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Bonus: Passover Preppin'


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Bonus: Passover Preppin'

"Hello it's me Stephanie. And I have a very special pre Passover treat for you to interviews that. I think you're going to love so whether you're cleaning out all the dates in your house right now or working from home and hoping your cat doesn't step in front of the zoom camera again or frantically searching online for Passover recipes. Here's a little something to entertain you along the way I I talked with. Marcy Goldman author of the newest Jewish Cookbook. Who's Caramel Mozza? Crunch might just be the most famous recipe on the Internet and then a few months back visited. Jack's wife Rita one of my favorite restaurants in New York City. I sat down with owners. Maya and Dean Jacob Lovett's who told me all about their sater's growing up in Israel and South Africa. The also gave me some expert tips about creating the perfect ambience for hosting a Passover Seder. Here's my chat with Marcy. Goldman who will make you want to cover your MSA in chocolate. I promise I am here with mercy. Goldman she's a Master Baker and the author of the NEWISH Jewish Cookbook. She's also the creator of the greatest Passover desert to ever exist. Welcome Marcy Wow. That's quite an interesting and it's lovely to be here so you tell us a bit about the newest Jewish cookbook which is impeccably named. I think captured everything is sort of. Has that kind of upbeat for the field. I thought it would appeal to a few different generations and give the cashier what Newish Jewish is all about which is a little bit of classic things that are respond and brought forward and fresh and mixed with some global influences so chapter eleven is all about Passover and there are so many dishes. I didn't actually realize there could be this many dishes. Passover so let's talk about your Hair Mel Matza crunch which is sort of precedes you on the Internet. A Little Bit Yeah. I HAVE LAWSUIT MUFFINS ICONIC One and my cake with gets a lot of ink and lots of butter. Crunch I did about Nineteen eighty-four so I had a talk in the house that he ate nothing and at that point. Passover was coming up and was he won't eat anything and I used to make. A Little Confession was soda crackers. I probably won't work with much. It would be porous enough because you basically melting butter or unsalted margarine and sugar pouring it over crackers or Matza baking it and indeed it was enough it sort of sponged up all good coffee and that's so much better crunch was born and that I know of course chocolate on each year. You something different myself all white chocolate and smear it with apricot jams. You haven't marb license back but when you find something that is really easy. It's basically three ingredients. And there's no technique involved. You can't really go wrong. So this is your trademark dish. I mean is this something you feel like you have to make at this point every year or you excited to make it excited. It says the holidays to me the idea that so many people collectively were all making it together and people right needs to my website telling you they made four boxes that have already been devoured before Passover or they did it this way or that way or they added large grains of sea salt or bitter chocolate or they've had a little bit of men extract and changed about just seeing people baking with me as always a thrill seeker variations. Sometimes I think of performance you the theme song over and over again. Do they get tired? And you don't get tired of things and people in recipe love since this. Passover is sort of pretty different as they say from all other passovers. Do you have any advice for people who are now cooking much smaller batches? You know we heard from someone in our facebook group who said you know usually make multiple suit for thirty now making it for four. I mean is there a way that people can sort of wrap their minds around cooking smaller meals for this? I don't think you have to do that. I mean when you're making a chicken soup. I don't know any way to make things a little bit chicken leg and coach till Yep Super Too. I think I would go with the Super. Thirty divided into five bundles. And you around in deposit soup on people's doorsteps after the holiday and given then I think the big batch of soup is GonNa find any people that would love it. You just have to distribute it differently. We love that because I was GonNa say oh. It's great you'll have a lot of leftovers but you went with helping other people and giving them a much nicer approach for far as far as we've seen food prepared by people. Even those of us who are in quarantine is fine and it's so heartwarming. And it's the one thing that we certainly can do and I'd sooner you know. Make the extra. I just make it and you never know you pass by a fire station. You visit a neighbor. A friend you remember. The hairdressers always goes the extra distance. It never goes to waste the extra that you have. I love that. That's such a nice idea. So what's the homemade recipe lake in? Basically it's watering flowers. You can put it in a pinch of salt. And then you stretch it out in very thin slabs and goes into a five hundred degree oven until buckles and the bug holes and blisters since it tastes like schmeer among other very religious. Matza that sounds great so if people wanna find your motto butter crunch if people want to find the Jewish cookbook. How do we get a hold of you and your master baking well? My central place is my website better. Baking DOT COM. I've been there for twenty years. Twenty-three passovers and the cookbook is available in. All independent bookstores. You could order it or on Amazon in though Barnes and noble. You can get it as a print book or E book it's linked to my website and also anybody buys any of my books. They get a free whole year of access to my website which includes just twenty five hundred other recipes many of them for the Jewish holidays and I publish newsletter every month and it has yet more Passover recipes which are all free this month including the Passover Greek nut cake to ingredient in that cookie which is amazing and a few other things that are very easy. And I've taken care of that. Not all of us are being able to get our Passover punchy stocked up so it's made with pantry stuff that I think will be perfect for this Passover this very unique Passover Mercy Goldman. Thank you so much. The website is better baking and all of our listeners can get all those recipes as well as the NEWISH Jewish cookbook. Thanks for being with us today. Thank happening you can find Marci's recipes and cookbooks at better baking dot com. And now here's my visit to Jackson. Frieda this was recorded before the city. Shut down when restaurants were bustling and we all thought our leaders would be normal but I think their advice about creating a warm and welcoming environment still extremely relevant so I am here at Jackson. Frieda with Dean and Maya Jank Lovett's they are back on the show and we're gonNA talk Passover because as I understand it like the Seder is basically a dinner party and you now own three restaurants. You guys are sort of. You came up through the New York hospitality world. You guys know how to throw a good dinner party. Four tons of people. I G throw sater yourselves or do you go. Do you go to someone else's house a mixed we we have. We've done. Both the show will probably go to somebody else. And so when you're at someone else's house are you like the lighting to write the music too loud are you. Are you judging constantly? And so when? What about the food? Are you guys like judging food or you sort of like chill about that virtual as long as I have everything on the plates? That's important to us says eight airplane rides. That's that's the only place of judgments I would say and then we compare it to. Oh that's not how my mom did it. But otherwise no judgment. We love being invited to any pets over. Let's bring your personal password. You are South African Dean my group in Israel. What are some of the specific memories? You have of the distinctive passovers of your of Your childhoods for me much all the possible. I was the youngest cousin sightseeing every single year forever. Any moment I can imagine traumatic right now. I can see the chorus whenever it was always. Nice when you got to. The first two verses were good the the secondary versus very strange but it was very satisfying to get to the end. But even the memory now of singing Monisha. Wow that's a lot. It is a really long Sean. I mean it's it goes on for a while the whole thing Islam. I remember reading Israel. Just talk about how long a Seder should be and if you were a little more religious or a little more spiritual you would go. You know. There's some people who kind of stop after dinner and then there's the people who actually finish everything and go on and our family went all the way so it was a little bit of that fear that we're going all the way and now it's a it's kind of funny to reflect back on that. So what if you had a really long dinner with your loved? Ones how great. What kind of food are we talking? Because I think this restaurant Jackson who has been described as what is it. South African Israeli Grandma Comfort food which is like the perfect description. I think you have the you have multiple soup. You have the green shocks Ugo which we talked about when you were less on the show and then you have the Peri Peri Chicken. The South African taste. What were some of the foods that were distinctive to your sater's growing up. We wins across the board chopped herring chicken liver. We would call it. Kinkel the little with the sugar on it. That was delicious. Obviously a lot of matter the softball was salt was a big hit with the kids. So I guess everything from the later for entrees which we do. You're also we do Honey Glazed Freda short ribs which is reminiscent great great dish all around but reminiscent of childish would have served in a big family stall over what it will grab in now and Maya Sephardic also. We have rice during the Saito which which we enjoy tremendously with things during a Sega. We during the loss of rice all time and it's so much easier. Raised Royce with hot sauce converted to Sephardic the flannel. Like when we throw the green and we hit our tradition at all his sister married a Persian Jew. Yes and they with the scalise and they start hitting each other to remember the pain. I thank you for you back Egypt which I think we're kind of going through today remembering the suffering or reliving it and they all go absolutely crazy and do that. Don't start hitting each other with scallions and they get a little out of hand. They had rowdy. So what were some of the foods that you guys your had during my mom was Sephardic. So if when we were with her side of the family they would have crime and jeans prime as like spicy fish with the Sephardic food is definitely a lot more tasty and a lot more interested in foods but she married my dad. Who Was Ashkenazi Joe? So it did land up for food like as a as a little girl so just just chicken and braves short grabs and potatoes and pretty oschkenat's. Yeah it was pretty simple for many years when we were at my father's side of the family so the two of you met at bow are the iconic New York City brasserie and. Us have worked at a bunch of different restaurants in New York City threat your careers. I heard a rumor that when you were working Schiller's that you change the lighting every like six and a half minutes to make the ambiance perfect true probably even more often absolutely what were you responding to and how would you change them. You get a feeling and you get a feeling for the room but also change in the lighten would make me cross the room. Get a feel for the room. Touch the lights across the room back over. Look at the lights saying not really satisfied. Cross the room beck again and keep fixing the lights back and forward the same with the music. Same temperature as long as you touching things and you put in things in motion that really adds to the ambiance. Okay so let's say our listeners are hosting a Seder at their house right. They might not have the dimming system they might not have the sounds of some. What are some easy things that people should start thinking about? I think you know. Lots of candles. Which people reboot really go? Overboard with the candles Lots of churches such on the tables have the table. Something that can move around people touching things sharing things explaining things. I think that you engage with whether it's you know stemware or plates or sold the way things are interested in talk about definitely makes for a more conversational meal Light and I would lay low lighting and candles anyway. I understand on on possible. People don't put on music but some ambience music in the background always greets. I just see when people were sharing and share things that have like minded things on the table. So anything that you can share in describe or there's a history as a backbone said on the table definitely opens up conversation for people but lots of candles and lots of things on the table. It's kind of easy because you have You can really you. Can you can go with the Passover Plate? Would you can. I think that you can use that as a foundation that decorate the table and be that is the theme of the night. So have your Harare sets and have have the Mara. Have everything spread out on the table. As as those little centerpieces. I think that's great. So one problem one complaint and you guys have kids. It's a long. It's a long way to go before you eat. How do you what do we? What do we think about snacking adding little things to sort of keep everyone engaged and entertained? Well I think with the kids as long as you hide the Africa. And the mets early evening keeps the excitement until the end of the meal. Hide it early. Hide it Very hard to find and let the kids kind of explore around there for a while but snacks. We do cheat. We have mattered throughout the meal. We broken first piece of matter that matters a free for all from their Ford kids definitely put him at the end of one table a separate table and let them find their own way to enjoy the Passover celebration. They not gonNA engage entirely with where the adults leads but the else can teach him at. This is what we go through with the Haggadah and hopefully they get the snippets and three taking the money so now they they engaged through picking up the finding the matter they engaged. There's actually so many opportunities for them to engage in Passover and I think when I grow up it was so So strict we weren't allowed to eat before we said a man anymore and allowed to touch the food so it was hard and. I think that I'm kind of breaking the pattern. A little by allow like it's all right if they nibble on. Mozza or a hardboiled egg if that's what they need to stay present at the table and then including them in in reading the Haggadah. It's even if they think they don't want you once there on the spot it's so amazing to see the little. Ones engage showoff. Swallow have you. There are eight days of eating just Mozza no bread. What are your? Do you have any hacks? Any foods kids love to eat like. Are Your Mozza Pizza family. What do you have any like recipes? That sounds delicious. We have the recipe for that. I just put tomato sauce like shredded. But that's put in the microwave safe. I'm really hungry. We do a lot better insult right now. I really like Personnel like Muttawa chopped liver and read horseradish. She'll eat that through the week. Yeah I mean I enjoy the week of also feel like it's slim's Dow you stop being a lot of meals hills MSA Brian bryce gates. Yeah we do a big bright sometimes for staff meal at the restaurant. That's fine. Are there any Passover specials that you'll have at the restaurants but we do have multiple soup which is standard which you sell a fortune of June Pacer but also we do a flawless chocolate cake right? So which is a huge hit on the appetizers entrees desserts. Yeah and we certainly have not suffer everybody but yeah the the multiple soup and fritos braids short ribs. We serve all week and The flower chocolate cake is kind of the GO-TO for all the Jews. Who Come in. So what's your Matsubara recipe at home? Here you sweet or Salty. Saute just scrambled eggs and cinnamon cinnamon on now now. I'm thinking cinnamon and cinnamon and Matzos. That's a real Ashkenazi. Sephardi like divide reiver's the salty. See your home has managed to bridge those. Yes where it all happens. Sometimes we forget which is a chicken sandwiches. Safari I actually. I like the whole of the status. I like watching the Ten Commandments on the Charlton. Heston here just the memory. I love the the pace. Can say there's definitely a lot of their childhood memory. You know the will we so separated from families but I remember as a child who was a very big table a very long Seder. Now it's more as talking about more mishmash of what we bring to own Contemporaries that but I miss the days of sitting down the table with granny free and she would cater the entire teen. And Maya Jank. Lovett's thank you so much for sharing your Passover Seder hosing tips and recipes and happy Passover happy Passover sweaty thanks to Dean and by Jank love it for sitting down with me and also feeding me after the interview. I look forward to getting back to your restaurants when this is all over. Unorthodox is brought to you by tablet magazine on the web tablet MAG DOT COM. Send US photos of your creations. At an orthodox a tablet MAG DOT COM and subscribe to our newsletter at Bait Dot L. Y. Slash Unorthodox. Podcasts FOLLOWS ON INSTAGRAM AT UNORTHODOX. Podcast and on twitter at an Orthodox score pod. Join our facebook group where you'll see behind the scenes photos of all of us recording at home in our pajamas. The show is produced by Josh Cross. Sarah Friedman eater. Our artwork is by the amazing esther. Word Iger our theme music is by Gholam online at golden rocks dot com wishing you all a meaningful Passover Shalom friends.

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Is Your Ego Killing Your Message?

Build A Big Podcast - Marketing Podcast For Podcasters

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Is Your Ego Killing Your Message?

"A big podcast. David hooper here. This is the marketing podcast. four podcasters. And that's what. I focus on marketing. How to get more people to your podcast how to get more people to hear your message how to make more money with your message. If you're not already subscribe dig podcast dot com slash subscribe. That has everything that. I do almost everything. There's one podcast that i do. That is not on there and that is actually what. I'm going to attach to this episode. It's a podcast called big podcasts daily. And if you've been listening to build a big podcast this one for longtime you'll know that this podcast build a big podcast actually started out as big podcast daily. But after about two hundred and seventy days i was like man. No i can't keep up this pace. However i went back. Revisited the daily format. And i do something that called the sausage factory formula which is basically reps on how to become a better host and that is reading something every day and it is entering a question every day so reading because that's important reading questions reading bios rian sponsor ads in answering a question because you to keep on your feet. You want to answer questions. When people ask you questions you want to be able to interact with co host. Anyway to good skills. I think are important. It comes out seven days a week but on the weekends i changed the format this episode that. I'm getting ready to play for you. This is me talking about a situation that i was in relating to reaching out to people and trying to get them to be a guest on your podcast. I think it's something you'll appreciate from that aspect but also think it's something that you will appreciate from the aspect of you. Likely have people reaching out to you. They want you to be a guest. They wanna feature you they want to do deals with you and this more or less is how not to handle the situations that said here it is. This is an episode of big podcasts. Daily talking about your ego and how your ego can keep you from getting your message out to people quick note. This one is going to sound a little bit different. Because i'm on different equipment. It's not something that's made to be consumed. It's something that i do just for me. So i don't worry about the sound. It's a sixty dollar mike. Eight yard twenty one hundred. That goes straight into the anchor software. So you'll hear some popping. It's not gonna sound this rich and full as build a big podcast. But i'm putting here. Because i think that you will get a lot of this message and if nothing else in case you're curious. This is how i sound without any editing. Hooper big podcasts daily. Not the podcast. You're looking for if you want marketing information. Although i'm going to change the format a little bit and talk about something kind of marketing related that just finished blog article this is about fourteen hundred words and it is about your ego and kill your message before i get into this or let you know that big podcasts slash subscribe or big podcast dot com slash subscribe. That's more accurate you are. That's where to get the real podcasts. The marketing information. This one though. Let me tell you what happened. I reached out to somebody about getting her on the podcast. I was very impressed with a video that she's she posted it and it was going around as go this this lady's great. She wrote about this message. And i really wanted to get her involved and interview her. Basically i read podcast because throws important message in red podcasts and again big podcast dot com slash. Subscribe if you don't do the podcasts. That i'm talking about red. Podcast is a podcast. Four experts and influencers. I've got basically everybody on the air that it's maybe like you. That has a podcast. I think that's the highest form of leverage. If i can go to people like that with an important message they hear it if they get connected to it. It's a domino effect. It's one domino that falls and all the others start to fall so this woman by being one. Podcasts gets herself on potentially hundreds of other podcasts. If everybody felt the way about this message that i did anyway. So i've got the emails that i sent her email and various tweets trying to get her booked and long story short. I got shut down on this. Wrote an article about it. Because i thought it was something that would be good for you. Somebody's got a podcast or best to spread. And also because. I think it's just important that we as people if we say we care about something actually back that up. I think talk is cheap in this. Is maybe an irony paradox. If you will coming from somebody who is in podcast in and makes a living doing books podcasting speaking you know talk is cheap. It really comes down to having conversations changing minds. Yeah words a part of that but people want to see action anyway. I'm going to read you something here. This is This is a bulletin dot. Big podcast dot com. By the way i was talking about how real discussions get messy. And would you trust somebody like that. This is a quote from a well known blogger. He had written this this several years ago. But i remembered it it was memorable because this guy. He's just shutting everybody off. He used to be really open to feedback. He was opened to having conversations with people and he was easily approachable. He's a nice guy and really big on a community. Hit a former around him and his form was one of those forums. That was so big. I don't even think he participated and he may have in the early days but it was so big there was a community around him around his ideas that more or less hundreds of users were supplying the content for his website and that is always a good situation to be. And if you do a book podcast. Blog and people are starting to communicate with each other. And you're not evolved. That's amazing that is incredible. So all sides. Oh no i don't want to get involved in this. This is all about me and you guys didn't know what you're doing. Here's what he says here. He's if you're reading this website you feel that the contact me with your feedback question proposal etc. Don't do it if that bothers you. Well i suppose you'll have to get used to disappointment. I don't even care to receive typo reports. people will still figure out the message despite the typo gremlins mischief. What i said on this is that it's direct which i appreciate know where the guy stands but at the same time you can be direct without being harsh and why would you reject a message from someone who is trying to help you. Do a better job of spreading your message. I think that stupid more or less. The story in this article talks about that. This is me wanted to spread a message and it was harsh the email that i got back but i didn't want to get my panties wide. Oh screw this lady and do something that would be. I'm not sure that i would have done this. I tried to be thoughtful on things but do something that would be attacking her. I've removed all the information that would say like who this is. It doesn't even matter who it is. It's not limited to her and it's not limited to this blogger that i'm talking about. I think a lot of people. We squelch something when somebody is trying to help us help us read a message and it's easy to do and i get it. You have no idea or maybe you do. Because you're in this space. How many people reach out to me all the time and they say hey. I'm excited about reading your book and your time to talk about it or i'm cited to read your book. Can you come speak here. Can you come on podcast. And i'm like yeah man. Let's let's talk about those ideas. I can't do it to everybody. But i try to have a way for people who are interested in having a discussion to be able to contact me. I don't blow off and tell them that they're not important. If they didn't know who. I was ten years ago by god. Why are they coming around now. Because that happens. That actually happens quite a bit. I'll i'll give you a story on that. I had a lot of people. I've had this happen At events that i've done where reach out to them. Hey man doing this event. Would you be interested speaking. Hey man i'm doing this event. Would you interesting coming. No no no not going to do it. And then they come back month or two later once. The event has buzz or once they find out that. I've got a book or once they find out can elect. Don't you knew who i am. What they know what i've done their attitude changes in. I've often thought about situations like dad because when somebody comes to me and they want to chat or they want me to be interviewed on their podcast. I don't know who they are. Sometimes they're not going to be one of those people who says you have worked this person or this person and this person sometimes in a lot of times. Actually i found the people that are the most successful are also the most laid-back. Let people know everything that they have done. You'll need to announce your departure for example. You get mad. Don't announce your departure. This is not an airport. The same thing is if you've got a watch and you know time it is if it's a rolex let's say you need to say oh. Let me check my rolex for the time or let me pick you up on. My tesla don't announce just chopin a tesla. Pull out the rolex and look at. It will see what you're driving what you're wearing. We don't need you to announce everything anyway. The most successful people. I think they realized that. And they don't have to announce every little thing is the people who are not very successful that maybe you know they feel like they've got announce that stuff and they've got you know his work hard to have their place at the table. And i get that and there were times when hell i bought a house a full on big ass house three stories decks and all this stuff you now really nice place in part of that going above and beyond really what. I should have one person's huge ass house before i was married. It's just a you know. I don't i. Don't edit anything on this in the language. I've got to be very skillful here. Wouldn't go back into it after edit matza but trying to be like the man or something i think we all go through that when we're on the up on our way up and we want to let other people know that we have arrived because it takes a while to do that. But if you've been there while you know. Maybe i don't need to let everybody know. Maybe they will see they will know anyway. This article bolton dot big podcast dot com. You don't know about my blog. It's bulletin dot big podcasts. Dot com. you can go and you can look at. It is a little bit different for big podcasts daily. Because normally i'm reading things reading other people's stuff and did read some of mine or read this quote here and it's me answering questions but this is on my mind because i'm about two seconds away from publishing this thing. It's a six minute read. Take a look at it. If you're curious about it's called is your ego killing your message and it may be and i think that it can kill your message ways you have not thought about but if you can get this under control you got just the opposite of that. You've got something that will amplify your message and do it in a very big way. It'll be like that message board. It's other people doing content. Four you doing your marketing for you other people doing your outreach for you and that is super powerful say you got a hundred people so you got ten people ten people. Maybe they're working ten fifteen percent of what you have done yet. Ten of 'em well that's one hundred percent of what you could do. And if they're fifteen percent that's one hundred and fifty percent of what you can do and i think it's probably beyond that because we've got somebody else spreading your message that comes across more powerfully than you spreading it for yourself. People trust other people talking about you more than they do you talking about you. I'm gonna with this imagined that wearing a rolex and i'm saying to you. Hey let me check marlboro. Likes or somebody else telling you. Oh yeah david wearing a rolex sounds better right. David has done this or david lives in this house. David driving this car. Same you other people telling those things like oh wow. It's an element of surprise. And this is the kind of thing that you have in your podcast interviews. I'm sure when you're interviewing somebody in your podcast. You do not tell. All of their story in the intro. Everybody that they've worked with what they've done the big deal you let it emerge. And that's what we're talking about here so for more on this bulletin dot big podcasts dot com. It's the blog bulletin up big podcast dot com and for the podcast. That you really care about that one. The marketing podcast that one's at big podcast dot com slash subscribe. Thanks for listening to me rant. I'll see you here tomorrow. I'm here every day. Have a great weekend. Dave back again. This is built a big podcast. That other podcasts. It's called big podcasts. Daily and i'm assuming you can find it. It's not one that i linked to because basically as i mentioned it is doing wraps. It's me reading things and answering questions. Maybe it's interesting to you may not. I don't push it search for the podcasts daily. Where he could podcast. You'll probably find it when you want. Though it's this one build a big podcast because this is the one where. I focused on marketing. Spread your message making more money with your message to go to big podcast. Dot com slash. Subscribe get this one. And i'll see you on the next episode.

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DAYENU!  Passover recap and becoming financially WHOLE with Best Selling author Tiffany Aliche!

Heather Dubrow's World

1:07:30 hr | 4 months ago

DAYENU! Passover recap and becoming financially WHOLE with Best Selling author Tiffany Aliche!

"Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production now available on apple. Podcasts podcast one. Spotify and anywhere else. You get your podcasts. Sam this is heather dubrow world and now you can live in it two times a week right here in podcast one. Hey everybody okay so listen you have been telling you. I'm going to restructure the show. A little bit give you guys are want half is going to be more. You know little stories about what's going on in my life and hip is hottest newest and those segments you guys love and then half is going to be a guest because we keep going back and forth but half of you love boats so i'm gonna give you exactly what you want and to celebrate it. That's all starting the first week in may so to celebrate it. I am going to do a big giveaway. Which i am going to share with you guys to morrow how you can enter to win my giveaway. I'm doing five gift bags. They're worth over five hundred dollars. Each they are awesome. Wait until i tell you number one. What's in there and how to enter. I'm going to tell you all this listened to tomorrow's show and you will get all that information to enter to win. I'm really really excited about this. I'm excited about the restructure. Am excited about the giveaway. So stay tuned tomorrow. Because i'm i'm gonna give get all that information This weekend was passover and you know last year on passover. We had just gone into lockdown. And i love passover. My favorite jewish holiday. I've just always done it even before we had kids. Even though my family really didn't do a lot for passover growing up we had dinner honestly they had beautiful tables. We all had multiple soup and probably brisket and matza and you know it was important to get together as family. but we really didn't do a seder. We went to our friend's house on the second night for saito but we didn't do that at home. But as i got older i kind of loved it and then after i had kids i took this school version of seder and it sort of morphed over the years and One of my best friends. Sarah cohen and her family. We've been doing it together for. I don't know fifteen sixteen years and we you know. Add to it a little bit every year. And it's gone. And i get these dumb masks for the kids at represent all the plagues and there. I hide them under the plates but of course they know they're there because it's every year and it's silly and you know it's fun so last year. We had just gone into lockdown. And so obviously we couldn't see anyone and it was just the six of us doing has over a series like can't we pass over has over this year and i was like no. It's important to me and it was a little painful. I mean they just i mean. I know that. I'm sort of the cheerleader in the family but i it was just a lot you know. We were all locked in the house and no one was really into it so it was okay this year. You know everyone in our little family and sarah's been vaccinated or had covid antares mom and her boyfriend too so we decided we could do pass over But i just. I couldn't wrap my brain around. You know i couldn't have caterers in the house and staff and stuff like that so i thought okay. Well what can. I do what i saw this girlfriend of ours jenny. She posted his dinner. She did for her son and it was hrbaty dinner sort of like bending hana and they did it at their house for son's birthday and it was so cool so i called her and i was like how was it and she thought it was amazing. That company wasn't available. But i hired this. Other company called hibachi house out of la and only got. It was so fun totally random. But i had my christmas lights put backup. Because i missed them and i knew we were going to have dinner outside in the front motor court. Because if you've ever had dinner at benihana kind of after like burn your clothes when you walk out of there because you smell like benny hana's dinner. I'm talking about anyway. So this is how they normally do it. They don't come in the house. They do backyards and stuff like that. So i put heaters outside. And i my christmas lights on and they set up tables in a u-shaped and is great chef. His name is omar he came with their crew and they set up so everyone arrived. And we were in the house and we did the seder inside and we did by masks and the whole thing the lighting of candles and the blessing over the wine and whatnot and it was actually really fun and everyone was in a great mood and singing songs and everything and then we went outside and there was a chair. Furlough out there and We did the hibachi dinner and it was amazing. Oh my gosh. It was so fun and their team was just incredible and the food was delicious. And they're tossing know pieces of chicken and everyone's about it was just so fun and then at the end i plan to do desert back inside but it was such a beautiful night. We actually ended up staying outside. And i brought out. Sarah makes this matsu crunch best thing ever. So she takes how she makes it. But it's like carmel and white chocolate. It's candy corn ones at some chocolate unbelievable so we brought out all the desert and we sang dinu outside and did the last blessing and everything and everyone saying diana and it was so fun. I had the best time. The kids had an amazing time. We got to spend time with each other and have passover and it was just the best and bringing it up for a few reasons number one. Oh my god. Botchy house was great. Not sponsor but i'm just saying fantastic and there's a bunch of companies. I notice that did it. But that's who. I called such an incredibly fun thing to do at your house. And it's outside so that is an added bonus especially as the weather's getting warmer and a lot of places but also you know what sometimes you don't have to do the conventional. I mean i was obviously passover. We don't eat bread. Because as the jews were slaves and fleeing the pharaoh. they didn't have time for the bread derise. And that's how we have. Matza could it turned into these flat crackers so it wasn't about to have like sandwich bar or something like that. But i thought how botchy is fun and it's rice and there's no bread involved in this is cool and it was just incredible so you know what think outside the box. I know that for easter this weekend a lot of places are not doing. I mean i don't even think brunches are allowed anymore. I mean brunches arpad buffets. An easter egg hunts. Will they be able to have drug hunt with everyone touching. I just don't know so as the holidays. Still look a little bit different. It's okay to not do the same thing that you always do. Even though you have certain traditions or fun things you do. You can mix it up a little bit. Do something a little bit different. So i encourage you guys all have your celebrations if whoever celebrating easter this weekend to do something interesting and cool and fun and maybe get your own eggs and you know go out to the park and hide them or go to the beach if you live near the during the coast store even a scavenger hunt in the house. Which is what my kids are going to be doing Yeah and even this year you know. Usually we go to like some fancy easter lunch branch. Get all dressed up and you know. I asked the kids and mike are you. What are you guys wanna do. And they're like something casual. And i said okay great. Let's go to heavy air. So that's what we're gonna do for easter and i'm so excited about it and everyone's looking forward to it so i don't know i'm just saying think outside the box the importance of all of these. These holidays is to be together and spend time with our families and appreciate you know what our ancestors have done for us to be here so it's really cool anyway. Moving on so Tiffany li jay on the show today. She's back. I love this woman. She's so smart so funny and so cool you know. She started out as a preschool teacher. And she's now the budget easter and has all these amazing tips for being financially whole and she's got a new book out called get good with money ten simple steps to becoming financially hall and i really want you guys to listen to this because sometimes even when you think you have your financial plan together and you know what you're doing some can give you that one pearl that changes what you're doing which changes how you save and how you end up living later in life really really smart so stay tuned. I know you're gonna love this. Tiffany li chaves coming up next. This is heather dubrow world. Oh i love by peepers. I also love a fourth generation. 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You're listening to heather do bros. world. Well i'm very excited to have it my next guest back. I adore this woman. And she's got a new book out and we're gonna talk about that. Get good with money. Ten simple steps to becoming financially hall. Please welcome tiffany elite. Jay have back. Oh look at your book covers. I just bad ass. Michael special like i literally went to the craft store staples to print out my book cover and i got like an inexpensive frame for michael. The knocked out the glass and here we go i. oh so. we doesn't reflect see. That was very smart. We have like a wall of fame and our garage. I guess we're a little more vain than your so we. We blew up. The covers to like huge posters. Is it does reflect. I didn't think about because my ring light. So you don't want the you know. I don't want that weird light on it. That's so smart. And i learned something. Okay so first of all. I have to say congratulations because i was showed thrilled for you. When i saw that. You were nominated for an end. Double acp award. I mean what an incredible honor. I need all right so outstanding social media personality by the way everyone. Your category was amazing green. When i saw it i was like. I don't even know how they're going to choose. What what was that like. I'm tabitha brown one. And she's amazing her as well. We've worked together before and she's just a fantastic lady. But what an honor. I mean truly to be nominated. How tell me how you found out. And how is that whole process. Well as i woke up. Because i'm an actor during the day and i just rolled over on the cows and i looked at my phone and i was like end of lisa p as a all must be different invalidity. As if there's more. Because i couldn't imagine that it was like that and lucy you know like denzel washington. Viola davis no. This can't be like this. Must be a different one and some googling and reading like we start. Screaming sister is over. I seek we're downstairs. She just started jumping and screaming together. 'cause it was just so exciting like you know there's a war and there's like awards that like mad hell. Yeah you know like. I mean like michelle. Obama spoke at the arena. Bro i mean you. Ha i mean just had will smith martin. Lawrence is these frontal one in sochi of ray and so just to be like like i can just imagine if physically we could have gone. You know like to have been in that room with such like excellence. And so it just was really surreal. I didn't expect to win. Because honestly tablet as having a hell of year yes in so. I wasn't expecting honestly to win. I just was grateful that someone somehow thought of my name to put it on there. So i just i just grateful while i was thrilled for you. I mean truly. When i saw i was like that is thing ever and yes. So congratulations amazing. And you're having quite a year to talk on all right so you have a new book new book out which i think is not only amazing but the timing of this particular book so did you come up with the idea for this book during the pandemic is that what kind of sprung it. No so like i. I'd been approached by different publishers. And things before. And it. Just i just. I didn't want to write something just to write something you know and so i signed with publisher because i had this idea of financial wholeness before and then when the pandemic hit had already signed thought wow it really shaped how i thought of things you know and so it just was. It was really perfect. Timing because you know you give advice but most most of the time you give advice from a place he things are doing. Things are okay. People are okay so it really gave me a chance to really ask myself. Well what happens when you just really not okay. you know. 'cause there are people who are like just not so then what what do i do then to and i get that a lot. I lived in that space. You know two thousand eight recession hit. I wasn't okay. There wasn't an you know there wasn't a whole dolgin coffee. Don't get your nails. It was beyond that. And that was that that oh eight. Oh nine jared talking about a global financial crisis later. And i think you and i talked about this before but it's like it was devastating to so many people and i think even know some people have predicted it. It was so out of left field. And i think that we recovered took a long time. But when the pandemic hit it was su swift and it was like having a hurricane. Come early and just flattened so many businesses. I mean i see it in our town. I see i was in l. a. last week. My gosh it's like it's like a different places. Yeah hacking anticipate that right. You can't you can't and that's why it always makes me think of and i said this before. There's that movie with richard gere. And he's a lawyer and he goes. Have you been saving up for a rainy day. Well it's raining love this concept of being financially whole because you're sort of accounting for the hurry. Yes you are. Because what i thought as i was writing it i got to myself. Well what does it. What should it look like without the shame and the blame you know and i thought well what if you had like super strong financial foundation that even when the earth shook you know you could still be okay. Even other parts of the house kinda fell that your foundation was still still really strong. And then i thought you know. Foundational education has been a theme in my life. I i taught preschool for for over ten years of that i taught sunday school which is foundational leg religious education when i was a teenager and so i thought like you know the reason why i love teaching. Preschool is because i knew if i could get your four year old to basic reading. They said grinding leto colors numbers. The world was open to them because they had the tools the foundational tools they need needed for the rest of their life and the same thing with with financial homeless. It's it's these ten foundational tool that you need. It's your letter shapes colors numbers plus a little something of your financial world so that way you can build whatever like that you want an even if there's financial drama and trauma you still have a strong foundation and you can rebuild again. I mean that really is the goal right because know. I remember when you're younger that we used to talk about. Like how much do you need. How much do you need to retire. Do you need and we were totally wrong by the way we were wrong when we calculated what we thought we need for college. We were wrong. I mean we really didn't figure that foundation we adjusted now. We're good but at the time we really. We were a little. Bit of like magical thinkers. Don't you think a lot of people are kinda like that. Yeah for sure. I think that people difference in because how can you imagine. I'm gonna be out of work for year. Not because of something. I've done but this'll be a worldwide pandemic. My industry is totally gonna take. How could you. You just can't conceptualize that happening. And so how do you prepare for something that you cannot conceptualize it. You know so. I think you're right that most people prepare for kind of like kind of emergencies like off. Let's remind which is is a good place to start or no but you're more than that's what this is why financial holdings all important right. So i was watching my audience. I succeeded what i call silos like. They're really good at budgeting. But they didn't have savings. They had saving but they were investing their investing but the insurance was was nothing thought. How do i spread the peanut butter. All over all of the the. And you're like there's no. There's no people were jumping on this part of the bread and so that's why i came up with gate good with money because i thought. How do i give you the tools and resources that you need that we fill in all the holes you know because there's nothing go ahead keep now. There's nothing worse than feeling good. Like for example like i got to a point where i had stacked up of money now feeling good and feel myself. I met with my cf. My new financial planner onto lee. And she's a cute. You've got a ton of money. You have the insurance of eighteen year olds because you started that yes and so one one. One loss of whenever a flattened mute. And i was just like because we think to ourselves once you get your money your good. That's not true. Financial freedom your turn of money so you don't have to work. It's not the same. As financial wholeness a home is when you covered all the bases financial freedom really you just covering one. Which is. I don't have to work. Because i have a ton of money but it's not enough because you can have financial freedom in that have a will trust right. You can have financial freedom and not really know how to make any additional mind so maybe your parents pass along the money to you. And you're like oh i was born wealthy but one of the tents. Financial wholeness is learned to earn. If you don't know how to earn and you were born into well and that wealth leaves them. What do you do. So that's why those ten components it's budgeting saving debt credit learn to earn built the first five than investing both well for wealth and Retirement it is insurance it. Is your money team. It is net worth in an estate planning. Those are the ten components. So i so you had to do all of that and get good with money. Not just one. Financial freedom is for few but financial wholeness is for everyone. Oh my god that just resonates to my core and i feel like so many people including us by the way. Wait until we have some colossal disaster before we realize we needed that insurance or we needed that. Will we needed that. Whatever that safety net is that we didn't realize that we need to so. I mean truly your book is is really the. It is the foundation for every single thing but i put the i talk to people who say like. I'm bad with money or or you mentioned you said something before you were talking about like the guilt and the shame and i think i wonder if so many people become yuno paralyzed and can't make the things are i. Don't i don't make enough money to worry about insurance or this or that or the thing and i see people older people in my life that really should have asked these questions and never did and now you know have issue. So how do you lift yourself out of that and get the help you need so the same part is really hard because the problem with shame is that it's a really terrible emotion because it's a liar. Shame doesn't say. Heather you made a mistake. Same says heaven you are a mistake. Shame thrives and shadow shame thrives in silence. Same drive by keeping you by herself. So one of the london tools that i learned from my coaches also therapist is that she was like tiffany. The only antidote to shame is voice voice to it. So one of the reasons why i wrote this book in the way that i did is that it encourages you to pull another people to find an accountability partner to speak to your significant other. If you have to give voice to the thing that you're worried about this book is someone giving the best compliment. They read the book. And they're like it's part memoir. Share my story. It's part guide because the financial guy is part self help the it really does kind of coach you through. How do you navigate the nonfinancial parts of money. You know so. Teach you how to give voice to shame because once you do the same thing. She's talking about it off of the you laid up for the next thing you know because once you do that because same also shield solutions that like those things are there you ever think to yourself like it's like you know whether or not you know you drive to your favorite restaurant. The restaurant standing it doesn't you know about or not knowing about it doesn't make it real or not. Real solutions are literally. They're just waiting for you to acknowledge them insane. Makes you think that there's nothing there but they are there. They are so i teach you how to the first part of the book. It's all about mindset shift in teach you had pushed past and work through Those money blockers so that you could really receive the solutions at the rest of the book offers because it's so important because even to step by step what to do but if your mindset is the same than it's ever tank and i i. I agree with that assessment of the book. And i think there's so many life lessons in their beyond money whether it's your relationships or your weight or whatever it is that really it isn't mindset shift and i really like the whole concept of talking and giving it voice and telling people i mean i think i told us before but i was guilty of the same thing and tearing noise at a great marriage and talking about any everything. We didn't have those conversations. I realized later on like how stupid and nineteen fifties of me was i like. Oh he's got it. Covered now been have covered because we think that adult that like somehow we'll just no right thinking about how you thought about your parents like they know right you making. You're making it up my kids time. I've ever done this or give me a minute. I gotta think about this. Is heather dubrow rose world every time amount of zoom or looking in my phone or looking at one hundred zero mirror looking at. I'm looking at my eyes. Are you looking at your eyes. 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It's got a great consistency at the results are amazing you are gonna absolutely love clearance new total i left. If you wanna get ten percent off go to clarence. Usa dot com and use promo code. Do bro ten. For ten percent off with purchase of total. I lift d. u. b. r. o. w. One zero do bro. Ten to get ten percent off with purchase of total. I lived now back. That heather dubrow swirled. It's also save big money and you know we're so hard alphabet adults about money but imagine that we were the same. You're your so doctor right so you would never listen to say you fail and you sprain your ankle. You would never be heather. You do not have an ankle. What are you like all your life you should. you should know. But we don't expect without education without additional. Now we don't expect us to know how to take care of a sprained or broken ankle. So where would we get this random money. Money lesson from this random money information. And i think especially with women and i know that you you got law passed in new jersey that that has to teach financial information in middle school miniscule Middle school which i think is genius. You know. no one taught us like you're saying how are we supposed to you. Don't curious about what age group is the absolute worst with money. Yeah let's see so little kids actually really good I had found like i've see. I had this game that i created. Call real life of game of choices where they have to become adults they they're and they're like moms and dads and brothers and and they have to navigate their good. You know i would say who's the flag that new parent age right so when kids are under the age of ten apparently just like i don't know i'm just like spending all the money on the kids. You're not thinking about their own retirement. Because they don't think that they can and it's very much now focus. I'm just trying to get over the next half. Because have school and shoes in this in that so i think that i wouldn't say worst but that's where where people face the most challenges because they that's when you have a peak responsibility usually at that age you know you might have aging parents which you also have young children and then you have yourself when you a little bit older. You're just thinking about maybe yourself a little bit more when you're really young. It's really just about yourself. So i would just say that middle age range when people have kids the dependent kids. They have to take care because it's hard to think about yourself when you're taking care of your children as well. Yeah i would think it would be more like millennials meaning I mean it's not always millennials. But i think people in their twenties and thirties money'll anymore. I know these next but you know they're not as bad because they haven't learned as many habits. You know so. When i sit down and talk with a lot of them are just like are still really blank canvases. So they're making mistakes but they're making mistakes from i dunno versus me trying to convince a thirty five year old mother that instead of putting money in her kids college fund the she should really fund her retirement. She's like now. And i'm like i hear you. But here's your kid. They're gonna be younger longer than you are. And so the best gift you could give them is not to be a financial burden on them. They get. It's very difficult because he's like. There's no way i'm not looking after myself but then what happens. Is you force your kid to have to look after you when you're when you're older so that's why i said that's the more difficult aid because you have so many responsibilities and they're not sure which way to turn a habits they don't realize it. I have a situation where i know someone who was. I came into some money and paid off his son's medical school loans and then they had no time. You understand the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars because he didn't ask anyone and all of the sudden they're retired now and have a difficult challenging situation. Because of it. Exactly that. Because i'm going to take care of my kids but you know what you're right taking care of. Your kids is making sure that you're not going to be a burden later. One of the things that i always think about which i think we were smart with With terry's mom was long-term healthcare. Yes i talk about that in the book How important it is and how to seek it out have found an agent like what you can expect to pay. That was part of the insurance chapter. Because to your point had that people are like wait. What like it's more than just life insurance health insurance. It's what am i gonna do. When i'm older in my in my being mindful of that camera go to pay for things so yeah. Those things are important. I really wanted to take people from the very core basic budgeting all the way through estate planning led. Do i need to trust which should be in trust. What is it trust. Joining will make me take me through lightly. Because you're going to go by the book everyone but make make through lightly the ten steps to give me like a pearl so step. One is budgeting. That's the cornerstone for all your finances. That too is savings you have to say. Next is for emergencies but goals. Step three is credit. You know everybody needs a decent credit score. Because you never know who's going to hire you or sometimes you won't be able to get a house you will. You may even be able to keep your job if your credit score is not decent so talking about credit it. Can you explain to people. Like how do you fix your credit score because look people get into trouble. You know you know either. You had to go bankrupt or you didn't pay alone because you couldn't or whatever it is you know and now you've got this crummy score are there are. There's a couple of easy ways to so what's the super easiest way to start is to ask someone who does your credit card in full every month if you can piggyback on your on your car. Meaning that the do an authorized user a lot of times. Parents do this for their teams to start to build their credit before they even get a car. You don't give tina car and you don't bid they sit and give you a card but as the parent or whomever pays off in full every month. Ideally a looks like you to pay that off in full every month so one of the easiest ways to say. Hey mom do you have a credit card that you pay off of mental fool. Can you hear me. Also authorized user. Don't give me a car. But i know you pay it off. And i wanted to basically absorbed some that good behavior and that adds to their credit score. Yes it does not that tremendously so because the person that owns the card it gets most of the juice but you get a little runoff juice. All right 'cause you know my oldest you're seventeen and they they know On debit cards and so they get their allowance. And that's it that's all you can add them on to your your the. My dad is this for me when i was a teenager. You can think you can add someone on his young's thirteen as an authorized user So you can an authorized user. Technically you could issue them a car and they could. They're authorized to use it. But you're not gonna. But yes. I don't even know. I was an authorized user of my dad's car ray. I was like what does that mean. Don't worry about it. he just adamy on. Pay the car off in full every month. Just so i could start to build credit before i graduated college so when i graduated here i was like. Oh tiffany looks like you've been making on time payments for the last three years i was like i have. Oh okay. yeah so. That's a great way to start randy. Think when do you think people should get a credit card then so. I don't think that you should get a credit card when you're in adult with a full time job so meaning so if you're eighteen and you have full-time job great because credit card has to be paid back with money so you need money and war you know so typically eighteen nineteen twenty whenever you graduate college. You actually get your first job you can consider. You don't have to but you can consider a credit card if you don't have a job that you do not need a credit card you know And less like sometimes like so for example. My father told me. When i was like eighteen i went to college. He said go get a car. The only thing you're allowed to your credit card with my books because he wanted to be on the books on here. It's your job when you come home. But of course. I put other things on there and so came home. He highlighted all things and said. I'm paying for this. But she will be two hundred dollars for mcdonald's wendy's this i was like we. We got a little crafty. So my i remember to visual arts syracuse. They sold everything so it wasn't just books but it all looked like it was coming like itemized so i could merge goodbye but i remember in high school. My dad gave me my sister gas cards out of credit card. Ask cards so you could save gas. I want you to problem. We didn't have triple eight. I don't know but anyway so we. We have gas card but at the gas station. They sold alcohol everything really. It's all gas seniors in high school. Life let's go to seventy six days. I recommend doing not in the but that's an easy thought to raise. Your credit score is to get authorizer okay. And the next is is on debt you know getting out of debt is a critical component. Now here's the thing now. Debt freedom is a goal heather but not legal like when people are like debt. free debt. Free i always say well my nephew's debt free no mortgage no car. No no student loans. But he's broke because he's five right because you know what i mean like debt-free does not go well or else you toddler would not be your best friend living in your house. But here's the thing but here's thing so when you talk about being debt free you know it's got to balance because if you've got this debt that you're paying one hundred dollars a month for us and then you're saving fifty dollars a month ago here. That doesn't bail. It's no it doesn't so don't you have to get out of debt before you save or no no. You should be doing both. Because i want you to have for example right now. Imagine if you were like okay and what really hard on my debt. I'm feeling really good. Haven't saved anything credibility to get rid of this pandemic quarantine hit your job. Furloughs you what are you gonna do. You look at your savings that you have put nothing into. Because you've been so focused that what are you going to have to do to pay bills. You can swipe your card and get right back into that. That's why doing both simultaneously you know is super important but even more important focus on earning and learning to earn which is the next one number five linked to arm because you have to offset those debt payments bringing additional money in so learning to earn his critically important. The first place you learn to earn is having to make more money where i'm currently working. You know i can. You do not ask for a raise. I teach you negotiate. Ask for a raise. Yeah but i also teach you how to make extra money on the side. Like when i used to teach one of my baby. Side gates was tutoring babysitting. I was like the party babysitter. You have this preschool teacher. Who was like actively working. And you know you have to get like. You're when you're teaching you have to get like your fingerprints dine super shape. Yes so be loved. Was i got to charge more because a preschool teacher. Like a current preschool. Teacher going to babysit my kid. Here's an extra twenty dollars an hour so learning to earn his number five number seven is investing like an insider you have to know that investing is two different categories retirement and wealth. The purpose of investing for retirement is so you can maintain your current lifestyle. So if you're at a seven light financially retirement your the way you're setting aside is really gonna help. You maintain a seven when you're retired investing for well is so you can improve your current lifestyle and money to your ears. You're listening to do bros. World tae coloring your hair at home to the next level with madison raid. You deserve gorgeous professional hair-color delivered to your door. Starting at twenty two dollars for decades women have had two options for colouring. Their hair outdated at home color or the time inexpensive a traditional salon. Many madison reed clients comment on how their new hair color has improved their lives. Women love the results gorgeous shiny multidimensional healthy looking hair. This is game changing color. You can do at home and look if you just came from the salon and what makes madison reed color. Unique is that it's crafted by master callers who blend nuances of light. Dark cool and warm tones to create over fifty five multidimensional shades. Find your perfect shade at madison dash reed dot com heather dubrow world listeners. Get ten percent off plus free shipping on their first colored kit with code heather. That's code heather now back that heather dubrow world. So how do people determine how to invest like you know. I mean in our periods day. I think they thought their home was the big investment. That was the big thing that they were gonna make their money out of. They put their money in their home. You know now so. Many people are stock market savvy. and then there's crazies. Maybe not crazy. I should say that. But you know like bitcoin and you know all these other things. How do you kind of figure out where to put it. I tell people it depends actually an assessment in the book to decide what kind of investor you are. Are you a call a passive. patty are you. And are you an aggressive alicia. Are you at inbetween charlene. You know it depends on your personality your your temperament the time that you saw not everyone has a ton of time so if you come in the senate and forget it type of person. Let's say investing for retirement. 'cause that's the investing always do no matter what you might look for. Something called the target date fund. And that's just a mutual fund. A mutual fund is a collection basket of of of typically stocks with other investors sometimes bonds. Well so instead of picking individual stocks cause you have to have time to research for individual stocks you invest in a basket so you might invest in a basket of stocks that focuses on technology or a basket of stocks that follows a particular market like the s. and p. five hundred hardest five hundred large companies in the united states. That trade on the market. Right so you invest in that basket in specific basket called target date fund says. Okay heather you said you want to retire in ten years so you pick the target date fund. That's as close to that ten year mark. So it'll literally say like You know t t d f Twenty thirty you know so. It'll it'll have the number next to three northern the closest next to my retirement year. And that's important because as you put your money in every month directly from your paycheck or afterward what will happen is the closer you get to your target date. The more conservative investment becomes. 'cause the assumption is has is about to pull out. We can't be wildly into stocks. You know we need to be closer to bonds into cash. It's that's what's so great about a target date fund because you don't have to pick these individual things that'd be super savvy you just put it in its fund and it will rebalance itself to be more conservative the closer you get to retirement so yeah i think that's so smart. You know it's funny. One of the best things i've ever heard about investing was saying if you're going to buy a stock if you're not gonna do like a mutual fund like the battle about hick things that you understand what they do. You understand what amazon does you understand. What apple does their old really good companies. But it's funny because with my kids you know we did the five twenty nine plan and they're set up a lot like that because they understand the target date of when they're going to cost exactly when they're five years old. The the fund is a little more aggressive aggressive as they get closer. I didn't even think about it closer to going to college. It becomes more conservative. Because they're about to start using. Remember at the time terry. Thank gosh you know. We do so much better. If we put it in general market and you can and i go. I get it but it safer here at. It might not be as aggressive. But we know it's protected and we know that when we needed it be there. Yes and that's the thing about target date because to terry's point right but here's the thing about investing the higher the risk the higher the potential reward so yes. You could invest in a game. Stop one hundred acknowledging pulled at one point five million right. But the risk of loose-knit hundred thousand was tremendous so the reward is equally as tremendous ula gisele. You might be like. I said you might be patty where it's like. You know what i get it. I can make probably double in my retirement account. But at least with the target date fund. I could breathe easy. I got one hundred bucks a month in and know that it's bested. It's not super crazy. So i tell people if you don't do anything at least a good place to start and then if you're investing for well you can look for mutual funds outside of that or you can look for something called the atf. Nato bill the lovechild between like a stock you know and a mutual fund Etf is also a basket but unlike a mutual fund a mutual fund can't be traded on the stock market like a stock. So you have this idiot. That can be traded like a stock. But it's a basket like a mutual fund so people love those because that's a great for inbetween charlene. That's great her because she's like. Oh i can purchase a mutual fund. I can purchase an etf. But i don't have to know every individual stock. I can participate basket. But i like purchase stock. You know every monday or once once a month you know so it's a great inbetween for someone like that. Yeah and and then it's a little more excited exactly you can. There's a potential. Your earning potential is a little greater there that if you were to put it in a target date fund cause a problem with a target they'd find is that the fees are higher they call them expense ratios anytime a human being has to step in. Then you know you're gonna pay more so if you're working with a safe for example. Cfp financial planner using a high. Matty's because that's a person person. A mutual fund typically mutual fund or target date fund is managed by person. You don't get to talk to but there's a higher feeder because someone has to make the choices and he is not managed by a person it's an algorithm picking the things for you so the ratios are lower there so the more that you and then stocks. There's no commission at all so the the more you get away from people the more you take on the responsibility the more you have potential of make the less you have to pay out but the more you have the potential to lose it's true i've found There's a lot of places don't like schwab that there aren't any fees. You can have your accounts but there are humans. There don't charge you like a planner charges. You or a wealth manager. Yeah so that you can save some money on those kinds of transactions. So you want to look for. It's called the expense ratio. Always ask for that. You can see like so if you're working with the planner you really should not be paying more than one percent alcon on if you're working with someone because some people will say oh two and two doesn't sound like much because we were relatively speaking. No it's it's a log it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime. No it's it's extremely expensive especially because an etf might be might be point zero five percents humana and so like or way less than that Let me ask you so if someone has never invested before now did they start like where do they go. Because a lot of people might be listening to this and going all right my head. I have five dollars. What am i doing. So i would start with retirement. I in good at my job and say do you have targeted frontier. And they don't just ask. Do you have mutual funds here. They do have children's there can just pick a mutual fund and put your fifty bucks one hundred bucks a month. That's it you know. That's now that's investing for retirement now. Investing for well you can look at something. Called the index fund. I would just choose an index fund that mirrors the s. and p. five hundred the s&p five hundred hundred about the nasdaq the dow s and p. It's a market right. So in the sap punted the market. What their sound in the s p five hundred that market is five hundred. Large companies in the us and these companies are indicative of how the market is doing. Yes get it and realized basis. That's the best here exactly. So you look for index fuzzy lewis index fund that mirrors s and p five hundred and they will pop up and you can say okay in this index. I'm going to give it my fifteen hundred bucks a month so now you're investing for well if the hundred bucks a month whatever that looks like you know in this index fun and now on the retirement side. You're investing in your retirement account whether it's a target date fund just regular mutual financial four one k. If you do those things that you are better than doing better than ninety five percent of books. Okay are like that okay. What's next so next is getting good with insurance and so you know. I think that people think of insurance as like well. Who do i have to leave money to. It's not now. I didn't realize that because like heavily thought that insurance was away. You left money to your ears. And she's like now that that's not really the purpose of insurance that ideally you really should not be really insurance is supposed to cover your earning years. So that way if something will at least Life insurance anyway right that way if something happens to you and you have these dependent children you know that. Ideally the number is that you leave them with ten years worth of your income. So if you're bringing in one hundred thousand dollars a year in something god forbid happens you no longer here. That is a million dollars. set aside. So you're ten-year-old until they're twenty doesn't miss your income right because that money will will continue to come in so that is really the purpose of life insurance to people get sold at whole life insurance so in the book you'll see the i am not a fan of whole life insurance because i'll give you an example so a thirty year old woman who gets life is short. A million dollar policy is looking to pay about about seven hundred and forty bucks a month for a whole life policy month a month. That same sturdy woman is she's getting a time policy she's looking for a forty bucks a month for million dollars yes. So here's the problem out. Nearly only nearly sixty percent of people never finished paying their whole life policy. That money's gone to them. So i'll get i'm prime example. So got a tom policy. When i was twenty seven. I bought a condo. And i thought. I'm going to get a policy because something happens to me out my parents. I was married and have kids on my parents to be able to pay off his. They don't have to worry about. my dad. Got a three hundred thousand dollar policy. Because my condo was to twenty i had like stood alone dead so this is enough to cover in a little something for my my burial. This is awesome. Thank god i was doing the most. But i got the policy. It was headed that house. Was i wanna say twenty one dollars a month with thirty one dollars a month. Something so inexpensive explain the difference between whole and term. Because i think that's where people get confused because you don't want to be paying your whole life yes and you don't use it and then it just goes away. Well here's the thing people. The life insurance companies not such a number on us for us speaking of insurance as investment at least life insurance as an investment does a catch value to borrow against. But here's the thing. Think about your car sorts. No-one says oh man. I had confidence for ten years. And i never got an accident. They got me no. That's the purpose of at penn. All man my pet lived another year wasted padded shorts. It's like no that you know that it's shorts. A risk management tool for whatever reason. They've taught us with life insurance. Somehow you should get some money out. No because when you whole life you pay super heavy on the front is basically just riddled with fees for the potential to maybe pull out so many on the back end. That's typically what whole like this but you can just get a short term insurance. Is insurance the way we're used to. It is similar to your car. Insurance similar to homeowners You pay this small now that if something happens you have access to a larger amount. That's what term allows you to do and so you can get twenty or thirty year term as you get it really to cover your your income. Earning years so something should happen to you. Won your debt. Won't fall upon your family too. If you've got minor children they'll be looked after 'cause everyone honestly doesn't even need life insurance. I've seen people get life insurance on a one year. Old for k y. Why why because it's cheaper now you know what you can do with that life insurance money. Put it in your house. yes so terry. Obviously we have life insurance and on me. And i know a lot of the couples. They have life insurance on both couples. You will what about me. What if something. God forbid happens to me. You might be so sad. You're going to be hong. you're you to be. Maybe you won't work for a while and it goes honey honestly if something happens to you I won't spend nearly as much money. And and i think i'll be net positive i i. I'd never land right. Michael jackson passed away. Like they're like. Oh my gosh. He's he's a status is not in the red anymore because he was spending so much money. So hyphen shortage billy for this. It's will you leave behind that to someone else or you know. Is there a dependent that need your income if those really not true. It's kind of like you don't need insurance like you. Just don't it's just a waste. You know you can literally put that money toward investing for your own well or put that money for your kids on like you know. I'm college fund. It just doesn't make sense. And so i really lean into i even give you a script about what insurance agent is likely to say and what they really mean so that would let all. I've heard that one before so after insurance is all about growing rich. Your net worth so network is really what you own right minus is what you all in. So i don't care how much he owned. You can own a billion dollars worth of assets. But if you owe to to billy for the assets your net worth is negative one billion yes mostly to calculate their networks are really take you through a network she to take you through. Identify assets are things that put money into your pocket people for example. Get confused about their home. It's like isn't acid or ability. It's kind of both all right So your wound stretch. What do you mean is it. Good to stretch for the home. Is that still a good reasonable thing to put your money into i. Well i wouldn't put myself in financial harm's way to purchase a home It depends also where you live like. We live on the coast so still homes on the coast. You could buy a home. It expect by ten years later it might have even doubled. You know versus like i remember. I was talking to my friend in saint louis and she was sharing with me. You know you could buy a home out here. Tiffany for fifty thousand miles in saint. Louis you know rented out for like eight hundred bucks a month and i was considering like okay maybe up to fifty out there route and and then maybe like you know a couple of years house worth one hundred thousand. She's like known a couple of years. There has to be worth fifty thousand. Then which i don't i don't get it because i'm so used them homes on the coast like you know like like new york new jersey california. You know like you know. She was like it. Took me a while to understand. Why would i. Why would i buy a home. it doesn't go up. She's a cash flow. I just. I still can against you. You can take your two hundred fifty thousand dollars. That's five homes and put it in the bank account and a bank account will give you thirty bucks a month or you can take your to fifty input into these five houses and these five house will yield you. Eight hundred times five. I was like oh okay castle because for me when i think homes i think of the main way to get money appreciation meaning the you know the value of the home goes up. And i'm like you. You can literally get properties just for the cash flow. Knock the appreciation. There is no problems that things. I mean you also have to think about may name. Yes still generally speaking. If you put your money in a savings account the amount of money that you're gonna make is still significantly less than what you'd make. Yes so deftly. Networks so understanding how to increase your assets how to decrease your liabilities. Really how to like. Use your on your Your assets to buy liabilities so instead of like solving for example my husband wanted some truck or something that he said he wanted and off. Did we already have a car. You have one can only one. By the time he was well. How about this. Because he bought this tax teach from the city for ten thousand dollars. We renovated hundred thousand dollar renovation. And it was like he did all the work with him and his friends. I said well. That's your hassle. Once you rented out why don't you use it's now asset because it's it's a A rental property. Why don't you take some of the rent. Half event re put up for the next half and the other half you can use. You know like you know if you want to buy a car. He could save to purchase a car. That's how you get your assets to pay for liabilities instead of taking money out of your pocket to pay for liabilities and you really funky with it you get your assets to pay your assets so that house will now pay for the nets house right. Now that's all about worth Number nine your financial professionals. You need to have a team. It depends on where you are in life at the very least. Everyone needs an accountability partner. Whether it's your actual partner partner. Maybe you've got work mom. You know i have worked model right and that is your best sees someone that you could talk to about money with and worked through your journey with them but also to you might want to consider having people like you might need a certified financial planner a wealth depending on where you are. You might need an attorney. You might need a cpa. So i i lie about some potential people you might need how much they typically cost And find them in that deal. You know i'm so proud predatory because we talked before but like my parents didn't talk to anyone I don't know if it was generation. I notice a lot of my friends. Guaranteed to are all having issues because you know they know that you never talk about money. It's j class. Say to talk about money whatnot. But jerry like we. Obviously we talk about money with each other. We are very much accountability partners together now where we weren't always but we certainly have been for many many years but i love that he can talk to friends in and it's a man's conversation we're all sitting there. Whatever but talk about whatever like when when everyone was refinancing their houses and a half ago and the rates went down so low. Jerry gold literally every randy. Hasn't all my god guess what rate i got my guy like. That's a friend man. Like tell me don't seem like shit well. Ud secret by the way you got something for the neck money thing you've got someone told me so i love how open they all are with each other in kuwait linked. It's amazing and i love that shifting and changing because you're right that's important because you know taking point to saving appointed to your workers could totally transformed something for it could be limited thousand thousand month. You're paying less than a month in in more in your mortgage hundreds and so always ask like we had this money line. It's a longer story. But i call them because it did so well based on socks something but it did so well i called our guy and i was like hey Wanted to give a better rate when he was like. Okay let me talk to our guys. We'll get back. And they gave us a better rate. Because i called and asked you know sometimes you never never know and if you can get better rate on your credit card because maybe you can't pay it off at the end of the month or maybe you have debt like you're talking about there's ways and yet you talked about this last time a bit consolidate your credit card to a lower rate and that money that you're saving you can use to as you're talking about other chapters save putting it away. Get rid of the debt. All and this Yes you have to ask and last but not least is number ten. Which is a state planning so many people and it's it blows my mind. I can understand people regular everyday people. The teacher mechanic the nurse. Whose estate planning that sounds like rich people right. It's not but what what blows my mind is when richard will. Don't do it like you hear about the princess like like a wealthy. Well nobody like you never will a trust. And now you've worked your whole life. I was thinking. Prince william creates. What did he have no will. And so like. I mean we wouldn't have been enough to probate court which is just a ringside seat to all your business. And then i'll talk with that like so now. You have not told what you want to happen with your with your assets into. Let's say like some people might be listening. Well you know. I'm twenty two only have it. I don't i don't need an estate plan. Yes you do because at twenty two year state plan might just be. My mom is my beneficiary on my bank account. That's your estate plan because your bank account you can add someone as a beneficiary and you should so that we have something happen to you. There's no question of who's next in line but it's important that to update that beneficiary because if you get married and have kids later and your mom is still on their bank account no matter what your will or trust says your net beneficiary statement trumps. All of that. So your ex husband. Your ex husband is getting bank account so you wanna make sure that you update Check that yes. I'm like. I was crazy because i was showing my husband. I was saying like make sure he was like swollen. His friends was saying something. They wanted to their beneficiaries on their on. My husband has a pension he asked for the city. And so we'll go here. I looked so my husband had a daughter. Before i met him and so her mother cause they were together was the beneficiary on his pension and he. I was just going through to be like so so your friend. This is how you get it way what you like. Because he hadn't thought about it. I was like babe. If you'd have died in this would've wiped to her. I would have woke you up killed you and then very yeah at least cold but not that cool you know so so. It's all things you want to look at. So that's estate. Planning planning is not just this big grandiose i have a trust and all things you know so but not definitely like you know you should have if you have children a hundred thousand percent should have a will man other you know we. We didn't have one for a long time and it was because we didn't have anyone we were willing to lead them to which was so stupid. Something happened they would wherever you know. It's like one of those things like you're saying like people think it's like a rich people or if you don't have a plan someone else is gonna plan whether it's your money your diary your ass hidden in your whatever your social media can't think about this. Some admin is going to have to decide what happens to your stuff and then if you don't have a will so here's a rule of thumb for for trust right so a will rule of thumb is if you have children you the will you know if you don't but you do have assets in us really should look into having a A will or the very least a beneficiary form for for by both core things like insurance in bank accounts for trust the rule of thumb is. You don't need a trust if you have. If you don't have assets totalling at least one hundred thousand dollars if you have assets totally one hundred thousand dollars you think consider trust if you have assets that total above five hundred thousand dollars. Which many people do if you have a home and you should definitely have trust because the transfer of wealth from one person to another after debt there are taxes sometimes that could be up to fifty percent. So you got about not the fees that you're paying for your guests. It'd be lost if you don't ask if you don't do that in so that's why that's why that five hundred thousand dollars is kind of the rule of thumb like if you have over that because you stand to lose a lot of money in that transfer you know the reason why trust is special is because trust is like a person so when you put your money into a trust when a person passes their money passes from one person to another person by law there are taxes assessed but when you put your money into a trust. This person that never dies. That passage never really happens legally and so. That's why you don't have to pay those taxes when when when when someone passes away things to trust and you want to be mindful whether trust is revoke -able or or a non revocable trust If it's not reversible that means it doesn't mean as never can never be revoked. It just means that the people all people who are in that trust has to agree we all agree for example poor kobe bryant when he passed away. He had honorable nonrefundable trust in every year he and his wife added their child a they had when the child turned one they added child to trust. Well the baby was younger than one when. Kobe passed until the wife had petitioned the court to say you know. Let's be real. We had my husband had the intention of having our child in the trust like why would he not put his four month old. You know but it's just that we do it on their when your birthday so she had to because it was it was it wasn't it was on nine revocable trust. I believe that they gave her the ability to do so. Because we wanted to rock. That insult could just come in and do whatever they wanted because he wanted to make sure that his children were provided for no matter. What and so yeah. It seems that the lots. But here's what i tell. People the reason why. I wrote geico with money in the way that i did is that it step by step you don't. You're not supposed to that overwhelming. It's really not. I mean we're going through stuff fast here and so it's really like it's very digestible and easy to follow an uneasy homer along the homework along the way because i believe the teacher be wants to check for understanding. So it's like okay. Did you get the thing. Let's practice thing you can literally just tell yourself. I'm going to work on one thing a month. But when you're done you will have this rock solid foundation then no matter what happens out there in the world doesn't mean that you'll never have any Trauma drama but you will be able to manage it from a strong solid place that is what financial whole misses. And i wish. Financial wholeness percent financial wholeness on everyone listening. You are the best so glad that you came back. I am thrilled for all of your success. Tell everyone how to get. Get good with money and how to find you on social media. So i am. The budget nissan everything instagram twitter facebook youtube. And you can get good with money at literally. Get good with money. Dot com tiffany li. I adore you. And i hope to see you again very sir. Thank you so much happier. This is heather do pros world. Here's heather say. Wasn't that cool. She always gives those pearls pieces of information. That i mean honestly that i walk away going. Oh good i gotta tell terry that later. I don't think we're doing that right. I want to look into this now. I know what i'm gonna do right now. Is cr beneficiaries are the bank. I didn't even think about that. So i hope you'll learn something from this. The book is amazing. Pick wherever books are sold and go follow tiffany at the budget and he step because she is so fond and cool and has great tips. All right thank you guys so much listening. Don't forget to leave us. A five star review and say what you love about. Heather rose world and stay tuned for tomorrow. Show because i am going to give you all the details of my giveaway and you are gonna love it. Thank you so much for listening to heterodox. Rose world download new episode. Every thursday and friday on podcast. One the podcast. One app ores apple. Podcasts enter elise nature. Sure to subscribe to the show and leave a lovely five star rating kodak apple podcasts. And say how much you love how the world see next week.

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"This is a head. Gum podcast everything. Podcast bet everything. I'm hosts tom and i'm tim. Where are you laughing at. You started off. i'll off-balance rong. I was i was trying to Get the get the the stop watch going so i can second countdown. The second psalm. Done with this now just to keep track of time because sometimes especially nowadays when we're recording over zoom or facetime rather this make sure we get our corporation straight our technology straight. Thank i lose track of time because we we just spend an hour flap in our gums about Nonsense yeah we do. Yeah it's an old fashioned chatting chew. chew the fat. How're you doing this week. Tim tom i'm starting to get pretty stir-crazy i don't know why it was this week after almost a year but get me out of here. Let me do things you should. I've been thinking about taking a trip to cancun. Maybe you'd like to join me It seems like there's a lot going on right now. Probably not the best idea. I think probably the reason why you're feeling stir-crazy is we just had another big snow in new york right as the snow finally melted so it just kind of feels like oh god again like we just got done with this. Yeah it's it's disheartening to say the least Look tom i can't be cooped up like this. I have a plan. A is this the kind of plan that i'm going to read about in the newspaper. One day no. I am vicious to pull off a plan like that in fact this is a bare minimum plan. It's kind of like a challenge. Okay you know when people are like. Hey let's do a thirty day get fit challenge or something right or let's. Let's do the cinnamon challenge. No that's where you were. Teens will eat a thing. Cinnamon and now screw up their lungs. I have to go to the hospital sometimes. Yeah no it's not like that. This is a better like To to to self betterment situation but it's very low stakes tom. Here's the deal for one week. It's the it's the complete guide to everything one with bare minimum. Challenge the complete guide to everything. Send money to tom challenge. Now all right. Here's what it is like the most money to tom. Tom all right. Give out your address. Have then mommy. Let's see let's see who can send me the most money. Let your now. It's tom reynolds. I think Geez double check. Don't send me money. i don't need it now. The challenge s you've got too much money and it's just you know it's becoming like a detriment to your life if you're in some kind of like a scrooge type situation where you know you've like a alienate your family and stuff because you care so much about money then you can send me money and i will happily you know then dates more about me helping you. Yeah or if you're in like brewster's million situation where you have to give it away absolutely. Yeah look no. Further than your brewster's million situation. I think it's poor form tom. I know Look i don't have an open even opened your books entirely to me but i think you're doing okay right now. I think it's poor form for you to be begging for money on the internet. Not begging tim. it's a challenge. It's giving people something to do all right. Will you take the complete guide to everything. Bare minimum wa-. I just found out. I've i've almost twenty dollars in my them all right now that. I haven't even transferred to my bank account. Wow all right. See so. Maybe stop hitting up our listeners. Will you commit to this challenge. No can't even tell me what it is. It's easy to the bare minimum. Will you commit to my challenge. Send you money. Yeah the send. Tom money challenge. I mean i have a feeling even stealing money from me for ten years. No tim i am so fair. I have like so many chances to steal money from you. And i never do i. I know and i don't believe that you do now. If i his i feel like this is all part of it. You'll be laying. No if i did. I would never wanna bring it up. I would know what you think. Yeah but it's it's it's a whole reverse psychology situation. I know you're stealing from me. It's fine if that's fine. I literally sent you all of our financial records this week. You can audit them. Yeah i have. I have a question should i should i Should i bring earned overbook all right tap. We have a corporate credit card And we use it for expenses. This twenty twenty. There were not very many expensive. We didn't leave the house but it's usually like for every month certainly in in twenty twenty Think the highest ever got one hundred hundred fifty dollars that yeah exactly. Why do we carry a balance of pay off that balance because like every other month like there's maybe fifteen twenty dollars it's like you know to serve or costs for some shit. I don't know but like why you always pay the minimum and so we carry a balance and we have to pay interest charges. Why are you doing that with our with allies. What an interesting conversation. Half show I think it's because i i'll i'll actually look at that because i have it. Just set up auto pay. And i thought it was set to auto pay maybe not the whole balance but like the whole balance it was like under a certain amount because sometimes we do have like when i mean. It didn't happen this year but like when we fly to london and do shows and stuff. Then yeah we. We usually do carry a balance for for a couple of months. Maybe you're not the best steward of our finances tone. Well only one way to find out and that's by competing in the centcom tom. Your money challenge second question. I think this might be the true gotcha The credit card is issued by the same bank that you use personal leaf personal finances and it's somehow linked to that too so that like i've never been able to activate credit card. I so linked to your account somehow and it is a corporate rewards card. Yes are you getting those points a applied to your personal no and in fact i just noticed that the other day that we have a decent number of awards and i when you get a gift for you feel bad now no surprise you in a trip to cancun no i actually like click through the rewards to the site and it was down and i thought that was bullshit because it didn't say was down. It just wasn't working. Because in the past i have used those to redeem them for like amazon cards or whatever and we know we split them. no. I've never gotten that. It was years ago. I mean i. We don't we don't use the card that much to like work that many points but in the past we've got mike a twenty five dollar amazon card and split it. I don't remember that ever happening dollar and fifty cent amazon with it's in your best interests to pretend like you don't remember it so i understand why in my best interest because then you can. You can not have to apologize for me of theft Iga this year. Say oh i. I did not recall. So you're you're argument is you're not stealing from me but if i find evidence that you're stealing from me it's in my best interest to not call you out on it. No it's in your best interest. That if i explain it to you for you to still just plead ignorance and be like. Oh no no no. No i think you steal from me sometimes but if i if if you said that you gave me an amazon gift card you never ever gave again. I think i had. I think got like a twenty dollar gift card and i said i'm going to use this for an amazon card and i'm just going to give you ten bucks. Is that cool. And so that's a different story even better here. You should've said it originally. And i might have fallen. No it twice. I think one time. I got to twenty five dollar gift cards another time. We didn't have enough money for enough points for that. So i got one and just gave you ten dollars or something. That's not true. You're also you're complaining about your simultaneously complaining that the most our credit card ever has on it is one hundred and fifty dollars and that it has essentially has been used in a year but You somehow i'm sitting on a pile of corporate reward points that i'm using for extravagant vacations and not telling you about them know tom. I am saying you've had this card for a decade now And i've never seen the fruits of into twenty record low expenses because we we didn't travel internationally like we did every other year So i'm saying in the decade. We've accrued a significant amount of points of which. I've never seen the fruits of those points. So i'm accusing you. Yes of redeeming those in not sharing the bounty with me. Your business partner. I'm looking. I've got evidence of the somewhere i've got evidence and i'm i'm gonna see in court for slandering me like this makes me so mad because like that is the one place where i do think about screwing you over by taking all those reward points because it is the one place where i'm like He no and it's not real money. It's reward points. maybe i should. That's that's a one time. I the little devil on my shoulder. And even though i do the right thing now. I'm getting the call. Sorry i should give you an award out stealing money from me. Wow i should give you an award for for considering stealing from me but then not going through with it. Yeah that deserves more of an award or reward than if it never even occurred to me if it never occurred to me then. I don't deserve any accolades but if it occurred to me but then i said no. I'm not gonna do that. That's wrong then at the very least you shouldn't accuse me of using that exact line of thought. There is one time where i took something. And i'm i remember what it was. I think it was like literally something where i was like. It's going to be more of a pain in the ass to tell him about this because he's gonna think i'm like stealing more than i'm than i am so i'll just steal this ten dollars. See the way that you're talking you're setting this up. I even like we get these like weird. Ten dollar check sometimes from From audible for like ads. We had years and years ago. And they're made out to. Tom reynolds and i still put them in the complete guide account. I didn't see any evidence of that. And twenty twenty. well happened two years prior. It's extremely rare. Why are we fighting. This thought we could do a fun. Challenge what the hell you'd even tell me. What the challenges i know. Every time every time. I started bringing up the challenge. She started begging people to send you money now pegging challenging them to send me money. Are you a coward. Prove you're not enter the ascend. Maya tom challenge just going to be a challenge to take ten minute walk everyday a ten minute walk challenge. Thought it'd be nice. You'll get us out of the apartment. I take a ten minute walk. I walk the dog. Oh you want me to take a walk with you for ten minutes every day. No no look. I just wanted. I thought it'd be a nice thing. I think a lot of people are feeling cooped up. And i think if you don't make it a point to go outside every day you might realize you know you're inside. I thought it'd be a nice thing. And then you had to turn it into this acrimonious argument about finances and asking people to send you money even though you ask challenging even though i have amassed tens of thousands and in credit card rewards points. Yeah that are to this day unaccounted for in any official accounted. They're all on that frigate reason you know about it is because they're all just sitting in the account not being used. I think we mentioned before. We established earlier that i can't get into that account. It's tied to your personal account. Well that's not my fault just want you don't have to do it. I'm going to take a walk everyday. Good mind take walk right now. Okay tom i hope we can put that ugliness behind us because this should be an episode topic that unites us. We should be agreement. More than we're adversarial right. I think most people except for vegans and the lactose intolerant lactose intel. Those intolerance of lactose. I mean you know who you are. Yeah and in this day and age. I have no tolerance for that kind of intolerance exactly. Yeah i think everybody should be with us. I don't know there's some people that don't like just in the words of steve urkel got any cheese this week. The answer is yes yes. We do got some cheese. I don't actually have any cheese on me. But but i. I have some thoughts on heavy heavy cheese today I eaten cheese today. Yeah i'm like have. I eaten cheese pizza for dinner. Yeah and. I put some parmesan on my my pasta. So guess what you got. You might not have cheese anya. You got some cheese india right. And i'm sure i have cheese on me too. I'm a i'm fruit for the listeners. At home i could see that. Tim does have cheese on a shirt. I don't i don't know if it's i think it's probably like a mix of things but i find like every day i spill food on myself. Now i don't know. I think you should see a doctor not like a lot of food but i don't know if it's just because like i'm not as careful because i'm not out so mike like i mean that's you know spill something on me and i have like a little spot or wherever still wear that for like two more days before i played in the wash. So do you think we're all gonna act like neanderthals like first few weeks back out in society like clergy to the restaurants or just going to be mess. People just like chewing with their mouth open and stuff maybes either that or it's gonna go the other way where you know we're gonna be wearing tuxedos everywhere spilling before we get too much further. I do want to give credit to lines. E ninety one on our sub reddit. This was their suggestion cheese. I can't believe fellas have done an episode about cheese yet. I couldn't believe it either. You know when. I saw that. I said this time. I can't believe it yo. You didn't just automatically accused this person and being a liar and i had to. Maybe we done an episode on cheese. But they stole it tom. I thought we were. We agreed that we were going to. We're not gonna do this all right. this is. This is a uniting topic. Line yes. I have a tim topic or a tom topic. It's it's both yes universal topic so to answer your earlier question. I have had she said. Is that why you asked. Or why. And i know you said you said you didn't have any cheese on you and you have chosen. You do you rather she's all of us. You have cheese every day. Would you say or most days. Probably not am i would. I would say most days if we're being honest I'd like to not eat as much cheese as i e to us. I think it's probably the least healthy thing that i eat on a daily basis. Cut that out. Even even more than the the king size snicker bars you eat every day. I tom i'll tell you something about a year ago. We got a whole bunch of take five all right in other from her rhesus delicacies. Right before the quarantine began he was the best the best three months of my life. Where march through may lonnie. I can't leave my house but there's a room of my house. That's a candy store now but i haven't had a candy bar since that last. Take yeah i'm trying to remember last. Candy bar got grownups so we should be eat as much candy as we want. We're allowed to your. Nobody's telling us we can't do eat cheese every day. You eat pizza every day. Meat pizza every day. Time when i knew that you have with. Of course i mean there are to Eat pizza every day. I definitely eat cheese most days not every day but most days i mean cheese just makes it. It doesn't make everything better. There's some food that now cheese doesn't work on. But i find that i mostly like types of food where adding a little cheese Just makes it even that much better. Yeah what i tom. I was gonna say what i don't have is for period in quarantine i was buying like bricks of like cracker barrel cheese to have as a snack and that had to stop it. It didn't last long enough as a snack. Yeah i wanna to talk about that later. But i think yes. Put a pin in that. But first let's just cut the malarkey here. Tom cut the cheese. You know out of the way. What's what's what's the best cheese We're not gonna wait. We're not going to hold people people you know we're not gonna do a protracted top ten lists where people had to wait a full hour into the episode before they hear what the best cheeses i would say. It depends on my mood a little bit. Sometimes i'm in the mood. Listen just let me finish. Well if you'd stop rambling trying to give my thoughts. Ten people wanna hear. I don't question a direct or to where love if this show is. Just you know both of us just filled out a form every week and then a man came on. He just read the formulas. Read the questions and the answers is a scantron. I a fill in the lower levels like couldn't couldn't even write. You know anything in it. That's your ideal podcast. Sorry tim sorry. I have a personality and i like to give some of my thoughts to the world. These are wonderful. I was gonna say yes sometimes. It depends on my mood however ultimately my favorite cheeses cheddar cheese cheddar. That's there's only one answer okay. It's versatile you put like well and there's a lot of different types of cheddar to like you could have. You gotta have cheese straight just full of cheddar and it could have a multitude of varieties. Yeah if they got rid of all the if you had to choose one. Cheese cheddar will be great because like look. I'd eat a pizza that had cheddar cheese and saddam. Matza sorolla cheddar cheese is delicious. Suck it mozzarella which i also like. Yeah baby you'd like to suck on some mozzarella materialistic tom. You'd like you'd like to suck all the mozzarella water off it before the way before you give it to a customer her. Can you suck the kurds off before you go to me. I'm a vegetarian impact. Because i did work in a butcher shop in how gross kind of the sausage being made i literally. I watched sausage being made. And just that is. I always think about how. Yeah like you know. Food can be kinda gross like especially like a fast food. You know you never know. You're gonna eat. But i always think like it's all like non meat can only be so gross because it's just like plants instead right however you think about cheese for more than ten seconds. What cisco came up with this process like how she hand also like uae. Why did they think that was okay. Cheese is one of those foods. I think about that like if aliens came down and they saw us eating cheese that they'd be like what the hell is wrong with you like. Why are you doing that. You're taking the milk outta that animal that's meant to feed its infants. And you're just like let's leave it out for a while. Let's have it starting to like that. Rape things yeah. There's always a whole process a complicated process. I tried to look up. How cheese was made today. I still don't understand it. Yeah i saw like. I looked at a i googled. How to make cheese at home and the only kind of cheesy can make home is like crappy wouldn't even wanna eat. Would you ever tried to make a cheese. I always see like. I watch a lot of youtube videos. About like It's making food from scratch. Yeah in my ideal world. I would have the time. I do have the time the patients to like make everything that i eat from. Scratch right right but cheese kiara. I never want to take part in that sick sick ritual. I could see maybe like a like a hobby or like in retirement getting into cheese-making complicated things up a lot. I was gonna say it's complicated and it also seems like it needs a lot of patience because you won't know if you screwed something up right away you have to wait and then probably eat something and get sick but also i think it's not worth making your own cheese at home unless you're gonna make like a ton of cheese you're gonna make you a half pound cheese or something like not. Just go to the store and buy that for a few bucks that can be said for anything. Right like yeah. Let's head home. You could just go buy pizza for a couple pizzas a lot easier to make home than than cheese now. The way i make it. I'm just saying if you're make the cheese from scratch. When i make pizza wild. I could see then that would take a long time to make all the other stuff. It's well. I just think if you're making if you're making something that requires that kind of time investment. Then you make big batch of it otherwise it's just kind of not worth it. Well i mean what do you mean worth it. What if it's fulfilling the you know. Well maybe not maybe not worth. It is the wrong way to put it. But if it's gonna take you knit sweaters or you like ever hear of old navy dot com. Ever hear of the loom i would. I'm just saying if you're going to spend like a month aging cheese or whatever you know double up the recipe you might as well make a bunch of it because it's gonna take a while to make more. Hey tom cheese tip w cheese that you even more. I'm just saying whether you making one slice of cheese or like one of those like ten big wheels of cheese gonna take you about the same amount of time. So you might as well make a bunch. Did cheese ever hurt. You know i. Have you ever met a cheese that you don't like Yeah i mean. I asked some seven this but i remember there. Is this cheese. When like when. I was younger that my family would get sometimes. That was like within a tray of cheese. Or whatever for like appetizers that like everybody thought tasted so good. This cheese smelled exactly like our dog. And i hated like it smelled exactly like our dog to the point where i was like did. Did the dog get into this. Cheese smells like him. No that's why we like it. No i remember that we like it. Smells like the dog is wherever that completely. Gross me out and it wasn't even necessarily a bad smell the same way like body odor kind of smells like onions so like you know the smell of onions you'd be like Smells like somebody's cooking. Something great and then he come around the corner and it's a locker room and it's a bunch of sweaty jocson there you go. Ooh cooking up his hunks. Yeah so it's it's the same to me where i got. Why other people could have liked it because they didn't have. The context of the smells. Smells like our dog where some of them you know is family family coming over. So it wasn't their dog. You know maybe that helped now. How much variance do you think there was in the smell of dogs. I don't so well. Just a coats smell different. Dogs smell different. Yeah i guess. I don't know i think it never serves anybody to smell cheese too closely. I like that can only never been it. No sometimes cheese tastes. Smells very good now. She's one of those things i think. Any kind of dairy if you smell it hard enough can't figure out if it's if it's rotten or not if it's if it's good or bad what about ice cream don't go smell smells ice cream. See what happens when you walk into an ice free. Freeze your nose off happen when you walk into an ice cream shop and it smells like ice cream. That's great now. It's kinda gross. I was reading up about limburgers cheese. That's the stinky cheese. yeah And i realize i was sorry for the interesting part. I know that you wanted to show off your personality. Well i was reading letting you go in that interrupting do i know how do i know that about lemberger. Cheese says well on the wikipedia. It's as reactions to and misinterpretations of the smell of limburg or cheese. Were gags using numerous looney tunes little rascals in the three stooges comedy shorts. It's like that. Those are the three things that i know that from then. Are you a child of the one thousand nine hundred forty. I don't know it's just i. I watch a lot of that stuff. I think that's why i have these. These outdated ideas about cheese. Sciatic thinks you're weird. I get it the the reason why cheese smells so bad is that it. Has this Bacteria in it that is the same bacteria that's on human skin and partially responsible for body odor in particularly foot odor. Anything with the bacteria that a responsible for. Oh let's not make. Let's let's not eat it. Yeah this is the thing. We're not gonna put it on stuff anymore but oh yeah and then this is disgusting. Apparently elim burgers sandwiches popular in some parts of the world. A- limburgers sandwich is a slight two slices of rye bread of healthy smearing of lemberger cheese. A slice of onion and a strong black coffee. I mean the onion like everything except for the limbaugh burger cheese. I'm on board for. I don't want to eat a cheese and onion sandwich while having a strong black coffee. I love strong black coffee but i don't want to have it with that. It just cheese. Onion sandwiches did we. Do we have when we go over to london. Yeah but i have those at lunch and dinner time and snacktime. I only out Sometimes i guess. I do having coffee but i don't know that just seems like it. Try it just seems like the type of meal that would tell you. Somebody's in alien pretending to be human having that. Oh and last thing. I want to mention about limber cheese a study showing that the malaria mosquito is attracted equally to the smell of lemberger and the smell of human feet earned the nobel prize in two thousand six in the area of biology. The results were published of the say were published in the medical journal of the land. The land set in november nineteen ninety-six. That's all it takes to get an slow biology right where it's like. Well yeah that kind of it makes sense that oh both these things give off. Have the same bacteria maybe malaria. Flies are attracted to that bacteria. Let's let's do a quick test this afternoon would even take that much. That's like a science science fair thing you could and like. What does that even prove cool. We'll we'll put out cheese in. Yeah i guess i guess. It's at developing nations. Yeah that that these flies are expected to body odor. It's like well. They're also in like extremely hot climates. Where there's not much you can do about there being body odor. Yeah i dunno nobel prize. We should we should keep our our ears to the ground pry. I've been saying for years. Nobody will prize sex. It's a scam. It sounds like a scam. If that science fair project can win. Tim we gotta keep our our ears to the ground about some experiments we can do. Maybe when ourselves a nobel prize you need to. Yeah i think it just in general. We should start doing more science projects before you leave the house. You do the checklist for your phone. Keys and wallet random. Yes it's time to add one more thing before you walk out the door. Birdie is the newest essential edition to your routine. 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I would say probably my favorite way to eat cheese. It's just on. Its own mousy maybe with a grape or something. I think that the grossest thing you can do. Oh you're a sick man. I mean look. We have not. I wasn't disparaging you. I for me. I don't like that. Ever since. I was a little kid. If the thought of taking a bite of cheese makes me wanna barf. I remember one time. What's that. what's that cheese. That is in the red wax bell baby bell. I remember a friend of mine. Brought a live next door number brought over to my house. We went in the bushes. Would you like three. That was your your your parents rules. Did you bushes your yard. That outed not in my yard but like neighbors and stuff. Yeah i know what you're talking about. It's a cool thing to just like hang out hijaz. Sometimes sometimes there are ways to kind of get into a bush Yeah school is a cool place to be with your four years old. I remember not knowing what it was taking a bite out of it. A smart enough to take the wax off from lax off but just like it tasted sylvia. Just shoot it right out of my mouth And then i would think about it for like. They're fairly for over thirty years. Now the for some reason. I always thought that since i spit it out behind that bush that he was always there and i always thought of it like she's a cheese. Bush was gonna grow one day now. I just thought like imagined going back there. Cheese chewed up on the ground. Still cheese was eaten by a bird or squirrel within five minutes of you leaving there. Yeah well. I didn't know that was a dumb kid So i take it if you don't like eating cheese on. Its own like that that you're not a fan of kurds. Are those fried generally deep. Yeah yeah not always. That's fine scott. Yeah anything with reading on m okay but you win like i love. I love a dang mozzarella sticks. I i am but surrealistic monster among monster monster ehlers yeah. They're they're often fried as an appetizer. That would be offered in lieu of mozzarella sticks at a at a restaurant. But um non fried delicious. Yeah like a wisconsin. Delicacy her like mid west delicacy. Well next time. I'm in the mid west. I mean every time. I've been in the mid west. I have just eaten a ton of cheese every single way. Honestly remember when we went to tom. Do you remember two years ago when we went to chicago. Uh-huh do you remember how much cheese we ate like. I honestly thought I was on well for me. He's like oh no like. I'm going to have a medical episode like my body can't handovers spots cheese. Well yeah i mean you. you're paranoid about. He like judging by the way you get afraid of things. You have like an impossibly frail body that you should be living in a bubble or something but whenever i leave new york. I'm always afraid that i'm going to die. I'm gonna die away from home. And then in their obituary will say turns out. He wasn't a true new yorker. After all tim think beer tim died as he lived a fraud. Shikaki tim died in chicago. makes you wonder. Why wasn't he in new york cause of death. Too many months rela sticks. Well that sounds suspicious now. The like tim but i will say that. Cheese is one of those unique foods where everybody's different but like every body has a set amount of cheese it can process within a certain amount of time. And if you go and like that goes all the way from lactose intolerance of i can't have any even to all the way up to cheese freak. They're still a limit. And once you go past that limit. I feel like you're just like well. We got no more enzymes to deal with this. So what do you want to do. We're going to put it right into the veins means like we'll just put it anywhere where we can find a spot for now and we'll deal it later would you. Would you consider yourself a cheese. Freedom she i just wanted to point out are also on teen the canadian. Yeah Which again. I enjoy putin And i will say that. That's not just cheese alone. there's there's gravy and the days with putin is one of the things. I didn't think i would like fruits fights. I didn't think i would like. And i don't know why is an. I had it as like this great. I love this. Patine at burger king at canadian burger. That's where you want to really experience. That's where i got the full experience of canadian routine What was your question. I don't remember It was another question about cheese. If i recall perhaps i feel like you have an agenda item that you're trying to push you want to tell you about burger. You talk about kurds. No i mean we can talk about since we're talking about cheese 'cause is similar Leumi or aka grilling cheese Witch what a treat Surprisingly uncommon in the united states. Considering how common i've seen it in in in europe. Yeah three halloo me constantly. I was looking into it a little bit like why that is and From what i find leumi i. It seems like it's mostly made Middle east thing. That's where it came up because it's I think sheep and goat milk Sheep goats here. I know basically the thing if you haven't had it. It is a cheese with a lot of people here that hate anything from the middle east. I mean hamas has grown in popularity has grown in leaps and strides. It's still like a punchline on last man standing in stuff. I told you. Stop watching that shit like to get angry and also you know i keep thinking. Maybe he'll do the same from having episode. We're tim allen. From home improvement. Tim taylor rather that. And there's no way to watch it over hebron waiting for the rerun this summer. So it's but it is squeaky cheese and basically the the genius thing about it is it has an extremely high melting point. Which means you can grill it and fry it and it doesn't just earn and get destroyed or melt away. Yeah so it keeps its shape but it gets like a nice little brown like a guilt crusty the little grill layer on it. And when you heat it up like it doesn't melt baguettes soft. It is very good and yeah When i was looking into it because apparently it's like not. There's a lot of cheeses like it. Which is i think. What mean you find here The the the brand that we find here is i. Think based on like a how. It's made in the dominican republic. That's like a big thing there so am because know. We live in new york city There's the demand for food from all over the world so luckily we have access to it. We are so open minded tom. We should pat ourselves on the back the the last time. She's very welcoming all cheeses from all walks of well. I was very upset. Because the last time i went to the supermarket to get it. They didn't have it labeled as grilling cheese anymore. Grilling with an apostrophe But i found case day for airy fray are- which i think is fried. I think it's just cheese. Cheese fried cheese cheesy cry and it was Very similar but then. I looked it up on the website of the tropical company. That's who makes it and it's not the same. it's it's something different but it tastes tasted the same. I get self conscious when i eat only because of all the squeaking you well you have like weird teeth thing you don't you don't like cold on your teeth. You don't like your teeth to squeak. Yeah i feel like you've told me in the past it you feel like you have especially squeaky teeth. I think so only. Because i'm the only one talking about all the squeaking patty tim hulu me and sometimes i bring it up and people. Just look at me strange. Now what do you think would cause that. What do you think would cause your teeth to be squeaky than the average person's i don't know something about the enamel. I mean maybe it has something to do with why. My teeth are more sensitive than normal. I'll maybe you don't have enough enamel. Yeah exactly exactly what i just said and then you said it as if you thought of it. Look into the same. We're gonna find a way to get some more enamel on those teeth. Thank you i would. I would like that. I think i know a website where i can order some enamel straight from china and we get just painted on their get that. Get that squeak and taking care of. Yeah it's not. It's not a deal breaker when it comes to to tackle leumi but it's it's definitely a roadblock. What is your favorite type of to have on a sandwich. tom. I think i got to go with a swiss really now A swiss. i like. I think you compliment and i'm thinking about you know if i'm having a like a turkey sandwich or guide you're gonna saying episode. Why would i say that. I don't know that you're talking about when you have one. Beer episodes episodes We just you you get all upset and then somebody has to give you a special sandwich to calm you down and gets up yelling now. I just think Swiss has has enough of a unique flavor. But it's not an overpowering flavor and complimented a nice meet on a sandwich now. What are your feelings on grilled swiss cheese. I think it's good as well. I like it. i'm not. I'm not look. I'm not over the moon about swiss cheese. But i think it's a nice change of pace from from Cheddar lake a grilled swiss cheese. However they're dangerous because that is a real melted cheese that gets very stringy. And you gotta make sure you got good bite you know. Don't start swallowing as you're chewing. Make sure that make sure it's not still attached to the sandwich before you swallow or who knows who knows what else it's attached to suddenly. It's pulling in all things down swiss I would say you know what tim i think. I'm gonna have to go with a pro vallone on a sandwich The pro alone. But i think similarly it's. It's a cheese. That's nice but not overpowering. It's very complementary to whatever you're you're you're putting it with some yeah all right. I mean had heady feel about an american cheese. Like i'll be honest. I only like an american cheese melted. Yeah well or on a burger or something if it's not a multi cheese if there's not a melted situation right uses just too gross for me i. There was a lot of A lot of chatter online about american cheese. When when you gave out your timbo recipe a few weeks ago The the sandwich that is sweeping the nation s soothing the world because some people have a very hard time finding american cheese. If they're not in america. I know that american cheese was literally invented by mr kraft's like the guy that craft is named after he came cheese. Yeah And is sometimes referred to as shown craft store cheese which is a pretty good. Did you get at the store. Yeah but it's just like a very. It's it's actually made out of like cheddar and colby and stuff but then they just add more like molson stuff. Yeah yeah so it's like you know. Is that the best cheese you can get but is the cheapest cheese and it melts very easily. So if you're putting it on a burger on the grill or whatever that's kind of what you want. I will say. There's one exception to this. Which i forgot about kazaam thinking kraft cheese something individual individually wrapped slices of cheese. Where it's like. They basically squirt cheese into that rapper. And then it cools in the rapper and takes that rapper shape that american cheese. You get out of delhi. Pretty good like a nice sliced sliced off a block at cheese. Yeah and that's that's a different situation entirely. Yeah but but i just forgot that. That's you know another type of american. She yeah she's i would. Yeah i would put that. She's up against other cheeses. Yeah but if you're going to have that you might as well just have straight up cheddar. Jack yeah i don't know sometimes it's nice sometimes. You know if. I'm buying cheese sandwiches. I like just a regular old american cheese. Sorry if that makes me patriots him. How do you feel about monster cheese monster monster cheese monster. Cheese is good Yeah i'm glad you said not me. What do you feel about When you buy cheese at the store let's say you're you're making a pizza or a recipe that calls for cheese. Do you shred the cheese yourself or do you buy at pre shredded in a bag tom. I'll tell you If i'm if. I'm really trying to make something nice a- like Like a fancy. If i'm trying to recreate a pizza hut personal pan pizza or something really nice. Fancy or like i made a very elaborate nacho platter for the super bowl which i didn't watch but still made really nice nacho situation i made jalapeno poppers but the store was out of jalapeno so i decided to buy these tiny peppers and spacey. Now they weren't spicy at all which took it away from from a little bit but still pretty good. Be honest with you. Yeah yeah I shred it myself because it doesn't. It doesn't have all the additives to keep it from sticking together right. Put like cornstarch and other things in priests pre shredded cheese which is necessary otherwise. Because if you ever shred cheese yourself yeah and then put a you take it out of all be clumpy and right. But if i'm just buying you know just going to make some quick case ds or have some some cheese around for you know who knows what i'll buy the shredded. It is nice. Tom right not for one of the many nights trying to win. Back your wife after do screwing up something royally burden burning down the kitchen or something from the previous week state night. Yeah how do you feel that. The pre shredded cheese time I think it's usually what i go for it to be honest with you. Yeah we'll hear lazy man cheese grater not a big one. I've got like a little guy. It's a real. I didn't think so. It's a real pain. Well oh big surprised. Yeah you don't have a cheese greater Yeah no i think. All of us are d- spitting out or or drink or so. Well i don't need all these fancy accoutrements just make things up for my wife constantly. Because i've i've screwed up yet again. Driven the car into the house or something it's never had Yeah it's just easy. But i but i will say that like i mentioned earlier early on the quarantine occasionally would buy like a brick of cheddar cheese to have as a snack and then realize not only did they offer pre sliced bricks. But i think it was actually like cheaper for the same amount of cheese and that's a real big mistake because then everything's done for you and then every time you open up the fridge you can go well. Maybe just a little slice of cheese laallam in air. Yeah that seems like a a maniacs purchase on a maniac purchased. ano- is nice. Look it was. It was the happiest salmon wildlife when this was going on. It's just you know all things must pass. You had to stop his afraid. You were going to die well in the long run. Yes if any foods gonna kill me. It's to be cheese right. Yeah probably choke on a string cheese or something. Yeah how do you feel about string cheese. I could honestly take it or leave it. I've never been to crazy about it. Yeah i mean. I don't feel silly peeling it off. But it's kinda fun i dunno. Look fine. It's a nice snack. Yeah it's alright. What about non cow cheese him. Like goat cheese yeah. I love a goat cheese. What about a human cheese. Not not a fan. I don't think. I don't think i've ever had any. Yeah you don't think. I don't know somebody could have tricked me. Bought some prepackaged shredded cheese in the store have mixed in on a pizza at some sin. Mr tim go through life. You just don't trust anyone You think from you to the world steals from me pizza reas mixing into human cheese. Fuck with you. don't think so. I just can't say definitively that they may never have what about blue cheese. Hate it enough enough mold and cheese get outta here. you don't. I think. I did know that the deal mike cheese. It is a pretty gross thing. They like injected with You know like mold spores like it doesn't happen naturally. They had to be like all right. Cheese is ready now. Let's put some mold in it and let that multi grow. Yeah i mean. I'll i'll eat it. I just i don't particularly like it. It's wild to me. Why like i knew that about you. That you don't like the thing that they inject mold into. Yeah you don't you don't have a very refined palate is what i'm trying to say. Yeah you're hot. Pockets four nato. Your primary concern is whether or not foods squeak when you eat it. that's all you care about that statistic. Pizza van is putting human cheese pizza. Oh that reminds me. Actually when i was doing my research on limber cheese apparently Like right when lindbergh cheeses made you might want to try and get it get a hold of some because not only does it not smell that bad yet because the bacteria has gone to it but he's also very chaki. See you're going to have to line up. You know early at the cheese ary for to get in there when they open yacht any cheese. That isn't ready yet all by that. Yeah i'm off the real stuff. Please note early from the three stooges. Like i'll add my own bacteria at home while i love blue cheese tim. I think it's weird that mold tastes so good. I don't know why nature decide to do that. But i'm glad she did. Yeah i think. I've come around on. It used to gross me out But now i just think it's fine. It's got a little bit of a just as a little ripe for my liking. Blue cheese is also one of the things. I should have looked into this. But like you see a live or staff to you before it just keeps you see a lot of blue cheese nowadays. That isn't very moldy. And i think they like found different faster cheaper way to make it but if you get a nice blue cheese that shit's like really blew in looks disgusting like looks like it. It's like oh i could see that. That's moldy cheese. It looks like mold veins of mold in it. Yeah gross through it. Yeah whereas i feel like of the blue cheesy see nowadays like well. That's actually just white. That's a blue at all. What is this white cheese. Yeah well my money back my last. She said i'm going to ask you about him. Is feted cheese. I like fettuccini is. That's sheep and goat milk. Yeah just say no. Have you ever had spanish copa. Yes that's much good with with spinach and some feel oh delicious. Treat if you like the show he can find out more at tc g. t. e. dot com. You can tell him. sorry. I was giving. You just had nothing to say about. Fettuccine i think it's i think it's it's good. I used to not like it. I worked at a butcher shop and a guy said something gross about the smell of the fed cheese three out for a long time. But now i've come around lakes fettuccine Are i'm happy it exists. how long. How long did you work at that. Butcher shop two years. Yeah that was really a formula experience for you Yeah formative knoxville. I mean really was a formulaic experience. Where he wasn't it it was one of my first jobs in like honestly t was a job where expose out of my element more so than any other job or hobby or anything that i've done in my right like yeah. I didn't like it there but they were nice. Guys say the fetish smell bike. Something profane. i don't wanna. I don't want to repeat it. You can follow us on facebook. Facebook dot com slash complete guide. He can follow us on. Twitter at complete guide falls on instagram. At t t e he can follow me on twitter and instagram. Tom reynolds found the a year pow. Tim and support the show. Check out our sponsors also check out. Patriots dot com slash complete guide. Four books the podcast but last week and this week volume one and two of and t q your key q. Y a a a q. Answer your questions where we're answering the questions from listeners. Like you know topics off limits except for the ones we don't want to answer. Yeah but we won't even bring him up disc- yeah but we're like read a question it'd be like we're not answering. Yeah we're we're answering. We're answering the vast majority. I mean people. They're like we're vast majority. We're answering a lot. We're answering a lot. People are asking worse. Social security numbers are no. You're not going to get an answer this week. But what if what if they needed to complete the time reynolds challenge where they They have to like file it with the irs. It's such a large sum. Do a proper wire transfer like his. Send the money and we'll talk afterwards. We'll figure it out some. Bitcoin person's gonna send me like a million dollars and then i'm gonna be in trouble. This is going to be how i'd go to jail. They find because. Guess what i'll be in jail as a millionaire. That's the best way to be locked up for life. You demand respect when you're in there is a millionaire. Nobody will mess with you. Also check out the read it. Did you say read it. no. I didn't that's where we got the The idea for this topic and The discord did you say discord. I didn't check that out too. I imagine people can figure that stuff out without giving back slash and shut up. Just go google it or something. Tim allied when. I said i was asking you about cheese. I have one final cheese to ask you bree tom. is fine. I think people who have little too crazy about a too squishy. We all know this. Also are you supposed to eat outside or not. Who knows nobody knows you are early. Can't if feels wrong. Feels like you're eating rapper. A lot of things. Yeah you say oh. Did you know that. The the trident gum wrapper will dissolve. You've just chew it. I'll just this unwrap the gum. Thank you very. i'll take. He tried gum. Who's and tried in full and also hussein dissolve. Your stomach is that just based on like any paper said it in fourth grade diana why you were listening to him well. Fourth grade ride visit about is reliable source. A good man. We'll see an exit. That was a hit gum podcast.

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The Secrets to Creating Valuable Relationships With John Ruhlin: Founder & Author, Giftology | #ThePlaybook 411

The Playbook

26:33 min | 2 months ago

The Secrets to Creating Valuable Relationships With John Ruhlin: Founder & Author, Giftology | #ThePlaybook 411

"On this episode of the playbook. I have john ruslan founder and author of gift. It's the new psychology of gifting. You have to learn here. We'll go over the three guidelines to gifting how to be abundant with your gifting when who and what to give right here on entrepreneurs the playbook this is entrepreneurs the playbook each week i bring you some of the creative athletes celebrities and entrepreneurs to talk about their personal and professional playbook to success in. What made them champions on the field and in the boardroom. I'm your host david meltzer. I have john rule in. He is the founder and author of gift technology. And we are so excited to have you here. Obviously the whole premise of my life is giving and you've been able not only to create a business out of giving providing value being of service but you're actually even wrote a book and now create content That that is part of my program meeting. I'm here to pyro. Rebellion people to be happy in the way that we do that it has to be of service in a value. What was it about the idea of being a value in service of giving that helped to inspire you to create a business and content around gifting. Yeah well a lot of things. It's desperation right. Like a lot of things are born out of necessity and i was poor. Farm kid grown up. No no bill. I hated being poor. And when i went to malone we were talking before the show started lund university. I went dated. This girl and her dad was this rainmaking making attorney and he was super generous. He would like find a deal on noodles by a semi load. And i saw how people flocked appall with their ideas their referrals connections and i looked at paul and i want he sixty. At the time. I was twenty. I was like i wanna be paul someday and so you notice when people are generous. When you grow up. I started to mimic him and i started to get referred into pro sports teams. I started. I was interning with cutting the knife company. The time and pitched paul. The idea of giving away is all of his clients. I thought he'd by pocket knives changed my life. Reveries like john. I don't wanna get pocket knives. O-negative these two hundred dollar perry nuts. I'm going to give a bunch of ceo. Dudes like of like million dollar companies. Are kitchen tool like why. And he said john and forty years in business series. now have more referrals deal flow access. All of this stuff is. I found out a simple truth. And that's if you take care of the family and are generous with the family. Everything else in business takes care of itself. So that was really the impetus like a lot of what i speak on your. When i spoke with google i was teaching them. What i learned. Twenty years ago at From this small country attorney because the principles generosity as you know like their universal they apply whether you're in africa or idaho or california so that was but that little seed was planted and it changed my life forever. it's amazing because the parallels in our lives of growing up in akron with six kids in a single mom and still yet. She was a person that gave everything of herself. And i grew up around in abundant philosophy. Even though we had nothing. And i witnessed but i had my own gifting mentor and one of the things that i learned about gifting is because of scarce mindset so many people limit the opportunities that they have for example. Your ray making lawyer had an abundant understanding an open. Mind if i take care of other people. They're gonna take care of me. One of the interesting lessons. That i've learned and i think you've utilized it and i will tell you that john sent me an extraordinary gift and out of all of them that i receive emotionally right. I bring stuff home all the time to my wife. Rama quote unquote influence now. Please keep sending me free stuff if it's free. It's me but i will tell you you. You not only sent you know this unbelievable set of knives but they had my quotes each one different on the knives and my wife was blown away and because my wife was blown away it was completely different than if someone brought me a cool bottle of something that i like or shirt i like. It was completely different for the whole family. Like you said one of the things that that is relative to and you using your business is the difference in this. Is the lesson that i learned between real value and perceived value the context of gifting. I have a friend who taught me about gifting. He said when people ask me what i want. I tell them gold coins i said why is that he said because it's only with real value. A gold coin is worth what it is worth but it has real value. You could buy me a louis vuitton purse and a purse could be fake. It could be used for. You could've bought it ninety percent off and it has a perceived value whether it's fate if someone does it no it has a perceived value whether it's fake us or you bought it ninety percent off. They still have a value of the retail price of the purse. And i think that it's important in gifting to be abundant but also to take advantage of the family relationship the emotional attachment but also the value in getting in giving perceived value not real value. No thousand percent. I think so many people. It's easier to give the gift card easier to give cash. It's easier to give this your closet. I mean for you. I mean to this day like we. We got interviewed recently by the new york times john. What's the hot sexy gift. I said stupid knives and they said come on now. That was what you did in college. I'm like we sell millions of dollars of the product because not because the knives. The item is the delivery vehicle for the emotion that you're talking about. You can buy a thousand nice sets. But the fact that had your quote on your wisdom like it's cardio legacy included your wife my palm. Original mentor was big on the inner circle. Like it's one thing to do something nice for you. But if i can take care of. Somebody's assistant their team. Their family their kids their pets. Like that's where you can invest a thousand dollars and get one hundred thousand dollars in value and so so. Many people aren't there strategic with their marketing their strategic with their operations. They're not strategic they're giving and it's it's mind blowing because it's an area of leverage that most people think like all the wine everybody because i like wine and meanwhile the other people that are getting are like seriously like another bottle of wine. It's cool but i'm going to drink it. I'm gonna forget about it. Maybe i don't like white wine. I drink bread. Maybe my dad's alcoholic like there's so many nuances of relationship building giving that people have never really considered to put strategy into so a disease. That when i worked for lee steinberg you know you. Would you'll back way back when you could buy kidde's watches and cars and all these things as an agent you know. Once they reach the the legal side yeah and we would never give gifts to the players or their family. You know who we give gifts do not to. The head coaches of the colleges like a lot of people did and some of those gifts that they gabe believe it way back. When was bags of cash bribe brandon. Yeah there's a different through the gift. Thoughtful gibson. O'brien people put them all in the same sandbox. That might come on. Fifty thousand dollars is different than five hundred. Yeah but i in. Gifting always try to find the trainer because i came up in the sports world because nobody gives the trainer of a team a gift but yet alone. The trainer spends more time with the players than anybody else more than coach. The trainer is in the locker room in the training room where he actually gets the here. The real truth about where people are going what they're thinking who's important fears of influence all that and they never are gifted so one of the other aspects of of what you do is you're providing a to. Maybe someone initially like me that every day. You know i come into the studio. There's a whole bunch of people that i've sensed up and please keep sending it. I love free stuff when it got to my wife. Who's the trainer right. My wife is the one with the family. The wife's the one who has the influence this fear. It's the goal line. So do you help in the gifting. It's more than just the gifts that you do because it's gift holiday a because it's a psychology of gifting where you're providing like you did advice and telling people not only what to give how to give but who'd again. Yeah there's a strategy so we help people develop a relationship plan you know. Who are the suppliers. Most people treat their suppliers like junk the a we teach our clients and we help our clients. Gift art suppliers like gold. Like i learned that from an early mentor they they were the largest buyer of rolexes in in the. Us it was. It was interesting. Tanner out of utah. And they said when rolex comes to town we buy them dinner. Mike you spend tens of millions of dollars by rolexes by by you in the like. We don't have a business without roller. We treat our fires gold because our suppliers take care of us. It was a it was a shift in mindset of saying in business as a leader as a manager as a agent. Do three hundred sixty degrees view of all the import relationships clients mentors bankers lawyers employees in the inner circles of all those people say the relationship plan as part of its strategy consulting. And if your tribe wants to go download our entire playbook for everything that we do when we take google through this or the chicago cubs it. We focus on who versus the white. So who how much you should stand. How frequently should send it go to gift. Algae system dot com in literally. What took us twenty years developed. They can have for free but then the other half is. How do you scale thoughtfulness. Hard to buy your wife a nice gift. But it's hard if you want to buy a hundred wives or five hundred spouses or assistance or trainers. It's the execution of the thoughtfulness at scale in. That's really the core of our agency helps people do it for them so the chicago cubs five hundred relationships that they want to do a gift for they would outsource that to us. We personalized gift. We select we have make it. You know for them. We did like speakers made of locker room would that they've ripped out. There was one hundred years old. So as an artifact that history and it was numbered one through five hundred so the execution of that whether your soul preneurs whether you're big company most people dropped the ball. They're and they're like you know what. I don't have time to handwrite all those notes. I don't have time to put their name on it. I don't have time to do the research to put the quotes on the knives to make it meaningful to you. So it's all the little things people like john. I did gift. Algae didn't work. And i'm like did you do gift allergy or gift. Algae ish and they're like well. Maybe gift algae well. It's like baking bread if you do one hundred thousand times but each time you don't put houston you don't get you. Don't get bread and saw matza which is fine. The don't expect brad so people are like i did. This didn't work. I gave a gift and then ask for referral. My best night gift allergy. That's give get that's that's a bait and switch. That's a manipulation reading. I didn't send you the gift until after we'd had a conversation involved a little bit of a record. Most people want to send gifts to cole. I'm like why don't you pour gasoline on the five hundred ernie warmer hots. Yep and so most people like say. They're playing the long game but really what they're doing. They're playing it in days not decades in your somebody. You know these guys. They really play it for decades. That in for me. When i was twenty four decades to get to where the skies at in so like i love playing chess game and i know you do. That's why i was so excited to have the conversation like this guy gets it. David lives it in has for even longer than i have. It's so good. And i was just with the padres and i my my latest one gift allergy using your three guidelines gets in the last one was. I told him hey. Let's get a sponsorship from the local hospitals scripts and let's have every baby blanket that's given to a baby when they're born say padres on it and they're like they got it right away right because it appreciates the decision makers family it develops a relationship not only with the family. That's there but every picture of that kid when he looks back at five six ten twenty twenty-five subliminal he's going to be in a padre blanket. And you know i. I would tell them to stop digital marketing by a bunch of blankets and put around these kids or give you know every five year old san diego. A free totti's jersey. A is the smartest thing you could do. Which is the last of the guidelines you have three you know guidelines basic is. How do we treat people with respect. It was it was the one that was it obvious to me like i. I've been doing this longer than anyone. I get the real value but appreciating the spheres of influence. I always call the you called decision-makers family. I call it. Spheres of influence obviously develop relationships. My whole life's about relativity but tr- you know when i saw treat them with respect. I was wondering how that fits into the gift. Haji yeah well. I think that most people treat the gatekeeper like a second class citizen even gatekeeper has a connotation of somebody get around somebody to get through somebody to to get a side into me like when i saw them. Paul my original answer was like he treated the janitor at the same level as to see like with respects in. So you know when you treat the inner circle assisted. The chief of staff knew a lot of times where i speak from the stage. A i'm giving just as nicely gift to the. Ceo is the event planner. Y the event planner does all the hardwork gets all the hassle and gets treated like crack and gets another credit. And they're the ones doing all the hard work so i'm always looking for the people that are under appreciated in treating them with the same level of respect and treating them like appear not upon. And so when you can do that with you know everybody says oh thank you i so appreciate your time but show me what you do with your time and with your checkbook not just with your lip service. And when you when i spoke at gu. I remember sending gifts to every single person that helped orchestrate. It's like twenty people at the event and they some knives and people writing say john. This is the nicest gift i've ever received a google. I'm like come on. Like i said he won knife like john is first time we've ever received something. A handwritten note with our name on it in there is no google logo are like some of them were in tears when they wrote it aja moved emotionally over a stupid knife now. A couple hundred dollar knife but it was. It was the fact. I treated them like an equal. Even though they were in google's is they weren't an engineer they weren't maybe as valuable because they're in event planner an assistant or whatever and so to me like any any client that we're working with. I'm always the question i follow up with. Harvey mackay questions like mckay sixty six. It's like with their assistance name. What's their kids names. Their wife or husband's name. In the like. I don't know i'm michael then. You can't work with us right unless you get that data then gift. Algae won't work. You just want send stuff that makes you look cool. Feel that's not what we're about we're about emotions. Were about psychology whereabout about like invested dollar and get one hundred dollars back that doesn't happen by descendant fancy crap in the mail. It happens because you have a real trusted respect level and understanding of human beans and most people think it's just send inexpensive soft like that's the last thing that it's the the doorman approach to me. I always taught you know Treat your friends like your bosses bosses like your friends but you never like the valley and the doorman. I don't understand why more people don't gift or at least hit big. Because i've never met one valet guy that you know. I didn't either give a gift to her or give a hundred dollar tip to that. Every time i went there never charged me for parking again right now the tips that kept coming but even more importantly they started to know my name. So if i go to a place like the ritz. Carlton and i drive up. Talk about the value. People are scarcer. Like well you're wasting your money. Look i don't do it to trade. I do it because nobody else is doing. I want to be abundant reward. Make someone feel good to be happy but this what happened by being abundant i show up. Oh my god. Mr meltzer right. And meanwhile i could be with the significant billionaire. Who all of a sudden. Like how the hell's the valet. No dave meltzer like did help give quick. Nother story my favorite i. I've always gifted the head of concessions at the stadium. Always gifted them. Well one time friend of mine said. I have two kids that are in the boston care. And they're green bay fans. I had two season tickets and the in fifty our line. So i said sure. Let me give him my ticket. So these two kids who are in foster care from montana. Fly down to see their dream team green bay. The san diego chargers at the time yeah given the concession diet a- gift to thank him and i called him and said hey i have these two foster kids. Can you just go over there. And tell them i'm here. I want to welcome you for mr meltzer at the stadium. And whatever you want to buy you know. Just tell me i'll have it delivered to the seat right well. I will tell you that you know that story by itself right in my besides what it meant to those kids people in the stadium where the hell is is david meltzer and our short-sighted like i'm not going to spend i'm not going to tip one hundred dollars. I'm not going to buy them a gift. What what is it in for me. The thing is when you think it's not for you that's when it will be for you Do have one example of a story like that. I'm sure you have thousands. But could you share one. Because i love these stories. Yeah so so. What i'll say is that like you're never met somebody. That's putting into practice at the level because so many people are like. Yeah what's the benefit and might it's not just the gift it's really the story that gets told and then it becomes this ripple effect that it's almost like i something i did now it wasn't to the concession errors somebody that matt at an event i barely qualified for. Eeo which is like the lower than you know like junior varsity not really but it's smaller white the why tends to be bigger companies. Espn's to be some twenty million. So i barely qualify. Go to this event. I almost left the event. 'cause i was like i found out one of the guys paid for kissed to come in privately. A quarter million dollars because they didn't have budget. And i was like i could barely qualified to go to. The event cost me ten grand. This is like when i was twenty six. And a steve witness speaking privately to us but anyway one of the guys that was speaking there was I'd never heard of somebody. One eight hundred got junk from two million two hundred twenty. Seven nine is spread among cameron. Yeah so so here. I find out. He's coming to cleveland to speak to our approach. After kate i get lower level seats. Lebron's in town yellow cavs game. We'll go to more than steak dinner. And we're going to be brothers because i wanted him as not as a client. I want him to be a mentor. And and so. I found out he was going to comment. Is a hey cameron. Who go to the game. He's like i'll go nothing else going on. It was underwhelming at best so mike. He's he cared about this game. Going one hundred of these games. So i said what the what else do you do. In tony's shopping amazon said we're at instead brooks brothers and on the spot on my k. I'm joe j. guy with your shirt size. Wanna send your shirt and you can tell he's looking at me like this guy a man crush on me. It's a weird question. So long story short. I leave their free months. Go by. I called my business partner. Thomas idea he was horrified. Cameron starts. Text me the morning visa. Flies like my flight's delayed. I'm not sure if i'm making in time as he's trying to weasel out of the dinner the ball game so i text them know whenever you get end. Just it's fine. So i go to brooks brothers and i put down amex and i put down aside. I said i want one of everything in ufos collection or your jacket suits belts pants shoes everything. They think i'm joking. When everything seven thousand dollars a close we go. An outfit is hotel rooms. Look like a brooks brothers. Store et cetera ritz. When he gets and you could tell he wants to go to bed. He doesn't wanna dinner. He comes back down after he went to his room and took a shower in his is like this big. He said john whatever you want to talk about for as long as you talk about. I'm all ears. i've never had. Anybody treated me this way now. It's crazy is i. Continue to give them for the next ten years people like. Why would you do that like you didn't have to do that like you're he had them at the era at the rich. I said the reason we went from begging to speak for free to charging upwards of six figures is every time cameron was double books. He would say you got book. John ruin and they'd be like john ruin like trust me my first ten thousand twenty thousand thirty thousand dollars. Speaking gay all came from cameron and l. free honored of his clients. He sent my way. It's a mall like twenty five hundred. Investment has produced a literally hundred acts return on relationship. Are you can't get that from facebook. Ads you get that from digital marketing. You can get that from sponsorship you only get that from newman beads the ripple effect of that story. He's told it on every stage all over. The world quotes like people. Don't understand mike. You can't always measure it in the short term but the ripple effect of the story can go viral. It's crazy it's amazing. And i started my speaking career high paying one the same way i helped get j. lo to sunday and do joe's wedding two million dollars to get her there and he offered me a big commission and i refuse to take it and i said oh. You'll be able to help me someday. I really appreciate it. And then when he came to town. Of course i was the first person he wanted to go to dinner with. I didn't at the time even know. How big signs and dude dude. Your family are chairman of gulf oil But when i started speaking he was the first call i made. And said hey. I'm starting to do some corporate speeches and it wasn't even he didn't even ask how much i was right. It was like oh we got eight different gigs. Set up where you this year. And forget commission because i got all the content and i got stages where i could prove how good i was. Everybody wanted me when they saw those videos in you know now i step on a stage and i get so much more with the credibility all because i was service value last thing real quick then when the shift gear when when to give and be generous so we went through the why the how the who. But we didn't really say when because you can't give to everybody in. I do that with charity. Eye predetermined mine. But my last question to you is. When do we know to give and be generous. Yeah i would say. I mean you know. Part of it is stressing. Got when i was with cameron. I was like this. Is somebody i really care about or i want to be in my corner like we all say we want mentors and advisors clients and centers of influence but we haven't predetermined on the front end the value of potential buyer relationship. So to me my business partner. Tommy this it can be a math equation where you take a for us. It's five to fifteen percent of net profits. We reinvest back into our relationship. So if you made a hundred grand last year. That's five to fifteen grants most people. They're you know even big companies. You ask them what their relationship building. Our gifting budget is always spend three grand on peanut brittle last year. It's embarrassing it's like. They don't because they're not understanding. The value is that line item expense. It's an investment. And if you do invest in the right way it should be a dollar in ten dollars back out but it might be over a decade in in most people. Don't have that long term view. So what i would say is making a math equation and show up for people when you least expect it so we say no. Abc gifty like no anniversaries birthdays or christmas. And it's not because i'm a man of faith like i follow. Jesus i love like the bible. Like i my. That's important to me. But if you show up for people at christmas when they're getting fifty other things if you give a gift after referral you say you're in a relationship business but really that would just turn that relationship at do which you a manipulation and transaction tit-for-tat. A get you to get if you give after a million dollar deal side. It's not really a gift it's like. They bought the road gifts so too. It's like if it marriage if you only show up on valentine's day on her birthday those are table stakes times. That goes oh brownie. Points to show up on. Random tuesday's so to us. The timing is just as important as what you're giving and finding your roots. I didn't make this up. Like the ritz had the surprise and delight mindset. When you can. I call plan randomness. I'll take my top two hundred and fifty relationships in once a quarter. I'll send him something. Not because of a deal not because of a birthday Anniversary i was thinking of you just because the better persons like i didn't give them a referral. I didn't do a deal. It's somehow birthday is christmas like john. What are you doing in our clients. It get the same response or like would it didn't do anything that's like your human being. You're in relationship. I was thinking of you in because of that. It inspires them to go. Send a referral. It inspires them to top abided. Inspired them to go open a door for you because you showed up for them in a way. That was completely unexpected. That timing even billionaires like to be surprised and delighted we all do as human beings so people forget that and they're just like hey we're having an event we have to do a swag. That's the worst investment of dollars on the planet touro. It's such a simple concept but nobody does it. good wildly. Have one last thing to say john. I wear sixteen neck thirty two sleep thirty thirty length. I'm you want. i am not expecting it free. If it's free it's me. And i really appreciate you and i love the book. I love what you're about. I know that you and i are going to be close friends. I'm coming to say lewis. I'm demanding that. I get you on the real af for sure you fit into our group so well You get it. that's all. I gotta say it's call your book you get it 'cause if taurasi by hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the playbook as much as me on a personal note i just wanted to thank everyone for making the playbook such a success. Don't forget to continue it by sharing subscribing and listening to your favorite episodes this dave meltzer with the playbook.

john david meltzer john ruslan paul google lee steinberg chicago cubs lund university matza padres allergy kidde malone cameron
Sachchi Mohabbat . Rashmi Joshi . IINK Podcasts . Episode 188

IINK Podcasts

03:57 min | 5 months ago

Sachchi Mohabbat . Rashmi Joshi . IINK Podcasts . Episode 188

"Everyone veered inc and we are using up since one year is free. Plus there is creation tool that allows you to record. Report cost right from your phone or computer and garbage degree to your forecast for you so that it can be heard on his forty apple podcast and many more. Also you can make money from your podcast me. No minimum listenership everything. You need to mega podcasts. In one place so download know the fleeing crap or go to the glad started now. Let's say those madison. Josie is filling day. Deacon kepa absolutely sacred. Catch on those the padilla. It may not be to get jeter jelly. Is kitty asleep hug that. Get by immutable sabilo emmy Bought buttock inc. i should agassi up nippy. i give would meet up about bobbi. Conceal knock on your maccabi. Dostal hygiene deason so typical twentieth us good hygiene Such guppies job such up yada guilty such up yard esa just get middle by them will get the in kobe kobe. S all mighty sound near acuity. So many indicated as he is a chip yet. My up i it means okay. Got i matza taniguchi. Be initials sticky omni Incubate escape you bog. Nobody gave hamadi by. This was the seventh time of nepad. Some humble targeted art baden hemmed will such a vehicle. You got you map lewis conduct. Save just up ya. They're sound we. Don't come back as it will. Just take champion in my apartment when he blew him. He's a lot about on the bus acclaim. Took it also voiced minute. A good taga dolan cassatt of daily just beyond. Give him an audible. Whoopee out bus. Dakovica do me. Any getting Decarlo there but he piazza's coffee but only the super hot cutting but when we do it could be caught on your data. Cute kapisa severe tiny such up yard cave. on my mup- chile is lies. Ended up name above yards about the fbi. But i miss you sit there. I'm i'm glad got camp. See him took up name above hunting. Affluent off kiss on. How busy on did every mom. A very about cutting gated walk. I think jill bomb idly thank you.

Everyone veered inc Deacon kepa buttock inc. Dostal kobe kobe matza taniguchi hamadi padilla Josie agassi jeter bobbi madison taga dolan apple baden lewis Decarlo piazza chile
The Whats All This Talk About Electile Dysfunction?!? Edition

The Promised Podcast

1:21:52 hr | 4 months ago

The Whats All This Talk About Electile Dysfunction?!? Edition

"This is one. This episode may contain explicit language. Welcome to the promised. Podcast brought to you on t. o. v. one the voice of the city that just launched an extraordinary app called safe up which quote envisions a world in which women are empowered to be their own guardians against gender violence. It is time to take back the night. The streets and our bodies we cannot sit idly by as a war continues to be waged against women's bodies and quote. The idea behind safe up is brilliant and all the more so because it is really very simple as safe ups. co the visionary behind the app net. The schreiber explains whenever one of our twenty thousand app users feel unsafe. Just open the app. Click on a button. And she ops onto call a video. With aeneas guardian trained. Women are really bad and prepare to help her more specifically. The app offers three different kinds of intervention. The first is called walk and talk when you turn it on a map of where you off fills. The screen with pins showing where there are quote unquote guardians. A guardian is a woman. Who's willing to help in a community watch sort of way who goes through a short basic online training social. Know how to help. So if you're walking home late at night and the streets are kind of deserted in one of those situations where you might take out your pepper spray or hold your keys speed in your fist. Utah syria to up safe up and you press on walk and talk and you'll see that all around you fifty meters in that direction twenty meters in that direction. There are women who know how to help. And who want to help. If you need help the second mode is called help now. You press that button on your screen. The faces of three nearby guardians will come up and you can tell them what's wrong. They will then help you video chat or rush out to help you in person or call the police value. The third mode is called share location to that people can find you in a situation. Where maybe you can't communicate at all. Neth schreiber says that she got the idea for the app after quote. I was at a house party. When suddenly i noticed that one of my friends had disappeared. My friend and i searched for her in a panic and as we head upstairs. We heard her voice. In a group of men's voices we went into one of the rooms. And there they were the men. And our friend half-naked fighting them when they noticed us. The men immediately fled. We managed to get there just in time. Luck and women saved my friend. That night i decided to develop an app that would unite women under the common goal of mutual protection and safety together. We can harness the incredible power of women in order to change the world. Try got the chance to build her app at the city's own technology salaried or a project of the city of leave and tel aviv university and nineteen even park and the city then helped round up the first twenty thousand guardians even before the app launched which means that already one of every ten women in tel. Aviv is on the app. As a guardian and also as a user london new york and other cities around the world are each working on their own launch of the app neta schreiber for her part was designated by forbes thirty under thirty most promising people in the country in twenty twenty one an arguably nothing captures the spirit of the city. We love so well tel aviv. And it's holy trinity of creativity community and passion to innovate and improve better than a simple app that turns us wholesale by the tens of thousands into our sisters keepers and taking a crime that for all these years was a crime against you maybe alone on a street or in a room into a crime against us because us has powers that you never could although when i described all this my girls he said all that is great so long as the city understands. At outsourcing the problem of protecting women from rape to the women themselves is not a solution. We need to live in a world where women are safe. Not a world where women need to develop apps to keep rapists at bay to which i say with that girl speaking of the power of us with us in the studio is well most of us here and most of us save for ohio who woke up with a scratchy throat and in a fence around the tourists sort of way was sent off to a leper colony and miriam her slog off in jerusalem. That's all sad. But it still leaves us with a post-election flow crowd out in the through the wall satellites. Dubya we call. Jerusalem is alison captain. Summer ace journalist who's written for everyone won the most prestigious awards in the field and is in demand at radio and television networks all around the globe as tv watchers last night right after the the election saw here in the main studio that we call tel aviv. Is dan futterman. Ngo guy visionary head of an educational ngo author of a best-selling kids book and author of a new podcast of one man. Stage plays called vitamins. One man show also here. Is sally abed. Activists extraordinary and leader of the country's most important and frankly thrilling grassroots political organization standing together was also written for the nation and interviewed the likes chomsky and then there is me no ephron who doesn't like to boast. It's not how i was raised. But i just taught for three full arduous tweaks since the start of the semester and roic survived to get to our two week. Passover break which by god. I really really need this week. We will of course talk about this week's elections and the not as yet final but pretty final results that we have a. We'll talk about a good alright but before we get to that. We have this matter that we're following with learned interesting. Great concern as part of an occasional series. We call the promise. Podcasts ponders the pathways and peregrinations of prominent public portends and prefiguring of passover in two days as we record or passover will start. And if you're someone like me which by the way. I totally am then. One of the pleasures of this place is the way that the holiday seeps into your world rather like ernest. Hemingway described the bankruptcy in the sun also rises slowly and then all at once a few weeks ago already not long. After poor official emails from the university started to be signed. Happy holiday the holiday being pessac around that time in the a. m. p. m. in the market seasonal foods started turning up on the shelves of course and the wind cookies that susan likes also efficient lots and lots of wine for the seder ben and jerry's has a special passover series and i heard people at the ben and jerry's freezer complaining that there is no harrow. Set ice cream this year as it was last year on these little shops set out tables outside in front of their between with stuff. That people might wanna buy pets off towels at the towel store plates silverware and wine glasses at the plate silverware and wine glasses store spring outfits out the outfit store maybe a week ago passover themed. Ads started to turn up on billboards and in facebook and in the papers competing with election. Themed ads the big lights and fixture chain mock sanei to rot launch. The campaign they called pessac settled team. A passover of sales each billboard with a tagline based on the song from the end of this or hot meal dow who knows one. The billboards read meet samya. Who knows a sale begali sandal chain had ads that were knowing about how many of us are scrubbing. Our houses. Down this week ahead of passover. They read at golly working our shelves to with low prices. The israel museum had ads saying money than The that's the question. Of course that kids ask if this eight or how is this night different than all other nights. The difference is this passover you spend in the israel museum which after this plague a year that we've had is a nice thought. Pets found its way sometimes severely into the work of activists highway billboards with a picture of a smiling bureau. Mengistu the thirty five year old ethiopian israeli held by hamas in gaza ever since he wandered across the border six and a half years ago. Reads another holiday without him of your in. Guisto is still captive. A monthly urban est protest right around tel aviv. When hundreds of bicycles take over the city streets in a show of pedal power usually goes by the name of masa creepy to a critical mass. This friday's ride is rebranded. Mozza critiqued Or as they tried with success to translate it into english critical matza. Meanwhile this week. Two hundred residents of the azrieli palace senior living facility in modine built a guinness book of world records recognised record-breaking tallest mozza tower ever created reaching a height of five meters forty centimeters or seventeen feet. Eight point six inches for people who use the english system of measurement this tower of flour as it was was constructed out of nine hundred and fifty sheets of data held together and this is true by ten kilos or twenty two pounds of brand chocolate butter. Our local answer to new tele in photos one sees the tower was kept from tumbling to the ground by a series of ropes and cables affixed to the ceiling. Which apparently the judges allowed though back in the day amounts of power needed sam on its own decline in the western civilization after the record was set and verified really palace head chef. A woman identified only as geli recycled the matsu tower into mozza. Infused chocolate balls for those of you are wondering at admit it. You were wondering guinness. Book of worlds record for largest matsubara is still held by the noah's ark original deli on grant street in the lower side of new york from way back in two thousand and nine with a tall weighing in at one hundred twenty kilos or two hundred and sixty seven pounds now around the same time that all this was going on the government launched its national. Sell your comments online website. Www dot gov dot i l. slash service slash helmets underscore sale. If you're interested in that. Meanwhile in jerusalem municipality started setting up three hundred bread burning stations around the city some barrels and religious neighborhoods huge dumpsters. Where on friday. Anyone who wants will be able to bring the last of their bread for ritual immolation in all these ways the public square kind of changes slowly before our is absorbing passover and then reflecting it back until you feel it everywhere and last week there was a big brouhaha over a ruling by the supreme court that forced the government to reopen the airports. So anyone in principle anyway can come into israel and anyone can leave. It was a controversial decision and there were politician to attack the courts for opening the country to deadly variant of the virus. The opinion for the case was written by chief justice esther and it reads like a somber and serious legal ruling as it is a concurring opinion was written by supreme court justice named taco meat. Who grew up in tel aviv. Not far from where. I live and who is scheduled. According to the seniority system to become chief justice of the supreme court on october sixth twenty twenty four and served for four years until october twenty twenty-eight a meat began his opinion. With this quote. I agree with the ruling of the chief justice. Esther and i will add my own remarks. Ten constitutional plagues of egypt were imposed and visited on the citizens and residents of israel in the time of the krona and about each and every one of them one must stay diana one ah blow against freedom of movement to a blow against freedom by four isolation three a blow against privacy for a blow against freedom of expression five. Ah blow against freedom of religion. Six seven eight blows against freedom of trade property and labor nine blow against the right to education. Ten a blow against the right to personal. There are those who argue that we must add a blow to equality eleventh plague as well. These constitutional rights went before us harmed and injured. We now have before us. Another constitutional blow a sort of eleventh plague. Be blow to the right to enter. And leave israel after that east hakka. Meat was off citing precedents and addressing legal theory for ten tightly-argued pages. Some of which. I understood some of which i didn't but what i did come away knowing for sure. Is that soon and all at once. We'll be here today. We're most all of us here to talk battle royale style just about the elections. What the hell just happened. And what the hell may happen next. And what the hell it means and for our most unreasonably generous patriot on supporters. After that in our extra special special extra discussion the link to which you can find in our show notes on your podcast app or at patriotair dot com slash. Promise podcast on the worldwide web in a fit of self disclosure. We will talk about who. We voted for uae. But before we get to any of that listen to this. had Own that song is ma the by shinichi. Oche and noam lowenstein the oh sri and noam lowenstein most promising young opera singers and much more otari for instance sings early and baroque music. I talked on the podcast last year. About seeing loewenstein perform at the tel aviv opera anyway through the pandemic the two of them have been performing on balconies and in backyards across the country combining at one concert different genres like classical ladino israeli and oriental music and a kind of roots music which oj's roots stretch back to yemen and low and scenes back to england and the united states the to have an online show this monday the perfect passover pastime and it's free will put a link to it on our facebook page in the meanwhile will listen to some music of course of the show and now onto the matter at hand this week. Two days ago record was election day of course and the final. Tally probably won't be tallied until tomorrow. And not ratified for a long time after that but here is what we think. We know about the result as of thursday morning eleven. Am in tel aviv. When we record one ninety seven percent of the cast in the regular polling places have been counted be there are roughly four hundred thousand votes that were not cast in regular polling places but in hospitals army bases special corona polling sites embassies around the world. These are being counted. Now about fifty thousand have already been tallied. And in sheer numbers. They account for as many as eleven of the hundred and twenty knesset mandates because of the army these votes usually underrepresented. Palestinian israelis tend to be a bit more right wing than average. They're not expected to make a huge difference in the results. But then in this election a small difference could really matter. Roman numeral three thirteen parties were elected to the knesset. This is not expected to change the results as matters than now are the likud. Thirty seats central asia teed. Seventeen the meteorically ultra-orthodox shots party nine centre-left blue white eight seats right wing. Free market fundamentalists party. Seven ashkenazi ultra orthodox jadu theft harass seven seats labour seven seats. Right wing secular. Anti netanyahu israel bettino party seven the joint list six religious zionists and coniston homophobes. Six ers anti-netanyahu likud split off six the liberal left party six. The islamicists ram party four altogether. The pro netanyahu parties hold fifty nine seats the anti-netanyahu parties hold fifty seven seats and rom. The islamist party holds a king-making for seats Finally no one knows what this adds up to. Maybe netanyahu will rube goldberg together. Some sort of government may be new elections. Maybe the anti netanyahu forces managed to put together a government as this morning. The idea was floated. Then he gone serving as interim caretaker prime minister until the corona and prime minister. Netanyahu are both gone. Nobody knows what will happen entirety. That's the background for a few days. Now we have talked and thought about almost nothing but this stuff. And i have to say that maybe most moving and poignant thing for me and all that huge flood of words was what you. What's me sally the morning after the election when you wrote and i'm quoting honesty so confused and sad like generally as a concerned citizen but especially as an arab. So let's start with you. One of the most astonishing things about this election. Is that the future of the country whether we go this way or that way seems to be your maybe in the hands of mature obas the leader of rom the party of the southern branch of these lobbyists movement. How should we understand his success. And maybe at the same time. How should we understand the relatively poor poor than expected showing of the joint list. Isn't it funny. That montserrat is currently like the wild card. It's kind of a thing. Yeah well let. Let's start with the voting turnouts. With with which i think is a big a big part of the story of why the joint list really didn't get much of the seats Well the last elections. They actually told us. Let's go. let's unite where united let's go to the polls in droves and actually vote and get an unprecedented number of seats. We did that and what happened that that much. I guess yeah. No one wanted to actually sit with us. We were like here. We're here and we're strong. And i think we did realize that we are you know a very Essential part of politics in a sense that we are. You know the hurdle we're just there and where the block that's blocking everyone but we're not relevant because no one wants to sit with us and i think people were just like you know f it like we don't want to vote and if you look at the votes one in every two arabs didn't vote and that's confusing and scary Muscled best. i'm going to say something a little bit crazy. Are you ready. i'm ready. i'm not sure he's that you know wrong in doing what he did. In a sense that it makes sense to me. You know. I'm obviously against against many of Office dances and against the the fact that he I'm not legitimizing The fact that he broke up the joint lists and that what he's doing. But i think given the situation i kinda understand why he did it You know he's he's he's really. You know. I know you don't want to sit with us when we're together not the center left's not the rights and i'm here and i want to be the wildcard and he's the wildcard. He has more power than any other arab Representative right now. Which is you know i. I don't know what to make of it. But i it definitely stirs the conversation definitely cracks. It's creates cracks in in the in the common sense in the narrative. And what's happening. And i think that's you know that's something. I obviously don't want a palestinian israeli citizen to be sitting with rights government But you know it is also important to realize that you know. Part of our society is an islamist rights affiliated community and. We are like in total denial of that. You know and and i don't think everyone that voted for our best. A forearm were. Actually you know promoting his His vision I do think that many voted strategically to make sure he does make it through the threshold because the polls right before the election said that he probably would not get him exactly. And i think many many of my friends my muslim friends who would have voted the joint lists and a beat. You know they're like. I honestly afraid that he won't get in and then we will be left with you. Know six or seven seats Of the joint list and at some people did that Abbas was a smart cookie. He's not a dumb person You know you if you look back in israeli history. Ten twenty thirty years ago. Who were the powerful kingmakers. It was the ultra orthodox parties. Because they were not left and they were not right day would go with whatever coalition with whatever prime minister gave them. The best deal did the most for their communities and over the years especially over the past decade their electorate has gotten so inherently right wing that they are in the pocket of benjamin netanyahu and the likud and the right. There are no longer the swing vote. There is no way. They're ever going to go into a left-wing government. So i think abbass looked at this void at this niche. And said you know. Wow you know. Why don't why doesn't arab society which is deprived of resources. Which has a lot of Which requires a lot from government that it's not getting. Why don't they step into this role. And i think it was a stroke of genius explicitly that his role model was shocked musically ultra-orthodox party so it shows a A new kind of pragmatism admits. It's I think there's a real desire to be a player on the political scene and to be part of a government to be making decisions. The joint list definitely got punished for. Benny is double betrayal for turning his back in them after they took the unprecedented step of recommending him to form the government to president rivlin which is part of the process here are parties in the past have never recommended a jewish zionist party. And they did that and then immediately gone said. No no way. I would consider you being in my government or even being dependent on you if you're outside the coalition to vote with us So i think they and then he went in with this now so betrayal after trail. And so i think they got it on the head because of that And as you just explained if if you want to be a player Then you make political compromises abbas saying our needs are not being addressed. The communities are suffering from unprecedented levels of violence and murders and the murder rate is absolutely astronomical and advocate crossed the country. And he's saying if i'm not in the government. Nobody's going to do about it if i am. I can direct resources to my people's actual needs so an interesting. I'm an ode on. Tv rafter after the elections. They were asking you know are you. Are you glad. I didn't get in at that point. Thirty wasn't getting in and he was saying no. No these are my voters to. I want the arab voice i wanted to get in You know instill. They went down even together you know. They're down five seats. Which is a dramatic loss and took a brave step by being the first to say i'm willing to maybe go into coalition. I'm willing to support from the outside. And i think you know Abbass was then able to sort of follow in his footsteps and stay the same. And it's important because you're calling the bluff of the israeli right but you know the israeli quote unquote mainstream because to echo the palestinian when you say oh there's no partner they're not willing to be with us. You take the responsibility off of yourself for deciding whether or not to partner with To partner with the arab society Politically or not in. So you can't say there's no partner. Here's a partner. So it's going to be up to you to decide whether you want to work with that partner or not absolutely and i just want to give credit to. I'm an all-day for right after. He actually congratulated I'm and he actually. You know just like maintaining that the level of unity you know in arabic. It was very very heartwarming. To hear him speak after the elections after making sure that You know actually has passed the threshold. And just you know. I love that guy. He just literally guys to get out of there. Actually revolutionized like our politics i think he is revolutionnaire revolutionizing politics but obe maybe maybe a cadastre needs to get out of the joint list store. New party needs to rise. Okay so let's move on. I just have the last thing. I just have to add that mahmoud abbas a dentist that's an important factor actually not know that he's a dentist so here's next thing. I'm going to start again with your permission tally with another thing that you wrote. Which was you wrote. I'm not sure if it feels normal to you but there are now elected people who support terrorism population transfer who are bluntly homophobic and against women's rights. And it's terrifying that this has become a legitimate option in israeli politics. And you're obviously referring to the religious zionist list. Which is made up of three scary nationalist parties the national union which is headed by but solid smoke rich. Which in normal times is the party. That would keep tossing and turning at night but it is actually the least awful of these three parties. the second is eat. The jewish power party headed by an attorney named lethem. Our ben vier who was a kid in the youth movement. Americanised cock party. And who until awhile. Ago had a photo of baruch goldstein. The american israeli settler who murdered twenty nine muslims during prayers in roane. The third party is called. No it's headed by avi macos. Noah is a sort of acronym for the party slogan. A normal nation in their land and homophobia is a central tenet of the party is that slogan makes makes clear which seeks to make israel adhere more closely to the torah. And not in a good way so back to you. And i wrote quote ben vereen. Avi osa are awful all right. But i don't think that there are sign of where the country's going a harbinger of our future politics. The knesset used to have lots of people like ben viewer and os and they had much more power than those two melodies will. There was a ton a former idf chief-of-staff one of the men who spurred us into lebanon and who allowed the massacres in sabra and shatila at a minister and the head of a party that added tight had eight seats and he favored dispossessing israelis of their citizenship and there was gandhi. Recovers evie who favored population. Transfer of more than three million people who live in the occupied territories and there was. Yeah kema there. Were a lot of people in the past and as four homophobia until not long ago who wasn't homophobic run hodi when he was running for mayor of tel aviv. The first time said that the sight of two men kissing disgusted him like seeing a cockroach. And i don't know to what degree you can take solace in how bad things used to be in the past but if you happen to see miri regev or mickey a time. These two likud. You'll stalwarts on the news just yesterday insisting that likud party that accepts and respects. Lgbtq folks and sees them mironov regev said. I see them like my like amir. A- as flesh of our flesh you can feel how far we have become which doesn't make bender or avi mos any less awful but it makes them less meaningful. I think they're the wailing and gnashing of teeth of a part of our society that correctly sees that there's something very close to a consensus here. That lgbtq folks need to be treated with dignity and there's not as much consensus. There's not consensus about the rights and dignity and equality of palestinians but here to the people who vote for vang veer and avi mojo's think the country is moving away from them on this issue. And i'm not sure that they're not right. And then you sally replied kindly but you were not buying what i wrote. I think so anyway. What should we make of these. Two people having just entered the knesset Listen i didn't tell you. I didn't buy it actually a lot of your your points. Where very valley than they actually kind of flake made more. You know made me like kick back and be like okay. Okay but they also thing. I wrote you this. We thought were passed. This you know we thought we are pasqua. Han ism in the knesset's We thought that this is something. That's so marginalized. It has been marginalized since the eighties. It has been marginalized and and to to have it back and the center like they are literally there. There are there and they're there for for for bb and that's scary to have them back and it is meaningful that they are three different parties and all been elected. You know like they're they're from like wide open. Doors getting into like a possibly knesset And that's terrifying. That's they're fighting okay. There are also three parties. That standing on their own would not get through cross the threshold into the knesset. I can't believe i'm ever defending itself. Church but he did not want to Join with With ben gear at all he was really pushed. Hard into it by By prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu and And without the pressure. From netanyahu and the likud this party would not come to be and you know this joint party would not come to be in it. Wouldn't get beyond the threshold so you know if you wanna comfort yourself with something. It's that you know this is an engineered creature. This party That without You know netanyahu was desperate attempt to get a right wing bloc that would get him immunity from prosecution would never have been been created it's kind of a frankenstein's monster. So i think there are three things that should scare so i'm going to take the opposite tack. I think we should be very worried about this There is a increasingly radicalised extremist elements that has In some ways penetrated the mainstream of the national religious camp We saw a half the votes going to this party alone. Food considered a A mainstream settlement Also penetrated the ultra orthodox world. And the reason they They got so many seats because ultra-orthodox jews instead of voting for the traditional parties In some significant numbers for the first time voted for this party I also want to differ on on No i'm which is the movement. You mentioned a hard e. Kind of religious ultra orthodox Combination which avi moser presents. I've looked into that party for a while. And they really make me scared because You know their their leader arrived. Tau is a charismatic spiritual leader though. He's very soft spoken and being spoken as part of his his f- house. But if you look at what they believe beyond the homophobia i mean it's it's a very strange mix and it's very attractive to young national religious People Where he believes very much. In the sanctity of the state he opposed putting moshe katsav on trial for rape because as president of the first jewish state two thousand years he should have been above the reach of the law. He should have been considered. Holy while he was in that position they have their own language for insiders and outsiders. If you're in your potato. Cobb you're within the line and that's an aspiration If you in kind of ideologically said about all those things you know. But but very much developing their own in group and he does have legions of young followers. This is a very powerful force among the young in the national religious cab. So that makes very scared. As you said homophobia is nothing new. The fact they're making that so prominent is is repulsive to me And that we can fight because as you point out. The society's position has shifted dramatically. And there's much greater acceptance across the board and You know even major likud speakers and tally bennett and people like that would be taking the opposite the opposite tack but i think there are. Things that are are very worrisome as trends and we shouldn't minimize it even though they are going to be a small party You know. They said they won't sit with an arab party in in in coalitions. And who knows where this is going to play out also just like to you. Know also talk about our perspective as as palestinians. Here we were joking. I have you know. Multiple whatsapp group friends families from different groups. And they were all joking that you know you are allowed. One backpack and the bus is going to be waiting on x. square and we're like out of fear and we were obviously joking about these things but i also think you know the fact that you know these people are there and the sentiment is there and we are joking about it. It just shouldn't happen. And i think that you know we should normalize it and we shouldn't even undermine how meaningful this is we really shouldn't and we shouldn't normalize it in the sense that back. When kahane was in the knesset for those years in the nineteen eighties it became a norm to walk out whenever he made speeches in the knesset. Is that the kind of thing that you're talking about that. That ought to be done. Should should ninety members of knesset or or one hundred and thirteen members of knesset. Everyone who's not in his party. Stand up and walk out. Whenever gear speaks that to be nice and just civil society in general should not stay silent and be like. Let's see what happens. This is probably not going to happen. They're probably not going to form a government. Let's see what happens. I think we should actually be much angrier than we are very. They expect to get ministerial posts and to be on the committee appointing judges. They think they're going to be very major players and have a you even prime minister. Netanyahu has said that they will not get either of those things. We'll see what happens in the end but But that's unclear only leaving netanyahu's campaign promises now. I think that it will be very very difficult for him. To appoint them are not. Your point is excellent. alison completely true. You should not believe what netanyahu's before the election after the elections for that matter. But i do think that it will be very very difficult because these people are still outside some kind of consensus which is not to say you're completely right. What all of you don sally that this ought to be taken seriously. My only point. And i don't know how much solace once you get from. It is that like. There's no way in which this is new. It's true that it was prominent in the eighties. And then less so but like if you take If you take someone like avi owes avi manos was the number two percent in insurance keys. Party user elba aaliyah. he was the head of. He was the the director general of that party. He's the same guy who has been involved in politics in a very intense way for years and years and years which is and i don't know if that's says something worse about us or something but it just means that that to like look at this as some awful trend as opposed to just some awful thing that that we've been fighting for years with pretty good success but not enough success seems to me to be a mistake but but i but maybe i'm wrong. Maybe i'm trying to make nice. And i'm trying to not feel bad and to be able to sleep at night. I accept that. So let's move on. Allison what should we make of. Benny guns and blue and whites relative success. They got eight seats in three days ago. People were worried that blue and white was not gonna pass the minimum minimum threshold. And today they are the fourth biggest party in israel and not at all very far behind the third. So what could possibly account for that incredible success so yeah the Together with The failure to predict Man sorta bosses crossing the threshold. The big failure of the pollsters this time around was viewed as their inability to predict the strength of ben against blue and white party and getting pretty much double What they what. They predicted Part of that is there. Were all these rumors flying throughout the campaign that the likud knicks were being given marching orders. On what's up to lie to pollsters that they plan to vote behold the von in order to give us a false sense of to not drop out of the race and to run into fall below the threshold. So that obviously didn't happen personally. I think there were people out there. People who define themselves as centric centrists in israel that Our political system has always been able to tap into they consider the cell center maybe centre-left and they don't feel at home in labor merits. I think there too. Left-wing especially with merav maha in in labor. They thought sarah was too right wing. They have issues with your lapel. He's got this image as a lightweight. And they're like okay. The only way. I can really stay in. The center is to vote for guns. Who still has that former chief of staff military guy you know tall with blue eyes halo. It may be battered. There are people who say yeah. He made a mistake. Joining bbc coalition. But everyone thinks he meant well that he had noble intentions and some people think it was victim blaming to punish him for bbc screwing him over and after all if you took everyone out of the knesset habibie screwed over it would be pretty empty so you know why should especially be Blamed for that. A factual point hala van had mega. Budgeted had fifteen seats in the knesset. You get budgets. According to how many seats you have so. We saw his poster plastered over streets and highways with a message that if guns does not hit the threshold and does not it in know it will lessen his Ability to two-wheeled power in a caretaker. Government you know ahead of the fifth elections or even until while the coalition negotiations are taking place. And if that happens if he gets rid of guns if netanyahu fires in the interim period will have. Bb gone wild. He'll fire the attorney. General he'll get the criminal indictments against him cancelled and all hell will Will break loose and one. Final point is that coho von telling a blue and white people are telling the press that gets me very smart decision to make the minister tomato chateaux his prominent number two and some are claiming especially her that ethiopian israelis voting for her Was worth about. Two knesset seats. They did vote. You remarkable numbers for blue and white. So there's something it's not just the kind of claim that every politician makes there's something to it and she looks she's a firebrand and she has a following Much more than Guy who's Likud's guy who they brought in to replace from negotia so so. That was very clever. I i think the other thing. I mean you mentioned his big campaign budget i i think people ought people voted for to actually were watching the ads because they were debating internally whether to follow god's because everybody felt betrayed when he went into the government. I think you know gone. His message of integrity his message of honesty and his His ads that were on tv on on on social media Showed him confronting people who felt betrayed and facing that directly and giving answers directly to why he did it and also a pointing out some of his accomplishments I mean he's a credit for stopping the annexation. Someday when we know the full inside story of that this will know whether that really was a to his credit or that was something. That's why i wanted to do anyway. We don't really know But you know. I think that's Some of the voters who who after voting Three times for blue and white couldn't go back to labor or meretz. They didn't feel comfortable going there anymore. They felt more comfortable With with more centrist position And i think that You know that that really worked for him. I i agree. I also think it represents you know guns is like this you know lump of nothing but also you know like this confusion. You know. it's not really a party. And i think we spoke about this before. He's not really a porn he. There's nothing there that is defined. There's nothing you know like ideologically economically politically. There's nothing that's defined. And it's i think like the fact that he succeeded so much it's it's also presents. How many people are confused. They're like we're just gonna do this one person who's like you know you know. He looks fairly honest. he's not like a bad guy he's well intentioned than you know we're just gonna go there because it's right in the middle a lot of about forty steam. You know like the whole social the whole protest. That's happening on the streets the polls at the very very beginning. They were showing that they were actually going to in such which was very very scary. And that's why you could see you know. Thirteen fourteen fifteen You know seats for for for bennett's inside was very scary. I think people started realizing you know. Maybe maybe you know guns is more comfortable safer You know seats to two. So that's a perfect transition done. What do you think that we should make of guitar enough. Tally bennett and also throw in of ignore lieberman's relative failure. These are the people who said we are staunch. Right wing people. But we're not netanyahu and ran on that and it wasn't that long ago that between them they were voting they were pulling well above the likud when you put them together the as many as forty odd seats and then in the end they came up with fewer than twenty seats. What do you make that case. Different lieberman went down a little bit But he basically held his ground his anti ultra orthodox outreach to secular israelis didn't really take off and i think that's for a simple reason the outrage the hurry deem faded as quickly as the lockdown ended and stores reopened and people started to go back to normal. They forgot how much they hated the ultra-orthodox blame them for everything wrong with their lives. Just a couple of weeks before that You know. I have to say lieberman look tired and old in this campaign and he really had no other messages and yet somehow is still in the mix on the other hand. There's no there's no way to look at Get on sar. Tally bennett than saying. Their campaigns crashed and burned. I made an earlier stage as each one was polling. Well into double figures Bennett was up in the twenty s at some point You know before we got really into election season and each one saw himself as a candidate for prime minister. They didn't plan to be the potential kingmaker. Which could still be And each one presented himself as both were capable leader. The netanyahu more committed to a wing vision a real right winger charging him with not being real right winger and reforming israel's liberal democracy rather than undermining it a message which they acute which which. I think played with a with a abroad electric and which rightfully accused netanyahu of attempting to do. Now sorry attack now is personality cult Corrupting likud to be all about him and bennett. Attacked failure dealing with the corona both legitimate attacks but again those messages lost their currency we got vaccinated. Live started to go back to normal. Went to the movies you went. You went to the movies. I had my staff together for the first time in twelve months all in one place although is outdoors You know so again. I think that that a change things Bb's charges at sar and bennett would join a left wing government and trying to appease left i think also played to some of his base You know did go down. we have to. We have to remember that in this election. I've never understood sars appeal. He's like a more ideologically rigid version of bb smooth-talking and telegenic. But without the accomplishments. I don't like he's been in politics a long time and i don't have kentucky he. He's very well-spoken. He's very smart though saturday. Well so you know for him and now sars people are talking about sitting in the opposition. And that's certainly not why he got into this game bennett. You know. I think is next to bus. These are the these are the potential kingmakers now. casare still has towing the line that they won't go in with anybody essentially i think Said gant he says you know look what happens to you and you promise not to go in with bb and then you do go in with bb. So that's why. I think sara's pretty much saying that i'm gonna go in the opposition. Obviously it's his party of people on the in the likud are trying to maybe get Get defectors to to cross over to their side okay. So let's move on salley. What should we make of the labor. Party's relative success. If you can call it that with seven seats they they people thought that they would not pass the threshold. Just i guess a month and a half ago when they arrive mikhail was chosen to run the party and also at the same time of merits is relative success. Their entire campaign was you. Please vote for us. We're about to die. Please please please vote for us. And they may end up with six seats. It seems right now And certainly for at least five and that's much more than anyone thought just the beginning of the week. So what are we. Making those successes. I think actually. I do want to say it's not even a relative success. I think it's it's a success. I think she was able to pull off a a essentially dead. You know a dead. You know it was done. it was done. The labor was done with that was done. We all knew it and we were all joking about it. Even the hardcore you know of They were okay like they were heartbroken. There were like okay. let's move on. Let's see what we're gonna do and she revived it and she revived a big time. I think she was able in to run a campaign. that was You know it's also spoke about you know everyone was was talking about survival and yes bb. No bb everyone was stuck in that very very unfortunately very limited discourse esp be no bb but she was also able to present many other issues. That were very important You know just the fact that she's a woman and presented the feminist s struggle in the feminist Campaign the fact that she actually started speaking about what it means like. She spoke about arab jewish partnership. She spoke about Socialism about you know how the economy needs to to to be better. She spoke about many things that the left. Hasn't actually you know touched in a long time. And that really and i don't think it was covered a very dominance in the big you know A scheme of things because it was. Espn no and that's all. Unfortunately but i think that the followers and the people you know the nostalgic call them you know the tajik zionists the ones that are you know very very they they Its appeal to them. And it's worked as edits. Listen i don't it's almost. I don't have the same appeal with them. I really don't you know i'm not. I'm not jewish. So i don't know how but i think they people literally voted for them. Because they were like they panicked. People were like okay like they were so desperate. Almost pathetic and i wouldn't call it the success more than you know like we give you a chance. Let's see what they do with it. I think mary are you know. I honestly don't know what to think of them. I'm still I think that a lot of people voted merits. Some of whom came back from having voted the joint list in the past Election or to That it the jointly seemed like a less inviting place for for jewish voters. It didn't do a push this time it didn't it. Didn't do a big push this time. Yeah lgbtq issue but also because it didn't it didn't push for them. But i think in the case of both merits and labor so with labor. I definitely think that morale michaela really directly appealing to women and pink collar issues. You know women. I think really got excited. That someone was actually talking gender Which hasn't happened in the past. And she really. She influenced the other candidates. They were all saying you know using her language the way that she was speaking in both Both genders you know. hold for bohemian. Even bb was copying her which was crazy. But i think in general The you saw returning home of merits and labour voters who had voted merits and labor in the in the past five or ten years who had been energized by the possibility of of blue and white and And guns finally getting rid of bb. So they left their traditional parties. They went to vote for blue and white and this time there was no major rival. I mean lapierre wouldn't even say that he was you know contending prime minister no big challenger to to netanyahu and And so that they were able to sort of Respond to the appeals bhai merits and labor to come home and go back in and vote for us again in the case of merits said that they are the only genuine zionist left wing party and the labour does try to like Fake a little bit around the edges. Whether it's left they there. There are a little afraid of the stigma of being left wing. They don't say it out loud. So i think barrett's does have a audience in those who want to say loud and proud that there on the left in merits also did run the gestalt campaign. You know that if you don't vote for us we're dead so that you know that that does bring in some people. But i think Highly did something. really astonishing. She built a new list. I mean she brought in really interesting people onto primary. She didn't pick them so she ran. Primary okay but but the people who got in you know and she looks very smart. Voters very central in organizing orchestra. Because i don't know if you can how much she can take direct credit because certainly the people didn't have their own followers and people got who they got out the vote so so so yes but if you look at the list besides which he made a rule you know the the they changed the policy there have to be the same number of women and men which is unprecedented All the women they brought in. Emily milwaukee media consultant publicist politician novelist. She's worked with zippy livni. She's working rivlin successful presidential campaign. You know these are these are and and If you wanna What she worked with. Bala so these are people are willing to extend themselves in in different directions Disarm amar marana mirani Filmmaker focusing on palestinian citizens of israel particularly the challenges facing women. You know so. By definition controversial christie's touching on issues. Which are so Controversial and and often considered taboo the society also gilaad career reform rabbi which we know. Draw do a lot of flack. We've talked about that. But he's a fighter for personal status issues and civil rights The power of the rabbinical courts for years and rahm chef who's an education activist and reformer. Now this is an interesting and to me much. More compelling lists than merrill was able to put together so i think you know this is you know. We do vote for parties in this country. Astonishing of the media focuses almost exclusively on the leaders as if we're actually voting for individuals. But you know you're choosing list when you put your vote in so okay moving on allison what. This is the last of these kinds of questions. Don't gonna ask. What should we make of your feed who got eighteen or nineteen seats in this election. We're not entirely sure. What would we make a him. Well you know he He's spinning his His eighteen seats as a as a victory. He says we were the fourth largest party. Now we're the second largest and we're leading the. I love this. The change blocked. They don't want to call it. Anti netanyahu block it. It reminds me of you. Know pro-abortion People don't wanna call themselves antiabortion so they call themselves pro choice. So they're not calling themselves. The anti netanyahu block. They're calling themselves the pro change Block listen he He did some strategic things in his In his campaign The paid not declaring himself as a candidate for prime minister. He was avoiding leading. Bb turning turn him into some sort of foil boogeyman in like not fall into his trap. But it did backfire. A little bit. He had You know netanyahu was able to troll him and got all of the interviews asking the peed. Why aren't you saying that you're a candidate for prime minister But i think overall did something very noble in this campaign in prioritizing the block. Anti netanyahu pro change block over his party's fortunes he never sent out a campaign message aggressively trying to draw in israel. Politics speak drink the votes for merits labor or blue and white which he really could have done he could have gone out there and said You know you're wasting your time voting for these parties you need you know. We need one big party and he didn't do that because he wanted these parties to cross the threshold and leave the Leave the block intact so you know again. He didn't prioritize his ego just to see agreed to be his number two. He agreed not to try to get as many votes in his party as he possibly could. In order to Let these smaller parties survive now. It could be because poll showed that he wouldn't be able to do this. That has a ceiling that there are just a lot of people who Oh no matter how much they want to replace donyo. They don't wanna play some With with low-paid. But you know he did. Along with netanyahu shrink the support for Forget on sal He showed that he's got perseverance determination. He's been knocked down and he He could he could get up again and You know basically He's still standing and so So for that I think he won a victory he. He's he's kept the block in contention he's kept Netanyahu from from really winning victory So you can look at it two ways you can say that he only got eighteen seats or you can say you know. He really accomplished a lot of things that that he needed to do so i think he'd ran the best campaign of anyone And he had the strongest message and behavior discipline You already mentioned how he sacrifices ego he did the same thing You know when he went in and blue and white. And i think what he's done in these nine years he's back to where we started from his vote count but these are not the same voters. His support is not the same people that voted for him that first time when he astonished everybody He's he's created a brand and he made himself look prime ministerial so even if he doesn't get there now You know in the next elections or other. That's in Six months or four years you know. He's he's going to be a more serious candidate and you know. I think that's a look. He appeals to centrist and centre leftists He you know. He's he rejects. The criticism of israel of the id f That many on the left. are are willing to support or agree with You know he will not. He rejects any criticism of of the army All of international agencies like the un or the icc. That plays very well to a lot of the centrists population any brandon himself as the as the representative of the middle class and the upper middle class voters in this country. So you know. He doesn't have a big vision but And i don't think he's gonna you know and you said maybe i'm not sure. Yes that's a good point. But i say about lead three words dude be presidential which is a little bit shocking to see. Now listen to this east. Oh oh kindly on Talk that beautiful medina song. mama yo. No tengo vista was performed by shani. Otari and phnom lowenstein. So let's move on. There are just to sort of finish this show. I want to ask you deeper questions So done will start with you. What if anything do. We learn about our collective state of mind from the ballots that we slipped into the box. A couple of days ago. Well i think people are very tired and the country is still very divided At the same time it is I think Unavoidable to say that it's shifting further to the right But people are tired of corona. They're tired of elections. If corona was the eleventh plague mccaw busy road is the twelfth plague But if we look at what happened. The divide foreign against netanyahu was still a major faultline and he was still the lightning rod. Either people love him or hate him and was the organizing principle for many of the voters but the camps are starting to fray at the edges. And it's not clear exactly where they begin to right now. Which which i think adds to a sense of Fragmentation and voters going back to vote Maybe more tribally. We don't have a common enemy at the moment. Now that coronas seems to be getting behind us. So i think we're retreating a bit. There was almost zero discussion of issues. In this campaign. it was It felt exclusively about personalities and branding and pleased to save us. Because we're not gonna make it in otherwise You know at the same time the last point makers. I think there is an actual center. That is solidifying in this country. If we put usa teed and blue and white together as twenty five twenty six seats you know maybe depending what you think of labor. Maybe that's more seats. So the you know be Does not get this. Massive mandate he gets one quarter of the vote mandate each time and this is another one quarter of the vote camp. So i think that's also change. We talked about the arab parties dividing again but not into their traditional camps. Things are shifting even as we go on. Yeah i agree. I don't have much to say. Other than the fact that i think you know you asked about or collective present state of mind and i think our collective it's is is we're exhausted. Were confused and we honestly. I'm so scared that people just don't care anymore you know. They're just voting for whoever. They think they're voting for and whoever you know appeals to them in their very close environments and You know depending who targeted them and it's I think what needs to be done really. And i speak from an activist. Two point of view. I think the civil society has a huge role at the moment you know fifth elections or not. I think we need to stir things up. Need to shake things up and actually you know promote different ideas expanded. The discourse expand the discussion expand. You know what do you actually have to offer us. And i think once we push a parties to do that it's will more define these parties and to define you know who's going to vote for them and who's going to be elected but i spoke to a lot of people this election and heard more than ever ever in you know whatever my time five years plus reporting from here people saying that They don't see why bother go to vote that they were planning or thinking of not voting at all. And even those who were going to vote. had a very Discouraged Attitude towards it basically saying you know we vote and vote and nothing changes and doesn't make any difference so there's a real there's a real Feeling of Of being cut off from the leaders from the the political system obviously intensified by the coronavirus crisis when people felt like it was literally a case of life and death and and their leaders were not We're not taking care of them. Yeah i. I agree with what everyone has said about the exhaustion and Just sort of the the lack of ability or willingness to to focus on issues. It's a really cruel time to have had an election after a year of this pandemic and the fourth election in a row. But i had this experience on friday morning when i went to To see my favorite band to talk about a lot. Jose vote this this female punk band from cologne and they were performing on a rooftop in tel aviv. And and as i was watching them there is a crowd of a two hundred people drinking beers on the street watching them on the rooftop and And one of the demonstration parades of the balfour kind of people they anti-netanyahu parades went by and it. The street was just filled with people because there was the thousand people in the parade or whatever and the two hundred people watching it. It was a shopping day and it was friday afternoon and he fought ballots yano. The lead singer of the band stopped singing in the middle of the song and like threw up her arms In support of the demonstration that was walking past. Then everyone on the street. And i swear from windows in the the the you know in the stores and the houses on the street it was milk. George just cheered. And i sort of feel like the next election if we do go to next election. We'll talk about this in one. Minute is have a completely different energy. Like i feel like we're were understandably completely exhausted and soon we are going to have this Spurt of energy including political energy. That comes from feeling like maybe it's time that the world is opening up to us and we can open up to the world again. Be wishful thinking. So let me ask you. Sally given how things are right now. What do you hope to see happen in the immediate term. What can we hope to see happen in the immediate term then maybe in the longer term last question in the immediate term. I honestly don't. I don't know i don't know i do think that it's gonna be very hard for either side to actually form a government. I do think that we have many unknown variables. I always am in anticipation of bb. Actually surprising us and like pulling some kind of trick But i am you tell me. I'm curious to see what you have to say. But i honestly find it very very hard To see how he's going to form a government and i am already in like preparation mode. I'm already like fifth election. I'm already there honestly. And it's also kind of denial. What kind of government could could be formed at the moment and you know just fear. Utter fear of what kind of government could before so. I'm just you know i'm there. I'm prepared to go for the next one. And i agree with you. I think many of the protest said summer. You know it was black was black flags and now you see more and more pink flags and i think black. Was you know the very you know. No bb let you go. And now it's more like pink flag like it's the change And i think that's growing. And i think that's actually gonna make the difference I agree absolutely. I happened to be at balfour. The last time The last the last twenty five thousand person. One right exactly. I happened to be there for the weekend. So i said oh. How can i be here for the weekend. And not check it out and throughout the whole corona virus Pandemic i had not gone. Didn't think it was worth the The risk the virus risk but now. I'm superman vaccinated and so it's gonna be really interesting right after the elections to see if the demonstrations persist if they intensify or whatever i think. Bb needs to beware of a fifth election. Because if now in everyone is in this post vaccine euphoria and going to restaurants going to concerts and a really good mood. I think a leader even was moderately popular would have taken this election really easily. So i think the fact that netanyahu struggled to even get a slim majority is a real sign that there is a real major movement That people are done with him. And i think that he goes to election at his own risk. I see a real especially when his corruption. We haven't even discussed the trial on the podcast but that is corruption trial is supposed to start after passover and that's going to be a lot of bad publicity for him so evidentiary stage of his corruption exactly so bbb wear of fifth election. Because i think the people are done with you don how. 'bout you look. Obviously i would. The last thing. I want to see is the right wing. Extreme ultra-orthodox combination. Because that will just add to polarization and and do all kinds of damage to the country some of which may prove irreversible on the other hand You know. I look i if there is another election. I think we will see the likud. Go back to their hate-mongering tried not to do that this time. Because they were trying to get august to come into their party. Not attacking arabs. But i expect next time. They'll say well that didn't work. We lost seats. So let's go back to that Because that plays to our base So so that makes me nervous. What i would love to see what i do want to see. I would like to see a government without netanyahu government That includes an arab party. I would like to see a government This might surprise you that includes one of the ultra orthodox parties. I don't think it's healthy to have a government that does not represent a major segments of the population anyway or would be seen as anti those segments especially a segment that already has a lot of distrust in the government and institutions You know there's a lot of repair work that needs to be done. How likely is that. Well i don't know if it's any more likely than any of the other scenarios that we're hearing Know guns coming in and being elevated to be the leader for a while till we're done with corona till we decide what we decided. We don't wanna do it anymore. We'll have elections again. So you know it's that that's what i would like to see. I don't know that that's a very likely well. That sounds like a pretty good vision to me. I i would just add that. Some people dislike this about israeli politics. But i love it that i think that People end up being remarkably creative in coming up with ways of forming coalitions were or political partnerships. If if any were to become prime minister for a brief period that would be on the one hand kind of shocking but such something like that might happen something that even today when it feels as though every possible scenario is already been described to us. Fully and dismissed. I think that it that we might end up. Having some scenario that we have not yet imagined. Come to pass because these people are now setting all their creative energies to try to think of some way to go forward Now listen to this law soon on a slow and bomb That song as chloride by the sri nor blowin scene. You can see them as a sa tweet on monday at the link that will post to our facebook page and now it is time for our country segment. This is the part of the with each of us. Describe something that might have surprised or amused. Delighted or enchanted and source older me even flu gusts as we win their way through our world over the last wild don. What is your country. Now that our boys are out of the army for the first time in five years. All four of the voting eligible members of our family joined our morning trip under the murky grey skies down to our polling station of the preschool on the corner. Our daughter will come of age in june. So who knows we may get a full family outing to the polls by the end of the year in the afternoon sheron. I moved over to the yosef. Cayenne brenner school to volunteer for canines vote. Tripling campaign as each voter exited the poll. I accompanied them smiling through my mask as they headed home or to their car. So i can pitch spiel from the instructional video. I congratulate them on voting. I asked them to what's up. Text or call. Three friends family members or work acquaintances to encourage them. Also go out to vote because a personal message makes all the difference in people staying home today. Do it right now. And that last task i failed at miserably but a few of them thanked me and many promise to call people as soon as they got to their houses. I should've read the fine print before. I volunteered us. Because while approaching strangers in the street is far from my forte for my wife. It is inconceivable instead. She leaned on the bars next to the school sending what's up and texted dozens of family members colleagues and former students encouraging them to vote and seem to get far better results than i did. Oh the american method one cognisant said right and it will work here. I answered him to its replied. Nothing will work here which seemed to capture the general lack of enthusiasm of most though not all of the voters at the station after watching the inconclusive returns for hours my dog intercepted me as climbed into bed at one. Thirty a m explaining in clear barks and head tilts that we had forgotten to take her out and why my dog was marking her turf. Outside the lovely silent chill of the night was ripped apart by roaring motor and their trundling down. Our street was golf-cart-sized vehicle very noisily spray painting the edges of the sidewalk in alternating red and white segments each about three feet long. But this car was painting only the red segments the stop segments. Don't park your segments. Three feet of red and then three feet of nothing. Three feet of red then. Three feet of nothing and it was a fittingly surreal conclusion to the day and i was sure there was a hidden message but did it mean i've got nothing to offer but please stop. Stop stop or possibly stop. What you're doing or there will be nothing left. It was the best commentary on the elections. I had heard all night cool. That's our keno. Thing is a cool thing to have done. So allison what is your country. So there's been little time over the past week for anything for me but reporting on elections commenting on elections following the elections. But there hasn't been so much wending or in sourcing in my part of the world but let me just comment on the to hold these fourth elections three days before passover begins and everyone has to get ready to sit down at their passover seder so at first it sounded to me like a really terrible idea putting these too busy and time consuming right next to each other. Making us overly busy making a stressed. But i have to say having experienced it. I've now officially been converted. Here's why elections are all about talking and obsessing and preparing for passover is all about physical. Doing you're cleaning your organizing your cooking and these two things go well together in fact sometimes they complement each other. You're listening to the radio or the tv is on in the background. Some politician is saying something particularly infuriating. While you're cleaning your kitchen that's great. It makes you scrub even harder. It makes you chop vegetables with extra exertion also. Passover has been a great deadline for the past forty eight hours is the votes are being counted. We've all sat around waiting anxiously. Speculating obsessing about politics. Plotting out alternative scenarios. Like you've just heard us do on the podcast. The television networks have been broadcasting political updates nonstop. It was just like the week following the us elections when all people could talk about was the vote count in the electoral college and what was happening but for us the end has always been incite. It has been clear to the elections authorities that it is crucial to finish the count by friday because the seder being on saturday night means that everything must be totally closed down from friday afternoon until sunday evening got chabad next to the hug the holiday so in a country where everything political always seems to get stretched out as long as possible to the last possible second. They can't do it this time with the vote count and most importantly pass over being around. The corner is forcing us to devote some mental space to other topics between the analysis of politics. My friends and i trade recipes for using the levin products in the house before passover or trading passover recipes attempting to make mozza taste like something and discussing the artifacts that we've uncovered in our house while doing the cleaning and where we hope to take trips over the holidays inside the country since the corona virus after all is making foreign travel more of a hassle than it's worth but my favorite thing about this election. Passover mashup is that no matter how intensively we disagree with people over the political goings on. No one dare say goodbye to anybody without wishing them happy holiday and that can be pretty entertaining on the political shows on television. You've got to politicians accusing each other of being amoral pieces of shit calling each other names for fifteen minutes straight. And then at the end wishing each other a hug man. Happy holidays so you my fellow promise. Podcasters and the listeners are far from being amoral opportunistic. Pieces of shit. But i still wish you all a wonderful politics. Free hugs amac happy holiday. Thank you alison. I consider myself the other kind of piece of shit sally. What your country. Well actually you know what i love about besse jewish holiday really the day off One of the perks of being a non june israel is really on. They're not that many. So i really cherish. It is the fact that we get double the holidays. Did you know that. Yeah it's it's really depends on the employer and in the industry. You work in. But i actually happen to be That lucky one. That actually gets Both holidays and there's something very refreshing about having a day off with no expectation or obligation to worship anything or remember anything particular any type of ceremonies or services or activities or to spend time with family. Because you have to. It's actually kind of fun when you don't have to spend time with the family but you choose to because you can actually very very refreshing and it doesn't happen very often especially when you don't live you know when you live far away from your parents so unfortunately this year that's not going to happen because As of saturday we have the sunday off and we actually are celebrating. Palm sunday when my community I come from a melkite catholic church which is a very very very tiny small community here in israel and palestine and in the middle east and we have palm sunday It's basically This you know. Maybe our listeners. Know when jesus christ comes to jerusalem and he has He's on a donkey and people greet him with a palm trees and So this Sunday. i'm going to go to my village up north. And they're going to be an. It's it's very lucky you know. They're they ruined my day off but it's very lucky that it's probably the cutest holiday on earth. If holidays can be cute. I don't know and what we do is. Actually you know. Infants and toddlers Basically have this. Huge bouquets of palm trees and flowers decorated sometimes even with chocolates and toffees and candy. It's like our version of in panda like on steroids. And it's amazing and it's probably you know one of the nicest Holidays we have Towards our fisa. Our easter So that's why the gun. I'm going to be doing this sunday while you celebrate. your pasa and Face samir semester to all of you and That's about it. That's great to you so for me. There is a feature to elections. That is one of the reasons why i love election day so much and that feature is you can pretty much vote. Only in the polling places you're assigned to and you're pretty much assigned to the polling places closer to your home and your home is pretty much the place that's listed as your home on your identity card and it is true that you can change the address on your identity card but it's a hassle and you basically only do it when you're moving to place where you really gonna be for a while so young people going to say college or taking a place with friends hardly ever do change their address which means that whatever else it is. Election day is the day when the state says to your kids. Hey kids go visit your parents and we made arrangements to meet at home at one fifteen in the afternoon i coordinated a walt delivery from the vegan burger place across from rabin square. And then there we were susan. The boy the girl and me around the table on a weekday afternoon eating burgers onion rings and french fries. Lucy the dog was pushed to delirium by the fact that all her people were together on a day other than chabad and she ran around the table from person to person nipping at us and poking at us. Then we were off to the gordon school to vote and now an algorithm working for the central election committee assigned the boy in me the one polling station room and assigned the girl and susan to a different one up different hall. Ours was empty when we got there and the boy went in and showed his. Id to the guy who found his name on the big bound computer printout in front of him in cross it out with the ballpoint pen and a ruler and handed over an envelope. The boy who had only ever voted in the army didn't quite know what to do next so the guy told them to go behind the blue cardboard divider pick out the slip of the party voting for put it in the envelope and put the envelope in the cardboard box- i know from experience and everyone knows that only one person is allowed in the room at a time. So i- hovered near the doorway and the guy said. Why are you waiting. Come in i did. And he took my licence and he found my name in the big printout and then they stopped and said quizzically. Wait you have sort of the same last name. Are you brothers. it turns out. If you're wearing a mask that covers most of your face and your boys wearing a mask covers most of his face. You can look like your boys brother at least if the person looking at you is really inattentive. And i didn't know maybe hi. I'm pretty sure high. The the boy heard the question and let out a big. When i was done we found susan and the girls station and they hadn't even started voting because they're guy was checking every documenting comparing people to their photo ideas and for sure letting only one person in the room at a time. He was definitely not high. We waited outside playing with a wooden toy mixer and reading the bulletin board. When the women were done we strolled school together. The girl points to a sign on a classroom door. It read quote yells first grade class established in two thousand twenty and after that the kids each went back to their own lives in their own places but for one lovely our in the middle of the week we had been brought together by burgers and democracy that brings us to the end of our show. Thanks to meet. Ashkenazi are genius researcher conciliatory and scholar not in residence. Thanks retie shalimar station manager without whom there would be none of this thanks. She believed my favorite band from keyboards. Gather they give us a music. Start the end of the show. Thank you alison. thank you sally. Thank you natalie. Thank you don. We'd like to thank all of our patriot. Supporters for your generosity and support. It keeps the show going and the station going. We are moving grateful in your debt. We'd like to thank all of you out there for taking the time to listen and ask you like us on facebook and opposite line. Then go to apple podcasts. And give us a five star review. Maybe one that begins with this. The promise podcast is the motto of the podcast world. Kind of square kind of dry. Too much of it gives you a stomach ache and yet it feels kind of inevitable data finished anywhere you want but before you do that. Keep in mind that just two days ago as you well know. We enjoyed our first election day of the year here a day filled with excitement and anxiety the possibility of renewal but also declined a rare moment of rare fellowship. We're all in this together and rare alienation. How can so many people vote for them. Who are those people and as you heard it is a day that like a magnet brings the product back home as miriam her slog and jonathan. I go back to their ancestral tel aviv. To vote and into our living room along the way yeah election day is great and this one was at least until i saw exit polls at ten at night. One of the most lovely and rich things that i've enjoyed in a long time but then just like that election day was over not to return for another three months at least not so the promise podcast. We will be back you next week and every week reminding you that those big momentous disappointments that you sometimes feel like when people you know really could've made the world a better place. Don't get elected those big disappointments don't need to define your attitude towards life. It's important to remember that alongside those big momentous disappointments life also serves up a constant stream of much smaller but in some ways. More annoying disappointments on this promise pipe.

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Nadia Katherine & Alli Brown - Mystic Moon Tattoos

Blackout Podcast

38:51 min | 1 year ago

Nadia Katherine & Alli Brown - Mystic Moon Tattoos

"This is the blackout podcast Hello and welcome to the block. How podcast where I get to talk to amazing people that do amazing things and I have cat ninety our country? And I'M GONNA call Ya Missy. Moon Tattoos. Oh okay I got all right. Thanks going into the thanks. Thanks for having US first of you guys went like. When did you decide? I wou point. Do you decide. It would be good idea to start your own shop. I think it's everybody's goal from the beginning. I would say most people collect came good here fine so yeah most people want to own so And then and then I will point. Do you think Oh shit. It's going to happen probably once we started actually like doing the renovations on the the new space. I didn't really feel real until it started actually physically coming together like right in front of your face. You wouldn't get together L.. I let's rewind how'd you meet. We met at Gunners Tattoo shop where we both previously worked Yeah we brought alley on the apprentice two years ago. That's how we met. Yeah and then when you knew when you I mean you already knew God I wonder how shall pray boy. I Wa- pointed. You talk about coming to start the show together. I mean I if kind of happen fairly quickly I did just like may may know. Yeah like April may or something I know we were talking about it for like months before but like it was around like April or May or. You're like okay like we need to put her foot down and actually get the ball rolling on. This was this guy it was scary for you. just like having things in your own control right like you're like no one else is responsible for what happens opens to you when you own your own business like it's all in your hands which is very liberating as it is scary because anything can happen and it's all your your responsibility to make it right if anything does go wrong but it's been more rewarding than it has been scary since we started. It's the initial first. Getting everything started up. That's really nerve wracking. But it's it's been worth it for sure. How long have you been though We opened in June. I think junior. Yeah I claim My friend Andrea Casey. She's in amazing Poll instructor she does some fitness as well. Yeah so that was cool to have her as my first client who do who would you put on her. I just touched up some script that she had done by had done five previous artist. That's the one thing I do feel or when's along like CD before home walks. How do you feel being on either? I am being the first artist and then the person touching well. Typically I don't touch up other people's work just was like There had just been like a spot that she had had lizard on the Tattoo. So I just had corrected that area traditionally we would only touch up. Yeah social work. Yeah I'm like no to any bull in honey aub used to Johnny Alley so I started working under stat to shop with an idea and Derek Hill. They taught me everything that I know about doing. So it's getting talk to me. I mean I've been drawing for most of my life. It's something that my friends and my family always told me that I should start doing but I never thought I would be lucky enough to do it It started out. Actually I know a Guy Andrew Stones. He works over at Lisle Street. He got an apprenticeship a few years ago and I reached out to him and I was like hey like do you have any suggestions on how can kind of get the ball rolling and maybe find an apprenticeship somewhere like what did you do that I can do right to and he actually sent. Let me the link to gunners us like the shop. Actually looking for an apprentice right now so I applied and went in for an interview and the rest is history. What do you do as an apprentice? So it's a lot of like maintaining the shops that you have to do like all of the cleaning and stuff you learn how to set up and tear apart the stations and you learn about how all the machines operate like how to take them apart and like do maintenance on those as well no high works you take that thing apart. Machines require a lot of like maintenance touch-ups as well upside I should say yeah I mean I guess when towing doing just one little trout or depending on the Tattoo yeah like all. The needles are different sizes and there are different different needles for lining versus shading as well defense is is. How big is the biggest one? The biggest one I use is probably a fourteen so long as it is a thick or a thick like it doesn't get any longer it's just the number of needles needles makes the line wider is a painful thing. uh-huh why do some people I think I know friends that do as kind of Turner people do feel displeased mccombs e that. Yeah definitely yeah I can You know people get tattoos for a different reason then so you have to always be respectful of what their their reasoning behind. Getting the Tattoo is sometimes it comes with an emotional story and sometimes it's just they want something something to adorn their skin. Yeah Okay here's one knew how you feel about putting on me when someone like I I I WANNA put my wife's named something. Yeah I mean it would. It would depend on the situation like if you know if the person's an adult uh-huh a good idea even if it's family or someone that's like like tied to you for life but like spouses and like relationships. They're so unpredictable. Exactly come on cover up. Oh yeah no I leave so as a child will always be that Matza would like it was always just releaser released. It doesn't happen often like I haven't had anybody come wanting that like if they get a name usually it's their kid's name or more. Somebody that passed passed away. It's like a memorial or something to cause GonNa leave them and wasn't wasn't elaborate. Oh you've done in you the most elaborate Any I don't know I guess anything with a lot of line where gosh got small details close we will. What do you mean So some tattoos are Like for example when I do realism. It's it's mostly like shading line. Work would be just be like so I mean 'cause you Kinda have to be super careful about Dylan's instead and with the skin. No how how do you get blinds tree because the skin is a one key walk on. Yeah that's hard we have to factor that into like the certain tattoos wouldn't work well in certain areas of the body. Like you kind of have to plan. According to where the tattoos going going which was my most route one so I recently started like probably the biggest piece I've ever we're done and it's it's a huge project anyway so I'm doing like this big chess piece on an amazing regular client of mine and it's basically clearly what we're doing is a giant like owl fighting a two headed snake. So difficult for me is because when we print out the stencil normally it would would fit on one piece of paper whereas like this one Like is so large. I needed to print it out on multiple sheets of paper and kind of like line line. Everything up is just yeah. It's a lot of work but it's going to be pretty cool. Wants refinish and so we've done one full day already and we're only only about halfway down the outlines. I think we did probably five or five and a half hours. We street or rigs in between you take take small breaks in between but yeah for the most part like we try to go as much as possible because when you take a long break like your body kind of gets used to it being over and then when you you go back into it how short should I usually try to aim for like ten or fifteen minutes or less. But Damn that's depending on the client's needs obviously we want to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible and try to wash do prepare physically and Lead to get it to definitely expected to hurt. Ask because usually it's not quite as bad as people anticipated being so I feel like it's almost best to mentally prepare for the worst. It's good to be hydrated. Hydrated eat I e for Jones airing the day before drink. What alcohol does to your balloon? Yeah how much bleeding happens. Not A lie. It's more like a slight. Don't drink eat. Eat Bill for your blood sugar. Sometimes late headed for the whole law is the thing is the thing I use a rotary machine. So they're pretty quiet. Machines are louder was was a difference so a coiled the coils run with like magnet. So it's like the momentum of the magnet that moves the needle L. whereas a rotary machine is powered by a motor that actually power the needle which one came first coil. Oh okay I don't know if that's I don't know rotaries go far back because they really the the jail house. The machines are like rotor machines. Thanks I don't really know I should know history a little bit better. That they both go back. And would between Rory McCall which one is more painful. I would say probably heard the same doing the same thing just the way that it does. It is using like okay. I'm GONNA WE WE. You know those things big you you for your teeth when like do do people do that way. You can just known that area and just go to town. It doesn't really work very well. Because a lot of the topical creams and stuff that you can get only on the surface of your skin whereas like all the way down. It's like it's not that deep it's only about two millimeters but it's still far enough under the skin that the numbing cream doesn't really do much to help. Unfortunately there are some like super powerful creams that you can get holiness. Darling actually recommended to me. I think it's called Zina cream. She used on me when she did my last Tattoo. And I've actually found that that one worked pretty good. The only downside inside is that it is quite expensive to make sense renowned personnels paying a ton of money. If it's not if it's going to help with the nonstop pain cries and get a headaches getting imagine. I think I heard someone. Just pass out of freak go. I've never had anybody pass it on me. I've seen some people getting tattooed. Yeah I haven't had anyone actually pass out. I've had people get lightheaded. I had someone throw up before everyone. It takes it differently so like we always suggest the best thing you can do to prepare yourself as to make sure that your body's up to par 'cause then you're going to be up to par like I think just making sure that you're well fed well rested if you're feeling sick or if if any women are on their menstrual cycle that definitely plays an effect on how much it hurts and how your body how your body is more sensitive to pain. Oh shoot so does wait a few days and then what happens then. Mc said Booker to on those. Something happened whatever happened. I'm like I need a console. Do I pay or drills move days or one hundred hour we have like. I don't know how you do it but I have a twenty four hour cancellation policy. We we take a deposit to make the appointment and then yeah we want twenty four hours notice for for a cancellation. If it's like an extenuating circumstance. I it would be fine but like the you say I said almost coming at twelve. How leads a mile out? I mean it would kind of depend on what the rest of the day looks like. If you just have one person and all day you might be able to go a little longer. But if you've got some deals in at three o'clock or something in their half off now relate you might have to say like we're GONNA we. I can't talk to you. We don't have enough time well because because we kind of know. How long did the great? Yeah we have a general idea. Ah What happens so I want to get. It was the process. Like what is it exactly. I call me into this show up then what I do by email so alone. There's just some like questions I want people to tell me what they want. Where on their body? They want on it if they're working with a budget so we can try to figure out how to work within that fairly ability and if a consultation is needed then we'll get them to come in for consultation before we do the Tattoo. What would you mean would be the ground for consultation if it's something that's complicated complicated to discuss over email? Or if I need to see the area of the body that we're tattooing for cover-ups we would need someone to come Minnaso- we could actually see the tattoo that they have already and see like how much space through is how dark it is etc etc and in most coveralls are usually people's names right. I have done a few of them. Why would you do that? There's no no reason no mom what you love. This person is absolute other ways to show someone you love. Then I'm pretty skin anyway. I just don't I don't understand that I I don't understand. I think you can put literally almost any well. Almost anything purchased tones. Let the president's mean be the all this. This is like a letter. Maybe you know visit d you know. Oughta these or whatever like I think it's also mental macaws like you every time you see this thing on your skin you kinda go back to what was and how ended in Vienna like Shitty. You know it's like yeah. Yeah and so the whole Tattoo removal thing right. How Don is painful to? There's nothing that has opening for. When it's all your when you say we lay work right? It was just a line so you make a circle circle so I I have. A friend has a circle here. Neutron will literally circle and triangle. Like how long would you do that. Awesome how big it is here to poop. Wouldn't we very painful. It would hurt but it's kind of like anything's bearable for a few minutes. It's it's more when you're working on something for hours. It kinda gets in like okay. This is enough. A lot of people. Compare the pain till like cat scratch or like a bad sunburn. Oh God I think 'cause crushes about unsown reteaching. That's exactly what it is. It's definitely more irritating than okay. Okay I don't know I'm like Kinda also I think with me. I don't know about most people. Just it's a lot right and it's therefore rev do do you ever feed need to feed or like fades such as gun or sometimes if it's like if it wasn't applied deep enough of overtime it can completely fade away but Typically they stay in there. A lot of exposure to the sun can definitely only fade. The tattoos really quickly as well. Oh wait here's one iheart onto super like you know. I era gained or lost week. Does it change the shape of that cause skin say say lost twenty pounds or whatever all a Lotta pounds Sixty pounds something. What happens looks different equity after if their weight gain or loss was drastic? It could for sure okay asking for it for and what are you doing Wow that's such a hard question. I mean it's really cool to be able to share my art with other people and kind of leave a piece of myself with each person that comes into the shop. Ideally like I just like processing the ideally. I think that our shop. Our shops main What's the word I'm looking for? Wow Okay we're gonNA need to cut the car. So ideally like we just want to create a safe space where he milken feel empowered and and and free to be themselves. That's something that I really liked about. Having my own shop is being able to have the power to do that for other people and just hopefully really help people to find peace of themselves as well when they're getting artwork done because it can definitely be a very therapeutic process if you let it especially if you're getting a piece that's meaningful but bringing people's ideas to life is really It's a really special career that we've got ourselves and it's very like intimate and it's just really special This same yeah just it helps with somebody's confidence like I love to have somebody feel better about themselves and if I can help them do that with some artwork. That's awesome go. Allie came up with the name. I had it in a dream really did. Yeah I and also into Spirit work as well so I get like a lot of messages coming to me in my dreams and I had that name. Come come to me in a dream after we discussed having our own shop and it's got to be that causes cold. The Tarot Cards are oh. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I've definitely used some Tarot cards. I'm more into like Oracle cards personally. Difference 'cause I've actually seen and I'm like the Communists. Hummer scene was difference so like the Tarot cards kind of have a story like they have like the story of creation. Basically and the Oracle cards have More so like path markers and animals to you like animal markers to guide you on your path. It's like really hard to explain an aura Oracle cards are a bit easier or two with Tarot cards. You kind of have to actually know the meaning of each word sort of inorder to interpret the story of how they're laid it out with Oracle cards. You can just kind of pull a couple cards. Read what they mean. And that's the message. It's a little bit always logic or it could be one card. Can you show me a shop located and in Dartmouth Unpleasant Street and what were like. What would you say to renovations due to replace everything we had to? There were some walls that were up that we had to tear down. We had to Redo some of the flooring. We painted everything being even the window sills. And the baseboards like pretty much like ice cream we have purple mint green yellow. Yeah okay really bright and Colorful Mary Nice and in USA Eliana. You did a tattoo a piece on a regular how how do you like. How do you handle relationship? We're seeing you get the new touched one. Like how do you handle it like this person. You're only we won't work with. Yeah I mean I'm I'm very flattered anytime that happens. I encourage people to go out and see other artists as well because everyone bring doing something different to the table but yeah like if someone likes my work enough to come back to me Over and over again like that's fucking awesome so I'm obviously going to you my best to keep that person happy and bring their ideas to life the best that I can I try to work closely with my regular clients to make sure that they keep coming back. Doc Yeah same yes some people only come to you. Some people go to other artists. I'm never offended if somebody goes other people. I get tattooed by multiple artists. Choose to I think rose like it. That's what he's GonNa be touching. Well how do you get to choose. who who puts the work in your body and their style and then how their technicality? Apply it to the skin. Do you go do you go with your stance on black. This is what I want all know. Typically I give the artist creative freedom. I did though I mean. It's always great when somebody gives you artistic freedom like it's cool to have an idea but it's it's helps if somebody's like you can kind of put your spin on this if this is exactly what I wanted. Oh well how do you do like the photos. You someone that you kind of have to do you just but bought out. Work is a different kind of abstract. Right yeah look at it like if you give the artists more freedom with the piece. He said they're doing they're going to be doing more things that they like to do. And they're going to enjoy doing the the art more and maybe feel more inclined to do a better job at it doing something they don't WanNa do Just wanted to get it not speaking for myself. Because I think it's like your guide right wending your now sitting on on sky can be tough sometimes or just okay. I trust this person. I'll listen go to town. Trust is important. When you're going to an artist you kinda? I WANNA make sure that they've done their due diligence and they've like check out your our artwork. They're comfortable with your style and they know that you're gonna the create what is going to look the Best O.. J. But like have you have a in early on your career in started. Did you ever have a situation where actually no I'm GonNa ask you that Eve. What happens how you handle? Some of freaked out. Are you meted wrong line or something like you know what you WANNA do. Wasn't what happened for some reason season. How do you handle that? I mean that happens sometimes where somebody will like. pull away or jump and you kind of have to work with it applies. It doesn't happen often but oh and then the passengers. Oh we so now we twos. I didn't mean puzzle buddy. You can't put it out on I don't know if there's any areas that you can't put there's areas that we won't release it would depend if they were heavily tattooed. I would tattoo face but if somebody was like oh this is my first doe. Does the part of the body where etats who gets don does he have his significance of any kind. It depends on the person some placements can be more Thursday. I definitely like cultures and religions where people get tattoos and certain spots on the body that would have certain significance but for the most part like Where you place your Tattoo would be on preference? I would never people come in all the time. They're like should I get it here here like which one will hurt less and I tell people I don't place your Tattoo based on the pain level because he only have to do it once right so you should get your tattoo where you WanNa put it and just deal with whatever pain comes with it because then you have it for the rest of your life so worth it and how do you be. So we'll pull your booty poop would that's really just also a matter of preference. It depends what it is. Yeah Yeah how do you. That's from Lord of the Rings. Yeah very why would you decide was a story behind the meaning story. Oh Shit he goes to school. I'M GONNA put it on. Yeah I just saw. We spent a Lord of the Rings. Fan Okay Yeah. Oh Yeah we're like we're equally obsessed with Lord of the Rings. We actually the other day had the music from Lord of the rings playing in the shop. Oh man and we're okay so with the people you walkway quit way. Do you Cassia city known here. We saw him for hours and hours and do day sometimes do become like surpised in the way and where people are still you shoot. You don't want to hear like okay. Because I'm thinking of you are sending no oval hours and hours and then you're like. Oh Yeah it's painful. And then you kind of get into groove biology sues that and that's how I I. This thing happened to that. How do you handle that do like what do you do? I guess just kind of Ah be empathetic and yeah I mean like our goal is to create like more of a a healing space for a tattoo shop like I feel like a lot of people. We'll come in and they're really anxious and afraid. There's a lot of stigma against tattoo shops. But maybe not so much anymore. ooh essentially we want people to feel safe and comfortable to be themselves when they come into our shops. So I don't mind when people maybe confide haydn me over there stuff like obviously anything that's said to me is is completely confidential I might not be the best that giving advice but I'll do my best to just listen and in and be there for that person honestly sometimes Mosel. Those people just need to listen to them talk. Don't don't try to fix it. Just hear me say this is going to happen. I think Halifax is cool and we have a shit ton on stars who shops. Yeah how do you stand up. How do you make new mystic moon visit moon? The police I think for one year artwork should stand for sure and then again the environment. Like we Yeah it can be like therapeutic and spiritual experience getting tattooed so we just WanNa make sure. It's comfortable for people out of the time. Tattoo shops can be intimidating. There's or is allowed metal blaring and it's there's a lot going on not that there's anything wrong with metal but we like to have sort of a chill environment in there have the ambiance be welcoming soothing. Play a lot of meditation music which has gotten a lot of positive feedback so far allows people to really like relax in kind of get into the groove more of like a meditative state which makes the pain a lot easier as well especially if you're getting a larger piece. Oh Yeah and even think of that sort of smaller the better for pain right a name where you go. How do the ones on the back? The ones on the back like they can be painful. A lot of things The people don't consider about getting tattooed on the back is that it is mostly just ribs. True they're like spine or ribs aren't too bad but like the rest of it can definitely be pretty painful info. Do People Cry Sometime. Oh Shit okay. So Boma do people go to win something. I'm thinking I mean I watch eternity what I can this this show. Where is this to publish like who initially stupid so stupid? Show where you bring a friend and you get you blindfolded and then your friend designs to sue for you like to plead they. Obviously he's not going to be something sensible. Like is the stupidest who's ever I might have seen. This is a weird show like well. Here's the thing I don't know I I guess to artist. Just do it for the money because I don't know why you'd put that on somebody. I led the a person would take off the mask and indoor Afro style laughing I I would never talk to you again. Words like so the person Anatomy and the billable billboard magazine. Anyway that's a home visit borehole and then like the Bohol shouldn't shit on the person know. No one is really good work like the face. Looks like his friend has gained. Why would like how do you even? Yeah Yeah it is. I would never do that. Oh Yeah and you guys are. Oh really really. Active on Instagram wasn't instagram page. And Nadia Underscore Catherine minus underscore. Allie B. Yeah you guys lake. Your incident is not how do you handle it though. It's hard and I think it's probably one of the most difficult parts of the job job. Yeah can feel overwhelming definitely especially when you have a lot of unanswered messages in your inbox in but like the most important thing is just to make sure that you're posting regularly. I can be Kinda bad for that sometimes because I do feel easily over once every four weeks. We're we're she. Yeah I'm trying to get better up hosting every day. It kind of comes and goes depending on where I'm at in my life and Will the Turkish zone instagram. Or just you your personal thinking about it like we may do. We might eventually Royal Cantu that but hey do people reach out to you on instagram. Like I wanted to come to and stuff oh yeah okay and do just underway away will. Would you do well now. I've moved away from booking on instagram before I was booking like in the shop over the phone instagram email facebook and it was way too. Hugh much So now I've narrowed down to just only taking email bookings people do still message me on instagram. But I kinda just direct them to email me now do okay. Here's one I mean 'cause you're to female audience fine people and you look great and you instagram. Do Get people saying oh I want to talk to a navy deviates into something else basically heating on you. Yeah I mean. It doesn't happen often like sometimes if I post a picture or something some. He'll be like Nice picture. Let me me talk to you with this Tattoo. And then you're like sit apart. It's just they're just interested in the Tattoo. Now I want to end with this one for you and for your Ali What have you started missing owned on and on this journey what is on the path ahead? just I just want to constantly improve and I'd like to eventually Do some traveling and Tattoo at some other locations. I've never done that before Yeah there's some other career paths said like to Go onto yeah. The goal for me is pretty much the same like I just would like to keep growing and improving improving my skill. Try to reach as many people as possible. And ideally my boyfriend and I have this plan where we want to build a van and kind of travel around starting with Canada and then eventually the world but getting to a point in my career where I'm established enough that I can guess spot around at different shops. That would be amazing. That's the that's the dream. Well I mean if you ask you because I like I like how when you finish a welcome your Klein nine trade on this before we put out on the cop shows you put on. I saw it so personal and coaching. And so it's like Oh man if I ever did a wonderful tripled to do because I feel like a pot of family guy like that I like I really like that so I think he is and then if you went from I want to have a show to have a show now I mean. I can't wait to see what you GONNA do. Thank you thank you really excited and just so grateful for everyone. That's helped us along learned journey all of our amazing clients and the other people who have helped us along the way is Louie. We feel very blessed. Yes thank you for having us. Thank you so so much as you this is the blackout podcast. Thanks for listening.

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Sachchi Mohabbat. Rahsmi Joshi. IINK Podcasts. Episode 44

IINK Podcasts HI

03:17 min | 4 months ago

Sachchi Mohabbat. Rahsmi Joshi. IINK Podcasts. Episode 44

"Stay those little. Let us josie is lyndon day komo caper observations. Which those logical today it may not be adequately jenna jeter. Jelly is reality asleep. Hug get severely. Wounded knee emmy Kink osh maybe up. Lucy up nippy i give him meet up yonder medium. Bobby get many conceivable knocking on Donna junk those still Tip yakutia as good hugging me from such guppies johnny such guilt such byard 'senna giselle get mainly by them. Look at the ana cubby gizmo which sa turkey how might his near acuity so many degraded as he eats up yet. So my momma been ecclesiastical towel he matza koby missiles key honey Incubator ski you bog. Nobody will get money but it was the term yard some humble targeted often the such. You gotta say you're a map. Which economic save just beyond. It will sound hungry about this. It will judge gives just a champion mima when he blew him. He's a lot about damon. Be now pay. It's patil get also forcing minniti of covid taga dolan kassahun of and Just give him an oslo boulter lupus dakovica do any hutch of india decarlo there but he piazzi coffee but other homey the super hot cotton but when we do it could be brought the cubeys. Chevy hotel any so choppy cape on my mother. Tilley is lies ninety. I'm up name above yards about it. But i miss you sit there. I'm i'm barbara. Got nap obse him up hunting. Flame africa sandra. I'm getting busy on digital web. Him above but about the heading didn't kids get it. Walkaway joe mildly but spencer. Cardiac thank you.

jenna jeter Donna junk byard senna giselle matza koby nippy lyndon josie minniti dolan kassahun Lucy Bobby johnny Chevy hotel decarlo damon oslo Tilley india barbara
Alison C. Rollins and Latria Graham in Conversation

The Poetry Magazine Podcast

39:27 min | 8 months ago

Alison C. Rollins and Latria Graham in Conversation

"Do even a snake loses itself in its skin. It's life stroke peeled back in moulting song. A second me lies somewhere on the ground hallowed as the keta shells. I collected in the woods as a child. Welcome to the poetry magazine podcast. I'm holly amos. One of the magazines co editors when we asked what allston rollins who she wanted to speak with on the show today. She said trae graham. The two had never met though it turned out. Graham who's a journalist and fifth generation farmer living in south carolina was already a big fan of allison's poetry alison recently finished her first outdoor survival training program and part of her preparation was to read the trai's essays about the experience of being a black woman in the outdoors particularly the essay out there. Nobody can you scream. Which was published in last month's outdoor magazine and that s a la- trae describes a moment when right before leaving for the great smoky mountains. Her mother handed her the gun of her late. Father for protection and alison had a very similar experience. Her mother's first question. When hearing allison's desire to journey into the outdoors was how are you going to protect yourself. This moment of recognition led alison and literally together to talk about writing survival and as alison puts it black nature. Joy thank you. I don't know if you're familiar with the discovery. Channel show dual survival. But cody lun dean. Who's a famous co star of the show famous for going barefoot off it on the various tracks. He runs an aboriginal living skills school. And i signed up for the second hardest course that he offers which is called the ultimate abo- on the course what was labeled as contraband or items. We were not allowed to bring included cell phone computer any type of watch any form. Gps i slept under a juniper tree. Most nights would just to wool blankets. And this is your first time hearing this. But you co-signed at or i like to think gave me permission there at least gave me hope like you had gone and come out the other side and so i should journey out That they hit me so hard. I've just kind of sitting with it a little bit. Because that word permission just keeps like sticking with me in some ways might think it's partially as a black woman thinking about like as a woman thinking about permission and then as a black person knowing that our bodies have also been legislated and police and sort of corralled in a very intense tight way right. I literally have that line from the magazine. I know you're scared do it. Anyway i have a tattoo on my forearm. I never gonna ask readers to do something that i'm not willing to do myself and like i'm glad that it gave you permission and on the same idea of permission i when i was floored that a poet read my things because i'm often tired five. I heard that a journalist. But like i mean it will be often inspired by poetry. I'm often inspired by art. And so like poetry often gives me permission to play with words and form in a way linear fictions share Like being a journalist involves running into a burning house and documenting. And archiving what you can save but some people see that house in that. What's inside of it isn't worth saving or isn't were documenting or archiving and that's what i think is so important about what we do so i'm going to be that person and i am going to ask you if you're willing to applies to read how not to remember sir. Sure yeah so to contextualize it a bit more. I think you know. I don't come from formally trained journalism background. But i think in my work in librarian ship when i'm thinking about documentation or the authority that the archive has the communication of an archive to our current landscape or culture of what is valued like what is worth as you mentioned preserving grappling with in the john. Ross specifically a this book which is poetry for example like. I'm teaching a class right now. We're getting ready to start. Audrey lords zamin new spelling of my name which she defines as bio mythography and i think for many black people in the diaspora there. Whether you're an autobiography or biography or trying to document accurately memories our history. There's this myth. there's this folklore. there's this old story telling that gets folded in that is often sort of inseparable and Yeah i think this poem and how not to remember the notion that our minds cannot hold everything nor can our bodies but there are things our bodies and minds are storing that we would not like them to and things that we need to store that. There's no room for or there won't be room for. And so how do we grapple with those two realities. So i'm gonna. I'm not a. I'm not a german linguist but the poem has German in in terms of a true fat of my mom eating a bratwurst. Right before she gave birth to be. But i'll read the poem. It's called how not to remember. I don't remember that happening. I mean. I never did that. Did you. just make that up says the mother to the daughter. This whole family is imagined to begin with. Let's try to make believe with our hands. Work the lies into a paste like consistency coat. The eyelids with the residue of denial fabricated means cuts from the same cloth. As your father. Falsify calcified bones in the belly of an imposter in hard times. We rely on the promise of things to come. Have your way with me. Truth said in surrender. Memory hastily soiled trousers. I watched my stepmother empty. The prayer beads of pomegranate into a tupperware container for my father. I was offered a few just to try to practice swallowing. Requests for god undressed of his leathery redskin. I had heard they were good for liver health rich in antioxidants. They sometimes call them jewels of winter. Funny how that summer. My dad develops cancer. My mother likes to tell the story of how she ate a brought. Worst right before. I was born. Ahler gun issoire translates to. All beginnings are hard. When i was teething she would glide her finger against the inside of my mouth rubbing my back molars gently with oil of clove. She did this to naturally make the aching stop. She does it now again. This time with feeling your fucking what time in this one and you are really like. You're messing with me. You're moving with time. You're messing with this entire construct of history. The now i've done this one eighty ninety degrees his sort of switched again. I'm completely facing the other direction. Now and i just think that's so cool. Thank you yeah. Time is another thing. I think black folk. I mean we. The notion of linear time of being born and moving in natural quote unquote process towards a natural quote unquote. Death later in life is our. It's so distorted for us. We experienced social deaths every day. We experience all types of losses and grieving on the cellular mental. Let like every day. And so when i think about toni. Morrison's worker worth playing with time travel. All the way like octavia butler. Wouldn't be more speculative but like this notion of time as more of a circle and not align starting somewhere in moving towards something else. I think is more realistic. And also i don't know if you've if you've ever had when you spent time in nature people describing are thinking of it as like a near death experience or if you've ever had something go wrong in nature where it's just like oh lee was out there about like it leg. There's this notion that if you hike the mountain or you do cross the river and you fall or that you've put yourself in a experience that has made you closer to death or near death. what. I'm always grappling with in. My work is like what does it mean to have a body that always creates that like accelerates that proximity or raises it at all times so like i live in colorado springs now and it's like i don't know like would i take a walk in my neighborhood. I'm not sure what's going to your reading everything. Not just by not just a stream not just the mountainous landscape. But you're constantly having to read every one everywhere including yourself and so distorts time. Like i think it really like time ben's time circles or time does these other things that aren't so straightforward right. I black people. People of color in this country have had to study whiteness in a way that a lot of folks do not understand. We are reading human behavior because we have to be chameleons in order to survive right. We have to see what sort of person we are being a faced with what we need to do whether it's make ourselves small make ourselves big friendly ourselves. Whatever an order to survive this encounter and so when you were talking about time being circular instead of linear. That was really interesting to me because it is always thinking about time. I'm always thinking about doing the right in out there. Nobody can hear you scream when i talk about being in some of these scary situations and go to these rural places by myself. Because i'm always by myself on assignment. I'm trying to figure out how many yards long a driveway is if i need help. I'm trying to figure out how many miles ago last gas station was in case i have to wash sure. Yeah that integral calculus that sometimes other people don't have to do and you know sometimes i realize i'm so tired because i'm always running the math. Everything about my existence that has to be observed by other people has to go through a screening process based on what i think. Society desires of me in order to survive and they exhausted some of it. I'm bumping up against some of it. I'm writing back against some of it. I just don't care anymore right like a blue hair like i am from. I call my family the southern baptist convention because they're so and i love them but they are so intensely religious and to that in very judgmental and traditional and when you bring a man home you bring out the good crystal and nobody eats on paper plates. The rigid hetero normative non pants wearing society. Well and here i am. I'm fat. i'm queer. I got blue hair. I have tattooed my family because of the pandemic. they've not seen the hair. I see the hands. Nazi the head coach or the hair. And i i love one of my odds. But she's gonna do a double take you know like she's gonna go pull out her. You know anointing oil and it's going to be like out how we're gonna get these off of you but we're gonna that that sort of staying You know i wrote out there. Nobody can hear you scream. Because i saw how devastated my fellow explorer. Friends were by having to do that. Type of may also time like to say oh black. People don't can't black people don't hike and like we do you just don't know where to look for us or you have rendered us invisible so i'm writing back against that. I'm trying to prove to white people through statistics through baldwin richard wright resort. Neil hurston all these like pulling all literary great you know and putting them in a blender and trying to make it beautiful and shellacking my own personal experience over the top to say that we are doing these things but because of the way us you have no idea where to look at. You know i talk about this idea that you deserve joy and adventure and curiosity. I'm trying to say things to people that are not often heard so. Yeah i don't know but this idea. And i'm going to find it because it was the home with the cicadas in it. When you were talking about dying a number of deaths over and over again is it. The water one. Okay sorry. I took so many notes. But i didn't do a very good job. I think This getting ghost. Alive has the cicadas shells. Yes that's it okay. That's second half of this. Or maybe you consider the third half or the third her not third as the third section With read that. I kinda wanna hear how you say it so with how i read it. Yeah yeah so. This is the i guess. The third stands of skinning ghost even a snake loses itself in its skin. It's life's throat peeled back in moulting song. A second me lies somewhere on the ground. Hallowed as the cicadas shells. I collected in the woods as a child knowing then that the anatomy of loss was worth picking if only to acknowledge that something has shed and not died. Something brown as me has left. Its skeleton behind more intact than broken as if to say we are living and dying just the same. This is why we are so homesick. Why we haul ourselves in shadows. Yeah i think for this piece. I remember distinctly as a kid collecting cicadas shells and thinking. They were so cool like this. These little brown kind of honestly. Kind of speculative alien like shelf eggs that i just wanted to keep and i think i've always struggled with. I wasn't raised in the south. I was raised in the mid west. I was raised in saint louis missouri and so while we have the missouri compromise so we have these particular ties to a type of arguably southern sensibility. It wasn't the south. But then i also wasn't from chicago or detroit or so. I always felt really like this natural faker. Like we would go on road trips to alabama tennessee and i would remember like walking into the steak and shake on the side of the road and all the heads turning or i would know when i got to the south when sweet. He showed up on the menu and i would be like so yes. You get to give sweet tea and boiled peanuts because we had this. But that wasn't really my experience especially also granted in a very catholic city. So i was steeped in catholicism. Which when i got to college at howard university in washington dc. My classmates were like black. People aren't catholic. like what. where are you calling. So that was that. Was this other type of weird ushering. Or because i would spend summers on my paternal grandparents farm in maywood missouri and then my two cousins would come from the suburbs of chicago and they're biracial. Their fathers. my uncle and their mother is a white jewish woman. So i hang out at their house eating matza doing again like these black biracial jewish kids. Uh us from st louis. And we just geek. I remember my first time seeing praying mantis mind-blowing blood. You're just out here in the woods. Just having an. And i think about your notions of the type of conservatism. Though that can sometimes be my male cousins road the tractor went into town or did certain activities and then i would sit with my grandmother and her i think she called her she shed so this non air conditioned no fans shed hot as hell playing checkers or snapping green beans or making lemonade for the guys like doing domestic tax. Which i actually really enjoy it. Like i think of queer also i like i like making meals making things as its lexical creative independent person. I want to be. But i was curious. I wanna he like. There are certain elements of like black nature. Joy that sometimes we don't get to hear because it's such a focus on the fear factor or these elements outside of our control. But i remember as a child when we would turn onto the property of the farm acres of the farm. You would hear the distinct shift from paved roads to gravel rocks under the cars. And i remember that sound being so comfort like dislike. The crunching under the tires was like we're getting closer to the far and it was just this very magical magical magical place where these magical things happens that were it amazes me how they appear in my work later like you're not really sure what your body's kind of intaking but how it really shapes what it is. That's happening the creative mind at such a young age. But i'm curious. You mentioned cantaloupes in your essay and i'm a big fruit like any type of fruit. I'm down for. But i remember my grandmother loved cutting the cantaloupe the seeds out and then putting vanilla ice cream in it which was never really never vijay. I've that's so interesting. I've heard of this. That's new to me. I've never heard of in. Look sunday making it like sherbert. Like also this idea of black nature. Joy is something that like. I don't get to talk about i. I did one story on black joy this year for outdoor retailer magazine. It was all about like why black people are interested in getting outside and why they love it is. We are often brought in to talk about being diversity and inclusion. But like you rarely ever get to talk about black friendship black joy black users ray. Dreams what we want for ourselves. Martin luther king as often forced to speak for all of us in that way. because it's a very palatable expected idea dreaming and freedom right. they know what to do with that. because he's dead but yet black nature joy especially when you stumble upon something in the woods. My favorite thing in the entire world are the yellow plums that i write about in a dream uprooted when i talk about walking the farm okay. I don't know if i've tried a yellow plum. It's sweet and less acidic and you rarely ever find them anymore. Because i think they spoil very quickly like it's not something you can the tree and like you know take to market. Because they're they bruise easily and they don't say it's something you really do have to get from from the tree and kind of eat the men. But it's a very time sensitive saying squash. Blossoms are my favorite thing about summer. And i do this little recipe where like grind up shrimp with lemongrass ginger in the deep fry them but like you can get squash blossoms four days or something like that you know. I was just like even with everything that happened this year. I realized it was the last week for a squash blossoms and i was like black trauma. Be damned. i will not miss slash wassim week. And i went to find some. There's this little like ritual and marking of time. Sometimes that happens that i find is very grounding and in ways it's resistance because they're always expecting us to be scared or be ashamed of the fact that we tilled soil and we understand how things were like. I'd say now and i'm proud of it. I paid for dartmouth and watermelons and okra. That's what it was. That's how i learned to make money to pay for my books. And things like that. But was only i was very ashamed of because i'm not a collegiate ever and it made me very different from the people that i was around right. My family had his farm. And whenever i needed money you know. My dad's idea was not just to give it to me. Was to make me work for right so i would raise hogs and we would pick grid and we would plant watermelons and things and everything i made. He would match him. You know everybody else. Their parents to be a doctor a lawyer or a human rights activist in all of those things. And yeah i just. I really sorta with that but now when i think about being outside i'm not necessarily having to monetarily. Get things from the land right. Sometimes i get a sunrise. Sometimes i get birdsongs moore. Shows me whenever. I'm in some of these spaces and doing the work that it may be hard. But it's worth right and i'm sure you've had experiences. Yeah and i'm thinking in terms of You're mentioning of costs like price and cost in. Because i think you know my dad having grown up in this rural environment growing up in quincy illinois. He went to university of chicago and so for him again. Like the the procedures institution the goal is always to get away from the agricultural rural humble quote unquote beginnings inspire in social or upward mobility towards this other thing. And that's how you measure success right so like you're the you are kind of but i'm wondering you know the irony of it is. I spent a lot of money on my gear like this survival course. I did cost thousands of dollars. The course and then i was at rei every week. Try to get the shoes and the backpack and the we weren't even allowed to have ten so ten. But you know all the little gear the wyking water repellent and it was expensive. And i'm just like it costs ale lot to be in nature and then be once you get in nature i was humbled by how ignorant i mean if left to my own devices to try to five food and this is in the south west so it's like in arizona we had missed like the mesquite pods see. We were talking about the prickly pear fruit on the cat that we had missed all the seasons. So it's terrifying. When you're like. I can go into the grocery store at any time in the united states and get a banana or whatever i i mean for the most part even in the midst of a pandemic but to be in rural arizona and to be like i. We cattails what night was like. Our dinner was pulling the cat tales from the river and then over the coals. Eating the whites kind of roots bottom of the cat tail off lake the wisdom the wealth of experiential working knowledge that agricultural fokker people. Just in more wholesome communion with nature have is so we really don't think about the value. I'll say like another of that knowledge and it's only when we've sadly kind of deprive like it's weird like even did notion of the recent the forest fires proliferation of fires and i was reading an article a horrified by the fact that one was started as a gender reveal party. But then the flip side of that that we've I guess people battling are in these careers have looked to indigenous ways of managing fires. That have been done for hundreds of like you. Then go back to the source. The weird ironic i think for people on the margins constant circling of the devaluing of knowledge. And the revaluing of the once we've lost control or once we no longer have a say is also like a my. It's mine too. I'm at dartmouth trying to do something with my life right. That's legible to the people that i love. Having to be ashamed of where i see. You're always kind of having this out of body experience like that's really powerful like an how to like. I'm paying for this text book with a product that we eat. We all have to eat period point blank and then having to grapple later in life with this return to the like how can i carve a life away to provide for by self a career. That doesn't have to divorce itself from this relationship. And this legacy. Yes and something that i wanted to talk to you about the path of totality. This idea you have. At the end of the path of totality. All religion is art. Art is paint suffered an outlet and being black queer women in this country and talking about joy an expectation. Do you still particularly after this year. Find that true or are there shades of meaning in that in this poem that i still haven't puzzled out yet. Yeah i don't have any answers literature. I i don't have the answers but yeah off the poet. Robert hayden michigan native. Actually another mid west stor in his poem. The tattooed man has the like our art is pain suffered outlived. And i i don't. I'm still grappling with that and i'm grappling with the relationship to nature. Also like you suck you go to a seven mile hike and then you do a seven mile. The have a quality experience or have a meaningful experience requires pain and it requires you to come out on the other side of that pain and kind of spin it or wiebe into something aesthetically beautiful and i believe it. But i yeah. That's the hard thing. Like and even as an educator how not to romanticize suffering right how not to tell my studio. The poems only good if it's painful or like warriors the tension or where's the trauma right to continue to live let alone aspire to thrive as a marginalized person. What does that mean. And what does my audience. What i think often sometimes our audiences especially if we're speaking to people outside of our subjects and they're not as interested in just the black nature joy if we can quit like they're kind of more interested in the traumatic or in the the painful. I don't want to always draw from our start for my pain. But yet it emerges and i do make beautiful images and things from it so i don't know i don't have yet the answer to to that i wish i did. You're this fascinating blend of religion. Summit culture take him that we saw as summit culture. Where you like where you have to suffer to see things beautiful. You're doing it for the graham. You're doing it for the views right. Okay the suffering coming out of a beautiful. That is the worse way to sell black people. Anything like they're gonna suffer for it but you'll have this picture though still drag your phone like what because there's an i'm writing about a sit and i know a lot of other black nature. Writers are writing back against this idea of conquest. Right hackley out of bending nature to your will nature bats last a lot of people because they don't get that part it's true it's true and we're just ants in the natural landscape. We as human beings are i. I'm not going to beat the sun. I'm not yeah when you're talking about sort of that tension and and trauma. I think we all learn about you. Know artists being so driven by mental illness that they create something beautiful and like really trying to baton that down for folks. Because i'm like had. Not right. I could be your existence right. I don't know. I think it's tough. And so i just really struggled with the path of totality so much that it got a green post it note instead of the traditional yellow note in my marking. The book don't think. I don't think that's by accident. That was actually based on I returned to the high school that i graduated from the catholic. All girls high school to be a librarian and i eventually started teaching english there and on this was the eclipse that we are those less than five years ago. Armand so we all went outside to the lacrosse field. And we had on the eclipse glasses and this was when president trump was at some point saying he didn't need to wear the glasses because it was. I don't know. God will save your eyes or optometrists or making it up that you need the glasses to preserve your help so it was this really surreal experience of being as an adult working at the highest. I attended with other students watching the moon. Pass over the having this kind of like experience. All wearing these kind of scifi eclipse glasses outside on the grass. Yes so this was that the poem was kind of reflecting so the second stanza of the path of totality is that day. I wrote a poem about god as the moon slipped between the earth and the sun the world wet dim. I felt nothing as my hair is silently. Burned site sacrificed in my chasing after starlight. A blind poet takes up the pen in the same way. The son eats fire. Self destruction of form of craft in illustration what a stanza can withstand all. Religion is art. Art is pain suffered and outlived own. Yeah and again. I wish i had answers right. The guy i remember just being the kid that was like why do bad things happen to good people asking the nuns liked like. Yeah yes we're going to be best friends literally just so you can descend you buy. Sa working on it which i talk about bear strategy in relationship to quietest so though and touches me my especially like this has been a hard week. This has been a hard year hard day. I don't even know what development. Oh my god. Listen i just insurance is blitz i. I'm hesitant to leave the space and go back to the real world so as as your resident thing girl. I would really love to hear you read quartet for the end of source so this poem after tsa elliott's four quartets quartet for the end of time one. If you play me then you play yourself. That was all the dead needed to say to get the better of time. We got better with time. I left my body and took on the look of a man. I made him an honest woman. A diagram of this sentence builds a structure made from wind. Inside of that house is a box inside. The box is the head of a goat inside the goat. A nice quiet song. The blade of desire is the silver in my teeth. My mouth has a ring to it too. I will take you now to afterlife. Kitchen where the salty girls cured meats with their tears. Only through time is time conquered com. Correct come prepared to sit at the table of contents. We bow our heads. Count our blessings. Like little pigs while the kingfisher waits for a shaft of sun sprint said the bird for the foothills of truth stop. Stop stop the bird. There is mischief afoot. Then we sat an eight with our hands and entire field of wild time when asked to choose a hill to die on to kill the bird to reconcile our pain. We made the stars into a bear. Myth made all the difference. Three if your wrist holds a five nailed star clock the t who can open the door tonight and not see themselves in black. Not i for thousands of years. I have sat on a milk crate stationed at the crossroads. I sing bom bom bom bom bone. I don a yellow jacket and fox gloves to push out the sun. The morning is such a production. A ghost aghast at the sound of singe a crowns not a fire there is no sense to be had in the country of are making this language. A garden of strain no limit soldiers. We march to the drum of empty cups and if a spoon fell a woman was cursed four. When i was sold down the river god set down his book in the shape of a tent that day i was born again. My limbs american letters the stairway to heaven is yellow bones. Legs antiques in their quadruple. Rust at the gates. Eternity a lawn jockey. Grins wide as the science of mercy in his hands. A badminton racket. He swats and we see how they run. How crickets gallup in the dark. Like horse flies. Heaven is a thousand chandeliers every crystal a single body. Each head a grisly sparkle a big thing to alison rollins and la brea. Graham allison c. Rollins is a twenty nineteen national endowment for the arts literature fellow an a twenty twenty recipient of a pushcart prize. She's also the lead teaching and learning rain for colorado college with a non to boras fascination with libraries. Her debut poetry collection library of small catastrophes is out now from copper canyon press. You can read the last poem you heard today for tight for the end of time in the november twenty twenty issue of a tree or online at poetry magazine dot org. We'll trae grams. Writing interests revolve around the dynamics of race gender norms class nerd culture and yes football ball. You can read the essays talked about in this episode including out there. Nobody can hear you scream online outside magazine and also on the tray. Graham dot com the poetry magazine. Podcast is produced by rachel james. The music in this episode came from reservoir an erasable entanglements. All these songs were released by the chicago born record label international anthem. We'd love to know what you think of the new season you can get in touch a number of ways rate interview on apple podcast which is super nice because it helps other people find the show you can also email us at podcast at poetry. Dacian dot org also. Hey are you thinking of buying someone. A book for the holidays. Have you considered giving them one book every month frontier year. If so we've got you covered for a limited time. You can buy one subscription to poetry magazine and gift one free. That's to subscriptions for the price of one. Give the gift of poetry today by going to poetry magazine dot org slash podcast holiday. That's poetry magazine dot org slash podcast holiday. Okay that's it until next time. Be well stay safe and thank you for listening. Mississippi holy hill south carolina. A ain't nothing but a tombstone for five can save the nights.

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Sandokai -Dharma Seminar -Talk 1

Everyday Zen Podcast

48:31 min | 4 months ago

Sandokai -Dharma Seminar -Talk 1

"I think that turned out to be a slightly different translation. Was it a little bit different. I'll see if i can get that one for myself for next week. We chat thank you. There are many many versions many translations and center. We chanted different versions over different times so sun okhai in japanese english merging of difference in unity sameness of difference in unity quality of difference and sameness harmony of difference inequality in many different ways of putting it in english. And it's a really important text in soto zen. Maybe it is kind of like the soto zen theme song and as i said it's in the san francisco zen center suitor book. And we find it in. Also soto zan sutra books. It's often in some places where you have. You know daily services several times a day. It's check every day or at least several times a week. And as i say it's mostly associated chinese buddhist text but it's mostly associated with our sotos lineage and is written by one of the zen ancestors in our lineage from his name is seco- key sen in the japanese reading of it or sure dough cheeks one one in in chinese. In sodas zen temples. We don't do this at every day. But in sodas and temples it's very typical every day and morning service to chant the whole lineage of all the teachers from shock you muni buddha. Usually we end with kay's on who has couple of generations after dorgan and so in china that lineage. Every day you would chant the name shootout. She cheech one so you. His name would be quite familiar to you. He's the dharma grandson of digest on. Who is a very famous sixth ancestor of zen. So in in studying this short tax that was the whole thing that we chanted long and channing in studying it. We're going to look at two commentaries in english. One by suzuki roshii branching streams flow in the darkness that ended in shape together from superhero. She talks on the sun. Okay by michael winger and a melrose weizman our teacher and we're going to also look at a briefer commentary in show hawk okamura's book living by vow book. We've studied before a great book because it talks about all the typical texts that we chant in soto zen so in talking about various also talks about the son dodi and also there are a number of talks on the sun on every day in website. There are talks from two thousand ten two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen. Some of the talks parts of them are transcribed so sometimes it can be much. Listen to talk. Some people don't like to listen so much that you can read the transcripts that helps most of the talks are by me but some of them by one by sue. I think in one by jeff so we studied sound repeatedly right. I mean these great an important texts. You don't wanna forget about him right. Like oh i did that already know you keep coming back and every time you come back you learn something different. Something new sometimes. It's surprising how little you saw last time. And how much more you see this time so we would bring up son dodi periodically anyway but this time a particular reason why i wanted to bring it up now. I think that we've been sort of woven through our diamond discussions over this last period of time. I don't know how long we've been thinking about the political and social fragmentation going on in our country all the resentment and battling over seemingly trivial things and important things to and it's been going on for a while especially in the last number of years but long before that and then since the last time i saw you we had two more mass shootings the one before this last one in colorado was in atlanta as you know and that one was involving racial violence racial prejudice against this time. Asian american women which was really really sad really hard to take. I think when you keep practicing over a long time you know you kind of appreciate that. We're practicing in asia tradition. And somehow the feeling for the asian way of looking at the world kind of gets into your bones and of course over the years you have many asian teachers and friends and fellow practitioners. So a shooting in atlanta was very close to our hearts but before that happened. You know we were all as far back as the shooting of trayvon martin during the time that barack obama was president and of course before that too but that one really got our attention was upsetting and numerous police killings since down i think we have been collectively becoming more and more awake to the pervasiveness of racism in our nation and in our world. All around us. I don't think anybody thought there was no racism. But i think many of us had not noticed how much there is even though the people who have been victims of this racism all along have noticed perfectly. Well those of us who have not been so victimized maybe weren't paying attention and these discussions about racial prejudice and the consequences of it are really difficult and they always of course are one-sided you know you're speaking from your side and you know now. The conversation is very much raising up the side that has been ignored as it should. But this makes very hard on a lot of people because people end up feeling somehow blamed and so they want to deny all this or obscure it or say it's not important or it's overblown and then they also say they're not wrong about this are they. And you know what we've suffered too after. All we also need justice so the whole thing creates a tremendous amount of division and controversy and emotions get stirred up and it's really a wonderful thing as far as i'm concerned i don't know what you think but i think it's a wonderful thing that the main emotions stirrer who was on the center stage for four whole years long years is no longer on the center stage and that sort of makes things a little bit better but not really because we're certainly not out of the woods on that and we can't say that our former president created all this so we're talking for all this time differences differences that were previously buried under what was probably a false container of sameness. We're all human. We're all americans end of story but actually know some of us are women whose experiences of discrimination need to be noticed. And we've seen a big movement around that too right and we see it now again in the adventures of the governor of new york. Some of us are or or gender. Non binary in are suffering has been swept under the rug or hid in the closet. Maybe we're a black or asian hispanic and on and on transgender so many differences that have been painful ignored for a long time. That are now coming to light and they should come to light but at the same time. Is it still true. Anyway that we're all humans but if you say that it sounds like you're saying i want to ignore all these differences it's upsetting to confusing and of course it depends on who is saying when i say we are all humans dozen this usually mean or mostly used to me when white men said it. We're all human meaning. We're all basically white male. Humans that is those who really count as humans and there are other ways of being human. Yes but they don't count as much so this is a big deal right this question of sameness and difference and the okay is about the harmony where the merging of sameness in different of course the sun dog is in talking about uh social resentment or racial discrimination. It's talking about spiritual matters at some depth but when you think about it in fact it does apply to our social situation in the end you know they come down to the same way of understanding so we are challenged now the figure out how to acknowledge and accept and really see all these very painful differences and at the same time not to lose track of our unity or not to use unity as a cover or an excuse for our lack of empathy and understanding and also we have to find a way to be in this conversation truly and really without being emotionally whipsawed by all that we're experiencing so i've been. This is something that i committed myself to not forgetting about. It would be easy to forget about it. Plenty of stuff to talk about in the dharma and never mentioned any of this. But i've committed myself just personally to not forgetting about it. And so you've heard me in different ways. You know talking about stuff like this from time to time. And that's why. I want to bring up son. Okay again right now because it is about a way of understanding that really can help us to feel our way through this moment and then if we have a good way of holding it in our own hearts maybe by our words and by our conduct we can help others also to see their way through so as we study the poem. I'm not gonna talk about this whole lot directly. I will talk about teaching in the poem. More or less on its own terms traditionally but in this initial meeting. I wanted to understand what's behind this and why i'm bringing up now and maybe we can all keep this each in our own way in the back of our own minds as we study and yes it probably will come directly from time to time as we talk about it together so in mytalk tonight. I want to introduce sure though to say a little something about the author of the poem about the title of the poem in the first lines. That's my job for tonight. So when she was alive. I think something like i forget. Noise dates but i think Ninth century eighth ninth century. He was not famous. Zen master i think but because of later developments he became really important. And it's a funny thing about history. Which i often think about. Everything is really important right and everything is really great but most things have forgotten right. They're they're not part of history even though they're really important and really great but in any present moment you need a certain past that helps you cope with the present moment. You're living in so we're always looking back and declaring this or that to be an important piece of so in this sense. History is a big fake. Really i think because probably so much that ought to be remembered is forgotten and there's probably a lot of stuff that is eternally remembered in history that we would be better off if we did forget it so i don't know about history dubious anyway because of what happened later became very important as a sixth ancestor and from him come. All the branches of zen one branch comes from shadow in that branches. Our branch should more or less become soto's and and the other one comes from the great matsu and more or less to make a long rather complicated story short the ruins i branch which these are the two surviving schools mostly in japan and other places in asia comes from moscow and these two teachers were actually contemporaries and they live far apart from each other but people said at least later they said that these were the two guys that you should visit one over here and went over there. A lot of times people did students did go from one to the other so if you read the commentaries of show hawk okamura insecure. Oh she they go into detail about the various schools and so on there were several of them not just to but for our purposes. We're not historians in care that much just simply to know that should oh one of our great ancestors ensure does name means stone had because they say he used to practice and sleep on a big rock and some of you may know that we have our own stone head. Did you know that every day and has a stone head that's andrea andrea name is stone had but not because andrea practices on iraq sleeps on iraq. At least as far as i'm aware she doesn't but it's because yaakob are great. Jewish ancestor slept on iraq for a pillow which caused him to dream. Angels going up and down a ladder from heaven to earth so we have our own secto should. Oh so. I'm going to just give you a quickly a few stories. That michael winger tells in his introduction about shadow. So i'm quoting for michael's book michael in mel's book suzuki row. She's book fourteen. Someone comes to him and says. I understand the scriptural teachings buddhism but i hear that in the south zen practitioners directly point to the human mind they see their natures and become buddhist. And this is not clear to me. I humbly ask you to explain it. And seco- explained in the following way this way will do and not. This won't do in both this way and not this way won't do how about you was dumbfounded by this answer. And seki toe said you should go and see bosso which is matsu the other teacher far away that i mentioned matsu so he did in the asked mark through the same question in lots of said. Sometimes i make him raise his eyebrows and blink sometimes do not make him raise his eyebrows and blink sometimes raising the eyebrows and blinking is all right and sometimes raising the eyebrows and blinky is not all right. How about you and on these words. Jaka son finally got the point and he was awakened made abou- matza said what what have you seen that made you buy like that and son replied with a line that we always repeat every year in our she so ceremony secretario. I mean yucca. San replied when i was with shadow i was a mosquito biting an iron bowl and then matsuo said since you realize the truth you must guard it well but still your teacher is should though so he sent him back to sure does. And that's how come yuccas on is the in our lineage. After shoot up another time these same two sure. Though and jaka son had dialogue one day and seco- or sure though asked him what are you doing and jaka sunset nothing. I'm not doing anything at all and sexy so said well. In that case you're just wasting time said. If i were wasting time i would be doing something consecutive said. You say you're not doing anything. what is this doing. Yoga san said not even ten thousand sages. No so that just a few stories to give you a little flavor of sure dome so son dodi as we've mentioned before when we studied poems like it is a typical style is written in a typical style in ancient spiritual writing in asia to give complex spiritual discourse in the form of an elegant brief relatively brief poem. You can pack in a lot of technical and complex teachings in shorthand form. It's almost like the poem. Is lecture notes so you could memorize the poem. In memorizing the palm you would be memorizing referring to many many teachings that the poem would remind you and if you were a lecturer you could then use the poem as your lecture notes. Kind of like what. I'm doing right. It's easy what am i supposed to say this time. Oh i'll just the next few lines of the poem very good technique for people who lecture buddhist things have these lists short poems so the title made up of three characters. Son doll kyw in japanese. His pretty well explained by show hakko insecure kyoshi in slightly different ways. Sometimes i say some assert something like this is really true in a dharma talk and then later i think about it. I say really. Is that really true. What i said so one. I don't know if you remember this but it one recent dharma talk. You probably don't remember there are maybe you do because i say this all the time i said the thing about improvements is that it's not a matter of belief or faith who can deny is undeniable. But they later. I thought well actually no actually great sages and philosophers all over the world have regularly denied in permanence. Plato just took it as an obvious fact that this impermanent world of all this stuff coming and going so imperfectly and falling apart all the time and disappearing this constant flux this could not possibly be the real world of course not there must be a world of permanence impurity behind this flux and that was the job of philosophy to buy contemplation and reason discover this world of permanence and share it and don't religions typically do the same thing this corrupt world of coming and going and gain and loss god created this world as veil of tears god who is permanent and unchangeable by definition and through faith and belief in good works and whatever it is we do we will get in touch with god and eventually when we die we will go to the kingdom of heaven which is not a place of flux and change. It is eternal and we'll be sitting there with the angels unless of course we go to the other place which is very nasty but it to is turtle so in a way buddhism might be one way of looking at it is that buddhism is unique and radical in not proposing that there is another eternal world but there is only impermanent so one way to think of sun the first character of title sundo kai is that son is the world of things that come and go the world that flux and permanence and imperfection this very difficult world of some sarah in which things appear and disappear and really and truly life is basically eventually always loss. And that's why it's a suffering world everywhere. You look suffering. So that's son the evanescent particularity of all things each thing completely different from each other thing every thought every blade of grass every person every moment of time different and disappearing that's son the passing world of phenomena and though is the opposite of this dough is the kingdom of god. plato's forms the world of absolute permanent sameness inequality in which there are no actual differences and nothing changes passes away. Maybe you could say that. The world though in buddhism is like nirvana the obliteration. The coming to final rest of some sarah and these two opposite concepts of course are there in buddhism from beginning. So i'm sarah in nevada. Its negation later in my own. A buddhism they morphed in a sense into form an emptiness which may be another way of understanding. Some sarah in there all right. Things seemed to come and go painfully but in reality they're empty so they don't come and go really at all so everything is some sarah but everything is empty so everything is nevada. The heart sutra. When you think about it is also about sunda. Form is emptiness emptiness is form. That's already son. Okay because the kyw part sun though car chi part the third character means unity or merging or identity. It means that sun indo our car. They are the same thing in fact even though we don't think so for reasons emptiness is form and we are all each of us different. Each various group of us is different. But maybe not intrinsically different. We're different because of our conditioning. Our history the accidents of our birth and yet at the same time. We are also really and truly all the same in these two opposite. Facts are not only both true at the same time they completely depend on one another. They produce one another. They are one another. There really isn't any difference without sameness in the really isn't any sameness without difference. Men and women depend on each other without women. No men without men no women in all the various peoples in groups of people all over the world absolutely depend on one another the chinese before buddhism also had a concept like this in fact the son away actually merges buddhist concepts with these pre existing chinese concepts called phenomena english version would be phenomena and principal. Something like that phenomenon. Being signed principle being dough g and rian chinese is phenomena things re is the principal the same. This shot through things. If this seems a little abstract consider this one way in which nothing is different from anything else is that things exist right things. Exist you exist. i exist. Blade of grass exists cloud exists in this fundamental characteristic of existence. Makes us all pretty much the same because something. That doesn't exist is really different from something that does i mean it could be that we don't exist theoretically but we do an existing in being at. Aw we share the same joys and sorrows we understand the same things that every other existing thing does even a stone and it's thanks to that that it's possible for me to be me and you to be you. And that is sandro. By show hakko and sukey she both give wonderful discussions of the character. Kyw shocker says the word comes from an ancient word that means tally plaque that merchants would use in making transition transactions. They've been right down on the plaque. What one person's going to provide and what the other person's gonna provide and then they would break the plaque at half and each one would take their half and then when they came together to complete the transaction they would put the plan together and the deal would be consummated one side. The other side joined complete one complete transaction this side that side one transaction but get rosia. She says that guy is like a handshake. Handshake is an interesting thing to write. A handshake is a single thing. A singular noun a handshake. But it's made up of two hands. Joined one. Handshake requires two hands so a handshake is a friendly gesture. It's a warm gesture. It also happens to be the gesture that you often employ. When you're making an agreement with someone let's shake on it so you shake on it so in both metaphors. We have the idea of accord or agreement between two things which come together as one. And it's funny that zan. It's so typical to use metaphors like this worldly metaphors like business transactions to talk about profound spiritual truths as you know the word cohen which is famous in san is actually comes from illegal world. It means like a court case a precedent in a court case. I think we really really deeply feel zan. That are there is a spiritual practice in san. It's just regular life as it is. And so i think to make that point. We like to use metaphors not so high flown fancy but just regular life metaphors. Okay so i get to the opening words of the text. The mind as a great sage of india has been intimately communicated between east and west so here in discussing the text. I'm probably going to mostly use the translation of as it's found in branching streams because those are the words that security is using when he discusses the text. I suppose you get different aspects. Depending on the english translation every translation makes decisions about meaning. But anyway the words we have here are. The mind is a great. Sage of india has been intimately communicated between east and west. So the first line says all right. The great sage. India of course is the buddha. Buddha mind is intimately communicated the mind of the great sage of india is intimately communicated very mind the buddha the minded the buddha not the ideas are not the words of the buddha not the doctrines of the buddha methodologies of the buddha not the traditions of the booth enough the rituals of the buddha the actual mind of the buddha is communicated or so it says so. Then we have to ask well. Okay i knew what words are. I know what doctrines are i know. What ideas are i know. What rituals are. I'm not so sure i know exactly what mind is. How could you communicate a mind. I have no idea what is a mind. you know. it's a word we have. I don't know what it means consciousness. Okay what's that consciousness. We think of rather vaguely not physical not the body but really is that really right in buddhism. It's actually not right. Because buddhism physical matter and consciousness. Do not fundamentally differ. Buddhism does not have a classical mahdi body mind split like you have in western thought because buddhism didn't never thought that mind and body were fundamentally different. So maybe you can't say mind without body anyway. How we our body mind. You know everything we see. We see based on our being body mine. So how are we going to get outside of body. Mind to be able to tell. What mind is i mean. We can take a human body as some of you who are physicians. No and you can open it up and you can find all the different parts of it and they'll be there just like it says in the book so yeah you could find out something about the body but the mind well you can dissect the brain but is the brain the mind. I don't think the brain is exactly the mind. The brain is a physical oregon. That facilitates minor has something to do with mine. Anyway who knows. I don't know what mine our consciousness actually is. And yet this whatever it is we don't know what it is is intimately communicated shared communicated so closely so intimately that there are no words. No ideas are intentions desires involved in this communication wherever there are things like that words ideas intentions desires. The communication can't really be intimate because there's always going to be a gap between the one who desires and the desired thing the one who intends in the intention the idea in the mind that proposes that idea but intimate communication means complete lee no gap in the sharing like the moment when in our tradition. We say when buddha holds up a flower and mark up a smiles no words intimate direct communication. Maybe it's not even communication. It's beyond that. So the mind of the great sage of india is intimately communicated so we don't have to like go out there and get it. We don't see it as anything external because that would already be distant. Intimate communication has already happened and is happening all the time. So intimate that it's out of sight. Then sure dom says this. Mine is in italy communicating between east and west. So china you know is the center of the known world as every country is. Is you know china. China actually name for china's something like the middle kingdom because it's right in the middle and everything center of the world so so buddha buddhism dharma was communicated from west to east to the middle so it traveled in that direction. The intimate mind is traveling. It's moving it. Never say so. Existence has to be moving reality has to be moving. Can't be static. And then this sense reality is communication or reality is always communicated mall was moving from place to place so it came to china from the west but then it goes from the east in china to the west where we are west to east east to west. North south up down in all directions keeps moving and when it moves its renewed. All the time renewed. That's what reality does reality me. News itself on each occasion while human faculties maybe sharp or all. The way has no northern or southern ancestors. That's the next line so now after starting with this big sweeping statement which away about dough right unity complete sharing without a gap without a difference everything shares. Now we acknowledge the difference. Some people are tall. Some people are short. Some people have this color hair. That color hair this gender gender this color skin that group this group some of them. I really smart some of them. Not so smart. Everybody's mostly in between people are very different in their presentation and their capacities and yet he says there are no southern or northern ancestors so this refers to a complicated historical division zan between northern southern schools. Which may or may not actually be true. But anyway i'm not gonna go into this. Maybe john is going to give the dharma talk on saturday this this the saturday we sit right. Yeah this coming saturday. We're sitting and you'll get your email if you already haven't and john going to lead sitting the saturday and show talk about sundial cartoon. Maybe she'll go into a little more detail about that. I'm not going to do that tonight. Only to say that maybe like the ideas southern new england school the southern school sharp smart people in the south. They really they really know what to do. They not get it. You know in the north so smart pedestrian people kind of like us. You know we're not so swift we have to like it. Takes us ten fifteen twenty years to begin to get the hang of it. You know so. Sharp quick-witted southerners and northerners. I never thought that people in los angeles where all that much smarter than we are up here. But maybe i don't know he was saying but actually no no. There's no hierarchy of skill in the mind of the great sage of india. These things really do not matter. Yes yes not knowledged. Someone is tall. So i'm gonna short. Someone is white here. Someone has black hair this one. Is this gender that gender. This one is smart. That one is not so smart. Yes there are differences but when it comes to the mind the great sage of india it is communicated intimately between east and west equally anyway so if someone is insisting on difference as being so important because it makes him or her better or worse than the next guy. That person is really missing. Something important differences there okay. It should always be appreciated and noticed but when it comes to what's really important in this life that we exist as awesomely as we all do that the mind. The great sage of india is intimately communicated in all directions at once. Well in terms of that we are all equally blessed. So i stopped there for tonight. S the story for tonight and i. Here's what i hope that you will be willing to do in groups. I think it will be interesting. I think that everybody should have five minutes to give a little dharma talk on the mind of the great sage of india has been intimately communicated between east and west. You should give your understanding of that line but there's two parts to it. One is your understanding of that line which might be a little abstract. I hope not but it could be part one. Partout how you yourself feel about that line. In other words baffles me it moves me. I don't believe it. I'd like to believe whatever you're feeling about it as it relates to yourself. So what do you. What do you think about this line. The mind the great sage india has been intimately communicated between east and west. And what's your understanding of it. And what do you feel about it. So everybody's gonna take five minutes. We'll do groups of three and as always. Please take your whole five minutes. If you run out of things to say you can just sit together quietly self time. I don't think i'll break into tell you how many how much time is gone. You could sell time and also in a very important to just listen to one another very generously without commenting particularly treat each other with great respect. That's really important even if you don't feel like it it's a good idea anyway. And at the end of five ten fifteen minutes they'll be probably a few more minutes to continue the conversation interactivity if you like okay so.

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Damien Mahoney from Stackla

Welcome to Day One

32:02 min | 2 months ago

Damien Mahoney from Stackla

"The think everybody starts. The startup journey has a level of noisy in that. They don't know what's going to come but once you get in and you're you're on that journey you let a lot of yourself you become more resilient you can take on more than what mentally you thought you could does that level of noise which is probably a good thing that you don't know if it's going to happen too 'cause maybe you wouldn't do it if he did ed. Welcome today one. The podcast original startups and the organizations that support australian entrepreneurship. Welcome today one is brought to you by the city of newcastle and knew we knew is a growing and vibrant community of newcastle's sat setups and founders. It's a central hub where you can learn about what's going on in our ecosystem with events available jobs and other resources. I'll tell you more about new eob later in the episode but for now let's jump into the story of damian money name's damien money and ceo of stack la a little bit of background on stack law. It's a what we've read to as a visual content marketing platform so essentially what we do. Is we work with big pieces. Who have a customer bases and generally who have a lot of this custom is posting about their products or services or experiences on social media and software does it collects that customer generated content. It puts it into a effectively. A lobby that al al customers can sift through and foreign really cool paces of content or like we both lucky to refer to them as customer stories and they didn't use that content which is effectively a picture or video in marketing activity today. Stack lot is a global company with dozens of employees offices in the us and uk. Many the clients a household names. Mcdonald's nintendo toyota and sony just to name a few but the growth of the company is not always been smooth sailing and in recent years. They've whether to major storms the pandemic which all but wiped out many of their key clients and a legal battle with facebook which required damian to make an incredibly difficult decision to keep the company afloat. We had to let you know half of team go so have let thirty people going. One day was incredibly toughing and pulling down the building blocks of something that you've been working on six or seven years was tough and knowing that all those people were who trusted you and work the came along for the ride with you will walk out the door without a job but before we hear about how stack la has been able to urge from multiple catastrophes. I we need to go back today. One and he the story of how a part time job in radio. That was too good to pass up would ultimately lead damian to become the of global elegy starter. Yeah so the scenario that i was in and it was looking back at it was a little bit of the cavaliers. In a way. I been working in your professional sports for for a while and i had a job offer with the and arl and it was a good job and would provide me with good security and it was something that always going to be comfortable doing but also at the same time. was also doing some broadcasting on the side and with the various networks mainly in nova and it was always my dream job to broadcaster. Triple in always listen to it. When i was melvin and less this loved the the halsall of the production. And i'll go this offer to go on broadcast with them. Now subic solder. But it's actually the second time i've being given the offer the to knock it back so i was working at a competitive competitor radio station so i had to knock it back which was devastating but had to swallow that one to the second time it came iran's very reluctant to give it up so I did tell the guys at the. Nfl has said look you know i would like to also broadcast on the side as well as working here and they were not keen on that idea at all so I i made the decision to accept the job. Triple which really was just a pot on job on the weekends it was never gonna pay the mortgage or pay the bills and that was the catalyst to sort of get out and Get out of the security of nine to five job and start to do whatever work occurred as a consultant or ultimately that led to me. Starting the pitta cassidy is co-founder. We actually started working together at the macquarie radio network where we work together on a number of digital products there we continued working association and to the nrl he was working with tulsa the digital rights holder for the euro and we We came to get a pisces rawls too to form an see and we that was called pillow sports so we started that and then you know it was probably through a paid is sort of product vision around the concept that we had around us generated content that was an idol to get the company off the ground. Superior is a product guy. He's a wonderful evangelist. And he's also. I think one of those guys that you want to be in the trenches with each ford heart through the tough times that we've had. Yeah so. I was running a digital agency at the time and that i c- had a fairly significant relationship with the national rugby league and we had a team of producers and journalists who were pumping out content for the web sites of old sixteen clubs In the nfl. And you can imagine you know. It's it's long form content. It's metropolitans report is general. News does all needs to be edited salvador then published and we found that that was just a very traditional way to create content and then publish it and at that particular time the social media was rising up to become this really significant part of the landscape where we are we talking so the twenty eleven twenty twelve and all of a sudden. Facebook was already massive. Twitter was quite prominent. Instagram had just been bought by facebook's it was this really interesting trend. that was occurring. I think that combined with the fact that smartphones were starting to proliferate around so we talk about the democratisation of content creation Previously it was really the media agencies that would create content but now with everybody had a phone and they had a platform to publish that content on being the social network so it was revolution in content creation. We thought this be a great way or it's going to be a wife. Al customers which at the time were sporting clubs to be able to tap into this rich source of content. In that was it was authentic. It was created by the fans that was created by plays even the media and it was constant flow of content. Wasn't just one off piece of content. You create right one us article day. They'd be thousands of photos or videos taken everyday by people who are associated with that brand or that club and that was the idea for it and then we thought okay. We're gonna build this technology that can just suck all this in a makes sense of Tag and then allow the brand or the club. That's this found this content to be able to publish it. did that. Replace the content that these clubs were creating themselves in house like did that. Just stop in district Just to compliment it. I think it was just really to to provide the perspective of fans Said anything a company ford. Somebody might post a cool photo of their pickup truck whilst they wanna beach. That'll be posted on instagram. As software will find it and then four can reach out to that content creator. They can gain permission to utilize that content and then once they have that permission they might put on for dot com or they may put it on a facebook or instagram at will utilize any sort of other marketing activities. Do they have to ray chat directly like ford. They find the content. I liked the content. Do they have to reach out directly to the city. So that's one of the cool. I guess efficiencies The platform is you can identify the content creator and send them a bespoke message and then i'll generally respond. That's all locked in that platform and it's a. It's a very simple simplified workflow Accustomed jeez the the message. The message does that. Go to the content creator via the platform that the content was discovered. That's correct yeah so it appears a comment on instagram as an example or comment on youtube. And you'll be from ford say. Hey adam we love this picture. We'd like to use it on four dot com hashtag. Yes to give us permission and most people probably pretty thrilled about that absolutely. They're pretty pretty excited that somebody's reached out particular brand the passionate about customer of onto utilize that content of say ninety five percent of requests fulfil by the custom damian. He's co founders. Were onto something big by. Harnessing the fight is videos at everyday members of the public were uploading the social media brands. Were able to access a new kind of marketing content that was authentic and personal in a way that typical ads never could before the new venture had a name or even a complete product. They won their first client and it was a big one. Providing user generated content to the australian broadcast sir. Sbs for that to france tv coverage particularly days we were sort of selling the drain a little bit hit the the classic stories that all went out and sold effort steel and the product wasn't ready and we had a deadline which was Diwan of the tour de france at cosimo is sbs and we supplementing the they broadcast with with stock la so we had to get ready. We didn't even have nine for the company And so there's a lots of bespoke engineering that went into getting that. First instance of the product up but we had a we had a l. Cto and co-founder semin working with this. We had another developer and we had the trust most importantly of kosta matza to deliver and we got up and running and it was absolutely fantastic. Debut for product with great success and a lot of industry plaudits. Sbs that's pretty cool. First customer amazing year was that a relationship you had developed through your previous chiltern networks so it was an introduction from A person who when you quite well Again who worked in the sporting space The introduces to toby. Sbs toby love the concept. He's he's nina vita was always trying to push the boundaries of what they were doing from a digital perspective and yeah he almost from the first meeting. Do you find that in getting that. Fastcustomer and and the brand equity that i have in in the marketplace helped with additional sales absolutely I think that out to hold up. Sps's logo and the tour de france and quickly following that We worked in the world cup as well. I think that one of the great strengths of the company from diwan ability to hold up a customer portfolio just household logos. We still work with the international olympic committee. We'll rugby with the ic and a host of other sporting over organizations throughout the world so it's next extremely proud that we've worked with all this organization's the first rough spot we hear was after six seven months. We've done a wonderful job of selling out product in our network which was sports and in media organizations and we got an initial cohort of customers but then the joy of christmas in january was quiet. Seventy people on holiday so and so forth and obviously the operational costs of the business that stop during that time so starting to run low on cash but we had sold a deal product christmas to see and they ran this really cool interesting campaign for an energy company that campaign a lot of trade press amongst the advertising agency space and amazingly Probably a week or so. After that article who was published we defined soldering and it was i sees wanting to find out more about us softly coming up to us with campaign ideas that they wanted us to help them. Execute upon and not honestly took revenue from yet. Thirty forty thousand dollars not up to will ever one hundred And it solved cash problems right away. It's solved us having to get external capital into the business and allowed us to sustain sells for another month until we were ready to take the business global and that's when we took some some actual investment. We started to work with a person who was interested in the business interested in investing and as we continue to talk about what our goals with the business with that individual. It became pretty obvious that we wanted to be services that was the next step Strategies great market to test a product in we. We still really strong eager to ton of customers. And it's really important to overalls that of strategies accompany but there's obsolete bigger opportunities overseas. We start to see customers. Inbounding us from the us and the uk. We had a reseller in the uk and he was getting some good traction italy and we brought on a couple of epl franchises which just wonderful including matches. So that was the catalyst for us to say yeah. This is an opportunity for the company. But we're going to need cash to to set up an office or sit up multiple offices overseas. And that's when we decided to take and that was light twenty four days. We took that money. It wasn't until we took venture capital that we actually invested quite heavily and we really added a lot of team members. We opened up they all. Us and uk officer the The monthly operational cost of these. You know triple pretty quickly And the lag you when you invest in for instance when invest in salespeople is a lag until that salesperson sausage in ribbon euphoria says usually a rant period. I learned product. They need to be trained. and then you you let them loose after three or four months on a real acelle situation. So the payback period can take quarter wall and then some of those sales people may not work out so they're not actually generating any money for you and if cost you fifty sixty thousand dollars and those sorts of things happen with us. And that's not atypical at all so there were times where we probably will. I've optimistic. About how much money ourselves people could generate and how quickly. and that's where we run into problems with cash. Some of the most stressful times that we have was with with and not only my livelihood. And my family's livelihood was at stake but you know that of workers as well. There's a couple of times. Are that way cash became taught and we had we had to really work hard to to rectify that situation with shame. Luckily we did. And i think that number one identifying that doing something about it and learning from it and making sure that doesn't happen again. This is important that took a while takes. I think that this would have been tonight. The same stake twice But hopefully the second third grew and went international. The focus of the company began to shift. Initially they had tapped into their existing networks to work primarily with professional sports organizations. But over time they would identify other types of clients sue. We've found that sports clubs weren't great. Repeat customers when you building a software business unit repeat business. Generally they were that would be accelerated. Initially and be one of those things that ju- resorting usually. They weren't able to provide enough attention to an would make a decision after two or threes to end the relationship us so we needed to find customers who were going to be with us for the long term. What we mean by. That is like six plus. She's the ideal sorta customer relationship in fact the relationship with the customer that goes on forever. We went from yet. As i mentioned before being sport and agency focused and s weeds. Now travel so you think about travel and what people do. When they're on holidays. I take five is and they put on a social network that seems to become almost like an intrinsic part of anybody's travel experience so that type of customer for us was a no brainer and that took a while for that to evolve. It probably wasn't until used to and three or four in the business that that became really obvious only then focused a lot of product development. A lot of marketing and value prop towards that type of customer. And think that we undertook phillies significant. Exercising twenty. Seventeen to just look at old. Al kassam is that we had over the lifetime of the pieces. Hell and they stay with us. Four how much they've spent the time it takes to sell to those customers and a range of other factors and that's when we settled on at travelers being the nine one. We'll sit through in Verticals like automotive An education and consumer package goods. Fm cg and this is based purely on the fact that you analyze atoms and these are the lonzo with sticking around. They'll sitting around the paying the most money though getting the nice value out of the products that though in the product a lot utilizing it ideally on a daily basis and then we also took a bit of a gamble on Some other categories that we thought would mature and adopted the technology so it was a little bit of data driven decision making there. Were some beds. Might as well. I think that when people On a travel experience or having having trouble experience or if they've despite a motorcar this sort of passion about know they want to enjoy it. And i think they want to share that with people seems to be like a link to lifestyle anything to do with lifestyle. They can show that a great lifestyle. You ship which is about. That's kind of the customer customer. Yeah i think it's I think that just with is some sort of like it can generate passionate people And i think travel. Does that think people get excited about new places and they wanna show they friends. People definitely get excellent new car. Then i get excited about on new new apparel. They buy new shoes on so forth. So the did a types of customers we feel We'll actively generate content and therefore the brand celtics customers at the top customs that we target a broader range of potential clients meant more room to grow and at the star. Twenty nine thousand nine. The company was riding high on success. Success but twenty nine hundred had a surprise in store for the company which would threaten the foundation of their entire business model. Twenty team is like a pretty interesting years. Probably the toughest one in my wife. Those titles sort of opinion of personal situation but what. The one thing that was going great was the company we'll growing at twenty five percent plus we just invested a whole heap of money in you. People near the team in the us quite big Lot of yourself people to to help run the small fish in the back office. Amby we just had this amazing sales kickoff in vegas. We're all the guy that You know really sort of great bonding experience. Never fan of vegas. I've been to a ton of conferences. They aren't just light through. All of them didn't really it But this one was completely different because it was as people And whilst we we played hobby you'll have worked really hard whilst were they And it was a fantastic experience for everybody from flying from london. Sydney san francisco austin new york and all gathering. The one place was was great and everybody walked out of that. Extremely confident accelerate about the ensuing. Twelve months yes. Oh yeah riding high. Yeah absolutely going great. How how soon after that did the doom. Yeah so the The the huge body blow which came in in the form of a facebook in the legal battle. We have within came at the end of august in july. Twenty nine thousand. Facebook will find five billion dollars for privacy violations cambridge analytica a british consulting firm have stood the data of up to eighty seven million facebook profiles and use the data without permission to help the twenty sixteen presidential campaign's of ted cruz and donald trump. In wyk off the scandal. Facebook band thousands of apps that were collecting content from facebook and instagram including stack lot. The ban was devastating for facebook and instagram. Donald social media and so a huge percentage of stack lers user generated content was taken from the two platforms without access. Tekla couldn't survive unlike cambridge analytic stack. Lot had always gained permission from the creator of the content before brands could share it themselves. And i only access content that had been shared with the public. They felt that facebook were unfairly. Denying him access to their platform and took them to court. In hopes of saving the business model it ran for a six week period until axis was restored but during that time it was pretty tough going for us We had to let off steam go. We went to shaw when you've got to be pulled back on the such a critical component of How product functioned Said not knowing that and having a finite cash resource led us to make. That decision was the right decision to make despite the difficulty of it so you know let thirty people going one day was incredibly tough thing and pulling down the building blocks of something that you've been working on for six or seven years was was tough and knowing that all those people who trusted you and we're kind along for the ride with you out the door without a job but you that brian the will yet the said the case was settled and we were allowed back on the platform and so we were up to continue on the service customers again and serve rebuilt for that was the biggest learning out of that period for you that you took away from the The biggest lining is that you can't always prepare the thinks this was completely field and never get too comfortable and never think that. Your business is bulletproof. Because it's a great lesson. Noah great example of hey can become be tardily swat Not see it coming but you got through that things that kinda going back to normal after that for a little while before twenty twenty hit we sustained a lot of damage from that period and it was ongoing. The wounds that we suffered continued to to bleed for probably six months after an almost to the day. Six months off to covid hit so that was an exit of severe body. Blow that We sustained as a business but a huge customer base in the travel sector So all my old customers was shut down unable to operate so again that put enormous pressure on pieces. Yeah we tried to work with them especially could but some of them simply just couldn't they couldn't afford to keep on software subscriptions like outs. They just went into hiatus and pretty much ceased operations that when you've had to encounter amendment lot facebook which was that was an existential threat. There was cliff that we were speeding towards we would have had closed closet door in the business attorney. Lots of we got through it. It was incredibly tough like just a a tough time stress. Sleepless nights meltdowns. This constant burden we will carry around with. It wasn't just me and my co fan. Was everybody in the business. Everybody carried around with them and it built up resilience in the team so so when covid he it was like okay. We'll do this. We've got through worse. It's just another crisis and wall street was it was tough. It certainly didn't generate the the amount of concern and worry and stress it the previous episode. I think that probably the number one thing resilience you encounter tough times and genius need to be able to take that on and get a round of get over it or smashed through whatever direction you decide to take and i think that the the loss of cheese have sort of really underpin the importance of being would sir to get off and gilligan hot it can be incredibly deflecting when you encounter certain challenges in business and you question everything that you've sort of put into it and why if chosen that path but then you you've screwed it wake up the next style of the day off road one off to that. So roy on going to attack it again and then sought to to look at the things that you've achieved and realize it yet you've actually got citing great here new built it as yours and you want it to continue on a naked the best you can What would you do differently to start all over again. Join things differently. I think that probably going back to the things. I spoke about about being more conservative in forecasting 'success who very bullish And we certainly need to be a little bit more conservative and that only comes through lending think that yeah you you unfortunately have to sometimes learned the hard way And we'd on on a few lessons do things that the timing of what we did was right. It was early enough. I think that there was enough. Sort of market tile winds to the journey that were tapping into a growing trained at stool growing see still think that are software technology and it as a marketing. Tactic still hasn't quite reached full maturity. I think it will continue to grow Just is exciting. Yeah so the future staffer is. We are seeing trends in the market Which probably being very directly attribute to what's happened with covid we're seeing people. Diverting they spending to line Wife and bricks and mortar simply when to to go into a retail environment. Spending money that bodes well for us. we very heavily invested in the retail and e commerce space so we see that segment continuing to grow and therefore the need for products. Like ask to grow as well you know. We still think they've got a fantastic product a very committed and devoted team. And we're quite excited about the year ahead and particularly beyond that particularly as the economy starts to recover and boys and people who we gain more confidence and we'll continue to invest in products log house. Is there anything that we missed in. This story of stack club is important to cover. I think one of the things that are appropriate tolbert too much was importance of people and hiring and hiring the right people and that's not just from a skill set perspective but A cultural perspective. We really highly valued people who make decisions for themselves and bring something to the table that you know because i think that went all lot of times when employees coming to a business. The waiting to be told what to do. We try and help people that would tell us what to do doing this wrong. This could be better So we really look look for people who bring special expertise and experience to company. And i think that you live and die by not only by being. An employer of people is a great privilege to provide somebody with a livelihood purpose to allow them to experience things in life. I do remember. Seeing one of our team members was married. It's actually a couple of met through stack la. They got married into stralia. He was american. She was right and then they went on a honeymoon of sorts and then other people from stack or flew to meet them at the holiday destination. Cenex pictures on instagram was incredibly gratifying. To see that we. There's people work for us. We we gave them the opportunity to meet each other. And then i guess the names to help the travel and do all those things. That was a really sort of nice moments. Did any of the travel for wedding photos get pulled for any brands to yes. I'm sure that will. I think they would Customers resort on Thanks for listening to the story of stack light and a huge thanks to damian money for taking the time to speak with me. These fantasies are made possible by supporters. We can't do it without them. And i'm just incredibly grateful for their commitment to our local startup community and helping us spotlight. These amazing founders. Who inspire me. And i hope to inspire you to the city of newcastle's new eob is a major sponsor and i'd just like to take a second to express my gratitude for the support. New eob is a great new initiative from the team at the city of newcastle. It's an online community to keep up to date with what's happening in our region from an innovation perspective and a hub of great resources. I encourage you to check it out and sign up to be a free member you can learn more by clicking the link lincoln. Today's episode note at welcome today. One dot com all by going to new eob dot com at n e w i hate choubey dot com. This episode was produced by adam. Spencer who scripting and audio editing by andy. Giants information about everything mentioned in this episode can be found on the show notes page at welcome today. One dot com music violate razavi. Full attribution the today one website. If you'd like to support this show please consider leaving us for review all supporting us on patriot. I'm adam spencer and thanks for listening.

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Episode 267: The Torah Studio - Liana Wertman

Judaism Unbound

58:10 min | 4 months ago

Episode 267: The Torah Studio - Liana Wertman

"Support for this episode of judaism. Unbound comes from the family. Jcc in palo alto california whose vision is to be the architect of the jewish future. The oshman's jcc empowers you to experience jewish paths toward a life of joy purpose and meaning through innovative jewish learning and wellness programs community building and initiatives to develop the next generation of jewish leaders. Learn more at www dot palo alto jcc dot org. This is judaism unbound episode. Two hundred sixty seven the torres studio. Welcome back everyone. I'm dan lee benson and lex roseburg and before we jump into our today. We want to wish you a happy. Passover or i should say which happy passover to those listeners who observe passover starts tomorrow night. If you're listening to this on the day that it's release. And i hope that those of you who are doing or attending passover sater's have a good experience it's our second passover in zoom seder land. We do want to note that we have a collection of passover related materials. Just go to. Www dot jewish life dot org slash passover dash twenty twenty one and there you can find links to resources that we think are particularly valuable. I wanna call attention to three of them in particular. When is the plagues project. It's a collection of thirty plus videos that we've done along its partners. The second is something called virtual seder. It's a collection of about seventy five really short videos like two minutes each that you through the entire harare the entire seder project and you can watch them before passover to get a little bit inspired into come up with some ideas for your seder or you can actually watch them during the seder and the third resource. It's there is a link to a construction videos about how to make your own mott's at home particularly you're on soft. Matza soft matza can be kosher passover and check it out we actually have an orthodox rabbi who is teaching you how to soft matza there again you can find all that at. Www dot jewish live dot org slash passover dash twenty twenty one. Another thing that. I just want to mention briefly. Is that a book that i translated. We've talked about it in the past on this podcast called the orchard is finally out as an audio book so if you want to read a really interesting book about the beginnings of rabbinic judaism after the second temple was destroyed and actually think a lot about how that time has similar to our time. I think that you really will enjoy this book. You can find it at audible dot com as well as anywhere else that you might find audiobooks. Let's shift gears to our interview for today as you'll recall we're in this series where we're exploring the bible from a variety of angles. We've spoken to academic bible scholars about their work and their discoveries. We've learned about how. I choose relate to the bible and today. We're going to speak with an educator and entrepreneur who's trying to change the way that all jews relate to the bible our guest. Liana workman is the founder of a new organization called the tour studio. The tourists studio is a radically accessible and inclusive torah learning space. It was created to be a place for people to learn torah without having to leave any part of their identity behind the terrorist studio believes the torah is better with your whole honest voice. Sharing ideas struggles excitement and joy. Liana werthmann was raised in los angeles across a variety of jewish denominations. She began teaching as a teenager at the car. Spiritual community and also as a counselor at the gambling hilltop camp which is one of the wilshire. Boulevard she's been working with jewish children and teenagers for over a decade. She's also studied herself although she likes to emphasize how much of a what we call a regular do she is. She's taken three years of tomek glasses and his reaching the intermediate level of biblical hebrew. And as she says she recognizes a lot of aramaic words she spent a summer studying at parties institute for jewish learning in israel and also at the hebrew union college. Summer bait me josh. Before starting the tourist studio she worked for two years at temple. Israel hollywood as the youth director and now as she starting up the tourist studio. She's also doing a side gig as a fulltime student in the masters of jewish educational leadership program at the school education at hebrew union college. Under the tutelage of our previous guests. Miriam heller stern. I should also say liana is a longtime listener to judaism unbound who we connected with years ago because she did some amazing synthesis sketching of our ten commandments of jewish innovation. That we talked about long ago so as always we're really excited to welcome a longtime listener. First-time caller to the podcast. Liana werthmann welcome to judaism unbounded to real thrilled to have you as a guest on the podcast. Thank you so much. It's great to be here. Can you talk a little bit about why. It's called the terrorist studio art happening in the studio. The tourist studio at does not make any art yet. We also don't do any yoga yet. But that is kind of what we're modeled off of. Basically our business model is what a yoga studio does. We are teaching torah every single week. Multiple classes different teachers. We are doing that every single week. And you don't have to sign up for a large amount of classes in advance. The yoga studio model has really been away for me to make sure that i'm creating a space that feels accessible for people so that they can be practicing torah in learning the scale and making it a part of their life it feels nourishing so i wanna get into that a little more deeply. I'm curious just the way that you put it so interesting. So when you think about torah in the same category as yoga i think about i think about yoga and i kind of understand what yoga's for. Its practice of some degree of exercise. Some degree of of centering of breathing of bringing calm. When i think about i tend to think of it as nothing that only i think of it this way i think most people think of it as something that you do in a different way than we think about yoga when when you think about a torah practice as something that i might just drop in on occasionally in the same way they might do yoga and have a really great experience doing it that once but it doesn't necessarily mean that i'm now going to do it every day. Could you talk a little bit about your sense of what is and what tourist studies. all about. Torah study is something that we all should have access to whether you try it once like a yoga and that was enough. You did it but you knew you could do it. You went and you tried it and you were able to do it. Maybe it was hard. Maybe it was awesome but once was enough but the fact that it's then available at other times means that you're really able to build up a practice on your own even if we don't activate it even if we don't actually use it we should all feel that we're allowed to have access to torah. It is what we're building fences around. Were trying to take fences down from which is a quote from pure k. Vote where they talk about. Building a fence around tora. We are trying to build a new judaism build a stronger. Judaism and i think taurus should still be at the centre and we need to be in conversation with it. We need to at least feel that. It's available to us whether where rabbis or just considering that we're jewish for the first time it's our text. Okay so do you already went the name route nest about the studio side. The tourists i. I'm just like really into it because we've talked about different kinds of organizations. I love the name tourist studio. I genuinely love the name tourist duty. I think it is clear in a certain sense but also like just the right amount of mystery like okay torres studio. So this is something related to ta- torah. And i assume that i would. If i'm accessing this organization you know interact with the five books of moses and that's true and studio in the ways you're talking. What had hints that. There's like an experimental avenue or set of avenues that either. I love the name quick or no question. And then i'll ask the question. Is the relationship between torres. Study and studio like the phonetic relationship is that on purpose. It is not on purpose. But i kind of felt like it was the modern easily accessible version of fake news. Trash cool okay. So i'm curious when somebody accesses torah through you what is different about it compared to somebody accessing it through somebody else so you've talked already about how you fashion your classes so that people can access not just as like an ongoing series but actually each one can resonate just on its own which to me resonates a lot as somebody who makes this podcast. We try to play it both ways right like we try to have this be an ongoing conversation between episodes but we also want somebody to listen to us one time ever and have that matter and i think that's like not always the most popular thing to say in jewish organizational spaces because the idea is like we're sort of doing this fight to like get jews to like do jewish and like continue to do jewish for an ongoing period of time. And so saying you. Just do it once and that's awesome. Why is it that you sort of orient that way. And what are some of the other ways in which tore a studio is different from torah studies at a synagogue or jcc wherever it might be. I think that text has been kind of put on a high shelf literally for how we're allowed to access judaism that people who are just starting to figure out what is important to them or just having that inkling that judaism matters to them are trying to find their avenues into a jewish life into jewish identity and text often gets laid out as. Oh that's what you do when you've already joined the synagogue and you've already have your community and you already feel really confident then. Maybe you can conduct a study and we'll talk out the difficult things that you're gonna find in there that intellectual practice of studying torah that is also very emotional in a way that i don't know that will ever be able to fully explain is such a beautiful way for some people to enter jewish spaces because they wanna know something before they start they could jump into my class and say text is the way that i was missing for feeling jewish. Or they'll go. Yeah that's awesome. I'm glad someone loves it. And they'll go find another way because they know that this was there and they know that they tried didn't make them feel bad for not loving this and i didn't make them feel bad for doing something else and i think it's really important that people have multiple avenues for entering judaism multiple ways of feeling jewish practicing judaism. Same goes for somebody who is on that ten step in his trying to see. Do i like tora. Do i like this kind of practice. I think there's also a level for me of ringing down the yeshiva which is like a traditional jewish study center that is usually meant for orthodox men to the every day and not just to the every day because we're not orthodox but because we have other jobs and because we have other things that we love and care about that sometimes get in the way of torah. Study whether that's the once a week class that's happening or maybe once a month class that's happening at twenties and thirties group or at a synagogue or jc. If that wednesday doesn't work that's your tour for the month. It's out and that was something that i was really hitting a lot. I was working at a synagogue. I was really into torah. I had a lot of connections in the jewish world in los angeles. Lots of rabbi friends. You know. I was like exactly the person who should have been able to find studying torah easy and i couldn't because every time i was trying to find a torah class something would come up that wednesday every three weeks or even if it didn't three weeks wasn't enough i wanted it every day. Honestly i mean this is why i started but i wanted it all the time. And if i couldn't find torah study that was consistent enough than how could somebody who's trying it for the first time or thinks maybe they like it. We think a lot about why somebody isn't doing something jewish were. They're not committed enough. They're not interested enough. It's like no maybe it's just that it takes place on thursdays and they're not available on thursdays and that's the only time it's offered. It actually reminds me of some of the questions. The questions that i'm gonna ask. You reminded me a lot of the questions that people tend to ask us which is like well if you're doing it in this way in our case online that is much more accessible and therefore much more likely to be accessed as the numbers prove but it's not worth it because you're losing something really important in doing it that way and online you're losing community the way that you're doing it with drop in tourist study you're losing the long-term going through it with the same people over and over and you know i always say well look there's lots and there's gain and yeah i'm not gonna deny the losses that you talk about but i'm also going to emphasize the gains in and let me tell you about how we do it here so that maybe you can get excited about it so i'd love to understand a little bit especially now that you've launched this covid so obviously it's all taking place online and i wanna ask how you mean it to be after covid because it's more clear that if you do something online there's a lot more likelihood that people can drop in anytime and somebody'll be around. I'm curious if the vision is really that no this is an online project for exactly that reason or there's a vision that at some point after covid the there would be an in person dimension. And how would that work so. I came up with the idea for the tourist video about two years ago. I remember dan. We got coffee one time the first time we met. I told you about like the nascent beginnings of this idea of. How are we going to teach torah to a new generation of jews like really bring it to people and always in my head had been in los angeles which i think is a space that is ripe for jewish experimentation that no one is really jumping in on or not enough. People are jumping in on and that is going to be in person. I was going to have like a baby. Josh which is like a house of steady is going to be big open space with tons of books because that's like the greatest place in the world for me and then i started it in cove. Ed and i had to totally change. What i understood this project to be and it was better than i could have imagined because i have been able to access people across north america. We have a lot of people coming in from canada. And we're definitely missing the community piece. I think there is a small community. That's building in the same. There's a small long-term group that's building the same way that a temple torres study on saturday mornings has like that core group of people that you walk in and you know they've been there for fifteen years you're gonna come into one of my classes and they were going to be people who have been there every single week for months. Now we've only been around for months but mostly my family But they're the best and so you have to have these given takes of the long term practice of torah study being lost for the one off in what that imbalance is making me. Focus on is making sure that every class that i offer is really seriously rooted in a feeling of torah. Study that there's not time wasted. We're giving everybody exactly the tools that they need to be fully engaged in a tourist city. Really no matter how many times you've done this before whether it's their hundred time or their first time and how does that work tell us a little bit about how the classes themselves work so every single class and every single the will offer the core piece of what we're doing in my opinion is cover to time Comes from the hebrew word heavier friend. It is the term for partnered learning. It means that you're not learning totally by yourself reading on your own. You're reading with another person and not just for five minutes reading the text at each other but we spend more than a third of our class which sometimes is thirty five minutes. Sometimes it's twenty minutes depending on how long the class is in coverage which means that you can one. Maybe two other people are breaking down the text however feels best for the two of you going through every single line every word. That's interesting to you. Every big idea coming just getting to be immersed in that text and we make sure that every person has the tools that they need to be in hover up like. I said whether it's your first time where you're hundred time and that means you have multiple translations of the text so you can cross translate and if you don't know any hebrew you're really getting kind of a sense of where maybe there's some tense hebrew translations going on you are given guiding questions in guiding Steps for how to work through this text with your partner now. I don't use source sheets. Because i want people to just be focused in on the tour attacks. If i walk into your rake out room or pop into your breakout room rather for your And year pointing on something cool. I might give you another taxed or a direction to follow that. I think you'll appreciate that moment. But really you could go through the entire time and just use the torah and then we come out and we have a discussion altogether that i let the learners lead. Mostly i mean. Of course. I am guiding and helping and then shaping abed but whatever was really coming up in is the most important for people in that moment is what we're going to be focused on as we're studying through exodus people are thinking about. What is it means. That god is hardening pharaoh's heart. When we were studying genesis we're thinking about the fallibility of our ancestors. End the process that we are witnessing of people failing and getting the second chances and having these second sons and all these things that people have heard about but haven't really read necessarily themselves or haven't read closely in a long time and what that means is that we're really opening up taxed from what the learners are seeing and letting bat be the guiding force. So i'm really struck by you mentioned that torah learning is emotional not just intellectual in a way. That's hard to explain. That's the first little passing phrase that you mentioned that i think is really deep. The second is it's mostly my family. You mentioned you know. There's sort of a hardcore group that is there each and every time you need or many of the times you meet like a lot of. It's your family members. I wanna sit that. Because i'll be honest. I think there are a lot of us for whom you know. I share all sorts of jewish things with my family and growing up. I shared holidays with my family. We went to services not every week but sometimes like jewish cultural things like all of that. I share with my family. I don't think other than i guess. You could sorta count the passover seder. But i don't think we've ever really studied torah with each other. Not that we've been avoiding it. I actually think my mom and dad. I'm an only child. So that's my nuclear family. Like i think they would love the idea if i said to either one of them like. Hey i love to learn tour with you. But there's something powerful in the idea that we could have as like a family interaction. I'm understanding that. It's not just your family in the room but like the that matters. Because i think that it's counterintuitive that we would share that realm of judaism. I think like i. I'm picturing all the different torres. Studies have gone to unlike most of the people in the room. It's like one person like their spouses and their it's like it's like individual people. Who are all excited about torah study. And like maybe there's a couple couples who both like torah study in both go but a lot of the people like they're on their own because it's their thing on saturday morning and their spouse to something else and then afterwards maybe they schmooze about it. But i'm curious what comes up for you when you specifically share this with people you love whether that's your literal family or others. At first i thought that they were coming just because they love me and they're being supportive but three four months in. I was pretty convinced. Also they told me they're doing it for themselves. And i think one of the reasons that it happens that people aren't sitting with their families or studying just on their own in these groups is there tends to be a hierarchy and torres steady and really a sense of jargon and trying to get in there are certain doors are locked and you have to jump over certain hurdles to prove that you deserve to be in the rooms that are studying torah and if your family member has a vague interest but never done this before it can be really difficult or stressful or just not fun for them to join in torah. Study where they're gonna feel very out of depth and not really heard or excited and it takes a certain kind of person than to jump into those spaces anyway. And i think one of the things that we work really hard to do is created non hierarchical torres base when we're in discussion or hover ta and i make it very clear to everybody before we actually start talking. I share that weather. There are rabbinical students in the room. Which often there are or people studying for the first time again. Often there are that every single person is here because this torah matters to them and every person is bringing their own set of experiences that matter for torah it is. What is going to make arturo beautiful together whether you feel really comfortable what you said just because it's in your guts or whether you feel that it's good because you know that romblom rashi to torah commentators from the eleventh and thirteenth centuries are also saying bringing both of those an makes it beautiful and makes it rich. It reminds me of a story that i probably told before in the podcast but five years in i can retail certain stories but at at one point many many years ago i was running an organization and our staff with study tour together and we were studying this particular story about jethro moses's father in law and when he visited moses. He gives us famous advice about how to organize the people into a kind of parameter leadership structure. But they're part before it where jethro comes and moses tells them what had happened to them how they got out of egypt and it's been really hard since then and jethro gathers all the elders together and sacrifices and animal. I think and says you know. Your guide is the greatest of god's and they basically have a meal together and i said know well. I think what's happening here. Is that says throwing a party. And what he saying to moses implicitly. Is you're a bad leader. Because you're a real downer and you can't be a downer there and be a leader and you have to get the people's emotions up before you do anything else. And so he's having a big party and you're kinda get that because i'm kind of introverted and i'm not necessarily the best at doing that kind of thing so that actually feels to me like really valuable leadership advice as much as the more intuitive. You should organize the people into groups. I mean that's not that complicated but the idea that you throw a big party. That might be something that you have to learn as a leader. If it doesn't come naturally to you so members turns to me and says which commentator did you get that from. And i said well no i was reading it and i'm having this experience because i'm a relatively new leader in the organization and i'm kinda seeing that that one thing that i'm not doing well here is throwing parties by the way is still not very good at that and then spoke to me you know. And she says You can do that. And i said well i guess so. I mean it's gonna stop me but it was interesting that it never really occurred to me or or i had gotten past the point where it would have occurred to me that that there's any question like you can do it. Can you do that. I mean i do whatever. I want but she who was from a much more traditional experience in jewish education. It was a lesson to learn. It was something to realize because you've been educated that if a monitor serve you know someone else didn't say it then it can't be valuable and so i'm curious how to understand more about your experience. You talked about how you try to give people the sense that whatever comes out of anybody in the partnership is a valuable piece but i know that people have such obstacles to believe that. How do you actually go about the process of making them. Believe it so one of the things that i do at the beginning when i give everybody the info they need to be in herethe is i. Show them a graphic of a triangle. That i got from elliot Kent called the philosophy of coverage and it's called the you know the hover to triangle. And it's the three responsibilities that you have covered tub moment in a partner learning space. One responsibilities to yourself one is to your partner and one is to text and that i think is the key that a lot of people are saying is that the text is a partner in your conversation. What that means is you're reading the text carefully and you're letting it have its own voice in the conversation which means when you like what it says. You are digging into that word to that sentence and when you don't like what it says you were also making it speak for itself and when you're really focused on what the text is saying if you can say what you're saying and then go yes. This word right here is what made me think of. It doesn't matter if it's the first time i've ever seen that word doesn't matter if you know what that hebrew word is. It matters that that word spoke to you. And you know that what you're saying is based in text. it's also based in your heart. But it is based on the taxed and i think that process for somebody who is very experienced in learning in a much more traditional way where commentators are ruling how they interpret and somebody who's never looked at tora before both of those people are going to relieve of themselves that they had to be correct because the tech said it. You saw the tax said it. I mean this is a weird connection. But i'm remembering early in my relationship with my spouse. My favorite torah portion happens to be the story of blom block and she at this point relationships. She didn't know that story. Which i think is very logical like it's sort of this weird commercial break in the midst of the book of numbers. It's like it doesn't sort of take the story forward. it's dislike a funny interlude. Although i'm sure people could be about that but i did a like an exercise where i i worked really hard to hide my own bias and i asked her like okay. We're going to do. We're going to look at the story together. And i'm curious on a scale from one to ten with one being like evil and ten being a saint. Like how would you valujet. Like what value judgment would you put on. The character below traditionally all those commentators and lots of jewish takes whatever and whatever have a very negative approach to the of to the point that when they read the initial story in my view they they see the story through a colored lenses and they see this character in a negative way because they sort decided to beforehand my argument and and it turned out she gave like. I don't know what it was like. An eight or nine like he comes off pretty well if you're not looking at those commentators if you're just looking at the text and and it was important for me to see that because it showed me just how much of a twist the commentators often bring to the stories and that's not necessarily bad. There's lots of torah stories. That i actively want to twist and that i actively want to change the message of but people don't always realize how on a basic level like we take for granted esau is like a bad guy in the book of genesis and jacob is a good guy like read those stories without any glasses on and i think either one of those characters can be seen as good and either one could be seen as pretty evil. So why why is it so important in your group action. My take why that's important in your group to stick with that because obviously somebody listening to this. Could be like but wait lex. You talk about finding connections in jewish texts to like pop culture to other things like why would you. Why would you sort of restrict yourself. It happens to the best of us to get totally stuck in commentators and by the best of us. I mean every incredible. Rabbi that we've been learning from for the last few thousand years but it is definitely put me at like butting heads with some of my coverage in the past to say i'm going to question the commentators and what that means is when you find in the text something beautiful like your sure that ballum is the number one dude and all of torah. If someone came into class and said the way. I just read. Beloved favorita is that he is the number one dude that i have read about in torah. I love him. I want to be like him. I would happily put in front of them. A piece of commentary that said the exact opposite not to say boom. That's the answer your rod but to say great. This is how other people have read it going back to the text. Can you make their point or do you still feel like you can hold your point and where do you think they got it from and coming back to the text really allows you to be in that exact conversation that the commentators were having and it's also about the understanding and i say this very often in my classes. There is no final answer in torah. Every time we come to the text were reading it a little differently. A new word is popping out to us. Rashy hits a little different that day. All of it is going to change and evolve with us in so it's about being in the conversation and having the skills and building those skills and building the confidence to be in that conversation at all. Can you talk a little bit about your own background. Because i think what's interesting in this particular conversation is that all. Three of us launched initiatives various kinds before we were quote authorized in any way now unfortunately lacks has recently become authorized and worst and graduated for rabbinical school. And unfortunately you are enrolled in a program. Where you're going to get some kind of degree of jewish educational leadership lucky new and i'm also wondering the real intent to my question that the real intent but in addition to my question is this is this question of like is what you're talking about in terms of helping people believe that their voice is actually important. How does that relationship change. Once you become more authorized whether that's by a degree or just buy more and more experience. I mean i think the more years that you're doing it even if you're not authorized me you still learn more and more and more so you become more intimidating potentially. I'm wondering how we avoid that as we do endeavors like this which are really meant to help. Unleash people's own voices. I grew up studying torah in like the most casual way possible. My dad was starting his own tore learning journey and was going to tourist studies very often and was coming home on friday nights in telling us what happened in the porsche in i loved and basically since then i have been the person who had any conference or summer camp activity choice jumped in and said i'll be in the tora class i would love to learn more And a few years ago. I decided to study more. I started learning talmud with the regular tollett. Study group in english. I started reading on my own having conversations with rabbis around me just like doing everything. I could to teach myself and i hit a point where that no longer was working. It's around the time. That i came up with the taurus studio so about a year and a half ago i took the opportunity to go to parties in jerusalem. It is a place that is egalitarian. Jewish learning bait new draw. She all those words that are coming up. It's a tour learning space and it just clicked. And then i came home and i kept studying and i have just been immersing myself in torah as much as i can and that does mean that. I don't have that kind of authority that people want or expect from a torah scholar. Now who's to say that. I am not as knowledgeable as somebody in their second or third year of the school if they came in for other reasons than that they had really immersed themselves in torah so far i think that there is a really important aspect to having people that look and act. Enter just excited like you are teaching you. I have been a teacher. I'll say that. I worked at summer. Camps my entire life as a teenager. I worked at a religious school. I ran a youth program at a synagogue. And so combining a passionate my love for torah and combining my passion and love for teach egg just felt very natural and as i gain more skills the make me feel more confident and then make other people feel more confident in me when i'm moving through a discussion with people. I'm giving information as feel is necessary. When i walk into your coverage and you tell me about a really cool word just discovered. I ask people if they want to know the here before. I just tell them. Because sometimes you're like no i'm good. I like my interpretation. I don't speak hebrew. And i don't need to know what the hebrew is 'cause navy. You're going to tell me that it's wrong but most people do wanna know and i just use the resources i have because as a teacher i seeing the light in the joy that overto- and then discussions bring two people to be in. This conversation is something. I hope i never forget about because that is always going to be my central point. You know. now i'm on judaism unbound so it's going to be a little more intimidating people in class but really though yeah exactly but i do think. There's a mix of needing some authority for people to trust that they can learn with me and also that piece of i'm learning with them. I hope should never leave me. I think this is so important. I think we haven't talked about this directly enough in the past. So i'm grateful first off like little side note. What you said about sort of somebody not wanting to know. The hebrew in their interpretation being based on english like we have a lot to learn from christian approaches to the king. James bible where the king james bible in english like in certain senses sort of is the thing you can tell them literally. The word in english is like not truly representative of the original hebrew or and people don't care it is its own holy scripture at this point and i think we have something to learn from that as jews like. I do think we should treat our english texts as also having their own weight. And it's not that. I don't want people to look at the hebrew ever gain meaning that way but anyway so that's one thing i think this point you're bringing up about intimidation that dan rea upper that we're talking about is so vital because i'm going to be honest. I think that as much as there are things. That you and i and dan and others with like a public platform can do to sort of minimize our the amount of intimidation. That we sort of wield. I think at the end of the day no matter what i do. Each year of me gaining experience each year of you gaining experience like there is a way in which that is always going to increase the intimidation. And what my takeaway from that is. Not like a fatalist notion of off. It's all screwed like we. It's we need actively to be looking for people who are not experienced educators who are on the younger end and who are maybe not on the younger end but like newark tomorrow. Whether that's jews by choice whether that's people that are just newer detoro for whatever reason they need to be teaching. We need to block the idea that like the best teachers are those that have the most knowledge. It's not that having knowledge is the worst thing but look there are ways in which somebody having new eyes or newer is on these stories is actively a-plus and where i even as you know. I'm i'm thirty. Not i haven't seen this for sixty years. Were having gone through this process. I sort of know my takes about each torah portion like it is absolutely possible that i'll look at torah portion next time and something new will arise and small things do but like. If i'm really being honest. I don't know that. The percentage of my stuff that comes up. That's new is anywhere close to somebody who is seeing it for the first or second or even fifth time and that's a reason to have that person in the center of the room and not just in the side of the room because when they say their thing they're gonna have an energy. They're going to have an excitement. They're going to be able to transmit it in a way that somebody seeing it for the eleventh or fourteenth time may not and so i'm curious to hear like what it looks like in your space. Are there ways in which the rules are not always sort of you teaching and also what you would say about this in general when we think about torah study. I am the main teacher right now. But i do have incredible teacher teaching with me. One class this season of exodus and hopefully in the future Rebecca chest who's a great friend of mine and the idea. Is that like a yoga studio. There's going to be lots of teachers. And i wanna be finding the newest coolest excited teachers one of those people who are teaching for the first time or want to experiment with a new type of class and they are really highly praised. Educators not rabbis or rabbinical students who are just starting their journeys and in classes themselves. Like i said i try to have no hierarchy and so while i am not having somebody lead a discussion. The first question. I usually ask when we leave clever In go into discussion is all right. What was coming up. What are the hot takes. Lame out. what was crazy. What was upsetting. What was exciting. Just say it and that means that a lot of people who see this for the first time are the ones who are going to speak up and say. Why would god do that. Why would abraham do that and that energy is what. I'm trying out with that question because if that's when the people who then helped of time kind of feel that spark again we'll i've never heard somebody say it that way you know like you hearing about balon from your partner like oh. I didn't realize you could think that way about this. And or when my grandma goes on a five minute beautiful drage on something and everybody is just sitting there getting to hear it. And i mean my grandma is an elder katie but she is very new to torah and loves it and i think that's part of it as as we're listening to each other truly and honestly discussion. We're all getting to be in that presence in that energy and the joy of somebody who studying for the first time and that piece of comes out including from me. I'll hear stuff every single class. That i had never thought about was not what i expected. People to be focused on was not what i expected anybody to have thought of or reference or bring into our conversation and i feel so grateful every single time for those comments. I don't want to focus on this. But i do want to put as been levy says sticky on it or to at least mention this whole business about your grandma and your family. I think actually is huge. Because what we've been trying to talk about on judaism unbound where my head is more and more is space that somewhere between a person who's just doing something on their own and in organization that needs a million dollars of funding and that starts with some kind of small group like imagine starting an organization not as starting an organization but as starting it as a small group and then it just naturally becomes an organization over time because more and more people get attracted to it and it feels to me like the ultimate example of that is just doing something with your family. And you know here. Your grandmother becomes a superstar studies student and then she's bringing all her friends and whatever and over time. That's how these things naturally grow. And i often think that some of the desperation of the jewish community and jewish funders to have something exciting makes everybody flocked to the idea of starting a new big organization as opposed to funding or facilitating lots of amazing experiments. Like this it just feels very natural very exciting to me that this whole idea so i just wanted to kind of flag that you can talk about that if you want but i also wanted to go back to this other comment that you made about just being in natural teacher because as you were saying that i was thinking about again. What if we reorient our understanding of jewish education or at least a certain segment of jewish education. And i'm also wondering by the way they talking about this at your education school where it's much more important whether somebody is a good teacher then what they know. And that's for two reasons. One people can always learn new things. They can't offend. Learn to be a great teacher and number two maybe especially for newer students in in an area. You don't ever have to know that much in other words my really amazing fifth grade. Math teacher probably doesn't know the kind of crazy proofs and whatever that my son is now studying in first year calculus. I don't even know what he's talking about. And i think that when you say things like that in jewish education people tend to go. You're dumbing it down. You know you're not taking it seriously. And i'm saying no. There's actually different things that are useful at different stages of connecting with this material and it actually may be that at a certain point when you learn too much you are now no longer appropriate to teach introductory level students anymore because you know too much. What if we thought about it that way. Then how would we orient the structure of jewish education differently. I think a key difference. That's happening here. Verses in a lot of other torres steady spaces is that we often go to torah studies. That are led by a person that we really admire. Because we're there to learn their torah. What i'm really trying to do is find out what you see in it and do everything i can. As an educator to uplift and make you feel excited impassioned and empowered to see what you need to see in that piece of tax. But i think as i started to look for martinez and why Rebecca in the first place is because they agree that that purpose of trying to get other people to find their confidence in their beauty. Torah is why you're coming to the tour studio is one trying to do as space. Y'all i would rather find a really good teacher with just enough background to maneuver around to figure it out. Then i would find somebody who is excited to tell everybody all of their incredible theories. No judgment incredible. I don't have anybody in mind just to be clear. I would much rather find out. My students have to say than what a teacher has to say. And i think that that's an experience of That doesn't always gets translated into other tourist city spaces the more that i'm hearing from you. Maybe i'm like creating this narrative. I'm hearing that it makes sense to me that you were a camp counselor. The way that you're talking about torah study in the way that you're talking about facilitating groups. It feels similar to. I mean i was a camp counselor for a few years and it was at a jewish camp. So i i think about that experience in the context of you know the work i do now in jewish spaces and i say now and i think i've said in the past and i think i'll say you know in decades that in certain ways the most important work i ever have done and maybe ever will do is that i was a camp counselor. If i'm a parent. I think that will be a more important thing but like until then. It's a remarkable rule and there are ways in which what i talk about like the constant. Yes and the constant improv game of summer camp counseling. We're like you are constantly doing everything in your power to take whatever comes out of campers mouth and have it shift the space. Have it contribute to the camp culture. Have like that feels similar to what you're describing with. Wanting to help people find their torah. And have it not be about you because as a camp counselor if you're focus on you that's a real problem so i guess in my off my rocker here. Do you draw connections between camp. Counselor ring i'm using counselors verb in the same way. I use ruby as a verb rabbis verb. Do you draw on that experience in how you facilitate these horror studies. You couldn't be less off track. I don't think there's anything in my life that i do. That doesn't feel like it came from camp but this energy came. Actually i think from my experience as a cit director so i was in charge of the counselor in training program for three years and it will forever be probably the best job of her head because i took this group of seventeen year olds who love camp with their entire heart and are also seventeen and over the course of two months of me teaching them giving them tools and working with them and building relationships. They went from there for camp. Because it's for them because they love it because they are trying to have their best time to people who were actually to take care of other human beings and make camp about other human beings and it was about empowering them with the tools that i have to make them the best counselors possible but the humidity of their their own people. And they're not gonna look like many me's running around being counselors. they're gonna look like their version of counseling. And it really made me think about. If i'm not trying to teach somebody had to be me. I have to give them tools that they can use to make themselves different and better and stronger. And i think that that definitely comes into my teaching of torah. I'm not looking to give people my torah. I wanna give people tools that they can use an immediately absorb so that they are actively doing it on their own. And i have to have that humility to say. I don't get to control what they do with it. Which is the hardest thing. It's hard for us when we talk about the jewish future. It's hard for us when we talk about our kids. It's hard for us when we talk about our work or tweet once it's out in the world we don't get to decide what's going to happen to it. We just have to do our best to make sure that people are given the tools that they need to be their best version of themselves and all of that comes from shoutout to kindling. hilltop camp. Clap clap clap. at the end of it of malibu will no longer unfortunately Both of the wilshire boulevard. Temple camps burned down a few years ago. But those are my homes and They will forever be the reason i am am. I'd love to talk a little bit. About what the torah is in a paradigm like this because it strikes me that when we think about who were talking to in this series that if you talk to academics. They're interested in the truth. What really happened. you know what. What's the actual historical fact here if you talk to people that are coming from a more traditional approach like no no i understand. I don't even that interested in the text. What i'm interested in is what the commentator said about the texture with thomas said about the text. Because that's actually what created judaism and i'm interested in practicing judaism and the idea that we're coming to the torah with neither of those mindsets that were coming to the torah just to read this taxed and in some ways it's like a mirror or however we might think about it as a metaphor. Is there way to see this. As a new way of being jewish that actually surprisingly didn't exist because when in history did anybody ever read the text of the torah and regular people and think about what they thought about it like that i don't think has ever been a practicing judaism until recently so then. Is it something new. Or how do you see the role of tower the purpose of terror when you're committed to an educational approach an approach like you say it's not really about education. It's about practice like yoga. So this is jewish practice. So what what. Judaism is it. So i think this also answers lex question for a while ago that it did not answer yet about what that emotional piece of torah is torah as a story and then as a written book. And then it's something that we've passed down has been the core of judaism for likely more than three thousand years and the fact that we can because we liked to but that we can because people are still reading it at all and it's still relevant. Three thousand years later is nothing short of a miracle for thousand reasons right. I mean thinking about how hard it was to even get here that this book had to keep being worthwhile and read in the rabbinic. Judaism had to keep it at the core. All of those things to me. When i read torah i feel connected to that entire lineage. To all three thousand of those years that weather this is your spiritual or literal ancestor. Who was reading this book or not reading this book. This was the book they were or were not reading. This is the book that they were doing. The meets vote from or not for all time until we got here and to be part of that conversation not just with commentators who are only nine hundred years old but with people who are the rabbis with people who we just assume we're having these same feelings in conversations or if not the same feelings than the same inclinations to question elaborate in growth from is so special is such a honor and a blessed to be a part of that on any given wednesday night being in conversation with text. No matter how you're doing. It is what i'm trying to create because if we can have a regular casual easygoing conversation with tour as part of our lives then it becomes either the thing that we are deviating from knowingly or the thing that we are bringing with us knowingly as we build a stronger new type of judy is a new vision of judaism with taurus. Still at the center in this conversation and in many other jewish conversations. We have used the word torah in two very different ways and we have not fully explained. The differences between those two is. And i think a note to jewish educators and rabbis and everybody we should explain what these ways are when we're doing it because i think it's confusing to to jews especially those who aren't jewish but first off we have used the phrase the torah genesis exodus leviticus numbers deuteronomy. Those are five books that collectively make up the torah with that definite article. The next level is sort of torah which still with like a capital t which i think sort of refers to this is less clear-cut but it's sort of a to those five books and like the raw. She's you've talked about and like the commentator like sort of traditional sources that are relating to the torah but are not themselves sort of the tour. I think sometimes people say torre and they mean that realm the third way which i am deeply interested in which you used before beautifully is talking about leon is torah. My torah torah which is not leon is five books of moses. It's it's not that. It's i think it's this deeply intimate it gets at the emotional pieces right. It's the steeply intimate idea of sort of someone's almost like soul teachings. It's a very deep idea. Like people have within them. Teaching like must come out there torah and in facilitating a space like this or even as being participant with it's not facilitating in a space. Like this you can come to understand what it is. Is your personal torah. I would love to hear from you a little bit about that. Distinction between like lower case t torah an individual persons torah and the torah the five books. Because i think that as much as we're doing this unit of episodes unlike the torah or on the bible more generally term. We are as interested or more interested in how the torah can sort of mobilize people's torres people's individual toro's as we are in that set of five books. I really appreciate that distinction. 'cause i do sometimes play on that people know that there's different levels of torah. Being a part of this conversation. I teach torah study capital. T. torah five bucks. A moses torah once a week. But i used torah interest that he knowing that it was an expansive understanding of the teachings of our people because torah means the teachings in means the fact that the what god taught us on sinai is where that comes from. There's also believed that. What god taught us on sinai was both the written torah casualty expansive t and also oral torah. The torah that. We're passing down. And i think i like to include our layer of torah at my personal layer over. Torah is part of oral. Torah is part of that tradition from cyanide. Down till now. Until i got it and i can add my layer of torah on top of it. The dan can layer his layer of torah of his torah. end altogether. That mixing all of it together. And i hope to be teaching all of that. I hope to be teaching. Literal five bucks. A moses talmud tannock which is the other which includes the other two sections of torres. We understand it which is writings in prophets. All the while with the understanding that you are building your own layer of interpretation. Your own oral torah your own way of how that affects your morality. How that affects your life hazardous affects the way you read. That word layered on top of what you're reading nourishing. Both of those feels very important to me. This has been awesome for folks who are hearing this and are like a. I wanna go to leonidas awesome session with the caveat of what you said before. It's not just about learning your torah. 'cause you're great it's also finding what if they want that. How could they do that and be if they want to. Connect with you to start up something comparable. How would they do that. So you can find us at the tourist studio dot org or on instagram at torres studio and you can email me at the torah studio gmail.com. I'd be happy to talk about. Your torah. means to you. How you wanna study torah or how you wanna teach door were on zoom for hopefully forever if for also get to be imprinted which means that you can come to one of our classes in really love to learn with you. Thank you so much liana. This has been fantastic conversation. Thank you so much. This has been a dream come true. Well we love that. It's a dream come true. Thank you again liana. Thank you for all of you out there listening one little note before we fully close out the episode is that the torah studio and the men were partners of ours on our initiative this year. Poor live which was just a huge success and we actually have the full video recording of that event it was this wild journey through all ten chapters of the book of esther. We have that recording on our website. We encourage you to check it out at judaism unbound dot com slash p. u. r. I m twenty twenty one and we hope that you'll stay tuned because there may be other collapse coming up between the torres studio and judaism unbound those are on the horizon before too long anyway now he will close out this episode. There are a wide variety of ways that you can be in touch with us if you have questions or thoughts or anything related to this episode or any other and we love when we hear from listeners and here are all those ways i you can go to our facebook page. Judaism unbound second. You can hit up our twitter instagram. Also just at judaism unbound for those handles third you can go to our website use unbound dot com and last but not least you can always email us at dan. Judaism dot com or lexus. Judaism unbound dot com. We are of course greatly appreciated. If you're able to send us a donation of any amount you can do that just as a one time gift or you can set up a monthly recurring donation. The judaism unbound dot com slash. Donate so thank you so much for listening. We hope you enjoyed this episode and with that this has been us about.

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Fugging rugs, Naughty Christmas lights, LED Moob cones, the Fashion police, Queen's resilience, Melonopoly!

Keep Calm and Cauliflower Cheese Podcast

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Fugging rugs, Naughty Christmas lights, LED Moob cones, the Fashion police, Queen's resilience, Melonopoly!

"Um it's chappie bruins buffalo wonderful to have you have. It's small business saturday. You had you had black friday. This is small business saturday so go out and support your local businesses today. People is very very important indeed. A welcome along to the program. It's keep calm and cauliflower. Cheese episode number zero is episode forty canyon adam and eve it is so wonderful to have your head so wonderful to have your support and his lovely to have some jingle bells anyway. So welcome to the program. Today we've got a ram shackle. Affair is always at its ram pact as well with lots of lovely lovely speeches bursting at the scenes is like trying to hide one belt after thanksgiving and the belt just giving way busing and letting all the obscenities be revealed so anyway some of the things that we may or may not be talking about today and is we have some belgian phallic london's that have been put up and causing much. Matza consternation we also have a astronomical events occur it's astronomical event it say an event that hasn't happened in eight hundred years it's space age event and It's actually at to jupiter and saturn and carrying on the solstice december the twenty first. So we're gonna be talking about that running out huge. I think it's absolutely massive. And i think it's something that we should be very interested in. We should erectile telescopes and paired to the happens you may be thinking santa come along potentially slay me made see roofs red-nosed illuminating the author. But also you'll be seeing. This marvelous event is not gonna happen to gain or not going to happen in a similar way until twenty we have a new feature might distaste general discontent over some of the things that i see out in about some of the most heinous desperate fashion cons of all and we are going to have a feature where we're going to bundle them all up. They may be incredibly distasteful. They make you sick to the stomach but we will be calling the fashion place and then some of the other things that we may or may not be talking about today. I saw a young chap Running along today. And i'm going to call him the chicken win chap the chicken wing chat and i'll be explaining all and son tool and sandra later. What exactly mean by that We also have Japanese woman arrested for poking holes in expensive melons. We have a christmas butler. I go story coming up a little bit later. the dogs take deleted charlotte's hamstring of buckingham palace exhibition. Doug bava santa barbara. So it's time for a you'll retool and also The industry crown sparking wine producer of the year Also how cricket cricket club is banning afternoon tea would a hideous anathema awful crime that is also how popular eu sausages british sausages and. Not going to be allowed to be sold in the anymore. We're going to be crying of the that that very sad depressing tale People are buying british airways trolleys and other items from the airline. I think they're trying to make a few pounds and pennies and and they're actually Selma troy's off they're also Selling off some of the vomit bags. I believe maybe Maybe some the cabin kure items as well potentially would love one of those British airways neck achieve absolutely from tastic. Also the british pianist soothing irritable monkeys. We have also. We're going to bundle this into the fashion police feed jeff. Should men really wet crocks. I know this is a game one of my of my ultimate Points of irritation. The rubbery abomination shoe did call. Also a jan morris agenda. She broke the everest story. Guys at ninety four. Shakespeare tree must be safe from extinction with differences prize property in china. We never got onto. Johnny rotten's flea bitten. Willie we'll be getting onto that today. The kids love cheetos led him to start a business and helps his family move out of the house. We have a tincture tender. A tender game this week we've caligula and also enigmatic english eccentric will be making a elegant appearance later on. We have the queen's five wellness rooms for resilience is while donald trump's rather petulant and childlike gain on the golf course and also we have an austrian village. This changed its name from pretty rude. Would to one sounding very very rude is while you're very welcome to the podcast. I am going to attach a little jingle bells over the coming weeks head So we're going to have lots of lots of bells going on in the background head. Santa vol bells movie. A tingling in the background and i enjoyed so we're up to episode of the podcast and on on really hoping i'm hyping this is this is if the business of the yuletide period allows me to. I'm going to try to get up to fifty by christmas z. Let's see if we can do it. I don't want the quality to draw presided the backside that never was inequality in the beginning But that's what we're going to try to today over the over the course of the next couple of weeks on the common cauliflower cheese pub costs hosted by dear friend champion. Something something. I was thinking about as well as with jingling. Awin background to just thanksgiving. So i do. I do apologize to To women all the note for not having the podcast. Yesterday i know people set o'clock by the many of you have joined a pocket. Watches the actually. Do sic the clock to this podcast and you do expect it to impair. Every friday is like a. it's like launch present popping out of the stalking. And you expect it every friday and it wasn't so anyway so we have saturday. I thought i'd recorded in the light of day. I haven't got a mind as light. A miner's lamp. On my head. That i usually have to record it very morning on the friday. That's what i normally ever this. Various state ordered lies but Yes so we decided they get about thanksgiving. I did loosen my belt. Slightly is gone from. It's allowed an extra notch a to to loosen loosens ones tummy. Him and i did actually believe it or not and we probably need a some sort of some sort of celebration. Heck some sort of celebration here regarding regarding a thanksgiving yet. Not that not that. Well that's me putting on a few extra pounds probably over the course of the course of thanksgiving so that's a but yes i did loosen loosen the belt little to allow a little more room but something. I'm thinking about as well. So i was doing a lot of cooking a lot of starring vigorous staring times. You know using the wrist to its maximum capacity and and get really whisking up the yorkshire pudding batter. A heavy. Made the occupan by the way. They're becoming a huge hit in the united states as they are in uk. Obviously but i did find that things like yorkshire pudding. Batter stuffing cranberry souls an mashed potato flails and flies everywhere. And what it sometimes does. Is it forms a lump in an area that you don't realize it and it can give you a bravo substantial errors sustenance later on like i did remove the starch color starts caller and i took my shirt off and i found a little bit of mashed potato and cranberry sauce answering stuffing decipher light. It was it was it was embedded on my chest. It was as strong. I tell you a cement. It could stick together. Vote could stick together. Rubes it could it could. Though any sort of flooding situation it could could hold floor together. And i mean i know bid and austin say well also laser visit get stuck in the bed. There's no there's a bit on clean shaping the stuffing cranberry sauce Gravy gravies as well. That goes them. That goes anywhere does get stuff and it's just oh manner is on women to. I honestly believe you me you can you. Can you can delight your partner. Laser post thanksgiving dinner. You can find it in all sorts of places honestly so just remember if you ever if you ever need to stick something into the wall stuffing cranberry sauce Yorkshire pudding batter and mashed potato. A roth fantastic. So the big news. That i discovered today. The is very very exciting. I think everybody should be anyway. Two hundred twenty s being a pretty pretty awful yeah but jupiter and saturn will form former red double planet in the sky before christmas. So his how to see the incredible spectacle that hasn't happened in eight hundred years. Jupiter and saturn will appear to align this december creating a double planet in the night sky. It's the first time. Since the middle ages the parents have aligned this closely you can see the planet conjunction on the winter. Solstice december. the twenty. First we seems like a perfect for it to happen for the first time since the middle ages jupiter and saturn will become so close to each other in the night sky that they'll pay as a brilliant bright double planet on the winter solstice december. The twenty first the solar system's two largest pilots will be visible on top of each of it in the western sky. If you live in the northern hemisphere you can observe planetary conjunctions setting in the south western sky shortly after sunset. If you've been waiting to take out your telescope this may be a perfect opportunity. Even if you have an amateur telescope with the right eye. ip's you may be able to see. The glenn moons bags of jupiter and saturn rings in one spectacular. But don't wait too long because the planets were dip below the horizon. In a couple of hours after the sun sets you won't see a semi conjunction disclosed again until march fifteen twenty eight and. I think i'll be probably long By then Probably be The wrapped in bacon and the great full english breakfasts frying pan in the sky. In what astronomers coaling a great conjunction meeting two biggest welds and also to system the planet's will fit perfectly aligned from the perspective only to be point one degree apart. That's one fifth Diameter the moon the lost jupiter and saturn paid. This close was in sixteen twenty three just fourteen years off. The galileo made his first telescope and discovered the moons of jupiter. The true solar system alignment of these. Two gas. Giants occurred a few weeks ago but from perspective as is quickly obits a sun duper saturn will appear to inch closer and closer over the coming weeks. If you take your telescope early the planets are already close enough together and setting later in the night. Do produce five times distance of their from assign a whopping four hundred eighty four million miles away. Santana's double that you'll birthday. Jupiter would Every twelve years and once thirty is on saturday at this rate. Jupiter lines sat in every twenty years in the orbital plane of the solar system creating a conjunction. The you'd from the german drama yohannes kepler in sixteen fourteen said that a conjunction between jupiter and saturn occurring in seven. Bc may have been what the wise men in the nativity story soul and cold the star bethlehem whether the fame christmas was a real astronomical event like conjunction or comet remains a mystery but it is so exciting. I really do want to see this happen. I think it'll be a magical evening. On december the twenty first so i was thinking. Now it's getting very dark and You either have to walk. The dogs do some exercise early. Or you have to do it in the dark with some sort of lightning but sinking the seasonal problem of lighting the way lighting the night sky when trying to a little bit of gentle excise dog walking running. Whatever you do. Even the dreaded cyclists out that Fashion wise i will not be seeing dead with a miner's lamp on top of the beanie will go into the beanies later but anything without you know finally dawn on top head. I would never do it. But his what i would consider i would consider madonna like Breast cones with led lights on the nipples lighting my way lifting my way and lighting my way on You know through the night Through the prove yuletide evenings that we have coming up over the next couple of weeks. Here i mean. I know you have batteries which aaa aa I i don't know if any of it but you could. Do you know you could have different size. Led light cones shaped into the madonna bra. you could do the aaa or you could do. You know the triple b will the triple ceo. They all all the biggest ones. Which i think i would go for the triple day. A do the triple declines with a huge led bulbs on on on the nipple area and it would light my way. Now if if you didn't want to do the madonna cone led lights you. You could consider lightning away with a glenn a pace it would be like the star lighting the penile path. So i think we're watching the crown at the moment and really enjoying the delights of a. We'll could probably be seen as Partly the milestones true events but then the rest of. It's a soap opera fictional soap opera. The real life real family does have a cypriot Would say on occasion. But anyway i was looking back at seeing the corgis. Run around in my phone. Kobe's the royal family and other animals buckingham palace exhibition on favorite pets. As a confidant of the queen once observed. She has few friends in a. She had to choose between dogs and the friends. There's no doubt which you would choose next year. And i don't think it ever happen. But they will be opening up. I would say this coming. Twenty twenty one the summit opening exhibition at buckingham palace. Who shot the family's devotion to that pets. The queen's lifelong affinity with dogs and horses is expected to be at the heart of the exhibition caucus a become simone synonymous with the monarch who from the age of seven two loss. Jake kept pembroke corgis in two thousand eighteen willow. The loss of kogi was put down sadly it had been suffering from cancer. Palacios said the loss hit the queen. Very hard she still has to doggies toby's across between coal in action vulcan and candy. And she said to be bombed to the duchess of sussex ever love dogs. Megan has a beagle which move with us from canada in two thousand seventeen and i think move back to the states. When she moved back role support for animal welfare will be a theme of the exhibition. Meghan became patron of mayhew an animal welfare charity. The duchess of komo's patriots battisti's dogs and cats home from when she got two jack russels breath and bluebell queen victoria band tail docking in cropping in the kennels and became the first roll patriot battersea in eighteen eighty five. The exhibition will explore. How pets have become part of the royal family's public image for centuries charles spaniels feet to import rates by anthony van dyck lupo the duke and duchess cambridge caucus panel at sandy died is lost week as a paid in several family has released by kensington palace. The princess charlotte's pet hamster has yet to make the official role debut. The the show will also tell the less familiar role passing charlotte powered adopted by prince george later george v in egypt when he was a midshipman in rural navy the queen also played with the bird whilst visiting bound moral as a child one point storing exhibition staved in a staged by the rule Collection trust is a edwards sevens norfolk terrier went with them everywhere edwards funeral and nine hundred. Ten sees still accompanied his master. Everyone cried when they saw the kings little dog following the coffin observed the right of veto. Sackful west caesar was subsequently immortalized in stone is depicted lying. Moss's feet coughed out on edward. To miss georgia's chapel windsor. The exhibition will also include a faberge model of dog commissioned by the seven thousand nine hundred ninety. Seven ruby is in a gold color and inscribed. I belong to the king. What a lovely story. And it's It's so delightful Seeing the kogas run around in this newest season of the crown. So we have another edition at the wheel of misfortune. So we spin the roulette wheel and it lands on rotherham. Fortunate story from the week make can be the wheel of misfortune misinformation if it said directed related to politics but this week This is coming out japan. This week's they will spin the wheel. So yeah let's give it one move close around tune in so it's landed on the wheel misogynist week. The woman arrested for poking holes in thirteen expensive melons with a finger. Pleasing chiro city who quedo have announced the arrest of a woman suspected of puncturing and thirty melons with her finger. However motives remain a mystery. The crime occurred on july. The twenty eighth when sixty four year old suspect ended a supermarket and allegedly stabbed a baker's dozen of melons with their anger at approximately one. Thirty nine after n- it is important to note that these on just ordinary remains at renown jerry king which often make headlines to selling exorbitant prices. The victimize melons had a combined with fourteen thousand yen. Interestingly enough no security cameras cooler naxos unclear police managed to track down the culprit. The nature of the detective work in the suspects motives have not been revealed. outcomes raise. It suggests that she was simply checking to see if the freshest in the most absolute grotesques way by sticking a finger in This kind of behavior is certainly not uncommon and was captured. Best in the nineteen eighty. Five classic tampopo However is far from the only theory Full of sounds like a yoke to me. I've seen this movie is a conduct kung fu training for close combat. I guess if. I had a good mellon poking technique argues as much as possible. This brings us to the most populous troubling theory that she was practicing the ancient martial art. kutu shinkin which involve poking somebody with ferocity makes that brian explode. A routes roxanne's arava hideous indeed. But the melons messed being to write for this. Sort of action in penetrating the cantaloupe fleischer. Whatever the was apparently She was playing a game of a -opoly and need not be a bad loser in half mellon meltdown. So we have another fireside butler ghost story but it's a fireside. The christmas goes story Coming some from some true events that The discovered from the mystical events surrounding the birth. Of jesus the haunting traditions of child's dick and supernatural visitors in a christmas carol christmas paranormal phenomena have had a close relationship from the very beginning christmases alongside with magic miracles. Wonderful happenings the following that. We're gonna have the coming weeks in section of strange yuletide phenomena including sightings of santa claus himself. every believer of eating role bah humbug. They do make an intriguing read. This is a chest. christmas chech- gust so playing hide and seek with little kids from my mother's village of satour in western samoa. I was quite young. Men so ways followed my older cousin around. It was the middle of the night and most of the kids. We used to hiding anywhere in the dark. I wasn't used to it. That for the christmas holidays this the right action of most trailer cintra. Hiding in the graveyard were able to find a way around. The light cost by the church. We hidden in the shadows and waited for the boy. Who was it. We could hit him coming so we kept quiet. The boy was pretty loud. We wanted was a wise making such a fuss. You went to see. He later told us he walked into the church as he thought that his brother was hiding that he saw a boy standing right at the front of the altar. He didn't now if it was his brother because the boys back was time he ran up and tap this boy on the shoulder the soon as he did the strange boy disappeared and a friend. He went home to tell his parents. We got back to find him still lying. That dead still. His parents took him to hyman. We never played in the graveyard at night again. We later found of the boys brevard being home the whole time he had been in the church which really scared us but the boy is fainted. It banal since that night and is hasn't even recovered. Whoever was in the church must've been pretty mad and the children stopped him so has it. Donald trump style appeal being locked shock as sussex cricket knee causes vote on no more cricket tease. Oh so sad will be cricket. Tease in sussex cricket league off. They pasta vote on monday night. And his co. a huge reaction on social media pious scores and umpires. Ross to bring their own during this she has this because of covid regulation but now the league is voted for no more cricket tease period. The seal tweeted the vote. Removing the provision of teas vote carry eight nine against added and fourteen four. The stood a break of thirty minutes in the cubs are expected to provide a twist of off cold drinks replies in officials. He's understood the three main reasons. The costs cubs nothing out the fine people to do them and local councils now asking cubs did show that cajun facilities are up to the required food hygiene standard and some not. It was likely the twenty twenty one would have seen the same regulations as the twenty twenty season. This becomes enforced the twenty twenty two season. The players have an clubs mixed reaction on social media. This is an absolute shambles. Shame on them voted out hashtag shambles. Hashtag bring back. T's dixon cricket club tweeted the cubs are not on. The call redeemed voted the removal of the teas. That was an not fair and voting figures. Do not reflect who actually wanted to remove the tease. This needs rethinking. Haywood skip account tweeted if the vote was for one season in yes but is being voted for further this time to remove tease period. Someone else to Takes time eleven people have to prep a lunch. Who's gonna stop playing at the. You need to bring your own sahni's now. This is an abomination. As a player was lovely to have nice t and as a captain it was a right pain in the off us ever decreasing numbers of helpers and clubs. A met makes it making tease more more difficult. But i really don't like bringing my own. Sahni's and kate to have a during the interval. What an absolute bomb nation nimble cricket cricket t is one of the wonders of the game. I have to say to play for a couple of hours and you stop for afternoon. Tea nice kathy slice of k. Two beautiful sandwich was across cuddle. Absolutely delightful then you get back and play again. I mean whatever sport stops not this is the epitome of englishness and as an absolute beautiful thing the crooked t you know i do love you know maybe a nice sponge cake was som was whip cream in the midlands and strawberries is absolutely fantastic. And i'm going to be crying into my tonight with the with the dissolution of the cricket t. I have to say i mean. Full the more hefty chat a sport that provides lashings of sandwiches and kate was always tremendously appealing. When no longer needs to needs a substitute attractive you run a off to feast of t since this'll announcement addition of trump trombone where we take some of the most awful terrible headlines of the week. Some of them very amusing. Some of the bloody awful and we Equate them to trump which is probably the was or a very sad trombone. So it's what we like to call. Trump will from. that's all focal trump. That's one of the trombone sessions. As a baby trump frying the toys out of the pram as will was that's a robin lodge trump. so that's gonna be a pretty heinous crime of of talent story this week know said. Wow awas trombone so here we go. We have belgian lights. Phallic display is all. I trump trombone this week. Did a belgian town accidentally decorate christmas with phallic light display. That's our are a top tale is how think of anything more fitting and a twenty twenty year mark. The deadly covid nineteen pandemic fallout political turmoil than attempt by belgian towns to spread holiday chair only to inadvertently in store holiday lights. That look like penises. The light settings in autumn near belgium's north sea coast were meant to represent candles but as a new york times reports. A small town gained international notoriety when people look at the candles when turned on. Look like a said part of the manatee me talk with blue lights illuminating bus stops and a and a greenspaces. Even surroundings of the church locals appear to be making the best to the intent of the christmas display was lift spirits. The summit while lifted today amid the pandemic in a country seems to be doing that of light for another reason with belgium news outlets report who amusement international attention. The lights have indeed attracted. Apparently by the looks of things. Santa came early this year. The phallic blanton's could like santa's way this year if they can get it open time. British pin is velvety tone sued. Thailand's hungry monkeys. While on tour in central thailand british musician poor baltin will be mobbed by unruly audience is at target is still has music and calm overs. Piano baden's rockstars hundreds of hungry wild monkeys that he hopes his music could come down at the time. When current current is indeed tourism hiatus means fewer visitors to feed them and less funds for the welfare. We need to make an effort to make sure that they eat properly when they properly They'll be common not be so. Aggressive botanist played Four venues in lapore famous marauding monkeys including nation hindu temple and a derelict. Cinema the maki's drawn pace green sleeves. Beethoven thoroughly and michael nyman dario love sharing some sharing some of his stole of his climbing on his shoulders touching his head but they do love. The dulcet tones. All of the other piano. I wonder if barry manilow sat behind the panels serenade monkeys chimps with mandate if it stopped for excrement at him Maybe they would prefer a crop capanna new idea if you sound list. Crockery slippers will trolleys from british airways british airways put crockery slippers and trolleys from its now retired jumbo jet sets up for sale on monday seeking to shift retards stock and help us. Brown customs mind at the time. Very few traveling the airline which only this year sold of minnesota pounds worth of ought to boost its pandemic finances set to open. The christmas stole to sell items bathing. Burningly millions this week with a lot of people actually on furlough often customers charleston. Five piece of history with items available from bow Retired seven four seven jumbo jets would be. It's a one time opportunity for people to bring the magic flying with british airways into that into their homes. So i think you can buy ican by charlie's and some of the cabin crew stuff. Ed maybe some of the sick bags blanket champagne flutes from the first class. Capital is well but it does I mean maybe could sell off former pan am uniforms. Love a pan am uniform. then you could Do a leonardo dicaprio catch me. If you can also you could set. Maybe sell the toilets portland area that my uncle told me is big enough to join the mile high club without imperiling yourself on the tap. Yes i think we have our big roz. The weekend without a without a shadow of doubt. And it's johnny rotten has fleas as a effing bite. on my willy. The former sex pistols frontman recently befriended a group of scrolls. The one time punk legend says he recently prevented a group of scrolls hanging around his house. In ben venice beach california ever since. Then he's been liberty applying fascinating to his body. Too easy. itchiness are look down there this morning at mall willy and as an as an effing flea by on it The wow last night with murder itching to such a poxy thing to get on and the any way round. I'm not gonna blame the pool. It'll squirrels is vastly more legs than the old boy. I just hope they don't get the wrong idea. So johnny rotten britain. Willie i mean we got fleas. I bet the fleas could be high for motive. Maybe giannis drugs taken over the years but but the biden is sex pistol. The fleas discharge was mashes. A whole different story okay. So we've got to never addition of historical tender normally tend to work swipe ripens so ride left on whoever you like dislike this game. It's more of a more of a swing right. Will swing left the axe or guillotine or as sold coming down will maybe somebody escaped didn't Didn't and it wasn't the dreaded swipe left you may remember caligula as a chaplain made his horse council. Now you have to bear in mind that the agent is stories really didn't have a ton of incentive to make sure histories are accurate. That were more like the philip gregory's of antiquity embellishing in some places just flat-out making stuff up novice however to history much of what we know about. Caligula comes from story and who lives several decades after deaths. I certainly stories about caligula have meaningful conversations or the moon and feeding his horse oats mixed with flakes of gold may not be in detroit some historians point to other legends like one they say during campaign in britain where he told his soldiers to stop what they were doing seashells. He's supposedly ones ordered a bunch of boats to line up and make a bridge across the bay of naples so he could gallop gleefully across and he was eventually assassinate by zone. Pretorious god's Which is not something that tends to happen to beloved rulers. So i think we have caterpillar. And he was he was eventually assassinated So was Probably definitely fate was indefinite. So it's a big news. Trump has finally emerged to speak at his tiny desk and the internet had jokes who kick trump from the resolute desk to the kids table in the weeks since he lost the election. Trump is barely made any public appearances. Statements outside of the incessant tweeting and hasim fronted up to other questions from reporters toll. And lets you being extremely generous. You have to admit. It looks like he's a skulking skulking big giant baby so is especially strange when he finally emerged from his pillow ford in the residence to do something of the gulf and he chose what appeared to be behind a little baby desk for babies. The where these small desk that weirdly vacuum the carpet. The willie naked christmas tree. The widely anchored stanford the an had. Mike teaching over the president's actual head is all just so wet now. The small table seems the be one of several used when the president signs major legislation as easy to get a big crowd gathered around them for photos but it was just him in the room So this is what twitter was saying. His thing about small desk trump is sitting at a bill signing desk mental dozens of people around it. I think it might be so small. That people can cram for a photo op is not intended to be desk you alone. One eight vermont about the size of is a child's desk joking. Whoever told him this is a good idea. Obviously hates him. Trump is a normal sized desk. Desk guy belly came together. Yeah trump's mpr tiny desk concert at a school play. I mean bravo to of whoever set the scene and created this is a work of art. I sincerely salute you. Look at what. Trump got for christmas efficient price. I'm still president miniature desk play-set so cute the but the desk. I think didn't seem so small because it is dwarf hands. But if he got up too quickly it actually take the desk. Within the seventy seven dwarfs could sit around the desk for big mac shake and fish fillet with trump. trump's tools would be called bitter pissed petulance lazy cheater loser and finally fide. Let's get the Get the panel and get some get some snags. We'll get some sausages. We'll get some sausages going here popular. Eu sausages the set is disappeared from british supermarkets in new trade life. Irish sausages and. Jim brought west to set to dissipate for british supermarkets in you. Brexit trade talks to prevent e ban on the important chill made a likely to file. A d doesn't want british sausages. Either a stake is the uk exports associate ountry fergus and over uncooked prepared products. But the deadlock could result in properly. You good such a sausage again. Brought west bring turned back courts If you've gone on the import of british sausage meat men's make We'll be the uk position. While from the first january deregulation state uncooked prepared meat products such as sausages and burgers cannot be imported in bulk unless you have frozen to minus eighty celsius. That's incredibly cold. Sausages that minus eighteen degrees celsius. I would actually worry of the meat shrinkage. Issue a meet shrinkage issue. This package Would shrink much. It would no longer fit into the sausage skin. The youngest sausage. For example the huge cumberland sausages renowned that being so meaty and splits associates. Skin these rules impossible. Shrinkage of the sausage is an anathema. Okay it's time to call the fashion recalling. They're going what set off the alarm here. Everybody knows my absolute hatred. The beanie hat. It looks like a floppy will shave now. i have a new one. The putrid unnecessarily bright pathak that makes one looked like the michelin man. What ever happened. Whatever happened to sleek outerwear with a wife offen- turtleneck of for those days to come back again but the puffy coat seriously roles look making like michelin man with a bright green orange yellow. Oat dairy me the queen's five wellness rules four resilience and ninety four with nitty sixty nine years on the english and the british run in his new book. Long live the queen. Brian caskey identifies strategies about power longest standing monarch. Start with these five rules to tap into a resilience tr. Aw indeed optional. I hereby banished negatively. Elizabeth stiff-upper-lip is famously stiff. Brought up in the arab british She doesn't like event sorrows to aliso ruminate on painful memories. I find that. I often put things out of my mind which is a disagreeable and the queen. One said but what makes us seem like the biggest mistake in our modern age of emotional openness token five roar hot for princess. Diana is actually one of the greatest strengths so called purposeful represses. People who consciously dow down negative mind chatter benefit from psychological armor study found preventing crushing spiral negativity from the mental foothold as elizabeth once observed with stunning accurate insight. The travel with gloom is it feeds upon itself. Passion causes more depression. Develop your one longevity. Trait elizabeth shazad active ninety some things around the world a strong sense of purpose the longest japanese call it a collie a reason for living the queen mother who lived to one hundred one knew it by the french time dewa meaning duty. Elizabeth recognizing devoured twenty-one promising that my whole life was long short shall be devoted to your service incidentally long as she embraced the pup as the longer had lies has been lengthened virtuous cycle supported by studies showing the amazing biological benefits of living for something larger than yourself. Make time for play is tense whites. We'll classic in the stone. Young author learns the art of kingship a fruit the active. Play the same magical medium shaping the strengthening elizabeth to this day. The queen is one of those rare adults who enjoyed an unbroken relationship with play into old age still taking time every day to pay with the thing she loved as a child especially horses during so's kept muscles active in mind. Remarkably agile kate. How trivial had the last time. Ego went to luis. Had you seven years when she was reprimanded by grandmother for being ruling peres to a palestinian solve. Absorption she soon leads Sales had uncle david nelson costume threatening ninety sex the princess dinosaur infatuation but the media riddled was suicidal. Self doubt so from the beginning of rain. The queen made conscious effort to get out of her own head as much as possible. The practice of jews behavioral psychologists coal self distancing. She even likes to speak in personal pronouns. Choosing wound we and made Because she can we complete lack as the vanity Coug fruit daily on sort of personal stories and the tabloids and remain. Detached oftentimes amused spectator. The coin is been known to self deprecating chuckle. Air philip. I've got my miss picky face on. And then keep the faith. The queen might carry too title defender of the faith but a faith is be more defended and carry a fruit. Most turbulent times something. She alludes to that she ever yet in christmas. Brokaw sharing that she had deep spiritual beliefs have been an inspiration anka in her life cold shape so an austrian village cleans up. Its act by changing. Its name from one thing to indeed a another so the austrian village cold It was actually code. The full f word That i'm gonna say cases kitty wings during But fog this is change. Its name from one f word to fucking off. The tourists kept having sex in front of the road. Signs austrian village will change. Its name from Effing to funding From its root original residents have endured you as sniggers from english speakers over the name. Taurus made it a point to stopping. Detroit pitches by the signposts and austrian vigil ring in the new year by changing. Its name to fucking after route. Original nineteen much for locals to abacha residents of the village injured deck sluggish from english speakers and the frequent signs. Taurus made a point to stock and snap themselves by the signpost often striking nude poses posted on social media Finding one hundred villages decided enough is enough council. Minutes published yesterday saying Showing that the existing a name for thousand years will be named funding from january the first municipal mayor andrew holzer said. I'm confirming that in fact is society bud. Local council on are not say any more about it and apparently the two thousand eighteen pornographic website said it was offering free premium access to residents of the town of funding and towns with such names as a tits with z. A. germany in germany or big beaver pennsylvania in the united states. I mean i think i would love to have a compass stool in in fucking In town of fucking in it'd be cold fucking rugs. And then the unfortunate condition one could have on st night is fucking rug burns and those robber tons individuals from the town from Could be fuck from fucking. Thank you so much for listening to this rav bumper addition holiday week all the gas. We had a podcast on the day. Thanksgiving special that you should listen in to. Why did reveal the recipe for yorkshire pudding and also the perfect Rice potato anyway. So it's ki- keep cheese on twitter Keep coming cauliflower cheese. Instagram Lovely to have you along for the ride again today The coming week reporting have one focused on friday. Who knows we might My squeezing extra special edition If you're all good children this year ankle chappie. santa could come visit you. We have a little seasonal feeding exit from his carroll's alice adventures in wonderland to close the podcast this week. I wonder if the snow loves the trees in the fields that kisses them so gently and then it covers them snug you know with a white quilt and perhaps it says go to sleep darlings till the summer comes gain. Good not everybody will see next week to duluth now.

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3/30: Egypt Update: Suez Canal Finally Flowing, Covid Origin Theories, and Cuomos Big Hands at it Again

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3/30: Egypt Update: Suez Canal Finally Flowing, Covid Origin Theories, and Cuomos Big Hands at it Again

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Do a deep dive your favorite genre artists. The podcasts world is your voice ter- with anchor They'll even help you. Publish your show to spotify that can reach hundreds of millions of listeners. Got an idea for a show with music. Get started by downloading the free anchor app or going to anchor dot. Fm need some inspiration head over to blog dot anchor dot fm slash mc. For some idea. Starters samoa joe man randy savage this factor in the roof. No one does a better now. Nobody does it better. I repeat myself. Go ahead told me something right now morning. And welcome to another episode apart factor. It is tuesday march thirtieth twenty twenty one episode number six fifty six. I'm will we got mark west and pat full house today and bubba is back in the house producing bob. I hope you enjoyed international waffle day last friday. Big day for you. Also did you enjoy it. I did those for us of waffle. I just thought. I thought i was gonna get well wishes. I'm passover. i thought we were very inclusive podcast. But it just seems like we're touching inclusive. Podcast just search for national waffle day. We'll post precedents while wildaid takes a little bit of practice. President obama game fucked the out. I'm gonna talk about that. I'm not gonna love that. You clearly didn't listen. We spent like two minutes talking about you and then we said that the talked about how i love the jewish people have one hundred hundred. Say i talked to the wild day. Took precedent not allowed to have flour anymore or any sort of raised brad or some shit so like i just had the matza early and levin's levin breath he got so i can't happen again out of that so why would they is out the window. Passover went well so you can add waffles on. Oh that's bad time. Roads put that one out of my head more. You guys go all right. Sorry about that one over awesome a tough one for for the tide and unrelated news. Our hearts go out to listener. Eric de in the heart high recently lost his mother cove. It remember everybody to be good to each other out there. Since you never know what is somebody else is going through any time. Thinking about your family recipe scale donohue and Yeah so with that. Let's this hop into the daily buzz. Guys get the show going Anything else that we need. Go over before we. Before we get going i think you nailed it now. I think we're good. Okay let's get it. Coincide looked up the observances. That i missed on monday. I know i didn't didn't have any This is such and such day for the twenty ninth turns out nothing special. There was no. We didn't miss anything on the twenty ninth tuesday march thirtieth today really has no special observances either. Besides virtual vacation day so this episode of heart factor be even chiller virtual vacation for you inside the cocoon of the already very chill virtual vacation day march thirty were road to know. That's like the plane around to know where that type of bullshit. Yeah west was going wessels getting into that for a while. He was like talking about taking virtual vacations. Now he's talking about taking walks with virtual vacation virtual off. Yeah what is the virtual be. Wonder do but i think the game. We're wearing what video games. I'm wearing a hawaiian shirt. That's virtual vacation. You can make anything virtual vacation. You're virtually on vacation all the time but what usually when there's a stupid day it's an industry. That's pushing it. What industry no. This is just stupid day vacation days. But it's now it's just like this is big psychiatrists. They're sick of people losing their minds and their office take virtual -cation. No they lost like us. yeah yeah just a reminder to carry yourself okay. Let's go daily buzz. Top seven day number seven and l. e. chapa. He's a rapper. He was arrested in florida for trying to break his car out of a total lot. Classic florida man crime. That's pry gonna end up on. Florida man friday guessing but for seven and the daily buzz. Today how he lets you know who he is with his neck. Tie to this alley. So you know. It's him announces his breath. He also he did the reverse right. Where you tat it all black rape and then you leave an l e. v rheinland negative space in space. You could use your stay about the same weight though. Negative spacious the problem is this like. I know that there are other trappers right. Like trap arap. Is that like a like a saps or don't know if they run into crew there you're right there. There seems to be a lot of trappers means gun to does gene gun. So i mean good for him. Get your car up bro. Well hopefully he. I don't think he got it out because he's facing charges number. six check. Billionaire peter. With no e- peter helmer hate that name gianna to your doctor crash he. Etr the czech version of calendar. As a billionaire. He died in a helicopter crash in alaska. Oh not good spelling out helicopter in the notes now Why it's always say. I don't even know how to spell it helicopter charleston shop. A story I i'm a hillicon. I love number five. Youtube trends fell as the asian. American war veterans showing off his battle scars that are on his chest in the ohio townhall meeting. I don't know if anybody's seen that. Video spat ass because he just trying to get laid. The sun lubitsch no. He's like talking about like racist will come up to him and say like your daughter barrick and whatever and then. He's got these scars. he's like showed him off at the town hall. He's because this daughter barrick and that's what would you pay to watch one of those interactions like just to be just to be walking about your day and then like you see him at a distance and then you see like some ignorant dude at a distance and then you see them come together. What would you say zero zero dollars. Because the way he describes it. he's. I'm respectful to everybody in public. If you come up to. I've never. I've never said anything back to you. But now i'm gonna use to make the game not fund yes satan. Satan shoes on. Boxing was also huge smash on youtube. Hit those satan. Shoes sold out under a minute. By the way six. Six hundred sixty six pairs they had available and mr beast buried alive still dominating youtube that was number five. Says a lot of cash bro. Just one little drop at six hundred sixty six k. Gross had six hundred sixty six pairs of shoes. A thousand bucks pop right right exactly. So they're getting sued by nike. Though i think the knows actually right We'll see how that plays out in the money. Aspect number four ghislaine. Maxwell has been charged with more sex trafficking crimes by the us government. This time including sex trafficking a minor. Fourteen year old. So please make to trial 'cause lane. We need to see what happened. What was the hold up on that. And i'm sure they adding chargers maybe. They didn't have formerly charged. Us is like the extra charges. I you watch the documentary on. Hbo max yet. So i was watching it last night and something. I feel like we missed right. There was a theory that epstein they wheeled out a different body and the epsteins witness protection. That was one theory. Yeah oh yeah. I'd had heard that hadn't thought about that on the show. I mean that would be awesome. That was a big one. Yeah that that. The conspiracy theorist rollover that he's still alive and just like they changed his face with plastic surgery and he's living somewhere. He's going to drop the dime on them soon. Number three fifty five year old. Elizabeth hurley is certainly not underage but she is looking great and she. The world know releasing a nice photo on instagram on sunday while also denying rumors that she's getting into reality. tv above. Put the picture up there for your voice to see. The photo is good. Thank you Yeah well she did this also. She's been doing this a lot late member. She had the the the winter coat with their tits hanging out over. Yeah she's she does. Bikini picks her some high to that a lot but she does a monthly. It's a good way to keep yourself fit right to like to do one one of those. Can you believe what. I look at this age and then plan another one six months down the line. You're gonna say it. That's what i was thinking. Oh we need to do that. With the heart factor combine. It's a goal to keep ourselves in shape every year. So we could do and yuli your scores read. Yeah that makes sense We'll do that. Those children right. I'm gonna raise those kids to that point you everything. About how like how flexible you were as a kid. And then if you just never stopped using that flexibility still have it today. And that's kind of what she's doing. Now hotness you yeah wasn't over flexible but speed with warmer member. How fast you're yeah. Yeah remember how you could run. Yeah i remember that. I had a dream early today on ginger this early as challenging yourself challenging in seems across the globe everyday number two suez canal is finally free and flowing and exclusive footage of tugboat men celebrating the victory. They finally got it out at high tide. These these guys. In the data billion tugboats they got the highest. As of the time we recorded last. It was still stop twelve hours later and a bunch of refloating tugboats and finally billions of boats. Did you see the guys. Were on the one. Tugboat celebrating cheering. That was a good video. They're gonna they're going to keep some prostitutes real busy those guys. They're probably how they paid them. S to yeah. You got four soon as you get done. You got to get lazy. Hurry up now. Speaking of prostitutes look at all the ships that were waiting to pass just sitting in the bay while the ever given. That was the name of the boat that was suck for six days until the tug boats could pull him out. They were they were. They were stuck in there. There's just votes. As far as the i could see like imagine. There's a lot of parties on the comedy barges. They have you're right. It's like a snow day. Shit going on some of those container boats have a prostitutes in the sense that their sex trafficked prostitutes and they say yeah you ever now they were there long enough to see equivalent of a lot lizard for like a ship pile up know the time party six day. Open up container three. We're gonna have a suez canal. Yeah you can get into a lot of troubled six. The ever given had also hit a ferry in germany in two thousand nineteen before getting stuck schuss same at the same captain boating safety courses for these guys Free loose operation going on. The ship is big as a skyscraper empire state building. Yeah finally number one. Derek chauvin and george floyd and the murder trial taking place for the police officer who killed. George floyd is underway. In minnesota omar jimenez tweets the defense for derek. Chauvin just argued the growing crowd parentheses. That was yelling at officers to get off. George floyd on parentheses caused officers to quote to divert the attention from the care of mr floyd to the threat growing in front of them unquote. So i didn't move right. Basically saying people telling him to stop choking. George floyd was the reason why he looks pretty calm and didn't move or anything to those people. I also heard something about like when someone is reviewing the footage or whatever like his body they thought it malfunctioned just because he was on the next alone for so long. This is clearly glitch. There's no way they thought it was just a frame. It was stuck frame. The movie speed was like what kind of argument is that like. Yeah i got. I got so distracted. I forgot i was neil honest guy. People were people were screaming stuff adam. And they're saying that he basically freaked out in the moment instead of being able to keep his composure and not kill them. People are also excited about a star wars donald williams who i think continues his testimony into today so monday was the first day of the trial continues. Today's familiar with mma police jokes referring to the move as a blood choke in the video. That doesn't sound good. No horrible horrible joke. That shouldn't be done unless it's an action film. Right unless it's steven seagal dot slash heart. Bigger not sure exactly how trial will go for. Dick show van but the judge has asked the jurors to not watch cable news while the trial is in session and of course another number one will be march madness as tradition during march once. The games are all done. And everybody's google what happened and that is the daily bus. But we haven't caps rangers again today tuesday so we may have to get avery on to talk some hockey pat. You also need to learn about the devils. We might incorporate that. Sometimes he'll yeah bus hockey trans all right guys. We got a covert update for you. The world health organization and china put together a joint study to try to figure out the origins of covid nineteen and the who were those to involve. That's the world health organization and then The republic of china. Okay thank you anyway. The associated press rebel to get their slight journalistic fingers on a copy of that draft. And here's what we know so far. This study pretty much. Says that a lab leak from wuhan is quote extremely unlikely and that the most likely culprit guys for was bats to humans but through a very loose morals unknown third party animal. That's going on with all kinds of different species. The animals that have been around forever finally figured out how to transmit to humans as opposed to the lab that was testing like like corona stuff. That up broke great. It was it was the animals that have been around for fucking up to again co authored by china. Okay okay great guys. No i'm not a zoologist but if you ask me i think the most likely culprit is the japanese mock monkey and and i don't have any hard data to support this other than we'll googling quote animals that will bang anything. I came across a scientific paper from two thousand seventeen tiled quote interspecies sexual behavior between a male japanese mikhak and a female sika deer and It describes what is thought to be one of the first ever recorded instances of reproductive interference between two very different animal species. So check it out. The cogs have in the past been known to ride on the deer gets walnut. They just catch rides on dear. But it's it's doing more. yeah the close proximity. I couldn't resist the researchers. Say that that the monkey in this study showed quote clear sexual behavior toward several female deer and some of those dear tried to escape but others apparently consented to the behavior. Sled deer and quote accepted the mount but it looked monkey just came on the bat exactly. So that's what lifted up. Yep that's exactly what happened. The monkeys wood jr is on the back and then the deer are known to lick it off their back. That's like click it up girl. Clean it so. This is how corona started. Sorry i'm just saying well again. I don't know much about animals. This mccart monkey will fuck anything and you need something that fucked it will fuck and human and it seems to me like they could be the missing link is it. Also that the the the macaques are Are cleaning the deer is coming on them. They're making i mean just grooming their hands younger dear to to bang later you mean grooming them will yeah may be that but also just like for like they do is west talking about like a massage and then the then the monkey gets the knows dak as well so it's cleaning itself trade a services you know. The the japanese one is is pretty cool but my favorites versions. The suck on was that the suck cock larger roger that one does. I think they need to start asking around wuhan to see if anyone saw any jack. Japanese macaques hanging around in late two thousand nineteen. That's your answer guys. Experts are skeptical about the report. Dr fauci top infectious diseases. Expert said he would like to see the reports raw information first before deciding about its credibility. That's read between the lines Yeah bullshit let me. Just get that straight then so. It's been over a year since the outbreak in this is the country where it out broke from and the world health organization and their explanation is that it's probably animals definitely not the lab. That could have been certainly not the lab. Then it could have been exactly pretty much every you ever. Us authority was like yeah. Okay give us the data. Give us the data for some reason. China didn't release all the data. I know it's weird are moving on guys former president. Donald j trump dropped a very long thirty two hundred thirty six character or twelve tweets statement near the original social media platform email on monday. Going hard on. Dr fauci and doc dr deborah burks after. They gave an interview on c. n. n. saying quote all deaths over the first one hundred thousand covid could have been mitigated which trump took has a personal shot. So here's an excerpt of trump's email Which i recommend it but if you happen to find yourself on trump's email list it's a delight here we go last night on cnn. Dr fauci who said he was an athlete in college but couldn't throw baseball million close to home plate. Roller tried to take credit for the vaccine. When in fact he said it would take three to five years and probably longer to have it approved so he's you're shitting on fallacies athletic prowess thousand. It'd be fair remember. We bet on that so it was like i made. It was almost roller. Yeah he barely got college. Campus college athletes still going on the current president. Joe biden made a plea to nation. The nation's governors saying please reinstate the mandate if you let it down jack and the cdc director dr rochelle will linski issued a warning for a quote impending doom if people keep partying the diseases over saying that a fourth surge will come. Cases are up. Ten percents saw. She was crying on tv or holding back tears they said and then former cdc director robert redfield says you're gonna find out it's definitely from the lab. Yes pro gun well. My theory is japanese. Okay you guys Cases were up ten percent. A big issue here is the uk variant which in florida doubled in the last five days cases the uk. very very. well fuck you so. Everyone's gotta get their vaccine asap. I want on wednesday morning. A lot of positive note guys cd. The cdc also dropped a study on monday saying that at full vaccination pfizer. Madonna are ninety percent effective. So that's pretty good. That's good and starting today. New york is expanding its vaccine eligibility to anyone. Over the age of thirty ninety five million people have been Received at least one dose of the vaccine shot on texas texas. Did that starting this week to ever. Hell yeah guys. In providers or administrating two point seven six million doses predict so bond checking. Be safe for a couple more months. Oh hey who says. Taking care of yourself has to be hard. I don't what's great about is it helps you feel better without mason. Making drastic changes to your routine guys talking about. Cbd but those droppers sabe drummers the other products are funny tasting tinctures right. yeah not with cowper. it's not even close. Cowper is a better way to consume. Cb and this past january colorado state university published the first peer review study to compare how different cbc products on the market are absorbed and processed by the body. And get this caliber. Cbd was found to deliver thirty times. 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It's that simple as dot com and get discounts up to forty percents post office rates and sixty two percent. Ups shipping rates. That's that's some big discounts not to mention stamps comes a fraction of the cost of those expensive postage meter. Stamps dot com a no brainer saving you time and money. It's no wonder nearly one million small businesses already used stamps dot com. So stop wasting time. What are the post office. Stamps dot com instead. There's no risk and with our promo code heart factor. You get a special offer that includes a four week. Trial plus free postage and a digital scale. No long term commitments are contracts. Stamps dot com. Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage. Type in hard factor that stamps com promo code. Heart factor stems dot com. Never go to the post office again and guys. It is time to talk about governor andrew. Cuomo once again do it. Yeah done something really good. He's he's no markets. Unfortunately it's been talking about sex. Isn't it a book he's again. It's been touching people he's still. He's still forcibly kissing women. It's been a record amount of time since the whole cuomo metoo movement started. But we now have a ninth woman. Coming out and saying saying governor. Cuomo is a big pook kissed against her will and this time we have some pictures to prove which is great so fifty. Five year old sherry ville has come out With those yet bubba has come out to tell her story. That's not put. That wasn't wasn't wasn't that's actually very funny. So she's come out to tell her story or something her lawyer. Gloria alfred said she wanted to do for a very long time saying for years. She wanted to report with governor. Cuomo did to her but some members of her family discouraged her from filing a complaint because they wanted to protect and feared that she made what happened to her public that the governor might use his power to retaliate against her and her family. So here's the picture of what happened to her on the days back in two thousand seventeen the incident in question. No that's not here bub. The incident in question happened back in two thousand seventeen. When governor cuomo visited her family home in greece new york to survey some flood damage sherry was married at the time and invited the governor into our home along with some press. Then governor cuomo got a little too comfortable and the incident happened. There's a picture of him grabbing her by the cheek and kissing her on the cheek and we have the photo of it. Bubble gets to it there. You can see governor Grabbing her face with his big cologne late and kiss on her cheek something sherry said was not invited to walk or welcomed and she went into the press tour. And let's just see what sherry had to see for herself. This is Her explaining what happened to her. It's really looked at me to elaine down over me. In his ninety. I was sold in my small dog in my arms and i thought he was going to that my on his dad. He wedged his face between the dog in mind in kiss beyond the other cheek and what i felt was highly sexual banner. I wasn't expecting that at all. He said that's what italians do his full. Jake's i felt shy didn't understand what had just happened. But i knew i bolted barris and beard about his kissing. I am a you might family. Family members kiss strangers. Do not kiss especially upon meeting someone for the burstein started to walk out of the house. Governor cuomo land behind them is to turn to me and said you are beautiful. Feel even more comfortable. I felt his co. he was coming onto me in my own hall. Governor in his proceeded to the damage is of the house. I go purposely. Did not follow because i felt uncomfortable given what hit just yet grew in my little. I walked out the front door and stay in the front of the house away from them. After saying the damages. The governor then circle to the front of the house where i was standing down approached me in my hand and said is there anything else you want. I didn't know how to respond in laying down on top of me and while still holding one of my hands or or simply grabbed my babies with his other hand. Kiss my cheek italian. We kissed every time we see you or the odds. He also said. I may be the governor new york but i want to be the mayor of sherry ville. Is that that line. Maybe there wouldn't be the report now. You just sounds like a human pepe pugh anything else. You want to quit anything else you want me to do for you. it's you. Who wants it right hand again so now. now crow cuomo's lawyer read a glavin says basically. This whole thing is ridiculous and pointed out. That's just how andrew operates saying buddy come out saying what of i've as i've said before the governor's greeted both men and women with hugs and kiss on the cheek forehead hand for the past forty years so he's like pervy priest providing comfort with the face. Grab kisses people in their time in each even shared a link to other pictures from that day the same day as the governor survey damage and in those pictures or even more examples of blatant sexual harassment. Bob now's the time for those pictures. This is another lady where he's grabbing her face and kissed her on the cheek. No word if she's gonna come come forward and and you know say that. He sexually assaulted her but as an awkward kiss. She looks kind of happy about it. So we got a cup bind these honor neck after the kiss like nothing you can do controlling them. Yeah think so. He was essentially on a press tour. Because i guess there was flooding and he was visiting individuals homes flooding something politicians do but only the hot wants his status there right so like you got to imagine the staff knows what the fuck is going on if he's lingering behind and hoping to get a hand job like what do you think the probably twelve people waiting on front of like. Where's cuomo talk. Show you exactly right on. I bet is will she give him a hand job or hook up with them. And that's how long or how long is it gonna take another. Have kissing bets for him. On how many face crashes a. Who is the governor reagan. A fucking house call like no one's him you know what i mean and he feels comfortable enough to linger back and be like. Yeah i will say. The italian defence is the best defensive. Heard from yet though. Yes governor creepy over there. we haven't been advertising. I know she got. She got him back but still. It's still defense. You know why they call me cuomo. No i'm just trying to get lines. His mind chat. Hey drop in white boy subir videos. All i mean it like so that other woman the other picture i showed she she was an older woman. Not like someone that you would think that cuomo would go after sexually but he did the exact same thing to her. So it's like it's like is sexual harassment like when when a hawkeye hits on a girl in the office they might not think sexual harassment when the ugly guy hits on them. Then it's a little bit different. I mean we're talking about the double cheek kissing. And i was like fuck you like. You've never seen the godfather but then when he turns around and says you're beautiful coupled with double cheek kissing yes also with our users. Nothing else i could do. It sounds like from the beginning. Yeah sounds like she had paid for that again. What else can i do for you. Create all my pants made and she's proactively twice view. What do you do after you kiss someone. Twice at that. Stage of the relationship saying the around third. It's the same story over and over with cuomo. He's a hansie aggressive. Pepe apu motherfucker and it's just how is it. Seems like and. I mean worth these. These women are saying that they felt sexually assaulted by. I mean there's so many of them we're going to get another story or to like. I wonder like if there's going to be one. That is more than just like hansie like right. Well this trauma fan. I think it's gonna take something a little more severe than than what he's been doing. Which is not appropriate whatsoever. But i think it's going to take like a like a penis out hand in vija underneath the clue where there's one there's many mark. Yeah i mean he kissed domino. Domino hasn't fallen yet. You did forcibly kissed that one chick. There's no not excusing the scumbag. I think i know. I know everybody in politics seems to be yes. Yes that's true. All right we got one last one for you. And it's good news. It's good news. Guys renowned egyptologist. Zahi hawass says all the bad things that have been happening in egypt recently like the suez canal being blocked by the ever given ship for six days in the fatal train crash that killed eighteen people. Recently and the string of archaeologists that have been dying at mummy burial sites that are totally not related to the supposed curse of the pharaohs quote unquote. So that's good this. You're saying this all is the curse i mean. According to him. This world renowned researcher seemed to have to make that clear for some reason. The swarms of locusts in the archaeologist disintegrating to ash just because it's locust season and he says that the archaeologists are just dying from the thousands and thousands of year old germs on these sites where they're literally pulling mummies out of their graves and desecrating the graves. It's definitely not from the curse of the pharaohs. He wants to make that clear that literally. No one asked him about he wants. He wants to you that this world renowned guy I guess i was going to say. That's what pass over his bow. Jews escaping egypt and we like one point in time in the passover seder will will take our finger will dip it in red wine ten times and put it on her plate and in that time we we recite the curses that were put on the pharaoh of egypt when the jews of let there one of them is locus one one of them is a lot of the firstborn and like so on from there. Where now but boils lambs. Live come eggs and this guy somewhere. Oh i told you guys about elisa. Larger came and visited the home. We leave the door unlocked for comes in have lee is. There are lots of like if you're not the firstborn like is there a lot like rippin the first during passover like who we. We actually made my six year old cousin. Little girl cousin read the curse of the data. The first born in she loved ottoman. She's gonna be me. We said yeah. I like claws. All the first point is this. I'm guessing this is right after the most part of the red sea thumbs up when he came up with the later before selects so we left egypt. That's coming on. And then moses a part of the red sea for us to get through and get out of this person egyptologists guy saying it's not from the curse. I guess for online people are mentioning that it a passover and stuff but they're also mentioning that it politely is inscribed on king tut's tomb that quote death will come on quick wings for those who disturbed the king's peace on and while while the boy king's tomb was discovered back in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. I believe his entire collection of things they found was moved to a different museum. The grand egyptian museum this past year and the tomb was just restored for the first time successfully so again the literal freak fires. I haven't mentioned yet. That are popping up in popular shop areas in the area and the bridge that collapsed in marietta along with the train. Crashes in the suez canal. Blockage are not from the archeologists digging up ancient king and queen mummies and those guys and gals are just dying from germs on the sites that they're digging up according to renounce egyptologists. He haas nothing to worry about the cursed themselves. A huge curse going on you gotta be real ask clearly the curse of the pharaohs connect the dots and i mean it's the curse maybe stop digging up. There craves they're gonna start putting stuff back. And you're not gonna remember what you took it in doubt. Anyone took a picture of king tut's tomb but he's gonna wanna in you know like daffy duck quack busters same plot and that's going to do it for hard factor guys anything else before we roll off this off the show today. Oh yeah i do. If you want to hear the story about how steven seagal almost stole west. His girlfriend is great and he but to do that. Or if you want to see my baby mamas tits you can inadvertently kind of coming into the frame. You join our patron and check out the hive radio hour and you did it by going. Patron dot com offer slash backed up so literally putting my bad. Pats talked of your your elbow to get a good offer. Patriots dot com slash art factor. So west possible here. West told the full story even more than i'd heard it ever so it. It was a good one other than that you know continue to interact online. We love talking to the guys on the discord love. You know commenting with instagram and twitter will always answer your dm's so please interact with us. Please share our stuff if you like it and most importantly have a great fucking day leader. Yeah they'll say goodbye goodbye goodbye. They'll get a little rough right.

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What does good vocabulary teaching look like for boys?

Oxford Education Podcast

35:43 min | 3 months ago

What does good vocabulary teaching look like for boys?

"Hello and welcome to word up. A series of podcast hosted by oxford university press with helen. Princeton guests in this podcast. The phrase windows mirrors is discussed. So i just had a quick look behind window and it was first seen in old norse circa twelve hundred and literally meant wind. I because it came from the word vendor meaning wind and orga meaning. I in old english word literally meant i whole or i do an old frisian. It literally meant resto that the phrase window dressing in relation to shop windows. I seen in eighteen fifty three and window. Shopping is recorded from one thousand. Nine hundred ninety four. The phrase window seat was first seen in seventeen. Seventy eight and then much later in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine we have the phrase window of opportunity and that stems from the us space where the phrase launch window was first used around nineteen sixty three. I'm really excited today. To welcome to our word. Podcast mr pink aka my pinkett. I've i've followed. Matt pinkett aka mr pain contractor for years. So it's a real joy for me to be able to to chat with you today. Also the brilliant but don't try matza senior leader and regularly contributes to the test and teach secondary. He's a speaker at this. She is at fest and he has a real passion for improving outcomes. Boys matt welcome to our podcast. Love must be hit with allies. Happy i think what a what a fascinating passion i think in english. Teaching we've absolutely known about boys underachievement in english and we've been talking about that for very long time so i'm fascinated torture today and let's start off by thinking about. Why do you think too. Many boys are struggling especially now in twenty one. What does it look like for. Boys are struggling if they are wise. Why is that yeah. I mean there's two things you dig in with one level you'll dating with the fat were school. Closures is because of the pandemic have widened the gap full bowl. Cohorts of students who were struggling prior to the pandemic saw would expect the you know. The gap has widened full boys and goes The gap will have widened disadvantaged students although students who have sem students. I think the many of these students who were unmotivated of of their own they have found it difficult to continue learning during the pandemic and the author that has manifested itself in fact that now lots of schools are offering up additional Additional catch up sessions. That sort of thing. I think that the boys lock catch up. But okay so what you're dealing with pandemic or no. I think that low expectations of what boys can achieve academically. Maine's the by all still not where they should be in terms of the results that they they they leave school with. I think that's i think that's really interesting. Why does that low expectation come from comes from everywhere doesn't it comes from all around us. It comes from comes from the media. It comes from teaches debra hill and susan jones. Xt university he did a great stubby looking into teaches unconscious. Expectations around students ingende. And yeah Most teachers think the boys don't like reading the boys a nolte boys august relative. Boys like english. You know there's a whole host kind of preconceived ideas about boys a with all the best in the world. You know teachers impala onto students and not because their teachers but because they're human beings and you know i still think traditionally this idea that boys all physical beings who will only succeed in subjects. A practical I still think that despite everything despite the huge progress with making As a society even talking combat gender are still think that in schools in many schools these these systems stereotypes still of isis. Still pervades some odd thinking. I'm thinking we're talking about secondary outweigh because What is that. What is that change you go into a primary classroom and just just. Is this sense of engagement activity and fun around every activity. And then we know you get recounts such a treat. Teenagers hitting us in. You're right you don't want to and don't want to don't want to you know you get you get goes alight by as well Hundred percent just think we don't notice it so much all goes ally. That all asean is an anomaly whereas boys allies seen as the null and this peer pressure you know. There's still in the culture of the playgrounds among the school corridors and classrooms You know research base out. But paul work asking teach questions positive relationships with teachers of these all say as inherently female traits and again like i forty despite the progress we've made for many boys The the worst thing is that they may be perceived to be a mile And so to show yourself. You're not so many boys that you are man. The man that the tv movies and netflix. Or whatever is telling you to be you have to rebel against lows beam outright. So if the goes are asking questions you don't ask questions if the goes is wrote work in hauled you work called. You know you mess around a bit you know the calls clown stuff There's lots of research says this out and an mba many schools for me any boys Of course no old boys but for many boys is still the problem Maybe i think we quite familiar with the idea. That many of the early literacy experiences that our children have predominantly female. Yeah of course. Yeah there is this ritual english and there is this idea that english is a few miles subjects on twitter a couple of years ago. I could put a poll out. And i said Multiple choice always. You'll you'll ringo department mostly female mostly male or an even split now. Think something seventy eight percent or something beyond said mostly female. We know that early on in school primary school teaches. I think a site of primary teachers a female that drops to about sixty two percent secondary but still english. She's of i think a predominantly female subject in terms of how it looks or how is perceived I wanna say how it looks. I mean literally. I think abysmal female english stages and they're all mile and went up to about how it's perceived Get many students the english and everything. It represents Emotions the human condition and discussing. It seems to be a largely female preoccupation and not something that men should should bother with. It's a fascinating area. Isn't that and. I'm not sure how how we get around that. And a lot of that as you say it's going to be to do with role models lovely. The i found views and you said to ask teachers. We are role models. And i genuinely failed in keeping my accent. I'm telling my kids go far but don't forget where you came from. That's yeah Was a coal coffee about standard english and pronunciation. Cold something about geezers isn't it. Which i i love a big picture of winston. Jeez that's that's that see pictures which was talking about the way i speak truck. Mit's and stuff like that. Quite a teaching saris offing is. Fed cited know. Everybody speaks particularly teachers. And i wrote the coup. Because i just became aware that throughout my career by the way i spoke with speak is often mocked a little bit by all the teachers in the staff room and stuff like that and It just might be interested in the Bias prejudice that people have inst- I'll have one One head teacher tell me to tone it down a bit is he always putting all to which i replied. Would you tell. A scottish teacher will eight Fake is who. I am and catch it because i kept speaking is because it is who i am and you can be who you all. Don't have to change. You can still stick to your roots and you can still write beautifully and express yourself. Take you today Absolutely and a great role model. I mean that's that's something from the late show. Up report really think it's entre based who's the founder of exclusion says that it really benefits us all our young people to see something of themselves in what we're reading what we're experiencing the stories that we're sharing to see something of themselves and so we need such a diverse range of role models. Think while local guests to shy you know while spe. i think it's great for lockdown. You do think the perhaps students see in me. Something dominancy and i would say. Just just as they will see now the teachers stopped the icon. Provis all it takes is speaking a lot dick van. I can shave in your aid and you ridden. I'm just saying a simple in his teaches the wheel all physically ourselves because each and every one of us will will. we will be. We'll be conduct. A light to students like students can see stuff in us that they've never seen before but for other students. We could be kind of a reflection or mirror. You know Ahmad shah the Who's ever spoken hate us. You know more on another teacher might baby. Emily teach the ever seen also wears a hearing. I am you know but yeah. It's crucial that that diverse world that we must represent in in who we are left. The idea of windows and mirrors windows torch unity and mirrors to reflect. Yeah so he can see something of themselves. Ufo dearly to debbie my hills research and that's he's called troublesome boys compliant girls which is a great title and it she found. Many boys have negative attitudes to writing and they often talk about themselves as being unsuccessful writers. Have you come across that. Yes definitely general a donor. What is difficult here is because i've often wondered about what we perceive to be bad writing so as teachers we will really eat. We will read those literature and we get usa Subject matter all style which we may perceive to be sophisticated. Now while i have found is that lots of boys tend to riots. Abou- fights rebellions in spice or scoring the winning goal in a football match. All being a secret agent and mine. -stincts my instinct. When i read these stories as well about immature on wonder how often yeah whereas another student perhaps ago might write a very nuanced subtle story about the breakdown of a relationship You know again. Ernie that's metaphorical symbolic in some way. And i assume about mature and as a fly in space. Aliens is immature. it's not netflix. Thinks it could not be the case the on putting my own bias and prejudice is all on projects known to the uae on mall these stories because a story about aliens in spice. If you're a sci fi writer is mutual and it might contain these stories okay. They might be formulaic. But did i know You know the vocabulary. The the the the way language is used. The white sentences awarded the structure. Okay we might think the subject matter. Resume a tool. But but is it. And i think that is a really important thing to to to bear in mind when we look at students. Work the way boys ri- early on We've got to be careful not to project allah expectations of what good writing onto them. Because i think often boys atoll lhasa immature. Maybe you should more symbolic story. And i think that was boys makes him less confident in their writing. That's really interesting. This was if we could do with a you know a standards file of writing the achieved a certain level to show the range of topic and theme and john wrote that it could represent because i think you're right. I think there's a there is a tendency perhaps to look at. You know that really action packed adventure writing as less worthy perhaps more nuanced descriptive. Yeah you know mama. I think i did read something on this account. Remember word from him. Sorry book Usually do say that teaches tens of you boys writing as more immature but is also promising from a piece on malt recently In wichita it was about an alien and it was from oldest. You but then i actually look to again until it imagine on reading some some felix k dickel a assault. A here actually. It's a good piece of scifi ryan. It's entertaining It completely changed the while. I looked at that piece of work and in the student it was submitted. His policy goals in the shooting could really really well. Whereas if if i hadn't really thought i was walking here wraps happened. It's that convincing. Compelling voice isn't that we're all striving for by by. Jesus obviously beyond that you know to be convincing and compelling does the gender matter that's really interesting really interesting chance. I'd look at something that offer to the other day. They they found that boys in particular tend to read material is appropriate for those below the chronological age and they signed nonfiction. As being the most likely to sort of oversimplify language and on average could be that they're reading two years behind their actual chronological age. You're not just wanted. you think that's a barrier. Do you think that's something we should be concerned about. Are we celebrating all forms of raising. What do you think it's a concern in the sense again. I think that there is a mere who were stereo taught. The boys preferred non fiction in almost every school library. There's a section of nonfiction but of dole. Gade dini spoke of cold some insult about tanks and Profiles on famous football. Those top top gear on news and eighteen. Just dished out to to to a certain type thing sentence. Hi ho boy Because it's a shame that these boys like read in. Because i haven't yet found the book like and therefore they must only like nonfiction. I'm we remember that. Nonfiction for children are often information's heck's and the idea of information tax really is to simplify an elusive difficult on sept. Right days and so. The language simplifies And you know boys just because they say they like calls will they light nonfiction that other than that should enfold the types of books we expose them to I think we often is that. We've got to encourage a love of reading and nothing too often. We let the student dictate. How fat client of mantra dictates. What happens we might say. Rob going to buy every key. That book book. We're gonna go to the library and get them a book. Let's find out what the kid likes and the kid will tell you and you'll let that inform the book you choose the bachelor apps the problem here the reason they like nonfiction or the reason. Certain boys will only read books about tanks is because they've always been allowed to Yeah or how is our job to to expose them to a wide range of texts and to consist on an almost a thing. Yeah i think you're right because you know in a in an analogy with food if you've never eaten sushi you don't know you like sushi. Da exactly. i think. Also the problem with finding i think we are obsessed with the idea of kids lobbying reading and you know it can. It can take a long time to fall in love or to to meet the right one And we shouldn't assume that just because a student doesn't like that first book byron able to read or able to enjoy rating. I think it's also important. We tell the student as well Students needs to be reminded the they live in a world where everything is instant and that really know the satisfaction of boot raden Doesn't often conroy away. Speaking last night to a friend and Youtube matt dickens. And i said you know recently. Read bleak house and for the whole Sway the pages of a Sure if i really enjoyed the experience when a sentence last half a page quite tiring. Isn't it sometimes. You know. I'm talking to you now enjoying in token about the fact that i am someone who is read dickens allred bleak house and so awkward it without perhaps didn't enjoy the reading of the book i enjoy i've taken from it. Which is not delayed. Gratification thing is a delight bifurcation. And i think that we do need to be very. I think we're always trying to trick. Kids always china and get into love a book. Why one of them just have some real front conversations. Yeah you might love actually to be back back valuable and just because just because you don't love it doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Yeah i know so the the huge value and importance of reading to our young people in the classroom. I don't think we have enough time ci to do that. And i think we're frightened of spending the time just reading a book to a class. I mean i imagine. We all had a moment why the class are so enjoying books that you're reading to them that you just think. Oh no i'm not gonna do a plant which is going to we to carry on and read and you read for a whole lesson and i think that the value of listening to somebody else read and tell a story in an engaging in an exciting way that's a real not so really powerful moment of thank. You actually okay. It was a book. I'm ready to me. But i enjoyed that. Yeah absolutely there's nothing. Nothing besser. Recent school in which i was We had escaped in which students were ready to It wasn't a rating culture in the skull and it wasn't feasible or acceptable religious. Just to give kids book tyrod yougov so yet. Ten minutes to die students were ready to And you know you select the books carefully You select a range of genres. perspectives and experiences mechanic. In the books. But you know you'd be clever you pick the first book in a trilogy And you read. That and the kids will go often an and they will read it. I think it's also important is is the modeling process you know. We don old read like english teachers. Who very good readers Some teachers that don't read much much. Struggle to articulate words. They might struggle with us doing an accent for characters voice. They might get a little bit embarrassed about the fact that ceo sir were to look up But i think it's i think that i think that's so helpful. I think it's so valuable for kids. Seeing teachers go through that reading process struggling every word or not just english ages teachers across the school. Ideally taking risks isn't a reading dislike writing. Don't just roy brilliant pace of texts just as you don't read one you know you. Sometimes you struggle when it's about not mistakes in an old recipe and just carry at auburn and because that's how we learn. I think we stigmatize failures match it. Getting stuff wrong is so such a no. No but how do we learn unless we get it wrong. So what in your view what you think. Good vocabulary teaching looks like for boys. Is it different for boys. Or is there a one-size-fits-all. Yeah i think there is one. Think it's easy to say what doesn't work for boys. Because i think perhaps in schools too many schools to do i mean what was is is direct by capillary instruction. You know Selecting vocabulary words that you think students need to know will be useful for them telling them the world explaining what the word means Best we import naturally explanations robbed definitions to after a move will give students a would like no naive and then we'll give them the dictionary definition and often dictionary definitions just a full of other words at the foot pain. So yeah you know with. Take a word like naive for example Robin give them a definition. You might explain it by saying If you on new year's eve you tend to always look upon things positively young that that's probably example but something like that and then you'd give an exam move for example for example if you told me you haven't done your homework because you'll crocodile later and i said okay. I believe you. That would be naive of me. You say looking impulsivity rather than actually or something like yeah really helpful to have example so examples and explanations. Non examples are really good as well like the famous photo. It's really how to know what isn't exactly. Yeah so all found that works and exposure as well. I think is really important and i think that's where it gets difficult. Is you know you teach about capillary word. One way or one lesson. You've got to make sure students are repeatedly and repeatedly exposed to the backward or bo's words again and again and again medium beds so damn about that was there's been lots of writing on that quigley's written about it Isabel beck stunned. Lots were for the things that don't work for boys. is you know again. Dumbing it down choosing not to teach vocabulary words because you think they need it all somehow to give him a blood Inciting on the woods now you know them. You know somehow making these. We'd boy friendly giants. I have to shoot an imaginary ghana. A talk it was and the you know run around the room trying to find its definitional latte rubbish luck. That doesn't work. Get them sat down ten them away. Tenable it means and then give them the opportunity to talk about it. Have a conversation which they use that word. I just to whether you've used drama ticket effect when you're teaching to capture him secular off heaven a lot thing that dr direct vocabulary instruction sounds very stayed. Doesn't it but a lot to think that in my own genome i've Toll by cabanera. Think always bringing an element of the dramatic to the to the performance Teacher rose yet. you knows. I think the us drama Aw that's i think again beck wrote about a about a visual images to help students to help students to remember words and there's all sorts of diagrams that you that you can do but paps i'm old. Fashioned is talking handle explanation. Bus a pitcher yvonne learn. And i think i think beck said. The united student can four from fifty new words in a year as a lot of extra pity on top of the word and the definition how to use it. As four hundred and fifty pitches. I'm having remembered so but above all i would. I'm sure it might not work as it's really lovely listened to your humbles wrong word right word just just really real just really real to listen to you. Talk about your experiences in the classroom and what you do. It's really interesting. Left love to come and teach. Maybe we should do that. Let's go on a be great fun. We low expectations the beginning. Obviously we talk constantly about high expectation high expectation. Expecting the very best outcomes from our young people do you think that the boys him secular that that looks different. What does it mean to have to look too high expectation from our from our lads in classrooms. Yeah i do too looks different. People will say they have high expectations and then they'll they'll praise a boy because ego is pen. Now that's that's that's not behavior. That's what you do. That's on the gate. I do think that high expectations means really undoing. A lot of the things that we think let with boys so lots of mike he learn in relevant to them giving them sports. All kohl's a real lesson so they can identify the burbs you know. Give them rap. Music in poetry. Lesson will actually want to show them actual poetry. I think high expectations the words that get settled law but what is it like absolute law. It looks like teaching difficult stuff. You know difficul an interesting stuff in such y. The boys are challenged. And but they they have a chance of day so the research looks shows that boys boys are overconfident. Boys think that they bet eboni. affects ovation so actually giving them challenging. Material is also an opportunity whilst stretch them and it's enriching for them. It's also you know. Don't want to sound horrible here but some of apple is just needs. Needs to know that that bill is clippers. I think now and actually they do need to work halt. I'm only gonna realize the app on the days when instead of stud- studying storms alert Stubbing woods you know So do think it really is about picking material carefully an start with film. Say i think the the office of us folks said he tries to challenge but not lose his readers. And i guess it's that tight rope is never about wanting to challenge but not lose yet you young people's engagement but again under my boys what boys bind interesting you know. Of course they're gonna love your lesson where you analyze the metaphors in a piece of football commentary a cool sale. Its own way you do. Fractions in maths and Pizza course haganah love that if it's so effective why don't we do this thing every lesson but we done because secretly down. We know it doesn't really work and you'll be surprised if you teach boys stuff know challenging. Vocabulary buds interesting literary concepts that they never heard before difficult Difficult and challenging takes. They'll be interested in roy to the challenge. Just got ready with a little bit more intelligence i think. And it's empowering isn't it is. Yeah and you know again. You know. You're not trying to trick them. You're honest with you. Say i'm teaching you some real difficult stuff here. And it's amazing that you give him a gallon. Don't be worried if you don't get it this lesson next lesson or even investment after. Because you know. I'm going to do my best for you and i'm going to support you anyway. I can and at one point. You will get it. Because i'm going to support you in. You're gonna work hard as well. It's hard the me is on welcome for you to help. You understand ace and honestly. That's that's what good teaching looks like. What what what is with you. Teach boys all goes right. Quick fire question to rodica best school trip. Wow my best school trip as a kid or a teacher except by as a student all i went to florence I was lucky anna. Yeah we went to the fitzy gallery and an artist fell in love with odds fell in love with the nothing. I was seventeen years old Augment or after the sea as well so middle name is florence and go gender So that's more favorite school trip. I ever went on brilliant. You most memorable lesson. Wanna get the car remember. The of most memorable lesson goal is a good question. I remember once i I told students poem invictus and boy stood up and saw at the hull thing to me. The next lesson the gone home and learned of it was good. That was good you you. You have to whole wild for him. Then yeah yeah and you know it gave him confidence even two years later when it came to jesus as and he was struggling with remembering quotations. It was an opportunity for me. Say look you remember the whole poem in a not and you saw the massive fan memorizing bits perch yet may toe is good Attention remember lessons you know way with somebody said something a call repair anything to be honest with. Something happens where goes wrong. Yeah best best assembly. You've ever seen old or given your whole law of difficult question. It's terrible i thought of never cygnus. I remember once a school. A teacher shoved a stroll through a pawtucket of in assembly wine. I did and i remember. When i became a cia us to the side of the whole as member of slt stood up in assembly. Here's the potato stroll still. Don't know the life of me what the message was. So that's my best thinking thinking says the best in the seventies. i think it's about the other one voice about it cabinet stroll this potato. I know then. Of course it could so it must have been a bow. Be something today. We bring on appearances in people with stroll essay. That was a little bit of drama. You saying that. Sam you've remembered that's true that is true. You're that's a goal just way to finish spending absolutely joy to look into you to your wealth and the passion that you have for. Help a boys in english in particular. I think it's an issue that it's not going to go away until who knows. Maybe the whole the whole assessment system itself is not designed to help our boys particularly. That's fair but it's been just lovely to talk to you. Thank you so much for being part custody enjoyed it thank you. We hope you enjoyed listening to this word of podcast from education to receive bonus material relevant to the discussion please visit. Www dot o. u. p. dot com slash education slash podcasts.

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35: Life in the Peloton Tom Pidcock

The Cycling Podcast

41:20 min | 3 months ago

35: Life in the Peloton Tom Pidcock

"The welcome everyone we hear in the pillow. Ton- i'm sitting down with donald j preview. The knicks step aside coming out launching. Hey going might. I'm good thanks mitch. I missed power by the weekend. I think everyone did You must have done because you are due to be up in northern france racing. I kill me it absolutely. Kills me longueuil yes. I was looking forward to it simultaneously. She especially after missing last she to have it back in the normal position. I was really really jade for one year away from it and it was whisper project. Try to ignore it. And i just was like a. It's going to be there. It's going to be there and then a week out now not happening so you know. I just packed. The blackhawks took awake off. Had a coupla kobe's as you can imagine and looking forward to the next part of the season but let's talk about this episode. I sat down with. Tom peacock couple of weeks ago. Everyone must know him. He is the new man on the sane coming out of the yucai. If you haven't heard his name sit back and enjoy the swan. Because he is really taking his first season in the world to a by storm and lionel's impressed you as much as everyone thought he was going to be coming onto the same that she i think so. Yeah a lot of interest in thome pitcock simply because he's been a star on the cyclocross scene with matthew vendor poll run. Are you know very much. The third man in that trio of riders racing through the wind cha been progressing through the ranks. One junius higher by one the squash rebuy and he's turned pro on the road and know even at the start of this season because he was still doing the cyclocross but already he's got some massive results in the back third in brussels colonel fifth in strada bianca. Fifteen thin milan-san raimo which he talks a little bit about in this podcast and definitely an impressive debut masa. well we might ramble along anymore. Sit back and enjoy the swamp. Tom peacock talking baddies first year in the world to talking about how he got into the sport and hanging to the end. 'cause he's talking about what he's doing off the balk as well which i find really interesting so see back in enjoyed this episode already guys. Welcome to law from the peleton. I'm sitting down here with tom. Pitcock one and automate you. A new man on the scene on the very much not an unknown name. And i'm very very happy to have you on the podcast. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you happy to be here or have to go back to the beginning with you. Might because i know your name really well. And i think everyone is signed to get to know you. I'm really well. But i feel like i really want to know who is the man behind the glosses. Who is tom pitcock. I want to go back to the beginning. I wanna find out about your family. What like growing up as a peacock off. Well that's a broad question. Which stop well. I guess i got into citing because of my my dad. Basically as a scientist says was thinking about sixteen amazing him franz wall street and games. So yeah i mean. He rises by now and said naturally. I got introduced into cycling as well as sports and school in enough. Yeah i guess. Model kind of starved for night. I was a little kid my head to win races. That was stopped by think. Yeah i did i did. When rights is when the overnight enjoyed the i enjoyed the social side of it go into yorkshire training sessions going to the races. And you we kind of all the regional riders. We all sit together. looked up Friends cyclists or see them. When i was training racing and and i think yeah it was. It was a great great great time. Let's go back. Let's go back to the family law. I what was it like lowering up. You've got a brother and you're all mean was was. He is super competitive guy. What was it like growing up. The brother where go back beyond. I'm playing soccer all out rotting trying to get you out on the block was just something. That organically happened. That you alike. Dad dead rods. I really want to do that or is it. More of a push from talk. Hey might because on my own son. He's four years old and whether he likes or not he's he. He loves box now. I'm starting to think pushy. Dad and that guy who's just sort of getting my son out in a black was what was it. What was it like for you. Honestly i don't remember the star Very stop. I remember when i was probably. Yeah all the ten every saturday. My dad went out with his friends to the cafe than i saw in the same. You know when we drove out Cafe we probably did like an hour an hour and a half to the But that would do for five or whatever and every year like we we drive less Drive we drive as foucault. We'd ride fed. And i ride from ho and i go with my dad and now yemen script to slow so Yes it kind of Just happened by. Remember like sunday societies riding in every sunday like i think most Projects every similac say one year. We built up a cost of full of like amount of mound of soil. Let me put to on there. So that was. That was the first thing then. We built a tree house. Brother you dad or just you and your dad. Yeah me and my brother. And my daddy. I do you remember because aren't always i distinctly remember. I don't know exactly when it was. But i had to sign in sock. Lock you except we would drive on family holidays. My mom would drop my dad. And i fifty k. Out from women staying on our way up north in australia. And we would ride the last fifty and i remember that fifty k. Being like i'm gonna make it but we have to make it because we're going one direction. We had to get to the place in like fast forward ever had it was. Sometimes i remember breaking down off on dad. He's derive blew out. And then i had to run and on my own and tell mom to go back and get dad and forty k. Back and they don't remember. This is what. I want to ask you when you remember this. But at some period it overtook. Dad and dead was no longer. The guy was trying to hang onto and if he wanted to to go get him on wheel and we go fast and do the last ten kyle something and then all of a sudden it was like yeah. We'd swapped hers then all of a sudden dead was we'll and then he couldn't hang onto one lucky after him. When did that happen for you. Can you even remember when that transition andrade when that happened for me. I can't remember exactly but it was in the first few years i remember. It's always a time about to offer me and my daddy was always time where he was not looking forward to the day that i was better than like soon. You're gonna be better than me singing enough to look me by the time like we haven't release chain gang every tuesday Here dodge street. Stop the two thousand twelve olympics. This chain gang was like seven metal tables after the first week of What does that. What does that. The brown lease lizzy armistead and we also qazi old events already been so. We had to gold silver and bronze on roy on the medal table Anyway said this was. Yeah i remember the times. I building up for this. Like how would we drive. They're not doing our turnaround alien. Meet them on the way back and eventually go round the away from home thing. That's the biggest measure of when i was getting bad the Like he would live. Hang on of the shoving. Recall is hit on the way over. I go all the way round and do the hill. Probably about ten guys left and we. We raised the last five k. To finish from the misprint on My dad would often win. And then at the time where i got stronger and just be like me in the brownies in a few of the guys left at the top. Matza that won't get mccollum poor. And then i thought winning the sprint. In the yeah now. I gots the economy. Keep open on the on the front of the seven held you in. I think those pretty good at spreading. So i started being in sprints about seventeen eighteen like at the end of a hot ride like strauss So that i think probably junior. I think when i was year let's fast forward to the current daytimes because i know there's a lot mid one pack but i want to go straight to this now where you're at entering the running females arguably the best team in the world and now you know you first season i know you got a chance to run the world championships slash shooting experience. You know the top level there. But now you're really feeling what in the world to and i want to sort of get your your feelings of. He's it what you expected is it. Federer is it worse. What's it like so far this entering the world tour. Yeah but honestly. I think it's better than i expected. I feel very at home in any awesome. And i feel like like i'm bob wilt already like y- you guys Economic taught to them after the brakes gone on plot. Yeah at the moment embracing so it's been a good transition really but i think the first few races is just kind of focusing on pain. Respectful to everyone wanna be Ends up in a dick you know so you know like someone wants to get through like let them go through and like i've never normally but you know i just want to piss anyone off and now i think. I think what you have to be respectful to earn. Respect any sewer. Yeah and were there any. Were there any times you were in your opinion. You just did what you did and someone just thought you went went being respectful and you got into a little argument or there's some situation so far that you lock putty hill like really neon. Because i often find that with myself you know you want to be respectful with the end of the day. You're going to cut someone apple. They're gonna think you're gonna come well. I think now racing in belgium and opening weekend doesn't matter all every place. Don't remember who you know. I think bad no takes any any offense to as just how as the annell say. They ended end of a race. He kind of really have any friends. You know everyone wants to be fernan. You do what you need to do to be the so. Yeah but now how this out at any. Any fights book for britain visit. Think twenty nine maybe hour in wiggins and we were i was you know in their lives that teams we'd we'd sell quite fast after breaking garner For in line maybe stock coming love. Good like ross. Came along and i was a fist guy. And he's like next Like he wanted the space we never said anything to each other but he he was moving and then getting real pissed off. You not push me up to the grass or something with these hand or just like the way moved you. Yeah yeah yeah with his hand or maybe even kicked me or maybe that was some of the guy in his junior race on unclean. It was impressive. I'll tell you that story next. So i was. I was fuming. I was like yeah. I know i'm writing for dt but uganda's visa to i come along back Push him out the way a lot lot. Now i'm going there. And then he gets really human and ben swift season and he's writing for gb and he said leave it so we went behind the it. Sounds like to me like in that situation. A lot of guys young guys would be intimidated by that. You know. And that's why i wanted to get to about entering the world tour with a with a moments where you are being coming and ula rotting knicks to potential autos of yours that you looped over the years or gaza that you just sore as gratis. Have you been intimidated. So far coming in and doing the biggest rice's because not only have you been doing the biggest rice's but you've also been performing in the biggest rice's run up. It's trying to be are being wakened. Also san remo as well. So are you feeling intimidated. Ever in these rice's by no. Because i think doing cross some racing league in the two years with of kind of attitude biggest riders in Another fleet you know. And i think i'm already eastern racing them. Not when they're racing. I feel more comfortable. That i can be with them as well because i know them pretty well i would say might compare myself to them really well so actually now i. I've kind of been done now already. You know once you relationship like with those guys is good. We have mutual respect. I mean yeah finance chasing down some rain moen to get chased down in namibia. This year in the cross. Tracy chose they have respect for me. You know you know we always have good shots off to the races and stuff so pretty good. We'll see if you say quite across the to cross wanna speak about that later but let's just go straight into it because i wanna talk about cross ends on the pretty much guy mad when it comes to socks across. I've really got interested in. And i'm a superfan in the last couple of years. Just watching you gauze a love it. You ain't got a chance to talk to. Hana hundred house la who was on the inside. Someone could actually go. Hey mike what's actually happening. Didn't even understand what's going on. But he could only give he's opinion from the back and with no disrespect to hana. It's a different opinion to what you guys have. And i wanna talk to you about cross itself and just help me understand and help everyone on the same. What he's like on that. Start line as the as it's counting down and see you guys. It looks to me that you pretty calm. And i get pretty nervous on the side of a criterium stock which the start is important. But it's not as important as across telling me about the stop of across rise. I think that recently is not nearly as stressful low. Were anything. But like i remember when i was a junior the twenty three on the sidelines that on the front row when especially as a season you know when it's wall you actually Close on to do like in a cold race you you get there and you up to a new just trying to say wall. Take clothes off. Started the year when it's warm. You know he stuff. The bad for few minutes Yell people taking photos and nights lap. Yeah judgment trying. To stop and start is fine united just race. It is easy way into star that she went in the west things ever like that build up to a big race days before she was star like time trials. Well what's when the gun goes off and you're going to sprint down there and you saving anything or is it all in that first sprint. That first corner us or any tactics because on the line is flat out. I pedal earth's fussy clip in his fussy. Come after the of it must have been a law wag. Bob improved a lot of must be terrible and now she the pretty decent Clippings fussy more on online. And then you see what everyone else is doing not like looking around. But he's kinda feel it kind of cruise like coasts dennard spins again to the corner. Honestly i think to start is so important fist. Five ten bride disease. It's fine you know. You don't want to be where at the back. No no no you. You pretty screwed. I mean that's why i was after Insulted the star cutlass assize. Longest straight stop finished straight is the any race and you find out online. You go into the happy end and these guys crushing for me. The fight you foods whole restoration. Do you enjoy that challenge. Though like picking gauze often making you way back to the frontal usual paying at the front rising with the top three guys and trying to smash tollways light coming through i. I like writing hod like consistent. I like those more From all the explosives expert lot's full gas sprint than recover. Full sprint net finders positive. A novice quite small. So now don't have the same explosiveness is some guys. Do you enjoy them. When you get to courses law and stuff like that where like okay boys. Let's see what happens now. I did enjoy the hot calls. The hilly ones this year the big last. Ceo second going to say about the picking people off across the abroad. 'cause i always at the back and indeed unions and i. I just had to find my way free. Everyone and to be families thought the bike is quite good foot. 'cause when you should be silent for used waving free people is become quite be quiet for senior like it's almost like an element of the pressure off you like well. You know what anywhere i go from here is going to be positive. And so you're almost running real sort of relaxed sort of like i'm just gonna pick my wife through an ultimately you could probably finish better than you would be at the front. You lock should be the front you stressing out you lose two positions and next thing you know you like what the hill haunted me. What's on doing up. Ya think he. I saw him a dentist among the will cook. Navis light. i. I can't remember is like is this normal thing and like this cost was the first time we'd race there and it was property so the field was super. Money is one the wild one by threes minutes. I didn't finish real dale therapy. I couldn't even pedal and the mounds were you. You foot would go in so far down that you would be at the ground level and these mounds like the world compacted all. It was really weird and yet i was does total costs. Are there any tactics in the rice because from the naked eye looks like whoever's the strongest winds unless you have another teammate there but for you union having other team might so are there any tactic she can playa pop from feeling good not feeling good and sitting to even get a seat. What are the tactics. It's kind of like you know like being into the colonists. I and yes stay near the front especially too key sections where you'd lose time strenuous like some door anything but it's not so tactical rain lies lead from the front light lines. 'cause i colorado different speed to everyone else like i kind of do it differently. Like they the typical cross rider. David spin out the corner. And then go the like. Hold it to the to the next How would the corner at him. Build a speed until it's gone so i kind of ride a bit differently. Does anyone so. I like kind of for. Does anyone else rod lock you or you sort of a one out like i when you say chris rotter is that literally everyone else or is that won't fan on like you'll just do cross. Yeah right i would say wow and much more like me. They ride the full straight was constructed dislike. Get speed kind of coast the corner you know. Tell me about these running meal. The everyone motive heard or seen this. You probably answered a few questions about these. These five kyw record and this is running in general. Because i also heard another story about when you were down at tenerife taking strava up these uphill challenge. Tell me a little bit about your running. Saw things and how much of these spayed and how good. You are runner. How much of that is true. And how much you enjoy running. Yeah no i. I really enjoy earning. I haven't learned in a while. 'cause ga a bit of a thing in my knee. I enjoyed Yet this five Loosen while said on wednesday after season five ks Fifty minutes so. I'll go out with sunday off in a time off. Just gerber and five k. F. kumho see loaded but he says that in and a half minutes what are like you know. I'm like i'm pleased. August house about sick. I put on social media in the difference like on- allies in it thinking thinking you're you should get the olympics. Are you cheated. Well she'll just tat was just trying to just do for fun. And i think these people say enough. Jia hell why and the anyway i i don't think is accurate so i do wanna do again vernice saying like you. Damaging the spol- itchy in the. Tell us tell us about these uphill strava that you took in tennessee for the end of the training camp. Is this true. I heard this from an insult. Yes so the last day of training camp old stuff. We've been trying to get this game. And they dried with five stuff and they put the watching us at back of the relay on the hill. I think is four and a half k. Or something say on the last day of become think us few days before the enough will copeland seasonal. But i didn't want to ride my bike. Could soggy for so i go for roy Caitlyn by twenty seconds beat them by like fifty seconds and four it was about twenty minutes is about twenty minutes climb and saw their both. Try to get with ten guys on the and they're twenty seconds behind me so yeah. What is it when you doing these these. Let's say let's talk about these running. Let's talk about cross. Let's talk about these high intensity sort of efforts. sorry different to like road racing. It's just signed his he. What is going through your mind as if it's just pure like competition. I want to win one of these guys. You just like the hurt. You know what. I'm doing these stuff like this something that changes in my mind in the moment. It's hurting like he'll sort of enjoy it in a weird way on an economic seeming like this is at my level and then you're a lock that next level above these efforts doing like across rice. Hana was telling me. Cross racing is like nothing you can imagine you you reach fifteen lack type all that first corner and it's like okay you've done minute of the right fifteen minutes ago these this ability to hurt yourself. What is that. I would much rather go out and do six. Seven hours. generalize you know then. Go do a cross session. I to be honest. I don't enjoy the high-tech china did that much other minded. I like it when i'm going really well. You know in the summer doing this. Yeah big effort die while it feels great. Cold need across ratings on the summit stockhausen And i can never ever go the rice. The not even think once you once. You're racing really feel the pain. You just usually really feel you likes you know like you just kind of why wouldn't ever would never you know when you're in. Competition is different and yeah so i just the. I just enjoyed doing that. Us just canoe challenge you know. Let me talk about some little results. He and i want to link these results together in two thousand seventeen. Ucla june ya and you want junior peru by in the siamese you on the national criterium champs the national scratch race on the track the tong. Trawl the junior worlds. And then you won the world on sock lacrosse. So we've got road racing but it's something normal ride rising brew by. Everyone knows reviser special race. Then you've got to criterium and other discipline then you've got track then you've got tom. Trawl on the road. And then you've got sock lacrosse going on tunein. You win the a spa rubai again. Says the knicks level up on a twenty three also cyclocross world champs to twenty. You go another step you go. You know what i'm gonna trust is driving out. I win the baby. Jira plus four stages the mountain bike world champs the email inbox world champs and sock lacrosse again. So i want to ask about all. This is so many different disciplines right. Had you even train for these on it. Mongolia out in the gravel balkan smashing or doing something else but ultimately when it comes down to it going for turkey run when it comes down to it. I do my real work on the road. Because i'm a road runner but had you combine all these things. Is there a way to do it or just on an are. Tell me about that i do. I do definitely specify told into walls coming up. You know like in the moment. I riding my road bike and a a remote by testing and i read not by a little tiny bit but then amount by coming up after the dan's now switch to mountain bike wrote with the bay of td. I always kind of Team that causes is kind of much more specific with the position Good to kind of maintain it at the end of the day by scope to wheels new. And it's the same five contact points you two hundred feet and you're so out of kind of the same in so yeah that element of lock just want to explore the different sports. I want to just try and conquer them or they just sort of. It just happens with you thinking about it. Like the feeling i get from mature vanapa is. He could be completely wrong but he wants to conquer all the sports you know. He wants to be the best in the on the mountain box to be based on the ride. The best you know across rana so on and so forth is that what is about you or it's just it's just sort of like that could be cool. I'm not just give that a shot and then ultimately you were really good at it. And i've always greeted every you know bike and i've kind of always been the best like ryden. Every bike like no other friends on races in britain. Oh wherever now apart from truck the truck guy. There did it with the economy. The economies have been on the track. And that's how care about any now was was never. Actually the best I kind of my goal is to become the best. The biggest scientists in the will you know might cyclists. What nonspecific you know i would happily go downhill world cup. You know. i'm confident in myself. Bad as she As well if. I wanted to be so I like dangerous. Things alike things'd Rodney by slow doesn't give you any sense day. George rheinland does it. so what. what what motivates. You now like. I'm talking about your generation because it's slightly different as being an older pro. Now it's changed for me. it was all about. The gods have looked up to you know performance with the classics stratas of tom. Boonen you know these guys even before that andrea taffy ause. I wanted to emulate. I wanted to be on the cobblestones of rubai. I wanted to do that. I love the image of that but going across all these disciplines and the white sox into a new slightly own inside a new sport. But we're writing different lane very differently. Tobacco's dis one. Is something that motivates you now. Is it still the same thing. Is that looking at. As ron pretty shroud is all to autos peter sagan these guys you want to be like these ron or it's something different like you said you just want to be you just good at this stuff. You just wanna rice blocks. I mean for sure. Up watching broaden cows the toll that was like. I love fina sitting down when i got home from school and watching the finish. The front stage in thought was really cool. You know watching them. Watching cow Waco sorry finish the time travel. One of the best video is to me. You have the crowds. Made you proud to feel braschi. No this things that don't make me feel proud. Like brexit kind of as is who i am. You're fighting is how i is where it can be the most myself know about starts. Why and now. I guess turned into a job so now it's money and i live but it's a job you love to do and i and everyone goes through that transition. Speak about that. It was a passionate stodden and there was that's all i was. I'm just rounding my block but ultimately it's slightly transitions into. This is a job that i love to do. And that's got all different elements of a tooth threat you korea. I'm sure you'll find out. Tell me now. I want to go back and talk about early club. Called cia and the suckling culture in york. She tell me what that means to you and you know we had the world say so. Tell me about that culture because always there that worlds and on detroit's york she wants to. It's awesome these feeling. And i wanted on ano- whether this is the idea of your app has sort of developed because this this culture there in in the suckling culture in york. She's really special and was something that helps you develop into a into the that you're in now and you know that love for and also has that in the becky oman gone. Well we had all these great chain gangs is group. This is something now. I want to develop outside of the buyer and this is sort of led to the app. Yeah good yeah fan you probably hit the nail head coach yorkshire. Is you know like saying about earlier about the cafe de by Pov bowl. There were several rides. That meet that you know this one that went on. There's a wounded goes straight. That does not have women's will ma-ma gopher now go on up now because they'll do anything. Now sam your yeah. It is the culture of everyone knows each ova naval Over we got my dad's friends and yet they go have. Yeah just good time telling stories not a loved saying that as a kid listening to all the adults talk now you know the so if greek send defend it relates to the app being able to make it more accessible for everyone linked easy effect was like not not just pros but also you know keen cyclists and also begins to connect. You will tell me a little bit about how it works linked by reid eats from what i understand. It's like you can literally scroll through. And i mean you i'm in your she and i'm like you know what i actually wanna just at the beginning today because i'm not feeling that good. I had a future many bs loss. Not and i wanna just roll around. Is that sort of how it works. You can click on. The professional group will run me through the app. The whole idea like a bit lines with in real life. So does the page with my Will show you cafes. If rides also sportifs you can find spotty some there which we're gonna be working running nazli first of august to kind of promote the app. We're going to do not in yorkshire as well and yet so so you go in that you can. Even scroll through the list of events in chronological oughta go Infiltrated through ability distance. From your location the stuff and yeah you can find great rise to go on and if you but you go on account is free to free to download. It's gonna be free throw at least the year. We think you can create an account. You can find people on that you could send them and invite you can go awry with just one person you can create group like what's up groups the you'd have and and if you can create ride show dot to just start group and anyone on that could accept except you can put the gp x. on and put on the garment so it kinda just puts it all in one place really in the cafes. We're going to have been able to help. Riders recommend the cafes So on this today could find the best coffee so you know girona is. There's a good cafes in federal hose cuts agree. You had the the apple show the best ones reviews yen nas. Only one place. And you know you can just do reaches seven thirty. I am ron from holes category mafia. Let's made up the. Let's let's roll out from the in. Can you do like an annual ride. And just sort of chick at how many people are gonna turn up and you know you go fifty people coming to that rod. Join that rod. Is this sort of feel. It is yeah exactly and you can. You can set caring when he can set when every day you can reach me just training and just people up to my house every day and we'll just roll them open every single day if it if it takes off you know i think it should. It should be something that can help people the musset boom in cycling and the so many new riders who you may not lost in the spoiler the retention rate might not lasting after lockdown things. Because you know the the new reality while they reality of ryan on the by themselves will wear off. The excitement of it will will go on. I think yeah with They can find the people themselves and create a friendship with a group. Like i were now as you know to sixteen to go riding live and yeah people. People are going to be cycling more bums of bikes perfect. Mind well i really like it. And i'm looking forward to saying that launch. Because i think aside from the app itself i love that at your age already thinking outside the box and you're like okay. I'm just signing suckling. But i do need to think about that law. That will eventually happening. Twenty years tom when i retire. When i'm forty five but a lock it you know what i mean. It's a passionate yours like you say. It's it stemmed from that yorkshire suckling culture life and you. How can i make that happen all over the world and i think it's been nas to catch up with you tonight and just sort of unravel a little bit of who you are. So we're now we're watching you sort of dance out of the state in the coming races. We can understand where it's all from. We have tom. Peacock unraveled uncovered discover. Who use a little bit. Did you learn anything about him. Lawn on no. He's from over there. Uk he's one of your main. What did you find out about. Tommy in this episode. I think the thing that really came home to me was how. He's a product of the british cycling. Boom isn't it. I mean tampico keys. Twenty one years of age now so. He's born in july. The end of july nine thousand nine hundred thousand nine and i would have been a teenager. When bradley wiggins won the tour de france and then christopher room of course took over an one the first his several tool so getting into cycling talks about how we inherited a love. Cycling foam particularly his farther A great time to be discovering the sport and having that pathway through the ranks. i'll tell you what was funny for me was once one thing. I'm really not loving about the cova. Tom's of moment there's a million things but one thing especially in the podcast swelled is the reason why going to podcasting was to sit down and talk with paypal. Feis suffice i love that interaction and in recent times. I'm knocking that chance to seat face to face with people. Most of the podcast as you can probably hear done online through zoom through whatever internet sort of scott colder is and the first time i go to meet tom. Peacock was on zoom. Call and i had these buta perception just from watching. The cross season hearing his nine floating around thought. What is this gonna be locked. You know and. I thought he's going to be these arrogant guy and the best part about the podcast was. He broke those barriers down for me. And i really got to see who he was. And he's just he's just another guy i lo. And behold a great young guy who's really confident and ready to rice and heat the same and that's what i loved about it and in the talking with him afterwards it was even funny Regarding the sad to have goading. We'll chuckling along. And he's got. I could imagine sitting down having a b with hope that is going to be a chance sometime in the future so when you get to race in the same peleton with them you can you know. Give him a tap on the shoulder and he'll he'll let you through now. Guess how to know about that lawn once once we pull the one through four weeks on different story and probably will be tapping him on the shoulder in the neutral zone before he takes off floats away with the front runners. But you know what. I'll be at a tap on the shoulder with getting into too much trouble in siler. I'm looking forward to it anyway. We still haven't seen each other device since that our last interview walker said next week. There's a talking the fatone peacock in two weeks. Time back here in the suckling podcast with another guest. So guys until then hanging. Thanks for all the feedback cheese. You have been leasing to laugh in the peleton producer of this episode. Was wil john's to music. In this episode was composed by pete. Shelley thanks might.

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Episode 504 CBA to name this episode

"Shutting things would williams. Hi and welcome to episode. Five hundred and four of shudders inc. This is bruce williams from shutters inc podcast dot com and join me once again from rian from exactly from creative photo workshops dot com dot. Au mr glenn. Lavender ally site possibly vomiting child joy joy joy joyce joyce joyce this calls joyce in the world coach doesn't want us to sniffling kid and and frankly completely serious light all been angry fidelis. What about maine. Oh okay the pathetic. Smolt date the into woods. Furious ivan agenda this week. Okay after two again weekly currents but again this week a man killing his partner sitting around fire because she knew and hang out with them anymore and then a god jumping off of a damn with his baby to spot his partner. What in yesterday and furious. Yeah pathetic. pathetic main who seen no recourse in their loss but to bash the vulnerable people amongst their wives and kids and they and besides petty. So i've been dictim side that they that they think will get you by getting you or getting the first you love the most in the world as sickest sickens me to my guts. I'm a member of this gene. Sometimes it really does it. Yes or no desires online for a couple years main. Defending women be being two women. Kill me into a cost. Not talking on my price scout at a women sometimes do this but nowhere near the numbers the sheer volume and whenever i statistics. Those are real statistics. Well from the bureau of statistics also lies and the whole systems against maine. No no nine this is. This isn't again enough. Yeah so just really had my gut obeying mcgraw tonight. Just just think of that. Mine is one of the reasons why i just don't read the news and i know you should do design. The i know we stay informed. Stop it yeah. And that's that's the difficult balance is you want to be informed about some things and there's a whole lot that you just go don't need all that crap in my life every day that mental health suffered just about scientology kinda because he can't shut the problem under the table. No and i mean to imply the sun important because it had says we think but yeah you know this crappy cell phone as not just that those subjects is a little bit the crap that you'll absolute. It's bro bridezilla. One crap kids. That's how half half the au prince. Philip plates it although these days prince because it prince philip that make. That would be something i want to hear about him. Who harry all megan megan to print all that shit just as ridiculous a just. We know mental health the funding in the entire within grossly inadequate. And they mess a mess. And funny but forward along these people who commit these crimes would ever say help anyway. 'cause the duct to the arrogance pure bloodied. The idea. see themselves as the problem. Not the dame all day all that yeah. It's always somebody else's fault. Yep yep so nice to be ashamed to be a man's on don's might really does have been angry this week showing the The current events. Yes missed in. Las vegas good episode. You got my my mother and my. That's the one. Maximal was on just to have a chat about bits and pieces of composition and deal about the pay for the poses. Give you a free book. Is that correct. That is correct. He's yeah. I think all three of his books can pay the postage worldwide. And we'll give you the book for free. I don't know how he feels about that. I mean listening in the garage is what the hell do might be. I don't know wash the wasco. Bobby kitty these books of anyone. Spokesman seems a good deal. Yeah so go supporting hitless. Let's include lane. Just mentioned the link in that light spices. That was it. click on that. Click click here. Portrait's they click now now now now and we'll sit. Fortress fortunate been used in the kitchen from an odd shots of chickens. So you did say hugest chicken out. Some locations seeking out so little. School drivers taught the danger of doing event next sunday. This coming sunday. Be this coming. Sunday with the podcast. So i could second ship early. My first week on the might of doing the sunday night on doing a full day shooting of it for a cab. Nice those five groups of six out. Half sessions h wow. That's a long day. Yeah you know even shot roller charles. The shape just to brush up just remember. They have talked to people again. So it's going to be a pretty full on. Yeah so join us dan. -cation scatting the listen a big Heritage listed mansion. Cool where it be mentioned even victoria and it was just like it's like a tourist thing but you'll have to walk around the grounds and shoot southbound building land that paying and they wouldn't allow a photo shoot anyway. Rabbi will use it. We will use the day. Because i got an air and a half but eight session stops. At najah decision one session sure it starts to taper that way all three in the dykes of a half hour for. Lunch has too because otherwise he's been arrested. Five o'clock the on the last session finishes lots pretty much gone. Yeah yeah she got so so. We cancelled extended. The limits timber last year. But and stuff. So i haven't found a mulligan of that for the entire body not easy and reliably show off. Because you're going to go on a pretty tough day. Let's go photocopy. Java get location scantron water route. They're loud enough variety and interest and also give me whether options. Ed also have a group that goes by a arrive to where they finish. Nevada half the lakes straightaway. Keep on going. Yeah so it's it's implied repeal examples zane locations and tops shots fades because talking about new stuff every time a little hidden epic bit of lies than changing but Today and we start off with a faints that we get a bit of building. That'd be go to champion an old room that we got to do that got ready. We got to bull covenant all ivy tree and the tree just by chances ten feet. Possibly we started nice wife. So this gonna be. It's gonna be at all die but don walking around all these chickens. Come flying out the chicken coop. This damn they and about a cold them. The jumping in front of me sub. Just shoot because you so portrait of chickens. So if i get desperate in the moment doesn't show up. Yeah i'll be i'll be driving jake's you got the photograph of chicken so that's pretty good. Yeah russia group through in an hour and twenty and give yourself a ten. Well i'll be trying to. The trump is yet h. I m wants to shoot five like locations for locations. Even let's say five locations yet you've got roughly fifteen minutes but of a war is a couple of minutes per person to suit yes position so it's pretty tough i've done the this is the third one i've done for this group and then other ones that other clubs yep Effect the knicks workshop is for another club hamilton. About three and a half hour. Drive from here going up this in a couple of weeks. Tom as well Somebody come get back on the excellent chicken the chicken now i saw i saw the facebook. By the book of a photo you took invent. Nah that was on my instagram. Wasn't authorities cut lasted that instagram rochette. A can yes from fourteen years ago fifteen years ago so what kind of saw a little bit of the brief than what you're there for. What some so. What's the story day. What's the story way. What what. We do you that right so i was over there in two thousand and six donating my time. Basically the there's a a local. Fm station on the island of tanna called crest fm and back then they would send you know one of the volk like. It's all volunteer run. They would send a volunteer out to these tribal meetings Which were really just. A bunch of people gathered around a campfire having a chat. And they would record the interviews on cassette like on re recordable walkman dictaphone type thing and they had no means of editing these recordings and the woman who was running. Abc news radio at the time Which was where. I was freelancing as a production guy. She had been doing some volunteer work over there and she said to me. She said she told me the whole story. And she said. I'd really love to be able to set these guys up with a computer and some software she said if i bought the computer and the the software and if i paid a ticket would you be happy to go over there for a week and set them up and give them some training and i went. Yeah absolutely so. Yeah so i gave up a week. Matza whenever vanuatu and yes set up this computer and none of these guys that have used a computer so i had to explain the audio software ahead to explain how an operating system worked. Yeah exactly how successful it was. I don't know Because i was only there for the week. And i did everything i could to teach them as much as i possibly could within that time. So it's or well not really in touch with the woman who sent me over there anymore. she's no longer at abc news. Radio and i don't know what happened. I just happened to be you know going back through my catalog of images on the table and just looking for something to throw on instagram. And saw that and thought oh. I don't think i've ever posted that on. My instagram fade so quick process. And just that's it. That's the story aged camera so that would have been on my minolta Dynamic seventy wow. So that's going back. Yeah and i think it was the first time i had traveled where i was shooting rule really. I think i'd been shooting had been shooting j. up until that point somewhere along the line. I think it was probably shelton. Had explained to me. The difference between roy moore and j pig and so i started experimenting with that and so on that trip. I short completely enroll them. Yeah can't remember. What lenses i i probably had. I think had an eighteen to seventy nine. Maybe an idea into fifty five because it was a pse So and fifty five which was a kit lens. Then i seventy five to three hundred which was also a kit lanes and they were the only two lenses i head back. Then let staffed great. I loved the the island of tanna. Which was the island. I spent my entire week on Has an active volcano called mount. I'm sure i've spoken about this before and you know you may. That's right the most active volcano in the world and the most accessible volcano in the world. Yes that was. That was an epic moment in my life. One i'll never forget Going and standing on the room of an active volcano of is just amazing Nitrous sub woofer seriously when it robs. You feel the a hit you in the chest. It's like you standing in front of those big w bins and rock concert. You see myself standing on top of all none. This business wheel hassle-free joyce fear of heights. Oh well it's not really that scary. 'cause you can drive within about one hundred meters of the loom drive. A hill really can't draw other stuff easily. Wow i i used to not what. I'm the two hundred tall buildings. Wow i did not know that seriously. Bad phobia so yeah. It's going anywhere. New is terror. Wow because you didn't know for the next quarter with the in woods english language to me. I say look at run by high and you can stop dan. A steeper saints is a second rush. Wanting rose sixteen. Columbus takes every every journey somewhere. News is licensed the degree of terra. Wow yeah if. I have to just drop some waving the torah that i've never seen before pushing i'll do is get google us and go through the roads with got anyway. That looks really because you can't tell good because it's all good. I'll get topographical maps of the area. Changes to yeah. I'm amazed that you're able to run. International photographic is. It was possible to run towards the schedule. I'll be there scatcherd. Fotos death valley photo to be very careful where there's opportunities gets incredible places go because heights run off of the diet to co host. The tool to the deck of the holiday up the right. The back end of india incredible airing criminally scenic triple people. The faces and stunning. Never gonna happen. Got one of the world's hostility likes and some of the world's budget population wow It's the end. go. Thanks to. But i rough i. This is all new information to me. And now i think back about you going off to the east coast of sri lanka. I'm thinking you wouldn't coat. It's a hilly place very wanna walk along the beach. All the way from colombo round the other side of treblinka really you are going to be going up and down some ills. Abby lay vary but certainly in the interior really really high what couple of columbus high. But i couldn't get. The balloon absences an example. Struggle with the dandenongs here in melbourne. Wow i didn't know that that a hill in most of the hill so we have two locations law debt. I drag myself and of course. Yeah com drive function. Should i i because i'm sub-conscious as active conscious inactive this stranger various events unfold. Wow you'll find the new zealand. Trip site singly. Lying in the middle of the rights sleep mountain pass. They're all photographing floor on these drives as market but coach i'm awakened but often the white walking around talking to people holding conversations but but conscious mon completely gone just spending on us some adid's rocky maps and canada is crazy. I trust a six line. Really you been even canada right. The between vancouver and vance right the ban on the way to search jessica. Massive massive freeway credibly busy. I lines for four lines. Eight solid easily and the middle across then completely in my sub-conscious cautious states walked five thing to try and hand feed an elk. Who's protecting spike's and more people get injured by elk than bad in in canada especially when they backwards and so the with camber camera with me as well shooting shots of this thing with the flash on the white. There's all these photographs. This study elk at its faces. Tights up the entire jonathan. On that close twenty-eight mill has got such instances too stupid to kill walked back across our whole eight lines of freeway in were abso- live beyond the stories. I could tell them on drugs now but the worst thing is to stop making their drive now the next time i'll have to get this situation to find something else is going to be. So how was. I hardly control. I'm thinking of huey lewis and the news. I want a new drug. It's drexel xanax. Xanax is on prohibited list. It's very controlled substance but. Let me talk for talk if involved. I'll tell you guys the story of the first time. I needed these. This is like remember. Years was thirty forty years ago. I had this chance to get into zeal von fishing with an item on and to a bright myself. I'll do it. But i'll take drugs on the pint because i couldn't fly in those days that drugs so i went to a doctor and his indian doctor and hoped walked said muscle fear of heights. And we'll get new zealand. And i want something to help me on the flight i brought to prescription hesitate said okay. I won't what does it. What do i do vote. You get the cream and rather defected spots twice a day. Sorry you get the train. And he put on your spots today and in line to what the grain shit but is laws. What seize the heights do does it. Might be is a little blurry. I do what this it goes. You get the cream regularly. Hives twice a day. No fear of high heights is all see scruples. The a prescription hesitate. Thanks talk. it'll just throwing the pink this very low about this so the trips the trips were going to do something about it so bringing ice woman's day magazine and the story of booby goldberg. Goldberg scared of flying says. She says she takes this drug called xanax. Which helps the flights own favorite robert smith. The hugh signed problem mother. Just complete independence so different doctor as you would and i said explain i've got a fear of heights besides the lights. He's the of florida and he has no idea what to give you is were that hasn't spelt exi- exit polls three beat victory. It'd be on pills and goes to exit. Looks up and he does because that's how it should do. The job goes comes in three sizes massageenvy. Chanel so i'm a big god. The biggest ones is having a drink. Leads all get hundred and so rusty prescription for one hundred these highly controlled so no get them now. It will you get new new medication. Much suggestion would put to it before you needs. This is what we call hindsight advice to the facts advice on driving to the airport. Twenty minutes of the april papa. I no idea what had no idea what it does. Not how it takes to work if it's going to work of appeal the customs nothing's happening so pop appeal g get through a customs and inviting the the plane. Nothing's happened a pill. what was it. The boss told to board the plane was doing renovations at the to walk. Had the top time. I can look up the bridge after stay. Well i'm yeah that was high. So pop appeal nether upgrade the first class so again the first that escape. I said she should be glass. Awards pop appeal last. That's the last thing i remember. Twenty six hours. Whoa was just the knicks. Tie the next thing this lodge six hour drive away from we landed. There are admit my guys might the god then. Wasn't mike became a guard at isa committed a feel pretty. Good mccann reloaded and get ready to play the diana a cameras the rumble film twenty seven shops. Like when there's nothing. So what's unusual. And i've talked to the guy makki gone. Hello blinn goes high really really scared. Everybody worried about what he got and then he finally realized come but few that don't remember that must be did wake up at new zealand. Day apple watch in customs in a small room being interrogated while as as this guy holmes butler pills saying give a prescription. Police are member would stop this restaurant lost. My wallet served also was just the craziest loss of loss of time. Get ever imagine but the whole time. I've been walking around and doing stop i remember was in customs are stuffed with food of a loss and when i finally got got my film developed film. There's twenty seven photos of the manson rages ads on the plane window right but never windows leaked. But this you know. I've never ever been upgraded i. I'm sure of blacklist somewhere to die. Just lies little thing having more than two grants and the diet but he dangerous on five. Milligrams wall the funny things. We do that funny time. That's yeah that's the way it's really boring for the savings reading over bit ready. That's it it that's silly story. They've been date like to break into the podcast briefly to mention that we now have a patriotic can't get any value at all from now photographic neagle h wait. We'd really appreciate it if you could spare a couple of bucks a month just to help. Keep the service is running link. Kobe in china is not appreciate it now. Back to podcast bet. Some lenses stories have made a date. Now i'd rather your lenses. Tonight announced two lenses the lens the lens off shooting for the last six or eight weeks. You eleven to twenty two point for abc sony cameras all the six thousand series like a sixteen to on the i. Guess all nas useful ranch. Yeah those one fifty five hundred full saudi The full frame is it is. I am out a certain amount. Not aim at this. Is the school savings ally. Saudi seven the seven series. Isn't isn't that another. Isn't that long. Before the number. I sit and series a one fifty two fall which looks really. Nice lens actually. Yeah that'd be. Ah course it was on social media them pretty good yet recommendation. If not interested in the lenses is definitely worth while going onto the Dp pixel and just look at the comments. I just had before on the The timbre butch instagram and try follow that rampages and the has translated every comic german. It's only about so. It's not just the americans in the english speaking folk. If you dancing culminates in june time bronze said jovan x. Time ron for the last four years of the sigma sick by ten. Become very uninteresting. Really it doesn't seem fair now again. Saw your bag bouts. There's plenty of these interests and there's always people why sunny wasn't it for canada. Nicole was released nickel once always wise. That was and of course. There's always inevitable with food. You now the. The guys who are complaining wise was bassani canon and nikon when the canon and nikon versions of released. They going all year. But why isn't it two point. Eight thousand mill. There's no white twenty grams it's just is shows should be heavy. Should be lighter and cheaper and longer it so while going through a flick through the the the other countries nationalities pages though photography of of the world all idiots the twenties crack a little. Lynn's up a fight off my facebook page. I real photo actually released does not in the bronze not amongst the one hundred that you gave them where they didn't use it. So the one actually. I think this is number one hundred thirteen or something. It's actually putting a few a little little impressions video on demand brando but first impressions of the lens of the image of just. Just go to your facebook page. And i like thanks to academic use that. But they would they would show the lines of the show the weeds solely and what they had some other guys shooting lens as well. The of his father is up. And it's just like it could be an iphone. Shot of buddy scrubby bush land without else. That stops worry. I worry my high bet the stop. And he got parts that good backyards. What after dona dabbled with us so once again the great for us yeah cityscapes and the ones who cholera and the wanted sunrise though to blue skies. Because we have any of that we just now that at all the entire time but But the i've got couple of others that morning for five minutes of light where it was it was it was good and This couple different shots on debt. That i can't choose we to talk to us what you want to be straight attic camera. Interesting style and saw provide that you choose. Use the stuff. That's your so. Yeah that's said the one fifty five hundred. That's gonna be cracking little long awfully because it's pretty small. I wanna get my hands on that. Well maybe you can organize. I a long. Yeah i'd be. I'd be brought into that. Kath annoy a now talking again about because that doesn't look like we're going to be out of travel internationally anytime soon yeah other than new zealand. Singapore's coming. yeah but we're thinking again that you know we might look at the northern territory and a potential road track. They say something like that. One fifty to five hundred epic landscapes up with that. Yeah well let let's. Let's keep that in mind with comes to pressure all dea travel kazaa. I had excitement of all to give me a sunday camera. We'll see shit. David the cannon book on walking across the cop to go into the into the grounds of the mansion. Jason canvas envy of the felt in begin heavy. Yeah jason behavior you have got the one fifty five hundred cannon version of that lens lie right hand. Run one fifty six hundred okay. bush's bake but you know about new stuff. Is that the same aperture range. The one fifty six hundred optic and six point three and six point seven ma negligible and is as using africa and portrait. Sometimes it's a credit but yet but you know this shots trying to die and not having a flexible screen but he just drove me crazy. Oh god maybe at some point. The investment cannon. I'll follow an icing flexible string. Yeah if you do something not bullshit poetry a lot of times when that low angles handy chickens for example would have been very handy to And and focus. I focus because. I've got some cracking shock to the of the chickens. Focus is the candidate. Didn't on the rs. yeah i'm not sure how. Well sunday's focus was on little tiny beatty read all it does work well on tony reddin entire bid. You're really these koska. Because the whole the heads rate and this is charlie yep and i'm doing full body to be interesting to see. How well if they would be a good test though isn't it. 'cause it's an is slighted by Lucky humans had flesh. Colored is chopped into locking because it also to blame dean. I don i many. Its toll machine learning these days. The they chicken. Yeah absolutely yeah. Like with the like i can tell you from my seven. Three right the into the autofocus settings and you actually have the choice of human or animal on. It's animal but animals is dose into but there was a big compatriot chickens all which is three milligrams and and against dogs is can be closed. Thorough man totally. God by bharata sonian chicken shooting totally to see because it would be a serious but back in the olden days of manal by the said those little progress has used to slot into the candidates. Right for those. This chicken be sending. Just come with law. Get downloadable try grants between canberra bisons hop vanity shoot. Yeah i remember when. I got my first 'sella which was the minolta dynamic seven thousand and it had that card slot that you could load you know new custom actions via you know these external memory cod things and a might of mine had the the hard that allows you to program the camera. So that when you hit the film rewind button wouldn't suck the film into the canister out. And so i got him to customize mine so i could swap roles of phil mid mid roll. I could shoot hoffy hundred. And then i can take it out and put it in a roll of thirty two hundred and do some stuff with that and then put the under back in and quickly quickly hands authorities shot. You don't even have come mentally reward. Guess cup okay. It's just to a bit but has little town depress the things he put in saw an presented. Pull them out. We used to do the time. Becker amber associate this little device to sliding little long plight really thing plights and you stick one in into the film canister then slide in the second flight so basic in the hope that the second going over the top of the film yet another one under and then you pull out. But he filed not possible. Pullout dragged the tongue by. Yeah sometimes it was really easy. Then if that didn't work or it had to do is an cause some films. You could pop the lid off the top that the of the top off see goes into yacht bag and you pull the damn top off. Color films Talk again as long as what we holden. Dice is always have a hiding in the black bag. I am exposed. Just a roll of film all those okay and you'd think they feel about putting the corner and then he drag outs you the bank and this negative come with us and always. It'd be some like high profile wedding photographer. We used to do justice. The whole film. Thanks along you know. It reminds me of the adage. The necessity is the mother of invention. You know we would go to to have variable you know button for granted. Yeah yeah you know. I so you know i bought a new mac the other week yes well. Apple has some new op-eds this week with the same chip down and he stays yet. Dropped to once. Well go you weeks winning life. I had deep preview. Page these new m one map approach because the look fabulous but it did a toss big one head topspin strays four and a half thousand dollars for for and what two terabyte ipad full as we have the luxury tax for you. But then i thought comments and once again if you you've more time since its to battery doesn't run operating system. I pulled out a cop. Bog does all white for macbook pro. Fourteen inch extreme dynamic range that can extract extract more from low hasty our cameras and response what what's low. Hdr cavern could surely bonded The year nine says this is the law right so no idea this. You are an apple. Doesn't bother coming through. You are an apple defense funny mode. Such naming definitely works on a certain level of intellectual development but please consider that others have been more developed intellect and bothered crystal clear. Mega extra supervisor. Broad infinitely floating fullish naming for into to the panel and then this nonsense nomenclatures such as written a really turn me off and we'll tell doctor that and she just says prostrate cancer very serious lady. What am i a couple of james. I've had it's movies. Just read the internet a really fascinating little story and across i will. I will bring up principle as he croaked Just recently and we know that he's not limping. See that it festival. I think he's he's not gonna let the coin. Nancy don not. That's right. yeah that's that's pretty sad. But he'll get us done funeral for years. He's been planned his funeral. But hey landrover customize landrover to be us. As an example. He said plans for years of all star. Who's gonna stay that a lot of plans for the but one thing that did that did go ahead. Plane was he employed royal photographer. Too hard of fight pilla in the church right to find out. The people at the funeral candidly and they didn't know the dipped and planning funeral wrong. We'll get a bill to fight photographer. Close it why would you even think of that. And what's what's the point because once you're gone you know whether the photographer was able to carry out his task and if he he's gonna be out of. It's just a bizarre eccentric and then from the food that seems a fair bit eccentric character a member the sighing one family photo of and near the big family portraits. And you can even mumble off cam video of israel. I'll just inside a boss. I fanned out this week. Came across the world sixty sixties flash trigger. Okay sexiest theme. What sent in every sense. It looks awesome right. Yeah and that's that's got me one just bought some like i saw smartwatch. Watch it does gallon extreme from the front the on since. It's a joystick news. Launching applying or something wrong missiles But this thing can contribute almost every brand of flash which is pretty cool eight can do it can destroy being can do all sorts. All sorts of stuff to the guy who invented pocket wizards invented this right. So he's got he's got he's got some some some cute is behind him. Yes and some some some track work. Some run gardening. And so it does stuff like it is touchscreen full-color multiple fast brands simultaneously. You to twelve saw. Ring the ring watts thing. Doll dandy powell. Okay just pretty cool. That's of tactile way of doing it. So is there a second part of this as a receiver element that attaches to the flesh dogs attributed anyone's brand viscious but normally can be remotely powered up and and he remote the remote flashes anymore. You goad officers your cannons unicorns. You all all the brands flash the been the last ten years. We'll be able to that which is pretty good. But it's also gps device it'll Wow it can promote camera trigger with it. You can santer you. Can samsara get you can do. It's built in lots. Which gives you what. I focused in. Lovato it's got the interval tommy with it's all these different triggers. You'd have only one bundle us. So that the the it it's sixties hell that's worth hafiz cost to be pretty. Yeah so it's fairly expensive but for what you getting. it's yeah. That's an all encompassing tool. So according to the pixel review four hundred and forty nine. Us shape not thinking about all the different devices. You probably by to do. Yeah yeah yeah you get. Tom trigger you lot trigger. You flash triggers your adding up there. Anyway i used to love trivia trap but then they went out of business but then flashes. yes so what. It was was a smartphone app. And you would plug your smartphone into your camera and then the app would control the the triggering for oh sorry for flashes No no i don't think it did. I think it was more about controlling your camera. But a d a d like you know you lightning triggering and sound triggering and and the worst thing is that that is had to use your mind to hammer supposed to be a lawyer my mind draft or whatever guy type and photos photography soaring houston have. Ms duck fe. Celtics sunrise your findings have to be filming myself is vdi mama flogging. Oneself shooting if ba finds his second phone. And then you only have four nine downhill as i i Pretty interesting replace a kid now. I saw just before we started recording tonight. I story on. Diy photography dot net. Which i did not have a chance to actually read. But i saw the headline new photography show coming to germany. Could foto pierre replace photo. Kina say as being a tv show gone. Well the gyms get the tv show with the tv show been shows in hamburg according to their website and the first event is planned for september. Twenty three to twenty six twenty twenty one to try in the end. That was a tv show in another language. Whole lots from tehran. Deutschland to go. It's all the before you know it's gonna be interesting to see. Can i four die. Trade show survive where one had been around for. Twenty years. couldn't bit depends on what the what the final show so that was a cold and nameless is pretty successful Because it's it's a it's a it's thought to be the massive launch party lice. Five hundred thousand dollars stands cheaper. Stand trying to be that megan. Massive buddy thing was their websites and click on the website. I'm just racist law like the story about two minutes before we started going. It's going to be a paradise for photo and video fans as well as all smartphone uses. Who strive a bit of pictures and of course and ideal location for established an up and coming players of the imaging industry to show their products particularly raise that he has found a great. How dotted and favorite city of amber with paul. Yeah say thomas. Hall jake something. We watch joffe. The best possible content that reject that exhibition marathon way a given hamburg perspective with the right settings in the right perspective photography can produce impressive images of this good old role the bulletin something. Yeah but the would perspective also denotes a scenario of hoop vantage point towards the time after the lockdown into looking these two meanings of the wood is the subject of the photographic art project were given hamburg perspective. I love their optimism that the Pandemics going to be over by. September is much say his way out says here bold involved much more at a trade show in a location. Woken hypoc hypoc. It works well so but on the magic is big shade with some trestle. Titles with every talk. Larry silver photos to talk with us. Goes every every archetype in that walker. Three three and there'll be some stands with scantily clad women will be stood on and people will form that on kelly rowley mob. Fm many angle which also includes other people in the shots because obama phone on the shelves. Yeah well it's not those show in stride. It would just thing was cold and america's still got a couple of showers sort of like net. But it'll be more industry by slot the wpro wedding porsche professionals with as few shows to go on but did nothing on the scale of things canedo that will never come back because you know could afford millions of dollars for a try because i don't investment. Yeah but that would was more things around the world together. Yup and david mthailand sent us an email saying that mr. Hi guys firstly a comment on the last episode. Now this was in relation to five. Oh one i think five to one of the first firstly are coming lost. His adult daughter listened with me and was absolutely delighted with glenn's roasting of me and is that can be any episode. keep up the good work appreciates. That's right secondly this line of clothing with an abundance of pockets was drawn to my attention by a friend as a way of keeping carry on luggage to a minimum while keeping all your camera gear with you on a flight and of course. It's the scotty vist. I'm sure most of our listeners are already familiar with the scotty. Vest in particular the one to look at is the q. u. e. s. t. or quest vest. It boasts forty two pockets in small and medium. You can put a some of them even useful in small and medium. You can put a thirteen inch laptop and in the logic sizes a fifteen inch laptop it's worth scrolling through the features desktop mine even for the novelty value. There are a few mixed reviews on the quality of this line of clothing. But what blew me. Away is the possibility of carrying so much gear and a jacket cheese david so put a link in the show. Nuts wants to check those out found enough. You should mention. That is osso scotty. This before they came to market brought at pm trade show in but probably the last contrite. Show that pm. I put on Is also the subject before trade shows became consume century. Yeah yeah so. That was the launching for a very good friend. Aaron manning she had a couple of i think and to to be exceptionally good. So you know trying to get onto the perfect tool the. Yeah if you got forty two pockets. Yep as in southern probably even useful us pancake. There's probably also it's actually use but at this pocket he'll get lost. Other buckets looked really good at the time. It just didn't appeal to me. Because if jackets i get too hot and it's a short sensation gar mostly so called coconut but that was the go the only The downside to yup. I bush is what what nine knowing what. Listen to what. We've got nine listeners. Now jim jim. Jim member the ghostbusters. I never saw gus. Inevitable goes thank culturally malignant. I was never allowed to watch any movies when i was a kid. We taught band fit molly rusty far off that really never saw. At never saw poltergeist never saw thanks. Busted your land to now i. I know i'm allowed to now. But they're just not interesting to me now today and save them. Yeah well that's it but yeah this is the best thing of ever seen was the last movie you saw the last movie. I saw I don't know something the other night. But i can't remember what it wants. A guarantee this guy buses is better than that unless you anyway. This bit of you. If you'd seen ghostbusters does the same with setup business for the first time and the phone rings sixers game whatever and then shock comes over his yields they have. We got one of the business. I don bowl sutton call the big. He heard joe elman on shot a zinc talking on joe zone channel talking about it and so paul came to check out shuttle zinc in. He's type of the phrase lives. That's right exactly. Paul paul paul. We could slot into poll. Pull out they place. Facebook biogenic bill will new pull something else. It can be John poll now. There's another night for anyway excellent. Welcome poll. does he have anything wonderful fantasy junk better than he did. Not but he did side of me. Would you be interested in a chat with an underwater photography couple us as a strategy on my wife is also a marine biologist with shock research papers published from her work with new south wales fisheries s. Oh my anyone for yon some point. That'd be that'd be fabulous. The challenges the struggled mystery gay and dealing with debris in the water just floating crap in the water like. I don't know how you deal with that. But then what chase you said dealing dealing with debris in the water here the massive explosion in the french chase factory all that was left with debris i think on that night. We'll wrap it up would be. There would be an interesting at interesting and something. We've never really touched on. Yeah absolutely also poll place toll to talk to the trouble. Stock would not vote for sure. Obviously the intelligence so she probably not gonna listen. That's she she. She may step down to my level at least talk to us. A little bit exactly fabulous exactly ma. Margaret mediation. poll doesn't listen to an episode before the on. Just tell this podcast and just listen for me. Give it more of a chance of getting your aldershot. Excellent off shell could buy online and talk so it's bio shattered architecture. Questions comments and feedback. Al's the boys at hud dot com.

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Episode 267: How Alison Roman Is Celebrating Passover This Year

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Episode 267: How Alison Roman Is Celebrating Passover This Year

"This week's episode of the bumpy to cast is brought to you by applegate. If you're a person who consciously chooses clean credible meat for ethical environmentally responsible and delicious reasons. You might be an Apple Guitar. Ian applegate is just clean natural organic meat for Information Ongoing Apple Guitar. Ian Visit APPLEGATE DOT COM. I'm around in. This is not who cares all right this week. We call it up Howson Roman to talk Passover the ultimate Seder Menu. Passover begins night Wednesday April eight and we cover everything from shop liver. Tomasa BRI. And then we are airing a conversation that basically editor John Pell had with author. Peter Miller back in the studio about dish washing the topic of Miller's latest book as you can entire book about dishwashing and it turns out that's something quite relevant right now given many dishes. All of us are doing all right. Here's Alison Roman Ellison Roman. Welcome back to the cast. Thank you for having me. How are you and where are you Honestly today I would say. I'm not great today I would. I would give a minus. If we're doing like a binary plus minus. How do you feel today? Today's like definitely not a plus. I'm up in Hudson New York with our friends Lauren. And a meal which was supposed to be like a very short one to two weeks sort of sabbatical from the city. And now I live here. Yeah I think this is the week. So we're we're about six days out from the first night of Passover April eighth we're on On the second of April right now This is a week where it's really setting in for everybody. Like Oh Man. This is GonNa be a long haul. Yes we are. We are settling in for the long haul and I think it i. It was sort of like a last week of senior year vibe warrior. Like we don't have you know we don't have anything to do or kind of like we're here but we're not and it's fun and exciting and then from then it becomes your reality and you wake up with a sort of like bill. Murray Groundhog Day vibe and Yeah we put up a big bedsheet the other night me Marlin and Simone and we actually watched groundhog day. We did too. It was it actually gets. We've watched contagion and groundhog day. We're trying to like we're trying to watch the worst version of this existence to make ourselves feel better about what we're actually living. I'm definitely not gonNA show my contagion Brooklyn you guys watch it. Yes Oh let's talk. Passover will you guys do a little sater? Next week we are absolutely going to do is hit or next week. I mean we are pretty good in this pot about you know making every night a theme night or at least five out of the seven nights a week like tonight's this night and tonight's that night but we are very much looking forward to pass over because it is something that we all do every year anyway not necessarily together but it's like a part of our yearly lives and something we really look forward to so this year. I mean it will obviously be different. Because they'll be three of us but we're already in talks with a few different groups of friends who kind of want to do this. Zoom style setup of a. Seder which you know. It's like who's going to be on mute. Who's not going to be on me because I can really cacophonous but we are definitely doing seder. All right we'll consider myself possibly invited banks so for today. I WANNA do the ultimate Passover menu. Go Course by course and we can both chime in Oakland. We disagree. Maybe we agree. I know cocktail hour soup. Fish course main course you can throw aside or two of dessert dessert in then the day after great. I love it I love this is also I will say going on the record. You're my favorite person to play this game with. Hopefully I'm your only person to play. Passover man yeah all right I'm GONNA start with okay cocktail hour. I will be serving my best ever chopped liver and the reason I call it. That is because it literally is the best chopped liver. I've ever had first of all I believe firmly. The Rappaport House has always embraced cocktail hour at Passover AIDS. A celebratory moment. Be Your with all your family so you need a drink or two just to kind of ease into the night. I think that's fair to say yes. One thousand percent. I feel any dinner and ever sort of needs that moment where it's like one small snacky thing people arrived to your place or let's just say it's the three people that have been living together for eighteen days. We're feeling peckish around a certain time and you need something to kind of like begin in any holidays. Yeah this is no different so chopped liver often gets a bad rap from people who don't like chopped liver and it's understandable but I think chocolate or candy transcendent and I think the key for chop litter being great is for making it not taste so much like chopped liver for these chicken livers literally yet so what I love to do is three onions. And you caramelized those in chicken fat till the Really Camera Brown and Jammie. Meanwhile three hard boiled eggs well You've got that going on. Yes I've got a pound of liver so after caramelized onions. I then fry up delivers in sort of Schmaltzy Pan. Where the onions were. One thing I think is key with dealing with chicken livers. Don't overcook them. Because that's when they get Kinda Chaki and probably yeah just pants. I'm not I'm not. I'M NOT GONNA say medium rare but just make sure not to Overdo it okay to say. Yeah rarest that's fine. Okay mic mid rare slash mid and then you know what we talk about my mom a lot about on this podcast but one thing maxine always priests with seasoning and so what we add to the mix or you can be old school with a grinder or whatever is a cuisinart. Got The eggs in their chopped. Hard boiled eggs caramelized onions delivers in then a bit of garlic powder a bit of mustard powder. Paprika and a healthy dollop of prepared horseradish. Wow okay that is involved up and you together. Omit Yeah maxine recipe or is the second. Adam I would I would say. It's adapted from axes recipe upped. I think probably added another egg added tomorrow caramelized onions. I go a little bit more with the horseradish. But it's almost like if you ever get a good chicken liver Mousse in a French restaurant. There's a lot of other flavors going on there. Maybe they add a little Madeira or something. Whatever but I think that's key. 'cause livers can be so strong and kind of metallic and this and that you want them to be a component. But you don't want them to be the component. Yeah Yeah I mostly agree with you which I think is the best we can hope for. That's like that's like an a minus on the agreement level but mine is a little less complicated so I start with delivers. I do those in the skillet first and then I add like I hear those and Schmaltz. I've also done melted butter for not keeping Kosher which I'm not sear them until I would say medium as an accurate description. You want them pink on the inside and then let those rest to get cool enough to chop and then because I don't use a food processor. I chopped liver. If you'RE GONNA call up that you gotTa Chop it by hand. Oh and then take the livers out of the skillet and then at IU shallots. Because I think they're a little bit sweeter than onions. Caramelized those in the chicken fat and then I add wine I either. I'd like like dry white wine cooking wine by recipe. When it got tested by the kitchen they added a splash of white wine. Vinegar SORTA delays the Pan. Which I never done before but I think it's a good idea. Now he says okay. Well yeah be is white wine vinegar because they finished with lemon and so I'll do like the like jammie sort of caramelized whiny onions. And then I chop those and that gets mixed into delivers lots of salt and lots of crack pepper. And that's it and then I'll finish it with parsley and lemon to spread onto Mata okay. So you you're probably goes a bit chunkier than mine but I like the Sammy's Romanian. Like have you been there. You've been there. Tell me you have. Yeah longtime okay. No that's code for. You haven't been before before you guys started posting about it on instagram. Yeah I went to Sandy's many years. Well let's just say if there was instagram back then I'm sure you would have posted about it but I like their chicken because it is like it is chopped liver. I feel like what you're describing especially if you enter food processor territory that's like Moose Pate etc and I am fair enough firmly and chop although although I will say when throat in a food processor just because I'm Kinda Lazy I. It's more of a pulse situation than on situation so it. I. I like it to be chunked smooth slash chunky chunky peanut butter. Know there's some bits in there but it's also kind of a modified so I do that and I like to do like well. This goes into your next question. Well SORTA wraps up into the what you said is i. Don't believe in a fish course. I felt officials gross. We can get there in a second but let's go there right now. Okay I love you. Did you never eat fish? From the moment I ate it for the first time. I never ate it again. Yes that's correct. I think you have to eat something to decide. You don't like it i. I don't trust people that say. They don't like something when they've ever had it. I would say that I've probably had it more than five times in my lifetime and never have I had a good experience so what I do instead is. I like to do something like white fish and make like a whitefish solid so during cocktail hour. I'll do like chopped Liver Anna. Whitefish something both you can serve with vegetables or spread onto Mata or whatever but that's like the fish hit in. I think that's a good solve. I'm not a big Fan. I think people who didn't grow up with Passover and they siga filter fish in the jar and the wieder gelatinous fish stock. And they're like what are you guys doing? Yeah very intense food memory of going to my neighbor's house growing up and them just eating it out of the jar sort of like an after school snack. I simply could not and I know that. I'm sure that's not like the best version of it and I'm sure it does exist. I'm not super interested in exploring that though the only time I ever got an a plus on a paper in college I wrote a piece about my grandmother and could fill to fish. Apparently back in the thirties they would make their fish homemade in from carp and whitefish mullet and everything they grind it up. And it's one of those you know all day processes and then at some point when Manischewitz and stuff started coming out with the bottle fetish they would run to the store clandestinely and then make instead of making thirty fish. They'd only make fifteen but then they blend in jarred wants. You couldn't tell which were the homemade in which one the job it saved them like half the time so they did that for a while. So that's my that's my ace reporting something thinking about You you have you have opinions about Matsu ball soup I I would. I would say fairly that. Multiple Soup is the star of the Passover. Seder reason it's the reason to cook the reason to show up the reason to have the whole event. I think a couple of tips on a list divided between the the stock or the broth in themselves united. This was like a thousand years ago. We did like a multiple soup for BA. And you you like made me put parsnips and the broth and I was like essentially kicking and screaming and was just like what is this Adam and you're like well imparts a certain sweetness and data and I just like I. I want less sweetness and so I feel like even the carrots to me is like pushing it and I admit that it means it so I do include them in mind but the partner is a bridge too far and I can't abide but how it's still when I'm looking at the recipe right now. It's still in there. I thought I I'm surprised you weren't just like telling me I hadn't really come into my own at that point that I was like still like afraid of going against the grain but it was also like you made me talk talk to Mitchell Davis and it was like this whole thing and so I felt like that was really more less my recipe more. You know the collaboration from two thousand fourteen your thoughts on roasting chicken parts and vegetables or just going in on roasted. Do you have a preference in terms of wake at making a broth? The mission of the broth sort of depends on how I would make it and for something like multiple soup because it is very easy There's not like a ton else going on other than the not self. I want it on the more delicate side. I don't want like deep dark flavors so I am a big fan of just everything from cold in the water so the chicken and the vegetables water covering up to a simmer gently so the broth doesn't get cloudy and then straining at from there You don't want to you you don't WanNA summer too hard for two reasons one because it will make the broth really cloudy and kind of murky looking and to. It will overcook the chicken. So you almost think of it as like a gentle breeze of the chicken at the same time not because I always put the chicken back in a suit because if I'm serving it for Seder I don't but I will pick the meat at needed for something especially now we're like. Oh we have one chicken me to last like two weeks. So we'll repurpose the chicken meat. Either for the soup that day. If that's all we're having or if it's part of the Seder for the next day which we can get you when we talk about the day after I would. I would argue in. These stayed home days that we're living through right now. Having that chicken turned into chicken salads light lunch was going to say Oh my God we look at it. I liked that a fan of them. Are you a fan of celery in your chickens? All my God am i. It is the only thing I wanted my chicken soup. Chicken suit multiple any soup. I feel like you're almost sort of discovering that like you're either a carrot person or a salary person in the same way you're either chocolate or vanilla like I think that if it it sort of it reveals more about your taste preferences if you have one of those two things to choose from and like I am a salary person through and through and no better time to like. Make the case then. I think I'm GonNa add that to our lightning round questionnaire moving forward. I would say if I had to choose between the two. I'm definitely team celery. I I like carrots but I I love so I just. I love the idea of like the chaotic neutral etc quadrant of like you know celery carrot chocolate vanilla like I'm salary vanilla across the board and like hold firm in that they're actually be the ice cream flavour. No you don't think so care vanilla. You don't think salary vanilla actual pieces of celery in there but celery flavoring sort of mixed in with the Kremlin glaze. When you're making the ice cream now. Wow the face. Why don't you give it a shot out of and we'll see what happens Incredibly negatively. But I'm GONNA go now. Okay help me out here because I'm not a multiple. I love months while sued by. Just don't make it much forever Give me the one key. What's your one piece of advice to getting Matsuo balls like the perfect texture? Dundas what do I gotTa do? You have to cook them in the water for the appropriate amount of time. I lots of all suit mixture. I feel like unlike bread making pie dough making or biscuit making any of these other sort of like bread or white flour based things that you might make where it might call for a couple of wire and it might be humid that dates you out a little less or whatever to me about. Sufism is not to be messed with like you find a good one and you stick to it. You make sure. Your measurements are correct. And I almost never give that advice. I feel like I'm sort of a ignore the recipe. Kind of Gal and I think that a good multiple soup with the correct ratios that has been tested in works. Should be sort of honored and I think that most people when they have trouble with multiples or they feel dance or like to compact or chalky. Because they're not cooked long enough their their rods died with. I mean that's interesting when you're cooking the Matsuo balls in salted water before you add them to the broth. If it's counterintuitive in the sense that if you overcook meat or something proteins get hard and dense but if you under cook Matza balls that's when they're hard and dense they need to have time to cook all the way through your. Give me that look. Yeah but it's it's like pie dough right or like anything that when you put it in the oven it's like one thing and then it bakes and it's fluffy and delicious and flaky. I feel like it's the same but for me. It's like hydration right. You're taking the Matza meal. You're adding eggs. Chicken Fat Seltzer Water Etcetera to hydrate the Matza meal you let it sit so at firms up and hydrates and then you formed into balls and then you boil them to hydrate it. Think about Spaghetti Strand right when it comes out of the package thickness and then put it in the saltwater you boil it you cook it and it expands just like multiple should just like amount should baby. Yeah that's the title of my forthcoming. Memoir Allison's Matzo ball soup recipe on T. DOT COM or you for New York Times cooking. Would that has celery? There's more celery forward version of extremely salary forward. Lots of dill lots of cracked black pepper. Okay we were talking about my mom earlier maxine you had a brisket recipe yes This fall I duNno you. Kinda through maxine some say you explicitly referenced her recipe in kind of a way. I did not send maxine. I didn't forward her this article. Because she's a big fan of yours and she's always telling me what recipes of yours. She's coking's well. I don't think you ought to see this peace maxine. I think the piece I want to. I'm GonNa read from your article about your Brisket recipe as I sampled other briskets from other home. Kitchens over the years. I realized I was maybe being too hard on grandma because I didn't really couldn't get behind well. Any brisket even recipes hyperlink from this very website. Mixing Dressy follow that same. Ketchupy MEATLOAF inspired formula. Hokey grandma have known better. This by the way. Just to be fair you through your grandma. So so let's talk about this recipe and what was your approach to it because it is. It is delicious and I was very intrigued by well. Two things first. I want you to know that anytime throwing like an atom rappaport recipe under the bus. It's an at I'm I'm like throwing the concept and I would never disrespect maxine this way and you know that number two number two. Didn't somebody that you know. Requests this recipe or may get herself in love it. Okay well to be fair to be honest. Maxine was intending on making your brisket recipe for Passover this year. So yeah so she. She emailed me and let me know that she wanted to make it. Perhaps you will. We'll say if we do zoom if you invite her to your zoom Passover. Maybe she'll she'll show you the the brisket. So yeah so it's called. Tangy brisket with fennel and herbs. Can you walk us through this because it looks delicious? I love roasted fan. I love herbs. Hit Me with it. Yeah so again instead of carrots. I'm using all which I think this wasn't really the place for salary necessarily because you do want a little bit of sweetness which funneled definitely has but fennel retains its texture in a way that I just find. Carrots fail miserably so that was sort of like the first adjustment. Because if you're GonNa Cook I think the like the brazing meet where you you raise the me. And then you remove the meat and the new strain the vegetables out of out of the sauces kind of obnoxious. And like if you're gonNA use the vegetables you should eat them So I like using stuff like final because you get the sweetness and they maintain their texture. And it's like something eat alongside the brisket so in this one so you have the brisket four to five pounds off nicely. Brown east side and then you've got onion fennel. You have some celery socks in flavor. You've got garlic. Thyme Oregano Marjoram. Some distilled white wine vinegar cop then Quarter Cup Low Sodium. Soy Sauce or wishes here sauce and that kind of all goes on there together. Yeah so the main the main like the bulk of the liquid here has white vinegar which I think when people see they feel like. Don't you mean white wine vinegar but no I actually mean White Vinegar. Which is the HINES DISTILLED? You know very acidic and almost has zero flavor. So what I was trying to get at is that you want. I wanted the acidity without like the flavor of LEMON FLAVOR OF VINEGAR ITSELF. Lake what we know as like white wine vinegar red wine vinegar and I wanted to make something that didn't have that classic flavor profile with like red wine and tomato paste and catch up and onions So this was sort of like just a different version of cooking meat in a way that I felt like even I could get behind which I tend to a favor you know tastes like really acidic really salty almost spicy or whatever so. I don't like sweet foods so this doesn't catch up point you bring. I do think in the last several years certainly since you were working in restaurants way back in the day just that you know as a country. We've embraced much more. Acidic forward food whether that's with vinegar is a fresh citrus juice. And that there's more bite to the food that we're eating. Where if you go back to the fifties and sixties. There was a lot of brown sugar and catch up and all those sorts of things in our whether it was the family ham or the meatloaf or the brisket And I think in a good way. We've gotten away from that. Yeah I think like any recipe that asks you to smother a piece of meat and catch up in brown sugar. That's going to be an immediate no for me before we move on. Do you have thoughts on done this of brisket fall apart? Do you like it. How you know slicing it. Those sort of things brisket recipes in all red meat recipes. That your brazing. Actually I feel like there is a fear consistently when people have with over cooking meats and I think like a long cook. A low and slow roast. Braise are kind of the rare occasions where it's harder to do. It's harder to overcook and in fact the worst brisket and the worst short ribs and the worst braised meat I've ever made. It's always been because I undercooked it because I'm afraid of going too far and in my own testing processes wake when I moved into my apartment. My oven is like an easy bake oven. It's extremely small and very strange to work with. I was so afraid that because it was smaller that things would cook faster because it was less. You know space to circulate heat anyway and so I would test things and I would pull things sooner and I was just like damn these short ribs suck. I think overcooked them and then it occurred to me that I actually was under cooking them and we know thick pieces of meat like that really need a lot of time in the oven at like a low and slow because you want that fat to get really nice and melted. You want the Collagen to break down. If that's part of the cut and that takes a while so I think that if you're worried about like is it done? It should when you poke. It should almost be like Jello. It should be like Quivering Bruce Word to use I do think better air. On the side than over the undercooked with with short ribs and brisk. I think it's interesting. I learned over the years and making maxine. Brisket is yes. You want it low and slow. Yes it's better to go a little long than little short but it's also important to have the right size cooking vessel if you have a cooking vessel. That's too big. A lot of that. Liquid will then sort of evaporate in boyle away and then any sort of sweetness. Whatever kind of burnt overdone? So it's like make sure you have that the the piece of meat actually fits relatively snugly in your Dutch oven or your pyrex or whatnot. That issue of size of vessel to size of meat cut is important one. I'm more of a fan of like the Dutch of across the board. I think that when you get into those like long baking dishes just tenting with foil Ma. Most of the time I feel like people do a bad job of tenting was foil. And so they're not creating an actual seal on the way that a live for a Dutch oven will and so a lot of that moisture is GonNa Escape and you need that moisture. Not only two things saucy but to also make sure that the it's not escaping to piece of me and evaporating the sauce too quickly but yeah. Dutch oven across the board is the best best best thing for any low and slow cooked meat. Will you get dressed up for Passover? Well so I am so again about my friend's place and I didn't bring any clothes that would indicate that I care about the way that I look at all ever and that's because I thought I was going to be here for like I said a week and a half to two weeks and it was going to be like a hunger down period anyway and I was just like oh I'll throw in a couple stretch pants and sweaters but I've been wearing my stretch pants and Mike sweaters for very long time now and so. I actually just ordered some clothes on the Internet because I was like. I have nothing to wear it. I'm not going back to the city and I can't live like this anymore. That's cool so my brother Uncle Andy who you know he I don't know if it was a joke or not but for Hanukkah this past year he got me a pair of those super fuzzy cozy. Like I don't know if you call sweatpants Uniqlo but they look like a shag carpet you know and I kinda thought it was a joke and then I put them on and I was like these are the best things I've ever been wearing them every day out here on the north fork. And you can't see because you don't all these zoom conference calls. You can only kind of see the waist up so they don't know that weren't sweatpants all day long and all my meetings well I feel like zoom needs to get get together and we need more of like a full body camera angle bodies. Ill people are wasting some outfits. I feel like when people do put in the effort. It should be acknowledged right. Alison you get one side dish and your Passover Seder to go with your brisket. What would you choose Adam? You know it's gotta be like Like A crunchy Tangy Salad. That's like two. It's got a bit of heavy meet. It doesn't matter what holiday it is or how you're celebrating. I think that again I would probably go to something like celery Fennel Parsley horseradish. Something like really fresh really irby really crunchy. And that you can eat you know scattered on top of your meat or as a side question when you say horseradish humane fresh horseradish graded. Yeah but that's sort of that. That's a long shot right now so I would say prepared. Prepared horseradish is fine. And I find myself using it when I can't get fresh too great but it is a totally different story and that the flavors a lot more intense and you're also getting added acidity so I think that where if I were calling for a knob fresh horseradish to great over something and then vinegar or lemon juice to season. I would kind of not season it with acid yet until I added the horseradish. Because that's GonNa give you a lot to begin with good point about the Tangy. Sal just because we're the Passover table. I mean keep in mind. You've already eaten an entire bowl of Matsu ball soup which is very Karbi. You've probably had a bunch of Matsen chopped liver to start off with like I don't need the whole far full pudding and all that sort of stuff lake at a little later in leaner for the main course. I like that move a lot. Can we talk desert at Passover? 'cause I'm still scarred from my childhood desert experiences at Passover. It's like maybe this was just like back in the seventies and eighties but there it was almost as if the Jews felt. We don't deserve dessert. Can't actually be good. My mom agreement. They've put out like this the worst fruit salad in the history of fruit salads and then there was always like this weird lemon cake made with Matzo meal like no one wants to eat any of this stuff now and the notion of making an allison Roman flour. Less chocolate cake. Never occurred anyone because I know that would taste too good. We would enjoy our own Jewish us. Yeah there is a I would never call it this but it is in fact a flawless chocolate cake Merrill Rossi makes it every year for her. Passover enjoy I don't approve don't approve. Passover should be tolerable. It should not be enjoyable. I completely disagree. That has the were especially this year. Adam it's all we have. Jesus I like the idea that we should suffer because like it's what we do. That's what Jews do. We suffered it never convention out. It has become the most fun what. If we're like we're we're we're taking fund that's our thing now. Jews are fun. We're like we're rebranding. It's a rebrand. I think that my whole thing would pass over. Dessert is that the meal is so long it is it is it spans an eternity and I'm I rarely have patients for dessert anyway. Like I feel like when I'm done with my meal I'm done with my meal and I'm not interested in necessarily in like sticking around for dessert not at a restaurant and not at my house so I feel like dessert should be optional. I feel like it's something that you put it out and people are into or not. I think that if anyone else tells me that you should take Mata and smear it with chocolate and sprinkles stuff on it I'm GonNa Freak out because no thank you. The way that that makes me feel is that it makes it sound like the objective of Passover is to eat as much as possible. Not only eating mobs that because it's the only can have so like the idea that you're like well. Let's use Mozzarella in eight of the ten courses. Were having tonight. No thank you. I don't think you would never e- You would never do that with regular read on a regular meal like it's like oh I'm sorry is the objective to consume as much Malta. Or are we like what I don't know so I say just like eatable ice cream or have some putting? I Dunno though. It's funny that you mentioned the length of the meal the last few years the last several years. We've gone over my mom's house for Passover and it's used often the week just by the days fall and we've always had to leave before desert just as Marlins got school the next two years old. Yeah and I and his girlfriend Dana always brings something because she loves to bake and this and that and we feel so bad we go sorry but it's like nine forty five and it's a Tuesday night out okay. So that all sounds list loved loved the brisket love the bright leafy irby salad chocolate or is going to be amazing. Obviously but where we are going to have some more Mata Alison Roman. Do you know I simply do not know what you're GONNA say next. I truly do not view. Do the reason we're having this conversation. Yes Oh my God okay so I feel bad because I just. I Made Fun of everyone who wants to eat marmots but I actually do because Matsubara is one of my favorite foods so we are on different teams here your team savory. I'm team sweet. Talk about your Mozza Brian. How you grew up eating it and now how you make it and explain it to people who might not have had it before so my dad. grew up making it the same way and he. I think he learned from my grandmother but she again. If you read the article she was not a great cook so I think my dad took some of his own liberties but you start with. Arnon's you find them in a skillet with butter until there. I wouldn't say the caramelized I would say that they're fried. You want like a frizzell fried onion. They're not necessarily crispy but they're not people to be in their bonded about when you say to caramelized onions and like that's not a real caramelized onion so I'm GonNa say there there fried onions and then once stats happening you take them out to boards and you soak them in hot water until they are tender basically so like maybe a minute and you Kinda Gotta. Watch THEM AT THIS POINT. Because you don't want them to be super waterlogged because then the whole thing will turn to Mush but you want them to like have structure but be softened then you drain them from the water and then you add them two beaten eggs with lots of salt and pepper and you. Kinda of toss it together like almost like a like. You're just coating the boards in the egg and let it sit like a minute or two and not so that story what. I'm sorry. Do you call them. Matsuo boards. I Coleman Matsubara's which is what my dad call them and people are shook and I don't what what do you call them. It's a board of Mozza. I've just I've just bought a piece of moths. I've never heard that before. But that's okay aboard AMATA. Did you break up the Matsu board into little pieces before you soak it in water now? Okay well yeah you into fit into a ball or whatever it is that you're putting down and I always say I probably break up more. Is that feeling of soak it and sort of water. But it's it's soggy but there's still some. There's still some Chris be parts to the shards right and when I started making this without my dad like when I moved away from home I was under soaking for a long time in my modify always turned out dry so similarly to the multiple. Hydration is really important in this dish. So you want to hydrate the monster board in the water so that way also like makes it easier to soak up the eggs? So it's less about like the Matsu being coated in egg and more about it becoming one like a Nigga bread pudding or something and then so you add that to the fried onions and low and slow sort of soft scramble vibe and then basically you just cook it. So it's like a very wet wet scramble but it feels a little bit drier because there's lots on it's not one hundred percent eggs and from there you serve it with sour cream and applesauce. Whoa is all right. So so you're not frying it until it's crispy I don't until it's crispy. I feel like when you fry it until it's crispy. It's IT'S A it's a different beast different texture to me. I grew up with it. Being like a soft supple. Like it's not me it tastes like a taste like stuffing it tastes like the interior of stuffing. Oh like a moist stuffing fast. Wow Okay but but I but then when you just said you might serve it with applesauce. That seems like it takes off team savory then well it's like Alaska. I think I think my dad's wits argument applesauce because without how. We ate like clinician lockers. And things like that so it makes sense to have. I would always skip the applesauce personally. It's not something that I need with my master Bri but I think it's like a balanced thing if you want like a touch of applesauce think that's acceptable. Now if you're doing with a dollop of sour cream do you then also hit it with whatever pressure of you have around you? Can I think that's like boozing it up a bit? I think that Dan Roman Dan Roman would definitely not do that. But yeah chives chives would be awesome in a. I would even like Parsley dill. Yeah I'm sure you're in your might have leftover dill from your multiple superman that. I'm sure that you will. Because dill is one of those herbs that only comes in large. Like when you buy it comes in small and large you get like a clam shell of Eight sprigs or like two sprigs. It's like dill for your fish and like the clam shell section of the grocery store which should be done away with. But or you get a Bushel of dill and I love Dell like dill's number one fan but there just are not enough uses where it's not like parsley we can kind of. Just throw it into everything and believe me I try. I tried to put Dylan everything but it doesn't always work. Yeah we just got a Bushel yesterday and I I my first thought was like what am I going to do with all this deal although I will say deal for a quote unquote tender herb? It does last quite a while in the fridge. If you seal it up well in a bag it does. Yeah and I think that. There's like different varieties of diller like the way that it's grown it can it can sometimes be very feathery and a little too delicate but a good hearty dental. Yeah show last year. She'll ask you a long time so I always grew up with the most basic. Mott's of Rye for you listeners. At home I version obviously alison. But this one's just for years by the way that you can't wait to try version this conversation. That is years old. And you've never tried my version. What N- well boy. You've never walked me through it. You've just referred to it so but now you've sold me. You sold me on. But for if you're on teams suite you just break up the Mata boards in a ball. Cover them warm water for a minute like Allison said till they're kind of like soaked. Wouldn't quite almost soggy. But they still have some crispy elements to them Beat a couple eggs salt and pepper. You Mix all that together in a bowl and I just fry him up in a skillet with oil as if you're making pancakes and what I like about them. I always find pancakes to be the property of diminishing returns at for the average pancake after a few bites. You're like okay. It's like this cake white flour thing. What's Nice about Bri factually adviser Brian? It gets the outside gets really crispy. There's all these little. Shorty chard like elements that get really crispy in the oil. Flip it over And if you make them kind of thick enough the inside still be a little custody and then I think a lot of Jewish folks they will put a little jam with them perhaps or a little sour cream. I grew up putting a little syrup on it. Which I know is like the most Jewish thing. But it's like your kid and you like Maple Syrup I kind of love that style. But it's definitely a very different approach in yours but as someone who loves tender scrambled egg. I'm intrigued by the awesome Roman technique. That's what I'm saying and I'm intrigued by yours because I actually feel the same way about those pancakes is that like. That's why I'm like a pancake for the table. Kind of Gal where I want only one or two bites and it's not something that I'll ever really spend the time on doing in the mornings. I Roman how about this? How about you send me a link to the Passover Seder Zoom Wool Zoom in? See how is going up in Hudson? And then the next morning will have dueling bots. O'brien breakfast together. I love that that sounds really really nice and I promise I am genuinely interested in your version. I'm not like it does sound really were you. I have a question. Were you a log cabin maple syrup child or you like Vermont tap situation. Yeah I would say we were not particular. It was kind of whatever grocery store brand. My mom would come home with you. Know we we we. We went through it like any kids would all right Alison Roman. Stay safe there and Hudson. Thanks so much. Thanks for having me. Okay we're going to take a quick break to hear from our sponsor this week's episode of the Bombardier Food cast is brought to you by applegate. If you're a person who consciously chooses clean credible meat for ethical environmentally responsible and delicious reasons. You might be an Apple Guitar Ian if you like your meat with no added hormones no antibiotics ever and no GMO ingredients. You might be an Apple Guitar. Ian applegate is just clean natural organic meat so move over vegetarian. Flexible Terry and fruit or Aryan. There's a new terry in in town. Go applegate -Tarian. Today for more information on going applegate -tarian visit applegate DOT com. So almost every month I write one of these features and the way that it works. Is We got the proof back in paper and the higher up editors kind of their comments and I would say that. This is the only time where I've gotten a comment. That said this blew my mind. Yes and it had to do with our first point. Which is that. The world revolves around your so bowl. Which is kind of. I took to the thesis of Your Book. How to wash the dishes? And I've also gotten several comments from people who peaked at the early proofs and said this has changed the way I washed the dishes forever and immediately after I read it in your book I went home and tried it and ever since I've been doing my dishwashing this way and I would say that washing dishes was not something I ever really thought about. I think I just kind of like inherited it from my parents. I did what they did. And that was it until I picked up your book and realized there could be another way so i WanNa thank you for that. I think it's like making pie crust or I think it's like many things I think. Parents sort of spared their children as if it was from the past somehow wash dishes. And it's true for my kids as well. We're thirty years old thirty and thirty nine twenty nine and thirty two and That they have no particular system. It's hard to tell someone how to wash the dishes. But if they can read it on their own terms then it seems okay for the readings dot boring so I would summarize the soap bowl as that. It is a brilliant way to not have your water running the entire time that you're washing the dishes and to conserve soap. Because I kind of felt I was going through bottles of soap extremely quickly because I would soak. The sponge wood leave the water running would suds the dish and then rinse it off. But what is your system? You're correct you can't it's incorrect to just go through a bunch of soap it's sort of You know it's unsustainable either metaphorically or a literal way I mean it shouldn't involve that much so in the super bowl you know. I use a different so poll in the morning when they're different dishes smaller dishes tighter dishes and I use a bigger soap bowl at night and I'll substitute book. We'll talk about different so polls as you go through when I'm making a salad I'll think I've got to have some plan for this bowl because it's filled with all the leftover salad dressing and you can. If you're lucky you can find someone who sops all that up with a piece of bread but you still have this greasy ball and you still have to make some allowance for it. The Super Bowl has this funny tradition and I can't unaware that started but it has this funny tradition. It's true in my family and in truth true in every family that if you put a bowl of soap and you don't protect it someone will literally put a dirty played into it l. Yeah it's amazing or a half finished cup of coffee with the coffee in the SOPA. Now you're of course back to zero. Rake because the point of the civil is that you're keeping it as like a holy grail of clean warm soapy water and you don't dump things into it. Use it as your source. You've backed up to it. Yes and I feel like when I first started doing it at home. My husband was really confused about it and thought it was really dirty because he kept dumping stuff into it and I was like no. The point is to keep it clean and it's kind of like when people have two tiered sink and they can fill up half of the SYNC with soapy water and use the other offer rinsing but this is a cleaner way to do that. I think it means you don't have to have any sort of fancy large sink. I don't use the sink anymore. I really used the ball. It first of all just to get the sink clean. Is this whole task. And you can't pick it up So I just usable for all of it. Yeah one thing that I wanted to ask you about which I struggle with. Is that now that I have this system when people come over to having. Oh it's all thanks to you When people come over to eat dinner I don't want them to mess with my system and the second point of this package is that you should keep the sink clear like you shouldn't just dump everything into the sink as you eat or as you cook because then you're left with like this pile of dirty dishes. Who knows what's in their their fragile things. You have to clear the sink before you even start so when my guests offered to clear their dishes and place them in the sink. I truly panic. I have no idea what to do. I want them to leave everything where it is and evacuate but when the they don't forget that there are a lot of Christie's to washing the dishes and there are there are people who will when you go to their house who will vary politely have ten or twelve different ways of saying to you know no no. Don't bring the dial I'll do the dishes and don't even does the dishes but me or that kind of thing or oh don't don't know that no I don't want I usually say I have a system. Just you know one of the reasons. I really like Those Swedish dishcloths is that you can clean them and unlike a sponge you can clean them perfectly you can boil them in water and it will get the bacteria out in it. And they're sustainable and the Swedes quite serious about the difference of them and that it doesn't represent a petri dish of a kind of bacteria. Warm food stuck in it and all of that You can get your fingers into a glass Where the sponge can break. We're sponge can break the glasses. You need your fingers into. I still have a scar from wants washing washing dishes years ago. Do you use a sponge. It all at suspension used the dish cloth. There's a wonderful sort of three-quarter donut shaped seeing that Was sent to me so I would love and I use that to scrub with. Its has heavy bristles to Kenny Brown Common good also now has a A little woolen cloth that they sow that you can use to scrub a little bit with and that. The wool is quite. You know the will is quite perfect for that one of the things that I learned from your book that I think is maybe obvious but wasn't obvious to me is that there's a distinction between dish towels and kitchen towels And that you need to keep them separate because kind of what I do at home. Which is not recommended is like. I use my towels till I wipe up a mess. More ring out spinach but it should be that. They're dish towels that are designated only for your dishes and then other towels for messes and the two shall never meet so that. You're not accidentally drying dishes with dirty towel. We don't want to dry with the dirty towel. I will reach for a dish towel and my wife will scream out. No because it's one of the ones she loves and I'M GONNA take the towel that I went for over to where I'm cooking right. I'm cooking with gas. So there's flame and she's right the chances of it Browning on a corner or you know itself or something else but Are Good so she wants me to use the most utilitarian the blue jeans up. She doesn't want me to take the Lynn shirts over to the sink. Yeah and she's correct. Yeah I feel like there should be some tells that are designated for clean drying and those can be your most beautiful embroider task but you know it really is. The towel really is your scarf. I mean it's such a lovely thing to bring into your kitchen this. That's why wrote about the French and Italians in this weeds. And I mean. They're beautiful towels from Denmark from George Jensen has. He's beautiful dish towels but I'm not allowed us any of those over by the same. Those are strictly for the gentlest of dry. Not even drying a frying pan. Right just can't dry. Cast Iron Towel. It will just stay in the town the towels once you establish your affection for the towels then. I think you're relation to the dishwashing is correct right now. You we use these little hooks called clever hooks which have like a a lever system to them and you can put a towel on it when it's wet one handedly in and you can take it off when handedly and it will allow them to dry. A damp towel is the worst possible thing to reach for a pan. Right it conducts more of the heat. So you need some way that they dry you need some separation of the lovely from the utilitarian the blue gene from the linen and and you need them handy. You know you need them. They're so how many calls do you have out working at any one time? And where in your kitchen have three three quite grumpy ones over cooking and I'll have for five or six of them. Three four say four them stacked over by the sink where they're they look great and two that are live on the hooks that you can use right away. Dishwashing is the drain. The space and the dishwater. And you can't keep space especially when people have come to your house for dinner. You keep space. If you don't dry all of those things that take up so much room right you just can't we cooked last night and We made a a soup and so we had some big pots and But they were only needed for a little bit of time if we had left them. All there there's just no place you have to use the towel to set yourself free. Clean them did you clean the pots before you eight or you clean the pot. I okay you clean the Michiko. You're like a part of you becomes like a bartender. He needs the stranger immediately. Even though he just put a Pinochle Lada through it he needs it. Right immediately might go to a Martini. I mean he needs it immediately and he needs it perfectly clean. I do think that my dishwashing efficiency has improved significantly since moving to New York. Because I think that with the constraints of the streets I half death thinker. I have to wash the dishes go whereas when I go home to my parents house in the suburbs I just sprawl. Never clean anything and at the end of the night. I'm left with a huge mass whereas in New York. I forced myself to clean the cutting board. When it's Tutu keep working. I can't just move it to the side and go on no no. I think you're correct. I think that's part of what set dishwashing. So back into the past where it just the dishwasher and the big space in the suburb and all of this took some of the intelligence out of dishwashing. The same thing happens at work you know I always say. Fill the bowl slowly. And I still claim that it really is a brilliant thing to do but it's not my brilliance. It's the fact that our hot water heater only gives water for ninety seconds. Because it's this little on demand hot water heater half on demand. Hot Water Heater so we have to fill very slowly. And meanwhile while it's filling knocking off all of those extra pieces you're letting the super bowl fell as you use the hot water to Wash Sara. Yes destroying interest. You're really you're just. You're you're kind of whistling while you work so slowly knocking off that little glass over here. That hasn't been lip mark on it. You're doing the spoons that are just tying up the corner. You're trying to make You know you're all it's always inactive sort of trying to sanitize where you work right and you know you wanna lay out the plates to lay out the plates. You have no place to do it. If it's filthy so we have been talking. We've been talking a lot about hand washing dishes. But I do. WanNa get into dishwashers? Because most people seems like a lot of people are readers. Have Them I truly just got one. It took about a year. I think for to become installed by our landlord and now I almost refuse to use it because I'm so scared of putting things in it that will break and I'm kind of just dish dishwasher fullback but I want to know what do you think like what are your main tenants of using a dishwasher effectively. The only thing I insist on with the dishwasher is that you not put anything that I would say is single in there no wooden spoon. No colander no knife. Of course you don't put a nation because it's not safe inside but also because not good for the knife not good for the handle no-balls no mixing bowls. Nothing that is actually you have only one of unless you put it in there just to dry for second right you can put it in. I put lots of things in it too dry for twenty seconds and then like just as an extension of your dish just to get it off the counter. Put It in there for twenty seconds and once. It's been upside down in the dishwasher. Then you can try with the cloth in moments if you wait the twenty seconds. Thirty seconds as far as filling the dishwasher. It really is quite wonderful for the classes and the silverware and the the different size plates and you try to put them in in the same order. I always rinse them because the dishwasher no matter how brilliant it is is really no matter what they say his really not built to actually scrub things so just rinse it and put them in there. I do think that rinsing is something. That really divides people should. But I can't quite understand I hate to ruin. You hate to rent. It just seems besides the point. I just WANNA machine do it should it should if I learned that it can't. I'll rinse it can do it. No question about not getting it off the plate. I would never put a plate covered in food in the dishwasher. That appalls me but I don't want to take a sponge to a plate before I put in the dishwasher. I won't take as much but I'll rinse it underwater so that the particles that are on it or not on it the Greek. There's nowhere for the food to go doesn't have a giant grinder in there it really just has filters and everyone has some story of the dishwasher backing up at a holiday every night. You'd look in and it's Christmas and there's the water coming out of kitchen. Everyone has that story. And that's the food getting stuck in the system. It's the sort of aneurysm created by your dishwasher. I do think the tip to not put anything of a kind in your dishwasher was a great one and I do think that it applies not only to like one of a kind ceramics but also if you only have one whisk wisc in the dishwasher you end up taking it out in cleaner you can't risk is the risk is the true tale rate. I always am like where is the micro plane whereas the White Healer? Where is none of those can go in there? We only have one so always. Just end up. Oh it's in the dishwasher. It's out of commission if you have your dish water bowl rain. It's fast and it's going to. In a beer. Micro plane takes a second rate. A S- literally a second doing your wisk rinsing Lewis and then suddenly going job in your ball. You're done whiskas is also believe there are some things that just need to be washed immediately. like Fine Mesh trainer. This where you've rinsed something starchy. If you don't wash immediately the end and you yes because now it wants to calcified. No you. Don't want that if you rinse it immediately and you sort of put it in the Dishwasher for twenty seconds and then use one of your good dish towels to dry it. You back in business. You're torturing your real. That's the bartender side where you really are. You really are managing your station. Yes yeah I like to have some good. I like those in working with me so I can manage them. That's my just give them orders ground which is very fun you do or you don't have a dish rack to where things. Stri- are used to have a dish rack and I discovered that it got so dirty. It got so sort of slimy. It didn't drain drained. But it still aid. We'd was kind of a petri dish for not being particularly clean. So I know use a very poorest cloth and put it there and then put things on wash it right and I can be more certain that it will be clean and work and I'll use the dishwasher all the way up to the point that the meals almost done for a drain for district. And say you're using your dishwasher just like a giant dish Ryan detract for and but anything that goes in. It is only in there for you. Know thirty seconds if you even the Saute Pan if I clean and if I clean the Saute Pan right away and I put it in the Dishwasher and I wait twenty seconds then it really is. Just one. Turn with the dishcloths to be done and ready. Because it dries itself I normally put my pans back on the stove to hang out. I'm side turn the heat on low. You you sir. But but then the instinct to use the stoves little bit blunted by all the stuff. That's on it right. This is the end. Yes yes oh and I'm completely done. I'll put him on the stove and let them sit over there. As if that's I consider that they're you know hobby room of it. They can all go together and their audio visual room hands where they can all sit around and talk talk about the meal. Yes I was talking to my mom about dish racks because I have one. I actually have this that we recommend the Yamazaki home and it does get dirty but at the bottom but I also really enjoy it. Wipes out very easily okra and it's very satisfying to clean it. But my mom was kind of insisting that if if she had a district none of the dishes would ever get put away like Shrek would just always be full dishes of clean dishes and they would just stack and stack and no one would ever do anything about it. But by just using a dish towel She is forcing my father to put them away. She's she's correct. She's forcing issue now. A lot of things about dishwashing people. Just don't talk about and your mom is sort of giving away. All the things created all of the all of the prejudices that she has had to deal with over time. How do I get the people in my life to help me? Is there anything else? Peter that you want to any other wisdom that you want to instill about dishwashing. You know it changes how you cook. It changes how you feel about it. And it gives you an optimism as opposed to pessimism my favorite thing. When I'm having a dinner party is when people come over and I've already cleaned everything I was watching with and I know that all have to do is clean the place we'd off. It's the best feeling I think so. Awesome thank you so much pleasure. The Bone Apetit boot cast is produced edited by M awards men with additional programming help from Kerry police and at least enemy. Our theme music is by Nathaniel Wordsmith. We have new episodes every Wednesday. And if you want to reach out to us about this episode or any other episode email us at blown. Apetite food cast at gmail.com. Thanks for listening.

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