set up. You know we can kinda pull things from the white people as well. There are things on vertical tastings. Yeah and a political tasting as you know is when you take me. I'm going to go back to one. For example you take a certain wine and you do different years so you kind of make do two thousand eighteen seventeen sixteen fifteen and see how the flavors solved if you will over those years or we're doing the same thing in the world because you can now sell her by celery mean age certain beers a beer celery which may shock some people with got involved with that. I'm going to tell you a little bit about that in into this more. But a fellow. By the name of andy musser. And if you're in the philadelphia area you're going to recognize him. He was philadelphia phillies broadcaster for so many years than and i developed the rather close friendship and i will say this as a broadcaster. He was traveling literally all over the country to cover phillies games and as he's going around the country he's visiting breweries from the city cities in how to make a long story short. He struck up a friendship with a fellow by the name of fritz maytag that they maytag may sound familiar to you through maytag appliances. Fritz did not become part of that industry. He rather in san francisco bought a failing brewery at the time. I'm going back to the nineteen sixties. I believe called anchor. Brewing anchor still exists. Although fritz sold the company several years ago but a- fritz is is all i for two still life. He's a renaissance man speaks fluent japanese. And just if was so into his beer and andy came across. Andy picked up several cases of beer. That he no longer could use and he called me one day and he said gary i've got five or six cases of this particular anchor beer. He goes and i just didn't have the space for them anymore. Can you use them now. I'm going back again to the nineteen ninety s and i guess the original against the oldest of of his beers at the time to eighty three. I believe i said well. Gee i've never never done anything in terms of fears that are ten fifteen years old. Well these are stored improperly knowing andy. He did it wasn't in his attic. It was in his attic. The certainly be no good. So i met him in philadelphia one day and he delivered. I get about five cases of beer. Eighty five bottles of eighty-three six bottles of eighty four and i broke them open sporadically as well. This is so cool. How a beer can evolve over time in change and it got me interested in the idea of of souring beers. So i'm really going off the subject. I guess but you can. There are certain vertical tasting. So i've done this with. I got to teach your classes strangely. Wilmington university and i've done this with my kids. Arrive brought out maybe five bottles of this particular beer to try different call him. Vintages goes into the wine world. So if you're doing a home. Beer tastes dr subject number one. I hope you're tasting. You have two methods that you can use and one would be the same beer but going back several years you can do this with two or three different brands of beer. That's one way to go about it. And you can actually go to certain well-stocked package goods stores and find some of these aged beers and also appears that our brand new you can find east beers. That's one of the other way is to maybe do it by style we're looking at let's say brown ales and you pick up five or six different brown ales and said british style of beer but you can compare them and see how they actually work for so many different ways you do and i've done. I've done that with with people and another thing that you want to consider. When you're doing beer tastings is work your way from the least to the most aggressive in terms of flavor fried by that what i'm talking about is high profile. Hobbs as you know among other things give beer a bitter taste without hawk. You have a syrupy sweet liquid. So if if you're doing a beer tasting don't drink the hoppy beers the bitter beers i because if you do that you're not gonna taste anything else beyond that these. The lighter beers made with the wheat based spears or lighter lager and then work your way up to the boulder. Flavors is a We look at something called to the beer to the person. Who's kind of beer savvy. Something called hold. International bitterest units and that is a numerical scale some companies that now on their labels and kinda gets a rough hint as to how bitter a beer may taste z. Keep that on plus as you number. There's a million and one good websites online. Your views about beers. I certainly go to them as well. So thank you so much i apologize. I thought it and you just well. You know so much about beer and there's only probably so much you can try to fit in. And i know someone like you because i'm the same way you try to fit it in thin as much as you can. So no problem. I love all that information but let me ask you so. I know you know when you set up wine tasting. They tell you to have a bucket because you actually can't really you really supposed to just swish it around in your mouth and then have like crackers or bread and things like that do you. Is there anything like that that you know you recommend for people re would. I wrote a book that came out in twenty. Ten and the original title of the book was wine. Drinkers fit your drip. Swallow the primary reason. Why the wine drinkers do spit into. The bucket is because the alcohol content so right in the world does not have as much exactly exactly. However i will say this. When i'm doing tastings with my students it wilmington university. I do provide a first of all. I give them a very small amount. Because you don't need a bottle of beer to evaluate a beer. Exactly judah four ounces. And that's what. I'm basically giving them. However i do a container. If they don't like it they can dump it or simply spit it out quite and how. 'bout i'm now i knew you were gonna talk about. Wine are not. I keep saying wine beer pairings because i know you said that something that you're definitely interested in so can you give us any Interesting beer pairings or just bear. Pairings like what you know. Somebody could pair if they wanna do a beer pairing at home instead of just in tasting. You know we'll. it's free. Subjective maria you know that s basically trying to keep this simplistic as possible you. You don't want either the food and beverage to overpower one another. You want them to be compatible. So and that's part of the problem when you remember. I mentioned this story to you if i may. I was in a in a room. I was working in event in new york city with jim. Cook who is the ceo of boston. Beer sam adams sitting in the back room. There was no one else around. We call the green room. We're waiting to go on states. Speak and i said to jim. I said jim. I wanna ask you this question about pairing beer with food. I said to me and i truly mean this. A complex dish is pizza. And i mentioned that. Because think of all the flavors that go into a pizza. You start with a doe k. And you have you have the the creamy of that. The dough is baked. You then have a million one toppings. The tomato sauce could be acidic sweet cheeses to you mad. Pepperoni may add jovis. There's a complex dish. The jim has jim. What do i pair with a pizza growing more pieces by having the wrong beer because gary keep it simple go with a light lager. And of course. He mentioned his boston lager. Our work here. I was looking for the most complex match with complex. It's very and sometimes you start talking about brown ales brown nails match nicely with with braised dishes with with beef dishes The wheat beers. Will you get the The the cloven the cinnamon coming through and they're going to go with maybe salad seafood's things like that so a lot of it's trial and error. There is no one set recipe or formula for but basically keep in mind. You want things to be compatible and not have one neither the beverage new food to dominate. It's very. I think it's very similar to wine. You know. it's the same way they have to. Compliment complimented feed in some way. And it's kind of subjective. I know there's rules you know but again as you're saying with fear is subjective to you know if you like something then it just probably works but that beer in a piece combo that sounds like that would make sense because you have a simple beer with a complicated you know all these complicated tastes on it on a slice of pizza and i'm glad you mentioned that because i think it was last week or or wednesday might have been. There's international beer and pizza. Day pass was international. Bjorn today actually when this will when this segment will air. We had about a week ago. So i think the perfect combination is beer and pizza and It's fun to and it's an uncomplicated. You know fun fun. Combination gary back years before craft beer even took its dominant position as it does now. Basically we're drinking very light lager. See now if you think of the main brands. The buds the millers the course they were all pretty much making the same type beverage. We didn't complain about beer and pizza back then. Did we take your. I was looking the most complex beer going very hoppy bitter beer that didn't work tried to brown ales and you know the seasons and gary take it easy to go back to the beginning back to step one. Start with a nice light lager. And you're gonna find it works. And he was right. So that's why he's the bolt multi-billionaire the he is the pitch. Well you know. I've worked so we talked about The craft beer cruz. That's so trendy now and everybody's doing their own craft beer on. Do you lake so if somebody wants to do. Grew beer at home. You know whom brewing do many tips on that or suggestions. Have you ever tried that. I've i have it at home. However i've gone to places called the blue on green krems. Bop's some of them exist where you can. Actually you're innocent. You're you're leasing their equipment and their supplies so there are a few of them some have unfortunately shut down and dynamic yes but my Daughter night would frequent one in the toms river area as kind enough. Unfortunately it did. It did shut down but you would basically walk in. There would have a set appointment time but you would go through binders full of recipes and there were clones of whatever beer you may like if i'd like cores light for example i can come up and brew my own type of beer that tastes similar to cores late. Much easier. That way what you do you come back in a couple of weeks and do the actual bottling. So it's a. It's a nice nice thing to do so my daughter i did. It and my daughter's name is kristen. So we created a chris must sale came up with a spicy ale with other traditional holiday. Spices and i was so pleased with how it was done. I know people who've done this for weddings for poor house There are homebrew clubs are homebrew supply houses in every state and again i note for too many that no longer exists but against social is such a wonderful thing. There are if you if you put something on facebook or twitter and ask for advice to get supplies were to maybe away create this particular beer. They're going to be people there who are going to be ready to help you. It's completely up with you know maria. So many brewers that i've interviewed started growing by by buying these little mr beer kits hundred bucks and it comes. It comes with me couple recipes in it. And wow it just it. Just fired the The the passion. This and every time i interview a brutal. How did you get your start. I pretty much know the answer before. They've said it i. I guess that's good like a kind of a first step just to kind of feel it out and just get you know. Get acclimated to it so that would make sense then naturally funny that well you say that. Now i want to mention this to you. Also if i may In south jersey there is the south jersey beer. Seen that is a website and also podcast obviously promoting breweries and events increase in the southern part of the state in what they're doing actually right now is running. A competition for home brewers in which they will take a winning recipe. I'm going to be one of the judges. I believe in november and winning recipe will then. The brewers will be invited to recreate his or her recipe with a brewer with a professional brewery. That's happened sporadically iron hill. I know you're familiar with the iron. Hey brew above brewpubs. But i actually judge for them. I guess last year the maple shade area where they actually do the same thing. They invite brewer to submit his her recipe. And then they invite that person into recreate the beer and then the company sells it so Or the home brewer. Many home brewers all seem to have this passionate about getting into professional. Brewing is an expense. It's a lot of work. There's paperwork going through the state. Go through the feds. It's a lot of work and my goodness maria. This is not the time you really be opening a brewery. I think people get a notion that wow it'd be great to do it but they don't realize everything else that's involved you know it's. It's not just putting ingredients together to make beer. It's all that other stuff around it that people don't realize before you know they try to get into it by. Get away from your question which was about whom brewing again but it's create home brewers and even professional lot like jeff maria. You're very creative. People and was loved to take recipes that exist in tweet them and see how they can put their own into them. And that's what makes brewing and the order of beer-tasting so fascinating to me. I mean i want to just go off the subject again. Just a little girl which. I tend to do a lot by the way but you know. Let's take a traditional english style beer. For example what the americans will do what americans tend to do is again put their own slant to it. That's part the beauty of bruin. You're not locked into a recipe. You can change things alter them and see how they how they play out. I've seen i've seen so many american breweries do their own. Spin on on belgian ales belgian doubles belgian triples even belgian quads big high alcohol beers coming in over ten twelve percent. But they you know they add. Maybe local ingredients do something slightly different from what from what the belgians did just create a whole new style of everett's for beer drinker for personal like myself. Who loves to try beer. This is you've told you. This is the golden age. Frankly marie i remember i get in the seventies when there was just nothing out there was nothing try and now you go into a package goods store. There's hundreds of different flavors throughout their. It's changing constantly. And i go when you go into a restaurant. Well we can't really go in many now or were limited but you know right the menu. It's like a manual a beer menu and it's just like oh my gosh. There's so many choices. So that's it's really a nice thing that it's opened up that that there's Such variety and people are really into into that now. So gary one When questioned that. I always ask my guess is you could answer it any way you want but and i know we're talking about beer but Do you like. I always ask what does food mean to you. Do you have any thoughts on that. Sing that again. I missed that our sure. I always ask my guests. It's sort of an underlying theme of the show. What does food mean to you food. Yes right it's social. I like to eat a good dish with friends and family. I eat what i enjoy. Heart surgery three years ago. So i'm kind of limited to what i'm eating right right now but it's a way to express camaraderie with people. It's an event I really appreciate a good meal. And i appreciate the craft that goes into the creating of of of a good meal. It's an experience. I like that to an event. I like that that's great. I love those answers so Gary lettuce lake. What is there anything we were. Tell people like where they can find you and also anything coming up that we look for on. What's on tap or you oughta know anything. You want to mention appreciate that thank you. Yes well locally in southern new jersey i do. Tv show called. What's on tap which airs on comcast channel twenty two in parts of southern new jersey every thursday night at nine pm and of course the main arm of that if you will is getting the episode online because we get can frankly more viewers online than we do via television. So we upload. The episodes to the typical social media say such as facebook twitter youtube also as well The you oughta know show. That's on channel twelve. Whyy channel twelve and philadelphia wilmington. And that's a show that airs thursdays at seven pm. As we record this. I believe on one tonight. A segment on fall beers were. We're looking into what the pumpkin beers which is something is indigenous to the united states. As a matter of fact it's an interesting there you talk about beers from all over the world. Yeah we started here in the us in the action. The sixteen hundreds before yeah. His face of pumpkins grew all over the place. They grew wild and they made a very good clean beer. Because you could convert them into for meddled starches into into sugar so easily. I had never even heard of pumpkin beers. That's really it's probably better to call them pumpkin spice fears. Because you know. Pumpkin doesn't provide a whole lot of flavor. It's the cinnamon that nutmeg. Clove the All spice those ingredients kind of bring out the flavor and some really really good without there. I love them. And i have a few years though. The you mentioned gary. I know there are local that like philly area south jersey but you were mentioning their online right so people in other areas because we have like listeners. From france and different parts of the country can actually look for that stuff. Online stuff is on life. Thank goodness for online threats online. Definitely that's great gary. Thank you so much for being a guests in. Hopefully i'll be talking to you soon. Hopefully we'll get to do something against gets into one of these events soon and i definitely decided to I want to invite you to if you're interested to provide some content for the what's on tap show because you know food and beverage go go together. Definitely yes i will. I will definitely view. I will be getting you. Some vinny is definitely agrees to chat with you. Maria talk you. And i'm sure we'll be having again another time in all keep you posted and late you know in. This is uploaded sales. Thanks berea thank you. Gary have a good one. You are thanks for joining me. And listening to the maria variety show if you create mice sparkling juice silly recipe. Share the picture and posted on social media. Hashtag did the maria liberati show and won't be sure to pick up the picture and share it on my website. We're gathering pictures for my new and upcoming website will be unveiling the new website within the next few weeks. And we'll be gathering your pictures to share on their banks to my producer. Britain roselle my production intern for this segment. Max tedford and this week's guest beer expert and host of pbs show. What's on tap. Gary onto rosso go to my website. Maria liberati dot com to keep up with my blog in the show in my book series the basic art of italian cooking and you can also follow me on facebook at chef. Maria liberati on instagram at maria liberati and on twitter at maria liberati with a capital. And and don't forget about my facebook live events on fridays six. Pm eastern standard time. You never know what. I'll be cooking up or talking about so. Join me on my hashtag friday favorites on facebook live. That's on fridays at six. Pm eastern standard time and follow me on instagram to find out about all the giveaways that were doing in the months of november and december. We just gave away a copy of my book. The basic art of pasta follow me on instagram at maria liberati. And don't forget to post your answer to the question. What does food mean to you in a recorded. Sound bite of sixty seconds or less or social media posts of fifty words or less hashtag. Marie liberati show post on social media or email it to me at maria. Maria liberati dot com. If your answers are selected for an upcoming podcasts. Or for my social media you'll also receive an autograph copy of one of my books from the basic art of italian cooking series or the basic art of series. That's it for now. Peace love and pasta until next time.

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The Bob and Sheri Laugh Track

Bob and Sheri

1:30:05 hr | 1 year ago

The Bob and Sheri Laugh Track

"The guy was out of bad the way complete this is my week now waking you up from the palatial Bob Carey Studios. It's been sharing all right here. We go and we're going to start off today by talking about people who have so much money that if they get ticked at their neighbors all they have to do is by their neighbors house so their neighbors will go away and I'm I'm talking about about F- Sharon Ed Sheeran just bought a twenty five million dollar house in London okay. That's an expensive city but twenty five million is probably the top end of <hes> of home-buying there and <hes> he plays music of course and he'll have musicians come over and little jam sessions well neighbors on either side of it Sharon and his twenty five million dollar. How started complaining so Ed said? I'm sorry I'm so sorry. I'M GONNA buy your house. He bought both houses could he. He bought both houses. Were they say five million dollar doesn't it doesn't say <hes> at least in that neighborhood five five million roughly each his was twenty five the ones on either side were starter homes five million dollars colors and so he bought them he bought them each. That's when you know you have. You've done very very well. We'll Frank Kelly Indo the last time frank was in here who Sakiz a comedian. He's not at Sharon but he's use a very successful comedian. He has a house in Scottsdale Arizona. He bought the house behind him. Just the have it so he doesn't have to deal with the neighbors I I can't even I know imagine I cannot imagine. The first time I heard about something like that was <hes> I don't know maybe eight or nine years ago. Jack Nicholson's next door neighbor was Marlon Brando and you know they they've known each other forever and Chris Brando died and rather than have tourists coming by and stopping with a tour bus pointing out Brando's his house and then Jack Nicholson says he he bought Brando's house and he headed torn down and so there's nothing there. I don't know how I mean. Okay Yeah. He had the right to do not a shrine. It's not a shrine and evidently was not that attractive a house. It was not kept up. My favorite rock story is <hes> it's either Liam or Noel Gallagher. Whichever one of the Gallagher Brothers's pissed off at that time of the day right they owned a house in the French Riviera and and then they heard the James Blunt remember the thing that song you're beautiful yeah was looking to buy the house for sale next door and they were like Oh heck no and they went and bought the house themselves? They were like there's no way James Blunt is living next door to me why which which he didn't want that guy senior beautiful next it's the gallagher's nothing to do with James Blind as I guess but that's I mean you really do know that you've got money that I mean that would have been fantastic if I could have done that in a couple of scituate had a neighbor that was so Saba matic that you the first house that I had was wasn't an expensive house by any stretch of imagination but I was so excited because I was the first person in our family. It's actually own a house in <hes>. Maybe generation so I bought it and I'm working like crazy. I'm fixing it. I'm doing all the work myself. Believe it or not. I'm painting it. I'm tearing down shelves in in and all of that stuff and I was really proud of this house. The next door neighbors it was a man in a woman they were letting their place go and then they brought their couch and Washer and dryer out to the front porch coach did the Washer and dryer work. Yes you know it's life is a funny thing because you told me one time that you saw something on TV and these people in Hawaii had their washer and dryer outside and they did this laundry. They did their laundry outside on covered Portugal thought that was like may wasn't in the front of the house it was it was like they had a little pool so why and then they had a laundry room slash garage all right and they could just leave the yeah. That's that's different this. Is You drive up to Bob's house that he's so proud of and next door. There's a dark green house next door and there's a maytag and it's twin out in the front. I I agree. It's not ideal though a call me Bucci I know but and I wouldn't want it either but the thought of doing my laundry on the front porch doesn't sound so awful it would keep the inside of the House school. It's not appropriate writing bakery but you know what to <hes> to my credit. I never called the city or anything saying hey you got a laundromat in the front of the House here. Could you do something but I now. I just ignored it. I've never had neighbors where I was like man. I wish I could buy your house but I have a neighbor. The feels that way about I as a mean go inside you. Close the door forget about what's that like to be able to say to your manager. He'd get me these two houses on. I don't want to offend these people. Put you know here's ten million go by these thousands the fact that he was able able to I don't even mean financially <hes> the people to agree that these people were like okay must have made them incredible offer five million bucks. I mean I haven't seen the places that's that's not chump change so there is party beyond my friend Bob Sherry. It's Thursday and it's a brand new venture fund size podcast tasty little bite of the show. If you go back to your old school it's not always cool. Check out the fun size podcast brand new today the Bob Jerry App Bob Carey website every you get your podcast. It's Cherry. Yes it is so as reading about the new song by Keith Urban. He's got a song called Gemini and in it. There's a lyric and Max is GonNa play it in a moment here. He is a maniac in the bed but a brainiac in her head and of course he's married to Nicole Kidman so let's let's hear the the sun no and all right so we we get the idea real country sound there for <hes>. I can think of worse things Astibia -scribed. Obviously you know that his wife is <hes> Nicole Kidman T._M._i.. Yeah it's quite a bit <hes> and so she was on a radio show in Australia and she was asked about it and we have that it saves here right case was asked about that Song Jim nine and he said that's about you in the bedroom that you were maniac. And what did you say to him. What you what you say about me me darling? I don't send his. I sense as if I can be amused for it. I'm GONNA say I mean it's not like you said you're dot in the bedroom be censoring but when he says that you'll great then I would be God that's embarrassing but it's amazing embarrassing but at the same time he's <hes> yes. It's better than saying go so bored stocky then she goes on to say make an effort Nicole. Make it effort. She's I mean that's exactly what you would say you think people to any women that you know that would be if they they were in that situation embarrassed by that every woman I know would be embarrassed by it but would be relieved because it's again you. It's compliments out the worst thing. It's your husband. It's not somebody who's writing a lyrical you later yeah but then again do they have kids together. Yes two little girls faith and Sunday faith food look at you. I it's ridiculous resell. Is there a tip jar. Don't take any OUTTA mind and he has an earned a tip yet today now. I know it's early to try to get into don't we. He's got three and a half hours up some interesting in conversation here. It's not the sort of thing that I would love my husband putting out there but again the worst thing anybody was going to say yeah years ago though to probably be just. I can't believe what your husband said about you Sherry. You know I mean if this were like the nineteen sixties or something like that is the fifties. It's been a very long time since that kind of thing really got anybody's ward cleaver talking about his June cleaver. She's a maniac in the bed wally. Leave something about your mom. We know where you got your name now. Yeah I mean. Wouldn't you love to be described as a maniac in bed Edna brainiac in your head. I take either one you don't you don't have to have both but what's unfortunate is you. Don't WANNA be no. You don't want people going Oh bob. He's a maniac in his head and a brain. That's not good. That's meow. That's terrible yeah see so you can always find that silver. If you look forward you know a have to be honest though he's a very gifted person and all that's kind of a cheesy line well yeah. It's kind of an obvious line and you're right. It's a real throwback countries that was going to say he's still doing country. It sounds like techno pop. It's interesting to hear a Australian the people talking to one another because it's like hey were finally altogether away from the Americans we can be who we are. You know they all have that accents listed to so many Australian today's podcast because I just love the way they taught they've been married for awhile now. Have <hes> Gosh Yeah because the oldest child is like maybe eight now. They've been married. Probably what fourteen years something like that. I don't know if it's that long but they've been together a long time well-spent Awhile Maniac and BRAINIAC or you go. You don't WanNa lose that one. Are you hiring with indeed. You can post the job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates online dashboard get started at indeed dot com slash higher. It's Bobbin Sherry. I don't think of the lifetime network work is being terribly cruel but this to me is a little on the cruel side. They have a creatively titled T._V.. Movie coming out called College Admissions Scandal College admission. Russian scandal is being produced by our friends at lifetime. It's a catchy title. It's a catchy title <hes> cast. I guess they can't call it varsity operation Varsity Blues because there's another movie name Varsity Blues Yeah there is but but the idea that they're going to do that a story that is based around one of their biggest stars. No Laurie Laughlin is a hallmark channel Star. Oh she's never done ending for lifetime. She may have done something for lifetime but her franchises with the hallmark channel so lifetime can go after her. Oh no what they're doing. I bit their competitors. 'cause I cut them confused. Just then they are so what their direct competitors predators so what they're doing is in your face hallmark. I'm disappointed in lifetime. This is the network that brought US mother. May I sleep with danger starring Tori spelling. You can't come up with a better title Than College Admission Scandal. It is a week sauce title does get the point across. We've got to help them. We gotta do they. They got college admission scandal. Could that be my daughter must get in helping college at any cost. That's a good one or pay to play aw because remember Oh yeah they were going to be sports like rowing yeah and it would be like it'd be paid to play the college admissions yeah but that that's it's confusing in a way doesn't really say what it is. I think you have to go on the rich kids sort of <hes> field in a <hes> <hes> I guess you couldn't call it <hes> to rich to study to rich cottage money <hes> <hes>. Let's say there's gotTa be something Better Than College. Commission could Iran scandal. It is in her face though it's well it's. I wonder if they're going to interface. It's in all their. I wonder if they're going to <hes> use her name or just have a fictionalized version version of it. I think that since I mean they would be able to use the real games yeah. Why not say it's a story now? It hasn't been decided yet. What's going to happen there her so that's a bit of a problem well? We've already got one <MUSIC>. Who's done a plea deal famous? That's done a plea deal. I Dunno I they need to work at this a little bit harder than network that they gave us <hes> those excellent titles now a lot of time she can tell by the lifetime title <hes> I married a sociopath what the plot of the movie is pretty much yeah husband. What is there was one? I think it was like based on tinker tailor soldiers spy. It was like lover Father Husband. I've been killer tonight on lifetime. It's lover father husband killer. You kinda know you got you. Get your popcorn. Exactly what you're signing up yeah. There's there's a website called vulture dot com and they have left typical lifetime movie titles strangers alone with stranger heart of a stranger intimate stranger sisters and other stranger stranger at the door stranger my bed stranger in the town stranger with my face et cetera familiar stranger the stranger beside guide me straight face strange right Mary total stranger when strangers of here so this is for teenagers accused of seventeen betrayed it seventeen fifteen in fifth pregnant forever sixteen fugitive at seventeen missing get seventeen mother and sixteen stocked at seventy. Here's some Christmas movies a boyfriend for Christmas Dad for Christmas a nanny for Christmas crazy for Christmas on strike for Christmas. Here's some deadly ones one st clair's deadly secret <unk> trail deadly encounter deadly honeymoon deadly isolation Deli pursuits deadly relations deadly sibling rivalry deadly vows and seven deadly sin compare that to college admission scandals tedious it. He is deadly honeymoon. That's another we're going to watch deadly honeymoon. <hes> you know pretty much what's going on about lies between fruit and lies cradle allies lies in crimes lies in deception lies in plain lane site lies. My mother told me lies and murder lying is passed lies proof of lies seduced by lies sex and lies in the city sex lies and obsession. Tell me note allies till lies do us part and virtual is where Chris deadly lies Max whereas deadly lively lies in there about unworthy rich kids. Here's the internet cyber seduction his secret life Cyber Stalker sexting in suburbia the boy she met online the girl he met online the husband she met online deadly lies online. Don't blink lying strangers online. It's harder than you think to come up with one four this particular Peter Episode because you didn't you're dealing with college students you dealing with college. You're dealing with parents who are liars <hes> so if we use maxes formula here we could have it <hes> lying parents lying parents writ line parents. We're going to have to work on this. There's just no way I can accept Collagen Jin mission scandal as the title of a movie now good enough. It really isn't good enough buying my kids future that I mean like more of a magazine nothing sexy website yeah. I don't know what it's it's early in the show. I'M GONNA go snorts some of that some of those k- pod coffee things and see my brain can't get work my way my daughter's way into a sorority. I ended up in a prison gang. Oh it's a little long on. That's good but I know exactly what I'm getting. If I watch I bought my daughter's future I bought my daughter's happiness college bought and paid for something like that. That sounds like the Motley fool to it does more next it's we've got him morons with Bob and Sherry a moron. It's morons in the news okay. This is a moron in the new story. That proves what your grandmother told it was right. Nothing good happens after midnight. She's twenty three year old Ileana Aguire from Cornelius Oregon and around one twenty in the morning on Saturday she went at the Taco Bell drive-thru for some reason she wound up whipping out a bottle of Hennessy in pouring it into the drive through workers mouth and he clearly had to be willing since that's not exactly as stunt you can pull off without about cooperation but Eliane is generosity backfired because there was a cop randomly behind her in the drive through and he saw the whole thing go down he pulled her over and he tested her blood alcohol level. It was above the legal limit so she was arrested with the D. U.. I you know I knew that that it was above the legal limit. His cop cars are distinct yeah. That's right behind you. Normally it's the into someone's mouth when I can barely reached to get get the change in the food. The guy was helping her out. She was halfway out the window and he was coming over there. It's one twenty in the morning. He works at Taco Bell. You know what I'm saying so anyway. <hes> the cops took her in. We don't know what Taco Bell Thinks of the Guy Drinking on the job but he probably doesn't have assistant manager his future. I'm serious if you don't notice a marked police car behind you in a lit- drive-thru Lina Taco driving today's more on the day is Joshua Moore who actually succeeded in doing something. This is in Connecticut that no more on in the news has ever done before he got in A._T._M.. And he actually broke in and stole money out of it. It's the first three hundred thousand dollars yeah he was breaking down. No they had that kind of multiple A._T._M.'s so we have had morons in the news stories where they have tried everything from blow torches dragging them on pickup trucks dynamite. What have we seen? People try to do to get into an eighteen but what did he do. How did he get through? Do they say he used a jaws. Jaws of life tool cut people rashed with an everyone's got one of those and apparently it worked three hundred thousand dollars text the word more onto eight eight to six to seven four three seven. We'll send him in your pound. Okay we started off with Taco Bell. Let's go to another fast food restaurant. A woman in Georgia busted into the kitchen at McDonalds and fired a shot into the floor. Why did she do that? The fries fries were cold so she's drawn but I understand she. She drove through. She got the fry she started eating them on the way out of the parking lot. They were cold. She stopped the car gutter gun and walked into the kitchen and fired a shot throng. It's a hot summer sometimes like you're. You're just denying yourself. He finally let yourself have that treat whatever it is fries the ice cream. Whatever the thinking about it even thinking about it? You've been looking forward to it and you go. You paid hate for it. Maybe it's the first card she hadn't forever or at least she didn't fire into the ceiling because there's a pretty good chance that somebody's trying to crawl through the vent to get in seemingly that happens at fast food restaurants. Let's all dead. Would you can't be floor. I I have always associated perfume with being like a grownup woman. You know a grownup woman who doesn't spill things on her clothes and is extremely sophisticated who S- links into the room. This is not the woman that I am it is the woman I wish that I was. I love love perfume but you know what luxury perfume is really expensive and you know sometimes like you'll buy perfume and you'll think you love it in the store and then you get it home and you're wearing it and it's just not you and you've thrown all that money away. That's a nightmare. I have the solution. It's called sent bird. Centered is a luxury fragrance subscription service that allows you to try for more than four hundred and fifty designer brands you try the brands you one. It's the real deal whether it's Gucci Gucci or burglary or prouder. Tom Ford you choose the perfume you want. They send you a thirty day. Supply hundred twenty sprays. That's enough to apply that more than four times a day for a month. So you really get to live in that luxury luxury sophisticated perfume that you didn't have to spend a fortune to buy you know they have Cologne for men to and they're such selection. Mary loves it when I wear Cologne. Do you know which Colona I've chosen confessions of a rebel it was like it was made for loves this go to set bird dot com slash Sherry and use our coach Sherry for fifty percent off your first month and that that's a deal. That's a really great deal sent Byrd S. C. E. N. T. A bird dot com slash sherry and you can try your first perfumer Cologne for just seven fifty. These aren't clones or knockoffs. These are real designer luxury fragrances that you are trying for pennies and so you're gonNA smell so so good semper dot com slash Sherry for fifty percent off your first month alright rebel. Let's get back to the PODCAST. Every year. Children lose their lives to heat stroke in cars. If you see a child left unattended call nine one one if the the child is unresponsive do what it takes to get him or her out safely paid for by Nitsa. Here's Bobbins Sherry so bob and I were <hes> so surprised than and delighted to get our Tenth Marconi award nomination. I hate it losing nine times such as I felt like this and my career had lost this nine times lose this a solid tend to <hes> this is an award that's given once a year to various performers in radio and various <hes> radio stations <hes> it's legendary station of the year it's the adult contemporary station the year it's large markets small-market personalities and so on and we are <hes> syndicated radio a shadow of the year and we are nominated of like the highest level yeah our co nominees in our category. It's the bobbin share show Travis Smiley Elvis Duran Ryan seacrest and rush limbaugh Rickey Smiley Smiley Yeah. I'm sorry Rickey Smiley Travis smileys on M._p._R.. I think so he probably would not get nomination anyway <hes> we you know we're really on it was unexpected. We were really surprised. We're really glad to get it. I love ten is a nice good number of defeats that I'd like to have something we did not know I heard Macintosh talking about it. Max Actually created something that he sent along that was part of why we got the nomination and you and I have not heard it. This is not a joke like we literally have not heard this and he's he's made it so. Do you WanNa play at the Bob and Cherry show syndicated by now media. It's going to be suing red pool because it didn't give wings that ranked twenty five of them day they promised is to give you wings. Not Brains trying to softened your horrible attack upon nobody puts Bob Unicorn okay except for I want to live in a world where Mama June you can make a transformative journey from the inside out. I WanNa live in a world where North Korea doesn't mean that is going to be trickier for C.. Then it would be Kim Jong Hoon from nuts to not was that your first second or third marriage first and only with the one you've only had I don't forget if you need a stand in for your wedding. It's Bob and Sherry the wedding experts inexperienced. I'm so excited and right now. We'll for so say to have you here. Thank you listening like you're my best friend to you. All are kept my virginity for really long time I kept it until I was able to oxygen on Ebay as an antique. Why do you listen to the show Craig? What is it you like about Syria? It's really about something so only bill. That was great. Thank you very much man. That's Nice Cross section you don't you think and if you don't know the program and there's a couple of inside things that regular listeners would get that's that a judge would not understand but overall yeah. It's kind of what it sounds like. Yeah me setting you up. Oh boy what what did you say just like how you throw. That kinda sounds like with it. It's pretty dead <hes> we it is yeah Max Max through hours of tape to find the ones. No it was great. Thank you very much did did anything else accompany that or was that enough. I've written nomination written on addition. Okay Yeah I I. I want to spend the next few weeks saying well. I'm sure we'RE GONNA lose the tenth. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to be more positive. I mean you know we we could win. It could happen we could. We have a better chance at the lottery then Bob and Sherry winning show of the year Nice Nice to have pride work. I don't want to be mean but we did. That was good. <hes> you know we did lose to a couple people had passed away and then we lost to them. I mean we were in there. We'd lost. We never lost to a dead person. They died afterward. We've lost the legends. Though the thing like you know what I'd rather lose to the legends that never be nominated at all so you'd rather <hes> have lost at love. The never have lost two of London never loved it better to have lost at all yeah yeah yeah but we lost to <hes> Dick Clark risked his soul Paul Harvey. God risked his soul who else rush limbaugh the Laura Yeah Dr Laura remember remember when she was really hot yet. We lost her. We lost the Sean. Hey Sean Hannity. A lot of them had T._v.. Shows we've lost limbaugh twice actually in my favorite ones that said a few years ago was the shows have absolutely nothing in com we we were nominated and my mom was like it's so wonderful but now I've look at who you're up against and you won't win but isn't it wonderful well. It was right wrong. My parents and there was a sense of if you guys are if you're if you're part of it and how how big the award really be really I had a friend in this is nothing against this this <hes> occupation at all but I had a friend and another friend of mine said. Did you know that bobby is up for with his partner Sheri's up for the radio show of the year and my friend said probably plumbers have a words to look ever you know there's nothing like losing the National Spelling Bee in Childhood Hood to set your expectations for the rest of your life I have already had I had my biggest crushing defeat in life at age fourteen or maybe thirteen afforded you get in the national spongy ten ten is reverse honestly than than bombing out in the first round. Maybe that's why I'm pleased with this nomination tenth because this girl likes to clock out in the tenth seriously I've already had my most crushing. Everything else is Greb from your thank. You thank you to listeners. Thank you Max that was made it impossible and thank you Max it's Bob and Sherry the free bobbins Sherry instantly. Get The podcast the I'm cast and Bob and Sherry Fun size people's movie critic joins US tomorrow. He is reviewing that gator scary very movie a crawl. That'll be tomorrow because it's Friday and that's what we do on Fridays earlier in the show. You're talking about how the lifetime channel is making a movie about the college admission scandal and so far the title of that movie is College Admission Scandal and we were saying is lame. That's a terrible title and it's lame and the network that brought US Tori spelling in mother mass sleep with danger needs to up their game and that reminded me we didn't talk about this yesterday but you know Tori spelling and her husband have all sorts of financial essential problems than they are in trouble with a bank they owe the bank like two hundred thousand dollars and then some little over two hundred thousand and the bank has just successfully forced Tori spelling failing to hand over her contract for the Beverly Hills nine to one zero reboot and her salary details and any money she makes off of it in order to pay that debt. Do they have the details of the releasing the details go. which does she make they haven't released the details but all of the money that she was going to whatever that was going to be all the money she was GonNa make for that <hes> is going to go to that bank what happened to her relationship with her mother and father because her father Father Aaron spelling was producer of course of the Beverly Hillbillies and all these classic T._v. shows and was one of the richest men ever in Hollywood he left their house was twenty five thousand square feet? He left all the money to his wife Candy. He's gone. He left all the money to his wife. Candy Candy can't hit the HIP for a couple of hundred thousand when she's worth tens of millions candy won't she just won't do it now. Are they strange. I would following her. I've read different things like she's. He's helped out with the kids school and that sort of stuff but she said Tori <hes> has no control and she has a ridiculous lifestyle and she and her mom isn't GonNa choose just not going to be playing into this gonNA play into <hes> there have been there have been so many financial issues dogging Tori spelling and her husband they didn't fight. They got sued a couple of years ago for that at two hundred grand that I'm talking about and they ignored the lawsuit. They just ignored it. They didn't go to court. They acted like it wasn't happening and because remember when she was three putting and away him don't see me they did a- and so the judge heads up to you regular civilian person just hate that <hes> so the judge said Oh is that why is the way we're going to do this all right. Now you owe us two hundred nineteen thousand dollars your judgments and fees and penalties on top of that so this job that she got which would have seemed like a godsend for all of their financial troubles <hes> all that money just got back up so she doesn't have any kind of a reality show anymore. The thing came and went the Taurine Todd is the Taurean Dean thing kind of I haven't seen anything on. He does a lot of lifetime movies. Oh he does yeah. That's SORTA HIS GAM gamble. So what can lifestyle do they have with all of this stuff coming in. What are they spending money on? They move all the time houses and Tori Tori has said I read an interview with her. Some scholarly journal like US weekly where she said she said that I just I spend money. I can't help us. What I do do do well? She comes from the family where remember we had that story about. Her mother had one room in the twenty five thousand square feet that WHO's just for wrapping gifts her Aaron Spelling and Candy Spellings home remains one of the most expensive houses ever sold in L._A.. Yeah that's its nickname is candy land because it was so extravagant and in that article Tory said look I grew up Kinda get that a little every Monday. Wednesday Friday we draw new episodes of our affair podcast Bobby Sherry odd cast this week leaked featuring our lady of the haunted hallway on our website or instantly with the free fobbing cherry APP. Can we do something for the guys. Mostly I mean there are women do be interested in these three subjects but <hes> they're kind kind of guy oriented. Can we do that <hes> as little special tribute to men here the snoring muscle cars fantasy football and Guitar Solo. You're very close. Let's start. Let's start with the muscle cards actually more than a muscle car. It's the corvette which every guy at one time or another would you agree Max that every guy at one time or another in his life dreamt about having a corvette could have been an old one could ban new one so you know what they're going to do with the twenty twenty corvettes and by the way the new style of the corvettes is is very cool. The engine is going to be under glass so so you drive up and you your park it and you get out anybody who's walking by the end can look in and see what a cool engine. The Corvette is actually. I think that it's very cool. It's it's almost like the old hot rods of the nineteen fifties where the engine was exposed. I think I think that's very very cool. <hes> the other thing for guys was well. That's going to be hard to keep clean and that's true to actually true to you know what you can buy now. Let a drone that has a flame thrower. What and I they have video? That's what I thought and they're saying it's for private recreational use and the video that I saw shows the shows the drone going out in the middle of a field field and then it just whips the flame right out of itself and sets an area on fire really terrible idea but you know what the next person that trenches my front yard. She's for some kind signed of trouble that kids listening right now going Oh yeah because you're going to be able to figure out how to use a flood rowing do it. I've got to do it. Don't you see all sorts of problems coming up with a flame-throwing drone somebody he gets in an argument with a neighbor a few doors down. I'm lesser things have caused wildfires that have destroyed thousands of acres. I know but even even if you know it's not destroying acres of farmland or whatever you get into a beef with a neighbor down here comes a flare out of the skip. The dude is out there. Having a barbecue or something in here comes flames from the sky. This is not a good idea. Start the timer timer. I predict a less than six months. We'll have our first more on in the news. You know you write. A Florida. Man with a brown is in Landau Links County jail today. He thought that the artificial palm tree of his neighbor was an ugly part of the neighborhood decided to take it out <hes> the other star when I was in Los Angeles is hurting the New York Times that dodgers stadium there is going to undergo a one hundred million dollar renovation in and the offseason and <hes> it's it's odd because one hundred million dollars is also would have family of four pays at dodger stadium after tickets sparking hotdogs and drinks. You know so it's <hes> it's going to cover it so they are few things for the guys. <hes> I think that corvette sounds really cool and I think that is going to juice their sales a little bit. I've never seen a car that had an engine like that under glass <hes> I think I saw a Lego car one time that had a clear that doesn't count Oh. I know I've never seen I've been to the Corvette Museum you have. It's in Bowling Green Kentucky. That's right where they make them. That's ran. I went to the Corvette Museum and when I right before I went there. They had a sinkhole in the middle of the the museum so the guard Yes yes so when we did the story. I assumed that it had happened. Outside of the security. Guard is air and all of a sudden these alarms are going off and he goes into find. These cars are falling into an internal hole inside the build inside the museum inside the museum. Where a bunch of the vets <hes> lost yes and in fact they created a little area of the corvettes the wrecked corvettes that were lost in that sinkhole? I guess you have to do. Let's go see that now you can go see this is that right yeah corvette simple all right all right so enjoy the guys that's it for <hes> under Bob and Sherry show Thursday in its brand new venture fund on sized podcast a tasty little by the show. If you go back to your old school it's not always cool. Check out the fun size podcast brand new today the Bob Cherry App Bob Carey website where ever you get your podcast. It's Bob and Cherry so there is a place called a University College of London and they did a story on television laugh tracks. Do they really make a joke sound a little funnier and the answer is yes. They do to to most people and here's what they did. What was the name of that <hes>? What was the name of that show? You and I both aided about the girls with the Horse in their apartment to broke girls. Who broke is that what it was? They used the laugh track like every three or for seconds. It was so annoying anyway they took some dad jokes and they tried it on an audience with a laugh track and then they tried the same jokes on an audience without the left track and they found that the people laughed. Ah Dad jokes. If was there so let's try it right now. <hes> Max's found a laugh track. I'll read the joke without the laugh track okay and then I'll read it again with the laugh track okay and just just listen. Listen to the sound and tell me if you think it makes these dumb jokes on little bit better okay all right. Here's the first one again no laugh track on the first one laugh track on the second one. What state has the smallest drinks mini soda? Eh what state has the smallest drinks many soda a right enough. I can actually see that on like yeah you could see where Una bad sitcom. That's using that joke yeah yeah maybe Tobon it'd be like Jake Econ two and a half men. Here's the second one of these are the actual jokes they used by the way. What does it dinosaur use? The Pay Bills Taranath Soroush checks yet that yet we got the lap Geogra- what does the dinosaur US pay bills to rent a source checks. That's that's a kind of a Tim. The toolman remember the T._v.. Show home improvement. I was like the toolman wait a second with the laugh track because there's always a second before people figure it out. Even if it's stupid Oh yeah you're right if two on two quick on it doesn't doesn't work. You're exactly right look at you. That's great well. No that's. I would've just hit it. You know you're right. It takes them a second register. Here's the third one what's orange and sounds like a parrot. A carrot jared God. I don't think even a laugh track and save what's origin sounds like a parrot a carrot. Have you ever seen anything T._V.. That where people would laugh that long. No I have no and if I if I have to be really careful from watching something that has a laugh track track the minute I noticed the laugh track. It's all I can hear. I know that's the way it was with two broke girls nine ever that that was just an annoying show. I mean they were real attractive women and they're good comedians but that was just poorly written show in that laugh track was just out of control aw that's you're right. That's all I could hear on that. If you're going to watch a show that uses a laugh track you have to you have to not notice it yeah otherwise we'll have to change the channel. You can't do it. Are there any other shows that still use really all of does Multi Camera Sitcom shows us them right well. No not I mean if you look at some of the greatest sitcoms of recent years like the office. They didn't have one. No but I'm Phil didn't use it on those like the multi camera ones like mom or Big Bang Oh yes. Eh Mom uses a does big bang use electric. I feel like they did they did really C._B._S.. Seems to be the network that really is the most guilty of using laugh tracks that we don't know Jack. Industry probably employs a bunch of people that have highly specialized skills. We don't WanNA put them out. A word aren't some of those shows filmed in front of a live studio. Sweeten the audience can can I try one more with the laugh track. Yes we go all right. <hes> just a joke all right just joke. I found Disneyland is experiencing low turnout. It's so bad that people are getting into space mountain at the same age. They started standing in line words it was it was better. That's the I I could give you as it was bad. That's fine silver. Are you hiring with indeed. You can post job in minutes set up screener questions then zero zero in on qualified candidates online dashboard get started at indeed dot com slash higher. It's Bobbin Sherry all right. The bobbin. Sherry hotline is open at eight eight eight B. O. B. S. H.. E. R. I. That's eight eight eight to six to seven four three seven seven and very early in the show. We were talking about how the hotline that's right. After <hes> Ed Sheeran's neighbors complained about you know how is music was too loud. He just turned around and bought each of their homes for five million a piece and we've got Shannon joining us right now bob with her own difficult neighbors hastening hi Shannon so having to talk to you. It's a pleasure to have you here now. Tell us about your neighbor. This is about fifteen years ago which is awhile ago now that I look at it but <hes> so it was in my twenties I was a little intimidated. <hes> I lived in a condo with my then boyfriend and it was a three storey building and we were on the top <hes> we had these people move in. I I think probably there around forty at the time and they really were people who should moved into a retirement facility or maybe out in the woods somewhere because very soon after they moved in they started calling us to harass about being able to hear US Open enclosed toilet lids and that our cats were running around too loudly in the morning <hes> they they they started calling when my husband was vacuuming at three in the afternoon it was crazy. <hes> at one point I had a knock on my front door and a policeman was there and he said that there was a noise complaint that was put in and he couldn't tell me who but that I needed to tape it down. I was sitting on the couch studying for an exam <hes> yeah I I was. I was working fulltime and going to Grad school and this person was just it was like her hobby to go. Crazy is the on me I like you so much. I agree with you that as soon as you hit forty you should be looking for a retirement. I hi <hes> I remember you guys talking about how <hes> you someone moved in and wanted to <hes> not have kids around in the neighborhood and how in that case thing commit to a retirement ability so that's what I was thinking about. I know I know so so. Let me let me ask you this. Do you think that you're very walking. was that building constructed so that if you're walking they can hear you walking because you're on the top floor 'cause I've I've been in apartments. I've rented apartments where all day long all night long. I hear the people right above me just walking because there's no cement between the two of us. It's just would what was the situation with that place. I think that's probably the case and <hes> actually found some paper in our closing that showed that the manufacturer of the flooring was sued for poor construction so I think that's that's what the deal was but it's it's not Shannon's full. Here's the thing though I don't think I've been I've been running through my brain. I can't come up with a single instance where I've ever heard anyone complain about loud walking cat. That's the first I well you know I don't have tiger so yeah. It was not <hes> they resorted after the police told them to stop harassing me. They resorted to banging on the ceiling and <hes> one of the Times I <music> actually started writing this because these people are causing lots of stress. <hes> they started being on the ceiling because of my heat starting <hes> it was just not <hes> but the funny thing about all of this is that we wound up selling or Condo the people who have three main cats big ones cat so Shannon Shannon Shannon's. Did you and your boyfriend sell that place because you just couldn't take these people below was at the main reason I yeah it was so stressful and <hes> we were getting complaint letters from the H. Way saying that we need we were breaking the covenant that kind of stuff when yeah we're just living yeah that's right yeah anything wrong. <hes> we wound up selling it and moving on but it was just really hard because I have to social justice gene like Bob uh-huh wrong and I never got that satisfaction there are people who are so cranky and touchy. They don't belong in apartments or CONDOS. Rondos are really even neighborhoods. They belong in isolated houses out in field but they never find ourselves there. That's very true I know they chose second floor in a three storey. Condo I mean <music>. You're asking for it yeah so so i WanNa talk to show you stay right there Shannon. I want to ask Sherry. I WanNa ask Jerry something about you. Okay Sherry Shannon sounds like she's a very nice person and she it. was you know not doing anything wrong. She's on her homework. She was so <hes> cone of safety when she put that place up on the market with her boyfriend did they tell future sure buyers about the people below or let it just know and here's why because it's possible that the people below just hated Shannon and they will be wonderful to the next people that move down. It could have been just like what you just did that so you think that was the case. was that the case they just hated you. Shannon your boyfriend. I think they had a nasty attitude because we were yelling and we we are condo and they were not. It was was person not a problem well. I'm glad you sold it and thank you for being a Bob and Sherry listeners love those New People in those big Maine coon's. Are you going to say it. S People are attorneys about the place of three maintains and so when these people inevitably probably started harassing them I just wish that I could fly on the wall and hear about these attorneys and how they handle it. It's your justice justice for Shannon. Thank you dear take care. If you WANNA call us you can dial eight B. O.. B. S. H. E. R. I can use our aphids free on Google. Play the apple APP store the microphone she just talk back or de-emphasis on facebook Bob and Cherry. It's Thursday and it's a brand new Bobbin Sherry Fund size podcast a tasty little bite of the show. If you go back to your old school it's not always cool. Check out the fun size podcast brand new today the Bob Jerry App Bob Carey website were ever you get your podcast. It's father Cherry. I have something here that you're gonNA love so much. There's a couple they had just had their first baby precious little baby and they have a dog and Alaskan malamute named Dude and they brought right. That's funny name for dog. They brought the baby home for the first time to meet. Do you know Malamute. That's a pretty big dog tiny so I'm going to post this actual video onto the bobbin sheriff facebook but going to play for you right here we go. Let's do you Sevilla. Oh sister you say hello human systems do it again to do it again. I think she likes you're ready. All good boy boy batteries hungry. She loves you. See Not scared important missed you. Did we miss you. That's so sweet. Dogs are so much smarter and more emotional tuned in than we understand my brothers five viewers younger than I am and my first dog was a collie named hoppy and so in my brother came home. Obviously I'm five years old and oppy was about a year old at that point and hoppy used to follow me everywhere. 'cause you know I would roam the neighborhood. It was back then kids would just go up for the day as soon as my brother came home and was in the bassinet hoppy stopped in would lie down next to the best guard the Best Senate will today is my youngest child's birthday and <hes> so I was thinking a lot about what it was like the day she was born and remembering like I can remember the little outfit ambitious six hospital and she is and I have to say that I've been in denial about something for a very long time sixteen years in fact my firstborn not happy to see your comment. I remember that why I born was not like dude. The ALASKAN Malamute my firstborn took one look at that and unrealized that she want to like the newer age didn't she didn't she <hes> out of the blue. Give her a good shot in the head one so the Bay Care Mia was let's take it was born on July twenty fifth. This was about about five weeks in Kashmir's five weeks old. <HES> and I've got care me a propped up on the couch and I'm like tiny baby tiny baby and Olivia's playing Olivia singing. I'm the old baby that's the tiny baby and then Olivia goes up talks her and she's looking at her baby sister and my heart's just melting a sister is best known forever then Olivia drew back good slap that baby everything she has right upside face and that was the message and the res Her reason for doing that was quote. I wanted to see what would happen. Guess what happened and a little the crime going on happy birthday cake. That's exactly right sure that someday soon her sister will be so glad. You're here just any day now. She's going to go wow. I'm so glad that I have a little. We don't know rent at once and you read it again. Can't I believe this is Bob and cherries believed the knee so there's an APP. That's out there. I don't know if it's for Google play Google play store but it's definitely in the apple store. It's called Santa Call Text you yeah and it's images of Sana and the APP allows you to get phone calls and text messages from Santa at the North Pole up your round yeah except it's in this this part of this show so I think you can guess something went really really wrong. We have a family in North Carolina to thanks for this. They're eight year old daughter. <hes> loaded the APP and texted Santa and said Hi. Santa got the reply back Hi. What are you wearing no yeah oh no his was this a rogue employees or was this setup to be that way from the beginning? We can only assume it's a rogue employees e but her dad's snatched I'll I'll post screen shots of the conversation between the dad and whoever was on the other end of the APP <hes> the the DADS snatched the phone out of her hand after the little girl said what white and and and then Santa said no what are you wearing and little girl said I'm eight years old and Santa said tell me a story <hes> Croup and the little girl said. Why do you want to know what I'm wearing and Santa said my prime directive is to collect new knowledge and then dad grabs the phone no of knowing what an eight year old is wearing and then the <hes> the APP goes on and it sounds a little bit like a Bot but who can tell the dad says you sick pathetic P.? O. S. and Santa replies interesting gossip and Sick Pathetic P. O.. S. Dad says I'm taking this to the police. You Pedophile Santa says what do you think your plan will succeed. Dad says you're lucky I can't find the man behind the screen. I think you are truly a stick human being and it goes on so be careful about the apps that you download and definitely think twice about Santa Santa Call and tax shoe. You know what I learned. The other day. There are certain towns. I don't know if this is the only one this one is in California. I'm not going to name the name of the town but my buddy jeff lives near it and I was visiting him over for the weekend in southern California and there is a town that is a haven for sexual predators in the why haven you know why there's no schools in the entire town. Oh so they can live they can move in and and they can live wherever they want because they can't be anywhere near a school so when you say it's a h-have so is it well early like no. It's not there there. Are you know regular folks who lived there also and perhaps APPs the word haven was not the right word to use but evidently there are a substantial amount of them percentage wise because of the fact that there are no schools in this particular town wow well that never think about anything like that do you. I have to say hey that's a challenge for the Chamber of Commerce at sure is good luck to you or certain real estate companies right. That's going to be a part of you know the knowledge if you if you Google it wow the other thing I heard speaking speaking of <hes> things that are a little nefarious. You know that <hes> APP that's going around where you can make yourself. Look like a baby or look like an older person of an elderly the face APP somebody said that at least one of those and I think the main in one is a Russian but yeah and it even if you don't give permission to access your photos. It's grabs. It's it's it's stealing your photographs. It's still grabs. Your stuff heads up on that one. I think a lot of people <hes> just go. Oh we'll take like my photos. I hope he liked cats and blah. Blah Blah. We have a friend in the building who works on different radio station here John and he posted a picture of a beautiful wooden coffin covered and flowers and he said and his his caption was. I tried that face APP everybody's talking. I thought that was Bruce. All I think you're right though I think people here that it's a Russian of you know intrusion and they say big deal. It's a picture serve me in front of you know vacation mountains or the seashore whatever I mean I would want. I think a lot of people may be most people you know your your camera. Roll is filled with like stupid stuff. There's not compromising but the I._D._C. This is this is how this is how they get ya. We're also like casual about our privacy that by the time we realize it's completely gone. There's no getting it back. That's true plus a running out of females to send a Max that Russian Bride Warner that Russian. I'd like to be of your friend. Do you want to be my friend. You know they need more pictures of those people yeah. That's what I think they're using some of the stolen pictures for Oh yeah for cat fishing yeah exactly Nationalist Association of Broadcasters Astor's agree. It's one of the best shows in the country nation Marconi awards bob and Sherry so told you I was flying over the weekend southern California long flight and at one point the pilot came on and said well well. We've got some weather coming in so we're going to have to be in a holding pattern for about fifty five minutes. which you know is such a bummer? It didn't last that long but it was still about a half an hour and during that period there there was some sort of commotion in First Class and I couldn't really see what it was but there was some moving around in First Class and other people noticed too and were you know craning their next to say so we land and the plane pulls up to let us get off and the pilot comes back on again said lays Jomon. We're GONNA let law enforcement do their thing here for just a moment and then we will open up the doors and <hes> allow everybody to plane right now. Everybody's craning their neck and two big Los Angeles police officers come on and <hes> they are taking a woman. They've got a woman and they are taking her off the plane and so everybody is talking to everybody else in there saying what do you think it was and somebody turned to me and I said you know what I bet. I bet she jumped bail or maybe she took one of her kids and she's <hes> she's on the lamb to get away from the ex husband but you know what it was. She got liquor up an aggressive. No the guy next to her did the guy next to her up and she was taken off for her own safety. I didn't see this but then when he got arrested and he got arrests oh they they put the handcuffs on. 'em evidently the flight attendant was telling me this is we were walking off. They put the handcuffs on him. He would not leave her alone and he was asked to leave her alone. He just kept coming back and getting more and more aggressive serve and who knows what was saying but still be my luck finally with my seventeen million frequent flyer miles. I'm able to get an upgrade and I text Kevin. You're not going to believe this but I finally got that upgrade and Sir yes. I'll have the hot nuts and the complimentary cocktail and then I've got yep this week. I hope that they gave her something for that because that was probably a similar situation that she was in choosing first-class this class solo as a woman one of the other things that really book why why as because this is a guy will focus on that when when you are being told repeatedly no not interested stop why. Why do you keep coming back? That's the alcohol so he spent yeah. He was drunk or she wasn't she was he he was evidently really drunk to on top of being and he's getting free drinks right so I mean who knows if he came on inebriated created but then they're going to give you a cocktail while you're waiting its first class and then you can order another one and another one if you want and they will ask you WanNa double so the guy was knocker d- And then started hitting on the woman the other thing that is really kind of irritating so it's really crowded. We're getting ready to take off after spending the weekend in Los Angeles and the area the gate that were at has almost no <hes> seats and marina trying to find some places. We got there early because you know how I am so I going Oh. There's some seats over there. We get over there. There is a dude lying on the floor blocking three seats asleep yeah he he had a backpack he put it down and he got in front of three seats and he went to sleep blocking the seats then I find a couple of other seats Mary's off I sit down. There's one open and that's for her and this older man comes up and he's having trouble walking and and he says can I sit there and he points the Mary seat. I well my my wife was sitting there. Can I sit there. Can I sit the. I just got up and left he did I had I had to do you did go right ahead just got up but he did the right yeah. That's right. An airport is now especially in the summertime in airport is a really good place to go to test your degree of homicidal mania. It's true because you'll not pushed up into your worst behavior like you're very worst self. All of your worst personality traits will be push. I was given a heads up. I saw some news report early in the spring saying was going to be a tough summer with everybody wanting to fly this year and it. It is here on this show Bobby Sherry podcast on the Bob and Cherry. I've got two or three news feeds that I look at throughout the day and on one of them for some reason up popped a story about the shooting and the collaboration of the video for Britney Spears hit me baby one more time and I looked at it and I went back over twenty years old why would date and then I thought for a minute oh this something to do with Jeffrey Epstein with with the twisted yeah because I couldn't figure out why was there because of course he was. There's no other way way to put it. Raping an abusing girls and <hes> she played of course a schoolgirl who's board and then she was a schoolgirl and she was sixteen years old at the time and she's got this out so I'm looking I'm reading the article about it and Lo and you hold it has nothing to do with Jeffrey Epstein at it's not a twentieth anniversary. That's already come and gone by a couple of years. It's just somebody did an article about the shooting of that video and evidently they they expect they got a school to shoot and they expected Brittany to show up wearing like I don't know white cotton shirt and blue jeans and she and she came in would've with whatever she came in and and she said to the producers of the video one I do the sexy schoolgirl thing it was her idea and they they sent out somebody to the Walmart and they those are Walmart closed they found the right socks the little skirt skirt the <hes> peekaboo brought thing and <hes> in a shirt and then it was shot and became the sensation so I bring it up right now going back to Jeffrey Epstein is that in light of what has been exposed posed with with that pervert and and and others and more to come out of out of this guy. Is that forever a male fantasy. It's one of the classic male fantasies that that should be buried forever. I think we would before we bury a specific fantasy. I think that the <hes> the bigger conversation that has to be had is why is the sexualization of children soldiering <hes> part of the big fantasy like that. That's the bigger question to me them. What Britney's roses wearing in that? I know it but I'm being honest here I mean there are male fantasies you you you had the sexy nurse <hes> the the sexy librarian but the the whole schoolgirl thing has been around there for a long time and there are grown women who get that outfit and go out on Halloween but my question is should that forever now I mean he retired because because of what we're learning if I were man I especially like a man who's a father I would not admit to that Phantom that on the way down low remember they should that should that video be played in you know somewhere on television is now a politically in a hates even use the farm anti censorship so I don't know why that video of all of the things in our a culture that sexualize kids and young women. I don't know why we would we would cherry pick. That video is something that you know is now going to be for think about it. Think about her. Look her attitude what she's wearing and lyric not that innocent I mean there's an awful lot of pop music. Pop Culture then that you would have to you'd have to ban. That's true I mean it's a slippery st not I know I'm just bringing it up for conversation. Because of the era that we live in. I'm still I I still oh can't believe some of the stuff I've heard with Jeffrey Epstein character when some guy posted a countdown clock online counting down till the Olsen twins were eighteen and quote unquote legal yeah I was so grossed out and said so on the air remember the people were like a lighten up Karen unlike these are these are kids are wait till you have a kid and then let's put a countdown clock on your daughter so that she becomes a free sex-bait for grown ass men like it's Oh grow editorial so grow. Remember that God I was a while ago to nine you know years and years. That's what I I met my husband. He was like how old are you. I was like well well. That's kind of aggressive and he said I have a daughter. I'm really I'm not interested in dating anyone anywhere near my daughter's age. I was like well calmed down chief. I'm like wait. I'm like you're closer to your age than hers but I you know I appreciate appreciate that He. He's really sensitive to that. If you're like if you're looking you're a grown man and you're watching a countdown clock of the girl who plays eleven on stranger things. You're disgusting yeah. You're like groves. I wonder if they'll be less of this. Because of the exposure particularly of Jeffrey Epstein who had lured there will be maybe less of it in mainstream pop culture won't go away. Oh No won't go way. No it will not go away but you think it could be lessened in pop culture jeff well I hope it would be. I doubt Posey Suppose Britney's are she's just suppose Brittany came on the scene right now and that that video was prevented. What do you think the public reaction to because she was underage at the time? I don't even think they would make that video that way. I don't think so I don't either. I think that video was a product of it's time you would and now so either. Isn't that interesting. He'd see something else. It's not GonNa go away but I don't think he would see that an interesting about Jeffrey obscene now that he's in in court on federal trafficking charges it turns out out that you really can't use your money in that court system the way you can in the civil court system because when he got in trouble many years ago those were civil lawsuits and you can throw the money in the world and bat that's stuff down but now he's up against federal human trafficking charges. The feds are different way different yet. It's Bob and Sherry. It's the new Bobby Sherry Fun size on the free. Bob and Cherry at <hes> don't have to pay forward awaiting the rest of my life the rest of my guy. I think you're no don't know Madison. Madison is my stepdaughter and obviously I'll be generous but it's not it's not not my main thing to carry another wedding. You can't come up with one. I just to speak plan to have another child with Mary. Madison News you going to get married. No I will give her. Some nice gifts also a wedding. No I know I won't time. We've been together all these grand proclamations you make in what happens when you announced these things but this one. I'm sure of no your daughters are married. I understand that but <hes> Mary came off the hip on a couple of things for your daughter's didn't she certainly come off the hip on a couple of things on a couple of the difference between coming off the hip and then giving up your whole hole but I mean you're still going to have to give part of that hip which leads to your ass eventually yeah very true so the bottom line. Don't get too comfortable with your ass because you're not gonNA mckinney so I feel better about <hes> reading about weddings because you know they're not as scary to me anymore. You know financially and <hes> I'm not going to be getting myself married again because I have a wife who loves me and I love her and <hes> so I thought I would bring the store audience tonight. Pre wedding fights. This is what folks fight about prior to the wedding so you know you're thinking of getting married. Try to avoid these things <hes> where to get married. It's not usually a church versus winery fight. It's your hometown or her hometown or if one person wants the destination wedding and the other doesn't and I'll bet with those destination weddings you know I bet that's the guy almost all the time you really think I really think so. I think the I think women WanNa have it in their hometown their friends and family or close for a guy. It's like there's some gambling in the Bahamas to that'll that'll be great if it wasn't for Instagram I might agree with you but the pictures of destination wedding on Instagram <hes> that's some bait. That's tempting stuff. Yeah I still think but but gun to your head don't you think the it would be more likely to be guys. I've I've just not known that many guys that they were that and like the into the wedding at all yeah yeah <hes> number two one person wants to invite an ex. I've known people who have done that. They've pulled it off okay. It's not something that I would have done. I don't see why it's a big deal. I mean it depends on what the X. is. It all depends remember that's rumor. Let's see with Owen Wilson in what was that movie where he was <hes>. Oh it was <hes> the one with Robert Deniro Oh meet the Falker Mesa fockers and he he was the ex-boyfriend wedding the chapel alter thing from one single piece of wood yeah that was so funny number three wedding spending versus honeymoons spending again. I think guys would rather spend money on the trip. Don't you yeah I do and finally conflicting traditions or religions. You do have to really figure route are you. Both you both from a different religion. You've got to be solid that this is going to work out and not be problem down and conflicting traditions. I don't know what that means. What what could that possibly mean tradition of what what in a certain kind of wedding reception certain <hes> <hes> rituals suckling well to wrap this up no matter what go ahead and get married take from Bob and Jerry go ahead and get married? What what could yeah no more pain for ways your loser congrats Bob Macey he gets to work with Sherry Lynn named one of the most influential women in Radio Twenty nineteen? Here's Bob and Sherri thank you very much and this comes to us from A._B._c. nine in Cedar rapids. This is a story that is so rare. I've never seen anything like it before. sixty-six-year-old Jerry Fox Hoven was the Department of Human Services Director for the state of Iowa Iowa the whole state and apparently Jerry was a massive to pock fan and it bled into his work. Check it out number one he would host again. This is the Department of Human Services as director for the entire state of Iowa. He would host to pop Fridays every week where he'd play the music in the office. He'd regularly number two. He regularly email lyrics to co workers. A search found Jerry sent three one hundred and fifty pages worth of emails with the word to pock in them over the past two years number three on his sixty fifth birthday he had to puck cookies decorated with the words thug life which was of course horses tattooed across to Pucks apps and finally last month. He sent an email to forty three hundred employees under him telling them that they should commemorate to pox birthday over the weekend by listening to his music the next day Jerry was asked to resign his job by the governor of Iowa. The story has been out for just a little bit <hes>. I have never been that passionate about any thinking. I love people like that I do too. I love people that have that kind of singular folk. Whether it's a fan or whether it's somebody that is into <hes> rock climbing or <hes> I don't know speedboat racing or whatever it is. It's just I so consumes them. I don't think I've ever except for this job. I've never had anything that consume me like that. I like when people are so into things like that. Go Conventions Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. We have a CO worker like that what we do Courtney Courtney until the people of Artemis into 'cause play and gaming <hes> she has her own thing on twitch <hes> often get her to send me a links we can post it but she makes the most incredible costumes elves elves ferries POK mon we haven't we have a Halloween contest conventions. You wins it every year amazing. She's a beautiful beautiful girl too yeah. She's and she's chameleon. She's an absolute yeah and she's so photogenic. I like people that that especially have a real passion for something. That's not super mainstream like they're into a band. <hes> you know like you'll you'll meet somebody and their whole thing is Mr Mr Mr <hes> and they know everything there is to know about Mr Mr Their friends on facebook with the guys in Mr Mr and they go to Mr Mr Conventions Mr Mr meet ups and they have all sorts of Mr Mr Memorabilia Nelia and you're like Kate. How in the world did you become fixated on? Mr Mr you can understand a parrot head right. There's plenty of parrot heads the whole thing but my favorite isn't when it's really do you know people like this Max win. It is really small and really laser focused and really involved those are my favorite people like somebody who's into llamas <hes> or Alpaca or a packages Yup. That's the same aimed thing I want you to have an obsession that is so specific and I will sit and you can talk to me about it for an hour. Love those people I knew the sky who was a writer for a newspaper and very liberal guy the SORTA guy that would be a neil young fan okay and <hes> he's a very good writer very liberal <hes> politically but behind the scenes he and his wife were fantastic fantastic disco dancers clubs and they and they would they would be out on the floor <hes> solely and he's the last guy he's got long hair. I mean he's he's the whole countered counter Culture Culture Sorta guy but the and his wife was the same way she wild hair you know but the two of them for some reason just loved that type of the incident I just learned that a couple that I know very casually are into competitive salsa dancing and these are the last two people you would look go see it's the same that love that what they travel for it. They traveled to compete. They traveled to take lessons with like other famous salsa dance or new Robert duvall isn't he had flamenco dancer. Yeah I knew he had seen Hyun is what the guy from the the godfather played the lawyer from the Godfather. Tom Don't you wish that you had something like that. I kind of all and Berry specific know what I do. I put my foot in two things just enough to not embarrass myself like the rookie you know you you take your yeah. You know. Let me ask you. Something is the hokey pokey really would it's all about you know I mean jokes on US missile. I'll tell you we have wasted a lot. That's right but I mean I took up ski. I'm I can ski right. I'm a pretty good skier golf and and I played golf you know I I was probably like twelve handicap but I never got down to a six hundred gap and skiing never got very put my legs so tight together and just go back and forth like that you know slalom. That's yeah I but you know I was okay. I was good enough not to embarrass myself or others it. Sometimes it should be store now that that's my headstone just enough not to be embarrassing. Don't put that in don't put that in country then I was waiting scribbled Bob and Sherry Free Bobbins Jerry instantly get the podcast the podcast and Bob and sharing fun side the thirtieth anniversary believe it or not have the Seinfeld I felt show and people are looking at interesting seinfeld facts. I know you're not a big Seinfeld fan but I thought this one was mind-blowing. They offer Jerry Seinfeld himself one hundred ten million dollars dollars to do a tenth season and he turned it down. Let me say that again. That's when you know you're rich. You offered one hundred ten million dollars to one more year says don't WanNa do. How much money did he already? Had I know but hundreds of millions I guess he and Larry David owned the show the also recently throughout the first pitch at a mets game and it was perfect. That's that did you see thought yeah what did it looked like how oh good was good. At the I mean if it was not a pitcher pitch but you know the plate little arc on it made it to the plate and he also joined the announcers in the booth right after he did that he right. He's having a really good life. I was thinking that maybe just call it quits but he's still travels. Concerts and performs and Hulu owns the show now and they have added a Yada Yada Yada Button so you hit that and you can shuffle Seinfeld episodes so if you're <hes> you know not interested in one halfway through each hit the Yada Yada Yada Button and yeah that's pretty good thirty thirty years hundred and ten million dollars. I know think about it. I it's hard for me to imagine if you have <hes> if you have two hundred million is your life really GonNa Change very much with another hundred then again to say no to a hundred ten million dollars is almost arrogant. Ah especially since it you know we weren't asking him to clean up Chernobyl correct but did he also respect his craft so much yeah. He said we're done I mean. I don't think it's going to have the same. There's fact also also that show what it's an exhausting endeavour to put that together train. It looks like they're just kinda coming out and having fun but that no I mean he's right very time. Consuming he'd reached a point in his left. I guess he was married by the end of it or near married or something and I think he wanted to have just a regular life with you could decide what he wanted to do when right John the comedian John Mullany has really funny bit about one hundred million dollars or in his case he's talking about how like they'll make a superhero movie MHM and the the press release will be this movie costs three hundred million dollars to make some leaning goes. You didn't need to make the movie you could sell tickets to let people come into a room and see what three hundred million dollars the lineup at a hotel and you buy your ticket for eight or ten dollars. Walk into a room and you look at three hundred dollars. It's so hard for me to imagine that kind of well and it didn't when especially when I was a kid you never heard of anybody who had that kind of money. I mean even even entertainers well but they they were cables or the Getty yes. They were from an <hes> industrial families families that had legacies. You know it wasn't a stand up comedian. No like your grandparents weren't going. Can you believe checking Greens got hundred million dollars no and he didn't he didn't know I remember the <hes> I remember sitting with honest to God. I don't you remember the funniest things sitting with my grandmother. When we were living with my grandmother I think I was around on an eleven twelve years old something like that and there was an interview of one of those old comedians he was on? He was on National T._V.. All the time in those talk shows I forget it <hes> not Cecchi Green <hes> Henny youngman and <hes> he was an older guy but he'd been around forever and he was was talking about how he was writing his jokes emily dining room of their New York apartment and I thought put your your Big Star you you would have dressing rooms and you would have no like your own library and no it was different. They made him a lot of money but not one hundred ten million dollars. Well not the kind of money where you could go hundred ten million not feeling the same guy. I read about him later. He said he would come on stage sometime in somebody would say you're killing it in my bar here. Go up into another ten minutes. I'll give you give you a thousand bucks said you got one grant. Go back into time.

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Dad Bod Rap Pod Ep. 118: DJ Preservation and Eto

Rock N Roll Archaeology

1:03:11 hr | 1 year ago

Dad Bod Rap Pod Ep. 118: DJ Preservation and Eto

"Uh-huh dead body wrap pod back another week another episode more quarantine more zoom more wrap. It is US Demon Carter here a K. Des Moines joined by Mr David Ma. How's it going old guys going to be here once again alive and breathing Kind of wish things were back to normal like everyone else but you know that kind of goes without saying good to see you guys absolutely also joined by the man who's been sitting in my chair for weeks on end. Mr Nate Leblanc with up everybody. we're day for me but I'm happy to be here. Always happy to talk to you. Guys always happy to talk about something besides work. That's right besides work in co bid So today's on today's program we are going to try out a new segment. That is this. Is Our album review segment. If you're like us you grew up on a reading the source and other magazines and their album reviews rating. For whatever reason. We have not done that on this program. Almost two years so I'm not quite sure why that is. But we are going to try that now and the way that it's GonNa Work. Is You know periodically one of also picking album for the other two to listen to and then we are. GonNa give it a rating Our rating system is basically three things. If you liked it if you recommend to a friend that is a year if I buy whatever not terrible but didn't move you. That's a man and if the is trash that's not and raw raw friends here I recommended the first album that we are going to review. And it is by Sacramento based rapper. Lasi of folks who listen to this program religiously all seven of you Will Remember we've talked about Mazi previous episodes even back going back to season one right and he has a new album called beyond bulletproof Just came out about a week or so and I asked the bro Skis to give it a listen and Talk Abou tracks that hit for you. Skippers on and ultimately what your rating is and let's start with the man by the maytag appliances. Mr David Mom a man you know. What Shadow to you damone. I think you're the one who hit. Who hit us to Mazi way back in the day? I think it was. Maybe even season one like you mentioned I think it was an episode of regarding. You know who to who to keep an eye out for next year like up and comers but he was a good pick man. I like Mazi. I would consider my Sofa Fan Every time we talk about him I think of a big hungry talking about when he was talking to those like Swedish nudes and they kept calling him. Lucy Lucy Lucy anyways the track. I like off of the album is a homeys one. I know the first thing the first thing I heard from Maziarz Blah which. I think you hit does too. But you know with him. It's just like any other street dude. It seems like you're going to beat my ass but I like his voice You Know He. He has a sort of patients with his rhymes. And so it's like inbetween all the violent shit. All the all the violent drug descriptions he talks about friendships and growing up in sadness. You know so and I also really like hearing all the shoutouts to Sacramento. Because it's it's sort of part of our geography so I like the album that though. That was a good suggestion. So you are you giving it the vaunted Dave Marr yet rating. Give it A. Yeah you I'm GonNa give this money. Yeah I mean I I'm not. I'm not in love with every song I like. How on Youtube? He has like those little Visual stations were doing sorta think videos so I sat and listened to them all the track. The track I like his homeys. WanNa know my my only thing with the album. Is that some of the tracks. Just end up sounding the same. I can't tell if track to was tracked three red red okay. All right Nate what was your. What was your take So a little bit of scene setting. The only thing I get to do for recreation is to take long walks around my neighborhood. Sometimes I'm stoned. During these walks yesterday I was and I listened to this album looking at like beautiful Tony homes in the neighborhoods surrounding my my street and I just took a really long walk in. This was kind of the soundtrack for it. And I'd like to say I'm not the target audience for this record and that that situation does not like speak to the the type of narratives that are described on this album. So all that to say this. I really respect Mazi. I respect his hustle all I could want for rappers I like is for them to like start with mix tapes put out in the albums than move to La and get a contract and be rich dudes and like I really respect that. I wish that for so many people. He's he's a success story and I'm back in that like that's great however This album is really really sad and listening to made me sad. There's a track. I think it's like the second or third track. He runs out of time shouting out all the people he knows who has died and he just paints such a grim picture of what. It's like to be young and African American involved in the street game and I it was just bumming me the fuck out yesterday. Dude it's just like the. He feels like his only options are to do things that will land him in jail or die and that just it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Like I have to say the craftsmanship to make me feel anything in the realm of Gangsta rap is to be respected. He's he's a craftsman His producers perhaps not so much Echoing what Dave said. I think the beets are pretty paint by numbers. It's like this is a slapper. And then if I want you to feel something different. I have a guitar guitar track. There's an electric guitar track. There's an acoustic guitar track. I was kind of like when it first came in. I was like Oh. That's really welcome. This is like a nice cool breeze and then by the fourth or fifth time on Mike. It's like a crash like that's not. That's not good production so got a little same Z. so I'm GONNA give it a May I think it's well-crafted insider baseball gang shit. That's like really really full of pain and sadness. I don't recommend necessarily that people interact with that right now but I do. I did read a cool thing right before we came on that he first released this album to people in prison for like get their initial reactions to give them something to like draw life. I think that's cool as fuck like that's Rad. And that's like a really good use of is platform But just to kind of round out my little Soliloquy here. I wasn't walking yet by the time this album was done. It's only like forty minutes or so just about six thousand steps Trying to get to ten on a Sunday and I put on fat Tony's album right after because I had it saved in my phone and he has a song about how it's really fun to like. Have a dinner party. But it's also kind of a pain in the ASS argue. A that's for me. That's that's what I that's what I relate to like. You'd set setup all the schools shady make all the good food people to go home and you don't you don't WanNa clean up like I like rap songs about that. You know what I mean not like the horrific sadness of street life right now but anyway. That's my k. Mazi to your dinner party so I like Dave mentioned I kinda got hit Tamaz Eve. Couple of years ago I really felt like his trajectory was very similar. To that of what we've seen with. The baby is being a a local guy. The your point. Nate Mixed Dude. Kinda goes goes big and I felt like with Mosley's last album gangland landlord which was the first kind of like I'm in La now I've got the big deal that was like really math for me. I was an unmoved by that record but again happy for him on this record I really enjoyed his storytelling of two bum. Nate nate the fuck out. You've gotTa tell a decent story you know what I mean. It's like it's not just against Iraq platitudes over and over on the right guy. He talks a lot about family and loyalty. Would you don't always here In a lot of like gangster Coke Cobra type stuff he talks about. You know the importance of taking care of your kids and things like that which I'm kind of like Which juxtaposed some of his more violent material. It's it's it can be jarring but it just speaks to this kind of authenticity that he speaks with all echo and everybody else said Mazi wraps over tight beats and I just really wish for him. This was a little bit disappointed with a gangland. Landlord was that he got. The big deal moved to la any still working with tight beet producers. These are kind of late carbon copies of of everything. That's out there and so I think in this for me. The storytelling when out he had the track the first called an EPA golden deceitful Which is just great like. He's breaking down these kind of like codes of the street Betrayal friendship love loss. Like all of these things in so that was a standout for me. My skippers are the tracks. Where like there's the girl Song Tonight's point in Spanish guitar comes in and there's like cheesy kind of course he'd being anytime Mazi gets into a and they don't do it often with him. I respect him for this is he doesn't have too many songs. That are kind of Ritchie like that. But the ones that do I don't care for when he includes too many of the homeys not not big on those tracks either but I will give it a rating and I will say for this particular exercise. I am upping my definition of a good record from four songs. Six or seven Because if we're going to review album on trying to be true to the spirit of like albums and not just stuff to make a mix tape or whatever so that that would be my reading. This means that the Mazi record Beyond bulletproof gets the Dad. Bod pod to yeahs one man That's doubles as a recommendation. I have it on good authority from someone. I know personally who worked with him on a video shoot. That Mazi is quite short. So that's another reason. I want to support you like Scary Dude. Like that would be more physically imposing. But I saw him standing next to someone I know and no not there mini. Mazi did not say that. Asimov either all shortage here for this movement. So that is our inaugural record review segment on the weeks to come. We each of us is going to take a stab at at suggesting records. That the other two Should Pete if you guys have record recommendations that you think we should listen to in rate. That are not your record Here this dad. Bod pod Addow Bond Rap pod on twitter at Dad Dad Bond Route pod on instagram. Probably if we didn't we haven't heard of yet we're not gonNA review a record. I'm just trying to save nate some time. We're a very interesting point with that where I feel like. We've been very open armed. We really want people to feel like they're a part of the show but like this weekend for the first time I was like I have too much music to go through where it's impossible to physically listened to and I realize this is a first world problem in like we invited this by like freely giving out the email address and really like encouraging people like people we know have become kind of like Publicists when they were more writers and they're like can we pitch you stuff like pitch away dude like yes. I'll accept an email. I read them all But I I'm Mike Backlog Status Right now with beans people want for the show people who just want us to know who they are. It's like we're GONNA work our way down in through it. But I'm starting to feel that like jaded music writer thing where it's linking. It's not happening. Bro Is why you think that would happen. But that's not going to happen and I hate feeling like that but sometimes a rap music is incredibly easy to make the bar is. The bar is very low for But we'll definitely do our best by we. I mean nate will do our best to To cleave doing if we like some stuff but for this particular segment. We're definitely looking to talk about you. Know you know. I don't know what you want to say originally released. Yeah yeah kind of official releases that a lot of folks are listening to so we can get some conversation going so definitely hit us up. But it's no records you would like us to check out We have a course more dope interviews the booking God David Ma going hard in the paint. Twenty five points ten rebounds a game when it comes to the roller decks. So we have a dope interview lined up for you guys. We have couple of interviews lined up for you guys on this program but you know that already because you read the description when you clicked so just stay with us. This is the dad. Bod replied Dad Bod`Ed Rap. Pod nother episode nother dote guest joining us here in the land of Zoom. We have a deejay producer collaborated with people like Yaas in Bay As well a slew of other artists that you know in love. Welcome to the line preservation. How's it going good to have you on the program man? Thanks for having me so you know we just WANNA kick it off and break down the new album real quick. I mean certainly you have a long history and we can sort of jump into that too you know with with Yalcin and would call and all that which we're ready to get off of but but but the new album They were sourced from records in Hong Kong. Are you currently in Hong Kong? No Okay Yeah. I'm in New York. I lived there for three years. Okay this ninety six right now. My first trip there the mine was out there visited and then went a couple of times with with we're seeing shows and then in twenty fourteen. My wife went out there for work. Were and it was It was for a short time. And then it. Kinda grew from three months to six months to year The staff here stand here for a little while. Just Kinda felt right. I was out there. I knew it because of the past times that have been there and I knew a couple of people out there and no cats from New York that were out there that I knew when we're out there doing on our disconnections from previous times like to art school like you know a lot of clothing situations are out there. Like fat manufacturing stuff with people that are like so magnetic. So you know it was. It worked three years analysis. They're just you know you know I'm like I'm here so I'm GONNA out whenever I travel with with Yossi now is look for local music. That's always been my thing so if we're whatever country I'm in I'm looking for the music of the place. Okay just you know. I'm never looking for stuff that fun here. Whatever like I'm just trying to find out about the places culture through music into the history muser so they're just kind of like Wilhelmina dubbed already artery. Had A head start know a lot of the SLA couple of things that no one thing that came out of them that got on the duct with Kyle was part of an older track that I've found prior? You know so. It was kind of already like wasn't like fresh. You know it was already like already had a feel for it so I just kind of went and expanded of you know where I was going looking for things you know. Just dig in so just find new places. No spots people. Put me up on spots just digging and digging ever done since you know. This is the nineties like that kind of field like. I don't know what I'm going to discover. Go through things like you know to find. That one gentleman wasn't easy. You know like my goal was like I am going to do stuff with with with local music that I'm finding you know from Hong Kong and Taiwan and Singapore and stuff like that. That's you know that's coming in and it's a port town so you're GonNa get a lot of different kind of things as well that you find but I was trying to stand track of finding using the local thoughts. So the okay. That's that's the digging Concern in the concept of music. Yeah yeah talk a little bit about the concept. I mean it was based off of like Asian records right and then a bunch of guests. Mc's first off man congrats because you got like the best dudes on their straight up was grateful grace. Thank thank you. So That's forum. That's definitely you know cop out than other people helping out and reaching out and stuff like that like so. I just had a list so you just gotTA listen. You like ROC Marciano uses a lot of the connections. Were there was a lot of people that are on that I've known before and I've had you know I've worked with before But there were a couple that I didn't know personally but add that I was really a fan of You know like tree you know. I was laying huge fans. So I'm just like you know I'm I'm too 'cause man I would love to have tree like so he's like I'm you know I'm a reach out to him. 'cause they say communication so it was all linked it was it wasn't like a like a random continent it always for me whenever I'm making music. It has to have some kind of relationship there Yeah for the most part. Yen's these not all of them were but you know. A lot of a lot of relationships grew out of this records. You know like Ma I was you know gang was hearing stuff you know hit me way. Hbo House I was grateful fluid. You know he caught the right way he got we've got HBO correctly. You know and he was like listen. I'm not given the sandy buddy but I think you should. You should hear this and I was like I was I was definitely blown away by a man who reached out to him and from that you know the relationship grew so you know it's been a it wasn't easy either knows a lot of people that I was reaching now to in. We didn't work out but I think I'm happy with how how worked out. How turned out without. Let them blow my favorite emcees. How's it going to say this so you did this record lot of your favorite. Mc's which are some of the preeminent voices of the day. What can you like compare? And contrast what it's like to solicit get versus from folks versus you know being in the in the studio kind of that vibe is. That is any difference in your process. Like how do you approach that? I mean I I always I working with Kai working with you know. I'll always love being in the room and creating no low was on the spot. Yeah Y like he would. He would come at all the like he would come at like not at one record was a beat sent on that whole album was him coming through in the Senate to hundreds of records thousand since it's been like he's super not picky about his productions said we were going through a lot of stuff so yeah. I love that process. But that's not feasible all the time right. It's the can't happen all the time I've been on for a very treason so I mean this in particular. I was halfway around the world and I didn't I wasn't thinking of Heaven Artists on it off like Maybe I'll just duke beats doing instrumental record and you know a lot of people were like not get some people on it like you know. See where it goes so And because of of where I was like I will let me make it a theme. I'm just use Chinese records. I got a whole bunch of stuff from you. Know make hundreds of houses making hundreds and hundreds of beaks just kept going kept going and then just started hitting people with is slowly in this building and I was kind of going back and forth. 'cause yet low came around around twenty fifteen so I was going back and forth and A little in SOCALBMW Track that we did of just building from there Okay word well. I mean you have yet. Billy Woods Got Mommy croly. Chris I mean you you you have the top news again. Look like again. Like all connections like friends. You know me and Jean go back. You know I've always been quite a fan but from a distance I never met him. I finally met him through food. Jean Casino managing go back for you know just toying with with Yaseen. Good friends good friends so we finally met on. I'm Outta love to have you on record. Of course things like that okay. Navy no new car and like just just kind of like different connections different. You know people that I've known can link you up with this person right. You know just for just for cats who who aren't familiar Talk a little bit about your history with Yalcin and you know how you. How'd you guys link up and stuff We linked up Initially While it was like ninety nine two thousand. I met him through. Mike ladd. Mike was doing a lot of I. Was You know we were very very close like this? One of my best friends He was Doing all the infest cons of majestic cons and stuff and most was really feeling that at the time so he would come to some of the rehearsals. And we kinda like no and then like just New York Discounts bopping around clubs and stuff. I am seeing each other and then eventually I started working at the spot call union which is a sneaker Clothing store was like a the the on kind of like part of supreme was actually before supreme so it was the supreme that started So all the Like LETTA ABC's artists would come through their get shirts. Airforce ones with Gucci Solution. That in at that time like to thirty two thousand so yes he would come through and we would just like you just kick it just for hours talking about music and try shit on you know just talking and So we kind of build our relationship through me working there and then I would just hit him with some music and then it is kinda progress naturally and he just like. Just come through here. We made some music and Adam knowing wearing just asked me to get on. Get on the road with him to Dj a total surprise. I wasn't even. I was just thinking I was gonNA hopefully make records with books kind of transformed into different different thing in my life so I was great super great for those those years like fifteen years. I still in all to the when I was in Hong Kong. It's slowed down because he wasn't traveling as much. But you know we still do spot dates here dope dope and then you know we did. We did To albums with him so I did like half of two magic six tracks magic and I did three on ecstatic and then I did the remix the aesthetic so I got the knock from downtown records. Put It out there. You know they were. They were with it. So I'll just word take a stab at. It's called the aesthetic. It's called the reasserting okay. Don't yeah well and kind of put out right before I put out my first solo record old old numbers so had had a track Bob by him on there. That didn't make true magic. I got join with Jean Grey and Minnesota money boss players people. That are my friends that were just kind of like that was working with here and there and stuff that didn't make an album or called. What's like old numbers this stuff? That didn't were old and I'm just kind of wanted to put it together and then I kinda pulsa A track on there that was on the think differently the tanks than Andy Culture. This thing will check the day. Jim Jarmusch thing tracks that he loves. Put Together for compilation. So that was my first producer record but it was still kind of a collage of you. Know kind of like taking parts pieces from different places and putting it together in a record but this is more than the record. That's coming out now. The Eastern Medicine Western illness is more. Like a you know concept from start to finish though I I love the name of the the albumin. So thank you think that that kind of comes out of the when I started doing it in like you know we kind of coming out of the doctor yellow kind of theme and feel of it says I gotTa meet. Continue that kind of thread. Well I can you. Shed a little light on your production sort of process These days I mean are you. Do you just make beats in your pad? Do you go somewhere. You have a studio offsite are not just. I'm home I'm home. Most of the time I mixed outside most most of the time with some laments Scott Hawed who has done all the records and he started to do my stuff kind of brought a lot of cats to him. He's been around forever. He's a great engineer. I mean he's he's he's done like you know boost stuff gravediggaz. He'd like from that era on using work at a Columbia. The studio back. In the day and so jungle brothers they lie and announce the flag that ultra magnetic. So he's got a lot of history in history in different kinds of music as well Jazz and Mike. Actually Mike Ladd introduced me in and brought me into that circle so Yes so that it's it's mostly in house in my in my studio and then for mixing ticket out using right now Right now you know. I'm I'm usually on the tooth the NPC one thousand. And I did this record on that. I did Lit a couple of things on it. But you know before that I still have Out Stuff so M. P. C. Sixty which had from the nineties and like I had with the as saw hookup Michael linked up a still got the S P as. Well that that I did I did twelve hundred BC on the S P With con- you know kind of go in and out of different things for whatever feels feels right for the for the particular project you know. Sometimes I'll but some some drums to this P. in dump it somewhere else to get you know if I'm not that drum chamber but You know so. Yeah the fence. So so what's next for you? I mean obviously. We're doing the rolled out with this new album but What are you working on? Currently a network of people to pull from Yeah you know from doing in Economy's hard lemonade. That's coming out so I got. I got some stuff on there and you know we're we're constantly going back and forth doing stuff so that is definitely more more in store with with him that suspending a spill pleasure man like. That's one of my favorites of of all time for sure so from new stuff and then you know I'm GonNa be doing some some instrumental stuff. Okay kind of like drop in little instrumental tapes. And then we'll see you know you know navy done some things Just keeping a close like you know people that have that that friends at just kind of love to we got a good creative relationship so and yeah man. I love to his couple of people on on the record on this record that you know we'll see maybe on enough to to maybe do a project with and then you know do some different things to left you know I come. I come from a different I want. I can is different. There's different lanes that I haven't even really put out there. That's always you know from Jersey. So that House. Kind of aspect there Different kinds of Just scoring and soundtrack stuff and things like that. That I've done that. Do you know kind of like just to you. Know that But it's it's not things that I'm putting out in. The public is just kind of like things that I do for work on the side and stuff. Maybe kind of push that into different. Two different rooms okay. Do you still have time to go digging? yeah. I mean not so much in New York. It's it's never you know it. For some reason. I never find the time too much New York I do here and there but That as much and then you know coming out of that. Hong Kong experiences just so like doesn't doesn't match up to what's That was really like getting getting dirty. Can you like really like real digging? Which this in New York and I don't get that really find that in New York as much but if I get out of town all in I always try to. You know find go to different city. I always find them on a little window to to find some. You know. See what they got though dope woman like. We're you know we've been. We've been checking out the album fans of we love Palette and saying we love all the guys on Thank you tell your fans you know about the album I mean it's it's it's Definitely it's an a an excuse when it's something really personal from me. It's it's a little window of time that it was in this place and You know just I was I was getting all these you know I was staying connected with with with was going on in New York. Two people them sending me stuff and seeing these new this new energy. Come up like emcees. emcees coming on and on getting excited about it and But you know coming out of the solitude of of being out there with the not much you know the scene. The music scene there is not the biggest you know and then it's very it's very dance kind of oriented just cool. Hong Kong has a you know a rich deep rich. Disconnect you know come out of discourse team so that kind of transformed into electronic music dance music or dance kind of kind of dance. Music Club Club music So as far as HIP hops concerned is very small. The arts the arts scenes huge like the graph seen that kind of lighten and the B boy seen to the guy little some some crews and stuff but as far as I know emcees. I mean there's a couple and I found young queens young queens a is you really super talented cat up there on you know. I wanted to get someone to Rep city that I was talking about that. That made a mark on me so I wanted them. You know what someone to to to wrap to speak it in their own tongue in this kind of like an and then she'll wear represent what they wear the from so I went up found queen like when I was looking I was looking for for cats out. They was wasn't the easiest Found HIM THROUGH MEMENTO AT MOMENT. Gary at this little record shop called white noise. And he's like you should check this out you know like he's got the voice that could kind of match the other guys you know it was. It was like kind of got Right there so you know working with. Tim was great in and a linked up with He's on track Ma to doubt. Yeah it's cool you know So it's dislike of. I'm just trying. I'm trying to present like this little period of my life that I was out there. You know just digging just kind of showing like the just getting those east. Those eastern sounds that medicine. That's the medicine of sound. That was coming up with an and the the illness of of of West. You know like the L. The double the double meaning the ill I on Dale. I'm season but also the illness to that. That comes from the West like the real illness illness right now. So it's it's yes. It's a personal thing like like just like even personal story like lot of things. A lot of beautiful. Things came out of that time period and I just wanted to put it down to take so all right near eastern eastern medicine. Western sickness comes out when Western illness Western illness illness may may twenty ninth. May Twenty ninth. We appreciate preservation. Thank you so much thank you thank you thank you. Thank you you too later. Bhadra pod another episode another dope interview on the line. We had Ito. You might know him from his work with mugs as well. Okay lot of other projects. Yeah welcome to the program. Then they should come on right man. Thank you of course of course going well man going well you know we're fancy your work So thank you for taking the time But you know we just want to have a few minutes of your time to like just dig behind the process a little bit and talk about some of your music and stuff that you put out I just wanted you know. Just just off the top of my head. I mean you've been working with some some of the dopers producers alchemist mugs of course as mentioned Specifically you made a track called the pot with alchemists and which I love. I was wondering if you could kind of break. Down for people. The process of working with alchemists versus working with Bj mugs out do mugs. Of course when on West kind happened to call tonight? I was dad. That's when I lay my birth chomping. Being Joe is long overdue mass than it's been in the works for a while and it's out to sit me out of nowhere with the join now lady in our main shot at back nominee. One of those things you know just came out of nowhere. He hit me out the blue. I wasn't expecting okay. will mug mugs is a vet. He's that dude How was working with him? And how'd you guys link up South? The marksman is the big homey. O again every every every time Mamluk Randy. No Don shut out. The May my brother. Don't put me on with mayhem. Did the high record million or murder released from seventeen yet may be thrown launch or murder. Got Ma'am on every shot. The video mugs caught wind meet through. That may have connected to than I ended up Donald Duck sauce joint. I don't so disasters out and just you know domino effect. Okay okay. So we're we're working with months obviously don't producers been in a game forever. Is he like a does he? Give game is called like a mentor in that same way before anything gone. Let you on as his time. Maybe maybe serious San or gall man you notice on that's where you were you aware of his Like where's your starting point with? Mugs is production stuff you go back to Cypress Hill like where? Where did you happening? Okay always tell people. I'm a little older. You know all definitely started on you know rap city in all that manual fat five Freddie days man definitely heard that speaking of which you used to be little Ito and then you drop that a few years back and you talked a little bit about why you made that transition just just at. That's another question. They actually qualies more or less. I ate the little thing like I was little eating. Nineties me Plus you grew as an artist man just instead right men after a while you know grow as modest and just WanNa man sooner or later you know got namely because too many liberals in young's and yes so you know fry right you know so. You're from Rochester. Right definitely all away hotel cool. Well you guys I mean you've got thirty eight special at Flea Lord like a bunch of cats sort of in that vicinity are doing stuff. What's the scene like over there? Rock America Ethan. Far Rock Queens. Oh okay okay out. The fleet asked my brother. That's where that came from. You Know Rock Rock Rock. America Started in Queens. You know okay you know. It's it's fall rock America Shot out the Flea Rochester. You know we got Enosis it is moving a group you know Greenland and is Rochester. Native Oca- outside the music got people like Taye Diggs in. Ino is a few of us mad you know how. How is that compared to like New York? You know as Californians we identify obviously with New York City. What is what is it like kind of a coming out of a place. That is not New York and being in that space like growing Is Not. It's not the city of dreams official with You know we travel. We had to travel with shit man. You Know Rochester. You know I mean it would be great if we had. A bunch of section shit is in all sample Rochester about says the offspring look family a branch on the tree. You know so but we grow we get not just still Rochester's homes. My house roof started head. Most likely you know speaking of starting Talk a little bit about your history man. When did you start wrapping and getting interested in the art? Form All always. It was some you guys. Did you know my uncle was a DJ? Had All the records twelve on its eastern. Bring THEM OUT ON GARBAGE CANS? That's when we had to still around George me you know. I came up around that in. I'll say really didn't take well. Let's just say I got my first place when about three over five Gillete. That's when I started getting my feet wet but it's always been something in the guys with do round away faithfully in okay. Hi It started session. That red okay. Word Word Can we talk a little bit about the circle with Gummy Soul? Ns when David pieces slept on yeah talk a little bit about how that went down with some things you learn your lesson it would have been my project but be worked out a certain deal certain agreement so I didn't have my hands in involved and stuff but Your nose still me. But it's not product Moment with okay. Wolf turned out well so to say Yet you know I mean I was expecting a copy. At least seeing the sending negative final was something that Got Dent. Imam saying yes. It's a great piece man was out my you know. My normal grew at dog stayed up in in Very light melodic smooth criminal type. Okay Yeah Yeah you you. Your music has been described as like St Philosophy. And when I'm listening to it I'm getting kind of different flavors than you get on. Maybe you're you're you know a lot of people talk about street life type of things that you kind of have a different bit to it. You talk a little bit about your approach to to kind of make it sutton different in that in. That team definitely insert debate. Turn people like the dawn in alone. Couple of others have been working with music. I almost Tell me where to go in the I don't force it come up with concept's shit but mainly that shit comes as I get into. You know I mean just be vibe in ideas will with it just sinks in Almeida's just a good old five with meet me unless his based on something like if it's a concept thrown at me I've worked very well on that page as well so it's just No donors five of man. Finally starting to tune in catch Hong. We know once if you're can you share with us some some of your personal favorite tracks of yours of my yup? Aw As of recent Few from before that that still can't wait to lay. Surface is good thing. A lot of people backtracking catching up previous catalogs. But I speak on as recent knit today. But those Bob my brother v Dawn on all murder project John Monday number. One 'cause narrow on there as well Duck sauce with mugs. Only because I hated the beat at first magnum was like God man. You know Paul Bouma gotTa pull in love. I got the response. It was just so crazy in. It's just you know taught me how to be Step out the box a bit in Hami. Don't be so stubbing area going you know a learn that Duck sauce to love out west crazy on what else we see but Davis on on the circle John Main Travolta join the NAM. Probably missed about three films Massive few coming as a recent but a lot of my favorites off from previous records styling surfacing didn't didn't hit yet. I would love to Redo but just little touch. Yes so so you've been you've been around for a long time. He mentioned coming through in the early. Two thousands what was the. What was the record that brought people that kind of brought you to broader audience? Was He was a little bit before. The mugs record no doubt definitely before God's Green Land and we did seem it release. New York's new money when I got with Stack. Bundles rested dead produced for stack also featured on then. I started working with ransom above ransom ages. Dropped got like two on his latest director's cut to Nicholas Cray. What else Your man? Oj started putting Max v at the time. Because I started producing I. I was wrapping Macabre. First placement with the with the production. Okay and and follow through with the feature with stack bundles as well. So that was like my first out about five hours for like the give take. I'm not to but yet mass something like that. Yeah I've been working with ransom to this day in my boy okay. Okay Word Word you've had you've been around since Oh five. I mean probably even before that and then you know you you got the you've got the All the recent buzz with the mug stuff What do you got on the plate? But what's on deck? What's coming up next man beauty of it man next Friday Twelfth Easter Sunday? But you not do this hoax virus shit going on companies that shit one round at the time good thing they back in now picking up little by little but yeah man things in fallen so we waited till may fifteenth next Friday at Johnson. No we got Marco Polo near-static selected nice optimistic on laws. Pronin Ocean continental few. We got on my bras. Fires EMCEES Flea of course grass. Willie the kid Rome streets brother Che Black. Few of his men not just released the ill. Bill Vinnie Paz's on GORTEX. Join is out right now called meadow laws. Check that out Yup Mall Sand to be on the beauty of it is well next. Friday on the fifteenth minutes. Let's go preorder up right now. Go to instagram. Click the Lincoln. The Bio man The beauty you said it's called the beauty of it. Released Friday may fifteenth Paxon. Copy vinyls dropped about June July. It's in the air right now. Okay but comment to my boy. Fuck Rap Amanda or down there. It is Manuel. We really appreciate you. Making the time man and we dunk likewise brother. Thank you cannot accept bay. We'll do I'll talk to you soon. Okay Face Reuss Dad Bod pod. We are back. Hope you enjoy that interview. Speaking of interviews. We have on our own team here. The rap game. Charlie Rose Aka pavement. Ma when you get a black background. Go Charlie no troubling anymore. Rose I think got me too. So yeah to say Charlie. What else is going on man? Thanks thanks for asking. Well you know with a needle to the groove the little Record label that we have put together. Cobbled together will We have a sort of are sort of a high profile project coming up which is Principal it's a project it's a limited wax with Prince Paul and And his longtime collaborator. Don newkirk who is adept jam recording artist and producer and they did the original score to the WHO killed Malcolm x the Docu series on that that came out. I believe in February so We're really excited to drop that. The pre orders. We're GONNA start taking them in a couple of weeks on May nineteenth which is Malcolm X's birthday of A. I felt weird about it. Like are we using his birthday to sell records but I think it was just like a matter of good timing not really by any means. Dave waiting means Nice. So yeah man we we got that on deck a few other things for the label that I don't really wanNA share yet. Because you know they don't come to fruition. I look like an asshole. But her record label people supposed to look like assholes the whole bit. I feel like needs being attack right now. I said record label record store only be name by the way. Nato is okay. Yeah he may have the itis. We're not not feeling well. Go out nate. He me the fucking Ironman of the prayed. I believe this is the first segment that he has missed. Thinks so I feel like you might have missed one other one but I mean yeah I mean it's it's a it's a. It's a big presence. Yes so he's he's a hopefully feeling better soon. We are here holding down on the dead. Bod Rap pod As always you can check out dead. Bod pod on twitter. There's a robust conversation going on in that space where you can see. Fans of the program Roasted because we don't love iron men and the infamous as much as they do So there's a lot going on there and we definitely want you guys to pop over. Check that out. We also have an instagram account. At Dad Bod`ed wrap pod nate sharing different types of hip hop ephemera He always no matter who we interview. He has some around his house. That represents that person solely J. Tights on his leg. Warmers that episode. Fire so check us out on instagram. At Dead Bod rap pod we are available to be streamed on all the dough platforms. You can check us out on our UK Syndication Partner Kiki Dot Co dot UK. A Google play spotify apple music soundcloud all the places. We appreciate. Y'All fucking with us. The far instead with the stood the fourteen weeks it's been it's been a weird program. I'm seeing you. Mother fuckers in like two months. I know I know I. I remember when we first started recording. And we'd be like inside Jerry Studio or you know even when we first started recording at nights kitchen. Or needle to the GROOVE. You know there are some sort of uncomforter- uncomfortable nights you know he'd wise or whatever after work you know but dude I'm dying. I'm dying to do that again. In person do yeah. We're in Lord knows what happened but we are pressing on present. Do shout out to rappers. joining US via zoom. Which I wasn't sure was going to be a thing it'll be cool to get some rappers to a if you could get rappers to work meetings where we can get acknowle to some just saying at the next meeting that'd be. Donald you know what I mean. He's got ideas. People really need to check out. I feel like our Aachen. Elliott episode was under this into in terms. Of How fucking funny. That was agreed. How inciteful one hundred percent and to just filled with energy? It was like he was. It's like we unleashed that interviews great. Yeah and I'm almost like eighty percent. Sure he was at the Strip club. I really feel. Kinda come up deejay booth and was talking to us. We NEED TO GET A. I'M GONNA get a little dot. That shows a number of episodes. I think that's somewhere back in the eighties. We are pulling up on one hundred. Twenty episodes of crazy shit is wild We appreciate you guys for continued to mess with us we. The listener base continues to grow on my following continues to grow We did lose the Adam and Eve sponsorship. Because y'all don't buy those like that is fine blue apron instead. You'll know why we gave you all a chance But Yeah we appreciate All the all the support. We've Gotten Pantheon podcast network. That's down with. That's what we rolling with at the end is just released. The first ever HD podcast this ain't it But you can check out a all dope music podcasts on Pantheon Network so that we are going to signed off. And you know base for fucking with his dad by wrap-up he's

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