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"matt gatewood matthew bramson" Discussed on Opening Arguments

"Sorry. Po hailing poa lane, maybe or Poge Elaine in something like that. Sorry. Matt Gatewood Matthew Bramson, the notorious B R G, David and David winder. Thank you so much your turn into. Yeah. Thank you to maxim soup. Co two congratulations on your and I'm going to read it this way one zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero episode because I believe that is binary for two fifty six which is which is today. So we're we're we're celebrating a one hundred million in binary or whatever thanks to Terry Jones to Justin Turner. I don't know if that's the dodgers third baseman. But I like to think that it is. Hey, hey, Justin. If that's you you signed big contract, man. You could be a hall of Famer hall of fame. Patron? I don't mean baseball. I was gonna say, yeah. Why pledging at the that level up your pledge a little bit to buy his our LA's, Janet Kelly, Sherry, Emily har-? Well, Charles s Harare, James Ryan could neck oh and to Ted Cruz for human president twenty twenty. I hope we get outta funny site from twenty sixteen. I hope we get that again. Yes. Thank you, folks. So much hope you enjoy all the goodies. And thank you for coming on board. Okay. Let's find out if I did. Okay. On this question. I'm very curious about this one t t be here, we go. No, social this firm has ever failed the bar exam. Kidding? Yeah. So Thomas this question was personal injury. Case plaintiff slips falls outside of a store. We have used this hypothetical. You know, thousands of times on the show plaintiff alleged that the store was negligent in allowing the entry way to become slippery from snow tracked in from outside. And then before the lawsuit was filed the plaintiff threatened to sue the store's manager said, hey, you know, look, I get that there was less outside. But yeah, the one in the four inch heels like come on can't we settle this? Let's agree. I'll pay your medical. Bills. And and then you, you know, you drop these tort claims plaintiff refused at trial plaintiff seeks to introduce the manager statement that. Yeah. Okay. That was slush on the marble entryway. And you picked answer a no. Because that that that the statement will not be admissible in trial because it is a statement made in the course of compromise negotiations, and I am pleased to tell you that answer is exactly correct. I was nervous. Because of the before the lawsuit was filed thought there'd be some technicality. This is the time period place where these negotiations officially can't be part of the whatever. But not so I gotta right. Yeah. You you got it. Right. This is federal rule of evidence rule. Four eight. It is a rule that this kind of question is one that will trip up some lawsuits, but didn't trip you up and doesn't trip up anybody, right? Who is a regular practitioner for precisely the reasons you are ticketed on the show. Right rule. Rufo eight right. The one of the yes answers that you that you pondered over for for a little bit on is. They're going to be a technicality is the rule excluding offers of compromise. That's four zero eight does not protect statements of fact.

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