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"matt bogle" Discussed on They Call Us Bruce

"They're going to realize they made a huge mistake with me. But so last year, Awkwafina showed Nora from queens, they reached out to my boss Matt Vogel, who is the puppet captain at Sesame Street. Puppet captain. He's incredible. He's the new Kermit the frog. He's amazing. He was reached out by the show like, do you know anybody who has experience and walk around mascot costume puppetry, and everybody that does it is like 6 foot tall at a costume on top of that and they're huge and Nora Awkwafina is 5 foot two. And so they were looking for someone shorter. And that's truly the only reason that I got the job. But so Matt bogle texts me like how short can you be? And I'm like, what?

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