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"matthew stanbrook" Discussed on NEJM This Week - Audio Summaries

NEJM This Week - Audio Summaries

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"matthew stanbrook" Discussed on NEJM This Week - Audio Summaries

"Two percent of patients with fatal cases had obesity half the patients with fatal cases were seen in an outpatient setting before hospitalization or death chronic conditions including cardiac and respiratory diseases and mental health conditions. Were common among hospitalized patients with emily. Matthew stanbrook from the University of Toronto writes in an editorial that one of the most enduring thoughts of the Danish theologian and philosopher. Soren Kirkegaard was that life must be lived forward but can really only be understood by looking backward. How true this is of disease outbreaks one. Such outbreak is a volley as this outbreak has lessened in intensity. It is appropriate to take a look backward at volley to see what we have learned the evidence from Werner and colleagues and other reports suggests that we are witnessing more than one syndrome of vaping induced lung disease and acute severe syndrome that affects a large number of e cigarette users and another more subtle syndrome that either affects a much smaller proportion of users or requires a longer time to manifest itself in most users. We will only learn whether the latter is the case going forward but we must address this possibility. Proactively with much more attention and concern. Although the valley crisis now have faded. Millions of e cigarette users still have virtually no protection against the potential harms from the thousands of largely unregulated e cigarette devices and liquids on the market until the Food Drug Administration and similar government agencies somehow muster the courage to impose meaningful regulations on the composition manufacturer quality control and testing of these products and remove all non-complying products from the market. There will be nothing to prevent. A potential epidemic of chronic lung disease or another volley like outbreak emerging from the widespread use of e cigarettes..

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