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Cheers Greet the Reopening of Three Mega-Hit Broadway Shows

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Cheers Greet the Reopening of Three Mega-Hit Broadway Shows

"Other shows have reopened but Broadway made its unofficial return with the curtain rising for three classic shows Christensen weren't surprised the crowd by appearing on stage before the start of wicked it's one of the spiritual anchors of modern Broadway success along with director Julie Taymor is The Lion King you have the desire of the enthusiasm the courage to lead the way because as we know theater in New York is the life blood and soul of the city over at the Richard Rodgers theatre I don't ever want to take life for granted yeah do you Lin Manuel Miranda says it took six years to create Hamilton I'm so glad it didn't take six years to come back thank you for getting vaccinated and wearing a mask and supporting life Maxine checkers in bright T. shirts inspected phones and cards at the crowds made their way into the theaters I'm a Donahue

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