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"mayo clinic club" Discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show

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"mayo clinic club" Discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show

"Fuck the nickel's worth of advice was to get a psychology book as we said that the nickel's worth of ice but he's also like I know he's critical the show sometimes but he's not this tormentor that is constantly you all this guy off my question correspond both educationally on Diem or whatever and they're nice. I'll say they're never in tunes for other. No quicker guys. You know he'll quicker quicker no to quicker really so I mean but it's fine. I liked. I liked I liked those shows. They both guys do a good job. Yeah listen this matters last night I am I. Actually I had to think about this one. The Indian Cook lost. He's I win three loss to the Boston Globe. He lost to the Boston Red Sox and he lost the Bob Merchants. So Kirk it out of the monster job that he had and now he's landed in a fantastic spot and he's rebounded but I think there either beat of that that kind of losing the great jar. They're just oh and three so after a long any male just doing to please my dad for like ten minutes back. My Dad might change was good fun to listen to eighty year old dad away and email. Hopefully the fucking ground in the week goes right. We the shit in his grave. What I will tell you right now in his grave the mail on it should may on his dad's face made him look better than the desperate hideous to his mom's fucking brother expect product of incest. Jesus what's a book called tweakable? Look it up but anyway so I thought about that was running and I would say WanNa know with tours yet uncompleted. That's I would say you know. I beat Murchison. Murchison was because I was gonNA say a win. Andy kind of point you know he. He drove me out of the. I helped drive me up to me. That's that's true. He was ahead but then thanks to the defense. Not Not matters wasn't there or male by the way Featherstone than the rest of the great minivans we right now be merchant merchants sitting in his little place in Sherborne looking out his window at a huge house with flashing lights looming over enlisting to this right now in dying to go. Send an email somewhere. Anybody can't do it because his wife put her foot up his asshole so and I'm doing this having a good. That's a win. It depends on how you score because he got you out of the eye which are original goal but then he also wanted you to here when that so a red sox glow bright red sox wanted me off I. They got what they wanted. I want the red SOx to be business. I've not wanted yet The Globe wanted me gone from me. I got it I though got Jim O'Sullivan I got Colin so I've gotten some good hits at the globe but the globe so far is accomplished more than I have against them. So if you want to score right now at score one two I just described the three contention. I'd say one and personally I'm still fighting wars. But that's in one and by way the orme rage on again. If we're looking at fairly I so I have to disagree with members of the. That's I don't think that's a crazy. I understand where he's coming from though but he's also doing it to be like them. I'm not afraid to be consistent the whole mail. It may was dripping with jealousy about Dj. He talks about him constantly through that constantly. More talented man gentry. Dj As on maybe some much. He's much much better. The are much better. Yeah but I mean mail like the at the end of May was thing we've got the holding up. This book gets my. This is part of the Mayo Clinic Club. True its stamp of approval. He's by himself. At THE END Steve. I'm talking about so matters. Leaves and listened to the psycho path. Here's what I mean by that. Some kirks most memorable moments were APP. Hold on hold on during the show during the show suggests that softened right which. I don't know maybe that's true. Maybe it's not. I don't feel like I've softened a couple of weeks ago I was in here ranting and Raving Bang on the. I forget what it was about about something I think maybe what he means is Eddie I. There was a lot more reason for tension. And there's probably not as much of that that's definitely true. I can get pretty worked up. Still don't have there's no management structure trying to put their boot on your right. Yeah fight against true. That's definitely true. So so so he says that in the. Amelie gets on this podcast since apologize by himself without matters after this brimstone okay. He got suspended for how badly he flipped out about the Red Sox and John Henry and Linda Zuhdi okay. I think he wants said he practically blacked out with rage during that segment. So I think now. I wonder if he's got professional success and appreciation from an audience and most importantly his employer that he didn't have it enter comedy didn't have any in. The absence of those factors is leading to fewer blowups from Kirk. When in the past you may have expected one and I brought this up on the Youtube. Show with Kirk and it is not meant to denigrate TJ Hubbard in any way but this is a great offer. Second Sector Center. The FUCK IS GOING ON MEDICINES. The stuff yeah. I'm so normal. Now there's no way to denigrate teach Hubbard. He's a fucking moron. I love the guy but he is. He's begging to be denigrated. I think ever Matija hope. I don't know if there's a man more ready to be denigrated is literally the most thickest Steve any minute fans care about if he's not he's the greatest he's as the Kellyanne yes. That's fine my Gerry Callahan friend. We'll discuss that later. Forty minute conversation during the phone yesterday. Who you you read the Discord Ama. All about that in their issues. Good you know when people. I thought he was going to go that disgusting. Spit in the corner of my mouth..

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