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 iOS 13 iPad features detailed, macOS Sidecar, Qualcomm and 5G iPhones

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iOS 13 iPad features detailed, macOS Sidecar, Qualcomm and 5G iPhones

"This would be a lot of talk about from our colleague Gerardo. He has a whole lineup of scoops to discuss last week. We had the itin story which was pretty big that I tunes will continue to exist. But probably not be updated. And then they'll be individual abs- for music podcast, a new books app and TV as we know this week. It's way more than just that. So we'll kick off with Iowa's thirteen mayo. Give me the summary of what we now. Expect for my thirteen from Gamba's findings MAC. Yeah. This is pretty interesting. There's been a lot of anticipation for teen. There's always been a giant. They're like, I was studying fix everything ever ever ever had appropriate. Because had. Yeah. Especially on the ipad because last year was kind of smooth sailing effect, performance, blah, blah, blah. They were all the features. So I've had focus features in development that got pushed back to this year say nine -ly. Do we have the stuff from law to look forward to shaving? That is coming Frisian OSA means that those features had more time to just intently. And when they come out they should be high quality daily not just in terms of bugging by being refinement and finish. And. Grammars you're certainly self in the right direction. So we have the dock mode confirmation of say this was reported per se by Bloomberg that ran rabbi has backed up, and it sounds like Mera the Mack experience where the in settings you just have an appearance option, and you can have the lie apparent so the dog parents and now have a accessibility mode, which is high contrast on surprising, apple-sspo assistant is of the MAC has high contrast nights too. I. Still kind of hope for an automatic dot might option like on the Macklin make sense on the mat is like it's the same as the MAC, which means it's the same damn for the MAC. Yeah. We haven't been able to kind of ten yet is if it's the MAC dog mode moved across in terms of the appearance theme like 'cause the might not mode isn't true black right is kind of like shades of gray. So will the IRS version like come out as yeah? And so if he leaks that I was like the option of this is an example of apple uses kind of dark gray as dark mode, and this is an example where they actually use true black on Oleg screens, and they could always do one for all that and one four LCD screens like it's possible that they could make that distinction. They know what the phone models are. And and also considered the ipad has no lead. So you might really not wanna do to black on the ipad. And then he third party apps that option where you can have light mode dark motive. Doc more than you get dark or black. You know, you've got the choice. Probably I wouldn't imagine you have that level of granularity from like the system setting. Surely, you would have the system Bill to change modes based on like both ambient lighting or time of day. Based on local sunrise like you do with home automation, and the MAC is not built in. But there are there is like a third party. Yeah. It's a really good their party app. Do you? Remember the name of it? It's the car. Yeah. The icon is an all looking in and my launch pad to see if got it. And so I don't think a Deary now. But it's it's pretty good. And and this lives in your menu bar, and is one of those moments where you know, the answer you can scream it out. And we we only, but you can you click, and you can toggle with enlightened dart, which what you can do insist purposes, but it puts new bar or you can say change it based on time of day. Just like you can like nightshift on the MAC. I mean, it's almost there is not quite and I think they might have even added a feature to like let you pick certain naps with people really want. And when that like on a few cases at least with ex code where you can say like have leitmotiv except for this app. And I'm going to drop I'm jazz. They out really didn't it was in every single ex. And then when temporary to actually came out the books growing, clearly it's a feature for. Yeah. So. But anyway, it's like the best example, I think. There's a little bit of both in tippety app and the trailers that has a dark theme, but it's not true black, and it's always like Dr fame, but apple books is a really good example of a true black, you I you don't own a modern update at this isn't message of the seventy or the books is brand new today. Right. And and you get I don't think you get control of it is based on be alive. Yeah. NBN light. So like, you can't be outdoors usually cloudy and have have dark mode. Like, you're like struggling, Terry. What's on the screen? But if you're inside and dislike not brightly lit. Then all of a sudden like it can be very dark and those control over what a book looks like can toggle that manually and have like an auto switch for it. But like just like the now playing I spend much time with audio books and now playing you I for the audiobook player, you don't have a toggle for that as far as they know. And so it's based on Zambia light. And it looks to me really good. So I wouldn't. I guess my pick would be like troop lack on dark on LCD. And then give you control like as you want, which is more than in the MAC and consider ambient light like. The default can be whatever I don't care what it is. But as long as you've got the often, go and change it. I think it'd be great. So I'm excited for it. The Bloomberg report previously and described it as a dog mode for nighttime reading and stuff to reduce glare, which to me, you know, strongly implies automatic switching as well. Because going because think of how much effort is to going to sing 's to change to change to change. The only thing controls haven't managed is not ideal with a button under the brightness lottery. Like deep pressure long press. Another curiosity have. It's like if an app is currently dark themed like will that have an option to be like like, all of a sudden will you have the activity app have a light theme. And do you pick like light mood? What is day in Motors? Everything goes dark if it supports it because I mean, like, even the MAC like pixel mater third party app was always dark themed, and then when they adopted dark mode. They included a light beam. But she looks really funny, but because on the MAC the control the way that the framework works is you just lay out the controls the controls native support lion. Daca pierces? So the amount of effort needed to support bite once show supporting Donald is essentially zero because it just kind of adopting the place in customer chose different century on the MAC. There is so much usage of the app kit control set like read about stuff becomes almost for free on IOS. The trend is very much from that. Like the framework includes less control is by the folks I develop his half to implement their own and then on top of that the one that the official controls just kinda look ugly in current. Design pollens, they just done very nice everyone does their own anyway. And so he's actually gonna be more work from identifies polity ad in the new appearance stuff, and it will be less free compared to what it was for the on the macro side. You know, I do out. Apple does a compliment is that with more bust, you frame more controls and stuff, but the moment with the status quo is if they just add like said, the conc- whether it should be liar should be dog. Or you're going to get the convenience of bring that saying to an apple level still be the same out work, which is quite log way to plan Joe themes on every single app individually. Yeah. This is where it makes right now two of of light dark on IOS currently is designed like the now playing which is dark. They disturb alert banner at needs to go is dark, but then like other elementary not alert vantage are not dark. The the banner on looks good example, they wear his vice dog, but it's no east to indicate something. Would you do? The no no or low contrast mode to have it be like flat dark whereas like dark dark and not like translucent dark. Yeah. Or in dog mode that is highlighted in different color. And then the new of dock rather than great like there's a of complexity is no simple as just invented the colors. And I think the books is really good Stein point for where they could roll it out. But one worried is the they won't make the MAC where standardized, you know, this is what the same looks like it will be more like Europe should display dot my now going out of you won't like I think he's going to be more kind of every app for self which kind of goes back to what you're saying about how science now doc anyway, like even the apples doc apps on the same they implement in different ways. And at least on the what we know that the moment, it seems that it's going to continue and. Super everyone with that. Because. Then opportunities for stuff to look bad, in some cases. And then you come to should you have level control. Because I like how dot my looks in these three in in messages horrible, for instance. And then you then you have to always revert back to one of the other, and it becomes really complicated because the whole troop like versus non tree black thing. I don't mind which approach you go with but you can make both one's bad. If like the apple books uses true background when you're in the main crime, but like the top bar is dog. Right. And then you have gradings it or the shades of gray and the nice balance. But you can definitely go to five one direction the other. Yeah. Yeah. And everyone hates Facebook now. But the messenger has a really good dark mood that that at first you had to send a crescent moon emoji unlock. Now, it's taco for everybody. But the way it looks really good like messing messages, look such that like it looks really good to me, and like Spotify beats music they've had their things are dark. Media as one of the complaints about alpha music is that the near like the light mode theme. I think also this player is dark vein like it's typical in media. So I'm excited for this. I think a lot of people are excited for it. I do wish that, you know, there's this trend that we hate the white background icons. There is a poor multiple icons. I would there are few on the MAC, and I think that that will match the icon to the mode that you use like the one of his I a writer, it'll it'll change. Listen, the MAC, and I on as well the icon that you use there's an option you can say like us us. I kinda that I can't or match it to the mode that I'm in. And so then you can say like if using the dark mood, right or you can have the dark mood. I I con and the white background and changes to the black background. That's a level of thought that maybe we won't get it first. But like, maybe we'll get there. Eventually. And dot mode is definitely one of those things which is always the people's wish list, the concepts have every single. Yes, I it'd be nice to finally satisfied that use obeys yet. Another thing on that kind of vein is the volume like indicate you change the volume in that Pano comes up over the top. And before I seven that will be translucent because he'd be like black. Passe? And then when I seven came along they made it fully I pay, but blood, and that made you can't see what you're doing behind it. Normally, you changing your changing volume while you're watching videos, you can't say the of the video inside that's been a, you know, a main now for ten years, and that's something that Rambo says will be addressed that same instead of like the volume they move into the map too. So like, it's on the MAC. But if it's is better there because you're less likely to have coming in front of it. But on the iphone it's big and silly. Sometimes I actually have a contribution to the volume out situations. I believe it will look like if you've ever used a polite they write a app, whether the volume goes to the left note, essentially that to you. Yeah. I don't use it scramble Apollo does. And so they they have to implement is a custom thing, but they would then become system wide on fines, obviously have notches, and it would just flick up in the top left corner replacing the time temporarily and video players they've got sometimes like maybe like a customer is some apps do like a little pill shape indicator the top one of the one of the corners. And that's what changes not like even apples official video player, usually suppressed the volume, HUD, and just change the slider, you know, in the crow like with, HUD. But there's still plenty of opportunities. Plenty of times just when you use the fine win. The Pinal comes up when you want it to so moving it to the neutral again plays a people, even though you know, his screams like a second. I think the the wishes for that being redesigned to kind of blaming a bit. But it will definitely make people happy. Yeah. I mean, it's an obvious comical like haw. That's yeah. Zayn fix. Yeah. They tell you to the MAC who knows. Yeah. To change on the MAC. One more thing darkman before we get away from that fire is what are the effects of having IRS apps port documented system level is that when you base your backup on your your ipad, apps, design, like say, the home up, for example, darkwa has no affect it changes some chrome where it can change some chrome in home apps case, like it's not the chrome that gets affected. Really? So you can't use dark mode and seats affects the news app and the stock sap I think, but probably always been mode unless it's always dark, but the home app has all those Iowa's style like tiles control center, and they don't change too dark mood at all, and you can change the apps wallpaper to be like a dark theme like a gray scale background or something and that can help, but it's still a very bright app in dark mode because it's based on I o and there's no I always dark mood yet. So part of the report is that dark mode will impact marzipan apps. In that way. It'll funny we'd like stocks because stocks on the mat can be like oh dog depending on your system theme. But then Stokes an ipad is white and Stokes on the phone is black. Yes. So be nice. If they can unify that around finally and actually with all of this stuff, you have to keep in mind. Like how does the phone does the ipad, especially in the ipad focused yet? And then how do those features that map into the malls experience on the MAC as well. And that definitely comes to the fore with the motor win doing stuff. And we heard about the idea of being able to have more than one instance of the app open simultaneous on the ipad. So you would be able to have like pages open, we one document, and then also in your house to page with a second document and do split view on those similar to what safari can do again implements in a custom way the way it has like two windows. Cyber lost. And they don't appear separate tiles. Either say they're gonna take that system wide and allow them to be separate, tiles and flow alongside each other without each individual having to implement some with split you on their own. And then I read like in remembers report is this announcement that it will say they will kind of be upgrading the the the classic ipad interface. The Papa with a detachable panel concept. So you can show that Palpa, but then just sticking to the button where it came from which topped on you could drag it away, the IRA would detach, and then you can move it all the way around the screen, and then you could bring up more panels and then stack them on top of the other ones. So you you keep some organization, and you could flip between the panels to me run to the front to the back, and then flicking off to the side kind of like with a picturing picture video. You can be on screen. And and you know, snaps the corners or you can snap it off screen. So you get that still active, but it's out of your sight, but you can pull it back in. If you wanna see it again. Yeah. Exactly. So like that as a system level interface behavior, which means it will become standardized. And you know, that you you like instinctively learn that you can do this, right? Pop over you. I like the kind that. I work is heavy on. I think pick later fry OS has heavy on is that standard you can do that easily or is that custom and all the apps, right? So the Popo where it just looks like an arrow the tiny little arrow and then box plus a box random right Tango box that is a standard component. And was introduced with the first ipad actually, oversee the different design back in those days, the pub who was the one big addition to you get when the came out really got a bigger screen now, and we don't need to take to whole new screen. So we can show you this on top of what's behind it. And the the classic demo was in Myo when you're in poetry, you can press the, you know, the mayor the mayor of the imbo spun, and it would show the list of messages in the pulp I've a window instead of to shift the host grade to make it screen. That is standardized. So you could see that very easily having like a book option. Let's be detachable. So it doesn't stay one place, and you can drive around the screen, and the MAC Popa system actually already has the option so in like, Matt Calende if you bring up a calendar event it shows as a favor, but you can drag it ran into touch medically and again that system behavior. So he's just bringing something that they perfected on the MAC to the to the ipad. Finally, but plus adding on the kind of picture in picture kind of gesture direct interaction stacking them together. I think that's really really co- when you make stuff powerful. There's a funny thing in the MAC where I think if you're downloading large files as far the downloads pop up like, it's it's the same style, and you can drag it off in like watch your progress, and in ITN's, it's the same UI, but you can't drag it like watch your progress. Even though you're more likely to have large files tunes, and maybe safari. I guess that's like a standard thing. But they're not using this injured one there items or the Rambos report doesn't kind of. Save especially, but I imagine if you had like a split view of two apps like mail, safari Princeton's. And then you open the inbox Papova in my, oh, you could detach the Myo pop over and then drag it is resting over this far window does that make sense so confined to the rectangle let that gives you? Ability, and when you actually trying to do work on the more than one thing on the screen at time. But you don't want to like. Always have to keep tapping the to show the inbox go way, you could just kind of put off to the side, you could flick it all the way of few onto or just leave it flooding safari where you're saying, oh, you wanna look at your safari window. You can just drag it back and then move around. Like, I don't think they'll let you. Spawn these pope over said they survived like when you press the home button. I think the Popeye's still be contained to you know, you have to have the screen we won't be relevant in that case. Like, it's a sub menu within a nap that you're at and so if you leave the app, and you probably don't need like the sub menu. Yeah. That's a really good point. 'cause like if you put the the mail inbox pop over to the home screen AB pointless because you like a different message. But you've got to say anything else. Unlike the MAC way, you know, the the panels kind of live on their own sometimes it would still be like contained as this is owned by the app when you close the app, the panels go, but in like a split you concepts both apps are open. So the panels can be free foam around. I of like progress towards a more math like experience on the ipad, interns, win doing works and everything, but we're still not at the point where you can run like more than two to three apps on screen at the same time with multiple windows, like we're getting closer with like the ability to have asthma Murdoch instances of one app and two windows on the same screen and NF can have, you know, we believe now floating panels of sub menus that you can move around the screen, but we're still not even close to the point where you can have like say five apps of different sizes on your ipad screen running around like I phoned sized apps like you. I mean, you can get pretty close to that on the MAC, even even with a limited space. But you can't do that yet on pad like so this baby step still. And it is something that it's like the first sign of progress since the I've had is introduced if like how panels work on the ipad. I don't think that were yet at the point of every year, the ipads going to get some that it should have had like your two three and four, and it's it's not window as we know it in the MAC yet. It's still like baby steps of advancing what already exists there. But I don't think we ever get like my star window because that has problems just kind of live in heritage and not necessarily the best way to do things. But I think everyone can agree at some point the ipad needs to better show three app screen at once rather than to for instance. There's definitely more. There's always more to do the jumps. We're getting into a definitely going to be good based on the reporting. But there's a long way to go is just always, you know, eating away at more and more percentage of pain points, pulling you know, pulling it back thing is report mentions is the. The shake to and do gesture like whenever you type in text you can shake your iphone, ipad, physically to undo the text, and that's place of having persistent undoing radio buttons or like on a keyboard command Z, or so or whatever it is. But yeah, you know, what? Yeah. You know what I mean? So they rely on on the physical gesture, and he's in the accelerometer say, oh, you went undo something clever because it's like shake it grow back, but it's hidden for one. And when you're shaking your thirteen inch ipad to undo it's almost not worth it, mainly when deleted shake to undo was made for the phone. Yeah. Was made for the phone and the phone was three and a half inches time. It's gotten much bigger now. Keep and they have tried to. Rectify only ipad like with eleven the tomb ball has undoing rebounds on you, and you have of the plus size keyboard in landscape on the phones that had like toolbar controls, but they removed those because they were like targets that you had to try and avoid when you're typing. That was a weird. They really wait icons as what it was like clip. Yeah. So they've added like the arrows to the toolbox. I you can sort oversee if the keyboards dismissed it's not showing up and it still focused on text imp- alone. You know, the keyboard is a keyboard action. When really you won't like you won't vocabulary that can sprite between perations like one really cool thing in my oh, very people. Now is if you move a mayo message to a different folder, and then decide you don't want to you don't have to go back into the other in books to the bag you can shake undo, and it will bring back. Yeah. And that nobody in the real world things to do any of that stuff because it's just no visible enough. And if they can bring this kind of Rambo says it said three finger tapping slide gesture on keyboard. So it's tech specific. So in the mail example, sounds like it wouldn't work on the I actually spoke to rampant in private. Ican tip it more. Because it sounds to me like why they Texas if when they had the buttons he he said, it's the only application of the gesture that he can find the moment. But that doesn't mean it will be the keyboard. I only it might be like we the system vents. This gesture and you can choose to do it for more than just the thing. But by default, the could be male could be an image editor where you like you apply. A factory like pacing image any on the on the MAC. I think the the the mouse pointer way of doing it would be like go to the menu bar go to edit and click undo typing undo paste, or whatever or commands the if you wanna do it with the cable cut, and then like the redo which is also thing is shift committee, and there's an there's not really a redo on IOS like you can't like shake harder or like down everyday like a pop up. Right. So it's like undo or reduce if you go far enough back like. If you do then you could redo if you wanted to. Yes. Okay. So if you shake like, these shake, you could undo if you again, then you get read it because you get like one setback ones that forward, and it sounds like from what Ramblas writing there will also be like a tap with three fingers through fingers down shift to the right or left, and then that becomes your undo or redo maybe it was a little bit including the report. But that was coming. I think it's kind of like you can undo more than one step and with the same gesture. It's kind of like going on along the time line, if you slide to the left you're doing undoing undoing doing and then you stop. And then if you go back to the right, you'll redoing redoing redid whereas OC shake to undo if you want unday two things you have to shut your price undo shut you again person day. Whereas the gesture and can be more continuous rollin like separate individuals things repeated. This features that we anticipate in the context of I was thirteen based on what ki- rainbows found and reported and through sourcing and everything so it isn't a non shit isn't official yet. But the core things that we expect to come to I thirteen when is announced and June. So yeah, and this stuff is in development like based on Rambo's talked to me about how each found this stuff. And I think it's definitely in development. But obviously, they can decide not to announce stuff post foul can announce things and not actually release them. So they can definitely work on things and not announce them. Level back. Another thing. I wanna highlight is again to the pet. Everyone who's complains about the safari browser being like a mobile version on the on the ipad competitive what you can use a MAG. Yeah. And he's not really true because the MAC render the the same Savar uses get Rendra on ipad and desktop. So basically as cable there are few cases, but it contending render every single website the same. But what happens is that most websites, Stu naively? See it as an issue phone, and they give it a fun design. And then it was bad because you need goes. Massey screen and doing the findings -perience and apple added requested stop site, which kinda gets around this in some cases, it doesn't work universally. But you know, some some websites like YouTube, it definitely changes what you're saying. But you have to do that every single time, and what Rambo found hair is kind of like an automatic request stop site. So it'd be more intelligent about presenting itself to a website is a fine. On the kind of be confused as a five Immo cases. So you get a failing of it being desktop browsing. This. You did a postal on time ago. I was like all the things you can long price on Iowa to like one thing. It's like it's far can long pressed to request the desktop site. Or you can do it through the share action button. And you gotta go through and picky icon. And so that's the thing. And then some in some modes reading an article. You know, saying that if I've MAC you can in the article you can go into reader mode, which is like you maybe don't support another five MAC, but it's a it's a nice feature where you can see just the tax images of an article, and it will strip out a lot of like the Cromer on the website and social journey works on ninety five MAC like all its coz when you through, but it doesn't look on heightened page, and that's that's kind of controlled by the the browser safari detect. This is the content that show the reader button for. Yeah. Yeah. And so I think there you can do some pretty cool things like always use rear mode on this site. The tricky thing there is then you're like, you lose navigation like you've got to kind of rely on like swiping backwards to the homepage and to get where you want to go and you can't like click through to more stuff. So it can be tricky that we're like if you're on a site, and then you always use reader mode. They give you the option to always easier mood. And so that same thing on IOS would be like if you always request. It us up site. Then just like force that setting mix so much sense. Claimed Email from someone to creek federated where he seemed to take on the question of why isn't you to working on the ipad? It's this big thirteen inch screen and keep showing me this phone version of the website, always at the change it and the way he put it was like, well, we share what the devices so you two should know that it's not just IRS at is also a screen size of this. You know, and they make seven based on the opening says they have to and so the Email like Google's fault. But in this case if they've got the power to fix that. Then then why not so basically the request desktop site stops reporting is an ipad reports more of a MAC. This is device with this scream resolution stuff to try and stop peop-. Basically, the ipad the ipad tells the website everything needs to provide a a very ipad specific layout. But most of them just do it lately and always Iowa. So it's a phone. Request overrides the Defoe like context and pretend to be something that isn't to to make the website, essentially, which is what works on some websites and others. Yeah. Everything is fine. And it works on the MAC is Louie and book. Unless they change or something, but you got fun book, and you can go there and like install funds. So that you get from the web or wherever and they're available throughout your system as options to use like text editor. Graphic zap? You don't really have that on I west. But there is a process for insulin. Funds isn't there? Yeah. So that's one of the change and our team from what we believe now. Yes. In Irish today an app, cancel installing custom phone, and if you are enterprise deployment, you can get like one of those special price falls the profile. You can get an enterprise profile includes a phone like is a bit random, but you can do it. So that's the car state is quite see they use an enterprise profile or on that basis. You in students phones what they're to do. In teen is a much more holistic approach, which makes phones basically and sings so you can manage all the funding stowed on your ipad and phone and download more into more and then every single app control not that fun library rather than having this kind of piece together, jigsaw puzzle wherever apps doing something, and that will include providing system standard from picker. So there should be consistently in how each up let she pick which you wanna use. To re type at that time because as it stands today like pages implements phones one way, and then every other passer co people pages does or make their own indifferent. Regards. So this should hopefully step standardize and more than one more phones than just were installed. Normally. We've all read some surprising online reviews. Right. Whether you're trying to get a sweet deal on something you've been saving for or trying to find the best happy hour in town. It's generally a good idea to read the reviews. 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So essentially, your ipod becomes Sonal just display. When you're on your MAC, you say put this window at least forcing lap. It does. Yeah. I don't think he's going to be like a free form seconds as a second desktop. I think is going to be you put these on the ipad elementary, an element of this is that you can use other displays for the MAC like it seems like just like not decide paths like other displays there'll be some change how that works too. And you can already put up split your MAC and have it was like a second display or you can full screen out on the second display. But it sounds like this would be like a new new option within the tow bar of of the window where you can say like I wanna full screen this app, but not on my desktop. I wanted to go over here this other desktop screen monitor or a nearby in active ipad, and it sounds like some it's like engine like how full screen apps work and secondary displays work, and how airplay works was you can treat an apple TV. Like a second display in that case. I think it's like a full of running display destroy, Leslie, and this it'll probably be like you kind of airplane app over to bad at bat basis in full screen mode. Yeah. Because it's still interesting. Oh, yeah. I think I think it's clever the name side. Call kind of implies always complimentary using your truck, you'll MAC, and then you want to something you wanna put some reference you found this out insofar use want to put it on your ipad. While you go for it. And you put it on your ipad or you're working on like a pick my project, and you wanna go for lunch. But you want to show your co workers what you're doing. You just send not to the ipad, then walk off. And then come back and carry on. Maybe you zoom it back up to the macro. You just a little bit on the pad or like, it's it's kind of like an ad hoc sent make these window. No, my max screen. Let me tell you my fingers. Yeah. And the thing that you can do there's no touch on the MAC best stubbornly been that they've not done. And there is such an Iowa is the foundation of interacting with us. And you do have pencils on a lot of ipads now. So it would be. Times where you would you know? I remember my earliest competed memories are like in the nineties of doing MS paint on windows, Microsoft paint. And that's you know, as a young child. It's like that's the best way to get from me with the system is being creative drawing vase of drawing up and then go from there, and you can see like economize like. Do something somewhere like with the ipad on a MAC like your grand MAC app. But you're drawing on the ipad of the pencil, and it's all one system, you know, and it's a nice idea. And I think this is kind of rumored like if years ago like Mark Gherman report that mentioned extending the ipad utility from the MAC by using the ipad as an input device. So the the time he compared it to like make in the ipad. A welcome top LA, essentially, an yeah, you could definitely see the power that was to Rambo's Boeing, right? And they've had continuity features where you can, you know, do work on one device and bring into the other by proximity. You can that you're nearby. You can click click napb icon on your doc or or somewhere and it easily accessible to to keep working somewhere else. And also includes like the keyboard or universal clipboard between devices like those are on teacher, this kind of fishing camping. Thanks, like your family devices, they work together and the unique way. So it's it's cool. Right. And it's interesting that this was so far back, but it's like now actually ship so. Yeah. And as much as you know, we I hate MAs pants on the MAG. Yes. If you if you over to the ipad screen. Will basically be an ipad up or they probably still have some light because it's not writing naively even the video. But at least in terms of finger metrics, and sizing it should sing on the ipad screen, if you'll flicking the news or any of the other upcoming non patent applications. So there's definitely like a symbolic relationship though. Whereas. Interesting. Like the thing I think I'm think no visit. So why of whilst the IRS thirteen makes the ipad like a productivity device on his own? It's also a way of if you're Immaculata you can get extra benefit by having an ipad. Even if you're doing most your work on the MAC, you can bring the ipad into your workflow at mall right now. You know, I've had that kind of doing this with pipes and the experience isn't perfect because you have to rearrange the desktop, and this is like a very streamlined athlete of feature. It's like we can help people. Interact with the specific different way. We don't want to bring the crime we'd have to worry about bringing like the the whole menu bar and the dole and everything over and wire about the desktop on the ipad over that we'd Mirroring we can just focus but one app full screen on the ipad. Is kind of light. You can just use it and go away to any resume back to where it was on the MAC window originally, you can just jump in. And now you can use occasionally or you can use it, you know, mostly statically kind of thinking. There's a. Like safe, I was working on a pages document. And then I actually wanted to raid the document. Well, I could read it my laptop screen or I could just shoot it to my pet screen and just chill out there for a bit. And then she back in Cairo knitting it like the is kind of like a complimentary like second display sort of arrangement. And I think who knows that most people that have max have ipads as well. So it just kind of extending it reminds me a lot of the continent. You camera feature. They I didn't lost you, which is you don't use often can occasionally come in handy when you're scamming something I was going to mention that. Because it's also there are million ways to do the same thing on on so many things on the MAC and Iowa where with concentrated cameras good example because you can already like take a picture on your iphone or ipad, airdrop, it really quickly to the MAC, and like put it where you wanted to go or use photos and took a picture, and like within seconds sings to the max, Jack outfit does and you put it there, and what they would cut the camera is if you're in the pay. Ages document, for example, on the MAC you secondary click, and you get a sudden menu, and you say insert photo or video or whatever. And then you from my phone, and then you pick up your iphone oriented camera like it's not necessary. But it takes away a few steps. And if you know what the feature, then it's they're more efficient for it. And you probably don't rely on all the time like, but but it is a nice feature. And so this is someone of that. It's like there are other ways you can only do this. But this this makes it part of the system, and maybe it's more limited than other solutions. Maybe it has features that others can't have. But it sin that same theme of like making all the devices work together neatly. Yeah. And I think a good example like say even have ipad versions, sometimes you just wanna be using the full experience in the MAC, but you just want to refine something you want to consume something differently. And then just relax for a bit. Like, if you're doing a blog post right blow post in safari on the MAC it comes to lunch time. I want to grab some lunch. But I'm not want to re copied it my while Amine lunch. So I just press one Zimet to my pet screen got into the kitchen. Leave my MAC the desk Chit out on the ipad reading mile coup. I've just read while making food, and maybe I do edit or two, and then I come back to the MAC and ages restores the state right back to the maximum. I can carry on like it's one of those interjecting conveniences, and if they are, and that's what you really find. Like, you wanna be oh, you wanna do MAC plus ipad full-time, then you can invest in buying ipad, stands and stuff and really go full throw with it. But I think he's a Kufa suddenly something like like a windows, computer. He's definitely taking von Zhou of the ecosystem impact, right? Yes. That's kind of missing mall of this is that whenever you do remote solutions from the MAC to the ipad. Like, if using a great athlete screens, you can remotely control what's happening on your MAC. But you even if you're doing like MAC to Matt communication. You can't hear what like you play audio from the remote Matt and hear it on on your MAC or ipad. It's all visual, and it's not audio and there's no evidence that like this will include audio as well. But if apple ever takes that level, where the I pads cameras and speakers and the source max like audio output, then you know. You know, kind of like constantly cameras. At least like you got access to remote camera on the MAC nearby. If they do the same thing with audio like you can play something from the MAC, and it comes to the ipad speakers, these that you don't get yet from other solutions or say another MAC speakers don't have that yet. So there's there's room for things that apple deer that others haven't done. You can't do the limitations. Then the other changes is about what window management, basically like arrangement. Yeah. We know snapping on the on windows, if you drag on windows windows, marks of windows. Yes. If you drag a window to the side of the screen, it kinda shows an outline of fifty percent of that window in a line. And if you let go it was recess the window to fill off the screen on that side of the screen. If you get the topic does the same core on the tall. If you drag it to the ball, it doesn't court when the bomb if drag it to the Konate does like the rectangle in the ankle. The MAC has nothing that does that they have split view, which but to do that you're going to the separate context of having to full screen apps in a split view. But if you just want to quickly Reese is a window on your desktop to be a skinny Cullum on the riot manually drag around and the number one in the map stole this paid has always been magnet, which has executives and there are million pice Lucians s and so I'm just through the app was going to do some implementation of this navy to the platform because I think it's one of the things on whenever I use my windows, computer. I'm like I wish I could do on the thing. I just want to resign much client to be this big. I don't wanna drag it with my hands. I just want. It's like spicy assure you just to the screen and it snaps to the edge. And then it recited they they didn't think of the recent Mac OS update where like when you you approach the edge of another window like a little pushback from it like nap some place, but they haven't gone as far as like changing the windows medically be on full screen modes. So this sounds like taking that a little bit further. And if like, you say, magnets, popular out, there other examples, those can be more powerful, and you can have like grid layouts customize what they do. And there will always be more powerful third party tool. So I think they'll be fine. But in this case is the classic apple does version or something then that's fine for a lot of people. And if you wanna do something more than that, then you can have another solution attacking the twenty situation. Okay. So we just wrapped up our discussion on project sidecar, a future MAC OS feature that may let you send single apps to your ipad screen, but what if you could use your ipad screen today as a full wireless actional touch play for as many apps as you want. That's what lunar display does. It's the only hardware solution. Turns your ipad into wireless second is play for MAC with little display. You can finally use your as a super portable. Second display for your MAC with studying image quality in virtually zero lag. Luna sets up in seconds and ends only works over your existing wifi or even over USB as a backup. When you don't have wifi in display act. They complete extension of your MAC with full support for actional keyboards, apple pencil input and touch interactions. It literally turns your ipad into a touchscreen display for your MAC. I've been trying outlive display, and I have. 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That's happy. Thanks display for sponsoring. And if I'm happy hour and for supporting this show by taking out lunar display. And then there's the find my stuff rumor, which is basically the unification of iphone, and my friends, which is interesting because to me, they're very different apps on like who you share location with and then like finding your own devices. Plus, you can see your family members devices if you do family sharing, and it sounds like this going to be like one app in the future, which I think is probably inspired by the family sharing aspect where like if you only share your location with people that you also share do family sharing is already all on my iphone, and you're not using find friends which has like other unique features like alert me when someone arrives relief. The location. But then the next thing will of this is something hard related, which probably motivates like white have one at all these things. So so what's the story here? Yes. It seems like apple is working on a tag thing that you could just buy separately and put it on products on apple products. Let you just put it on your wallet. For instance, you put it on your bag. You just put it on your possessions. Kind of like the tile tags that we've seen around and the tall tags. If something gets lost an other other uses of the tile app or in nearby it comparing it can tell the original owner of the item bovi that predicates on people. Using tile apple of the advantage of nine hundred million fans in the world say if they impound every phone with this ability, the tags become a lot more useful because. Yeah, you could just any IFA nearby. I can pick you up and then oh this lost. Oh, we found this in here. And since the location back to the original order. Encrypted in private for instance, or it just makes sound and stuff. Like, I think from that perspective, it is sensible. But it does seem like a weird. Product kind of thing for again too. Minor accessory. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's weird. It's interestingly of all the Rambo reporting like this is like the most out there kind of like left field thing. And but not so weird that you just can't envision it. And imagine it like. It's almost like what if apple bought tile kinda see it like they like simple white little tags electron stuff like on your key. Ring you're like in your wallet. Stick to something. They're not an great. I don't think you to replace the whole tile after you said, but again that's like somewhat apple devices. So it's almost like apple tile without buying Tyler that just reproducing tile does in this case. And there are more than just the tile branded trackers like personal device records that have an app. Our thing. And apple is developing this and ends up shipping. It, you know, anytime, it's it's like, I agree with you. It's different. It's like you can't make report routers, but you can do this. It's very weird. I think he's a big jump to make him one year. So maybe the tile like hardware thing is in development and prototype stages. And they're going to roll out something more constrained this time around maybe just renamed the unify on my friends if I could find and then add lost mode detection to for instance, an apple watch. Right. So if you leave your watch somewhere, and it doesn't need internet to be out of paying, but you could just talk to another iphone use of funds things, and it goes back to the souls or like your airports case, for instance, like keep it in the in the apple family at first. And then if they're close damone then expanded to an actual separate line down the road says it should be thing to solve this. Because it's like if I've seen people say that they want to learn. On their apple watch. If they're I phone goes out of range. Not just like an indicator in control center as an option like that could be appealing. If you always have your iphone on you. But if you ever wanna leave your iphone behind, you know, then it's got to be that you always get an alert if someone steals it or if you leave it in the car to go to the gym. So in the same thing with trackers. Could you put a physical tracker on your airports case because air pods throw laws, it's really hard to detract on the case like because it can make sound and its like the weakest link and the find my devices camp because if it's dead, it's dead. If it's off line. It's you know, it's like the last paired location and says really obscure is hard to benefit from that feature. But if you had an alert for every time, you gotta range, then you always have to take it with you and that works for things like car keys in your wallet. Maybe but it's a challenge. There's no one setting that. You would have for always bother me if I'm out of range of all these things. So it sounds like a simple fake chip it when you actually think about is so much like saute and complexity and a million different configuration options would have to provide to annoy about it. Right. But I guess if you air pods cases out of range of all your devices, but it's in range of someone else's device able to anonymously share the locations of then that would be practical. But it is challenging though, the weirdest thing is just like apple selling new hardware that does this thing that you can do other things and it's not like a big business for them. Really is just like a hardware to drive a feature on like what what what were they envision you putting in her on? But unless it's a service Ray these areas is what it would be. Was going to say this is the same year that was doing a credit card. So it's not that not that bizarre. So nine ninety nine a month. And you get one tall every two months or something. I mean, essentially, that's the way that the tile tile hardware work. 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And our thanks to you for checking out why things and supporting the show. The next vicxtory this week. So we've wrapped up the Rambo leak, so far I think there will be more more after the shows out. There will be more for we can talk about next week eight exactly we can see them in the queue just not on the site yet. The next thing is is this big story between apple and Qualcomm that I think Penn is always what is the first story of the saga. I think it's January twenty seventeen is the FTC. Accuses Qualcomm of. Monopolistic practices, and they think that the charging apple high fees for their modem chips because they can in that there's just not enough competition. So that abusing that relationship specifically for standards essential patents. So you can make a four g modem or five G modem without doing this thing which infringes on cool combat Crookham Patten's about other stuff are completely off by the the point with standard central pines. They're supposed to be licensed for Lyon reasonable costs. And. So there was an F T C complaint against Qualcomm that sort of favored apple and then Saint after that apple sued Qualcomm for one billion dollars in what they said was like overcharging apple fees part of their dream. I guess, but like they felt their overcharged fees. The royalty fees that they're paying to call calm. And they thought that needed to be changed, and they were out some money there. And there's a whole arrangement where apple and their suppliers were paying Qualcomm. And so apple says suppliers. Stop paying Qualcomm apples, paying Qualcomm and suppliers of apples up paying Qualcomm and start like for several months. There were stories of Qualcomm and missing out on billions of dollars. Like, I think the last number. We had was like seven billion dollars. And there was like there were counter suits where Qualcomm apple and Qualcomm got iphones banned in China in Germany throughout Europe, and like usually older models of phones that use Qualcomm modem ships. But then there are new iphones that use Intel in this whole thing was just like. There was always talk of from Qualcomm, CEO, we would be happy to settle this. And Tim cook is like we're nowhere closest we're not gonna do that. And there was a trial in January. There was a second trial happening this week where on Monday, there was jury selection and today there was like opening statements, and they are making like analogies to KFC and like the secret recipe for chicken, and and all of that we just wrap it up after two years, really. And then there was this CNBC report that was just just a headline in like no detail that was sources say the two companies are have settled and then moments later there was. Group press release from apple and Qualcomm, saying yes, we've dropped a litigation worldwide settled there's a payment from apples to Qualcomm. And then they've got a six year agreement to work together with an option to extend it two years or so and then the whole announcement. And that's it under supply agreement for chip so licensed in his six years and more year. Chip supply. So yeah, stealing Qualcomm to saying we're we're committed to stay in business together. And then then there's like that's the whole like Apple's mission statement at the bottom eighty four x et cetera. And then there's like a much longer statement from Qualcomm, which the bulk of the press release and includes a mention of five G, which is like probably the whole heart of the story. But they say like something like, you know, leading and five G or something and these these classification, which is I don't think is really a word. But but that's it. It's like the whole thing is over. There's nothing more. That's going to happen in court around the world as similar to. Like the Samsung trials happened. But eventually there was just like totally done wrapped up right now. The Cole come thing is is done. Now. That's all there is to it. And then hours later well shortly after that there was a report from the guy that was like, I think acknowledged that the. The litigation was dropped. But then it was like there was like an our sources say that apple will now use Qualcomm in twenty twenty five chips. And I was like that's the rumor, but then you also had out there. Like this this week's long months-long reporting that apple was going to allow an Intel for five G chips as soon as twenty twenty maybe they weren't doing so hot. So then they might be like twenty twenty one thing which was kind of concerning, but also like five markets aren't really live. Yeah. There are select few in the US. But they're not, you know, they haven't penetrated yet. Yeah. No, no, one was expecting to do a fi this year because it's so nice queue soon unless you unless in the context of keeping your iphone for several years in actually would be useful like in the years after that. This twenty thousand nine fall wouldn't be terrible because you can actually find t markets in the US globally. Yeah. Barely. But like there are some and it's not just like major cities they have test market. So but then like next year next year's iphone twenty twenty. It's like next like fall winter. So it's it's by then I think five you'll be more valuable in the us twenty twenty one really pushing it none to mention competition from Android phones, adopting five G either way too soon or on time. But then like twenty twenty felt like the perfect apple playbook of Reno. We're not jumping saying mmediately felt like long. Yeah. It's just like four G, exactly. And then but twenty twenty one would be follow too. I feel like especially the twenty one is practically twenty twenty two when it comes to. You know, 'cause it means September beyond. And then like hours later Intel had an announcement that they are leaving the five G market before they even enter it. And they see no path way to profitability, and they don't they can they can make that a business. They're going to look at their existing four g Mark modem chip business for phones and computers. And as in like saying, we might exit that too. And they say we're going to fill current commitments. You know, but tells got a new CEO like as a recently, and it's it's all kind of cabinet at one time. But it does seem like Intel is who apple was going to rely on for five G chips for the iphone, and it wasn't all roses there, and they had this big power play of like suing Qualcomm over two years ago before five you is like really here yet. But you could imagine how it was going to go in two years. And then they don't think apple really one on this one. I think they. Had to caped the reality. And in the end of the day. The consumer is who wins because now we'll have the best modems in our iphones for cellular in. We'll have faster ones than we might have had. Yeah. Apple definitely row time head like when I started this whole a so COCOM they clearly saw in tower that backstop like while while the while the loss goes on we can choose Intel modems that eighty five percent is good as ones, but w right? And then as times Paul's they've lost faith in into the belly to deliver a five him on a timely basis and probably about now is when they have to start like finalizing designs for next year's iphone. So they running out time if they need to if they won't five next year, and it seems like in might provide it, well, no one else who provide either because Caughlin spice legal monopoly on the moment. So they need to sell like run out of time. So I mean there was a period between the litigation dropping in the settled. To say an Intel's announcement that you would think well now apple is gonna see provider. So they can have better rates. They can they can do five G whenever you know, whenever Intel's ready, and then they can include Qualcomm as an option, and they can negotiate better rates because they've got to providers, and they're not rely on just one so things go south. They've got a backup plan well offer long because now there's one provider. It's in Qualcomm who they were fighting for. Just gone from one hundred percent exclusively of Intel for the last three generations to now for the foreseeable each having exclusivity on cocoa five G chips because there is no compare. Anyway, we don't know what the payment from apple to Qualcomm was the last figure that said was owed seven billion dollars that doesn't seem like the kind of payment that you could like hide like obscure somewhere surely have to come home to find financial statement. Right. If it's that large on either apples or Qualcomm it'll show up somewhere, but they disclose it. At least. We don't know what it is. But it doesn't seem like Qualcomm kind of bad like maybe apple has managed negotiate rates down from their original complaint two years ago, and even in that interim period COCOM actually reduced that they basically a cap on before it will be uncapped and just be like five percent of of the device price. And then they introduced a cat where it was like five hundred dollars so anything five hundred dollars to pay anymore. So you essentially get cap on on each on. And I used to pay or come seven dollars fifty device. So maybe they've negotiated imaginary. It wasn't like completely nothing. Right. But it clearly didn't go like apple that was like a week ago where back in when was originally goes in the comb Deo the original one cook said Heathrow APO deserved one. He's quo comb deserve one dollar fifty. And they ended up paying seven dollars fifty. Right. Yeah. I think it's pretty clear. The CoCo is not getting getting more than one dollars. Fifty. Maybe apple has negotiate at racin the situation two years ago. But it definitely isn't the point where it would have been if the lawsuit had had finished going athletes favor and Intel sees that they've got no business future. I think CEO change based on like this year like having some relationship with an employee, and so the CEO is like forced Al, basically. And then there was this big long search for new CEO. And then they they couldn't find someone. So then the guy's name is Bob swan. And there was an interview he was like I'm not interested in the job in the next week. He had the job. So it's like, it's a whole. It's a whole like unplanned situation with with Intel's leadership anyway, but you could see another person who was like, you know, maybe like operations before. So. Now, I've got to make new decisions about running the company, and we really don't see a reason to just make five G tips for apple. We're not doing great, isn't that? We're not good at this. This is not what we're in business to do. It's a side project. And so. I mean, that's that's kind of an open secret in the into never really made much money on his deal with apple today like at one hundred six and they were like breaking even on that side of the business right basically Intel into modems because they wanted to diversify. Why you from CPU design and actually make their chips and by looking at future where they're not really on Intel for that either. Like, yeah. And they basically found a deal with apple wet. They could guarantee that their production. Facilities will be fully stocked. And basically only serve apple the apple was a hard bargain customers basically negotia into goal these millions of millions to produce there say making nine on each one. So they were basically invest giving up the the deal at the moment. So they could build out infrastructure to go. Heavier down the road. Yeah. Think today they've basically made very though money on Apple's chips and with five G clearly struggling. Decided to bio and you could see an alternative route. We're apple like if intelligent interested in this business that could sell it to happen. Maybe maybe that's hard to do movies hard to deal or you know, it's like here's what we've been working on Intel pop the potentially could be sold off to. Yeah. Yeah. Because the other even now the call come like, it's just it's it's a multi year deal, but it's not like forever, and you could still see apple wanting to make the Rhone modem chips like in house. And control that not be relying on a partner for that. And there's rumors that they're designing one of the right, right? And so. This seems like a band aid right now, you know? But even if even if they use Qualcomm for a long long time like I phone, but they made their own for watch or some other where Bill because they chief some miniaturization that you don't get otherwise without like, the super tight integration chat than than than maybe, you know, like a history historical road bump, and but it doesn't mean much the feature. They don't need that business. They can do their own thing. Anyway, even if the apple modem was ready to go. They'd still need a license agreement comb for the standard essential pans because the whole point is you couldn't make them work without infringing on those take right? They still need the license agreement, but they wouldn't necessarily need chips apply. Clearly amp was my project is under under way. But it's not going to be done for three years or so by the time that the current chip supply agreement runs out, I she map what we ready to take out the plate with one of their own design. But even though still need the licensing agreement to be in place. Which is the six years with the option to extend off the tune stuff. So they go a longer time line on now. Yeah. Frankly as a consumer those customer of iphones. I feel good about this. And for the reason of a McKay with no five from this year. I think we're last year even like someone who buys iphones regularly. If you want to buy twenty seventeen and like have it have the best features like twenty twenty then that's just not how I guess tech works. But. But if you went by like an iphone next year in twenty twenty like this fall, you might expect five if you're looking at all the ended five G as today. So kind of like it's not mandatory by any means. There are versions of like Samsung phones that are going to have five G they're announce, but they're they're like alternatives to existing phones. Upgrade options right on the night on the base nodoze. Yes. Like upgrade options and the feature but before the next year's phones are out. So I think I think by this fall will start to approach that feeling of like I haven't had five G. But at least the rumor of when it will five G, and we'll we'll be kind of like rely on that rumor to feel good about the situation. But if it was like new five G this year or next year. We know about the next year the new Phil like the situation, but way worse like with t- with Ford. True four g you you could look at Android phone that supported for G L T, but they were really bad a better life like they were they had to digger by necessity like thicker phones with bigger batteries like the. HTC thunderbolt was like what are the first ones the first ones, and it was a tourist bad like staying alive and. So, you know, so so there's like a built in time of like getting it, right? Getting polished technology actually, coming to maturity appleaday set. Right. Even if the networks are alive, but I definitely feel good about like feeling coffin and telling other people like when you come to die phone, bingo, say twenty twenty and know that it's Qualcomm behind it versus saying, maybe twenty twenty maybe twenty twenty one we're kind of waiting for Intel to see if they can make it. It feels much better known than that. It's going to be someone who this is their core business and not, you know, an experiment in June the iphone seven period APPA was juicing from CoCo Montoya because they were just starting to face Crookham out. Yeah. Everyone wanted the COCOM version because it was performed. It's not like apples made a settlement with someone for various product like comes DO enforced hand for a reason right now, they're offering the best and at least the iphone back on that train. All right. Let's talk about lighter. What's what's the story with apple and this week? Yeah. This is fun. Again. The apricot project continues to trek homewards in an unclear whether Apple's actually making a call whether it just making the software just making a platform for other ones to license is unclear state. But this report this week said that apple is talking with light supplies in light of the kind of light base radar system that you see on like the apple maps caused that guy. Ran and take pictures of everything. Is that are like spinning around on top of these. Yeah. Yeah. Apple is apparently torito's in talks with existing makers to design a consumable for future. Call and simultaneously working on designing house. And basically when ships say apple Dell ship self driving car, they don't want. They know people aren't going to buy one has these sticky out white base of plastic entertaining around the saving, right? The current systems are very light industrial and ugly. Yes. Expensive, not pretty. Yeah. And expensive, by the way. Those those units can cost like sixty thousand dollars one hundred thousand dollars just on tenable for more than the card on either. Yeah. Yeah. And tesla doesn't use late all that caused issues. Normal cameras at the moment, partly because of the price problem. Well, apple suppose, he wants to here is the dream situation is make make lighter system is smaller sleeker and cheaper. Basically, they want a lighter system that doesn't have to poke out the ceiling the rig. Integrate into the lines of the vehicle, and this is this is a Reuters exclusive, right? Like reports this so it's not a Chinese rumor, it's not, you know, supply chain stuff, but it's a Reuters report. So it's it's probably in the form of like in RND project with an apple so. Reliable sourcing. But who knows if it'll every day it's like a step beyond patent filing. I think. Yeah. And it does say the apple has extremely high demands. In looking for a revolution. Designed basically not happy with anything that the existing manufacturers offer them today. It sounds like they want to kind of make a later system using the same fabrication is they make the chips like semiconductors kind of five which should bring the price down from the tens of thousands of dollars for like SABA thousand. Yeah. Andrew say, they know smaller and bell. But again, this even if they all like going ahead with us. It's still years away. Are you ready to when they're ready to say, yes? I'm just I'm so sorry charging Matt. So it's hard for me to take our indeed stuff, you know, associates ly-, the I mean, the apricot project is definitely picked up steam again ever since they hide duck fail guy from Taza loss Jit, and and they had the hiring ex apple employed. Doug village. Yahoo stand it has. And then he came back, and then they hide in March someone from tesla who worked on the electric drive train. Right. So it does seem that was back in the hallway game on the apple project time front. At least based on these pools. Yeah, I just ended up being twenty fifteen or so being on a flight to. California for some event and reading a breaking news on I think Wall Street Journal, and then it was like they're running on CNBC on the TV screen on a plane and it was like apple cart twenty twenty. It was like apple targeting twenty twenty for the car, and you know, five years out for six years. It's like, okay, I could see that like based on all the rumors lately like the group around it. And then we're getting close at twenty twenty now, and we're still kind of somewhere both like what is this for our anything? Yeah. And you know, the story oversleep went in twenty seventeen shut down. They told her the paper to go away. And then I still Thomas driving alone. Thomas driving side of it is still going to be like Hilo mask is. He said they have self-driving foods have driving out by the. Yeah. You leave regard. And it goes, and drives people around for you and makes you money. And then you Jakarta comes back to you. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm sure that'll happen eventually, but it's definitely happening on the times. Go say spun time, they they they work in on the definitely an ARA deep project in every sense of the world, something simpler that you can use today is that Sona smart speakers now work with apple music with voice control from Amazon. Alexa. So for the first time, you can kind of treat your Sonos one and some of beam smart speakers like a home pied where you use voice control to not only play in pas music and change the volume, but also say what you want it to play, but you're not using series. Alexa, and the thing this is Sarah has supported apple music since like twenty fifteen December and then echoes supported apple music echo since December twenty eighteen so there's a three year period there between. A couple years ago or last year also got voice control through Alexes part of this one beam. But you could've you all the things together. There was this limitation of like that needs more integration than than what they've got. Well, as of today, you can you can now do all the things on the phone as one being speakers, you can use Alexa to ask. It of play stations artists in your library beats one thing not just play pause change volume or what it worked with before. Which is Spotify other services like that? So good news from Spotify. And guess there was only four month period of exclusively for echo over with and so compatible. So it really is important now, I mean, it's like a home pod. But with a different voices that can other things to more more things to. It's just so funny that that exists now when I still think of the original Schiller slide when introduced I the echo and the Sino-US because it was it was it was tall. Cylinder echo that. That was that's more speaker. And it was the Sonos one Sonos play one. That was not a voice assistant speaker. It was just wireless sticker multi rooms, and it was like home pie. They can do those two things one speaker. And now you've got like literally like the next version of one of those that can do all those things featuring apple music. I get it. We've talked about this before when he came to the continuation of that. But it's still funny to think about yeah. Yeah. So that's the thing that you can do now. And then also you can do all the things that that that Alexa can do. And the only thing is like there are some features that echo will get through Alexa, from Amazon that you don't get on senators one immediately. Like, I think the intercom feature where you make an announcement to your whole home of echoes that didn't work for Sonos for a while. I think it does now like drop in. We you say. Audio call this specific speaker in this room or this person's home, if it's like family that wasn't available incentives at first, and I think now it is I think they're caught up on what you can do. But then of course, like Amazon is adding new things to echo that then come later too. So it's like, it's like the best echo speaker audio quality and everything it gets features months later, and they require a chime noise ding, every time you interact with it. Whereas the echoes in home pie don't do that. They just rely on the light has delight to. But I think the light is the Mike is active and listening for the buzzwords, but it's not listening to you. And so they rely on a noise and said of a lineup fact, and that's kind of really annoying. So, but but it's for the sake of privacy. And it's just it's just the drawback of using Sonos with Alexa, let's wrap up with an iphone rumors. So tell me about the iphone eight this is another kind of Joaquin Ray Metropole, how the idea is to opera will introduce a new version a new four point seven dry phone in early twenty twenty. And it looked like a knife. I have one hundred twenty gigs of storage and thirteen chips the latest chip, but it would be I sized and seemingly retain the forehead and chain with the touch ID button. So you kind of see as finished because we're back in the new four inch fun. But if you actually think about it like the forehead and chin is about the same size of the town. I ten fucker. Anyway, is no actually Donald very small. So I was just Schieffer presuming this this remarries accurate is surprise play and probably for Budgie Malkhas like India and stuff like that with the higher end fans to expensive. They can bring a new motives the pill to people people and a lot of people and the whole like oh, a new iphone today. They just introduced an ipad air, and then I had many with the again, so. They clearly had no rush to make a extinct. We think I today to something like the fast stuff. So. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if you put a newer, chip and MC maybe changed the camera even better single camera then base, perfectly fine. You're not getting you're not gonna fill like the people that want to small phone, but. You hit a price point which woods. That was probably what was most popular about the and success is not that it's tiny. I think some people like tiny and for some people. It was kind of a drawback, you know. I mean, if you're making like pros and cons list. I think for more people as drawback that it's smaller than anything else. So, but yeah, hang a price point. If you what was the rumor six fifty or so it's like the old on price. It's it's not surprising thing at least. Yeah. And if you think of is like the equivalent of the iphone the ipad air, but for the sign, right like note, the latest and greatest, but modern spec Monin specs out to design cheaper price point. And I think now based on what they can kind of assume that they do this like a one off thing for a little while. And then maybe they just continue. Maybe they updated in two or three years with a bump of the chip. But it seems like these are like not planned update every year kind of things. But just like now we see a need for this. And let's make that you know, the only thing I'd dispeat-. Here's the six fifty prices, probably wrong. I she is going to hype in that. Because like the ten hours seven fifty the moment. Yeah. And SE think. Three fifty. Yeah. I mean, it was around four hundred dollars which was then six fifty phones where the time. So if even if you like it like four fifty or five hundred dollars, it's still a value iphone value phone, but its value iphone, so. They did like four nine nine might puffy sense to me six fifteen reliever. Yep. I agree. All right. Well, let's happy our podcast with this week. You can follow us on Twitter. I met Apollo sack Benjamin you are bees though, also follow back on Twitter. You can also Email us with feedback at happy hour at met dot com. If you like the show feel free to leave us a review in itunes or recommend overcast. We appreciate that. And we'll be back next week by rebutting by.

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