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"max blade runner" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"max blade runner" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"And that's a Bloomberg business flashed on a pole Kim thank you thank you very much live from the interactive brokers studios along side of post Sweeney I'm Jonathan ferro joining us now is Danites director of equity research at Wedbush securities he joins us on Tesla as they unveil their new cyber truck this is the take from Dan eyes to drop to my inbox this morning the Tesla pickup has a still frame work that is impressive and looks more out of it Blade Runner sci fi movies say down eyes this talk about it that's exactly what it looks like how many of these things can nice out when I finally stop producing them without you I mean it all comes down to demand and I think when you look at this it's a lot more niche that I think some expected of me I think we will can maybe seventy five hundred K. per year Max in just for comparison F. one fifties well over a million per year so I think a bit disappointing on the mass market appeal although no doubt this is definitely a bleed runner appeal for anyone that wants to make a splash in two thousand twenty two if you are a pope to a party in this truck Dan is there any sense of they can make any money with this vehicle yeah I know it's gonna be tough given these price points you know I think the least in the first year though definitely run in the red in terms of coming out of the box but it also comes down to overall demand and what production looks like because if you can get the value minus then this thing could be dead on arrival and I think you when you look at it this is definitely the wow factor even though I view the the wanted band is is a mini disaster in terms of the the glass six three the broken window and yeah the broken window and I think that's that's something that definitely is not the the type to launch at the mosque in Fremont wanted will transfer into any of our listeners our audience the perhaps miss that moment they were looking at the vehicle and telling everyone how it was breakable than through a brick cat and guess what is smashed and then I then I had another guy they smashed again down I just wonder what we can't and shouldn't take away from that moment does that tell you anything does it tell you that the no when it to actually following through on producing this thing why do you think that maybe the release is a little too early in terms of at least the initial prototype and launch event and I think of you get one chance to make a first impression and I think the initial peak here for my little street perspective it comes down to attend this sales significantly seventy million pick up sold in the U. S. fourteen GMO in that market ten they penetrate is when you look at this I view it is more small segment the market castle worlds that they're going to go after rather than any sort of mass adoption I think that's a dated to disappoint me even though the Mad Max Blade Runner type will be definitely got Dan where they can build this thing I'm not sure they've got capacity anywhere I mean I think that they're trying to build a Mars but all the side I think okay I I I I could see them building a potentially in giga om for you in Fremont they could tool line there but I think you did there's not as many parts dead overlap as you see me with a model wind a model threes icy gig is probably the biggest potential area where they can build this out in the bottom down to the price action the stocks lower in the free market by three and a half percent but what a move we've had off the June log this stock has doubled what's driving it it's a parabolic move in I think it definitely overstepped in terms of how negative it got right doomsday the company was potentially going bankrupt in terms in the stairs leading got were done on the downside but I also think it's over done the ups I think what's happened here is the profitability because weight when you've seen demand in Europe and you see the profitability profiled out one two punch it's been a massive sure covering I think you're starting to see many of you this is if they could see steam profitability the stock goes higher that's going to be the question over the next two three quarters that's what in the next two three quarters this is either a four fifty five hundred our stock or what I do use it to two fifty in a in an item from you think it's more the latter just in terms of them continued to assist the demand sets are they going to twenty twenty it all comes down to demand profitability for testable last night I viewed the website is mourning the we is rather demand generator then I think.

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