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"matthew liber" Discussed on Scoops with Danny Mac

"And really languished his first four years in the system but had a breakout year between springfield and memphis year. And then catcher alley sanchez. Who has been the third catcher. You know he was kind of the guy who was around most of the season on reserve. Had there been an injury so know. There's these group of young players. None of them are on the forty man roster except with exception sanchez. So you know if has for example that you know the cars wanted to add him to the twenty six players that they would have on their roster they would have to put him on the forty man. I but that could easily be done. Because of Pitchers that are injured players. That are injured. that aren't going to appear the rest of the season anyway. So it'd be interesting to see whether that got. The baseball has a history of young guys who nobody's ever heard of emerge in the playoffs. And you know one yep has hit twenty. Seven home runs this season In the in the system that you know topping the the cardinals and You know he's you know you never know. I guess you can say you never know what happens and thing unwind yep is he was named The triple eight triple a all star. First baseman for the east leake Just yesterday so he's being recognized around the aim one yep has a right handed hitter twenty two years old as a guy that could make some noise in a future. How about matthew liberator. Yeah matthew liber towards the other player who was named to the triple a east all star team and now he's a guy that we've watched all year and track very closely but you know and he's not among a group called up to saint louis right now. He's his chance will be next spring. But i think it's important to look back and see what liberty or did over his last ten appearances of the season. And i'm talking about from the beginning of august on He not only delivered. Era under three in those games. Those is ten appearances but he also pitched on an average of over six innings per outing. So you got a guy who came into the year had never pitched in a game above high was dropped into aaa so he skipped basically two levels of competition and you know granted yet last year in the alternate camping. All but that really went the same skip. Two levels took him a while to speed on the ground but was pitching exceptionally well in triple a. And so you know. Matthew laboratory has done nothing to change his status as the top pitching prospect in the cardinal system. I'm not sure he'll go home and have his list of things that he's being asked to work on This winter and be ready to come to camp typically camp..

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