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"matt musani" Discussed on KPCC

"Corcion. I hope him in his carry in heaven. Oh my God. It's going to be like like would Nettie and Sealy get reunited in color purple. And I can't wait. We're talking with Jonathan van Ness and Aaron Gibson about gay of thrones. This all started in a virus share or to call us launcher lawn chair. I'm sorry. This all started us launcher couldn't recline that chair to shave errands face or not. How is the haircut? Well, John has been doing my hair for almost ten years. I met you in two thousand and eight no because I moved here in nine. Okay. So it must have been at nine that you in the end of nine by early two thousand ten I was like what's the hats? Like, what are you doing? There was there was a little situation. When when I took about two the shampoo bowl to get ready for my boss, and I was like, oh my God. What's the tea? And that's when this all happen because I was working funnier die is a writer director. And I was at that point the only female on staff, and I was in the chair with Jonathan. He was recapping game of thrones to another stylists client, and he kept calling Robert breathy. And she, and I just thought this is really funny. So I went into funnier Diane. I was like, hey, I have off the wall pitch. Can I bring my hairdresser? Who's never been on camera in here to recap this show? And literally this is the kind of place where they're just like all right? So we did it on. How important has gave thrones bend to you? Because you're still doing it even though obviously since that first pitch a lot has changed in your life. Yeah. We'll give like so major to me. But really like get through. It was my first time when errand said that I thought she meant like on a phone. I never really been like on a set. So I didn't understand like what we were really getting into it. And then we have like Erin I've done this for fifty three episodes together. Matt Musani our executive producer has been on this for fifty three episodes. And he was our first guest in the chair for the first episode ever. And so we there are people that have been on this show. Our core people have been on the show together since two thousand thirteen so it's like not only do I like personal relationships with them and look forward to getting to work with them in right with them and create together, we've created dislike little magical baby together who people really like to get together and see fishes still fun to do. And I feel like every other way that my life has changed which anyway, I wanted to do here when I was a four year old kid, and I always. Just wanted to be successful hairdresser who didn't need to borrow money from anyone to cover my rent and like just wanted to breathe. And when I started making stuff on camera with Aaron I got bit by a severe case of I want to keep making content bug, and my life has changed so much. I would not have experienced like any of the changes that my life is experience. If it wasn't for my friendship with Aaron. And if it wasn't for her seeing a potential in me that I never knew that I had. So I wouldn't be where I am an anyway if it wasn't forgave thrown. So there was no way I wasn't going to finish it out and come see my friends and get to make this finish. What we started, you know? But it was still obvious from the minute. You're talking in that chair to me like that you were meant to do this like I wouldn't just put someone in chair on camera. If I didn't think that you had it in you to do it. You know, what I mean, it wasn't like some weird experiment rose. Let's see this is a failure. I was busy going to work because you're involved. But that's why I say that she is like the usher to my Justin Bieber has she. I really did. Like discover she discovered me to me like I didn't even know that I could do any of the things that I've done and she was like the first person. I was like, oh like Docklands got potential. I didn't know.

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