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"max force walk" Discussed on JKNews

"Are you really gonNA. Spit on that pile of throw up and down I heard that oxy clean is a pretty good if you clean up the throw up on your clothes that's true because tacos. Only throw up that much but he does love ice cream like me. So he always eats ice cream and gets it all over the. Place and when he eats the chocolate ice cream, that's the stuff that's really really hard to get out and especially if you just clean them up and you throw the close to the side L. Soak in and then it kind of ruins is close and baby clothes I don't know why they're kind of expensive even though they're really small. So we like to use oxy clean and there's a stick that you can just rub it in and then you can what's so funny. They're really small they releasing things. Because he's small. So. What the new oxy clean Max either had the spray or they have the stick and the spray was really cool. 'cause you spray it on and just soaks in and just leave it, and then later on washed it comes out completely. So it's really good if got like pets and kids because it removes grass days, bloodstains chocolate and we also got the stick when that I really like it's almost like you're just rub it on. and S why like oxy? On either in the washing machine. The stick. One is more for like if it's like a place where I can't just spray it on and let it soak and I Kinda WanNa, rub it out a little bit is a step. So. If you WANNA try oxy clean Max Force for yourself. Okay to work your magic with oxy clean go to oxy clean dot com slash Max Force One to get a coupon for one dollars off baby. I'm GONNA leave a link right in the description box below. So you could check that out one dollars off. There we go. That's why it's called Max Force Walk. Have you been following? So it I have man dude. Push video the other day. Man. Point you guys know. Okay. You don't know I saw. You know. I know now. The national treasure Vietnam this is this is his big. Twenty two. Twenty, four, twenty, five. Or? That's so funny. When I was a kid and I WANNA, sing by alaric sobe using numbers and letters. This dude is he ain't one of you seeing this. He's now he's singing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah this. Is. I listen to ours laughing wrecks on I. Think this William Hong He's like hilarious. He doesn't know how like crazy sounding and then I started this I bought a song. Listening to on repeat like for three hours straight and I'm like wait this guy is actually very musical doing numbers doesn't repeat the Melody doesn't repeat the rhythm. CASS good flow like he has a song. For Day One forty two forty four, forty, three, hundred change in the phrasing on that forty, forty five. I'm like this is like he did four eight bars without without any repetition or any people that might do this guy is be knows what he's doing. He's actually really good. WOULD YOU BE? A song with them because you have music in Seoul Long. Way above my level. Snoop, Dogg's like promoting his shit. Then I don't know. Yes. Yeah. I can't wait till. He gets into the thousands though. I WanNa I. Think this whole plan I was telling the bar is that hit the hundreds already know he's in the forties. Plan is because it started off with one. Yeah, and then he has like one to like ten starts at one, and then like somewhere else you'll see like twelve to fifteen or. The song it's like. No just his instagram like it's just it's in progression, right? On itunes is called doing numbers student numbers. But. That one starts at like thirty something to forty or. Multiple he's like now this is what I call. Volume six, hundred, eighty, three. Thirty years from now. You know that's what I think. He's GonNa do is when he hits one hundred, he's going to compile all as one song from one, two hundred. He's never going to run out of lyrics. While he'll run out after a million right just keep going with a song just be Salameh. Nine hundred. Thousand. Six. Points A. One billion and. WHAT DID TWO TRILLION Bribing and he'd be like back our. Three. All over. Different. I like his his week though man Monday to. The. Brand new. Say Balkan hit him up to do a brand him and his manager didn't him? He has brand deals. Yeah. You want to do a Barbell Brambilla I just want to send them a gift. This Here's I. F. Has. Now Money at home. E. Debt collection. So he's singing grandiose to. Fifty Bucks. Worth it it's worth just to get him some gear like he's pursuing his passions and getting paid for it, and if like these numbers were useful school. Starts doing equations, and then next thing you know he's a huge in is equal MC squared. State accounting give. One half three. Fractions Shit. Just ain't. became a fan. Number Sixteen when he drops the number sixteen specifically. Just singing the songs eleven twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Yeah. This is my dude for sure. He's good. Know for every single track though he same court congressional same corporate. Yeah. Really. It's the same ones. Yeah it's it's working for him I. Think it's like the Chord progressions are just nineties. Me's music because I could also here Zambian off..

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