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"Monday at one o'clock since Donald Trump became president two years ago. Six people have recorded how politics affects their lives. The one word that I'm feeling about politics would be hopeful. Our government is a dumpster fire. I don't think I'm going to be interested at all anymore. Any politics. I'm Madeline brand listened to America change one person at a time that's Monday at one on KCRW. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Barbara Klein the remains of four Americans killed in a suicide bombing in Syria. This week have arrived at Dover air force base. President Trump traveled there earlier today for a ceremony honoring the one civilian and three military personnel. Isis claimed responsibility for the attack as the partial government shutdown enters a fifth week. President Trump says he's going to make a big announcement next hour, here's NPR's Tom Markeith in his tweet. President Trump says that he will make a quote major announcement about the shutdown and also about what he describes as a humanitarian crisis along the southern border. What is it clear is whether this really will be a major announcement, President Trump has a history of teasing announcements that turn out to be not really all that major. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of federal employees. These are hoping for something major to end the impasse over a border wall. NPR's MAURICE Peniel OSA reports. Elizabeth Kendra is a single mom of a three year old boy, she works as a clerk for the fish and Wildlife Service in hammer Alaska, making about thirty seven thousand a year, she filed for an employment, and she says that can help her through the end of the month that if the shutdown goes on much longer I would have to go on welfare. I honestly I'm afraid to think that far she knows she needs to find work. But she says hummers economy is seasonal. That's why I was so grateful to get this federal job because it's year round about fourteen percent of federal employees. Make under fifty thousand a year Murray's opinion. Lhasa NPR news for third year in a row marches are being held across the country to promote women's and others rights thousand. Gathered in Washington DC today and despite inhospitable weather in upstate New York. Von golden reports ralliers gathered in Seneca falls at one of the birthplaces of women's.

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