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"mayola lebel" Discussed on Solvable

"So what can our listeners do to help. I'm listening to this. And i'm like man i really support i care about black representation in writer's room. Maybe i'm somebody who loved insecure like man i'd love to see more things like that on television At the same time. What can listeners do to help support this. Listen there's like over four hundred show on air So when we're putting our show on air we're actually getting a shot. Watch that would that would really watch these shows and even beyond watching the show. Look them up the ways in which you can like help support their careers specifically with the program you know if anyone out there would like to reach out who are interested in investing and may and you know like the idea of this program existing on living on for many years. Please feel free to reach out to contact me. Because without visibility there's no change without visibility of there's no access so it's really about getting in front of as many eyes and ears as possible to get your story out there to be able to build that support. Do you have any Reading resources to help become a sharper rider or anything to become a stronger. Networker anything that helps you persevere. In your journey my god podcasts. The writer's room the screenwriters rent room. I don't know if you know hillier guests like he. Hilliard is fantastic. He has a fantastic podcast. The wg has a great podcast. I one of the first screen writing books. I ever got with the screenwriter viable. I suggest every rider have that. I really listen to podcasts. Podcast where my thing mike. This has been incredible conversation. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us ronald. Thank you so much for having me this this great. Thank you guys reaching out mike. Goyo is a television writer and founder of black boy writes black girl rights. Mentorship program solvable is produced by jocelyn. Frank research by david jack booking by lisa done are managing producer is sasha matthias and our executive producer is mayola lebel. I'm ronald young junior. Thanks for listening. Solvable is supported by ziprecruiter. Did you ever wish there was a hiring superhero. Who could make finding great candidates easy. That's ziprecruiter is like without the flowing cape instead of fighting crime like other superheroes ziprecruiter fights time by helping you find qualified candidates fast. How fast well. four out of five employers. Who post on ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. That's because ziprecruiter's matching technology identifies people with the right experience for your job and invites them to apply ready to conquer hiring. Make sure you go to ziprecruiter dot com slash solvable. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash solvable. Pack your bags because we're sending you to the twenty twenty one iheartradio music festival. Iheartradio has teamed up with one of dot com to give you the ultimate trip to las vegas now through fourteenth claim your free limited edition iheartradio music festival digital token every day on one of dot com. The more you collect the more chances to win visit one dot com now to claim your free iheartradio music festival digital tokens. That's one of dot com..

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