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"matty mitchell" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Fourth grader at and then you also have a senior in high school at the very wanted hills you're talking about. So you're you're really seeing this from, you know, really different angles. And you're seeing. You know how how you're a zero years your students. Your kids are handling this. Yes, It's an interesting perspective. My senior. It's funny. I will share this with you. Um She's been really stoic about through the whole year, and it's kind of said I don't really care. And she was actually with us today at the rally, and, um there was another woman there who was very emotional. She is 1/7 grade daughter, it woman, and I think it's much harder for the younger kids that wanted who have never And we were in seventh grade. You're finding your people. You're finding your tribe to never be able to be in the school and to interact socially with with your high school, I think is So so difficult, And so this mother became very emotional. She was crying and On guy was in the car with my daughter and I said, You know, I think it's just been really hard on them. It's been really hard on our daughter and my daughter said to me, It's been really hard on all of us, and I looked over my daughter. I'm going to get a little bit emotional and she was crying. And that was the first time I think she just let it all out. It's It's you know, school is not just academic. It's um it's their social. You know, it's it's social. It Z interacting. It's all those little moments in life that we have interacting with their teachers. I mean, It breaks my heart to think that my daughter may graduate never getting to go back into the school and to see those teachers, you know that she had In seventh grade. She had this amazing history teacher hollered, terrorist. He's a He's kind of a legend at Walnut, and he talked her into doing mock trial and in seventh grade, and she did it, and now she's going to go on to approve our program in college and I think you know the thought that this child will leave that school and never have that opportunity, possibly to go back in and thank those teachers and see them in person. It's it's really It's it's hard. I mean, it's really hard to go. That was Quintana. Since I public schools parents it has two students in the school system. And Alex you you talk, Tomo? Yeah, there was a couple quotes and my colleague this insane choirs inside dot com. Matty Mitchell. I'm gonna read here you're quoted in Matty story on. You guys haven't your rally today, they said it's very frustrating for parents that the curfew has been lifted. People can go to bars, restaurants, salons, but our kids aren't in school and you continue on Quote Our Children are losing so much by not being in school five days a week. It's not just instruction time. It impacts their mental health and impacts their social development. Yes, I don't think you could have said it any better at me being a parent as well. I was really seeing When you talk about that mental health and that social development aspect I really concerns me. Uh, you know, when we get two years down the road here we have five years down the road, 10 years down the road. We look back on this. And like, what in the heck did we do? And I just I cannot commend you enough for what you're doing. What do you feel like? How many? How many folks do you did You have it? The rally and I know there was a different rally to for a different group of folks who want to stay all virtual. Uh, how many folks we're kind of behind you? Do you feel like this is a powerful movement is going to really, um, is being paid attention to. And how are you going to crack through? Well, I mean, today we had I would say I think we had over 50 people there, and this was probably get a last minute. Very last minute. We weigh very much outnumber the other. Protest there. That was there the protest that was there. Um, I think we do have a lot of people. But I also understand. You know, I think this is something really important for people to think about. Two million women have left the work force since the pandemic started. And I think a big driving force is the fact that their Children are not in school. This isn't just a Cincinnati problem. This is a national crisis. And I liked that you said. I I see you brought up a really good point, which is, you know, as a country we sort of opted to to re open are the aspect of our economy, which of the restaurants bars? And we've kept our schools shut right. We've kind of put that burden on the school to remain shot. But we re opened other aspects and of course, when you see restaurants and small businesses closed, there's this immediate impact People lose their jobs. That restaurant that used to be on the corner is now gone, and I do understand that. I think the unfortunate with our Children there is going to be a tremendous impact. We just don't see it yet. We don't see and it's it's gonna be years from now, but it's going to be A very big impact. They did a study in cut after Katrina. In New Orleans. Children were out of school for six months, and they and they weren't even remote. You know, they were totally out of school. And they looked at the seven year olds 10 years later, so they were 17 and the percentages of kids who didn't graduate or unemployed or even incarcerated were tremendous. And you know, we have kids right now. And since I public school who are not logging on? Um they said it one of the last, um, board meetings. I think I don't remember which board member itwas. But she said that 10 to 15% of the wallet hold students were failing and walnut hills of the high performing schools. Imagine what those percentages could be at the other. Yeah, This is a national crisis. With Alison Taba. She's a parent of two students and since I published school District has organized a rally today in the movement. You know, encourage parents to to encourage The school board to open schools back up five days a week in person. I can't I cannot have you on and not address the elephant. The room and that's the teachers union. The teachers union is Um, I've been very critical of it in my columns. Um and I have a lot of concerns there. Have you gotten pushback from the teacher's Union? Have you had any kind of interaction with the teacher's union? And you know what's your take on that? Um, I personally have not. Um, but I have certainly sat on punny of board. Um, you know, since I board of education meetings where Ms Sellers has called in, and she's certainly taken certain board members. The task you know, I want to say huge kudos to Melanie Bates and Bolton and, um, you know, Ben Lindy, really, for Fighting the good fight and and really believing that our kids need to be back. Um, they've really been advocates to get our kids back, and they have certainly been called out to some degree by Ms Sellers. Um, I think you know one of the things I think I wanted to. I do want to bring this up. I think this is a very interesting, um, one of the arguments that Ms Sellers has about Um, Cincinnati Public versus you know you, You look around and I look around at my neighbors and I have one neighbor whose son is it say next I have other neighbors and have kids at, um Heaven Hills and sing Ursula Villa and their Children have been back. And so and to some degree, Ms Sellers does have a point. Those are private schools, and those kids are coming to school in private transportation. They're living in single family homes. So the Children Um it's CPS. Many of them do not have that same Um, life style. They're they're living in. Ah, congregate, you know, congregate, setting communal home. They are taking public public transit. The school But I think 11 thing I would like to point out of the fight schools, which is the Catholic inner city schools. There are 2307 students, but a 10 10. Elementary schools here in Cincinnati. 94% of those Children living in poverty and 85% of those Children are minority Children. They have been back in school since. I think all the schools in the back pretty much five days in September. They have had 24 students test positive for coveted and 19 teachers in that time, so those Children are going to school every single day. They're getting an education. We're getting any type of service. Help meals, the support that they need. Well, Art it is e. I'm sorry. I gotta I gotta get to a break here, But I'd like to. I'm gonna have you come back on, but I wanna real quickly be able to share or have you share. Is there any other opportunities coming up? And if somebody wants to connect with you anywhere, How can they do that? And sorry. Sorry to have to ggo here. No, that's not a problem. Is there Is there anywhere like is their Facebook page or anywhere that folks can connect with you tow to see what you have going on. Um, we have a Facebook page..

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