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"matthew mccloskey" Discussed on KSFO-AM

"To better banking tri counties bank dot com. We're dealing with a car on fire about 101 just before Bloomfield Avenue. It's fully engulfed in flames in the second lane from the left the Fire department and CHP on the scene. A little irritated by this process until today, not just flat out pissed off that required and now, Armstrong and get going over my morning news feed. I had forgotten that Amber heard was involved with Elon Musk. Oh, my gosh. Right prior to Johnny Depp for after during or something like that. I'm not really up on celebrity news with sounds vaguely familiar. You went from Yuan must to Johnny Depp. I ain't saying she's a gold digger going with no broke mobile alive from the studio C in your family lead room deep within the bowels of the Armstrong and getting communications Combine and everybody a little Wednesday. We're under the tutelage of our general manager. Is it? Matthew? Matthew McCloskey. Is that his first name? Or is it Andrew? Something like that. This is the ST Louis homeowner who, when his home and his family were threatened by an angry mob took out a firearm and said, You're not coming in here? I've been charged by the utterly corrupt Marxist authorities there in ST Louis, but we'll tell you more about it right that it's it's a joke. Honestly, it's an absolute joke. It'll go nowhere. And and I'm hoping it will backfire. No pun intended. Mark McCloskey, Mark McCloskey. Thank you. I knew that it wasn't a in there. Ah, I doubt.

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