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"matt scott israel" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

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"matt scott israel" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"How is this happening, right? Okay. Is there anything else with missed I think we're done for the night. We're gonna come. I you know, it's a shame that donate ten it would have been the same joke, which, of course, it's a shame that he's not gonna diverse the window has going into the fine lumber anything. That's a massive shame. And it is going to make it less of a final Somme. Got a really hope they take stock of this fortnight I know that they have had weather issues. It's been rough and if they get a roof next year, they will certainly benefit from it. But I don't want that to just be the answer to all their problems in their minds. I feel that they need to look at this shedule and, and think it through an actually be prepared to be self critical because that that's how improvements are made is you got to sometimes accents when you when you've got it wrong, and they've got a number of things wrong this, this vote night. And, and that's certainly one of them. If this would've bearing the head in this, but we're gonna have a wreath next year. We're going to be fine. We'll you still have to make a lotta shedding decisions with the reef. And they they've made so many howlers this year. Honestly, it's been it's been a shocker it's been an obstacle from the point of view of the women's tournament, you have to care about those inequalities in order to change them, and they need to have that self examination and acceptance that, yeah they need to maybe do something differently. I except when she made the decision you've got yourself into into tricky position, the way the hadn't in the weather works against them. It becomes very difficult to get yourself out of it, but don't just say, always not apple. You know, the, the, the circumstances, go away and self reflect is my is money just quickly on on, on that point, because I've had a lot of people saying, oh, will, you know, the players don't mind they seem really relax. You know it is. About the players to, to small degree. I d think it as pointed out very well. Do you think probably was very difficult for them today? But this isn't really in the white scheme of things about the place. Just as a small example. You know, we'd prepared a half hour show. Power running order building up to the women's final entirely dedicated to the women's final with fee t content with with, you know interviews with by finalists to sort of give a bit of background on them because oversee for the casual Tonneins view than very well nine you know, giving it the proper up the proper platform that it deserved and due to how things pan out today about fifty percent of that. Go canned and fo- by the wayside, and there's just never been seen, and that's not right. It's not Ryan Russia. Okay, Catherine, you rest up one more day, the French Open to go, Matt lovely time you with us as always on the tennis podcast. We hope you have enjoyed this our panel to at one of the fortnight's. We'll be back again tomorrow after the men's singles final bring you any of the results of note that have taken place, as well. We are executive produced by tennis balls dot com out Matt Scott Israel with the why with produced an association with ten we'll be back tomorrow. See.

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