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Episode 269: Yaakov Katz on Shadow Strike

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Episode 269: Yaakov Katz on Shadow Strike

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Stay goodbye to moving stress and hello to your address with qb smart self storage visit cube smart dot com for more details on this episode of new twirled in the middle of april two thousand seven short bald and burly man with a limp and a cane walked into the west wing of the white house. He carried a small briefcase with a few folders. Chaotically jutting out. The man showed his diplomatic passport at the entrance. He was under impression that he'll be brought directly the oval office for a private meeting with the president but instead the guards were under orders to keep his name off the official visitor logs and clandestinely escort him to the office of national security adviser. Stephen hadley inside two other. Men were waiting. Hadley lease deputy elliot. Abrams and a surprise guest. The vice president united states. Dick cheney the man that trio had gathered to me was mayor dogan the renown and feared head of the mossad. Israel's legendary foreign spy agency and the equivalent of the cia a few days earlier prime minister ehud olmert had called president george w bush and told him the dog would be coming to washington with some important information. I'd appreciate if you could meet him. Homerton told bush the request phrased in a way that seemed urgent took bush and his staff by surprise heads of state even close allies. That calmer don't usually ask the president to meet the directors of their intelligence agencies alone. If they ever do meet them. It is almost always according to diplomatic protocol and in the presence of the foreign leader so the president's as decided to stick to protocol they would. I may were dogan evaluate whatever information is bringing with him and of needed. Take him to see the president. Cheney was briefed about depending visit and decided to sit in on the meeting. He knew duggan and figured that. Based on armored special request it must be urgent daga and took a seat on the couch. Cheney settle into a large blue wing chaired to his right now one for small talk dongen got straight to the point. Syria is building a nuclear reactor. The mossad chief said this is the beginning of yakov. Katz new book shadow strike inside israel. Secret mission to eliminate syrian nuclear power. Yaakov katz is the editor in chief jerusalem post. I'm pleased to have him as my guest today. Parts of the smoke. That about people. I know personally and you capture them in such a way. I'm astounded by how you put it all together so let me start asking you if you would start at the beginning where you do with the book in vienna. And before that the impact of the libyan announcement of a nuclear weapons program which the as did not realize existed story really begins with a suspicion that something was happening in syria and interrupts competent finger on it. It didn't know where it was coming from. It didn't know exactly what it wasn't it didn't with happening. But it had a feeling and a hunch something beyond the norm going on they need to feel you have this chinese reactor that were given to it by the chinese back in the late. Eighties early nineties. You all. the staff members was doesn't people who work there. Nothing serious just a research reactor but something was going on and they couldn't figure out what it work. You mentioned libya in december of two thousand three when nomo qaddafi announced that he was relinquishing. Nuclear cocom shock. Israel had no crew in libya was the state that for years have been an enemy state to israel and this basically got the israelis to realize. There's so much more that they don't know. And that's what started general teaming insensitive suspicion the other nuclear programs that are out there but again when he came to syria he couldn't put their finger what it was. They just had a hunch until vienna in march two thousand seven agents from israel's mossad the equivalent of the cia food of hannah and they knew that the city that we going to be a searing nuclear scientists ahead of this year the comic energy commission's name is ibrahim ultima and they went inches hotel room. Obviously when he wasn't there. They downloaded the contents of his computer. They brought back to. Israel had the material processed and they were floored. They had pictures of a nuclear reactor under construction in northeastern syria. Being sucked by the north koreans. Really you have pictures of reactor the outside structure of the reactor and the kicker i'd like to say. Is this one photo of off mon. The ceiling scientists hosing in part of a nuclear reactor together with a man of asian. He's lying a blue tracksuit and it turns out that this guy his name is cianci. And he's the head of the young beyond nuclear complex in north korea. So you wait. There had this amazing evident of the nuclear cooperation between two robe state dangerous countries in israel's backyard. That's the beginning now faced with a potential reality also to verify that it's real correct so they have these pictures the first processes verification and then who's worked in intel knows. Okay you got something for you. Gotta make sure that the evidence is real and got back it up with additional proof so they're satellite images and found this building in the northeastern desert area that they couldn't tell that they didn't know what it was doing there. It didn't look like a reactor but they quickly understood. This was that building made it. Even stranger was the fact that there were no military bases nearby. there were no defense systems. Nearby it was lifting rebuilding iraq. But they they weren't protecting which makes sense but on the other hand when israel realize awesome To the president of syria was trying to do was he will burn reactor hiding it from the world and if you have placed military missions nearby people would understand that. This is a sensitive and important sordi. This way he was able to try to continue to hide the true nature. They did the occasion. They went through it and writing road time minister at the time aylmer understood that this happened to go away. This was a reality that israel cannot allow to exist. This real tiny country. It's a country the size of new jersey. it's a country without strategic a nuclear bomb. That would land. Let's say in the center of the country near tel-aviv would be devastating for the entire house. The entire jewish nation could make potential life in state viable not to mention radioactive. Fallout to nearby states like jordan. Worst of the state of israel is just a few dozen miles. You'd have radioactive fallout all throughout the region. So it's something that is all. Cancel out a happen. It's not like you know the nuclear weapons fall somewhere in the mid west coast on the west coast. There's gonna be okay right not in israel's case and therefore when an enemy state is in the process of building that capability that's can't live with but now we're talking about intelligence for a moment. Here is the covered. The reactor advanced stages construction. It had been under construction for years when discovered it realized the series. We're just a few months away from making it act from installing the fuel rod and the reactor would go hot if we're going to take action to hit a very meal window so it was really amazing rock that they manage to discover it when they did next yaacov. Katz explains israeli. Prime minister olmert's dilemma. In april alone consumer prices increased by four point. 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Something has to be done to get rid of this reactor and it has to be relatively timely before it goes hot and as she starts producing nuclear material be as potentially bombing it after it starts producing nuclear material could cause a substantial amount of damage and the region but his first big hurdle is the americans because he ideally would like them to solve it for him but if they're not gonna saw what he needs to be on his side he sauce it. Could you walk through what. The american problem was that point. A while is so difficult to get them to operate bashing th- assistance really. One of big parts of the story is in some the guests. Go this thing has to disappear is cannot live with a nuclear reactor in syria in march of two thousand seven when israel discovers this reactor. We are just seven months. After the war in lebanon was known as the second lebanon war against his bala. It was a war that ended poorly. For instance was no decisive victory. His was still there. They managed to fire over four thousand rockets among because devastation destruction. They killed over one hundred and twenty two soldiers. Dozens of civilians were caused for olmert's to step down because of the fingers of that war the pressure appointed commission of inquiry. The work installers steelers. Which would then a month later released. Its interim report which would be damning for him and for the defense minister and for the chief of staff. That's the context right. Now knows this. The ids israel. Defense forces is in the process of rehabilitating repairing itself. We were many flaws that would suffer during that war in but we building itself and they're learning those lessons to apply them in case there is a future war context one which is extremely important because one of the reasons that wanted the americans to do. It was if america carries out. The attack is less of a chance of retaliation against israel and then israel and find itself in a major war. Smellie's bigger reason was what i was thinking about. Iran will bomb syria. He's told his death at the time ratings would say okay. That's expected right so upset yosu reactor in iraq in nineteen eighty one now. They took out the reactor and she thousand seven america. Us it's plain and bombed the feeling reactor would move really really hard and as we all know back in two thousand and three the us was building up its forces in the persian gulf ahead of the invasion of iraq. That's when you spended their nuclear program because they feared at the time that they would be next in line she went after the taliban bush went after saddam and maybe he wrote after the iranians next and for two years they suspended everything. 'cause when there's a credible military threat on the table uranium's calculate different. So omar knew that bush would with pack the ceiling reactor that could potentially get the iranians to say. Well we're dealing with a different. Us president we have to be careful and that would have such strategic benefit. Not just this would have been a gift to the entire world. So mayor gone to washington d. c. in april of two thousand seven with those photos with the most dod had obtained in vienna goes to meeting with steve. Having the national security adviser hadley deputy the duct the special security council in charge of the middle east portfolio and surprise guests to decide to sit in on the meeting because he was intrigued. Why the head of the mossad. Coming amita cheney vice president states and he lays out the phone shows which is you know new from your vast experience. That doesn't often happen right. That you law intelligence usually bring an analysis you show him some ideas or conceptions. Here was wrong that it was because israel really wanted to get the american on board and that set off a whole classroom on the us side of but their considerations you'd be bush that up two different teams to consider an debate plan period of two and a half three months. They came up with a wide variety of options from a straightforward your strike to a covert operation sitting in special forces to bombing just a part of the facility not the entire facility until ultimately the proposal that came up with which bush stepped in and decided that this is what he wanted was a multi tier plan that. Would i see the public outing of denouncing and revealing the existence of the reactor the world taking him to the international. Tom energy agency in vienna done to the security council new york imposing sanctions demanding the destruction of the reactor nfl fao done us military force. And when he told that to olmert in july two thousand seven that was his decision. And what's up to mr president. This is unacceptable. This is not acceptable. I've told you this needed you disappear. Needed to go away. And if you're not gonna do it. I'm going to do it and tom. How in the oval that dating july thirteenth is frightening you had bush on the phone with was in jerusalem. Pushing dc you had had an abrams in the oval together with him listening on different phone receivers and abrahams later told me he terrified. But after this phone conversation these women prime minister basically. I don't know of a better word than to say just had hut spot right. Talk back to the us president. That's not going you can happen that often. He thought the president would be yes but instead the person put down the song and does not. I like that guy. He's got a gun in his happily. Luder explained to me husband. George w bush respected leaders who stood up for the convection. Respectable stood up for the. Who's right in time. That israel saw this differently than the united states. And therefore even when the leader bob gates comes in and condoleeza rice confidence. You have to stop olmert. You can't let him attack. Bush said no accidents. Israel differently than us wasn't present we wouldn't even known about it. This is what is going to do not gonna stop them. And that's also the pushes credit the other amazing piece of all. This is the the two step process one of using commandos to verify the reactor in doing so apparently so covertly that. The syrians didn't realize their happened. And then the other was the training and the focus on the mission. So can you talk first about this. Remarkable intervention by helicopter borne commandos. And which i thought was as interesting as anything in the whole pretty fascinating story. So very actions of six two thousand seven but in august or mode together with the ids decides to send small teams commandos the near the reactor and it was a twofold objective. The first one again gatien. They wanted to see it on their own. They wanted to take samples of the soil. They wanted to get some really close proximity photographs of what was happening there and she from the ground that were real installations that were nearby. What type of mistakes potentially existed but also with the wanted to do was to create a capability to do is send a covert mission destroyed the reactor because once they decided in israel that the way to destroy it was to do as quietly as possible and never take credit for then. What they wanted to do was do it. In a way that would not lead anyone directly back to israel a lot of plans that were caught up for example the neediest would be to send twenty aircraft over the reactor dropping the bombs. But you some twenty-five deadline knows where they came from. That's on one end of the spectrum. The other extreme would be sending a small group of commandos like those guys who went there. August raid just with some explosives infiltrate the actual body attached explosives and bring down the facility and that raid in august meant to show and to prove that they have the capability to get as close to get through the reactor or commonly. They decided against that chief of staff felt that that was too big. A risk for a couple of reasons one was the risk to the actual commandos got caught people captured to was what happens if they don't have enough explosives to take down the entire building and they felt that the more important to go with safer route of complete destruction of the reactor but not subdued at a massive aerial operation to do small so only with about five six aircraft that was and in the end. That's how they took it up the pilot. Stir training early on. Now they hand pick the pilot from a bunch of different squadrons. And you know newt in israel you have you're standing military but you also have reserve especially in the air force reserve. Continue to fly until till the forty five. Sometimes until they're fifty pilots started training weekly regularly for mission. To be were told was gonna be about sixty seven hundred kilometers miserable once. They weren't told the country they weren't told the target would be. They had to train. Because i knew discovered and i wrote about this book i tell how even brock former prime minister. Who at the time was the defense minister. The morning after the bombing goes home and stands on the balcony of his apartment. One of these high rise apartment buildings in tel aviv overlooking the city and he was on the twentieth floor. And if you standing there drinking his morning coffee he realize like holy cow. The pilots more than my apartment all the way to syria because to avoid radar detection. They had to fly low super-low just a couple of hundred feet above the ground. That's what they have to train for and they had between a locked that debt and do that right only the day of the attack that afternoon with the told where they were going and what their target is going to be. So imagine for a moment. Europe piloting israeli air force. You've been training for mission. You have no clue what it is not important. There's no telling you too much. You know it's gotta be saying big but then you're told nuclear reactor just over the border in syria. You know the pilot told me years loader shaking the motion so because it's just how they recognize realize this is not just another mission. This is a mission to save and ensure the continued survival of the only jewish state memorial. I wonder if they had the same feeling back in. Eighty one to deter those moments. When you know it's not just it's not just a job or even just a mission but that this could be a decisive event in enabling country literally survive which is something non israelis because the difference in size and scale. It's hard for us to realize how on the one hand stunningly prosperous. Israel is on the other hand how every morning how close it is to a potential disaster. I think this is one of those moments in. The story is so interesting so important. Because of the silence in israel for so many years it never got its proper place. People know about the bombing of the iraqi reactor and there was a similar case. There your entrepreneur right that does not pilots were training for mission which is farther away right and they weren't told what the target was. They didn't know they drew imaginary circles. Around the speed of israel. Eight hundred miles that they were totally would have to fly back in eighty one and they didn't know they thought you know maybe we're going to iran. Maybe we're going to somewhere in egypt. Nigger going yacht tie rack. What can iraq. The utilize reacted that israel is going to attack it at the time and then just a couple of days before the mission that they were revealed what their target was going to be. And i think that these other those moments that these people are created for without a doubt one level it's not surprising israel. air force has a remarkable record. They had to do a very constrained way because they didn't want the footprint to be big enough that the syrians had to notice it. They also have to do with this because only a handful of people miserable so the pilots in the dark. Because they don't want to run even risk that the pilots would say something to somebody and then it would get out. The plan was all dependent on one thing and one thing. Only that. I didn't know that israel knew about it because the moment asset would have discovered israel knew about his reactor that the cia. At the time he would send busloads kindergarten. Kid put them in the reactor and then his all never attack. No one would be able to attack so everything was dependent on our side. Not knowing that we knew about and that's why only a few people could actually know what was really happening. I remember correctly at this point. He's also under huge pressure with a corruption scandal. So on the one side has weakened domestically in is about to make one of the most important decisions in israeli history without a doubt to real achievements. Palmer here. I think that makes this story. So you need is exactly what you just said. I mentioned the context of the second on the war. You mentioned the corruption allegations against eventually. Send him to jail. I israeli prime minister to go to jail. But i just wanna take it back that march meeting when the head of the most bring those photos too ulmer sitting in his office in jerusalem and as almost looking at the photo and digesting that literally is world has now changed right. There's a knock on the door of his office. He says go away the knock them persist the door opens and it's his spokesperson and he says not now and the spokesperson says. No i need to ask you a question because almost the eight o'clock news. That's the prime time. Tv us in israel. We just got a question about to unveil a reveal inner mutual and another criminal investigation against you. What should we responded. Olmert that i don't care get the hell out of here but i mentioned that because with the problems that we saw him the work the corruption allegations against and the fact that you have the. Us cousin she says listen. I got your back. i'll take care of it. It's not the way you want me to. But i will ultimately take care of all the reason for the world to say i'm gonna go from americans right. He's got the us president. Who says i got your back. He's got the head of the ids and seeing listen. There's a fifty percent chance we're going to have a war not within ballot but with the military but largest and most lethal conventional military. That is a threat to us today. And this back in two thousand seven and the corruption allegations. He could've gone. American stood up. He said no. I think that first major act of bravery. I think the second thing which is striking for me. Israel had a policy that it wasn't going to speak about what it did. its strategy was. If it's as quiet it believed that it creasing called deniability zone that assad would move into because so little people knew in so few people about this that especial never said anything off with keep it under the rug and he wouldn't because he prefer not to go to war and that's ultimately what happened but who leaves office in two thousand nine who later gets indicted then gets convicted sentenced appeal from the sentence again. Who gets sent to jail. Who leaves jail once along. The way could have stood up and said are you crazy i shoot. I think from a nuclear weapon but he never did that to me. That's impressive at no point in trying to use political benefit. You shouldn't take for granted. But i think part of that is. They had reached a conclusion that if he did credit for it it would become a public event and assad would feel compelled to retaliate whereas if he'd behave as though nothing had happened and allow the syrians to behave as though nothing had happened exactly. It's a brilliant strategy executed with enormous discipline. I contain within his which has been covering the political and military echelons in this country for about two decades. Now you don't see that depend on every issue. This is unique in that sense. I think it was because having been through the lebanon war which did not go well for omar. He realized if he could find a way to eliminate the threat without starting a war with syria. Now it'd be enormous change at known him for many years but my respect for his patriotism is discipline and his understanding of priorities really skyrocketed. When i read your book there is a remarkable achievement or his part coming up twelve years after the mission will be living in a very different world if the israelis had enacted mattress warehouse knows that buying a mattress can be tough with so many choices. Where do you start introducing bed match a patented diagnostic system. 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Not just israel but the entire world you go back to nineteen need one. You'll remember this at the time. Us administration the reagan administrations. Not happy that israel took that step but you know ten years later during the first gulf war and operation desert. Dick cheney done. We've actually the secretary of defense he recognized. Israel had taken that reactor earlier potion does not have been possible because saddam would have had me for your weapon when we look back now. Twelve years that have passed since the stretching of the urine reactor. Now imagine that there had been civil war. That was earlier. Imagine that isis. Taking over that you're totally without reacting wants. Which did and she thousand and fourteen. Isis conquered the region known as zora near the river in northeastern syria. We're that we actor stood and imagine isis adapting hands on a nuclear reactor. You would have laxative dirty bombs throughout the world right israel service not just to self-esteem tire world and forget about isis. Even for a moment show showed the world in the last eight years of civil war in syria that he has no lead line. He's willing use chemical weapons against his own people. You have over half a million people have been killed in the civil war. We're gonna stop them from using it as the weapon against israel against his own people who knows but it would be a different world that we live in today. And i think that it's so important also because when we think about the rain and the possibility and prospect that one day they will get their hands on nuclear weapons. This needs to be the alarm. Bell needs to be listening to because if he gets his hands on nuclear weapons. That's a game changer. As well and they have to be stopped before they haven't that's when they stop not after they get it. I think it is a remarkable story and you do literally a novelist job of writing it so brilliantly that it's a page turner all the way through. I'm really delighted. The you'd spend this amount of time. Is there anything else to add to it. The only thing. I wanna see new things that you're an amazing person. I wanna thank you everything you do and how you stand with data rooms out and really thank you for that. Thank you to my guest. Yaacov cats you can read an extra of his book shadow strike inside. Israel's secret mission to eliminate syria's nuclear power on our show page at neutral dot. Com neutral is produced by gingrich. Sixty and iheartmedia are executive producers. Debbie meyers our producers going. Sloan and our researchers rachel peterson. Your work for the show was created by steve penalty. Special thanks team had gingrich. We sixty if you've been enjoying neutral. I hope you'll go to apple podcast. 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