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"mattia raimondo levin" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Jason Oliver Chang is the author of chino anti Chinese racism in Mexico. Eighteen eighty to nineteen forty. He's an assistant professor of history and Asian American studies at the university of And now we're gonna turn to well. A very different kind of interview Mattia Raimondo Levin data junior aka Perez Hilton is perhaps the most well known celebrity gossip writer of our time in the mid arts. He became famous. Well, some people might say infamous actually because of his blonde pres- Hilton dot com where he wrote about the latest exploits and scandals of Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan, and the light his signature style also included getting celebrities nicknames that they probably didn't like a lot. Here's a clip of him naming some of these on the Jimmy Kimmel show in two thousand and seven. Jessica Simpson you call jugs jugs Britney Spears is she's a hot mess. Potman? A lot of other things Kirsten Dunst kinky drunks. Perez Hilton was also known for the drawings of genitalia that he would put over the pictures of celebrities that he posted Peres does. And I'm assuming that's tight your real name is he draws penises on people's faces. But he to truly load when he began to out gay celebrities like Neil, Patrick, Harris, and clay Achim is that true. The rumor that you're gay ask clay..

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