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Fresh update on "matthew mcconaughey" discussed on Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe

"Tragedy and Texas Of course safety is top of mind for them and their families here in Washington is something the state superintendent of schools addressed when we spoke superintendent Chris rape Dahl tells me the shooting and you voldi that killed those elementary students and two adults is a reminder to review our state school safety policies and protocols He says district statewide already have strong practices in place like school resource officers and partnerships with local law enforcement and a threat assessment network that responds when there's a student that they believe could be a threat to themselves or anyone else Districts review those emergency procedures every year but Rachel says events like yesterday's shooting could lead some districts to double down on those evaluations He believes that's the most effective way to help prevent a tragedy similar to what we saw yesterday For those asking us to harden our schools and put guns in everyone's hands we're simply not going to do that because the risk is so much greater than the benefit and obviously we don't want this to ever happen Right doll is also urging state and federal lawmakers to pass gun control legislation to complement the work that schools are doing The Seattle education association put out a statement saying it's working with both SPS and community groups to help make schools safer Jackie Kent come on news Today hundreds of students walked out at Franklin Pierce high school in Ford middle school to remember 11 year old Lina Swansea and she who died suddenly last week They held this moment of silence made signs to protest bullying at the school investigators now say an autopsy confirms that a school fight did not cause the 11 year old's death but some families say there's a culture of bullying anyway in the Franklin Pierce school district in their complaints are not taken seriously Platform middle school I myself have experienced blowing my sister has experience bowling and I just have siblings and it's just getting worse and worse Investigators are now looking into whether I may have died from a medical condition that had gone undetected In a rest in a shooting death of a Lynwood man last month the latest from Kathy O'Shea Lynn would detectives have arrested a 21 year old Marysville resident in connection with the April force shooting of 70 year old Carl bridgeman the suspect was booked into snow homeless county jail on multiple charges including murder Bridgeman was sitting in his vehicle at day away park when he was caught in the middle of an altercation between two teenagers and two other individuals who fled in the black sedan after the shooting Linwood detectives say that since this is an active homicide investigation they are not releasing further details at this time Kathy O'Shea northwest news radio Two people are dead following whatever police are calling an apparent domestic violence situation A witness told officers that a gun had been pointed at them inside an apartment along Holly drive near highway 99 officers tried to speak with two people still inside the apartment but received no response both of them were found dead during a following a welfare check and police believe one of those two occupants was the shooter Northwest news time now 6 ten And time to check in with Bill Schwartz at the Beacon plumbing sports desk if the Mariners haven't hit rock bottom they're pretty darn close tonight Well the Mariners were counting on home cooking to feast on struggling Oakland Instead the a's take two of three at T mobile park this afternoon Elvis Andrews and Seth Brown Homer doff Mariner starter Robbie ray a four two defeat drops ray in Seattle into the basement of the American League west Yeah it's tough but.

Superintendent Chris Seattle Education Association Jackie Kent Franklin Pierce High School Ford Middle School Lina Swansea Franklin Pierce School Distric Platform Middle School Dahl Kathy O'shea Lynn Carl Bridgeman Rachel Texas Washington Kathy O'shea Lynwood Bridgeman Marysville Bowling Linwood
Matthew McConaughey won't run for Texas governor in 2022

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Matthew McConaughey won't run for Texas governor in 2022

"An an Oscar Oscar winning winning actor actor is is bowing bowing out out of of a a political political race race before before he he even even gets gets St St after after flooding flooding with with the the idea idea for for months months Matthew Matthew McConaughey McConaughey says says he he will will not not be be running running for for Texas Texas governor governor the the actor actor shutting shutting down down talk talk that that he he would would run run to to unseat unseat two two term term Republican Republican incumbent incumbent Greg Greg Abbott Abbott instead instead McConaughey McConaughey says says he he will will focus focus on on supporting supporting businesses businesses and and foundations foundations that that create create ways ways to to help help others others succeed succeed but but McConaughey McConaughey is is not not ruling ruling out out a a political political foray foray in in the the future future in in announcing announcing he he would would not not run run for for Texas Texas governor governor he he said said that that taking taking on on politics politics is is not not a a role role that that he he is is choosing choosing quote quote at at this this moment moment I'm I'm Oscar Oscar wells wells Gabriel Gabriel

Oscar Oscar Mcconaughey Mcconaughey Matthew Matthew Mcconaughey Mc Texas Greg Greg Abbott Abbott Oscar Oscar Wells Gabriel Gabriel
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"Hi doctor red Leonard Good morning Hello Stephanie Good morning to you too I'm sorry The anti vaxxers are making me crazy I'm sorry You know we were just saying all of this inflation child enter what do you call it Supply chain issues It is secretary pizza's solving COVID We'll solve all of this And the fact that we still have Republican governors trying to working at cross purposes I mean the good news is governor Abbott just got slapped down in court And this was I think a great move forward legally that it's the disappear Americans with disabilities act that he can not ban you know he can not stop mask mandates So you know but here we are Missouri's Republican governor Maul's jobless benefits for anti vaxxers after yanking them from everybody else So it's just frustrate the bejesus up It was a health expert in a doctor to see us so close to hopefully getting toward the end of this and just have constant fighting from the other side to stop it Well it's not just that Stephanie Every time we turn around there's something else going on A couple of weeks ago there are a lot of people saying oh we're on the trends are great we're on the downturn for COVID and then we find out that COVID spiking up and the UK and the Netherlands and Luxembourg and parts of Africa and so on And then here in the U.S. of course we have a complete hodgepodge of some states that are seem to be trending downwards of the state's trending trending upwards It's just we've overused this cliche but it's the ultimate life game of whack a mole where it's very difficult to get a handle on it And then you have a governor making a preposterous statement or announcement or policy Yeah That is absurd and not to mention the Aaron Rodgers types who are just in the mix adding more stupidity to an already very confusing situation Really Well it's just usually wild stuff Doctor you've said this every week It was always going to be a race between vaccines and variants Well the way to story I saw yesterday the ten states that the delta plus variant is in now You know in this here we go We're at a tipping point right before the holidays right before travel right before the winter where as you say cases are they plateaued or starting going up again it just it gives me terrible PTSD I mean I'm just like oh no Not you said it You said hey stay farm Rogers is a lying dangerous reckless horrible role model for American youth He claims personal choice about not getting the vaccine pure BS of his choice puts other at risk Time for State Farm to drop him I mean first of all it's not a good line That's not the moral model you want for your kids He lied about it and snuck around That's even worse Yeah the combination of arrogance lying and bad information You know in normal circumstances it's sort of any kind of topic That would be we can't have you expose to our children And this circumstance it's the exposure to our children and it's also putting a lot of people at risk of dying This is what's so extraordinary The dime lied first of all in August Saying that I'm immunized which everyone of course took to mean that he was back Yeah So it continues to be in the Clubhouse and play the sport and interact with his teammates and with other teams and it's just preposterous I really I don't see this as a win in any way for State Farm Do you want me to say No No why would this be a good idea There's plenty of other sports figures who have been vaccinated who are superheroes on the field find them get them You already have a couple that are on your payroll So why use him Yeah Lexie Yeah as Howard Stern said when next time he gets broken bones on the field bring in doctor Joe Rogan And the New England Journal of Facebook Okay I'm expressing on behalf of your lifetime of training and work I'm just expressing my frustration Yes I mean in your pediatrician here's you know Matthew McConaughey McConaughey saying he's not going to get his kids vaccinated He's against mandates for youngsters He said and he lives they live with his 90 year old immune compromised mother Vivek Murthy said you pushed back He said this is an opportunity to protect our kids He said it's okay to ask questions and see credible answers from qualified sources but he emphasized COVID is not harmless in our children Many kids have died sadly hundreds of children thousands have been hospitalized but this is the problem People are listening I guess is equally to Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan as they are to Vivek Murphy And I don't know what to do about that Yeah nobody knows what to do about that So I mean it's just that it's a terrible situation and we've never I don't know if you can remember anything but I don't remember any kind of public health crisis that was this confusing with this many people spouting ignorance and things that they've acquired from the Internet and social media And it's a powerful force This is the thing about it too When you have a personal revelation let's say your neighbor has a complication from the vaccine It doesn't matter what the data is You know your neighbor had a complication and that's it And now we have not just your physical neighbors but your neighbors on social media who are talking to you as if they know you And convincing you that the vaccine may be dangerous or it doesn't work It's a really big problem that we didn't have before The advent of all this stuff on radio and social media said that the girl first what a heck of a time to raise children You know it wasn't like this during polio or measles or wherever and big bird is public enemy number one I mean it's just it's so absurd And I was saying there was a story that happened to be on a Yahoo news but I'm like why doesn't the media cover more of the vast majority of us and kids that are thrilled and relieved to get our COVID vaccine There's 80% of us Don't we have I think at least one shot now I mean this one just my ten year old got his first dose of COVID on November 3rd so far his only side effect has been happiness for rumi the relief of knowing he's protected as palpable I can finally breathe And she does a whole story about how excited he was and it just again it's what the media focuses on It's the however many a few hundred people that won't get vaccinated and what their problem is rather than focusing on the majority of us right It's true but the large majority of the regular media in New York Times and those legitimate news sources are good But they are confronting the news that's on the social media and that is it's like the wild west There's no control There's no editors there There's no fact checkers There's just this constant spouting of BS coming across the Internet that people are just focused on It's very hard to confront this I mean it's such the outlier I mean I have to have to give props to her older Rivera but you know does it cut through all the other propaganda of Fox News right He said on Hannity the other night did you see this He said if I'm in your room with my grandchildren who are not vaccinated because they're too young and you lie about vaccine status and you sneeze on my grandchildren that could be a crime that is absolutely so selfish when they were talking about Aaron Rodgers And then he said Sean Hannity who's vaccinated he said let me be Frank I despise vaccinated people who are smuggling their protection who urge on vaccinated people to exercise their freedom It's like the guy in the street who's telling the guy on the ledge to jump I don't know if that cuts through on Fox News but wow right It's extraordinary It just absolutely extraordinary So you know you ask yourself what is the viewer or the listener supposed to think after hearing interactions like that between a host and a guest And we have we have granted this kind of special authority.

Hello Stephanie governor Abbott Aaron Rodgers Joe Rogan New England Journal of Faceboo Matthew McConaughey McConaughe Vivek Murthy Vivek Murphy Luxembourg Stephanie Missouri PTSD Netherlands Howard Stern Rogers Africa Clubhouse UK U.S.
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"Back with you on this Fourth of July Sunday afternoon, Happy Independence Day to everybody, and aren't we grateful to be living in such a Great country. The United States of America this weekend. 51283605 90 is our phone number. If you'd like to join us here on kill BJ. You can give me a call or send me attacks. So the new poll numbers released today by the Dallas Morning News and University of Texas at Tyler. It says that Governor Abbott Is favored by 39%. Those polled but Matthew Makani Right behind at 38%. And almost 25% said they vote for somebody else. Well, that may be good news, too. The new challenger. In the race, and it's not Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey's books by the way. These green lights right? That's the name of his book. It's been on Amazon's nonfiction a best seller list for 36 straight weeks, usually in the number one or number two spot. Number four on the New York Times list for combined print and e book nonfiction seals. 36 weeks there as well and number six on the Wall Street Journal's list for hardcover nonfiction, So Matthew McConaughey is selling some books. And getting some love and This latest polling data from the Dallas Morning News. Now there's somebody new in the race as of this morning, and that's the Texas Republican chairman. Allen West. Now set a church this morning that he is running for governor. He's announced his resignation as the State Party chairman. That's effective July 11th. West made these comments at a church this morning. In Carrollton. And he didn't mention the governor Abbott specifically. In his remarks. But he's officially in the race. As of this morning, Allen West and we know that former state Senator Don Huffines of Dallas is also On the Republican side in the primary against Governor Abbott. So The governor's race getting interesting. And we're not even sure who's who's on the other side. Don't know if McConaughey is going to get in. If he's going to do that, as a Democrat as an independent, right, that's all up in the air. But now Governor Abbott has at least two challengers. On the Republican side. I mentioned that former President Trump is old news. Yes and no. And he's like crack, really, as he holds another one of these rallies. Yesterday in Sarasota, Florida. ABC started off their roundtable discussion this morning talking about Trump's rally. I mean, even though he's not on so many social media platforms, he stays, right. I mean, this is really his outlet. To get out there and say anything about anything going on. And his circle now presumably is out there to rally the base to promote candidates to raise money. And Sarasota yesterday they held a moment of silence. For the victims of the Surfside condo collapse. But it's really all about His opportunity. His only mechanism. Really, to get any kind of messaging out there and for anybody to pay much attention to it. And so in his remarks last night, which by the way was built as 1/4 of July celebration, tens of thousands of people At the fairgrounds there in Sarasota. It was very hot. At one point, there were torrential rains. At one point, but he still had a big crowd. And it gave him a chance to respond to His company, his organization. And his chief financial officer. Getting 15 criminal charges brought against him, right, So that's his way to respond there. Which he did in a big way. Scorched earth as always, and There is an onslaught of books coming out about Trump. Over the next month or so. There are so many books coming out about Trump. The publishers have been getting together and they're changing the publication dates. Just because they're so on top of each other. There's so many books. That are coming out. Going to guess with you. Most of those are Are not going to be very flattering. The former president, and then there's even more books coming out next year. From reporters from The New York Times, for example. So These rallies are Trump's way of of responding and getting his message out there Republican party Probably still on the fence as to whether these a good thing for them are they not so good. What about the candidate cities Endorsing The good for them. Not so good. I mean, only time will tell right. But President Trump and a smart move on his part, right is's slow Fourth of July weekend. President Biden usually doesn't make a whole lot of news over a weekend, especially over a holiday weekend like this, even though he did Because he was in that store and Seem to have a lapse in memory about the ransomware attacks and how we're going to respond to that and what his response was going to be and so forth, But So trump kind of, uh, Shoots the gap there and fills the vacuum. On a slow Fourth of July weekend. Let's hope it stays that way. By having one of his signature rallies in Sarasota. Last week. Last night. 51283605 90 here, Caleb say well this last week, too right because he was down on the border with Governor Abbott. And he's got more of these planned. I don't know to what regularity and what states right. You can bet they're going to be battleground states. That's kind of his M O. So we'll see where that goes. We started that conversation by telling you that Governor. Abbott has got a new contender in the governor's race. Allen West. And the very tight poll numbers out of the Dallas Morning news this morning. Showing Abbott and McConaughey is neck and neck. 38 39% range. Of those responding It was out the Statesman Today only 4000 more Travis County residents.

Matthew McConaughey Matthew Makani Trump McConaughey Allen West July 11th Carrollton 36 weeks ABC Last week 39% 38 Dallas Morning News 51283605 90 Last night 38% Amazon University of Texas next year West
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"Dana show, but I am tired of seeing all these congressmen take these field trips down to the border. I'm so tired of it. Am I being harsh? It's so stupid. Someone's like I took up my third trip down at the border. Oh, good for you. You get another star in your book it chart. Don't even start with me about you're just being selfish. Wait, you're talking about taking my money You pay for it if it's a discussion of selfishness, and why is in China, the country that unleashes pandemic on the world paying for they too selfish to spend their money to correct a mistake that they made Dana Shell to step out and start doing some press conferences. Let the American people know that he's represented. And you can tell Right now everything's staged everything behind the scenes as already charted. Uh, there's nothing out there that you know. We can just, You know, anybody can just ask questions. Hey, what are we doing here and again? It's all about leadership. We don't have leadership. Right now. We're being led by people from behind the scenes and people are gonna lose confidence. We're just in the first five months of this Prentice presidency. It's gonna get worse. Yes, and Lord save us from an actual event that would require you know what they said that three o'clock in the morning phone call and try to roust this guy up from his, you know. Slumber of business, You know, Ambien fueled sleep. Try to get him up to make a quick decision on what to do. Protect ourselves. Save our country fired back. I don't know. There's a power vacuum up in D. C that was Senator Tommy Timber Ville from Alabama. I believe he's from Alabama. You know the leadership vacuum that exists in Washington D. C. I'm I've said this before. In fact, I said, I think some days back when I filled in for Dana Not exactly. It's like you don't have very good options right now. You got Uh, yeah, Grandpa. Great Grandpa. Who is only up for maybe 34 hours a day, and I don't know what they're injecting in him to stay awake. You know he'll eat his His cottage cheese and peas in the impeaches kind of cheese and peaches at the end of the day and go to sleep early. The bedtime private eight o'clock, they put a lid on any conversations with him pretty early. Um, it's either that or come out of here. Seriously, friend. You think Joe Biden. Just looking at his present physical, state and mental state. It was a call from somebody. I don't know who was. I saw that in the news. That we we need. We need mental agility, mental exams of of our top leadership, especially now, more than ever. Hey, Donald Trump was subjected to it. They kept saying, Donald, you taking pacifying colors. But if we cared if you guys on the left you guys were honest. Nothing You said you care for our country. You care for Our survival As a nation. You care for our place in the world, how we are seeing and what our role is, Um And with all these enemies that we have on this planet. Enemies and frenemies to have a true leader to respond. At the drop of a head make a quick decision. He is the executive. That is how the executive branch works in this country. You know, we're not. Congress is running everything by committee, but the executive he is the face. He is the voice. He is the commander in chief. He makes us a quick split decision on how to respond when necessary. That's that is he He is a top diplomat. He's a top decision maker. And this dude It seems many times he doesn't have two brain cells to rub with, you know, with each other. It's kind of scary. Anyway. Matthew McConaughey in Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the news because Texas Senator Ted Cruz said in an interview that Matthew McConaughey might actually have a shot at becoming governor of Texas, and like I told you last hour of the show? No, By the way, did I introduce myself as her? This is the data show. No, I'm not Dana. Nowhere close to being Dana, either on the radio or in the looks department, But I'm just blessed to be friends with Dana. And for some reason, she decides to give me the radio show, baby. And here I am Babysitter this week. Thank you. Dana Love your friend. And it's been a real pleasure filling it for Dana this week. And if you'd like to say Hi, it's at Sergio Talk. That's the Twitter thing. We still have to do The Twitter thing someday. Soon we'll get a good competition for the big tax. But you guys hang on Mr President Donald Trump. You guys. You're still working on it, right? You're gonna give us a competition for Twitter and Facebook here pretty soon so we can off board. And and go over there anyway. Matthew McConaughey and Ted Cruz on the news. Ted Cruz says that Matthew McConaughey McConaughey hey, Hey, how do you say his name? I don't know. It's you know, he's uh, Oscar award winning actor. He's makes his home in Austin, Texas. Nice guy. One of my favorite actors. I like that guy like the role that he plays. Governor in Texas. I don't know. I don't even know what he stands for You. I mean, do you? I mean, does anybody I pay attention to the news? What does he stand for? Where does he stand on Second Amendment issues? What does he stand on? Taxation issues. Property rights mocha will taxing authorities that keep increasing the tax rate. You know, they got county leadership, saying, Yeah, we're holding the tax rates steady. I'm just giving you examples for Texas. We're holding the text tax rates city, but we got the appraisal people. They're just jacking the price up of everything all You got your property is worth 20% more this year than it was last year. What? What does he stand? All these key issues relevant issues for For voters in Texas. I don't know. Now I get word. What Ted Cruz is trying to say about Matthew McConaughey again. The reason that this is in the news because if you haven't heard Matthew McConaughey, Austin resident he's been doing talk show interviews. Every now and then, and they've been asking how you're going to run for governor. You're going to run for office, and he's gonna been coy and toying with the reporters want this subject comes up and Some other people saying, Well, you don't think he's gonna make a run for governor? We don't even know who's going to run Republican or Democrat. I know you guys on the Democrat side, he's you think he's gonna run Democrats? But what if he decides to run his Republican during the primary to try to unsee? Governor Greg Abbott. What? What if he's already governor? Greg Abbott already has a challenger. I think it's Mr Hopkins. I believe it's for the from the Houston area down. I don't know. Um But Ted Cruz says Matthew McConaughey might actually have a shot at becoming governor in this. I'm gonna do the gents sucky thing and circle back to that, Paul. I told you last hour. And if you didn't have you didn't hear it during the podcast Dana radio dot com Go back to.

Matthew McConaughey Joe Biden Dana Shell Congress Paul Donald Trump 20% Washington D. C. Houston Donald Democrats Alabama Republican Democrat Facebook last year D. C eight o'clock Austin China
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"You know that, right? Yeah. We love it. Okay, Today's give to the Max day. No. That's next week for Crane Still talk about you can give people next. It's up, but, yeah, we're gonna the station's gonna have a bit of an initiative about it. Just try to get people that just because that it was today, I know it's not the night states. There's only the 12. Okay, Britney, Britney, You know who you are is already for you today. Okay? Incidentally, it's 4 20 right now, because Yeah. Okay. Well, one of the last states that Has not approved. No, There's we were. That's not a majority of states. Yeah, it's getting up there. Okay. Jessica Simpson. We're talking about books, Bronco. You're asking our process a lot of people. I don't Think? No. If you go to my talk, keyword book club, you can get access to all the past years. Our books are separated out by year, Um, loading Julie's book Club 2014 2015 2016, and there's some good deep good. We've had swell and I try And like that first sentence, I try and say that this this one of our office is a mystery or this is coming of age or an epic, you know. This is historical fiction, so because we do like if you can tickle Yeah, we do. But one of the two books that I've read this year, um, that I've really personally enjoyed that We didn't interview because they're too big One was Jessica Simpson's memoir that came out this summer. Um, she just was called open book. And it just made it into Time Magazine's list of 100 must read books of 2020. Yeah, and she What I really liked about it is her, um, her willingness to really dig deep and share her words and all. And she really she really had a very not have to tell all those stories. No, she told a lot and she's a lovely person. She read it to me. Actually, I was delighted to spend time with her writing to the cabin. She was. She's like Matthew McConaughey. He's green light. Three fighters. Green light by Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey, I think Is an interesting read for, um And it's all about green light, You know? Do you have good dreams Since it was Matthew reading you off to this now? Because I don't let him read me to sleep because then I forget. Okay. He he would be in my car gonna lock okay? You know, but really, I'm at my talk deveaux taste. So was when the reruns Iran and suffer subside. Listen to everybody shows you love it. You know, green lights, I think is New York Times number one on their non fiction. It's It's for young man. I mean, a men in their twenties and stuff and even Older I thought kind of his attitude about absorbing life and so many different capacities, and he's very talented and very smart and very well written, but he he's witty, and he's funny. And it's just like that's not a little black. That's a green light. There's a different way to look at that. He's very optimistic areas via how you look at life half full or half empty. And I really, you know, I wish I really thought that was really a good book, and I did like talking to him. Now. Here's some other things that are happening. People. Um you know how We talked about. I'm not gonna get into that one. Don't everything Bracco night now are left to wonder. What was that she was gonna tell. You know, we talked last week about cooking salmon in your dishwasher. And nobody has ever ever done unless it were absolutely desperate. Latest tick tack phase, Okay? Cooking a steak by putting it in a toaster. Fais toasters. So you sliced your steaks and enough you put it down and put it in toaster. That's something a woman named Juliet and Tic Tac is going viral after she made a video cooking at stake in a toaster. S so now This will just make other tick tack. Ear's think. What other crazy way can I cook something? You know, I would take like the heating. You know that gun that you used to burn the sugar on top of a creme caramel. You know the flame like cook a stakeout, right? Took it with the flame or other ways. You know, you can. You're right, Lord. One of the way I'm gonna get out. My Bic lighter like this person are boiled like, you know, someone has been looking for the song that they don't want escape or two because they don't want Be the dreams guy that will get the same attention, but they're trying to figure out what what can I do A unit cycle of what will be the song and you know there's there's Because, Emma, can you really re create it? I don't know. I know. Well, anyway, they according to the people who watch the video, the steak looks kind of chewy. People are debating whether you you could really even cook it all the way through. But even if you can, would you even want it? So that is that? I'm just going to call that hash tag naturally, because I don't get to use that word enough. I think I think that's kind of a fun one. Okay, naturally, huh? I do like this. Naturally. Yes, naturally. Okay. So when Nintendo name it named name is his name ID. Is he okay? Ever when they came in, and Tendo name ID that toys, you Mario cart guy Rocco on. That was kind of after my generation. Okay, We're on the Super Mario. You know, 123. Okay, So my kids were married. Okay, you know, and um and the Nintendo named Mario after the landlord. Of their first warehouse. His name was Mario. See Golly. It was a way to get an extension on paying their rent. Oh, my God. But was that back sank? I am. I am kind of a video game a story because Mario showed up first and Donkey Kong. Yeah, That's right. The one you're right within the Tendo would have been a big deal. Oh, yeah, they've that was like their stand up arcade game, and then eventually they get into home video game, just right. So I think it was way back way back when, but it's kind of funny. The things people do just to get things going. That's great. I've got. We've got this hot new game and we'll name of character after working girls like you do. There you go. There you go, and everybody's name will know it's you exactly. Dressed him like you dress. Mario had the had the music down again, so we gotta wrap this up and get to traffic..

Um Mario Matthew McConaughey Jessica Simpson Nintendo Britney Crane Time Magazine New York Times Iran Julie Bracco Tendo Ear Donkey Kong Juliet Emma Tic Tac
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"Call 844344 Sold, or Debbie has the buyer's dot com. Dr Patchy all over the news, you know, he's a darling of the left Left loves. Dr. Especially says things free. And so they they love doctor and they loved him so much that he gets interviews with people like after Matthew McConaughey because math McConaughey is interviewing about she. I have no idea. This is like having me Give a a seminar on acting. It's ridiculous to stay in your lane. I'm a big fan of that It was an instagram interview, and he told Matthew McConaughey McConaughey that he thinks the U. S should have universal wearing of masks, which is interesting cause they said this on Thursday. You know what else happened on Thursday? That was when Joe Biden called for a national mass mandate for Americans to wear a mask, even when they're outside for the next three months at a minimum, which, of course to bring it in right after the election found she was asked if Cove in 19 is a respiratory illness by Makani and he said. Yes, And that's when Makana he asked about a national Bandaid on wearing masks. I'm sorry, Do you? Can you imagine having to wear a mask to the beach? Can you imagine your outside riding your bike or jogging and you have to wear a mask? Ori or you're You know you're just outside, walking to get some fresh air, And instead you're breathing your own air back in again Who? I just don't see this happening. I just don't like maybe I'm wrong. I just don't see American people going. Sure I'm on board with this one is a breaking point. It's the part of like the patronizing view of the American public that they're too stupid to handle this themselves. They're too dumb to know at the right moment when to put a mask on, so let's just mandated that they have to wear it all the time, even up to and including. Remember that story last week, one public health official I think it was in Wisconsin who was thing If you're on a zoom call, you should wear it during the call, so that you can convince the other people on the call that they should constantly be wearing their maths. Yeah, that's insane. Just remind Bill just so you can virtue signal shots around the house with a mask on this is like walking around your house of the mascot is more ridiculous than being in your car with a masked If you're the type of person who drives in your car by yourself with your mask on or does it with a zoom called They should make masks that say I'm with stupid and have the arrow just points straight up in your head. Three. Well, something else. The doctor, If out, she says, is that they're finding talk about things like that will sell out that mask. Yeah, that would sell out I've seen. I've seen months in a lot of very great mass can't go into that. But the other thing the doctor felt, she said, is that they're finding that temperature checks are not reliable for screening. Are you kidding me? Also, all the times you've got to get on a plane and all the subjects you will get your temperature check to do. They've gotta bounce her. If I want to go get my eyebrows and they got a bouncer outside. Can't get in the parking lot without having a temperature check. Never like and not so much. Nothing. Nothing works. It's like this entire, you know, pandemic. It's like, Oh, the thermometers. Don't really tell us anything. Not even the tests really tell us anything. Remember Ohio Governor Mike the line thought he had Corona virus. It was like how the test was a false positive. Was it a false positive? Or was the second test of false negative like it's a good question? Why don't we know anything? Why? Why do none of these things work? Well, the biggest story that because the left loves Fauci until he says something like this. In a Washington Post interview, he was asked whether he plans to vote by mail or by by mail in ballot or in person, and he said, I luckily voted in person. What I see in grocery stores when I see it, Starbuck, she could six or more feet. Stand here. Don't move until the person ahead. He moves. I believe the polling stations. We're going to do that. Good. All.

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"Drinks or mugs associate associate with T. bars and more often than not made with rum tropical cocktails became popular in twin after two tiki bars don the beachcomber and trader Vic's opened in California in the nineteen thirties never been to a tiki bar I don't think I have ever had some tropical cocktails but I've never been in a so called pink tiki bar just so you know the first cocktail party happened in Saint Louis Missouri in nineteen seventeen when Mrs Wallace some of neighbor Mrs Julia Julia Julia S. walls others color Claribel wash invited fifteen guests or a home on a Sunday afternoon for a one hour drinking session instead hit local newspapers declared and stated that within weeks weeks cocktail parties have become a St Louis institution yeah I did a Pina colada or a strawberry daiquiri from time to time the slushy drinks will cool you down and yes they well during a hot summer in San Antonio for sure my only problem is they made with rum I know doesn't quite have the same effect as the kilo does that speaking of which how many margaritas can you drink it in our probably two or three Max right yeah I mean for if it's on the rocks right I could probably handle more well did you know that the average American slugs down one hundred R. on the average American slugged out a hundred eighty five thousand margaritas every single hour in the U. S. well yeah that's a lot it's the most popular cocktail in the United States and I just found this out I've been breaking the law for a long time there's a Texas law the law state law in Texas which prohibit you from having more than three sips of a beer while standing yeah I've broken that I don't know how many times and lastly Matthew McConaughey McConaughey has a nephew named Miller lite yes really his brother who goes by the name rooster named Jason Miller lite L. Y. T. E. his daughter Margarita Olympia another now defunct beer brand I don't know if that's really cool are really sad I think that's very sad yeah they're they're they're yeah fine you know you don't get a high school for so long else.

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"Dot com it is Memorial Day weekend when normally you'd expect to see a lot of people on the road triple a says not this year that Memorial Day weekend is this traditionally the the kickoff to the great American summer vacation season this year it feels more like a fumble and a kick off it's a shame to waste these low gas prices on a pandemic when we can't travel too far in taxes the average for a gallon of gasoline is about a dollar sixty the national average right now about a dollar ninety three if you are looking for actor Matthew McConaughey McConaughey arms I mispronounced that Iran Iraq and Iraq that's the McConaughey you will find him on the back roads of Texas driving a Ford F. four fifty loaded to the hilt with masks Lincoln the car maker that he does those commercials for donated one hundred and ten thousand masks so McConaughey and his wife are personally driving through rural Texas delivering them to health care providers final preparations underway for this week's manned space X. launch a two day reading this review preceded **** final okay for Wednesday's upcoming launch at the Kennedy Space Center give me the first time since two thousand eleven the astronauts take off into space from U. S. soil on a U. S. rocket president trump plans to attend news on the bandit Katie our age dot com we're gonna have another update at twelve thirty I'm Nikki Courtney on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. your weather strong.

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"Been part of the Olympics historically speaking it's been part of an international hockey now it was at the all star game they did make it in and bring it inherently and but you know the penalty shot and you know shoot outs have been more of an intercalated in hockey on the worldwide stage then when you look at the home run derby that would be the only other issue I it just doesn't have that to lean on you know did you know they don't all it's is it a lot hockey is more away more international game you know what I don't understand you know Japan playing South Korea and stuff like that but in South America but you know I I think I don't know somehow I think I've talked myself actually I think I have I think I've dug myself into it because I think that it would be and you know I at first I was like man this is a terrible idea but now I'm I'm kind of thinking to be pretty exciting we pretty fun if you have five different things happening at once on your TV but I find out there doing a home run derby decide if the Mets are going to beat the nationals today like I'm into that yeah but if you have no chance of turning away that's for sure are you really deciding based on that who's the best that night well I mean it's not you know it's it's one I realize every game is going to be at a premium but it's you know it's it's just one that one skill and are your how how well can you do it I don't know who's pitching to the guys okay so then okay so let me bring up the and you hit upon the at the other layer to the argument of the discussion in such a short in the year you're going to have a home run derbies deciding games maybe it only happens to per team yeah maybe for argument's sake right but say in essence you're going to have you know anywhere from fifty or sixty times over the short MLB regular season deciding games and which games are going to take on such a more impact it important role because it's going to be more of a sprint then it is going to be a marathon as they say in Major League Baseball and that's going to help be a deciding factor about who goes into the playoffs and I remember who doesn't there they might actually and they they'll probably I would assume expand the playoff field too so little bit more room for error list this is something they wanted to do before the coronavirus ever hit so I think they'll use any excuse to expand the playoffs as you want as many teams vying for a playoff spot as possible for as long as possible well of course yeah in and out and I get that but we also have to see exactly you know how many teams they let in what kind of a toward I mean if it is a tournament would be how many best of series are you gonna have in essence where is the world here is going to be played you know how deep into the month of may be November you're going into B. as then you're looking at a neutral site but no we we talked about that and and discuss that in and that's highly you know that's very very conceivable and that is still on the table I guess it may be a little bit of a baseball purist Maggie I don't love it I understand we all have to adjust to the to the time's and I understand that sports is changing and maybe have T. embrace certain changes I just all love this idea by Justin Turner I don't I get the creative nature of it I just don't being a purist I I just don't it's a hard thing for me to get behind where I'm sitting there watching Yankees red Sox we go past ten innings up if that way park and all the sudden here comes Stanton judge and Gary Sanchez to decide the game for the Yankees going up against you know JD Martinez and who else I I don't know if I love that idea I think that the Yankees would love it that's wrong they have a distinct advantage I'm just look at it from an overall based perspective we had a couple questions out there for you on Twitter if you want to weigh in at at at at W. SK ad which is a good way to get touch the show we have our question of the day out which is if you are the jets and you can only trade and then signed one player would you rather be Jada king doc way the pass rusher for the Jacksonville Jaguars or Trent Williams the left tackle from looses Washington football team we have another one we if you cast the jets and giants front offices okay so this game from Terrell Lewis who joined us Tuesday the Alabama linebacker who during the combine was asked by the Baltimore Ravens executives in the people in the room at the time to cast them in a movie well the movie called and what actors would play the people who are sitting in front of him for the ravens so we did this for the jets and the giants Gettleman judging mera Chris Johnson Joe Douglas and Adam gase you could see how we picked at Emmett at W. F. A. N. and of course you can leave your responses below there you have it yes Eminem WFAA noise to get about one warm the it that rule with a trigger my memory you know Sam Neill maybe as as Chris Johnson maybe Sam Neill from Jurassic Park yeah Hey wait for red October did you guys come up with any better one that Brock Lesnar for Douglas I did not know I was taken back by the Brock Lesnar's suggests was it it would be as drivers will make monthly call makes the voice he doesn't speak so basically would Paul Heyman come out there at the presser and just start speaking from as he's standing there with his B. delivery generous character he mentioned that never got outside I live fifty sixty just curses and everybody right I had all these stupid question so forget about it I say Dustin Hoffman says Paul G. a body for judge I say Sam Rockwell just moves you said Matthew McConaughey McConaughey okay we are Marshall do you know ten times a year for a football coach I still I love we are Marshall movie ever John Mayer I have Jonathan the list gal yeah I didn't come up with a good we like that one for Christopher Johnson I've ed Harris for Douglas I mentioned Brock Lesnar for Adam gase Edward Norton I think I think Norton's the the best one okay so I did get your characterization of just great actors to play anyone a little bit he's a little he's very very good but I I I look I I was like looking at a Google image of gays and I was like man who could this be and it was it was it was Norton I think he can get there no doubt I do think it mac you came up with the James Cromwell Wright yeah from our job yeah that's the one James Caan James Cromwell is a good one for marriage okay yeah all right cool we got that set we're gonna set out that tweet Harris is gonna join us coming up next so excited to talk to the man holds the record most pinch hits ever in Major League Baseball but beyond that you know part of the Mets team a two thousand and one after baseball came back after nine eleven which the fed is gonna be running that game tonight he was also on the Florida Marlins team to beat the Yankees in three we just got interesting and he was a he was a third base coach for the Florida for the Miami Marlins when Giancarlo Stanton was on that team so maybe get a little insight into Giancarlo Stanton from one of his former coaches a lot to do looking forward to having you along with us Leddy Harris next Moussa Maggie hanging out.

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"And put out things in you roll your eyes and go okay thank you and then for some reason other ones just resonate with you but he's one of a for me like I need a makan a video a day he posted that yesterday on Twitter and it's it's longer than that obviously but the premise is red light green light there's a we're in a red light right now but that light will turn green at some point and he just delivered it yeah I'll put it to you this way that's what Marty Walsh was trying to do with his presser last night for me Marty got big footed by Matthew McConaughey McConaughey some how got you to smile while he's telling you man think suck right now and they're gonna suck for a while but come on and he got for me I don't know why I did I feel stupid saying what Kanye made me smile but he did and what you just played that lightning it it didn't start until may he's just good at that I mean he's an actor obviously but he's really good at it and I love that speech I like Billy peace love five he's got going on he just like this mellow laid back like yeah you know like well guys right in that car right so many of those ads anymore scats like soothing calming voice like yeah you know but he added a list of researchers in and as usual a list of them here like yeah if you like him and there there's a lot of you can follows whatever bad when Tom Hanks got it whatever you make of this it's just reality Tom Hanks getting it was a moment for a lot of people people started to take out here is yeah Tom Hanks at it like I don't know why that's more personal for people than people in your neighborhood having it but it is and similarly McConaughey saying that yesterday I think was more uplifting encouraging than any other person I heard speaking yesterday including the president but the president the governor the mayor or other governors they're all those pressures yesterday but McConaughey found a way to to get it across but no one else did it's just I don't know it's the guy in on a day when Vanessa Hudgens was backtracking from her ludicrous paused this was nice it was just good I appreciated so Matthew McConaughey tip of the hat keep in common really good nine seven eight just give me that book sounds really good and I appreciate the segment of optimism it is really good Voyager mercy Stephen polio that guy knows how to write man he's just really good and this book is really good I don't know for those that don't don't don't ever knows of the potato famine but what were the causes of it and why did it become so bad it was just the molds that grow on the stuff that they didn't know was common and didn't want to deal with it and I just wiped out everything it's just that simple they had no way of dealing with it and people started eating like leaves of stuff to try and survive indigents here's a here's a good chapter on the potato famine and it puts you right there and it's just if this is a really good history lesson and what we now know as we're sitting here to day is history does have a way of repeating itself and what happened Ireland in eighteen forty seven is happening to the world but it's specifically driving to our country right now in a lot of ways I mean there there's differences but in a lot of ways that's what's going on and it's just read the book and then think the use of you know do you want to be in this park and then try to be that person to the best of your ability that that's all it is I really enjoy it I I'm like I said I'm almost two thirds of the way through it hopefully we'll finish it this weekend and anything he writes I want to read but it's just really cool so six one seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight I want you right back to the phones but before we do lighting can I brought in this a little bit today in in the spirit of optimism in of what Matthew McConaughey said now we're all in this together and all that I would love to hear from parents for a segmented to wow tell me something that you're doing with your family or even with yourself like did you watch the driver drop watch the dropkicks last night lot of people that I didn't but tell me something that you've done to pass the time that's been kind of cool and I'll give you one for my family we have no connection to this at all obviously my daughter my nine year old daughter Eleanor is really in animals she loves watching vet shows on TV she loves watchin the Tampa zero as a reality show that she loves watchin so we do a lot of that stuff and we go to zoos and whatever the Cincinnati zoo I have no connection of this thank but the Cincinnati zoo at three o'clock every day is doing a Facebook live where you get to meet one of their animals it runs like fifteen or twenty minutes and yesterday there was a porcupine I've I think it's is it all E. I. she was telling me about it it's a name that starts with but that's the name of a porcupine cool and you got to see him you got to watch him you got to listen to experts know him and learn she got to learn about porcupines and then ask you to draw him and and send it in and she did and she got to type in a question and they answered it it was like the coolest thing for all of all three of my older kids my two year old office and what's going on but my four five or now four six and nine year old all watched it it's the third one day data hippopotamus the day before and there at three o'clock I think on the dot they will be logging in again to watch the Cincinnati zoo and to see what the next animal is in to learn about it and I'm just telling you it's a fantastic thing and for us it's an appointment well did you showed them the video of the zookeeper's taken the penguin on a tour of this I did that was so great cool that was I think was at Cleveland I lost I loved it but I said I wanted to do is watch is actually with your kids watch I think that's I think Caliendo did a Morgan Freeman all of that pain when I say it is but regardless that's great no that's good that they're doing stuff that kids can interact with there's a lot of it yeah number I don't I don't want to bore you with everything my family's doing but there's this children's author name Mull Williams W. I. L. L. E. M. S. and through the Kennedy center she's doing these videos there live but they're also on you to both of you can do it all with mo Willems and so today my kids sat down and watched and they drew one of the main characters from I think it was kind of paging Dr Abbas or whatever and it was like ten minutes but they're really in on it and they're really working on it and then they they probably like I I'll tweet out a picture in a minute of that my three kids they're drawing that they did for their learn to do little with mo Willems has one point out as soon as you mentioned that a lightning started taking some notes so I think she'll be doing do but this is what I want that for your benefit I was writing notes about the show but I would be curious getting derailed office well I don't want to be doing Cologne guy all the time I think there is reason for doom and gloom I think there is a reason to hang your head and I think there is a reason to go G. yeah but within it we do have to be okay how we gonna get through this and how we gonna get through together at there's a lot of celebrities that are doing stuff online some good some bad some whatever what are things that you're doing that you would never had done before that is helping you for me my family three o'clock there I can guarantee my wife is talking to the kids already it is a time is a time that's come in and they know it's common and they cannot wait to watch that Cincinnati DUSU thing so for shoutout it also tip like Stoneham zoom you could but I don't know if you can do something like that but any there's things that you can do that can affect people in a positive way and that somebody at the Cincinnati zoo came up with a brilliant idea meet one of our residents every day for the foreseeable future and it doesn't cost any money or anything you can just join right on Facebook live in it's really cool and it's it's helping us pass the time and lo and behold our kids are learning something too so I think this is the stuff that I love if you have something that you picked up that you're doing that you realize Hey this is kind of neat feel free to share at six one seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight while we're doing that by the way yes we're gonna complain about the fact that the market is down now over it's a ten percent down right now and it had just temporarily suspend trading earlier because of the S. and P. down seven percent and there's a couple things we gotta consider one is Steve Mnuchin the D. economics man in the country right now it said yesterday that there is a possibility we could see twenty percent unemployment somebody in a text line lightning says at my place of business we had to lay off seventeen people in the last two days it is so weird and awful and we're doing our best to keep the doors open but it's getting hard well so what what's going on at your place of business are you working are you working from home are you worried about joining these crazy unemployment lines that we're seeing across states what is your mindset on that that's the negative topic on the table the positive topic is what is something that you guys are doing that that you can share with others as a suggestion and or tip here's here's where you can pass the time while we're all almost basically on lockdown six one seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight we'll take your calls we come back it's V. B. or in the middle of our caps now W. RK traffic from the my pillow dot com.

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