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"mayson ridge ryan semi mason" Discussed on Greg Laurie Podcast

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"mayson ridge ryan semi mason" Discussed on Greg Laurie Podcast

"God. I will do listen to this. One godly man or woman in the darkest situation can make a dramatic difference in. Here's the thing. I don't know where you are right now. But maybe you're in a place you don't necessarily want to be. You don't know why you're in the setting that you're in right now. Why did they end up in this neighborhood with that neighbor. Why did i ended up in this classroom with that teacher. Why do they end up in this workplace with this boss or this person that works next to me. Why did they end up. Were i am. I wish i wasn't in this place. Did it ever occur to you that god puts you right where you are for a reason. A beautiful young woman down herself as the queen of persia at a strategic time in the history of the jewish people because the plot was hatched for them all to be exterminated and she was oblivious to this. Her uncle mordecai said to queen. Esther who knows that got does not place you where you are for such a time as this and i suggest the same is true of you in the same is true of me. We want to go out there and make arstan and trying to get out of where we are to borrow a sixty sane blue where you are planted except that. I'm here because got his. Put me here. And i'm going to do the best job that i can't to shine my light for. Jesus christ how many of you have heard of your hand her to bill yet. You've heard it's must've you. How many of you've heard of bright bright not as many. He founded campus crusade for christ the privilege of getting to know bill bright and of course billy is grandma's well and So here's another name. How many of you heard of henrietta mears ridge again. Henrietta mears almost no one who was henry at mirrors okay. She's an interesting lady. She was felt called by the lord. Teach us sunday school class at the first presbyterian church in hollywood in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight under her direction her class group from four hundred to four thousand. That's a big sunday school class. Everybody wanted to hear her speak. She ended up downing gospel light publishing and the forest thome conference center. And what's interesting about the impact of henrietta. Mears is over. four hundred. Young people entered full time christian service as a result of the impact of her life including bill. Bright in billy graham. So maybe you're not a billy graham but you could be a henrietta mears again to quote that statement. I'm only one but i am what. I cannot do everything that. I can do something what i can do. I ought to do what i ought to do. By the grace of god. I will do. How many of you have heard of sammy. Mayson ridge ryan semi mason. Almost no one well okay. Sammy mason was a stunt pilot and and a committed follower of jesus christ and he would teach people to fly out at the santa paula. Airport one day a man came to him and said he wanted to learn to fly. This man had bought an antique steverman by plane. And it turns out that this man's name was steve mcqueen and at that point steve mcqueen was the number one movie star in the world and he had conquered auto racing and motocross and now he wanted to learn how to fly and it also turns out that steve had been searching for his entire life for the meaning and purpose of life. He was raised by an alcoholic mother. That had little to no time for him. He also never knew his biological father. He spent time at chino boys republic because his mother wanted nothing to do with me live crazy life. He ascended to the top of the hill and the world of hollywood was making millions of dollars in that everything perks kid one but there was a big hole in this heart and it just came at the time when he wanted to learn how to fight so he's been out in the cockpit with semi mason. Semi mason was a men's man kind of assault of the earth guy and stephen mired him and does steve. Sme what is your secret. you're different. You seem peace and sammy told steve about his faith in. Jesus christ semi's faith was so strong. Steve actually asked. Can i go to church with you. Found that interesting now that semi invited him but seed said. Can i go to church with you. Semi agreed the ended up at the been tour and missionary church and been tura california. And the pastor there leonard dewit met and interviewed spokane preach the gospel and at the end of his services. He would invite people to christ just like we do and so after a few weeks passed here that mcqueen was coming to his church and he just told the people leave him alone. Don't bother donors autographs mcqueen came and said i wanna talk with you and they had an extended conversation which resulted in steve mcqueen committing his life to jesus christ okay so the power of one. So you've heard of stephen crane. you probably haven't heard of sammy. Your verdict billy graham. You haven't heard of henrietta. Mears doesn't matter. We all have a part to play. We all have something to do. We all have sphere of influence. And we wanna do what we can do while we can do it because you may be the only christian that some people will ever know. You're the only one and you are a representative of christ. It's been said. Christians are walking up pistols written by god and read by men. You may be the only bible some people ever read. And so i want to look now. At the power of one one man who impacted millions of people one man who do his godly life of integrity kept two. And a half million from turning to idolatry. I'm talking about moses. The man of god and you know what when moses the men of god left the scene literally all hell broke loose exodus. Thirty two one. They're waiting on moses when people saw how long have is taking moses to come back down the mountain. They gathered around aaron. Come on they said. Make us some gods who can lead us. We don't know what happened to this fellow. Moses who brought us here from the land of egypt interesting instead of recognizing it was the lord to moses who had led them out of egypt he thought it was moses himself in as soon as moses was gone they were looking for something to take his place in effect. They're saying look we. We need something we can touch. I mean moses was the guy we could grab him by the arm. We can voice our complaints to him. We could panama on the back. But he's not here so we need some tangible thing. We cannot relate to an invisible. God we need an object. We need a thing. We need something that we can look to to help us. And that's where the golden calf comes in now. We can be critical of moses but really we should not because it was his integrity and influence. That kept them from doing this. In fact moses. The men of god should be commended emulated and follow. He demonstrates the power of one. How he do it. He was a man of personal integrity. He was moses. The men of god when he's out of the picture look what happens. You know what. Aaron just did a bad job at. How did aaron even get in this position. Because moses wanted him there. When god came nimmo's and said i want you to go to the ferro and demand the release of my people moses. No way lord. I'm not a good speaker. I have a. I have a speech speech impediment. I don't wanna do this lord. I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal. Moses said to let me bring aaron with me he is mood. he is articulate. He has the gift of gab. He can do all the talking alerts all right so he agreed. But this was not god's real plan and now when errands slept in charge he was like the worst baby sitter ever pastor greg. Laurie will have more insight from the life of moses the man of personal integrity in just a moment everybody greg laurie here inviting you to join me every weekend for what we call harvest at home. It's a church service. It's a worship service. It's a bible study and it's wherever you want it to be in your home in your car sitting on a beach walking down the street watching it on your own wherever you are. You could take it with you and be ministered to every weekend. Join us for harvest at home at harvest dot org now. Pastor gray continues. His message called the power of one available at harvest dot org. Here's moses up in the mountain and he's getting ready to return and this is what he sees exodus. Thirty two i twenty one. Moses comes down and demands. What did these people do to make you. Bring such terrible sin upon them. Hey don't be so sad. Aaron says you know how evil these people are these that make us. God's who will lead us. We don't know what happened to this. Fella moses brought us from the land of egypt so i said whoever as gold jewellery ticket off they brought it to me and i threw it into the fire. Came this cap. Yeah that's exactly how it happens. A lot he was the one that says you bring your old. He was the one that melted it. He was the one that made it into the shape of calf and he was the one that said here. Is your god israel worship. It is saying. I don't wanna they worshipping the golden calf because they keep from egypt and egypt was like idol central right so they had all these images that they worshipped and they were used to this sort of thing and so they were voted back to this and really aaron also shows the power of one but he shows the power of about example. See one man living a godly. Life had a great influence. One man living in a compromise. Life had a horrible influence. I he lies. He says well we threw it into the fire out. Came this calf. what does he think. Moses is a complete idiot. that's not even a good excuse. Was george washington. Who said quote. It's better to offer no excuse than a bad one. Aaron initiated he was responsible and that's the second thing he didn't take responsibility for his actions. It was his watch. It helped that people with this idolatry he should have stopped them called and reviews and to make matters worse he rub it in religious jargon to do away with the guilt. Look at verse five thirty two he made a proclamation instead. Tomorrow is a feast to the lord in a second a feast to the lord. You're gonna work nine eleven you're calling it a feast to the lord and then we read a verse. Six rose early offered burnt offerings and brought peace off rains. They sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play you. See what a. Contrast moses and aaron are moses set an example that people can follow. Aaron sets a bad example. Moses is known for his decisiveness conviction. And doing what is right. Aaron is known for his indecisiveness his week will and wanting to fit in. You see he didn't want to offend anyone and sometimes were afraid to make a stand because we don't want to offend well. You know i. I'm not going to stand up for that and you just kind of go along with the program. Don't do that make a stand doing this right. Not what is easy and sometimes when you do what is right. It's very hard. It's been said quote. A good leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go but when they get there. They're glad they went like that. Statement leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go when they get there. They're glad they went a leader. Does what is right. A man or a woman of integrity does the right thing if someone is watching or not see. When aaron was with moses he was godly in quotes. when he wasn't with moses he was pretty ungodly and he gave in and lead them in this sin. Sometimes we're the same way you know when we're around. Strong believers were strong kind've and the moment we get away from them. We just crumble. We just collapse just given hey find strong believers to be around and in time you need to be that strong believer you need to be there person in a group of people says. I don't agree with that. Because the bible says or no. I'm not gonna go along with that but this is not the right thing. You make your stand for what is right and trust me. God will bless you for that the power of one. I am only one. But i can do something what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna do that so do you can do. I mentioned semi mason earlier and he played a key role in the conversion of steve mcqueen. I don't think steve would've ever heard pastor leonard if he didn't find him and he could connect to a man that just lived it. A man that steve admired and that led him to hear the gospel and life to jesus christ look there is nothing this world that can fill a hole in your heart in your life that was designed to be filled by god and god alone. You're sort of pre wired this way and this is why everything we're looking for is found on a relationship of jesus christ and jesus came to this certainty died on the cross for our sin. He rose again from the dead now he stands at the door of each of our lives and he knocks and says a full here is voice and open the door. He'll come in. And i wondered today as we close this service. If you've ever asked jesus to come into your life you know. Maybe you're here because you came with your wife or your husband or your parents or somebody else. You don't even really want to be here that much but your year in. Here's what i'm saying. Are you ready to really come into a relationship with god. You can't live someone else's relationship with god. God is no grandchildren only sons and daughters. And the way you become a child of god is by believing the bible says for as many as received him he gave them the power to become sons of god. You have to receive him. You have to ask him to come into your life. You your own relationship with god and you can have it today and he will never let you down. He will never disappoint you. He will never abandon you. He will never leave you or forsake you. He will be there for you to help you find the meaning and purpose in life. You've been searching for and best of all give you the absolute assurance of an afterlife in heaven and all you need to do is pray and say god. I'm sorry for myself. And i want christ to come in my life or for some of you. Maybe that a fallen away you need to come back to the lord he will receive you but you must returned to him. God tests returned to be back citing children. And i will heal you in a moment. We're gonna pray. And i'm going to extend an invitation for you to us. Christ come into your life for for you to make a recommitment to jesus. That's all power heads father. Thank you for your word to us. Thank you for sending jesus to die for us than to rise again from.

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