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DeepStar Six (1989) | Sean S. Cunningham

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DeepStar Six (1989) | Sean S. Cunningham

"They. Do. I welcome to around the world in eight movies. My name is Vince Leo I. Am the author of the film. Review website quips dot net. I've been doing film review since Nineteen ninety-six. Check out all of my written work there at Quip stor dot net Q., w.. I s. t. e., R., dot net, and while you're there doing courage to check out the link to my other podcast where I. Look at brand new movies that are out in theaters vod streaming services. Services not so much coming out here during twenty twenty, so it's on a bit of a hiatus, but I will take requests for films that don't occur in the nineteen eighties. If you WANNA, write to me, you can find my contact information on my website that take webster dot net today. I'm going to be getting into the second of this three part series looking at science fiction films of the nineteen eighties that feature people who are working under the ocean in A. Near futuristic setting the previous episode covered Leviathan and this film I'm going to be talking about. Today came out the same year Leviathan. In one, thousand, nine, hundred nine, in fact, he came out a couple of months before Leviathan, and they both kind of came out for a reason that I will get into in a moment. Wasn't it just a coincidence that these two films featuring very similar subject matter would come out deep star six is the film I'm going to be talking. Talking about today it is an R. rated film. It does have a violence. Some Gore and language runtime is an hour and thirty eight minutes. The cast mostly stars, but they are Nancy Everhard Greg Evident Miguel Ferrer Tari and Black Nia. People's Matt McCoy. Cindy Pickett Mario wires and Elliott Baskin. The director for star six is Sean S. Cunningham and the screenplay credited to Louis Abernathy and Jeff Miller now. If you heard my review, of Leviathan, you know that that film really. Really got fast track because of James Cameron's the abyss that was coming out in nineteen, eighty nine. There were a few studios that had this on their mind because they thought that genes, Cameron's next film would be a blockbuster, so they wanted to strike while the iron was hot into get a similar property onto theaters before cameras would come out, and while the public's appetite was ravenous for that material, so cameron had announced that he was going to be making the abyss aliens. Aliens and there was a lot of mystery surrounding the production of the abyss. People knew that it was going to be underwater, but they speculated what kind of actual movie was going to be there because he had already made the Terminator he had made Alien, so they assumed that the abyss was going to follow in that natural trend to be intense to very highly commercial science fiction horror hybrid, so thinking that this was going to be the next big thing and the. The production schedule was going to be a long one for the abyss. James Cameron a lot of these film. Studios wanted to get work. They wanted to come out with their own version of alien underwater in anticipation that they could fill the void of expectation in the interim, so around this time there were a of partners Louis Abernathy and Jeff Miller. They developed this underwater terror idea that the had into a script. They constructed their story as kind of an underwater riff on. On the nineteen fifty one version of the thing from another world, the plot for their story entitled Deep Star. Six It involves this team of eleven scientists who are working for the US Navy, they're constructing a facility station six miles beneath the surface of the ocean for the launching of nuclear missiles. They soon discover that they're building a top. What appears to be a vast underground cavern something that they can't really build missile silos above so the Navy might scrap the project. Project if they don't complete their work before their six month stint is up, so they have to destroy the cavern, but they discover that once they do that. They're not alone down there. There's some sort of strange and massive prehistoric arthropods greeter that begins to attack their undersea vehicles. They're a lot more to the story than that, but that's basically the gist now. Abernethy Miller contemplated making deep star six themselves. They wanted to do it if they were gonNA make it at. At all is going to be very cheap for under two hundred thousand dollars. They were GONNA. Try to self finance that through local investors, dentists, and doctors and whatnot, but when the smaller movie studios were actively seeking underwater horror stories like the abyss least what they thought was going to be the abyss, the script for deep star six came into demand, and Miller and Abernathy made their sale to Carolco and they were going to join with their domestic distribution partners Tristar pictures. For domestic distribution now for their alien set under the water, deep star six, it began production almost concurrently with the abyss in nineteen, Eighty, seven and James Cameron just so happen to have been good friends with Louis Abernathy. They both had a passion for scuba diving and went out on trips together to do just that Abernathy told Cameron about his sale in Cameron, expressed that he had some concerns about having to similar films made at the same time in the same year, so he asked Abernathy if he. He could hold off until he gets his movie out but Abernathy. He needed this break. He had been languishing with. Jeff Miller, they were both still working in a copy shop to try to pay the rent while they tried to break into the film business, so he decided that he needed to continue making this feature while he had the opportunity. And subsequently he and Cameron had a falling out of their friendship. Now their estrangement lasted all the way up till nine, hundred, ninety five, and that's when. When Cameron started to make titanic, that was this film idea that was originally suggested before. They're falling out to cameron by Louis. Abernathy himself so cameron based a small role in titanic on Abernathy, named Luis Bodine. One of the crewmates Brock Lovett the Bill Paxton character, but when Cameron could not find the right actor to play that role, he instead had abernethy come in, even though he was not a professional actor, he essentially portrayed himself as Louis Bodine now going back to deep star six when John Cunningham. Cunningham producer for the House series of horror films he got involved with deep star six in August of nineteen eighty-seven, and that's when things really began to change the Cunningham work with screenwriters, and they spent the next several months researching what kind of monstrous creature that they could imagine living in a cave under the bottom of the ocean, so they started researching pouring through books, watching videos, and any other kind of material that he borrowed from places like the Smithsonian National, Museum of natural, history or the. Institution of oceanography they read all of this material for ideas on the anatomy and behavior of what would become their monster an as they began to conceive of how they were going to make their movie The screenwriters they had to perform several rewrites to develop more thrills throughout their story that would draw in the audience. Cunningham did not want deep star six to be just a horrific monster movie that would be boring, so he wanted more emphasis on the personal relationships of the characters and the history among them, so he envisioned deep star six. As alien if it took place within the submarine adventure film known as Dos both. Giving the film, an adventure genre tone for the first half instead of just this bleak horror throughout. He felt that audiences would be much more interested. In, what happens underwater, because most humans have vast majority of humans have never been into outer space, so all of the science fiction films made solely about some alien creature on a spaceship was expected, but everybody has experienced. The terrifying nature of being submerged in water doesn't have to be the ocean. What it's like to be dangerously in water, whether it's the pool or a river, or what have you? We all find the potential for drowning due to some issue where another getting entangled in something or some technical issue to be very scary as well so they were going to up the ante by having mishaps occur through their story. The characters try to one mishap, and that would cause them to Mississippi's of. That could their situation escalate into thrills and suspense, and they would all bill to a fever pitch. By the time the monster finally comes into play now. During this revision period, they also changed the story around several times including, there was one revision that they did where they chose a non linear structure, but they started going back to basics in the end, and they built up these characters and their dilemmas prior to throwing this monster at them to overcome now the budget Ford Deep Star six was going to be relatively low, so they concocted a series of dangerous to show how dangerous it is for humans to live in this hostile underwater environment long-term now the monster. Cunningham knew was not going to be scary. To most seasoned horror Scifi movie goers, but what would be scary would be what it does to these characters if the audiences came to care about these characters. It would be scary if they made the film right. The monster in Cunningham's mind was a metaphor was death before once time it was coming to get these human characters. You know we all. As humans tried to avoid an untimely death throughout our lives. That's a universal fear, and that's what's presented by the monster in deep star six so once they hammered out the screenplay to. And they started for a director and the first director that they wanted to work with was Robert Harmon. He was known for directing another chilling. Tinged thriller in the Nineteen Eighties called the hitter. Now harmon was thought of somebody who could provide a lot of creepy moments and some genuine suspense, but he dropped out unfortunately because he had another film idea that he had been passionately trying to bring about, it was beginning to move forward again, and he wanted to pursue that to try to make into a movie instead, although it never really materialized, so Cunningham went back to the drawing board, he went back to the studios list of approved directors, but all of the people that are on the. The list either were not interested in making the film, or they would not be available in time to assure that deep star six was going to be in theaters before the abyss, and all of the other competitors were trying to beat them to the punch. Cunningham felt that if he could not be I. This film just should not be made so abernathy. At that time. He offered to direct himself, but Cunningham told Abernathy that they would never get the funding if they were putting in first time director with absolutely no experience, Cunningham did give. A chance leader as a director for House for several years later, but with no better options than sight Cunningham, who had some clout as a director? Before he directed most famously Friday the thirteenth first one in the series, he decided to step in as the director to what he would later call the most difficult production of his career, so with Cunningham at the helm. Helm the studio put the production cost at an estimated budget of eight million dollars, which was not allowed to play with. If you were going to do an adequate underwater science fiction horror adventure now the water action was done in tank that measured about eight feet high about forty eight feet in diameter. It was placed in an abandoned printing warehouse located in Marina. Marina del Rey California there were other interiors that were done using vacant former smartandfinal market in Santa Monica. That really is good as making it in the studio, but you know for the price. It had to be done the challenge for the production designer John Reinhardt that was brought in in creating sets that could be filmed without water, and then withstand water being pumped. Pumped in at a rapid rate day after day, and then that set was going to be pulled out of the water to film in again for more dry scenes, so to speak the production team designed the sets to fit within the space of their tank, so the water would have to come in or come out depending on whether they were being flooded during. The scene they created barges to hold equipment that was not supposed to be submerged, and the members of the crew floated around on inner tubes to try to stay close, but not get such scripts and other paperwork into the water. The some of the team had to be in the pool everyday four weeks, sometimes wearing wetsuits for twelve hours a day or longer, so fatigued set in and the actors also spent up to twelve hours today for ten weeks in and around water in this very claustrophobic environment. Environment that wasn't even enough room around them to put down such things as a cup of coffee in that grew very monotonous, and it proved very physically demanding for everybody involved now as for the casting great again, he did this film while he was on hiatus from his TV. Show my two dads now older TV viewers like me, probably remember again from B J and the bear, but he does fit this hunky lead role actor. I suppose, but not in a very charismatic cinematic way it does. Does make you wonder if somebody was watching my two dads and assume that. Hey, if Paul reiser could do so well in aliens, maybe his coast are on my doodads can be just as good in this alien clone Nancy Everhard. She was T- actors who made a push to be feature films in the late one thousand nine hundred s, but she made some unfortunate choices, though she appeared the same year nineteen eighty-nine in this Dolph Lundgren version of the punisher as well as the wholly forgotten Jan.. Jan Michael Vincent Horror. Flick called Demon stone, and that lack of success with all of these movies caused her return to television as the better path, moving forward Korean black. That's not his real name is real. Name is Herbert Middleton Junior, but he changed his name to Tori and black, because his astrological sign is Taurus and of course he's black, so black complained that his character died halfway. He noted that the sole black character in horror films always seems to be the person who dies and usually. Usually dying, saving the white characters and that's it's an aspect I talked about briefly that was brought up by Ernie Hudson four Leviathan that was released two months later, which also needlessly had its sole black character deemed as expendable at the climax of the film, angering some movie goers at the time to somebody pointed out to Tori black that the white capped in alien played by Tom. SKERRITT also died halfway through the movie, so it was not necessarily a racial situation, but black dismiss this because he stated. stated that Yaffa condos, character dies in Alien, trying to save the white characters, so his assertion still stood, and it stood for a long time for many years as one of these very disturbing tropes for these kinds of horror based films, but as a favor to a longtime member of his crew Chris, Wallace who had a in his employ visual effects supervisor for our six Jim Isaac Wallace agreed to come in and do preliminary designs for the creature that they would come to call buffy behind the. The scenes kind of like they call the Shark Bruce Behind the scenes for jaws now to bring buffy to life, Wallace recommended makeup effects. Marvel, Mark Show Strom Jerem was hesitant to take on such a large project, but he found himself growing excited after seeing Wallace's mechat of his creature, and just strom used Wallis's design as a guy, but he did change the structure somewhat and the color what he felt might work best for this production, and what resulted was kind of like a mammoth sized crab. Crab like creature was twenty two feet long. It was about seven hundred pounds when it was wet. It did airbags to be placed within it to help it. Give it some float seeking all the way to the bottom of the tank. So in addition there was a stunt person that was housed within its hollow interior to move it quickly into lifted to break the water surface, and the mechanical creature also had about twenty five moving parts to it that required about a dozen technicians to operate thoroughly. But it was complicated because of the size, because had to have enough room, not only for the monster, but for all of the actors rounded and the production crew, and to also keep everything that was supposed to be out of sight of the cameras out of sight, and that proved to be a very big challenge, given the limited amount of space sometimes require the bulk of the day to get just one sequence right so to get around this. They had to build parts of the monster separately on the screen, which is why we rarely see the full creature in all its ugly glory within the run time of deep star six. Now for the cinematography, Cunningham brought in his friend and frequent collaborator Mac Ahlberg as the script was a bit dense Cunningham worked with Auber to try to find ways to keep their story very fast paced Cunningham grew up in the world of theater, and you knew that stage productions regularly rehearsed their beats to try to make everything happen very fast and on cue. That would be very exciting to the audience, so he wanted to winnow down the film to just hit those beats. Beats early hit. Them often hit them in very timely fashion. He did not want audiences to be able to catch their breath, but movies do differ from theater, because Vita productions have the benefit of audience reactions as the perform, and they can make adjustments accordingly, but movies don't have that audience reaction as they're making it the often also shoot out of continuity, so it's really hard to know what the pace is going to be at the time that they're making the film so. So to make sure that things stayed very fast. Cunningham had auburn shoot. All of the scenes steady could at twenty two frames per second, instead of the usual twenty four frames per second, and that would ensure that things would be faster when they played them back at the normal speed of twenty four, but not so quickly that audiences could really detect it so in addition to that there was technology that existed so that they could lower the tone of each actor's voice so. So that they would see normalized when they played that at a faster speed, there were some scenes that were done in twenty four frames per second specifically ones involving computer screens or other electronic displays, because everything needed to stay in sync, so those couldn't be done at a fast rate, but everything else was shot just a little bit slower so that it would play fast for audiences now for the score. Cunningham enlisted the services of his favourite collaborative composer Henry Manfredini. Manfredini famously worked with Cunningham delivering the memorable music for his Friday the thirteenth and most of Cunningham's horror productions. Since Manfredini here, he was happy to take on deep star six, because this was going to allow him to break out of being pigeonholed into scoring only slasher movies, which he had grown quite bored of doing. There's only so many ways he can pretty much find music to be doing the same thing. He was feeling confined to performing these old rifts on each picture, so Manfredini was very excited, and he also had more money to put together a bigger orchestra that he. He had used in a film before, and the considers the score that he did for deep star six to be one of his best works in his career, the finale, four star six was shot at falls lake. That's a a section of Universal Studios that contained to wave machines, and was also used for parts of Jaws, the revenge to control the lighting and the variances in whether they used a painted backdrop, measuring two hundred feet wide, and about seventy five feet high to make it look like the monster in the actors were out there on the open ocean, a lot of. Of People do detect the false background there if they're looking for it anyway, and that brings some artifice, and the look of cheapness for some I suppose now as far as how I feel about deep star six I would say it is made with a degree of competence, but I do think that the has a very long setup. It's a lot of John R- cliches. It goes on for about an hour, maybe even longer than an hour before we see the creature that they're supposed to fight for the climax, and that's followed by this horror that reveals all of that time. Time that they spent trying to develop all these characters and all of these complicated situations, it is all for not because it's just not anymore exciting at that point, the shocking shore, because the Gore just automatically up, but most of the deaths indies are six are not directly due to this beast, but they come more from Darwin, award worthy acts that are performed by these engineers who don't seem very much brighter than your average Joe and and this unsolvable of actors. They feel like they're playing more for a television production. Maybe because most of them come from the world of television. They aren't really that fun to watch interacting as an ensemble, one actor does manage to come out better than the others beguel for King to give this film his all and he's so emotive, though compared to the rest of the actors can come across as Hammy maybe intentionally so because I think that Miguel Ferrer figured he was in pretty bad movie in fact. Fact during the film's Promotion Ferrara was spotted at a screening laughing, derisively at deep star six during a press screening, and then after the film was over, he bolted for the exit, so he would avoid being recognized or even having to talk to anybody about it, he would later in interviews referred to deep star six as a quote very very bad movie. Now, the aesthetics of deep star six are not particularly impressive, either it has only a handful of locations, and it's very narrow sense of space amid lots of blinking electronic displays. They did want a claustrophobic look to show that the elements are the biggest enemy in this film, because there's no place that they can escape, but it doesn't make for an appealing riveting movie to watch and the graphics of the Sonar System is a real shortcoming for this film, considering how much time we spend, looking at this expanding series of orbs were supposed to be fearful of some unknown creature, getting closer, but. But we have no concept as to where it is or what it means or why everybody so shocked at what they're seeing on their displays, because we don't see anything at all, except for pulsing display, so the use of miniatures when you're actually outside of ships all too evident, and we never get a good sense of death or space or scope given that we're supposed to feel a sense of fear and foreboding. Thousands of feet of water now one observation I will make and I'm not saying that this film is better worse because of it, but. Movies in general have many people imperil? In fact, that's really almost any thriller. Has Somebody in jeopardy? We rarely get to see them performing something as simple and is honest as a genuine prayer for safety in real life. You probably would have many people who are devoutly religious do this, but it doesn't happen in films very often so when it happens late in this film when there's no hope in sight, it doesn't really add to the tension tear, but I do think that this is a touch that does distinguish at least. least in that moment, deep star six from many others that have covered the same ground. It's almost like a breath of fresh air. Even though I'm not deeply devoutly religious per se I do think that that was kind of an interesting touch I was not expecting for this kind of movie now. As far as the rest, it's all expected cliches though Cunningham does employ an identical post climax jump scare to the same one he did in Friday. The thirteenth. It had already become a cliche really in the post fatal attraction especially. And while the second time around for the monster proves ultimately fatal. Cunningham did envision that. If the does die, the creature did have a family so certainly that would come into play. Should there be any more sequels similar to the way the jaws kept doing sequels with different sharks, although potentially from the same family one supposes. However no sequels for our six would result. It really did not do that. Well at the box office, it debuted at a lowly number nine, and it made about eight million dollars overall, and if you remember that was the budget, so if you factory and on top of that advertisement and the cost of making the reels and all of that stuff. It was a loser unfortunately financially, so if you do. Do regularly feast on films on Scifi Channel I think that this is in that vein you might find enough enjoyment and going back to this similarly produced film done before the advent of rampant CG elements, I would say it is not an abysmal film, but it also is a film that is not the abyss. Even though he tried very vialli to become one so I would say the very best. Best I could give four deep star six is two stars out of four stars on my skill means that it is lacking something vital that we keeps it from being a film that I can wholeheartedly recommend to most people, and that thing that it is lacking here is unfortunately characters that we come to care about so by the time the monster hits. We're just watching a bunch of TV actors. Actors that. We don't genuinely care about. Get dismantled by this creature, and we don't even see that happen very often, because a lot of them are getting stuck indoors or drowning in water or whatnot. They aren't even going to go with his creature. So in the end. It's kind of a disappointment in that way, and if you remember, I did. Give Leviathan also to stars. So which do I like? Like better, that's kind of a common argument among people who know these two films Leviathan or deep star six. Am I a Leviathan person or a deep star? Six I'm not really either, but if I had to choose one I would say. Leviathan is a film that has higher highs. It does have lower lows, but those higher highs at least enough to make Leviathan an interesting movie, even though I consider. Consider it a bad movie. Whereas deep star six, I just considered to be kind of a mediocre film all the way through, and it never inspires me to get involved in any particular way throughout the course of this, so I would say of the to Leviathan better one though I give both two stars out of four. If you have your own thoughts on star six that you want to impart. Impart you can write to me. You can find my contact information at my website. Let me know if you think star six is a better film the Leviathan, maybe I'm wrong for a particular reason you can write to me. You can find contact information at my website. That's equipped. Stir Dot net for next week I'm going to be talking about one I considered better than both of these films and. And if you know what I've been talking about for the last two episodes, you know I'm going to be talking about. Of course. James Cameron's the abyss also from nineteen. eighty-nine came out in August of nineteen, eighty nine in that will be the film. I talk about four next week. It's actually a film. I've seen many many times which be covering that for next week's episodes or checkout James Cameron's. The abyss from one thousand, nine hundred nine. If you want to keep up with the reviews as I get to them and until next time, thank you so much for listening and joining me on this trip around the world in eighty s movies. Oh!

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"This podcast is brought to you by six ten wtvn now I'm just kidding we're not bringing that back but I do want to start off at because people have been messaging me asking what might be like what's your beef with six and nobody I love six ten I love Matt McCoy I Love I love the the station it was not intended as any kind of like mall caveat by the way is fourteen hundred votes eighty percent of people Buckeye fans I guess our Columbus Ohio listeners eighty percent said radio show anymore and then it slowly over time just N- declined the show's quality did in to This Day Stanley one of the main staples of the show and people loved it people absolutely loved it and then what happened was he obviously my grandfather's health declined and he ended up not being able to do back in the day on six ten wtvn and it was all about Ohio state and it was it had some big time buckeyes my grandfather was was the keynote right he bonds was I'm not trying to get on buck sign I'm trying to make a point like these people could go on their radio stations and they're supposedly supposedly like friends of the family they can go on the radio they have more listeners than bucks line ever has right now but either way I had to get that off my chest before we started the show because it also another thing happened I don't know I don't even know if oh and I'm like man you think that I and what motivated me was there's a show in Columbus for people that aren't in Columbus called bucks line and it was a show wildly popular company like all right if we don't talk about maybe he'll just go away right and it's funny to me because I see the numbers were doing I get the response that we get about this show the radio station six ten wtvn and they could say whatever they wanted about me and though they fair pretty fair to me they were either reporting facts are giving their opinion on on what's being of nonsense that was that was pushed out by about me now it's like no one not not no one plenty of people are but there's like the sports to help them and I could have been an asset to their show and I though I don't want to now because I'm doing it we are doing it on our own I certainly don't need six ten to back US I mean we you've venues right ten TV Channel Four NBC four six ten ninety seven one the fan they just like it's like they they tell their whole and interesting interestingly enough of course they saw it immediately and we're like texting or family members about about me like since phenomenal Matt McCoy has always been good so it was not a shot at Matt McCoy's not a shot at six ten I just was bringing up a point that they're cowards is what it is why do not that you would wanna be on that show I don't know why do you think they wouldn't want you on their they've had other controversial people on there I have no idea Easter absolutely I they need to get me on that show so just trying to prove a point point proven that's all it was did you this but I am a member at Kinsale Golf and country club and I put out a video on social media totally a joke I just happened to watch out there to grab walk out there to grab lunch and I see this random boarded right I just stated affect their show is wildly declined it needs help I believe that with all the momentum that this platform is gained that I you like on a laptop video talking to someone else about urban Meyer and I was like so naturally I was like what does that and he started talking about Urban Meyer all my family that that were that the sports information director whatever six ten contacted like if you if that if he wants to get on line this is not how you doing yup right if I had him on just enough time passed he thinks knows okay certainly probably but either way here's what's funny and I brought this up to my couple I know he he really got in his feelings when he went out to the Coliseum and I'm sitting here like you you know that urban Meyer got an his feelings do you do you know urban Meyer and so I was like blown away I was like who is this guy so I put a video like who is this guy did that's all it was and then and then come to find out if some league guy some Hooley Hooley right not have no I'd never heard I have no idea who he is but that's who it was and then he was really bent out of shape was he really I guess kissed my it is Monday October twenty four no one else has that had that that statistical breakdown but not that I care other people can after I put it out I would have assumed and I didn't watch everything but I thank you for tuning in to menace to society the college football show I guess under the hood and inside access the show but it's so annoying how you think you're telling us things that no one else is saying that you're the only one that says these things and I was like first of all the normal takes and the common takes that we have are pretty well versed nationally on any really I actually heard that he has a podcast with Chris spielman which Chris Chris Spielman is really really good analysts and I'm sure the podcast isn't bad I just have never heard because the people that will call me like we had Huli Huli was pissed at you for videoing him I was like it was it was like a instagram story for three seconds ah trying to give you a different perspective on sports media so funny thing about how I always start the show like that because someone mentioned us on twitter and said stuff for people to read before the game kind of look at we put it out usually we're going to do that every Friday and then also we do we've done giveaway we sent to to lucky fans person back instead ask them who else had the analytics about Justin fields and getting rid of the ball in his stats over under two and a half seconds like no one else said that me I don't know who he is and he real out of shape he reported to the country club but I just wanted to talk about that for a brief second to get it off someone probably heard it was like that's a that's a great point it's an interesting stat and they might actually put it on their show like I don't care nor do I care if I say something but check out our Patriot speaking of patriotic dot com backslash menace society podcast you get all kinds of stuff we put out a scatter report this past week some analytics show a lot of people talk people talk about a lot of people talk about when Lsu beat Florida a lot of people do and then even I so I texted our social media else did anyways just got me on a little tangent there but little update for the show well over nine hundred thousand downloads can't wait to hit a million we're gonNA have to do something for a million down just run the clock out and win the game and they pondered drops the ball in Michigan state ends up I can't even say blocking it kind of it kind of we should actually do something to give away or something I'll give away a ring or selling something big can I can I be a winner if you if you subscribe to Patriots Oh you do what everybody else does create some shit on wall and see what sticks which is what I see happening everywhere why are we had inside I'm a man home bound in the back of his head back of his head and I literally said who is this guy that's all I said but people get so bent out of shape so this is my formal apology to hooghly important when my time on earth is gone and my activities here are at once they bury the upside down in my critics earns it long story short that play was the reason that we had to go to a tiebreaker with Michigan State and Michigan State had beaten us so they got to go to the big ten championship connick okay lenders it was the Michigan Michigan State Game Twenty fifteen and if everyone remembers it Michigan's winning they go to punt the ball away to kind of just but Speaking of money I wanted to talk about this because it popped up on my twitter time line and I mentioned it before and you guys made fun of me I said You know what I'm GonNa do that pinal server Myers pint house grand opening and so anyway check it out if if if you're interested in supporting the show supporting the movement some people fire and you did pretty well seven to this weekend seven and two last week so he's fourteen and four the past two weeks he's always texted me about the Games are in the game like they all they need I feel like you should have tried to help Michigan somehow I mean I don't know that we would have done that but I thought it was it was crazy because one messages said what what's the point of subscribing to Patriot and my response always is I mean you get some cool stuff but it's also to support the show I don't know a future episode and after the episode no you're not you always say that you never do it I broke down so on on the twitter timeline play popped up it was one of the most they don't have to the show the show still comes out I mean you get it a day early that's do what you want I don't care appreciate you listen but also another update people on Urban Meyer lost four hundred thousand dollars on that Blake one play sorry you don't get your Ferrari or to write for urban in total he personally I lost fifty thousand dollars on that one play that'd be nice to have right now it would have been nice to have to and I was the lowest paid coach in total the Ohio State University coaching staff on that singular play lost one point one three million dollars in bonuses we got him seven and two big weekend for people I hope you guys are are taking his advice thrown a little cash each on him you if you did the past two weeks you'd be up a pretty penny talked about the one contract last week but just in general coaches get bonuses based on a lot of things around the program like eight APR Graduate Why is the head coach the only coach that gets a bonus for things like having a top twenty five recruiting class or having a success you really want to talk about talk about we don't want players to benefit off their likeness so the Ohio State University staff but let's start with me personally me walking and we started talking about coaches contracts especially head coaches they have these these caveats these these articles of bonuses bonus structures and we talked about bonus structure that was lost by the way we did get bonuses so the bonuses would have been probably more like two million had we went in total but that got me thinking about that the impact of played let alone the revenue that Ohio state would have generated by going to the big ten championship by going back to the playoffs half so for instance Kerry combs lost eighty three thousand dollars on that play Greg lost one hundred seventeen thousand dollars on that play him and that play I broke it down I went and did the analytics the research the impact of that one play let's talk about coaches contracts and then setting up tutoring schedules making sure the tutors are good tutors interviewing the tutors reviewing the tutors like these people deserve that bonus why does the head coach thousand dollars amongst the five maybe seven academic counselors that are in the grind in the fire with these athletes providing support Asian rates recruiting classes all these things and so this was what was brought up to me and it's a great point and just kind of piggybacking off of that one point one three million dollars because one play cost over a million dollars to ten people ten people but here's the other thing that was brought up a good friend of mine that's in the industry he and I were in your players academics that that type of money would be life changing and here's what really what really struck me as I saw grand a year seventy five grand a year they get a fifteen thousand dollar bonus wow ten to fifteen twenty twenty percent bonus for are bonus structure and then I started thinking about all the bonuses that coaches get and it's it's wild really but it coaches I guess are just hot commodity minders guidance scheduling mentoring a drop in the bucket it would be a monsoon in the bucket an academic counselor let's say they make fifty aw Oh yeah he he's it was funny because he he was so nervous that he wasn't to give me as picks in time last week and it's starting to record a day earlier on the previews would build these bonuses and then I would gift it to them and say here's your bonus great job keep up the good work because ultimately that's a drop in the bucket for that coach but those people how they would eating both of them and if that just think about this if that coach let's say he's making three million dollars a year two million dollars a year that one hundred thousand dollar bonus is a drop in the bucket honestly here's what I want to say shut up a big nothing burger shut up He barely tugged his face mask what are we talking about retweeted it the absolute job done to Tennessee by the refs it was it was brutal I mean they're not the Tennessee would've won it I mean that's not not changing anything he can already afford anything in the world it's just a drop in the bucket can you imagine if you split that hundred it's passionate game he's a passionate coach. The quarterback was an absolute idiot reaching the ball over the goal line and fumbles and gives Alabama one hundred yard touchdown return yeah it's ridiculous I mean he barely touched him it was hardly a tug but these media people will they're going to coach gets one hundred thousand dollars bonus I'm not going to see what coach it is but one hundred thousand dollar bonus if he hits this graduation rate benchmark in the APR S. But let let's get to the show now if you want to give them a bonus let's say give them twenty five thousand and take the seventy five thousand and split it amongst the academic staff if I was ever a head coach that's what I would do At Louisville player on the ground like a fool on punch like it wasn't like cheap shot jab no no he reared back through a point you just saw that just a little bit ago absolutely say that's not the way to treat a player Blah Blah Blah just do it for clicks man do it for clicks there's no it's a non story the story is what a jackass going off on guard guerin Garen Tano it's one of those and it was I couldn't as for graduation rate that's a good point and not only I mean I get it the head coach sets the structure but you have a group of people that are grinding day in day out in recruiter ah they'd rather pay the coach that kind of money to ensure that it happens instead of the opposite effect where they don't put that in there and then the APR goes feel getting that type of bonus. I mean you you talk about committed to the program would work so hard woo you talk about alignment so it just it just struck me when I was going through attacked right now because that's exactly what I did too but it's like you realize really stupid you realize that the only thing that will hurt is you and your hand I mean insane it would be an ultimately they're the ones grinded they're the ones doing it they're the ones helping these athletes graduate helping these athletes be successful the penalty moving forward other than credit to daboh Sweeney because he made booth ride home on the bus with the team managers and trainers instead of flat we got home at noon on Sunday it was a noon game on Saturday he didn't get home until noon on Sunday that's from the bus rolled into town rose and he was he was texting like get them in time. Yeah you gotTa Untie barely barely though we almost forgot to do it because he didn't send him in with the team and I talked to one correspondent who is a clemson recruiting reporter and she told me that he into a clamp center Ohio state then they end up not playing that first year and then they they're out there on the punt return team and they're frustrated 'cause they wanNA play more and this kid through a pun talk about him I got a name the segment so if you can think of a name for that segment please reach out to our show I would love to name it and make it a reoccurring theme team you look like a jackass and the second part of this that no one has said yet is how dumb of a human being do you have to be to punch someone in the facemask I feel personally the graduation rate goes to shit and people are pissed true I don't know if other news I don't know if you saw this people making a big big deal at Jeremy Pruitt but I want to play this audio for this is from Gary Danielson right what he's announcing the Lsu game talking about Joe Borough and the success he's having so here the Michigan state scores a touchdown they end up winning the game play the game they were simply trying to put it away to ice the game and get it blocked Michigan State it Ohio State in that Jim tressel offense yeah yeah that's about right right like these people get paid a lot of money man a lot of money they get paid a lot of money to do this the ball over the line they teach you that in Pop Warner football unbelievable and on the same topic if anyone saw someone tweeted it and I saw it and then cool and then other new other other current events did you see Andrew Booth Junior. He's a special teamer of happens these five-star all everything kids end up mhm you did nothing to him you literally are the dumbest son of a bitch alive so did he collected he has to sit out another game or well I haven't heard the Oklahoma defense this week and he made a point that I know I know what he was saying Oklahoma's defense he put out three things a great deal that I will not name we talked about it literally this morning and it was like a joke you go on air and you provide any type of valuable switching from an absolute clown show like Gary Danielson and that whole crew switching topics to the Fox big noon kickoff watch it this weekend talking about he it's so much better than the Jim tressel offense what I mean what is this guy talking about but for it but I have one clip that certainly will speak to it. We're GONNA start a clip every Saturday I'm just going to jot down some of the most asinine things I hear announcer say and then we're going to and again phenomenal show once again urban breakdowns are always insightful I always think there are always interesting and but he he talked about the two thousand fifteen team was loaded gun God willing win the whole thing back to back national I mean it would be the amount of money that changed on that one play hands is unbelievable improved this year right which is effort I discipline which is a big Graciano thing he got that from gratiot disciplined Graziano is like what does it mean it the first time it was bad so that leads me the two questions one how undisciplined and big of a ship bag do you have to be to punch someone in a game D- shot across the bow it was just I get frustrated with local sports media in Columbus and here's why because of this whole nation world and yet people are tuning in and listening to him it just so frustrating and I it's conversation with with an on air analyst that I respect very I don't even know what he would be referring he wouldn't be in that kind of offense at Ohio state it's he so far up Nick Sabin and Alabama's ass that he doesn't even realize what goes on in and now it doesn't matter that give them an opportunity I mean they certainly they certainly don't need to play Alabama and the rest play in Alabama it's hard enough yeah unbelievable I mean you talk about bucks that's a punishment right there but that's punishment off these credit to dabble that's what you should do what one hundred I like this guy can't be serious right he said Joe Joe Boroughs lighting the world on fire it's not that not not like he did AH analysis breakdown commentary and people were like Whoa this due to the best ever 'cause you're used to Gary Danielson dumb ass that's why like then yeah sure the kid feels bad but you gotta you gotTa kick in the ass when they do stupid Shit Yeah and he definitely did that one other thing so I'm gonNA start a new segment not this show because I'm not prepared for is like whatever your job is to read the number two receiver your is our focus on the negative receivers 'cause a lot like fans watching football you have a tendency to look at the quarterback or fall there's Jere era here is Gary Danielson was playing field Jim tressel like are you really that much of an asshole you punch someone in a game I've done it open that's about right but you're you're going to get a film in your penalty you're GonNa get flagged you're GonNa hurt the ball is on your work but the other thing he mentioned was tackling the tackling is they're doing a great job in tackling it improved it's Oh it's dramatically improve okay but I mean they were one hundred and seventeenth in the country last year missing tackling so we couldn't not really be tough too ag today you play you win and you get paid I welcome back what a weekend of college football it was some some upsets so one to be that's all I'm going to tell you I watched that game against Tennessee and Tennessee shot themselves in the foot over and over and over again which is what they've done all year I get it but that Alabama defense is entry Alabama at forty four Wisconsin has forty six Utah has forty eight Georgia Fifty Penn state fifty one eighty thousand dollars survivor contest. winner-takes-all contest starts October eighth and closes October fourteenth before the start of Monday night football pick one team each week survived is an eighty three missed tackles almost double Ohio State Baylor eighty-five how about this for Baylor starting three linebackers have combined combined for thirty longest and you can take home fifty thousand cash make a successful deposit with mybookie and you'll receive a free entry into the contest today between football season the majorly missed tackles this year already the secondary alone has sixty eight miss tackles

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The Headstrong Project

The Kensington Corner

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The Headstrong Project

"Hello hello welcome to the kitchen ending quarter. I am Jeff and I'm Tom. How's everyone doing today today? We are graciously and humbly welcoming Matt McCoy from the head. Sean Project. uh-huh Matt. I already going to mess up your. I'm going to call you creative director. We'll go with that because that's what I call myself. So how you doing today man but works. It's good thank you guys. You have to kind of that intro. We know we just appreciate coming on. Let it be here. Yeah definitely so Just just for our audience alone we. We've kind of started pushing into this. This veteran focus which we didn't even know if that's what we were actually going to be man. We started out like a general royal. podcast it kind of went in some health and kind of went into like mental health. A little bit. Our first episode was on dealing with depression anxiety and and overall stress dress. And things like that. And we've kind of started going in this veteran focus kind of direction. We had Jason Candor on a last week or a couple of weeks ago now. And you know Jason and so that was really cool and we done a couple with boy. Did Stephanie Davis. She's at East Kansas. Va She's our suicide prevention coordinator. She's amazing she's just absolutely phenomenal. And she's Kinda got US hooked in with some some new stuff around around around our area and it's been funny because we just we have we kind of we kind of just stumbled almost into the whole. The whole veteran sign of things which I mean with our backgrounds with our backgrounds is probably the most natural way to go but So now here we are. We were sitting here with you this morning. And we don't have any is. Is that how many people are getting on board with this movie. Yes so recently for a veterans day or maybe not giving Tuesday we had a senator or sorry congressmen Moton tweeting out about us. And what we do you know. Saddam had conversations with a Tulsi Gabbard in. She is very well aware of what we do. So we're really starting to see like people especially when Again Wall of with what. We're doing in Grafton understanding what we're doing how he complimented the Azores been really colder Especially this past year all the people who are kind of jumping on board nearly coming to find out about his shot in our Improv yours. Making you just expand on actually what you guys are are doing it and And I guess what your creed motto basically is absolutely so I mean to keep it simple. Our motto is really just provide cost infre- bureaucracy breath mental health treatment for those in need a really essentially what we do. Is We build the gaps in the market by putting a therapist of in a better than a need together. Make a seamless process so the federal calling went in. We'll do an intake with him in the we will make should get a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist. Once a sign opting opting will lincoln with eight. There is that it's close in of oxygen. Needs where they are and then they can start treatment once a week cost-free ain't thing They don't have anything other than show. Religions Day a plug and play type thing with these markets. Were going into You know we're getting back to go now. Not Right. Now we're about to go to Phoenix in Dallas. Next year the adding those to the city that Ardian sitting state so We're really just expanding in Rodney. What we do of because of work so well of just at a meeting recently in a got back? Some of the feedback from Veterans Program in ninety nine percent said they would recommend and what we do to France. And I think that's the biggest compliment as you can see because that means that newly it works when people are going to program about programming Prince were also a need to come in. Check this out. I think that's the volumes of of any way. That's a late the answer to that you went through the program yourself right I did. Yeah so I went to the Prague myself and that's how. NFL ANTIBIOTIC IN. And so. That's why I'm such a big advocate. Wide came on ordering to work with a how much it helps You know people are getting better bring myself you know. I think it's really interesting especially the way Tom and I've been going with this podcast. And we don't owe bought with veterans organizations than just veterans themselves and I think it's really fascinating to see some of the ways that veterans are really really leading the way on the this This this way. Our Society Kinda treats mental illness now and mental health in general. And I think it's just it's it's really phenomenal and it's kind of interesting just because you know I think that it even ten fifteen years ago you know you wouldn't have thought. Hey this is. This is an area where people come out of the military are gonNA flourish from just because of the taboo nature of it. And they're so the crazy thing is I feel like there's so many veterans out there that are really passionate about this and I think it's for the exact same reason you said you know that it we've been through these things ourselves and we've seen how well these processes work and it's just like one of those things like you know when when you've been through through it you just become the biggest advocate for it. Yeah and not only that but I mean also is such a need for or what we're doing because of that are out there in terms of I mean really you can call it an epidemic of what's going on with suicide numb you know there's the statistic physically April last year is twenty twenty. Two Veterans Lives Day. I guess that's including active duty. But that's an inordinate amount of people In it's it really jaw dropping when you hear that kind of stuff and so when you hear that I mean you understand the need for organization like headstrong what June because this is necessary in his life Changing your feet. That will be able to provide people at a time of need in their life. You know. The people are Communist when they're at the most broken so the fact that we're able to really help them in their time need. I think that's why you have people that I wanted to speak Out there willing to go to bat for Intel earned vice because you know them at the point when Jeff and I put on our first episode we actually started. This is like a creative creative outlet kind of thing just like you're just doing it for fallen man to be honest and It was funny. I was telling him we dropped the first step. We jumped the first six episodes together. But we put out our episode worn on like soundcloud. Just as like not edited anything no interim music just like complete raw like go check it out. Let us know what you kind of think kind of thing and we were getting messages from people that were like. Hey Man I'm like super suicidal and just knowing that you and jeff go through like depression anxiety to two and knowing who you guys are in you're able to come out and talk about it. It helped me so much like just being able to relate with you because I would have never thought you were type of person person. That goes through that kind of things and I was like in the whole. Don't judge a book by the cover kind of thing you know people think Jeff. I don't have our own issues and god God we one hundred percent do. We're probably worse off the most people by not well. I mean in literature earlier is like the stigma. Also there's still that stigma Eh. Where people don't want to speak out Aiken about feeling these hidden avoided. They've gone through. What have you so you this you know? People are just reluctant to really want to talk about this stuff. So the more than we have people like you or you know some of these people like Kevin Love even though he's not notes but just making it normalizing for people will understand that you know everybody goes through certain doubts depression anxiety or any of these other things that people deal with on daily so normalize it makes people feel okay. What Hey I'm not one yet no I? It's you're right. It's absolutely about that Normalizing it and then I. I also think of it as almost like a especially when you're talking about Jason Candor kind of right before we started the podcast and it's really a leadership thing it's showing people how you do it and being unashamed of of the fact that you know you're you're seeking you're seeking that help and because that's the that's that's one of the biggest life lessons you can learn. It is yeah being your own advocate and and being able to you know to take those steps even though you may be I guess fearful of Fearful of the process. I know I know I was when I I. I went to outpatient therapy for about a month. And and you know I was like I was so resistant when I went in but like man I came out on the other side of that process and I was like this is worth telling the world about like what ah what happened for me. Personally I mean and I feel like I was very lucky because I I kind of had a very quick turnaround with things like started clicking and And I know that that's not the case for everyone. You know some people's paths with with their mental health is a is a is a much longer longer more difficult course than I took but You know it's it's still it can be done you know I think that's that's the important thing too is you just brought that up actually is the fact that with with especially with our program is that we don't cap number of sessions that will no. It's for as long as you eat right so there's a lot of other organizations. I'm not sitting here trying to do good work or anything that is just you know you can't tell awesome homeowner's it'll take you eight years ten years every sessions like okay. Well what happens if I need twenty right like alright. Eat thirty audience needed for the rest of my life. Yeah no I like you know an organization like ours. I think that's why of there's so many unique identifiers about our program program what we do Because we really are just. We're here for what people need more. We're here to help people in so we don't want I to me saying would make it as easy as process all the red tape rights light note. That's the thing with saying. Fill the gaps earlier. There's no be as where people have to drive to three hours right. That's GONNA make people less willing to going receive help whenever they're like. Okay we'll have the Hours or sticking point now like crepe. Yeah so we matched up with these therapies. It in in their box me like one of the things. We're trying to make it as easy as possible for them taking care so really all better futures Just make one once a week. You really at that point. If you WANNA get better we find that is the case in. We just WANNA make a devious possible. Now how can I ask you a little bit more about like just the the history against the headstrong project. Like how long have you guys been active now and Yeah it'd be nuts. Yeah yeah that's that's really the unique thing in the allow people to understand why we do. We do so Just to give you as history. Two thousand twelve was inception as strong in. It came off the bag Willie of our former executive director. Now how of or Chairman Zacharias Zach was marine news over Volusia in do all the chaos that lose right on with that lost a lot of marines brands over their hands Thirty two in came back com in after that battle starting to notice that a lot of friends and colleagues and people have been with L. Rains. Were we're really struggling. Once they got back home in so be starting to notice that nowadays struggling but you know there was a lot of suicide one within his unit so he was like not to a point where zine he ended up having more people die by suicide in his his unit that died in fluid audience battles. No that we've basis war so that's speeds to the epidemic burnt to career in terms of if I'm facing with the suicide when you have your entire now into that. They did overseas the deal with the mental health aspect of thank me known onto late the things that they went through over here in your life. So it's it's it's it's tough in. He noticed that there's a province that you might want to do something about it. So you sound to Dr beat her. You're a Gerardo Aria. The clinician and he's like I wanna do something about that like you know I just WanNa understand why in business if somebody has a probably go get help. Like what for veteran. It's you you can't just go and see the world class that their heads it's like it's a lot harder for them to get the care that they need to do something about this. So together in partnership will Reforms at some point twelve. So you're now doing this. For seven years we've really expanded the last four years of a bit like a federally who in twenty five five cities states Nine employee Dallas in Phoenix junior earlier. So continuing rapidly expand but that neat. Well well yeah. Even the last twelve to twenty four months for you guys. Social Media Wise has been huge. You guys have been shared a lot of stuff. And then I think that you're the actual stories no worries you guys are posting on instagram and stuff are actually starting to get out to people because for a while you know it was just I would see it every now and then now. I'm seeing a lot OUGHTA veterans than like I was in combat with who are starting to share your guys stories on like instagram. Or like you know a guy says post and stuff and I'm like Oh wow like so that I didn't I guess for me. I had not realized that it had taken off that much outside looking in I did not realize and you guys were like actually a pretty big deal now right yeah no. I think that's been my main focus. Collaborating with France individuals to tell our story when involved in health for we do so. That's really been my main focus within the organizations just to tell stories of veterans people who are struggling because it is normal by people understand that is suggest a one thing for people who have pizzas today are not specific are Jewish group. Like this is something everybody knows it. So yeah that was one of the big things of stories in the video Kanako by terms of like people to understand that this is a normal thing but a lot of listen you know the marketing aspect of it is so important you know I mean I you know you get down to get down to the core of it like you know what organizations are doing is without doubt the most important part of it right but just having that job that that good marketing associated with it like I know like. That's the one thing Tom Tom. Tom Does an excellent job of that for us would just networking with people and and like. That's that's so key to just getting traction and then getting that message out there you know like which which is kind of a shame. Because I'm sure there's probably dozens if not hundreds of organizations out there. They're doing great stuff but but they're just not finding a way to effectively get their message out there and be seen and heard so. Yeah I know I I commend you guys. You know it's it's been pretty pretty cool watching what y'all done that honestly though I think I think really this just speaks to what you know. This all started with word of mouth. All Okay so a lot of women in how important but as we were now and now we're starting to get all these people on board. They're talking about us in helping. Spread the word and I think that's why you're starting to see some of this growth of because we have. These people are speaking out of people who want to go to bat for us in the Notes that are coming up like German company like I said in people were actually going to be on prices December. Twenty second in what. I'm doing now. The way that came about though is like clinical. So you know there is a guy Construction six in connected with him in the nine. Now he's on the show Adviser for them on the show. It's devious the Beneficiary of them when they launched the price ratio in so we kind of connected in the incident. You love to work. It doesn't So I was like it's just unique different stuff like that. That is really I I think now. Is there a monetary element within. There's also that national exposure to it and I think that's what I was referring to like my hi folks. We tried to go now to where we're branching out we're not Internally talking to having people in terms about us now we're having other people other organization Asian other individuals out on the APP. Yeah I mean and that's the thing to results speak for themselves and obviously you guys such a good job that you're getting the word out there you know when we did the podcast with Jason That you got that was like I think I actually on air I I believe so but I was like Hetero projects like the. That's like my number one right at like that two. I Want I've been talking about you. Guys probably have. You're not happy about how we started. Yeah we started on May twenty nine about seven months and you guys were like my number one. I was like this where we need that. I mean that that's the kind of stuff that helps when you have like local. I guess local organizations in people were are passionate and and care about what we do. So that's that's where I want to say that I'm the most. Appreciative is like people who voted back. I at this celebrity in the in. The people speak out what that is so much appreciative but really this grassroots organization we built off awfully everyday person grassroots Speaking out about what we do tell people. That's so predictable. Absolutely I another thing. I'm curious about is Soon you guys that kind of the the demographics the folks you have coming through your doors I mean is it kind of is it are we. Are you talking more a younger. Like say twenty to forty eight g also have our Yeltsin getting getting traction with we'd like say Say older veterans. And that sort of thing. Yeah you know. I think outlook on just be honest. It is younger demographic but I think primarily with that we that we see that is because they're more of willing to admit that they need l.. Absolutely has the older generation. Maybe now they're still not so much I made a conscious thing taste of It on your own so I think it's probably why we have a younger demographic but you also also judy doesn't start out as just a nine eleven organization where you held the white now Extended of we're we're helping a lot of different WADA. Different worse so you know I think but primarily are his younger base and I and I think that is really associated can be attributed to in just being more familiar. Yeah the whole process. I didn't want understanding willing to to speak out full demand. I you know. I think that's another thing in my mind. That especially with the the the older our generation of veterans. Is You know they. Obviously they don't communicate quite in the same way we do. They're they're they're much harder to reach. I think in the traditional so as we think of like reaching out to people as far as social media. They're they're not quite as plugged in there so I do think I do think that they are more difficult the demographics to reach just in general in our day and age. But I just curious because we're talking a little bit about The veteran ski project here in Kansas City. You know in Qalat. Those folks are are older folks from what I understand but it's it's a little different situation and but yeah. I'm always curious that you didn't like I. I think you're also to go about it in different ways through Yahoo these you know these meetings together. What one of those things? It's not alcoholics anonymous. It might be it might be. It might veterans and veterans nuns. Yeah Yeah but you know we will the the one of our got one of our mentor Vietnam and he what he ended up doing And as I think people tried to find the best way they can to help in a way but he started a veterans writing club so they get together right and stuff but I think if it's I think people for a long time trying to do the best they could with what they had and that was the hardest part. 'cause my dad was forty two when I was born. He's Vietnam Bet. But I mean when he turned seventy three this past August and he just now started getting help at the. Va on his own accord. Not Not he just the back from Vietnam and was like I'll never Chelsea government again on never. I don't want anything to do with them. And then seventy three now. He's like oh I think I'm going to yoga and do some physical therapy and maybe talk. Some people are Mike. Okay Dude I think that's that's the That's the gap does win. Yup realize a talking to my friends the Over stuff my battle buddies. That's that's right that's helps however there's a professional element lament to it where you know you need to do things that are maybe a little different than the Professional getting healthy licensed therapist. It can really help guide you in how you understand why you feeling bill nope Kinda give passing. Movements blocks will explore some stuff that you've gone through. I think that's key on a journey of really getting better. A new realize that there's a certain no reaching out and talking to friends. Can it only goes so far right. Our running you're doing all that stuff but there's a element of therapy that is a higher quality that occur bite in an illegal. You know it's okay to to the asteroid though. Well Yeah I mean. I think Tom and I can both relate to that because he actually when I kind of. I got to know Tom and kind of how this podcast got going. In the first place we would just get together in the morning and have coffee before before before we went to class. And you know not not to say too much but Tom was really going through some stuff and I had some experience going through therapy already already and I was very much. You know. Big Advocate for him. Like Hey man the I I love sitting here and listening to what you're saying but I'm I'm limited in what I can do and you need. You need a professional. Take that next step. You know and I think that that's you know that's another thing that we need. We as lay people need to be aware of his. Yes there is. There is benefit you can provide vied to just be there be there to listen but at the same time you know you. Also Yeltsin need to be ready to encourage them to take the next steps in their in their in their journey essentially essentially why there's also the science element to arrive. We do a multitude of different modalities that we use to help people get better but once specifically that we use called MD.. I movement Station in Your realization in so no no we use those modalities to because they're scientifically based in a people process is feeling starts at eight. They have in get passed asking so it's no longer it's almost distribute one time to me. It's almost like a scar right so it doesn't mean that what happened didn't happen avenue. Forget about it like it just means that you've now process it nearly two acid mental Like physically when you have a scar it it you can still see where that happened. But you know you're able to understand that it's something in it's no longer with you. Yeah it in Gno I will say another thing at least from my experiences. You know obviously going through you know through working through the things you need to work through them and can be can be a very very painful experience. But I've found the now that I'm about actually I think I think about three years out from my. You know my major the major therapy kind of the starting starting my mental health dirty and I finally feel like I. I think this year's really been the year like I feel like I'm uncomfortable talking about it. I feel like I can draw wisdom from those from what was really a terrible experience. I wouldn't want to go through that ever again if I didn't have to. But you know it's it's Kinda like accepting the fact that hey you know this was my this was my journey and now like I said you know being able to talk candidly Lee about it and Kinda understanding the the the process. The trip was bad but what came out of it is is good and I'm a better person coming canal another side of it. Yeah Yeah I mean that's ultimately go ride Took point where you can talk about. It think that's what I think he'd been in really awesome too early the stories. That new gets a place that you feel comfortable enough to known started. Tell your story down galaxy they tell people about seven been through because that ultimately helps as well. And that's what I was going to say to that. That's been the most inspirational part for mine. At least east. Is that if you if you obviously. You don't have me personally but if you knew me personally. A lot of people don't think that I had any depression or anxiety issues like you met me. You'd be ah you know. I'm the typical. I wouldn't say I'm typical. MD back. But I'm Taipei Day like I am and so when I when I did the first episode and everything a lot of my former soldiers were texting me and we're like what are you talking about like you. Oh you know and I'm like yeah man like yeah like I'm going through some stuff and they it was just like so mind blowing for them because they saw me as more of a father figure older brother figure to them and for me need to be going through some stuff. Yeah I think it made it easier on them to be like. Oh Wow I can talk to him about this or awhile I can there i. He now feels more acumen to me in a way you know we we have a connection there. I mean listen in my as somebody who grew up in the mid west. I think it's just different in certain pockets of of the United States. Senate is another so I say that because like out here in New York it's more formalized normalized Maybe back to their is. The Dog. Hasn't therapist like wonders ended a little bit better whereas like in the mid West Farm. You a people it's ten more on. Hush goes back that stigma like people. Just don't understand it or wherever it is like it's just. It's not as formalized Understood though I do think thinking what to my friend back home I think they probably have like really That are like they'd be more taken. Backer may not understand like what I've gone through. This is just were not as a so and you know it's the same thing with the military to man for a while for years. People didn't talk about it because it was honestly affecting promotions emotions like they were guys e six can go into e seven and then you know obviously a can't actually come up but once that once that gets put up like once they go to a board and they know that you're on medication or you got some mental health issues or something like that. They're like yeah man like it's kind of like a black a black ball this almost. It was really weird to no one talked about earlier. A little bit about like making sure that leadership in order at bats will start to see right now house leadership recognizing understanding. This is a real problem in a you Dumper Joint Chiefs Chairman of Scout speak out at our gala this past year it is a year him. Talk about. You could tell that like really understands. Recognizing is this is an issue and so now that you start to have some People leadership position amount by helping one one and the amount of people you guys come out to that gala to was insane like yeah. Yeah it was our big gala evidence that we had a nine hundred. y'All uh orders from all across the United States about so. That's one thing that we do really wallace as has like the gallows in organizing people to To kind of for the word about nine what we're dealing with just mental health journal. So yeah you know we we have a I eighth annual gala in your city but now we're starting to expanding do those uncle or so. Were you have one in Washington D C next year that will be the second one. We have one in in San Francisco which year second one GonNa have something. Beatings woman So you know all this is really just. It's it's crucial in letting people know because not only about why it's important what we you also like. Shoot a storage from people who have gone to program. PEOPLE REALLY DON'T A. That's the hardest. Part is the privacy a a concern an issue that goes with therapy In so it's hard sometimes until the boys are come forward because he wonders. Thank thank you privacy. no-one make people divulge anything they don't feel comfortable during but luckily had people have gone through a lot of people who've leaving willing to speak out and so when you go to these cows and stuff like that you're able to hear these stories like oh my gosh this is why would give one it you know and and it takes a lot of courage to get up there. especially if you're at a very public event like baton and share that story I remember we were at a was the PTSD ESP symposium for the East Kansas va about probably two months ago and they had a gentleman Get up there to share his story. I mean it was like it was. It was so moving moving from my side. He could tell just how emotionally charged. It was for him and difficult in in some ways for him to be up there but I mean Neela. There's a there's a lot of very raw power when to having people share like that. If they're willing to do it I think is. It's so so strong it's in a non. The person that actually does a lot of interviews for basis Right and So I get these stories powerful Time has been moved to almost tears because yeah talking about what they've been through Struggling going along with that in in it's it's it's moving to hear these stories and it's impactful just this validates why I love being toward Headstrong Annetta Organization. Where we're doing something to help people deal with those things Is really interesting to do a lot of the stuff that you absolutely. So besides the price is right. What else do you guys got down coming down the pipeline liner now? Yeah you know outside that. Like national about to be on a CBS of unity. A profile on second-story very nice nightly news that will become now on next week Right at the end of the year in in really going into this next this year we got so much stuff coming up. We have so many events really trying to sit down and collaborate in it is but this is what I do. I'm interested in doing is really collaborating with individuals and organizations next job sending home with Kevin Love Fund. That's about ways that we were together on some sure you'll be able to find out like we can be got somebody to some national campaign. I'm working now Arizona cardinals within the We've been in saw. Then they want to start working with us so really really not a thing. We're going to start the off of all over the place. Yeah we did it in Jeff and I were talking about this yesterday. was that you know one. One of our big things is is. You know we've been at this about six months now we're at close to fifteen thousand downloads. Overall and the more we do things like this. Obviously the more the words it's GonNa get out but our big thing too. Is that the cool thing that we like is that we're we're starting to kind of like link organizations together that we support you know so like we have you guys coming home. We have the veterans project we at the Green Beret Foundation coming on and And that was our big thing that I really liked with with doing with you guys that I I really like that. There are veterans like actually out there helping other veterans and like trying to put the foot four like we're talking with VCPI about it and they're like you know we're they're about to blow it nationally as well as far ars getting Some popping up Dallas. DC late last five cities payments city. Saint Louis coming up and so I really feel like as much progress as veterans And better and based businesses and solutions agents have have come in the past ten years. I really think the next five years is going to be huge. I know I I completely agree with that. And the other thing is I look at it not only only from the fact that you know. We're this this services going forward with veterans and mine. I mean but we're really providing the not we you guys. The organizations organizations like you are really providing the model not only for veterans and active duty military but also for our society. As a whole. We're you know we're opening up conversation and it goes it right now. You know the focuses is there but it goes well beyond the bounds of just that group of people bill. I feel angry. Yeah I think that's what you start to see the military like leaving the final line so we like our organization is so unique the model on in what we do. How we about treating veterans that not interested in it could be replicated a month's society job because like the honors is like this mental health issue crisis not just solely relegated to better no not at all? It's something that civilians can understanding sanding. Go through as well and so really. Our model is easily Didn't replicated you down to the bare bones of it in terms of what we do how it works in how else people in no. I think we're really laid it out there in terms like this is a way to treat veterans in people who are dealing with some of these issues that are you know life so I really think that Whoa people come to find out about what we just continue to spread the word on health that you know the more that we're going to be able to inflict a suicide epidemic distorted orange and that's erase another really good point there that you know the fact that it as it is veterans. Yeah that are you taking the lead positions in in Kinda this This deal is that there's best. There's kind of that military mindset the comes within there's a lot of just strength and power the justice. Simplicity of the way that that. y'All WanNa go at the problem you know. There's you guys WanNa get you guys WanNa do it as efficiently as possible possible and there's not there's not kind of all these other ideas had dangling off it's very you know sing. Very singular type purpose in so you tend to get great results with that. Yeah Yeah and you know what we do is is You know we're helping people doing. I'm doing it in a way that it just hasn't been done but when you think about it I mean it's really simple in right. It's easy like you said you it because what we're doing is we're just or partnering with what class the Niche all over the United States. And we're we're giving them their market rate to treat treat and so we said we uniquely figure out which they're back with veteran coming through our doors and leaking together Able to get treatment once a week so I mean think about it like there's a lot more of what we do and go and turn the arches Rutley look at it firm is a rod you. It's actually pretty simple. Overdoing like our healthy. The people in in something that like you really feel like is changing landscape bettern from people in society. Jim that I mean we talk about basically That the one thing that stuck out to me with what you're saying that you basically you guys look at the veterans that are coming through the door and then you say okay. We had this therapist and we think this would be the best suit for them. Is that kind of how it goes exactly. So you know these therapists all have it bring on accreditation ripe on licenses ince's specifically well In so when people come through our doors whether it is at the with disease with his nose to sexual trauma whether it's More injuries that who started CPAP of more Mike example by germ so why they're not directly in combat. You know there have youth that are new inside of them they feel like this term struggle trying on right to mind rain so the there's a lot of different things that people suffer and then you help and so when we make them up with therapists with one of them up with their best suited to to help them get through whatever it is young. Yeah an APP in the other aspect of that too. Is You know therapies a very personal experience and you don't always always jive with the with the first therapist that may you may come across the ninth or yeah And so yeah. I think that that's really powerful. Fool you know the fact that you guys get. That's that's where we are. We do such a good job in the betting Rises adjourned of linking people together really like a we highlights are high like that because that's why thank So much attention to details but into you know who to link them up with what's best for the letter that militate all that in consideration it's not just a one size fits all type solutions. Yeah and that's that's like the only downfall I will say about and I think the VA is wonderful. But I think that that's that's the only downfall. is they kind of just sticky with WHO's in your area and I had a wonderful therapist. She was a very very nice lady but she was a I would call her more. Ah a positive psych kind of person so I would say things like super rational like yeah. It's a mill semester. I think this Friday. I'm just GonNa fly to Peru and dude. DMZ in the jungle. And she would be like. You should do that. And I know I need you to tell me not to do that. And she guy no. That's really what you WanNa do you. Thomas do it and I was like no. I listen to Joe Rogan podcast. And like I probably should not do that. And she's like you should do it. You should do it right now. I might do Jesus Lady. She was so sweet but I was like this is just not working for me. It was just more fun than it was therapy at that point. You know so. I think that's where we're so focused on the of each individual In what they need. I think that's where we can separate ourselves thousands Delegates attention. You tell did not every veteran saying not every veteran's You know the same issue So when they come into our program we really tailor what we do toward what they need in. I think that's where why do I say our program could essentially be equivocated I'm not sure that anybody else is going to put the attention to detail right. Really share about the veterans coming into our program. Saying that I I was just gonNA say again. It's kind of that personal touch that comes from having been through the process yourself and knowing you know I guess you know being it's one thing to know about something is another thing to experience something and I think that's a yeah that's important distinction to make especially you know when when you're talking about things like mix matching people with therapist matching people with appropriate programs that you know that there's no Tom Mature. There's no Woah. Yeah there's just there really is no substitute for that having not experienced and and I guess kind of knowing how to how personally like on a personal level how oh difficult back in the navigating that so and that's I that's I think that's really important that you can take those experiences and translate them into the experiences that people or walking through your door are going to have an how your higher shaping those experiences site and also to. I think that each veteran while different you know they all want to be treated as individuals right like the all wants to be we all. We all want to know that people care about people have our best interests at heart. I think that's what we do. That's that's it really is the foundation of just one veterans. Were here for them to net. o- aw so when when you started I because I know you're in prints all over this stigma series. When how did that come about when you started already doing it? And because I I've read a few of them especially the one you guys just posted and they're very personal to be honest and I mean obviously very interesting but very very personal I i. I read the latest blog post. I think it was what two or three days ago. Now Yeah it was extremely well written very very good but very personal and I was like wow okay and so yeah so I would be remiss to say that this was Some idea that I can give a media a partnership with brain the same provision of New York WanNa see three or four years ago in a series in how backward wasn't how people like drawn to that so I was like you know I would love to replicate that except for just only better and Are People that are in the veterans face like I did want Veteran but Iraq stuff like that. So our 'cause I really wanted to. I really want people to hear these stories of better because you know everyone always says thank you for your service or follow down. They truly know whether thanking people for oil why we should be grateful. And so you know I was like what's the story until I had a replicated agreements model of using your with the thing. Brennan's is what makes I think that when I'm I'm doing different. Is that a lot of time to just kind of a highlight of a problem that they've had or an issue that they're dealing with it whereas line of our I should say Sean it's the Arcus they're still. I want people to understand because especially when it comes to trauma trauma or when it comes to know. Somebody's story in things that they're dealing with like only solely just one event thing that happened in Indonesia Pakistan. Change Your Life like a lot of time you see will be. Gold wound drove against New England. So thanks from your childhood or things that happened to you early on in your life in our pounded by not being after young. So now I really wanted to argue these people stories and let them know like that starts. The beginning are starting to beginning the middle and then whether at now in I think that's been. There's obviously been a lot of information information that comes out with these stories right like gone through it. Sounds like a real util. I'm never I think I feel like that's really the impact for part of it is just alley. Got to the point that they were there now. Yeah it I I think the other thing is people people want that complete story like. Oh you don't want for there's something about taking a snap shot out of the story. That just seems some in some ways almost authentic and I think that I think when you do oh you do show that whole arc. It tends to at least at least for me personally. I feel like when when I know the whole when I see the whole picture it it turns out a lot more power for me for some reason so understanding no right so like I'll say my stories are visually aren't want to speak about mine late Ni- I've profiled myself early on. Because I felt like I wanted to. I felt like in order for me to be able to ask other people to tell her story. Like I hadn't seen in what you said in terms of intensity by seeing more authentic comedic field to reach out. Nah people to do this about data myself. So I'm only GONNA speak to mind but for example you know with my story like when you hear about. It's a thing that went through early in childhood. It makes more sense as to know why that was compounded when I went through so the military stereo after the fact with dramatic Like that so y that ultimately led me to therapy right so that's why not. Only their authenticity. Pissy feasts also It just tells a wider northbound version of why people get therapy. Why the suck it gives you your own personal journey men to to highlight it and that's Definitely that Super Important Jeff. And I've talked talked about that before. Four I mean my dad was in my life but I was raised by single mother. You know and as I got older I believe that a lot of things from my childhood I was raised in a not. Not a poor your household but definitely lower the middle class and you know going through a lot of those things that society itself push dressers on you and trying to overcome come that and then you start compounding it with things when you get older and no and then you know anxiety starts creeping in and stuff and it's hard to deal with especially when you just never dealt with it before you know ages ages. It's really the whole monkey on the back kind of thing and it. It was hard for me. There were days where like I wasn't getting out of bed like at all lie rough. Well I think the other really good point you raises you know. It's it's a lot of times. It's the combination of these things you know. It's not just oh I joined the military and something happened there. It's it's you know there's there's factors beyond just that and like I said I that's interesting that's actually not something in my ignorance that I've actually really had anybody speak about before so I I think that's that's really fascinating actually the night. So it's interesting bigger Thomas. They wouldn't said about not being a bit. You don't tell that story say that right now podcast. Maybe or if you didn't know what you know if you would feel like oh if I only want like this going through this. It's funny because I'm let's say that in Saint I'm like Oh yeah I've been there was Better like Nah. I can remember two years ago. I didn't get advantage so it's thirty. PM Up in the house like what is wrong with me. Why my sort of crashed and I really felt like it was just a issue that I was dealing with them? So that's why I think what you guys are doing. So orden Because you're normalizing this for people letting them know understand like okay. You've been through this as well so that we can play to. The the other thing is is just that idea of isolating in general I mean is that such a huge. I mean I think what we interview the Suicide Prevention Coordinator at East Kansas via. You know that that's one of the things he said that. That's probably the most common flagged for just about anyone with mental health issues. That idea that you're isolating in yourself and that's the that's the staying in bed. That's the I'm not gonNA leave my house or I can only go to the grocery store. You know. Eleven o'clock at night when there's not going to be anyone around that those sorts of things and I know for me personally like if the isolating aspect is such as I track my mental health. Moving forward Yo if somebody invites me to go do something just for no particular reason. I'm like I don't feel like doing that I i. It's really one of those things where I have to step back and say okay. What what Nelson going on then right now? That's making me feel like that. That's definitely like for me one of my big things that my other ones like not taking care of myself. That's like not eating right not not not working out not taking my medicine that that sort of thing But yeah like like you said. I think that that's such. That's that's a really huge one for most people that that the idea of isolating themselves. We have a podcast coming up with a say Casey filmmaker and a director of I I don't I don't know what she's director about both for autism and she is a huge myth thing a Advocate and they're doing like these whole webs nine the web series like an actual film series called this. This is me so I think this is music or something like that and and I have to look it up. It's our notes and the issue was texting me and she really WanNa come on and talk you guys and I'm going to bring the the film director on and we're GONNA talk are movies releasing in January and I was like yeah. Sure come on in one. She was she was texting me. She was like yeah. You know I've been there before without me. Even town counting. I've gone through and she was like I was. I was the one that like couldn't get out of bed days and she was like an. I would forget the last time I showered and stuff like that dino real that is like you you know you know we're just taxing like it's normal because it is you know but like if somebody else read that that like hadn't talked anyone they'd be like where there's other people that do this to this. It doesn't. I'm not just like this one person who in it's not meant so many people you know it's crazy so it is so important share stories. Oh yeah the woods. So people won't so I sleep and I think that's that's a great thing about technology burs much as people wanna say the negatives what about technology like it also helps us to kind of come together and understand what each individual's gone through. And so even I mean I'm from broader view like I can understand what's going on now a little bit with China progessive without that technology accessible You're absolutely right that that I feel like me personally. Probably out of the boat. We we talk a lot of trash on social media and the Social Media Age but like you think about this. You know probably ten years ago. We wouldn't even be able to do what we're doing right now. The fact that you're halfway across the country and we're shooting a podcast and we've got video of each other it's like there's there's definitely for all the drawbacks. There's there's just as many there's just as many positive things about it. I think that's what this was intentionally. It is a lot of this stuff was essentially you know wanted to be used for good in the queue. The dolgin the step we obviously league too far. Yeah I mean we tend to do. We all have dualistic approaches lighting. Like yeah like is just it is it was it. Would I think initially we use us for stuff like this where we cannot relate to one another like that earns thing well Matt. I know you're busy. I Man I know you have to go sue you in closings or anything else. You WanNa say about Headstrong Maybe rapid force artist say is Gauntlet Program. Outside of the fact that I'm right now let's speak about some money where this is life changing What we provide all people The carrot which were in we each individual person Or change in life. And I know that because I hear these stories not talk to people and don't do it myself. I could say that anybody who is maybe on the a fence about getting health. I wonder reach out our really worried because or will we do. They saves lives in testing Martian unity. In outside of this. Look we're always grateful. Reform or BOOM WANNA get involved with our program financially or start awareness stuff like that but at the end of the day foundation is. It's only been about veteran while helping people about you know acting that inside so it would like to know more about what we do. Go to head Shonda or You follow us on. Is Agreement. Edstrom twitter at had shrunk Faraj in had trump project on facebook. And I think you'll have a better understanding of what we do. If if you really look into the what we do you hear these stories and you get to know the kind of level who were up. I think it will help. People understand why this is so necessary in tackle. Yeah we just want to say thank you so much for taking an hour out of your day to come on with us this has been really Enjoyable for US and your we hope guys continued. You just great things absolutely Yankee Guy. Some appreciate no. Thank you so much I appreciate it. And hopefully we can collaborate in the future man. I I really enjoyed this lot. Absolutely guests are all right everybody. Hey that was Matt McCoy from the Headstrong Project. Make sure you look them up. The website and social media gave out always you can find us at the Kensington Corner and the Kensington. SINC- one on twitter Aguinaga

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ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY!

1:44:38 hr | 4 months ago


"How this program is a proud member of you. Need voice unified unique voices learn more at unidos pods dot net. Hello my name's. Patrick and i must scream queen. I'm scream queen and seller you o. Again beating the screamers and welcome to another episode. Osgood queens the podcasts. Were horror gets gay and for the month of june. We're going to be getting extra gay. Why why really why. Because it's this is episode three hundred seventeen and tonight. We're going to be taking a look at the movie within a movie. Within a movie massacre the movie that was before that was the nineteen ninety-one slasher popcorn starring jill show and d. wellstone anton blurred and to do that. I'm going to be joined by two very special. And should i stay. Loves guests the world. Famous actor. From podcast mr dan dominguez and fell in new york city. Gay men's chorus. Chorine peter adamson but before we go a step further. Please allow me to introduce myself. Hi my name. Is patrick walsh. And ever since two thousand ten. I've been your guide through the weird and wonderful world of horror movies but little one you yes you are gonna have to see them through my very gay little as it. Hey tinkle tinkle t heat t with a fuck. Did that come from what's going on. Scream queens headquarters you ask well. I'll tell you things are opening up in new york city. It's slow it sure. Things are starting to get back to semi normal and it's weird and it's scary and i'm going to babysit going and going to the movies every now and then go to a birthday party last week. For for for matt knife met knife you met in the which episode and the touch the titans episode. And he's gonna be here next week or next episode to talk about what your bigger number maker anyway with. Got to go to his birthday party i to meet him in person. I got to meet his husband. Scott who was also on the word episode. Doug shapiro and his husband was there who's the fifth wheel doesn't have a husband may have a good time. Yes was it weird freaky. Yeah actually but you know what i mean. It less freaky defected. Everybody there at some point took a moment to stop and say you know what this feels really weird freaky to this many people and it wasn't that many people but it'll be less weird frigging next time and that's a good thing or is it. I don't know because i do like a weird freaky but not that kind of weird freaky anyway. You know what i'm talking about. Hey i want to say thank you to everybody who has been sending messages and checking into see how smooching is doing which i guess means. It's time for bump bump smooth you watch. She added the data world's going on with their cat and they're is fabulous. Patrick she's always been fabulous. Yeah i know she's always been fabulous. But i think i mentioned last time. I started her back on her. Katie prozac routine. She's different cat she's friendly. She's happy all the time. She cuddles weeks. It's fantastic longtime will remember that. I did have her on that when i first got her when she was wild. But since you suffer from hyper student. I had it on this other job a pendant. Apparently the both of them together concentrated her so badly that it put her in the hospital. We almost lost. But now i'm working with the different veteran. Were done with micro doses of kenny day. Day whole different katie. Whole different world. I'm not gonna senior latin song because that's just ridiculous so so if you might be wondering why. Are we doing popcorn for pride month. There's nothing gay about this made by gay people. It's not about gay people. there's gay subtext. Why are we doing well. There are gay people gay person. I'm doing popcorn to shine a spotlight on the late. Great gay actor tumbler. If you're around in the eighties. Tom velarde. He was everywhere. He was like the dollar store version of tom. Hanks and i don't mean to say to demean him but it was pretty much. If you couldn't afford tom. Hanks you've got. Tom villard instead because the same physical type their gangly. The same kind of humor. Not to say that tomlin's talented but you know anyway. He was everywhere. Game like new queen lived on game. Shows we'll get into all that in the show but he was gay had to live in the hollywood closet because the crisis he was sick with aids making this movie and still turns into bravo performance. And just want to get yards a him for this episode of popcorn. Two is that it's been kind of forgotten over. The years really talked about popcorn that much which is weird because when it came out huge critical success critics loved it. But it flopped. It flopped at the box office hard on interstate and drove. And i'll admit when i saw it is kind of what parts of it were really incredible overall. It's kind of big hot mess. Every time i see it. I like it a little bit more and i've seen it a lot now over the years and really see what it what it was trying to do that. It's this love letter to time. Gone by this time of hollywood showmanship that doesn't exist anymore when he didn't have to put out a movie and every would flock to it. You had a turkey. Solitaire sizzle instead of the piece of shit. Move your head. So you got all those gimmicks going. It was crazy. Promotional gimmicks pharma bags and free burial service if you died of fright. All william castle. Crap doesn't happen anymore. This this movie loves it. And what i love about this movie to that. It's a movie about those hollywood gimmicks. The gimmick about this movie about hollywood gimmicks killer also has a gimmick and that gimmick is the gimmicks it kills people with the gimmicks from his all moving. So it's a movie about gimmicks with a killer who uses giving gimmicks that make sense probably not which means. I think it's about time to start the show so everybody stepped right up. Take your seats. Don't be late. Because you're in for the shaggy lifetime. Because going to bring on dan dominguez and peter adamson and we're gonna talk about sub pop cau- right after we lose new trailer before the horror halloween before the feet of of a nightmare on illness was being used later. Something happening here. Looking. they're small. someone takes her hand. She's running man comes towards entering bye in a box. So it's june here scream queens actually just doing everywhere else as well but that means that it's gay pride month and so we've picked a little bit unusual that what we usually do during pride and it's very unusual very unusual guest with me first up we have a returning guest. You'll remember him. He was here back in october. John carpenter month when he talked about the movie. Someone's watching me since then he's been on new webster dam on nbc because he is a world famous actor whose dimples are registered weapons in forty seven states. Ladies and gentlemen poisoned girls at my gnc's wherever you may be pleased. Welcome back mr patrick. It's always a pleasure to be with you. Whenever i get the invitation. Just get a little chill through my body. No of job too so good to see you again. Wonderful all the. Please turn off your camera because people's threatening me. I know too much too much. He's got looks that kills. It's my secret weapon. Wait a minute. I just heard a knock on the door somebody else here. Did you bring a guest. I invite anybody. We have a mystery date. Mr mr redid. No it's just. I'm just kidding. I know who it is our next guest. It's a first timer. Everybody please be nice. He seems to be in the new york city. Gay men's chorus surprised with the psycho biddy university and his are never ever brown. And yuki ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Please welcome for the very first time. Scream mr peter adams boy he's waving it's the it's the first time he's waiving on earlier. Podcast well down. I'm gonna keep waving. I'm gonna keep acting like people can see me so you suck even through window. But i'm happy to be your. Thank you excellent excellent. So are you nervous. Scared now really. I thought it would be. But i'm not. Everyone's always nervous their first time Well i i. This isn't my first time. I actually have been on a podcast before this. He's been cheating on you. Patrick he lied not to timer. Guess let nothing fun. Is this one though. Okay so the movie that we are here to talk about is the nine hundred ninety. One curious little film cult popcorn. A film with acquainted quoted conflicted history and in maine technical difficulties in an unusual film overall Dan you've been here so often. I'm not gonna make you do this. Peter peter welcome to your initiation. Peter i need you to give me a nice tight back at the. Dvd plot summary of the film popcorn. Please don't try to summarize the whole film. it's a thirty second. Pretend that i'm a movie producer. An elevator with you and you have thirty seconds to pitch that script to me all right so film class decides to put on a film festival in amidst showing a three separate films a slasher film playing out in the world of the film done. Okay well done very good for your first time. Very danube anybody. You wanna ended up. I wanted to add that film student. Maggie is having terrible nightmares about lanyard gates who was a murderous cult leader and that that also plays into the the the horror film festival in a scary so terrifying way. Okay good all right personally. Gone with the launch. I would have gone with the launch of the new league. Press on faith line goes horribly awry and story killer is also stealing people's faces and impresses upon like a president face. What i think is fascinating about this movie. That's only occurred when we were sitting there waiting for you guys. Was that a movie. That's about movies with gimmicks about the whole era from the fifties when every movie had some kind of crazy to get butts in the seats. The killer in is killing people with gimmicks That's his weapon with really cool with the same gimmicks timed with an inch of itself. It's super meta at a time. When not many movies were being met. Are like scream. Have not come on the scene yet. So it's really for for what it is. It's really interesting. Yeah also. I had to make i saw in the theater when it came out because i i'm aging myself. I saw popcorn in the movie theaters. Too i was taking up to the balls of my crib cried. Grandma grandma wouldn't give me my pacifier. They said this is rated r. You can't come in here you're seven. You're a baby. So i just bought a. I just bought a ticket to fantasia. And they're both like he can do anything he wants. But listen to theaters because confession time. And i've talked on the show before at this point nine hundred ninety one. I'd give up hard movies. It's at post post. One thousand nine hundred eighty eight when tipper more kind of started clamping down. The mpaa started clamping down. Everything got really like musty. Everything garbage this year of the lawnmower man. Yeah right the ninety s era for horror movies now and ninety one win silence of the came out to after this so that sort of made made horror not only know office material again that also oscar worthies so it kind of gave some cachet millers gave some cash later. The again cash cachet. he's french. Shake cachet shale way shape day. People never met the signs of the lambs is. How're so the fact that you save cute. But i mean it's still taboo and the thing is i went to see. I thought the title was horrible. I do but i think the critical reviews were great new york times love. Entertainment weekly loved it. Variety led the everybody loved the movie. And it flop. Like a fucking tart flop flop eye. Flopped artists made up of new thing. Now our our our money didn't help. And even though i had problems with it he was so much better than anything else was coming out at the time and so knew that it was like a breath of fresh air for the genre gave me hope but was coming for the future and nothing could happen till nineteen ninety-six game came out. I did. I read some of the reviews. They all called it little nifty. I think those are two words that sorta came out again and again little bike rider profile and owen glieberman gave it gave it a b and entertainment weekly. And he's he's he's no slouch no no. He was a friend of horror movies. I gotta take league. When i was a kid and i loved his reviews because he was always very kind to them. He was very fair when reviewing our from our movies. Yeah right because he knew what the audience you knew what they were supposed to do to be fair this this. This movie was pretty fresh. This whole thing with with this movie. The movies within movies and using what's in the movies to kill people it was wasn't like anything else at the time and it still isn't like anything else wasn't really gory. They've managed to walk that line that because that was a lot of the problems with these movies would come out and get hacked ribbons and you can feel that emptiness but this this movie. I was listening to all the extra material that they were aiming for. Pg thirteen and he's wouldn't give it to them. They're like well. Why not there anymore. It's like it's too intense like well. What seems we'll cut them and we don't know it's just too intense when you guys saw the film where there are. Many people in the theater is packed. Yeah it was packed really interesting because they didn't do good albany new york. So what else is there to do office inside. It was warm probably winter. I don't remember what the crowd was like. I remember okay. I remember it not leaving a great impression on me. Just this is not the type of slasher film that i go for So i like like campy. Scampi slashers are not my favorite. I like the grittier sort of Darker and this movie has aspects of that but most of it's pretty silly. And so i sort of didn't i sort of put it out of my head after i saw it and thought that's cute. There's so many people in it. That i like it has that. That sort of charm factor. Because there's so many aspects of it and people in it and actors and the music is by paul zaza who i love so it had that quality but but it didn't it didn't linger understandable. I say my thing is so much of the movie. I like except i think he dies in the last real. Yes the whole thing. The whole the whole finale. Like man doesn't it doesn't work from it. Never worked. But i i get through it because tom velarde is slang. It's his tour. He's a tour de force performance by him. That last half hour. Tom lord is the reason why i picked this movie to do for gay pride month because this was a gay actor at the time when you could not begin hollywood and not like he can't be now but like you really couldn't. Nobody would hire you because you were an insurance risk because the aids crisis and he was very sick at the time and he pulled through this incredible performance. And i think it's great. And i think it is right in his career. It's probably his biggest most lead role right this. I beg to differ. He was on got. It made for five years after the hit series. Nbc for five years. it was indicated. Most of that time. I don't care it was on for five years. I watch every single. Damn episode. Because i had i had a crush. His roommate in the show. Matt mccoy matt mccoy. I can't wait till we talk about. We got it made into his map. Mccoy dad from hand that rocks the cradle. Yes yes yes okay. I told his kademi five. That's bitten in half and in deep star six. Oh right and isn't that crazy. Yeti movie abutment abominable great. Gory movie does now he does. Tv commercials for some sort of medical bracelet. I think it's a medical bracelet where you press. If you're in an emergency and he's he's still a handsome guy but he's a guy who i think he's probably what mid sixties now still handsome. But you're like oh you're in a komo you're in this series of commercials you go. Nobody remembers the you. But that's okay impact. Okay here's a say okay. We're not supposed to be talking about matt. Mccartney here's the thing he was on. He was on hollywood squares. What's the last week. I went down this rabbit hole. I was looking up stuff about tom. Lord and they went up watching all these all. These goddamn game shows that nobody remembers anymore and this fucking tumbled fucking lived on password. Plus he was on their contest. Password plus crazy shows like body language. And don. I don't remember any of these things matt mccoy was on high with squares. And who's the host on that gene creepy guy with a little mike leader on match game. Hollywood squares. I'm sorry i'm hollywood squares and peter marshall peter marshall thank you. Peter marshall had gone up and was talking directly to him up his little square. And they're just talking about whatever's going on his career and mets talking and then he finished talking about whatever it was going on in his career and john. Marshall just looked in the camera goes. I don't know if you people can see it from where you're sitting out there. Matt mccoy has a hairy chest and he made met mccoy unbuttoned shirt and show his heritage. I got i was gonna. That sounds like something. Paul should have done. Our soul was long gone. But emily circle gets the boehner. They did not know about this movie at all until this time through that was produced by bob clark. Yeah whoa he's not in an he's he's not in the credits no he's not he's not he's not there he's in the credits but it's like it's not him. The three bob clark's son was onset is another makeup special effects guy. Also named bob clark. Not related to the three bob. Clark's move. But bob clark was a producer bob clark. Black christmas. you'll play with things. Porkies a christmas story baby geniuses. He hears guy working on this movie. I wonder i mean. Did you find out any information. Because i did a little bit of research. I couldn't find why he goes on credited because he was such a force behind this movie. He was doing other things in his career. This baby geniuses year he'd moved onto family films. And he's like i really wanna to do a horror movie but i don't wanna be have my name attached to it because it's going to mess up the middle of the brand or something like that. My my favorite things about this movie is that is totally. Shot in jamaica and totally looks like jamaica. It's not willing to los angeles. I love that and also like i mean obviously obviously shot it because they got tax breaks or something they got there was a businessman who is trying to make kingston jamaica. Film up back up so he he he paid for them to come to the movie there so yeah huge breaks which caused shoot problems of course but then most of the film is really set in doors so you could have shot it really anywhere. But then then tony roberts probably wouldn't have said yes because he got a free trip will any of them they all got a free trip to jamaica paid to go to jamaica amazing All right just wanna go through this cast because we've been babbling along time Leading it up as jill show woman who is everywhere in the eighties. Stepfather phantom of the opera. Cutting class with with brad. Pitt brad pitt. I never liked her. I never liked her. And i only realized now i just don't like her roles. Okay sorry. I started a couple of days when she's really good actress but she's always in the lead role and the final girl is always the most family written character Often interesting and is here to be a beacon of virtue but now they've seen stepfather again as an adult. I can say wow. She's actually got some range. This characters got some edge. Had some surprises tour that she doesn't normally get another movies and it's not her fault veteran upbringing them. They're either not written there for her character to do or she's not directed to do so one of the other who's who'd is voice remind you have. I couldn't quite place. It is it melanie. Linski is melanie. Linski there's some actress some actress today that that seems soda. maybe see. I know one of the things that bothered me about her. And this is totally something. That's not in her control. Her voice i had some kind of lp children's lp. I don't wanna say to disney l. p. She sounds just like all these voices on that. Lp she's gotta chill so whenever she's speaking. I'm thinking of allison wonderland or some shit. But it's not her. I can't race who it is either. But not demi moore because demi moore smokey. She's got hers is more high in childlike weird quality to i dig it. But it also freaks me out jill showing up the tumbler talked about speaking of demi moore. He made his film debut in parasite with demi moore. Tyler did right. Yes and of course. Greece do harper age with clint eastwood. My girl Yes mostly cut though. Unfortunately he was brad that the twins were thinking about it in the talent show yes yes has a solo line and the reproduction number. I'm gonna be sick. Of course your gates says oh. I think i'm gonna throw throw off. What about his recurring role on the golden girls. That's where i know tom velarde. That's true that's true. Students golden girls. Yeah he appeared twice on the golden girls over the course of several but twice playing two different characters which the golden girls would do a lot they would have the same actor comeback but played two different characters as a young young kid watching. You're like wait a minute. That's not the same daughter. The guy that's the guy who played the lawyer in the episode from season one. Why would they do that. It's funny how do they not recognize him. No one over a member. Eleanor remember. i d wallace. We've got wallace in love in class. D wallet don't apparently. She had a baby like five minutes before the movie started. So like whenever she wasn't onset had rocking that lesbian do by the way rocking it having a whole lot of the hawk. Now i understand the do because you just had a baby fuck it. I don't want can't take it all off. Yeah i love dee wallace stone. I also just want to point out the kelly. The unkillable kelly jo minter is in this. She went up against freddie everything. It's that you never say. Never the final girl but she never she. The people under the stairs didn't get her no the vampires and lost boys didn't get her. Did they get her in las boys. No i don't think they did. She's unkillable i love. Her upper also has also has an interesting like smokey kind of voice. Right where where. It seems like the voice is going to go out any second. Yeah yeah okay. That's everyone else can do them come up as they go on all right so the opening shot of this film moist me out something. Like what am i looking at. Because it's out of focus. You're thinking about your faces that are just floating in jarve goo and it's pank is really paying them going. What are this is the right move. But we opened them his nightmare. What's we were opening up with. Joe show one maggie our main character having a nightmare. What's going on boys topping nightmare. Wealthy seeing lanyard gates right she seeing seemingly the head of of this supposed- film colt who someone or other who may or may not well at. That's i don't want to say more. Because if i say more gives away what happens he's murdering somebody real ritualistically and a little girl is running away from the scene. There's a lot of smoke. There's a big dagger So not really at lots of explosions. We're not really sure what's going on man. We find out that this is a recurring nightmare. Which found wakes up just talking about it with her mom and the kitchen one of the things. That's interesting about this movie. Is that they fired. They shot for three weeks the different actress in his role. Oh interesting fire her and fired the director. This whole i like the nightmare scene. And and and the scene the kitchen with d- walls jill show had gotten off. The plane did not have a script. Nothing had been up for like thirty six hours because she was sitting another movie and was actually asleep on the set. When the cameras are rolling they had actually going to wake her up But okay so it turns out that she's a film student so she's using as inspiration for her next film. Who is this mysterious man. Wherever it's cool it's like volcanic lava. Sarah stands transfixed like a deer in headlights. Sarah why did you name your character. Sarah. i dunno more dreams Yup i'm not getting any sleep but it's going to make a great film. I wonder orson welles dreamt citizen kane. I kids. This is patrick from the future. I just wanted to chime in here. Because i realize we got off topic. We get ahead of ourselves. Actually we got a little bit ahead of ourselves. Because they've getting of the movie. We this nightmare mercy as dan described and peter that this creepy guy long wig swords fire explosions and she's running in a fabulous diaphanous and count. What maggie does not know his things. This is a regular nightmare. It's just a recurring nightmare. She doesn't know who lanyard gates she's never heard of lanyard gates. She does not realize that gives us an actual person who committed actual crimes. And she doesn't know that this isn't just a nightmare. It's a repressed memory. I just wanted to throw that out there. You know doesn't seem like an canadian beginning. Whenever the show. Can i ask a question just something. Procedural i if i wouldn't have read like a plot summary after watching. It wasn't clear to me like i mean. I figured out that it was a film class. But they just a sort of glossed over ride. I didn't know who was who i figured. Tony roberts was the professor. But tom villard and the blonde lady came off like the. Ta's or something. And i couldn't figure out what the hell was going on. i was like. Is this high school community college. They made some comment about them. Being the future filmmakers of america. And now it's like i'm jamaica high-profile school was like Go to the university of california at ocean view but has a placard. They made up to make kingston. Jamaica looked like southern california which isn't but did they then say why they needed to put on that film festival like that wasn't need clear to but he did it. It was really. It was really quick at the top of the scene there. They're saying that. The budget got slashed. The program the program budget got slashed. Because it's a new program and it's not fancy yet that's happening so she's in this film class and that's all wacky characters and one of the things that it's unfortunate about this film. You got a lot of great character actors in this that i've seen it a million other things the cast. You don't spend a lot of time with them because of the gimmick of a movie right because it's been so much watching these movies which is great. It's great part of the movie but unfortunately the trade off is that the characters are very thin. They're doing great work to be fair. I just want to know all of them in a little bit more. They're all likable. The thing is it just feels like we meet them in that class. We don't really meet them and then next thing you know. They're putting together this film festival. There's sort of no meat in between so you don't really get to really spend any time with them now and they all sort of check off a box to ride. You've got the disabled guy who got the urban girl you've got you know so it ends up. They end up just having to leave types as opposed to character the other thing. I don't like about the movie hater boyfriend. Why does he keep getting locked out. That's funny that's funny. I do like the fact that it keeps getting beaten up the whole movie clocks but could everything doesn't react to anything ever. He's just bland. he's just a pretty face. Boring boring. Boring is very aggressive at the beginning. And then he's plan like kinda mouth. Rapes are at the beginning. Yeah he's like. Hey we're fucking watch grants right now. He says i've got my script and that what. We don't know anything about scripts i'm like. What are you talking about. I want you maggie right. Now let's go back to my place. I'm dying without sex and sex with you on any level is not safe. Come on maggie one. Would you give us a chance. Hope i'm crazy about you. But i'm not gonna show me on forever not. I'm just concentrating on my script right. Now you're right script. This is really important to me. I just can't let anything distract me. Okay okay i see. I just hoped i'm still around. You decide to get distracted. Her nightmares grabbed talk. So she she talks into the the tape she tells she recounts her nighters nightmares into this tape so that she can put that into the script later but yeah we don't get in the sense that she's you know typing away at the script that she's locking herself away everything out of her life so she can write this masterful script about her nightmares and i don't think we know anything about them. Being mood film students right like they haven't been classy as it just comes off. Very random mob was talking. She said her conversation with de wall. She's like it's gonna make a greater script for my film. it's just like little. It happens fast. Yeah well someone who's watched it once. It is a lot to take in. Especially if you don't know where it's going. I who are these people was ebonic. Yeah one of my favorite things to my favorite thing in any movie is when you have a getting ready montage and the completely unnecessary musical number and this has both happy very happy. 'cause we're we're barely into the movie and we've got to get in ready montage when they take over this theater and their fix everything up. Oh i'm sorry we jumped ahead. We have we get the idea for the whole idea of the film festival that they're going to do we could stand out is that they're going to be showing old horror movies. Well wait a minute. What made you think people are gonna pay six bucks to see some crappy old movie. They wouldn't even ran for ninety nine cents because you can't see mosquito at home in Three what's it called project vision right. Can you watch The stench authentic o'driscoll aromarama guards given the theater in lots of movie or the amazing electrified. Man in shock o scope. And that's why they're going to pay ten bucks see. Everyone of these pictures was originally released with some kind of a promotional gimmick. Yeah which we're going to recreate for our audience only with improvements so on the one hand it'll be a total gook and on the other hand we're going to scare the living shit out of and what's gonna put butts in. The seats is that they're playing these all stickers from the nineteen fifties and sixties that had these crazy gimmicks these william castle style gimmicks that they just don't do anymore and then to make sure they get everything right the all the gimmicks authentic they enlist the help of rare walston academy award winner. Ray walston two time. Tony where wallace in from south pacific from my favorite martian from damn yankees the devil himself mr hand from fast times at ridgemont high. It was even a villain on friday the thirteenth series for my damn young listeners. He's always green for two days and they're the best is an old school. Hollywood also fater greats doubt. Now what you see. The priceless relics of a bygone era of showmanship i refer to myself but to the contents of these crates which i have stored and lovingly tended since my own youthful days as manager of adobe palace. Very much like the dreamland. We had theaters in those days. Not like these cindy omni multi optima plex things today with nine screens the size of postage stamps. And we had fun. The ballyhoo giveaways blue bullshit could tell you stories. The point is we put the butts in the seats where they belong bailey's now or two guys got in your festival our turkeys and not fresh turkeys even here. I am the master chef of showmanship to teach you how to turn those withered turkeys into a memorable moviegoing. Feast so step right up and we'll all get the starting dr m right. Isn't that what he's called. Yeah after i have apparent. Apparently i've looked at his name on. I'm debates like it's like the wii. Apparently ray walston could never pronounce his name in the film so they cut it and ray walston apparently came in like digit lefties. Like fuck fuck you man. He's an interesting. That's an interesting character. Because i thought well it's ray walston so he's got to come back at some point he's gotta reappear wisey in this movie he's he's giving day play a out jamaica. I'm gonna soak up some sun and buy some ganja and then go home. I'm gonna do my mama two minute. Monologue do my fucking broadway song and dance routine charm. The socks out of everybody's show these little ruts. How it's done and get the fuck outta town wit by we'd with me. They were setting him up as a suspect. Maybe again because that's true. I never even. When i thought i was never thinking suspect gates but hi. This is patrick from the future again. It's a nick. Left out of our conversation was how we find out who your gates. His what happens is they're setting up for the hearth on an in the box that ray walston gave him with all the crazy. Goofy profits is a real film. And we're not supposed to get another movie are we. What is this. do not open dangerous. So of course they open it and of course they play it. And it's experimental film called pozada which looks suspiciously. Like maggie's nightmares proposal grass and immediately maggie recognizes here. My god that's the guy where my dreams and passes the fuck out. And when she wakes up we find out that mr davis knows who langer gates's because he used to be one of his duties and was load across the audience laughed it off the stage possessor was his response. How do you mean. He didn't like being laughed ad so he shot all of possessor except for the last seen when he showed the filming played the last seen live on stage. He murdered his family in front of the audience. Set fire to the theater locked. The doors. a lot of people were killed. I always thought the film and smoke too. But i guess a fragment of it survived so the group collectively decides fuck this. Let's just put this back on the cancer get it ever happened. Go on with the hearth on because what could possibly go wrong. Meanwhile maggie's have none of it. She's all freaked out about it naturally so of course he's going to bring it up to her mom suzanne who start to figure out knows a lot more than she's been telling us well i thought he would come back because they they do. Hint at something supernatural happening in the movie you know early on. And then nothing really comes d wallace. It's completely impossible was actually going to make any abbas. Yes no i thought. Maybe that was engineered by ray walston and then he was gonna come back and be supernatural but yeah the by. Yeah that would make sense. That would make sense but it doesn't happen but this is holding up. When a in these early scenes with with jill showing diaz walls is getting creepy phone calls. And lau sorry wrong nine And she she threatened to cut. You better come see me at the theater. Dreamland suzanne bring a nasty little gun. Suzanne international gun no reserve this. I wanted to Van tweet i dream and bring in this case i turn my back. Sushi goes to creepy all theater. Which apparently was was a real theater was really abandoned and apparently smelly past shows up like the letters come flying off the screen of all the letters flying off the marquee and like a different marquee pops up and all. This shit is happening. We who's the who's the booth. Who's running this. Who's writing this house this happening. When you realize that ghost you setting up a natural. I don't care. It ends up that possessor of ryan. It's it's something that poses a that's the whole thing. He wanted to possess her but he could not possessor. You know that's probably getting according to. I think that's one of the best teams in the movie to be to be honest. I just think it's atmospheric. I think it's kind of scary. I liked the music. I always love de wallison anything. She always brings genuine emotion to anything. I think that's one of the best scenes. That's one of the. That's one of the most. That's one of the scariest scenes in the movie. I think and yeah i agree. It's that's why forgive it yet. Well done it's well. Shot these this guy. This guy who came in who want to writing it. Mostly an actor did all the porky's movies new bob clark. That way. he's a regular on the show bosh on amazon but he came in. He directed a short before and got plopped into this and had no script the starts shooting and apparently that was one of the first thing that he was shooting. Was this wall seen. I have no idea what's going on in this movie at all. But let's do this because it was all him. He did a great job but he did a great job key lights on her. What ki- like they got on her face this whole scene. And you don't see that low budget. Movies are rumors that bob clark did step in and either co direct or completely direct parts of this movie so yes well as as this guy mark. Oh gosh mark harrier marquette marquez. He was always over my shoulder and the thing is they were so behind schedule. There were parts like you have to do this. I have to do this like you. Bob was running second unit so he was directing part of the film but is but he was gone obeying what mark said. I didn't mark carrier. Just do the film within a film sequence. No that was. That was eleanor's be aldars beef. Those of you might remember from old bob clark. Movies like children shouldn't play with dead things. Okay i got it mixed up. He's a weird guy who led the weird theater troupe and apparently he was really weird real-life and did a great job with the movies within a movie. Yeah but they took. They took way too long way over budget and he was really lazy with the regular part of its. You gotta go and take this. If i mean there though segments are really well done. I mean they capture the time. They capture the style of those movies. They capture the camp. So i can see how could become obsessed with them there. They turned out really great and the acting in them. Yeah yeah marquel. You're even says on the documentary when he was brought in with no script into anything and he finally got to sit down and see rushes the first thing that they showed them was the footage from these fate movies. And he's looking at them. Going this brilliant. What's the problem. Why did you fire this guy. This is the best thing i've ever seen. But then when he saw the russia's of the rest of the movie he's like. Oh now i get it. The energy is totally. All those shot. Miami miami and i did. I did also read that. Like in the scene with dee. Wallace and other scenes like they would shoot the exterior of the theater and then the interiors were shot in toronto. Oh no y- oh yeah. No you're here go. The the exteriors are shot in kingston. The the interior audience. Part of the theater was shot in kingston. Almost anything that happened on stage was in toronto. Toronto the sound was and the whole movie was looped a may yes. I saw three countries. This movie get mad and has plays everything. Apparently jill showing hardly ever worked with most of the cast. She wasn't in scenes with them so it was interpreting spliced into stuff so and they had working around all this footage the fact that came out at all. It's amazing there may sense and also if you look closely you can still see the original actress. Sometimes in the background. Montages very noted the montage bomb batch. Amy o'neill who was. Who was the daughter and honey. I shrunk the kids the older daughter. Okay let's talk about the movies That they're showing mosquito. Let me get big. nealer minimum. Suck the blood out of someone. Hold dame flopper. Efi three d. r. merger vision it's a spoof on a william castle's emerge a vision of which we used in house hundred hill where a giant skeleton and flew out over the audience. One of the things during during quarantine. I need boring shit to go to sleep for a while. There i was putting a riff tracks or t three k. Movies and a lot of them. Are this style of movie this. This particular american big bug monster movie And they nailed everything the fact that. It's all like military propaganda. It's all old. Rob rob america. We can do no wrong business. Nonsense half the movies stock footage. Yeah my favorite part was that the mosquito was afraid of jesus the cross and the classic scene of the pincer going through the roof of the car and sucking the guy dry. That special effect was perfect. I just love that. Little shrivelled that happened in the nineteen fifties movie. But i don't care. I don't care right and cork and corky walking away with. Excuse me surf. What is we got an emergency over fielding sponsor folks over there are that the larval reading wattage. What's his name like cubby. The actor was important in court. He can't be better credits. Is this kobe brown or something be So they they nailed both the actor and the character grow was serving face that segment. It's all very funny. It's all very funny. I love how quickly they decided to drop the atom bomb to just you know this robot i think we need to drop an atom bomb. And then they just do. I'm like on. There is no countdown or anything. It just count the people. Everybody's fine mosquito. Everybody's fine because america. Yes exactly for one sort of. I mean it's not a godzilla sized mosquito. It's like it's a mosquito but it's the size of a car. You gotta drop an atom bomb to kill that mosquito. It's one mosquito dan. it's the size of a nineteen fifties cars right right right big. Thank you very much. Thank you very much plymouth fury big yet. The other movie was the amazing electrical man about a guy who survived the electric chair and now had the power of electricity flowing through him all the time. So you can kill. People would get revenge on the whole world and woman. S see mine. Otis vernon when you get to heaven come my malar so low on a lotta your daddy and electro rama some yes. It's which of course is a spoof on ruined castles the tingler which was shot in perceptible vision. Where certain seats in the audience were set up to a lack of electrically shock the audience. What could possibly go wrong. There's no lawsuit. Let's see a lot of that but the movie was dead on that on that. Same kind of dead seriousness. Techn- everything really really seriously and you could tell everything. Shot one takes everything. I thought the effects and now one were cool. The electricity in that it held up even by today's special effects standards. I felt like the electricity within the inmates in the spreading out to the to the rest of the populace also helps that. It's in black and white so you can see. You can't see sort of the scenes. And so i think that special effects look better and stars. What's his name john. is it john glover. Who was kristen's dad. It we all know that. I did not know. That crispin glover's debt. I didn't know he was an actor. And that's his that's him. They had an extra thing on the dvd. That was like an interview with whoever glover. And it's not john. I know it's not writing monday. David donald something like that. But it's not something. It's bruce leverage just looking up but as i don't know who that is i'm not gonna watch. There's no time there's no time other things to talk about. And it's a random folk couldn't even be on the dvd com dirt. Yeah but all that and it's funny analyst. when is the stench. Which is the one we get to see. The least yeah. We don't know much about the stench. What is that. i don't know it doesn't smell like forecast to me not me. I'm not so sure or whatever. It is getting worse. it's japanese that's about. All we know japanese steph unease and and it's filmed in aromarama or odorata or whatever and people say. Oh that's that's a rip off of the john waters polyester and i say no somebody else did it. I kind of scent of mystery filmed in smell-o-vision. Yes smell-o-vision you thought aromarama was bad smell-a-vision so just by the way that elizabeth taylor was in a movie that was filmed and smell-a-vision in polyester you got scratch and sniff cards smells on because there was nobody ever gonna try aromarama ever again because it classically didn't work people got sick. 'cause fogging the audience the whole different smells and it just blended together and and the fog would build up and people can see the screen. You can watch the movie which is why you're at the movies. Oh they did actual gases as opposed to car the first instead to mystery. This is another william castle castle. This was some other some of the bright idea He wanted to face. He didn't do because he would have done it. Right right. goodness just pumping gas into the theater. The fog machine. Yeah what about. Yeah look for for an hour and a half fucking possibly can't see the screen. Everyone's passed out at the end of the movie carbon monoxide poisoning exactly. And frankly you know what i mean. I guess that's cute. And i guess it may be got people into the theater but i hate that shit. You know what. I mean like i hate. Did you ever go to like midtown and go to those theaters. Were they shake the seats and they spit water in your face. I'm sorry excuse me. What kind of theater you dan. I didn't know they ask you know we're anymore the forty second year right those screen your face you had to look through a hole that costs twenty five cents five minutes. It's called four d. They show movies in four where they like. You know rumble and spritz water. I don't like those rides. Yeah at theme parks. They get me sick wirawan an hour and a half of that. Exactly exactly anyhow like so so japanese. You know we're going back to the the atom bomb thing godzilla theory that the japan were japan was making movies about about You know Meltsa yes smells and nukes and stuff and there is. There is a japanese movie called the green slime. I think right where it's about smelly green slime that's killing people so but again well done in color and then the actors are dubbed. And they're all they're all asian americans of asian descent like they got it know like alan ormsby got everything just right and then he got canned. That's the nature of the biz. That's right if you can't stand the heat. Get out of the kitchen. Yeah cut and take it and kingston netted come crawling back to broadway broadway the gopher mosquitoes and fog telling that that stench gets the short shrift because in the credits they have the credits for each of separate films and the you know the first to have quite a few people in terms of course and elements has four. Just the four people that said. I guess there weren't a lot of asian americans in miami at this time or they knew they needed. This movie is going to get cut off from the power again. Went off that need that now. Yes yes right right. Yes eleanor already on his way out. Okay so one of the things. That one of the other gimmicks is that the killers changing faces Which i think is really interesting. Do we have to say spoiler alert. We have the movie. The movie is thirty thirty thirty years. Well past i did not. I did not know who didn't like. I didn't i didn't know the move. I watched less than for the first time. And i guess it was obviously but i did. My people know we spoiled things here. Super new super no. Yeah that's fair so yes. Changing faces lon chaney man of a thousand faces. Yeah oh. I didn't even think that well done well done well done. It's the first kill of. The movie is our veteran here. Movie veteran tony number. Tony robert roberts and broadway broadway veteran to broadway. Mr xanadu and i can't wait to get out of it. This is going to close in two days here later. He's like the best show ever. I saw your interview tony roberts. You can't get talked about xanadu getaway. Thank you interesting career. He would go from woody allen to like add amityville three d and palm corn all over the map all over the map. Jimmy avenue was a big franchise. Both those first few moves that money and this when he got a trip to jamaica. Who wouldn't want to do it and he gets a big. You know the other thing i wanted to say was like all the deaths in this movie are so grand guignol. They're so big and they're great set pieces and he gets one of the best. Yeah it gets repeated. But that's okay. That's the problem that is from. Yeah he gets killed backstage by the giant mosquitos out and flying around the ice and it's a big hit as just like a emerge. Oh in house of haunted hill where women castle dangled a skeleton over there in the final scene. But no here. We got a giant mosquitoes flying around the audience. Everybody's screaming and mr davis is using the remote backstage except all of a sudden he can't control it anymore. What was going to that. Somebody else has a master remote who starts controlling the mosquito which on its flight path back into the wings of the theater. It goes off course and impales this shit out of tony roberts and all this stuff with the audience. Great add energy to movies. The leonis is going bananas for everything. That's one of the things is also terrible is so much of the budget. Had to go for flying white extras in. Because he shot in kingston. That's probably why they were all wearing masks. Or everyone. who's wearing a mask is either black or one of the main cast. Who's doubling to help. Make sure that the non actors are responding properly guy who played apparently out there constantly Sure you're right. Yeah it's so funny to me that they have no funds and yet they renovate this theater and they put on this film festival which looks like it probably costs hundreds of thousands of dollars so i hope they make their money back because they have. They have spent a lot to get this thing done. Just that masks. This the masks that they were making don't say that was the kind of what the fuck moment to me like. Why are you making these masks. And didn't toby make the masks ahead of time where it where they're making more masks. I didn't get that part he was making as you're going along. Most one of the things that happened in the montage. is toby. Put a mask on. Kurt curtain and that makes sense because when he shows up later on kurt's face to face themselves. That mask was made an invest. But after mr mr ten robertson killed you see him face. Mr davis his face getting his face getting pressed into a mask so he is as he goes along. That's yeah but that that's another expensive thing right and then what the fuck. They never used them like you know. They never used them when they all say like. Why are we making these mass. And then not use them for the no he he. He probably had to make one from self every day once. We know this the whole story is that toby is or killer. Toby was burned in a fire. Caused by this guy lanyard gates. He was in the audience tonight. That leonard gates killed his wife onstage. Who by the way was mrs bob marley for awhile. Okay number to give them back the story. The feeder was set on fire. And toby's mother was killed and he was horrifically burned and he spent his entire life plotting revenge. When you'd gate died in the fire. Fifteen years if you're toby why going to kill you. Why are you doing this question. Same answer ashley c. I was that fire to my mother was and lanyard so-called film cult. We were sitting in the front row when your aunt. Suzanne shot lane instead fire. Luckily we as one does because also onstage was jill. Shaolin is the little girl. He was also going to kill his daughter but she escaped. Because de walls came on the wife's sister save. Save the girl. And he's he's been following around. Because you got out on polluted. They'll have them because you it's very convoluted and also if you're d wallace and you save your knees from this fire and raise her as your daughter. Why do you stay in the same town right. Wouldn't you leave with to go far far though because it's not the it's not. Yeah and dissuade her from going into no no no. It didn't happen in a movie theater then getting it all wrong okay. That theatre burned to the ground. See too convoluted to too much going on. Let it wash over you dammit. A wash over your. Why would you wanna stone. Allow her needs to go into filmmaking. She would kind of say like There's that there's that you want to get into that bad. I never find out. She'll never find out about the history of her father. Don't never it'll be okay. No no no well and so. The phone calls come but wherever however the sees where. You're seeing people that we know were dead. Struck about the theater are very creepy. Watching the first time go with the fuck is going on. This movie does a lot of things a lot of things creaky and not right but it does a lot of the a few things right and that scene where he's flipping through the face is is a is unnerving and disturbing. I've perfected the quick transition from face to face. Of course i have to borrow their faces to google. I'm multi tentacle with a little nip here and a little tuck there. I become multi sexual nothing new about that And as you heard helpless electric voice become tina. The class bimbo. I can look like anybody. I want one of the advantages of not having a also the large performance on top of it sells it. But it is such a yeah. It's such a and that machine and let going back to the the the things floating and pink water like it's all kind of unknown disturbing. Yeah make-up's great antastic it is. It's really good. It's really good one of the things that really saves it for me. Like i said it's tumblers performance because we have we to make this villain quite frightening and yet sympathetic. 'cause the thing about tom velarde with his work. Tumbler was like a second rate. Tom hanks he had one character that he was always allowed to use this. Dopey kind of guy who do pretty much what you see the first half of the movie. So when all of a sudden you realize that he's like bringing brings all skills and he was planning to kill because he's also a dancer. So he's very physical. It's incredible physical performance and dark angry but still also kind of funny. It's it's not info krueger would jokes. He's making jokes but they're not funny. Because he's being scared agrees. Little scarecrow thing was in fact. He's very sympathetic and his death scene at the end. You really feel sad for you. Really feel sort of a loss. And i guess it's also i. I guess we also know what happened to him in real life and that plays into it. But it's but it's very what's the word league is. That is allergic allegiance. Just sure and i'll look it up. Replace it later. Replace it later in post. Dan william shakespeare made up so many words all the time. you just. you're welcome to wordsmith. It was very allergic. The way tom villard pat dies at the end of this was ele- gaic elegiac. I don't know i've only read it. I've never read it. I've never heard that in there was there was some there was some symmetry to it. It was just. It was just kind of sad and you know the movie destroys it but having stupid it was it was tragic lovers. Talk at the end. I think it's the phantom of the opera trope to right where we sort of have sympathy for the phantom to some degree. and it's it really is. It's got this movie definitely has some phantom of the opera and phantom of the paradise elements two. Oh yeah yeah yes and also nightmare street with the burned killer and all that stuff. I'm like. I'm sure. I'm sure that at one point they were like okay. This killer has to be burned and scarred. Because freddie was it more reminded me of vincent vincent price in abominable dr fine. That's really what the makeup reminded me on. Yeah yeah yeah yeah especially with the big staples. Yes was really frightening. The fate notion. You don't normally like freddie's fancy burn. Yeah i still good features. This got isn't have no features child to dobie. Help our child rob show child. Nobody swipe describe the surgery skin graphs through school every day. So was the other kids we screen with. How do you how it works. Yeah and one of the one of the things that resonated with me. This time when i watched it. I was realizing one of the things i like about. This is that not everybody dies. The whole cast doesn't die. Some of the cast never endanger kelly. joe mentor. Because he's like fuck that she doesn't she never dies though. But there's joann joann. Johnny johnny johnny the the with blonde hair and the nurses who i love by the way. She's the one who's gonna hang out with the gays then says that at one point way did she did she. She the one that appeared in a league of her own. Did i read that. She was in a league of her own teen. Okay the other one okay. The other blunt the more traditional hollywood joanie was your girl. She had platinum blond like they're totally in funky hairstyle and are closer always cool and but who has got a crush on toby toby crescent road apartment. Seven three five blocks away believe. She's the world's authority and toby d'amato the scene that really struck me. Was that toby coming for her. At one point your he's going to kill her but she's she's working. The fog machine for the stench took you long enough gas. Spare me the details. Anyway what do you think about what toby does. He like me. You what's wrong with your voice. You sounds so weird. I got a frog in my throat. Sounds like a crocodile. Anyway i need to know i mean. I'm walking around madly in love with this guy and he just acts like a don't even exist. You're impartial. what's your opinion. Is he shy or what brooke problems. Just leave me on you men at infrequently leaves and it's really sad and i was wondering what was toby touched by her words was he moved. Did he spare her out of sympathy. And it turns out rate. He furious ratified out. You know what we're gonna change the movie if they got together. Wait a minute. He probably doesn't have a dick anymore. That's okay no seriously i'm serious. I'm serious like he's probably not capable of physical. Love this point aside from horrible appearance because we learn as soon as he walks off that seen what we get from him is not. Oh i let her go out of sympathy or you know love no. It's impotent rage. Got up from here But give him another reason to be angry and to you know and to commit the things these these committing against you'll show who really has no reason to be. I mean you know. D wallace really has. He has more reason to stalk her than he does to. To stock jill shola. Yeah because john d. walls. Apparently sean leonard gates and also is the one who set the theater on fire. So it's totally was faults. Steve wallace bucket. Where we're going talk about how she killed. Who joe she killed joe and she stayed. Dt thank you. I don't understand the final tableau though of her like frozen. We're gonna get to that. Okay well i have a joke. Well because that's what she did. He wants he wants to. He wants her to be a part of it. I'm going to keep you here. So he casts her he casseroles literally literally she's in plaster which i think is really funny and also with the gun so she can't shoot it she's going to have to want. Oh it's okay what he's gonna do on it. She's a cap captive and my whole thing. Is that when things wouldn't it be greatest important of all of a sudden. The cast cracks open at some point. She's thinking i'll be in the folly. You always bernadette. Peters and wallace d. Wallace could do it. She could do anything she can do. Anything move over bernadette. Sorry that was a really gay reference. Sorry extra gay pride month there you got. We got it. You're right. They're both in those casts. A good papa. Both for maggie and Do a little sunday in the park. With allen speech this is also ives president burgers up at the top of the show. This falls into the sub genre of horror films that i made up right here. Onscreen greens and your listeners. Know and love it. I have brought it up at a longtime. This is what i call it. This one bitch moving once upon a time this one bit did something fucked up everybody's life and now everybody everybody movies gonna die except this one bits because this is that there's one bench and this one bits could've say everybody gone police at one point but she doesn't everybody dies except this one bed whose fault it wasn't the first place bitch. What are other examples of this one dish genre. My classic one is particularly not so much the original. But i still know what you did last summer. Yeah the whole hotel's staff gets murdered in that movie for something that she did not what they did when she didn't come true. You know what you know. What very popular slasher movie. This harkin for me was happy birthday to me. The whole face changing thing. I looked like you. I walked like you even talked like you. Have you seen that movie peter right. It's it's as as ridiculous as this movie. The killer killer has been changing faces in order to get away in order tape. You know murder people and and like the faces are perfection. She would have to be a a plus a special effects artist just like the character in this movie. So it's exactly because greg greg this like toby's pressing out these faces on this press but they're latex you have to you have to. You have to you have to pay them. You have to. You have to put makeup on them. That takes a long time but no they come up bank perfect because the press on as they convince people i love that scene where he's trying all the mon- like he's he's he's kidnapped her he's holding her captive and he's trying all the faces on such and such a great showing. How can be anybody. It's creepy my favorite part. Is that he. He's got his own face on. Blew down ha. It's comic book horrific. And that's what i'm talking about his performance. It's like you don't know whether the screen real advocates really fucked up. And you'd like flaps some like valley dog great. you'll have to forgive the sloppy craftsmanship. My favorite example. This is the creepy for me. Was the corpse puppetry. Yeah there's like. Tina has fantastic deaths. Same she makes out with tony. Roberts for five seconds. Not knowing is not tony roberts but the mask smells big. Glue thing happens budnitz you by the way. So do i near lip. It's peeling curves. Had a quickie right here. Which is that little screen between us and public exposure. Everybody always wonders how. I get those straight as i keep telling them. I do lots of extra credit assignments. God he's still breathing. Jeff done on the line and she get strangled but mark anti okay. Maggie is doing no work right at this. She thinks he's he's gates like are they going to do any. My job is to ever go one around the theater because there's one bit even think of it was just doing all the wrong things but they come. They come across the walking around in the theater and they see tina because he's getting rid of the corp but he gets caught so he just standing moving her like a puppet during her voice. And it's really disturbing. Just throw them on the ground like fucking sacks. Yeah this very disturbing tuna. You're right What are you doing up here. Securing the mosquito miss you. Anybody come into the box office after. I left stern. Where'd he go after. Maybe i could still catch. Start eating better. She looks like shit this movie. I mean this movie to get a few things so right it just got like and you're like i wonder who was responsible for that was it. Ormsby was it. Harrier was a bob clark and then it just gets other things totally wrong and and so it's it's so it was such a frustrating viewing experience. Because you like i wanted. I wanted like this so much but there's so much of this is annoying with tina. The same tina was the blonde girl that then during the montage tried on a black wig and then she stayed in a black wig for the rest of the movie. Yes that was her. Yeah i guess so. Why you okay. That was a whole thing. They talked about that they had to go. They had a reduced. So much stuff. And it's kingston jamaica and they said these wardrobe women like the whole. The whole crew was dazed from walking out in turn. Turnover happened with the new director. Turn up mark had everything together and was able to talk everybody down. But they had limited supplies they had limited people. And so they'll all the shit and you have to make new costumes because this is a different size and this doesn't work anymore. And they were basically grab whatever the fuck they had so. That's why the happened. It was a different actress snow. It was the same actress playing tina the whole time but it was just things like that like whatever they do you realize we. Oh fuck we don't have a costume for this one now. So okay this but this looks too much like that one fucking. We'll just in the psychot- new job be damned in other words. Well no. They had to do what they can with what they do they may do. They say the special effects teams like okay. We have to do this except that you're not bringing in the stuff that we're used to. You're buying the materials that you can get here in kingston jamaica which isn't as good. It doesn't work the way like the stuff that we're used to but we're going to have to figure out how to make it work. The fact anything works at all is amazing. Yeah i mean. I guess the fact that. The movie looks as cohesive in as i mean. It's a pretty good looking movie. I mean i think the cinematographer was a british guy very famous Won the oscar for gandhi and gandhi. Was before this right so yeah. Wow the whole film crew was british because it was jamaica thing. Okay yeah well. You're coming in on the right. It's not. it's not an incompetent film. I mean you know. no no. no it's would. They said he'd be. Yeah okay betting back to lord and being gay and him having age he of course was hiding the whole kind and he was saying he would be in makeup for six hours seven hours. Just getting the makeup apply. That's not counting about ten. Twelve eighteen hours onset actually shooting and those contact lenses were incredibly painful blinding but he would always leave them in. They said there's one particular day really early on. It was very emotional. One of his emotional scenes the the what is raging and being super physical. And they were waiting for this british director photography to line up the shot and he was a perfectionist and it was taking forever and it was taking forever and taking forever and during all this tom lauber directors. Like listen. need to tell you something and do not tell anybody else. Because they're gonna. I'm afraid they're gonna fire me. I'm not doing well. Because i had. I don't know how much more i can take today. I'm doing the best. That i can. But i don't know how much more of this i can take today. Martha gosh find good fucker. Rapid doing this now. Yeah yeah right now. Amazing because you never i mean he never get a sense in this movie that he is ailing or that he can't keep up or If anything he's one of the most sprightly and alive forces in this movie you know so. So god god love him. What what what a what a trooper. Even the whole last seen on stage. Which i hate with her in the cath again again scene. That's very screamed to. I'm gonna kill somebody in the audience. Cheer for because they think it's part of the show if not working for me but his performances so again. I yeah jerry something else. This is the last half hour. This movie is sort of so drawn out. You know we learn about that. Toby is the killer an hour in early on. Yeah and they're still thirty minutes left. And so i feel like it spins its wheels a lot. And it's not his fault No it's a it's a. Yeah the kill quality goes down after a certain point they get dull like the guy with the twin one of the guys the most boring guy who by the way he's the guy played. Leon there's only in the movie because the parents had one of the producers of course he's not bad though he's not bad but he's he's just like brick from rick and more bringing morty crazy crazy. Wig dodgers uniform. He's he's being at some point. And and toby as the killer instead start paying next to him and the exact same outfit in his face and in this costume. So they're like total twinsies like total hayley mills and hayley mills. Let's get together. Yeah yeah yeah and two tied in with the movie. it's a whole kind of cyanide. Bomb or something and the toilet exploded is lame. After what we've seen so far lane and in a stall valley's land could probably crawl out from under that stall or crawl over it to get out like i'm trapped in this stall what am i gonna do. You can go on there. You can go over through the hall. What am i can't breathe through the girl. Gloria tiny little title little flip lawns get that standard-issue locks on the outside of toilets like that and jamaica. What do you know. Don't don't leave their cultural on toby's rigged toby's rig to the whole place early on funhouse. What if it's funny. Because i was. I was listening to the dvd commentary which had a lotta cast and had the director stuff in their heads because they hadn't seen in a long time. Like you know what we had nothing to do with this. We haven't seen in a long time. Considering you're trying to convince people were not in jamaica. Why is all the music reggae s. Because there's a band playing at the theater and they're great although stuff is greater brings up the energy but like even the other scenes where you hear radio playing in the background. Always rag saturday night. That montage fucking song has been in my head. Ever since i watched the movie scary scary movie on the silver screen because every american teen is american teen is dying to listen to reggae Well you be forty one was. Ub forty was a big group right around then remember. Oh they had. They had one hit the time on all you need. That's all alternate on the alternative charts. They had plenty. But now i'm plan on. Why all the time. But redwine was the only one that was years after. That song came out before after nobody cares. Nobody cares but you know. Surprisingly it's it's weird and it just sort of fits into the fabric of this movie but like you said like it's fun they're not you know you sort of stop. You're like okay. Another reggae song. It's kind of cool and everyone's so into it. So the bags of to play for the crowd and they don't play a standard. They don't play. Bob marley and play the buffalo soldiers the mighty quinn. I never heard of and everybody knows the word. The whole crowd start salema. We're totally not in jamaica. There's a point where the lights go. The power goes out in the theor sidebar. They noticed in the movie. The power goes out the theater. Who who's fixing the lights. Nobody's actually fixing the lights. Everyone's looking around for someone to fix the lights but nobody ugly picks the lightning into the whole last seen on the stage. The whole thing like spotlights are coming on and follow me about who's running the follow spot. Why a well doesn't tom villard. Go doesn't take her into the subterranean layer and he says this is where we keep the This is where we keep that. So maybe he can control the lights. Maybe he knows how to fix them but he was on stage like promote like performing for the fancy boxes. These falls announced and popcorn. What what. I just decided i just decided just decided. They coincidentally the theater was also haunted. So that's what happened with the walls at the beginning and this is one that's happening. It's like the ghost of scotland operator. Is tabby onto the theater. We got cut her sesser. Yeah it's a curious film. it's an oddity. i like. It was weird things. It was a great critical reviews. Bombed at the box office has developed a cult following now the more i watched the more. I like it like. I could forgive a lot in the more i know the of it and how hard they were trying to get anything out the fact that people were working as hard as they did to make a movie that came out as coherent as it did considering how absolutely insane everything was backstage or off camera thumbs up thumbs up it certainly ambitious. It certainly an ambitious movie. It's got a lot going on in it Both in the sub story in the main story and then in these. You know these these These three films these three many films that were shot inside it so so someone had some big ideas and a and like i said some of it some of it works some of it actually works and and i i watched it a couple of times actually and every time i watch it i think i like it a little bit more. That's how i remember seeing it in the theater and said that was okay. It was a cab to appoint in the more. I watch it. The more grows. Yeah yeah because it's it's it's nothing it's like nothing else. There is no other movie quite like this exactly okay and it's a hard movie. There's not blood to it. There's no boobs. None of the exploitation factor. You know you have to know gimmicky history. It's made for very specific audience. And i guess the older get the more i get it. Okay you had mentioned patrick about the title. And i frankly hate it too. I read that they were gonna call it phantom of the cinema and changed it to popcorn. What why i to that. There was a postal From when i heard that it was always called popcorn because there was the scene there was scene involving something with popcorn. That was a major plot. Element becca cut okay. Distribution company light the theater and they fell in love with their own tagline. The tagline is great by the way by a bag go home in a box and the poster. Art is really great although it sort of gives away the movie a little bit boy does. It doesn't if you don't know but that's yeah it seems so obvious like why isn't there a death inside of popcorn maker like that. That seems so obvious in a movie theater or use the popcorn maker. Something to kill somebody in some unique way but or the popcorn saves the day toby chokes on a big tub of popcorn scalding. He gets scalding butter on him. And it just finishes the job there you go there you go hotels butter. They're having to death and somebody brown and odell hs. I kept lab. It's his dying last my favorite stupid shot in the movie. My favorite stupid shot in the movie. Just because i'm a jerk is when we didn't talk about this bud's death is great the wheelchair now. Oh yeah yeah. That whole secrets is great and very tense and suspenseful almost gets away. This locked panel. Roy will go on in the following over almost forget deterrence on but as he being electrocuted and he's got that animated blue that was in all the nineties movies because we didn't have cgi but perfect in its own it's cheesy movie and there was no other option. But you're seeing the lights flashing everywhere and they cut to the snack bar and the rotisserie that the winners are we didn't weenies. Yeah yeah i that. Somebody should've gotten debt by spin. weenie machine. That's that's. I've decided that. I'm gonna go out malcolm donaire by the way who was in christine and Yes macklin airplay bud. And one of my favorite movies. Because i'm a catholic boy. Help us on. My brother kevin jerem. Wow wow yeah front all right. Because i think we've done popcorn thank you. I think we have to michael. It's unlikable romp if if you have if you if you if you're burden with one of the boyfriends or girlfriends or partners who are really into horror movies or gory films. This is a good one It's it's more about suspense and mystery than anything else. Yeah this is a good starter horror like watch this and then move up to maybe a little more intense stuff although obviously got all rating. Because if it's someone ten but there's not even any language and my my partner last night. He loves her. He said these were his words. Exactly he said this'll be a lot better for had more gore so it can go either way. I suppose there may be some people who find it a little chain eight. Could've it could've used a bit. But like i said they were able. Pg thirteen that was there. There was the target market. They had a whole marketing campaign setup for pd thirteen aiming for fourteen to eighteen year old in the last minute. It's like no. I saw the ads for the trailers that i send. You don't really sell the movie rights. They've make it look like he's going to be really intense and super scary and non can't be so that's gonna piss off audience like the car anyway now but now you guys are what you're in for can't be fun and i always appreciate i say this on the show all the time. I'll always appreciate a filmmaker who shoots for the moon and mrs Who takes the easy way out. And they shot from the moon. They didn't know they got close. Yeah so mad. Respect for them. It's worth it's it's worth seeing for the cast alone. That's for sure. Kelly joe mentor puttin punching that guy in the face. Fantastic play but wait a minute from getting beat up all day you gotta through me. I don't hit chicks now. Back-off you don't hear god. I never hit a chicken my life. That's all i wanted to know. All right all right just just as one more gay thing. My favorite part of my other favorite movie as fights with the bitch girlfriend mark brings guess get moved when she's getting thrown out after kelly. Jo minter punches. Her boyfriend that the giant guy in the face rail air. I love it. So peter at people are interested in finding out more about u. whereby they fight you until she media. They wanted to say. Oh you know what i if you don't wanna give if it's okay. I am taking a social media break right now which is wonderful. I'm not like off things. I just don't really go on them so i i'm i'm enjoying it. I recommend we all take breaks once in a while. I do as well. I do as well. I've done that several times during the past year. It helps keep my peaches. Fresh exactly like grab like your mom's african i pressure. Can we tell them where we go. Peter free fresh remember back in the day they had something called fruit fresh sprinkl all and the commercials were so memorable added all bitch. She would comment to sound. I mean it's probably the mother-in-law right she walk into the kitchen. Say i told you these fresh. Yuck i told you the used french. Your preserved pages. Look spoil peaches browning yucky. Look your peach brown and yucky mine with fruit. Fresh fresh coming a horrible thing to say to somebody who's trying to to serve fresh peaches. That's like your modest pitches a so deleted. Your mom's peaches taste delicious and fruit. Who it was supposed to keep your fresh from turning your food from turning brown who is with a five sunshine on the with this is mid seventy s was like saccharin carcinogenic threat. Public straight up cancer. It's just cancelled proud of cancer. Enjoy everybody okay so peers. Taking a break. But peter singer guy he loves it. He loves campy. Shady loves loves movies featuring psycho. Beijing movies like whatever happened to baby jane. Or what's the matter with helen. He loves john. Waters lives matthew. I love and tadeusz edith. Massey's birthday believe it or not. Oh it won't be when they hear this but that's today when we're recording. This may twenty eighth nine hundred eighteen data burn all right. Hold on a second wife. Squeeze out nagging honor ovulating creative masol. Welcome you're welcome so beggar for this fucking hook. I scratch your eyes out with. Don't get me started on john wars. We'll be here all night dan. What's going on with the project coming up. Where can people watch the shit. Where can people find on social media. You can find me on. Don't go to twitter. I never go rhino. Always looks up goddamn fabulous. What are you talking about. What are you talking about a. But thank you patrick. No i don't really go on twitter. You can find me on facebook. Instagram is i think dom dan one three. Don't say anything and i dated name kid. It's his name name flipped a little bit And i tell is. He's a versatile. Tackle versus transmitter. Talking about that'll be with the patriots. Continue but i do have something i did this reading zoom reading. That is going to be that with barrington stage. And they're going to show it on their website. We recorded it and the play is called. Get ready get your pink hands off me sucker and give me back and it is going to be playing june fourth through june sixth. You can stream it. I think you have to pay to watch it. But it's actually it's actually a really fun modern unique Play that has a lot to say about. That's no cowardice. Wanna know cowards hands off my pussy or whatever the book all right boys thank you so much for joining for this edition of our pride month celebration. Here on scream queens. I love you both stay. Stay stay too happy and hope to see both happy friday. Everyone pride all right. Thank you once again. T dominguez and peter in for coming and play with me to talk about. Popcorn was wonderful to have them. Both mc terrible person hot castor an even worse friend because i keep forgetting whatever he's here i keep forgetting to bring up the fact that dan has his own podcast. The hot date podcast. They pick a random date any date. Dana's co hosts will talk about a movie. That came out right around that time and their rate they know what the talking about there. It's always interesting and hell. Let's forget to talk about it. I'm horrible i'm horrible. Before we leave popcorn completely. I just wanted to say watching it this time. Watching it from the tumbler perspective. Watching it watching his performance in this episode breaks my heart. Because as i said this guy got typecast as the bargain-basement tom hanks he was always doing the exact same thing every damn movie. The same goofy dorky ac and this movie led him totally break out of that his performance. Incredible he gets to show an incredible amount of rain and you can see what he could really do once. He got out of that box. That hollywood put him in and also that causes it then. Hollywood put him in and not to be completely dark. Finally the box that aids pergamon coffin. But i am grateful. I am thankful that we had them at all and that we have this performance. That is an absolute joke for. He had this opportunity to strut his stuff and showed the world when he could really do and go out in a blaze of glory. The first roll of showmanship is always leave them. Wanting more and thomas just a showman pigeon because good lord. This performance makes me wish. There was more tom rest in peace. Tom velarde glories queen. Thank you you're gone way too soon. Speaking of showmanship one of the other lessons from this movie that i think is applicable for all of us during pride month is that i know people get into myself. Included pride brings up a love self esteem issues and body issues. You think supposed to look this way and act this way. Fuck fuck that. If this movie taught you anything you can sell anything with an razzle-dazzle and if there's one thing that the lgbt plus community knows better than any other community on the planet is razzle-dazzle if you think it's a flaw trepp wanting to bell on thursday glitter on. There's a thing in marketing they say. Don't sell the steak sell the sizzle meaning okay. Somebody's taking just show mistake. It's a stake in. Its counted juicy. And it's great. You could talk about steak all you want. You can make them look at stake all you want. But the thing that's really gonna make people want that stake lineup. Is that sound of that. Stake hitting the pan. That's why you always hear it in the hamburger place ads. That's that's for some reason. That's what's gonna do it figure out what your sizzle was. Put a bill on it and struck down the street as proud as gay and his his. You want to be don you got an you let everybody see it. That makes sense. I don't know we've had some technical difficulties putting together the other person. I want to thank before we wrap up popcorn. It's the hey tara garner. Thank you for sending the dvd tara waiting for three hundred years for me to do this movie. It just keeps getting silent. Or i lose the gas shit habits. Popcorn just keeps as in life as moving just keeps getting forgotten but not anymore. Thank guitar for the dvd. Thank you for being a patriot. Because that's another perk of being a patriot and get to pick the movie that i review for an episode and awesome and speaking of things. That are awesome before we wrap up. Now i'll as many of you know. I've started doing the weekend. Watch parties again doing them on sunday afternoon fairly regularly for the past two months or so and they are tons of fun. I started realized doing them on sunday. Afternoon hasn't been working as much because the warmer the weather got the less likely people are going to be indoors this sunday afternoon. Let's move sunday night. So last night we had a screening upward other washboard and it was tons of fun. We had a grand old time. What who came out to that. But i also realize i'll shit patrick. It's june it's pride month. You can't be showing movies on sunday night in pride month. Why up patrick. Because pretty much everywhere in the united states the big pride celebrations are happening on sundays. Not always the same. It's different in every city but pretty much. That's the day where the big parade is supposed to happen or the big concerts. this gonna. no one's going to be sitting around at home or be once we sit around and everyone's gonna you know what the party somewhere else not here so for the month of june. We're gonna having monday night. Watch parties and for the month of june we're going to be showing queer har- films and other fun queer films as well so so this monday night. June fifth at eight. pm eastern standard time. Hold onto your heads kids because we're watching the world's first gay slasher movie. Yeah talking about. Hell bent the devil's on the loose. The los angeles halloween carnival. And he's looking for some head but not that kind of head the severed kind of head. The von starts at eight. Pm eastern standard time seven central and mountains five pm pacific. Get there on time part of the vintage video pre show party. Weather's featuring classic trailers cartoons short films karaoke and giveaways. Patrick how am i going to join the party. Why i'm going to tell you how to join the party you go to. Www dot scream queens dot com slash drive in screens dot com slash driving. Don't mess it and the week after that the week where swinging to the other side of the queers bedroom because we are doing the world's first ooh be in slasher movie. Oh you during the retreat. No no no no yeah. That's a lesbian slasher movie. But guess what it ain't i i'm talking about mak- wish from two thousand and four same time. Same place eight. Pm eastern standard time www dot. Scream queens dot com. Come join the fun or we'll talk about you before. I wrap things up for another episode. I would be the worst personal if i did. Not fake one of my dear partners in crime and i'm talking about squad. Cast fm broadcast. Fm provides remote recordings for professional podcasters. They get clear as a bell. Sound instant backups. Fantastic customer service all around. I would never use anything else. Believe me i've tried all the other services. Much like the fickle gay. That i am. I'm always look for something better and i haven't found anything better than broadcasts and i love them and i think you will too. Don't settle for shady sound just because skype is the best you can do. You can do better. You do better and you could do better with squad gas prices reasonable and it's absolutely worth your time and you can try it out for free for free. I say for seven days by going to www dot scream queens dot com slash podcast gonna seven-day free trial. Plus you'll be helping out the show aired affiliate another way to help out the show and get fabulous. Pride gear is the go to screaming tease. The officials greensburg birds dies store. Not only to get stuff emblazoned with the sexy scream. Queens logo designed by the fabulous. Currently i call. You could pick from a hand selected designs that i have procured from the vast t public gallery designs that reflect are distinct screen queens aesthetic a little bit flirty little bit naughty little bit creepy at a whole lot of cats and his mother featuring fabulous square designed by fabulous artists. You'll be supporting the show. You'll be supporting the queer artists and also be getting fabulous merchandise and i'm talking about t shirts. Herbert sweatshirts talk about hoodies. Talking about tank. Tops talking about phone cases pillows stickers mugs magnets you name it they probably scream queens dot com slash merged screens. That's all you gotta go go over there. Go spend a fortune. It's fabulous if you buy merchandise over there. Please send me a picture. Send me pitcher of you wearing whatever shirt you got or or holding up whatever doodad you bought i wanna see i wanna see what do that patrick touches the. That's real easy. You can find me on facebook to search on scream queens scream grades. Were her geds gay. I'm on twitter at scream queens at screamed podcast and if you're a super duper fan of the show you pay tread compatriot and unlock premium. Content to full length pod. They come out every month. The final reel right. Tell you what. I've been watching. What's hot in the theaters. What i thought about. And whether or not you should be spending your money on. And also dan lewis. Damian lewis is the friday the thirteenth this series the tv. Series retrospect podcast. We're going one by one by whether the episode. We have a great time. We had a free sample last week. Can catch all the latest goings on at my very curious curious shop with my murphy and trading becoming a go to www dot patriots dot com slash. Scream queens for just five dollars a month. Now i know i just threw a whole lot and you are but you know what they're all right down there in your show notes where the sugar. Well look at your player. Play the favorite described the show. Scroll down scouts walk on the legs. Well how you have no excuse you got those those links not just good. they're finally. This is your first time visiting. Scream queens. I hope you had a good time. I hope he come back. So be sure to hit. Follow on your podcasts. Or whatever you're listening on it right now five followed by then you hit and come back next time. We'll miss you if you don't go back and if you had a really good time share with a friend if you didn't have a good time share with an enemy i don't care where mouth is the best marketing and i can get so please spread the word so next time beautiful screamers we are going to be joined by men knife and maybe his husband scott. I don't know yet. We're kind of on the fence on that one. But we're gonna be talking about the movie butcher baker nightmare maker which is available on shudder. If you wanna play along at home. That movie's a real trip. I always saw for the first time recently. And i was like wow well whereas this move. You've been hiding all my life but we'll be talking about that next time so until we meet again. My beautiful beautiful screams. Please continue to make the world a more fabulously crepe place. That patrick will very simple by following. The scream queens. Golden rule fighter flight survived the night. Make it to the final reel. Wash your fucking hands. Where fucking mask. Keep your fucking distance. Get the fuck and shot. Have a great fucking month. Sell that sizzle razzle dazzle at. Don't forget for a second that i love you. All of his experts at night show unless otherwise specified has been written by same defied all of his music at www dot band. Jay z zero aero.

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Episode 222 Summer Movie Madness pt 2

The Moratorium

2:00:12 hr | 3 months ago

Episode 222 Summer Movie Madness pt 2

"Hey freak stirs and free kits. It's tim from the moratorium. Do you like the sweet sounds of our witty banter in your ears every week. Well head on over to our patriot on and for only three dollars a month you can get even more in the director's cuts of our movie episodes. On average that's twenty minutes more of our wise cracking jive talking and lip flapping laughter straight to your ear holes go to the moratorium dot com and click on our patriae. Only and you'll find five awesome tears with tons of goodies. You can also find our t. spring link on the website for even more awesome merge. Thank you for your support now on with the show. Hey guys this is krista from the moratorium and you like grizzly gore mysteries. Of course you do. That is why. I suggest you subscribe to my blog. Suspended animation dormitories waiting to be told we had the moratorium offer a number of laura tales from ax men running around new orleans get phantoms in texarkana and if you're feeling especially generous head over to our patriots where for just a couple of bucks a month you can help the moratorium grow and that would be pretty kick ass and remember long leg. Well guys. summer's almost over. We have to cram as many movies in as possible. It's time for the summer movie madness part to it's more bikinis boobs and blood and a couple of movies have nothing to do with summer but at least we're having a good time q the music and in three two one. Don't think that's the match made in a bathroom floating into the void. I can't stop jason. I have a problem. I have a real problem I like cheesy movies. Okay i can find other things to do while. I'm watching said movies and i very mysterious. Already dig it. I watched yet another movie. I have five movies to talk about. And i almost watched another one last night. I actually. I watched one last night. I had one more lined up. That i was going to watch it now. Do all of them fall into the category of summer movies. It's kind of hard to say because one of them was listed on a summer movie thing in it. The entire thing to place in the snow ski school. No are they at a ski resort. no they are not. I mean it can be summertime and silvy snowing. sure. I don't know alaska or siberia i but it was just like a camp type situation but they just happened to be in the wintertime. I guess preparing for the summer camp type thing. So and yeah but before we get started with this With this shenanigans of this summer movie madness. I of like the way it sounds. Just because it's mad we need a We need some effects like some explosions or a chainsaw. Some screaming you know. I can't get away from the slasher flicks. And that's that's my thing. I love slasher flicks. The majority of those occurred during the summer. Don't right i think. Probably the number one greatest summer slasher flick would be friday the thirteenth sure. I know we can talk endlessly about all of those movies. That's not what we came here for a we we love. If you wanna hear an in depth conversation go listen to in voorhees. We trust because sure. I love that too. Don't feel ashamed now telling people to go now. Now they're good guys is truly great. I just love the the things that they kind of drill down on are the things that really have nothing to do with the main plot of the movie which i guess that does sound familiar because what we do too i think i know what we marketed our podcast. After so shall we give thanks to him. Go right ahead. Well we don't have to go buck you guys. Then whoa wait on little you far the other way. Let's do this just like we did last week a Welcome to the moratorium. I'm tim that's jason and we're talking about movies again. Oh my god we do that every time. Please what you said last time. And that's why. I decided to go ahead this spring. It on you get way. It's the moratorium yay movie now. Let's talk about the intro for buffalo. No that's great. I want to clear up a couple of things that i think we may have gotten Wrong oh a couple of well. I know there's no one's gonna come up later but You mentioned silence of the lambs and anthony hopkins. Yes do we have a exact time. Now yes okay on the trivia for size of lambs that actually states. It's the same exact thing. Okay with twenty four minutes and fifty two seconds of screen time. I think i was saying it. More as like a urban legend than i did any type of real research. But but i mean. That's that's a sizable amount of time for a supporting character. But it says here With twenty four minutes and fifty two seconds of screen time sir. Anthony hopkins performance in. The movie is the second shortest to ever win an academy award for best actor. Okay okay okay. David niven Was in the top spot. Beating him at twenty three minutes and thirty nine seconds for a movie called separate tables never heard of that. I love david niven. That was nineteen fifty eight. Okay so interesting than What was the other one. We thoroughly ned beatty. I think in network right. And i did not look at them recipes. Yeah rip reston power. But let's not look that up ramming. I easily could right now because it's not like my fingers are broken or anything. But so i wasn't wrong. I was just exaggerate now. No i mean that is a great feat that it was the second shortest amount of screen time that garnered an academy award. That's a major fled. I mean i've i said like five minutes or something. So it'd be silly. i do anything else for corrections and emissions will say rest in power for william smith he passed Actually on july fifth although it wasn't necessarily made public. I think until like the ninth and that doesn't necessarily say how he passed but he was. I think eighty eight years old. And we talk extensively about william smith in the past because his is just such trae bad ass a bad ass american bad ass so anyway two hundred to throw that out there. Someone should do a documentary about that guy yeah. Why isn't there one. I'll no did you ever see the old Do you know who dr robinson is. He's stuntman and I think kind of a I mean like a fucking You know daredevil stunt man you now i mean i guess that kind of goes hand in hand but a i think it is called the ultimate stuntman okay. He i'm trying to remember some of the movies. He did a couple of movies. He did stick. Okay with a freaking Burt reynolds and as as he the one that That perfected that light chain around the ankle and drop down from a story. And yeah yeah. I've kind of down the side of a building. You know he did. The stunts lethal weapon in that. Same exact scene of somebody with a chain wrapped around their ankle. Falling after rigs gets the You know batteries. Yeah yeah you're right right the same stunt this guy. Why did i bring you again. That don't remember. I don't know but he did. The stunts in police academy yeah. I love that movie and the stunts for bachelor party so not. I loved this guy. They hung one of the guy is yeah yeah he was like in a in a bedsheet. My god what's the condition where you love heights weights wants that's crazy. Oh yeah. I gotta talk about this guy some more. But he did stunts in the manitou. Oh my god the only thing. I remember about that movies. The weird thing coming up from the table during the Seance movies bad ass. It's so weird. Though it's like wise tony curtis in this look like a pimp. Guess maybe everybody look. Yes the subject of the nineteen eighty-seven documentary the alternate stuntman at tribute to dr robinson who yes was killed in a motorcycle accident. The age of thirty nine. She's but i mean thirty nine. It's getting up there for and they want to die on the job. is that it. Yeah they want to have their skulls crushed or uk blown up all right interesting. Good stuff a will. I did just find my note on mike correction from last week that i i'll second correction more rations. Thank you for stalling Not necessarily get erection but Just a little bit more on the fact that she brought up the bad news bears because we were talking about. Jackie earle halen exactly. I don't know how much we talked about it. Bad news bears. The first one did have vic moro in it by the way. Okay and tatum. O'neal we can just brush stuff off. of course. of course those same people the same ten people that we talk about every time all in the same movies perfectly. Something we may not have mentioned. Is the writer for the bad news. Bears was bill lancaster. who's building castel lancaster. He wrote the screenplay for john. Carpenter's the thing what yes did not know the guy that wrote what you're okay hang on a second. Now you gotta get there. I'm sitting down already. But i've i grabbed that little lever and now i'm sitting farther down in my chair. You're telling me that this guy wrote bad news bears and the thing exactly all my god. What if those two movies happened in the say as i was just in getting their thank about it. That's crazy he has seven writing credits but characters and i guess he wrote the bad news. Bears go to japan. But that's that's it bad. News bears bad news. Bears visit japan hailed and the thing in his trivia though he wrote a draft of the screenplay for fire starter when john carpenter was supposed to direct the film. 'wow both were replaced when the thing did horley at the box office Okay we will say this time and time again. The thing is the best. God damn hormone out there yet and still stands the test of time. The thing had a budget of fifteen million dollars and grossed nineteen at the box office. You know so. Even though it was considered a failure. I mean it has garnered yeah cult status right since and god knows how much money is actually made you know carpenter but as seriously that's that's not a failure just didn't perform like it wanted to made its money back but yeah i mean that. Put a lot of people in hollywood jail for a while So if you look at fire-starter fire starter. Had a budget of fifteen million dollars and grossed seventeen so in your face hollywood right and it had a art carney in it so and martin. Sheen david keith. Heather locklear george c. scott. I mean heather lot. Who is heather locklear. It's been a while since i've seen fire starter. That was drew. Barrymore's mom oh really. Yeah in any to watch that again. They're gonna think they're remaking it. I believe course if you do. Look bill lancaster though and i will you will. He is the son of burt lancaster. What's yeah if i wasn't looking at this i would say that a bigger right. He did. Yeah that is how how is that. How is that new news. You own have watched the commentary for the thing. I don't know a hundred times. Yes i they must have just not dropped that bit of knowledge in there but i did not know any of that i really weird did not know either and i feel stupid for only just now bring it up for me to feel like a big dumb dumb so is credited as the writer for the things video game. Yeah i think. I was just based on the characters and yeah. That's really weird very weird anyway. None of this is what we're supposed to be talking about. I just happened upon all of this and had drop it on you. That's yeah thank you but that is very weird all right. So let's get on with the shenanigans here because i've got a lot of movies to talk about. Obviously your legs must be huge now from doing all the heavy lifting for the show but I do have one thing that i just found out that i wanted to talk about. I will you go ahead with your things. You don't wanna drop it right now and then have nothing to say for the rest of the. How could i do that. Option now. snoring and the bat is misleading league. Football practice something might be linked to this. So i'll just wait and see okay to say what comes out of your dumb mouth. Thou man i'm sorr- sorry for lashing. Good domo okay. Hit us with ara will since i. I think i dropped some hints last week that i watched part of a bikini movie that was actually bikini beach movie that i couldn't remember the name of it. Will i found it. And i watched the rest of the movie. And i'm no better for it okay. I watched bikini summer out. Simple sim some of those bikini movies. Get very complicated in their in their likely. The entire premise of the movie is in the title of the movie. Right this actually. Has i think two sequels. We'll talk about that just here in the second are we talking about nineteen ninety-one bikini summer. That's it okay. I knew probably recognize the box. It was prominent because of booby chicks. Just all over it. There's a lot a nudity in this film. Well and i feel like ninety one that is like i mean The girl on the cover. And i don't i mean i'm not super proud of this but I can spot a fake boobs from a mile away and that girl on the cover those are not her god given. I think you're right as are manmade bikini summer there is not a lot to it the premises. There's a group of friends that are getting together. Basically i think they're swindling a an older couple as they go away on a trip to to redo their home to really didn't pay attention to the lot of. Oh you're looking bubis the entire time there. I mean if three minutes went by without a boob yeah just shut down. Just like fast forwarding. Because there's nothing to in and it actually says here in the this it's actually synopsis. There's no real just line says pissy it's like other people. It's like other critics like trying to describe what the movie's about so a group of friends or hired to redecorate a beach house while the elderly owners are outta town for the summer. Great these guys are not not that bright. They're not any kind of a company or anything they just. They're bumbling idiots all right okay. One girl is Making bikinis that's her thing she's trying to just make and sell her burkina's ham. One guy is walking around with a camera. Impersonating a photographer gist. So he can get women to take off their bikinis. Are you talking about chit chat. There's always gonna be guiding chet. Oh my god hey let me just just real quick. Have you seen tom. Hanks's son chat chat chat. Hanks dude you got a look him up. It is wild. What has been a unfolding this summer. About chet thanks We don't have time to get into it now. But it's it's pretty hilarious. Maybe we'll talk about it. I think about chip tom. Hanks you know national treasures one of great actors of our time and His son is just a complete bag. So i don't know how that happened But probably his name is kit. That was worth their first mistake. O- anyway his birth name is chester. Marlin hanks oh yeah. No wonder got me marlin beetlejuice. That is a austin powers. That is all my god. I know we talk about these little You know kind of synchronicity. But the thing. I wanted to talk about is linked to austin powers since you brought up tom hanks though i should have looked for this before because i remember this being on the video store shelves we had at our video store. It was jim hanks. Which is tom hanks. Brother looks just like him. he's just a little bit more overweight but it was Buford's beach bunnies. Yeah every word that you have said. Oh my god. He does look like he's spitting image My god how. How is it that we look at. Imdb way more than the normal person and there is still shit that surprises me on a great great stuff Jim hanks was an extra three. What and he played. The voice of woody in the video games for tori stasi probably sounds disliking to exactly. They're like hey we can get you cheaper than we can your brother fuck. Yeah get him here right. Check your pants off. Yeah oh my gosh. I've got to stop. Because i'm now looking at psycho. Sushi is am tv. Credits are amazing. He's actually been in a ton of shit. I've just never heard of any of it except for something to do with tom. Or he's a god but the red delicious. I just know my happening right now. I don't know we're going to have to start another podcast. Various guy get off the hanks. Okay i i'm i'm minimizing it. I'm not closing. What was i talking about okay. Oh bikini summer go bikini summer so jet bats how we got there sorry guys. He's a photographer or posing as opposing photographer. So he can get girls in bikinis and that's actually a legal. I think so There's a all girl band who is trying to make it big and really what. It is a whole group of kids that have their site said on different things at all. Come together at the end. They're trying to save the beach from being evil developer. Exactly so it's plot of the goonies with ads. The plot like a hundred and thirty at slack. You just like spun wheel and that thought your plot is. I don't know what thing had to go out with bikinis because nobody's wearing any clothes in this movie. Right it's like an anti bikini. There's one the girls trying to make bikinis. And she's got her friends trying them on and then for some reason they've got these giant seltzer bottles that there's water all over him. Discount a sewed all my fingers together it is so so silly and so not necessary but if you guys want to go out and watch this just to see boobs you can see it on youtube entirety. There's also like porn hub to some guys don't have the time to watch the keeney summer. You're not making a very good case for watching that keeney summers wanted. Meaning the one guy. I was trying to talk to you about. His name was mad dog and in the middle of it. He doesn't have any any lines. He just drinks beer. But everybody's crediting him for pulling everything off. Somehow he gets this big millionaire to back their project and to help put on this giant bash at the end for the band. The play the girls to show off the bikinis. Whatever he doesn't have any lines in the entire movie he belches on film. That's great. That sounds a lot like the guy in Wanted i watch screw balls. One of those. It's a like california dude who's in good shape and just wears like shorts and no-shirt through the movie but he's just kinda dumb and he's just the main character by default and if you look down there the guy has has very little has four credits. But he just happened to. Also be in no retreat. No surrender all comes back together. I'll comes back or does it. It's all loosely tied but for some reason bikini summer i guess hit a string with certain people that they decided to make a couple of sequels to this movie and bikini summer to came out in nineteen ninety two and was written and directed by jeff. Conaway You kinda lost me for a second but now you're falling back in. Yep i just had to introduce Loathsome some individual and it all comes back together. Yep this one. Also starred jessica hawn. Oh do you remember about jessica hahn. I do kind of a tragic story was it. Who's who secretary was will shane. Okay so Jessica hans trivia. Hair disclosure of the affair with evangelist. Jim baker yet. Jim baker couldn't remember ruined him at the time. She was the church secretary. God can you imagine that is. There's no she has no picture If you wanna see pictures of the all and i'm sure you can find there. We all know what she looks like. And what happens. Subsequently she was in playboy magazine three times. Those eighty eight. How long fucking time. Ago long time ago playboy with her all right so sorry where am i. Let's go back to bikini summer. I against those movies make any money i mean. Did they actually like open at a theater. No i do not think so. They restrict anymore. Yeah yeah. Let's look up bikini summer three because i thought somebody was actually in that one somebody and Now now there's nobody in it a movie with no actors you think they were actors before oh Written by chopper lang john here. We go okay. He's got natural. Thank god with a name like that that has to be. Oh maybe i'm thinking of clubber lang's walking be awesome of clubber. Lang wrote a bikini movie. Did you remember that in rocky. Three hulk hogan's name was thunderlips. What was he the ultimate male against the ultimate meatball. There's a picture of him with a weird little hat with a feather sticking out. I don't remember rocky three at all. Really oh i love rocky three. What's the one with the robot or the reveal that there's a robot i think he showed up in that one or maybe his part for because i think you know them and they're getting ready to release it and i think he's taking the robot out of they removed. I heard about back a robot. Washing the whole. I wonder why i don't allow robot out. Acted him every single. Okay not. You're not doing that. For another hour i want to. We won't okay all right. let's move on. Let's i think we may have talked about this. Just briefly last week. Tell me if i'm wrong. Tell me if we covered enough and we can just skip skip past it. But we're gonna go. We're going to bust through all of these movies and get him out of the way let's do it. I watched summer camp nightmare. Okay i mentioned it because you remember the box. Art the guy that kind of looks like a charlie sheen on the front with a t shirt that he made right with a pistol and he's got his arm up in the air right yes Yes great box. Art never saw the movie. And that's okay okay. It kind of looks like a tv movie. It kinda comes off like that There's a little bit more of a guess. Adult themes to this. When i saw i was like shit. Ya i gotta. I gotta wash this movie just for this then i saw the credits that the screenplay was written from a novel called the butterfly revolution and from that alone. I knew this film probably wasn't going to live up to the nightmare of summer. Camp right What what was the butterfly. So chuck connors. He's the camp director. Okay i guess. He had a butterfly collection. Oh that's not creepy at all. It was loosely based on that guy but he was kind of overbearing. Didn't want the kids to have fun. This is what we're gonna do old school stuff and the kids didn't like it. Write us a real like hank hill type guy so they ended up basically taking over so one kid in particular as a little rich kid. He a kind of banded together with his other menus and they kind of took over this this summer camp. Who is that. who is the a the main. Is he a bad guy. I guess do you not. I mean he's just an asshole descent asshole. I didn't go down. A lot of these characters paths for some reason because i was too busy watching other movies. There's guy named charlie stratton who i think. That is probably the guy i think so. He has nineteen credits under his belt. And yes that's why. I was going to bring him up because he was in a dirty dancing. The tv series. I did know. There was a tv series based on the beloved Phillix muzo girl has an abortion. We're going to trip over that again here in just a little bit. That's just activities to do right now. We'll come back. We need to pick that up because somebody's gonna trip over that. I'm also did you see you. You know the screenplay credited at to two people go ahead penelope's fierce steve. Second person what do we know penelope spirits from i mean i know her from the decline of western civilization parczew which i've seen a thousand times she directed wayne's world batman she'll directed suburbia if we talked about suburbia before we started to. I think i think maybe when we were doing our like a class of i think it mentioned during class of nineteen eighty-four. I i think you're right. Flee it's five seen it. I just haven't i haven't seen it in a long time. I don't remember it. If i have basically looks like kind of i mean penelope's fierce like gives it some lake street cred but it basically looks like what old white people think. Punks look like kind of thing. Yeah after she did wayne's world. I think she had a lot of success in the nineties when she did the early hillbillies the little rascals black sheep that is a big departure from where she started but then she did Senseless and i know. I thought that was something else as david spade and marlon wayans and brad dourson in there. Oh wow debra jo rupp. That is a combo Anyway We'll have to go down that and yeah let's not. We'll table that discussion but a needs to be talked about. Yes so summer camp nightmare so there is They made a big thing about this rope. Bridge that actually kinda goes over the There's a ravine that actually connected the boys camp to the girls camp of okay so after they took over the the camp though they just brought the girls over. I'm not via the rope bridge because it was en- shandor. Nobody could yeah. Well no. it's just falling apart and that's why weren't supposed to go across because nobody could safely get across at anyone. The kids actually used this to Kind of a lord of the flies type situation somebody else describe it and i describe it as a stand by me meats. Meatballs meets lord of the flies. I guess that's just stand by me just better than everybody else. I put stand by me in there because the kid who is in this young kid. I mean there's there seems to be a large separation between the kids because you had teenagers fifteen and sixteen and then you had like nine and ten year olds at seem right. I mean that is just every. Can't movie that i've ever seen i mean at least from the seventies and eighties and i don't know who's supposed to be a counselor who's supposed to be at the camp but it's illegal in this. I mean they they basically just take over and do whatever they want. Nobody's taken baz. Everybody's doing whatever they want. I think they ended up killing the director o- They had another little House that they basically forced everybody in an held guard at you know for all of the adults that were trying to keep this camp together. You would think chuck connors would just go full fucking serial killer like. That's what i wanted to happen. Yes when you see chuck connors in a movie like that. I think you expect that to happen. He's just like an gillies sued and he's painted his face like a snapping people's next. I would pay to see that movie. Or he has a weird room. Where he keeps his dead grandma. I and manley's and the bunch of mannequins We will lead. We have a strap. I know we will have to get there soon. Needs to be talked about by us. Anyway there was one guy that i think ended on guy one guy. He was accused of rape but they the girls ended up like taking this guy out in the woods and killing him. Do you think they chopped as weiner off to the maybe at maybe i think they They hung him from a tree and they just kinda left him there weird but anyway so the reason why said stand by me is because there is that the youngest kid who was kind of our main character is he. The kind of Ralph macho looking kid with the head van. Moore's these skinny blond kid now this was he's a real young small nerdy kid. Oh peter i don't remember his name nobody. Nobody has any i am. Dvd stuff. Nobody has any pictures. But anyway the kid He had a tape recorder and was basically memorializing everything that was happening. Ah by recording. What was going on. And that's what was used at the end for like evidence when the police finally got their. Gotcha it's not a horrible movie. It's just not a whole lot happens. You know right when. I see kids doing things like this. I just want to smack him. I just wanna smack exactly like shut. Should've fucking regulated. I think they may have Killed him off earlier. Some oh i see yeah. Yeah so looking at tom. Fried lee was one of the kids here. when seasons. You brought it up. Yes he was in the karate kid and he was also in friday the thirteenth part six. So we're gonna talk about friday the thirteenth. There's there's a chance yeah. I mean that's a that seems like a much better mood. What did she say his nameless is. Tom fried -ly fridley friendly fridley. Sure fridley sure friendly. He played john. Mason okay okay. It looks just like a typical dumb ass from that here So he was an iron. Eagle oh max dugan returns it and that was a big movie back in the day. Wasn't i don't really remember max dugan returns. Why was that a successful movie. I don't think i've ever seen this really. this is before. Wargames probably maybe eighty three donald sutherland. Without a mustache is fucking previous. Fuck i don't like that at all. You need to cover up that list. It's the same year as wargames. Okay yes he looked very young yet. Matthew broderick was Was very very hot in the early eighties. Sin please oh we know but watch them first bueller not too long ago. Yeah still pretty great. I actually fell asleep to An invasion of the body snatchers last night. So the original. Now that the seventies remake. Oh right. Right so i got to see you know donald sutherland. Just what is this. It's a cape or no it's a rat. Turn it's a caper god. Oh it's a rat third one of the rare movies where you don't see his but i don't know why everybody was just like that is the sexiest man i've ever seen. Let's take his pants off. No lease please. so anyway Now it was. It was an okay movie and it sounds awful. It had that feel of an after school move. Yeah right. it wasn't exciting. Wasn't the nightmare. That doesn't sending i've seen this and you're like oh man. This looks like it's going to be great. And then you see the butter fry revolution in. Yeah you're like. Oh that was exactly what it was my got. What if a big fucking like swarm of butterflies had like carried that kid off at the end and driving in the ravine or some would have mur ate his flesh. Yep well thanks. I guess question mark. I don't know. I guess you're just kind of like. Oh hey guys. I just made a huge mistake. Watch summer camp nightmare aka the butterfly revolution. I watched it guys so you don't have to thank you. You're doing the lord's work. I still have four movies. Here that are tabs are open. Oh my god. My stomach just dropped. I can't stop myself. This is madness. And i probably won't. I think i'm the one that may have perpetuated these movie marathon saying hey jason. Let's watch as many of these movies is we can. That's exactly what you said. I texted you earlier saying we should do a road movie marathon. I think it's just because. I want a reason to sit down and watch eight movies. I mean that's great. I'm like no honey. I can't do chores. I've got the podcast to do and i have committed myself. Jason said he will beat me with a steel rod. If i don't. I've got to watch these movies because jason's not going to do it. That part is true. I can verify that art or let's just move right along. Let's up next. I watched a nineteen eighty eight cheerleader camp. Oh like at already. You like it already You you're not gonna like it when i tell you that Leif garrett is in this kind of par for the course eighty eight zero nine hundred eighty eight. I thought this was older. Yeah just recently was the first time watch. Oh you probably looked at new orleans leif garrett on the boxes give me a k. Give me an. I give me an l. give me an l. What does that spell hour. And a half slashers. What it spells. Wow it does look scary. It could have woven a little deep on Who done it. Okay i like the point of view. Follow following somebody into the woods. And you're sneaking behind him and killing them. I dig that you like that. And i didn't get a lot of that in this movie now. It was fun. It was inappropriate. Oh good we know. A lot of these movies back in the eighties The language that they used as editor probably would not go over these days. No sleep away. Camp is like those kids are so foul mouth. Yup it offended me. That takes a lot to right. That's for sure this movie stars betsy russell. Can we just assume that. All of the women in this movie are have been in playboy at some point Probably and you probably are. Oh i see one Lucinda dickey that's right is the hanan movie. I wonder it looks like it should have been. She's special k in breaking yes and she was christie in ninja. Three the domination. That is correct. We talked about her extensively. Yeah she's a lot of fun in this movie. Lucinda dickey plays She's like one of the mascots right so she. I think she has an alligator costume but the big head. She's always kind of the dork for some reason. I mean i don't know if. I mean i'm not saying that mascots are door but well yeah i am but i i mean she's like hot shit but getting to make fun of until she has zero ordinary and i really enjoyed her in this. She was fun. The titular main character. Bessie russell okay. So she's having like nightmares that then. Kind of been Perpetuated into these serial murders. So she doesn't know if it's real of his nightmares. They make they make fun of her because of the nightmares she Is having a nightmare about Leif garrett can having sex with one of her friends. That's part of the cheerleader squad. And all of the mascots irs are around. They're saying they're just cheering saying harder. Harder new so it's aretha could have gone there. There's a couple of scenes where she and her nightmares. The pompoms are like they're just regular pompoms but somebody is using them like weapons and cutting the skin. I'm like those are streamers. These are the the soft there. There's a reason they call him. Pompoms ray i guess you could like smother somebody with the maybe yeah but not slash at them and cut his win. I don't serve. i don't buy hyphen. I guess you could hide a weapon in them. What is the purpose of a pom pom. Is it just an extension of one's breasts. I don't know if our podcast is a long enough to go into any any of that betsy russell we've talked about her before russia's betty rubble when i first looking at that betsy russell was in private school. Who which i have never seen has bb cates and matthew modine. Wow chris from a girl's boarding school. I guess chris's the girl's name chris from a girl's boarding school loves jim from a nerdy boys boarding school always like the way you said boy that you've anyway. Jim and his two friends visit the girls school posing as girls right. I don't remember this movie. And i'm i don't know It looks really stupid. It looks like a bosom buddies did a better. But the cast is like chock full of. It's got friend ryan. Sylvia kristel crystal crucial scott francis bay in the creepy lady from the man is It's got kathleen will wait that. I say her name. Sure i love her. She's the shoes. In roadhouse You know she's the Waitress and roadhouse has ray walston in it. yeah mr hand i i can go ahead. And bring up. A roadhouse right now. Because but i'll wait for a second. I wanna finish with betsy russell. She was in the movie out of control which was directed by allan holzman when we did interview with him. I talked about that. Because i did watch that movie. And it wasn't a bad movie. While is it about again upon graduation from high school eighteen. Take a sea plane trip intending to celebrate on a private island and then they run into like drug smugglers. Oh cool it's like the beach. It wasn't a bad flick. It was interesting. Is that a sherline fin. Go back in. And listen to our allan holzman interview guys. If you want to know more about out of control we go into depth about that. Yeah that's right so back into cheerleader camp. If you look at travis mckenna. He ended up chiller big boy. Oh he was. In roadhouse faculties tiny right now. He's not tiny now. He's one of the bouncers. Yeah yeah yeah. I get it made look at it because i was like is he. Tiny looked and looked and no there is no character named tying. Yes there is the are mistaken no no. His name wasn't tiny. And maybe they called and tiny maybe once but his character name was tinker tinker. That's right maybe yeah. Yeah okay i was like is this a mandela thick. Thank you and i have. We've done about tiny extensively. I think. God i love that fucking scene at the end or they have just like murdered. Everybody in a bear fell on tanger. Yeah you can see it in the pictures. And that's how i verified that. It was him that that horrified look as they were pushing the bear in on. Yeah he i sure shit his paint anyway. Thought that was pretty amusing yet that we fucked up so spectacular so george buck. Flower has extensive part in cheerleader camp. Oh my i can't. I can't even imagine if you see a guy that looks like george buck flower hanging. Where you're your cheerleader camp immediately. Call the police. Some of his lines he and one line actually says this is in the the stuff for. Imdb i almost wrote it down. But then i saw it was here that judge and the orange skirt because it was a cheerleader camp. They were judging each other. They were trying to you know they were given away trophies and shit will make your pcp harder than a ten pound bag of nickel jaw breakers if you know what i mean. I don't know what that means. Let's just stop the podcast right forever if you wanna look a little deeper okay. Don't know you don't travis mckenna who we just talked about. Because he was jack. And roadhouse as names. Jack they i sure never said his name. He was an ex bodyguard and bouncer. Which makes imperfect for roadhouse but adopted. George buck flower as his uncle. Oh okay wait a minute. Can you do that by the way that makes him on. Google buck flower. If you look at george buck flowers. Imdb it's just bum bum bum wino- bomb homeless man bum. It's hilarious now travis mckenna May not be the the actor i mean. He's the bumbling idiot and here in this movie he's running around with a camera in filming people. Unbeknownst of you know to get boob shots basically share. It is and there's a lot boobs in this movie too and like you said there are lot of porn actresses in this movie. Yeah a lot of fake bubis. They're airy waigle's in the travis mckenna was also an hamburger the motion picture up. He sure was his name. Is the big four hundred or something. I just loved it at a fab. Four hundred a family. What does that mean. i don't remember. Don't know we gotta watch that movie. We're going to touch base on her here again in just a minute for everything that i watched. I think what i did is i watched a movie. And it kinda led me to another movie is created a pastiche of shitty movies. What that means. It's like a Collage yes colo's oh. He was also in dutch. Treat which we talked about him and just recently because it's the last davidson hobo Written by lorin dreyfuss good. God what have we done travis mckenna was also in a real men. There's an no man could watch yup. I haven't seen that in a long time We do need to see. That was a lotta fun. He was in skier skier at scene that it is about a giant mosquito isn't it. I believe so. I always get confused it because this is weird to just looking at popcorn the movie. 'cause i i never can remember that to name the the main character basically. That's kind of the the the phantom of the opera a little bit still don't have his name. I did my eyes roll off his name. I ca. I can't keep it in my head. But he is weird kind of curly hair and he's always kind of a simple you know. Yeah except in that movie. He's like he was fucking great in that movie buddha. What's his name. Oh you're just not gonna tell us you're out there. I lost it. You can't just look up. Kept the next few moments out. 'cause i gotta look up again. His name is tom villard. Tom villers said he was in. Weakened warriors and one crazy summer yet in paris parasite the debut of dimming moore and whore moving movie whore ken. Russell movie yes. It is and stars theresa russell doing down there. She is great in that movie. Let's just okay. So travis mccain analysts back on out of travis mckenna's stuff and look back at cheerleader camp this is just a regular slasher movie. Leif garrett is real slimy does he. Di he does. It's not satisfying. You want him to die a more horrible death. When did he start wearing that stupid hat. Do you have any idea. How many don't information on that when he lost all of his hair. I don't know just needs some closure on that hat. This movie also has lorie griffin. And yeah the girl from. She's from seen wolf yeah right. She has very little credits but she was teen wolf because she was the hot blonde chick that he was trying to hook up with the slut yet and formally how this goes with It's kind of just like secret admirers than i brought up before you know you got the kind of not so hot Friend chick right who is always brunette. Yeah and the guys wanted to go for the blondes and then they find out later that note that the brunettes the way to go not yet. It's exact turns out. We all knew she was hot You have some type of face blindness where you can't figure out that. She's super hot bright. Maybe because her name was booth why do have stupid names to. Yeah yes they do. I love the guy. matt adler who in chain wolf. Okay he's his buddy. That kinda gets freaked out when he. He's a lot younger than the other guys. Nine byles now jerry. Von yeah of other. It's it's their other friends right okay. He was in like fucking everything Around that time. But he's always like he's like a surfer. That just happened to be wandering passed. A film being made in california. I've seen north shore. More times than i would like to admit but I don't even know what that is. And it's just a surfin movie Scott the guy from Another just like surfer turned into actor a he was in point not gregory harrison. He was That was john john. Philbin who also was just like an everything around that he was shocked and return to living dead. Oh my god. I don't know who he wasn't tim stone. I guess he just had a giant beard but anyway just seems like a guy that just happened to be around and they're like hey wouldn't be. Yeah we need somebody kamerhe awesome but anyway i land little usa. I'm sorry this is small digression. But i mean it's keeping with the summer thing. Yeah yeah. I should have watched a serving movie. I got gregory. Harrison was motion so as a nia people's yeah name. What was she famous for where she a singer. Ci yes she was. Y- what she saying. Anything i see she has Seven credits in the soundtrack. Be my lover. Oh be my lover nine. I don't know that was a hell. No that's not it. I don't think so. You sang that beautifully though. Thank you thank you. I'm so lost about where we're at entitlements face. We are talking about cheerleader camp. Oh my god still still. I just wanna finish up. Say you know this was a it was a fun movie. It has some interesting kills. Got a couple of good ones but a lot of times. They're conveniently kinda killed off camera and then yes. See the result right. There was a a hedge clipper through the back of the head that comes out the mouth. That's kinda fun cool You do get to see although it's all on the guys shitty little you know. Vhs cam quarter that he sat down it was it was our guy travis mckenna was just trying to be funny. Put the camera down and was like he's getting ready to flash the camera and then gets a nice little acts across the belly in his guts. Kinda spill out god. His guts would like our just forever. Yeah it was a fun little movie. It probably Has more of a cult following now. How many boobs do you think were in total. Not as many as bikini summer okay. So bikini summer on a scale of one to ten bikini summer had all the boobs. Here's an idea With cheerleader camp in the tribute says the film's original title was bloody pompoms. Okay inaugurate There is one scene that has i think it's the sheriff. Maybe who is having sex with the camp director. And she's a cheerleader outfit. And he's acting like he's a football star and he's like running towards her acting like he's you know it's almost as disturbing seeing the principal in student bodies. You know yeah. This guy's in his boxers has huge tuft of gray hair on his chest. Look a rug as he's going to have sex and at the same time you've got timmy. Who is travis mckenna. He's crawling like commandos. Style through the dirt periscope. Yeah exactly using a periscope with his camera to watch them and film them having sex. Where did he get the periscope. I don't know as he's watching them. Go at it for all of thirty three seconds. He says something like wait. No no. aren't you going to go for the extra point. What does that mean. And that's when the fuck does that mean and not the highlight of the moon. That sounds a lot like sleep away camp. It's like judy and The camp owner in sleep away can't because he's a disgusting like the in his fifties like seventeen and they're going to go on a date and by day. I mean in thinking. The seventy earned the eighties. That was they reported to have sex. That's it nothing else so gross. I'm sorry guys. Granted you know we wanted. We wanna talk about sleep away camp as well but and the sequels if we only had a podcast about movies that we could talk about. But we don't we just dump and may never have look. We can't control what we talk about. Nope obviously it comes down from up. Top from god to jerry. I love that. I just watched a trailer actually for Vowel yes Way way way. I think it comes out streaming august ninth or something. Okay so really good. Do you want to tell everybody where that was from a lot of times i think we'd we don't explain ourselves enough. We will mention these actor laughing at inside jokes exactly and we're not letting anybody in that was from Real real genius. so what. what's that guy's name the guy from the epa ghostbuster me. I will get him confused with Yeah christopher mcdonald in his not. Christopher mcdonald is the other guy not a snot principal. Ruining his name. Rooney william atherton. Yes william atherton. That's right rooney. That's not him either. That's my god. He's the dad and beetlejuice to that of that guy. He is also remember watching. Ravenous like i don't know a hundred times when it came out on. Dvd's we loved that movie. There was i ran across it the other day and was going to write it down because it was something i made a connection to that i was like holy shit. I don't know a lot about that either. It is the perfect. Like it's funny and it's disgusting and zaeri guest. Yeah okay. we're just gonna have to table this. Because there's talk about later and jeffrey jones yet laid eggs in ferris. Buehler's day off rooney award on on your cameron and migration imitation of affairs every semester. Be all right in cheerleader camp. In the the scene that i just described in the scene this is in the trivia and the scene where mrs tipton and the sheriff are getting ready for sex. There is a copy of leaf. Garrett's nineteen seventy eight album. Feel the need leaning against the top of the record player so something to look for guys anyway. Cheerleader camp was directed by john. Quinn i don't know him He's done a lot of shows He did a tv show called Sexy urban legends bludgeons would exclude urban legends. And it looks like he probably had a connection to all of these porn actresses probably. Okay yeah right so anyway gonna go ahead and tie this up on cheerleader camp. Guys go out and watch it it. It was a lot of fun it's cheesy. It's a slasher movie from the late eighties. So what else do you need to know you kinda it. What you pay for those things. Yeah so. I'm going to run through this movie real quick. Because it's the newest movie that i watched and it doesn't necessarily fall into the category of a summer movie. That's why i'm just going to run through it. Okay but i came across it. Because i was trying to watch the movie I think there's a movie called stupid. Teenagers must die k. And i may have watched like five minutes of it. And i think the copy on youtube is just really really bad or it was just a really really bad movie either way. I ended up watching this movie instead. Is it any better not necessarily but it was written and directed by a guy who does special effects. Makeup are kinda hit and miss. Yeah but they are a lot of fun there showing off their ability to to tear flesh apart and spray blood across the floor. So that's and that's just exactly what this movie is. It's called famine. Okay two thousand eleven. Oh written directed by guy by the name of ryan nicholson and ryan. Nicholson has a hundred and thirty eight credits and the makeup department a. Alright right so he's done a ton of shit. There was a movie called hemoglobin. I remember this movie. it was actually cold bleeders. Ok okay and this had rutger hauer in. And i remember how this on the shelf. I never watched it and a man travels to an island with his girlfriend in search of his relatives but finds may be more than he wanted to know. dan o'bannon was one of the writers. A i yeah. I mean i know that. Cover very well. I love it when they put from the creators of aliens. Like yeah but a lot of people were in the the room creating. Yeah ooh that looks real tough to watch. Guess ryan nicholson. He's made a career a doing special effects. I mean it's everywhere. The crows stairway to heaven. Mr magoo because i know that there was a lot of special effects makeup in that yes Mission to mars final destination scary movie. He was the prosthetic effects. Supervisor and a lot of things as well Double jeopardy which is Ashley judd and tommy lee jones. Yeah i watched part of that just the other day. In fact she'll steaming Reindeer games Replicant which we brought up before for some reason because it was john. Claude van damme and michael rooker. I'm sorry let me say that again. Michael rooker did you see reindeer games. Don't tell me you haven't seen reindeer gang. Did you know that ben. Affleck's name in that is rudy. Nick rudolph the retinas andrew. O.'day yes ben. Affleck gary sinise. Charlie's there on. I enjoy this movie. Still enjoy it if you look down there I'm sorry. Ron jeremy as in it but danny trae ho is in. It clarence williams. The third is in donna. Logan zenit lena. I do like this movie. It was john frankenheimer. Yeah they were trying to pull a casino heist right. Danny trae those characters name is jumpy by the way south pretty donald lobes characters name his pug okay so Ryan nicholson did the special effects makeup for dream catcher okay Scary movie three against him. I guess. well blade. Trinity is in their news. Hold that against him. That might be the only good thing about that. Movie was did have critical special effects. He did the special effects for it. Waits and i had to watch the trailer for this because i. I've never seen it but i remember seeing the cover. The monster on the cover does not give enough credit to what the monster in the movie is. Okay hated the special effects. Makeup on hollow man two okay. I don't think i've ever seen helmeted. I've seen holloman one and i enjoyed it. Had hollow man two is christian slater and maybe that's why it's really holy shit. Yes and he is the tischler hollow man in that one. that's way creepy than kevin bacon. I think i would much rather have kevin bacon pervy out on me being naked than holloman three should just be david spade dislike any girls somebody fund that movie. I'm surprised they haven't made that already. So anyway ryan nicholson. He is written and directed a handful of things. he's probably most notably from the movie. Gutter balls okay. I don't think i've seen it. I haven't either and i wonder why i don't know i know what it is. I've i've came very close to watching it before if that counts. I mean how many bowling alley horror movies are there. Yeah only one. That i can think of right off the top my well maybe another one because he did gutter balls to. Oh which is named balls deep. Let me remind you that. When i was in a bowling league are league name was balls to heap. Well putting that out there. I mean you had to pick one. I didn't pick it. It's a really. I just wanted to touch on ryan nicholson's career he. He died unfortunately he passed. Oh wow from the at a real young age Believe from brain cancer so him really brought the podcast really brought him but the movie famine of shit. It's a lock in at a high school. All of these people are in their early thirties. all the it is not well written. I think it's because it's trying to be camp right. Yeah like that. We're kind of try to strike a balance in like shark nato and stuff where bright. You're not laughing at their stupid jokes. You're laughing at the fact that they made those stupid jokes. But then they become self-aware in like part two and part three and then it's not as fun anymore right. It was just a reason. I think the show off a special effects to a granted. The the killer is in yet another mascot costume and he is the naylor okay. I don't know what school there from that. Their mascot has to be a the nailer but It's just a big headed character. Trying to get there is one particular kill and which he comes up behind somebody and slits her throat. And there's a lot of blood gushing out but then he puts the knife to the throat and just kind of goes at the throat just cutting severely into the throat and the blood. Just gushing out. It's kind of fun. That sounds kind of fun. But if you're stuck in a bowling alley don't all the kills how to be bowling related. I'm not sure i'm i'm talking about famine. I'm no longer on. Oh sorry that would have been really it so famine. There's not a whole lot to it. The acting is pretty bad. There's not a lot of nudity. But it just looks like he was having fun with the fact that he can do special effects so lots of blood not a whole lot of plot. Okay i just wanted to to crush a little bit on ryan. Nicholson his career and We lost him too soon. I think he had bigger things in his life and cancer took him too soon. I mean i just appreciate a good bowling pin death kind of like the little knob on. It is kind of like broken off. Splinter i expect to see in gutter balls. There has to be a bowling pin down. Somebody's through ri-. I also would think there would have to be a A return death either. What would what would a good return. Death be maybe. I'm thinking ahead coming back through the ball return. Of course that has to be. Yeah you're right and it may have been in this movie and famine. I had to be in this one. Somebody grabbed a severed head and used as a weapon of cool. That was kinda fun. Yeah is it called famine because all of the snack machines are why is it called fan with think it's A lock in thing. I don't understand yeah. I only went to think one church lock in my life. Oh they don't let you eat at those things i don't know anyway famine. It's you guys. Just go crush on ryan nicholson's career for a little bit. You'll be just fine. They have it all right. So let's move on. I'm gonna. I'm gonna some up one movie here real quick so i can get to my pinnacle of my summer movies. Okay this movie. I watched last night and it came up on a list when i was searching for summer movies. It came up on a list With another one called mad man. Okay not not the madman that we madman. I probably a you know the box of that when it looks like a guy in the moonlight. Yeah of standing there. Yeah crazy scare. Wiggle with an axe. And i didn't watch that i watched part of it and for some reason did not go through the whole thing. Okay but i watched a movie. I had never seen or heard before called moon stalker okay. Nineteen eighty nine moon stalker. That sounds great. It says a family of tourists vacationing in the woods. And a group of camp counselors training and the same forest find themselves being terrorized by a vicious unhinged psycho. Are there any other kind. Not in my. I've never heard of this movie by the way it had potential. It's pretty cheap. Yeah it looks pretty cheap. The setup of this killer was this guy broke his son out of a mental institution. Okay only get this in in some exposition okay. But when you first see him. He's in a straight jacket. He's got chains hanging off of them. He's got a hood on. That just has an eye hole in a mouth hole. That is creepiest hood. Looks pretty rad. I do enjoy that. If they would have kept that. I would been yet so yet. It's it's got kind of a. It's like a mix between friday the thirteenth or two and phantom of the paradise. A little bit But they didn't keep that in the end he ends up killing some guy who is an camp counselor going for some reason in the middle of the night to where all these camp counselors are being trained and this is all in wintertime. So this was it's called wilderness counselors camp but there in the wintertime. some reason. Well i mean the can't train him during the summer. Yeah just be stupid so anyway. He ends up killing one of the counselors. That's going to this camp and stealing his clothes. Which includes this big cowboy hat okay. And that's what he's if they would have kept the sanitarium get up of the straight jacket in the mask. I think it would have been so much better. I agree the original set. Where you've got a family on this outing you know in their camper supposed to be in the deep woods you can hear the highway traffic kind of takes away from some really takes it away. It was okay it to me because some of the deaths i mean the guy basically has an axe and he's killing everybody with an axe and every character is you know escaping. Go have sex and so they can be alone and then subsequently die by this psycho kill. Why else would you wanna be a camp counselor bright. It's just all about sex and suicide by supernatural kill and the same thing with the camp director having some you know sexual relationship with one of the i. I don't wish she also a counselor. Is she also director. And i don't know. But it might never know i wanna know how many movies and this happens. A lotta slasher flicks. How the killer will stash a body above a door. Yeah kinda so. We can fall down like a bucket of water on there to like pay play a prank on. It happens in every like friday the thirteenth is just like how did their dead bodies stay up there until you like walked by like nothing even like triggered it dry or there's a fishing line that ryan tripped over to yeah to let it drop in front of his just for the jump scare. Sometimes it's fun. Sometimes it's cheap yet Take you back to cheerleader camp. There was a a scene kind of like that. I don't know how rigged it but The sheriff was actually coming in to help and walk through a door and somehow got a bear trap straight to the face. That was kinda cool. Cool okay i. i'm coming around now. Moon stocker sons fucking great. That mask is real cool. If they would have kept it. I would have been so. That would make a good Halloween costume. I don't know if it was the actors choice to give his character a limp. Okay kind of causing motoring it all over the place. Yeah i guess that gives you kind of the The feeling of like a jason character as well you know. He can't run but he still waiting for you. Right when you're running away doesn't need any can teleport exactly One of the people in this movie is ingrid vol- and i i know that name that does seem nobody has a imdb dv profile picture. This is the level of the movie. You're getting so ingrid vold. She was in communion with Christopher walkin but that was unaccredited you know. I don't remember communion. I kind of want to go back and look at it. Yeah feel like wasn't he. Isn't he supposed to be witless driver. whoever. I is that right. I don't know i think it's based on a true story but other than that. There's there's nobody in this movie. No name people. Michael o rourke who wrote and directed. It wasn't the whole time you're talking about that pose looking at hell gate. She wrote Ron polo is like the main character. Dammit you ruined my giants. Look at his. Imdb profile picture. It's it's pretty great. Bron polo looks scary. And and for our audience. Ron palolo is whore shack on. Welcome back kotter. Yeah i mean this is prime palolo at right here and he actually doesn't look bad. I mean you still got that like curly hair. But it's not as bad as you think well if you look down here. Ron pillow was also in surf. Part to. I'm movie that i should have watched. That also had eddie deason. Oh i'm surprised those guys don't fight for supremacy. Eric stoltz terry kaiser It also has tom villars in it. I mean what synchronicity. Eric stoltz in it surf to does ruth buzzy cleveland. Little holy crap and watch this immediately. Exactly wait a minute. I do kind of remember that cover but that surf to i wonder if surf one looks very similar. I don't know ron paulos character. In surf to is deputy underwear by the way underwear yet. It okay sure. And just. Because ron pillow was also in friday the thirteenth part six was he. Yes he was. He was in the very beginning when when they were digging up jason and to end his life and ended up putting the that go through him and got struck by lightning and this brought him back tom. Yeah move move. Hey i just just trivia on surf to despite the title suggesting so there was never a surf one so a detective skills. Her just wonder what the decision was. There did somebody already have the title me. A lyle wagner as chief boyardee in that okay. I'm watching us immediately when we're done with us. I think i've seen this before. I had to have a a disgruntled nerd. Who was bullied in high school. Creates buzz cola. A soft drink that turns surfers into mindless zombies. Okay i've never seen. I thought maybe but i'm here to tell you nope not yet. I will watch it anyway back to. I'm sorry that was that was from hell gate talking about a surf to we're talking about Moon stalk oh my god. And i'll wrap it up real quick. It was cheesy It's very very low budget. The killer makes every noise and the world and does not disturb any bri. I just nobody has a gun in these movies. Just shoot them. That actually end this. I think it was the camp director who came in to find his girlfriend who was waiting for him and being kind of weird playing some classical anthem type music and as she was like a commando outfit on so she was trying to. You know get him in the mood and as he comes back to find that her legs have been chopped off. Oh yeah you'll get that yeah but Then the killer puts a gun in his mouth and shoots out the back of his head which was was kinda cool after he chops off both of his arms. By the way you only get see one arm fall and disciplined. It was enjoyable. She perfect so but none of no other counselor heard the gun show right. That's what i'm saying. They're all in this small secluded area and nobody hears the screams. Nobody hears the gunshot. Like twenty feet away yeah In what way was the summer movie. I forgot if you explain. Naturally it was on the list of summer movie is that i found has the girl in the covers wearing a pretty heavy ski jacket. Yeah like i said that this took place in the wintertime. Why were the camp counselors being trained in the wintertime. I don't know. I don't know either that list that you said you were looking out. You should burn it printed out and burn so anyway you guys wanna watch moon stalker you can also find it on youtube Hell gate is actually is out there too. If you wanna see that hand to as a surf to i think the point of all of that was guys go out and watch surf to or other. Move or anything. I'm sorry guys. I tried to find some some fun summer movies. And you see what happened. Well like you said i mean you do it. We don't have to. I mean we weren't going to anyway but thank you all right so the wrap this up my last movie and this may take a minute. Because i know you've seen it. And i just had to watch it because i had such a great memories of this movie. It's not a bad movie and if you don't say will be boys. I'm just going to hang out of phone jason. Are you still there jason. I'm still here. I watched nineteen eighty-five fraternity vacation just mash two words. That don't go together. You had to have seen this. This is stephen jefferies tim. Robbins matt. Mccoy john vernon barbara crampton. Wow a nina talbot which we have. We brought her up just recently. I know we have a name so familiar. Yeah amanda beers. Amanda beers if he knows amanda beers and stephen jefferies. Come right back around to star in fright so this is before friday night. This is nineteen eighty five. Same time now. So amanda beers at just happens to kind of hook up with. Stephen jeff was just happens to hook up with so the plot of the movie is tim. Robbins and cameron die. They are in the same fraternity. And they're kind of grooming stephen jefferies. Who's and we brought this up before. Whose name is wendell. You've always got to give the nerdy guy some weird name that makes him stand after they're grooming him For this fraternity. Because they want his dad's muddled okay. It's stephen jefferies. Dad is max right. Okay yeah everybody knows. Max right as alves dad. We wasn't alves dad but he was willie. Tanner who is the dad and alf. Oh my god. What was elf's name gordon. Shum way okay and if you wanna go ahead and look at Holly meszaros played alf. Yup and eleven episodes. We brought him up recently. Just so i can say okay. I mentioned a little person yoga. You did it happy yet. Check it off your bingo cards all right. So stephen jefferies the reason why they were trying to groom him as because the dad said. Hey go show him a good time. I'll give you some money. So you can put a hot tub in your fraternity okay. They're taken stephen jefferies to florida. Basically to try to get him later. That's when they run into. Leigh mccloskey and matt mccoy of a rival fraternity. Okay they have a little fun and games. Kind of fucking around with each other during the movie When they get barbara crampton and one of their other girls to kinda hit on stephen jeff. Note cameron and tim robbins kind of hook up with these two girls and they are getting ready. To have sex it looks like the rated have a foursome and the girls are in the bathroom talking about how they were taking some medication for herpes. Or whatever reich just as playing a joke on these guys go. I see because matt mccoy and leigh mccloskey. They set this up. Gotcha so anyway. Barbara crampton should be in everything. Tim robbins and cameron dye takes stephen geoffrey they take him to a bar and get him to Go and talk to girl. He's like well. What do i say to him is like well. You got to get a break the icu you ask you know. If she lives around here she go to school around here. You know you can't just go up and ask her for. I blow job in the parking lot right. So stephen jefferies goes over and tries to talk to her and she doesn't want anything to do with it until he says well. I guess a blowjob in the parking lot out of the question. And now she thinks he's funny was funny and so they kinda hookup but she says well you can't be my boyfriend unless my daddy approves of you. Well look who her dad is. He is the chief of police and john vernon all right. so john vernon was. Dean warmers national. An coons vacation animal. Obser- thank you. National anthems animal house of looking at the picture. Right now why. I say i don't. I'm on a roll. You really are like budha anyway fraternity vacations. It's fun. it's it's a comedy it's a beach movie the comedy. They're just trying to get stephen. Jefferies laid em. I just like going crazy. Is that nod a. What's the john candy movies. That basically has the same box art. Oh yeah That's summer rental summer. Rental. what's watch that. So the rivals cameron diane and tim robbins. Leila close game matt mccoy they make a bet because they see a really cute girl who is just way out of everybody's league and basically they make a bet of one thousand dollars of who could get her bed. I okay or at all. Of course leigh mccloskey. Plays charles chaz lawler. The third right yeah. He's kind of a smug bastard like character actor from that time Yes he is. Leigh mccloskey was in inferno. Yeah that's weird in nineteen eighty. And i was like man. I don't remember maybe because we can't reconcile it because everyone else in the movie is italian. I was looking at leigh mccloskey in some of his early. Shit if you go down the nineteen seventy six. He was in rich man. Poor man which just happened to have a william smith. Oh my god there you go. I just had to connect yup. You're welcome. yep william smith you will be missed. Leigh mccloskey if you look also was in hamburger the motion now. It's all the final piece has slid into place. Everything just comes right back. Yeah the portal in the pyramid. Is they white shining. Light is blinding us. All up in just one of the guys to yes. He was god. I love that movie. I i mean did that would really like i mean i guess maybe they just got the perfect actress. I guess everybody knows. She's a girl but still she. She pulled it off. Shoes trying to be ralph maccioni. And she she did really well but you look at her and it's like there's no way that you could ever put a disguise on her but bright but yeah. I managed to surely fins in that too okay. I'm anyway anyway. Matt mccoy i looked at his career for a little bit. I mean he's he's been in a ton of things hundred fifteen credit. Oh yeah he's also he's like a funny bastard this time period. I mean like philip. He's in a bunch of those rich teen versus misfit. Type thing looking at matt mccoy are eight. Oh away why lease academy five was just getting there. It's exactly where i'm going. That's where i know him. He was also in weakened warriors digest. Bring that up. Yes i did. Yeah deep star six. I don't remember him in deep star. I just wanna revisit. We need to do that to aquatic. We've we've got to so deep stars six Who's in that nia people's watts. No way have you gone back and just edited all of this stuff like you can go into wikipedia and just change things. Just do it. Fits my surrey's gotta do these. We've got to do what we need to do. Is just do a double feature of this and leviathan and we'll just decide and we can talk about abyss but only for like ten minutes got it done and kill for rare man. Remember that summer. Oh yeah remember that sea monster summer sea monster summer i love it all right so matt mccoy for some reason was in beethoven for some reason for some reason he was in a tv series for. Hbo called carnival low. Yeah i never watched that. i love it. i own it on. Dvd there was only two seasons a great great. Show guys if you get a chance. I miss a implore our audience. Please go out and check this out. Adrienne barbault clancy brown cleared evolve. Oh we must have been fucking idiots. Who is the main character. Who's the boy That's nick. Stahl yeah. He was in terminator and Disturbing behavior. Oh okay like that movie gun. Now company trapped on him. I liked him a lot and carnival. He was he was great. He was really great. If you also look at have michael j. anderson Another little person. Who was our tischler Little person in twin peaks that we've talked about because he has the ability to talk backwards. Yeah he's the man from a call him man from another place. Yeah anyway just had to bring up little people good great. thank you. Matt mccoy was in police. Academy five and police can be sir. Did he take over for owning the google. Yeah i believe he did. I watched the trailer for both of those. They look horrible and no have seen him. Because i think we had to what what was the latin. You mean the ones. After the last one with steve number because it was a city under siege is running assignment miami and then city under the trade. When he wasn't in the film you have nothing else to say about that. I i have to say about goop. And i don't know why we haven't. There's a little slice of the late eighties and early nineties. This just Good burton high spirits numerous times. Fuck unseen that moving rather amazon women. Okay i'm done. Oh but wait. I do want to say that. Leigh mccloskey was in Cameron's closet which. I don't know why. I the hype for that must have been huge. Must've read about it in finger warrior or something begun it came out and his okay Matt mccoy was in in the heat of passion to unfaithful. And why did i click on it. I don't know why it has berry bossed week out brother. It has michael gross. Leslie and down and lisa coup drunks just like the sexiest actors from that. If you look at the picture of berry boss tweak that he has on imdb. I'm see it is haunting. Is it a silver fox or is it like from back in the day. His is got too close. Oh my god. They are really close together. They're almost touching hair. Looks fucking amazing. Oh so strange. Wow so love that. I got hypnotized. So i started looking at berry boston berry. Brost mc was berry. Bosra was in the tv series for foul play. Eighty one. but. I've got something to say about this because in foul play. Hey plays at looks like the main character. Detective tucker pendleton. Though he said that. Do you know of another character named tuck pendleton Sounds familiar that. I go to high school with it. That is dennis quaid's character's name in inner space. What share universe. I came across that. I'm like. I've got to talk about how i mean. Yeah that would work. What year was Okay eighty-one abc's for pow pow play. Eighty one hey and then the inner space was eighty seven. He's a he's a fighter. Pilot guess maybe he just said you know. Detective just isn't this isn't working on my god. His hairs gigantic. Oh and that has deborah raffin. Did you already say the does now. I was getting ready to. I'm sorry i'm just it's unbelievable. It is unbelievable. We just talked about her last week. Why i've never. I don't know grizzly too what it was the foul play series also. Has mary jo cat. Let in it yet. i sayer. Who plays the voice. For mrs puff on spongebob. Just tell you okay. Real quick corey feldman also in the tv version of foul play. Okay now clicking really. Yep wow very interesting cameron die. He's just a interesting character actor he was in the last starfighter. Yeah who was the. And he was andy. I don't know as his buddy or something for some reason. I thought his girlfriend's name was andy as well so now. It was maggie okay. I'm sorry ernie similar but anyway. I thought that was. I don't remember him. Last fighter of seeing that billion times directed nick castle but he was also in valley girl. Yeah that's a good one and valley. Girl has nicholas cage deborah foreman. I'm sorry we're just saying that. Deborah foreman michael bowen and look michael bowen. Richard sanders Dickie sans is what i call. Who plays less from wjr in cincinnati. Is he still with us. he's still with us. I thought you'd be happy i am. You're going too fast. I can't keep up with the imdb damn and you lost me. Lost me on the dust. One more connection. I wanted to make one more. And that's it you a brush your teeth and go to bed valley girl by the way was cameron dies first movie so pretty interesting. Then he did last star fighter joyous sex fraternity vacation and the heat of the night and then he shows up in what. I'm sorry the dirty dancing tv series. I'm like what the shits like. Did they cancel that after it had aired for like thirty minutes. They're like pull the fuck plug eleven episodes and i started looking at it. I'm like all right all right. Let's see hey look there's mclean stevenson. Who was in mash. Oh my god. Sandal bergman i was like what the hell so i started thinking of okay. Who would pick up after patrick swayze. Yeah as our our sexy dancer and is patrick cassidy. So you couldn't get patrick swayze. You got patrick cassidy. The scissors dude named colt Played the the tv version. Our to tv suitors tv movie. And then there's a tv series and it has completely different people and the way he's holding her for the flying thing looks like he's about to just throw her out the window. I can only. Oh says a ton of people. Weird billy dee williams as tito god. You're still on the tv version now. The tv movie ride the tv mo- while that was being twenty seventeen. All of those people should have known better. Was that called havana night. Now that that was part to okay. Shit peter sago wrote that. Do you know that. I did not know that. Shame on you. Shame on peter so go back to the tv series with me for a minute. Nineteen eighty eight. Nineteen thousand nine eleven episodes but i was looking at patrick cassidy. Because he took over. For patrick swayze and k either the to patrick's snot confused. All right so patrick kathy. It looks like mike pence. It looks like he did some lois. And clark some smallville. Gun a lot of tv. I always liked to scroll down to the very bottom of his career to see where he got his star. He got his start a movie. Nineteen eighty one called midnight. Offering uh-huh and i'm like ooh sounds midnight offerings reads. Vivian has magic powers. She doesn't hesitate to save her boyfriend. David from failing in high school by murdering teachers however david has gotten tired of her and is putting his charm on the new girl in school. Robin robin discovers. She also has magic powers and it comes to a mental showdown between the two women over david starring melissa sue anderson. Who was mary and little house in the prairie. Yeah the blind one. Look marian ross's in there. Oh my god. Gordon jump areas jordan. John you plan all of the stadium. Yes i did. We mentioned. every. What's what's andy travis. Do and nowadays. Let's just do shit but also in this. Tv movie had dana kimmel in it. K- who was in friday the thirteenth part ha menachem. And that's that's how the games played is s. She's getting choked by jason and her profile in through the van. Windy have we talked about that. Episode of facts are not facts of life of different strokes. Yeah different strokes. Where gordon jump is the helms the bikes or various. I like reminding everyone every once in a while that exists. I just thought you'd be happy that i could connect everything back to cincinnati finally. Go to bed tonight. Oh my god. Can i just say you know who played andy. Travis gary sandy. I think his both of those names has the exact same number of letters and they can be like. What is it like a word jumble anagram. yeah anagram. That's why i liked him. You got the feeling that andy travis. That's kind of what. Gary sandy was to kind of mellow dude. You know maybe like smoke. Join every once in a while. That's good stuff. So what's he doing now. Is he still alive with Let's see yep he's still alive. I just typed in andy travis to google. I didn't go to. I am so ally lost. He hasn't done anything since two thousand four. Well two need to get that w. care p. reunion going before they're all gone or wait until a couple others and then i wanna watch midnight offerings. There was a tv movie. But yeah it's got a cool toaster. It's freaky as when satanic panic was rampant right. Let's go ahead and finish up on fraternity vacation wrapped all my god. That seems so long ago so long ago. So many people in this Look franklin aj's. I saw the you saw that. Dr clark us what. He pronounces kopech in the verse For some reason. I looked at charles rocket. I'm not gonna go down. Yeah we've talked about him before he plays mad man mac. Yeah and he is absolutely horrible in this movie. He's the this guy is not a good actor. He's the disc jockey and he does like all disc jockeys do. he's just annoying. Leah adds might have a coke addiction and an s. td for her body vacation fraternity vacation. It's just those two words together. I don't know what those mean when they're together like that well. They went to palm strings. Yeah i think we talked about charles. Rocket was in and just said. We're not gonna talk about him. But he was in dumb and dumber. And i think the reason i know him is because he was on saturday night live. I think in one of those weird. Like i think it was when you know after eddie murphy left which basically just like killed the show right. Yep he was in that kinda weird nether region where everything was like. It was almost like performance art instead of comedy. Gotcha it looks like He was weakened. Update guy from nineteen eighty. Nine hundred ninety one. I think he said fuck on live. Tv on saturday night live and was fired immediately. Think oh you know. I think i read that. That's why i looked into him. I'm tricky shepherd. Acquired a certain notoriety for uttering the ultimate obscenity on live television during the final moments february twenty. First nineteen eighty-one episode of saturday night live contrary to popular belief rocket was not immediately dismissed from the program but was fired with producer. Jean doumanian okay. Perfect and all but four cast members yet they fired everybody. Except for danny dylan gail matthews eddie murphy. And joe piscopo man. Wow that was a dark time for saturday night. Live i guess so. You remember rich hall. We don't have time but we need to talk about some of this stuff later. We'll make a note of it but if you look Charles rocket Committed suicide and two thousand five so that might be the other reason why he came across. My radar was just looking at. We're on now trivia or something right where what are we are we barreling. That's it that's it that's all. I gotta say guys fraternity vacations a lot of fun. You can watch on youtube just like everything else. I mean all of those movies do even if they're horrible. They have some redeeming values in some. It's not always the nudity. The a lot of times it is. I guess that's my takeaway. That's it maybe crappy movie but at least it's got some tips in it. At least you gotta see boob all right whilst wrap this up jason. Let's do that was our summer. Movie madness guys. You're welcome may not have all been summer but it was surely every bit of madness that's true. What was the winter. Movie moon stolen stalkers. Think it's funny that i set out to do a summer. I mean. I don't even know if we've talked about a movie that happens when it's called outside. You wait until the summer madness. And everybody's got a ski jacket on. I was led astray just like everybody. That damn list we need to find out who compiled that strongly-worded emails all right guys though Let's wrap this up the way. We always do jason till everybody where they can find the fleas. Go to the moratorium dot com. Please go to moratorium dot com. You can find everything you need. I will put a link to all of these movies on our website. So if you are so inclined can go and watch these. Ya didn't make a very good case for watching any of them. Share police academy unless high spirits. I remember that's good or not. But i think i saw that at the theater and No i don't remember it being good. Peter o'toole in it and guys. Hey if you want to help us out if you wanna go over to our patriae john and us pay throws a few bones. Maybe we'll start watching better movies. Yeah do i mean it's for your own good retire to hear me talk everything you could watch on youtube. Here's a way out of it. If you'd like to donate three dollars a month to our patriotic. I'm going to give you something back. You can get the extended director's cuts of our movie episode. What nets right. At least twenty minutes per episode i cut out of good stuff man but were just insufferable. And those mo- i save it just for you three dollars a month. That's that's less than a cup of coffee from starbucks less than a lunch -able bet today's prices. Yeah in this economy. It's way less than a two by four at home depot. That's true that is very true. I found that out the hard way. Well not doing any home improvement this year. All right guys you can also find us on all of the social media's our facebook group is still going out of control lots of fun going over there. You can find us on twitter on instagram. If you just want to send us an email and tell us about everything we got wrong. Please do so at movie. Moratorium at gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you. Love to hear from anybody. Tell us you're still out there. Yeah you're still worried about you. You left a long time ago when you said you were just gonna go get cigarettes that all right. Hey an tune in next week where we finally get back to a regular scheduled programing with the movie. What movie we were watching jason. You guys are going to like it. It's called life force And you think my summer movies didn't have enough booze. Off hachi much a lot of movies in-app actually just has four four two three four. Yeah okay you're looking at them right now. Set just your new desk on your computer screens. That french chicks gets bouncing around because computer's mun idle for five minutes. Alright go watch lifeforce and we'll get back to it next. I can't wait. This is going to be a lot of. It is all right jason. do you have anything else. Dad i do not are shut this bitch down. I guys good night birth. You've been listening to special edition of the moratorium. An mt cornfield production. Summer may be close to an end. But there's still plenty of movies to keep you in the mood so crack. Open a cold one and sit back and enjoy the madness. If you have any movie suggestions or just want to tell us how much we really suck. You can contact us at movie. Moratorium at gmail.com. Thanks for listening and long live. Vhs holy fuck yeah. You've made me horse. You're like wondering why. And why does he sound like. He's smoking stem us. It's just emotion.

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Episode #095  Ode to Earle

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Episode #095 Ode to Earle

"It is Tuesday April twenty. I thank you for joining me. Mets to sports. I am Zach Smith. Your host has always really excited about today's episode so just to preface it. This is an episode. That's going to be about my grandfather. Earl Bruce he passed away two years ago yesterday and so I wanted to do a little just a little storytime. Just talk about his time as the head coach at Ohio State. What it was like for me. My special guest his oldest daughter. Linn Bruce who was my mother is GonNa join us and we're GONNA just Kinda reminisce about some stories about earl and what it was like working for Woody Hayes. What would he as was like? Just a couple icons in the history of college football certainly the history of Ohio State. Football just want to give him his due diligence. Give him his his earned respect as a college football fanatic as a college football enthusiasts as a college football analyst. Whatever you WANNA call me. I want to keep him relevant and talk about him. Because two years ago yesterday he passed away and we miss him. So we're GONNA do that where to get into this. This episode also GonNa put out a bonus episode this week. Nfl draft preview. Going to be joined by Johnny Lunceford from scarlet and great podcast. He's come on. Asked me a couple of questions about some recruiting. Just how it works. What probably happened with this? This whole fiasco with the kid from Kentucky that committed Oklahoma Than decommitted and committed Ohio state. I'm GonNa Kinda explain what happened because I seen it one hundred times. There's a lot of rumors out there. I want to let you know what I believe happened. And how it went down and then also WanNa talk about the NFL draft. Not only states players where I see them going where how I see the value but also just the the entire process. What's going to happen? The how different this year. So it's going to be addressed special little recruiting and draft. Who who who couldn't love that right. Nfl Draft Little College recruiting but anyways enough about next episode. Let's get to this episode. Little little owed to earl episode about Earl Bruce Enough intro. Let's get to the show. Taped picked up by Michigan stakes. Jalen Watts Jackson who stole. Oh four you know four Portland you barbecue. Did you push it did you? Do the loss today menaced all right. Welcome episode ninety five five away from one hundred really excited about the hundredth episode. Even though I have no idea what I'm GonNa do for it. It was huge plant spring game. Blowout GonNa be awesome but no longer. Governor Governor says not so fast so we are going to. I'M GONNA take the next two weeks figure out a cool way to celebrate one hundred episodes and celebrate your support of this show. So thank you for tuning in a special episode today personally. Hope you enjoy it and if you don't turn it off in tune in next week I don't really care I'm going to just have a conversation about and just bring light to different side to my grandfather. Earl Bruce Hall of fame football coach really a Buckeye through and through and just somebody that obviously impact impacted my life greatly. He's one of the finest football coaches in the history of the game. If you ask me and if you ask people that know people like Nick Sabin and Urban Meyer and Pete Carroll that worked for him guys that learned a lot from a man that maybe didn't have the successes that the that the Urban Pete's and Knicks have had but he really laid the groundwork foundation for a way to run a program and achieve at a very high level so who better to bring insight into the world and life of Earl Bruce than his oldest daughter who happens to be my mother. Lynn Bruce. Mom Thank you for coming on August right you. You're the oldest. I don't like to hear that just means that you spent the most years with him so you are the oldest. That's how it works. As are you very true? Very true. The oldest grandson. So I think the best way to start this office just curious kind of what is it. Like being earl Bruce's daughter. Oh my Gosh I get asked that all the time as a matter of fact when I was on the Buckeye cruise they Had a question and answer session and urban was up there with a G G G G. I said I get asked this all the time. Gd What do you think? And it was a exact same answer that I always give. I don't know any different. That's what I grew up with. That's who it was my dad. I didn't you know know anything although I do remember you as a two year old when he was coaching it Ohio State and after he got fired You didn't realize everybody's GRANDPA wasn't on TV. Yeah I just thought it was normal. Everyone's GRANDPA was on TV understandable right. Yeah so it's Kinda the same thing for me. I can relate. I can relate to what I what I always talk about. Two people in is that he was very I guess. He was a little more compassionate as as a family member. Maybe had a little more understanding as a family member but he really approached being a father grandfather whatever similarly to how he did when he was coaching. I tell the story all the time about the time that my license tags were expired so I I had got in trouble at school. I think it was at school. I don't remember clearly blocked those memories out and he was. I thought he was going to just destroy me. Rip Me a new one and he was very like well what happened. Tell me what happened and I told him what happened. And he was like we. We're we're not gonNA do this again. Very like even keeled level headed. I was like I walked out. I remember I walked out of his house and I was like Holy Shit. I thought I was going to get destroyed. That was really nothing and then like a month or two later. My license tags expired. And you thought you would've thought. I killed someone. He just came over the table. You your your absolute dumb ass. The dumbest son of a bitch I've ever met in my life. How you drive around with expired tags. You're a moron just went off on me and I'm like my God. I got in real trouble like a month ago and you didn't like it was a nice conversation and now. I didn't do anything really my license tags or expired but he he approached things passionately well when you made a choice when you made a choice to do something. That's when he got very upset. You made a stupid choice and you gotta way different person than I ever got. I always got the fired up screaming at you. You made this dumb mistake. I never got the even keeled although I will say I was thinking on the way here about a time I skip school. I was kind of a difficult child. I suppose he was never home so it was always my mom that had to deal with everything and I was. I had skipped school with a friend in eighth. Grade just walked out the side door and went to her house and did absolutely nothing well. We did go down to campus and I was state and have pizza and that was what got me in trouble. I like two weeks later. My mom showed up at the school. I was supposed to go home with with a friend for an overnight on a Friday and she showed up at the school and said we have an appointment with your dad and that never happened when I was like. Oh crap what did I do and I just kept thinking in my head okay. Don't don't give anything up. Let them tell you what you did. Don't tell them anything. And so we got there at his office which was at the old cyclones stadium and it was a crappy office and it was just awful and we're sitting there waiting for him and he comes in and he just looked like he wanted to die and my mom was like what's the matter and he said one of his players have a really good player had just broken their leg in practice. Ooh Bad day to go so I sat there and he just looked at me and he said someone tells me you weren't in school. I was like Oh okay and so of course I was grounded forever and I found out years later like after he retired from Ohio state who it was and it was one of his assistant coaches who had been player for him at Ohio. State that saw me at the pizza place. Snitching Tom back as home. Becca SNOOT Tom. Bacchus who now is in Colorado and. He told me at this party that we were at he goes to you ever know it was me and I was like. How could you do that to me? And he goes you. Were going down a bad path. Well I'm curious just Kinda rewinding so for I guess I should have prefaced and I will I guess in the intro but my grandfather passed away two years ago yesterday. That's the whole reason for the timing obviously had Alzheimer's very passionate about Alzheimer's research you run his foundation now. We partnered together for the one tailgate. We had big plans for tailgates in the future to try to raise some money for his greatest passion. And what you've really driven the entire time. He's passionate about it but I I'm curious kind of take me back. So he was head coach. Prostate from seventy nine to eighty seven. Take me back to that time. What was it like the pressures? I know that you were the oldest. So you weren't you. Were first of all you went to Arizona State as a freshman right. Yep and then he got hired house state. What happened so I came home at Christmas and watching the game. The game the famous game the Clemson game when Woody Punch the Kid and my mom had actually fallen asleep on the couch and I was watching it and I saw woody punched the guy and I just I want all my God. Oh my God mom mom wake up. Wake up woody. Just punched a kid. She was like okay and I said no another teams kid not one of his own kids because that was normal zone player was was fairly normal and I said national TV. I said mom. They're going to have to fire him. Oh they're not ever going to. They won't fire woody. I said MOM. They'RE GONNA fire. Woody and then I looked at her and I said and dad's GonNa want that job and she went. Oh and so that whole time. I was home at Christmas. They were going to Ohio for interviews and then for the announcement and I was taking care of my little sisters and then I went back to school and so when I came home in the summer I went to a whole different place. I didn't know anybody didn't know anything so I lived at home and sat at home all the time. Basically doing nothing but he was. He's just was never home. Liberal never homework and all the time I mean this was. This was his dream job. That's where he wanted to be. That's where he graduated from school. He loved it so it was a lot of pressure. I ended up coming back going to Ohio state. And you know they had the Columbus dispatch letters to the editors and every Sunday. You'd read and I just get so upset. People were so mean and it was just awful and it didn't matter how good you were. They pick you apart anyway. Well that's the media for you. That hasn't changed probably only gotten worse. So obviously he had. He had some success. Early had success towards the middle of his tenure and then he had probably a kind of a rough year. Losing Chris Carter and obviously didn't have the year that that people thought they were going to have and then talked. Here's what I wanna get into what happened at the end because people Buckeye nation to to a man to a woman that I talked to always says the same thing that was criminal. What they did to your grandfather I love. He was unbelievable. They should never fired him Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Will you go on and on and on and I know the story? I'm interested in your perspective on what happened. Why did Earl Bruce get fired? Well the I think there's a multitude of thoughts about that. I'll tell you what I knew at the time because after he got fired. You and your brother. And I went to Florida with him to Condo with John Zone ACC- who was his attorney so I heard a lot of stuff being in that Condo with them late at night just sitting there drinking coffee or having a glass of wine and so from what I understand it was the Wolfe Family John. John W Wolf who ran the dispatch and channel ten s radio and originally when he got here at Ohio state his television show which nobody ever really paid any to a coach's show Was ON CHANNEL. Ten and at some point in his tenure. My Dad liked to go to sign downs to the race track and John. Wolf didn't think that was appropriate and told him he needed to stop going to the race. Track and something about archly. Easter being there and there was the perception that my dad would take archly. Stir to the race track which was never true. He never did but art would be there and my dad just looked at John W wolf who basically ran the city of Columbus and said spars. I know it's not illegal to go the race track. I'm not losing money I don't have. I'm not devastating my family. I'm doing my job. You're not gonNa tell me what to do removed and John W wolf several. Then we're gonNA pull your coaches show. And he said go ahead. I'll do it myself. So that's when he and John Zone. Ac started the television show and I think originally they were at channel four with Jimmy Chrome who was an old old time sports caster back then and they were successful and they made money and then they moved it. I think to channel six and made and that's when I started working for the television show. I sold the advertising and made money and they were convinced that he never would and they were very angry about that and then they saw an opportunity when the season was bad. And everything had happened with Chris. Carter and there was kind of a negative thought process around Ohio State football right at that time so when they lost to Iowa and that the week before the Michigan game they fired him and it was definitely John. Wolf who Ed Jennings just a figurehead. Anyway or your pulled the strings pull the strings Yup. Well that's wild. How the politics of college football have worked forever and I it. You saw it as evident with my situation in urban Meyer. Getting suspended like who is making these calls like somebody with money that has no sense of reality or college football or anything really for that matter except for maybe how to run their business. But Yeah I I. That's that was my recollection. My knowledge of it was Chris. Carter played a huge role in it too though because he he really devastated the team and that was a major reason for why they had you know a average year. You wouldn't say it's a bad year. A Ohio state of definitely would be considered a bad year out us. Tell you about that too because there. There was a time when I had been told what was going on. And I went to your grandfather and said hey he's lying to your face. He's lying to your face. I know that he has taken money from an agent. Oh he wouldn't lie to my face. My Dad believed everybody and as great of a man as he was he extremely gullible in that sense that he believed people would always tell you the truth and I know our Chris. Carter lied right to his face. The truth came out. F- what Take me through after so he gets fired after the Iowa game and then this is something that never happens right coaches nowadays that get fired midseason towards the end of the season. They're out clean your office out get. Outta town whether they want to get out of town or the university wants them out of town. You never see a coach. Coaching game after they've been fired ever ever. I don't know I don't know that I've ever seen at other than obviously I know this story. So he stays on to coach Michigan game. Talk to me about that week. What went on the? I know the one of my earliest memories when the ban came to his house. Just take me through the week. What happened after he's been fired and he's going to prepare for the the game the greatest game in all sports. I think Obviously I came home. You and your brother were staying at Your Grandparents House because your dad and I were out of town and I came back to the band walking in the street. They parted ways so my car could come through and I could get to the house and and just sitting there watching them gather on the lawn and play for your grandfather and the tears in his eyes because he he loved Ohio State. He loved the band and so it was. It was a very emotional emotional time and as a family of course you know this is your loved one who has been extremely devastated and hurt and we just told him. Don't don't coach it. But he he has a way bigger person in a way better person than any of us ever could have been he cared about the kids more than anything and that was his whole thing and he went about that week like every other week in front of everybody else but when he came home he was devastated when he was alone in his car he was devastated and it was. It was really I guess it told me what kind of man he really was. It was just how somebody does that and that was like the firing just went away. It was gone and he would deal with it later and he was down to business down. Businesses toughness commitment loyalty. It was all about the players. That's for sure. Well the I think the greatest part of the Ohio state tenure ending is is the send off right the fairytale finish. He goes up beats. Michigan gets carried off on a player shoulders. Just talking to me about the feeling in in your family amongst with him with your mom just what? What was the feeling after winning that game and Kinda just like the almost a middle finger to John Wolf? Yeah well I remember going up to the game. Obviously and we were seated amongst a bunch of Michigan fans. And you know me. I have a hard time controlling my mouth and my my emotions but there was a guy I mean as soon as you. The guy behind us. That was a Michigan Fan. Supposedly just went off on beauchamp. Boeckler the whole time the whole time and bowhead come out prior to my dad's firing like the day before and the rumors were swirling. They're gonNA fire Earle Bruce. They'RE GONNA fire Earle Bruce and both said to the press if they do. I'll hire him. That's how much I admire him and I would want him on my staff and so as soon as both said that I mean we always loved bow but as soon as he said that it was like he was he was gold and and this guy started going off on him and I just turned around and I said you are the biggest jackass in this entire stadium and of course I would always get your dad in trouble because I'd be like and if you do this he's going to knock you out. I sure wasn't GonNa but it was just incredible. It was it just made you realize that you know God is good. There's there's there's something to be said about how. He portrayed himself that last week and you can ask any player on that team to to a letter the way he. He portrayed himself in the way he went through that week. Just told you what kind of person you want to be. That's it that's it I I mean. I Know I've interacted with obviously coaching it. Ohio state but just being in Columbus. I've interacted was several hundred former players. That all talk about that. We can talk about what that did for them. As a young young man to to learn from a guy that was going through that adversity in handled it the way he handled it and it was. It definitely was impactful in it. I think it also was Y. Buckeye nation always was so receptive of him even after the fact because a lot of times former coaches especially fired former coaches. They kind of. That's that's the end of your time with the Fan Hood with the fan base and it was never with him ever. I mean he the rest of his life. After he was done coaching he was in Columbus. He was doing radio shows. He was at the Games it was like he was a beloved son of Ohio State. Well and that's one of the reasons. Why when he obviously? His Dad died of Alzheimers. His sisters died of Alzheimer's Alzheimer's was when when he chose that as his charity of choice. Everybody supported I mean we. We had an amazing time. Putting together events in former players would calm and companies would donate an and sponsor and it was I mean he. He was very loved he was very loved here and I think absolutely he could've come back and bad mouth university in bad mouth everybody and hated cursing never hated state. We did for a long time. No you raised me stay. That was two years old with two years old when he got fired. Almost three I was raised to hate Ohio state until all of a sudden Jim tressel get tired and it was like okay. We're cool now. We go back to like and I'm and I'm like well timeout. Most formidable years of my life. You told me we hate him. What happened. Trust did a good job but so I'm going to take a quick break here from one of our sponsors and then we'll get right back because I want to talk. I WanNa go backwards a little bit. I WanNa talk about the woody hays tenure working for Woody. Very few people can give perspective on what that was like even in our family because they were either so young or not born. And so I'm interested to hear your take on Woody Hayes. And were what it was like when when he was working for woody and then talk about a after coaching. So we'll go backwards and forwards right after a break from one of our sponsors. Are you a football coach? He's a football junkie. You just have to learn football at the highest level. Let us introduce you to zone. Six performance and training we have pre launched our athlete development platform on patriotic give you that be hd level football to any coach or superfan craze. Right now you have access to an exclusive article. I wrote on ball reception as well as a pretty wicked comparison tool for twenty nineteen college football season next week. We'll be rolling out. The coaches are one point that will include fifteen years worth of tools that I used in my career from great sheets to tip sheets to coaching manual topics. Practice Organization Dro work recruiting templates and evaluation tools. And so much more. The downloadable toolbox will be available next week and zone six subscribers will get it first and at a discount in the coming months we were doing an e clinic which will be free to subscribers as well as offering developmental tools including diagrams videos and tip sheets not to mention twenty four seven access to me for any questions suggestions or requests zone six development and training we are bringing the sports science and a PhD in football to all levels of the game and athletes. Check it out now at Patriotair Dot com forward slash menace to sports. Hi Welcome back. We are back in studio with Lynn. Bruce DAUGHTER OF EARL BRUCE. And Mother of me Lucky for you lucky for me so I wanted. We're talking about my grandfather. Earl Bruce who passed away two years ago yesterday just kind of a tribute just a story time. I thought it'd be fun to listen to know sports to talk about. We're going to talk about the draft tomorrow in an episode. So I figure this is good opportunity. Take a break and just just learned about a legendary football coach and someone that's near and dear to my heart so I want to take it back even further so we talked briefly about his tenure as the head coach at Ohio State. I want to talk about his tenure as an assistant coach for probably the most iconic foot walk coach in Ohio state history. Probably the buildings named after him Woody Hayes who has definitely a unique. He was old school coach. Right and I think the unique thing that my grandfather that your father did was kind of transition that Woody Hayes old school program and add a little more modern flair to it both with salaries and not that he got paid a lot of money but would he never took a raise. Never made any money. Evert never wanted to take a race and he also didn't want facilities. He didn't want anything he didn't want any money spent. He was a frugal old man basically and he and he also wanted to run the ball three yards every every down and as much as my grandfather love to run the off tackle power. He also threw the ball. I mean Chris Carter. He had he had some some big time tight ends in his time at Ohio state. He didn't not like to throw the ball. Where would he hated it? And so I think that was what kind of transition Ohio state into more modern football. Not to say that. He was the most innovative. You know. Spread offense type of guy but he definitely liked to throw it a little bit. So I'm curious. What was it like for him? Working for Woody Hayes. Wow I I only know from stories that they told because he was again never home so we didn't see the only the only time occasionally and it must have been my mom browbeating him to do it he would take my sister and I to the office when they had meetings or like on a Sunday because they met I mean. They always worked. So we'd go in there and woody was absolutely charming. I mean he was wonderful man he was like a GRANDPA. We go in there and run around through the office and play on the typewriters at the day that they had typewriters and they had a coffee station where they could get coffees and they had sugar cubes. Oh God we always wanted Sugar Cubes. And so what he would say. You can have sugar cubes and my dad would say no. You can't I was like what he said. So and he's the boss and what he would give us quarters and my Tampa. Don't take money from him. I think he just gave us a quarter and we thought that was great but yet the stories are are are unreal. I mean my dad would say that. Every other week he was fired he was a tough tough tough man. I you know the stuff that you hear about him in. The public eye is nothing compared to the I went out to dinner with Don Nalen and Bill Mallory and my dad one time and you're younger people Google those names. Google those names and look them up because the legends of college football and part of history that helped build the game but anyways go on well they at all been assistance or worked with woody and they would tell stories that you just. You couldn't believe anybody would actually behave the way he did. And it really was hard for me to accept because I knew him as a kind gentle wonderful and I knew his wife and she adopted us as her first grandchildren that she didn't have any grandchildren at the time. I mean she was a wonderful person and to hear that you know. He threw things that people and beat his head on the wall and screamed bloody murder Parse. You'd see it on the sidelines and as as a kid. I didn't even realize the impact. I just thought well yeah. That's what you do. I guess how you coach ballistic. I think my favorite story that certainly hits close to home More and more every day but when I got fired hit hit home and I thought of it almost immediately this pandemic it hits close to home and I think of it immediately was a story that he told me once. I'm on the road recruiting and I think the wildest part of the story is he shared a room with woody and I just think about my time. If I had to share a room with urban I would have jumped off a balcony. Won't do not want to be around him in intimate settings like getting out of the shower and going to bed and hearing someone snore but it back in the day they were. You know it wasn't as big time. Money is college. Football is now so he was sharing a hotel room with woody and they talked or whatever and as they were going to bed what he took the sheet and just say fuck them all through the sheet over his head and then out instantly asleep. And I'm no my grandfather was like what the hell was that. And so the next day he was just it was so his curiosity took him over. He had to ask he said hey coach as last night you said fuck em all. Wh what are we talking about? And he was kind of concerned like maybe he's talking about me like I don't know and he was like the fucking media and when he said that I was like he's at I say it every night before I go to bed. Fuck them all talking about the media so it just it just hit close to home. Because I'm like God Damn Right Woody. I hear you every night I go to bed. I say the same thing about media and politicians and the media wasn't even nothing nothing back. Then boy he would be in trouble. He punched a media member now. But that's really cool. And it's cool to hear the softer of Woody Hayes. You never hear that. You always hear about Tuffy was upgraded with Coachie was but you never hear about the kind hearted side that that then he was and it just meeting. I never met him. Obviously but I but I met Boesch Boeckler a couple times and hearing boat. I remember both spoke when when he when Earl went into the hall of Fame Ohio State Hall of Fame Bowl came and spoke at the banquet. That's right and I remember. I'll never forget how he started the speech he said the whole time. I've been here. Everyone talks about how much they hate. Michigan. How much they hate Michigan. How much they hate Michigan he goes. I hate to break it to you. But we hate y'all to he said I don't know if you know that or not but he. He always talked about how much respect he had. And that's that's what I think is so cool about the history of the game is the respect element that that is that was there. I don't know necessarily there anymore. But there was a respect element. You didn't like them. You wanted to beat them by one hundred but there was a respect element and I I remember. He said after after he got after Earl Pablo got fired. He said I. I Hate Losing Ohio State. But I didn't hate it as much today and Just a testament to his old school coaches because Bowen Woody were definitely pave. The way for guys like Earl Bruce to come then pave the way for guys like Urban Meyer. To come you know they. It's just funny how the tree grows in Apple's just keep falling down the tree and similar things. Were were always prevalent in another know the program that I was a part of for twelve years or whatever it was so i WanNa just fast forward to after coaching. He comes back to Columbus. Talk to me about what he was like. I think he was a radio personality right. He was on. The radio was known as a fiery intense guy. People loved his passion. Love to listen sometimes got a little too passionate talk about talk about him on air. Well I did a lot of Going to listen to him on air because we always promoted the beat Michigan tailgate on his radio. Show bucks line and There's so many times I'd be sitting there. And honestly he'd go off on something and the guys on the panel would look over at me. Just be like what do we do? And there were several times that I'd have to go up and say something to him. One in particular after Penn state and Joe Pa Joe Paterno and I knew he was hot about that and just my mom sat him down and she looked at me and she's Joe. Paterno was a friend was a friend and another one of those old school guys. They were very tight community. The guys that were in that group very tight and whatever that all was whatever it was. My mother told him. Don't talk about it. It had just happened and she said don't talk about it. Just keep your mouth shut when it comes up. Because he can be a chauvinistic as hell and Just very outspoken. Obviously and man I I told Matt McCoy I said please. Don't he goes well. We have to and I said well. He's not allowed to talk about it so you know. Just make sure and honest to Pete. He started going off and higher was just oh my God and I went up there and it was stand Jackson and Matt McCoy and my dad and I can't remember who the other person was up there and the break I went up and I just ripped him. I said you need to shut your mouth right now. You can't say that stuff you're going to upset people you don't know your voices and the only voice you don't know everything that went on. You need to shut the hell up right now. He just looked at me and he went. I can say what I want to be good and I said well no you. Can't you need to be quiet? Moms listening and she would not be happy about this and he just gave me this growly face and walked away and the next break stand. Jackson comes over to me and he goes. I have never seen anyone talk to your dad that way. That was awesome. Well I remember. I was at Florida as a G. A. and we were playing Florida. State the iconic legend. Bobby Bowden right in Florida state. And we're there. And I he and Papa Earl comes down to to go to the game. He comes down to see urban sea. Watch the game you know. He's now retired and he wants to see a great football game with one of his former coaches the head coach of Florida. So we come down and I remember. We're in pregame warmups. And I went over to talk to him before things got crazy and I. I probably wouldn't talk to him again until we got home. And so I went over to talk to Him. In mid talking to him and pregame warmups things are going on. The Buzz is going to stadium filling up. I mean it's like it's showtime and all of a sudden he goes. Oh Bobby and he starts walking on the field to go to the fifty yard line. Talked Bobby Bowden and I'm sitting there like I don't. I don't look at them like Earl Bruce. I look at them like my grandfather. And I'm like Holy Shit. You can't go on the field right now. What are you any walks? Walks his ass right out there and talks about. I think there are about to kick off and bobby's like hold on. I'm not done talking. Just had a nice conversation with bobby. Bowden his buddy. I'm like what is going on here. It was definitely a different experience. I know that personally. It was very cool to get in the industry that he so loved and devoted his life to and having him come. I mean he went everywhere I ever was. He came to Marshall came to practice he was. He really liked DOC Holliday. He went to temple with Steve Adagio. He loves Steve Adagio he he. He's still to this day in heaven. Think Stephen is one of the finest football coaches. He's ever been around so you come all the time. He just loved being around the game and he loves seeing me coach and then go in. Ohio state was uniquely different because of obviously his passion for Ohio State. And I've mentioned on the show. I mentioned it when Greg Fry came on it was always I always got the unique url. Bruce where every other coach urban everyone else. They got the bite bite his tongue. Earle Bruce Right. He's not going to tell them how to do their job. He's not gonNa tell him anything he would just come in and was happy to be in a meeting sentenced staff meetings and stuff like that but the minute we walked in my office boy that filter was gone and he would talk about how how our defense was dumb ass for this and why the. Hell don't we throw the tight end? I mean he would let me have it and I used to sit there like I don't call the place I certainly don't run the defense. Why are you yelling at me? Unless it wasn't Michael Thomas that he was kept yelling at you about. Why aren't we getting the ball to Michael? My Guy why are we? Don't talk to me? He loved Michael Thomas and all the time he was like. Why are we not throwing it to number three? I don't understand I always look edmonds. Say Neither FUCKING DO I. What do you mean I'm with you? I'm telling them throw it to him and it just doesn't happen very often. I'm with you. You're bitching at the wrong person right now but definitely unique definitely a cool experience for me having Earl Bruce's your grandfather. I know it had to be cool but it but it it challenging also to have have your father be in the college football world and I know that that's that's part of my ambition to not well and that's one of the things that I say all the time when people ask me about that I mean we had. We had so amazing opportunities presented to us. We got to travel a lot. My sister and I used to always go on one way trip with the team. That was just always so much fun and bowl trips and you know all this stuff that that you as a kid is is just incredible but our dad was never home. The my dad never was around for my prom pictures or anything that I did. I was a cheerleader. Never came to see me. Cheer never you know. I rode horses and show horses that he paid for and he never came to see came one time. But you know that's that's the sacrifice that as a child of a particular. Nowadays I would imagine to a Premier football program coach. It's just yeah. You don't get dad people all the time talk about. What does it take to be a college football? I don't mean great high school coaches. It's very similar. I know he was a great high school coach. I mean one of the finest high school coaches in the history of the state of Ohio. It's not it's not like coaching. It in college is all of a sudden now. I work a lot in these high school. Coaches work an hour or two and leave. I mean it's it's similar time commitment similar hours traveling off seasons the only difference but it's definitely taxing on a family. It can be done really well. It can be done the right way but I definitely you know that. Was his one sentiment that before. He passed away Obviously long before because of Alzheimer's but he told me he said I regret not spending more time with my family. That was his one ones. Life's regret not not giving his family one day a month right just to show them how much they meant to him. Because you get caught as a college football. 'cause you get caught up in it you're in this world where everyone else is doing it. It's almost sad to say it's almost like a drug addiction it is. It's like everyone else is doing it. So it's normal and then being on the other side of it. No it's fucking not and it's really not like I get to go to baseball practices baseball games. I get to work with my kid in the backyard. Never in the world that I get to do that before maybe like occasionally once every three months so I could go on for days. Why don't want to coach football ever again. It's an awesome experience. I love it. I love working with players. I know he did too but when someone that has that much success has that regret for the people that mean the most of them it was eye opening for me for sure. Yeah but you know and I guess because we were girls. I was a little different and I hate to say that. Sounds real sexist but it is. It's just different. And when he would be home particularly as we got older and he'd be home like on a Sunday and he'd want to like clean the basement. Maybe like what no no. No we've got this under control. This is not what we're doing. I would just tell them you go back to work then you that's what you WANNA do. Yeah he I am sure he did regret that but then being particularly at his funeral and after he passed and hearing the impact he had on the guys that he worked with and the guys that played for him and knowing some of them really well and personally it just makes you know that a ham well. Maybe that was what he was supposed to do. You know because he was a great dad he was a great grandfather he. He was a great person and he can. He knew he loved you. And He'd do anything for you but You know he made an impact on a lot of people from impact that will resonate for generations. An it's an impact is an immeasurable impact. I mean not only on lives players lives. Then that transitioned to their kids but also the landscape of college football which is a big topic. I mean just the coaches that worked for him that he impacted. I talked to a dozen of them all the time. And it truly was one of the greats when it came to College Football Coaching. How to do it? The right way caring about players and being tough being hard on people hard conversation honest conversation. One of the legend. So thank you for coming in and coming on the show just wanted to give a little personal touch to the life of Earl Bruce and a monument in college football in Ohio state history. So thank you absolutely well. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for listening. I'M NOT GONNA end this show the way I normally do. I feel I feel like he would smack me if I did so. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for listening as always I appreciate it. Hope you are entertained. Hope hope you took something from the story a little softer side. Not as much analysis more stories. So thank you for tuning in and we will you tomorrow for our. Nfl draft in recruiting episode deal. Elliott's he's got the reasons. Can they catch him? They still yards. It's so easy to do. It takes a little takes a little something Special Greg Flare Zone. We'll want to challenge around what? Albert's long run. Don't forget we're going to get behind the south and only we're GONNA win menace to.

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Surprising Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Part 2

The Affiliate Guy Daily with Matt McWilliams

28:31 min | 4 months ago

Surprising Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Part 2

"Last week i shared seven surprising. Benefits of affiliate marketing. These are the benefits. You probably haven't thought of before they go beyond the obvious benefits like you make more money right and into some of the benefits that most people don't talk about in today's episode. I share how you can use affiliate marketing to learn how to sell in gain confidence in your selling abilities without the risk of creating your own products. I also show you how to use it to do market research on your audience and train them to buy and i reveal how to use affiliate marketing to create lasting friendships and partnerships. That can explode your business long term and i share a whole lot more. Welcome to the affiliate guy podcast if you wanna grow your income serve your tribe and enjoy all the benefits of affiliate marketing and having your own affiliates. You're the right place. Thanks for joining me today. Let's get started so last week. I shared the first seven of twenty-one one surprising benefits to affiliate marketing just to recap real quick. The first one is that you can start monetize immediately. Secondly there's no barrier to entry third. It's easy to scale fourth no fulfillment required v. There's no hidden costs six. No risk in seven was no customer service. Today i'm going to share the next seven of twenty one surprising benefits of affiliate marketing again. These are the benefits. That aren't just obvious right. You make money you serve your audience things like that like these are the not so obvious benefits and so today i'm gonna share numbers eight through fourteen starting with number eight and actually before i do that real quick if you are looking for affiliate programs to promote you hear this episode you go man like these are these are cool benefits. I need to get started and you haven't started yet or you have started. You're just looking for some good stuff to To promote their go to matt mcwilliams. Dot com slash. What's up you've got all of our recommended affiliate programs and upcoming affiliate launches that you will want to be a part of so check that out at matt mcwilliams dot com slash. What's up all right so surprising benefit number eight affiliate marketing teaches you how to sell teaches you how to sell if you've listened long enough you've heard my story I talk about my first five hundred and eighty eight dollars that made for my platform of two thousand fourteen. I had promoted michael. Hyatt's five days to your best year. Ever course and my goal was to sell to two courses. Like i had a list of at that the time it was about eight hundred thousand people. You know it wasn't a ton of people. But i was like i wanna make to sales and the reason for that is. It's not one you know i. I didn't want to just make one thousand one person's going to buy just because despite this ridiculously unambitious goal i give it my best effort right. As far as i knew at the time i blog about it assured about it on social media. I think i- podcast it about it. I email the cups in a couple of emails and in the end. I sold eight courses four times. My goal of course like i was ecstatic. This was like oh. My gosh. I did so many things right but i learned a ton along the way even though it went great i also learned a lot of lessons. I learned what worked and what didn't work with my audience. I learned how to sell with confidence. I learned how to segment my list better because there were some people that i should. Have you know like the thing where i talk about often where you need to give an opt out for these affiliate promos. You need to say to your audience. Hey i'm gonna talk a lot about this course over the next few weeks if you don't want to hear anything about it. Click here and ops. Out while i learned in that promotion to do that that first promotion was definitely a success. It was definitely success. Making five hundred and eight dollars when my goal is to make one hundred and fifty dollars. That was a success. But i made a ton of rookie. Mistakes is so in my next promotion. I fixed a few of those. And i think my next promotion made a couple of thousand dollars the next one made like four five thousand the next one with you include commissions and prizes. Because this time. I won the affiliate competition. I made over ten thousand dollars so one year later. Same launch michael's launch that. I made five hundred eighty dollars. I made just over or just under fourteen thousand dollars. Thirteen thousand something dollars. Thirteen thousand five hundred eighty eight dollars. The next year. I made one thousand nine thousand nine hundred ninety one still remember because i was so close to my goal of twenty thousand. I mean if like one person who bought the regular version hit upgraded to vip would twenty thousand dollars. If i sold one more. I if they had something that costs twenty dollars and i got my commission i would have made you know i would have made twenty thousand dollars all from that seed of five hundred eighty eight bucks and as a result of that first promotion. I made more than two hundred and forty thousand dollars over the next three years. This is before. I even had a product of my own. I was making a little bit over eighty thousand dollars a year on average just from affiliate marketing and i learned how to sell my own products and services better. This allowed me. Affiliate marketing allowed me to practice selling to test things to try to screw up to make mistakes without depending on my own product sales. And here's the thing. I got paid to practice. Affiliate marketing allows you to practice selling online without depending on your own products and you get paid to practice. That's really cool. So just thinking about like when i launched my first product a few years later after three years of promoting affiliate offers like Launch we bust. Our goal was a tiny listen. My goal is like like twenty of our course. We sold like forty one. Why because i knew how to do it. I knew how to map out a plan. I knew how to map out a calendar. I knew how to i knew. Generally speaking what subject lines worked in wind email and kind of the psychology of it taught me how to sell in like. I said i got paid to practice. Things number. Nine benefit number nine is it proves you can sell not only does affiliate marketing teach you how to sell. It proves you can. This is psychology. Build your own confidence in shows you. This is important shows you that your audience is willing to buy a my audience. Doesn't like they're not they're not buyers. A lot of people get into online business and they have this attitude that their audience is somehow quote unquote special that their audience just doesn't buy things online. I hear i hear this. I hear so many excuses. Why they'll never sell anything online and then like me. They do one affiliate promotion make five hundred eighty bucks or sometimes they wanna philip permission to make a thousand dollars. Sometimes they'll do one affiliate promotion. Make five thousand dollars. Sometimes michele caruana. We did a insider profile so an affiliate insider monthly monthly membership site. And if you're interested in going by the way go grab a free trial of that are not a free to one dollars for. I don't like free trials. Just as i know the reason why we don't do free trials When free people don't pay attention when they pay anything they pay attention. you know. that's the thing even if you pay a dollar which is what this trial is. You could pay one dollar in if you doing right now. As of the airing of this episode you will get access to four months. Worth of content may june july and august including this interview with michelle caruana to access to four months of content for a dollar okay so go to matt mcwilliams dot com forward slash eight i m trial matt mcwilliams dot com slash. Aim trial aim for affiliate insider monthly. Grab your job your trial grab your dollar trial and in this episode her first affiliate promotion ever tiny list very obscure niche did over twenty thousand dollars in commissions like amazing so nine times out of ten people are surprised at how much they can make promoting affiliate offers. They're even more surprised at how easy it is. Their audience is actually responsive in suddenly like they see those commissions would happen to me right. I made that first five hundred dollars. They see those commissions light a fire in them. They have confidence in their own abilities. Like i can sell. I can do this. I know i know how to write sales copy. I also i have proved that my audience will buy so they become selling machines so number eight. It teaches you how to sell number nine is it proves you can sell surprising. Benefit number ten is that you learn what works for your audience. Affiliate marketing is a great way to learn. What offers work with your list. So this over time will help you decide what products what courses whatever to release on your own. So if let's say you have See you've got a list of state home. Moms for example right all you know about them is like the demographics know that so state homes like average household income is eighty thousand dollars right They have two to four kids and you know two thirds of them homeschool right. That's that's all you have to go on. And the reality is that it would be difficult starting off to get much more granular than that. So what do you sell them. Well you might sell them homeschool products before he percents of your audience or glenn. Third of your audience doesn't care about that now. That's still were shot. Like i would still do that. If two thirds of my audience was into something. That's still try but that keep you all that there is right so a great way to find out what your audience is interested in in in their interested in is to promote various affiliate. So maybe their families would like to learn goal setting. You know like we talked about right. Maybe the moms would like to start a blog so of course on blogging would be good. Might be a terrible fit. Though i don't know maybe they they wanna learn how to have more peace in their family. So some parenting courses if you promote ten offers over the course of the year five of them might sell very well to your audience in five might bomb in this tells you something about your audience. It tells you what they're interested in and you learn about your audience you learn what works for your audience. Ask yourself these questions as you're promoting things seven questions for years question number one. What price point do they buy at you promote something. That's very similar product. One hundred dollars two thousand dollars and there are similar in that you know the thousand dollar one is considerably more detailed but nobody buys it but you sell your four people by sell five or fifty of the hundred dollar thing that tells you something. What times of year do they by. You know man like my audience speaking homeschool market. I i know when when people buy stuff like that. They tend to buy right after the school year in june If you're in. The fitness market is going to be december january. You know what times of year they buy. What topics were the most interested in. What sub topics you know. What what are those. What are those things that they're buying you know from specific topics. If you're in the productivity niche you might have time management leadership and then health and fitness. Those are all directly related to productivity. Your audience doesn't buy anything in the health fitness space. They just they will buy even though you know it's important and you could try to convince him they're not buying so did what topics they most interesting. Do they buy for male or female product creators. maybe it's the same niche same product. But they don't buy from the men what kind of payment plans where they most interesting. You can look at those things ago. Man you have promoted four make simple. I promoted to different affiliate offers. Exact same full price plan thousand dollars. You know to course two thousand dollars but one offered six payments of one ninety seven. The other offered four payments of two ninety seven. Now if you add that up the ended up basically equaling twelve hundred bucks you know i mean one is i think the four of two ninety seven would be like six dollars more or something but it's negligible right but for some reason you sold thirty percent more of the six times one ninety-seven seven. What does that tell you tells you that if you come out with a product and you have a payment plan you probably need an extended payment plan. Maybe you should go. If you create a thousand product. Maybe she goes six times one ninety seven versus four times to ninety seven. Now there's if that's all you have to go on. I wouldn't make that decision but it certainly tells you something over time. Do they buy on. Webinars or video series or e books are live. Ama's asked me any think. Do they buy from email. You learn these things. How many emails did you send them. What worked with twins were which ones didn't didn't get clicked on which ones did like you can glean so much information from these promotions that benefit you in the long run. Make sure that you're tagging your subscribers based on what they opt in to what they buy. You can use this later. Not only can use this in future affiliate promotions. You find that like that. You can Promote certain offers only to segment of your list which we we've talked about before and that allows you to really really fine tune with your offers so number ten surprising benefit number ten is that you learn what works your audience number. Eleven is affiliate marketing trains. Your audience to buy. I've said this so many times about affiliate marketing. The thing i love about affiliate is that affiliate marketing bridges the gap between having nothing to sell selling nothing at all. You know when you first start out you don't have anything to sell so your two options. Are we talked about this. A couple of episodes ago you can create something or you can give away content forever and if you missed that episode. It's called the lie about monitoring go back and listen to it. The problem is neither one of those options is good. You don't want to give away content forever. That's not a business. That's a hobby and you don't want to create something because it's probably going to fail until affiliate marketing serves to train your audience to expect occasional relevant offers. You know we've talked about this before as well like. We've conditioned them to click. Now you condition them to buy number. It's all about expectations in. You're the one who sets the expectations. You're the one who gets to set the expectation so set the expectations early that they should expect you to make offers from time to time. If they don't like that though choose to leave they'll just leave your tribe the leave your audience. to unsubscribe. that's a good thing that's fine instead of just a bunch of freeloading dead-weight on your list like you'll have prospective buyers. Those will keep your business going so you can reach more people. That's the whole point there. So it trained it conditions your audience to expect offers to buy so when you come out with your own product later. They're not going. I can't believe you're trying to get me to spend money no. They've already been conditioned to expect. So you're good all right surprising benefit number twelve it funds your now this is different than just. It makes you money. Okay it funds your business. You know as much as i love affiliate marketing. I do not believe it should make one hundred percent of your business over the past couple of years mid over half a million dollars in affiliate commissions plus a bunch of cool prizes so probably total you know. Monetary benefit to the company is play five hundred fifty two six hundred thousand dollars. I'm a big believer in multiple revenue. Streams that's why those commissions only they've made up less than you know one of them tomato about twenty five percent of our total revenue much. Is i believe you should have multiple revenue. Streams i do. I definitely do not believe that. Affiliate marketing should make up than seventy five percent long term. Probably not more than fifty percent long-term affiliate marketing should be one of those streams. Oh one of the biggest benefits of affiliate marketing. When you're starting out is it can fund your bigger business dreams if you are barely scraping by you are making no money from your platform. But you're spending money on hosting in a virtual assistant and podcast hosting equipment. And you got this. You know you got money going into this thing in this thing. And you're buying courses right. And then you wanna create a course and it costs five thousand dollars to produce where you're going to get the money will philly marketing. He's a great source. When i produced my first course any cost us about a little bit under five thousand. It's pretty low. Actually i think it costs like three thousand was pretty low budget We had the money you know. I mean i think if i if i wanted to just promoted. Something real quick is an affiliate made about three thousand dollars and paid for the course so fillet. Marketing is a great source of of that money to fund your business. You know when. I when i first started doing affiliate marketing those measly affiliate commissions those paid for my hosting my virtual assistant podcast hosting and i even had a few bucks left over for some like premium tools that i needed like getting canvas pro and stuff like that without having to dip into our reserves. Not only was that financial win but it was an early psychological win. Was it like a logical win for me knowing that my business was paying for itself so affiliate marketing support your business in it. Serves your audience. Because you're actually making money. You continue to grow create more content at new products and services or create your very first which allows you to serve. More people can provide more value help. More people increase your impact to the world right. You can't do these things if you're bleeding cash or barely scraping by it's hard to have a bog without a server. It's hard to record a podcast without a good microphone. It's hard to make an impact without at least a little income to keep you going in affiliate marketing dust that surprising benefit number thirteen. Is that a lot of -ffiliated. Income is passive income. I love passive income like right now while i'm recording this. I've probably made money. Because someone somewhere probably i've been recording for about was you're listening this. You're like wait early on the nineteen th minute or so well. I had a couple of errors so I've been recording for as i'm saying this right now. Twenty one minutes and eighteen seconds. Twenty one minutes eighteen seconds. I almost positive in there. I've made something. I'm not actively promoting anything you know. It might be a fifty percent commission from amazon or thousand dollar commission from a course it probably. It's from my resources page. Whatever it is. It's completely passive. I'm not actively promoting anything right now. We haven't sent an email out promoting anything in affiliate offering well over two weeks so a good chunk of our affiliate income your passive completely passive. The work was done once and that work might have been done. Six months ago might have been done. Two years ago might have been in five years ago. We continue to make money on it today. Continue to make money on today so it could be things in our automation you know. We have emails on our automation sequence. That make us money like it could be a resources page or review post in. They continue to make money long after the work done. I mean it's it's so powerful this passive income now to be clear if you wanna learn how to create a resources page or write a review post Definitely check out. The ultimate guide to creating resources page matt mcwilliams dot com slash resources pages mammograms dot com slash resources pages. Go grab my report. It's all about how to write or to create a resources paging. Make tons of money just completely passively. You wanna learn how to write a review posts that actually ranks. That's the king has gotta you got a ranked the post. You can't write a review post. And then people google the product and it doesn't show up. That doesn't work so but it also has to convert 'cause you can't just show up on the rankings and then people read it like this is garbage. This is a terrible post. Why would i read this So it has to do. Both you wanna learn how to do that. Just go to matt. Mcwilliams dot com forward slash review posts. And you can download that guy. We'll put We'll put all of these links. The affiliate insider monthly trial. The resources page guide review. We'll put all of that in the show notes by the way so you don't have to remember those are else. So i mean this passive income right like your own products over time. You can sell them passively But again you have overhead to deal with right so who talked about this in the last episode. It's not really passive. You sell a course. Yeah they might. It might be passive in the sense of you know they they sign up they you know they log in access to course but you still have to you know. Somebody's got to be there to support them. Customer service You don't get to keep all the money because you know some of it goes you might be paying affiliate commission or maybe you know you're you're paying credit card processing and things like that like that's the downside but every single month we get these deposits these pay pal deposits sometimes. It's thirty two dollars times. It's five thousand plus for work. We did at least six months ago. That's the power of passive income so is much passive income as you can create create it because it is super powerful and then surprising benefit number. Fourteen is you can connect with other affiliates. This is probably one of the biggest benefits because allows you to develop. that could completely transform your business. You know most affiliate programs especially launches. They have leader boards. they have private facebook groups. They have ways that you connect with these other affiliates some of my best business relationships in fact i'm thinking through kosh mean. Jonathan milligan comes to mind Dan miller you know. Having some of the hung up john lee dumas pat. Flynn jeff going ray edwards. I mean the list goes on some of these best business relationships i have and some of these people come dear friends their result of promoting their result of promoting the same product and then using that as a connection. I mentioned jonathan michigan. I remember this was six or seven years ago John millions from blogging. Your passion. just release you know An amazing book called your message matters. And he and i connected because we were both promoting that michael hyatt that second year michael heights five days to your best year ever the one where the year before it only make five hundred eighty eight dollars but this year i was in the top ten. I think i was in like seventh or eighth place. And he was like ninth place. He was one spot behind. He recognized my name but he you know he never met so. He used that as an opportunity to reach out he was like. Hey we're both on the leaderboard. I think we should know each other. I'm like i don't really know any of these people in the top ten. I'm kind of intimidated. I wanna know you. We ended up talking for like an hour and a half that hour and a half. We both were at the end. We have to go. You know we have been talking forever. That turned into a friendship turned into us. Being in a mastermind together turned into a business connection for me that has made us tens of thousands of dollars and also. I have a friend. You know really good friend who gets me. He's like you know we do kind of the same thing you know. And it's just it's been so powerful so over the past four or five years. I have initiated in an cultivated dozens of relationships just from affiliate leaderboards. That's powerful so make sure to use affiliate. Promotions is an opportunity to connect with other people who are promoting the same thing. Those relationships can be mutually beneficial in very profitable long-term very profitable so use these affiliate promotions as an opportunity to connect with other affiliates. I'm telling you that might be the biggest benefit these kinch potentially become jv partners. You know. jonathan. I both promoted each other. They could easily become mastermind buddies. They could become advisors they could become clients become People that refer clients to you man thinking back like that's where all my business comes from so many not all my business but so much my business comes from so to recap surprising benefit number eight affiliate marketing teaches you how to sell a number nine proves you can sal gives you that confidence so gives you the knowledge the tactics and it gives you the confidence in the mindset number ten you learn what works for your audience you learn what products what price points. What topics right. What kind of payment plans all those things that you can apply how they buy number eleven trained them to buy trains your audience by number twelve at fund. Your business thirteen. A lot of the affiliate income is passive income and fourteen. You connect with other awesome affiliates again. So if you're looking for some awesome affiliate programs to promote programs that will fund your business programs that help you learn how to sell improve you. Cancel programs that will give you that confidence programs it will train your audience to buy programs might create passive income and programs will give you opportunities to meet some amazing affiliates. Just go to matt mccoy dot com forward slash. What's up and check out our recommended affiliate programs and affiliate launches. That are coming up and then come back for the next episode. If you're not subscribe yet make sure you hit subscribe so you do not miss the next episode. Iv got seven more surprising benefits of affiliate market. We're going to pick up right where we left off talking about hot to turn affiliate into partners like long term partners and we're gonna talk about How to even turn your competitors in two partners among other things among other things in the next episode so come back for that makes you subscribe and i'll see you then. Thank you so much for listening today. Remember to check out all of our deep dives into affiliate marketing. The affiliate guy got tv. And if you have a question ask you to ask the affiliate guide dot com. Who knows maybe you can be featuring an upcoming episode. And lastly if you haven't yet make sure to leave a rating and review wherever you're listening to see you soon.

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What Are Ya Playing? May 2021


34:26 min | 5 months ago

What Are Ya Playing? May 2021

"Walking another what are you play in episode gave my mom found. I m might alberton. I'm michael kay hughes and welcome. We're doing our first ever what you've been playing better so this is your idea. Do you want to clean what we're gonna talk about. Oh yeah this is kind of just a chance for us to sit in bullshit for a little bit about current stuff. We've been playing normally in the show. Were doing nostalgia. Based games like older stuff so figure this would be a way to just kinda sit and chat about modern games movies. Whatever that we've been into lali so now. The plan has at least once a month right so it is approximately may twenty twenty one right now may second twenty one. It will be made when you hear this. Yes maybe not won't be this week but it so mike. What have you been playing. What are you playing yeah. That's that's what i meant to say. What are you been playing though man where to start so after. We got the impression when you met him. I don't to get that joke for a long time so after we did the going commando episode. I immediately started rushing. Klenk up your arsenal. Because it's a better game. It seems to me the running theme for this season that will play a game and it was like not quite. It's not quite what. I remembered beans on leg while i should play the sequel and make sure that it's good before i put it on the show someday and i ended a plan all of up your arsenal and leg to big sittings are beat the game. I got all the the crystals that seems to be running team going commando on so i got like all one hundred and one crystals missouri level. It's crazy wasn't alex. But i played it. I didn't know you went that hard lay. I didn't go back and get all the skill points or whatever bolts are in that one but we need to do all that crap. I don't need. I don't need platinum's emmanuel. But it was just it's better than to just about every way they changed the controls you can actually play it like a third person shooter. Now which makes and makes all the difference. I do want to like you would introduce series for the first time with the first one recently. Some point and i am looking forward playing up your arsenal. Now it's great. And then i. I wasn't so sure after the first game but i'm ready for it gets better as it goes on. I just started tools of destruction this morning. The i one of the ps three games than it's even better like everything's prettier of course because it's a console generation ahead and i think the bolts are worth last but they throw more at you just because they guy more things on screen so you're just constantly stuck in a bold since dopamine hit that i know you like so much. Is it worthless in that game. No i felt like the the value of them are worthless. Yeah no there's there solo like the amount that you need the amount that you get early even more so in the ps three one. Because i think that is up the amount that you're getting but the the less value so you're just constantly stuck in hundreds of bowls. It's kind of awesome. yeah i would. I'd cry like that. I wanna play. Like i was surprised the. Ps i actually don't own all the ps reached. I didn't buy them. I think i had no interest in this series. Really where i have. I have tools attraction. But i just didn't never bother to buy a crank and timer any of them offer one now i that i got kind of lucky. He's my brother-in-law's like hey. My cousin just gave me the stack of games. You want to go through. And he had all of the. Ps three ratchet. Clang games. I have all of them. Now you're the steel book. He gave you a very good of the the inaugural episode on this show operation raccoon city. I didn't even know there was a steel book of it. They really thought that game was going to be something. Something big i. I haven't played it in place on the episode. I i can't go back to it. But i feel like it. Wasn't that bad what it's been so long now. It's been a year and a half. I guess so i don't even remember. I think i'd try to block it out. We played worse on the show. Oh yeah we played worsens. I've joined. Yeah and the night for some reason. I do this every year but i started. Replaying magic the gathering chandelier from like nineteen ninety four. So i can't say old. Pc game that i have a big affliction for because i played it when i was a kid a friend of mine used to play it and ninety nine hundred ninety seven and i never really like as a kid i could never beat it but now so every year i beat the game at least once usually by our use the same deck mehan only at the same way i always i for those i know magic green and i always make adak with a 'cause it's is old cards i never i wish i want to update this game lunar cars but i mean i know the amount of work that would be so i understand i think what is what this game is not just doing what it is you pick a character and you roam around a world map go to towns you buy a card you fight people you win card sell cars by new cards you update your deck and as you're progressing through the game you keep beating these millions of the of the wizard of the fi wizards as you beat them the wizards weaker when you do finally confront them i think that's what draws me to this game because i like dick game but i can't say okay car after car do it for car do i need a store and he'd walk on a world map go to my computer and get a pack of cards called evolution or something you know something or i will not continue point like i downloaded imagine gathering arena game on my phone okay. I'm gonna play this and i got. I just started to install. And i looked in all of this car. Like i can't do this. I need an actual. Even the map doesn't serve a big purpose doesn't really do anything. It draws me in enough to make me wanna play That sounds very pokemon trading card. Game for the gameboy Just enough walking around to the justify me. There's a lot in this game walking around like especially when they attack. Ville the way you loser. They'll attack a town and of your ashes to slow a big red screen up and say all they're casting the spell interns and if you're asked does gets to that town in time game over. Oh jeez i know the hard way. You also don't want them to do that because they take over a town then you have to wait. You fight them. They start with a card already. Random with we'll start with start with some kind of cars. You already advantage Kind of creature card will be out and play before you can even some anything. That's wild i know A while back. I was searching for car-based video games and this one came up. And it's like magic is always something. I've been kind of interesting because i basically heard that pokemon is like a light version of it so i feel like i could respite. Well enough. fights have been really. There's no energy cards oakmont have. What's called manna. Which you just is what you you know you can use any anything. The cast creatures or cast spells wearing Put energy on each creature itself. So it's faster and that but in this you also have to have enough mana energy to cast a card versus pokemon. You just get the card in long balloon you can just you know some of them. You might not do anything but you can put them out there. Check it out. Some time new said this is abandoned. wear now read. it's van. where for years. The company a mated. I don't even exist anymore in any shape or form. I'm pretty sure. It also was designed by sid meier but the publisher of michael pros and i'm sure he's been gone or they are around. They don't give a shit about this anymore. This they started website so they still exist. It is. it's it's an old i mean. Don't you know it's all licensed game. They pride you know. Renewed license wouldn't be worth it. And who the hell's gonna care about a card game from nineteen ninety-seven. It's just in the stall. Jake it's just something that i and it's something that i can play while i'm watching. Tv if my wife. So i don't have to eat doesn't take a lot of attention away. I don't care you know gas cards and watch things happen. Play on the same way. We're watching movies or something. I have to be doing something else. 'cause i think i think i get bored. It's just weird or hard to put all my intention on on just the screen as to be usually the murder mystery. Things can can envelope me pretty well but if we are not as like pissed. Your brain doesn't wanna stop like for me. I'm always editing. All 'cause i record a lot You might know then. I'm always part. I have to. I have to edit. Why watch tv right. Can't edit editing boring for those that don't know you don't do other stuff you know. I bet it over two hundred hours at least speaking watching movies you saw you saw yesterday. Yeah good pun there. Congress that ashley piece movie it. I'm not a fan of god's all of that much. I mean i have seen a few of them but i'm not a fan of either one. There's no peter king kong by the way but it's a good movie so it was calling skull island. I actually watched add the day before. And i was also really where they don't really connect you don't really need to see either one. You can just watch in congress guzzle without having any context with the other three movies in the in the series. They don't really they lincoln. They don't link a links has the biggest link is a company which doesn't really matter so i remember seeing the trailers for skull island and king of the monsters and they look just awesome. I haven't put time aside to watch them jif issue who spiders. I can't remember now now. There's a scene in congress calling with spider that freddie damn goule seattle if you don't like sweaters just makes me think of that grounded game where it's got the spider slider. You can turn them down to the point where they list look like floating balloons or something. People really hates by yourself man near mackin a problem with that. I hate other things but fighters not one of them. Yeah i can understand on me. But i don't have any problem seeing them. I was surprised like i really enjoyed colony. We were gonna watch. Hbo max because it was on hbo. During and then. I was like we can go to theaters and disco sits on my wife like we have. Of course let's let's do that so we went to the first time we went to a theater so we saw new mutants in theaters last year. Some point been awhile this movie. That matlins jack. If you knew mouton's not a great movie. 'cause i but it's not a bad movie it's just. It's not a comic book movie. Yeah it's a horror movie. I mean it's kind of a horror movie. I would say it's to choice. Yeah i enjoyed king kong. It was fun action movie but it keeps you interested. Had the girl from stranger things so that was cool. She heard more and more roles. And all i will say this because you brought it up. There's a guy in there that has a podcast one of the characters. And he's doing like a conspiracy podcasts and he's like i work for this company. I don't trust what they're doing. And this and that. And i'm gonna go steal information and i'm thinking to myself you know math like somebody would've stopped you buy now when they go. I know that guy's voice. I mean i know we got ten thousand boys but i know that guy's voice it always works out so well for the umbrella employees that try to do that stuff. They don't get killed them experiment which is funny because at all i can think of when he's like i got a podcast hundred fifty episode. I'm like yeah. I don't believe in doing. Does that long. Buddy you have been arrested by now. I say shit on here. I shouldn't say but i'm not stealing. I'm not stealing from a government company. You know he worked for a defense contractor type company or something for the you know the government but somebody like real high tech where they would have figured this out real fast. I would have gotten away. Sure they keep tabs on all their employees of stuff like that just made me laugh. 'cause you know being popped astor. It's a good movie is definitely worth watch. you can see it in theaters. You should just because you know being. That kind of movie will add to my list of things to do that. I'll probably get around to someday. You probably enjoy kong skull island more which is currently on hbo. Max because that's more of a growl it's movie less based on king kong and more based on the people. You get loki. you get. Captain marvel in that movie louis to there's to address park references in that movie to impress are at least one. But i'm pretty sure there's too nice is there's some at one point tamil jackson's and a helicopter and he's like to your butts and i'm like well to be larson scott. Pilgrim's back in theaters for the ten year anniversary. Which makes me feel old. I almost what had tickets for that. I really i tried. I tried multiple times to buy tickets for this one thing but it just kept me. Air air air air would not let me buy tickets. I was like i want. It goes like forty bucks for two tickets public. I wanna go see this yeah. I don't think our local movie theater opened back up after all the quarantine. The s surprised. 'cause you're in you're in southern state kind of yeah i mean. The one in kansas city was shut down to. But i think pretty sure it opened back up but we are a smaller town of course so no. I'll have to look into that. But nascar program would definitely worth seeing. We saw tangled and twenty twenty eighteen or twenty and nineteen but had this like disney princess thing amc which is the one outside kansas city so we went saul tangled run theaters which is one of the first movies. My wife and i saw i got together so that was. I was cold something about san old movies that you love back in. Here's something awesome. It really is. We saw karate kid a couple years ago in theaters. I mean. I thought a movie i love as much but thanks but there is something special about it. The and i'm louise hurt her back to because this ralph macho yellen for an hour and a half goodbye. Have cobra kai but i haven't watched season three yet. I've not seen. I heard you watch another crap so my problem is i keep going back to the same things. Like i've been re watching justice league again the cartoon because it's still just the best lung disease ever put out. That must object to something that you just want friendly hit. But i've been picking and choosing episodes from mostly from the first series. I feel like i always gravitate towards unlimited the the sequel series is better. Oh yeah is having that wide roster gives it more depth for stories instead of folks just the seven founding members. Why is one way to put that roster. It's iraq can't take the amount of people they have a saudi youtube video array slam and watch the evidence like basically they go through each episode list off every justice league member of the you can see in the background. Whatever is like over fifty something crazy to after watch facts. I remember watching that you see different people all the time Especially in that first episode initiation were destroys that wide shot of the crowd. Ano- that person that version there's the tanna like canarian cool so cool in an odd game that you were in trying to you. You mentioned. i'm like what the hell is. You're like why don't you go. look it up. Yeah so i have. I have game fly so basically been using the to play things. I either wold bhai or won't go down embrace. Because i'm cheap so first party nintendo stuff very now poison control and i have a feeling that no one out there knowing others hurt. Because it's i hadn't heard of until. I really want it because i i missed one thing. I will always miss about this generate about where we are now. Game stop gone. I miss the game buying really weird shit like this Ten bucks for ten bucks or years down the road. I don't know that pays sixty for this cause leg got no you sell the clip of lord of this morning where it just froze like. I couldn't do the characters walking in place. I couldn't do anything but rotated the camera. Lock on. I couldn't even quit. The mission is completely shut down. The game was kinda like splat tunedrey if the cover some of the area with your poison or something. So you're uncovering the area you're you're purifying individuals hells so like people that die and go to hell. You are basically cleansing their soul so they can move on like the first one. Is this girl who apparently burnt down house. And then she died in the fire. So you're like see this is why when you asked me about like not explains Eared ask again. So you're gone through the stages that are based on this individual's personal hell and your cleaning up the poison on the floor but like you go into an area and it gives you an objective. Either clean up so much my asthma or kill so many of the outer enemies called. Don't remember certain. I've also effect this game as a very like a tone to it. Yeah like the main. The main girl. That does all the exposition poison. She's very bouncy even noticed. And i saw on the enemy a mask on like wearing a fog or something to look. Like i'm even i was into into fruition. I remember being this stack. I'm like oh boy. It's going to be one of these games. A third person shooter with rpg elements Kind of like you love something. That looks like you do as you clean up the miasma and stuff you you gain experience but i think it just kind of up to help total and how much damage to do. It's just as hundred percent something that i would have bought for ten bucks hunter percent. Yeah ten bucks is probably fine. The like the my main complaint. Is that the gameplay elements are counterintuitive to each other. Like i said you your goal is either to shoot these enemies lower to clean up the poison. But when you use up your clip of ammo you have to wait for to either way for it to recharge. Or you have to clamp the miasma to help move it along so like you go onto your own. Your first first instinct is to clean up the poison. But if you're killing these things then you need that. There'd album recharge faster. Otherwise you're going to be running around waiting for it to recharge anna. Just i'm only a few level edgy. I guess not. But that's what somebody will say. I'm feel levels in but it doesn't seem like the game plays going to evolve very much over time so i don't know i'm going to give it another shot but i think i think it might be time to send it back. It's not quite what. I was wanting very strange very strange. I gotta do. I miss collecting trains game. So though about a fan game that came out two years ago that we had never heard of until yesterday yes that i can't wait to to a full episode in the future but we can sorta turtles game turtles rescue palooza. Yeah came on the summer. Twenty nine thousand nine never heard of until yesterday. This is a fan game with sixty playable characters in leg. Just shy twenty missions. I thank seventeen levels. How did you even find out about us. Youtube recommended video Matt mccoy muscles. Who does the the what happens. Series that you probably see thumbnails on yeah like. I don't know. I never heard of this. Because it's fantastic. Is they say they're seventeen levels and they pack so many references to the eighty seven show and some of the other things like all of the cast of tournament fighters are lockable characters in a fighting game. Arvid in it's insane. It's definitely worth checking on. It's free and like mike said we're absolutely going to full episode on its. I don't wanna go. we do. I don't know when because i need to get rich on a red fox. But they'll be. It'll be a bit but it's going to happen. It's absolute lower checking out. It's it's great haven't really played a lot of fan main games. I one thing that not fan made. I've been really thinking about playing one. A day is the the legend of zelda game linked to the past the one that came off for stella view. I'm talking about the essa. No there's that one two there's another one which is a like add onto linked to the past. I think i can't remember the ancient stone tablets. Or have i can't remember that might be the rom. Hack yeah. I think that's the wrong. 'cause there's also parallel worlds. I know that as raw mac. Yeah that's the super hard. When i think i mean it wouldn't be terrible because i would just cheat but yeah oh yeah the. These are the best ones okay. Ages don't have and i've always wanted to play it and i thought somebody talking about it again. I want one of my random youtube videos. I'm like one day. I got pointless There there's like updated it's one of them's updated version the original game. That's bs elda. Yeah that i have less of an interest in. Because i have played that before. Actually probably the right. Way to play the originals. Although to be honest at this point since lower after back there. I guess so. Yeah let's your famously known for that. I can't i just don't i. I grew up around the arab. I didn't play a lot of my dad. Wouldn't buy it for me. He's like you don't need any s. You have better system put. This has mega man to mine. Doesn't anyway three. Fuck speaking of mega man. That was littler. Only other game plan recently is gotten meta gallon switch for like two bucks. And it's a mega definitely. Wants to be a mega man game because it's got the different stages and you fight different their gals in this on. They're not the robot master men. Whatever what is it called. Madagal emmy t. a. g. a. l. inward. But the i dunno. It feels off like the character is of course. The controls aren't quite as tight. Does a mega man game. But there's only four robot masters equivalents. And then you go onto three wiley stages of quote unquote. It's it's fine leg. I definitely played to the end and then got stonewalled. Hondas final boss. I don't know it's it's not great but there's obviously something there that kept me going so it you see it on sale. Maybe check that out. I mean you mega man. So i deal and the the weapons you got are pretty cool in this on the buster gal. I think her name is she gives you a mine so you kinda shoot out a couple minds and then enemies touch them they explode a course you can jump on them to jump super high so they have the added utility. I'm looking at a trailer of it right now. Off one hundred percent mega man the enemies. They're enemies a shield hovering. That would make him an enemy like. Oh yeah this is snapper joe and all that uh-huh you can tell. This was a really inspired by that. I mean twenty x x which. I know you like a lot at twenty xy. Axes fantastic i. I bought that game before. We did the Sometime during the show. When i couldn't get my to keep playing it i don't like i'm not at relates rogue legs. Are there different breed for sure you know me so medic l. levels are there i think the actual levels are a lot tougher than mega man. 'cause they definitely expect you to use the weapons to navigate but something you'll appreciate. Is they take the link between worlds approach to ammo usage so instead of having so much ammo at regenerates. It's got the regenerating bar over time now. I would appreciate that. 'cause i otherwise i won't use your weight playmaking a man by the way it is. It's hundred percent the wrong way to play it. But it's just. I have a weird issue with then. The only other thing is i've been watching mentioned as i've been watching the big bang theory still. I wash my finish the entire series three months. Now we're going back through it again. We're watching it for some reason honey and get it. It's definitely one of those shows. The enter alexa hit on. But it's it's not bad has issues put it. It's funny i mean. The first couple of seasons are worse because it gives gives. They're making fun of the characters more later on it. Gets there less doing that. Yeah it gets better. I mean shelving gets better. Everything gets wallet give a lot. Less creepy gets better move. I forgot how bad he wasn't. The first couple of seasons adds awful. It's like whoa. What a way to take stereotype. Just run with would keep running. We've seen up through season eight. Some of seasons finished this bad habit of starting new shows like where the gordon season three of castle. We haven't watched it for a while watching anything usually youtube videos do that at night. I'm still watching stargate. S g one. I started that earlier this year and that that's a track. I recommended bud. Serve as long attempt seasons. Oh yeah that's kind of a big commitment. If you get into it in after a while i i know like season ten. I'm pretty sure season nine and ten or like almost a different show kind of some of the the actress shirt leaving and the villains have. They've been fighting like through. I know one season ten. They don't even fight the same species of villain. they've been fighting for nine seasons. That's where they didn't expect to get that last season. The third something together well in season nine you clearly. New castle almost newcast. Start dr william you have the regional. What you're starting to cast. I think season even more of a new castle You can tell it was started. Nab michelle's oh oh we. Let's switch few episodes of eureka recently which is fantastic. I love ct nine warehouse. Thirteen both absolutely worth checking out. I think they're all on peacock too for free so in rica's amazing out. That's good stuff. You just have to pay attention when you watch that show. You can't just when i first saw my wife wants the first episode. I started watching it on my what the fuck is happening is not a show. You can skip around. You have to start in washington you will. It will make no sense. Otherwise no for sure and i know something that we're excited. I think we're gonna watch it. Today is the the mitchells versus the machines. That's the animated movie that's made by the people that had spiders. Oh it was originally called connected and Last fall but then covered kinda ruined everything and the net flex by the riots and they changed it to mitchell's verse machines. But it just came out on netflix friday. So i'm really excited to see. It seems like getting pretty good reviews online often. Yeah these are the people that did cloudy with a chance of meatballs which are both fantastic. I love those movies. Okay i saw a couple of times with aaron. He was kinda into play. The three sixty gave a bunch though. I do want to play that. I heard it's surprisingly good for for license game. I was suffering achieving your symptoms. But it wasn't i remember. I enjoyed it. I liked it. Been some dial track down. It's one of those ones. I look for whenever. I go out but i have yet to locate it manually. I miss doing that. I went to my local game. Stop not too long ago. And they're just nothing there. And i'm just like man. I don't sad yeah. We went into our local wine just last week. And it's like she's like. Oh they rearrange lake. Yeah the they have a way less stuff in here. Now they're they're not that far away from going away unfortunately they may hold on another couple of years. But it ain't going to be. You're never going to be what they were i was looking at ratchet clank games. I wouldn't wouldn't game. Stop dot com. They're cheaper not hundred mile radius. I'm like they got rid of all their stuff. I mean they're done with yesterday disappointed. I don't care. Yeah and they on the previous gen before for a bit like when three six x one came out. I was still buying. You can still get other stuff for a bit. But now they're completely they're done with yesterday and they're done with respect completely off. I think ours is like a little tiny kiosk with three to sixty games than ever. That's bad people aren't trading there anymore. Nobody cares anymore. They're done they probably don't even accept them. The generation anymore. Yeah getting they're getting outta they don't they used to. They used for a long time. They're their retro. Thing is all gone. Now to at last on bummer. Yeah it really makes me sad that they're no longer really going to be with us and cova for style. One of our other local used game shops so we have just just one now and then drive forty five minutes to another one. That's that's it. There's a there's a story pass by non-regular by weekly basis. And i always forget about and i'll pass by instead. It was used to be a game store and every time i get sad. I'm like damn it. I wish i would have went. I mean i would have liked to have to go to. And i don't have any around here that i know of bomber. I don't wanna have to resort to ebay prices in none shipping and all that crap. Either i don't like you buy off ebay. Blame you or anything else that you've been playing you want to mention. I don't think so because eleven linen other than stuff for the show of course but there's nothing to talk about that stuff have or will. I'm we already covered in recovered. What she'll watch him too. So yeah we're just a few days past the new footage of the new ratchet and clank. Which i'm like. I'm not gonna watch this. Because i already wanted early wanna. Ps five and that same day by local targeted bs vives and stock. I can't justify spending five hundred dollars or whatever on wondering now. So i know they'll make the newer smaller one here soon. You're right recently a couple of years. The original three design. Amanda thing look stupid. Like i've got one of the slim's and i forgot. They look different before that but not a fan of that design the one. That's sitting to my right. I don't know maybe you know. Maybe i'd have a slim. Let's see here. I thought i don't let me see great radio. You're right as long as my god. They were ugly a still runs. I'm surprised house. I it got when i got it. It came in a trash bag. So i'm gonna runs. It wasn't garbage just the guy that brought it to me. Put it in a trash bag and was carrying on his board. When i bought it from him nice while i knew him we live together unfortunately so house like he was just remember he was gonna sell it that day. I went and met him and then he's like sure and he's holding instead and then they were mad at me because i didn't pay more than what the pond towards gonna pay l. says it's me and you tell me you're only want this amount is all you're getting i like. Oh you know what. I'll give you more. No no you tell me the mountain. And i go okay. I'm just it's just not in me turned fifteen this year about that. You're right. I think we're running out of things to say. Sorry release it. Yeah so. We're is like a monthly thing that we're going to try to do where bringing yes sometimes longer than this and we're just gonna talk about what we've been playing each month. It isn't for the shore what we've been watching that we can kind of get stuff that is in review videos update on how how things are going on here that if you don't wanna hear it if we like it oh have anyway sewn does matter but or content hopefully hopefully people listen to the show for us and unnecessarily we have over. We're talking about five thousand dollars to the time of this recording in people do hey and people subscribe to youtube and calls motherfuckers often. So hey you know what must be doing something right. Making people anger on the internet. All because it wasn't the captain. America movie and it just makes you laugh. 'cause like youtube wouldn't let me no matter what i did. It will get stopped in their content copyright thing they do like. It's impossible to do that now. At one time or someone had to report it but nowadays it's impossible and why people you're gonna find a movie on youtube radon. Yeah just not like that. Just doesn't work that way. Just pay the eighty bucks or whatever for disney plus their own there. We just do other google methods to get a hold of it besides you to or other methods. I mean just websites. There's all sorts of stuff like it out there for sure if that safe. You've ever computer protective out there. Like you know i mean. Youtube is not where you go right right. And that's all that we have to say so we will see you next episode or next time you know what's better what the hell i forgot all of applauds. I'm tired all right. If you enjoyed this episode please go check all our other absolutely we. Do we cover game movies comics and we are going to. Mcu and we're nearing the end zone. Go check those out. A lot of love goes into those episodes if you enjoy our outer kurds. The abi aka mike sony receipt by songs. The goal get squat definitely. Go check him out and please call some facebook. Instagram twitter and on youtube. Finally on youtube than i used over while. But hey you know finally and we have a patriot. That's what i should be saying. Finally so if you want to help us out. Throw us a dollar. We don't have any current patriot incentives yet but they're they're coming at some point. We'll figure it out. I get around to it so definitely. Go take a look at that. You'll see of lincoln the show and we will see you next time bye everybody.

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Um papo sobre Cannabis Medicinal

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Top 13 Greatest Screams in Rock & Roll

The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus

1:01:05 hr | 4 months ago

Top 13 Greatest Screams in Rock & Roll

"Who doesn't love a good rock and roll scream right lilly. Aright from little. Richard david lee roth rock. Singers have always accented their vocal performances with powerful screams. So in this week's looney rock and roll circus. podcasts. We're going to tell you everything you didn't know about the top thirteen screams in rock and roll. Plus we have a very special guest. Kristen zack is going to tell us. All about this year's rock pod expo. You don't wanna miss it. Stick out get ready to rock out with your talk out. It's the lucchini rock and roll circus. All right everybody. Welcome back moms and dads boys and girls children of all ages. Welcome back to the circus. I am lombardi aka lou. Dini the ringmaster of this wild and crazy thing. We do every week here on the internet. The rock and roll circus podcast. You can find this still right now. It lombardi music dot com. Our official website is being redesigned and should be showing up within. Like i'm going to say within the next few days so it's pretty exciting. Pretty excited to have that coming out for you. let's go ahead and take care of business. First of all. I shadowed to rock ridge. Radio got a rock rage. Radio dot com download the app. You can listen to great guitar. Driven rock twenty four seven shows on there like this one as well as what lily hotlinks with lily. Six thirty six. Pm eastern time. Twenty four hours everything exactly and so check out. Download the app at rock ridge. Radio dot com Out to our sponsor wolves customs wolf's customs dot online. Listen guys. i've been telling you guys for months now. Now we're moving in from the zoom things to actually going out and playing gigs. No reason to get up on stage with the same old boring looking guitar like the last three bands at played. Had you can talk to chris. Thunder wolf dots and wolf's customs done online and they can do an awesome custom finishing. This is pro stuff guys. This isn't a guy. This guy knows what he's doing as a musician himself he. You know he's gonna treat your instrument with kid gloves. That sounded kind of dirty. Didn't i always like my instrument treated with kid gloves. Anyways i saw we. Have we have a guest here. We should be acting more professional leave but no seriously he's this totally pro stuff and you can check them out at wolves customs dot online. Chris has been a big supporter of the looney rock and roll circus For a long time now. Chris thunder dotson and company. Wolf's customs dot online Don't forget guys to if you're if you're listening to us on itunes. Please hit that rate in review. Think if it's a nice review give us a good rating and subscribe. I tunes kind of like google for podcasts. If you do good on i tunes your podcast does better just like in. You know in everything else. If you do good on google your business says better so we're really looking for that. We really do appreciate it if you love us. You don't need give us any money or anything like that. Just give us a good review and rate us subscribe on. It costs you nothing. Nothing settle okay. Also by going to lombardy music dot com and sooners and very soon lucchini rock and roll circus dot com They'll be all the stuff there to access our inner circle group and hang out be able to chat with us throughout the week in her private. Facebook group There's free downloads. My album is still there New music coming so check it all out. Lombardi music dot com anything. I'm forgetting right now. Lily that i need to appreciate you got across okay so now wanna talk to talk about. Kristen zach. Chris is the man who has been organizing this guy very very very cool thing called rock and pod and we're gonna get into that a little bit more about that. We're interview chris here in a little while but chris say hey what's up. Hey how's it going. Thanks for having me on tonight. No problem no problem. Now chris i was. I was listening to your podcast today. You're obviously very knowledgeable guy about music. So do you have like a favorite off the top of your head soon with like an awesome rock. Scream in that you love. I've already got a list together. Oh boy lung heads like throw shit together at the last minute sub drinking so here. Here's how we do it chris. We go around the room and we discuss and talk a little bit about the song or the whatever the topic is tonight tonight is. These songs was screaming in the so. That's how we do it and we're going to start just to kind of get warmed up. We're going ahead and start with lily six and some. I think we have some overlapping ones. But don't worry about the to pick what everyone thought about it. I could see that. But i'm going to pick one of my all time favorite songs ever buy one of my favorite bands that i like to mention almost every show do the number of the beast iron maiden Released in nine eighty two. I mean do. We really need a reason why this should be on the list. Probably not but it is said to be one of the most satisfying screams and music. It's denote. it's the moment that satan himself entered the body of bruce dickinson. How he didn't come on. Satan did not enter. That's a kind of story gets rock and roll a bad name. Already gonna save brute thicken. That's not a little quote. By the way i found that home. Yeah kids he has so much energy. He leads us into the news. Section on song with truly powerful scream. He sings scream. It's like listening to a symphony And it's known for that high pitched and guttural wail at the end of the intro. The most described as the most blood curdling dickinson scream on record in the classic albums documentary based on the number of the beast dickinson states that it came about through frustration with producer martin birch. Who forced him to sing. The introduction repeatedly for hours on end iron maiden is one of the few bands that can turn the concept of an old eighteenth century poem into an incredibly exciting epic heavy metal song. And i do part of that to the scream. There is a great. there's the there behind. The music is really really good and they talk about. They talk about that exact thing about him trying to get the got intro. Yeah they did it over and over and you're right to did it. I'm surprised that even had a voice to be able to do it in the end That's a good one lily. Thanks for bringing that up bringing that one and we're gonna go to pittsburgh kevin. Oh hey and Then we're going to go to chris so pittsburgh. so i got some obscure ones here Do you remember. Joe cocker's cover of Help a little help from my friends. Thank you thank you. You know what. I needed lou a little. Help from my yeah. So there's he's got a. He's got a great screaming. There are so that's my contribution for now. I i am lung cad. Unlike lillian you. I don't have any backstories other than fired. The man the man just let it go to get anecdotes and stuff yes. Well that's why you're a professional. And i'm a i don't. I did not know that y'all bring out hunting. He cuts their hold on. So obviously john lennon party wrote the song deals recorded it your earlier but it was never released as a single. The beatles were so impressed with cocker's version of that. They sent him a telegram of congratulations. A placed an ad in the music papers praising songs according to three quarter time is walls to beatles. Original version was in four four time. Jimmy page's guitar player on this. By the way. Yes yep and bj wilson for poco harum pay drums on the track soul singers madeline bell reeves. Rosetta hightower patrice holloway and sunny weetman provided the backing vocals song top the uk charts and three occasions. Cocker's version than in eighty eight wet wet wet hit number one again and the double a sided cherry single and four sam and mark from the. Oh four u k pop idol So i guess that's their version of american idol Brought it to the charts again. Cocker also covered the beatles. Cry instead. She came into the bathroom window. And you've got to hide your love away. Danny cordell produced the album With tony visconti. Who went onto do all all kinds of stuff Sesame street did a parody of it. That's awesome This he did did he. He performed at woodstock as well. And cocker is. Only one of two acts performed woodstock to have had a uk number one hit the other was jimi hendrix who had a chart topper with voodoo child. Slight return The cocker's version was the. Do you remember this theme song to the wonder years. Yes heaven winning. Yes yes yes. Yes ma'am But in otsu. Cocker performed this with phil collins on drums and queen guitarist. Brian may For party at the palace a celebration of buckingham palace in honor of the golden jubilee of elizabeth. The second so use simpson's a ninety four episode. so it's everywhere it's a great version and that scream is absolutely free and legendary. That's why i used it in the pick for the events on facebook because it is just absolutely amazing all right so let's drop over to. Chris and chris says he has a whole list. So what do you got chris. Give give us one bro. Well i'll start off. And i don't have the amount of notes you guys have per song so this is going to go fast i have. I'm wearing my kissed her tonight and anyone who knows me knows. I'm a massive fan. So i have to go with the obvious. I have to go with my friend. Paul stanley there's little woven. Look at that on fire. Now i'm gonna go. That is a good one and the story behind that's interesting. He was just doing vocal warm ups before the drums kick in. Let's keep that. But i'm gonna go score with this one. There's a song on the album carnival of souls that they released in the nineties. Nfl master and slave and it's got him the whole song stops and he does this massive scream in the middle of the song. So that's my first one good okay could give us another one since you've got a whole list and not a whole lot of backstories that's cool had well. The next thing or that came to mind immediately was rob halford from judas priest. And i've got. I've got a tie. It's two picks so the first one is from sad wings of destiny. It's the big screen at the victim of changes. Just an incredible scream on that song and then my favorite judas priest song from sin after sin and the the big scream on this one is right in the beginning and that's dissident aggressor which i just love that song. Okay you had a priest on your head which okay good ones chris. Thanks for man the little soundbite. You have to be careful. I get i get i get. What do you call it like all the time because of soundbites while you're not hearing like any music i'm not face anything i have is not music. It's just word. So i got you i got you. Well thanks to cool. We got lily. We'll go with my prasong now. It's painkiller the opening song on the album of the same name. Nine thousand nine hundred. It's basically one big scream and is known for how for its high pitched screeching throughout the entire song He's pretty much the grand master of screaming He could have had several on this list. As you named a couple there. I went with this one. It was nominated for the grammy award for best metal performance performance during the thirty three grammy awards. The second year the award was presented to see what else i have Some say chuck show diners from the band. Death desk cover of the song is better. I have to disagree but apparently it is a song to scream to because he also does the screams as well. It just inspires you to scream. I been known to do that with certain lady friends of mine. I inspire them. No scream anyways. I don't hear anything source. I don't believe am going to go with. I don't think anybody. I dunno chris. I don't know but i'm going to go with this song right here. And people forget that there is awesome. Scream in this short and it's small but it's so great scream and that is joan jett's panel in i love rock and roll like really totally makes song. I remember being. When did what eighty to come eighty-one you know so like you know middle school kid junior high kid and that like that. I just thought that was just like the stuff. The shit But so not and some people. Don't realize john jet doesn't write any songs right. She pretty much pretty much a cover artist thing and i'm not like i'm not here to throw stones or to you know. Say the joan the greatest artists in the world but it was a giant giant song. And it's got a really kick ass scream in. It was originally recorded by the arrows and seventy five written by their lead singer and guitarist And it was a knee jerk response to the rolling stone song. It's only rock and roll. Remember watching it. On top of the pops i'd met jagger socially a few times. i knew he was hanging around with Some different people from different jet setters and he felt like it's only rock and roll was an apology for those sort of jet-set prince and prince's types that he was like hanging around with the sort of aristocracy and that was it was sort of his interpretation and he said okay. I love rock and roll. And then where do you go with that. So it was sort of like a response to that Jet was trying england as a member of the all teenage girl the runways when she discovered the song she wanted record with the runaways. But the other members didn't like the song and made the mistake of passing it up. So in seventy nine recorded with. Paul cook and steve jones of the sex pistols release. It is beside finally wind. Joan recorded the song with her band. The black hearts resulting in a monster monster hit that. I will proudly say i roller skated to. I probably did that to high roller later. I did rollerskates later. What do you got pittsburgh. kevin. I'm gonna go with the venerable cheap trick gonna raise hell. Yeah good ones. So i now turn it over to you since i was lacking wa. I note taking today. I had a terrible. You're fired. can't view can't play my podcast anymore. Shame on you. Oh my goodness i. Just what's that it's a good pick anyway. Picks by cheap trick released on the album. Dream police epic rocker. Disco beat contains your lewd for violin and cello and score was scored by rick nielsen. Dick dr player keyboards gye winding bassist. Tom petersson Recalled we always wanted to work with an orchestra You know but they're producer didn't really want to do anything to do with it. He sort of did this. Begrudgingly for them. And he said everybody come on on me right so hence. That's why that's in there no On why the screams are in there but again rockers. Love to scream. You go back to go to the go back to the old blues. But i mentioned in the intro there. You know Yeah i mean you know what the hell. What are you got chris. I'm going to skip over the next one and the next one i have on my list. I pretty sure one of us. Going to have way better notes than i have so the next. This one's another kind of off the beaten path. One is anyone in this reporting a fan of tool. Oh yeah oh yeah. Sure okay. So before told like really broke big. They put out this out. This ep called olbia. That came out in ninety. Two and Came out on zoo. Records has crazy looking cover. And there's a couple of live tracks on this one. And i bought this back when i was in college and i used to play this song constantly. Just because the scream that maynard. James keenan let's out near the end of the song and the song is Well guinean not really a great title. It's called jerk off. But it's part where he screams the word die and it must swear it goes on for like forty five strength second scream. I've ever heard that's awesome. Yeah that's awesome. When i when i was doing some research for this. I don't think anybody you might maybe chris. You have these guys on your list. But there were several tenacious d. People on and i listened to some of them. A man that that jack lang holy. Yeah he he's kind of underrated. I totally agree with you on that. I think the like if he wasn't like an actor comedian like he could totally have been rock. Singer absolutely absolutely has to look all right lilly. What do you got ta. Maria from angel death slayer the opening track of iranian blood. They detail the nazi physician. Josef isn't mengele mangoni mandala thank you so human experiments at the auschwitz concentration camp during world war two so imagine what. The song sounded like all the other music fans of the one thousand nine hundred journey and aerosmith were really heavy. Everything in this song including the collect including the collection of satan summoning riffs. Keep mentioning satan today. I don't know that. Thom's vocals and explicit lyrics painted a gruesome picture that we know as angel death slayers known for starting their songs without too much of a buildup. They went right into it. Just like an asong. Where ray asked piercing wordless scream right after. A few repetitions of the intro riff. So that's mostly or songs though. I suppose that's the one. I just didn't want to do and so forth. I think got the concept. I didn't want to pick like because there's metal bands like that's their whole thing just screaming the whole time so that doesn't count so that's cool. That's good good. Good good good. Pick their and terms of your satan problem. We'll have a bible study afterwards. The exorcism forget the car right to the bible crap. I don't want to labor liable crap pittsburgh kevin. Hey what are you gonna throw it in. I will just tell me the title. So that i can look it up. Real quick can help you jump into the fire. Okay are your friend and mine. Harry nielson Yes yes. I know some stuff actually about this song hanging onto your all things. I know you know things would have to put up with you. Keep coming back for millan. Jose was up on facts generally to. I don't think that's what it's called is that was that what the actual songs call. I believe so. Is it into the fire. let's let might bring up. Docking brings up a couple of things. I find it real quick hilson. This song was recorded. yes and no. It's not it doesn't come up on song fax but there's a great documentary about nielsen. Nelson nelson milton nelson shneltsa. N- in fact that's the title of one of his albums But there's a great documentary about this and this was something that they that he worked on with john lennon and They took a take after. Take after take literally. There was blood on the microphone. How hard he was screaming. He did irreparable damage to his voice and even though he was still able to sing he never quite had that same sort of lying sparkle after that he had gone. It was kind of going through like a dark period. This was at the time that john left yoko ono to kind of go. Some wild oats like in southern california and he started hanging him in nilsson part up the beatles of him. Paul mccartney john lennon loved harry nilsson the absolutely thought he was the absolute shit so they. He was flattered to work with them. They were flattered to where you know. They were happy to work with the Ha total excited to work with john lennon. And but yeah. That's that's that's true blood sweat and tears on that on that track. Yes you know. I definitely had with echo and everything you definitely. Has that john lennon back. I definitely has that that definitely at that sound on it. But that's a good pick. Kevin what do you got kris. Okay the next one is It's another singer where. I have a tie for the songs for the singer and actually i think today is the anniversary of holy diver by by. Do chris. i was listening to your podcasts. With vinny app is it apathy. European will for him. It's accuracy for carmine. It's right sal and it's so great so this often that you're bringing his up. I was listening to right before we got set up here. So go ahead bro. Yes so thanks for plugging. Check out the episode on desk. We'll give can. And so i picked off of holy diver. I've picked don't talk to strangers because that's one where once he really goes into the big screen when the because it starts off really mellow and everything and then another example of him. Doing that would be on the next album on last in line on the title track. We when he breaks into the to the full onscreen but a deal was good at doing that. And i don't know if any of you guys are into reaction videos on youtube. But i watch them. Sometimes these millennials eliza metal songs and both of those songs it's hilarious. Everybody's is about pop out of their head when he breaks into those screams on those videos. But yeah if you want. Yeah we did the Really fun interview with vinnie. Vinnie of apathy and it was great talking to him. but yeah ronnie james dio. What can you say just one of the greatest of all time but yet those are my two of my favorite moments of his. I think those are awesome picks. I don't know what's going on Re is being jerk. So i don't know so hopefully we'll we're recording it so it's all good Yeah that is a dea. I was wondering if somebody's gonna bring up deal. I'm glad somebody brought up do you. D is my favorite singer of all time of all time schooltime. Yes absolutely So good one. Maybe i'll say one. Maybe maybe i'll say one okay. We we did a Every other Every second tuesday the month second week of the month we do a classic album. We take an album. We album retrospective okay and we did Two months ago we did the who. Who's next and went to the whole record and this song closes the album. And it's won't get fooled again and this is one of the most memorable screams in rock and roll. And if you've ever seen the video clip of implying it with the psychedelic lights and pete sliding across floor. I mean i get chills just thinking about it. It's just absolutely amazing. And roger is a screamer from like way listened to. I was listening to love rain on me. And the the you know when it comes around the second time when he hits those loves i mean. He's screaming those out and it is so emotional and so powerful that i. I don't know what else you could say about it. But he's just one of the great screamers. But yeah i got won't got screamed there at the end of won't get fooled again for sure. That's definitely like like number one on people's lists this total classic rock moment right there. Lily then kevin. We're gonna interview chris about rock and pot all right. We're so i'm gonna go with an obvious one immigrant song. Let's up on The most transit of plants house our from this song a tale of ancient vikings who sailed from scandinavia to conquer new lands Plant was inspired to write about the land of ice and snow. During a concert tour they went to iceland. And that made you think. Vikings and big ships so immigrant song bang The classic rocker opens with what he has been called as an anguished cry and tarzan holler his chilling. Viking warcry followed by hammering riff by guitarist. Jimmy page based john. Paul jones and drummer drummer john bonham Though the song was used to open led zeppelin show for years plants. Call me never be hurt again. He doesn't want to do it anymore. He doesn't wanna scream immigrant song every night for the rest of his life. Leave that to the zeppelin tribute band. He's not sure that he anyway by mentally. It's also featured in shrek. The third snow white things the beginning of it to ward off enemies. Just throw us some nursery cartoons of their. It's in iraq neurotic. i believe. That's when he's fighting that whatever he's fighting and it's awesome like anytime led zeppelin songs shows up in a move. You're like let's do that. I love that good good. Pick lily That's not a lot of people's lists pittsburgh kevin. What do you got row lou. You know. I love the ladies as i'm going to bring a lady into this mix here in that is the venerable janice joplin. Yes piece of my heart. That's such a good one. Yeah yes sung by janice joplin technically a big big brig rig brother big brother and the holding company one of the groups she She sang before the band. She was in before she went solo until And later sixty eight when she went solo Biggest chart topping success was known as for me and bobby. Mcgee song is about a love. Lorn woman so enraptured by her man that she's willing to break off yet another piece of her heart if only he will take it. I mean this is like i mean if the song has become a little bit overplayed probably right. I mean. I've been in so many time you have you play in a band and you have a female singer. It's like mandatory. You gotta cover piece of my heart by by big brother and the holding company so a lot of people are like you know it's become not as effective was when it when it was released but if you think about the meaning of the song you know that's like she's crying in like literal. The pain of love you know. Chopped showed off her extraordinary vocal dexterity on song which was a right in wheelhouse in terms of dynamics and subject matter And this was just one of those things that just really kind of showcased everything. It was awesome About janice joplin. You know her version of cry. Cry baby was another one. That has just like god like tortured whale but yet absolutely beautiful Performance so good. Pittsburgh catzavencu okay. So let's have a chat now chatto. The last three on my list got what we can come back to go ahead. Tell list just the last week i had was Steven tyler on back in the saddle Yeah another one. The end of cemetery gates by paying tara film. Oh darryl go back and forth with the high note and then wasted time by skit row so yes you go much as. I don't like talk about him but yes. That's i love the band. He doesn't like me either. But don't worry a word just like for another reason then you. I'm sure we're not doesn't lie lewis. That's top secret stuff So okay so we have chris. Zack here of the discipline geek. Pike it the discipline geek. Podcast okay so before we talk about that can you sorta give us the reader's digest version of like sort of your journey into music in the music. And i mean you start your music journalist or something correct before. He got into podcast. Walk to this guy. Listen listen to your podcast. Did you know shit about music. I thought i knew a lot about music. I don lily. A lot of music. Keith knew a lot about music. Do i mean so you obviously have some passion for it. Oh yeah absolutely. I mean yeah music. I mean a main You know it's been a main direction in my life. Though my whole life i mean obviously grew up a fan got into rock and roll And then. I did. Start playing guitar when i was a kid. And then Did moved up to playing in bands in high school through college and then in my twenties. And nobody you've heard of and like we never really got off the ground blade clubs and as i you know after i met my wife you know she had two kids and then i had to settle down. It was like oh. I got to settle down. I can't be advance anymore. But i need to stay connected to geico role so at that time. I had just gotten a day job which actually hated but i got an ipod. And that's when i found what odd cast were on the apple. What what like what. Year like about. Twenty two thousand nine ten. Go go back a little bit before that though actually in the mid two thousand two thousand and four thousand five i started writing for a local rock website. That was what it was like. And initially i still had a band at that time and the only reason i took the job writing for the website is so i can promote my band that oh i did that. The ban fell apart and that the band fell apart. I'm like well. I can take this more seriously. Took over that started booking concerts which i recommend to no one i. I'm learning that. Yeah very hard especially with local acts but Did that and then so then. I got got a date so i got to meet a lot of people through that website because like i started covering the national acts that were coming in to like corey glover from living color. Michael wilton from queen's reich. I was interviewing them ahead of the time they came in for shows and i got a real charge off of that. And i'm like well that's more fun than writing so then But yeah i got a day job. And that's how i discovered podcasting right around two thousand nine two thousand ten so at the time. It was supposedly comedy podcast. It was like marc maron adam. Corolla noticed and stuff like that. There wasn't a lot for rock and roll podcasting back in those days But i was also. I was still writing on the side. I was actually putting together about vinnie. Vincent who used to be a kiss and then he vision. There's a whole saga with that. I was. I was about one hundred plus pages in on it. My whole hard drive crashed. I lost most of the book. But i still had audio interviews. I conducted for the book. And so at the time. I'm listening to podcast. And i have the audio interviews on my i can do this. I'll just put these interviews on a podcast. And i'll start doing it that way. And that's how it started. I see so how did decibel geek come about. Well that was really it. I mean i had these interviews. And i was like well i could do a rock and roll podcast and see how that goes and so i started up on my own and i the first two vinnie vincent specials came out and i interviewed like interviews with people that had worked with him and mostly all been burned by and and those actually. I was shocked. I was thinking nobody was going to give a damn about it. But like so much interest like the numbers kind of went off the charts. When i put those out and i did on my own for a couple of months and then my co host. Aaron camaro came on board. He had radio experience and everything so he was. He was in the past and he was he. He missed being a dj and he's like well. This is even better. Because i can do what. I wanna do and That's how it started. That was in twenty seven so yeah. We just passed the ten year mark this year. Congratulations and adam definitely has that rock. Dj voice you can hear erin. Yeah aaron i'm sorry aaron yeah sorry So then you started very awesome thing called rock pod. Now what is rock and pod and like how did that get started. It started because this is this is. I'm an obsessive person. So i don't know win. Let leave well enough alone. it's not like. I can't just do a podcast. I have to create a damn convention and run convention out of it but anyway but now the way it came about was i was doing the podcast for years. And you know as a lot of redoing right now a lot of will do stuff over skype and stuff and there's a lot of shows where the the hosts had never met each other in person they just did the show through the internet and It was always like we'd have these conversations and be like man that sucks that you live six hundred miles away. Be cool to have a beer sometime. And we never had a way of doing it until my friend Bj cramped from rock and roll podcasts. We should have a meet up or something. And he's like in you live in nashville nationals. Kind of a good touristy music town so why don't we try to do it there. And i was like okay. We're going to have a meet up how are we gonna pay for it. And he's like well we crowd funded. I'm like okay. Well for our listeners are going to pay for us to meet each other. They should be able to come to. So if they're gonna come come to see us. They shouldn't just have to sit around and stare at each other. Like maybe i should get some vinyl memorabilia vendors. So i did that and then as you guys probably know a lot of the rock guys from back in the day moved out here out here. So that's been a great source for interviews for me over the years so i start calling in favors going. Would you come to this and meet some podcasts. Do some interviews meet some fans. And they're like yeah so let's organically turned into a convention it wasn't supposed to be conventional just is going to be a meet up and then it's you know now we're going into our fourth year So okay so that means. It started in helping with the math because we always give the year. Because you're doing having a do over year. I guess this would have been the fifth year right now. It is our two thousand seventeen eighteen and twenty nineteen. We did it. And then twenty twenty. We did not amount twenty twenty one doing so. It's really the fourth but it would have been the fifth. Gotcha so what is So this has evolved obviously over the years and so what is new for this year that you haven't done in the past we've expanded it a lot. I mean we you know this year. We're in a new venue. We have two ballrooms to us. So we're going to have one or we're going to one ballroom that'll be kind of like the main regular convention hall. It'll have a stage with panels and stuff and a lot of the vinyl vendors. And of course we'll have several guests that are coming that want their own vendor table to meet get to meet fans and you know sell autographs and stuff so that'll be kind of a standard convention hall. Then we have a podcast or ballroom where a third of the ballroom will be live. Podcast sessions happening in front of a crowd. And then the the rest of the rim kinda home base for the podcast is louis came in twenty nineteen so you saw how cramped everybody into one room that year but it's super superfine man. It was it was. It was fun but it's going to be much better for sound and everything. It was a little like. I was member interviewing bands. And why you like really straining to hear kind of what they were saying but yeah yeah it'll be better for that and also but yeah we've got And we've got more gas more podcast. We have over thirty podcast coming this year. So one thing. I've noticed is kind of on the comeback trail is streaming radio shows. We have quite a few of those coming this year. And that the seems like those are kind of on a comeback now Maybe because of the licensing with music and stuff. I'm guessing that's why they have grown in popularity again But yeah we have We have pre party concert the night before The expos on saturday. We're going to be doing a movie screening Can't say too much about that. Just yet after the expo. I think you already know lou. We talked about yeah. Yeah and then. Sunday You know by the time most of you here. We'll have announced this week. But karma karma peace and vinnie. Episode are going to be announced this week. Yeah so they're going to be. We have we're booking sl are for the day on sunday and they're gonna be doing some drum masterclasses they have a podcast called hanging bag. They're going to do a live version of that at sl are also so and then We have the comedians coming craig. Gas don jameson from that metal. Show a courtney cronin dole. They're going to do a Special comedy show. Sunday night downtown. It'll it'll include music to it and they're working on special guests for that so it's really just three days and hopefully survive and okay so you sort of answered this but just sort of maybe kind of fill in the gaps for the for the total dunces in the audience. You're so i'm not. I'm not a by castor. Why would i go to this right. Fill it in well. It's really a weakened. Kind of to celebrate the jonah rock and roll in the podcast. Obviously people like me and lou and you guys would be to me. I bring in all the special guests as bait to get people into podcasting. That's the main my main motivation here. So obviously it's cool so but we'll have plenty of celebrity guests coming this year. That are that are in the rock field one panel that. I'm really excited about in three games. That are going to be. It is all of us grew up on. mtv. So we've got mark goodman the original mtv matt penfield and ricky record who owes to head off panel tv which is going to be fantastic. And then i'm like all these will have their own table they'll be doing meet and greets and signing in photo with everything with fans and There's that there's a lot of vinyl memorabilia vendors can be staged battles all day. We will actually have some acoustic performances on stage this year. time signing sessions. We'll have live speed painting artists. Doing rock and roll pate. Paint are painted stuff There's gonna be a lot of stuff going on there but yet it's going to be. It's going to be a really really fun event. This year was told it was a total blast in two thousand and nineteen. I gotta tell you that and it just sounds like bigger and better and You know just it seems like and i know that as we as you go through each time you get a little better you get you build up a little better you you learnt we learn from mistakes and you know things like that so i also i want to add that like those of you. That aren't familiar with nashville. Nashville is a kick ass. Town is partying place. We only went out one night into the city. And i won't. I won't make that mistake again. Hoovering to go because it is And it is not you know a i was. I was just an impression because it was with country music. This is going to be a very kind like everything closes early. 'cause we jerk in the morning and the whole thing and i was completely shocked so it isn't that is not what it's way more like new orleans or vegas to be honest and i tried to tell him that. It's a party town. It stays open late to. And if i have friends coming from out of town will take him down to broadway and everything. That's the tourist trap but it gets pretty insane down there but i will say the We do have a pre party concert. The night before is downtown. It's a little bit off the strip thankfully but It's a great place called the mercy lounge big club and we will have the opening show is going to be ron. He'll do an acoustic set so excited to have him back. Then we've got a local band called roc united they do a lot of seventies rock covers and then Thomas skeoch who used to be a tesla resistant bite is is gonna play a headline set and then app. And they're they're gonna do some tesla tunes also and then after that we have the rare hair set that my friends tyson leslie who plays keys vixen organizers and usually about over one hundred players in that set different different lineups for every single song some of the best metal cover songs over here and we'll have several the expo guests getting up on stage and doing the songs that night. It's going to be a great show. Yeah fantastic and What are the dates. And how can people get more information The weekend august. Sixth through the eighth pre party on friday the six expo on saturday the sis stuff which will be announced soon it will be on sunday just got to rock the letter n pod dot com and get your tickets there. We are sold out of the. Vip's we sold out this week but we have plenty of regular general admission and early admission tickets available. Awesome and you guys put together. This awesome Commercial and i'm gonna play it right now. Survey this is. This is a bad as you guys are gonna love it. This august will rocking as rocking pod. Returns to nashville. This annual convention brings together rock artists fans and podcasters for an unforgettable rocky experience. Meet billy sheehan raheel. Ricky rachman more goodman met penfield. Don jamieson of that metal show drum legends carmine apiece and vinnie appleseed along with current and former members of winger. La guns except roxy blue and more panels signing sessions and file an memorabilia vendors all available to you at rockin pod music podcasts yours from all over north. What happened happen. This is what i get for streaming anyways i was down low that in play the whole thing in its entirety. You guys get the impression there. And i had the web address. As rock and pod nashville. Rock and pied expo. Is that right either. One either of the and products dot com or just rocking pod dot com. Okay cool yeah. I'm having unstable internet. You you message me and said i was. We were freezing. It was freezing once in a while. Yeah yeah you know internet anyway when it's all recorded direct into the computer so none of that's going to matter as it goes out to all the a places later on so chris man. Can you how we're going to. We're going to wrap up here with go. Maybe another round and then we do This day music and hang out with the men bullshit with us for fifteen minutes you good. Yeah awesome. Awesome guys checking out a rocket pod dot com or nashville rock and pot expo dot com to get more information to get tickets. It is a super fun time and we should talk to ron. 'cause he listens to our show maybe we could get him keel when we should get him on. Okay cool man slowly. You got anymore that you want to go one or two more. Maybe you want to talk about real quick. Sure will throughout Welcome to the jungle guns and roses featured as the opening track For appetite for destruction nineteen eighty eight amazing way to open up the album. He lets axl rose. Let's on an inhuman scream. It certainly sets the mood for the rest of the album. He provides several screams throughout the song. Personally think it's him getting some aggression out rather than jumping on a fan stage which probably should have kept their screens for the sake of screaming though they are controlled and they do sound good. Yeah it's great. i think. I think there's some other. That album is peppered with some great screaming. Also my good friend. Matt mccoy is amazing. Drummer just a little bit of trivia. That album. I believe has cowbell on every song that once every song except for one. It's like literally the album with the most cowbell real quick. I'm just gonna throw one out real quick. And i'm not gonna say too much about highway star. Oh yeah by Deep purple that is one of the sickest screams and that's real early rock. That is not like you know. Eighties or whatever. This is pretty early in rock. Seventy two great track. If you don't know it you've been. I don't know what rock you've been haven't heard exactly. Yeah highway star by the purple. So what do we got mr pittsburgh. Kevin got low hanging fruit here. It's screaming jay hawkins. Yes i put a spell on you but goody screaming that one shock rocker good good pick. I have one of the ones i have on here that Has i think some amazing kind of like i. Why did what else you call his other than screaming. But all that whooping and hollering the david lee. Roth does off sure. Running with the devil counts insane. And that is just i mean. That's what a powerful track. And what a great sort of like accent to what he's doing vocally. I mean there's There's a lot of funny stories about that album. And you know. Ted temple men saying being frustrated with david lee roth's vocals but man at the end of the day. You know they they did. They found some way to capture magic. The the they they did van halen track on fire from ninety dollars. Just going to say on fire. Yeah yeah i mean he could. He could really do that. You know look man. Sammy might be a more like straight up kind of singer. But david lee can pull off that kind of raising the just really add. Some kind of energy compliment would. Eddie was doing on guitar evident because he's off the hook with the guitar. Those and that was the thing right. Chris remember like that was the whole. Thank you had the singer and the lead guitar player. They were kind of co fronting the band. It was like the whole thing for like year. Like you start with mick and keith. And you got to a steven tyler and joe perry you go to jimmy page and robert plant eddie van. Halen david lee roth. Ian gillan richard ritchie blackmore blah blah. Down down the Down the line Jump in anytime you want to add some chris. I'm totally find lily. You only do another. Chris measured steven tyler before. But i'm gonna go ahead and put dream on out there. Because it is one of the more prominent ones the nineteen seventy-three debut album featured the power ballad. He wrote dream on about the hunger to be somebody. The it was just a little sun at that he wrote. He started playing one day. He never thought it would end up being a real song. Dream on gave many fans there. I listen to the quote unquote demon of screaming. More than halfway in tyler builds to a climax. Lets loose incredibly Joe perry resisted playing the song live. He didn't really appreciate the music musicality of it until later. But i did know it was a great song. So they put it in their set. I have not heard anybody be able to replicate. This and people have tried other than dee snider from twisted sister. I heard him sing at once at a live concert and he got real close to it but people try to sing the song. They can't do the end. Just calm down. You're not gonna be alert because he's really kind of like tyler discovering his real rock voice on that song the rest of the song. He's singing at very low. And you know the first album. He's he sings. A different way would dream on he. He just sort of adopted that just kept going christina heard ronnie dea. I'm a fan favorite singer but you've heard his version of it with ebay. Yeah it's been a while good but it does not have. It doesn't quite get. There's something about the way. Steven tyler like pulled out. We talked about this before. There's just like you have to do a certain thing on that song to really as you probably want to think twice before you cover it. Yeah yeah really going up against some tough competition. I mean in. Do is like. I mean he's frigging amazing and like its he look. He sounds good. He's a great singer and like he doesn't anything wrong but just doesn't have that thing. Yeah stephen song close. It's always this close quite quite frankly man amway i like. But that's the qatar. It's a little bit different. He sounds great on it But it's very cool. I wanna talk about a guy who You know. I mentioned Little richard and at the beginning. But you know we can't talk about screaming and rock or pop music rock music without talking about the godfather of soul dame brown brown pulled. This is fun. This chart attack dot com and if this site works we'll it'll be a miracle because nothing is working tonight but the top seven james brown screen poor baby a right shout and shimmy lost someone from live at the apollo brother rap of course it works in the middle of course in the middle of the speech smoking and drinking down and out in new york city. That's a great term great tune. I got ants in my pants mother popcorn from sex machine. I can't stand myself but anyway. So those are some of james's as great screams chart attack dot com. We'll give you some more information any any other honorable mention anything you guys want to say before we jump over to this day music one. I thought of that. I'm sorry there's one i thought of that. I didn't think about the I can't remember his name like millie or something. The singer for steel heart remember. Yes oh my gosh. I can't even believe i didn't think of that. One high notes. I love all his vocals. Okay all right on this day. Nineteen sixty seven nine hundred. Sixty seven hundred. Great year was that not only was sergeant. Pepper's lonely hearts club band released but this guy named he started his podcast named dini. He was born in nineteen sixty seven. I was born for a long time. I'm old i ninety sixty seven procra- hamza whiter shade of pale entered the uk chart for the first time. It is a great. It's a classic. The classic the who and led zeppelin appear on stained sixty nine at the merriweather post pavilion columbia maryland. This was the only time the two groups ever appeared together with zeppelin opening the show on the tickets. Zeppelin was spelled lead zeppelin if anyone has that. Ticket is probably worth a lot of money and on this day. One thousand nine hundred seventy three. Check this out chris in this day. Nineteen seventy-three carole. King played a concert in central park. Which attracted an audience of a hundred thousand people. How to paulie. I mean i know that like tapestry album is like that's all that's absolutely amazing but crime on me and then she was big. I didn't know she was that big minds me of like grand funk railroad apparently in sixty nine seventy they were selling out stadiums railroad really and now they play casinos bruce. You look forward to foreigners no longer in the band been into for. He went to that. He had gone into christian music. Or something off on the think. You're right. I think he did But okay real quick Dire straits on this day in nineteen eighty five graduated. High school scored their second number one album with brothers in arms. Brothers-in-arms is one of the first album to be directed at the cd. Market was a fully digital recording at the time when most popular music was recorded on analog equipment. The album won two. Grammy awards also won best british album of the eighty seven. Brit awards went on to sell over thirty million copies worldwide. Who can forget. Can't forget money. I know i haven't i haven't having a vinyl. I bought that record. I was like dank. In ninety seven a report showed that presley was now the world's best selling posses entertainer worldwide sales over one billion over four hundred eighty active fan clubs estimated two hundred and fifty thousand. Uk fans who still by his record. Ironically he died owing three million makes more than he did live. You know i've heard that too. I've heard like i heard grow dave grohl on howard stern. Show talking about this one time. That like people don't realize like nirvana is still a business meetings in business meetings. And stuff with the with the rest of the guys. In including courtney cox after discuss seekonk courtney cox courtney cox be. I think they'd rather have the nineties. Sure he's their friend she's a friend. I mean she might be. I'm terrible that she can see why this podcast is so popular. Chris so let me see. We have any good okay. We have a few birthdays. Hell david albert. David is right. Who's back iraq. And how david come on most teams magic moments say a little prayer. They wrote all the songs together On reminding about how you guys come right. I didn't know that i read it. Happy birthday to tom t hall. Yeah there you go and has young claus claus main scorpions. i glass. i think you know with wind of change was a giant hit on here so You know about the fall of the berlin y. I remember when that happened to man. It was like freaky was like all of a sudden the walls gun. Like what the hell did you see that podcast. That came out last year about. Yeah about that song. Yeah i listened to it. There's a podcast conspiracy thing that came out at the whole series. On how they're they're theorizing that the cia was behind the writing of that. Yes yes okay okay. I did not recognize this guy. Because i know him as robbie but not robert robby steinhardt from the band kansas the violin player and he also sang. He also sang some songs. And it a little bit with steve. Walsh a happy birthday to robby steinhardt. Today i'm pam with the patch on. Oh that's rich williams. i'm kansas nerd. I am. I am ram paul weller from the jam. Happy birthday to you and lauren hill. Forty she was in sister. Act to say. I know a lot of stupid things. She just call this like dissection useless knowledge anyway. I guess you've listened to my show. Chris had and plug your podcast. We're going to get the hell out of your play. Your podcast where people can find you and gonna give the rock and pot info again. Please sure Podcast you can go to desk dot com or also on the pantheon podcast network and You know tune stitcher all those places wherever you can find gas. We're pretty much there Rock pod expo. Just go to rock and pod dot com or natural rock bottom though dot com and just looked up rock and pot all one word on facebook. There's a group of people in it and that's where you get the most activity. Yeah hope you'll join us in august. It's a lot of fun and We'll see in nashville awesome. Chris thank you so much for hanging out with lily. My show is hot. Licks lily six thursdays six. Pm eastern time. Rock ridge radio. You can download the app for free or just go to rock ridge. Radio dot com. I am hosting a show on saturday at the sub alpine lily. Six live saturday's starts at seven. So be there. If you're in turtle creek pennsylvania awesome and shadow wartime to customs customs online to get custom paint job on your musical instrument Temporarily lombardi music dot com but soon new website is coming guys. Remember if you're listening to us on places like i tunes please give us a a good rating and review and subscribe because it really helps us out. We do appreciate it is totally free right. Does cost to thing breathing. Just just to do a nice thing. Chris sin zach. Thank you so much for hanging out lily. Six we love you pittsburgh. Kevin lobbying your best guys have a great week. We'll catch it all on the next lou. Dini rock and roll circus. Take care guys

chris john lennon janice joplin pittsburgh cocker Cocker rock ridge kevin Richard david lee roth Kristen zack lombardi aka lou lily hotlinks Chris thunder dotson Chris Kristen zach martin birch jimmy page lou dickinson
Spider-Man: Alien Costume Saga Part 7

Capes & Lunatics: Sidekicks

1:23:55 hr | 1 year ago

Spider-Man: Alien Costume Saga Part 7

"This episode keeps lunatic. Sidekicks is brought to you by tweaked. Audio get awesome headphones get audio dot com and use the coupon code southgate get thirty percent offer shipping in a lifetime warranty working. Get there through the link on our website. Southgate Media Group Dot Com and they still got parents and annual listing lunatic sidekicks podcast. I'm here for Peter. While will crumbling life. Welcome back to the ultimate spider. I Jordan as always is picks up on which anyway continuing. We're almost positive saga. But today we're talking while the team won forty six amazing spider man. Fifty eight hundred fifty nine issues all of this over November and December. One thousand nine hundred or what? This is before back to the future. Anyway so yes so. Hellfire. I marvel team up. One forty six in no mad got taskmaster enriching glowing exactly all you need to know when the cover Lord so yes title is hero worship Apropos. Cary Burkett writer Craig Laroque Pence Ler. Mike Esposito inker forget about the elders. The letter George Roussos as colors. Oh of course. We've got little favorite editor. Whatever I know have been to the writer Organized the piano guys like I dunno handle construction kind of weird me make the story a little slow and Martin Luther on the issue Ravel John Wayne this story. Oh Yeah so yes. I guess. There's a car accident. Spider-man shows up for Topa pulling people to save me the way he was so creepy than Sylvia's Ma Felicia you don't take the mask off so he hasn't spiderman open paramedics. Pull people out. You see someone in the crowd saying so. That's Spiderman Day. I see a New York. It's fine to both know me put feather in your cap. Yeah so yes. Put The Textbook. Tillis this Jack Monroe. In cain no matter how dare you? He was the partners. Who was the partner to Charlie favor captain America in until he went nuts? And then you mean your woke up eighties. So yes the spider-man's swings off thinking here in the world could help out swings new an alley. Let's the suits thing Been SO unbelievably bad. I feel like a walking jinx. Maybe he's feeling so tired lately or maybe something to do with this cost. You know like pretty. Sure listen to Felicia just but we're GONNA get there in a few minutes onto your parker and now here's another problem with Mary. Jane the things she don't all along that he's really Spiderman Saucy. Exactly CHECK OUT THIS MONTH. Amazing in spectacular. Say No thank you Danny. And then just around the corner. We see a young kid when it joined the local gang. The butcher dogs less. They're actually butchers adult care. I'm just going to picture of a cartoon dog in a butcher shop. That's all plan down in some garbage. We go business with the wrong door. He's looking in. Ah for Wad one reviewer turf. They tell Peter and the're pockets look. I was switchblade. Then Pete's like these guys are down your pocket watch out. This does happen in his pouch if you know what? I'm saying this is a joke company. Handle these guys giving away my identity. Again they don't know who you are. You're in alley. No one knows. No one's around beat the crap out of here. Let Them Go. I mean now it looks always watching it and supergirl World Bro and Jack Monroe. So like all right. Maybe between the two of US I won't have to use so much super. Strengthen think a convincing argument you just get some way he left. The car is trying to make himself. Look Baggy clothes. If I was I would you know you? There's a lawyer you'll be fine. You'll win you're eighty bucks cousin. It's fine oh Jeez. She's from Muslims. Believe Ray said that. See you at Gobble Gobble Jerks. Dad Is free right here. Goodbye at rather be dealt with his annoying because like maybe maybe the rock maybe thing. I'm cool yeah you do not. GonNa let you join their Gangnam sure So yes pete and Jack introduce themselves in psycho. Here's the package you drop. Jacko commercial artwork. I'm delivering an artist friend of mine. That'd be Rogers as an artist at this time as you do those eighties crazy. Okay Steve Rogers through the Captain America Comic Time. Of course he did get it. GonNa work that To show on shore somehow some literally literally I think they wanted to give him like another one like iron man or somebody's like no. I want to draw captain. America started back then people of course they do Rio Bravo because Jack. Was you know flu around in the fifties and stuff? Yeah Lord Cepeda Josh Best Pitcher Guy. Hey gives them an excuse to go to a movie with keep the back does how popcorn now so yes today Go to the movie. They come out the kid that creepy kids again so this is GonNa be thing man fine pretty close to the backgrounds. I won't say true true true cigarette that back up to like what in the movie theater? No they don't like twizzlers or something at toiler not be Lord could be. I don't know they were hard on that in the eighties. Love 'cause they were looking the other way about nailed it. She's story anyway anyway. So yes so in Jack Amount of the Movie Jack. Talks ended the movie then that same creepy kids ruin splish poor people on the streets and he grabbed the artwork. So P Thin Lord Peten Jack. Split up the change in their suits on like the track. One Loan Kid. St Peter don't want to give away his identity but you know put a suit on the track this kid and post them thinking boy. I wonder what the other one would think if they knew they spent the afternoon. With a superhero a couple issues until the final marvel team up so yeah it went to one fifty and then then they start up web spider man which will get to weather spiderman number one next week. Hurry soon. So so yes they're tracking kid through these alleys and then sticky web. Okay get along little doggy and you don't watch out so yes spiderman in no matter trying explaining why they're there now Get THAT PACKAGE. The nearby look all. I'm sorry that's right. Maybe I was just trying to give you a break. Little package added. There was a perfect. I listen to the love on that voice to package every downing here we go. I got it role but he looked. Thanks to the package. Snatcher hide the hope by sure but they will look. What are they run into? Witnesses pass math. Recruitment drive honestly one of what the suit her donald like a leg. He-man REJETCED WE'RE GONNA get some pass-master initiative captain America recovering soon. Kona only fair you being Selena bulky so the task masters like here come to a private academy and you'll make money in these like money Nephew but yeah actions task masters like you won't be working directly for me after your training and work for this gentleman here. The Black Abbot back. Yeah I know I mean Alec This is God. Help me. Read is absurd again. He liberal imports. Think unless I missed something. But you've shown wisdom my son's During the taskmaster summons this doesn't they do. Haider's on I'm looking this up but I mean remember. That means pretty sick. I mean this is pretty sad if it's like I'm pretty versed in marvel in a final. No this guy Greg Create and Carry Burkett created this guy so yes but we never saw. The Black. Abbot over was really like He. They'd hide your made a deal with him and that's trump trump's first appearance but Blackout it was once a month of that caught. Kuru a sect that had managed use their teachings unlock the full potential their minds giving them incredible mental powers with Doctor Stranger. I wonder if he was like a four more doctor strange. I wonder if he was like a team. Moral just like a moral team thing Kazaa Spiderman and the Human Torch defeated one of his apostles pretending to be that blackout it and then Spiderman and thor defeated the true blackout. It okay so I'm just wondering if he was the mainstay of Marvel team up we never saw him again. Oh my Lord and all saying Marvel. Oh One forty seven to one forty so so he. He's going to be in the next two issues. The moral team up which are not covering either. I'm sure eventually will get back around to it. So we're simply the footnotes marvel team up on forty seven forty eight Captain America three ninety four and then the punisher volume seven number five. And that's the last one. I think we know what happened in the blackout. Yes hello thank you frank. Nobody likes this guy killed for Carol for one job for one damn time for once though entire world. Thanks you frank castle for the garbage man. So yeah that kid shows up. And he's like look. I saw this package. I don't know what that. Hey Spiderman was chasing you and you probably let 'em right here. Is Matt Little Brandon? Our Gang see and then the task masters like Ooh Spiderman is on his way. Here this can be a chance to send old score within from Marvel team up one or three. Thank you any the task masters like Tom. Your first lesson all this. All one of the gang guys saying we other all crawler to for the way he beat us in on our Buddy Colby's do on this. Is that The often the moral team up on forty the issue before we did one forty one. Yes so spiderman swings I guess is not Zucca but you know yeah so you know what that means but trick. Arrows and issue spending appreciated Futterman says. Hawkeye's healing guy. I now the bugs come out and try to start eating on spider man. O'hare recognize this gangs gang black widow and I thought nobody spiraling out. 'cause like come on well. Peter David Enough Spider Mental Alien Reality Actual you know owns towns masters go after spending with trick arrows the gangs attack them and then nomads like better health ward. Then the kids see this piece actually having a good time but that might just be me panel art polls it saying his legs are splints together air but that kid who stole the packages like way look at Nomad Mad. He got no politics knows he doesn't call by name was like hey look at that guy. He has no powers still pretty. I'm like how do you know he doesn't powers as they use the money? Maybe by me just say spider-man's an acrobat or something when people see him cars Got Photogenic reflexes. Our allow it this one time? But I'll allow it preys. Probably mutant. No no he got. He got hit radioactive stuff. Phrasing preview active stuff album boy That's when the Black Abbot comes in and hits spending me with. His mental powers is mental. Both take that having five in the Peter being an idiot suit for too long list. Not Unlike were several. Nobody's all wrong. Syracuse I'll pass. I'm just saying this is how miserable desert wash to start it up the little helper hard-drive Blackout at this is only the beginning. My sons shall partaken measure of the power in a measure of power. You have chest with only Z. Anything that great really but even the king. They're like yeah. Another song created first problem with tango thieves like Spiderman Chicken but then black cabinet mind. Miami's them games. Let's have a brain on here or impending like the integrates. The guy well. I guess everybody's GonNa Follow Lineup. That Russian lessons Michael Episodes of buildings power accessibility rating as a hero. Lynn upset really really telepathy now. What added SNEEZES POWERING SPIDERMAN NOMADS? Like oh look here's a here's a Hindi. The she'll just sitting here his past masters. A big caffeine was bad. No here and he's thinking it so he's basically telling himself you know. I was lucky before I was no leash and basically blackout. It uses power on himself burns his own loss for nothing. Come on it is winter soldier. Cable Misty Nights. I guess maybe I'll But then taskmaster goes after spider man again. This is a little move. I picked up watching iron fist. Oh Oh this comment on. H Well Allison's devout the bedrock. Yes Oh you were watching season two Pass Mash like I've studied your style too little jewelry on when people you stay accused daredevil firing off nice nice attorney tables a little bit Fun fact that's true. And Frank Miller got his hands on. What would miller wasn't bad trump's about statements? Now kid is GonNa die no warrant what taskmaster picks sleeping. He's getting paid no skin in this game. But then one of the buildings going coming down or announce on up so no man has say the kid people gonNA give him attitude if they find out he didn't trust me. Steve Rodgers will find out truly is a Nosey Nelly Yup lose so yes yes spiderman kits or no maggots kid out in the clean. Oh the whole building up till they get out. But then the PLA- cabinet housemaster disappear but don't worry will be back next issue. We want very early APP. Never ever have to see him just But then the kid novel. No Man's the kids. Heroes runs off the garbage hamlet and this is. My kids are the worst so fickle. I WANNA be again. We're would be like and then he's GonNa see you a hawk I'd pick of archery for aging only guy. Never look good. Never Luke I never guess what I want you. I say nothing all right. Let's get to it next issue. Amazing Spider Man. Two fifty eight finally Ma. I like Spiderman nightfall. Snow that would be the clone basically a Mary. Jane insists revealed Peter's Spider man. So but all in all I love this book just yeah better than marble team. One friends killing. Yeah but all in all it's been increased. How the colors curl. It's been around for Peter Parker and his costume identity. He's already faced death at the hands of silver main tackler Spiderman. Ninety four ninety five. An thank you leery of Puma running cue or soccer's you so yes so mary. Jane says how has the Restate I knew your Spiderman. Pete's like Tampa Houma. Why did he have to have crashed in here? Last issue last upset. So you really do but she starts starts barging toys like wait. She's like wait. You're just GONNA deny it and liquid is. Oh no leashes up paying more. What's happening lover? I just stopped by to whoops stat. Comedy Show Mary. Jane's like it's true I must I should be going in. So she walks on cats coups at where she doing here. Why don't you answer me? Hersi bog here. Let let her go lover. You'll need that Bimbo kettle colleagues. Can't let different cat a friend but you just ruined everything. We've probably not comfortable in there. What do you think the skylights for credit is told her? You're in the bathroom. Sorry Oh crews torture in the bathroom for an hour sky. You're out. Hopefully she gets all mad and SOUTH POLE BY FELICIEN TRUMP. Back out the window. And he's like wait now a webs- her up and she's like wait. You have me but you'd even try to stop her spicer. I'm sorry I doubted you be Because he's like wait a minute. I didn't know I could like shoot webbing while my clothes. You know look like this xactly. I'm not we'd mergers buddy because even though it looks like regular clothes in secretly whack hauch are more superheroes. Secret wars reference. Maybe finally my liver Julie on Buildi- scenes. Are you get your thank? You didn't so now piece like thinking. Oh maybe I should give see reader which will oh. That's right man. He's been wearing it he's been wearing. This alien has closed for months. Now you know that. How like that trump that you know how to convert characters never change? I mean that that was fun master while still let's fire heart gets back wants information. Non Spiderman Pez obsessed. Now do once you see that goal. Orien- spider booty. You are upset. I'm here for Peter. Pex This point to be honest. But he's preparing for their next and final meeting. The meanwhile Chelsea St Pete's boarded over the window he puma crashed statement. Maybe she'll know you know the whole broad core. She moans put a tab on his on his right now. So yeah so. He's a call Mary Jane but she's not picking up. Look like she's pack moments later at a fashionable West Side. Brownstone could you order Brown's modeling modeling eighty? Did I'm just saying if I want was a monitoring for one of the Light Superpower. Whenever wasn't like code for like stripping or something were interesting stories they are good bye letter to only Frank Miller right experiment but yes but she's like oh no. She finds picture her sister. Ona running on a Peter just like oh my sister Wonder what that means. Status Quo in modern in yellow. So Yup he picks cost his tossed him off. He's like I don't even know what it if she answered Lord any floating heads of guilt. Free MIAMI May won't speak to me because I dropped out of graduate school. Remember that Joe Robbie Robertson's hassling me a work better. Be a better photographer. My relationship with the black hat. That wasn't a state like just all the villains. You talk for yourself here. Not Bad for your everything you so skill. We all just agree. Peter a little and look for. He Falls Asleep in the chair. Remember that his house he does talk way within the after he falls asleep in the chair the suit jumps up. And you know pick out for nightly spin because it looks like spider-man's sleeping but he's really sleepy. I Love Open. Mass is is Like no no we totally. We figure that one out slow again to speak to the lowest common denominator me while Peters dreaming. They just needed your cat nightmare when you look at that. That's that's what he was busy radioactive science fairs right there. But this is the conscious actually. Yeah it's like black costume is chasing him. But then the Red Blue Costume. As least you're not gonNa make this my profile. You're tearing me apart. I'm going to do it right. But then he wakes up in bed. Should that been alarm bell? Cheer this descendant suit is any no wonder Bra. Peter Wakes up in bed and he's like wait. Looks like the cautioned? Moving finally looks out the window seasons late afternoon again. He's like man law. Strange stuff's going on around this costume. Yep finally eventually leaks sometime later. He swings through the Baxter Building since that debt nets or movie should be assigned hearing as it makes its movie about nothing. Offense has more moving win. The open rank comes in a look. Charlie second favourite. Ffa member Herbie. Herbert he says here they fanfare. Mister fantastic and the human already been notified. I shall score eaten them and like freaking out all those places awesome. I'm thinking you've been here before meetings. Planning Number One. Look at least amazing Spiderman number. One thank you so start ducking knowing that they would you know mean you won't pay me so yes TORTUGA. Hey why the unexpected visit Help and says my conscience been acting weird and free. It's like no no problem John. Examine it and again reads like. Let me assembled equipment. He's thinking I don't want to alarm spiderman. If what I suspect is truth is for more than it appears to me. Armenian but I like this implies. He hasn't shooting weddings like No mechanical structures were wondering coming from exactly the committee outward appearance and flows on and off your body but then meanwhile across town. It is rather. It's like come on the mass. The roses I mean the his henchmen are probably because the hall call. Them won't get off that collider even though they're inside church scan. You're going be like you know every probably running your your lawnmower in the house. Come on this. According to some reliable witnesses the HAB GOBLIN is dead on the issue. Number one by the way and Wasn't that during her home. Goblin month was gobble. Gobble Gobble it. Stay tuned this say. Turn say tune this November for a Hob gobble-gobble second annual nobble gobble oh followed by December two electric eel. Did I tell you what we're doing? In December oh no. It's all sinister six babies you know what that means sinister six miss. I didn't and the soaking you. In July citizens. Six visit delegating preview. December will not only be sinister six minutes. Better also be our one hundredth episode So no I love the rose. It's like Oh yeah. Hobgoblins supposedly dead. You're the real guy hanging on that stupid glider so he calls in his men get decimated by the Hong Kong stress. You will not addictive. I would never be. You're better off getting his spawn universe at eight. So yeah I guess Powell passes the test the test so you lead. It's all boy. I love this part of pickling. Everyone's for secret wars. It's like hey do you think about the planet. Yeah remember that time collect. This almost stepped on us. Secret WAR BUT YEAH. Oh yeah this is. This is wanted. I mean this panel has been reprinted so many times. You're wearing a highly evolved SYMBIAN CYNTHIA ATTACHED SELF. You both mentally and physically. You mean it's a la so so really suggest you remove it immediately. He's like okay but then hey the. Cpi coming off. WanNa come off so reads like those. Just as I feared. Kaufman's afraid of being separated joining check. I burn it off. He's like no little bug but yet greets. He might scorch himself. Breach stretches his hand down a hall until he gets to his sonic blaster. I'll blast the Suda comes off and working. I looked the camera fell out of power so reads like get ready. Johnny at the comes off joining ceramics. Anyway Oh that look. They put the suit. In burning ring of fire. Yes Brent reference then re put it in a little special container. Why are you current covering your face that ugly? He's in his tiny white easings covering three break towards. You may not have a secret identity. But I do. You're not going to know my identity until the onslaught takes over to be honest with the now. Oh Yeah a little spider on. It made him unstable molecules but. Yeah Twenty. I old the fantastic forty to form but we didn't have any masochism a paper bag over his head perfect perfect. She's read read read. I give spider-man's camera back and Janis Equipment Spiderman Carry Camera. He's a voyeur are seriously I'll can you. I mean I mean can you imagine I mean? I know Janis was already an EGO MANIAC. But can you imagine if this was the moment? Johnny storm was like Taking pictures of yourself This idea has merit. I'm kidding. Like joining us a big word like merit anyway. All right. We'll be who's ever accused joining stormer being smart. Come on so yeah so yeah Johnny takes will be flies him out this some rooftop in a is like you can make it home from here. He's like I'll manage because he tells you can have the cost you that I wanna see that than he's like he's Like jumping home. And he's like a Symbian. What could have been feeding off of? Glandular secretion fat cells bodily wastes. That's why I've been so tired lately. A they athlete. Said the spider sense starts going off Think I hear gunshots. What is out there trying to rob the liquor store? I guess because they're scanning in front of the liquor store so guys like a grabs a woman. He's got hostage. Nothing can stop us now until Spiderman jumps down punches and kicks like three guys at once Make the short speed cop and shot and then he's like this trouble keeping the bag on his head but he takes down the goons save the hostage and but then a bunch of reporters show up in L. A. Kuwari you. Why aren't that old? Fantastic four outfit. There's some sort of superhero initiation prank. They'll get in his face so Peter Allow made a twenty five foot leap straight because now we could see a kick-me sign on his pack. Why me why knee. And he's like leave everything that happened last twenty four hours Mary. Jane announcing is up Spiderman. Have an army of the black cat and the nightmare now. Do I know the costume was alive? But one of the Human Torch's sick pranks what more could go wrong. That's when it starts snowing in the middle of summer just another day in the life. Peter Parker to be honest. But why is it snowing? Four four three forty nine. If you're interested any some sumpter coffee you have a little. Yes that was nice back then actually had continuity going to push him units but yeah Peterson themselves. Web shooters are in a sorry state is watching the news of his. You Know Superhero Nation Prank and as import his old suit and get some. Get some web shooters back in. Working Order Mary. Jane says looking the best by the way the weird weather outside and I'm sorry out on yesterday but I think it's time we had a talk here. We go next issue but yeah all of that last. Page the suit. Just hammering at the containment cell just like Sensitive current situation against the plan to hate to hunger for revenge. Now I just needs to Dow meathead than his plan will be issue at a Lotta Dash. Tragic backstory lulls. Oh yes all right. Our final issue of the episode amazing to fifty nine so yes pete and Mary Jane. What is at Central Park there any park? But I don't know what to park that is does Newark Capital Park beside central. And then that's the biggest but they're covered in parts beginning at the editor's note that you know you're spiderman regionalist. They leave get that at the end but yeah this one's basic mostly just like Mary. Jane's backstory that hit you to six villain look pretty pitchy with kids like He. Can She just do that? Oh Ham that's at little far hashtag sarcasm for the wing. Are We know how you feel about one young? These nice little booty shorts. He's got by the way how she still your look but yeah she explains the Peter Power. Parents got married and S. I agree and the like a failed writer. Is there any other kinds of non is be honest Stephen King? When like the word with you I leave. Watts is accessible arteries especially at writers. They sell their souls to the devil. So the data switching John Kept Moving Galkina. He was all worked at a college than waiting. Mary Jane Mary. Jane became a class. Clown the make friends every new friends every time but her sister wanted to be the answer. Way Kinda dancer say the home situation got worse and worse down and everyone in the house and children they smacks. The sister agree to keep kids Mary. Jane's was always on in the house and then no will. The Dad was getting award. They sleep on the House and leave. Hit hit her sisters little dance. Montages get the fame. I WanNa you but yeah so I guess they go to stay with various different relatives than a look. It goes on. They show her with the antenna who introduces her to May Parker. She doesn't nephews. Only you're older than you. There's Mr Bookworm again remember. How are aunts? Were always trying to get us together to you. Peter as we sure do face tiger remember that Jackpot. Boy You got a great personality. Wow he has the what that means. Okay Peter is a quote unquote Nice Guy Versus Fedora Fedora. Why neck beards FIDORA's so but then elsewhere that burned moment A casino set up an a train. Edgy do lawn. New York's in hit Susan's before it gets your new hits or was like maybe the rents cheap they had the hobgoblins comes in the postpone tonight all high roderick. The police may not be aware of this week's set. Nothing keeps the notice of Hobgoblins to be net. I'm already taken into the kingpins. Scalpers Because he the HOBGOBLINS ten percent Washington. Think of the alternative. Catered revere exclusive clientele. How long will they continue to patronize? You begin to make them if life unpleasant for them and you can get behind. Terrorizing other criminals. The up so yeah. Auburn takes off and says everything a lot on Mary. Jane still getting all her story. Moving in with more relatives or sister meets the Guy School football star. Good National Honor Society. And they're going to get married soon as they finished high school on Mary. Jane's in the Drama Department. Of course she is drama. Queen So just to get married really really. Uh that's stakes. Sister GETS married. They move. Move Away and come back as a kid is born the other still in college. They're having babies zero Mary to grab some Italian ice but then The backroom store What backroom okay. I'll get ya Bob like I said what is this way off track. Betting is for what I do not relate to this story at all to Hong Goblins terrorizing them now through all the seasons Nato this guy he's paying now to your money cattleman. There only be one winner today. We'll gobble-gobble at sad. That's not cereal. Typical at all in this is the back of all poetry shop So yes Mary Jane. Still Tell Peter the story. Yes basically a her sister and husband have problems and they have another kid then the husband moves out and there is yeah so merge enough to get a job but then. Mary Jane Sister You know you know her was like you know we can make this work and Americans no. You wouldn't kid all this. This problem issue cycles that these women that Watson winner beating and she runs away from her sister which whatever happened her sister. We'll get to that next month. Sign what we traveled up? We traveled to that magical landowners Pittsburgh marriage and in one way or another have been running ever since it's early terrible person on these should be grind. Repeat Yourself to WanNa talk me. I don't blame her guilt. It may told him. The emerging had a lot in common. Once we've lost both lost so much it may have even lost her. Recently the Pfister the aging pump. The FISA stole come to the FISA useful alecia adult at nine or up for you and Peter. Still thinking about line. Mary Jane He's like. How can we do that when she just told me? Everything jarred Merle Jerry. I know your greatest secret. Now you know all of mine. I didn't mean to tell you knew your spiderman. I knew you draft his way in fact that was ran out again. Such a cornwall. Couldn't run out on you care about you happen to us now. Who Knows Look Shady? We should just take it one day at a time or maybe one more day. Shall it be come off of? I mean? She's already turned in like he proposed. They're like one at least once already. She turned him down now. She's all interesting because he she knows. He's Spiderman Seattle. Awfully hard on Lou. Alex she hulk. Yeah because remember where she hulk issue took. Ben Grimm's you do so. Yeah so Reach Toner about the spider-man's alien costume. You may not recognize this warm. But it's the sperm member back with him for the Bianca's planet Superhero cheaper than a series for details. That's secret wars dropping. There's one more I can't think this issue at least I think so. Yes she's taught so he's told her about last issue she hulk wise to think it looks sexy on him related Told you but yeah well. Yeah but it wasn't a secret orders mentioned but it's definitely trying to communicate with it and he's like it used to respond the spider-man's thoughts that could imply a certain level of intelligence. She helped him break next. We'll be telling me that's capable of feeling feeling emotions like love and hate jessop both See see the Superman man gets rejected by Peter. And WHO's the rebound guy not muscle head brock? Basil that's the rose of his roses. Have I know he's like you've done? Well my friend within a few weeks we will control all major terrible pitcher like. That's how crazy is here. It's like white man corners because hobgoblins like what I got all the gambling under your control. Now so you're GonNa help me the little thing I need you to bring disappear. He has which which next issue I believe we already covered in her hob gobble. Gobble month will our our first annual Hawk up. Gobble Gobble Gobble. You Never GonNa Hog Gobble. Gobble month every year rate too. So we can use this gobble-gobble sh- core rainy arrival his shackles. Part of Hey. Hey Hey Matt McCoy. Bottom into the nightshirts okay. He's covered get married south one two. Oh maybe maybe real put it up on the FACEBOOK PAGE. Ask tank-tops rest up with a tablet with. Could you know they were taking business? Showing Wills podcasting has gone up two hundred percent. The news guys yuccas speak. It's home Lookers Miss Muggings. Checking them out walking up steps instead again. Yeah the homegrown incited the hall. We don't jerk Hog Goblin again. I thought you said fifty want any didn't forget. Yes so yeah. Pete runs up. Get the old costumes. We won't be all out doing well. Beth attested for paper. Bag Bay. A spider signal can sophie's camera. An old web shooters. I manage. Cameras voted refreshments. That's probably automated using a point and shoot. You should be using like a Nikon or the most how much. Gina's a habit tablets using crappy quality harbor. Note your artists investing your tools. You cut infested enough fluid. What are we going to ask religious for some money pat? You didn't number one in eternum down. Remember ask for a little better friends. I'll never then don't call me Shirley. But yes he's like. The hobgoblins always managed to fight media the standstill. But not this time sure may be bad as climbing up the wall his bathroom again when I'm finished with him the Hong Kong Hussein and who's been beaten. He's going to know what it means to face the power of Spiderman Spiderman Ages. So great is outlet in too much. But yeah ee me. Let me see. I try to find the Our episode number. Yes we did. Cover the next part. Was that amazing to sixty nine to sixty one for our hawk. Gobble-gobble month as we said we were yes that was issue are episode forty six. Scroll down wait. It was like November November last year. So scroll down. He already well. So what do you think it's it's it's good to see the Ol- Tuba. Oc back without getting antsy. Like as much as I love costume it was just like you knew it was little subtle. Do like what happens. Afterwards of Is Great Yeah definitely classic? Read Google so in other we get version of the black suit coming up because you know black makes of cloth version. I like it. We matched was one of those girls. We add so Alan soon. You definitely at your spied move in to have this in your in your fees. And they've collected this Bundt a bunch of time. So I I mean I know everybody can't like have like single issues and trains Hersely have them all. I need to effort. I mean they collected these trades on Morbid Tales. Even reprinted these. I mean there's so many ways you can get these even if you don't want to spend the Boo Bucks for the originals. So anything else on these not at all good fun story. Yes and next next episode will be our final part of the early costume saga from Peter Parker the spectacular spider man number one hundred in Web Spiderman number one so When it happens while this man number one is the church burnings some ready all right all right and remember this episode will be the last one where you have the feedback for MOMS to Ron Friends. So stay tuned after the whip so Senator Hale anyway so send your thoughts on anything we've covered or the upcoming Spectacular Spiderman one hundred web number one and then in June we're going to be covering the lead-up to the marriage members Menem. It used to be married. Remember 'cause we haven't done the insane. Never forgive them forget anyway so email capes lunatics at Gino Dot Com. Ray are Call the voicemail. Six one four three eight two two seven three seven that six one four thirty A. Capes and remember to follow all spider cast on facebook on twitter Follow everything the Youtube Channel. Because he can see me. Cancel off but off. Follow Youtube Channel Fall. Find everything all the one convenient place. That's linked tree L. A. N. K. T. R. Dot ee slash in lunatics and remember sponsors tweaked audio. Hunter Killer pod. Life the book now digital paperback and remember when gun by floppies or with Caper. Whatever and go on Amazon used Southgate Media Group link for Amazon and help support the show. Help support the network and help support. Master Neum Rob Southgate go back and look at my history and you will find out. I am right so much more often than I'm wrong mark my words hellfire. I WanNa help me on the Internet. You finally hunter will fire or on instagram with the cool kids at sixty nine unless supposed to get my medicine soon. Klug look pal anyway so yes join us next time member spectacular one hundred web number one. How does that count inclined something all path? We had some long conversations about who Mary Jane was as a character. And how best to explain. Hearse her flightiness without you know because generally a guy like pete is not going to be that the is not going to be attracted to a woman who's just flighty. Yes obviously he was picking up something in Mary. Jane because there was a lot of real to marry James. You read those stories by Gerry Conway. Ross Andrew there was a lot of Real Mary. Jane a lot a lot of really good character ristic's and and yes. She would go off on tangents she would try to make him jealous but she was always kind of coming back around to. You know that stupid. I'm sorry and so Thomas. I both liked her as a character. We wanted to explain why we like her. She wasn't just this Vapid Empty headed party girl. Because that's not how we saw her either so it became an issue of kind of exploring that and talking to explain her character a little bit more which is what we did But I mean I love. I love that whole thanks. I love that marriage. I we know they've recon the marriage but You know it's been thirty some years. I mean that's still cannon they didn't they know RECON. We never intended for it to lead to marriage. We never for us to lead anywhere other than our thinking at the time was in this. That scene where after she tells him about her past and and they're talking in central park and they basically decide to be friends. That'd be best friends and recognizing the fact that they do have this bond and they finally have been incredibly honest with each other and and deepen their friendship and if it led the most we ever talked about was the possibility of taking them to the edge of marriage and having pete left at the altar and and that basically came around because one of the ways you right spiderman stories as you make a list of all the crappy things that can happen to human beings you cross off the ones that have already been done and the ones that are left could be spiderman stories. Yeah so that kind of thing so we were exploring through the untold story of Mary. Jane Watson we exploited her relationship with her sister how problematic it was and so there was what our overall plan when our long range plan was that we never got to was that. Pete Mary Jane. We're going to plan to get married but Mary. Jane was very ambivalent about it. It scare frankly scared to marry Spiderman and around the same time the marriage was happening. She her sister got in touch with her and was offering her a chance to to conceal to bring the lots and family back together and she used that as an excuse to skip down. I I know you didn't Pencil Out. One Ron but I mean you remember where they had the come Pittsburgh Well Yeah. We weren't planning on her being in Pittsburgh we were planning on her being a dancer out in Los Angeles but Yeah so what he did with. It was very different than Than what we were planning time and the marriage thing just got I mean it was all around the same time that we were fired anyway but the marriage thing was you know that got taken away from anybody on the Spiderman books. That was all decided on by Jim shooter because stand was going to do it in the in the newspaper Strip. So yeah that was that was. Nobody's plan that was actually working on the Spiderman books at the time that was more of a higher level corporate decision and I was offered the chance to pencil that And turn it down you know. Ron Friends Pencilling Pittsburgh now and not the Pittsburgh Stuff L. wedding wedding. Yeah Yeah I was. I was offered the wedding issue after Salva. Some fell out of the project and But I after a long conversation with the Falco and everything I decided against it it went to ended up going to Paul Ryan but I missed my opportunity to be by Vince Coletta too. I was always curious to be by any more on four than non Spiderman but I never did get a chance to work with him so but yeah it was a lot of you know a lot of stuff towards the end. There got very confused. Very Weird and Anytime you have a a a character spiderman such a corporate success. You're not the only ones who are making decisions about what happens to him. Next you know The big the big bosses get involved in decisions like that and that's fair and was big responsibility and was the wedding stuff. Was IT Kinda Rush? Was it something like Oh will stand in the stripped. We have to get this done in Nina however many my remember what the timeframe was but I do remember that it had to be dealt with fairly quickly in the regular comic to make it work. I believe they've make Kalani was still writing the book at the time. I'm not sure but They had to do some some pretty fast thinking you know I. I believe that's one of the reasons. Why they they kind of had Mary. Jane go to Pittsburgh and and meet with her sister and kind of get all of that straightened out to kind of put her in a head space where she could consider marriage. You know because I believe it was under Gerry. Conway Pete had proposed marriage into turned it down So you know there was some history there. There was saying it wasn't like you had to completely right characters to get him where you needed them to be or anything but they definitely had to you know do some specific stories to to set it up for it to happen when it did yes so and some of that was kind of reverse engineered. But I got you know when you're working on a characters. High Profile is Spiderman. That's going to happen but Yeah that that at the big Mary Jane Issue. I mean it was mostly Mary. Jane Peter Demon suit up to the last like two pages or something which I that was him getting back into Red Blues. Yeah Yeah it was that was. That was a very interesting issue. 'cause I kinda I went to the did code nine panel pages and stuff because a lot of it was pedestrian. Mary Jane's tragic past stuff. Which doesn't really require has splash pages or anything. Having nothing was blowing up in walls weren't being Destroyed or anything. It was just heartbreaking interpersonal stuff and uh but yeah it worked. I believe Tom also was cutting back and forth with the Goblin Attacking Different Gangster hangouts and stuff trying to consolidate his power base and everything. So you know there was a we were. We were cutting to central park in Mary. Jane's tragic story than we were cutting the hobgoblins doing hobgoblins stuff and we had Final scene where he gets back to his apartment sees the hobgoblins been active again and puts back on the blues and heads out for a couple of issues who action is voka would get through losing. Oh Man red and blue. That was great. I any time I got to during the black costume stuff and I'm God to throw in a you know. Like a flashback or imagining you know anytime palm even suggested that in a panel he was going to be thinking about the red blue suit. I got to do a shot at a red and blue system you get. I can't deny it was a lot of fun. Finally get to do with the red and blues but then we'll the one who kinda skipped over amazing to fifty eight when he goes to the fantastic four. I mean you Kinda I mean you guys kind of had that dream sequence where the black suits fighting the red and blues. Who Right that that was I? I thought it paid off really well. I enjoyed doing reading Johnny In the burn black suits and I I. You know that whole sequence. Where he where. They're doing the testing and he finds out Yeah I thought that that playoff well of course that was also the debut of of the bombastic bag man to be note when we originally called him the unknown Superhero because he was based on the old unknown comic from the Gong Show. Was the paper bag over his head. but yeah he is I that that's a character you know we're talking about Puma Black Fox's silver sable the fact that bag man is still a thing. Oh Yeah and then. He's been an action figure that he's been That he's been in video games as a skin and video games and stuff is just that. That's just incredible to me. I we never in a million years would have expected that he would be. You know that that sequence might be used in a cartoon or a video game or anything like that. So silliness silliness. It was just just having fun. Johnny Port Thirty Trickling Pete. I mean you always questioned me what I say you know. You're one of the big big time players of stuff gets into like other forms of media. It's I come on like it's very flattering. The fact that are you know for is the fact that we really own the book originally for two and a half years and yet we were able to make an impact by creating new characters and everything is believe me. I appreciate it. It's very proud of. I run and the fact that we contributed mostly we just kept the wheel spinning but the fact that we contributed some new concepts new ideas and new characters. You know it's it's I'm very proud of that I look back on some of the artwork. I wish I could take another shot at it because I I'd like to think I've improved but I mean there's nothing in there that I would apologize for. 'cause 'cause it was timing. I becoming a real solid team. Well you know and I love that character. I mean by the time we were what happened happened and we were fired by by Jim. Housley broke my heart. I it was awful everywhere you could imagine I just I. I remember the first time I read that alien costume saw gave in trade. I got it as a kid. I couldn't put it down until I finished from from cover to cover. I mean I think I went out that day dinner with my parents. I I the book in one hand food in the other hand. I could not put this book down. Well that's very flattering. 'cause that's anytime you're telling your story you'd like to be able to think that you're telling you well enough that people can't put it down very nice here. I hope your parents weren't too pissed off it. Oh Hey he's reading better than a phone anyway. Exactly exactly okay. What what would use. What was your favorite moment from that era from that whole blacks era? I feel I'd be hard pressed. There's not like or like your favorite like their famous wouldn't I I will. I will pick one But it's good. It's not just because it's like the best spiderman moment or 'cause it's it's not. It's a quiet pete moment but it's one of the first time as I as I said. Tom And I were still getting familiar with each other. We were still getting to know each other as a creative team and one of the first scenes that I plotted myself that basically. I got the plot from Tom. And in fact it was the lead into the walk in Central Park with Mary. Jane Okay but In the original plot. It's basically just said Mary. Jane finally gets around to asking. You know it's funny. I never found a heard how you became spiderman. I still don't know how you spiderman. And he tells her and it was for was when it was a two seventy five. Maybe where we then re then we reprinted the original Stanley Steve coz vitamin origin But what I what ended up as I read the plot I said. Okay she she asks but my feeling was people would have a reaction to this okay because it's been several issues. Since she announced that she knew he was spiderman. And she's only now getting around to asking. How'd you become Spiderman? And my my feeling was the peop- would be very aware of that time lapse like okay. She knows I'm Spiderman. But she's avoiding me. She's she's not curious. She's avoiding me. She's you know this is freaked. Her out in okay. I can understand that to a certain degree but it was one of these situations where I think. Pete lives fairly lonely life even once. He's married to Mary. Jane everything you can't. How do you talk to somebody about being spiderman? And how do you get somebody to understand that it all has to do with screwing up and Uncle Ben Getting killed? I mean he's constantly dealing with that to one degree or another. And that's something that you tell somebody who loves you dearly about that. But that's still not the same thing you're still alone in that feeling so. I tend to think that there's a lot of you know loneliness too peeping spiderman so I kinda wanted to communicate i. I wanted Mary Jane to have to work for that moment that you know the Pete says you didn't want you never ask you didn't WanNa know I get it fine and he walks away from Mary Jane. And then she comes up to him on the On the subway platform and takes his hand. And says you're right I'm asking now and just add moment. That moment between the characters was one of the first things that that I ever contributed to Spiderman Story. Besides the drawings. You know what I mean and Tom Liked it. He liked the idea. He thought it was insightful and work and he said do it so I did it and we even got quiet moments in there with a couple of panels with no talking. So that's seen in whatever? Issue? It is seventy five would have to say I would have to say that that. That seems a lot to me because it was a major contribution. I felt it was a major contribution to the character. Repeat and and it was my first so there you go and that's why you're the eighteen guys in the back and forth and and then I could also just list all the other times. I got the job. Peter Parker And all the other wonderful stories. I got to be a part of like Cobb. Johnson lives in spider girl and on and on and on and on and on I I have been very blessed as a spiderman fan to be as involved with the character over the last forty years as I have been. You know I just I do not take it for granted. I it means the world to me that that I have contributed at any way to the character. So all right. Well I'M GONNA. I'm GONNA leave that there. I mean that's that's a that's a beautiful thing but all right but again thank. Thank you again for speaking to me again. The you know I I enjoyed talking to you and I appreciate the fact that you guys are out there doing these podcasts and keeping this material alive and and keeping in front of people That that's terrific I I you know. Storytellers want their stories to be told you know they. I- anytime we get a group of people together and say. Have you tried this one and have them hopefully enjoy it as well as you know? That's why we do it so I thank you for the opportunity. I told you felt you and Tom Staff. I mean four and spider girl love it but spider man? The first thing I discovered and I love the character. I love the stuff you guys do on it. It done within. I've often wondered if if Tom and I had. I teamed up on a different character if we would have connected the same way. I'd like to think we would have by. I mean there was definitely a very deep connection with you. Know Him loving the character and my love for the character. Really helping us to kind of jealous a team so You know they'll the that's always going to be incredibly special for both of us and It managed to translate into four and and for us spider girl was just an extension of what we had done on Spiderman. I never felt like we were still doing the same kinds of stories and when we did the very first bite or story just felt like we were doing a reunion. You know like we were coming back to to leave. Nary Jane after you know after sixteen years and Checking in with them. You know and and I think that's one of the things that that stand out as this story is the Tom. I had such a personal connection with character and and we were playing into that in that story and I think that's one of the reasons why people noticed we ended up getting years of spider material from it. You know all right man. Thank you very much. Hey before you go Again what it tell everyone. You're working what you're working on now. well it would be the same answer. I gave you the last time. This the working on comics F- Marvel calls be happy to work on stuff for marvel. We did that ten page Vitamin Story. not too long ago for the eightieth anniversary That ran in. What was it called Spiderman Sensational Spiderman Something something I we did that. We did a ten page. Thunder Strike Story for the worthy and so anytime marvel is offering US stuff. We will be happy to do it. But MOSTLY. I'm working on Blue Barron for comics and doing Commissions THROUGH CATS GO COMICS DOT COM so But that's more than enough for one guy and I see there's like a few local shows coming up. Are you making any appearances at any of these? Says I do the Pittsburgh show every year I don't know when it's falling. I think it's usually in May sometime. I'm actually doing heroes Con In in June With the Falco. So that should be fun 'cause I really don't do a lot of shows anymore but and I usually do in Akron that That I've enjoyed over the last several years. It's under new management now but it seems to be seems to be doing okay so as long as they asked me to. It's an easy drive for me so as long as they asked me. I'll keep doing it so you know but yeah it's I believe me. It's amazing to me that I'm still getting achieve getting paid to draw superheroes so you know. I'm the luckiest guy. World believing said amazed the local. Shell say one of these days. I'm up there like me too me too. Yeah you have to look it up on online. It's a three rivers cow. Okay Okay Yeah Okay and it's a good show. They've only been doing it for a few years now. But I it's it's a terrific show and it's it's almost all comics They don't bring in media guests and stuff. There's another show here in town. That does all that stuff. Three which is mostly a comics and Again as long as they asked me the als coming to that one because it's ten minutes away from me so nice all right all right. Thank you sir. Once again all you take care of yourself man. Hey thank you. Thank you Great Ron Friends. Everyone go pick up his work like I said it had a big impact on my life and I know you're a big spiderman fan and have a big impact on your so hope you enjoy the issues and I hope you enjoyed these behind the scenes takes with Doron friends. Aren't everyone until next time we own back.

Mary Jane Mary Jane Mary Pete Mary Jane Peter Conway Pete Mary Jane Peter Parker Gobble Gobble Gobble Tom Spiderman John Wayne Mary Jane He Central Park New York Pittsburgh writer Jane Watson
Quasar #50

Capes & Lunatics: Sidekicks

1:13:59 hr | 1 year ago

Quasar #50

"The episode keeps them. Lunatic. Kings brought to you by tweet Datia get awesome headphones tweets, audio dot com, and use coupon code southgate get thirty percent off or shipping in a lifetime warranty or you can get there through the link on our website southgate. Media Group Dot com what about our QUASAR podcast autozone when a Bonar Quasar Pot. Wall. birther. On, energy transmitter, corner. Arguing bow. All late. Cosmic As. Hello and welcome back to the quantum zone episode of one, hundred, twenty eight I am filled joining me as always master of the quantum zone. Aero and master the Nice big strong Internet connection it is. High. Told you just go with the low excuse she's had is probably the storm last week. Absorbed Twenty twenty, which is probably a salon. Alright so before we get to this fiftieth. Quantum sized issue of a QUASAR. Sunglasses on this. I. Know. Come on it's like nine, twenty, five at night. So you wear your sunglasses at night. To. It. Five. For Him. Oh true. True. He's living in the past man. Speaking of living in the future. No feedback from ray this week because on. He's super busy these days but. Yet next episode when we do fifty one, he said he'll send feedback for fifty and fifty one. Because you're previously on. Start the show with that old. Yeah. Start off in episode with Ray feedback end with the wraith back. Yes. Yes because he thinks he's me now because not a, you know the the the Moon Knight in the Superman podcasts warning off. So now he's doing it monthly spiderwoman podcast also. His. into the night of fun to do I I can't wait. You're at what he does with it. I want to hear what drops. I can't wait to hear it. And will I enjoyed your your recent? Newsletter. With the Lester of all the. Issues again. Cabinet. Be. Read them. Especially, the Gripe. TYPO build issue. I don't see Typos. I see to any typos in I can't. nit-pick about it during the the day. Especially people who I know is someone who was performer whose spells perform free form I don't. Understand like. Year to form are you Know. You're a transformer site. It's come on where's the drought? It. Is Really Low. So I was trying to think what's going on l. y. star girl finale was this week just awesome. Awesome. They stuck the landing. Or just this morning or late last night Warner brothers DC. Yesterday started not yesterday. Yeah. Feces employer. Well, yeah. They're doing a big reshuffling at warners yet. These got hit hard people get like. Oh. Yeah. Lots of people also job, which is not a good thing now. I 'cause I've only seen I haven't seen the actual our articles about that kind of heard. That a lot of people that are working empties. The breakdown has to do like some corporate restructuring or something. I, think. So I would reporter had a story on it A lot of editor I think editorial was gutted though yeah. Was it Bob Harasses he's gone editor chief I think is gone One of the a lot of people really liked the editor eighty corey think he's I'm not sure about that though. I was. Bitter means. Yeah lots of people. Not, A. Not. A great time a heartless. Especially now. because. He says I mean. People are already speculating, but these universes probably not long for this world at least on the TV side stopped 'cause. Even. Like their facebook profiles, Titans and Harley Quinn say DC universe tighten these universe Harley Quinn. Says these titans these Harley Are On 'cause they. Girls using two's going to be CW exclusive I mean it was on both. This past season, but I'll just going to be on CW. RV. Arrow verse Star girl inning not I mean not real I. Think they're already planning like maybe a crossover with the flash or something but like it's said on the new earth to thank you crisis. But yeah, I mean she hasn't interactive with any other air over shows yet but I think they're talking maybe season to. DC Universe pretty like if you're a put on a lot of contents spend. Too much like the. Over budget or spend too much though I don't know because it's. Just. Seems like everything they dots like like swamping only lasted one season and everything else is they. The, other places star girls going to be on CW Harley Quinn. They were already shown on Sci Fi, but I think it's going to HBO Max. Toon patrols already on Hbo Max and the Universe. Yeah I don't think it had anything to do with these e commerce division at all all way way up high corporate reshuffling s you know Oh yeah. They all across Warner's but yet like dc just got hit hard. And they didn't get the money from a big summer movie. Spectacular. Damn. So that's that's that's a huge hit. They were still trying to figure out what to do that they were saying they might have to cut some titles because they don't have as many people to work on stuff now. But Why I guess we know who safe over there though right that. Probably they. So we know we know who sells. Oh did I will see you share links about the flash comic book I was like really. which what did I I think it was ethics about Joshua Williamson's like wrapping up his run in a few issues. I'm every tweeted something for the ad heard. Good things about that. So yeah. Trying to support other creative in the. Arrow verse Rewatch aw I just been tonight I finished the first season of clash I. Mean I love Flash all the seasons but seasonable Socha. Especially end. The provide just picked up through the. Just, saying, I just picked up some DC comics for I heard the news. Just. The I got the you know they started doing sort of the no Amar would do would reprinting. Issues for like a bucking and. And so I saw the first appearance of Harley Quinn the Bat Girl Adventures One oh yeah. The broken-bat just the classic. Bain nightfall. That's one that I've read a million times inhabited collections and stuff but something religious have the floppy were. Some ads is Kinda cool. Dog knows zero. By two dollar purchase of the you know this still terrible things befall so. May loafers a real low for keep talking. We want to start a kickstarter like by these comics. I said, even if it don't even if it doesn't go through which you know won't I just want to publicity. You, know the thing. You're talking about the air overshadows. Thing I don't like about flash just that every season we need. If I'M GONNA WATCH IT I'd like to get a I mean yeah. The end everything everything up to date. With anger and yeah. I I've always liked shows that are Mike. We're GonNa give you something maybe there's going to be some questions that are that's an but not a straight up the. What got advice go for nine months I now I mean I, I. It seemed like they're always doing that I. mean season four five wasn't bad wasn't like I mean it was kind of a cliffhanger but yet when he was dangerous just Oh hey, I'm your daughter from the future. Like that. That's the next boom on. Yeah I tend to agree with will specialists. You know that that they have a reputation for cliffhangers you're almost like well, finally new season's coming out just wait until it's over are like, why don't I wait till next is inert. The series is over our I'm not admitted that was something that was something that really Kinda gets annoyed doing our Nexgen rewatch. To partners right. At the end of the season. They started that with what best of both worlds Three in the four four and enforced by five, five, six, I, believe six, seventy, two. There was the time travel one. Yeah. Euro that wasn't the last one six seven wasn't that the one with lower in the board. Yeah. That was happened the bore. With that one not caddo neither. We're deep into season five right now veep space nine a nice. There's. There's been some really good episodes be dissuaded the trials tribulations. All footage but. Defense is be pretty uneven I mean there'll be some episodes that are really really good and then. You'll be like, okay what? Really. We're going to do this. Now I mean I don't know it. Next Gen seemed to have once hit about season three seem to be really level on quality. Yeah. It was. Nice. Evan. Slow. But I mean it's good. But Yeah I think sign also has characters like so different from each other in in that you could do like and O'Brien. Just kid episode and then Farang. Yep The sword in that now in Kardashian stuff. So it's almost like adult random like the numbers get thrown in sort of randomly especially like when it's it can't all be. At war like the entire time. I think that's probably where you are around and. It's five now. Klingons or They're talking peace, but there's still. The. Episode Jake in the battlefield things is not bad but then. Some even there's there's good and bad episodes we just watched the. Work in Oto climbing the mountain episode, I'm like Okay I get it but it's Okay. I turn on the TV. The other day Nexgen was on the Annella Shaikha and the walls fell. That is such. In winter. I just I just I just lost counterparty times Reicher said Jordan. dammit. I need those phasers. But for those of you who like podcast and like Star Trek, well, I guess I should say, yeah, I Patriot about Star Trek. Probably covering the first three episodes of lower deck's next. But not I've been listening to I don't know if I mentioned this here yet or not. But anyone that checked out the Delta Flyers. PODCAST. It's up from the guys who played Harry Kim and Tom Perez and they go they they're going back and like like go the rewatch of each episode. I remember this. When they talk behind seen stop, they just finished the first season. Cool. Out like like like on the last episode I think I learned I think they were saying that they're hollow deck in their. In their cargo bay, there was basically the same set dressed it up and stop yet and they're like they're getting time. You see us in a cave it's the same cave. Sometimes. Sometimes, they make water drip. Something else on the wall like it's always the same cave. Behind the scene. Oh, they said I can't believe in one episode I thought that those shows make good money but they're like they were like. I guess they would recycle uniforms and stuff. because. Yeah. What's his face? Garrett Wong Plays Harry. Kimmy. he's like. He goes yeah. He's like he's like they told me I had someone else's shoes from next jennings like look in their name tag. This has Brent spiner. These efficient monetarily as you can right those costs a lot to make time. Make a Billion Dollars Man mop-up Nice. So. Yeah. I was trying to remember I think The Comic Ballistic Comics Getting Tomorrow's backed up to like normal levels so I guess a kiss. We'll see if that lasts along with that the way A. But I might I might be on the hunt for old issues of spider woman. Now, you now 'cause damn rate new podcast. Our biggest? Supporters. Right. And I don't think it's I. Don't think it's all all spiderwoman is just Jessica drew. The OJ spiderwoman. Yes, og yeah. There was a issue immoral team up or. Spiderman was out in. La. With her. Wider man is teamed up with everyone. Maybe, a character spiderman has teamed up with I. Remember he was complaining because there weren't enough tall buildings in La to swing around Oh. Yeah. Okay Spiderman never teamed up with be butthead the marble got. Up here, butted. Heads Firemen What's the QUASAR be button. You said you just said. There was the abusing hit number eight. There's a splash page aren't as you just POPs in because of. Even remember to go look it up. It's really on. The. Mic let me check on. To work. that. Much. Had A fun crank ideas. They'd put back some of the issues and in some were pretty inventive fire. Fire. How I take ketchup packets and to kind of push the catch up to the end to sort of fat in lightly rip it, and then do that with three of them and put them between the toilet seat in the toilet bowl. That down. Oh my God views and butthead number eight. Wow. Uncover. Lord Flash Helping. FLASH HELP ME I'm coming he he he he. A. Thank you. It was because Andy. Smith. The Art but I'm not sure of that. Yes. All listing for it. Oh, my Lord the Internet knows on the Doria. Liqi. The MCI get a a nine point eight CG see event for seventy dollars on. ebay wave second. Might have found the image Founded. Your suture, the Lincoln, our cats yard. Cox Dot Org rank vase. He only appears like on one panel in. Because they're doing these weird crossover things you know so. I mean we get this issue? told on its. Slot me here. Let me just copy and paste it. Pool Man, and Dr Years. Audrey good zred. Ahead. By but a, but speaking of Ren and stimpy making an appearance quasar fifty. which will be covering. Others yeah is on page thirteen. Beyond Is that just a cow? Is that just a cover looking at now? I was going GonNa look for the QUASAR. Wanted to quit the. QUASAR picture. Dropped it in our. You. Got It. In Our private shat. Troy it. Up the. Pays. macos favorite website are. Are. Now. Let's see. Kin. A. Yes. Treville is that. I. Love It. I love your insight as always grow. It's Kinda. Cool it. Just you know comments on music videos and watch TV and. A comic book sitting in. The Comics Jeff Kenna can you guys see that? Must Consult with e Quasar consoling with EON. Wait a minute one the on dead when he had that cost you. Old. I don't remember the all green is shower is our Oh, Lord you bet yet goes behind he goes in that book as space to talk the. beavis look this guy's going into his closet. He should come out of the ause it of. WHOA China turned in his closet. Richer. Exactly somebody. Draft, ten out. Orders from talking, turn. Oh. Andy Smith Pencil. CEO City. Oh. Wait a minute I. Wonder if this is the Marvel Universe Beavis but had read the other comments in place are immoral your. Free Meta. Wait. To Marvel fandom is. Star blast. Connection Oh we're going to get there. I block that out I I. I'm fortunately we'RE GONNA. Last through Ohio speaking of speaking of butthead an Ren and stimpy DC I guess they're doing revivals of both of those series. I didn't know about the Davis but I heard about. The beavis and butthead was allow ago. Yeah. But I guess I is I think there are they both come comedy central I think they're going to do comedy to comedy central now. Yeah. It's on MTV. Cool. Fire. Remember watching it as a teenager you know. Either me or my dad would call the other one. Hey. Fire. All right. So Speaking while things burning, hey, you want to get to the QUASAR issue because a page one man thing. Right. Get that man thing right on the first page. Lilith. All Right So Quasar Number Fifty Says Fiftieth. Quantum sized issue extra extra sized kids that will side doubt exercise live read Ya double size. So, yes. Number fifty from only ten regular issues left of the regular series of. From September nineteen ninety-three. By Mark grunwald writer Andy, Smith once. Again pence lower. Rope Cabrera inker genus Jiang Lederer Paul Becton colorist Mike. Rockwood's editor Ralph Macho Group editor and Tom de Falco editor in. Chief. This'll be a with last regular insulin job the number fifty, nine issues fill. Out Yeah. All right. So In the Florida everglades. Where are you? Man Thing in the Florida everglades where are you? Is Hunting duck funeral. I was GONNA say. Take a drink still. GonNa be a while. Oh I know but man thing in Florida. Are Seven. The Florida everglades there exists a creature like nothing else on earth. Once, human. This hulking muck dwelling organism is now more plant and animal. Neither hunter nor pray the derives sustenance from the single the singular properties of this parcel of swampland where algae and alchemy intermingle. The monstrous inform the muck being is not evil. Indeed it lacks the intellectual capability to be able to understand what evil is conversely, it cannot truly be considered. Good. The most apt description of its nature might be useful. For the creature dubbed, the man thing by the local populace has a unique role to play in the cosmic scheme of things, and before this day comes to an end, it will be obliged to fulfill its function. and. Yes. As. said the title horizon of holes. The. The main thing you see has been appointed guardian of Earth's nexus of realities an area where the fabric of space time is exceedingly threadbare. How did this next come? The be no one knows why is the next us here? No one knows how many next are there in the universe? Guess what kids no one knows. Who appointed the man thing? Earth's Nexus Guardian. Knocking no one knows. What. Special qualifications does a mindless swamp monster have for the role Whitney will. No one knows. But dead when the next is actually visible, the heavy swamp air. All questions seem to loom ominously the man thing instinctively lumper's tortoise towards it as if waiting for something and all over the world, those with mystical affinities suddenly become aware that something momentous is about the happen on this square. Acre of swampland. Course Doctor Stephen Strange Are Cana Joan Ilias Moon glow. Hey. Remember the Squadron Supreme. Air. Dr Anthony Druid. Remember him. From that from that A. Classic issue, Your Voice Party of Party. Jennifer, Kale Oh remember her from that comics presents way back in the single digits. Dr Michael Two young men. Shaman. Madrid motored the mystic wasn't he was at issue. Eleven or twelve. issue. Eleven wasn't. Decks caliber one. Again schoolwork. Intervention. Aright guys variety. At that moment. In New York City. An event has transpired. That will soon have a direct barry on the tableau just seen Kayla Ballantine a secretary from Staten Island had until mere moments ago Ben Possessor of the Star brand, a tattoo from a distant universe stowing untold power filling she had used it's power irresponsibly she sought to get rid of it by any means and so passed it along to her friend Holly. Steadily. WHO turned out not to be her friend, but instead something dark and sinister. Gobble. What have? Done, you have allowed yourself to be tricked. My dearest friends don't feel so badly many millennia have mike existence of managed to similarly trick persons far greater intelligence than you why I covered power and what I learned. The protector of the universe was a mere mortal man. I adopted the identity recently abandoned by that minor telepathic dragon in order to get close to Quasar. But then you acquire the star brand are more potent power source than even quasars quantum events. Inspired to get close in stay close to you. Went great friend you add you must have thought when I chose to follow into that portal that creep quagmire maneuvered you into. Sorry by sold motivation was keeping my eye on the brand. This we sloshed law at the mercy of various aliens that could have saved us any time, but only by to be my hands to my true nature. Actually. Know really motivated avert ego centric manner. Now that how would you like to see like the Star brand can really do with the right hats Too Bad actually gotten used to your company goodbye. Caroline thanks for everything. Oh, big deer do nothing to betray me and eight to have the memory of our friendships our. She flies away a at I found that we're on the Patriots. No editor's notes you know. Say. The last thirty issue. Pretty much yet. All, right. Meanwhile at a hospital somewhere in Wisconsin. Spare me doctor verdict while Mrs, Vaughn we got all of which with a little chemo the chances are good. There'll be no recurrence that's under wait a joe mom. Detect to spend a little bit more time with his son. We can discuss a possible reconstruction a little later. All Mom. So happy are GONNA be okay. More, the little chance of a knockout, this own bird, you're not old mom your sleep but now Sonny Bloch go should be out saving universe not be. You know I'll be your sister will be your look after You sure there's nothing else I can do for you. Okay. One thing showing how you look at your points are cost. All right. What do you think Z. uses the bands the change still like my old one better. was growing on me. Love. Mom. Get it remember he's only had one other caution get remember. Don't remember. As he flies out the window by. An. Soon. So He's calling e park on his quantum bands. So I just wanted to apologize do epoch acting. So strange yesterday. In the last issue last week. I was just very stressed out with my mother's cancer and all. I understand many infused I've met has strong emotions about certain other entities and those emotions often cloudy. A right. Remember. Ask you about my friend, Kayla. She is considering you call your you're kidding I thought she'd that's Great. Talk to you later. And soon, flying up the four Freedoms Plaza. Not sure where to try I. he thought the door slammed in my face again at her dad's house try the office I on the off chance you check in at minutes later. Walks in his office KAYLA. Mr. Why was the secretary domes aw Invention farm. Window. Having see you you are I mean not to k.? Receptionist certain. Real, bad things have happened to be. All in hd turned out to be some kind of superhero. I think Kismet is hold on. Let's go into my off Chen's office. On. And concerned the office. The holiest I'm kind of cost him village herself something in my power because I didn't want it anthrax hurt maybe Gill Net woman and what will slow down start without part about your power. Got This Tattoo on the Bat. That gave me this tattoo does it look like this makes us star ran with quantum energy. Yes. Yes, it did that. Man, what a jerk I am you why I'm the one who gave it to you by accident remember that time I came back from that weird dimensional. So happy to be back I helped you and Ken, and still no editor's note. Go ahead. I'll do it man Number thirty one. Right before. Operating Lexi. Storm. why thought that? The storebrand brand had burned itself out getting me back home but apparently, it hadn't it was hiding under my corner bands and upon contact with you, I must have transferred it to the back of your neck. I'm really sorry I didn't mean for that to happen sounds like you went to heck because of it. But at least I'm alive one that I can say participant. One, she's in the east. River. Let's check it out as he changes into his costume for the window later Ken Oh. No. This is this is what Ken Hades when he has to explain how they got out. Your thoughts going out the door. Yeah. I, guess in the in the river. Quasars checking his sock cocoon, her energy signature inside this weird cocoon altered but alive. I. Think must be some kind of healing thing. She does dental time the fiddle with it right now not with Kayla supposed friend on the loose with the Star brand. New. Jersey. Yeah. I found her. She's in some sort of protective cocoon or something you can relax you didn't killer. Lever there for the time being she should be safe. There's anywhere right now more concerned with this. Hawley or urge person from what you said she could be dangerous. You binder. With you I'm not sure that will be such a good idea. I don't want you to get hurt. But many of the top, some center of store branch she can't be as theme I just feel you've gone through so much already because of me I said she. said she angry if I betrayed her? You've got to give me this chance explained to her that I evan. ME. Rowan Florida. All places on Earth could have been located never understood planets. Only natural nexus formation is here this fetid backwater bog. Bekker's some things about Florida you know. We're all. Paper. That say Gora on them. When I become reality, it is one of the first things to fix how unusual the next this is actually visible this evening uptick that as an info. She gets she gets smacked by the scrap on the main thing. Man Thing handled Oh. Good. Whatever knows fear Burns at the man thinks touched by Earth Chacao is not afraid. She's got the Star brand she knows that with it fear nothing. You miserable creature during a thankless job I am doing you a favor by putting you out your misery. Last a man thing in chunks. Of the nexus curious anomaly in the local fabric of space time. Or of long known of national phenomenal like this, never made use of them because they are heavily guarded in regulated. I've been obliged to expend vast amounts of energy creating myo dimensional apertures after today that will change the most extensive cross time transit system will be at my disposal. Goes in in. Portals to other universes as far as the eye can see an infinite horizon of hulls at the crossroads into all realities. This is fantastic. Strange should be here without dimensional harnessed almost naked. Mark quarterback ours then do a little sightseeing. Folks. Into this area. Are. Trying turned edge. Like the home planet of the Angler may be. Interesting dimension. Different Perspective. Can't imagine this diverge naturally multi-diverse must be some pocket dimension and men sheep added another whole. Dinosaurs being chased by space jet cringe What's The sky? Sky Tie cowboys. Yes galasso cowboys. Dinosaur smooth. Potentially, if it had number of the mentioned practically anything is possible, I could amuse myself like that day is. On it. But best business first inches own dressing between maxes and now claim as my personal domain miss sooner the burst knows it better. I shall announce to the multi-diverse I. Have Come Pulse of energy into everyone of the portals at once shelby my proclamation. They're not to wait to see pumps scarring out of the Heidi Holes to investigate me. Matter, who earned many Thanks to the star Rent I shall prove superior to them all. But meanwhile. Elsewhere in the galaxy gleaming figure on an unlikely conveyance abruptly alters his course the figure the former herald to the legendary galactic is now the self-appointed Sentinel of the starlings and one of the most recognized entities in all the universe he is the silver surfer. You want me to take him. You can't take him powerful. Iranian outlet that would that would be that red? Since something amiss on sold should alignment Cosby. Access? Could have beer cussin' throughout the entire movie with Gallup. Investigate. His cosmic senses instantly homemade on this space sectors closest nexus with a speed that. Beggars description he skims across the late years and soon penetrates the outer atmosphere of a small Red Brown planet cold mccray fights only indigenous race extinct, almost a million years in. World does you WANNA do the silver surfer because he felt that we were big Oregon you? Sign back. In. World. Vic Glowing US immense gravity lava flows will more than half of surface APPS. That is why the powers that be. Have allowed the naked sexes to go unguarded at least will have no one to negotiate. She ate my passage with. Early I am mistaken passage forbidden. So commands. and. Lack. Gentle being I am silver servers vital conceived, wellbeing the Cosmos Committee to access your nexus not persuaded now go. Not Gentle being an all. New. Hey Conan next time you have a good Pun can you say after you say, can you say suck at low? Oh sure. Anytime she gets good she'll Kona. Oa is anyone seen the TV show? Canon Ball. Over the MS Yeah I have not seen a pull up assertive systems clips though but yeah, I mean, a lot of it's just like you know is a competition where like people like zoom down these water slides and they see how much distance and stuff they can get or if they can hit the target in the water, the one it's like A. It's a thing on a Poli, and like you have to see how long you can stay on this surfboard like in the air. And every time I see it I'm like, Oh my God that must be like. You know like I got on there like be the cert what the silver surfer feels like. 'cause you gotta be they gotTa be at least twenty feet above the water. All My. Hat's all. But yeah. This, you're just reminded me of it. All right meanwhile in the next interzone. Cut Ren and stimpy. Oddly covered Mikhail Gorbachev. That's like storrow. Yes. spawns fan coming through a some kind of devil some kind of. Red Sonja rip-off. Liked it spawned touch. I. Don't get noticed for. A piece of green a piece of green cheese. Ask Guardian there that looks like full stag almost on the right there is that sleep walkers head in the left corner there. That's what I was thinking too. I, don't know. Some yellow. sleepwalking. Some books remote with crown down there. Probably one of the cowboys in the dinosaur probably. Kona announcer presence in your tight outfit. You know the power none of us next scarves. Alright. Yeah you to do that one biller. Oh, that's fine. Did you say here comes the first way. Comes the first word? Okay that's this confused me. That's all. You won't a power nonetheless next Carney has ever seen. owed. About our I don't know achieve sounds like. That's green cheese. Curd Unit. Our. Multi versus divided. Or? Have added to close system. What of it? Like good woman we are the Congress of realities and we demand to know what you intend to do without power congressman. Your Mirror Custodians on imaginative beings whose only purpose to maintaining the multi birds is can you tell me why? Because it is there because that's the way it's always been. It's like good enough. You have no real power or that which powers that be in the universe of the multi-diverse allow you to have seeking can help them stay in power I intend to change on fats. Back in the everglades. QUASAR Kayla comes swooping in here. This is where she went. Immature feels like it. Merle's but her pieces star break lifting. Don't know a fraction of myself totally tapped out. Hey, I just realized where we are in all make sense. This is where the nexus of realities is I came through here myself when I first brought the Star brand to this universe. Editors though. Number thirty one. Is Not your friend Oh, wait. Sorry. No unless united on your law? Excuse me Miss. You Know Me I. Don't wait your hair's different, but we met once didn't we? In Marvel Comics presents number twenty, nine bet I've looked at I looked it up quantum zone episodes seven. Wow. So almost one, hundred, one, hundred, twenty, one episodes account. and. I think that I looked up Jennifer Kale in a certain marvel encyclopedia outside of a certain teed section of the Boston Public Library odd. Yes. Oh the days of the Teen Library as a Scroll way down like to at least two years down for that kids. But we met once you're name's Jennifer Kale. What are you doing? I'm trying to piece together the van. Think What happened to him? I've got a hunch audio. Kale this is Jennifer Jennifer Kale. Hi We're hearing pursue woman who's just acquired immense power from outside this multi verse. Must Be Wednesday this is my guess is that she tried to go through the nexus the main thing tried to stop her and she did what she did to. This little girl. Mexico's is not always visible battlement. Going to go through the next is to see if I can find her why. Are Y it should. Stay there she may still use the power in a way that will affect our universe Kelly stay here with Jennifer but in Quasar zips off while my primary responsibility is to protect this universe. It's my fault that star brightness in this multi-diverse can't rest until that hurdle brain has been expunged from this system of universes. As here goes nothing I didn't go through it. I'm still in the swamp I'm GonNa hit that says he's flying towards the tree. And the catch of the day is ways. WIZAR-. The. Man in a yellow suit. What are you doing here, Guy? Semi something big was going on down here. It looks that way but so far, I can't tell what? All. I. Know is that I have to get inside that thing. That inter dimensional nexus that just did a fade out about to go into it. Come on, I got to go talk to someone. And the cross the swamp. Leads to meet you ladies. Jennifer you're from around here. Any idea how the reopened the nexus wants it's vanished. Really. The next. This is like in irregular geyser. Flares up fades a randomly I've never been able to detect any pattern. Only I could bring the man thing back to life maybe she could show us. and then the next enters zone. No more than maintain the current realities? Join with you what we gain. Your independence, your creative freedom, the right to run your realities. However, you ritz the overseers of the multi, birds, robbing you of your rights whenever you do whatever you create, whatever you enact it all belongs to them. I will change the very system by which this multi versus run no more Central Authority I will grant you the freedom to make your realities unique independence and employ own and employee owned and operated. Those who wish to join me in creating a subversive new order debt behind me the rest of you may cease to exist. Last Now who we talk with the overtones of the whole. Sheet amid era with. Spun thing. There I thought she was leading them against the one percent of the multi-diverse. And where she's starting to pay her. Or she or she was starting up a multi versatile McDonald's or something employee owned and operated. I'm GONNA have the multiversity franchises get in the ground floor. Home. Anyway. Thought. If you're not with me, you are against me. Now follow me we go to shifts the cosmic axis. What does she mean by cosmic access? Don't they teach you anything in your reality? The cosmic axis is the major brady of power the entire multi-diverse. are still can't figure it. You know how most planets have magnetic fields with diametrically opposed polls. Does the multi versus energy. And sooner or later. We, are aligned with the Axis. Now, I want you all to concentrate, allow the nexus energy flow through you to come forth. Okay. Your Go. I advise you not do this I ain't hold that I don't know. Of course of course, you would advise me not to do this program disrupt much of reality causing catastrophic damage to the very fabric of space time I'm not an idiot you know soc- to save multi-diverse from their repressive rule of year of you self-appointed masters of reality I'm willing to sacrifice as much food as they have to, and you know, I now have the power to do it's In at that moment elsewhere along space time continuum. The overzealous necessary. Xm Trans Dimensional. Realm. Garden Serfs, useful and necessary function whites-only being allow themselves blinded by the trappings? Emerald. Power embattled. Nothing. Source of, cosmic perturbation. To. How's it going? Weird. Or was body. Parts, next another they. Attach it's likely just made up of Muslim vines owns everything. Looks like I'm GonNa have to make a the raft bigger. Oh, or we're going to need a bigger boat. either. Minutes later. while. Looks like most of him is there what are the hopes of reviving him Jennifer? Not sure. His four resonate with juror finality of the nexus. Uncle your school gifts amplify those talents, anything I can do. Not that I can think of. The quantum amplifier. What what's happening? River the next bursting out of his chest is that good. But back in the Enron. Look I'll be reasonable if you will. I'll leave the access alone. If if you three advocate your rule over the multi-diverse and confer your power to me. Know that have not audible. You are immortal we are at. Mortal to lamb I received no belt. Anyway, my religious suggests. That again. My three visages see the past present and future. I know all you were born of the earth. Race called the evience. Like her mother and her former, her became explorer of dimensions. That where you of me in. Of ultimate powers of the multi-diverse yes. That is when I realized that I like everyone else was a slave to the system. The multi verse as it is I saw all the rules governing everything in felt inhibited from reaching my true potential admitted tribunal multi-diverse is too complicated too long to over structured and how are we mortals rewarded for our contributions to all of life with dark dismal death he deserved more. Now after centuries of searching for meaningful power have found something that enables me to be a major player. Glossy pages and I have power unaccounted for this multi-diverse. Its very existence of set steeled balance of power. It is something unforeseen in your clothes system. Vast wisdom and experience I know how to use this upside power to liberate reality from your torrential troll watch. Mortal, look what you are doing work. Grow in order to diminish. The. Meanwhile, combing through one of the holes. I broke on through Jennifer did manage to keep the next shaft open enough for me to send the quantum bill in the break open whatever it was clogging up new time the waist I've got to try to get a fix KAYLA's roommate. She's already figured out how to Use Star brand power. To thwart the mental passage. What else does she also figured out? Hey, I see the living tribunal order chaos. Now I know something heavy going down better see what as he comes flying in that glide in from the other direction. The. Silver Surfer. Quasar the earth. Man. It's what my business card says. You felt cosmic quake to he did you in a manner of speaking? He me a risky goal. I acknowledged you as being a vast power potential here to the abstract. But not even you could withstand the unleashed power of the living. Tribunal. Ceased your destruction I will enlist the highest power in the multi verse to annihilate you and the lady who has them in a lather has an interface with this incredible power from beyond this universe a power I'm ashamed to say I'm responsible for unleashing. Erk. Erk. I don't respond well to threats soul. while. I, propose tournament. Seen us a risky gall tournament of champions. Were we ourselves? To by the cosmos would suffer worse devastation than your rocking the access. From her body language and such I think she's conversing with the tribunal when I'm not making out a word you. Currently the debate is. What's your gut feeling? You think we should Klein blaster. Let's see what seems to be the outcome of their discourse. You have your choice champions waves are in Missouri of EON and his chosen actor of the universe or the silver surfer. Of. Self appointed agent of universal preservation, you would tell them they must battle or the multi versus forfeit. We do not tell them which of US favor represent you win. See You are unopposed in your plan for multiversity modification. If I win surrender, your power to knee is in the deal. Yes. Than select your champion. Player one. Interesting Joyce I shall instill in their minds what they must do. Prepare yourself with. Dr. You. Though you are are acquainted with me, not the true power might have our. And you apparently haven't heard that my quantum. Can deal with any energy whip toward them deal dealing reveal. Shoot each other. In off, in. Opposite Directions. Out that. But once we're up, I won't feel a thing is the. X. Men Mentor by the way is. Desires you are but if I must thank you to save universe by the power invested in need I bike lack of ice show do so. Nice speech surfed but you got it backwards. I'm the one who's fighting for the sake of the universe you're fighting for little Miss Universe recor. Mistaken Earth man was understood told given curry's of the nation. And while you're Quanta bans are weapons of universal. Now they're merely instruments utilizing energy or the power of surfers our incarnate. That really hurt. Here. By the power of small son back you. Loan the heart rate Supernova plays argue barbeque unconsented mind galactic blaze the hurt me. I love crispy creams galactically. Okay homer. Can't say I didn't try. Thought is being sneaky telling them tapping energy from Sun. Instead of my true power is very own power cosmic but no matter how much I saved from. Emi still was enough left to knock me for Lou. Hey, that's odd I just noticed something master order seems to have grown again and it was right after surfer delivered me to. Deliver me to successful hits can there be a connection in his that connection that by beating me, the surfers contributing to order in the universe in other words have I been bamboozled into thinking on the side of the good guys when actually I'm the wing lady inch champion of chaos. Let me check on my theory. Let's serve. Me Some more order regains normal size. Yes getting bigger. Still I think my theories, right? That means. To let the surfer beat the living crap out of me in. Order for order to win the day. And after a long interval of relentless barrage and just enough resistance to make his poor showing credible. I have one university in saved. What happened? What happens to the woman rather than surrender the star Brandon me risk gall has lated herself no matter. I have removed the offending power source from her remains will I cannot possess it without opening my own logo story I can't determine. Where best to dispose of it. say. Surf. Never mind. Youtube physical beings may leave with the knowledge that you have both served multi-diverse well, I shall directly to your respected next. Question goes flying the nexus selleck telling him I'm really not as Wussy as I acted like but why should I care what the coolest character in the entire Cosmos thinks of me? Right now, more anxious to get the earth until Kayla everything's fine and like I said as he comes through the Nexus Something emerging from the nexus. QUASAR. Hey WanNA welcoming committee. That the multidisciplinary I have wrought you all here combat. Over. A window. You're right. It was like you've been through the ringer. I'll be okay. The most I'll be okay. Important thing is the universe is safe from your roommate in no small part due to the fact that I lost a fight. Because Yakim on. Doctor Strange Moon, dragon the man things, rights. Got The thing in the human towards a aquarian early acquiring. The shot through shock triumphant. the Squadron Supreme Adam Warlock Admiral Walk Shaman and Talisman album fly he. And ways humidor yeah. Which one? Which one had had? Why leaves an odd way? There's a bank. Yeah. I was GONNA say the human torture there but yeah. I. Love Dragonstar. It's like who was using my name who's using least what? Is Going on here. So thoughts on this since we have no ray feedback. A. Lot of stuff. Now nowhere gives Mrs wound up although matters right out of the KAYLA notices up. Kismet now because. She was she was still her. She was still her. Early may last new. It. was. It was interesting him. Obvious image comics. Over. This thing. Wada Easter eggs yeah. Olot Easter eggs. I thought it was good. Yeah I. Agree. I thought it was good to, I, think the creative spin on cruiser and silver server fighting. was kind of fun. I think a part of me wishes the fight went on a little bit longer I wish it would have been like a fair fight. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I mean it's Always. Throw the fight. The benefit of the universe. And it's kind of like a video game type of thing where the heads get bigger. So that's how you know some it's doing. That but But SPAM and? But. Yeah I I thought I thought it was cool. It was a well done. Number fifty. Oh. Yeah. Oh and next week is fifty one. You know who's back that you know who's back and fifty one my friends. Are Old, body. I was GonNa Save the last seen in Quasar three. But he he did start Kaelin that that one operation Galactic storm issue. That's right. Yeah, he did. Wow. That's Way Back there too. So, if you've been wondering about the origin of the Angler since I episode four, you're going to get it next up next week. A. Underrated Crisis Greatest. Fall. Stay. Young. One of the rogues gallery. Forget, Maelstrom. WHO Des. Oh, Hey look we do have ray feedback. Hey, caused this rave. I might. Just red light just a just read quays off fifty I was like what the end And I. Therefore I thought it would be that man. As all the next this and I was like, whoa credence. Then, the whole plan had. One engines. But then she tried to trick ways on to be in Herat champion and. But I, love I love the silver surfer, he's the. League Zuko. Thanks. Right. We see R- really take. CARE. Of. Although. Hey Kohner member this. Is. What's The big. Presume. Mahala. Foil whatever the thing fifty issue. What's the schedule like coming up oh? Yeah. Well. Look schedule. I know we have a few more quasar issues I believe fifty, one, fifty, two, and fifty three but let me. Star. Blast. I don't know what you call it the first time, but it's out yet they are. You're right. plast. Plastic we're here. Pointed up now. But yeah, we only got like I said only ten more issues of the regular series are. Yet next next three weeks we got quasar fifty, one, fifty, two, and fifty three follow by spar blast number one, Quasar, fifty four. Secret defenders. Eleven. The Novaya. You'd think it'd be good from that but now than Oh For the two weeks after that name more forty six in than forty seven. Fantastic. Fantastic four three to five followed by name or forty, eighth and fantastic four, three, eighty, six. Followed by star blast quasars star. Last Quasar Star blast. It till you get Only. Four issues a star blast. Yeah. Okay. So goes yes. Star blast to Quasar fifty five star blast three, quiz fifty, six, star blast four and then quasar fifty, seven, fifty, eight, fifty, nine, and then I wanted to make sure sixty was. Episode One, Fifty A. Got A two in one, sixty, seven followed by moral to one seventy three. Advanta yes. Episode One, fifty, Quasar sixty very cool and that we should do we should do a public service for. Our fans out there in truly and finally get the order of Star, last down. Label each one of those bras over's the way they should be able. Just for the hell of it. Yeah. I mean I mean we'll do the order on the schedule not his put star last part one star blast partic-. Dec- just fans who like that the border of star. Plaza. That's right. You know they've been waiting for this for you know for the two guys don't WanNa re read it. Guys. What besides us? but yeah. Yeah. Sixties coming up I think in January of. January. than. Than we dive into a bunch of old issues and then you know. Before we get to the star master stuff. We'll finally get some of those dazzling issues that quit at has been chomping at the bit for you. But I isn't dead come on I'll ever died. No. I just think for episode one fifty when we do quasar sixty, we need to look back at. Some of our big moments you know like the Boston, not the teen section of the Boston Public Library. I know is pick up only so I. don't know how I could read the library. Copies. Boston pizzas that are everywhere but Boston. Feeds a I think Boston, I, Think Boston Pizza of Arkansas. Although it wasn't paid signers. Down Toward Law. Guide. Low. His. Oh, hey, we got more racy back. What do you like on your? Pizza? Assistance. do slow or do you just like gobble up nobble GOBBLE IDA, said couple of. Download. COUPLA bowls. DOWN THE GOAL The accent, just sell the. Buying. All right anything else on this one. We went a little long. But of course, it was an act double-sized digital starve issue. We also had talks and Beavis, and butthead. Yes it was. Our everyone. So yes, next week quasar fifty one in the return of the Angler and hopefully ray. So. Those there's two other dimensional entities So senator your thoughts do your homework and email us capes in tick at gmail.com call the voicemail six, one, four, three, eight, two, two, seven, three, seven that six, one, four, thirty, eight Capes, and remember to Paul. Quantum zone on facebook hey, we'll facebook page and I'm trying to get facebook group going again. So facebook page facebook group. Twitter instagram find links to everything even this youtube all in one place. That's not the nexus of realities. It's link Tree L. I. N. K. T.. R., dot ee slash came lunatics, and remember to sports sponsors tweaked audio hunter killer pod life the book now digital in paperback, and when you buy all well for the tweaked audio and the hunter killer use code southgate for A. Discount is but it's a pretty good. Oh, Rob Southgate, which is gone capes 169 he said. Tweaked audio they're great because he says he kept breaking like all his you know just beaten. His tweak audio headphones like cutting the grass or whatever. He's like every time he breaks when they send him a new pair. Lifetime warranty man. Rights. And most important use the link down there in show notes for Southgate Media Group helps support this show the network in Rob Master Doom Southgate. Says Master do. What did you say? Are. Macarena, where can people find you besides working working working? Yeah, that's What I am. WORK TO AFFORD MY Internet. presence. And connection. That's why I've worked. So good this week I'll Matt McCoy on. I'm around on social media's so come find me. Ceiling a bunker. Anytime even. Said everyone a block. Editor at any time there's even a hint of something in a store where someone's like leaving something will just like see you later pokey. Funky we'll allred master the quantum's then. You can find the at Wallraff. W. A. L. E. v. The g mail input her facebook. INSTAGRAM. I. Guess A. The, you also find myself. Diarrhea tonight at. Dot Com. budgie dollars yes. You can find all kinds of really quantum zone autozone dot. Org. Boys Article Smarty. I'll put it in my naval. Naval Party. Are Everyone. Thank you. For joining us once again, this oversized episode of the Quantum's Again Quasar fifty one next week. Return of our buddy, the Angler. Probably the dirtiest mouth in the Marvel Universe, but we don't know. Exactly Urgent. owner. Return to project Pegasus. That's another memory member. We did the project Pegasus Saga. Giant. Bill foster giant man. An amazing. Facilities. So come back was returned to project Pegasus next week quantum's owners and remember. Keeps on your uncle.

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Who Else Were They Spying On? The Clues are Everywhere. (Ep 1137)

The Dan Bongino Show

1:00:06 hr | 1 year ago

Who Else Were They Spying On? The Clues are Everywhere. (Ep 1137)

"Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino on Gino. Do I've got some Nuclear tactical bombs to set off on the show for you today again hat tip to the greatest source anywhere the history of humankind two seven nine or we covered a few gems. We're going to ask you a few questions at the end of this that I think we're going to blow your mind about who exactly were. Are they spying on. How extensive was the spy gate scandal? On the trump campaign introduced a text exchange. We introduced a long time ago. Now that the reports with some potentially new answers and maybe some new questions folks. You're not gonNA WANNA miss this show. Welcome to the Dan. Bongino show producer. Joe Joe how are you today find. The question is sly how you feel today. The joke you picked up. I figured watching a youtube rocky today is getting better you concerned it looks awful on TV. It's getting a little embarrassing down with you but black guys take forever to heal doesn't hurt everything's Okay and one more thing. Joe knows what I'm talking about here. We've got a big announcement coming. I'm just waiting room west coast fans you're gonNA love it. I promise you that Dan Bongino show is exploding. So stay tuned. We will get to that shortly. All right folks show brought to you by our buddies at yes. It's going to be good Ali Ali. You dogs excels important as every other member of your family starts what you feed your dogs but you know what's in your dog food. Chances are it's some of it's a lot of garbage and stuff. Unfortunately not with Ali they put dogs. I with vet formulated recipes and fully transparent ingredients. Give your dog healthiest food. Possible Ali O. L. I. E. Makes Fresh meals for your dogs talks with real food real ingredients. I don't even call this dog food. It's food for dogs. There's a difference dog. 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We've adopted our dogs go to heaven from my mother-in-law look at those beautiful dog. He's looking at baby Linda. Why do they look that great? Because we go to my Ali dot com slash tri slash. Bongino you'll get sixty percents off. Plus a free bag of trees again. My Ali dot com slash Tri Slash Bongino M. Y. O. L. L. Y.. Dot Com slash tri slash. Bongino check them out today. All right folks so all right. I've got some just mind blowing information for you. I what you reintroduce. An old series of tax remember the g reports. Come out now and if you read my two books by gate exonerated you now. No you didn't waste your time or sourcing was great and I. We can't find anything in there. That has been AH discredited or in any way debunk honestly folks. There was some speculation in one or two of the books very limited and we were candidate when we did. We expect that a couple of things you know maybe new information services and we find out that wasn't the right angle. We expected that we haven't found the ad you find it. Let me know because I'm happy to do a book. Three having said had that. There's some old texts because the edgy report is giving US brand new information. I WANNA put this text up because this is mind blowing and the question. We're going to ask me talk about this text to be crystal clear is how extensive was the spying operation on the trump campaign. We know it was on the trump campaign because as I discuss during yesterday's show Jim Komi in congressional testimony has already said they were. They were investigating trump campaign. Yeah I mean you have to do is redesign quotes. He lied to you all he was but he said under oath in in front of Congress that they were looking into the trump campaign. I WANNA put up this series of tax again addressing. How extensive this network was now to be clear? This is not a stroke page text. Peter Stroke broke is the lead investigator Lisa pages. FBI girlfriend lawyer both involved in the investigation of trump. This is Andrew McCabe Lisa page text texts. That kinda ridden under the surface for a while Andrew McCabe is the deputy director of the FBI basically the operational head had involved in this spying operation on the trump campaign. He's been texting Lisa. Page two and this November mid-november exchange is mind mind-blowing though that up on the screen here I WANNA get to. This is just I want you to follow this very closely. So Lisa page texts Andy McCabe and she says redacted when I say redacted obviously that means redacted not that redacted word in the text actually about that one shocking page I. We tried sending an email to redacted but bounce back member. She's texting Andy McCabe. Are you still getting the redacted. Emails Dag inquired about the deputy attorney. General Rod Rosenstein at the time. The DAG inquired about our plan. Re that FIS at target. If if he mobilizes given the physical access he has let me know. If you got the email I forwarded from tash probably talking about Tishina you know Guaviare. Forgive me if I'm saying her name but she's a higher up in the FBI involved in this too. Interestingly enough another text exchange down page Tech Sandy McCabe Eban says by the way Jim Clapper told p talking about Peter Stroke that he clapper was meeting with Brennan and Cohen for dinner tonight just. FYI Essay for it means for your situational awareness. So keep that up a second put up. I WANNA show point out one particular thing about this so this is one of the lead lawyers on the case for the FBI. Lisa page texting the deputy Pity director of the FBI intimately involved obviously in the operation to investigate the trump campaign spy on them. She says that Rosenstein enquiring about our plan about a Pfizer target. Yeah who's the Pfizer target Joe and if he mobilizes given the physical access he hass ass now a couple of points here again had two two seven nine. There's always good with this stuff. We have been kicking US around me and him for a long time. I'll be honest with you folks. I assumed that this Pfizer target. They're talking about with physical access was Flynn General. Mike Flynn Who else would they be talking about it? Whereas physical access physical access to what if he immobilizes? I assumed it was and it could be some new information. Come to light. I WANNA put out there. That makes me believe it could be someone else they end. When we don't know no I crowd sourced my audience but the questions in this case are fascinating is the answer? Sometimes if he mobilizes this is could be a reference to Flynn being appointed National Security Adviser and being granted physical access to the House to the White House right. But there's something fascinating someone. Let's say pointed out to me that we kind of discovered this morning while going through this. Go back to this tax and I want you to look at texts from the day before where the access question comes up again but in context next of who folks this is going to bake your bagels man this text from the day before this is no that text November eighteen. This is a text ex from November seventeen the day before liberals you have a tough time with math and stuff but the seventy this before the eighty. So here's a photo of text exchange between Lisa page same same. FBI lawyer she was emailing McCabe or texting McCabe the day before. She's texting or boyfriend. The lead investigator on this case. FBI Agent Peter Stroke who's investigating trump. This is a fascinating exchange sheet. They're talking about the president elect at the time this is November. November is not sworn in and obviously until January two thousand seventeen. Excuse me this is this is this is November of two thousand sixteen. So he's the president-elect they say and the reason reason he wanted clearances for the kids talking about trump is so jared kushner could receive the presidential daily brief with him. Legally I I think. He can pretty much designate. He says Designate whoever he wants to receive it without a clearance article article today saying none of that's going to happen. They say they've responded. They responded nutrition. I know he backed off of clearances. But there was another legal apiece looking at his authority to just grant access. And it's pretty broad and it's pretty broad he doesn't and yes yes I know. They're complicated to understand the writing. And Lisa Page Peter Stroke text language back and four. Throw that up against the youtube. Watchers cannot and so Lisa page and Peter stroker's texting each other about their concern that jared Kushner is going to get a clearance along with the other kids and the concern bleeds out to a subsequent tax saying well even if he doesn't give him a clearance any back so he can still L. Grant Him Access Ladies and gentlemen. This access text is the day before the November eighteen tax. Where page is concerned and with McCabe about a fighter target that they should be granting and the physical access? Oh I've got more. Where are we going with this? Just throw it out there. Dan were they spying on pusher to the president's son-in-law the husband Ivanka trump folks I had always assumed that was flint. We had not concluded was we I. I don't know but in light of what we now know on the I report where Horowitz's stating the only Pfizer was on page. Age Related to crossfire hurricane. That's important does that FIS target text. I mean that they were targeting. Someone didn't get a Pfizer or does that mean there's a fifa out there on someone else that we don't know about Horowitz. Doesn't know about either and was that Pfizer target the president's son-in-law all boy oh boy is right. Yeah you picking up what. I'm putting down in jail. The I am in fact now. It's not just yeah I so early age. You pulled the pin on that grenade a few seconds ago. I did just to be clear. You told us the whole time. You were only spying on Carter page after he left the trump's campaign that's the FBI officials story which is garbage garbage. Because when you get a FIS Carter page. They've Harwich report already shows. They accessed emails between Carter page and the trump campaign. Eight folks when you get a FIS at a spy on someone. You don't only get their emails and communications from that point forward you can retroactively access. What they did in the past is this? Why is this hard to understand for liberals you can say all you want that? Oh we weren't spying on it. Because he left the report clearly states. They accessed emails he had sent while he was there. So you're just lying. You're just making it up. Meaning you were spying on him while he was there that you did it after. The fact is entirely completely one hundred percent relevant but what the story is it was only page on the FIS. Was it who was this size. At target with physical access who's mobilized was Kushner traveling at the time. Listen to all our undercover sluice out there on twitter who've been doing great work in this case techno. Oh fog undercover huber. You know who you are out there. Rosie memo's others you're all over this thing. Those are the real journalists who've uncovered this thing believe. Maybe you're if you're following those accounts on twitter. Sean Davis at the federalist Mollie Hemingway Kim Strassel. This is all old news but whereas we still WanNa know who charlie was member the source. They sent over to the White House if he should we send Charlie Charlie. He's Charlie Tex who's Charlie keep asking. I'm GONNA add another open question to WHO Charley was. Who the hell is this? Pfizer target with physical access. That Rod Rosenstein is calling the FBI. About God forbid they were spying on Kushner too. I got more. I got more remember like the venom character in the Marvel Spiderman series symbiosis between green an alien alien and human spy gate is really a spying scandal. But it's a media scandal to we've been insisting this for two years because to further the spy gate scandal and make it appear that trump was colluding with the Russians to give the courts and the public enough of a push Asia to want to get to the bottom of the collusion hoax. It didn't happen the FBI and others in the Intel community used dopes and Fools in the media to right story so the public would get the impression that this hoax was real that the emperor in fact had clothes on when we know he didn't. It's not just the spying scandal. It's a media the scandal. Hank tied here. I'm just going to put this article about a minute. There's an attache Bertrand piece that I think gives away this whole thing. I'm talking about now. Remember the question. Were they spying on Kushner or one of the kids to right before we get to that three show also brought to you by buddies at brickhouse nutrition. You know I love brickhouse nutrition. Ladies and gentlemen the holidays are coming up. You WanNa look better feel better. We know everybody's getting a gym membership got. There's New Year's resolutions. I'm telling you hands down. There are no finer nutritional supplements on the market then sold brickhouse nutrition. They've been with me from the beginning. 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So who else were they spying on whiskered. Kushner I mean there was tax seem to be the really odd Joe. Lisa page is talking about the access success for the kids the next day all of a sudden she texted her boss about. Hey maybe we should mobilise target given accent. He's got access now. They spy on Kushner. Holy Lee Moses. Would that be huge now. A year later today the day of those texts so the text. I'm talking about November. Seventeen th between page stroke where there way. WHOA bad kushner getting access the son-in-law this is big trouble man? You know look at this. We'll give but he. He's looking for Clearance Kushner. This is trouble a year later today. Noted spy gate insider Heider Natasha Bertrand Bertran Media Hack. WHO's been on the wrong side of every single angle on this story Bertrand? Get some very suspicious leaks in this case from day one. She's one of the worst reporters in this case because all the leaks got most of them have been patently false. In other words they've been using Bertrand Rights Politico to foster fake stories and Bertrand trend doesn't do any kind of journalism never checked these stories and just puts them up. Don't you think it's awfully special. Joe that she wrote this article on November seventeenth. Not exactly a year later from those texts surprisingly about Kushner Oh wow business insider. By the way. This'll be up in the show notes. It's worth your time only for reading. How easily these people get played? Bertram headline business insider November seventeen twenty seventeen years a year. Later to the day Kushner received emails from Sergei Millian and alleged dossier source who was in touch with George Popadopoulos. Let me put up a little screen shot from this piece to show you. I'm GonNa get to what she's getting in a minute but remember everything you're told. Then this screen shot from the piece is the effort of a deep state insider to use a media tool like Natasha Bertrand. To get you to believe something. That's not true. You must always read Bertrand Stories through that Lens. She is being used as a gas lighting propaganda piece by deep staters. who were trying to tell you something? That is patently false. What are they trying to tell you? Here quote million is also believed to be a key source in a collection of unverified refined. Memo's notice the Steele dossier namely after its author. Former former British Intel officer Christopher Steele the memo's outlined trump and his campaign members ties to Russian officials and allege Moscow and the trump campaign work hand in hand it points to influence the election. What is she trying to tell you? I'm here why did I read that. The title of this story and the gist of the story. which would be in the show notes and it's definitely worth your time? Is that the key source for the dossier Joe. Sergio Sergei Millian according to Bertrand has also been see seeing jared Kushner on emails a year later. what are they trying to tell you ladies and gentlemen someone in this deep state spy gate operation was using Bertrand because they wanted you to connect million to Popadopoulos and Kushner at the same time. Why would they want you to do that because Bertrand? Who doesn't do journalism she? She just does. Gas Lighting probably still believes that milliion who now we know according to the report. There's allegations at my should say to be fair to Sergei Sergei. Dan is a lot of this. And honestly we'd steal in the back and forth on Sergei. I'm not even sure who's telling Alan the truth anymore. Now the information's falls but he's alleged to have been sourced. DNA in the dossier. He denies that. And some of that information as I point out into a book exonerated doesn't seem to Gel by Bertrand. Believes millions a source credible one because someone wanted her to believe that. And if million is the source for the dossier someone wanted you to believe. The dossier was true Someone someone wanted to believe that a deep state Russia conspiracy exists and that jared Kushner was in fact the part of it. Now there's only two explanations sins as to why some deep stater would use Natasha. Bertrand is a tool to get you to believe the Kushner was part of a hoax collusion scandal. That didn't exist. And only two explanations the first explanation which may be a little more unlikely but I want you to entertain name especially you twitter. Sluice out there was. There is on Kushner to unlikely but possible now. Of course the deep state or who by November twenty seventeen knows this whole thing is a hoax. Wants the media to believe that Kushner was a really bad guy to show if option one is in fact true. They want you you to believe. Aw shucks look the Kushner FIS. Yeah we screwed up again spying on an innocent American inside the president's Family Kushner but man Dan golly because rethought million golly buddies we just thought million was a legitimate source and he was seeing Kushner around these emails to with Papadopoulos and an email popadopoulos and others so we just thought Kushtia worst part of it. That's explanation in one explanation to which is more likely. Is it someone on someone. In the trump family somewhere or cushioned it's possible and was turned down figured this was all going to come out and is trying to for the same reason. Justify what look Milly Amish tone. I was talking to to seeing Kushner. Excuse me on these emails so Kushner how to be a part of it folks. It's becoming clearer by the day that the door embar report is going to uncover. A lot of things Horowitz. The not have access stew were there other. FIS is out there. The report seems to indicate no fine. Even if you accept that at its face and I'm willing to were there other Pfizer targets out there in other words. Were they trying to organize a warrant to spy on people inside the trump team. Let me throw something mouse out at you again. It could have been flynn. I could've that was my first thought on that. God forbid it was done junior talking about the kids physical access. Oh awfully suspicious folks. All right got a lot more. I've got some serious narrative busting to do here Schumer and shift for already setting up their two thousand twenty narrative. I kinda hit on a little bit yesterday. This is important stuff and get some video video a shift shock. I mean excuse me Schumer Schumer Shift Shift Schumer. It's all the same. They're all liars. Doesn't really matter Schumer on CNN actually getting called out by CNN. Ed It's amazing you're already setting up there all right before we get to that today show also brought to you. What a great gift around? 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You say I got this look at what to do next so I I kinda hit on this yesterday. So there's no need to really hammer at the Washington. Examiner is a great piece up in the show today. About sleazeball now documented this credit fool and Liar Adam Schiff how he's already setting up the twenty twenty not collusion at Joe. Twenty twenty. It's going to be collusion with foreign governments a Naomi. Lynn washed the examiner. Be In the show notes. If you want to subscribe to email this Bongino dot com mm slash newsletter. I'll send you these articles every day. They're also up at Bongino. REPORT DOT COM Democrats preparing to undermine trump victory and twenty twenty folks. Let me get my bearings here because I don't want to rant endlessly because I get very upset with this. I ask you a serious question now to our liberal listeners. Yes I know we have them because I read your nasty emails. How stupid are you? I mean I know that's probably not a fair question. There's no real way to but I'm not kidding how. How dumb are you? You have been full by Adam. Schiff and the Democrats I listen. I don't care you vote for it. Listen do your thing. Do you think he's doing do your thing. I don't care whatever I'm not trying to convince liberals anymore. Twenty percent of the population believe socialism doesn't mm kill. Big Government is the answer Adam. Schiff is an honest. Got Your beyond help. I'm just asking you a series. How dumb are you to be fooled by this guy constantly nothing? He's told you true. Collusion was a hoax. His shift memo was a hoax. Every substantial point in his memo was a hoax. Everything he said about Devin Nunes was a hoax. His contacts with the whistleblower or lack there of he said was a hoax the whistle blowers scandal. It was a hoax. Everything he tells you is a hoax. So he's now setting up to hoax you again and liberals in the media Lovett flapping this stuff up like the boot licking sick offense. They are from the Washington examiner piece. Here Adam Schiff quotes about twenty twenty again. He's he's talking about. Why should we wait on a peach moment? He says quote the argument. Why don't you just wait amounts to this? Why don't you just let him cheat again? In one more election shift told reporters. This guy is such a human sleaze unbelievable. He goes on. Why not let him have foreign help? One more time and the California Democrat who actually led the Intel panels investigation into his. Last foreign. Help lied about the last election folks. This sky is a fraud. He's a total disgrace to the congress. It I'm not kidding like I know it's not very Christian but you you have to mock these people it's the you have to laugh the only way to penetrate their vibe radium skulls. They're they're moving up from adamant the divide vibrating where it bounces off like fax pounds. Humiliating them laughing at them is the only way to break through it really is this is. It's almost funny. How W. R. L.? He's setting you up for another hoax in twenty twenty and they believe it. Look if we don't impeach them we're going to accuse him of collusion again. Oh you mean like he did the last time in the last. That's liberal narrative. This is the liberal narrative alert section show liberal narrative alert section Dang Dang so that's number one trump's already preparing to collude and twenty twenty despite the fact that we've already you've been debunked about our collusion oaks in two thousand sixteen. Here's the second one. I'm going to play. This clip of Schumer are getting wrecked on CNN points. It's always funny when like CNN decides sides for some random reason to start doing news once in a while. I never understand why that happens. Because they're not a serious news network. I mean they host Brian stelter. That says enough but UH humor yesterday. During this press conference he gave which was a joke in an embarrassment. Schumer she says. Listen if Mitch. McConnell doesn't concede to my demands about the Senate impeachment trial then. Listen folks this is going to be a cover up and it's not going to be a fair trial. So what's he say he saying that he's going to dictate how the rules are GONNA go. He's telling the media giving them their marching orders. Joe Yup Media People here. Here's the narrative the narrative is. What if you don't concede see to my rules for the Senate trial because remember Schumer doesn't run the Senate? The Republicans have the majority McConnell. Does if you don't concede to my rules this was all a cover up up and it's not going to be fair and we're GonNa have to do something in the twenty twenty election again to rules. What does he want? Well this is where it gets hilarious. Obvious Schumer is in the minority in the Senate. He wants witnesses. What where does this we just? I know you're I know what you're thinking. Let me if I'm wrong. I know what you're thinking exists. Whatever didn't we just go through that on the house side and the impeachment phase? That's where you're supposed to get the witnesses. In order to impeach. Wait you forgot witnesses. And you're going to impeach him anyway so just let me be clear. Peterman hearing going right out there are missing. Witnesses and the Democrats mkx rats are teaching them anyway. That's at least the double bunks. Come on the double fewer repudiated sixty a triple baby. I got a little old unable to triple. I'm not sure this kind of a two point. Five appreciate you rounding Alpine give you mutley discretion. So it's up to you. Joe's going three. I would have went two point five a half monthly and I was kind of like Barstool Portnoy when he does his pizza. Thing I watched those religiously legislate for those. You know what I'm talking about. It's really funny. He guy but it's the pizza so just to be clear. Adam Schiff sleazeball liar. Just put what is through. What a month and a half of hearings where everybody in their mother control the Democrats control the House not the Republicans Republicans control the Senate? He brings up everybody in their mother including dude who heard it dude on the phone with another dude about a conversation about another dude. That really happened and remember the guy. I overheard sunlen talking to trump about a conversation. You had someone remember that one. Yes Sir yes. All of a sudden Schumer Dow Jo- gives oppressors. No Oh there's really more stuff out there and more witnesses we just haven't man. I got shift all over my Schumer's all over for the place. Now now joe it gets better because swing state and shoes me swing districts congressional congressional representatives Span Burger Abigail Fan Bergen Virginia Ben McAdams in Utah. Fake moderates who are really radical leftist. If BED NICK BEN MCADAMS ADAMS UTAH. And Utah's your representative. The Democrats vote him out. Spam Burger vote them out. Connor Lamb and Pennsylvania. Vote amount of. They're all on board for this impeachment. Eastman how Schumer said we don't have the witnesses come on just dopey limbs listening because you are dopey. I'm not kidding. Your stupidity is mind boggling to me. How do you reconcile those two things? How are your swing district? Strict Congressional representatives claiming to be moderate Democrats voting to impeach the president. Tomorrow there on the record. CONNOR LAMB MC Adams's if Schumer summer just acknowledged that they don't have the witnesses make it even worse shift could have waited to get the witnesses. Schumer wants bolt in and others John Bolton because the president saying hey executive privilege the case is working can its way through the courts who said no Joe Jeff no no. We don't WanNA wait. Wait wait let me get this straight. I'm losing my my mind here. So they're gonNa vote an impeachment tomorrow. The Democrat Party to Schumer or acknowledge they don't have the witnesses to do it because they don't have the information they can get the information if they'd wait because it's working its way through courts but they don't WanNa wait because they want to give it to Schumer folks if you're pulling your hair out and saying well the Democrats stupid. The answer is yes they are making it even worse. Oh it gets worse gets. Yeah Schumer's on the record. Because he was a congressman during the Clinton impeachment for saying there shouldn't be any witnesses in the Senate portion of the trial that that should happen in the house. He's on the record having said that Schumer is also on the record as I discussed yesterday or the Democrats I should say via Tom Daschle. who was the Senate leader? During the Clinton they are on the record as their staffs coordinating with the White House during the Senate trial of Bill. Clinton I want you to watch this clip without further ado of CNN. For some reason asking a real question. Hey Chuck you said in the Clinton impeachment that there shouldn't be witnesses in the Senate trial that that should happen in the house. Why are you changing your mind? Now despite the fact that Adam Schiff passed it off to you despite light Adam Schiff he could have waited on the witnesses. You're for now with chose not to watch this. This complete Liars Zero Schumer. Try to wiggle his way at a stunt he got the actual question from CNN. Check this out historically speaking. You also voted against admitting new evidence in to the Senate trial in nineteen eighteen ninety nine. Well that's because they jammed in other words what's different saying I in one thousand nine hundred. I don't want any evidence. No we don't know what you said. No new witnesses. Witnesses ninety nine. The Republicans could not negotiate a fair bunch of witnesses with the Democrats and just there was a fifty five. Forty five vote. That was because it wasn't a bipartisan negotiation negotiation. It should be now you again. You voted no for new evidence that now you're asking for new evidence in new. What I'm asking is there be fair air negotiation focused on the facts between McConnell? And I that that I would be I would expect Democrats and Republicans to support. I expect some of my Republican colleagues colleagues. When they see this letter will say that's fair but there is they don't want to be part of up? There is a difference in your mind between ninety nine now where we know no the difference in the whole basis of the of the situation but we should have the facts. Come out there was a whole report. Done the fact situation relation to leading up situation with Ken Starr totally different than now. This is this is this not one of the classic but thinking asking Actual Course Schumer if you watch it on youtube why you can hear him. Obviously the audio but youtube dot com slash Bongino police subscribe rod watches facial expressions. He's genuinely stunned. CNN is asking him a real question and he can't figure out why he's like wait guys on CNN. This propaganda network what are you doing away the host CNN with John. John I don't know his name. Sorry I actually interviewed with that guy quite. CNN used to appear on CNN before they turned into a total collusion hoax. How's that work? He says to him you what new witnesses. Now when the Clinton impeachment even happened you said absolutely no new witnesses on the other side. It should be handled in the house. You Change your mind on that and I would double down and asked these other questions. Why are you not lecturing now? Adam Schiff on why he shouldn't have waited for these witnesses instead he rushed it to you. And why are you not calling out your Democrat colleagues in the House especially those swing in district who are voting to impeach based on what you now. Openly acknowledging is a lack of evidence vokes. Of course there are no real answers through these questions other than because I'm Chuck Schumer and I'm a fraud. And Adam Schiff is a loser and a liar and I don't have anything else to tell you BINGO. There is no answer to this question question. They don't have any evidence. Schumer wants these new witnesses for one reason and one reason only he wants to make the president look bad on television Asian he wants to make the president look foolish. He wants to call out Mulvaney. This has nothing to do with evidence of a quid Pro Quo Ukraine gay. They put up their best witnesses. It all turned got to be a joke and a hoax in a forest. This is purely about embarrassment now. Literally updating on the Air I always have Fox on the Monitor Capitol Hill Right now now. McConnell just spoke Schumer's bloviating. Now I listen you know in the past. They've not been a huge fan of Mitch McConnell but I I listen I can't tonight is done some pretty solid things with the justices pointed out that the Supreme Court judges at the at the circuit appellate level. He's done some good stuff. He hasn't done anything to curb. Spending language kind of ticks me off. But that's a whole other story McConnell. Just shut his name. Bright Down Senator. Schumer speaks after McConnell Rejects Democrat witness slowest. Good for you Mitch Cocaine Mitch Strikes Again do not acquiesce or give one inch of ground to these total lying losers on the left they are not getting anything we run the Senate you get nothing Poi- peeing folks it doesn't doesn't matter. What McConnell does the narrative joe is already there of course? The narrative twenty twenties corrupted trump's already ready colluding we've already seen it and Schumer's narrative this whole trial was a cover up. The Republicans ran it. It doesn't matter header cocaine Mitch. Clearly gets that it doesn't matter there's nothing you can say to get them and their boot-licking in but kissing sycophantic disciples in the media to tell the story they will tell a story and the story they will tell you to one fed to them by the Democrats twenty two thousand. He's already a hoax. Twenty Twenty Camp Trump campaign legitimately and the whole Senate Anna Trials to cover. That's the only story they have. It doesn't matter. What McConnell does it's irrelevant? He could give Schumer every single witness. You know what they'll do joe. Oh No said we want more transcript more witnesses we want. It doesn't matter. Ignore these idiots job by Mitch crush these guys crush them give them exactly what they deserve. You know what that is nothing nothing. They are filthy liars. If lied about this case in this president from day one you will give them nothing. Conduct this trial lickety-split get it over in a day or a week and get this thing out of here though right the garbage and don't ever look back. It's not even a trial trial. It's a farce based on a hoax. Charge all right got a couple more things including you know. It's not funny because people lost their job. I don't mean to make light light of it. It's almost tragic but I've got a story about these lunatics at Fox. Vox and I've Fox. Vox V.. Like Victor left-wing left wing lunatics and. How liberalism is a cancer? Not just at the national level but the greatest enemy to liberalism is liberalism because when liberals else feel the effects of liberalism All of a sudden liberals don't like it. I've always told you. The greatest asset conservatism is not just that it works for conservatives but it works for liberals roles do liberals pockets get fatter that while let's get fatter their business opportunities increase their kids get better school choice options they get better healthcare options to control their own healthcare. You're the greatest joke about liberalism is on the liberal that when liberals are forced to embrace their own policies. They hate it. That's why there's a mass exodus from New York and California. Wait till I show you this coming up next about a really tragic backfire. Because people lost their jobs because liberals are more. It's just that simple. Finally last sponsored dates Tuesday busy spotless. I appreciate your patience and your support of our excellent sponsors. They're really great candid. Company candidate company really appreciate candidate companies any supporting the show visit candidacy A. N. D. DOT COM candid company. 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Joe Like we're trying to save you from yourself. Why don't you listen? Well it's regarding a story. I brought up a long time ago story was about Eb five which is a bill. Ab Five was a bill in California. That was meant to be to target. UBER now. Why were they targeting Uber? Well they were targeting Uber because unions which primarily donate money to Democrats. Don't like the fact that Uber Drivers lift drivers aren't classified as fulltime employee's. Why are they not classified as full time employees because they're not because it's in the GIG economy people who drive Uber sometimes have other job up sometimes? Don't sometimes their parents or teachers or whatever they want to make a few extra bucks on the weekend so you get what I'm saying. Unions don't like that because they need people to be classified as employees. He's wide Joe. So they can pay union. Dues Unions can then use to influence democratic politics to influence their their packages and their remediation packages fractures. Listen and I mean this when I say this. Unfortunately I got a caveat this conversation. I'M NOT ANTI-UNION I'm anti force and monopoly. Unions can do great great thing for their employees and many do you should not be forced to join one and they should not be pushing. People like Uber Drivers to join a union. They don't want to join because they're not employees please. They're not so liberal hacks and California decided to push this bill ab five that would reclassify Uber Uber and lift drivers Joe as employees of Ober. He well what they didn't take into account or did because they're really not that smart. Is that what you re classify contract employees who are just working by the job. Ten nine thousand nine type employees as full time or part art employs when they're not that it wasn't just going to affect Uber. At a lot of the companies that would then be forced to buy people as employees. I don't WanNa classify these people as employees. Because they're not they do specific jobs. They do contract work but they are not their individual contractors. So what happened. Who primarily effect? Well interestingly enough a lot of liberal writers journalists show are not classified as employees in California because they're not they submit pieces to maybe vox elsewhere and they submit pieces to other places well. They're not employees of oxygen to other left wing sites. I'm sure mother Jones and elsewhere. So let's get to the point on this one. This is a sad tweet. I'm not I don't mean to make lightest this woman. I never met her in my life. But she's a writer. Apparently this is from at M. S. and E.. Last name is Andy level. It's a woman she says quote and it's tweet just lost my ability to earn a living because a California assembly bill five. My freelance brokerage company says they'll have to let California authors go almost a decade of hard work on instant. I can't stop crying right before Christmas. HASHTAG AB fire folks. It's not a joke. I mean this show we can be sarcastic again. Pointing out. Liberal stupidity almost becomes humorous sometimes. Because they're so dumb and you tell them this is going to happen. This is not funny. I don't know this woman. I've never met her. I don't know from Adam love. I have no idea who this is I am only highlighting that tweet amongst many because without regard for political affiliation maters right before Christmas and this woman just lost their job precisely because liberals did that to her uber and lift and the GIG economy and California was working just fine before big government. Tyrannical police state liberals who cannot not get their damn hands out of your pocket. Your Wallet Your Business. Your Kid's education your health care decisions and everything else. They want to control how to step in before for the holidays and crap all over this woman and ruin her entire life right before the holidays. She got fired because the company cannot classify hers and employees. Because she's not. She is an individual contractor. If they classify IRS employees they get saddled with a bunch of payroll roll costs and expenses. They don't need of course she's not an employee. So what did they do rather than having to reclassify her her Joe. They fired her now. It's not just happening there. Here's a tweet from these left-wing imbeciles at Vox who actually supported this law. Look at this one. This is a screen shot of an article. They wrote a little while ago. GIG workers win. They kind of this is a win to them. Joe Why workers win and California's a victory for workers everywhere. Millions of people working without basic labor. Berber Texans Amazing job. All these people decided to work for Uber Without Labor Day. We're all being abused him. Just to be clear. The left wing idiots at Viacom talks with a V.. Supported this bill that got people fired before Christmas because they know better than you that you should be the an employee when you don't WanNa be well look at this interesting. CNBC peas. Vox media hundreds of freelance jobs. Ahead of changes in California -FORNIA GIG economy laws hat tip by the way Matt McCoy on twitter. Who I saw these two? Are these two headlines on taking everything in my soul right now the not I trump and F. bomb on my own show and bleep it out because I'm really You understand these people people are idiots right. You get that right. Stop tap actor. I'll make fun of him. No make fun of them. They are colossal Lasso. Morons everyone with a functioning. Frontal Lobe told California imbecile liberals. This was going to happen everyone again. I said a functioning frontal lobe. It doesn't include other liberals. Everyone was saying moderate. Democrats moderate Republicans it's conservatives Libertarians. Warn them you are going to get massive numbers of people fired and these liberal April. buffoons did it anyway. Right before the holidays. And you'll continue. Can you devote amendment. You'll continue to vote him in in California. It's as if you are you almost don't know any better. And by the way that excludes lose the same people and there were many. I've traveled to California a lot and I love the people out. There have never been given a problem in California ever given more problems in New York where I grew up. California does not include you to the morons you will continue to decimate and wreck and destroy the lives of the people who live in that great state to shame. Your stupidity is mind Boggling Fox. We support the Bill Fox. We got to let you go way. Didn't you support that bill. Yeah you're fire stupid. How stupid are you? Here's another one at Bongino report Mesa issue. It's not me it's my company. I don't run the whole. Oh fake Bongino report handles. We have a twitter account for the Bongino report. The conservative alternative to the drudge report. It's conveniently it's at Bongino reports. I WANNA follow us. Matt found something interesting article up in the hill left leaning the hill so New York is decided to good idea. The state of New York to allowed in New York illegal illegal aliens in the country illegally to get driver's licenses. So the hell is. This article would video where the lines are around the corner to go get the driver's licenses. Some of you watch it on. Youtube can read so mad at Gina. Report Dot something interesting. He said isn't this. Are the same argument made by the Liberals who will also tell you. It's impossible for someone who obtain Ada vote photo. Id to vote so just to be clear. Great Point that brilliant New York City Liberals we need to give illegals driver's licenses same New York liberal listen black and Hispanic voters are really not smart enough to go get a photo idea in their own way. What what how is it? Not How is that not racist. How was it not racist for liberals to take that position? I'm serious Fu. Nobody ever says that about white voters so if we institute voter ID you're suggesting justice black and Hispanic voters can't figure it out but white voters could. How is that not racist and then when you let illegals get driver's licenses the lines around the corner? They've figured it out no problem so now you're not only suggesting that it joe it's not they're not just raise their their racist against American citizens because what they're suggesting is people here illegally are smart enough to figure it out which they clearly are there around the corner to get driver's license. But American citizen Hispanics and black black voters dare not smart enough to figure it out again explained to me liberals. I know you can't because you're really not smart explained to me how how that's not racist then. You shouldn't insult now I will thank. You appreciate your feedback. Not Interested I told. Would you this a thousand times. I'm not trying to talk liberals into anything. We're never going to get them on our side. They're not on your side. They hate this country they hate everything about it. I'm done with them. We are not talking to them. We're talking to moderate Democrats. May You may insult them to listen if you believe any of this stuff. I'm sorry you're not a moderate anyway. You're a radical radical America hating leftist. You just got people fired before Christmas. You're insinuating that black and Hispanic make Americans can't figure out how to get a photo. Id and you're trying to suggest to me that conservatives racist you may get the theme here at the end which will highlight with a piece of good news. A great piece washed them. Examiner up at the show today. Strongly encourage you to check it out. Black voters support for trump Paul Dr Watson December at the highest levels and could seal twenty twenty win suggesting to do you ladies and gentlemen that Black Voters Hispanic voters are starting to figure out that the real racists are on the left we don't engage in conservatism and the soft bigotry of low expectations. -tations to quote George W Bush. We don't expect anything less of black and Hispanic Americans. We expect out of Asian or white Americans because they're no different. It's the same gene code folks it's inherently racist and stereotypical to say otherwise and I strongly believe black. Voters are starting to figure this out. Check out this piece. From Paul Bernard listen to this. In head-to-heads against Joe Biden trump receives twelve percent of the black vote against Senator Bernie Sanders. It was fourteen fourteen percent against Senator Elizabeth Warren. It was seventy percent of the black vote. You may say well that doesn't sound like a lot on this and the next line those levels are the best for GOP president or candidate since nineteen sixty eight. Black voters are figuring it out folks you got played by a bunch of racists liberals who think so little of you. They think you can't even figure out how to get a driver's license while they acknowledge Collagen applaud for illegal aliens. Who figured it out on day one? That's how little they think again. You will always always be welcome here. Our movement does not discriminate on the Melanin content. That your skin the God you worship where you were born. We believe in God given rights of everyone everyone you are always welcome on this show always welcome in our movement one final note folks. I know overly I don't want to go over the hour. But I do get a lot of emails from addicts and stuff around the holidays. Drug addicts is. This is obviously been an issue in my family on the show. Many times I don't too many particulars was Joe's dealt with it in the past and it's something very sensitive to both of us. I just want you to understand again. You're always welcome here and I saw something this morning from an old friend of mine growing up about a battle battles haven't with a family member and you know. Listen all I can tell you is. It's tough man. I know it but know that people care are about you. They care about you during the holidays and they wanNA desperately you recover. You're always welcome here. God loves you I care about got you. I read your emails. I know it's hard. It's not easy but you're always welcome here. I got an email. I kind of touched me a little bit about that so just before we leave. I just want to let you know that you'll always have a home here. I know what you're struggling with. Its daily and around the holidays. You know people give a damn about you. They do all right folks. I will see you all tomorrow. Police Subscriber Youtube Channel YouTube dot com slash Bongino. If you don't mind checking us out there we really appreciate it. Catch your tomorrow and Merry Christmas. We should say that every day liberals crazy you just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcasts. On itunes soundcloud and follow Dan on twitter. Twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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Ive never had A Bad Day  Episode 6


1:04:38 hr | 1 year ago

Ive never had A Bad Day Episode 6

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. Www dot I'd passed a troy dot com before information. Good afternoon happy Friday. This is Doc Sloan. Welcome to I never had a bad day and With this in the studio today as Sharon and Stacy's kind of our moderator and MC as loan and she has we have a special guest with us today. Stacey was introduced Jason. Jason Tracy is here from roar consulting and I met Jason last year because I was in a mastermind group of business owners that was put together by a friend. Actually my former boss Rene Lewis and her husband. And that's where I met Jason and I was immediately blown away by how enthusiastic Jason was. How excited he was but my And how much he brought to the group in especially in relation to somebody that I was sharing an office space with. He really help John to turn the corner with his business and John has talked about that several times so together. We Are First Official coaching. That's right that's right. He told me that he was going to work with you. So excited about that. Oh good good your appointment. That's fantastic. That's Awesome Awesome so sales coaching by Jason Tracy and were consulting so roar. Roar like Ryan. Like I'M GONNA eat your face a lion roar consulting so I can talk about Jason for a while but it's better if Jason Talks about himself and talks about his business and And his background. What when we met two weeks ago. Three weeks ago N. Jason Office. I had never heard Jason's story from the beginning of how he was out looking for a job and The little voice inside told him to stop somewhere. Out OF RISE IN STORE. And if you don't mind telling that story again it'd be really cool for the audience to hear that story. Yeah I was I was at this point in my life and I was in my early twenties. Had had a pretty crazy life to that point anyways in But I was that a real big financial crisis in Was in a relationship with With the girl and our relationship was related Iraqi rocky spot. I knew that was going to be ending. And I was out looking for jobs because as a community organizer for this company and they came to me and said we ran out of funding. It's a nonprofit ran out of funding for you to stay in Detroit. So we're GONNA need to move to Iowa if you want a job you're gonNA have to stay in Iowa or you're going to pick up and move to Iowa and I'm like all I know about Iowa's cornfields and that's not me. Let me go out and look for jobs. Got My resume out and I started passing out resumes at all these different jobs and I went into. I used to sell cell phones at this point in my in my career and so I had some good stuff on my resumes I worked for some companies had some good results at these and so I went into a sprint store. And they're like Oh yeah. We're looking for an assistant manager. You're you look like you're fit all this experience it's fantastic. We'll give you a call next week. We're GONNA fast. You're going to be in so I was all pumped up like all right. I'm going to get an assistant manager. Job Life GonNa Start. Turning around for me a little bit and get on solid ground in as I was driving out of Fenton. I saw this little tiny verizon store packed away in this little tiny plaza. And you thought you know what I might as well stop in even though I've got this shoe in down the road at sprint. I might. It'll stop in and drop off a resumes. I dropped his resume off and get back on the expressway and started driving back home in Flint Flint. I get all the most all the way home. I get this call from this guy and his like. Hey Dude Dina. I'm over here at this. That the verizon stories like I don't come to the store very often. It's my lowest performing store. I don't come here very often but I really want need somebody. I like your resume. Can you come back here in an interview with me? And so. That's sure why not? I turned my car around. I go and interview with this guy and he hired me on the spot. We'd agreed interview. I could tell right away that you know. There's a connection with the sky. And as I started working with him I realized he was the guy you know. We all look for the guy. We all look for very own. Yoda or you know so I had all I've read. All these books went to all these seminars. I started to dig myself out of a lot of issues but I didn't have that person to really push me to be a mentor to be a mentor but to be a mentor and And so I met this guy instantly. I'm like he has what I want in. So he's he's like everything that I want to be in so I like. I'm going to go and work at the store and I'm just going to stay close to this guy is used as close as possible and that that was what kind of that kind of that literally changed my entire life right so you said when we were talking a couple of weeks ago that he up until that point there was something about you that he really helped you change so he helped you a stop seeing yourself as a victim which I wanNA spend some time talking about that the other thing that you said that he taught you was how to Control the conversation when it comes to sales and to home the sales process for you so I definitely want to talk about that and the third day I want to talk about is I want the audience to hear all about the success that you had as a result of taking this job because then you went on and you turned the super low performing store around and so on and so on and so on leading up to the the place where you're at today. Yeah yes we start with the victim mentality and that was mentioned a little bit ago. Just kind of coming out of a struggle. My whole entire life I. I grew up in an abusive household. My father was a very abusive guy in to the point in us. I believe it with all that we all have lions inside of us in. Its our choice or not. Whether we're going to go out there and you're right. We all can go out there enroll in so that's the big part of. Why new ride. Why what I'm doing when I was a kid. I believe that I was worthless. I believed you say it's funny. The podcast like I've never had a bad in my life. That's not true bad days there have been some bad days. In in that time I was such a victim. I believe that every failure in my life was because I was meant to be this loser right. I was met. My Dad told me I was. I was dumb stupid. Nobody would love me. Everybody would think that I was losing my whole life. And you know and I believed it with everything that I had insulin. People is funny how you perceive things when people would talk to me. I felt like they were talking to me because they had a mood. Alterior motive and so. I just kind of got myself really guarded to the point like first grade in first grade. I literally made myself sick to my stomach almost every day. I tried to Miss School every day and when I did go to school I stayed inside like when we went out to recess. I stayed inside looking outside the door because afraid of the kids in the playground and free so free afraid of one particular kid because somebody told me this this kid at two fingers and he was kind of funny looking in a first grade and five all these years in somebody on the playground told me if that kid touches you you'll you'll look just like them for the whole entire first grade year I had to. I had to have my tonsils out because they thought there was something wrong with me. He was just mentally. I was making my Cell Soda. Victimized single day so we're going on manifesting their I've manifesting it. Yeah you know looking back at it now. I can see that. It's really cool to lessons that you have if you go back and you reflect on on your life when you get out of that victim victim mentality so we got to a point sixth grade. My GRANDPA was my biggest hero. He was like strong character in my life and in my dad like I said it was a very abusive guy but he was afraid of my my grandpa in so my grandpa was like my hero in when I was in sixth grade. He got cancer and he was just as tough guy that you know. We believed everything that he was gonna live. And so I was always there I was. I was with them by aside At at the House and constantly taking care of them and One Day my dad picked me up from school and I've never seen him this happy. Like I thought you were going to Disneyworld. What's going to happen very so? He's so happy and he looks at me. And he said your GRANDPA's a goner. He was told today that the cancer moved with brain and he only has a few days to live. He's going to die and he's not happy about his father. It was not with my mom. My mom his father in law father in law but he was. I knew I looked up to him how much I hated him. He knew that he protected us. All these things and I don't know I I look back now and I feel really sorry for my dad. My Dad was forty two years old when he committed suicide in. And I at like where. I'm at bike man. How sad is that? Like you know an amazing grandson like he didn't know. Look I feel like I feel like I've made a lot of myself brother. He's so successful and he's doing a lot of really cool things and just what he missed out on like he literally said in his garage includes the garage door and said. I don't have anything to live for. You know like nobody loves me. And that's really sad all this time being a victim. I thought all these things were poor me. Poor me had Italy circumstances but the fact that matters I found out over time as people pushed me and I really started studying myself at all. Those things are so vulnerable for always so afraid of actually all my strength. Well I really Matha. What a story. What's amazing about what you're saying about? Your Dad is that he gets them. The garage closes the door and says nobody loves me. And when you're talking about manifesting so you're manifesting making yourself sick. I believe that we have a story that we are determined to make true so far stories that nobody is. GonNa love me every action that you do is going to cause people to not love you. So if that was his story he was living that out. He was abusing you and your family and he. It was hard to love him because he was so empowered midnight last week. He got what he was manifest. Avoid got what angry in fact to the point where I said you know. What if he ever died? The only reason I'd go to funerals to make sure that he was dead. Oh my God I believe that every core of my art and when he died when I was twenty three years old and living up in the. Up My mom called me and said I just got a little bit. He committed suicide and he died. I literally went to the funeral just to make sure he was dead. That anger is no longer inside of me because I can sit and think about like. Wow what caused him in his life. That and I know he had a rough childhood. He had an abusive father. These things going on and he just wasn't strong enough to see the light and so he treated this way this pattern and that's just who he became and obviously he wasn't happy with themselves to the point where he ended his life right. Yeah and that commitment to make his. We have to make our stories true. Yes the power of the subconscious. Mind so you had been living in this manner you meet Dean and something about him teaches you that you're not a victim you're somebody who can overcome. What was it about Dean? That helped him or helped you to get past that so let me back up a little bit. Because I was on this path to I we talked about before is all about people. People come into your life in people. You agreed as resources. I've read a lot of books of renter. A lot of seminars have been the tapes and you know that I've had the ruling university. I've been a salesperson. Got The ruling university in my car. I'm doing the PEP talks right Some somebody earlier. I Read Rich Dad. Poor Dad and you'll notice that did from us make me. That made me very defiant employees so good at work and think like owner or do or like. You can't tell me anything and it but the thing is I had to have a learning curve like if no one can tell me anything how am I ever GonNa Learn how to be an entrepreneur? How could I ever get from? I can't come here from being so poor and being broke minded not understanding how to rub two nickels together to like all of a sudden owning a business and being successful business owner. So that's where Dean comes in. Because I had good friends introduced me to personal development I had some really cool entrepreneurial friends that I had met came along with. It really inspired me to. This is what I want to do. But they weren't successful either. They were building their own businesses. They were having their own failures. When I met Dean he had what I wanted. He had what I wanted so I was very receptive. Well excuse me Jason. You you said a key thing where we met you off that a wonderful two hours. I came in thinking. Meet this guy for half an hour. And you know you've heard of the song dueling. Banjos is this was like dueling salesman. It was like we weren't really trying to outdo each other. I was just like I was so impressed with him. And he had so much to offer and And we were very very like minded but at the same time had different points of view. Different we came from different places but ended up in the same place that makes absolutely and What you said about Dean was. He taught you to think like an owner. I just do what you put it. Even though you weren't one jeff and that is the thing with me is. I learned to think like an owner when I was nineteen. Yeah because I had this nurturing father and a mother and I had a different circumstance so I had a but I was motivated by not poverty but being broke we weren't broke and so go ahead. I didn't mean but I want you to go into work. You talked about deny you taught you think like an owner. That's so that was so cool to me to see that because I never had to. I never had to make a switch. Yeah I just always thought that way. Yeah that's amazing. Yeah I I always think so he he would constantly come in and push me in so first off. Nobody ever believed in media to promote me to a manager before so I was going along and I made it in my mind that I'm going to get this guy to notice me in so I did everything that I possibly could and I come from knocking on doors and Detroit and having guns put to my head right so like I've been through some stuff to work in a retail store or you're going to make some phone calls the phone calls like that's not a problem. I'll make the phone call so I'm sitting in says make no your vitamin. Because he said nobody slap in the face when you ask for the order. Yeah well this case. You're getting guns putting your face really really and then try to knock ACA free. I'm walking down to like in really rough streets in Detroit and I remember this Cadillac. One day and Guy Roles in the window. And he's like son. What are you doing down here? White guy down here since nineteen eighty five in. That didn't end good. Like what are you doing here? But you have to act on afraid but you know so. I broke your train of thought so making sales calls the fear. Isn't there as much as what it would. It would have been you know not having those experiences and so I'm going to grind it out. I WanNa make the best out of this opportunity. I see what I could potentially have here. I get this guy to notice me because he's already told me. I don't come to this location very often in so the guy next to me. There's one guy that works there and this guy snoring under the desk. He's sleeping every day. We have satellite. Tv in the Stewart because we sold bitch share satellite dish network whatever watching TV and everything. And I'm like Hofland working on the phones and so I was able to doing community events I setting up. Expos is doing whatever I could to get this guy to notice me in in the store started making progress however this was a really losing location before me. There was one guy that worked there seven days. A week in barely fed him. You know so. This is a really struggling location. I'm kind of getting the writing on the wall to closing down me and my girlfriend go through a break-up and I remember telling her my exact game plan or what is GonNa do and I'm like this is awesome. This is all working out for a reason and everything you know so dean. I guess to come full circle. He gave me that opportunity instead. I believe in you to be a leader but then when I got out there it was so hard to take what I was doing to be accessible salesperson and get other people to believe it and do it and so I was going out and doing everything and he'd come in and you'd like he would find dust under a gum ball machine. Why wasn't this and I'd have so much anxiety when you'd come out in he would do it. Go and do everything. And you'd get he jason. You'RE GONNA end up going to end up having a heart attack here. You'RE GONNA end up like working yourself to death. He's like. I'm not telling you to do it right. I'm telling you it needs to get done. They're two different two different meanings. You know the big story and there's a lot of it. The a lot of stories of the biggest story is because I was reading that costing US having a lot of success in the store and I took this story. We're still invent stood this no I got promoted to a management position to lansing. Oh that was a store that was also an underperforming store. The store was rose underperforming the worst in the company outside of the one that they just closed down working at. So I go out there. And they advising literally the Verizon Agent Verizon that we're GONNA take we're GONNA pulverize and we're gonNA pull ourselves out and you're going to have a store anymore if you don't get manager in there and fix the situation and it was a bad store in so I go in there in selling right away. Now I gotta get a team got to build a team. I had a lot of accessories out of the gates. Just because I interjected myself and as you can tell a lot of I'm a ray of energy. You know I'm like let's go so things are happening then. It came time to building a team so too so dean is on me. I built the store and it was not only became the best company of the highest. Grossing Store in Michigan Indiana Kentucky. Something really feeling myself at this point but I'm still a doer. I'm still employees and still. I'm still not everything. I'm not thinking like an owner in a you know what I'm delegating a little bit but I still not completely comfortable with it so I had a huge problem making deposits and I'm in the South Side of lansing which isn't the best area in the world. We had a lot of break INS in not only that but they pay a lot of bills paid in cash. I have a lot of cash sitting in my store and it would be easy to get five six days worth of deposits but my justification in my head is. I'm selling so much that I'm so busy that I'm here all day. That all oops I forgot the deposit who cares and I'm being very careless like that and I'm thinking they owe me look what I've done for this company right right so one day I get get an email from the owner rob. Who Barely knows me? Who's barely said? Thank you Jason for coming into my company and resurrecting what we have going on. Because I'm really feeling cocky at this like look at all I've done for you and I get this email from rob that basically tells me that he's going to fire me like who are you the crap you know. Basically like that he was like. I'm here with Dean Right now. We're in Las Vegas and he's in a hotel room. He's not even allowed to have fun. I'm chewing him out. Why shouldn't I fire him if he can't control you? You're not making these deposits is costing me a lot of money. He was like. Why can't you get attention for details? Maybe leadership isn't for you well and I get. This message is the end of the workday. My have employees with me and I'm trying trying that fume because I've learned that you know I can't let employees see me have these emotions in being negative about the company because then they're going to think now they can riot too so trying to control my emotions and I just WanNa tell rob off like who are you. Who Do you think you are? Did you see what I did your store? Did you see what I've done for your company because now the company's modeling themselves off from what I'm doing in this store so you're a whole entire companies now having success because a me in the first interaction you have with me isn't to say Jason. Your God is to you. Suck and you're gonNA fire me fire me. I'm like I'm I'm I'm like us right. The victim the victim though dictum I go home and I just keep thinking about it in the more and more I think about it. I'm like what would I want the outcome to be? Do I just WanNa be store manager. Do I just WanNa be just the top salesperson do I. What do I want office in? When I realized what I wanted didn't match not being able to do the little things not having that ownership mentality not understanding that okay. I make this company a lot of money but if I'm not putting it in the bank not actually making the company a lot of money in if they paid on payday. They told me that they didn't put my check in the bank. I would be very angry. So why wouldn't actually think those thoughts that's amazing? This is why you are who you are because most people they never get to that level even think that way it was. It was like a lightbulb. A switch it changed my life that night. I literally pulled out a notebook and I laid out Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. I laid out the whole entire week and then I made a list of everything in the store that needs to be done. Everything where there's training development making sales calls cleaning the bathroom making deposits. Whatever needed to be done in that location to make it the best location ever. I had on the list and then I sorta chunking it out and I made a system so I had mondays. Do this Tuesday through this. There's this and then I started okay on Mondays. Matt's GonNa do this and Jason's going to do this and then I got a follow up and so this isn't done inspect what you expect. Respect Marine Corps So if it's not done my mentor. Taught me this like if if someone in your team doesn't doesn't do what you ask them to do. You call them at the most inconvenient time. So this Guy Matt and He's literally sitting at home at nine thirty and like hey did you. Did you press that inventory? Did you send that inventory out like you said you were going to like Jay? No I didn't I forgot like I'm GonNa need you to get there first thing in the morning and process that out. I caught people like that a couple of times in my life a little bit inconvenient. Because they didn't do what they said they were going to do and just kept following up. It took it was. It was two weeks of the hardest weeks I've ever put it in because everybody's boycotting okay. How long when you start putting process in place people rebel right because they think okay? This is just something that you're going to keep this up those companies. Do that most managers do that. We're going to do this new hot button thing in. We'll do it for two weeks. And they'll slowly fade off and status quo right. Once you get through that period in you stay consistent and you do. It becomes a machine so literally I as somebody today. I got to a point where I could. I didn't feel comfortable ever doing this before. Leaving my store I got comfortable. I went on a week and a half vacation and I came back and I'm like Oh my God. The store did better without me. That's amazing right like that's really cool. I know everything got done. I had people reporting to me while I was out there. These are things getting done that you have to read them. I just knew that they were getting done. You know so that it changed. It changed so that actually wasn't the dean that did that guy named rob. Well Okay so. This is a funny story so later on down the road there we had a contest to go to Las Vegas and this is another trip to Vegas in between me and another guy another high performing manager Indian came to me and say or came and said we're going to have a contest and you have to write an essay and of why using you deserve to go. Go to Vegas with me. Why you think that you're my right hand guy in so I wrote this this e mail of what I was to get out of the conference what I could get out of it. Why thought that I was the person and I told this story. This very sturgis told you of my metamorphosis and because after this things just lit on fire became the best the top. The top the DIRECTV verizon agent in the whole entire country we were just smoking it. I had people making six figures selling cell phones. It's really funny. I had the dean of business. A bigger college come into my Come into my store one day. Try to tell us why we all need to go back to college because I don't have a college degree so he's giving me just tap talk. Might have guys driving a Porsche in the meantime. I'm like I asked Dean like. Do you want to buy that phone? He's like oh I got to wait for my check to come like Jason to give you a loan or give you alone. You know like the bigger college feel like you coming into pep talk today but because it's retail that we're not doing very well right but it could be a top producer. Anything you could never do surrounded if you have the very structure place well very neat so you vegas so I so I go to Vegas. So did you gotta say one because my essay was killer. Because I told this story. Nobody know like you said it's one percent right at the top one percent or ten percent or whatever people actually have these thoughts and I. I was only one of the company that had these thoughts in in so I I one. We landed the plane. We're driving to the to the Convention Center and he's like Dean. My Mentor. Looks like do you want to hear a funny story? I sent you that email and rob email really. So he's like I. I've told you he was like I told you so many times. I've had so many conversations with you. You weren't listening to me. Rob Start Getting on my case. I said Gimme your computer. And you took rob's computer in his email tightened email so it was actually sent me the email from rob's email. Isn't that NEAT? Isn't that great story? Yeah what a great story. Yeah that's cool so you go to vegas you come back and eventually you leave and you go somewhere else. Yeah Yeah so actually a big turn in Vegas is a big conversation. I was having the Dean while we were in the Cabbie asked me what I wanted to do and I said I wanna be you. I WanNa have multiple stores. I WANNA be measuring a bunch of people. I WANNA I WANNA take this company to the next level in. I don't WanNa just be a manager anymore like I don't want to just be in one location. I don't WANNA be selling on the sales floor every day. I WANNA I wanna be doing big things. And he was like that's great but that's what I'm doing and there's really not a need for that at this point and like all right and you know at the same time. I was happy and making more money than I've ever made in my life and I'm in Vegas and so we're having a good time and you know like I got home though in a certain realize that I want more. In so dean. Did me a huge favor and is really funny. I didn't huge favor. But he thought I was GONNA fail so he's going to get back getting back favor and he connected me with this lady or is she was going through. A transition of buying a company from her from from the owner of she was a managing partner. And she's trying to buy out. Her partner gives you had ran the company into bankruptcy and he was business big cell phones cell phones cellphone store in so they were told by the banks by verizon by everybody either file bankruptcy and get out. Because you're so far gone that it's going to be really hard to climb out you can sell your assets and sell what you have all your building sell your people. Whatever you have an inventory to another agent which is out dean came along. Dean was talking to them being robber talking to up to Debbie about buying their company and that didn't work out and so she dead. This was the guy that was sick right. Her partner hurt her partner was sick he'd he had made a lot of bad decisions. It's really this is a long story in itself. I heard this story on the way back from Indianapolis and it could be a movie. It's got sex drugs. Rock all a lot of crazy spending fraud in the government. All kinds of dollar is a really good movie but in this is where we're at the company this guy literally came to the company and said the retail. He've he was building something else and putting money into something else in and he literally came to the to the retail company and said you guys are second class citizen. You may not have inventory and I don't really care about you. I'm doing this other thing and that's literally the message you gave them. So the culture say to speak was not great but debbie was such an amazing kind heart huge energy dean introduced me to her and said Hey She's GonNa need help. She she wants to go out on her own. And she wants to rebuild this and the only person I could think of in the world besides me. That could help her. Do this is you and so I'm going to introduce you to you. Guys can take it from there and so I sat down to the Debbie and one of the first things. Debbie told me. Is You know what I don't know how I'm GonNa pay you. Dean told me to not tell you this. I don't know how many pay you because we're so far in debt but I need you. I need you so bad. And so. She showed me her numbers. I jumped into a system. I started understanding where I can make a difference right away and I said Okay give me percentage of the Prophet of these are these things and I'll come in in. You know I can hit the ground running and so I did. That was that was in two thousand nine. Okay right in the right. Is the recession right. We're right at the recession. She's about to join a franchise to try to set the the the sleet clear but she's renegotiating with the bank. She's doing the things in the background to make sure we can get our debt in structure in place in in in control and then my job is to make sure we're selling so we have money to come in to pay that but also to pay employees to keep with Dickie Nego into this to build a sustainability. We have three locations. One is just a nightmare that we can ever get up we. We ended up closing it down. We could never get it out the ground at the two locations start rushing it. Where were they located in Ann? Arbor ones and Ann Arbor Ypsilanti. The technical addresses on carpenter road without Jackson and we we hit the ground running and just lit it on. Fire was an amazing experience. I learned a tremendous amount But what I was able to take from Dean would I learn leadership and having that ownership mentality it literally just plug that in and then fell on my face a lot and learned a whole lot better. By the end of the day you grew three hundred percent the first year while We grew over two hundred percent the next year and we were constantly and grew by two thousand fifteen we had eight locations in. We were Franchisee of the year. Across the franchise so overcrowded five hundred owners. And the franchise is the first time because the franchises based out of New England is the first time in franchise history that franchise out of the New England area had one Franchisee of the year. The first time in company history that a female owner won the award so it was a goal of mine to break up that 'cause I watched every year I went someone from New England. Someone from New England guy wouldn't last year. Seen people are winning it so my goal was we need. We need to politics. We need to hit numbers. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the biggest guy to ever bodybuild. Exactly but when you say bodybuild who do you think or because he had the charisma politics he could build his brand he. He had a all he had the body but he could do. You could shit talk with the best of them. He knew it all so we build up we. That's what we do. And so we one Franchisee of the year two thousand fifteen. It wasn't even our best year. Which was really cool. So yeah it was it was a it was a good time and eventually you decided that you were ready to leave and go out on your own. Would I realize that is that I love coaching people and impacting their lives? And like I said earlier. I believe that everybody has that Lyon inside and my biggest strength is empathy is a big difference between empathy and sympathy. And I'll get into that. My biggest strength is empathy empathy. Because I've been in everybody's shoes at a struggled or I can understand what I might not have had your struggle but I can understand what it'd be like. I've been through an abusive relationship. You know having abusive father up Ben dirt poor living in apartments my whole life. I have had financial craziest of define myself. But my credit score of had visions on had from your possessions. Had All these things and so I've had so many people come to me. That are you know. I don't know if you know this. The salespeople in the most people in the world most disorganized most disorganized you spend time with a salesperson and you understand. There's some there's some dysfunction going on in there and so I was sitting down on these people all the things that I was so vulnerable up vulnerable about and didn't want to tell anybody realizing those are my strength people. It'd be like I feel like you understand. I do I do understand so. This is the difference. Being sympathy and empathy. Sympathy is like Stacey. I understand where you're I had the same exact problem I feel so bad for you. Go home and take a nap. You know what don't make calls today. I can understand your in a in a bad situation. Come in tomorrow. And maybe we'll get go tomorrow. Empathy is like Stacey. I understand where you've been in. I know how to get better. I know how to how to get you in the spot that you need to be. I know how to rebuild. Your confidence is not going to be going home so pick up your shit. Stop being opposed to go. I'm sorry I'm reflecting on what John Likes Advice. You have the John Advice so go go like let's go you know and and you gotTa pick it up. I no one's going to help me. You GotTa help yourself right right so you decided to leave and you went out on your check didn't she? Yes so she. She invested in me she said. I know that you've always wanted to start your business. My the owner of the company Debbie who is a good friend of mine. She knew that was ready to go. there's also some things that are coming down. She'd went through a divorce and some different things going on. That were good timing. Her kids were not older. This the debt was all paid down the things that she was doing of now opened up so she felt like she could take my role a little bit more and In his the perfect timing and so she's like I know that you want to go search business and you've given me so much that I wanna give this back to you in do what you you know if you need to go get a job in duparc business part time or whatever you WANNA do. I knew that if I went and got a job in trying to do this part time I wouldn't do it. That was the reason why I hadn't did it before I was. I was too safe comfortable. I can't walk away from this. I had already gotten myself to a status that all my life all I wanted to do when I was in high school. I just wanted to make sure that I was never in the welfare line. I wanted to make sure that my kid at a house. I wanted to make sure that we had a vehicle. I wanted to make sure that we went on vacations. I wanted to make sure that I could be the best ad ever and provide the best experience. I could be the best husband. I could provide different things that I'd always wanted in my life in so being at a point where I got that in my biggest I with my wife and my son how could I ever walk away from something on making six figures to go and start my do what I've always wanted to do right. I've got my family. I gotTa Take Care of if I go out and starve and I don't get built my business. How do I do that? And that's fear failure that's when your failures basic fears and then you also have the situation. Where Joe Carlo? You don't know who he is an author. He wrote a book years ago. Called the Lazy Man's way to Richardson was a grabber title. And one of the titles subtitles of the book was most people are too busy. Earning a living to make any real money. And that was you even though you're making one hundred thousand dollars a year. It's not what you needed to be whenever you wanted to be your monkey hanging onto the peanuts inside the jar and we'll open up his hand to get his hand out of the jar while the guy's cup club them to death would like. What are the peanuts right? And you think about even like how our society set up and serve as a completely different ramp. I like when people go to college that you go to college in then you get in credit card debt and you're in all this debt in coming to be a doctor and you. Can you have people that are so that? I have a lot of money that are doctors. But how much debt do they have going in? They can't not be a doctor right. They've got to be a doctor for the rest of their life because they've got to pay off all those and then you have a nice house and you're driving really nice car in. At what point can you quit? Can't you've built up this lifestyle the more money you have the more you fat strongest strong in America? Yes strong strand in the world. They get US hooked right away. So that was the big thing dean had was he didn't have like I never. I didn't think that I could climb. Any ranks. Didn't have that college degree in. That was a big thing that we didn't talk about before Dean with somebody that I saw making it in business and entrepreneurship. That was my personal connection that I didn't go to college. In fact he was like he had a twin brother and he was like meet my twin brother way to college. I didn't I started off working in business. I started waiting tables serving. I've worked my way up in the restaurants and then from the restaurants got you know I. I've worked in the leadership and then I'm here and I've been able to really build a nice career. And he was like. My brother was fifty thousand dollars in debt. After four years he was like I at fifty thousand dollars saved up one hundred thousand dollar swing meantime. I have experience. I've learned how to lead in that four years where he's now coming out that degree learning theories absolutely so talk a little bit about Your Business. Yes so I work. I coach entrepreneurs and professionals Again it's it's it's finding binding that Lyon right finding that line inside. I work with people that are tired of the status quo or a style tired. They've had his passion this purpose. They've won start a small business or they started a small business and they've had a little bit success but they know there's more in something's holding them back. It's that fear is limiting beliefs. Or maybe they don't know to still they don't know how to lead or manage their team and they're trying to scale their business and it's hard to develop those teams so. I work with these people. I've through coaching Through training Working on my mindset working how to communicate what's your difference And you mentioned too. You have Because you can do all this coaching but then you teach people how to develop a process which I think is really important because if people come for all the training and the coaching but they don't have a way to start applying it and have a tangible plan that they can execute. It doesn't really matter that they got the training and the coaching. So can you talk a little bit about this is my whole system is mindset communication and then and then system or process and so again you've overcome certain beliefs to shift your lenses. Sometimes I had to shift my lens and becoming a leader. Dean did that for me shift in my Lens. That's that's we have to work on that a lot communicating. How you're different but then any. We talked about this earlier when I talked about building the process to to to build that machine where my company just all of a sudden everybody was doing these things because I set up these expectations and Monday through Friday. We did this you know Monday we did. This is very important to lay out a system in order to create consistency. If I work with somebody and I coached them in this happens. I coach. Somebody wants they feel. Oh my God. I'm healed they. Run out there that make a couple sales John last year right HE I. We talked he was like. Oh my God. If you'll healed. He ran out. He made a couple sales. Life feels good And then all of a sudden you're comfortable again. Everything slid you know like it's now it's peaks and Valleys. You're going up and down You have to commit in plug in system to know. This is what you're doing every single day. It's a plan. I know where I'm going right on it so funny that you say that. Because when I saw him on Wednesday he was like I met with Jason. It was awful. It was awesome off. The drive is awesome but he was wiped out like he was like He. He couldn't even put a sentence together by the time that I saw him he was just like. Oh my gosh that was like rigorous that you really like go through this this thing and emotions this mindset you're starring develop the mindset and I was like that's so cool and he said I don't remember exactly what he said. But he had alluded to that. Things had like Ben in decline and I was like wait a minute. I thought you said that last year was the best year that you had had and he was like well. Yeah it was but now it's now and I was like. Oh right and that's exactly I didn't think about what you're saying. Is that they use on this high of. He'd got himself on this trajectory and that worked out. And then so you think about someone goes to the you know they sit there new year's resolution. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa go to the gym so that you healthy. They go to the gym but they don't really have. It laid out the process. They're just going whenever they feel like it or not doing particularly any particular broke out and they're doing Dodi Diet. Whatever it is you plug it in you do it. You Lose Weight. You feel good and then you stop doing stuff doing the stuff the stuff that you got you got you. They're all of the other stuff that got you to the place where you needed to go to the gym on the Diet and we we always want the fix in. That's the power and coaching. There's a couple of powers and coaching. But we always want the easy fix and so if I start feeling a little bit better after one or two sessions. I'm like I don't need the doctor anymore. If I go to the chiropractor and I feel good after a couple of adjustments. I'm like I don't need to go back however you do. You need to create consistency. You need to you. You can't just until you have. That system plugged in place where you can do it all by yourself without somebody saying. Hey Stacy. Did you do that? Stacy or being able to overcome your emotions. Because I'm doing myself. There's things I can do for my clients that then you write a bio a client will say can you let me read a Bio Mike? It and I can write a bio just like that and somebody can you send me your bio and I'm like the worst happened to be all the time was doing business consulting for marketing NPR. Like I can write everybody else's stuff all day long and even wrote the eulogy for client for both of his parents. It was so easy for me to do because I had spent so much time with him. I understood his business. I was completely focused on him. All the time. Not focused on myself right because he's my client and it's time to do it for yourself. You're like Oh Jeez what where do I begin? It's it's interesting motions because the emotions cloud us we start thinking about okay. There's somebody going to think I'm talking about myself. Too Much in you start. Worrying about other people are saying when people sit down on the coaching. They they tell me what they have going on in without emotion I can. I can help them see what they actually have going on. Really I had a gentleman the other day that was telling me I mean it was the saddest story ever. I mean. He's just he literally said. I wish my life nobody. He's dwelling on things that happened back in the eighties. He's to the point where he actually has so many good things he has. An unconditional love. Amazing wife at home right now that he's literally not talking to you literally not having conversation with he's just wrapped up in his phone because he's so wrapped up in his thoughts in so he's not appreciating he's always wanted his entire life was on conditional love and he has it sitting right there on the couch at home. He's not paying attention to it. And you know what's going to happen when that's gone. It's going to go back to the victim mentality of like you know like I didn't I now. I don't have this was taken away from me. In Life is bad. Full Circle back to that place. That's a story. Yes he's making history true so he's telling the all these tragic stories that have happened. I'm writing down. All the beautiful moments happened out of those stories and then at the end we go back through it and I'm able to show him like all right. You told you told me about how you told your daughter these things when you were drinking about what you did in the in the war in you know when you were when you were in the military and how you're just you're so ashamed of that but when you're telling me that I see how much you're more your daughter connected with you. Your daughter saw you as a human your daughter. I mean think about it. If if you died in your daughter doesn't know who you are. Now she can tell stories and she knows who you are. What do and she knows how bad you feel about the things that you had to do. Yeah so talk a little bit. I want to make sure that we cover it because I think my dad was not in the remove three step process. So it's when you're working with somebody. It's mindset mindset communication process when you're in sales the big thing that I I hope people do is take the fear out of sales. Take that stigma out of it. I'm very passionate about sales. Done a certain way docket. Also well because we're so so into you know and I was telling you like you beat me to sending a letter. He beat me at my own game. Because that you're on Wednesday in I need to ask for docs address and I laughed. And I didn't and the next day I got it envelope and I'm like oh you've gotten but the race it's not a race it's not. It's not a race. It's who you are exactly and that's the point right so many people come to me and say I'm not a salesperson and I say I beg to differ. You're John Oh my God. My wife got to meet John a couple of years ago and my wife is John Fan Club member. John is like my wife literally said John is more my son. John just kidding. I'd sure it's just like me. My Wife's John Crews medic that he needs to be everywhere. He doesn't see that though we don't when we see ourselves we don't see certain things other people sure when you're so authentic and your intent when you just want to help people when I can look in your eyes. Nice the the level of caring that you have you want to get it right for me and then you go out and you do that. But that's the problem solving is getting to know your people but we make it so hard become used car salesman and we think that we got us out. We gotta meet this quota. We got a sneak this thing in and we are or their people. Just don't care so sales get such a bad name Roy. So I'm very passionate about going out there and helping people change that stigma change that perspective of what of what sales is so we work on mindset. We help people become buying their inter lions. There are people out there that are literally damage that fear in those limiting beliefs in their head. They can't go out and make that next step. We've gotTa Cross that hurdle before I came and talked about communication. But then that's part of it because salespeople are confident 'cause they don't know what to say I've watched so many people make sales calls in. You'll be like hi. How's it going? I WANNA call you because of this because we have. Are you interested? No okay. We'll have a good day went good. He was like he said No. I made the call. I made the call You know I would call people because I know that in the cell phone industry that we have a twelve month warranty on our phones in some thinking about okay. What kind of problem is that? Why have customers that come in at thirteen months and say man? My phone's been my my phone's been not working and I look up their their phone. It's out of warranty. And they do it for four months. You guys don't care about me. This sucks and I have an angry customer. So I'm like okay at ten months. I'M GONNA call my customers and I'm going to say. Hey Stacy this is Jason over at the Verizon store how are you doing? I'm giving you a quick call because ten months since you've got your phone I know time flies by. I don't know if you knew this but the phone has a one year warranty. We talked about that at the beginning. I call my customers at this time. Because is there anything going on your device? Is there anything acting funny? You wanted in order to file a file. A warranty claim. And they're like you're not trying to sell them anything. I'm like. No it's literally. I just want to help you. I have clients that come in after the fact and it creates a problem and I I WANNA make sure. I'm solving that problem for you. And they're like yeah. My phone's been turning off in. The battery doesn't last as long. Come on in. Let's see we can do acting process weren't even in the meantime? I get to look up their account in most likely they're eligible for a new phone and or I get a chance to talk to them and find out about what else is going on and you know what I just found out that ten year old Johnny needs a new phone so we add on him. Because it's time to give them a phone. It just so happens during my store. It's solved a problem. Tell us about I should remember her name. The cookies brownies. She's really Dow. Is this a good time to go to jail? We've got about thirteen minutes. I want to. We can tell the story but I WANNA make sure understand okay. So you've got the you've got your process working with these people communicate. The confidence confidence creates better mindset Confidence comes from creating process when I know what not a script when I'm making a phone call but I know what I want out of it. I know I know my desired result. I know POPs possible objections are. I've talked to so many people and I'm like what happened there. And they're like Oh. They told me they can't afford it. That happens so often time. I'm like okay. So how do you overcome objection? I don't even know. How often do you get that objection every time right that definition of insanity this definition of insanity you know what the objections are less? Lift him out okay. Now let's reverse engineer and go through. How do you overcome these objections? What kind of questions can you ask to get people talking to where you can overcome and get them talking to Trela the conversation in then? Okay these are all my time I get up. End The phone call. I need to set a next step. What's the next step in this? It has got to be one of desired results. Either I'm following up with you next week. I'm coming out to your office for an appointment. You're coming into my office for an appointment. I'm following up with information for you so we can move to the next step another next. Step whatever it is. I've got to have that next step. When sales people have a process to follow life becomes so they just become so much more confident. I have a client that had the hated sales. He literally told news is three. We start working together as they're beginning of our forth. He's like I'm not I'll never be in the business world. I just WANNA work with athletes. I never wanted to be in the business world because I'm not a business guy. I'm not a sales guy. He had one client and it was like kind of a pity client and in so and he told me this. And you like. I don't know what I'm GonNa do now. The problem we have is. He doesn't have enough time in his schedule. So in four months he now has twenty six clients while they're all big swinging clients that are paying them really good money. Some like half of them are businesses man. I thought you weren't a business guy. He's like that was before. You're taught me to eat faces. Now I'm ripping it up. Because he was a problem solver before he understood like he wanted to take care of people all I got him to do. Follow a process in the mind that the seals sales dirty so. I have a question. It's not a trick question. It's not to trap you but I want to clarify and build some Credibility around it. Because you'll have the people who are skeptical about sales. They're skeptical about sales people. We talked about at the beginning. That sales people are highly disorganized. So how'd you teach them to follow a process? Because you're taking some of the most disorganized people in the world and you're getting them to agree and see the value in following a process and making so automatic that they're able to continue the process. Which is your strength ethnic. What that's what makes you a good takes a process. Crm's are hugely important to be able to document so so you have some kind of tool in your in in place to were. When you're making your calls that you can document what's going on when you're following up when you're doing these things that you know the life cycle of your customer explained. Crm CRM is a customer retention model. I mean you can be as much as an excel sheet Our little as an excel sheet as much as there are so many Soho and salesforce and all these companies out there that specialize in in being sales for being a customer retention module. So what happens? Is You document put your clients and your prospects in this in this in this system or in this platform and as you talk to them you take notes as you need to follow up with them. You put a calendar reminders. Who Pops up and let you know when you put that tool in place. It helps you stay so organized. Now that's just a small piece of it because you right. Sales people are not the most organized. And they're the ones that are going to fight you on using this. The most a lot of people are money incentivize. They WanNa make the money and so if I can show them how this will make them more money than they will do it so I need to. I need to sell them. And so there's not even a really cookie cutter answer because it all depends on what's important to you. Are you someone that really wants to take care of your clients and money? Isn't that big of a deal? You well let me tell you on how this can help. You take better care of your clients. Are you someone that just wants to make money? And you're you WANNA take care of your clients but you WanNa make a ton of money. You want to create a big referral base. I will sell you on why this is going to be help you do that and commit to me just commitment. You just do it. I had a guy that just. GimMe three months just three months. You can go do whatever you want after. This doesn't work out like man you can go via stripper for all I care. Go and do it. You know like in any committed to it for three months and he made more and more money and more and more money and more and more money in the compound effect when you're a salesperson your team of all your clients and I can call you and be like doc when we talk last month when you came in and you told me this. I just wanted to follow up. I thought I was that trip to Florida by the way. And they're like Jason's God you remember everything well stuff. I remember a lot of documents documented right. So the other thing that you do. You're not just working with Sales people and a one offer entrepreneurs At a time you're you also offer training. Yes for companies for their sales teams. Yes me and my wife actually is my wife Is I met my wife on the sales floor And she's has over twenty years of sales in we've met in connected really well because we believe in the same being the difference for our clients. She's actually much more skilled in Than I am in sales and And so she is now in the business in In coaching and training as well and so we have a trading re come out in work with small businesses and companies to teach their sales team and their customer service REP on how to be the difference to be the difference for their clients how to be the difference for their companies. How to be the difference for their communities in. It's a lot of the stuff that we're talking about now. Opening up perspective of what sales is it how you can become a dominant force in your industry. No matter what industry that is. That's awesome so the story that he's talking about is the story about Shirley in down in the room for a moment there. Did you cover controlling the conversation? We talk just a little bit about it. Goes through that real quick. Yeah that's important to the audiences. Yeah controlling ties in with what we were just talking about as far as having that process in place right in in being able to ask questions to one. I. It's very important to know the difference between open ended questions. Open ended questions or questions vigor inspire more than a yes no result. Tell me about what are you know how? What where when how? You can't tell me. Yes to that hasty. How do you wake up in the morning? Yes no it doesn't make sense. You've got to answer that. You gotTa have some thought it. Did you sleep well last night? Yes no that's just that's a Yes. Yes or no right. No and that's not what you want. Yeah how did you sleep last night? Yeah that doesn't make sense. You gotta go in and tell me. Oh I toss and turn. I slept like a baby. This we go into more of a more tell me. The majority of sales people at sales people ask questions awesome majority of sales people. Don't ask a lot of questions because they failed. Or they're like being like Colombo in you know grueling them and all that kind of thing so there's a lot opportunity missed. You can hit a baseball if you stand up at the home as a plate and close your eyes and swing but your odds are dramatically decreased. Hit that you can make a sale by asking no questions and just looking into it but the odds that you do it over and over and over again are significantly decreased. And that's why people don't feel like they belong in sales that's why sales people will have a good month and then a horrible month and then a horrible month or month and a decent month in a good month in a horrible month. So if you ask questions you discover opportunities you find how you can change people's life and and help him out now ask questions. That are focused on how you can help them. Part of the system is you need to know what is your difference. How do you help people? What makes you different and then ask people questions purposely to help? Guide them to where you are. The difference guide them like you. Take them right to where you want to be and then say you know what I asked you those questions. Because here's a solution but what was interesting when you and I met was and it was funny because I was just asking questions because that's what I do and you were sitting there across your desk in your office thinking to yourself. This came out later that this guy's controlling the conversation. That's not what I do. I I know I'm supposed to control this conversation and I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing but I really was interested when you caught my interest when you said Dean taught you how to control the conversation. Share that with the audience a card game because it's important that people understand that they can get the get up picture in their mind. Why asking questions is so important? At least yes. So Dean literally did this X. You know I didn't know and this is something you drilled in a lot. There's a lot that I've learned from this man but this was this was a huge thing but he had this exercise. He did it in one day. 'cause I wasn't really getting it and he pulled out a deck of cards and he was like all right just a card beginning card nightside. I don't even know what I picked card And he's like I keep it in your head and he was like all right. Is that card red or black? And then he would ask me. Questions is at Carter. Face Card or value card is that card are is that card a king or queen so you just ask me these questions until he had the final card that I had in my hand and he was like. I'm not magic. I just controlled the way. The conversation went until I went through all fifty two cards in just like that right like I stopped them in half. Cut them in half. Cut them in half until the option is here. I think we talked about people. Come in you know when you're when you're selling something people have in their mind what they can spend or what their feel comfortable spending. But I've only had one time in my career and this was amazing. It was like experienced ever somebody who came in and said this is so much money I have. I need to spend it all. We can do. Think back against the ex husband type situation that I had nobody comes in and says I have this money to spend. What can you get me? You've got to control those cards and ask the questions in order to make an order to win the game Well okay so we have enough time it might take us a little bit overly be just about surely and Dell and what. I love so much about. The story is that it goes back to the idea of empathy and sympathy in that. You really can connect to people. And that's that's our strength in a salesperson that it's a true ability to understand where someone's coming from you. You're talking about being the difference. I love my system because literally being the difference in people's lives I was in the cell phone industry. People would rather stand all day at. Tsa GETTING FRIST COME INTO A cell phone store for five minutes and that's that's literally NPS reports people say that they would rather stay at TSA getting all. They walk into a cell phones for several reasons. Why but I'm like all right. That's my advantage. If I can make people feel really good about coming in here you know you have elderly people. We're going into the smartphone age or texting. You know and if I can be patient with them if I can show them how to use it you know older older women or older men grant grandma and GRANDPA that this point didn't didn't like texting and they'd say I don't want one of those texting phones and how to relate to him and be like you know what I get it. I'm like how often do your grandkids talk to you in there? Like not as much as we'd like because that's the typical answer. I know my grandma said the same thing in what I got. My grandma was a was a was a phone that we could tax because then I can send her pictures shooter messages. You know. I talked to my grandma on the phone. It's two hours. I don't always have the time for that. But you know what I get to keep up with their every day. Look at this. We send messages every single day and she absolutely loves it now. She has a full phone with the full keyboard. And now I made now. I took a an elderly lady. That was so afraid of something in now. It's her most prized asset. Now she comes in and shows me every month or grandson difference again being the difference so surely in Del with customers I had when I was in this little store Fenton and they came into my store and they were they were a little bit older and just not hit with the cellphones and I was just really patient for him unless be kidding is. Let's be honest I I didn't have much else to do So she really VIP would add a rub their feet. But you know you're sleeping So anyways I've taken care of them. I just built this relationship and I made them feel so comfortable in sheerly truly was like no one's ever made me feel this way. She was such a character she was so funny in Dell Dell is this guy that has long for the ride he was such a nice guy but whatever surely said Dell was like they surely would tell the best stories in the world. It'd be like incredible stories. And she was like right Dell disagreed she would get a kick to the kitchen. So you think it's funny so I got promoted to lansing in I if I moved to lansing. They've shut down the store. I didn't see Shirley Adele in To communicate and I totally forgot about Shirley and Dell within the mix and you're building a stir up and so a couple of years go by and I'm sitting at my desk one day and I see this van. Pull up in this lady and this guy get out of his van and I'm like Oh my God my God who is who is who is. I know I know who is in so I literally pulled up. My Sierra and I'm going through my customers I'm flipping through names and I'm like who is it and I come across del. Shirley and I'm like I'm getting goosebumps. Now they've found me all about lansing. They saw me and fend for this. If I don't know how to cast. This is about an hour drive and so two years later. So I'm like maybe this is an accident. And then I see Shirley go around to Ravana. She opens at the back as he pulled out a huge plate of brownies. She's got like sandwiches. She's got the sandwiches. There's a Sam's Club behind us. If you went and got a bunch of snacks she comes in comes in. Gives me a big hug? And so the story goes she was. She'd been looking for me for two years. She went to every variety store in the area turning sprint store or she was like Jason's gotTa be somewhere. I know he didn't leave. The Industry Jason's got to be somewhere and she didn't buy a phone this whole entire time. She's hanging out without a phone for the phone for two years in so she's driving everywhere. Everybody's telling her no. Jason doesn't work your. She goes up to the store and Brighton that just happened to be affiliated with my company and she walks in and she says. I'm looking for my best thing I've ever had named Jason. Tracy'd you know in the guys that nope you doesn't work here that's all I know? It's just so happened. The guy in the back with one of my leg Matt Matt Matt McCoy. He was one of my really good friends and he came out of the back. He's like hey like Jason's at the Lansing Stewart. He got promoted to manager a couple of years ago. He's out there. You can find them. You can find them out there anyways. They they searched me. I came out to me. Track me down. That's what I teach people how to do. How create those customers at both repeat and refer refer business that will travel with you and so that was a really cool feeling for me? It was even cooler when I built a boat company with nine locations when I left the had people in every one of those locations that I could go in on any day of the week. And there'd be aligned for those people there view their own Shirley than Dell's I had my top sales guy. He was out my Jackson store. He helped me believe he helped me build the company that was talking about to the point and he was my top guy. Who's out my Jackson store for Five Years Number One guy? I moved him out to Salani. Which is a fifteen minute drive from Jackson? In he broke. He shattered his record. You doubled his best prophet month in the first month being out because the people in Jackson drove out to fifty minutes and then he got new customers. Nfc We'll follow you if you make them feel good. I think it's my Angeles says people don't people don't hear what you say they don't see what you do this out. You make them feel that. I learned in sales very early. It's how you make people feel where at the time that we all the time. Well Jason is really wonderful to have you know we could talk. Jason Tracy thank you for having us and he did a good job moderating. This is doc. Sloan I never had a bad day my life week.

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BGN Radio #187: Eagles mailbag: Top 10 BLE players, Andre Dillard vs. Jordan Mailata, more

Bleeding Green Nation

1:13:08 hr | 4 months ago

BGN Radio #187: Eagles mailbag: Top 10 BLE players, Andre Dillard vs. Jordan Mailata, more

"Support for this podcast comes from invented together. I bet you didn't know that inventing activity by black inventors peaked in eighteen ninety nine and it has never recovered black and hispanic college graduates patented half the rate of white college graduates. That's just one of the reasons why you need to know about invent together. When our patent system gets more diverse our nation will get stronger and more successful. Find out how you can help. Diverse inventors and unleash economic opportunity at invent together dot org. You're listening to be ridden with brandon. Lee county and jimmy kamsky. What's going on everybody this. Bgn radio episode number brandon. One eighty eight. I am jimmy kamsky with Philly voice dot com with me as always brandon. Legaue of bleeding green dot com. Couldn't do my little insurer there because as you can probably hear i am under the weather. Hopefully i don't have the rona you took my temperature mid ninety seven point one so should be good there but this is your emergency. It doesn't matter how sick you are. When the team resigns richard rogers aka dick rod that young. You just gotta come to play. You gotta put everything aside. You gotta check your the check. All your problems at the door does manager sick as a matter of you have family obligations. You gotta get in front of the radio and you gotta have your emergency dick rod pods. So that's doing talking about you know that and some other minor news and we're going to get to a bag From our listeners prompted via twitter. We asked you guys for questions. Got a lot of good ones in my opinion so get through about twelve. Fifteen of those questions and brandon eight buddy jimmy. Many people are saying this. Podcast performance is like michael jordan's flu games so gratify you greeks up as always wanna lead into yet doing. He's doing the right now. Very nice maybe. We can get some talk later. The sixers winning joel be thriving. But for now. I tell you that jin is brought to you. By reticent graph turkey. I would say you can use discount code. Bgn fifteen fifteen percent off also while nature dot com for pet. Snacks dog treats same discount code. Bgn fifteen and also. While i have you here and you're listening to this near definitely not skipping this ad we always ask for ratings and reviews for bijan radio and please continue to do that. We really appreciate it but also in those reviews. If you're looking for something to say you don't want to just like praise us because that kind of feels weird or whatever. Why don't you tell us how you found. Bgn radio or if you already have left to review you can go in. And you can edit your review. I think change it up to the top. So we'll see it's different and yeah. I think it'll be cool. Tell us how you found. Bgn radio and then we'll read those and it'll be fun. We can talk about it all right. So let's get to the news As the aforementioned dick rod signing where were you when the signing happened. Well jimmy watch for each of the last four dickhead. Signings is probably the better question. That's tough because there were so it's been five different times now. He signed a contract with the eagle firing years the original signing in two thousand eighteen april two thousand eighteen gacaca. He resigned four different times after that. He was added back to the roster. For different times. I went back and looked the dates. I've written you nation. I cannot specifically tell you. I think every one. I have weird memory to me when it comes to this kind of thing. I usually can't remember like where certain where i was when a certain player was signed. I think i like went to the dmv. The day that the signed richard rogers. I think i remember that. The first time. I was in sedona for one of them where sedona arizona. Okay because it was like we. They had the nfl owners meetings back in phoenix that year and i stayed around for a couple of days thereafter. I went to a drove to sedona. And i was like doing fun things there and they announced signing like come on out this right now really anyway. I think that was signing number. I think those the second year that he signed nails that was like nineteen. Yes eighteen You're right two dozen eighteen twenty nine hundred. I was when for dancer your first question. Yesterday i was watching the rafael nadal novak djokovic french open semi-final which i'm very sad out because The dolphin lost even though he never easily loses especially at roland garros. He's very good on clay king anyway big tennis fan. Yeah i'm a big rough on dauphin So i was really sad about that then. I had to write up. Richard writers in doing it was a move. I think we all expected. I previously talked about how they kept his jersey number open. Actually they gave it to. Jack stole since then eighty five but i think it was all pretty clear that they were gonna bring him back so not a shock. Yeah all right. So let's move on from that. We both thought that he was going to be back. Did you have him on your initial fifty three man roster i did i think the one i did. Yes like right after the draft. I'm pretty sure it had them. There had thirteen traded. So yeah i think dick rod will be the number two tight end this year. Yes for sure. Yeah i mean like he's an. I get it so like we make fun of the signing. Bring him back every year. But i think it makes sense because i mean the only tight end they have on the roster with any kind of legit experiences. Dow's got her and then thereafter. There's nobody so they didn't drop to tight end in this drought which is fine. Like they had needs up and down the roster. Nobody i think tight end is probably going to be a need next year so they just punt that need twenty twenty two which is fine and meantime they bring him in on what i assume would be veteran minimum contract as he is typically signed in the past Now with the contract. That the to joe flacco still is zoo. It's about a veteran minimum contract. I think it's totally fine. That they brought him back again. Bigger news sorry go ahead. This is the last thing that us better than last year. Like you know what i mean. That's not sure yeah yeah. Any ncr contribute on special teams so whatever anyway so the bigger news this week More from a national perspective was the trade of. Julio jones from the atlanta falcons tennessee titans and it has eagles implications The first of which being that well first of all the eagles are going to trade for him designs which never made sense to me whatsoever that they would ever you know they that was always a non i wrote about it like it was a blurb at the end of one story as it does the first time first and last time that i'll mention any kind of possibility of julio jones do eagles was basically like that cap strap team that isn't going to contend there's mainly sense to trade for what does he thirty two thirty two year old receiver who counts for fifteen million on the cab but it is also relevant to the eagles that he makes the tennessee. Titans a better football team and that's beneficial to the eagles of course because the tennessee titans reside in the afc south along with the indianapolis colts. And as you are all well aware the eagles own either the colts second or first round pick in twenty twenty two so if they were to not win that division actually not make the playoffs at all then. The eagles would in theory get a better pick on the premise that they don't bench whence before the end of the season. Yeah that's the interesting caveat right like it's a weird kind of rooting interest early in her tale. Of course obviously. Of course. I wrote about this route. Weeding green dot com Earlier this week of projecting where that Kind of end up. Obviously it's not gonna be a top five pick like you can't. There's no way that would work because if you're not caught him on the bench him before them. They'll have to incentivize to do so. I think realistically you're kind of looking between maybe like you know like i think like fourteen and like twenty two. That's like the ideal realistic. Adding sweet spot is a little higher than that so like if the afc south winds up being similarly bad. I don't think anything. I don't think any divisions really going to be as bad as the east was last year but if it's similarly bad like close at least where these teams are kind of like hovering around five hundred for most of the season and you get to like the final month of the season at that point. He's gonna pass those thresholds the seventy or seventy five percent or whatever that he needs to play presented snaps that that he needs to play in order for you know. Go from two one. If like you get to that last month of the season and everyone's hovering around like five hundred and then they on a losing streak that last year that last month which isn't out of the question You know they can wind up with like you know the tenth overall. Pick for example. I think that's like the absolute best case scenario but I think you're probably right. The more realistic best cases. You know like like you said around fourteen fifteen but if they don't make the playoffs you as soon be anywhere between like fourteen in like in one thousand nine or whatever When i wrote about that earlier this week to some people are asking like. Do you think will win. I guess basically do you think they'd be aggressive about points. And i don't think so. Like if it comes down to valuing where they're picking or hit the relationship with more. I would think like they're gonna value if it's like close whom i don't think they're going get too cute with that. I think they would slew. Maybe describe i think they would lean towards like we don't wanna we wanna keep this relationship healthy we don't want to like towards blow up this relationship because once it's going to be pretty mad. He's getting benched. I mean if he deserves it then. Then that's just you can't do anything about it but like do we have oracle precedent on him being mad about getting back. Probably get into that later and one of the questions. Who's our backup by the way the colts isn't it. Sam are jacob in. Yeah and somebody named jalen morton. I don't know who that is. I've ever heard of so th the backups aren't very appealing options. I was thinking of like they might have a good. I was thinking like who the dolphins have a good backup. Mike jacoby percent. They signed this off season. The other team with he was the first round pick but yeah anyway i. I think that you're probably right like that. Range is probably the best they can hope for in the holy go into the titans makes them a pretty good offense like tattoo. Hells at least a decent quarterback Obviously derrick henry. That's going to be the focal point of opposing defenses. Trying to stop. Victory could have eight in the box. And when you have guys like julio jones. Aj brown as your receivers like they're pretty well offensively my opinion if good offensive line and their defense is a little bit problematic. Loosing a little problematic last year but i. I like that team a lot more now than i did. You know a week ago. Maybe problematic in a different way than washington's defense. Anyway what else do we have injury. That's it as far as news goes. And i figured we'd just jump right into the questions. One of which is like. I've how much time did you put into this. First question that we're going to get to the A little bit okay. You're doing. Let's just jump right into it so First question is from howard willard and this for each of us. He asked us to name. Our top five as brandon likes to say a big loser. Energy guys Since we've covered the team so we're going go ten. I i did ten right. Did you do ten one honorable mention and we should mention also to how long we've been covering the team. So how long have you been covering the team. I've been writing about the team for bleeding com since two thousand thirteen. Okay so i've been writing about the team originally for bgn Since two thousand ten. So i've i've probably have a couple. I think i i only have one guy on here. That's from the timeframe that you didn't cover the team. So anyway that caveat i didn't i don't have a lot older players on my list. I have you. I've too many anyway. Let's just get right to it. So who's who's your we'll go into sending water so we'll go ten to one. You haven't ranked like okay. Did you rank them or kinda okay. I rank mine. So our hoosier number ten number ten is donna free. I think about how late. And i want to be clear here. This isn't just bad players like big loser energy like in theory. The player could be really talented. But he's just like kind of like a loser like you. Just you see this kind of that. Energy around them In this case though don appropriate not good in also i think specifically like i tried to tie these specific moments where i can kind of point to exert like what exemplifies this and it was donald perfect complaining about losing the ball in the lights at an open practice pass and Yeah and then he was always yes season. Yeah yeah so number ten. what about you. I thought about having pump online. But he didn't make the cut. He was up. close though. i've carson wentz number ten are they're bigger losers that i passed through the eagles ten. Yeah okay probably. There are In recently by ear and of course. He's a huge name. Was facing the franchise for five years and actually for that reason. Because he was the face of the franchise because he tucked tail and want to add a year at the first. Real sign of I you know like his job. Being threatened No accountability whatsoever and he just wanted out of town the out his way and now he's in indianapolis and I think he's gonna be like he still has a following as most Quarterbacks tend to for their host cities. But i think in time he will be remembered at very unfriendly as time goes on. I've him number four. My listen to me. I did and i i'm out in carson winston. I've said this lake and to me. It's not personal. Hated him like a lot of people do or the lightning feels. More has never been me. I've said this a lot on to rehash all by just like. I'm just so out on him in terms of like someone in the better and improve like no i what let's leading me to believe. He's genuinely reflected and is like doing what he needs to do not just what he wants to do to get better like he quit. He quit equal on this team. Someone's helped us win the super bowl undoubtedly so we're always gonna remember that or people should always remember that but he also quit so you make the list of quit. Nine number nine for me is under dillard now. I think a lot of people are kind of like dillard has had like a face. Turn like if you're familiar with wrestling parlance like somehow the questions that we're going to get to in a little bit so few in depth here but i see where you're going to me. Look i'm just going to say because we'll get to later but to me. I mean if you're going into a game mentally defeated where he basically didn't even give yourself a chance of succeeding like he did which we've talked about lots. I'm not gonna get rehash it all but like that's what he did and that's just like you're already defeated. That's literally loser approach. Yeah he knew he was going to be dead in that game. In a self fulfilling prophecy. I like the way the too by the way. Like certain particular moments pumping lights and that that moment for hillary. I think those are two good ones My number nine is sydney jones. I mean he just like he just couldn't stay on the field. And i don't think it was a matter of like i mean. Obviously the kelly's chair kept off for the first year but thereafter like he'd be out for big stretches of training camp like every single year and there are guys playing hurt and he just didn't seem like he ever did and i think he had a lot of talent and i think he wasted townsend hit by the way. I think there's this perception that he's that he was like way better jacksonville with eagles. And that is patently false. He was legitimately bad last year. I think he made a couple. Like two interceptions. maybe and like they. They're they're like nice pex or guess. What like yet decent moments with eagles to like the the you know couple late game pass break ups that no twenty nineteen season. I think Just a he's disappointment from the perspective of indu sorta necessary to do in the weight room during the off season. you can get himself stronger. Didn't put in a bit better position to withstand some injuries. And then i don't think he you know was willing to play through a lot of injuries either so Yeah kind of a loser in in my book the also. Dm me last year. After i tweeted something about like how like he wasn't as good as people seem to think he was. Guide some numbers on that. Yeah i like. Wow so he wasn't even like you don't even cover the team that he's on now and he's the end. Lao let's i didn't tag. Obviously i wouldn't do that but yeah he found me some al. He's done that. We was getting shared and then he me he was like something about like. Check your facts before you tweet out something and so actually now matrix hold on real quick release said he jones off. I'm sorry this is excellent. Podcasting here what are you looking for him. I can't i can't van pro like his his. nothing was pro football of the rating. Yes you're the passer rating. He allowed. it was like in the hundreds. I believe that mistaken the rating eggplant eleven eleven point one yards per target. Just terrible. He s some ball skills. Point eight percent on miss tackles that many tackle so he's not devoid of talent thing but he's still got hurt again last year too. So it's like i'm not trying to hope for his ego. I hope for his sake. He turned his career around and around in does good but enough with this idea. He was like amazing. That you'll should've kept come on. Give me a break all right so my number. Excuse me that was my number nine. Who who's your number eight. I have ruben randall. Jimmy and you once wrote an article about him. he's a good one. I forgot about him. I knew you were gonna say this. I had a feeling because he didn't make the regular. I looked at the regular season so he never made the regular season roster terrible job. I mean that's how am and jimmy wrote an article. About how like you cut. He was dogging it in the preseason in two thousand six hundred with his roster spot klay clearly on the line. Yeah and it's kind of crazy. I mean i think still like twenty four twenty five at the time like he's pretty young like there's no reason for him to be totally washed up but seems like he didn't care or whatever and not being where he just like he had. He just seemed totally uninterested like barely. It was running routes. There was like a clearly like play call for him. A deep shot down the field jogging allah field. This crazy watching the all twenty. Two of this guy. I've never seen worse effort from a player in an actual game. That's a good one. I'm really mad at myself for missing that one. What's your next one is our number eight. I have Steve smith parentheses the bad one smith because he stopped because he stopped short. When we're talking about like certain moments like you had for pomp in the lights in Dillard with the self well for steve smith. It was who they play. That game cardinals was it. I think so. It was a third and like as a third long thousand eighteen hundred nineteen. And i think they actually had a lead and if like they just converted this first down like it's game over and you gotta pass and he had plenty of room to run and instead of like trying to run through a defender defensive back by the way like not even like this huge linebacker that you just have to run through a defensive back and would have easily fallen forward and gotten the first down but he like he just went down on his own Like a yard or two short of the first marker they punted cars went down score game He cost them a game because he didn't try to get the first down and was just a terrible signing and terrible experience overall when they signed him away from like us. It was like a legit contributor for those giants. I guess it was the first one their first super bowl or the of the two more recent super bowls rather the the first of those to use legit contributor as a rookie. I think On that team and played for years there and Aol sign them like giants really mad. That like he left. He left the team for the eagles particularly. But he's dog in philadelphia and last very long and he goes out pretty quick. My number seven is nobody. And i don't think i really need to get into that. My less vital is okay. Item there the lunch car lunch thing. I also remember. I was originally not gonna keep him on here because i think this is kind of more of a bad than e. thing but i kind of had to keep them there at the lunch thing and also i this very vivid memory of like when i started to be concerned about the nominee signing and it was when i think he got like by greg little by the browns and the preseason i'd gone to that preseason game of a friend yoga shoutout And like i just remember him. 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It came from the small business that focused on local artisans in north carolina searching for and finding pieces like this has really made me so excited to get back to new york. So i'm really glad. I came across this out on instagram and i can already imagine myself on this couch in my new apartment. Good ideas deserve to be found. Personalize ads help you find them. Discover the next good idea and support. Small businesses on facebook and instagram visit facebook dot com slash support. Small business to learn more back here on. Espn radio episode. One eighty eight jimmy. Namba was your number seven right. Yeah you gotta get through this or else we're not going to ask questions right and my number seven but this is a good question now so it isn't really good idea. We're gonna spend a lotta time with us. One of his david mlk do remember him. I do yes. He wrote a book about how much he hated football and like ally other players around the league hateful bonnie road it under the pseudonym johnny anonymous remember that i do. I wrote an article. I was like one of the people that kind of like i mean i think read it kind of had like some clues on it and i further put together like some other things that we had seen in idead him as the guy pretty clearly he was the one that yeah so He for somebody like not only didn't like football. I mean that's like they taught these coaches and scouts. They always talk about like. I hate when they say loves ball but they won't play that one of actually wanna play football and he was the epitome of a player who did not love ball in that he wrote a book sang out much he hated it but also remember his best moment as an eagle eagles. Got beat by. I forget who it was but like. He was thrilled because he got into the game. And he was like jacked up and he was so excited to the play even though they lost so funny your number six mile number sakes is demarco. Murray and i mean he slid isaq adopted. Malcolm jenkins had one of the best trait moments all the time. Where malcolm jenkins ran over to the players. Ten player family where the families where he pulled out a chair folding chair and put it like kind of near like under democracy that day to practising most training camp at that point. And yeah so the medical dickens is calling you for every practice malcolm disrupted the field grab share and put it by demarco saying like margot standings. Well if you're not gonna you're not gonna play. You may just be comfortable. I'm sedan malcolm. Us not gonna awesome. Yeah he should be here so all right. That's a good one. i had. He was number three on my list. He was also just a total jerk to he was he was a real. He was like top three jerk on this list as well. All right so mind was terrible. The worst things i've ever seen. Charlie is here listeners. Can't see it did you next to me. My number six is alex henry. Oh yeah that's a good one. Yeah i mean he just. He was bad and When things didn't go well he cratered like he. He just really couldn't handle the pressure of a kicking in the nfl and When it was all said and done he had like one fan that would defend him like either. Defend guy to the death but i think he's unanimously otherwise alexandra would was People were glad when he was gone. I've jalen rigor number five. Maybe not the most popular pick for some people. But i mean kind of been moping. We've seen that before. You would run out of bounce for no reasons at times last year. The agent birthday. Which thing is something. I can't get out of my head like he probably doesn't matter. I mean it kind of doesn't but at the same time. I can't about how jalen rieger. I'm not even sure you mean by that. So i'm guessing a listen a lot of listeners. Don't either what are you talking about the agent birthday. Yes so. I'm going to get into so last year during week. Seventeen this year anyway week. Seventeen generator like has to leave the game early washington and during the game he re tweets his agents birthday wishes to him which had been like three days ago from the locker room. Yeah from the locker room while the team was still playing and i was just like what are we doing here. What is going on yeah. That's good i. It's just like everything. And i was going to read you. A description of michael kiss like concerns about regular before last like prior to draft prior to before he was even drafted by the. And i was gonna say like i was gonna try to set it up to like. Where did this come from last year. When did he think this happened like he was basically the same all the concerns. That kissed that about him. We saw last year so concerning and thus he is on my list and it kind of honestly like regular is the one who kind of made me like come up with this term. Like just the elite. That's kind of like we're in sept. It was just the attitude i saw from him. And i hope it changes i hope he develops into. Bwi obviously but for now he's on the list. Don't have him on my last one by. Probably be my top twenty. But that's okay. My number five is dorrie green beckham. of course the wide receiver the traitor. Dennis kelly for during the twenty six teams season. I think yeah. That's right He stunk dude. And the one moment that really stood out to me was it was game against the lions and he was they throw him a fade and he's being covered by. I believe the guy's name was nevin lawson. It was like a five eight. maybe cornerback. So he had like nine inches on this dude. And there's never lawson guy just outfought them for the ball and you know during the you know next week of You know in coach interviews. Frank was like yeah. We expect our receivers to make that play in a one hundred percent of the time then like ninety nine percent of the time so like that played pity who. dgb was to me like he just It it was like again like should have been like a super talented guy for his. He's basically like profile similar to like decay metcalf in terms of size and speed and all that kind of stuff but just didn't have it and he was bad here and he was bad when he played for tennessee. Your member there was something coming out like after that season that he was kind of like partying or whatever and certainly wasn't like most dedicated the most dedicated player to bob. The also get arrested after getting whatever. Yeah that sounds right like he was. He was a draft red flag so every year. Like i look at every incompletion on the season and i have sort of drop tally. And he had the he had like is. Trump percentage was like twenty five percent twenty sixteen season like he had a double digit drops. for sure. like you in all the years. I've been doing it like he was the he's the worst. The worst season in terms of drops that one year. He also did the thing with the. Us shoes like foundation when players were allowed to wear like clear likely by 'cause pre effort charities and he chose a made up one so you can wear he wanted to do. They know he's normally not allowed to wear those so he wanted to wear them and he said it's really easy foundation. Elliott elliott is a big easy fan. If you notice that he had the easy cleats so he asked about them and wind up like he got find as a result of that. Greenback beckham did yeah because elliott interviewed about him. Because i think this this story exactly likes easies. Like if if elliot didn't exist he probably wouldn't have gotten find because he wouldn't never got nafta bam I sorry some lake here. So carson wentz already at number four. I told you about that. Dating watkins at number three jimmy. I've durkan's number four. I originally had him one. When i made my list but knocked down before the way you put it in the texts thread that we have this comment and sure he didn't care about literally did not hear about footba. He just wanted to get drafted. I guess sign that original contract and make some money and he didn't really want to be a football player he very clearly he was doing firefighting like didn't care about football. Which i guess is fine. Like you don't know that not everyone has to hear about football but like don't try to convince organization that you do if you really don't like us a comment. He convinced everyone that from like the team to the fans to ever like he was like this. You know like this blue collar fighter. And he was going to come in and he was going to like you. Know he's going to mix it up in the trenches and he just stunk and it was clear why because he didn't wanna play football. Yeah i mean. I remember somebody. Somebody wrote an article about him years after he was at a league about like You know his is the end his days and football and you know his career throughout football is very positive spin on him as a person and i'd like it made me mad breathing the terrible frankly because he was a con man like he didn't wanna play football and he stole money from the organization and and kind of like also kinda stole from the fans in that they use the first round pick on them and they could have maybe gotten somebody else. That was better. That actually did wanna play and could have helped the team. He was total total waste and the held out to by the way at a gym camp that first year. And that of course was the dream team year when you know they. They basically drafted him because he was in need Big reason like at a whole guard so they drafted a guard and because it was the reverse like the draft happened before free agency did so normally fill holes and free agency and then draft for long term success in the draft so he was kinda the opposite of that love. I guess they all needs across the board but they so they drafted a need and watkins and a need and jay don jarrett and just a total disaster a draft but and he's the epitome of that. Who's next on your list. So i have number. He was my number four. So let's go to number three. We already talked about demarco. Murray number two on my list is jason baton. Who was the biggest Do bag that. I have ever covered in the nfl. Just a total douche. Hated hated his guts. Just like just the worst person actually have to talk to hate them. Hate him like the air. I hate most that. I've ever covered in ten years in the nfl. I have him number one unless okay part just for you. I didn't cover him. Obviously i wasn't around at the time but Probably knowing what i know about him through you and then also was as a player like he didn't care about helping the team win he cared about boost the stats like all he cared about. Which you know like you wants to get paid. That's a choice for him but like it also lanes you on this list. If you're not gonna like play the run at all. And i just remember that like so. Vividly like didn't give an f about playing the run dislike. Let people go by him. All he cared about was getting to the quarterback and it's it's very and they blame the light nine at the time but it was him. It was jason. It was him and it's very disgusting that he holds the record. Whatever he does. I think like nineteen sacks one year eighteen and a half or whatever just like so so such a fake number. I you are so i have him number one. Okay did you do you have any guys. Leftover i got. There's one guy he's number one on my list. Yeah for you. I don't even need to explain what sure we the racist stuff of of course but even beyond that like even if that never happened like he had he took no accountability for his poor playtime. Sue like the drought. The yeah i mean the the play that always sticks out in my mind from his career is actual career. Was the drop in the new orleans saints. Playoff game in bows at twenty thirteen january. Two thousand fourteen. He was running across the metal. And like i mean nothing between him in the end zone. No id nowhere. Nobody anywhere near him and vase right in his hands drops it asked about it in the locker room after the game. Didn't wanna talk about it. All you wanted to talk about was like some other decent play that he made during the game and nobody gave a excuse me about like that. Play like everyone just wanted to talk like what you know what he wants to be or anything else other than that job at like. He was being such a jerk in the locker room after that game but that play was was devastating. They might win that game. They might win that playoff game if he makes that play I mean the game was close right. So that was a touchdown. I think people have said those automate touchdown. I don't know if that's true. I'd have to look at it. I mean he was a playmaker for the better part of that year. I think you probably would have gotten in. I mean there is nobody anywhere near at a minimum like the. That's like a sixty our game because it was like it was fifteen twenty down the field. I think that actual like drop anyway. It doesn't matter But also obviously the the races video and i've heard some other stuff about him as well that i won't get into here but yeah just a terrible person thrown through the one thing so i will say one thing that i did enjoy about him And this is. This is more native towards him again. He's the love the love talking about how like he could play in the major leagues as a as a center. Fielder like he said like you could parachute centerfield. And i'd be like top five defensive center fielder from day one like hitting might take some time to really get back up to speed or whatever but like right. Now i'm like a top five center fielder defensively and i knew like he would say that anytime a he'd love talking about that so like one of the things that i like to do during training camp his out. Try to see how many different reporters. I could get to write about that so like if there was a scrum around him. I'd ask him so. I asked him some baseball question and i knew that every single time i asked him a baseball question us going to talk about. How like. he's this great center fielder. And i've said so many different reporters i get to write about that so Who's he was just so predictable in terms of you know the way he was going to answer some questions. Than how like he he like. Riley cooper loved himself riley guber riley cooper wants drafted by the philadelphia phillies. Jimmy right now at fourteen something like that. Something like that Why would take another break here. Then we'll get into all the other questions maybe lightning style because we have a lot to get to back after this thanks to t mobile supporting this episode and for keeping baseball fans around the country connected to the game. Because when you're on america's largest and fastest five g network you get more than great coverage you get to stay close to your favorite team whether you're at home or on the road in other words t mobile is your ticket to the game. Make the switch to t mobile a leader in five g today. That's according to open signal awards based on average speeds in usa five day experience. report april. Two thousand twenty one see five g device coverage and access details at t mobile dot com back here on. Bgn radio here to answer your mailbag questions beside this is the first one that we entered into five minutes of question to wanna eagles have two quarterbacks on their active roster weeks before camp what gives the position value the most in two guys second round pick that they are unsure of costly aging vet. This seem fishy these guys. Who do you think might be brought in. I mean it is weird. It's not. I mean they're gonna bring someone in Only going to have to backs turning camps. Sometimes you have four or five you at least have three. So it is fishy in that sense. It fishy in that leg. I think they're going to trade for shawn watson imminently no Obviously stuff to be resolved there So i don't know what we mean by fishy but i mean they're gonna add someone. Yeah i did. i mean. they're not gonna. They're not gonna only have two quarterbacks in camp so whether they add just somebody that's competent enough to be able to practice or actually sign a player that they thinking make the roster We'll say but they're not gonna go into camp with just two quarterbacks and that leads us into our next question from michael gilbert who asks. Would you think a gardner minshew you. For zach. Ertz trade makes sense at all Yes in the sense that. If you're getting something for zach ertz than sure but i don't really know what gardner minshew being here changes the equation. Like i would want gardner. Minshew if i'm like the steelers and like i'm the team with aging horseback in like i kind of need something like the kinda have some kind of potential future or at slash high quality. Backup now by. I don't really understand how he fits the you'll see. I don't think there's any hope that you can realistically be your quarterback of the future Can be cheap backup sherbert. Like i don't know. I don't know what that accomplishes. What about you Yeah so i'm on record over and over again saying that they're acting the not going to get much of anything for zach ertz and The appeal of menchu is that by the way. This is something that was brought up by greg richards on twitter. He hypothesized that earth's permits. You might make some sense But the appeal is exactly what you said a minute ago. He's he's cheap so he's a cheap backup is gonna make you know less than a million this year. He scheduled to make less than a million next year. But get one of those player performance exceptions or whatever they're called so that'll bump them up over two million still very cheap for a backup so you know they'd be set for the backup position in twenty twenty two and flacco be gone. Of course so i think i think it does make sense. Like he's been she was worth to me. Something like a six seventh round pick. And that's about what i would. Except for zach ertz right now anyway. So yeah why not. I think it's fine. Like if they were to make a deal like that. I think it it would make some sense not going to be An impact move by any stretch. But i i do make sense so next watch us. Employees former will city employees former jags. Em drafted garnered to. Dave cobb yeah so there is also that question from danny earth is gonna stay. Isn't he know next. Now he's an eye but you till he's not they can. They can save a decent chunk of money You now and they're going to do that and he doesn't want to be here. I don't think the eagles really want him back at this point so now he's not dot number especially of course the zakar three renegotiate his contract to like really cheap them. Sure they'd like to keep him but he's not going to do that right right. All right. So just questioned from skeleton for excuse me skelter p funk. What were your impressions from the position coach interviews. I thought they were all pretty encouraging. It always seemed to me that doug wasn't great at a staff prentice looking at you carson walsh but this This staff seems really with it to me. I'll disagree with the point that he wasn't great at hiring staff the first f anyway which i guess he didn't really higher like the majority of those guys. Maybe so maybe it of staff. Yes right he wasn't he wasn't good at you. Know cutting a guys that we friendly with or whatever over the years and carson walsh being example of course who was forced out against as well but Yeah so what were you. What were your takeaways from those positional coach. Guys get what the questioner is saying here. Pretty much everyone for the most part was pretty. Well spoken thoughtful yet Gave you know like good. Answer is not just trying to get by Like you took the time to actually think about which is nice. And that doesn't mean they're good coaches though allow. These guys are inexperienced and that doesn't also doesn't mean they're good coaches but like you know it's one thing to be well-spoken look here. I'll give you an example. Billy davis i thought he was one of the best are the to this day. Still one of the best like he was raised. You'll ever hear yeah. I don't think he's as bad as the defensive coordinator people say clearly wasn't good. Say that but like i don't think he was like this like just total joke. That's a whole different topic. Because of chip kelly in a system in the pressure he puts on his defenses by running offense atop based anyway. That's not the point is that doesn't necessarily matter how well-spoken to someone that doesn't mean they're good coach. I think again to hear encouraging things. Nice but i don't like take major takeaways out of that. That's just like okay. It seems like there's some interesting is here. maybe they could be a good coaching style. Very young obviously the staff is like super young. I've been meaning to take a look at their staff compared to the rest of the league. I assume they're the youngest staff in the nfl. But like like you mentioned. Just because you're a good interviews. I mean you could be a good coach and conversely just because next year yanni was not good in his initial interviews. Doesn't mean he's going to be a bad coach. Searle kind of works both ways. But i think it is you At least encouraging that these guys did seem to You know they communicate well which should translate into them being able to communicate well with their players. So i think it's fine but would make too much of it all right question for coach t. Is travis fogel them a lock to make the team. I've been thinking about this. Because i does a. I think that's a fair question. I think the answer is yes. But like if we're saying like one hundred percent camps there's not even a one percent chance he i think there's a one percent chance expire cut. Yeah i think there's a scenario where he kinda comes into training camp. He kind of acts like he's made it already or he's going to be handed something and it's kind of like not quite on the db level but you know kinda like this doesn't really give it his all and there are kind of the concerns that we saw where he lost playing time last year. Like those kind of continue to manifest and I don't think that's likely. But i think that like scenario exist so if you're gonna say locked from that standpoint i would say no but is he pretty confident somebody on the team. United is a ninety nine percent chance air moorhead hinted during his interview that Practice habits were problem last year. Like he was he got asked if out. You know alshon jeffery taking snaps away from him stunted his growth and he said no. I don't think it's done that. Its growth but i think what it may be did was sort of hammer home. The point that if you don't practice hard do you know day in day out then somebody else can take your job. And he added something to the effect of like. I think he started to learn that lesson last year. And i think. And i hope that that whole hoc. Somebody's butters of sneezing up a storm over over here. I don't know if you can hear that or not. i can't. It's butter sneezing. God bless you buddy. Now he's looking with policy anyway and he said he hopes that lesson will carry over into twenty twenty one so i've strong in that key lost playing time last year because he wasn't practicing hard. Yeah and i would. Like to see travis holcomb as one of the top three receivers as wrote about to me. I think he's one of the top three in terms of talent level. I think he clearly top three along with devante as world's above everybody else and jalen regular. Yeah i would say yeah regular in order devante smith rigor and then travis will be your top three and then i think greg ward warrants playing time in the slot yeah but not like to not be starting quote unquote in the slot like he should not be playing like a majority of the snaps. He should probably be playing like. I like what forty percent fifty percent somewhere around there that yeah yeah for me like he played everywhere last year so we played outside played inside the used like they put them in motion. There's a lot of different things with them. But i think like what he where he makes sense for me. I mean he's been on. The outside is obvious because he's a big target so like that fine whatever but like in the slot. The steelers game in particular was sort of eye opening in that he was going up against Forgetting the name the of the slot corner for them. Mike helton mike helton like it's like a five nine guy and he just couldn't handle like he just couldn't cover them they just quarter to. Yeah they just got their own high to fogleman. There's nothing that hilton can do about it. Even steven nelson struggled cover and Travis welcome because there's a there's a difference there and you know. I think that like during travis williams five game stretch. He was everything that they hoped. Jj ortega whiteside was going to be and then obviously all where he went from one of the you know really the positive story of the eagles season To the guy that just went totally quiet. Like advocate of my head. I want to say it was like after that. Five game stretch the rest of the season after their by which was eight games either. He had nine catches for one hundred and two yards and no touchdowns like that was average. Only catch a game for like ten yards during the back. Half of the season so Yeah whatever happened That second half of the season You know there's there's a challenge for him and for the coaching staff to get back to where he was a member he did flash a little bit in that cardinals game again though like made like a big catch like the game yeah right there are scrambling to to score at the end of that game. So prior to their back to back hail. Marys from the thirty yard line. Not great highlight of the season for me. Entertainment-wise what else do we have. All right. question from Jeff foot and this is on the topic of travel film. Sort of Any indication or idea. Of where alshon jeffery might end up and let me change that question before you will. I'll just change it to this. Will alshon jeffery play on a team in two thousand twenty one. Somebody goes on apps. Yeah so somebody's gonna sign him play. Yeah well somebody signed them and will he play for somebody this year. Actually get into the games i can. I'm i'm a little surprised us inside anywhere. Just based on name recognition alone and team would decide him. Because i don't know like you could be like i don't know other teams rosters as intimately obviously but i'm thinking in my mind like maybe everyone receivers. I mean every team has five at at least five receivers. Unusually six sometimes seven. So there's plenty of room for any receiver to latch onto something. Maybe like the jets of joe. Douglas really likes him. And i don't know. I i feel like almost no just because he seemed so toast last year. Toast to this point in his career. So and it is weird. I wasn't sign at all to this point like you know it's pretty late in the process. So i'm gonna say no. I guess part of the equation is what's he gonna be willing to play for so rhino. Is he willing to play for veteran minimum contract and the answer might be now so it doesn't help you special teams so like you know. I think he'll sign him. I don't think he's gonna play. I don't think he's gonna play in a regular season game. I could see. Yeah i can see them signing him but i don't i'm going to say no on the snaps. Alright question from dr seuss. Eleven eighty two. He asks i thought jamie newman was the truth and now he's gone where aware that eagles twitter lead me wrong. I mean i saw twenty to me. I talked to you about this couple of weeks. Ago before. Podcast where i saw that davidson out like the signing bonus and jimmy newman had none and i was like that's really weird because actually even like bad players get something and for him to be a quarterback and one that a lot of people thought were draftable at least a yeah lot of people i do to like really perplexing to me so but you must have been terrible. Not as yeah. I mean tommy lawler. I believe right had said like he didn't look good in a senior bowl. And i'm guessing that carried over to here and you know we didn't really get to see much of him. I didn't think he you look horrible. From what little i saw of him. But we saw so little that it's hard to really make much of it. Yeah and the other in addition to human like the other popular drafted Signing free agent trailer. Grimes also react with an injury settlement. I take He was waived with injury designation and cleared waivers and now he's on injured reserve cat it so yeah like the to. Udf as that. The fans were most excited about No longer on the team. Sort of well i guess. Crimes is kind of on the team but not really all right question from lonely guyland. What's kenny gain. Well ceiling could he be the primary back sanders went down just fell off a cliff. You cannot be the primary back. I think it's important to remember that can again. Well five eight hundred pounds like that's not really your prototypical like twenty. Carry a game. Kinda guy i mean. He can probably step up a game or two. He's not bell. The aforementioned donell puffy like pumpers just tiny came has a little bit of haft to him. Yeah love you still talking about thirteen. He's not going to be a workhorse. I'm with you there. Yeah so. I don't think he's your number one mile. Sanders goes down over an extended stretched. I don't i don't see that. I think it's interesting. I don't know how much can you gain was really gonna play in your one right like miles sanders. Who's going to get a lot of time. Boston scott is still here and i think carry on could have a role so i don't really even know how much i think gain. Well could contribute. But i think i wonder if like. We're almost having unrealistic expectations for him. You're what you might have a role. But i don't know i think there's three backs ahead of him right now. I think it's a disappointment if he doesn't overtake boston. Scott as the Sort of the primary quote unquote back at some point at least during the season. I think that's a a a medium bar that he should clear if he's going to be anything in the nfl. that's fair. but i also think that you know. I just think you have to kind of caution with ricky. Sometimes i think we think they're gonna have bigger roles than they usually do cave on lost last year in getting you jimmy ali houston to play latin and he didn't and not to say that's always the right decision but it's just like what it is like coaches typically. I don't think they're not just going to blindly. Trust rookies always snell. There's exceptions and certainly one of those exceptions. But i don't think gain was going to have this huge role in your one okay. question from team currents nineteen ninety How do you feel about the renewed. Dillard talk do we trust. Just outlines assessment at dillard looks more invested. I think i touched on this last week. But like i remember the same kind of vibe being said about jj after your weight side in training camp last year. So i would hold off on this idea. That like he is totally turned the corner. And he's gonna be great now. I think what. We've hers encouraging. It's all the right things. But that's that doesn't mean anything if he's going to go out there and have another bad training camp and we'll get to see him in training camp and we'll see how he does. He's looking better than i'll change my tune on that and i'll have more optimism about him until i see that i'm not going to assume he is just like this better player all of a sudden. I think it's a major problem that that questions even asked and answered in a way in which it's you know like sort of just a given that he wasn't fully investing. You know what i mean so like. I think that the idea that you know that this about face even has to happen is as a problem in i from personally like i don't believe it. I gotta believe anything until i actually see. Words are totally meaningless to me. Let's see it on the field and And then you know. I'll maybe give it some credence but until then like words are totally meaningless to me. And if he is a great training camp to me. I'll be the first one to say it like you know like until like oh you're just being hard on him no matter what he does he know. That's not the case leave. Looks great. i'll tell you if he doesn't then i'm gonna tell you that On that note who's winning a question for mark rivera. Who's winning that job dillard or jordan my lava and who should win the job dillard or a lot to both. Yeah me too Better player right. Now we've been through this Plenty but Anyway moving on question from craig v Which eagles draft pick was more forgettable. Randal evans or alex. Mcallister is sort of a random question. I'll change my question to. Who's the most forgettable pick over the last decade devoted mine. I cheated a little bit on this. Because i looked already at brandon washington. Do you remember him. Six round two thousand and ten or eleven. Very good two thousand eleven. I think it was the one to the radio right. Sixty round this correct. Any the guard that is that is a pretty forgettable one. Elevens is pretty good too former uber driver in philly. Okay that makes him more memorable than brandon washington. Yeah i can't affected has two billion offensive. Tackle that not remember jeremy evans. That's not that. There's a dave king who didn't make the team actually played the league for like three or four years. I think david king won a super bowl or at least he played in the city with the seahawks or something. I can make use or something something. At one point. Joe kruger number. Journalists chip's was calling on crew and then late and cap. He went from crudes to back to krueger. And we're like i'll bet that's banned for crews and sure enough crooks got cut. You don't wanna lose your nickname. I can also go. Same thing happened to mark's not good box went to barclay and we knew that his short yeah All right yeah. I actually own that barks. That's the next question question from gm d. One one two eight four jimmy which rag armed third string quarterback Wanted to beat you up more housing which which rag armed third string quarterback matt specifically matt matt barkley or matt mccoy. N- markley go for sure as barkley barkley hated me Mccloy it was. He didn't have an issue with me. That i'm more of it was his brother. That did not like that Ruben franken i were sort of busting on mclane during You know just. I think the final preseason game It was in philly. They're playing jets and you know they're typical last. Preseason opponent kind of busted on door in that game and his brother found me in the concourse was screaming at me and before going back and forth with me on twitter all night to anyway but yeah it would be barkley. Barkley did barkley himself. Had a problem with me. As opposed to mcguire in the actual player. I have a question for you on this note. I think my feuds with players are well-documented I'm unsure of the foods that you've had with players you mentioned sidney jones trek messaging you. What other players had problems with you over over the years. I don't think i've ever been anything in person so much. I'm very non-confrontational jimmy. That doesn't matter. It's write something about somebody and they take like. Yeah there's been some of that. Over the years. I think over the years i think of trade rumors stuff that i've written about unlike players about that and the lack ho tweeted. Are you know this is fake or whatever. And then there's been some of that. Darren sproles got mad one time. Buttocks block bean. After i wrote an article. I i used to do this. Article every year early is decent. Be used to do this like the most bizarre twitter award. Okay i'd give it to people who like really weird tweets. So i wrote about fletcher clocked cox wants because he kind of like some strange ones and i think he blocked me after that. I don't like that too much So there's that there is a carson wentz kind of getting snippy at me last year when all fumbles she had i was carson. You've leg you know. Fifty whatever fumbles and sixty games now like are you aware that number and like you know how are we supposed to believe this has ever specific stir would like what the reasonably any was like. Well i guess. I'm aware of that number now. I forgot about that. Yeah all right. Two more questions Closes out no. I'm sorry we through. Our question was the we. I missed one. You had a question from euler as a pimp. what was that question that was gonna leave neiman interceptions. It isn't going to be more than two. Yes so darius slay Quote unquote big play. one interception last year in garbage time against The dallas cowboys last year So he'd be the obvious answer but we didn't really see much of that from him in twenty twenty I mean they're really i've Anthony harris led the league in interceptions in was at twenty nineteen For the safety position. So i go with him. I think you know maybe there are some overthrows or something that he can take advantage of but he would be like sandy hours with lavar. I'll say he leads. The team with three receptions. I will say avantis For ridiculously in not placed of bowl prediction at gac next to me question from anthony midgioni favorite readers water ice flavor during training camp He thinks pair. I guess he was he he attended. He thinks pair was pretty close to mvp level. I'll make the quick. Correction here was impair. It was juicy pear to be more specific so there juicy pear there was Mango there was was a cherry was turned. One of them was swedish fish. That's what it was and what they're like raspberry one was the blue like that raspberry or blue raspberry look behind the curtain here. I said this before. But i knew someone who worked at redes- and the blue raspberry is just literally the same as the blueberry sept with various at the same ice no different okay xuemei on. I'm not even like a mango guy. But the mango water ice is fantastic and again like not my first choice of a flavor but i think mango is a is a head and shoulders above juicy. Paranoia offense to anthony midgioni disappears trash. Sorry but my top three swedish fish number one leg so great so sweet of it. Well this is a training camp specifically if we're going redes- flavors and sour patch. Kids read my favorite flavor. I love it so good Some they'd always have though there for but anyway Training camp only on the swedish number. One i'm going to go number two. They don't really have that a lot. Had a one year i think so it's kind of a little sketched putting his. Our apple was good. Actually it's really get a number three. Is that eagles flavor that serve one that also green but lever taught it. Yeah i don't remember. Flavor was but that was apple and pear. I think like sour apple impairs that one was. I liked that one. That was good at an interesting flavor. Okay i'm sticking with mango and finally from the great neil dutton and he plans for the dead zone until training camp so to begins. I think like or july largely have twenty-seventh So little later than normal we get a little more summer to enjoy You got any plans for the summer brandon. I'm shipping up to boston to me If anyone has any recommendations you can tweet me at hobby can email me I am taking a flight. Okay i am. Available on email brandon dot gallon at sp nation dot com. Email me if you have any boston food or activity recommendations. I'm taking them all so. I'm trying to compile months basically sort through recommendations to different people but yeah. I've been to boston before so it's not first time. It's actually kind of interesting story where the people who originally originally like going to boston. Who wanted to go to boston. Had to drop out so now. I'm going to boston with my friends but neither of us plan to go there. But we're still going because everything was booked and we couldn't get out of it so still should be fun. I have actually some recommendations on the drive up. So this isn't necessarily for you but for the listeners. Eighty but If you're ever driving to Massachusetts or rhode island or hampshire vermont maine whatever when you first get into connecticut in stanford can live in stanford connecticut for a year. There was a place called colony pizza. And it's a little dank like hole in the wall type of bar and have bar pies and the pizza they're like just phenomenally good pizza stuff they have up there a beats the new haven style pizza. So there's the new haven play like that they got Down pepe modern and a few others. So i would recommend go in there too. I guess but County pizzas like literally like a minute off of i ninety five so it's of like right on the way you're not like you know going out of your way at all to stop there. If you like hole in the wall bars like like i do. Then like it's it's i stopped. I want to a wedding at mystic connecticut. Which is also also been down and stop the connie my girlfriend. I stopped at county. Pete's on the way and christopher travolta realtors and i south at iconic piece otherwise so that'd be recommendation and then another place on the way i dunno. A town is in connecticut as well. But it's off of ninety five and It's called ships like family restaurant or something like that billboards for all over the place up and down ninety five and they claim to have the best pancakes right. I'll i appreciate the. Bs claims and but because of their over advertising. I did stop in and actually it was awesome. Like they're pancakes are really really good. So have you ever go up in the morning. Recommend chips family restaurant. So what's your first of all these recommendations. Don't help me again listening to maybe good for you. What's your what's your plans to me I'm going to try to play some more sports this row. I'm going to try to get out and golf a little bit more than i normally have over the years. I am definitely going to try to get out in the water more than i did. Last season go surfing. Surf's up and When i was in the deal that's those are the two main ones more golf and more surfing for me this year. But i'm not going anywhere I like to save. I go away vacation. Time for like february where i can escape horrible weather here and enjoyable weather elsewhere But that's just although sometimes. It is really horrible whether here though he got offered to ninety five and humid and i guess boston can get that way too but probably five to ten degrees cooler. I want to go to the beach to. I'm gonna go back to the beach again. Probably again to some point but don't know yet win yet. So if you're in l. y. And you want an autograph. I will sign. I don't think you are not but anyway if you see me say hi do me. Any final thoughts No that's it. I think just looking forward actually to the dead zone period of the offseason. It's like a rare time where not rare time but it it's our offseason essentially like a real like quote unquote off like not doing much season. So that'll be nice. Do have the dumpster fire series coming up that is beginning on the game. My calendar content greasing calendar june twenty for monday june twenty four. So what's today. Today is the I've gotta start getting move on that. It's only nine days while so. I gotta start writing those cowboys on monday. Giants tuesday washington football team wednesday. I'm going to look around the rest of the entire league. I suppose just the rest of the for the boom roasted a segment and then friday force. Finish it off of the eagles. Eagles going to be staying What's the word well. We'll wrap them up on a podcast episode till after. They're all written but this year so just complement the what's the like counterpart whatever. I'm looking for the word that goes with that anyway. We'll have a podcast to. We'll go through the dumpster fire pieces but it's so what's funny too is like i remember back in like if i'm looking for okay and we're back in two thousand seventeen. The eagles are really hard to do that year. The expectations of that team were super high. I think some people thought they could make the playoffs and You know maybe compete for the for the nfc east or whatever. But i remember that your heart was hard to come up with a good reasons why they're going to be bad. And that's when. I started to think earn money better than than like we think this year just in starting to take a look at like the words of the team. It's going to be like like i struggled. Get to ten reasons. They're going to be bad in sixteen or twenty seventeen. Like i could come up with like eighteen to twenty no problem this year so i just i think what the those dumpster fire pieces do me any way they give me like a sense of like how really bad some of these teams are going to be like in previous years when the giants really bad same thing it was easy to come up like fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen different reasons you had to like. Get the like narrow it down like the leave like really good reasons off so anyway just a fun exercise here all right so this has been radio follow jimmy. Gmc on twitter at jimmy come see follow me on twitter at brain to at bleeding dot com dot com. Check out right to songcraft turkey by going to right to sell on dot com discount. Bgn fifteen fifteen percents off. Go get yourself. Some dog treats going to wild nature. Pet dot com same discount code before. Bgn fifteen percent off. What's up to me. I just did a wood. Fourth something very good. Add those actually. Charlie who jumped in there wasn't even djing in. Charlie's jimmy's dog. If you didn't know check out. Bgn radio by subscribing following whatever. The new terminology is for this iphone. Update that's done. Also if you're gonna leave a review tell us how you found bijan radio. Maybe it's recently. Maybe it's years ago. We wanna know either way saliba review and then we will read it here on the show and that'll be fun and we will have more contact coming your way of course on the bleeding green nation podcast feed which you can also follow us on twitter at underscore radio. Good-bye everybody he g.

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163: Once Again, The XFL is Done (Or Is It?)  With ESPNs Kevin Seifert

Good Seats Still Available

1:10:58 hr | 1 year ago

163: Once Again, The XFL is Done (Or Is It?) With ESPNs Kevin Seifert

"A social distancing tip while the CDC urges you to avoid close contact like hugging or shaking hands. There are other non physical ways to say. Hello Wave Wink. You sign language salute smile. Give the peace sign. Throw up an air. Hi Five do jazz hands remember. Stay a minimum of six feet or two arms length away from others and stay home if you can for more info visit Corona virus duck of. Let's all do our part because we're all Hashtag alone together brought to you by the Ad Council the Super Bowl the rear view mirror by a matter of days. There's more pro football in February. Get ready for the XFL scarfs today. And with a new era where it's always put fall season the home team the defender Ch. They want to set the tone probably opening kick. Meanwhile the underdog visitors from Seattle. They are all business minutes away from the kick. The energy anticipation and excitement builds. All for the love of what? Balk this is the XFL ABC three degrees. The Saunders Come Out Audi stadium in our nation's capital Washington DC progressive countdown to kickoff for the xfl opener. Seattle TRACK IN THE TC defenders fit. Together you can throw out the records auto wrecker. Tissa clean slate if all about the xfl is he hate me. Forget about a long gone. This is the brand spanking new. Xfl Break Greg mcelroy. I'm Steve Maybe right here today. You're going to see the passion of football players who are going through a few things go to the NFL. Get back to the NFL and if not just playing football really for the love of football itself. This is win win for everybody. That's great I mean. Football is America. America is football is synonymous with the fabric of our country. We have ten more weeks of it. It's going to be incredible. I can't believe were here. We finally made it. Football is here to stay. Thank goodness for the next several weeks. You'RE GONNA be at your best today because at one hundred years from now we're celebrating the one hundred year anniversary of the xfl this the tape or whatever it's going to be at that point they're gonNA plug in welcome to good seats. Still available a curious little podcast devoted to exploring what used to be in professional sports. Here's your host. Tim Hamlett Pole. Yes we did how you doing everybody. It's your doctor of defunct your a Vakhitov of expansion air professor previously domiciled your reverend relocation your captain of contraction. Yes it's your buddy Tim Hanlin and this is indeed. Good seats still available. The curious little podcast journey each and every week into what used to be in pro sports. Thank you for coming by. Thank you for allowing us to distract you from all the ills of the world outside as we hunker down still and do all the right things to say safe and healthy. Hopefully you and yours are doing exactly that. And of course as is the watts on this show. We don't wait around too long. We don't we don't waste any time. Frankly when when things go keb Louis in the realm of Pro Sports? We tackle literally and figuratively the situation. And we don't wait around for the body to be Frankly cold We dip right into the situation of hand in this week as you just heard there we're GONNA get into it the xfl the second version of such already come and gone for various reasons. Well obviously the most pronounced of them of course. Is this incredible turn of events that all of us have gone through the last couple of months but perhaps very dramatically the xfl with you know all of this. The storm and drawing of of Vince McMahon and the The braggadocio in the money and and the commitment to at least a three or four year game plan is Kaput has gone is done and dramatically so in in very short order a couple of weeks back and I think shocking. Yeah not not to. You know obviously a surprise and maybe not too surprising in the face of of the all the bad news and potentially further maladies in stories yet to come The questions around how pro football pro sports a large events all those kinds of things the uncertainty of that for sure I think a lot of certainly had no They didn't Sort of feel too surprised that the xfl was going to take a pause just like all pro sports. But I think a lot of people were just shocked. Frankly just how quickly the The end of it basically was just announced over a span of just minner literally just a couple of days. We're going to get into the dramatic turn of events as well as the lead up sort of what was sort of planned to come and maybe sort of what is yet still to play out around the xfl the second version of such with our guest. This Week Kevin Seaford and if you haven't read his stuff on ESPN DOT com or the ESPN APP. Kevin is the premier NFL and pro football writer for ESPN. And we're going to get into a bunch of his His following of this league he was amongst the first to break the news that There would be both a suspension of the League as well as the reporting of the fact of of its declaration Alpha sports the unit to set up Vince McMahon to to fund and run this league declaring bankruptcy shortly thereafter literally one business day after announcing that the League would suspend operations but Kevin obviously a excellent writer around all things pro-football generally but also a bunch of stories that we'll get into a about the xfl it's birth some of the interesting stories and players That were part of the mix As well as obviously Intrepid Reporting it's a very quick at least initially demise We get into all bunches of things. How how Vince McMahon funded. The whole enterprise be his Alpha enterprises You know the business plan the TV rights You know essentially doing. Tv buys and On the bat that over time couple of years maybe that The roles could get reversed and then some rights fees could be paid to The xfl the the you know the the the running of games on Fox and ESPN AND ABC and F S. One that clip that. You just heard yeah was indeed from the very first game that was on. Abc Steve Levy calling the action with Greg mcelroy. Color Commentary And that was February eighth literally just almost three months ago as we record this episode at Audi Stadium in DC the home of DC united. The major league soccer team Just about a sellout crowd. They're almost twenty thousand arguably a right environment for a fledgling and still unproven at the time. Football League the DC defenders the home team against the Seattle dragons already in their first game without other games played the underdog the Seattle dragons were. We're GONNA get into all of the curious stories around around all of that why it was so quick to shut down and then then declare bankruptcy literally a day later why not perhaps just suspend operations and try to come back in the spring of next year. I look the. Nfl is even figuring out what they're going to do for this fall is college football. GonNa come back a we have a bunch of league. Still as we're record this Still not certain if they're gonNA complete seasons and all that kind of stuff so it seems perhaps to some a very hasty decision. It's just just cut bait and end the whole thing right. There declare bankruptcy The manner in which all was shut down some have already argued if Cova nineteen was a comedian. Excuse to to end this thing. Perhaps maybe As it was already getting going that That Vince maybe didn't see actually this Playing APP two to three years According to plan in the Mackenzie research that sorta found foundationally got this all set up to go. What is The state of Oliver Luck who is arguably the what I would call the chief credibility officer. I mean he was you know. Obviously the big name With a tremendous Football pedigree and now as Embroiled in a lawsuit against interestingly not Alpha itself but but Vincent man personally since he is and was the source of the money and the manner in which luck was Was Let go was terminated before even the announcement of the League a suspending operations and then declaring bankruptcy so Hijinks probably yet the play out there. Whatever Vinci's legacy now I mean this is arguably strike to. Do you want to mix a metaphor? His second attempt at a professional football. We all know the first one played out bobby for different reasons. We alluded that Some of that and we obviously had some previous conversations devoted to that just search up all the past episodes on good seats still available dot com or your podcast catcher. You'll find those episodes and maybe to also the idea of the Spring footballer playing pro football or some version of pro football in the spring or even just a challenger League at that as Kevin Wisely points out the AFL probably the last sort of successful challenger slash merger into constituting a lot of what the NFL is today. But ever since then right it's been folly after folly and a mishap after mishap in terms of trying to create Either an alternative or challenge or some combination thereof to the NFL so we get an all of those aspects of the conversation. I'll be at only a few months after its demise and It's actual launch. Frankly it's our first investigation of what happened to the XFL two point with our guest. This week Kevin Siefert from ESPN AND ESPN DOT COM and stay tuned for that. You will learn a few tidbits already and stick around for that before we do. So however we want to say Greetings to our old pals at old school shirts Dot Com in Cincinnati Ohio Beautiful Cincinnati Ohio. And it's a it's a wonderful sight. It's a wonderful set of garb that they have for you. It old school shirts. Dot Com one of the longest lasting sponsors. We cannot Thank them enough. And if you consider yourself to be an old soul trapped in the modern world well you can relive those days gone by with classic imprints from the vast collection at our friends at school shirts dot com. They're passionate about vintage style. Shirts and the teens and the brands the places that inspired them they've got a wide assortment of stuff designs logos from not only sports teams and leagues but also other pop culture places that you may remember literally and figuratively. Perhaps that ice cream stand. That was famous your city or an old radio station that you grew up with maybe even a stadium or an arena Brought back lots of memories. Maybe still around. Frankly all of those things and many many more are commemorated in classic and well-constructed constructed shirt form at old school shirts dot com. And of course when you go there and you visit early and often and you purchase a couple of those items and you're gonNA love him. I'm sure you will make sure that use the Promo Code Checkout Way. It's good seats. Yeah use that Promo code good seats at checkout and please enjoy courtesy of PF Wilson and friends at old school shirts dot com and us here. It could still able ten percent off all of your purchases. Yes that's the Promo Code good seats all onward ten percent off all of your purchases at old school shirts dot com. We thank them of course for their sponsorship of the show and we thank you for checking them out and we thank you of course for continuing to listen as we now segue nice and smooth see into our conversation about the second. Go around of the XFL. What the Hell happened? It was in a blink of an eye it's gone and here's our conversation with ESPN's Kevin Safer coming at you. Please as always enjoy the idea around this silly little show. Right is focused on what used to be in pro sports and frankly we don't wait for bodies to Be fully cold and ready for burial around this. And here's a is almost reminiscent of the AF but just a quick background our audience you are the NFL. But also I guess more. Broadly the pro or the pro. Football scribe for a bunch of stuff. Espn yeah yeah. Yeah Yeah I think that you know. We almost exclusively but very Very frequently writing. Nfl stuff. But I'm interested in all levels of pro football so I've done CFL Work I've done Xfl A little bit of a AF. I worked on stories relating to the Spring League which is Sort of a developmental league. That's based in Texas and so all kinds of football Avenues for me. Well Yeah and you've written a bunch of of very straightforward and and frankly news breaking articles about the xfl but before we get into some of that give me a sense of what your perception of the xfl version two point. Oh of course was when Vince magically showed up in that studio in Stamford Connecticut with a video. Press conference announcing the return of this shall we say very tarnished brand from ten years earlier. Yeah I was surprised And maybe a little skeptical You're there has in. There still has never been a successful alternative pro football league really since the AFL Which eventually merged with the NFL in nineteen seventy and? That's where we have the modern NFL from now so since then there have been many people who have tried to To try to essentially cash in on the NFL success to To sort of bleed into the Really you know high profile level of of of pro football and college football in this country But it had never been As never been successful and so I was really surprised because I didn't know what where the path to success was You know the. He made clear he didn't want to be a developmental league for the NFL which some people have said. It's something that could possibly work That he wanted to have is mandatory competitively but with the NFL but certainly one that was independent and so I think my first reaction was probably skepticism and when he talked about a two or three year ramp up process. I wondered if it would ever come to fruition. Well how did you also square that with and I Apologize? For not remembering the exact time line but the arrival and the announcement of the AF as well and of course for anybody not seen this is the XFL. And the Charlie Ebersol thirty for thirty. And obviously Charlie's A. starting of the A. F. which is its own semi comical and and Disastrous store in and of itself not not related but a sort of related right because in essence this framework right. This is the second or one of two announcements of a new football league in the spring. Allbeit in two separate years yeah in the AF felt very pressured slash motivated to Debut get ahead of the XFL. They thought they would never have a chance if the XFL got on the field I and that their only chance was to get out there and start building their brand and acquiring players and that sort of thing before the xfl didn't so that's part of the reason they failed with they. Just you know. It's really hard to build a football league regardless and I'm there really rush time Table they weren't able to line up the financing. They weren't able to get their business side in order They actually had a a decent football product but the business side is what ultimately crashed league and a lot of that was because they were really rushed to try to get on the field before the xfl started well aside from the bravado. And the box right in in Vince. Mcmahon's favor right from a pro football reporter perspective right you really now have to sort of Challenger leagues not only coming out of nowhere right and arguably you know I guess framing you could sorta say non now. They're too and how likely are each of them? Were both of the succeed? But then you juxtapose that against what you said in their earlier part of this discussion right this sort of long litany of you know generally either directly or indirectly competitive right pro leagues of some elk or sort and a bunch of trying to fill this void in the spring. So I- what's going through your mind as a as an eagle-eyed reporter trying to be objective. Maybe a little bit optimistic but I. It just seems like there's a a bigger circus of folly beyond just Vince McMahon. In the XFL. Yeah I got the idea of why if something is really successful And seems to have a could be continuing to grow which is what the NFL was in terms of revenues every year. It seems like they're adding another billion dollars to their total revenues and they had really shot up to the To the top of the list in terms of pro sports in this country You know sports gambling was was becoming a big Around that time with just people were just starting to realize sports gambling was going to be a really Strong revenue producer at some point for for pro sports and certainly football lent itself well to that from the fantasy perspective and destroyed up gambling And so you could see why there would be interest You know you have the money making and also just the just the the interest level around the country and the game but you still whether it was a mysterious financial backers of the AF or the obvious financial backer of the of the xfl and McMahon still didn't know how they could succeed because you know the NFL was just celebrated its hundredth year. It took a long time for them to build themselves up into what they are And football's a very expensive sport to to play Into to pay pay players pay insurance pay workers. Comp you know lease stadiums all the things that go into you know starting from scratch the NFL. Such a long had started on so in my mind again. I just I just questioned where the financial path to success was and I knew neither one of these league was doing this for charity or fine. You know you don't spend that kind of money or commit that kind of money just to have fun and watch be able to watch football. They presumably thought there was a path financial success And that's probably what I questioned is. What was that path? And how would that really work? So the details. Start to sort of come out for this. Xfl thing and convince sort of put some some specific surrounded announces Oliver Luck. Obviously we'll talk about him in a second. Give me a sense of. Did you think that well? Obviously he made a distance from the first version of the XFL for various reasons. But what struck me? I guess is as an interesting salvo was the choice of markets right seven of the eight markets for the xfl were in NFL city. So be it in different. Mostly different stadiums a couple of shared versus the A. F. Approach which seems very classically challenger with underserved markets. Such as the Jacksonville's Birmingham's of the world. Yeah I I understood that part because Orlando. Excuse me not Jacksonville. I apologised Jacksonville on my mind because Jacksonville clue always been in the WFL. I get get one again. Yeah I definitely got the idea of using those markets because the xfl whole basis was that they had hired consulting firm to do market research and the research package came back saying there was thirty five million to forty million hardcore football fans in this country. Who won the super bowl the NFL superbowl was over? We're just hiding for more football. They they're in mourning because and we all know people like that and maybe sometimes I've been that way there this morning That second weekend in February when there's nothing you know there's no football on now and it's not gonna be any for a long long time. And so they felt like that was evidence and that was their target market. And so you might find those people in the markets. You talked about Af but you probably were more likely to find them in cities that were already you know. Nfl cities and already sort of in that Mo- in so I understood that choice of markets in that regard You know the the more people that live up in the other part is just math. I think no more people that live in those markets. The better chance you are having people show up to a game. It's not GonNa be like college football where You have small college towns. That a hundred thousand people come to because they've been doing that for years and there's tradition and there's and there's an expectation of of what going to be like you're not gonNa have that kind of crowd walk up to a an xfl game so it makes sense to have them in big cities and in places where football pro football already well established and successful and loved. I well to sort of two questions here or parallel questions. One sort of his on the product and the football side right. That's the wor and Oliver luck comes into play and if anything that the AF did right was at least I think to most people you know. They spent a lot of time and effort trying to make sure that the football was of good quality and tinkering with the right. We're rules and it seemed like the xfl was going to do the same if not perhaps a little bit even more. So yeah and and there was. I think the very first press conference that that Vincent Man had is he said we were gonNA reimagined the game And that made me wonder. Well you know what direction they're gonNA reimagined. Are they gonNA reimagined towards you? Know Knocking People's heads off as when they run across the middle or is it going to be reimagined in some other way and so when they hired Oliver Luck I thought that was probably the best thing that they did. In terms of getting you know true credibility for to be for being a serious football operations and told me that they were going to think outside the box they were gonna try to come up with some new ways of doing things but it was going to be very much within the spirit of the game and sensibilities of the game Because that's you know. Obviously Oliver luck being a former. Nfl quarterback in a in an NCWA administrator and a College Division One ad. He they weren't GonNa have suddenly have thirteen people on each side or or have five four passes allowed On every play and so that was a reassuring thing and also a really good sign for the for the credibility of the League in terms of the product. They were GONNA try to create in your world of football contacts with any rules that you found either personally. Or amongst your amongst your tribe or your sources that that was generally seen as as fun and interesting and intriguing and or similarly just head-scratching an and borderline folly You know most of the NFL PEOPLE. Watch that and they picked out to two. Big Things and one was The kickoff alignment. They really thought that was smart in terms of getting to the place where everyone wants to get to which are actually getting returns Without having people run thirty five yards and a full sprint and bashing heads with each other and so the kickoff was very it looked a little odd. You know there's no doubt about it at the beginning but it very successful in achieving the goal that everyone wants which is stop having touchback and start having a lot more return so that caught the eye of a lot of. Nfl people a different way to think about the kickoff and the other thing was that they really I think it caught a Lotta is in the. Nfl were was the the extra point situation you know the XFL got rid of actually kicking an extra point and they gave you options for One two or or Or five points after the She's one two or three points after a touchdown Depending on where you took the ball and so that That changed so much Beyond just the decision of what you do it to. It changed all the fourth quarter math. That coaches have to think about and they admitted that they took them a while to really get what they should be doing that. When you when you're down by You know you're down by nine. That's that could be a one score game And so You have to start thinking about different ways it. It created a whole different sense of how you should approach game management in the fourth quarter. And even before that which was really fine and the You know even the even the The one point conversion was is not is not nearly as easy as extra point kicking and so you saw a lot Odd scores a lot of You know no overtime games. I don't think they had a single overtime game if I'm not mistaken and So really those two things really caught the eye of NFL people and doesn't mean they're going to implement it right away. But I think it got some some people thinking that you know when they actually saw it happen to competitive game that it wasn't as wild or crazy or or too far out Of the realm of possibility to consider how about on the business side of it. I guess there are two prongs of that. One is the approach to television right now. There's no pro league that's ever going to survive in this country. That doesn't have some pathway to some kind of television. Roadmap if you will and it looks like you know the Starting point was going to be the proverbial time by or resource sharing. We've seen that model on a number of different occasions over the over the years but including Your network of Domicile. Espn maybe you have some insider sort of knowledge or understanding of number one smart idea number two based on the ESPN broadcasts that I saw the ABC slash ESPN CO branded telecasts. It didn't seem like ESPN kind of spared any expense. I mean I think Steve Lee for example I. He opened up the show by saying throughout the books. Right there's there are the rows so it was clear that they were having fun and it seemed like there was no shortage of innovation and enthusiasm for the broadcasts valley and I think the The XFL number one you know did a very important thing Which is you know whatever the pathway was. They got themselves on NATIONAL TELEVISION FOR EVERY GAME. Every game was either on. Espn FOX ESPN two F. S. one F S to think you stand to every game was you know was available if you had cable And that that was huge. And I there's no you know there's no getting around that. Eventually they would have had to go from a resource sharing situation to To build you know their content value enough that someone would pay them to broadcast their games and that didn't happen in the first year. Not Not a surprise. It wasn't part of their business model. I don't think you certainly have to accept that. It's really good just to get your games on TV the first year. But you know to survive I think everyone understood that they were eventually going to have to get to that to that point where you know. Tv TV networks where we're paying them to to broadcast the Games but In the meantime they really you know they in order to I don't want to say to induce the TV networks to do that but who in the spirit of cooperation they said? Hey we're open anything you know if there's things that the networks want to try We're open to it. We're we're an open book. We're going to give you access to whoever you want whenever you want. If you want players. They walk off the field after a turnover. We'll give them to you. If you want to hear the play call over the over the intercom. You know we'll give you that if you want If you want to hear the replay people make their decisions. We'll give you that. And so it really gave the networks a chance to to expand and grow and provide you know interesting content because people tuning in the game. Unless you're really hard core college football fan. You're not going to necessarily recognized every name of the player on the field. So you're not tuning in just to see how at least the first week or two you know. Pj Walker is playing or You Know Cartel Jones you you. You're turning into tune in the TV show and part of the show was giving you access that the NFL never give you access to Getting insight and emotion. That you would never you know you would never experienced otherwise. I keep going back to You Know Matt McCoy now. The New York quarterback who was having a bad game. I think it was in the second week. And he kind of You know he was muttering under stress. And you could get a good sense of who he thought was responsible and he and the coach had a little bit of a back and forth and that was real stuff and so um it was great content. The XFL was You know willing to do just about anything. And it was easy for them because they had no tradition. Otherwise if you said if you went to the NFL and you said you know let's we'd like to get Coaches Play calls broadcasts. There's no chance that would happen because they're you know they're much probably much more serious than secretive about their play calls and be. They've gone all these hundred years without ever having to broadcast that and they're not it's not something that's easily changed but when you have when you get in and sort of on the ground floor and and everything's open for discussion. You have a much better chance of bad and so I think that was sort of the. Xfl approach there. Well you your your knee deep in the NFL and pro. Football generally what? What was your take on the on the first the only number of weeks of of play on the field? It seemed a little bit better. Maybe than what I saw at the A. F. in its first couple of weeks. Yeah it was. It was better like I think. Some of the the attention on the innovations overshadowed some of the you know uneven clay. You know we spent a Lotta time personally watching to see how that the various rule changes would work and how the the quicker pace would work and because they had a twenty five second game clock and then they change The way the end of the game where go so there would be a better chance More time for two minute drill to to win a game and so I- focus on a lot of that stuff and maybe some other people probably did to overshadow the fact that this was still very new operation in terms of you know all these teams were just getting familiar with each other. None of these people that ever played the other coach together before and so the level of play was was probably uneven and a lot of it depended on whether your team had a healthy quarterback and be A good one you know Houston with five zero and PJ Walker with their quarterback and he was the best quarterback In the in the League and I think he was the only guy who stayed healthy for the for all five weeks and so That was a big reason why they were. They played the best and they And they had the best offense You know there were there. Were some teams. Who who sort of cycled through quarterbacks in New York Matt McLaughlin was not as good as people hoped And they're they're they're level play. It was a struggle and so There was definitely some games that didn't live up to the hype of terms of high scoring and fast paced. But they also were in the first five weeks of their distance and so the the most meaningful part of the story was never told which was what trend with the end the season on. Would they get you know they were at the mid point of the season and would they? Would they start scoring more in the second half where they get things together with things fall apart? Who knows so? We never got a chance to sort of complete that story but I think that There were some games that were really fun to watch and some that weren't another observation. That I have is is the stadiums and the fans right so the two flavors I think to that number one having been a big major league soccer fan over the years the unique usage I guess of two MLS Stadiums Angeles and in DC even for the first game which to me almost feels like us more sane and realistic. I guess environment right where you're not talking about the cavernous seventy eighty thousand seat. You know gladiator size stadiums aside from metlife thing in New York which is a different issue but in more intimate kind of twenty to twenty five thousand seat environment. Where even if you don't sell it out it still feels like it's got a a bunch of people there in good sound and action and probably closer to the field at that fans. Yeah and I think it was market dependent in some ways to You know the the two the two biggest to best attendants cities they had were Seattle and they played Essentially link but they basically sold the bottom. You know I think they they'd get like twenty five thirty thousand people at their games and they just sold the the lower deck in the same Saint Louis. They played in the old. I'm not even sure I think it's called the Dome of Saint Louis. Now but it was the old Twa Dome where the where the rams used to play and they sold you know just the lower deck and they were at the twenty five to thirty thousand range and both of those environments were very good. You know there was plenty of you know it looked on TV. There was plenty of of noise I I was at the first game in D. C. Where they had a seventeen almost eighteen thousand people in the twenty thousand seat audie field. That was a great environment. And if you'd had it at Fedex Field. It would have been allowed the environment so in that market. It was the right place the right thing to do that have have them less in la. I mean they it was at Millette. Mls Stadium but they. I think we're averaging thirteen th. They were like I been the lowest them and Tampa Bay might have been the lowest attendance attendance rankings and so even though they were playing in a stadium a huge city They were not getting a lot of ten. And so it was really. There was a lot of variations in the markets And the the idea it was. It was a really good environment to have an almost full. Mls stadium like in Washington or to have twenty five to thirty thousand people in the lower bowl and St Louis and Seattle. And and I obviously we will never know to sort of see how that plays out but you know there are plenty of. Mls stadiums that frankly wouldn't mind some extra tenants and generate some revenue that way and it could be but the that was the other thing I was gonNA bring up. Was you mentioned Seattle of course but I think indeed Saint Louis Right if there is any quote unquote six most successful franchise. Frankly for aside from being on the field I'm talking about it. Seemed like Saint Louis was only growing. I think they were expecting. I thought I read somewhere. They were expecting almost fifty thousand for their next game had occurred. Yeah they had they were selling. They had Opened up the upper deck. I think for sales for their next home game that never. It was never played. So I guess we don't know for sure how many people would have showed up but that was kind of the perfect formula because they felt city that had been abandoned and they're understandably very still very upset about that and sensitive about it. And so they were. That franchise is able to tap in to that sensitivity and that desire to show that they really are football town And also to embrace a team that really wanted to be there you know we want the Renault that for a long time. The Rams WanNa be there Before they moved and so there was a lot of just a lot of bad feeling there and bad vibes there and whereas the the Saint Louis. Xfl team really obviously really wanted to be there and they wanted to connect and they found a community that was very willing to embrace them. All right well before we get to this sort of the the sort of collapse for various reasons. I do want to bring up a story that you wrote a couple of weeks back which I think brings up a possible other. It had more time to do it. Hint perhaps of what besides a business and television ratings and all that stuff the xfl could have volved into and that was your story that you wrote about Kenny Robinson. Maybe you want to give our audience a sense of of that story. Because IT Kenny Robinson's. A guy coming out of college basically is well you tell the story he he basically issued. I think issued college for the xfl instead to get to the maybe to get to the NFL. Yeah right so when the XFL? I sort of came online Oliver Luck. Who had been an NC double a executive and also a college. I ad Made clear that just because the NFL has rule that you have to be three years out of high school to be eligible for the draft. But that's not like a law or it's not NCWA rules and NFL RUIN. The XFL would not be bound by that so if the circumstances were right the xfl would be happy to take A Promising College player who had played. You know some time in college but had for whatever reason hadn't gotten through the three years so wouldn't have been eligible for the NFL yet. But they would be happy to host that player for a year in the Excel. And they'll that only happen with one layer And that was Kenny Robinson. In the first year I think it would have been more of it later. The Kenny Robinson had been an all big twelve conference Safety at West Virginia. Real lot of interceptions He got thrown out of school after his second year because of an academic violation And so his options at that point were to either transfer down to a lower division and play right away and maybe disappear off of the off of the traffic map for the following year or transfer. Walk on probably but have to sit out a year at another school and so instead of waiting a year and and he didn't WANNA transfer down so instead of waiting a year and then playing the twenty twenty one season in in Excuse me the twenty twenty season in college and entering the twenty twenty one. Nfl draft. He decided to go to the xfl. Clay you know an xfl season use that as sort of his final year tape He would have to miss the combine. He wouldn't be eligible for the combine but he thought and and the xfl encouraged that playing ten games in a professional league would would probably do a lot more for NFL prospects than playing sitting out and playing another division one year following ear. And so he did that Two interceptions in five games Plank for Saint Louis and Then enter the draft. You know he didn't. He didn't have as much tape as he would've hoped because they only played five of the ten weeks but he had enough and he ended up being a day three. Pick of the WHO fifth round of the of the Carolina Panthers and And now he's you know he's gotten. Nfl signing bonus he. In addition to the salary he earned in the xfl He saw it and now he's he's on track to make an NFL Rosser in twenty twenty instead of playing At another school in in twenty twenty in college and so he was sort of the first and now the only player to get around the rules that exist for college players that they feed into the NFL and he was able to be paid a salary for one of the years that he otherwise would have been in college and so that was something that that a lot of people have talked about. You know for a long time. Would there ever be a way to To service those types of players and get them into a pro league get them you know they could be paid. Legally I guess the best way to put up a poster what might happen in college but And then still not have their draft or their path to the. Nfl disrupted anyway and his case was accelerated. And so I think they probably would have looked for more players like that and their second year but It turns out Kenny. Robinson. Will be the only one to benefited from that From that process how did how did Robinson become the One? I guess to be the first to to do that. Because it seems like I'm getting the sense in your reporting sort of said that McMahon WANNA ruffle too many feathers too soon in that first year with this idea. I I You know he he went to. I think the story in his from his perspective. Was You know? His mom had been diagnosed with cancer and so he was very worried about supporting her His trainer told him about the XFL and that it was holding sort of regional combines and he went to one and met with the with Oliver Luck and those people and and They both got a good feel free and so the. Xfl felt confident that he was a at a player was high enough ceiling to make it worth it and use sort of as a test case But I don't know if there was a ton of other people who pursued it It wasn't like they were GonNA get Trevor Lawrence from Clemson to give up his year. You know next two years and play in the XFL From even from a financial standpoint. I'm not sure if that would have worked well for a guy like Trevor Lawrence but You know players like Kenny Robinson. Certainly it did. But I'm not sure if they had their necessarily their doors were being blown down by people trying to do that or not. It probably would have been more popular and Interesting OPTION FOR PEOPLE. This year had the xfl continued. But I don't think if I minor things right that I know the xfl didn't WanNa do a bunch of those players right away. They want to see how it went and And don't know how many really expressed interest either. Well it also brings up the question and I. It seems there was friction in this idea. Right. Did McMahon sort of at least publicly said that you know. He didn't sort of envision this as being a feeder league or or Developmental League for the NFL right in many respects. It's kind of that right. It's feels little G. League ish or were you know some of the Or you know an alternative to playing college say say for you know a mls soccer certainly baseball right where you truly parallel paths. Yeah yeah in this case though like you could make an objective argument that that his talent and has potential made it a no brainer. You know he was one of the more talented players in the League on from the defensive side And certainly had the most you know amongst the amongst a lot. Most of them had the most. Nfl potential as well. So it wasn't like they were just kind of doing a charity case or they were just doing this. You know benefits of the xfl is if the player is good enough. Then he raised the level of play for their league even though they eventually they know he's eventually going to go with the NFL and they still had a more town player playing that position for that team than they. Otherwise would have. Yeah what what what would have been well. Let's let's Kinda speed it up to She's not even a month ago. Now is we're recording this so in April tenth. The somewhat abrupt Conference call by Jeffrey Pollack. The chief operating officer which is which is which was a Friday and then the Monday thereafter came sort of the the falling of the second shoe to drop which is the actual filing for bankruptcy of Alpha sports and and and the basically the Pereira nail in the coffin. So if you can remember that far back obviously. The Corona virus issue is hitting pro sports and all kinds of ways of life. Not just pro sports. It's significant president of ways. But what was your take on. This says it to events. Were playing out did you. Because I got the sense that there was kind of a little bit of an intrigue sort of hanging on that Friday call but then Monday kind of close the door on any potential hope. How did how did the out in your mind. Yeah I mean I I was not expecting it and I think most people worked for the XFL. We're not expecting it. You know the the the in the in the in the time heading into the season and that was the number one question would the xfl get passed. Its FIRST YEAR. Would it be another? As in my answer always was the big difference between the XFL and the AF is that they had real honest to guide. You know Financier you know we know Vince. Mcmahon's who we know who Vince. Mcmahon is and we know he has enough money to fund US. And if we didn't know that we saw that he had sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of e stock of his own stock to To Fund the company that was sort of the parent company for the xfl. So we knew the money existed. We didn't know the only Hangup is that he could decide not to spend that money just like any businessmen but There was every indication that he had gotten into it for the long haul for two or three years. And so even though you know we were headed sort of into this unprecedented economic time and And you know not being able to say finish out the season and certainly not even being sure. What would be the the situation around the country and the following spring? I just you know my own was that they had there was enough money in the bank to make this and they had put too much work building. It up in the first place you know remember. They've been product development for two years after that announcement from Vince originally before they launched the two thousand eighteen. Two Thousand Twenty and that it would seem to be a very quick Co If If they had you know gone five games than throwing throwing in the towel after the the Kobe pandemic and so I was surprised. Certainly when the news came out That Friday morning and but in calling around the people from the XFL that were on the call. It was very clear to them. This was not for education. It was not a you know. We'll call you back once. This is all over type situation. They were all based on the tone and the words used convinced that the League was done. that Friday even though the League statement didn't say as much and then the following Monday the bankruptcy thing came which seems more of like a a business you know this was how they chose to liquidate the business you know do the bankruptcy past And so that part seemed a little anti-climactic I was pretty certain that Friday and the hours after the call that the league you know wasn't just suspended. It was it was it was done you. Were you surprised that? Perhaps it wouldn't just be suspended for the year and and and And truly try to buy some time until next season and you know you could still ramp down spending and people in personnel and stuff and keep your options open right for for another if and when things might have normalized. No Yeah. That's sort of. The unknown of the equation is really what the bottom their bottom line was. How much only? How much money would that require? But also and I think this part played into it a little bit was the uncertainty that it wasn't just you know we'll send everybody home here in April and will pull him back In December. So once you know the world is back to normal because because that's when the training camps and all that would start for the twenty twenty one season that because there's no you know like all the other business owners in the country they have no idea what the world is going to be like in December In the football world. We have no idea what's going to happen. You know to be honest with the NFL season or the college football season and if either one of those or both is delayed or pushed into the spring. Then that would infringe on what the xfl window was and that could be disastrous for them as well and so You know Vince. Iran hasn't really spoken publicly about this. We don't know entirely what his thinking is. And I'm not sure that a lot of people who worked the XFL or worked for the XFL. No either but it wasn't as if they could. They had a firm that anyone could have had a firm grip on the timetable. That would have been presented to them before they could get back to business. You know there was no guarantee whatsoever that they could step away for a month and then everything's go back to normal so that was probably part of the equation as well and I know this is kind of for us at least silly little show hot take right but you know we're as we record this. The first week of May College football is still in a number of circles still a viable proposition. Now we'll see the NFL okay. Trimming their international games. But they're going you know they went through with the draft and they're going to be announcing their schedule and a couple of days right so at least with the mechanics of of normalcy and again. We'll see right but it would. I Dunno as an outside fan with no inside understanding and knowledge of of McMahon or or or any of it right it as just as a fan or as a curiosity interest. It seems like it wasn't not only premature but but a hasty and rash and very fast decision when arguably certain things were still not sort of fully or at least more visibility about say other football leagues and all that stuff were maybe more known. We're still waiting for that. Yeah and And we don't know at this point. How much money he put in or how much more money to put in before he had the chance to to get something out of it but maybe when you add all of the things we've talked about with fact that it was still even perfect situation still not anywhere close to guarantee that they were going to become profitable in the next couple of years and then maybe to say well. Maybe it's smart in this environment to cut your losses and not just keep spending money on it and I know that's not what he wanted to do like you like he's he spent hundreds of millions of dollars just to get it to the point where it was so like. That's not you know you know pleasant by any means and so You know and it was probably I think. When he made the commitment initially he probably knew that he was going to be spending a lot more than that to get it to where it was going to be and so. I can only. I can only assume that he decided it was better to the cut losses to to minimize Is Exposure you know obviously the WWe's primary Business and and focus on that We may never know the full story there but I think I don't think he I don't think it was. It might have been a quick decision but I doubt that it was It was not based on some really hard numbers that he was faced with. I'm sure it's not our money right. So yeah it's so but I you know I guess as a fan and you believe to a certain aspect and given all the time and all the resources to your to your point earlier put against it and the belief right that that this was a worthwhile enterprise I mean I it just seems and again this is. It's not my show but it just seems like you're you're now you're ending any potential opportunity for this to succeed later on somehow. It's some kind of delayed sort of fashion. I guess the real thing that I again. We may never know would be really interesting to hear. I'm sure they're going to be fans and by the way fans were really into this. I mean this was granted there might only eighteen or twenty thousand people in the cavernous metlife stadium but they seem to be having fun and I think there was clearly some goodwill being built up there. You know you gotta think that that part of Vince aside from the businessman and cutting losses which is rational and understandable and his money. There's a bit of sort of the tarnished legacy there because he's had sort of two bites of the Cherry. If you will in two different you know one very tart. Shall we say and much one other more sweet? Shall we say In approach to football destroyed in analogy. And he's you know a kind of not able to fulfill them in either case right so there's gotta be a bitter sweetness to this albeit. Maybe for reasons beyond his control. Yeah you could probably look at the first generation and maybe I don't know what he would say to it but the first rationing can say definitely failed on. Its own accord You know probably I mean there'll be nothing is ever really straight the straightforward. But I think probably when history looks back on two point. Zero though if the inescapable Obituary will be that. It was felled by the pandemic And you know we can't say with a hundred percent certainty and probably Vincent man can't either what he would have done after If they'd played the full season in their head absent any any pandemic would he have gone to your to. We think he would have But you know again when you have a one person ownership structure and it's not you know group it's a board of directors there's no You know buddy else really with any control there. You can't say for certain so I you know. I think he'll he to the extent that he's interested in in doing it. I think he could. He could reasonably incredibly. Say That two point. Zero was a lot better Had a much better plan much better product but ran into the surprise of of you know one of the biggest economic and public health crisis in the history of the country and join many many other businesses that that were taking down with it all right a couple of quickies to round out our conversation. I appreciate the been great based on what you know the last couple of weeks. And to the extent that you're still still trailing it although I've seen what this. Nfl thing to keep a tab on for the for the rest of your day job. What of Oliver Locks Lawsuit? Whatever the bankruptcy proceedings dea sense that somebody will scavenge for these assets whenever they are. What do you think plays out the next couple of months if you have any sort of visibility into sort of how this whimpers down to? Yeah I mean. They'll they'll definitely need to be a resolution to Oliver Lux Lawsuit you know. He was terminated Prior to the call that every where everyone else got laid off and I'm sure he was the highest paid. You know employees there and so there's significant dollars You know that would appear to be. Oh Damn And we haven't seen the response to the lawsuit from Vince McMahon's attorney so we don't know what they're what they're sort of rejoinder to it is but There's a lot of things that are redacted in Oliver Lux Lawsuit that if they weren't with providers some details into exactly what the dispute between the two of them are but so that'll have to be resolved either through a settlement or through. You know. Open court you know I would out either side really wants to go through open court but we'll see That something that'd be solved and xfl is officially for sale. I presume if anybody wanted to You know by the name and by the Whatever intellectual property that would be associated with it and sort of squat on it until you know. There's a better economic opportunity to to start a league again And that's the be seen but I don't expect You know I don't expect the xfl return anytime soon. If ever and I don't know if they'll be you know a similar or even close to similar attempt to create another league for quite some time all right well so that's sort of last sort of big question. I guess it's got a couple of components to want is there. Is that sort of long chain of Challenger Leagues Shall We say not only at sports generally? Footballs specifically and I guess the answer to that part is you know over time if there's any sort of whatever the new normal looks like over a period of time certainly not in the near term Does it just seems that history would just regenerate another group of people who would want to take another stab at the big dollars of arguably still very robust pro football marketplace but cursed right. The idea of people don't necessarily do these things for business. Reasons right egos and big boys and their toys and all that. Kinda stuff right. So there's the Elixir football and owning pro sports. And all that stuff I mean. Aside from the shortlists let's call it short-term a couple of years who knows but what's to say who's to say that there won't be more people that come back to the well again and try again I mean I if history is the guy then somebody will get the idea that they're smarter than everybody else and that they can do it in a way that no one else is going to do it before My own just from a very like I'm in no way of business reporter or have a you know very sharp mind but just the the the really unprecedented you know economic situation that the country is in probably will be in for wile makes me think that there's just it's just probably going to be the furthest thing from anybody who's capable of. Its mind to actually do it and do it. In a way that would have a chance to make it Anytime soon like but then. We're in such an unprecedented time. We can't say that like these type of economic downturns last X. amount of time because there's never been there's there's only been one or two of them in the history of the country and so it it could be years before we're even in a spot where somebody who has that kind of money would feel comfortable spending it on on something like that But there's no doubt that even though all the leagues that have been attempted Since nineteen seventy have failed. There's keeps being more people Interested in more people are interested Seems like every decade and so I I can't rule out that somebody will get that idea but it just seems really to me far fetched that anybody will feel comfortable doing it anytime soon. Well Barnum is right. There's a sucker born every minute all right but that my ultimate last question here which is leads us to the doorstep of the NFL. So what do you think? The xfl specifically probably not so much. But what do you given all? That's happened in the last number of weeks. Globally and in the pro sports world specifically And now circling around the NFL. Which you know at least is going through the motions albeit with a couple of nips and tucks of a how fall season with very little sort of change to at least as of now. What do you think this does to the NFL at some point? I mean I you know I. I made the argument earlier on. I I think that a lot of sports pro sports. You know we've been sort of at some peak levels right. I'm a I'm a big soccer fan but you know do we need thirty teams and growing and major league soccer. I Dunno I mean do we. We've got to supposedly multibillion dollar stadiums supposedly going online this fall. That are in many respects. I Dunno incongruous to to the new reality that we live in now and I'm not saying that the NFL is in dire straits or ready to contract or any of that stuff. But I can't think the the senior management and the owners of the players and everybody involved with the NFL isn't looking at this little bit of a blip of the xfl and saying Jeez what of this is gonNA affect us. And what are your thoughts? I think that you know sports leagues like the NFL and others are now hugely incentivized. Find a way to play their games. Not You know. Just sit there and wait for the pandemic to be over and for physical distancing a thing of the past but the find a way to play admits that norm that new normal. I guess And you know to this point obviously. Nba has figured out Major League Baseball. Nhl We're starting to see it in the Korean baseball. A little bit Where they're back on the field and that's you know if how's it going? How's this can affect the NFL It will affect the NFL significantly. If they can't innovate a way to play their season in some way shape or form between now and the start of next season I guess the best way to put it and what that will look like They need to think outside of the box. They need to You know maybe these sports leagues if the idea is that. You can't play these games unless people are being tested all the time then. Maybe these sports leagues need to heavily invest themselves in creating an environment in the country where everyone can get tested enough that they're not then pulling away test. That should go to people of more medical need and so I think that's where the NFL is right now from a business standpoint is You know they get hurt significantly if they just sit back and wait For the all clear so to speak because who knows winter if there'll be an all clear But they need to find a way just like the cream. Baseball League is doing just like Major League. Baseball is trying to figure out the NBA is trying to figure out and challenge trying to figure out my last golf tennis. Everyone's trying to figure out how they can. They can play their game safely. And and not have the revenue You know drip dry and so that that's where the NFL is. It's not I can't say like what it's going to do to them because I don't know how they're going to be over whether they'll be able to respond but if they can't they can't figure out a way to do it then you lose the NFL. The fifteen billion dollar a year industry and they can't play their season. Then you you know you can do the math and figure out how much it's GonNa it's GonNa hurt them and the collateral damage of television to write its proper auto broadcast television right doubt. There's that that's part of the two and something that has to be taken into consideration. And so that's why like I say like you know if the if these leagues you know they probably need a partner themselves or I'm sure there's some people thinking about how they can do that. What do they need to do to ensure that? Nfl NFL players can be tested enough to ensure the safety of them playing against against each other and games but not also creating the the really bad public look of them taking more than their share of tests So they can play their football games while people in in medical crisis need them for much more important things. So that's Kinda where all the sports leagues to me are as Alcan. They manage that. And what can they do to alleviate the scarcity That exists as it is now all right our thanks to Kevin and if you want to follow the football writings that the NFL. Whatever occurs further with the xfl all kinds of the great football writing. Kevin Siefert's stuff obviously is going to be found on. Espn DOT com or the ESPN APP. And of course you can follow Kevin on twitter at his handle at at Siefert. Espn that's SEAFORD. S E F E rt and the letters ESPN. All one little truncated Will handle their on twitter. And we look forward to stay in touch with Kevin and obviously staying in touch with you as we continue to investigate. what transpires further from this xfl demise certainly stories yet to come out and we'll do our best to to wrap them up in a nice Bow in a in upcoming episode when it warrants and of course if you want to keep in touch with what we're doing here by all means one eight subscribe to the show if you haven't done that already we're available wherever podcast or found whatever your favorite podcast catcher or listener or device is by all means finest there to search up and and subscribe find us on our website at good seats still available dot com. If you want to see all the old episodes you can stream them there or you can download them. Do whatever you want with them. 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Whatever it might be and we thank you for sending those emails and we appreciate especially the increased volume of emails. We've gotten over the last couple weeks by five most by many of you. Who said that you know you enjoy listening to us? We appreciate that especially now when you get a little bit bored or a little bit overwhelmed by what's going on in the world. We a little bit of a respite. Bullets are little contribution there and we're happy to do it. And of course we were happy for our Our production skills that come to US each and every week by way of a guy named jerry pain down there in Atlanta Georgia and he is the consummate professional and jerry pain audio excellences firm. And if you need some podcasts production help he's probably the guy to help to you. Let us know if you're interested. We'll get you connected Jerry and we of course tip bar What baseball CAP right? But maybe our xfl logo to cap go his way in his general direction and our thanks of course for all his production help this and each and every week and of course we thank you each and every week for listening putting up us and we appreciate all the commentary and We look forward to seeing next week. God knows what we'll be talking about but by Golly will Do our best to be here. And hopefully you'll be here to take care until next week. Bye Bye this is the future. This is not the past. This is the future in a future moves fast. This is quicker. Simpler rules reform. This is your game safer. This is football reborn. This is gaming and fantasy. This is patty who make a trade make. It seem Makomo Mugabe this fans boulevard. This is maximum action less stove. Mobile few were infractions. Begins in two thousand twenty. The future is ned more access more. Everyone more everything here. This is our moment. Our store reads it. Says this is history begun? This is the same except.

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Slow Burn vs Hot Start in RPGs

Gaming and BS RPG Podcast

1:09:50 hr | 8 months ago

Slow Burn vs Hot Start in RPGs

"Gaming and be s episode. Three twenty eight being recorded monday february eighth twenty two one. Welcome to gaming. Nbs tabletop rpg. Podcast i am one of your host sean ambrose on the other guy. How are you doing here fred. How are you man not bad. I am. I'm healing quite well. So it's nice. I started back at work today. Easing into it and buy newnham like man. I am cashed. Anita nap cooks. It's really weird I didn't realize how long it would take for my body to really hill when the doctor says well. Eleven twelve weeks then we can start lifting restrictions like that s rather people. No way can't have twelve weeks holy. Fuck everything today. Daily done got nothing less than a tank. Check out this crash. It's weird like not being able to lift things not even like a big. You know heavy powerlifter guy hanging drywall and many basement. I wanna be able to pound a nail can't do that can't do this. Fucking supernova but other than that chronic pain ninety percent gone at least so so it was. it's worth it. Just the slow recovery sean. How the hell are you you You brave the cold with the buffs and all that. My dog hate the cold. But they're doing okay. They're doing okay. Actually mine are all right. I just had one that had eight teeth pulled so under the weather. Yaps there's recovering but the downside hasn't been too bad. Let's good doubt but Gaming gaming and windsor have you game yet since the big knife. Yeah last tuesday. I had a chance to Alpha ran dungeon so the came campaign. We got back into that. We almost died like a complete total party. Kill we got we over skis. And another drought encounter. How we got this overdoing great What one more room. How bad can this be mother fucker. It was bad it was not good. Yeah nick nick. Lost another character. Restless fled so. We'll see we'll see if we make it out alive. Lenny and i have come up with a With approach that will help us can improve our Basically gives us a reason and some other stuff that we've we have been lacking a little bit bitten in the game. Not dude alpha per se. Just kinda the the setup we're like look at this point we are lost. Our maps are no good. We've hopped through a couple of portals. We've skipped an bumped around like look. This is our life now. We are undermined people. We will never leave this. God awful dungeon less just started mercenary company. It's just start figuring out how to live down here because we're never going to get out based on how we bounced and where. I have no clue where we are right now. Not an idea. Not even an inkling of an idea of clue. This is our life now. Let's just let's get used to that. That's the stockholm syndrome. This old got 'em dungeon and move on so let's were hats our approaching it now. How'd you do man. Did you get any forbidden lens of that happened. Finally did sessions zero. Now are the go. Well Who he said I don't know. I thought it went really. Well i I presented what i needed to do. i think. And then they came up with characters and they're loaded up and ready to go To guys seem excited to start off and they also have somewhere else. They had to be urgently and headed drought. So that's good. That's all good. It takes more sessions zero to do. I'm expecting that maybe around. Maybe two or three halfway and wait. What's they've kind of realize like. Is this really how it's going to go. So are you gonna go. The people excited about it. Like they are like i said i still. It's still a lot different than anything that i've ever run before i mean again. I could still run reasons. Purge which i haven't decided to do which is fine piece of of work right here but i don't It'll be fine. it'll be fine. I just have to get a half to just get into the fact that small little things are okay. Like i don't have to have this weird plot device you do not have mastery. You don't have to have a huge deep blah blah blah. This a dive into it right. I think one of the things. You're not talking about this last time. Was i think one of the beautiful things you have going into new game like this. Which is one of the reasons. I want syndrome which i believe is house properly pronounced. I want to get into room. Because i want to try a whole new system. Different approach and micro. Somebody's you're laughing at me. I say rohingya. I'm looking nothing. Just let yourself be free. And what i want to be free anyhow. I think it'll be it'll be. What am i going out to run a new game like that. I have no dean d. bag as we talked about before. So there's no need to like brett. Gm over the top of this thing rules as retina. We'll see how it goes. Because that's really what i do with moshe brand new game systems except for indie as we've previously discussed another episode that i m reason that guerrilla just is what it is but i think i keep my find out if you have a really good time with it. I'm honestly i'm watching to see how impressed you are with with forbid landscape. I may buy it if you really like it. Well in its again. We mentioned this. I stream saturday for a little while when over it and You know it is just a different type of game period. There are some fiddly newly bits that you got kind of understand where indeed d i mean even even low fantasy gaming i played with hobbs on sunday and we minnow did well and we were going into a site and you know we crawl down some stairs and we ran into some beastie and had some combat and that's all well and good but like the travel to get there isn't something that he's it's it's not it's part of the game but it's not mechanized like it is forbidden lands like it is serious man. There are roles like you are pathfinder and you are scout. Give me these two roles and now there's some things that think that because whoever's in those lead spots where is the spotlight mechanically that's partly goes your turn. Sean reds turn a wall stern. Vc's turn eileen turn and that to me from the way you've described it. It's just going to go around the table back and forth. If you will and say your turn your turn your turn. How does this work. What happens with the with your role plus yours plus yours plus yours. Little bit different elegant. Yeah so i am excited about it. I'm very interested to see how it goes. And i think it's gonna be fun time my own. My the reason i say that my only reservation but probably like these guys like oh man maurice talks about know about this guy play anymore is is that if i don't feel comfortable with having something in my brain when i come to the table it throws me personally off and i've run games where i've been off. That sucks to me. So that's the only thing like this star wars rebellion game. I had a couple of weeks ago. Everything was kind of fun up until a point and then well it didn't get bad. It was just and i'm struggling to come up with something that i need to do. And throw at these guys and and make things either move along or what so. I just have to have a couple of things in my pocket so into that and and you don't have the familiarity with for been lands. Were in star wars. You could say fuck in Odroid explodes move on now. What that is. I it was dvd. Or tack ninjas invade. You know what are what's the orcs attack for for bin lands right. What is you. Don't know that yet because you haven't cut your teeth in that space yet. But you've got a good crew Gamers with you. So you'll figure it out. I'm sure it'll be fine. I'm just i. I got a star wars game to prepare for and i wish i was. I know we came in. We'd what's up with star wars game and you know. I'm supposed to play that every other week and i've got this week to play star wars and i am like zero prepared. And that's another game. That i have to kinda nip in the bud and see because i'm reconsidering how i'm running that so we'll we'll see you know what meant so. Speaking of i think the last thing we can talk about here and then go. Random is I want to in march effort. Have depending effort got a couple more weeks of just healing up whenever i wanna game going. Even if it's like look short campaign might be two or three sessions every week every other week. Rebecca de going to take time throw throw it out to be you can get in And then we do something even if it's even if it's just like hey i want to try this game avenue avalon adventure on run. Let's do that standard for me. We can crank that out. Have a good time and not have it. Be just a one shot. When a when. I ran for yesterday's last time. I think look cool things that you're doing sean which i didn't do when iran before Madeleine game for the yesterday and it was There's a lot of fun and to a gamer. They'll said oh. If you wanna continue this. I'd be happy to play that character again. Which was great feedback. Wow you've really did like it. It did a good job. You'll have fun awesome. That feels good. But i thought to myself you know that was kind Kind of dumb on my part to box myself in saying this is only one go- where if it is going well build my self to a two three session and say okay and start off. They're saying look. We're going to start off here. We could go half dozen sessions we could go for. Don't know but it will at least be two who's in and then we can roll it from there so my hope is By middle of march. I get something rolling as long as i can stay awake for the whole thing. You guys are following bread on twitter or instagram or something. you should Maybe we'll put bratsk some of those in the links below but You know he's. He's made some major purchases for his brian. The frost main game which we all know he went in on with the beatles. Grim peace now. He's got huge too huge dragons that are like jok mangas that he's showing everybody right now. So brett brett's fixing run a thousand hour plus for his buddies so well course it had to do that. Now that feel bad about my spending. It shouldn't feel bad about spending money on shit especially i mean. Hey there's br you. And i at least i've used it with my wife like hey i could be at the bar every nights. Oh susan am other things and live in the town where my home group is not. I don't have to drive right. I do this every week. Fine fine awhile. But i got a table or you got a new gaming new gaming table. Chairs ship has gotta go on the new game room in the basement. So sean. so you gotta hanging drywall. You wanna drywall. Hanging just a couple of sheets. I decide guy doing that. Shit man twice as much. yeah. But i can't lift anything. Not how he's got a youngster man. He's gotta get some friends. Have some friends quick. And these fourteen ways like a buck. Ten soaking wet and old brick. He's gonna hardier than i am all right anyway. Let's move this random mcdonalds stocks on the interesting. Besides my son's need to counter statement in the show where we feel emails voicemails comments for social media. You start man. The warden comments todd crept air. There are typically. He's on deploying lore there there. There are typically two approaches. I like to use when it comes to providing setting lor do. Don't but when i do i try to approach is the first is to frame the first or only adventure as a pilot. What are the key elements that need to come across in the story if this were picked up as a series slash As a series slash became a regular campaign. As i'm reading through my old earth. Tom books. I've started making taking mental notes on those key elements that could be explained or at least introduced into that i adventure right now. They include the continent of a bear. Sobar bar save as the home setting a land home to both the doors of thrall. And the dastardly theorin empire. That's used to rule over the people with an iron fist. The horrors evil creatures from the astral plane and invaded the world and an apocalyptic invasion of khufu leeann monstrosities. This event was known. As the scourge to survive the scourge people hid in magical underground bunkers known as cares for hundreds of years until the horrors returned to the astral plane during the scourge. The theorin empire was cut off from their holds in bar. Save and the door exploited this to plant the seeds of rebellion against the land's oppressors. Everything else is on a need to know as they come up basis. You don't need to know much about win. Llings to s- crying screaming trolls blood elves until someone wants to play one or the party meets one so my first adventure needs to result revolve around these four elements right now. I'm twain with a party of heroes. Try hired to help find still sealed care before the theories do only to find out a horror breached it years ago and now seeks fresh blood hero blood yummy second approach involves what i call introductions and it's something developed for high plains. Samurai so todd does high plains samurai broken games. Broken games don't also In the hip pocket of the pip system guru right so he is an lola. Santa dude and it's it's actually the word and small. Tim converting blonde pit. But that's different story on third. I games aside from the key setting elements essential to making the setting stand out from others. Nothing is written in stone until it is introduced into the story by that. I mean somebody said something. The table to address define or otherwise introduced it into the tables lor. It's an open ended approach that can also default to the game masters favor if their table only allows the gm to represent the setting for mine. I like to let everyone contribute so long as it's introduced doesn't contradict something from before it's now part of the lore. What results are some of those finer. Bits of setting. You normally only find novels based on those settings because they view the world through a group of characters is not as an encyclopedia of general facts. What one tables for rune need. Not be the same as another's when you get up close and personal with it. It's a concept in campaign settings. I like to call the multi-diverse each table is an alternate universe. Based on shared threads provided in the books of that setting from their each table branches off in their own direction to create a multi verse of that one setting. Think about it somewhere out there. Someone's killed stroud would do you know someone's brought water to address someone made spell jammer fund hedge. Draw the line right dancer sorry spell jammer lovers. That's below the belt shots word and that was sneaky goods that in their this. Cut it right in their carry. One is a version of the setting where troll horns are hollow elves. Don't liked to be naked. Dwarfs can't stop being naked and dragons rule over the elemental planes in a bid to make big profits from mining on the plane of earth. Each one provides its own nor created the table that will never be replicated elsewhere. It's mathematically impossible just factoring in the dice rolls alone. So let's all just say fuck it and send thanos to the plane of dread. It's possible i got off topic here. What todd the things that you're talking about here is. Sean have mentioned this before and absolutely bears. Repeating is the true set the table right and the things that come up there it can be just amazing one of the things that i admire about my buddy lending i started doing it more myself is he will say something in character like. Oh that's what else do. Everyone knows that he's wrong. Someone else look at him. And they'll know that setting data and they look at him go but not he goes. My character said it. That's what he thinks and usually the wrestling okay cool. Let's go with so in my buddy. Nix conan game. I know more about frankly. I think i know more about the world than he does which is totally fine so he asks me questions. Prop them up. Whatever i will see periodically say things then our grandiose statements is lower master kinda guy and the rest of the group will stop. Look at me. Look at nick and next like that's what he's telling you you can believe or disbelieve him as you see fit. But he's the guy you know who knows the most about everything so xavier step. I'll buy it makes sense to me. I know for a fact to probably wrong about a few things. Does it matter though because at the table right now the group believes this is the emperor of The the karens failed this is where python and the purple towers they like. Oh well that's neat go. We know that well. That's the best info we have probably another gaming table. It wouldn't work that way absolutely wouldn't work that way. It's but it is a blast when you do it and the information landing on the table at the time in the game is where everybody's like that is how it works even if it doesn't really work that way everybody believes everyone at the table believes that's how it works until they find or otherwise and then they all act accordingly. That's the wonderful part when shaun's character says hey you know all dwarves okay doors stones. We don't know any different. Never matador before. I worked. We meet. We had him some precious pebbles that we think he might want to eat in. Oh politely sets the sciences. I'm not hungry. He just doesn't know what to do with these weirdos. Just put doesn't stop us from believing stones right anyway. That type of crap is just fun. And i love it. That's kind of low building on the fly even if it's wrong doesn't matter because it becomes a thing of of the table and that's where all that stuff lies so that's pretty cool and all sean. I'm sorry until ran out there. No nope absolutely meant so. Who's gall comments on. Deploying laura's well admire turned game asking a year and a half ago i started developed my homebrew world thousands of words. I know that it's only for me. But sometimes it is frustrating. The players do not put in more effort or really any effort all in showing up at the table and ask for pencil and dice digresses. That's for another episode. Damn right it is There are things i used to introduce. Reinforced lauren mike. I a treasury item. My call in adventures encyclopedia is basically one four plus one pages describing monsters and outlining some of the strengths and weaknesses. These are usually about paragraph or two in length. So they're easy to come up with allows for the creative to have a cre- A allows for the creativity to hack already developed monsters and create my old corkery mountain. Second rumors information that they used to reinforce things the pc's with no and introduce new things. I usually disseminate via nbc in game. Or because i'm much better writer than a talker and a campaign discord post after the gaming session or as part of some downtime third because of remote gaming now use images and journal notes foundry virtual tabletop by landing. Page is a player. Map seen worth the locations the places. The party already has been and the journal entries accessible to the players or if they came up with the idea to give my pc's dreams to introduce and reinforce lower it is work but writing is enjoyable for me especially when the words flow. I'm writing them from the character's childhood and adolescence so i can include lord from the birthplace to provide some memories these dream sequences have have translated into a campaign. Despite the players being well players. I give them james after particularly grueling combats or some other trigger like fear or even the thrill of leveling up. Thank you both revision building this fantastic community of like gamers the value excellent discussion topics in sight in half gaming. I like that approach to. I think one of the cool things that we're hearing here from ladder people talking about how they do. Law and some discussion in our forums and whatnot is. There's a lot of different ways to do it right and the shaun i've said for like the past six years. What he i think is not the be all end all. What's to be done so like this idea. I think you're taking some stuff we talked about. Sean if i recall conversational hey usually. Nbc's guides and stuff to do that. And i think he's fine a way here to utilize the fact he's written all is lower and then dribble those facts those will lower factoid out there into his game So that's the cool stuff. Each creating doesn't get lost missed or never really appreciated by new another him not only just for the selfish feeling that it's really cool when somebody lecture shit but also because it helps keep the players in the zone. If you will. So i'll he's got his pre smart. What do you think about sean. You like it yes. It's good stuff right all this shit down by four my next forbid lands game jackley. Exactly i'll tell me if we could take out. This is be only pay enough with like all really better advice. You folks have come up with and put that in a book. This is my retirement fund. Man i'm sort of gathering all this shit. Publish it and take credit for everything and say law from the sunset. Yeah that's fine. That'd be good with that. Sal million copies exactly all right your turn jim. Fitzpatrick writes in about episode. Three twenty six not so supers. Hey guys haven't bug in awhile but something stood out about past couple episodes. I love to get your opinion on two things brought it up. I was dm. Kyle's call about not knowing all the lore in setting the second was the not so super episode about genre and systems. We don't play or don't want to play what i'd like to hear. Is your take on being a tourist. What i mean when i say that is. Do you do anything special if you. If you know you're going to play system or genre you don't usually play or even have that much exposure to how do you play a space opera game. If you've never seen a space opera show the question. How do you play super game if you've never read a comic book or seen. Mcu movie senate and phil were nice enough to talk about this on. Pandas asked but i would love to hear the yes side few game holes ago. I got a chance to play super game with matt four back. But i'm not a big consumer of supers media and don't really know much about the troops didn't know the system either and don't remember what it was. I still had fun. Because matt is great but i might not have had fun if it had been with a random gay master brett. Glad you're on the mend neck and back is not to be left with had enough cortisone shots my day to know that. Hope you're back in the saddle soon enjoying the show as always jim. That's damn good question. Sean that's going to be as show topographic their brother. I think that that went in there like that. If i had to put my finger on the game that mr four back ran. I would have guessed. It would be brave new world because they believe matt wrote that adaptation of the rpg. But i could be wrong. So i don't know if that rings a bell jim but anyways that is a very interesting i I have not been in. Say okay so reading. We've heard we kind of touched a little bit of this because we talk about how do you get incentive for running specific games. Like or if. You're trying to envision something in your brain is a gay master to convey to your players and you're running a star wars game than in own. It's an imperial appear imperial establishment. Yeah yeah gray slate. Everything's like sterile. Gyms approaches like from the player perspective. You sit there and look. I wanna cut my teeth. I wanna try steamboat game. I want to try a super game. I don't want to run it. I want to play one at a concrete opportunity. Sean said so other people said so. Fuck it. yeah we're gonna sit down for gonna run. Is there an approach. We should take as a player to tourist your way in their appropriately in that. Stand out like somebody you know. Should you take the most important character there. How do you even know what the most important character. There's is there a support character. Is there such a thing as a. You know all of those types of questions. I think all that comes out and Instead of saying yeah. I know anything about this except that i heard matt for bikes a good game master. So i wanna play that you could. You could set the table like oh christ. It's one of those. You could hear the mumbling right so damn good question. Jim and I think shauna you address that we're to talk about it. Good yes okay. I'm thinking not next up. We've got a different cover but probably in two episodes from now to now i. It's getting the may tap. Thanks jim yeah thank you. That's angry day from you men. Yeah let's get into the main topic me. What do we tell them out this week. Brett's hot burn. Slow start slow. Start hot burn burn. Yeah all that yeah sizzle. So these phrases like the hot start heard that a lot and the slow-burn campaign and i think they get thrown out a bunch Depending where you're talking to some people don't give two shits about this type of thing is not really about Start however i've been thinking about this. Because sean starting for lands i wanna do something Want to get my my group going there and like games tend to be what. How do i approach them. And so on. So let's each one. Each each of these approaches has pluses minuses. And there's variations different degrees of either one. But i think. I when i think about the slow burn is kind of the everyone makes a first level characters using level type system and you meet in in The blacksmith buses kobylt stole my child. Go rescue them as the slow. Get into the action figure out everything. Work your way up. Find who the major players are so and so forth is kind of a Get to know things just kind of ease your way into. It's it's not. There's action there's things to do. But the overall plot and the the major really cool drama components. Those are coming down the road. That's book to write. This is the book. Is that how you when you hear slow-burn campaign is that what you think is sean is. Well yes okay. So the hot start. I think in media ray or raise or however you pronounce it The in in the middle of the action where you have the okay. Everyone role initiative what aaron role initiative gets characters. Let's go oh it's gonna worry okay. There's five works there. Sixteen laser nights whatever's going on sixteen and seventeen laser nights. Once they're fighting. What do you do Minis are on the table actions happening. Sometimes it's that dramatic and sometimes it's like you've just escaped from the laser nights. You're at the end of the corridor. You've barricaded the door. You hear them working their way through the door what do you what are you gonna do. That's another form of hot start thing. It's no tension shit's going on right now Lots of different ways to do that but that hot start is in the middle of something. Something big happening already. You've you've cut through some of the earlier stuff right. Matt mccoy talked about this one time where he started. Campaign in the base at the of the second level dungeon they just enough time to escape a horde of lizard. Men shut the door. Go down the stairs or the next door second level of dungeons where he started. Oh what was that you know. So is that when you hear hotstar john. Do you think the same things that makes sense deep. Yeah i think so other than just you know a hot start could be you know. You're put in a cauldron by a few witches and thirty stick. That's what you've been captured. Yeah yeah some some old school. The indie models start like that. You're captured you're imprisoned. What yes running for That's we talked about that. We talked about prison. Break episode right where you could say. Okay you've just escaped. What do you do now. What's our gear gear link lawson and t shirts. That's you got. what do you do you know. So sean there's benefits there's icy ups and downs for both. But do you have a preference. Let's talk about a preference is kind of i hear. Do if you're going to run a campaign Do you think well. I wanna kinda i want you like. Do you have a tendency towards the slow-burn you like to get a little more action. Some variation of a hot start. I tend to. I tend to go with the wrong nice spots. I really liked the start. Fava's choice so what's say. Let me ask you this then. So if it's a convention game we do which do do It depends compare. Is there it is bingo boards markham mountain. It depends on what i'm running man. If it's a you know i've run. I've run the gatsby in the great race. That's that's a slower burn. There is however it gets crazy shit. Quick there was a savage worlds. Forget about it. That is slow. Burn be and i think with some kind games. It doesn't always have to be many start with an explanation of what's going on like okay. Here's the deal. I got a set. Everything like who's played who has played. There's a huge upfront presentation to make. That doesn't mean that the adventure scenario situation. Whatever has the start slow burn necessarily because a lot of people fight to just all right. Here's the deal da da. Oh and by the way. Now you're geared room and there's throw for initiative like a con games pretty awesome. The first thing that works out of the game esther is. I haven't a myself to do slow-burn or an abbreviated like a slightly immediate burned. So whenever on avalon at convention games what i do is the characters they pick the characters. Okay you know each other who good okay. Great so jim when he was playing toad Jim fitzpatrick harkening back to him so when he was playing towed. One of my. Name's what are you doing. What do you do this morning. I get up breakfast okay. Cool great. that's what you're doing. What are you doing what are you doing. what are you doing. start innocuously slow and then something crazy happens. And they'll get engaged in a problem then they gotta go solve it but the tendency to start off with that like what's going on with your day to day. What are you doing. What are you going to be about today so that way. Whatever i hit you with to interrupt your day right is noteworthy more going about this thing and then everyone can have just a show the end or there's annoys across the street. You hear they hear. Everyone comes to investigate because game good players crew are not gonna fuck about. They're going to show up and play right. I think i leaned was actually to brick anyway. Point is is. I find forever reason. That's my go-to. I have a hard time and i don't think i have ever honestly done a real hot start ever like the hottest hot starts. Yeah like roll for initiative. Never been kind of warm warm. Yeah yeah best. I go like microwave and they come. It comes out hot pocket burning. You know like skuld. You're not having done that but i have. I have done the counter. And his buddy my oldest son when Before he when he was visiting last time when he was on air force on them He's helped me. Wanna game. Was buddy in asia so like okay. They made some characters that came back. You said okay. You guys are in prison. And this is what's going on. They got kind of got a preamble outta me. But that wasn't like for shiv have not done that. And there's a piece of me. A man. Why am i am i afraid of it. Is there reason why i'm not doing it. Because the benefits for me in a slower burn for an easier start is everyone get brett's more probably the players probably a lot more malleable. Let's go. Let's go at more malleable than me this way. But i'm like okay. Let's just he's into this. We get to know each other a little bit and let's go because through that little preamble dialogue like. What do you do this morning. Code what you do over there ellie characters name again. I guess what is she doing. What's he doing what they doing. Great there during do this. She's doing that he's doing that. And now it just gives us a chance to talk through things. And i think it's people appreciate it can't last too long. You know makes me wonder especially for con games going with that. Hot start role furnishes. How fun would that be fuck it. It's a account game right read. That character stole it is. It is just move on brad. I'm going to challenge you. Go for it. I'm going to challenge you to in the next two or three games or dance or sessions of existing campaign. Whatever you do start smoking hot start. And and i think this is a good example because i think sometimes when you talk about hot start versus slow burn. You mentioned this. It's the lead-up bright so you're like you're gonna get everybody in the tavern to sell. You know everybody you the the bar keep comes over. Ask you what you want drink. And then you know there's a note That's dropped off at your table. Read it you're saying inject in your current campaign. So next time i get together when micro here money matches mundi game like you say okay. What happened last time. Let's go over that good good good good okay role furnished if what you do it right in mill campaign right. I use that on. You can do it so this is like this. Yes so i'm going kind kinda help you out trying to get there. Because i think that's many of us. I would say majority of us tend to go that route however think of like the matrix man right the beginning of the matrix because none of it's like nobody knows what the hell is going on. It's like you're watching a woman get arrested in a dark room. Yeah with cops with flashlights. And then all since she clashed starts climbing walls. And you're like i told a total segway. I knew nothing about that movie. Neither did i literally didn't see a trailer. Nope nothing. I went into that movie theater. I stone fucking coal right in. That movie had such a massive impact on me at the time. Yes because i knew nothing about it like i. I didn't actively try to avoid media like it. 'cause there's fucking trailers and people are talking like whatever the busy going school thing where i talk about baked pie in the face of what the fuck is going on. That was crazy. That was actually bad. Shit crazy yeah. 'cause i had never seen it before that no clue with allah's walking into yemen flying across the fricken buildings man who is this fantasy. What is this. Yeah so but if if you take but so that just happens. It's like a very small thing that doesn't play. It plays a role in the viewer. But it doesn't play a role in the world necessarily like nobody's no. Nobody knew she did that or except for. Maybe you know that the crew right there so my point is is that if you take and you want to inject something like that into your current campaign like i wouldn't the players will be gonna be like what so you're in a different room. It starts blah blah blah. There's this guy who's gonna punch you in the face and that could be a flashback or foreshadow or whatever and then maybe they get out of it they kill the guy whatever the case is and then you fast forward get back almost exactly where you were left leave off and run the game anyway and then you bring in that bad guy down the road somewhere or whatever but i i mean or or you know there are clues and things and bob blah and story that they have to follow and then eventually they're going to confront big bad evil guy. Whatever you're just get him to the bag of big bad evil guy once you the big bad evil guy a so. We've talked about this a little bit and colville set and we've said it here like you don't have to hold the big bad person off to the end. She can show up now. They absolutely pop up. Today you know players can't feed them. But i think it would be cool to do that type of thing. They have the bad person show up and they just. They're untouchable the pc's during the can they just they they ignore you. They don't kill you because you're beneath the moreira it. Yeah there's lot of and it doesn't have to be undefeatable unless of course right that that's a an angle in. Yes you're right. There's many angles to it. I mean it could just be like where did they leave off wherever they going and he just speed up the timeline or you could just You know okay. We're gonna go there and instead of just asking what they're going to do. I think that's the key right. All right guys. We left off here now. What are you guys going to do and they go. Well we're going to go check out this place and you are okay. You get there blah blah blah. Just i mean if you knew you could. Just i mean even if they are going there in the street roaf initiative guy surround you. Let's let's go and they're all staring at you. What are you gonna do not gonna do. They hold knives swords whatever guns and our point you and they want. I mean it could be kind of cheesy and maybe maybe heavy-handed if it was just a mugging this you know. Hey give me your money man. I could I gotta handed to running scared running scared. Have you ever seen that movie bread. It's been forever. Gregory hines billy crystal. Buddy cop movie. Awesome day the guys anti is they go to the funeral. And then they're walking back to their gar car and a guy just pulls around the corner guy just walks around the corner sticks gun in their faces a paper bag or out and they're like he's like give me your money man and they're like what you're mugging us your fucking money like all right we'll give you my wall and everything but we just need to keep these badges. That scene has nothing to do with the entire movie. But they're just walking back from a funeral and guys thirteen mug to cops like what you're never gonna chase them and yeah. That's that's hilarious. I think we'll have pieces that hot start or even if it's a hot restart right or a hot piece of action in the middle of the of the campaign right okay. That was good. That was good session. He a lot of researching and so forth and through the game. He found a lot of cool stuff. You back at the mansion. Okay what are we gonna order asleep on. Good that's next session. You wake up and you smell smoke. What the building is on fire. Holy what because a cult distract you back billion far away. You slept that type of saw. I love the idea here because instead of hot start a hot start not to campaign. Only thing hot start to the session right within the campaign right so i love fuck every thought about that too the smart because the slow burn i think is classic. It is approach very troby. You you start off slow away work your way worker and then things get crazy and you can get in a rut with an investigative game like trailer through lukaku and some of those where you look you look you look all right we go back we come back we look. We look really quick. Look oh shit. We gotta fight him gangsters or cultus figure that out. We look we look. Oh whoa another fight starting off with the buildings on fire because a was follow you back. I actually have done thinking about that. I was thinking hot start campaign. I think hot start session wise. I have when Vampire back in the day. We'd start a session and somebody didn't have much happened to him. Last time to my buddy shannon a love game shannon to crap out his character and he loved it so they shannon people be like. Hey what happened this that. Okay this is going on. it's gonna show The first thing you gotta do is probably get the wooden stake out of your chest. He's like what is broad daylight and there's a guy standing in your chest and he apparently just drove a big piece of timber. Right be right into your left a aura. I'm paralyzed yeah. What's he doing. He's not killing you standing over you laughing at you. Fuck what holy shit. The table do stops. You know this is the time when i'm game. Thirteen players are when sophomore. Hell is going on over there but like shannon. Nothing happened last session. And now he's the center of attention. It was a hot piece of action wham right there was a conversation. The bag eyedrops them. Laura on and basically teased him threatened him and then things happen right. I have done that but not on a whole group scale the individual in the way i used to run vampires very lurks in a way. I think i've talked about that before. So that worked because you're split up across the city. Do fuck with you in that way. I could mess with you at all at once encounters man. Yeah i mean that's that's You know what is that. That's like a a bad bad organized. Crime movie like lethal weapon lethal weapon. Lethal weapon mandate to sub south africans. Come after you know Everybody's on fire everybody's being shot. Yeah murtaugh man everybody. They're they're coming after all at the same time. And yeah rigs could be on the beach and murtaza and his house and they're coming after mall at the one single night one night of i think the the fear of doing a campaign level is i want to make sure everybody's comfortable happy doing you know we kind of all are in a groove and then shock your system later. I honestly think most of the people that play with the folks have gained with everyone. I've met at a con. They've gained with. They can hack it. It's more of a brett. Hang up. I think that it is a player. Hang up because i've yet to play with anybody who sat down and said oh i just don't i don't know a whole hotstar scared about that. No one's ever no one's ever said i'll play with you but sessions man. I just want to let you know sessions. you're right. I don't like hot start. Scares it scares me too much. And i've i've never heard that no grande. Somebody might say. Enjoy them as much. Or i wanna make sure that if we do have hot start. I do have time to develop my character in personality and stuff afterwards. I think that's part of the slow burn for me over. The years is when i was gaming with my home group or different people. They wanted to understand their character's personality traits to react a certain way. How does john's druid act. You know does he see jimmy. Jill lakers does. What does he do when something happens right. I want to have those moments and when you thrust the accident. I'm like oh i didn't get to develop that will you kinda can't right now. Right if jon stewart in the middle of it goes i run. What he bastard you does he always you always runs away. It's which goes to the earlier lower peace and we talked about from the word and stuff i is that it shows like fuck us i run. This is dumb. You people getting killed. Let's run in then that becomes a defining moment of your druid. It could change later on all personality traits of your characters can but that becomes this piece that you can work with. So i honestly think the hanger starting a campaign with a hot in the middle of the action one way shape or form is a brett. Hang up and not my players. I seriously think they they handle it. If i did an account people like fucking awesome. We started right off. Fuck enrolled initiative kills five. Pc's and head up more characters is fucking on exactly. No one would care now. I think they're the upside of course to say of course but an upside is icy for a slower. Burn is if you're planning to run a longer campaign like call through my buddies running friday. Actually this coming. Friday second session of it is the horror on the orient express shipping goddamn. He's got everything for this. Lenny duties the prop master so the shit that things like five hundred bones. Yeah we've got like newspaper clippings we're getting clues and shit dropped. Say what do we do with this. I don't know. Roger die but we we had the first section which was a lot of. Who are you meet this person meet that person but there's this weight that campaign has that says don't do that. Don't do crazy hot trump's campaign right. And i think there is not. All campaigns are created equal insofar as the best way. So to say to get the best bang for buck those environments now with ryan the froth smitten. I've been reading it a lot lately. 'cause i've been healing up and get much finance minister by and reading and busting through the adventure and there are plenty of opportunities for both styles. You're walking to town of dugan's whole roll furnished. If y two yet he's jumped party gets the fucking blizzard yetis on the blizzard. One yeti this happens or attack it absolutely could start that way or you you you see fight happening. There's somebody in a dog. Sled trying to fend off an awakened. Something there's so many options for the hotstar and slow-burn that campaign as i'm reading it i don't think would suffer for either type of beginning. Adult would absolutely function both ways. The horror on the orient express. I've not read it but from what. I'm understanding from lenny. And how he's studying up. He's a pretty sharp dude. I think A hot start on that might be rougher because that's not it's a little more traditional caucus i think it benefits from the traditional slow-burn start. Sean is there any In a. I know you haven't done it yet. But what do you think for forbid lands. Do you think that would have new campaign new game. We talked a little bit. How it matters per game right. So if you're running forget about he kinda jump into something chair because this is so new for you. Would you prefer to start a campaign with a new rule system as a slow burn or would you prefer to start it hotter than that. I know my answer. But i'm wondering what you're thinking doesn't matter to me really okay. I i like i said i have a a habit of of doing slow but with forbidden lands. Well forbid lands. I gotta get kind of my head wrapped around what that looks like. Bec- i mean it's so to do that. Same agent game right. Can you get your head wrapped around that. You wanna do a slow start to give you time for players to get heads wrapped around it or it. Say fuck it. We'll just go in the let it on fire and see what we sort out from the ashes. Well it also depends on what they're doing and what the results are like. If they i mean if you go into a hacks and you legit make your rolls. You're going to see something that's coming. I don't have a problem putting it in front of him. It just depends on whether they see it coming or not. And then some i in that case it's probably a warm a warmer start because you're putting him in action versus like okay you know. Check check this with with this. Is i mean so. I think that can be a hotter start in forbidden lands. I don't have a problem with holding that or hey they need to learn more. We need to get a adapted to the system a little bit. I don i. That's not a factor. In whether i do it or not. It just depends on what they're where i i mean. The first session would be ideal because they're like these chat rooms. They're like new. You know so. But i mean i could put them in a hexagon all right. Here's the deal man. Gimme some of these roles scout roles. Okay great now. You see this thing out there You failed your roles. And now it's on top you you'd major role so now you can you see it kind of stock in through the weeds or whatever. So let's cool. I think were might had goes is a normal with a go. I wanna go slower. Man milk this bulla block however however based on our conversation here the way. I the reason i'm doing. That is so that i we've talked about this a little bit before in other sexually. Okay i wanna make sure in the first session. We have like a social interaction. Check this check and eventually get the combat. Well fuck is go right to combat right. Yeah because brand new brand new game. Sim barham brand game. I sit down with it. Nobody's run a combat yet. Until i run for them right that's true. Include including me. So what the fuck you waiting for. Let's start fight right now but we don't know anything. It doesn't matter all you know. Is this dude. This gang has daggers. In the to kill you. Are you going to you talk to death. You wanna try social interaction skill or do you wanna fuck it. Fight scarcer here to talk man. They're not gonna talk you. How do i know that because they already killed the first guy who is in front of you. What oh my god. They're done chewing bubblegum. Yeah they've they all out of bubble gum and alec into. Hey but i think what. We're we're talking about this year. There is some definite power to that right to the action because if nothing else in brand new system a new combat system. Oh my god. How's this gonna function whatever waiting to get to. It is like for most gamers artist. There's there's there's thing. I know it's coming. It's like i know what i'm getting. You for christmas sean. I'm gonna get you this. I'm going to show it to you. This is your christmas present. Right here isn't lovely. i'm gonna put it over here. You just need to wait five days to get it at a certain point like what the fuck just give it to come on. What are you dick around for. you know. just give it to me. That's a funny thing right. We're playing adventure games in the adventure like par dragging fry waiting to get to the actual adventure. If fighting is the focus of the game like call cathedral it's like meet the nbc's deal with the cult. Find out something so to lead the way lenny's doing slow burn with The orient express game. We're finding stuff out pretty rapidly bam bam bam bam bam now. We haven't fought cultist yet. But we're spying weirdness. Were seeing strange. People were seeing stuff happen which is right in the middle. That's the juicy of through the right. Who i don't know what's going on. I wanna find out which is where you're getting weighed a fuck over your head. Die or go crazy or both point being though. Is that in a game a traditional game de something or other fucking to start a fight broadway. It was the first runner fight. It's not getting any more or any less first time. If you do it now or you do it in two hours in the game. It doesn't matter. The first fights the first fight the first gill check role the first actual Implementation of the rule set is still the first where you do it at the beginning of the session or halfway through or at the very end and on fucking matter shell myself in a little hotter start action man. i think it If nothing else for my for my group it'll be. My hungry will be a good shot. A shocker shakeup. For them because this is brought game it goes like this and then if it coming in house breath and it goes like all foggy up. Bret that she. I like it might as well shake it up. Twenty twenty one brett shakes it up. I'm not. I don't have the nerve pain i used to. I've got no excuses in his new man bone deadman's bone stable my skin. What good man. Kuhlman anything else on the storm. Oh all right okay. Let's move daryl to four miscellaneous points gaming. Geeky wanted to bring you got. I drag glance novels three of them. Three originals like original classic classic. Yes weis and hickman. Not some sort are they are they. Are they going to be poorly written. Just like the first three classically tracy's written battles all day all day. Both everybody gets better and you know what you had an also anyway. Point is joke joke joke. But are you interested i i i don't know i might pick him up just for the hell of it and see i might take back. Yeah you know. I you joe swick in our chatting about this the other day and i'm like i don't care i don't care i can care the care. Know why it's like it's like 'cause you grab my regulates stellar any harder than that really. I mean honestly. I don't know but also got this pilot dragons adventure. Sean gifted me. So i was mad at in. Have all of them. That's that's okay. But i i'm interested in. I don't know probably shouldn't be. But i am god damnit wellesz we got Nightfall games announced his terminator rpg with the like the terminator ip. And i guess. I don't know that doesn't interest me in meter interesting. Well i mean why not give another alien had a different rpg. It's back to back in the eighties. Nineties did so interesting. About the alien franchise where i think with. Rpg's mothership and some other stuff and it's gonna it's got some deep deep impactful type of stuff and I don't think it's just me wherever that is the thing that made it game -able it is a big chase them what else Third one. let's roll virtual tabletop kickstarter shelter. We'll talk damage. That's coming great for us man. It's captured is what i walk out at best of breed. I need more than two breeds to choose from giving me more. It ends twenty five days from this recording. Which i thought was march. Sixth fish at my math is correct so they had a nine thousand six hundred twenty seven goal. Got one hundred. Twenty eight thousand. Two hundred and thirty eight funded in seventeen minutes originally in euros. Because i think it's a french or but yeah it gets biggest. That's the translates. Why the dollar amount causing hundred twenty seven right right but the sum bitch was funded in seventeen minutes. They're always pretty impressive. I gotta say. I talked about this on saturday a little bit. But you know when it comes down to in a nutshell is you. Take the virtual tabletops day. All gotta do maybe a little bit more than a handful things right. They get display maps. Maybe display some tokens gotta have some rule integrations interactive character sheets. Character sheets are probably one on one and then the rest is probably cherries on top. And it's how it's done yet it's the. Us is the user interface right. Which one do you like. Which one do i like. Which do my players. And i liked together. And how much work do i have to do. There's some there's some nice like there's the The role the other role. There's dude i work in. it group. And i know back in the old days you remember. Berbie back on those accompanying. We had a guy second-floor dude which is where all the brainiacs worked. He got upset because his His home created lennox. Colonel wasn't he didn't like the print driver she could find so he his own on a sunday. While watching a packer in because he was bored. That was fun for him. I know another guy who built you. Know oracle clusters in his closet. Because you want to see database. Perform some people on that ship and other people are like outcome to the box pointy. Don't do the thing. I mean there's all the variations too you know i'll change my own oil rotate. My tires do all the stuff. Change points do that all the way to i. I wanna button. That says go cargo right and everything in between and they and i think having more options as we started off with is is better. Because you're gonna find your groove somewhere there then lastly exodus of Sa- major dnd beyond staff. So we'll see what happens with those one of them was adam and i think he was one of the principles that sold. Dd beyond fandom. So you know there. There's some i mean. Five four key members five key members of that staff just left. Three of them did not a big deal. Maybe but it. I having been in the job movement. Space always makes me wonder a murmur is that they got an offer that they couldn't refuse per cam- banks net. So we'll see what that looks like. You know when you have a really good team. I changed jobs. You know three years ago and reached out to people in my word that actually worked for me. Now that i wanted to work for me call them and say hey. I got a spot there. I call done enabling game to work for me. We're fortunate that way and a similar thing could easily happen because it happens right. I mean The the key is to look at their linked linked in profile. Dr darcy was working for moniker. Games for a long time. Emigrate time loved it and she got scooped up. Yeah me too. I was like nautical if the opportunity is right it's a better slash different. You know. I don't know what's what's up with that crew darcy specifically so i that aren't in the know darcy. Ross who we better. I have both madden gosh. She's awesome awesome person Guts was working for money games right. It's kind of an idea. She was a researcher at one point. And then she got up to be their community manager and played in a bunch of stuff and partake in you know A lot of their games and then now she's working for the critical role company. Apparently is the yeah and when when she left monte and shannon. Everyone knows like she's awesome. There's a huge loss. Ross awesome for her. So you don't know how or why and some of it could be money in which case for god's sakes don't tell me none of my goddamn business if it's just a bit you know whatever you tell me i believe you but i hope it's turning out right you just hope it's good opportunity and these folks and these folks from dvr could be in the same boat. I just get into recruiter mode and go. Why did you take that job. Why would you to the company as part of my those kind of my shtick man. I would ask what led you to that company. Were you looking or did you get 'cause the the reason somebody goes to a company tells a lot about their situation at the time if they say well i was looking then they are happy. They weren't happy where they were. And what sometimes like. I wasn't looking but it hit me upside. The head wasn't when it. Yeah that's true. I wasn't looking in but they came to me so who came to you was that. Was that your former boss or some wealthy recruiter. We are who not that. well. I don't think i'm not. I'm not asking her. That doesn't my guy would ask how you ended up there. Because dr she likes me better than that's why she doesn't have to answer necessarily mean sunnier. Yeah damn business. And that's okay. What i think is funny in in that weird little. We all love a doom story. Rate is my god. I have seen the deity beyond is crumbling. They're gonna die gonna fuck everything over. Oh jesus christ. I just. I just bought this thing. Oh my god berg on fire foxy bretton. Both nobody knows nobody. No but it is. It's an interesting i mean. It's just an interesting dynamic. Where i mean james heck. I think laughed a week ago and then three. Pj was decided announcer. All on the same day looked like james or dakota so hooked up with you know. Cdm but i don't know he was doing prior full does it. It doesn't matter it's like oh we do that. I would not be shocked if in two years after a certain point. James says found a better gig. I'm leaving what's better so this is a this is interesting in that. What's better for you. Whatever but in a creative space which. Rpg's arts and nisha nisha. Some of these companies are very small. Indian in the grand scheme of things is pretty fucking small. Hasbro's big but what's he is small Small right right. It's it's small thing. I will top out at a certain point in a multibillion dollar global company that i work at that if a really desperately wanna promotion to a different higher job i may have to leave the company the company. You may have to leave the city. Yeah oh absolutely. I have to sorry i gotta move to colorado. I need to move to des moines. I need to move to france. Who knows right. That happens and i think in some of these spaces picked on m. cdm is like so james caruso there has a good time goes. Hey i'd really like to do this and matt's like i don't have there's no job progression in some of these jobs right. You know what. I'm saying. I get it. Yeah so we're gonna we're gonna bore the fuck up. Let's not talking here. We're nobody gives to shift so of this. The reason we done. We're not so the reason we shared this information. This evening is because i want to wish brett. The best of luck does as he goes filled at once once the conversation last week and he got a better opportunity. He's going to be coining. He's part of an outplacement. He's we're not redoing his option. Not dick i figured if you got a better opportunity man bigger bigger money a hong brett's gonna go and become the podcast for the guy. What's his name me. Eater meador cut. If stephen ornella hired me to do that i would bail right. They're like hey man. I need you to gaming thing vortex. Optics hat man. Don't tell her no one. I don't know i know the deal. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah totally totally love you. Buy his c. Anyway let's go all right all right. What do we time next week brad next week. We're going to dig into the comet. Reviewers was matt so i bought premade to homebrew and back now the back and forth. Because you us talking about how Seeing some pre made adventures. he's running. And how you want to kind of move into homebrew and to solve some of the quote unquote problems or things. He'd like to change. Do difference or and talk about that next session next section. William you talk talking gaming apposite next session. Hotstar go right to it. We've been fucking main topic next steps boop right in there all right. Let's get right so hey monday nights. Eight o'clock central time stream here on twitch on youtube give us like subscribe dammit smash that lake button. Otherwise you could find the audio version of this at your favorite podcast of so on behalf of gaming in bs. I'm sean i'm brett. Good night and good game all this episode of gaming and bs produced with help from the following bs hers. Jared rasha radio it is old school. Damn jason hobbs. Andy hall roger rasa steele larry out air. Franco's tony sugarloaf. Baker marked asaka pure mongo. Cw mellencamp. Dan lavallee huber. Ron bishop old school. Roleplaying jim fitzpatrick mark. Richmond sky craig. Howard bishop jeff. Cypher angus eric salcido. George sedgwick robert nemeth. Brian kurtz laremy wall perry sore erica via andy olsen john keyword corey gonzalez nile diamond. Jeff goad brian rumble david. Fa log harrigan. Melissa Kachako irritable. Who's carl ghost. Yeah mike hess. Junior rory weston jim ingram daniel garrett jason. We dollar adventure. Frameworks phil mcclary. J. plaid duke and purple isaiah areas christian phantom black lord. Larry hollis quickly malcolm awol trooper. Craig shipment touched sharp forecast door. Guess chris schorr michael o. Holland weaned peacock. Mike coleman tendrils miniature master kevin ca neely christopher laying chad gleaming. Josh wallace grew john f. Nice defa dragon. Spawn corey welsh merckel. Froehlich rich with sean. Joe swift curtis takahashi and aaron really have you ventured in the streets of avalon urban fantasy campaign setting done by our own ski. Check it out at drive-thru rpg ask your favorite local game store to order. Print for ya level link in the show notes thanks. This has been a litterbox studio.

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H-Hour Podcast #92 Terry Wood  Falklands Veteran

H-Hour: A Sniper's Podcast

1:29:08 hr | 1 year ago

H-Hour Podcast #92 Terry Wood Falklands Veteran

"Chamois sponsoring the podcast day is rugby heroes, the not for profit organization who organize events to raise money for military Chinese they be doing it for fucking years we did it for. Tenuous over ten years and the raised over one hundred thousand pounds. One hundred ten thousand times full military. Charlie's some of that beneficiaries include ex-colleagues colleagues of mine alive also be independent has in the past while the chart which they've supported I should say. They were formed. Out of a group of keene beer Bijan did drink is on rugby players and Ullman Tony and Zara. In beautiful, limited SPA ACTION On it was formed, the organization was formed in the wake of data private show with the guy who sadly killed. Some of the Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan tomorrow night. They've got a bunch of events lined up issue. Although the dates have slept because of the covert situation, they were initially meant to be I think March May and August all these things in the ass. You need to keep it top on on the social media at rugby. Four Heroes Rugby number four heroes to keep those new dates that could be announced when when like is able to release those dates, but the events are two separate clubs one in A. Restaurant empty spot beautiful restaurant really enjoy that reason is people. Run the? Delicious food. but Johnny's Mary bound men and women is show I. Don't know if these women on the team, but anyway I digress and also a supper club in London. And then finally there is also A. Beer on June festival, which will involve rugby playing as well as also learned his old lemon Tony as our. Own, ground so. Keep an eye on this social media and also take a look that Website Rugby F. O.. Heroes Dot Org look. Here's the okay. To find out in those events on shown is Sean see you that? Thank you each and like everyone who worked for heroes four support the podcast of supporting the military community. If you to also feel like you want to support the podcast or podcasts, I should just do this podcast. I also do another podcast called the leading minds series, which is all around leadership interviewing successful inspiring leaders from sports, the military on the business communities You can have to be a business to support the podcast. You can do individually. If you so wish a new can do that through Patriot. Dot Com P. A. T. R. E. N. PATRIOT DOT COM for slash h podcasts, and on there you sign up becoming my patrons. You'll get goodies when you sign up. You get access to all the podcast early so if you're not patriot, support, you. You have adoption. Listen to this. I think this podcast. They got three days earlier. I think afford days early. On you'll get some get. Also took some goodies. You get tickets to events. You get invited to exclusive organize exclusive. Words all over the place. 'cause it's Friday. Let me coldness in trump so any rate support me individually can do. Patriot dot com for slash AK podcast. That's enough that onto the podcast. Yesterday is a Falklands veteran. His Second Fox was rhetoric on this year, previously had Paul on who served with three power and the Falcons in nightmare to. And this time it is Terry would who serve with to power in the Falklands Ninety two. I really enjoyed this conversation. I really enjoyed the last one we right. I really enjoyed this one as well Terry would fucking. My got he's also. He's also the chairman note. Who Yeah Channel Secretary of London. And also the secretary, yes, sorry sector led the PRI. He's also the regional secretary. The London region and he's successful businessman to in motorsports so. That they do, this is our podcast. My name is Hugh. Kia. My guess is Terry. Would in joy. Tell you. Can you hear me? Yes! We're going to go me. It's. Made since since race podcast pack obviously talking about the talking to you the other day on the phone about it. Honestly, we didn't know each other. Before that the reception the response to that podcast right through the being amazing on. It's been like further. Further quest to you more about it. Which Brings Hugh you here? No Pun intended. But well. For for listeners, perspective who listen to podcast Ray was obviously three power. During the Falcons. Wash your. WHO. Kick off my out. Did you end up joining up? Let me go, okay. Well? It was I was. Seventeen years old and join Jimmy Power and not in seventy six. When from Jimmy Power Recruit Company to power in Berlin. Off The any went to Bali, kin La. Less than a month fainted it so bom warrenpoint he was driving. A truck was to param cheaper tuna. disintegrated. For equal an In warrenpoint obviously big. Big Place in Power Parachute Regiment history explain what Lauren Point was when you refer to. Akai will worm. Point was ambush. I company so power would be in Chaikin to Neri from Balata, so they went through room, point, villages, or town itself as they come out. Warren Point as a large roundabout went fruit around about big live on the left beautiful place Illicit beef in. COSCO's Stung Guy House as. A car on the left with a five hundred 's Kayla. We've hide being sites in Daizo and. Everyone in the truck except to were killed straightaway. It was left at the truck was I. Twisted Chassis and engine block. Basically. It was the biggest loss of life. in Northern Ireland's history that saw for military personnel, definitely for the regiment, Scottish colonel turned out. On his on his is his bay Jay and. died in the second bumps it a double bomb in there was fire in coming across the border from the south of the first. And then. When the cure after up? And helicopter turned up to a casual back as the West six was taken off booming, even bigger bomber, seven hundred pounder in the gatehouse. House, which was. A Stone Guy. House I was just shrapnel in Ireland That that often twelve cable did not come. Together at that die on disarmed is little Matton. Sorry Lord. Mountbatten died, so it was August, bank. Holiday Monday nineteen seventy-nine. Forty years ago. I. Just thought years ago. This me I remember I remember being told about what I was. told all. All of our history, the regiment on you're not thinking golic water unbelievable life on for for the unit. I'm Sean. Our Edge. I won't the. Of was seven chain On a on a by. Bravo was nine, saying a couple years out in the movies on each nine, saying many dollars nine nineteen in June died in August. In, life really. Not much to the guys that died that die. You know watch out of sleepy I say got killed. I was a major company sergeant, Major. Company saw Jin Opportune Sergeants NCO's a Lotta homes around the I'd say nineteen years out. Mike Sorry, can you? Will come up a bit like uncle on the phone Jewish. Just I guess. I'll just put up. As. Perfect by cutting the top off I was just talking to you. Now Yeah so my. Talk the G. Brother on everybody else, did you? Did you have any intentions of joy up before? La Not not not really It was always his intention was. Was All me bomb me from from a young age. When we were kids, we still Scribes exercise the dogs on woman scrubs, which was emo line still at the time, and the balloon was up because ten power would a. Fascinated by and from a very early Ij that was what he wanted to do, and in a lost his life. Yes, by US doing what he wanted. He was doing it very well and. In what more could you want in life and and Obviously Art Auden joined OPPA psalms traumatized by. I I needed to get away from a why everyone was cracking up I'm we come from a predominantly Irish family as well ours Catholic family, so it was quite It was quite. A bit of a shock, show, and then. You know eight months later are often DEFEC-. That full six five. Went through pay company on a was filed pay company because of my showed saw was sent to retrial. which was shine This is the first off. Efforts hopes about it so. It was just shocking thing I knew it might to fill that. Why almost? If especially if it wasn't an injury, it's Went through two four, six six. Four six six soon joined by the genius. The infantry show, nearly two million from shown cliff. Side is a big concern, but the staff were Cain to to. To help you get free pay company and. They were more motivational than four six five, who were kin to not let people join the rage. was that night. There A something hanging on pin to you, but the depth of staff or something. Hanging on you on your on your shoulder. that. That was affecting your attitude. If you're out, choose by the all. They look at you and solve senior brother, and saying no kind of thing was any of that because i? I've experienced the possible lot myself and it Kinda made when when there's a loss in the regimen, it affects deeply funny ways on then you a relative George, join up to follow the footsteps it. Depends like you said alluded to dependents to end up all of between two different. Personalities Different. a lot of staff. From four six five were warmed Hara one to to they were they were basically down the deputy. Get Fit to and selection are some of the staff in the FO plans and I we've toto so It was a different. I showed the staff Staff in four six, five was a four six six. Was Allen Costa Masih the the turn commander. He was the to power in the folk. In the carvey saves soon sergeant who. had a link with because he was a Cooper Win Virginia power, a more profit was his in a section as a corporal was June so. I think I mentioned before I'll have to link in with John Because if you don't Jon Vickers. Just other asked John John was in brother-in-law. Need love to speak to my aim was. On a Armenian was brilliant. I remember so. Marching across the square we've left foot hand guard in the same time trying to China March and with a silly badge, Omar chests with my nine because pray Company, so we weren't allowed to wear a red beret we wore I say CACTUS DIKO. Polite why? I Cop Yeah Yeah. a McCullough me over and I started slam much in including sir. than he said. Did you co- catching coast tonight, beep. And I said no, and he said I'm not Sarah Massage and and then the captain turned on mayhem. Like did you call me a beep and I'm like? No, she cecile cooling Sergeant Mikhail Lion. I just I just to call me I win situation here and I laugh and you know it was a good news are. Looking back now as a fifty seven year are locked at five. A left the route saying I love. The fitness loved even retraining retraining news. Matt McCoy Who Ran Ray Triumph, return a halt but fair. And it was Basti Basti, Basti for I think it was six weeks till the next platoon came up to do P. Company, so we had six weeks. Basti based aloft every minute of it. I think you forget in the really. Bob Bisque no one loves them. no-load that if you've got no hideous thing. On never. Remember the Food I. Remember the. Cheese kitchen and the telephone boxes Yeah, I mean the combination is per day, and then after pay company with when we possibly before four six six with I moved into multi barracks before we went to do swabs so I we were out in the the really olds. Blocks! and then went fruit surprising in. Joint to power in January nineteen, ninety-one in Bali Qinghua on the signed tour. My brother was an eighteen month Fr- residents. So, I got the loss four months of of the residents. So, he went ahead of policing and just to thirty three per iverson June is when orbison recruit company, so we probably stacked browning. Barracks tick every. Eight of either pick health in that Salah with no, you know no bullets in an empty MAG why we at that frightened people. Yeah. yeah toe polled. I've come across poll. Fruity is anyway. We've got mutual friends along market. Soon from DEP. I went to fray power, so you know it's and and and toon free. Will close in the nineteen nineties. Anybody work together quite a lot. We ran over the shot together often. I came back from Tila. So. You knew a lot of people in, so we drank the show together wheel in nickel. or about how close in the evening? Mr Brigades pop under the. Pre Mental show. It was crazy when there was so parachute battalions shot. I now he's never there for when A. When I joined up! They were three power just leaving Dover. IBM anytime drinking than it's yeah, Mine's good cracked on that so much heritage that. Just. Come back on the, so you you. Traveled down in the same boat as on combat or a with Naguib. No. Free powered gun free power on spearhead supreme powered gun so power. We were on leave to go to Belize so we were ready on life. So we knew something was obviously very powered, gone and knock my house in those days or anything like that. Aren't they now one OI and messiaen lady spent the night with her fun time and my dad said it's telegram. and. It says Bruna vel. Which means get your all SPAC and I went. You might say mail. I'll be back tomorrow. put down. But that was was a former near on a policeman at the time, so it wasn't amused, but you know I was coming on. And then we went to show I like bicycling gives us a break when we're win in we're waiting for the ships be ready. DISAPPEAR COMEBACK IN. I think he was five days. So. Free Days so we. We disappear aged. went down to Miguel friends drying. Party said goodbye came back to the shot, and they went not shit still not radical gain. Turned up a house again she's. Got A wall ships not ready. Not. Night. Go back to older shaw still not ready artist went onto pissed with the boys in the show on the third naive. I was two point in guy back in milk Sorry not ex- very similar thing for the with the Iraq war with retallack one. At the second go in. Three days on it was. We can go into state culture at the prayed every Moi, nine am. To See if we. Phen nine days, blokes are skin. Escape by day two. They saw going off to die. All get spent then we're going to. We're going to the banks trying to get loans out. I want to buy a new car The banks clocked on. To. Eddie money. Back things don't change that I know. Obvious Bradley overgrown and In those days you know the banks state used to write to the C. I and you could get pulled in for the CEO of it was. If. You were seriously overdrawn. On. A good soaking so so yeah I mean. Everybody was overdrawn, nervous too many good night! On the Lashin and traveling obvious fortunate you, because I always London an old shop was like you know folksy minutes. I've been Clapham junction. al-Amin west London so. Difficult for people live in. Much further from Aldershot. They couldn't go every night. Lockhart did so we will okay. But then yeah, we turned up. High Tremendous Nolan is ended up generally, Nolan was enough say furry to sell to cross from outs dime. it was a big, black and orange ship Below two so below the deck, and then Watson on top his all remember, and at night, welded helicopter decks behind at the back on Stern and also they don up. structural work on AB. ABC quit for a night stayed. The capping that way stayed in. we spend by szekely free weights on it. Yeah it was it was it was a journey? Damn, we stopped like poll. We stopped in Sierra Leone we didn't have as much time in in ascension Orlands, because basically free power and battle group was waiting for us to him up. So Way Don a Well I didn't do actually sky off the beach. The practice beach landing when I heard that was shocks and coastal synonymous days. A few of US went missing I. Get why because of the confusion of oil? Anyway? We've like that man. I didn't do the practice and didn't do discover. She not debate in forty five degrees, which was to surrender us on A. came on board. Ship was replenished on NYC. A Soda saw kit including these March and scapegoats, which goes to break in and then I realized there was no snow. On Line snow on the ground and. None of us can skate. So old is blisters. an ODE. I. Oh, the price of those votes for a hope Italian. And whenever he gave them, the title wasted time. The Kit was you know DMS? Folks were really bad stylist down badly boots guys ended up with trench foot including myself. Yeah the Arctic. Cloven was brilliant. Wind proof assignments. The SIS wind proof the Chinese quotes code them brilliant the artistic socks and gloves in the Arctic. Everybody! War was I've never been called in my life afoot south sophomore was called, but. the focuses per especially with wind chill especially. Yeah Yeah. So when you tell me about the approach to the approach to fault, so when? Did you go RV with Africa I forget all allow for many always thought you on the flipping Combo three par. Stories on. The Marines real. Power, your memories terrible. For me told about it, so. When you arrive, default resent. Where did you did you hit the West Balkans? With three power, which we chained up sensual Orlands on the way Dan. It was a big flop, a big flap to cross train everyone so everyone was being cross, trying signal medical on the support company Weapons Malta's. Everyone had a clue what to do. If they came across a a dead malted same, a more job in some bombs We'd probably cry have. Technical. the Milan was there they just they not long been in the battalion, a guy. We still had cal Gustafson things like that. In is days, eighteen fours or the crowd park nine incur shirt regimen. And then that we we we go. How loud a new radio sets because we'd gone from the big old Bergen so is full iwon oldest clansman kit suddenly arrive for the Clinton side everyone I'd clansman on Jerusalem trees, coming out of our is he is? So we sat down was a big at first I. I'd never seen so many ships in my life. Ships on the way down and that was. The New Orleans quite found there was a character that was the mess manager, so he can trump junior ranks mess on lunchtimes and everything can. He was very. Very good at his job ferry. AP's into his job. He loved the responsibility on guys. Scores went to happy with him. art sussed out the ship. Odd Friendly with Crow I not sussed out in the back staircase. Oh, every time I used to bypass in power roads at the front of the queue. Come dinnertime, which is a couldn't work out. A never never saw state. He was a foe, store and everything he's Pathak's. We, we we silent down and emphasis up marine warning, and that's when the the huge packet ship star a bomb. Boasting in all directions We would be. We would be loud. A water line and the war at those shot, and we sit in on our bunks with Marcus. ACHIEVE PM, J., a helmet and a life jacket on thinking. What are we doing in? I drove it be on day. You know so. It was it was. It was really wearing them we we eventually got to San Carlos. And we start to beach line. We would I lock to beach land so power. Most of his ACLU anyway I done the rehearsal some of them because a lot of people did actually give swerve onset Jonathan's. When we debate. It was just confusion because everyone's come up. We've got the Yang Cam Cream on that so I'm side. We look like apocalypse. Now so you recognize anybody? Even, if even it was your mother, she wouldn't recognize you with the camera on. I'm basically. People were guy. WHO's that? What company do you know where the company is and I'm like I? Don't even know where I'm spice to go and. Go is from two to on the Beach Day, which is cracking up rallying around the confusion. Some people were sitting in sitting down on the beach, facing out to say in the confusion, having a tactical cigarette smoke side. What was. What was causing the confusion I mean Cam can't see each other schools the confusion with. David for each each Soviet, it was safe while shine and We were so we were like we bake slightest Leo Live at the Beach Alive. The landing area it was. It was a marine thing. Trump out Hercules we through lending crofts I I. It was it was it was confusing going in there was naval gunfire echoing and I remember that and remember hearing the the naval shows going over our heads in finite where it was supposed to be an archie I pay. To to. It already neutralized many while they were cooling the in on them, so you go in on a on a baseline now I mean. Writing Right. Really say we didn't know what was going to happen. Oh, we devastating is they die Iwo Jima movies and we didn't know whether ramp down machine-gunned. We're GONNA. Get United site. It was it was a lot trepidation going. It was not a think also took Kosovo long to get the Italian of the New Orleans. The swell was quite big. You have to wait for landing craft to come to the door and step across if you if you timed it wrong when it onto why down? As Rice said casualties happens, so it was It was quite. I'm. We will humping Pinkett. Everyone was humping. Everyone was carrying so most bombs. Everyone was carrying a sixty six plus their on personal weapon. I'm personal kit. The clansman made kits everything, so we probably humping good icy KAYLA's. You. Had you know it's a funny thing that goes out the window? Isn't it when you do only training, you do. All the train and even Michigan facific, which you did not back then. Your exercise and your always going your frontline scales. Go you need the rally. Is that when you deploy an operation? All guaranteed every time normally flip in ten minutes before you get. Going to just every Saturday nights, and then you get handed, of I, remember being given sandbags. Will a bottles unthinking? I might be like H Lsu. You, GonNa Wind Up. Saving you. As. It's something that seems to be always gone us. When you when you went to the Falcons, night is still guaranteed Salaam. Guaranteed. Stumped the. Initial plan was to hard line San Carlos by and then we would to crossing. Little River. But. He Sas were they were sitting by the river, marking crossing-point I nine guy and. They would just cracking up with laughter about the whole thing you know. They thought it was hilarious We were supposed to get to the top of Sussex man in before daylight, but it was a battalion snake when the sun came up going up in his mansion on the air, rights were starting as well so when we was in Sussex man, or you could save these big by full of row. Naval ships, the Atlantic via and other civilian ships being succumbed, did just touching bums was your? We were up above it Sussex. He was quite high, so we were looking down on saying. And, it was a riff Eq and it was not I wouldn't want with pain in the navy was. Scientists places in the ground and. Then after about a week. We. Moved off to go screen. Oh, so you was on Sussex for weakened. About wake year? RIGHT AFTER ERA AIDS option goodful age of cameras, still of a Skyhawk it flew over to power after done. It's foam, run and the whole battalion. Let Rip. You can say in my pitchy say chunks. That was that was chunks coming off it. A bit sudden it went from. Our member, black smoke to white smoke. We flying back to black and white smile flying down eight when. Sally really pleased with itself. Shoot United CROC down. Goes. We've deemed he's GonNa hit and. It was I action. Was it. The same was the same drill as I was taught in depth. I never did on defense. Thank God I'd hate to be the Ministry of of enemies Arafat's. The drill we were told that on imperial throughout continuing in pirates was. You lie you lie any Bach. Lightly Bach, and you point your weapon forty five degrees of. Sticking by sticking. It could just let the magazine goes. I said Yeah Yeah. or You Hundred Mukai. It works. We obviously worked well I obviously. I wasn't shaving in tychy pitches side. I was. Really closet it was less than one hundred feet above a battalion of Harry offs paratroopers. The I didn't follow the show I saw. A got the good news and every good, so we moved off to goes towards. Go screen. tapped O- on this awful. Like, we could tussock elephant grass, so you standing on top of the mounds gross if you fall down in between. With the white we were carrying with the I. E. ON millimeter mortars. The everyone was carrying all decay. You were like you know you like a stranded. Babies had what we call him. Yeah is not about babysits. What? What on earth causes the ground flipping Corolla Madness? Not. I'm Kubrick has I. Mean How are we? How they done well to get the battalion there when we? We live in a farmhouse in the outbuildings and diva's. Dakota's Nov ever experienced in my life I'm sure that I heard this with to save chattering and all bindings right leanings it so called. We were huddling together like you not locked. Penguins do in the Arctic and. In the middle. That's how it was. It was it was awful. I on the signal is chain the clansman into listening to the BBC World Service and Lyon Be. How could defense minister announced for paratroopers will within because screen poke Darwin area ready to attack childlike. The the kind of went match cut John's went a lobster plot a scheme in about the whole thing we'd been compromised. What was it? Why did they do that? Paul, notions, it's just the press I wanNA. Break Story I want to. Might country feel? The pressure of Asli. What's going? What's going to go in nothing? You're not up until go scrape. We've h landed a another nothing? So yeah, we, we everyone wants. We heard the radio BBC. World serves everyone. I didn't start digging trenches and Shell scrapes and hiding China is we were expecting an attack? Relied on that die and then not know. We went into the attack bulldogging screen. How far away when you laid up? How far away from the targets here? Off Ten Kai. Oh visited the distance light a sufficient distance. Helicoptered I've and I had you know we were expecting to be attacked by a had a highly bone force. That's not the point as making so I I meant to top in there. Yeah yet but I had to be far enough for white at and he so scout in patrols. Any price wouldn't find us. Our member. There was appropriate was an archie. Analogy officer and four men in a land driver, which was a full canal and government land driver that a Zach buy. Full control of from two one six power six. Donna moving sm MJ. And Way we came and helped pick up. They were cash as casualties point on the evening. Cutsem an I'm like. Why did you do that? And he's often made so let Ripley I said Jay. My God. So yeah, we! We took them back the we'd sit back the casual Eastwood trae Palestine the line, the officer was obviously which off to the inspection and. That was that was that and then go screen, not all remember the first GOP so more I target. They were sitting around a for. Probably around the Kiowa. Sometimes HR type, toasting marshmallows I was there wasn't a lot a lawyer. I. Can't remember. WHAT TIME HR is you? I've tried to write more Brian on that. Stone it was it be four o'clock. I was evening. Easily. Yeah, yeah, so we went in at no I yet I would with Tyson marshmallows in their sausages and. All I. WanNa move your Jim pay. as allowed I e one came down as well allowed. A mortar bombs landed around them and. That was all I put in so of. Salvatore. I'm the how many enemies estimate to be Goose Green? Point his free under the enemy. Really quick and they've got this. So! It was one parent. Saw Class, so he was. Cut? They are. Will evidence that the count on Daddy's wherever it's full fifty or free fifty two thousand Indians. We still captured about twelve hundred prisoners side. I got a psalms wrong. Christ I remember when we go screen off the free nights and two days we got the finally happened. Was Colonel Got Killed? The two I say took Bicycling during the die, we were push in on at night during the day, we were starting to lose momentum. motives were coming in. We were attacking a well prepared dug in enemy. I will read. To truth so sorry, this is. So you initial salvo, which was evening time on day. What by? Nighttime. Nighttime does initial salvo. So you through the night. Yet it was skirmishing. Said was going on tonight I've I've then was WHAT THEY DEFENSE RETURN! Pau. Defense was to protect the head shed. A and everybody else to. These, I'm Bauge as bought it that the head shed in general like Rover Group. An extended version of the rover group. So when. Go screen when we pushed on into goes screen Is the second DI- did that? They would they'd be net for some time. I had very well prepared trenches with low per spek, sliding windows and older mud cones. Some trench systems is very well designed and UNDOCK. said I. We will lose momentum. The rifle companies getting hit hearts. They you know there was there was also cars which are A prompt changing ground attack aircraft. They were buzzing around. I got dropped off to look after some casual as with another medic and I was trying to organize a casual VAC. That die and into that night. Because, he didn't happen. They shine. It's coming in this song. The wyan there's that on the way, but for us because at the Atlantic conveyor sunk. In in San Carlos by some weeks before owed helicopters was on it narrow enough, there was there was very few. Go off it, so it's back to good old power region tapping. How did you end up, so you end up extracting the top? With! A few helicopters were young a it was. A helicopter parlor A. In, scouts, so he came in the scout is a pilot copilot and Memphis so passengers? He had little side pods on, so we put. Casualties Line in side pods, which was on the skates on. We probably put four guys in the back side is doubled. The white capacity should have been flying with when he first came in, it was offspring bringing him down onto coaches, and it was fifty Guy John had they were trying to hit the helicopter and it was Oh bouncing around me so I'm a so of I signed into my ankles, and made myself I'm six foot fry, obviously by inches, heart at night and. Until you, so she's. Got Singly Shrine Cross. Magnificent Pala And basically we didn't have time to stabilize the most serious casualties, the pay ones in pesos, so we gave him the walk the pay phrase. the less injured casualties as they been trae arched on, and the pay freeze had no media They weren't gonNA. They were stabilized in everything, or they need much intervention. They just needed Chaudhrys. INS might be more faint getting them cash evac so I made him promise he would come back. This is said these are not the guys. It should be going I and he flew in a fluid. free soltys so. We've one twenty moats fifty cow seven, six Oh everything's GonNa. Kill him, you know, and and an amazing piece of airmanship. and. FIND FOODS FROM BEING A. Sense or have actually I have A few times bright guy. I got together with him in nineteen eighty one in Kenya. And? We ended up party in the signed club and ended up in the same hotel. But yeah, he came back and. A clear to cash is we had some prisoners as well as casual in our member? The Harry came in that day in drugs and cluster bombs on. On the Argentinian positions outside the populated area and I, the prisoners I might them out and check the Harrier. All my God by Spanish aw signed so of Gout. Yadda, yesterday, law, call and. Were Yeah Yeah. See Galaxy local and. WE'RE NOT GONNA. Screen. As a Secretary Moose, we confront it by by twelve hundred prisoners Sally was probably down to. Around the five hundred up with deaden casualties. Look casual as I think is about twenty or dead, so. It was It was a shock I remember signed to my number two I woke same with the chimpanzee and I said. If this lock pickup Stein's in from as we are in big trouble. You know, it is too many of them. But, we managed to bluff it. I'm. A what point did The Jones get killed. He He got killed on the second die and basically Free companies into power I base and they. Will Spice to pay. In as arm led to believe anyway. I was not involved in the command structure was just a lowly Tom. Davis spice to advance along this peninsular land say besides. alwyn. Bay Company coach gone and we're now getting hit from the sides and mushroom behind island. I company was getting heavily. We've motors and artillery on. Deriving a problem with a number of well-dug-in positions, so colonel kind foods took an accurate and some of I come in and sell them to push on. Except he didn't. Didn't take it faucet the people on the ground and exposed himself unfortunately to to an Argentinian, snape. I remember seeing the CONAL When he was killed sometime afterwards I want catcher easel. I was an officer from one of the rifle companies. And he was very emotional. especially when we we, we date him on morphing We gave you a Missouri into his buttocks and. Left there and he. He was he was win in a kept asking. He was crying and he was able. To to to get the current altogether as out and to get this one to get as out. And archiving in some more more feign an geigy monopoly I think they were thirty five milligram ceramics. And they basically certain his muscle because he was so called so when a woman the amount found me. I ended up getting sleeping bag with into him map. And Yeah Oh. Hey, once. He was was a very emotional man. And he was screaming about. Colonel and offset the cardinals. Those gone. And he was like the actress at the. She's gone as well so and so Cuddle dates. To RC tixx. We're running love Emma. Show all everything Malta's are running low. The most alliance post gone most of the mortars are having to run back and ferry molterer munitions forward that we dropped off. Before week we formed up on the start line so. The, mood couldn't catch up. It was highly copses to lift it and I think they would down to multiple jobs. Chris cable the to I say. Night to nine. Young says you can't call them. Choose Lynch share is. I made a mistake years ago. You must have been told that before you taking chips to wind up on an. is to stay away from those more had a reputation. particularly in for a car. Protect nine nine. To Zero. Yes a Lotta a Lotta Yeah, I mean. The, the battalion challenge is which was stalling to. We want losing momentum I never any pointed we did. We think we were going to lose, but it was getting hard and then. The two are came up with a plan to send an archie special forces guy that been captured by to go screen and tell the general. Watch display would in at this time, and if you surrender tomorrow or tonight, this is what we're not a and we gave them a far POW D'Amato. with malign. We've motors with Jimmy on SF is very impressive. The Building Co. Fire and I saw. Yeah, they smashed ability. And they surrendered to our to our shock, really twelve hundred prisoners roughly. Flip, Pack Maya And just to say of. FHM Founding Stock FM fouls, and you know we'll off signallers and. Owed support, company That had sm Jay's fruit Emma, wide straightaway and picked up without install caffeine some of them, even when even a little bit more earlier and staffer around Bryan Gunn Maigana. Madden. Yet I lost arrest. MJ, at go screen, unfortunately, which we useless. Mill pace of. Nineteen fifties technology. What may managing all those prisoners buster nightmare? It was it was we had them in the we put me in shape, shades, screen and We saw guarded the outside and. Hidden, really interact so much them at first and we had to clean up. It was munitions everywhere. So we had parties either I remember at a party, a medical officer, a sergeant and I twenty men in to go into certain area, and just clear it of any munitions lying round. Volunteered to do it and unfortunately for. One prisoner in particular. Clarion Oxen. Munitions need s share in where I live in and there was Booby trap and he was, he was traction. Boning I'm emission. Medics from it wasn't pay fight, and it was parachute clear in troop power powertrain medics charts rescue in on state. In trying to get to him, couldn't get him in the end Someone Shaw Indebted. To put him out of his misery. and. That was quite sober in. Our member. To the Archie officer shot in a picture of his. Girlfriend and this is my girlfriend obvious to him, and we said you know shame that we've. We've met under the circumstances But. That was all. Shall we went from? Go screen after go screen where the company. Go screen were managed to get a BARF. Get some scarf. Get some sleep and had my birthday, but twentieth birthday. It goes gray. Show I managed to find a bottle of port. And trying to come fossil of ports after after why so far doesn't surprise me? Terry Gone Yeah I I've never been so I was really hanging A ball, drinking of alcoholic, a little gloss my Ebay always Roxanne and then we moved on from now. We moved onto bluff. SIP Popping Goose Creek time. Where did you boss? Often, in one of the civilians houses. Were there city in civvies been held? During the occupation near enough to go screen area in the community Oh. I the all she's. We're living in houses. So that's why we to clear the area We had to clear the houses for booby traps I remember one house I went in The owner was on these installed body algae's when he wanted to make to show his cat, but it's got to go screen so I had I was issued? We've which APM Jay. I had a an apology milly in Shoda host. Another full five on my head. and. Said I can't shoot a cat allergy. You know could show attack and he's not. You've been shown in all Jesus said get back couldn't chew a cat. So I gave even the nine million. Spike's iron. But. Yeah, we go. Scream is a mess united with Napalm tanks. Stead was also save is quite frightening. Some of the stuff we found because we were told that I had no embassay capability. And then you know light running the story here about the mustard gas that we found import Stanley, which was so. I'm glad I didn't use A and say no wasn't a signatory to Geneva Convention, which in operations on the way down on the Nolan I made clear. It was a military who? Killed thirty thousand of Iran people anyone left of. Fascist Bison got the good news down there. The sounds it, so it was a it. Was I Quite a worry in fact, that I wasn't playing Bolan and Surrender go. Screen Way left-center Barry. post-taliban and Malcolm Smith the ride. Your pariah went to hike surrender and got shot to pieces. I. It was a little bit hard. They were in like hell generally in the. In a rifle company so. I wasn't on the front lines. More machine guns when I ended up going from defensive soon machine guns, and so we were on a tripod. Foreign might be a Kiowa. Rifle, companies were in within mesas of the clear in trenches, and they were thought like how soon take for their trench was going to be overrun. Watch like which is just not cricket. It's. You can't. you best, and so you're gonNA, lose and then. I just pulled a white flag. But Very restrained or we'll see what see buying eliminate. Let's think about what's the opposite. What's it will? Do. What you suggest that she is not all star, just give up straight by. Giving your best shot when you you'd have go with you, you'd have go. Over it as a pirate story, I ended make. Boss. That was in my full process was I was never going to get captured. Even divide to off myself before, but. That would have been very last bullet the every bullet before that would have been going down rains towards them i. Because if day human rights issues. Obviously they wound us up a bit on the way down to keep us on our ties. You know these are really bad argies these these. In military junta Nazis rah-rah, so we focused. And being captured wouldn't have been an option, and it's not an forcing our regimen or think. yeah off the screen. We've moved onto bluff cove The at a settles thondup the the landing or the landing ships, the army ships the on. Our bobbies I've seen in a train. Brian Allow High and gone awry warning. Yet, the across flew over Lyon fast, so we followed them with machine guns and everything on the line super on Sunday. Next set missile off and boom straight into the Galahad. which had the Welsh Godson. Horrific bones injuries trade a lot of casualties on the beach. Dot Die not just Welsh guards, but they had a lot of. The crew on those sales generally came from Hong. Kong. They were down in the laundries in in the engine room and things lot I, just terrific burns and bones bounds of the worst. The worst casualties to deal with. Saddam Hussein already by Is An awful four experience from these folks. we moved from Ned moved up to mount can. Rain Teiken and we were. We were all Narran NS. An airstrike came in Gyn. Remember the the across flew over me and then over my shoulder so on randomly. DRAWN DOWN IT WITH JIM pay. And apparently all kept the. Vice behind us on the mound are kept them pinned down in trying to chase because the batons out of the gympie was. was winging it everywhere, and it flew down a guy in the navy in fact also. A seeking helicopter when it first came this this Argentina across the helicopter drop down into the ground, but then it came back up and the loadmaster was trying to down. It was a fifty cal from the door. Right. Flu Background and in front of us, and eventually all heads the under command to be on my mind. Machine gun debt and we hit flying on went down Magai burst into flames. And went down our saw, so we choke top applying that guy which is good news. Went from. The, we don't end to Final real fight the battle which is. Wallace rich. and. We done a new roof across in Meryl River. Southpaw Schengen line. And rifle companies biologically all day companies. It was when flanking on a flanking attack on A. Analogy position on on a amounts in that was full of crags in. Typical of the folk lines perfect perfect defensive positions I night. They pushed along the how. The how hot staff of water storage that night? You could hear US paratroopers. We knew I was. Oh. You can hook Yalies in and out all the time. they were overseas shipping our pay plow or whatever, but there was a long scown in Stein Stanley. While the streets that that was Quite an interesting in where we ended up finding about. For machine gun debts left. So. That a lot casualties, you know machine guns platoon is that their job is too far at the enemy and oh my strode firewater rifle companies go flanking. So when you're outgunned seventy six to two fifty cow and defensive positions, plus they had one zero five and one five five artillery plus one twenty motor. Is All a bit hectic and we couldn't really dig in to out at night. It was only cotton's. We were hiding beyond. The ground started to snow. The snow started basically when we were on more when we were cracking on a modest region. Really snowed that night so so in your in your. Position. You WanNa really feature, or were you in the low ground filed the rich. We actually we were just on a feature The allergies run a much higher feature. Nice, but the the low ground who is evocative described folk to people have been Most of it is just flat, open featureless with mountains around, and it's interrupted. Bodies Stein runs which are huge powders, the glasses of carved up. And and. Left on on the surface A. There's no cover. There's no trees. It's it's. A diet attack would have been suicidal. Annoy. Attack was hard enough as it was and yet company estimate. They pushed on. We joined a memorial service region, and far down on city water waterworks nudie broke. And also it was of Argentinians coming off the mountains where the. The Marines were attacking buggy now. On tumblr down to sece's yeah. And I run polk, Stein, late Initially we opened up on them on the road and then. We decide, it's not united. Basically, bucket out and. Then not reorganised point. The big worry was. Poke Stanley with end Fibula, fighting in built up areas half's clearing booby traps a law casualties very messy fibia side. We didn't try to didn't fancy doing that, so we rent mine's, but just as apple more Latin guy when. Often we've done the right and the humane thing to let them go, you know some of them didn't even have weapons. Their weapons night they just. And I checked out. They won't apply anymore. And it was then there was a big push to gain to Stein like before anybody. Member hearing on the net on the Righty I. Marine Swill brigadier was telling us to stop stop and let four five command icon frus. be coughing the political thing you know they they. They're all. Khalsa? To come onto free, come on diaper guide. Call. in. The United States Marine Stott were were. Evicted body authorities when they invited so politically, wanted to say to take it back, but. And I say to remind nameless. Gra Tunder ride is off lights taking home itself right. Burr is on. Let's Talk Stanley and we hopefully in Stanley fro- from. Broke to debate free power, which would close on our house. Frey power would come in a member bane on wireless. Ridge and Free Peru still getting smashed with the one five five in particularly you can eat them gotten fruity at. A new carrying you keeping conference still in you're you're worried about what's. Bang your area and it was like West that guide in it's. It's going on. London onto free power and it's like. Shock glad I'm into power. They were get in hit for so many days it same block free power. Long Doom as We got glory fervor, the Ghost Green, the first major battle Exa I reiterate, but from what I've seen and heard from friends. In free, Piran full on London that. Wyatt Hollywood might a move. By. American thing that'd be many movies about it. Is From, my recollection of your in your and people like south talk about goose, green, unmanned longer and at the on I think we have to make a point here. We only looking at two and three power balls I mean. Top about Jesus Christ all night. Talk about I was I would not ever ever ever want to do anything on Tumblr down. Never mind of a battle. Is Odd enough the bloody thing, but from what I remember. Comprised Goose Green and seeing them as well. They both have been a nightmare mount longdon because of the feature, the rocky, the the rocky outcrops. You mentioned the one access of it, which is just firemen's for the enemy. And then Goose Green, which is the opposite of just completely open this very. A lot of ground to cover with you completely exposed. But I mean look at what what fucking byles easy. Easy exactly I. mean in comparison you know wireless wireless rich was it's it seems an easy about it, so power compared the London 'cause. We were close it support. Stanley y'All Hillary was going over US and Wang into Friday power on London, which was lot while you know while. Law ought century import on men and. said. One to finish. It was It was the rush site Stein. Late and we pushed on. We go into Stanley. free power closely on our hills of very upset marine. Brigadier the power regimen twisty Swinestein lay Are NBA I was. You Parachute regiments and. Needed foods are found food, you need to get presto. From China so. Stems from Northern Ireland's, you know. Things way too quiet things and bits of equipment. We needed that we couldn't get through normal channels, so yeah I'd find stuff, so Mike it my point to go out and safe oats. I I've actually found the central schoolhouse where the cheese scoring their food. Source so our San Mateo Power. And I'll say. This food is. And he's right where they what you gotTa do, is God it anyone goes in there? You've got my permission to shoot them dead for loading. Very much. So I'm standing there. I didn't smoke in those days. My my number twos. I've binny's cigarette and. Often Kaieda Bro on something and. An SBA s officer. A Role Marine officer turned up and stay wants to to go into the store are sitting. In the service is. Up in two Cardi and I've been to shoot anyone salutes in goes in. and. He said well. What gives you? Gives you the right to take this foods are foods being requisitioned by the second and Third Battalions of the Parachute Regiment. And what have you got to take that vote? We will if US We wasn't amused, sent him off to the RSM. and. He went they. Both these offices was was a major one was a catchy, and they went into this in and quickly came out backwards. This six something scallops RSM from power. Telling him how much he loved them basically. Seems quite funny. on. Who is? Now Simpson. A felt him off and he was a came across in. A. was amused by all. He was amused to you. He paid me back because he knew his scared. Our hearts even paratrooper when you explain to. People are like to fuck with my fair. You put me on applying. You know went skydiving. If you years ago at fifteen, thousand eight, I'm looking down in the in Saudi. Model Legs Shaikh in my heart, going and everything enough. Doing it and I went I know I'm doing it and and I loved it, but I'm scared of Heights if I look a movie, and it's so building in the camera angle goes over the edge of the building like I. Why and grip the decipher? So. He made me poke standing. We were staying in the schoolhouse and the schoolhouse at a lightning conductor, which had a wooden. Frame, with the lightning conduct. It made me climb up hit. It was. What would that was green with slowing and as I got to the topic narrow. We Start Swai. Anna Fruit Wall, GONNA DIE to indicate Italian flag up. On a lightning conductor! Oil side found a slide hammer. Might that was AH, vehicle examiner stolen car scored in the Metropolitan Police and the slot amas like a drill chuck. We've a long shaft. dumbbell slides on Shaw. At the end is a big rubber handle. Basically what you do is you put screw on the Individual Chuck. Screw it into a lock of a vehicle and pop the lock out, and then you can start with a screwdriver. Some driving rain in J. Wagon, Mercedes and the RSM Sandwich. You get that I sit are liberated it, so he said I'll variety of you get out. Five minutes later I mean another one. Way Getting. Funding there. And he was like right colonel wants. Swan Weenie this woman that one eight chives Gauguin so I. I went off on a mission getting Jay Weigel Mercedes so in the end state painted the had to registered these archie vehicles. They painted a white square and number two on the bunny. And we sussed out the Oh, you had to do was nicotine from the Marines. Pint over the number on the White Square, with a new White Square and put your number on it. Rubbing off the marines in the end. Is Fascination with driving in vehicles, and and with to power were heavily as Vietnam movies back in in our era. Saw looked everywhere. The cheese had an LV pay seven. Which is an amphibious armored personnel carrier. Harley does at the back and I saw much wants to drive in Nepal Stanley with my own LV pizza seven, not one on the and couldn't find one anywhere and I looked everywhere I really did search. not not well. We pay seven. We found a panel. Dhammika which is Four wheeled armored car with. A Big One twenty gun on top and Sarah, we crushed imposed on a August driving it and my friend was in Harare should remind nine minutes to protect the innocent, and as turned left in turn in each turned the gun Roy and it took a solder. Someone's house out, so we'll just. We'll just disembarked in an abandoned. The vehicle stuck in the saw to someone's house. which is a quite. The Room. The rumoring police came in when the marines came in. They set the areas offsite to and free power height, the out to sectors around the rice, course, and outwards, and I had the innocence is which. The only pubs. Coast with paratroopers. We wanted to drink. So I was elected to go. I was on a four before icy, single cylinder, full stripes zone, which was a buckets Kaga I didn't think compression. Leave! It's it's so mike as. I Dunno G. Pilots Helmet on an over my uniform I found a blue provine boiler site saw put on and Colorado night that so you couldn't see the the head Dr. Connection for the helmet at the back. The rumoring police stop me in IDA. I might. Judy would on the back of my a bike and they said Oh. Well actually I'm from eleven. Poke Stanley and Winnie, orgies. All ran away but Nadda. Back Chick Mall. House and they went in you go. Shall we talk outside the pub outside the globe? And off with the ban on with the red beret walked into pop for the free, power. So disappointed. We thought we'd really cracks. It somebody else switch free parody tanks, blue, blue and people are None of us had any money. You have a sense, oh nine. So I manage to sign for a lot of our. How arrested episode and we wrote back late at night very intoxicated. It's on this big. Across bike and delivered. Plenty of Paul's of alcohol to the rest of the battalion. It was chaos in Stanley. You not is I went out to the field the original way I feel been bombed and not sweaty. Archie prisoners will, and they will walk in from there into polk. Stanley facade if the ride thousands of them literally thousands of them. Zippers, just a terrible sought to say faded army and you know. I never thought we were GONNA lose. That's the thing it's just. It's an apple, a false or British Fang. Even outnumbered till to. Lose. I They went into fighting and. There was conscripts, but it was regular soldiers. We fought against before against that they're apple auxiliary. It goes screen and everything. Job. We had seven eight year August. Come out at that guy. Young, dixon daughter goes green was seventeen years out. You know a pain in the Tagliani a few months. So. Is Is. When people sight I were conscripted on A. Young, they really quits and everything. I was not trying. A bank. Kenya Automatic South Armagh listens closest. I've got to Arctic, so we weren't Arctic trained. We were on our way to beliefs, so we will switched onto God in the jungle for six announced. On instead. He I decorate anything I. Said About Owes Conscript Army made the rally is the reality is? Walk I take a particular kind of person. To to go to to find themselves on the frontlines the battlefield. Whether you're a conscript or not, or whether you whether you've just joined up. If you WANNA find a way out of of getting about going to war. There's always away out is always awake and find a way seen. It is always a way out so regardless of your those people have chosen to be on on that line. They've chosen be that. If Even. The even the conscripts in a weird kind of way. You know they don't take him out. Even meant shallow issue where I've lost my brother in Northern Ireland. I couldn't I couldn't. Couldn't they personalize the audience on? Couldn't think that's just an apology, and it's not a person. It's an RJ. A some people were fortunate enough today, because if more trauma and loss I looked at that, Archie. Someone's loved one. Someone's brother, someone's husband someone son. And Not offended, difficult, offended, difficult, Sekahl, Lake and It's not something. I, really wanted to I wanted to windfall I fought. And I wanted them to go away with a dyke, though idol ran off. It didn't me just stay away from us, and that's really how impersonal. War Is. It's not quite in country. Schumacher's left them. Raw of you're not so you care about that's. For. And I recommend who history and proud that goes with it by she marcus and. It was It was a good as rice said he was a good claim war. It was green on grain knives civilians now. That was booby-traps, but no wii days. No people terrorists mountain into the civilian population. Now civilians killed rarely think a couple got killed. s strikes. You know it was It was a very clean and and the fights. Our Aqua. Spoke since I've left the army, so this would have been my thirty second year in Motorsport. Vase is scuppered my thirty second he. Eh, nine chain, but. What a number of Argentinians of being to cold! Arjun say narping to on his ours. automatic more if they wealthy middle-class educated Argentinian that works in is for data, engineers, etc, and they fight me for the Falklands War. The fact that military junta got ousted off to the falcons. A democratic government voted in under Carlos Menem. Auction say during the I was booming until it cost, but he was a. you know at a booming economy. Yeah it's interesting I mean we're. We're GONNA have to knock heads in a minute, but. The Faucet. Listen just. Listen He taught thieves in Boston. scrammed. Scaring I never stole anything liberated things. I think I. Think I think we have Cold Dot skip rob. SCHREMP scratches. Will you say that you know but the Argentine? Thanking you. got a different experience with I've got tight families, they they. They're a bit younger than me, but the the people in touch with mainly Bit younger than me and they they Flipping Hack, they are still lynch now. Malvinas is our fucking I was on the point I don't they believe I mean they got mega humor one of them. Loo We mega maid's? She'd be in the UK. Longtime she now and get on. Red Chuma I 'cause I beat me every opportunity I get IV step. Stuck when I don't do it. When she drinking because and she goes, she gets angry. All the real call in about Yoni Cola the passion comes out. Sh. They? They they they. The, the conscript paypal and the average Argentinian when obviously code aiba some guys for be funny to so of drop little heads to the locals of what I used to do for a living on it they didn't realize how how critically go so wrong as well and fortunately didn't. I I. Felt I felt very worried. By as I said, I've worked with a lot of audience in in son John's. I'll say therefore process so so behind it. The mouth Venus when it happened the folk lines. You know we will wide I in Scotland. What I do in Scotland's. What's? Come over slight to Scotland in fight. It was the reverse sweep regarding older white down there. Crazy right crazy listen. It's been a pleasure pleasure. Is there anything before not going to end enemy? You WanNA, mention. All Plug type chambers. Yeah, I'm the secretary of London, PRI. The London branch? Side to regional secretary of London Saudi encouraged guys. Come and join the payroll. You're looking for younger members. The older members now are less active because of I and they restrictions on traveling in light evening. The payroll needs an injection of Yo, so please join. The PRI is Gripe Fund is h branches. Its own charity saw its charity faternity brotherhoods. Absolutely? I? I agree my an important thing I think. Not just ecologist like tyrod association with other military associations. I think there is a legacy of. Younger, Guy staying away on not being not. Seen something. Just? Because it was one thing after the war on on or even even older regiments, and I, was you know it's one thing, but mine is like why Experience Coventry branch. You've got other branches eastern branch where? Young last joy, not you'll go. The whole region have led to be joined. Handle Brunch I think you've got to become a part of it, too so to guide it to where you wanted to go i. really enjoy it. I really enjoy I. Enjoy I enjoy speaking with the old in the bold, and then we have you know we organize like social events. Younger younger guy eventually go to the public at pest, you know. You'd be going to be poverty and the important thing I think to realize is it is a support network aside from the social side. It is a huge support and I did not realize on this stuff, not just being a member of the PRI. Active Blanche could open up and support. You never know what you're. GonNa, be on your ass. You never know when you're going to be asked financially mentally. Emotionally! Whatever? PRI is one of those on any regimen. Association is one of those avenues you can go get. Guidance definitely. I did the the big the big thing about. Particularly are regimen is did the pride and. Paper! You'll say a a former colleague in your how you doing, and it'll tell you everything's rosie and you know. He spent his lost ten pounds and get to two older, shaw or the Senate