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Lakers, LeBron James and LeBron discussed on First Take

"What's going on. Everybody welcome. I take Molly came here and we have some major. Exciting news here on I take. I am so happy. So Maxon Stephen may be on vacation, but they are getting ready to take on the Big Apple. I take officially moving to a new studio in New York City. The debut show airs on Labor Day, September, third. So we may be changing the location, but you can still expect the same hot towards debate. And of course, lots of special guests and surprises to welcome the show to New York in speaking of a voice. I miss Steven, you're on the phone. Hey, how's vacation going in your discreet location? Disclose location? Yes. I'm loving loving. Neely, I, you know, I relaxed enough to get ready to beat up on Maxwell another year. And what have you that's a given look comes with the territory, but I mean credibly excited that we're moving to New York City both myself and maximum native New Yorkers. It's been a long time coming. It's something that pleaded in baseball for years, and finally it's happening. So I'm incredibly excited. Yes, I am Stephen, I cannot wait. And I think one of the major things I'm excited about is obviously, you know, it's the mecca for for a lot of things, especially I still consider the NBA as well. And I think certain guests will be able to get there in a lot of other surprise and stuff will have for the show. So I think it'd be major, but I, I know you have to be kind of sad because you're not going to have to drive up to bristle anymore. You're not gonna come up here. You know what it is. It is a very, very sad day because I mean, what's not to love about Bristol, Connecticut. I mean. ESPN down the block that there's a McDonald's and and and and and a ruby Tuesdays and stuff like that. I've really, it's really sad that I'm not going to be able to be there because I'm going to be in new you most times and on occasion, I'll find myself with John and feed and Dominic in LA. I mean my God, it's such a tough tough situation, but I think I'll say, I can't wait and obviously can't wait at four t with you guys. Now that'll be on your home city, but saving, I'll tell team soon. I hope you are actually relaxing for some reason. I don't believe you, but please do that because you know, once you're back, you're back. Just know this when I'm back copy ready, then I'll tell, sorry my condolences to Mexico element in advance must've taken. It's about to be out. All right, Steven, Al. Talk to you soon. All righty. Thank you. Congratulations, Shane. Okay. So we have a first day moving to the Big Apple catch us every day at ten eastern starting on September. Third. Sports right now. I'm at Collins, new Denver Nuggets. Point guard. Isaiah Thomas is sitting down with our MBA insider h. g. now ski, I t who signed a one year two million dollars contract with the nuggets. Last week opened up to watch telling him this free agency was flat out disappointing, the twenty nine year old who continues to fight the perceptions of his help. One onto say, quote, people know that I've earned deserve the Bax contract, and that's the only reason why I didn't get paid what I deserved because I got injured. I get that. The biggest thing for me was to get to the best opportunity for me this summer and show that I'm healthy. You can read. We'll just four article on Thomas right now on ESPN dot com. Staying in the NBA with Kawai heading to Toronto on the broad in Los Angeles. We're looking ahead to who are the best and worst team heading into the season where than forty ESPN reporters, insiders and editors came out with a new set of power rankings. You'd think with James in Los Angeles Lakers at least at the. Five think again, no surprise. The warriors are on top, but three of the top five teams are from the Eastern Conference, the Lakers checking nine, but that's only the six best among Western Conference teams. Let's get back to. I takes Tony. Thank you the Lakers outing. Another piece to help LeBron next season's dining, Michael Beasley to a one year deal. As you just heard the Lakers are number nine in our latest NBA tower, rankings Mazel serve with you. Do think the Lakers or more likely to surprise us as upcoming season or disappoint, you know, I'm a huge Lakers fan. I think they are more likely to disappoint what fortunately with you to say that look. I mean, there are some really interesting piece. I liked the addition of Michael Beasley. They need shooters, but there are some really challenging personalities on this roster land Stevenson and Ray John Rondo and javale McGee. And now Michael Beasley, the expectations are so high for this team. And I think ultimately we're talking about a team that's going to be the six to seven seed. I think in the Western Conference I would never count LeBron. But LeBron James, I don't think has ever been on a team that has finished six or seven in its conference. I think it's going to be a very, very tough challenge for Luke. Walton debt may be the toughest job in the NBA right now, balancing those personalities, balancing those egos and keeping LeBron James happy. Can I respond to Mr. happy over here? Does he need to get in there and say, as I like to say, my real job is at the as the Lakers radio play by play guy. This is going to be great. It's going to be a fascinating lab experiment. Number one, we got LeBron look at the roster LeBron had last year in Cleveland compared to this roster this wrestlers just as good, maybe better. I can't wait to see how these pieces come to. And keep in mind. The Lakers young guys are all getting ready to make a jump. Brandon Ingram doubled his statistical numbers. Last year, Josh Hart was just the MVP of summer league Lonzo ball's coming off of a minor knee surgery, but I expect him to get better this year and Kyle Kuzma was the steal of the draft. I can't wait to see what this Lakers team looks like with will run as the leader. The games are going to be ridiculously exciting, and most of all, we're not going to be losing anymore. I've suffered through five straight losing seasons. The end of that is here, and I think that the Lakers are going to surprise a lot of people in the opposite of Mason. Dominique. I think the Lakers are, if you look at that roster, there's some real possibilities. I think I agree with you in part because I don't think the expectations are very high expectations are pretty low for this team right now. All the reporting about other opinions about this team is that they're the. Main team there. They're a bunch of guys who are wildcards and is no way that you can put together. And it seems like every other week, the Lakers are coming out trying to defend their roster construction and try and explain to us what they're thinking. I think what they're trying to put together as a smart team of bunch of guys who have veteran experience that are adaptable on defense can pass pretty well not as many shoot as you would like to see. But they have a couple of shooters. I think they have a decent team and they have a guy by the name of LeBron James. I don't know if you guys watch the playoffs last year, watch any basketball. James is pretty damn good, and he makes your team a contender immediately. So I think that's -tations are low. So I think they will surprise and then you look at the Western Conference. I think we talk about how heavy how stack the Western Conference is often. I think that's a bit oversold, but to be honest, you look at some of these teams that you think LeBron's going to be worse than Utah. LeBron's going to be worse than Portland LeBron's going to be worse than Denver. Like I know they're good teams, young teams that are getting better, but he's LeBron James and he has a young good coach. Luke Walton wa think is flexible and smart enough to make this team good. I think expectations are low so they will surprise Molly. Where are you on this? They're going to surprise disappoint. What do we think? What do I think people are expecting? Tell me that for fifty wins is what the expectation is an wouldn't you agree make the Ryan that just came out, said that they were ninth in the Powell ratings, right? The ratings ESPN pirating said they're nice night than they're not yet pulling up pulling up the radio. That'd be about right because there's three Eastern Conference teams, so that would put them four, five, six in the state. I think the expectations are Western Conference finals and.

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