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"matt jaekle" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"An email from a couple of days for matt jaekle. He says as lifelong angels fan. I got to speak out on albert pools. You got it right ireland. Has it all wrong. Because remember i said sure why not cut him. He's not he's not producing and you said oh he's all famous he said i celebrated when we signed him but it just hasn't worked out and it's very clear that we paid big money for his past exploits. Ireland said it would be like releasing colby in his last year not even close. It would be like the lakers signing lebron based on what he did with the heat and cavs and then having a massively unperformed and underperforming and miss the playoffs. Albert didn't hit three hundred in any season with the angels and the angels didn't win a single playoff game during his tenure. He did he did lead the league in grounding into double plays quiet his contract a massive bust and i find it hard to get sentimental about his departure and again. You heard what i said. He's going to bat one ninety for the dodgers. All right. let's see let's see how quickly you flip flop when he hits three home runs in a week and carries the dodgers kidding me. I'm rooting for the guy. I just don't believe that if if your best option at first base is albert pools. I think you probably have issues with your bench. Well wait a minute. we we all know. The dodgers have issues with their bench. We've been talking about it for two week right right. This is how they're trying to address it. They signed paulson. They trade for a toby. I think i got that right. Took yoshi convince you should just ride with it because it sounds like you know what you're talking about. He was batting one ninety seven with the raise when they dfa them. He was big in the Japanese leader but andrew freedman has a habit of picking up guys. Who are like max. Muncie was like practically on the scrap heap signed him. Drew seem with chris. Taylor and those guys come here and they can play. I hope he gets. I hope i hope we have a good option at first base while while cory seager is injured answer base. That's months not weeks right broken wrist. I said two months two months boy. That's a huge bat to leave. That is a huge picked him to win the. Mvp happened this year. All right here's a here's tc in la atc. What's up man. Hey how you guys doing every ganic week man okay. It is a guy ganic week but let me tell you guys something. There are two series in the nba playoffs. That are absolute dreams. Series and a raising bonanza rating bonanza for the nba. One of them is the western conference. Finals the lakers vs clippers. Can we agree on that. That would be that would be great showdown in the western conference finals. And as long as the lakers wind up in the seven as long as they went on wednesday the clippers the lakers will be on opposite sides of the bracket in that is possible. Exactly so the other one is obviously the lakers playing brooklyn in nba finals right. Okay now with that being said if the clippers we're trying to avoid anyone it would have been denver. You know what i'm saying. Is this here. You guys say at the clippers tank. The last two games to avoid the lakers in the first round right now the nba's nightmare would've been the lakers clippers plan in the first round. Yeah and by the way. The clippers made a mistake. It would have been better for them to catch the lakers in the first round while they're still assembling it and putting it all together than in the finals when the lakers will be rolling and hot. I'm gonna throw the chris paul period that he threw at charles. Barkley night. you can. You can't duck and dodge in the west. The west is that good right but tci you don't. You don't think that the clippers tried to win those games do you. I think that the clippers looked at who they were playing and they thought that they can win. Both of those games by not put houston's trying to get the best lottery pick as well as okay see so i mean right and they both want the arguably the two worst teams in the league. But guess what i heard tie lou say a one of his shows that it was important for the clippers to get the number three spot. Well if it was so important for them to get the number three spot. Why didn't they play by the last two games. I totally agree they. It was it was. It was take gymnastics on steroids. This weekend i understand. For example i understand load management. John you don't. I understand load management. Like i understand why you'd give a guy on a wednesday night off second night of a back to back in the middle of february right that makes sense to me resting everybody resting against seven layers worse teams in the league. Yeah i mean that was a deliberate and obvious. Tank job obvious. Let's goes for me. I mean if it if it works out and they make it to the western conference finals than we can all say tyler knew exactly what he was doing. Go luca yes so. Let's see if it works out for policy Eight seven seven seven ten espn gigantic.

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