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"maxine bruhns" Discussed on Get A Grip On Life

"Okay which you know. I'm not. I don't want to get into that debate about that But judo isn't there. There's a creeping incitement here towards. That's creeping it's there. Yeah he's pushing people against each other. He's citing lies and omissions is using that to rile up his narrative to push you know his divided and conquer type programs that he wants. I mean you look at doctors and nurses. They're standing up for themselves. I mean this isn't a fallacy. The media might tell you that They're not there but there are more than there is not a fringe group. There's a lot of I mean if you look at the university health network here in toronto. They're expecting you know thirty percent of their staff to be potentially fired or laid off do these mandates. That's a lot of people. It's a lot of people. I mean already. In a healthcare system that has not enough beds not enough coverage not enough funding that is generated through and makes the point. First of all these people have been battling covert eighteen eighteen months without a vaccine. It didn't like the idea that this is a sensible solution or whatever it's not it makes no sense at all but there's not a world leader. I mean you look around seem as the greatest leader in the world right now. Not kidding you. I i would say that he is too. There's nobody that compares to what maxine bruhns doing in canada. Nobody you know so. I'm not gonna like name one. Listen i i think. The polish government's doing a great job. Okay so you want to go viktor. Orban or In hungary i mean you know what a guy has been given a really bad rap by the globalist crowd. I mean if you if you ever watch if you don't you've heard a lot abo- viktor orban. He's such a horrible guy and all that watching interview with victory urban. You're gonna change your mind after ten minutes ago is amazing amazing. And i'm trying to remember the guy's name in poland My father-in-law's polish I can't remember his name is gonna those long polish but anyway Again all they're saying all those countries are saying is that Hungary exists to protect and promote the hungarian people. The hungarian language and hungarian culture. That's why we exist as a government. That's our only reason to exist and we don't exist to to help out other countries to help the european union reading we exist to protect the poll The hungry people their language and their culture. That's our reason arrays on through their ego. It's raison-d'etre okay so otherwise we don't do anything else. this idea. That candidates should not be negotiating with hungary with a canada. I policy like why not. That's how quebec negotiates everything that's right. I mean you look at floss. While ago. in the way that he's imposed his you know his will on the people there. It has nothing to do with what the desire for all quebec is his desire. You know and that's not supported by the majority of quebeckers and it will be reflective in the next election. You know you look at what's happening here. In ontario doug ford came with a majority and everybody thought he was going to be this conservative voice. I was going to help clean up ontario. But has he done that now. He's always done is literally put us into more issues..

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