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"matt john lee dumas" Discussed on EOFire | Entrepreneur on FIRE

"Matt john lee dumas how are you doing today brother good sir how about yourself you know i can't complain but i will say i got a share kind of a funny exchange on skype with all of fire nation so you know i posted fire nation in facebook and instagram i was like hey i'm gonna be calling people today if you have any questions like just for me drop your skype buy in to the chapel oh and i'll call and so of course you know matt did just that and then i called him and then he's an answer and then i just get this message from him like twenty minutes go bro did i miss out on something here question mark i just turned on my skype to fire up a podcast i mean who has skype running fulltime come on man haha and my answer to you matt is people have skype running who just dropped in a facebook chat they wanna talk to somebody on skype so as my response to you that's a pretty fair point that's a pretty fair point listen brother i'm excited chatenay we've actually had a few exchanges on instagram via direct messages i guess some stuff going on in the podcasting world and other areas and your aunts muir ship alive so take a couple of seconds let people know who you are where you're from and then dive into your question is back from saskatoon scotch up here in canada a former professional occupier and upon retiring i turned into a coach i started coaching on ice kinda live one on one coaching then started finding guys like yourself pat flynn and started thinking how i could turn what i did on the ice into kind of an online business and so i did that at have website called hockey protruding dot com where i have training videos into to'real toils and the like and then kind of through like i said guys like yourself pat flynn and other podcasts decide to jump into the podcast world and got started about maybe three or four months ago and yes we're here now still follow you i still barger angie time with questions just grateful for the replies but i do get them because it's been very helpful and yeah we're here today i'm about through a podcast and ten minutes so just fired up my skype i'll be having it on full time from now on back on my phone and make sure i don't miss out on any a knowledge bomb sessions now this interview having ten minutes so i do we have a countdown timer here we have a little bit of a countdown timer he said he'd be thirty minutes late interviews for the twelve o'clock i talked to a lot of coaches that are kind of around the world this guy's actually austria right now he works at the red bull trading academy so we got a couple of minutes so.

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