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"mayfair water tower" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"News talk eleven thirty WINS Edmark going late afternoon show since Paul speaking the bears to win two stories that make Chicago look bad. Edberg has finally been indicted for those of you know, anything about Chicago politics Edberg has been an alderman the city of Chicago for decades. But the position of alderman understates is influence. He's been one of the most powerful people in Chicago for that entire period of time. He's been probably the most powerful member of the Chicago common council and very little gets done in Chicago without his approval. He has always been presumed to be corrupt. But they've never been able to nail about anything. Now, they have the allegation deals with and they've got wiretaps, Adam. Apparently, there was a fast food chain a company that owns a bunch of fast food restaurants, including a Burger King. Why did you some repairs in Berks district and Burke instructed his staff to shake down the company, which is from out of state at some Texas. Hey, you wanna get approval for these repairs? You want to get the building permits and so on higher my private law firm. This is the way things have been done in much of Illinois, and certainly for much of Chicago really forever. The reason some of these aldermen are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars millions and millions of dollars is they're often lawyers in private practice. In addition to be members of the city council. Michael Madigan, the speaker of Illinois is a big tax assessment lawyer. So their government service goes hand in hand with the way, they make their real money lawyers stuff like that you want to get something done higher by law firm for the other work that you need and guess what? We'll be able to Greece through your approvals. The thing that makes the story extraordinary as people at presume that Edberg has been doing this forever. But he has been so meticulous. So careful that he would never say it aloud as John points out in his column. Today's Chicago Tribune all of this occurred on the phone on the phone on the phone on the phone in the end, Burke, just got sloppy. And after all these years he made now finally be going to prison. And now this by the way. Everybody in Chicago everybody in a position of power is a democrat that city has been corrupt for decades. And this crap of having to pay the alderman bribe the alderman to get anything done you want to do anything here. Hire this law firm higher. This bridge collector, you know, hire this person to do your landscaping you got to do all these things if you want to get anything done we take care of this. It's been going on forever. You know, who's to blame for it? The people of Chicago keep electing these people. They refused to open their minds to open the open up the notion of voting for Republicans voting for anyone else, and they have tolerated in condone this forever. I'm not saying it doesn't go out. It was concept. But generally when it does go on and we find out about it people go to prison. This is the same thing that junior McGee was doing remember he said he was the gatekeeper in is this to want to get anything done. You gotta go through me. Well, he got away with that for about two years apparently Berkman doing this for forty and then this you may have heard these stories they have been down peddled by soft soft pedaled d'oeuvres. What do I be downplayed downplayed by the Chicago media for some time? But there have been a lot of incidents in downtown Chicago over the last couple of years of Wilding where young people get off the subway and come into the high profile area where the tourists are the shopping districts in the loop of the magnificent, vile inch causing utter mayhem one of them occurred over the weekend. A bunch of people got off one of the Chicago subway trains, young kids, mostly African American and went to water tower place, the big high end call it a ball. I guess it is a ball Paul said he was just there. When were you there? Sunday and Monday this occurred Friday and Saturday it occurred Friday night and then sad. You heard anything about it? When you're there faucet evidence buzzer about it. They got off there, and they just started beating the hell out of people, and then they run away, and they go back to the subway or that is I it very very hard to catch them. Water tower as they say, it's sort of like a high rise. It's right next to the John Hancock center, and it's got high end stores in there, and it's high end mall. Lots of tourists high profile traffic, and they've had a few things like this in the past. It reminds restaurants in their Paul points out. It reminds me of the trouble that occurred a few years ago at Mayfair water tower, which is always packed with kids is now announcing they are going to have a teenage curfew of four o'clock on weekend. Afternoons the problem, of course, was saying daddy is what good is that gonna do. If a bunch of people get off the subway and just decide to beat everybody up. What are they going to say we're not gonna right in here and beat everybody up because it's after curfew, and we're not allowed to be in here. It's a significant problem. Social media's blamed for a lot of it that these things are organized through Snapchat. Another is that skull good out and meet at a certain place and beat the hell out of people. You were just there. I'm surprised that you're luck. You weren't one of the people that got smacked in the nose. That'd be the that'd be the last time you'd be going in Chicago. Where did you eat? You added Harry is you did every tourist thing. There was to do the, Harry, Harry carries isn't bad. Actually, what did you? What did you have a sake? You went to dick a goes. Jordan. All you need to do is go to places that are named after Chicago athletes, if if Mitchell Trubisky what had a steakhouse, you're probably would have gone to that thing. You went to Harry k well hoping days were you there? To say every you went to Michael Jordan's, Harry Carey's Indicas. Well, I mean, I've I've not been to the dick is down there. I have been to the Harry Carey's longtime ago give a steak or the chicken pursue B. Oh, everybody orders a chicken pursue vio. It's salmon. Oh, well, that's not very touristy. Cargo. Yeah. I bet you what to every play. I bet every place. You went to there was a single person from Chicago there. It was all people from Wisconsin. You'll going to those. It's a six twelve news talk seven thirty w I she was skeptical. So I told her again Jeanne it's true, you pay less for full service. And she told me she'd take a chance on us and it.

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