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"matt kim dodgers" Discussed on Starting9

"Dare dare i say matt kip dare i say the name matt kim dodgers i mean not hit a ball last night boys he inside outed a heater down in to right center so i mean he looks fucking phenomenal well he looks great he looks i mean obviously he paid attention to his body he understood i got bad wheels i need to do something to take the pressure off of that be rolling around a little fluffier than normal is probably not conducive to staying on the field to stain healthy keeping my foundation underneath me so he sheds a few lb's and shows up and people all but had him out of here before the first pitch the season and now he's what he's one of their petr hitters in the lineup right now so yeah i don't think that the idea of the diamondbacks separating themselves from the dodgers is one that we need to give give much attention to i think this could be a dogfight zach grangier hill on friday then we got taiwan walker your boy against kershaw jared mentioned on saturday and you walk zach godly against kenta maeda on sunday also now the big series coming up huge are you a little nervous no brewers math yes you are you are you are your nurse and by the way all of you if you're listening to this on thursday if you're listening to this right now and it's thursday there's a good chance that i'm not in the studio talking into a microphone a probably hanging out with travis shah and christian yelich right now.

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