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"max westmin" Discussed on The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

"All right. Anybody have any guesses? The sounds like a large crowd of some kind of animal. I was going to say it has kind of like a South Park like rubble rubble rubble vibe to it. It's proud of something. Yeah, there's definitely a crowd of something. Sure. Well, Rick Wilson wrote in and said, you may want to smack me for saying this. But that sounds like a recording that Art Bell played on coast to coast supposedly some Russian group drilled several miles into the earth's crust sent out a microphone. Yes. Yes, it got back sounds of hell. That's a real news item. Yes, it is. I'm going to tell you rich. I think you're partially correct. Because the sounds of hell were obviously stolen from somewhere else because they didn't actually know no sound engineer put together this cool sound of what hell would sound like. They just found a noise and thought it was provocative and so let's use this. I'm pretty sure that's what happened. Anyway, none of this surname Ben wrote in and said, hi, Ben here from Japan. Is it the sound from the deepest borehole in Siberia allegedly recording the 70 series? People writing in about this hell sound. Cool. I got like 6 or 7 people that were keyed in on that. I love it. So thank you both. That was like a I like to remembering that because that was a long time ago. Another listener wrote in Shane hillier, AJ was this week about 10,000 flamingos. Oh neat. Yeah, that actually kind of does sound like a bunch of large bird type animals. That's not correct, but that's a really, that's a good guess. Another listener named George marchessini Marquez marques. My God. Marquess. Ennis, Marcellus. Thank you. George Marcellus. Hi Jay. I reckon I have it this time. I think this week's noisy is a colony of penguins in Antarctic. If I had to guess specifically, I guess emperor penguins. Another is a good guess, you know, a whole bunch what do you call a bunch of penguins, guys? Anybody know? Oh, a wattle. A lot of would be good. A huddle? We'll go with that for the night. A waddle of penguins. Let's go. It is not. I have a close guest this week. Max westmin ronin. Hi Jay, my guess for this week's episode 9 O one noisy is some kind of husky convention. It sounds like hundreds of disgruntled huskies in a big room. Love the show been listening for years. That's a really good guess. Max, because the actual answer is that this is a pack of Iberian wolves all howling together. Oh, cool. Yeah, so. A pack. So there was probably a dozen or so. And I got to interject for a second. So yeah, pack of wolves, Evan was right, waddle of penguins. And thank you. Flamboyance of flamingos. Oh, that's perfect. So what these wolves do, according to the Internet, is that what they do this right before they're about to start hunting to disorient and scare their prey. So it's very coordinated and they all just start doing it and it's pretty interesting and also a little bit terrifying if you heard this. I mean, imagine hearing that close to you while you were out camping as an example. That would not be a good sound. Right? Any campers out there? Clearly never camped in a national park in Africa. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. There's lots of groups of animals making lots of sounds. So anyway, thank you so much, David for sending that in. That was a really fun noisy. I have a new noisy for you guys this week, and this noisy was sent in by a listener from Poland named John pedraza and I will say this. John says he's a 12 year listener. He was finally able to hear something that he thought it sounded cool enough. And then he said I am out in Poland feeding soldiers in the Ukrainian conflict. Oh wow. Which is very commendable, very, very awesome thing to do because the world needs people that are on the good side for crying out loud. And he says also for bob, my frigging birthday is Halloween. Ah, what a good question. Yeah. That's a cool, that's a great birthday. Okay, so let's do this. All right, I admit. This week's noisy is going to be very difficult to guess. It was such a cool, interesting sound. I wanted to play it. All right, ready? So if you think you know what the sound is, or you heard something really cool this week, you could email me directly. You could send files to this email address. You could attach files, you know, it better than going through the website, wtn at the skeptics guide dot org. Steve, we have some, we have some great stuff coming up. I have been working on the extravaganzas because these are holiday themed extravaganzas. These may very well be the very last holiday themed ones we do. And the very first, you know, because it just happens that we're doing this right before Christmas and this has never happened before. And I probably won't let it happen again just because it's complicated. But anyway, we're having fun, there's lots of things that are going into this that make this holiday themed. So please do join us. We also have two SGU podcast recordings, right? So each one of these, one of these is going to be happening in Phoenix and one is going to be happening in Tucson just like the extravaganza shows. And people ask while point out, these are two completely different shows. The SGU plus shows are different episodes. But also, you know, this is really an expanded show. We're doing not just a live recording of the show. We're going to be doing interactive stuff with the audience interactive games or segments or whatever. It's going to really be a much bigger thing than just watching the recording. And of course, we'll have plenty of time to hang out and sign books and take photographs and answer questions and do other stuff. So we really are trying to build this out into a much bigger thing. Just well beyond just the private recording. All right, thank you, Jay. So we have one email this week, this comes from Corey Meyer from Holland, Michigan. And Corey writes, I have seen reports of an increased rate of bell's palsy in people who have gotten a COVID vaccine or booster. I've also heard that COVID, the disease is a higher risk of causing bell's palsy and that it is only temporary if it occurs. Should I be concerned about this and if it were to happen, what is the prognosis, thanks, love the show. That's actually a great question, Cory. Yeah, this has been coming up a lot, these question of is there an association of correlation between bell's palsy and either COVID or the COVID vaccine? First for some background. So bell's palsy is paralysis of one of the facial nerves, which we did on the left side of your face or the right side of your face gets weak and it droops and it's both the forehead and the lower face both upper and lower. And technically it's anything that happens from the facial nerve nucleus in the brainstem outward like including the nerve, but most of the time it's in the nerve itself and it's specifically in the facial canal, which is a bony canal where the nerve exits through the skull. There is why it happens there is because there's no room for the nerve to expand, so if you get a viral infection that happens to affect the nerve at that point, the nerve swells, it gets crushed in the bony canal, and that's where the damage occurs. The prognosis for this is pretty good. Most people recover well, although recovery can be partial, meaning you get most of your strength back, but you may be left with a little bit of asymmetry. One side of the face is just a little bit weak. And we usually characterize it as like, is this something that a neurologist will notice on a very careful exquisite neurological exam? Is it something that the patient notices when they look at themselves in the mirror? Or is this something that another person would notice looking at them? And then beyond that, is there any functional limitation? Do people have trouble eating? Because they're drooling out that side of their face. Do they have trouble fully closing their eyes at night to their eyes or dry in the morning? Et cetera. So that's a rare cases people can have permanent severe paralysis. They really doesn't recover at all. And in most cases, people have pretty good recovery, but maybe left with some slight residual. So this is usually caused by a virus again about, I think, a third of the time or so it's a herpesvirus.

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