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No sea serpents, mobsters but Tahoe trash divers strike gold

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No sea serpents, mobsters but Tahoe trash divers strike gold

"Scuba scuba scuba scuba divers divers divers divers have have have have completed completed completed completed an an an an unprecedented unprecedented unprecedented unprecedented year year year year long long long long effort effort effort effort to to to to remove remove remove remove litter litter litter litter from from from from the the the the shores shores shores shores and and and and waters waters waters waters of of of of Lake Lake Lake Lake Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe I'm I'm I'm I'm Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas with with with with a a a a closer closer closer closer look look look look bring bring bring by by by snow snow snow capped capped capped mountains mountains mountains Lake Lake Lake Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe has has has seventy seventy seventy two two two miles miles miles of of of shoreline shoreline shoreline Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe fund fund fund CEO CEO CEO Amy Amy Amy berry berry berry says says says it's it's it's hard hard hard to to to find find find a a a place place place is is is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous the the the size size size of of of it it it the the the clarity clarity clarity I I I mean mean mean the the the blue blue blue of of of Lake Lake Lake Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe but but but as as as with with with many many many bodies bodies bodies of of of water water water it's it's it's had had had a a a trash trash trash problem problem problem Dr Dr Dr calling calling calling west west west founded founded founded clean clean clean up up up the the the lake lake lake to to to tackle tackle tackle to to to fight fight fight back back back against against against plastic plastic plastic and and and all all all forms forms forms of of of pollution pollution pollution both both both above above above and and and below below below the the the surface surface surface Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe blue blue blue vodka vodka vodka CEO CEO CEO Matt Matt Matt Levitt Levitt Levitt both both both helped helped helped fund fund fund the the the effort effort effort and and and took took took part part part we we we polled polled polled twenty twenty twenty five five five thousand thousand thousand pounds pounds pounds of of of trash trash trash and and and debris debris debris out out out of of of the the the lake lake lake he he he calls calls calls that that that game game game changing changing changing a a a relatively relatively relatively few few few people people people made made made this this this giant giant giant impact impact impact I I I mean mean mean we've we've we've undone undone undone forty forty forty or or or fifty fifty fifty years years years the the the few few few men men men impact impact impact on on on Lake Lake Lake Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe in in in one one one year year year west west west says says says the the the effort effort effort will will will expand expand expand to to to other other other lakes lakes lakes in in in the the the Sierra Sierra Sierra Nevadas Nevadas Nevadas this this this summer summer summer your your your neighbors neighbors neighbors down down down in in in mammoth mammoth mammoth lakes lakes lakes go go go say say say hello hello hello down down down south south south and and and I I I clean clean clean up up up if if if you you you like like like I'm I'm I'm Brian Brian Brian Tong Tong Tong

Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Lake Tahoe Taho Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Lake Lake Lake Tahoe Tahoe Tah Mountains Mountains Mountains Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe Fund Fund Fu Amy Amy Amy Berry Berry Berry Dr Dr Dr West West West Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe Matt Matt Matt Levitt Levitt Levitt West West Sierra Sierra Sierra Nevadas N Mammoth Mammoth Mammoth Lakes Brian Brian Brian Tong Tong Tong
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"Supporters include valley health system and their breast imaging center providing cancer prevention and detection services including routine mammograms everything medicine can do a few things medicine can't more at valley health dot com slash mammogram Thanksgiving travelers are back in the skies Marketplace morning report is supported by clavio helping brands build genuine customer relationships through personalized email and SMS campaigns at KLA vio dot com slash marketplace and by orca security's podcast cloud security reinvented Guest joined Andy Alice to explore how the cloud fundamentally altered security Cloud security reinvented by orca security From marketplace I'm some revenge or in for David Braun cacio Happy Thanksgiving everybody looks like we are traveling for this holiday almost like we used to The TSA says it expects to screen about 20 million air passengers around the Thanksgiving period That's the most since 2019 When 26 million Americans float here in New York the Macy's day Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades back in full force today That is as that department store reconsiders some of the store closures it had planned in the next couple of years It's also increased benefits for employees earlier this month Macy's announced it would cover a 100% of tuition for employees who want more education And it's not just Macy's doing this chipotle Walmart and Amazon have all launched similar programs to attract and retain those hard to find workers One question of course is do these programs at work Here's marketplaces Matt levitt Starbucks launched its free tuition program back in 2014 Baristas can get a.

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"matt levitt" Discussed on GayBarchives Podcast

"There was actually entrapment of gay sailors and the early part of the twentieth century In newport rhode island we go through the second world war and then. This is one of the things that i think is very interesting. Because during the second world war the us army and the us military was very busy fighting wars and they weren't able to discharge as many people as they wanted to Four homosexuality so they just gave them these blue discharges they didn't actually court marshaled. But here you have from our archives a document from the joint chiefs of staff in one thousand nine hundred forty nine now that the country is not at war anymore laying out the three principal grounds that you could actually district dishonorably discharged somebody from the army or from any of of the branches of the service this went to the secretary of the army the navy and the airforce and the three categories was if it was if there was a sexual relationship that was forced class to was if it was consensual and the most importantly to understand was class three and class three was simply if you were suspected of not being a heterosexual you could be discharged for that entire for for for that idea that somebody had a view shortly after this This came into place in nineteen forty nine as i said in shortly after that president. Dwight eisenhower issued an executive order which he said homosexuals could not serve an any part of us military because they could be blackmailed. Of course the only reason why they would be. Blackmailed is because the government said it was a bad thing for somebody to have shame about so they created the problem and then punish people for the problem that they created things happened of course in the nineteen fifties and of course it was wonderful that organizations like the mattachine society and the daughters politis grew up and and really a big pivotal point was nineteen. Seventy five when you had leonard matt levitt who had received a purple heart and he came out as gay he. The government said to you we will not do. We will not discharge you. You can have your benefits and your va benefits and all that stuff. But you have to publicly say you'll never have sex with a man again. And he refused to do it. He was discharged and he ended up. Suing the government to get benefits back. They settled out a court. We don't know how much that was. Unfortunately he died of aids in the nineteen eighties. Jimmy carter was somebody who had some support for gays in the but of course things really didn't change until bill clinton in nineteen ninety two when he ran on on the platform that gays would-be allowed into the us military. He ran on that. Many get gave people thought that was going to happen. It was one of the first issues he took up in january of nineteen ninety-three and here. You see a usa today full page ad in usa today..

army joint chiefs of staff us army rhode island newport mattachine society Dwight eisenhower leonard matt levitt usa navy government Jimmy carter aids bill clinton
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"End of CFO John Oland, 17 years and hardly plus the loss of some 700 jobs. Companywide industry analyst Mark Gardner of Bike writer dot com joins us Live on the first Midwest Bank Heartland on W. T. M. J. Mark, I guess the most interesting part of all this is that the CFO that you point out the Olin's departure may not be of his own making, and since he had been Under former CEO Mark Webber teaches and entire tenure. What do you think's going on there? Well, that that is probably the most interesting part of this whole announcement from an investor's perspective. It's just one of this mean the wording of Mr Sites is comment that you grand and the opening part of the segment here. Significant changes are necessary. We must move in the direction that that was a comment that that was associated with Mr Roland departure, so it doesn't suggest a colon. I've simply chosen this moment to retire, for example. But we don't know what Ah, what's behind this And we won't know until later this year when the rewire will be explained to us in its full form, So Harley has told us that in the fourth sometime in the fourth quarter will get a full explanation of the strategic plan. But my feeling is that that's what's going on here right now is that Harley is getting out ahead, probably off some fairly dire second order results. That's my expectation. Is that really there? This is all aimed at convincing investors that look, you know, when we announced the second quarter results don't worry. We've already taken steps. Tio changed the direction of this ship market. What point does slashing spending start to negatively affected companies kind of overall image? I mean, does eventually Harley start to feel less like the industry giant and More of a midmarket brand, and I guess more importantly than that even is does at this point. It matter where they're at. Well, that's a good question. And you know, I would. One of one of the challenges of operating a Harley Davidson is hardly David is one of the few companies that is both publicly traded. And All and only really in the motorcycle business, so it makes it hard. It makes it easy for people to look at. You know, statements like this an SEC filing an annual reports and really know what Harley's businesses, whereas, for example, BMW Their motorcycle company, but they're mostly making cars Honda, You know they make a lot of motorcycles, also mostly making cars, and they do all kinds of other things, Polaris. They make motorcycles, but they're also their business is kind of the motorcycle get kind of mixed in with the quads and a, you know a TVs and snowmobile. So Harley is like, operate out in the open in a way that other companies don't and I'm still sorry for them sometimes because of that, because we tend to pick on them. Because we can see more information about them that then we see about other companies. But I don't think Harley is it's really It's not like some hidebound old company That's got a bunch of dead wood that can be trimmed in terms of, you know, the cutting these jobs. Harley actually is a fairly lean operation already, so it's hard to know how much more you can cut before it will hurt the business, and I don't think it necessarily help Harley. In the motorcycle industry. I don't think it improves their their image that they're that they're setting jobs. Motorcycle industry analyst Mark Gardner of Bike writer dot com. Joining us live on the first Midwest Bank hotline on w. Th NGS. I remember back when Harley was owned by AMC. They were like an adjunct of that than the move to get hardly out of. That is what's being held by so many is resuscitating the brain back in the seventies, and now here they are stand alone, having issues and now Marka Harley's gonna promise us a new five year plan by years. End that on top of the rewire that they just announced any idea what that might include. Well, they're so far I would say we're really just kind of interpreting. We have to read more between the lines than what's in the lines. I mean, most of the recent statement was actually very kind of bland. Corporate speak. But I think that I expect that these references to Harley's core strength suggests that they're going to de emphasize some of the more daring parts of Matt Levitt pitches old strategy, which was called the more road strategy which was very daring and involved, you know, big move into electric motorcycles. They even started developing electric bicycles. So I think we're going to see more of a return to the you know, heavy cruisers, ah, and touring motorcycles that we don't still associate with Harley. I think they've made a reference to markets that matters at markets that matter, and that's very interesting to me because You know, the old strategy called for Harley to eventually reach 50% of revenues coming from outside the U. S. And I think to me that's critical because the U. S market is structurally weak, and there's a lot more growth potential outside the U. S. And inside us. But does markets that matter mean? We're going to stick to our knitting and try to sell more bikes into the U. S. Remains to be seen. Industry analysts. My gardener of bike writer dot com on the Harley changes, announced yesterday still live on the first Midwest Bank hotline on W TMG. Mark. Thank you so much great stuff. Always good to be with you. Thanks a lot. Carol, 28 We have breaking news out of Madison, Wisconsin Supreme Court, sidestepping a chance to rein in the governor's veto power the court this morning upholding one partial veto. The Democratic governor Tony Evers, made last year struck down three others had also declined to rule in another case, challenging partial Vito's former Republican governor Scott Walker, made in 2017. Seeing the challenge filed after he left office was too late. We'll have more on this story throughout the day on W. T. M. J. Steve's graffiti is next. 50 years of Bob Bucher brilliance of Bob, You can never really be over state law. Bucher is so special to brewers baseball because he really is brother's baseball. A great man is someone who never remind.

Marka Harley Harley Davidson writer Mark Gardner W. T. M. J. Mark analyst Midwest Bank CFO John Oland Mr Sites Mark Webber Bob Bucher Mr Roland Tony Evers baseball Olin Wisconsin Supreme Court Tio CEO SEC
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"matt levitt" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

"A presidential race will Bluebonnet Sir starting to pop up along Texas highways and in the hill country Andrea along with the lady bird Johnson wildflower center says this is early thanks to the second warmest winter on record I don't think it'll be as spectacular as it was last year last year was a pretty gang buster coming here but but it's looking good and she expects Bluebonnet season to be long this year thanks to the warm wet weather that is being forecast for this coming spring Americans are shelling out for their Valentine's day gift with millennials leading the charge on spending look at the typical at all and that they're expecting to spend around a hundred and fifty dollars for when it comes to millennials however if they're expecting to spend about two hundred and eight about thirty five percent plan to spend money for the holiday this year engaged couples spend the most of an average of eighty five Bucks Harley Davidson is working to recruit younger writers Jeff Ballenger Bloomberg has this and focus report after years of focusing mainly on selling new bikes to its aging and most loyal customers Harley Davidson is focusing on convincing more young people to take up the motorcycle hobby Harley ridership appears to peak at around age fifty four and there aren't enough new enthusiast to replace older riders were hanging up their leathers Harley has spent years working to retool itself for younger customers who may be more likely to buy a bike on a payment plan payment is one twenty nine a month owning a Harley Davidson is easier and more affordable than ever a CEO Matt Levitt itch told investors in a recent conference.

Andrea lady bird Johnson wildflower c Harley Davidson Jeff Ballenger Bloomberg Matt Levitt Texas CEO
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"Payments as low as one twenty nine a month on a Harley Davidson is easier and more affordable than ever Harley CEO Matt Levitt itch told investors in a recent conference call but new motorcycles are on the way in twenty twenty will again raised the bar we want our first new middle weight motorcycles the Bronx Street Fighter and pan America adventure touring models Harley is also throwing some of its marketing muscle behind its electric live wire bike and even a child size electric Carly Jeff Ballenger Bloomberg radio why his JD power range Commonwealth financial network number one in independent advisor satisfaction among financial investment firms for the sixth straight time we think it comes down to one thing you because your input and feedback that keeps us focused on what's most important to you when your clients and continually pushes us to be the best we can be maybe that's why we receive top marks in every category of the JD power two thousand nineteen advisor satisfaction survey they named as number one in client support number one in from leadership number one in operational support number one in compensation number one in professional development support and number one in technology support ready to partner with the best call Commonwealth eight six six four six two three six three eight or visit Commonwealth dot com and feel the power member FINRA SIPC a registered investment adviser for two thousand nineteen JD power award information visit JD power dot com slash awards term keen and Jonathan Ferrell enjoy each other's company most of us don't speak Mandarin.

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"matt levitt" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

"Things that is being discussed now was okay we get will go back and look what's the parole board's role what is doing what it's not so I since it's kinda like parole exactly and it's all it's almost automatic when to serve a certain amount of your your sentence there are other things that were a real are are interesting you're not just the issue that many more people are going to be coming out of prison people who were sentenced for terrorism related crimes related to all kind of in the years after nine eleven some people sentenced to a shorter terms because for example including here the United States where they plotted to travel to the Islamic state but they didn't go today the sentences are shorter we're gonna have more people coming out of prison that we're gonna have to deal with it's also fits into this come shin between president trump and president micron on the issue of foreign terrorist fighters there's a tremendous concern in Europe certainly among the public but among politicians there for as well what happens as these people come home do we have the evidence to put them in jail even if we do how long will they serve and their sentences and then what happens to them afterwards and this is a generational question can just lock him up and throw away the key or if we think what we could but more realistically that seems like a far fetched thing to to presume exactly I'm Joshua Johnson you're listening to one a with regard to the cultural impact of this Frank I'd like you to respond to Marie who tweeted well this is one of the reasons for breaks it Britain is the final destination point for most immigrants the small island can't sustain that influx of people and the cultures coming or not immersing Frank that's interesting this mon Khan was born and raised in England and as far as we know was radicalized here so that doesn't he's a homegrown of terrorist some of the people who actually a roof snow did citizen's arrest on London Bridge at least one of them was a Polish chef so in fact it was interesting the it was an immigrant who felt that he had a civic duty to protect strangers people he didn't know in London and it was a home grown person who was the one who pulled the knives out and attacked the students at this event so I understand the nature of the question but the facts don't really fit the the question I do also understand the point Marie's make in terms of an influx of people immigration into western Europe that was one of the big issues for brexit opponents of the break the tears would say that that was just kind of a veiled way of saying that Britain has too many brown people and I think that it's more it's a cultural issue it's a it's a a nationalistic issue here there's a lot of nostalgia among many white Britons who are the vast majority the country to an earlier era but it was not about crime I think the opposition to the migration I mean immigrants here are not big criminal they don't participate anymore I think in criminal activity than others it was really more of a cultural a cultural issue and in in a number of the terror of its of terrorism attacks that I've covered it was people from from this country and that this must have an impact this mentality in terms of the way that we fight terrorism I mean there have been efforts in parts of London and Paris and Berlin and elsewhere hi to connect with immigrant communities especially communities of immigrants were Muslim and try to build bridges to try to open opportunities for people who see something to say something those have had mixed success but it seems like the fight against terror in many ways is not just a counterintelligence fight it's it gets a cross cultural fight that's exactly right you know I gives Europeans in the in the Brits hello a lot of credit for trying and failing in this regard the United States we don't have a culture of trying and failing you got your politicians of an idea they want you to show that it's proven to succeed first what I'm talking about here is is that the UK's counterterrorism policies called contest and has four components to it conveniently all starting with the letter P. prevent to pursue protect and prepare the biggest bang for our Buck is always going to be the earliest in the process that the prevent trying to do things to build resilient communities trying to do things to make sure that people feel comfortable in the communities they can access government services they have they they they can you know get into school they can get jobs and then if that fails you have the pursue protect and prepare and I think that the big question here is not so much whether these rehabilitation programs are useful in the UK they have great programs like this for people have come out of prison name great programs actually for people in prison they're great programs for people who have not yet committed a crime trying to prevent them from getting to that point the real question here is whether it was makan gained the system he said all the right things he went on the BBC and said everybody knows me I was born here I'm not a terrorist he he participated in these programs and one of the things services I'm sure looking into right now is how long was this being planned was a sudden snap some people are speculating that because his family is originally from the Kashmir region and in his original crime for which he served prison he was planning to go in and fight in question here and then maybe come back to the U. K. it was it because India difference of crackdowns in cashmere and they've they've revoked some ministry to rule there ads out of anything to do with it was to the going farther back than that the vetting process for these programs I think is going to be real question moving forward before we go Frank what's next in the NATO summit what else should we be looking out for well I think tomorrow the the big thing will be president trump in the afternoon giving a press conference and I think that people will be wanting to hear how supportive use of NATO you know former national security adviser John Bolton said it apparently a private was reported to say in a private speech that he thought that president trump might try to pull out of NATO if you want a second term so people be watching trump very closely to see how much support he offers to this military alliance that's NPR's Franklin fit in London Frank thanks for talking to us happy to do it Joshua and Matt Levitt a senior fellow and director at the Reinhard program on counterterrorism intelligence at the Washington institute for Near East policy thank you Matt the pleasure coming up you might have heard that catastrophic wildfires in Australia have made call wall is a functionally extinct species the truth is a.

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"matt levitt" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

"I heard that president who owns it it was great and I think that's very insulting Frank what's the context of this particularly in light of what NATO is what NATO does and just the fact that this is a kind of a milestone anniversary for NATO I think what McCall is getting out is a big question he was asking even in this press conference not too long ago with president trump today is what is dados purpose and particularly what is going on with Turkey and the United States you have to NATO countries one in the case of Turkey saying it wants to go in and go after these fighters the United States stepping aside may is a very very strange situation have people in the countries in the same military alliance acting in this way and he's also very concerned about Turkey's roles as we've been reporting over the last number of days Turkey is saying that in less the a a that night that NATO define the fighters that it is against the ones I've actually been working with the United States in the past to go after ISIS defines terrace that that in fact Turkey is not going to support any number of policies that might you know come out of the summit and so a lot of what micro is saying is without what he considers to be strong American leadership where does this where does NATO go for NATO is effective militarily but politically vertically in the last three years or so especially with the president trump attacking members for not spending enough on defense it's it's really struggling to figure out what its direction isn't exactly what should be doing him and I think that struggle also has to do with the fact that when NATO was founded in the post World War two era to try to kind of create this alliance that could deal with that kind of a global threat again the global threat had to do with nation states with national actors as opposed to people who saw a you tube video or downloaded something on bit torrent or watch to discord stream and then they decide they're going to take up a cost so need it was kind of dealing with the world that it literally wasn't designed for a NATO would argue that there still are those nation state threats that it needs to contend with especially from Russia on its eastern borders I they would argue that especially at the beginning of the trump administration when it was made clear to NATO that they had to do more on counterterrorism that's basically a quote from the president they they did they created something called NATO cells they created a whole new analytical framework to focus on the Mediterranean the southern perspective from from Europe focused on migrants on counterterrorism to specifically fill that gap fearing that otherwise the president might just pull out of NATO here we are after they've made that effort after they've been providing a lot of support in particular in Iraq and Afghanistan and they're wondering what our commitment is not just to NATO in general but to those types of deployments there's a lot of concern in Europe among the NATO allies that the president's looking to cut and run in Afghanistan where will that leave them NATO was particularly active on the ground in Afghanistan could you elaborate on that a little bit mad in terms of what NATO means to the U. S. I mean part of the point of NATO is to create a military alliance that if someone was attacked at all of these nations would come to our aid there's at peace article five which we hear about that an attack on one is an attack on all I believe the only nation that's ever invoked article five was the United States after the September eleventh terror attacks so we do NATO something but that calculus going forward is exactly what the president's comments about NATO get at but is it clear what he wants out of NATO other than more money but the the president's sense of you know equal equal contributions a something that's been a constant we know that that's something he wants to be on that I'm not sure exactly if it is clear what he wants I I don't think that the president necessarily sees for example our commitment and deployments to Europe as something that we're doing not just as a favor to them but because that's in our interest because the alliance is in our interest because the alliance not only protects Europe in western democracy but has been able to go places and step up whether it's in North Africa and Afghanistan and Iraq and engage in a coalition a military coalition that's been able to contribute to international security and Frank how much of the economics of NATO on the president's agenda are there other things he's been talking about so far he really he continued to hit on the economics and you know he looks at this very much as the former developer from queens that he he is at his heart which is he's a very transactional businessman and I think he he sees a lot of money going out and he doesn't see the kind of return that he that he expects or once and I also don't know that he necessarily seem to appreciate that with the sort of stability that NATO brings that also means that markets remain safe and they economics remain safe and risk is low which is always very good for business and so I'm not he doesn't seem to have that appreciation of the sort of stability that NATO brings that actually is very beneficial for the western economies of western Europe as well as the United States account we will continue in a moment with NPR's Frank Lankford and Matt Levitt of the Washington institute for Near East policy including talking about that attack on London Bridge Jordan asked how is two people getting killed anything more than a local news story this is being sensationalized I'm Joshua Johnson you're listening to one a from W. A. M. U. N. N. P. R. I'm tiny mostly from NPR's here now when Peter was founded we had.

president Frank NATO three years
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"Michael golf ball make it happen do we what what is it they have smile halfway through it you look away from Kerry you can't because you look look look at this this dog face she has on I was born okay we're not happy I was not looking over there do you support your co worker because I look over there and then everybody that it's no good do you think that was good with you not looking over there maybe should look over there there's no winning work it out you do you do you get gonna go through your head that the people of this you should own this you should embrace this now this is our having people over there for a sense carries aren't thing are you telling us that what embrace the title embrace the dog go okay well out log and love the taco yeah I got the taco so that we should do the show from a taco joint Sunday just do it like on talk to Tuesday okay if I offend you people during the show would you then at least enjoy the song whom I don't know it could be bearable so hard you were so hard to to make happy really are gonna I'm gonna send your your husband you know I hello now you may find he is all right eight eight nine four one pack Joe package that comes with the go to go to the this do you sell the stupid change in the baby it's cold outside song yes said this is one line that they allege the original line meant date rape yeah that's a stupid it is yeah we'll get into that in a moment before we do that what what's happening again in Kentucky about late numbers in Kentucky I do know this is with sixty two point five percent reporting as a seven oh nine yes indeed Bashir the Democrat has fifty one point fifteen of the vote mad men at the Republican has forty six point eight seven percent who deals in Miramar there three three four points difference I know and John Hicks the libertarian has one point nine percent in the course of your libertarian guess who you'd normally would vote for you to vote for the Republican this is how the Democrat is going to win great that's awesome so there you go at the at the end of the day what you have is a very very good governor who is probably gonna lose all I mean who knows hopefully it'll turn around but might lose to the son of a former governor never understood something that maybe you've got an opinion on this maybe you don't who not only back at us why is it that we have to have these political dynasties what is your number one then the George W. bush then we had a Bill Clinton also Hillary Clinton and now people are about Michelle Obama running are we really in a country of three hundred twenty three or forty million people we only really have three families that can be president now what I can run a no to that it expand that a little bit come on man at some point get a clue and realize you don't need to save we don't have a monarchy here there's a reason why presidents are are term limited many governor term limited to the the rep the representatives of those senators are not term limited they should be otherwise you've got you've got kingdoms and monarchies in fiefdoms that are being run enough already enough already I so I mean the the fact that looks like this guy some might win is really it's it's horrible and Matt Levitt over a Bevin has done a very good job he's a very good job as the governor there he should of he ran for Senate I think he would he tried to primary did primary Mitch McConnell others good candidate then too and I'm reading some of these comments on on social media and they're all I voted for bush here because I believe in my child's education at what point in this country will people start realizing that Republicans are not anti education in fact Republicans want really good education for kids not just with the teachers unions want not just to keep the the head count money coming in and pass people who are actually failing yes you want a good education and a Republican conservative but those are the right on a good education for our kids it's like suggesting those on the right don't want you know the clean air clean water clean food and those on the right you know don't really like immigrants it's the story that's being told and what bothers me is there are so many great people in this country they just aren't paying enough attention they aren't paying enough attention and we need to we need to pay attention to what people are saying what they say they'll do what they're actually doing with their job history is it I I can extended to this to this why on god's green earth are some of the people representing us in Congress in Congress one was a a screamer in Yeller in a radical who's pro testing a trump speech got elected in said impeach the MF and somehow is looked at somebody that that is the future of the country refused to leave or a lot marking from Somalia and through Kenya and had a horrible life is so much better here in the United States hates everything about what she say yesterday before Kerry we need to have the end of western imperialism yeah something like that I do know that needs the reason Marc there is western imperialism going on we what is that suggests that we are we are what we were treating the rest of the world like crap as we enjoy our listen this country has been more terrible than any country in the in the face on the face of this earth in the history of this earth Hey Amy and here we go we have somebody else actually could complete spoiled brat who got a better life for coming here acting like it's a horrible country no course AOC was a bartender is an actress got the job and suddenly is looked at by idiots out there suggesting suggesting that dumb but she knows more about climate change government about how this country should should work are just had somebody right knee from Kentucky the live oak the live results somehow Bevin is leading what the hell's going on okay very interesting what let me let me see what this is what this is showing okay this is up to the second I'll give you this this link because the link do you have I trust that it's a good one but they just might be a little bit behind it looks like things could be a change in all right so let me give you what I have from this website this is from New York times giving live election results because from the time so it could be fake news how I can but I can't get through it okay they have a lot to many times for that one okay well let me right now ADB here just took the lead and was Bevin twelve seconds ago this is Bashir the Democrat forty nine point seven Bevin the Republican the incumbent forty eight point three John Hicks just to get some Republican votes two percent of those are than mine but okay exactly Hicks is the libertarian and again the libertarian is always going to get the Republican votes libertarians are more constitutional as they believe in free usually liberties progresses and Democrats don't so you've got a very close race right now it's a it's a matter of one point four points difference between eighty Bashir Matt Bevin and yes Bashir is now I had when I open this page it was actually Bevin that was that so keep an eye on this they've got I guess another update intense I carry less to account at six five four three two one and the update is with that consent except they didn't do it I told you were fake news the time so looking at Lexington goes blue Louisville goes blue we're not surprised by that they're more populated urban areas on the basic structure of the status of the white red or dark red so it's going to be interesting this is not over now I do believe the polls are closing to talk in our tech yes they are because our that the cause was over an hour ago okay yeah all right so the numbers keep on coming in now it's forty nine point eight to forty eight point two so it's now one point six percent difference any measures taken Floyd county also leads the race overall was seventy five percent of research report we'll keep an eye on that we'll take your calls on on what we talked about off the top here also I've got to we've got to get into the new words for baby it's cold outside do you have the new with the there's like one line that they changed which I find ridiculous and the line that's in there is so progressive and stupid it makes my face or just got tied to just tighten up Kerry yeah six to forty eight point four as well because one point right now of course John Hicks is getting two percent which I in essence would be fifty point four for the incumbent forty nine point six four for the challenger eight eight nine four one tag Joe pegs dot coms diretor this is the joke pad show I love tell you that really factory work for me I hope it'll work for you I kid you not almost everyone over fifty has occasional aches and pains they could have.