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"max maqsoud" Discussed on Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller

Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller

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"max maqsoud" Discussed on Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller

"Know we will have the adobo. You know the penn state and all that shit chilin in the house in the man cave. My mother-in-law gets down in the kitchen. She fucking plane. But yeah you're not going down Go have the captain morgan. You know what. I'm saying popping with ginger ale with the coq pineapple juice all that stuff so anyways now pacquiao is fighting your daynuss dugas. Adjust your dennis guys. I don't fucking look okay. I heard he's not a punk but this same with the fans wanted this just saying what the fans wanted to say in a good way. So we'll say what you want to say. That's one like mother. Fox's scared scared dude. Anyways speaking of boxers shout out my dude. The young korean sensation k. I call them. The korean knockout kid brandon lee. He was fight last saturday. And now my dude branly who again is korean is twenty three and oh my duties from the oh see. I'm not gonna put that against him. You know what i mean but we. It's time for us to start working with together right. He sent me a budget. Dm's also the shit. Whatever he had a bunch of people hit me up. And you know fuck it dude. I feel bad. You know like i finally got a hold of them. The my employees pat and start following them. So it's time star work my dude. You're either going to see an. I haven't co patch on his next fight and you'll see a bb patch but we make this happen on his trunks and shot the brandon man. He's doing big things and he'd represented that k. Pride so you know you actually just thought of something. Because i'm like mom. Brain is out of it because tracks went so fucking crazy on his interview. So let me back. Put a little bit back to that interview. Max maqsoud tracks nyc he says on the deep said me given my kids too much inheritance would rob them of their life. That wasn't exactly what he said. But that's the sentiment right. He would rob them of their life. I never really thought about it until he said that. And it hit me right there. When i interviewed him right and was crazy. I agree a little bit. But i still want him to be good. You know like why say gonna want them financially. Okay and you know. I don't think london is going to be the type of dude to be rocking air. Mayors gucci louis. That just don't seem like it writer. Maybe kaya think so k. There's at the wrong with that mud thing is. I don't want my kids to be lazy. And i have a few homeys of mine. Who have inheritances. And there's only two guys. I could say that that have had a decent. You know that they're still okay. Then i fucked up everyone else dillard definitely fucked up you know but i think because my wife is so solid in our family so saw on which love i just was just crazy but as i opened up twitter this morning and i'm reading just going through things right. See this thing with daniel. Craig and huge james bond fan right. Sorry this thing on january craig and he does an interview an interview. He said he would not be leaving his children. Any of his hundred sixty million dollar net worth fortune first off. I didn't know daniel craig kicking like that. One hundred sixty ams zero. There's a lot of actors ain't got that i would say there's less than ten fucking actors who have that right. I don't know. I don't know if denzel one hundred i mean it's just that's a lot of bread but anyways in the interview daniel craig's says he thinks inheritance is distasteful. I don't know how to get down in the uk but bro look give some of that bread to the poor then like personally go and literally do some of that type of shit. 'cause if you ain't you all full of shit you know he said oh. Get rid of it. Get rid of it before. Whatever something like that. Look daniel craig if you listen. Can i got some actually fans who are friends with them. But that listen to the podcast look you could easily live the most super lavish life off thirty million dollars at your age right. You're in your fifty sixty s. Okay thirty am's in your good that you have to worry about shit ever again. Jets everything whatever you wanna do. So that's a hundred and fucking one hundred and thirty million dollars left. You could do a lot motherfucking. Good without bro. A lot i saw. I'm just letting you know. I'm gonna have my kids. Trust like set up a certain way for sure right. I might literally put like they get a little bit. You know at One they tiny little bit thirty five. And i might give it to that. They get less than that fifty might be like. If motherfuckers is literally destitute they just boomed whatever and does monies we taking care of to take care of the. I don't know man it. Why am i talking about this here. This anyways anyways guys look at that. Is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this episode. It was a long interview. So i don't wanna really have too much of a An intro ultra plus. I'm with the fam Hope you guys have a great weekend. Oh yeah listen at nowhere. My boy y g hit me up. Y'all we got my dude owed from shoreline mafia coming on mondays. We can wrap up episode so that shit should hit hard right like dude is. He's really starting to come up dropping thinki- job at his new joint next week or something. I'm pretty sure what we're going to get into that on the episode if you haven't subscribed to.

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