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"matt robots" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"Just wanted to take you through the the doubles results that we had today before we look ahead to tomorrow's men semifinals because we had the men's doubles final decided stain in it will be nick lamented monday. Povitch he won in four today over. Rajiv ramen j. souls bree i was on the hill watching the latter stages of this and it was a double screen with the cyber lenka place. Climate and mechtild povich was so emotional when they won one. That so so emotional. I think is huge for them to reach a wimbledon final together olympic year so they'll be representing croatia together at the olympics. And of course they didn't have the chance to to win the title enrolling girls g to testing positive they were withdrawn for the from the from the competition. So yeah it was. It was really tough for joso's spree in front of a home crowd but he is into the mixed semifinals with harriet dot. That's good. I know that david because you're mixed correspondent for the day. I wasn't expecting to be surprised by that. I've done a mixed. Yes i think that much missive. Just only just finished. I'm just a bit gutted for jeremy. Jeremy shoddy niamey brody because we know niamey and she's really nice. Okay all say please. For harriet dot and jason's brie. You're right that three really. I am ready there. Three to the mixed doubles semifinal. Also tweet to the men's doubles final. So it'd be nikola mctighe matej package the top seeds. Of course they've been just almost unbeatable if our the they'll play muscle granada's and horatio is a bios. They won in three sets over. I might seem gonzalez and simoni bolelli. Who is still playing professional. Tennis at the age of fifty well done well done for reaching the semi finals. Today's t- listen one of my regrets. Not signing up to be like an alternate in the mixed doubles. Because i could have gotten in because they had all these like wall they did. They needed they needed. Alternate teams. met you. And i could have signed up at that would have been followed talk about sliding doors tennis. Which which side of the of the courts would you have. I would give out the ad side. I love that perfect. We've started something when you say you would give me the inside. Where do you normally play on the outside. No i i won. Most of my major's on the on the court. The right way meant to be confirmed so good but you know matt's back and easel pound was with giving you her best side mats. That's why question. Let's have a quick look ahead to tomorrow or it could be pounded me and i could just serve and then just going to stand in the tramlines miss. The serve is a problem as making that sound. Like it's a done deal. This is the worst bit. That's strategy would have been okay thirty years ago thirty five years ago but not now right than the men's singles semifinals. Tomorrow what's happening to bertini. He her catch. I stop again. We just heard We had martino. And i'm guilty on the bbc and the phone disrupt described her catches sort of a strong favorite in that much. She's very convinced by what she seen so far. But yeah i. I think bertini but i was. I think it's a fading. She had based on what she'd seen in the last couple of rounds just style wise out of her catch But and i can. I can see it but i i just believe in bertini's ability to just get the best out of himself on any given day and i think that will happen and i think that that will end up being enough. What's unknown really when you get to people who have never played in a woman semi final. Before i mean when you think about how her koch came out To be medvedev on center it was great. He had a look at center. I mean his win. Over federal to me is not discounted but it just federer was obviously not federer but i think the the to the to power shots of matt matt is going to be too much in the end. Not you know. we'll sorry. The mixed semifinals fix this. No i agree i. I'm i'm persuaded by bertini. Serve and forehand. Combination and david says that that belief. He's playing with this. They few players beaten bertini on gross court. I mean the season nobody it even even the season before in two thousand nineteen at took a took a great performance from federal to stop him at wimbledon he also stood out that year. He wants so many matches on the surface. I i'm gonna just give the extra him. His girlfriend's had a great tournament. Tomjanovich italy's playing england sunday night. I'm fine they're gonna lose but a bad day for italy. So what. He sheduled. Dave italy on sunday. It's in the calendar Question for all of you. Is it possible to be a wimbledon semifinal and not in the mix and is that the situation finish up of his in. Yes yeah correct. I think how many times people played federer in his prime or jovovich and his prime. But i give shop of all off I'm not saying he's going to win. But i think shop of all off Could very well when a set are just remember. Lefty doing pretty well in the first set against jovovich. I think it's a match where dennis won't feel pressure unless he gets in a winning position. I think he's gonna swing all out. I've been actually pretty impressed. By the maturity the way he just closed out. Murray who i know nine sets into the tournament he was below even twenty twenty one. Andy murray but i feel like shop off his grown up a bit in. I think he's going to cause some discomfort jovovich tomorrow. But what chance would you give him of winning fifteen percent. It's fifteen percent enough to put you the mix. Yes he's in the mix. Yes he's in the mix and by the way you know. How as appealing for a a name for fans of chevelle a belieber kind of similar. You know i've been in dated by listeners. Who sits at powell. Yes sort of the listeners. The i didn't even pull this about lots. And lots of people wrote in with chiappa valve lover. No shop if oliver a lover. It's just chiappa valve with the are on the. Yeah got to practice. You could just put the word lover on any name thirteen. Gulliver that's the way. It sounds like pam. You might be one. I think he's in the mix. I think jovic i think chiappa valve will play great match pro possibly even probably when a set and and inevitably lease. I didn't think jovovich. Look good in the quarters. But i'm not sure. He had to play his best in the quarters. But i just. I don't know like you can never afford in my mind. Even jovovich cannot afford to start be playing worse in the quarters in the semi. So he'd better pick up his game in the semi's i think he gets a bit stressed tomorrow. Whether we see the full thing. I think he wins. But you get stressed. Yeah i think i think. I'm persuaded by djokovic. Four maybe with three tight sets and then an easier. One i go with my mixed doubles partner. I think that's a good feeling philippine ganged up on david. I just think is the coolest thing in the world that we've we've got matt. Robots and pam shriver's. You've gotta find yourself. I'm playing tennis tomorrow. No fence my partner is going to be no in tennis going in my head right now. You all you all multi nevada over in this scenario.

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