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"matt maggie nichols" Discussed on The Young Turks

"That he that was reportedly offered to investigators by an alleged witness. A witness named max tire an attorney and former classmate of ramirez. That was another woman who had made accusations against cavanaugh. Who reportedly notified senators that he had witnessed and event similar to the one recounted by ramirez. Right so why was that not looked into by the way the pert ramirez that. We're talking about here. Is deborah ramirez. She was a classmate over at yale. She claimed that brett cavanaugh had exposed himself to her. And so we have a witness claiming you know. I saw him do something similar to another person. And why wasn't that person interviewed so we need to know who at the fbi made a decision that we're going to do a sham investigation. That were the allegations of sexual assault. We're going to bury them because we don't care we're gonna make a political decision because we want us right. We are on the supreme court and so we're not going to do the investigation that we were told that we must do. How do you not find that person. How do you not fire that person by the way it looks like it's one person looks like a whole organization on purpose chose not to do their job. It's indisputable even if you're talking to right winger new thing that they did a real investigation if they didn't talk to blasi ford or the witness or cavenaugh you know they didn't do a real investigation in fact you're chuckling about right niagara i know is it a great they allege rape is on now. That's the debate. I used to know what love right. That's right are thinking but no one is thinking. That was a real investigation. It's not possible. Think that yeah exactly all right well to negative. Fbi stores in a row. This one about the larry nassar case. So the senate. Judiciary committee held a hearing to both listen to the testimony of olympic gymnasts. Who had been victims of the sexual misconduct of usa gymnastics. Doctor larry nassar and also the head of the fbi. Christopher ray now why is the fbi involved in this well it turns out that After sev- role olympians had told fbi officials. About what larry nassar had done to them. They didn't take any action. In some cases it took seventeen months for them to even investigate. The claims the first half of wednesday's hearing featured emotional testimony by four elite gymnast. Simone biles michaela maroney alley rice men and also matt maggie nichols who said nasser sexually abused them under the guise of medical treatment during his time as a usa gymnastics doctor We have a video showing you some of their testimony. Let's take a quick look at that being here. Today is taking everything. I have tearfully opening up on capitol hill about the abuse. They faced by former team. Doctor larry nassar to clear..

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