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"matt calende" Discussed on 9to5Mac Happy Hour

"That is standardized. So you could see that very easily having like a book option. Let's be detachable. So it doesn't stay one place, and you can drive around the screen, and the MAC Popa system actually already has the option so in like, Matt Calende if you bring up a calendar event it shows as a favor, but you can drag it ran into touch medically and again that system behavior. So he's just bringing something that they perfected on the MAC to the to the ipad. Finally, but plus adding on the kind of picture in picture kind of gesture direct interaction stacking them together. I think that's really really co- when you make stuff powerful. There's a funny thing in the MAC where I think if you're downloading large files as far the downloads pop up like, it's it's the same style, and you can drag it off in like watch your progress, and in ITN's, it's the same UI, but you can't drag it like watch your progress. Even though you're more likely to have large files tunes, and maybe safari. I guess that's like a standard thing. But they're not using this injured one there items or the Rambos report doesn't kind of. Save especially, but I imagine if you had like a split view of two apps like mail, safari Princeton's. And then you open the inbox Papova in my, oh, you could detach the Myo pop over and then drag it is resting over this far window does that make sense so confined to the rectangle let that gives you? Ability, and when you actually trying to do work on the more than one thing on the screen at time. But you don't want to like. Always have to keep tapping the to show the inbox go way, you could just kind of put off to the side, you could flick it all the way of few onto or just leave it flooding safari where you're saying, oh, you wanna look at your safari window. You can just drag it back and then move around. Like, I don't think they'll let you. Spawn these pope over said they survived like when you press the home button. I think the Popeye's still be contained to you know, you have to have the screen we won't be relevant in that case. Like, it's a sub menu within a nap that you're at and so if you leave the app, and you probably don't need like the sub menu. Yeah. That's a really good point. 'cause like if you put the the mail inbox pop over to the home screen AB pointless because you like a different message. But you've got to say anything else. Unlike the MAC way, you know, the the panels kind of live on their own sometimes it would still be like contained as this is owned by the app when you close the app, the panels go, but in like a split you concepts both apps are open. So the panels can be free foam around. I of like progress towards a more math like experience on the ipad, interns, win doing works and everything, but we're still not at the point where you can run like more than two to three apps on screen at the same time with multiple windows, like we're getting closer with like the ability.

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