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"mayor mike coughlan" Discussed on NoCo Now ? 1310 KFKA

"Tanner's twins. It is a great week to have a great week. Welcome in to no co- now presented by the j nine agencies. Appreciate you being with us here on this monday. We've got some special interviews lined up for today. We we have moved around for regulars. Chris intervene directly reporting for nine news. We'll be tomorrow He will jump on chris Outta town But really excited to have our next guest. Let's just dive right on into things joining me now. Up on highland syrupy four by four vip guests. It is well kennedy. Sheriff steve steve. Thank you so much for taking some time this morning. pleasure thanks. Did you get a cup of coffee. And i something like that and get prepared to this. I've probably got a whole pot of coffee time. You got there late in the day. This point we've got a letter. Guests get woke up a little bit before we bring him on for the hard hitting question. Steve. you're all right. Well i wanna. I wanna talk to you about something. The ear Our neighbor here in the county The lerma county sheriff. Sheriff smith is under fire for some comments that he had saying. Have you noticed. Recently every time you walk out a business plan with hiring and help wanted signs. You're confronted with these folks talking about panhandlers long story short. He says. hey don't give that. Five dollars to the panhandler instead going and give money to the people working a job right now your thoughts on this. Well i think what i. I'll say justin smith and i are very good friends and You know he. And i had this discussion many times over the years about Homelessness that that they're experiencing and larimer county and as we're kind of starting to see some of that Trickle in here to weld county and into the city of greeley more specifically I know he's frustrated. He's he's dealing with an issue that Is just getting more and more out of control. And i think his comments while they may be pretty Pretty in your face. They're probably also pretty accurate. Because the seems like the if you want more of something he just continue to subsidize it. And you'll get that. And that's the approach that many and larimer county taken they've been handing out money to these folks and it's just attracting more and more of a problem and i think what you're seeing is Sheriff smith is just absolutely frustrated at this point. I think that you've got a misconception. These days when somebody Put something out there that you know. Maybe it's just the cold hard truth. A little dose of that and people Don't respond to that all the time. Well yeah that's that's very true You know. I think he's saying exactly. What a lotta people feel. But you know it's unpopular sometimes to say things that are just anchored in raw truth and quite frankly the money that is that is being thrown at the homeless Problems around the state right now is is probably not the most well invested. Especially when you get down to the denver area and into the bigger metro areas and this is the problem You know that. I even struggle with right because there are cases of homelessness that that are beyond the control of that person right but it's finding that balance of okay is. Is this person really facing tough times. Are they made the conscious decision. To be a panhandler and that's a that's a difficult that's a difficult line to walk when trying to determine what this person is doing. Yeah you know Mayor mike coughlan down in iraq did a series a little while back where he went and actually kind of dove into the homeless camps. He became if you homeless for several days and It was pretty shocked to find out that most of the people in those situations have chosen to be there And you know as as sad as that. That sounds You know we have a certain amount of folks that get brought into the county jail from time to time that You know we're in the homeless and the homeless group and most of those have chosen to be there as well. it's a it's a lifestyle They don't want any kind of responsibility. And and you're not gonna convince someone to get out of that situation unless they want to. You can always provide an opportunity you. You're certainly not gonna you're not gonna convince someone to get out of that lifestyle until they choose to. So what is the answer you know. That's a great question I wish i knew what the answer was. But i can tell you this as long as we continue to subsidize those folks directly That money's probably not being spent in the most. You know most honest fashion. They're probably continuing to Feed an addiction again. I think we can fund opportunities that are fund organizations that give these folks opportunities to to stand themselves up but quite honestly There's not a great answer and sometimes it is just tough love that It's probably necessary. I think that's what justin smith was sitting on talking to weld county. Sheriff steve riems. Let's talk about a different side of this thing. the fact that Also ever post from anybody in elected position right from the sheriff's office. It's going to be spew. It's gonna turn it's going to be criticized from every angle nowadays. Now that we've gotten to. This habit of everything is so political. I mean that's just the social media world we live in boy i. I couldn't agree with you more. I posted on july fourth. A picture of thin blue line flag in connection with the regular american flag and posting. That i put on july fourth has gotten over eighty thousand comments because someone decided to share to a bunch of I'll say anti-cop groups and so people went on the attack You know. I don't speak for everyone in law enforcement. Obviously but the folks on that. The folks that responded to that Post were just quite frankly. They were awful. And then the instant messages i got where even even worse But you know people feel emboldened to say what they wanna say on social media platforms and even if it's just pure pure hate There really is. And and that's that's a conversation we can have a whole nother time where he talked about the ramifications. There's you can post something on facebook and you don't have to get worried about being punched in the face right. You don't have to be worried about any sort of retaliation right right. There's there's an anonymity and anybody can post from their mom's basement and I think that's what a lot of these folks do. But you know. Justin smith is experiencing that-that hatred right now for someone who has a from people who have a different opinion than what he does. Almost three thousand comments on that already nearly two thousand shares on this posed From from sheriff. Smith and really. Don't you look through. There is no You know there is no There is nothing really wrong with it. I suppose in terms of he didn't go over lines or anything. He just posted his opinion out. There your thoughts on on how you control and how you handle not replying to some that hate or do you dive right back in and fired back you know. I don't My my feeling is the post something out social media. I'm doing just that. I'm giving my opinion. People can like it or disagree with it and You know i'm representing the office. And the the opinion. I have you know where my office Kinda intersects with you know every everyday activities justin's doing the same thing you know like i said i i know there's a point of frustration with the homeless population lamoure county and and you know he's trying to find a solution and unfortunately people don't like the solution he provided with weld county. Sheriff steve reams our syrup. Four by four vip guest. You mentioned that this was starting to feed over in degree a little bit. This is something we've talked with mayor gates about at great length on this program as well What is it. What is the role of the sheriff's office in helping with this and are using an uptick of calls regarding.

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