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"maxwell communications corporation" Discussed on Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

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"maxwell communications corporation" Discussed on Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

"Glenn. Maxwell would address the media in the days after for her father's death. I also want to take this opportunity to sign cool. The many hundreds the people who have sent messages of support to us at this very very sad time her brothers Ian and Kevin would also announce in the days after Robert Maxwell's death their plans to continue his empire. One of the great advantages of family. Business is a sense of loyalty is a sense of continuity and we are committed to continuing during the path but waiting come just on the horizon was a scandal that would rock Maxwell's empire there and his family to its core at lunchtime today. The Maxwell Brothers emerged from a meeting with bankers central London as concern over the massive maxwell. Axworthy dead continue to fuel speculation about the future and at the time there were lots of sort of rumors and speculation about finances of the mirror newspapers and you know the clouds starting to grow his main business. Maxwell Communications Corporation oh the banks a billion pounds and Maxwell's death would reveal the house of cards on which his mirror group had been standing and it take hardly anytime at all for it to come crashing down We coffee he died. It was revealed that his employees pension funds had been raided and public. Attitudes changed very quickly and there. It was a five hundred million dollar black hole and pension funds and mirror group. Newspapers is his knees pays main newspaper group. This isn't a pension fund where you know about people have today day where you have your money. Invested across the stock market. This is this is one of those pension funds where it's in the company. If the company goes down you have. No money essentially was happening happening. Is You know hundreds of families being potentially consigned to poverty. In their old age which is horrific virtually overnight Robert Maxwell's reputation went from being revered businessmen took crook as he'd been raiding the company's pension funds wants to avoid bankruptcy essentially he'd been rating that to kind of keep the company afloat and had he not died when he did There's a reasonable strong lady. He would have gone on trial for fraud and quite possibly going to jail today. It's emerged that money was moved from Maxwell pension refund possibly for use of security for a loan. Pensioners a horrified was the most of anger Black humor a lot of concern and worry employees employees of the mirror and other maxwell papers left work fearing that years of pension. Contributions may have gone to waste their pension fund was exploited rubbed possibly ably to bail out their bosses. Private interest is somebody with a little bit of between eighty one hundred thousand funds. The Mirror group has pledged edge to try to recover the estimated three hundred and fifty million pounds missing from the pension fund. But admit this new guarantee its members will get pensions. They're owed talk about. Taking whatever is necessary to pension scandal shredded the maximal family reputation. They brought him down to mud. I mean essentially they was seen as rating the the livelihoods of hardworking people. On on a huge scale as well and the reverberations of the scandal would reach Maxwell's Children Kevin and Ian Maxwell would eventually be charged with conspiracy to defraud and later acquitted but in the immediate aftermath aftermath of Maxwell's death and the exposure of the scandal the British press was relentless. Kevin in were having that business finance sued picked over. Everyone's trying to find his elder daughter's and they would be hunted over the World Glenn Maxwell though wouldn't stay around as her father's empire collapsed sheet instead use it as an opportunity to start over leaving leaving the UK for America within weeks of her father's death Even to this day the they're still tainted by and maybe Glenn had the foresight to see that L.. She could see it happening happening in real time and thought thanks. I'm going to you know. Take my second knocked in America. So she's there. The face after he dies is the the grieving daughter who lost her father on behalf of a grieving family. When the whole pension thing goes down? She's nowhere to be seen. Ain't GONNA come to New York. It's amazing how she did that. I guess right I mean catapulted. Houdini Act almost yes. We should just realized things in English machine up and escaped. In fact as the Maxwell children dealt with accusations that their a father had stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from his employees Glenn Maxwell would be spotted walking off the concord from London to New York but with an ocean between her and the scandal. A grieving Glenn Maxwell would begin a new life in New York and almost immediately. She'd find herself with the man who was not too unlike her late. Father does very little doubt that gay lane swapped corporatists symbiotic relationship with her father Robert Maxwell for one with Jeffrey Epstein.

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