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The Guapdad 4000 Interview

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The Guapdad 4000 Interview

"Row the battleship is great you do you ever thought about that you're worth over battle rubber oh i better before really yeah what kind of situation a like i said like cypher and she in like as just like a handsome new people always approached me about on me whether i even heard me or not they would just see the direct glistening and the dealer in the world label oh really yeah once i became like a teenager my hashtag you know the curly she allergies like full freeway africa explain waves to the people out there quite a large percentage and then possibly being caucasian early not really like familiar wave technology myself you know i gotta throw myself in my group a little bit i know about it but i don't like really like what what led you in the direction of waves 'em me no delays really tells me that that's really have we i just cut my hair low low 'cause i i wanna start over i had die my hair was going through a horrible break up in a you know how white girls do some drastic and that they have going guy yeah you know new a new house indian indian what the die my here no more 'cause my she was falling out some stress more color were you doing i did platinum nice yeah a little dark oh no that's the wrong color i did like platinum silver oh okay type shit yeah i'm at the end of may influence over young man has that's there's another one where they gotta try out the herod a veteran guy in my she just fill out so i had the cut it out away low named any grew back and not just brush unique mm just because my she stands up and curly and i went i went to lay down but and i woke up we kind of a little bit of ways in which recently and i'm like this is what i'm doing right now the wave guys came into my life and decide to bless my scalp way a swell of annoying me the the the the flow of the ocean who wouldn't want to emulate the ocean right 'cause other day i was at this poetry reading mhm micro made me go and then i'm looking at there's a dude right near the front who has crazy waves like his hair just spin and then the dude on stage sort of similar length hair but it's just regular and i was thinking in my head i'm like i totally understand instinct waves right here because that should those look way cleaner then just having her regular yeah like why wouldn't you do it isn't enhanced me right you know what i'm saying well actually is the process like is it how sent it seems like a lot i mean it's easy the fuck up to the thing about wages you maintaining maintaining it looked at you only go on display a couple of hours a day 'cause you gotta have yohe lay down you got a brush it off a time then if you're gonna help decide you gotta wash it condition you know what i'm saying brushing style it's a lot of maintenance it's only fair really fly dude who's really about chasing his best self exactly exactly if you love yourself you in a self care and shit like that you can get gateways teach me a little bit about where you're coming from what you're bringing was like how you grew up yeah i'm from oakland california west up and be specific oh i grew up in a filipino black how soda an filipino but also a much really i cannot yeah whatever you need on whether you're whether you're about the pullout here but i respected whatever it might be needed make a show about some stuff some of those oh really okay yeah wow look at this vision of cigarettes shish i hung out with a girl back in the day who who brought all this equipment into a denny's and she poured among most is in the denny's i know most isn't any okay the demos is been a stranger to europe bel air drinker to a yeah you know i hate people be doing organic product placement shutout to ballet shots of bel air based on some some stuff there recently this is in fact the kind of showed you might want advertise on bel air about it and look how good you're bottle looks on camera celebrated as it's this beautiful lacking beautiful like me it's always weird when i'm in here drinking coffee any other person is is either drinking lean or smoking a tremendous amount of weed or like i'm just getting my day starter omaha alcohol is gonna really like adjusting my body right now a well i'm alcoholic and this is what i've been doing right now but back to mount you're come up yeah 'em i was raised by my mom she at my pops climbed a window to the second story to my mind's virginity in shoes thirteen holy shit in their me he would only sixteen at the time so she i mean she was fourteen five yeah she raised me my pass really know how to be a dad so he's gonna like young they didn't wanna pay that girl big name but it is type shit but he was around to understand like you knew women should yeah he was the first show but i didn't i never had like a all right we go play catch in a park like here's how you tie tie broader issue is google lou my stepdad google is messed up the bar there is a lot here though i think about shirley go to like minded and teach me on the fucking change a tire on a bike figure myself in outgrew none of that shit my positing teach me no shit but he kept me fly for the most part outside of my momma by she end we've seen all the movies when he was in jail used a drawing pictures and then that's how i started drawing okay i'm super heavy ended arshi it really is how you make the perfect mimosa yeah sure sure what parts you you wanna just go ahead and get champagne really the whole cup full disclosure i mean maybe it's a lot of bubbles right yeah probably like you gotta port past the bubbles in in just put the right amount of orange juice splash of orange yep you barely even put any and i feel like it's enough and that's why most that the gwob most here's here's a shot at the new coffee spot across the street from an agency coffee cup they're gonna hear about this coming melrose and go the agency gop ego instead of starbucks a so moving on growing up i was like the golden shout always super smart straight days are gifted and talented programs really yeah i went to a are scholarship went to private school a french international school in san francisco wow where i would travel the world you're traveling the world each program where you were in junior high high school junior high i went to a charter school called kit okay yeah and how did you relate to the environment did you do well in the private schools was it a lot better than what you believe the the regular schools were like oh no it was a whole different thing really like a completely different thing like niggers were struggling with like basic algebra english and i went to a pretty good charter school but it was still like nigga struggling indian me being like one of the top five students in the whole middle school going there and just being like just thrown into yeah you ever jackie that that give the gift that you wanna give it a black kid from like whatever nineties kids show and the winds blowing he's like i think you're talking about and my favorite you ever had that experience where you're watching some shower movie and then all of a sudden you figure like you realize what a mean like like i was watching the wire and there's a moment where the dude we bay goes like yeah instilling and that's like a fucking name but i never was the wire before so i never knew exactly what that was referring to i just thought it was some shocked yeah yeah i found that out to the same way because my brother like the y a n i only watch cartoons okay and i don't like shit we humans in it so he was like oh that's when the wires funding from the wire and i was like yeah have you never seen this mean for but you don't got twitter mm an instagram don't post gifts you know what i'm saying so he never even seen it twitter is such a world but he really on there like that though 'em twitter's hell i'm on their issues you get the hell is shot at twitter all i get is just like yeah they just in my dm's in like a rappers out of the tree me back or acting like i'm not a rapper so it's cool for me i'm at peace yeah piece or how did you go from being in those charter schools and where where'd you travel the world to 'em germany france and japan the open you know there's a lot yeah for sure so the potential those out there it just 'em not even just a potential it just like really let me know this is a whole as world especially when you like black in the hood in i'm in west oakland like my classmates dying over the years from like middle school right oh so you're seeing all of a sudden you're around people but have no idea what it would be like the see somebody shot i went to school with like some nick is like i do gave me my scholarship is pops 'cause that's how small it was there was no like scholarship program is just a board of directors we have the money like all right we like these couple of kids so we're just gonna pay they shoot in a dude who gave me my he liked designed weapons in in like what will become part of the first drone like the predators at the world yeah he helped on that project oh i went to school with michael more she's cage wow you mentioned cavaliers they're like originally invested in a fucking a google apple and craigslist so basically you were able to see both sides the hood hood and then the rich mother fuckers 'cause i mean like the you're you're kind of like personifying describing what the bay is like now where you have like insane consolidation of wealth you have certain towns where it's like the the richest areas in the country and then like a couple of miles away you have the slums yeah it was honestly ridiculous but it was cool like 'em now i still like do my best to try to tap into like my real homeys from the school and we kick it sometimes but like they'd be traveling the world i'm doing some of my back in the bay is it hard for some understand what you're doing now not a i i just feel like they only see the cloud part of it so they get the juice like so like they don't know because they just looking at it from like the white person perspective is just like what they see and they liked it and they don't know rhonda no they don't know she when like becoming a rapper become part of what you were thinking you were gonna do with their life 'em ice the stolen parties back in the day okay stone while project x seemed parties in ain't got crazy they borrowed completely pletely out of control you were what age 'em this was eighteen through twenty three when you say out of control you mean in a sexual nature when you get in trouble for the party's gone out of control literally everything yeah that commission they we started off we don't know what these dues the frat house boys while some a some north oakland in berkeley magazine they they brought they can estimate is like yelich like rappers we want charter basically help us promote distinct at the time i was v most internet famous kid in the bay a vietnam veteran facebook and she just off being handsome so you're a mean before you're upper is what you're trying so i i just found my way it'd be a mean i mean before the the the term mean had been coin in like a current jargon right because i just make stuff cool so that's what it was is me my newsmakers stuff cool people thought we were rappers how we looked so these dues want us to be the face day parties and then we ended up it ended up being are brand because we were face in like literally first party is project x one who's downtown oakland at a community event center but it's now complex do name dj true own is building is like one of the only black owned buildings in downtown oakland right we do like thirteen hundred people in this is like huge for us and there was no fights no shooting no nothing and we had it all on kim we went to the back room in the news canada twenty six thousand in are face in gave us twenty percent to promote and i was like yeah we ain't doing this noma yeah you were like i get all that money yeah i won't that so then you took it upon yourself to just so you're talking about the frat boys good between percent right house voice that would they name but they wasn't in the actual threat okay they were just you know auto berkeley in north oakland in the bay is hell a frat house cause a cow so the day was in that area says calling of the proud boys right yeah but i was like oh just twenty percent she ain't gonna work feeding moving forward right let's go yeah yeah so that that was that and that's how i started in just because people thought i was the rapper right and i had already been wrapping like everybody welcome and they freestyle initiate an m news like beaten on the table and she you know what i'm saying and now it's just like normal she i which is already good at it so when we started rapping is obvious i the best one in my group but we're his eyes and a group called the wibc news you mean on my brothers that still my brothers did his day we just decided to focus on me because i was the best i mean a lot of times the dude with the most charisma the guy who should realistically pursuing a rapper yeah it 'em in it was just like like i remember they sat me down my brother vanik deems light lou williams turning fuck with his no more is telling you do it do it in as i by the same time a scam initiate m it was hard for me to take it like ottaway series some ottaway series where you selling drugs and scam and they were strictly scammer no i've never so narcotics yet okay averaging given dabble in like marijuana before but never seen a serious or federal i don't want to put you in a situation where you gotta be describing any kind of crimes you've committed but say that somebody like yourself in an environment like the one but you grew up in word to get involved and scamming what what does that look like not you but someone like you yeah it definitely was me a but you know i stories of people like taking a lot of road trips going out of town making a lot of a ridiculous purchases in other people's a on other people's be half stuff like on computers shooters interviews are we talking like cars and taking out loans are a deep did ago 'em i i would assume that it can get pretty deep from like a apartments and houses while up until like a may be among fucking might've win at home depot lane just past six ovens one day you know what i'm saying is it's been things there's been things right yeah that's crazy i mean it's like a very the tire shots really wait phony tire shop so you're describing like a situation where you might be working with the business in order to sort of be able to scam better through the phony tire shop mhm wow you seen you saint louis massine on in just the bite happened now 'cause my my scamming career which started very early like two thousand three by done by two thousand five it was very we gotta the malls we buy laptops tv's video game systems that said never way further in that those you just sign punching yeah well we had encoders so we'll buy accounts on this forum at the time you do not go dark web if you wanna get a bunch of accounts at the time you adjust a order among some website upside and sometimes you get like a hundred accounts for you know three bucks each and they'd be trash and a couple of and woodwork those were scariest fuck and sometimes you spend you know a hundred bucks for one account to account and those would be the fire ones you'd be able to be out there really going on for a dare to microsoft apple 'em she utah had a full like amazon a like pick a place now some nana news going to know you're 'cause once our i i didn't even realize the people were doing one like the the cash advances and the and the buying car oh yeah casino runs m by the time i do yeah crazy you ange early western union stuff this type of stuff that negative florida is doing right do you think when you hear like the city girls talking about fucking on rich as scamming as dude yeah you relate to that you know that that you know let i mean i like that you know what's funny about that line is yati wrote that line for them and yati scam like six months before he got on as a rapper got arrested at the mall scamming so he's basically writing a song for them where he's talking about one in the fuck someone like who he used to be before rap i think that's amazing that's where his brain went yeah it's crazy the the tap the space riders victims as they just kinda gotta show his perspective he's standing by right now that is true for sure and it's actually really i wonder what that song stone abboud written versus or no i don't even wanna know i like it i like it as right that's like looking at the mona lisa like i wonder how he would have pain today if like he has another batch sites away he had that one right you know crazy when did you really get okay so you got serious about being a rapper but when you start taking steps 'cause like the the gwob that that i know is like the gwob that is out here in elway got management different working on his career going viral every couple of weeks how'd you end up here with the transition from the third known here man i was giving money how getting an indian i took a big ale in if you especially knowing would you doing i had bitcoin before like the whole boom and bust lv real yeah just like dealing with a few business partners in mind in ukraine in a added off off line on a drive broker in now is trying to salvage store and you don't own on my a of lying while they just try stack it up dino's gonna cashing but a lot of the eight teams that was popping had limits and then i started seeing less and less support for like years be plugging his cause news hacking and shit like that route it will begin while so i couldn't do nothing with it and then i lost it in a transaction she remembers how much on this are drove at the time a close to like thirty forty bans wow 'em now is he i was done i cried about it or hurt it hurt i it was everything to me that like this is what i'm doing it focused on finding cashing it really go heart mm at this rap sheet in like duties 'cause i at the time i'm in a basement in west oakland my granny house in like my momma just got out of jail a my pops is you feel me he here near up and down i'm going him and his cool 'cause when you don't win you fraudulent you could leave your best life but you can't like on paper dane it financially surely you know what i'm saying you can't afford it though yeah but only is that that a that access the situation or just depending on if you get approved and if you know what i'm saying so like i was just done with that shit man i i call a fat man here's in my eyes like mayor of detroit come out to read like fuck this shit ain't talking how much like you do an he was just like come out here i'm all he's on tori i'm paying the artist and he's like we don't tour right now i do decode to the live outside my studio makes wreckers going there you send me soggy go like little caesars pizza and a this is a twenty four hours down the street take a shower there but i i had bitches mm so i bitches camille pet for me and i had niggers in their lane i'm a i was taking a shower day house like fucking bitches and taking a shower they're so easy for me to like when you're on the move around these shit like that but i was living in studio that is one thing i will i will say though i will say about you right now is that whenever i see you pull up on the block usually you're on some sort of motorized a rental scooter or wheels bike and you're always seem like you got hani in the middle of the day and then you always have like a new girl around you that you're just hanging out with that day and a lotta times it seems like you're just met him like an hour ago is tragic as i don't ever know when you're doing shit i just be all my weight of fairfax 'cause i'm helical peer dolphin four to four they both bay area brain just being on my way to see my partners something's going on over here of course right of course of course standing outside yeah when condemn over the security guard with six cameras in like random people auditioning weird face tattooed dudes and then wrestler mass yeah that she lied i was like yeah with just an average day for you is just like wake up go out start up the lime melrose see a girl start talking to where you wanna roll with me okay not i never i don't like knocking pitch in public no more 'em they gotta come to me or it's just all on the internet because in public you i can't go to the prerequisites that i need to go to in order for a girl did successfully be in my presence for the prerequisites she gotta know that if other girls come up to me i'm not gonna disrespected but at the same time i'm like she now my girlfriend right in she need to realize their net negative in that comes with a certain amount of a interaction with the opposite sex so unless we got some type of serious ties just hold down real quick because i need a tank hairs on a woman lost some roof some serious like at all 'em you do the yeah i mean i got somebody that i felt we wanna know like forever but like even she no i'm just like oh my elvis shit right now right you're feeling yourself so much the you she's gonna understand this is this is not a two way street yeah i mean but it it it is a two way street though because at the same time i give her the freedom to do what you wanna do i'm not like a control and insecure nigga she could do whatever she wanna do right long has done is not doesn't embarrass me now find out about it okay so if you found out the truth is getting pumped out by you know is up twelve oh yeah i mean there are i can't a subtle no vision from her city a vision she's just basically tammy not ugly and she can't rappers i don't know why is that twelve became tomorrow just trying to think of somebody who is like cool enough that you would give a fuck out of their shots wildly but i don't even know if i ever met but you know just like in the sense that like it's one thing if you're hanging out with a girl and she got a boyfriend is some random as do you never gonna meet is another thing where it's like dude you know he's gonna be around you see him and you see them give each other a weird hug yeah no i i am i doing that in a complicated that's like if i'm in mb eight uk fucking nigga from another gene yeah yeah what do from a bowling alley something this handsome niggers everywhere and you find big dick you've trip on on the street is you could go you could find that you could triple the big go i just don't wanna know about it you gotta be a ghost big decision that yeah man that plug oh this guy that bug has been here for years just a single bug is always like one fly in the interviews and you'll just slowly notice the the guest starting to notice it yeah it's weird a guinea on is we've got a whole team working on this bug a lot of fish is coming in stimulators right along the way so you kinda like took you're you're scamming skillset i guess you could call it a legit scamming she'll say man like applied that the rap game yeah 'em it it really was me i went viral by accident bro it was never planting 'em it would just start it on my birthday i would just like unfunded drink guardians you catch the puck in my ear cutting noodles never be broken a month and that's crazy really i like this whole basically that pimping at a time to i'm gonna ask about her book yet issues like put money on me you know what i'm saying i was feeling myself enough i tell my brother bonnet turn the camera it's time to be a star right and then i woke up any viral really yeah i was like damn i went viral my birthday that's crazy just firm you sort of soccer should just talking shit i would then i would then spent a year from twenty four to twentyfive trying to create that moment and nothing was working because it was inorganic hours china like do i was like doing what like a fat boy ambling and she will doing right before they came around but it just wasn't hitting me 'cause you could tell it was kinda disingenuous she's just like i already do crazy shit in my life if i would've just do what i'm doing now just recorder in my life instead of like purposely john are i wouldn't blame i would have found myself going revile way early skit line is a weird lines across like i've seen a lot of rappers give it a shot and try to sort of capture that six nine fat boy boom whatever the fuck you wanna call it energy and it could be tricky because you could very easily make yourself a goofball doing madam coin asia's corning nation manning not and the reason why the universe sting reward means 'cause it a the stars no i'm not corning nick like i'm sure i'm sure the the the the lord's in player heaven was looking down like we're not shining or ever invest in light of a bitch his money upon you're right because you tripping who do get it together my nigga and then i did and then i start going viral any right or what do you think the defense was the mood to start the successor young man that was just being honest with the internet that's what i went viral for and that's what i write about so anybody who see me go viral originally click don't like the sound cloud she did i had up would no i was just talking my normal she being honest there is a disconnect like when everything started melding together with dave start working different right 'cause i was keeping it real and the songs and i'm keeping it real on the internet i feel like you see me just like pure internet stuff and that's that was my introduction to a lot of the people on that space right which is like going viral like that's the funny get he's funny and i and i we knew what do you think that's has ever stopped people from taking you serious with the music stuff just that they know you as being funny 'cause let's be real about it like you know boom fat boy they'll wrap and stuff but just because you know who they are you follow them or whatever that doesn't necessarily you're gonna go check for when the single oh yeah now i mean of course stop people like they stopped me from taking people like that series in my own specked just like being a fan of internet people issue like that 'em i feel like i don't wanna say human nature but it's very common for somebody to a peg you for whatever your knees supposed to be a nash it exactly whatever the first no you or like so unless you you'll rollout is like you just super multifaceted do you mother fuck got your hands and everything you fucking konya west from kindergarten up until now you know what i'm saying then people gonna be like wherever you came out as what you supposed to be right is that fuck it we pre program like that i was watching a high school musical my little sister right in in that the big song in the cafeterias like no no no stick to what you do in his telling people to stay in their lane i'm like damn i love in middle school and kevin nita delight only do it do it right that's lame issue that i mean the the basic gist of it is that it's very hard for people to consume complex ideas and like like you know just because it's like you put people in lanes like imagine like all the basketball players that you look up to and shit that you think are fucking dope is held at ridge without any rational thing it's not look up to but you know you you you looking at me like dan the dope he's doing his thing whatever they actually let me stop day chris mullin no i really stuck with k d and he showed me a lotta love you buddy every time i see him as select eventually chop it up talk to him recently he's yelling up i love katie that's what's so john naked them a how'd you goes been coach i met a magic party oh he previously hit me up on instagram well he damian but he posted a song and i got my brother buddy okay compton shameless a dallas he's like last last year this is my favorite song of the year rose i your verse of my favorite verse stylish to everyday that's amazing i was like god damn that's how the raw so many matt 'em address new year's party delile us either scenario is just chilling lotta people smoking a shitty which is like away on his own thing just chilling and i walked up to him i walk past them 'cause i nbc in indy tapped me it was like yo gwob my bed like yo go up and i was like oh shit kevin durant what's up i'd rather causing the duran sheila donna shalala nickel those legs yeah smile and laugh i don't know if i ever heard it before that's like a that's something that the va made up that's what he says it's a basic my brother talks like how how nick shoot dyson they just like a deer angela shitty that he'll do the rancher listen you're the real quick though so that's why guy but i mean fuck we do get super told buddy some people have been saying we should interview him for a minute i get why i did it by all american only even though some counting okay really a little bit more like a fun night like super black hi okay he's a lot more black timmy really but it looks good buddy like numbers look like like that's my brother okay i go horford buddy order time him at all these people he met all my parents really i may all his parents his family he'd been in my house i been his house that's a different level of friendship once you man i met i met buddy to this new names zini dini is always been like in music in around i guess you came up with like super duper kyle okay 'em he introduced us as we met at a festival is that like the first festival everyone to a day and night oh i went to to yeah we met a day and night he walked up and i had told the the runner who doing all the argentine causing pinch didn't come out with pinch in a here's like are you young pitching like not i'm glad that they just put me in his ten is my ten now he's like oh do you need a new bottle also yes my birthday he was like oh man if somebody else's birthday to i'm gonna get you the big hennessy brett brown me like the gallon of hennessy ocean i guess he said it on the radio radio brought me another gallon a so i had two of the big ass energies on top of page already having to things right now just walking around guts shit and this is my first festival i never been backstage in addition number west over nigga so i'm like stealing other news so i just i see do unlike big like boxing shores and like boxing shooting like who is day he start doing crip well an i've seen him go viral for crip walking over season like dubai in front of some mosque right so zini well governor like whoa blah blah blah and i'm like yo i met are on the scene you go viral and i was like well it's it's my birthday you got any guy any came out here like the same amount of energy and it was love at first tennessee behavior what about how much we love news moody follow so much i don't know it kind of always been a thing and now i've compared to notch for some reason people think i looked like not especially when i start off and they see the fate and they see i'm eternally handsome field but yeah they compare i don't know i don't know what it is maybe it's just like a rap genius but a non is we hennessy right in my life i've forever i seen that a my pops drank in his eyes been like a thing yeah just like a thing how dependency you just take over like the urban market which they run shit on understand man out question eight years with no question it out question how white people took over that mendacious rush it as often as some or get wisdom it's only two ways to go buy a podcast a couple months ago where there were these girls were hanging out with and they seem like they want to get it fucking popping with me and my girl but we're gonna do a podcast first and my girl wasn't there yeah i'm like i buy a bunch of alcohol above this having should these girls took like three shots one of those people in the fucking bathroom i was like what was i thinking yeah hennessy really tell you what if i hadn't bought any alcohol i probably would have got the have that orgy but instead of baltimore alcohol and oh nine ruina and that's why did what did you what did you have taken shots yeah and that's the problem i was realizing is that like you know i'm eating meals all day and i'm drinking water and i'm like hydrating myself plus two hundred thirty pounds these girls were small they're like drinking while they're they're not drinking water they're not eating yeah there's like maybe doing coker like having like a protein bar yet not she start drinking with them that anonymous saying well inviting especially with dealing with a hell of bitches i like the only par up to shots maximum andy makes mixed mixed drink okay we're very light alcohol content because you got to give him leaving the valley so out here i gotta get back to the house was right at the house we could get absolutely drunk cause a bitch could grow and be like wasting still be horny so i just let her go sleep rishi bounce back up she could join in the festivities and by the way we gotta get to the house in an i'm not i never been an advocate of like fucking no way she as girls and none of that shit like borderline raby so i mean everybody be at their right mind when we arrive during sex mythologised get to johnny you just gotta tap out all right okay that's what i was thinking of those real took his after she was dumping in the bathroom all of a sudden she's back to life she wants to keep hanging out yet i'm thinking like you were just few in the bathroom i am i supposed to just believe that you're operating on my level right now it seems kind of like sometimes you gotta get your mind right man you gotta released imaging once you fully exercise disparity in his seat and they you know what i'm saying dany god will bless you would respond in and now you've got plus one see for me i'm it's just like every time i've ever to drink drinking in my entire life i've been like dead like absolutely that was the end of the night nothing you know pamela anderson could show up and be like oh you want some topic like no no no i'm i'm drunk now i'm good that's voc be dying if she showed up talking about it's like the death star in tip a whip shadow jack fox i love my guy oh so it's just all about the patient man you got the slowdown if any like even when i do the bottom counter rotations i could win a car we pass around a bottle account that she just to make sure like they don't get two ways you could follow let's go and take is like the ugly one that don't normally do this or defining it don't know she fine just wanna go home annual night is ruining exactly one friend isn't having a good time over soon is that they wanna go home is a rat and you gotta keep i'm the friendliest went to the ugly day she got degree best friend by the time they leave 'cause i love you that's like rule number one of you wanna make a good impression is you gotta treat the mall respect because you know then when they get alone that the fucking one that you were mean to is gonna be seating ideas and everybody else's head now let's get out of here let's go home blah blah blah and then they're like a bad and that was the fucked up thing goes peaking in the bathroom and then a friend just wanna believe her friends which on leave her with us in that state i'm like well that's really fucked up because their friends they added packaging packaged suspects let me ask you this we gotta get this story told how did this whole drake thing unfold 'cause he just gave you a big shout out he had doing a dinosaur costume i just wanna know how this played out and i'm also gonna order the salad on post mates while you do the beginning of the story okay i mean i just wanna stop you the way you phrased it because this is i see this is the thing in that light people subconscious reaching out 'em he didn't have me anything okay i had myself in that costume you chose this yet i brought up the terms of the bat how i became friends with drake originally it literally was random oh oh you're not you could click on instagram story you just replying at the top right like oh yeah this is funny click to the next one skip it through it tidies stay here forever type shit like that he posted some of your change ahah anyways won't pink diamond is my favorite colors give you the i'm like hey that's hard and he's like yeah it is a and as i you're just a small again in that first idea realized i was talking drake and i'm like yeah man that she just clean and then i'm like oh shit this is j n this is at the time we never i met i don't know nobody knows him issue drake the biggest fucking rapper in the world and 'em we got the talk any a he was just like man i love you i like i love you all like all of this shit that you've been doing i think you fucking hard i think you funniest fuck i think you agree rapper you remind me a dish a guy from his netflix documentary called wild country mhm now know if you've seen it but it's about like these sauce saucy is most intelligent most articulate a must see through cult leader okay who start his own fucking city in or guinea moved from india oregon and he had tens of thousands of people in his full community they start the city they got into legislation and he's like we try to make it a utopia so he told you the you reminded him of this guy and you already knew who the guy was going through the meter me a dummy me benji put me on to it to watch you immune juice got obsessed with it immediately really jeez used my little brother a west oakland also amazing rapper documentary called the wild country wild country much further along yeah embrace name is the book wine okra the guan is just wanted him nick is a he know everything he he sometimes he go into the break the guan rash like like oh it in like doors dad owned sleep you wouldn't talks at three must nobody he only pull up in a rolls royce big meeks big at chanel glasses and just walk everywhere barefooted nobody's allowed to talk to the big one they don't even know if he eat and are not wow only only person who wouldn't talk and deal with the big guan which is bottom be sheila fucking marketing genius became like a politician fearless woman like this you should really watching i'm rows email myself yes and then drake was like that's you and i know it snicker i am the before on right that's me those may in our site this crazy you say that i love that documentary used like nah man you like my spirit animal and now it's like it's like you're taught me speared that's the craziest this thing about drake has gotta be the fact that he's so observant of the culture at a time in his life where pretty much everybody would give him a pass on not knowing what the fuck is going on yeah like i assume i assume beyond say doesn't i know a lot about all the upcoming robbers yeah drake seems like he's really in touch so yeah like i knew if i were to run into drag randomly he wouldn't know who i was i mean he wouldn't know who i was i met beyond say and she she had no idea a smidge jego what you're doing is you're you're beyond saying jay z same night really yeah how's that you think jersey new 'em kinda not not really end he was introduced to a timmy as her husband so it was i don't wanna talk about that event 'cause that's that's like some there were some private stuff on like behalf of somebody new jersey part of the going through and there wasn't a jc party or but he says i'm gonna be but yeah he was there okay news it was something that i was happy it'd be invited to a to be in that space in the happiness in that moment was wild but i can't gonna do back to jay we just start dm initiate indian i eat i make six five six solves a session 'cause i work hill a fast mhm aunt me in my producer james delgado who like i'm starting to build a sandwich at the time who like does most of all my she had no problem with the hardest news ever we made a song called red flags and i was like god damn in i'm sitting at the drake book book i'm gonna do it i'm gonna do it there's one guy that energy specifically told me do not try to try and get excited right and i think she artist like it on his own is looking at it and once you have that drake follow and you know you could send and whatever you want but you don't wanna cross the line because at what point do you become annoying ads for that is just around him and he's not gonna pay attention to say at that point but i'm a scam in i'm a dance with the devil baby so i put on my heart bottoms i y g h it slip and slide in my romance right 'em in i did the alexander wanguo so you centered over what is the ditches fire he he did reply for a day okay and i'm like fuck sweating sobering wrong i ruined i woke up and was so so matt i was talking to my bitch at the time and i was like fuck fuck you've ruined did why did you stop blaming her of course she had nothing to wishing you know what i'm talking about up in the shower yelling at her you know you think about your life and a shower in hot water sisley i know you're nikki a second degree burns harrier next her this year you oh man i'll just like fuck indian he responded he was like yo red flags is five year i've been listening on the to the studio like two nights in a row been planning for the for the boys is just a year from now it's like whoa that's crazy i didn't ask him to get on it didn't tell the man had open verse nothing i just left it at that because i didn't want it just seemed like i was like super trying like using you know what i'm saying i just wanna just nobody felt about it 'cause i feel like it was his song the he would like is it beat that he would pick 'em in everybody to cause easy drivers on monday on a grave in the beach sounds like red flags so i knew i wasn't a good pocket when i symptom that like a i don't know call it like a budding in are here but but i just felt like man is yeah oh yeah i mean not even asking myself too much credit 'cause i'd be picking we're talking to people but i was just happy that he fucked with india we just moved on from there it was he he was like a he would finish shoot a video of a scorpion orca any asked me this tandem something and i sent it to him but it was too scorpion would drop friday afternoon tomorrow wednesday 'cause he asked me tuesday and i went to the studio the next day recordings it just couldn't paper it in time but we didn't i didn't know my management did know and there was like a weird thing it was like a shooter we on the album were not in my mind i was and you don't wanna just ask over and over a yeah so i was like fuck about my mind i was 'cause he was telling me i was he on the last time i checked in i was right so i'm much i think you're gonna give my whole interlude is gonna be watt dad's interlude a i doubt the sauce you should have the project comes out already feeling not on it so track was brought before you heard it to route yup in our and i didn't know what was going on i didn't like and then i hit him up about in used like y'all miami obviously i've been dealing with the rollout stuff and i had drop that a actual thing yeah like i dropped the projects gameboy color but it was like my first project and we were like learning the ropes zoom by managers pants everything's we didn't have like a budget earning this type of shit it's like i had an experience i know how busy could actually be right 'em i'm shocked when i was talking to respond with dm's any literally like this which she wrote an you were just like yo my bad my we just couldn't paper it in time like i want to get it but life the label just push back he liked explain the whole thing to me and i was like damn man thank you for that so it's kinda bummed out in like with email for like two three days in my manager was like fucking if did any any spun it gave me like back in good spirits now never broke my jay you're not coming out you don't part of this shit i invited me i start pulling out and we became friends you have a song with a minnesota 'em i believe show but i inherited right but you spent some through mhm any fully expression mean anyone get on it in wintertime is writing gonna give it to me whatever that is i dunno if whether if you just like lobotomy or do whatever it don't matter to me because like i never reached out to like sign over your like you know right right a nigga coaches i pride myself on put my cell phone put myself in a position which is me me an amazing management working are wiggle was that one situation you had when you were allegedly like scammed drake into showing up to a party or whatever i don't like how exactly is fido in a san francisco andy they need ejected pull up they needed director paul yeah they want it to book him aunt i was originally told it was like a small thing like it was a just gonna be like a small room in the bag was it's amazing and he owned his own this like scorpion tour run solves aim is like a yeah now shop pull up i'm like yeah no i pull up a but if you do i need a second cut from niche because it's it's amazing amount of money inch selling tables for like twenty thirty band but he pulled up in may was a definitely not what he thought it was gonna be was just wasn't totally would oh no it was ridiculously dickey loosely let it will be only drake party he had agreed to do in a separate city outside of his own private parties on the whole scorpion to did he and his endorsement is whenever officially have the conversation about money or booking yeah or this was just a cow's got paid hey new got paid okay but he pulled up and it was in at a small intimate space at city hall and the mayor was there and there were twelve police escorts and for tables in like three levels that's why he caught it will condor level level finance 'cause he looked like that scene a black panther everybody waterfall it literally looked like like like bringing out the condo level that's finance my wife and damaged financing skin oh that's jason is i will kind of level and now and now it's like a big names sunday com okay so that's what that was but i mean but we were still he didn't mind it oprah was good it was actually his idea of me the gel people a 'cause he was like damn you finesse me you need to tell people that write 'cause jake don't give finance and luckily it wasn't a shy see finesse so i didn't like burn a bridge right but if you're dressed ideas committed by tip as i can make a video 'cause that's what how much how did this recent situation happened where but what did you say you said that i don't think the raptors are gonna win and if they do i'll when i dinosaur costume every hour on the highway i carried live okay right now i'll just i'll just trust me andrei but okay gotcha tax so so drake there's a lot of people could managers knew okay yeah because i was sick okay a thursday three one one a bet on a game with the winter like less bad margie drag out so gift you're money like hey he said how much you wanna give us just by my even if i got money i'm already broke compared to drag where my broker's like ha ha no no money if i lose i dress up in rapid costumes dinner in the bay bridge where the sinuses canada beat us if you win you gotta tell everybody did go watch my new video from my song floss in in his best video year orca he said done but you'll sign that to say why in drake beat the bank i said okay only if telling everybody to go watch my video consist of a i g post a story posted sweet coming in for the full brand bill like this is exactly what i yeah now sweet sweet instead into the gym years besides like his album like yeah if you don't even have any way of is how he was out on my ties i i saw to it in every time he's ever respond me on instagram as the the whole thing i was thinking about this like this really like is like how many assistance could he have in their offense him are going to heat up any normal nigger when it comes in as becky on his own phone like answering his own dmz just can't so i do like the tons of thousands of fans you but if you know you but like if you email out important to you might not actually be talking about to break it's kinda like email on that stretch of professional precedents people don't think anything any male people don't think the people who are more accepting of the idea that you're you're email could happen assistant answering it whereas like i don't want anyone helping me out with my dm's ends because i don't want the opening all this fucking dm's american sort through the should i actually want us i got i got and it's just helping me with my dm's ago he just can't open up if it's like a fine as beijing unless you got verified check you can open it up really yeah why just 'cause like people see me news all the time and that's an i feel like that's a break a confidentiality agreement could see if a third party is looking at naked bitches who only supposed to send stuff to me whether it's interesting i feel like legally that also accounts is a the revenge porn thing like when you leak people's news out of spite or like right unbeknownst to that party so i don't wanna get any type of legal things could literally gross to me news all the fucking time and i'm katie man i don't have a problem so much more news and yeah i'm a td man i even do a thing called a kitty tuesdays with valentino viper all my life sometime ago where women are shapes and sizes coming polities and not praise them let him know what i like about him and then i move onto the next person like lobi with the feet yes but like less creepy morning pirating rag wilder the armpits cool like if he wants to do i got home chicks from berkeley shit like being in to ship it like compares silver will be though you big you're kinda like the damn download a lot you got a little bit of the same look yeah i mean for both got big nose is bill from the bay a he's known the rock and roll kind of pretty he got do rags in a we do like flamboyant shit ton of time step outside the norm goes breaking barriers yeah 'em so of course i get and i'm a little be fan i you know i should be in task force you know what i'm saying protecting little bit odd times in every way shape or form but now as delete as ferragamo fucking leader the are money army or my fan base is i need protection myself and so i got oversee my own production in tap dance with the armani army and seeing what they're doing and so i had to step back from being a member at a task force in order to cultivate the money i mean the growing some big but when it comes down to still still rid of the food for the base go there are times ideal they sell all my shoes i don't care bullish iago's of whatever you're just man wearing until the dirtiest home and keep wearing 'em based out baby perspective yeah i love a base mentality to ask freestyle among music for the most part up top blinding melodies i just it happened to be hell a good at it so people don't know right way so that situation played out drake's team wins you're just you immediately go to the bridge with the dinosaur call someone either as a win away so like i tell you it's a win win because either way you're you're about to give a shout out i mean i i had no idea that he was going bostick okay in the back in back in everybody's mind but in my mind i just want it to like letting i'm a man of my word in like i took his ended a best series but i would expect him the fucking promo my she because he lost so like i gotta do it so i and others like if i lose flattered by tomorrow get a done deal and he's like is this series bet and now it's like it's a serious bad but not on the series 'cause if you win tonight that's the series already who's game six and he was like a it's like a little okay i'll sit in the chain emoji he he did the low sums up a thing and then we lost well let me start looking at flights i said just landed on my way to the bridge he says to me that vade users i had i was like yeah we're almost they're they're not they talked to for a couple of hours and you send me the eyes out there not filing with the bridge and i was like man don't ever say i'll keep my word in any flexed i mean look he's like a wild should take us along download ella i'm on the plane meaning he's only his plane and then he called me last like doing his little travel adventures of his rich canadian lamb and not any honda you don't think he was on on like a regular commercial playing by the lighting fiddler with his phone delta nine ninety nine for an hour of what he's on address i know literally on air they gave him for free by their biggest starts and i thought i give you a free like a select alcohol things who i love to drink mm yeah every time somebody gives me like a quarter we'd prefer am looking at it like oh my god lotto a plane 'em it's different and then i the video dating scene couldn't stand it couldn't stand in one i like nine on friday i seen that is sent will not connected to why fi obviously he had landed in he didn't even respond in a text message he just went on instagram comment or my video indian it posted on his and like same two minutes and not take some like man you and you have to posted i didn't expect that indian which they were just love right maybe they just love were seen on a different version drake with all this basketball hysteria because it's like the thing you know he's not gonna get out of pocket and allow himself to be insanely excited publicly about music that austin yeah but he is just outwardly living his his experience with this basketball shit you're just seeing a drake though you haven't seen in a while is usually so calm and collected but literally air drake the plane was doing laps around the city of toronto meaning they they got cleared right for all that airspace wow yesterday for like hours that's crazy what you know how much it cost of fuel a seven forty seven yeah for seven fifty seven eighty grand i was thinking like fifty but yeah whatever from the thousands yes did you fly in circles monday in that literally means that they would have to have three rowdy other planes flying over supposedly airspace men that allotted amount of time right that's ridiculous insane the minnesota team flew home with him yeah that's amazing to me now practice at the ovidio a athletics facility that really holy shit yeah that's amazing drake is gannett it really is that's my nigga measure drake i'm like the only negative from the bay who he did do some shit wait 'em and i'm not only like young he posted it i don't even have to but he's still he's like man because he already know everybody all the team all this boy seen the video and she 'cause i fuck with them yeah he didn't even have to shout it out he was like man everybody go watch floss initiated actually hard like i notice and again the dinosaurs costume whatever that we partners fuck does she go watch the video right now is like scroll down his instagram says you start the uk see a post like that ever yeah after super an ass i got a lot of love for us courtesy of a very legendary finesse right there where do you consider you're other like greatest vanessa's in terms of the industry oh man i finished chance the rapper really for feature out i tweeted m a n i said let me finish she was a music you're you're twitter scamming who's gonna go over much smoother once you're verified i don't i don't even know 'cause when we first apply for a day wasn't very fine people at a time all right so i mean that's why i thought i wasn't verified in the one that just happened and i think that she was at the time to cause you work when i wasn't 'cause i'm on some shit on twitter and it's harder to verify when you swear word and her name yeah you got the fucking you're white and you had the face tattoos and shit news looking exactly exactly how like on people shouldn't be hollow videos my dick and it was why i said that's one of my rules after my twitter is that i don't reach tweet anything where my deck is out like all these videos on like riley reads twitter and my girls twitter and shit the damn just slava my fucking knob yeah and i just i won't post that you gotta go find out on there's rally i i heard a song with riley lease wrapping issue saying that there is this group in florida called metro zoo and measure do yeah they put her they wrote down clout agents they wrote that for her which i think is pretty funny is i mean it doesn't really excused her yeah i mean she decided to do it and i didn't know that at all no yeah so weird decision on her part home there's a long time look twentyfive what's going in and oh yeah you know she banquet who rallied now i tell you i could find out the now so is that that's how it works you you're willing to come back in this game a game if you find a good targeted with a white girl who wants rapid unworthy coming from nasty next abernathy from of course she had a different understanding how good a nasty actually performed at one of their project expertise like years years ago i'm cool with debbie be in a crash shawn's army great person right i love them like gucci gucci is definitely ahead of his time rosa moment if it were fired i loved the beatles so we're a little debbie always be fucking finding me so i was like i'm fucking with this little wi fi myself orange grimm who they're still going to do a shallow debbie shutout cray sean i'll know it'd be nasty it you know it's like a i never cared about the issue in the bay and i will say this 'cause i don't wanna seem insensitive to my people who like no me on twitter 'cause i really do champion for like why people not saying nigger right but in the bay it's harder to approach because it's such mixed in pot and we always we always broke literally i got cambodian an asian and like just other peo see who were saying nigger aunt i never stopped i never even think that it was wrong i would i would just raised by my parents in even my filipino grandma who is just like yeah if a white person says that it's a problem hit them really telling adult who can't hit them it was always like we need to be physical not remembering from young age yeah i mean i west oakland i went to school come martin luther king mhm we watch route we had to write a two paragraph essay in first grade two paragraphs is a shit ton of whereas in first grade susan about movie in a person groups you know any importance of a combating is always physical 'cause west oakland my grandma used did date huey pima noon wow so like on my end it was always radic cool a protection of blackness okay that's where i come from so to combat that mentally i was raised around all these other races in there which is just broke his me we shopping we share food we we put into dollars together so we could put the cheese on a daily dose at the corner store you know what i'm saying like i did my fucking a the arizona you get the honey binary microwave that she has split it in half type shit like just like broke here she 'em outside of the every i've been to the bay and it feels feels like every white girl out there just has no fucking clue they're just they think they're so gangster saying whatever the fuck they wanna say some of them and that's because they're like this and that's because it gives you know let dacia slide because they don't know 'em they don't compared to the hardships of the world and it's so easy to get encapsulated in a the hood that you know and if the hood that you know is recognizing that a as something that's okay then why would you disagree these people who not taking any type of classes on a current events and they're not watching the news clued into what people are doing a friend about exactly like the whole this whole generation of a and i wanna say oversensitive 'cause i do feel like they approached shawna masculinity is toxic masculinity in that case is a good revamp of the current mentality in like the black community in the culture poacher in general but they don't know that you know what i'm saying they only know what's the direct shit like negative dying that's when i watched a newcomer news is dying and other than nick i'm in the field in my daddy was letting why beijing negative because she just broke his us her mama was like buying crap from us you know what i'm saying or her daddy was seventy what is it's all just so much talk so when it comes to specifics like that i can't really be nitpicky it will is just something that i need you maybe have a talk somebody else a protest because like now ooh i just did that cannot get a napkin thank you oh i just don't like to be around no no type of filth especially in this type of environment to me understand from so it gets tricky with that sort of shit and i'm learning how to navigate that it may be a need to talk people would have better educate myself to have the approach approach that when i come around it but as of now when it comes to people from the bay who i know specifically which wasn't struggle i still don't know how to approach it but i'm learning right traffic on the smart you know what i'm saying i'm actually probably one of the smartest things ever but you are ww smart guy i ain't puffy adverbs all road with everyone i fucking a what do you got coming up what's what's on the table for for gwob the man i'm i just valid radios out but you're not actually floss and you're not doing that backpack kid dance i'm plus in my journals in big mouth las okay and flushing like mac dray pulling up in the candy slabs come on i love texas music so it's always man is texting me especially production wise it's all the same instruments is just thirty bpm slower we just had little flipping here and here's bruce allen oh really it was so tight little slick was the first nigga i seen it get addict stuck in a music video real oh no no no slumped out okay slumped a little flip tried to do it after slim doug being work really yeah wow slammed doug was the first one little flip china imitators little flavors like behind the combat when i think about traditional music video i think about brokaw road america are definitely i would say that not getting delete it up you to me while i made a blog where you could see a girl touching my boner through my shorts you could very vaguely see the outline of my boner yeah gone my house cardigan dome and he's not gonna ship deleted 'cause you white yeah and they got very different standards for music videos and blogs vox real to reel yeah and a fucking cardi definitely did it before me one b show i know my diction by to bitches in floss invidia everybody's we knew like oh cardi bronco yeah no shots playboy cardi fuck him a fuck with his whole team i love him but but those real top it wasn't newsradio top where they're just sort of potential top no i got my dick sucked actually okay i actually here look i think i gotta be on my phone i got another angle how you finish evening because i'm literally giving my dick sucked in a parking lot downtown el lay in i'm right in front of bank of america chase in all the things that the scam got a would consider homage while while you chose the buzzer dumber yet i it's only right it's only right is only right tamped by wages video at i'm fine issue how no because nobody did just so yeah cardi did it oh so yeah i can't take away from that but i'm the only person ever in the history of rat that got his dick sucked in a music video actually by two females not one was there anybody on that mulcher is the end is there anyone onset they were worried about seeing that because if there was like maybe if it's just like the homeys i'm not gonna be worried about it but if there's like some girl who's working issues and then i'm gonna be thinking about is she gonna hit offended ended is is a lawsuit i so first of all how does she even worked was we shot it in a random parking lot and it was people in that parking lot so like i'm a member of the i somebody sent me the the porn hub link hakim originally tweeted now that's how's that working out here potential blob the braves i'm just glad that abor schiffer yeah 'cause he was making his rounds it just hadn't hit me okay and i was like what you're looking through you're talks with this specific person right now yeah okay 'cause a this is a like my homey in my manager and we do stuff i so i'm trying to figure out where the fuck did you read hey do you got the video while i'm in the parking lot i dunno where does she manages also searching for the top video yeah not vk oh i mean i did put it on twitter but i don't feel like look into you know they'll take forever i was just thinking about scrolling through my media tub defined something i posted a couple months ago and i was just like oh my it's gonna take me like thirty minutes oh here it is parker road where they go yeah and wisdom girls one of them actually does for now her name's nikki sean jackson nikki snow during a support her and other endeavors she actually want it to pull up today but something happened to her family she take care of really yeah so she was gonna pull up she bill's gone tuesday should not bill guns were both reprogram the random is a an animated mecca is probably one of the most famous ones outside of like you van galleon okay and shit like that and she built models pain so so do i and i was gonna have it brings some there's gonna be some live but unfortunately some family stuffed up today so she couldn't come shot at you nikki snow and if you are only fans or my camera wherever she's on you just follow her on instagram go ahead of support her shutouts all my sex workers i support you all well that's a good point bomb in other girl is homegrown cagey she was just like i'm down fuck wait suckers duke she did dramatically delicious lisa it's here for you yeah and it's so crazy 'cause i had to warm up i never dumb point i obviously for a lot of bitches and i'm overtly sexual assault i fucking i wanna give my do stuck in a music video that's how i started i tweeted out i wanna give my dick sucked in a music video where i needed to do it in a loss angeles area a three hours four hours past we had like a honey fifty submissions missions and i was just going through it with me and my news like hey who's you suck my dick news video showing a pick one girl and then i narrowed it down to three unfortunately the third grow could arise do the transportation issues and i had already roberta other two girls so far north to do an outside all right i'm gonna just be reach out to you soon as they came a sign of waivers a regular do yeah they sign of waivers and we move forward ready to dig it it's kind of it's kind of awkward at first and then like we warmed up throughout shooting the other scenes and you know oh play and so it's not like i like relax you know what i'm saying like you know i'm showing him a good time give him drunk day hungry we game food we got pisa you know what i'm saying we playing what we actually played mario kart pizzas sort of big sort of big play mario kart psychedelic you know what i'm saying they homey a nikki like guns in the home we had a beagle only you wanna see the eagles he pulled out the deals you taking it apart and she you know what i'm saying like the number one survivor nobody nobody extra shot any firearms a but it was just survive man in when when it came time when he came driving in a date with newsradio a deep beautiful beautiful nikki's doing their thing as you wish i knew she kinda dovish start getting the balls like how news i own tip and then next thing i know the whole thing's drenching i'm kind of like not water damage the camera 'cause they were really going your dreams to democ materialism i had a wonderful guy now i had a one of a kind of if homey schon he he owns a brand flowers of nashville that whole outfit with by he had no idea i'm gonna do some matt bigler shit like that he probably wouldn't approved 'cause he's more conservative guy he's got a a fiancee or girlfriend i don't know how far they a their legal commitment is would they love but they're together okay so i didn't wanna be disrespectful asking leg and i sat in the parking lot in this outfit that's one of a kind of nobody else guy that you have a job yet you know what i'm saying aunt so i just did it and then i told me he would still like supporting me just like just don't shoot a you know not yet tag me anything like you take out a minimal slobber yeah 'em if you're gonna be russia how cool would that in that whole outfit was one of one right from a brand called flowers still down with him he'll still let me pull stuff other music videos very talented dude i'm meeting do my cousin christian who like his eyes may helping me creatively so that's how that she worked out a new is it's amazing the first you know they were gonna negating i i was on gummy worm for a while they're not upgrade at this hour gummy worm and then we got him sour gummy worms stale gummy worm indian now is just full of like a real snake hours not even snake snake man hours guy i was fucking statue of liberty friday original one the black one before they changed it to a white when there is a black woman is on from france france oh yeah i'm glad you know that you have different friends mhm yeah is black but i know there's by virtue of damage to any original as a black woman really ahah that's amazing i like a six year old black dude standing on the corner earlier and he was so jacked and i was just like man in a white guys looking like that when they're sixty 'em not at all no i know i know what news that's like eighteen in they look sixty years old already you know how old are you thirty five well you don't look you don't look halo you just a big niggers i never really heavy so you know what i'm saying but you don't look seventy five i feel like tell me twenty nine i believe me put it this way that hoodie and you get pry where that thirty twenty times nobody's gonna know the shit if it was a white lady yeah you're once it's dirtiest worn out real quick you know wall this is the best analogy white t's don't last very long note miskin shit i'm kidding around this is burning in the sun sentinel watch you you know yeah i understand damn why mentally deficient members of the white race end up hating people of color 'cause there's so many benefits that they don't have a naturally so subconsciously they hate that you know that's a good point at least a little bit of it's gonna be a good point though that's her social commentary we need just make a sharpie you know you gotta think racism comes from somewhere in his we're thinking about everything 'em imbued and hate comes from as a security or a ignorant but were just taught to hate the other you know like anyone who's not you is like you know you grow up in a neighborhood i you know i think about it too i knew like i was interviewing the hardcore singer one time and i asked him about that because i asked tim i was asking like did you ever come close till like getting into some racist shit basically is what i was asking like a grown up in the fucking eighties and boston i know what it's like a boss at a super fucking races and he was like i think that the way accident thank you i got a little i got a little twinge of it in there but but basically his response was like he's like you know i had beef with every other block in are neighbor every other fucking crew periods of course the black those they're like completely different as we can't relate i'm kind of thinking about it like that and i'm like you know if you don't have access to people sort of like informing you and letting you know that race is not a great thing the base you're judgment on somebody of is like if you're gonna end up even when people were defending you one way or another you know yeah now i mean 'em based in human nature to be combative fighter flight is a genetic response imbued in dna so of course when people are faced with something it's completely different the antithesis antithesis of anything that is day reality i could see why it could be combative but it's up to you as a human in as somebody who is a possible supple of greater cognitive thought than just animalistic impulse to move beyond that and say well why why you know the white the white preacher a mean why why why but people were like so drawn towards basing their framing of the world around me like prehistoric concepts i mean you gotta look at the country win mm everybody on the news to this day is talking about the fucking constitution toossion ended all these things that like white niggers who didn't even have a dentist made and that's what this whole country is based on sort of like this that's why they say the system is set up to fail regardless if they set up for black people would fail or other people were set up for really everybody fail the only people who managed to remain folk white people because they had the biggest headstart by the way stupid system where were you just said is very true 'em in that's just how i feel about everything so when i meet people who are blatantly racist i got approached him with the understanding that they are mentally inferior or raised in a way they don't know anything else ignorance is not something that i'm willing to forgive but it's something that i'm willing to understand yeah you know what i'm saying so i approach it in that way no totally 'cause i mean oh my family lives out here buddy so i go back to new hampshire share see my friends from back in the day and oh my god so much stupid shit comes out of their mouths and some of it's racist and it's kind of like there's a little bit of me that wants to just remove myself in that conversation is like bro i cannot be around people fucking talk like this or who think that shit's funnier whatever but at the end of the day it's like you have to be able to engage with people if you wanna be able to have any kind of a lot of people who say shit that's racist because i think it's funny cooler whatever she would actually like confront them and just say like like that's not cool like they're not gonna they're not this other people who are gonna stand by their stupid beliefs and they're gonna at least reconsider although realistically you might then leave and then they're gonna be talking about you like fucking idiot donations word nice a i'm good in the nippy lashing 'cause i come from mm 'em and it's all about the the most thing that i have the most important thing that i ever learned in campaign 'em end just general manipulation in the human psyche is most people are ready to fold mm specially in from a mental standpoint they don't know how to fight so they're they're flight so if you put somebody in a lesser pocket most of the time they'll get in their pocket so with people who are less knowledgeable of that type of thing when it comes to race relations and how they should be dealing with other january humans in life if you really approached him in that way to where you just know that you are superior in your level of thought they will fold in that's how you stop chatter when you leave because you cable del sound stupid if they bring it up against everybody else that was around there and they'll literally sound dumb as fuck if they bring it up again after you son them in the most player way if i'll be fucking fair khan and like on facebook and you know what i'm saying then it'll come off to intellectual or to pompous but if i play the play a role in let you know like nah you shouldn't feel like that because that's actually don't let me tell you was dumb but like i'm still your partner 'cause i'm trying to figure it out and i know you human i'm human but that's dumb yeah you know what i'm saying it's almost like talking to a child yeah and that's how i approach people wait a racist habits racist ideals or things they may be ignorant of the day don't know is that because once you sign somebody they got no choice but to be a teenager intimate effect appreciate you coming through which is the hour and a half hour twentythree yeah those good well look i i can't cody i could see it every time i see this nigga i'm like he looks like he's getting with jay z is off we gotta pull up the side by side photos everybody starts throwing lou in the conversation lately who's got some of his talking about lou getting beat up or something who who is that saying you last night now but they were just like hypothetically saying like well if he got beat up for being down would you like like something and i'm like you know he's just sitting over there you got involved anyway i appreciate you coming through man everybody go follow up that four thousand yeah i'm i'm glad that four thousand on everything if you like what i'm talking about any like everything i'm dropping the album sometime in some around got the day chip but it's called dear the positive i got all your favorites are gonna order rap legit zone near ever drank maybe but i know who you are i got chance the rapper drako a jaguar is there a that's a legit you went to the dream i'm on i'm on jay goes album in the monitoring the level really so by the time my i'm comes out i'll be on both of those really yeah i'm wondering problem multiple times that's gotta be on next year's in fargo the eight i mean look by the time we have another interview i'm gonna be on so many people's album 'cause nobody on here knows and like what i'm actually doing like i'm on everybody's 'em 'cause i'm hell a fucking good jared bosh arlene his next project hopefully buddy me him work all the time i just just which is this fire shit over some frail beach 'em he's back from the bay like g eazy working like headlining now that's that's like delicious like you saying that her daughter was ernie's mhm yeah we kill any like you know what i'm saying she had a little history doing my little brother and that's how we got close but more importantly i just used for garbage from berkeley high 'cause that's where all the bad bitches review from the bay you know audit beverages at berkeley high like the original skyline bama's ever in that's how got cooper like aside from that i love i love her daughter i love everything that she'd been to cause kettani really funding my like me right 'em making music will hire like i'm literally like i wish everybody everybody on the album i got some bryce until it got some while lay in the city girls or his album we do some she would be i got adobo she 'em much shit man moore my mizzen and main mm oh match or dreams on my she got remember one of the south there here yeah i got max on my she we got sushila key in like i'm just sweet i'm dropping mazi recor midjuly mia mazi sort of like mazi he likes scammy that i'm talking about and i love scare me i've been listening to a new mozilla oh you're gonna love this song in america is like literally some harsh she is nothing finley the video i mean vegas mazi there i got like states bat the bat without completely naked at one point it's fine it's fine i do while she 'cause i like i like that time she should do a whole music video naked undecided the blurred out censor the whole time is good i mean first of all pause but you talked to the nigger that will do i know i do it's just it's just about the song yeah m i g eazy tori lanes day on the album user on my list of things are supposed to ask you about but we don't get into the will wait until the j cole she comes out and then will will reconvene and discuss it we could do part to this should be the answer that i've been waiting do this but i know like the timing was always weird but it's a good time now group on so much music is about to roll out 'em indian people could really get acquainted with me as an artist and be like oh man dash it as hard as opposed to me just like going viral indian popping up here or 'cause i go viral by accident i could make a video by socks and sandals which i kind of like by may indian 'em as me on any given the social sandals all the time man shot out the camera hog which is i leave a gemini just come straight here so it's just i look at my trunk and i'm like what am i gonna put on some vans now not on his life which sandal boys you ever heard of yeah yeah this doesn't my guys i'm designers some size cool down my friend friend you're still work there and they stopped working marilyn i'm having heard from since yeah no i bring you a sample a lot of minds and you could see the hell a clean let's do it that's the reason why i've never had like gucci slides 'cause i always had the sand was one year ago the packers and all i mean honestly good size and pretty uncomfortable yeah i'd had a lot as and frequent norstroms a patron i had a lot of gucci slide i get a lot of products out of the building in rhode island all of that shit i am ferragamo falcon shut out the ferragamo even know i really haven't tapped in with him in a while i had basically auto slides right send the boys is comfortable in after they lie bbc collab i'm not i'm tapping in they tapped in with me now we doing it collab slowly when i was doing the soldier boy interview a he looked down at my my santa boys sandals and he goes what kind of sneak is them is like well first off their sandals last time i was here face time soldier boy right did you see that really yeah last time your interview a group of bitches before y'all have some bitches ear like three bitches they're not already the blackout that's what i was talking about with the words either they got so i i randomly fake like hiking is like hey yeah we did like a girls year they fucking crazy blah blah blah soldier boy also came about and i was like often across georgia boy i'm cool so just shut up the gucci soldier soldier flux were big name in which i still gotta get i'm still senior hootie but free soldier yeah no soon as i get in contact with soldier i'm giving moody senator who just state but also be way no him 'cause he won't this muddy in my do rag and soldier boy has put in a request for everything that's actually trust soldier was rotten and so right now i can't wait for him to be free you mentioned before nine eleven the the best year i love soldier boy in what i saw see about it is such boy really scammed is yeah soldier boy told everybody but he had a comeback in didn't even come back until we told people he was coming back we'll come back with alive but already came back that the cleanest should ever yeah so that's gonna clean his should ever so that's when eight in knots he dm me he like like she did media members by because you're such a fuss would choose i like big finance fucks which you must work so i pulled up in we were we were supposed to start on music but such boy work a lot like me and we just kind of go with the flow in the slow just wasn't you know some rap sheet a yoga housing bitchy there a you fucking business otherwise why why gotta be single i couldn't be more than a salute to though but you're not above that you're not above like banging thing tricks with me oh no see i told you confirm the mud me monday darien sky love on do like a bang girls no no no no around beach my little sexy more it was like seeing now is it's weird in the current climate today and i would refrain from it unless a girl fully expressed her sober against it as this is what she want it i will refrain from it because they environment is to shaky in a i'm not a rape you do at all that's not raby bone in my body you know what i'm saying so you definitely don't want i'm doing it on my own change with the times now the climate is not but six years ago yesterday fuck it was it wasn't raping nobody we wasn't out of pocket pocket and like our friends with autumn girls and they act when they come cannot take him to the curb and she it was just like you just a different time so back then he'll yeah i i wish the wrong girls girls who were like won't do it in planning ahead of time like oh this is my off day let's talk turn up come on and off the counter call it company tenth street in shot two i'm ashley being contemplated like getting a tattoo on my face probably the only faced ever get real lights through eleven seven six is the address of the house i grew up being and we just lost d to basically gentrification in west oakland is is my grandma's house in that's where a lot of issues going on we like the people that you hear about like i make linnea deaths that's where she came to come tapping sweetie at the house i am too cool john all the bay factors been through that house like if dog ate one of the biggest dj is unlike taste makers in the bay came to he was there on the last day a is something that still heavy amazon wanna talk about it too much but like if i ever see me would have faced at identify clout i didn't love and he's probably the only thing you know my face really small for eleven seventy six seventy six ten straight up to four thousand prejudgment they were coming on thank you for having me man goes good conversation very rarely doesn't a new artist going hour and a half on here but the it'd be salads do my due to man i i could talk forever so i'm just shut up now a much wider for that will do it again when you're calling in the title in the click bait and will just do another another round and honestly i'm so cool jayco out kelly yeah like i i seen jayco means you gotta time you'll see me feedback like in three minutes really i kid you not absolute i'll prove me right now if you want me to carter bluff oh yeah like that's my guy so shutout jayco just know how many years cloudy breezy as you know job rickles baguettes the world take us on you to soundcloud i tunes squad that four thousand oppy acts one year appreciate you man has heavy heavy piece

cypher twenty percent two hundred thirty pounds twenty four hours two three days eight years six months five year one day