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MHB Retires

"Take two I mean all these fault though. Yeah all Steve's fault your fault I'll take. I'll take the cycle the whole tennis thing other than this. You you know Steve. We saw these video. Well we'll get we'll get to the video later. Has it propaganda. We heard was trouble. Well not mind. I know you love Steve is like yeah you WANNA come. I'm in here you know. I've opened my in the libertarian. Yeah but I don't want any part of that party like I think we've all agreed right now. I have seen the pamphlets. I understand what you're trying to do trying to bring it back doc. I've seen a fan of the highways. The Guy Built. I don't be part of it. Okay has your time you had your on your okay you lost USA motherfucker you us against the world world. It was a it was a tough challenge. Cost it's what do you. What can you tonight thirty six Olympics? Good for you. Congratulations to respond to some of the Big Truman Room. In Eisenhower Guy. What was the what was the the Give me the congratulations agenda. That was supposed to be the good mood. The DC sleuth. Congratulations congratulations dismissive Steve. What was as long as I get another one for you? What was what was the one that the guy tweeted out yesterday? The Robinson did you see this Steve Robinson and this is the Robinson report. Who's this these robinsons view? I will not allow. We'll myself victory. I will not lose to any sporting event. I've got no choice really. Who's your guest on that one Eliot Cutler independent candidate for governor and this was the Robin report in Maine? Yes so you it was before how yes. Yeah I was working for the Maine Heritage Policy Center and running the main wire which was a blog so I always say always play. We played a weekend Sallie Mae to me and that's fine but I say I'm doing it to move up. I can't criticize Steve Really. He was trying like if if I hadn't been born like what would your goal be professionally. There was no Kirkman. And you're staying with Howie was a one day be like maybe to be a monk or something thing in the business talk show talk show host. Let's say that would be. I think if you stop the show tomorrow he would go back to that world probably right. Oh No I think he'd produced the show just like this probably be producing Mike. No I I got the interview with Eliot Cutler. I did an interview with Paul Page and the entire thing thing was to bash Mike Michaud for refusing to sit down with me a little bit of a little bit of a Kirkman hand move. She's this coward. Sit Down with me was afraid of the tough questions given nickname or no trump. No all the nicknames probably a probably would have been offensive. Okay when they're young so will you does you. Elliott talk about Doc We talked about his candidacy who composed the theme for the Robertson Report. A political consultant for Susan Collins Ki Did the theme doc for it. Yes really let me here again. You see the video forget or knows how I guess the video. Welcome I'm Steve. Robinson and this is the Robinson report. PORT FLASH MR ROBINSON. Yes this is a class of your program this is is this is serious. Does he turns the camera to right. I was GonNa say I like the ROB. How many episodes they're only two episodes There might have been three. And what did you say. Oh this word. He's back from two thousand fourteen. Where twenty thirteen two two thousand fourteen online okay wasn't TB program? Now go get get a report back for one special episode. Sure all right good. Yeah I would absolutely watch thinking for sound so you feel good though after. Yesterday's do we talk about the issues. Tennyson the ironically aborted episode that we with this spike because of Steve Wright who knew Steve Take on that issue Jesus So you feel good though you feel you feel sort of it but you you think you have a chance to win this match the I what happened. You're so cocky hand eye coordination and coordination might be an issue for me tracking tracking the ball and a couple of whiffs. I think I'll do a lot better. If I can avoid double-faulting I would agree. Yeah that was an issue a little bit of an issue okay. You he's got you give you a piece of advice. Don't worry about ACIS. Just get the ball in play. That'd be my advice. Don't worry about killing surf. I'm not gonNA take fucking advice from you. You're the enemy good. He's a good votes that I need the comment true team. Oh is my ally. You're in play by play and color commentary in five or ten minutes team Os your coach. Yes okay do you have a team of the team or no. I think Kayleigh The woman fan though what she is but I think thinks she's also a rabid fan. If she needs to choose she she also went to school. We had a little bit of chemistry yesterday. So why could I'll say this. I find the walk alone. I've walked alone many times to go alone in this battle ago loans. Yeah what yeah go alone. You don't want the coach. I the assistant. You've been getting private lessons for at least a year now. I'm sure I have never met someone with a Winchester Country Club. I've never received a private tennis lesson in my life. Any country clips a member country clubs the frequent. Well yes golf. I play golf. I haven't played. I don't I don't play tennis. I don't see keepsake. There's a lie what I would tell you play tennis. I'm aware that you're trying psychological tricks. Horrific hand-eye coordination. That's one thing thing that with that That's what you should be concerned about. It seems like Steve is accusing you of a massive cover-up because you would think if you played tennis twice a week for all these years I we talked about coupling on the air. Yes somewhere hiding it for this moment. He knew I'm a puppet master. But do you think I seven years ago I picked you out so this is going to happen. I watched the Robinson report. Yes with Ellie League Cutler talking tennis and he's not governor. What's he doing? I think he's probably just a rich businessman. Probably worried about the China. Tara sees it as best with failed Goldman politicians whether it's Mugsy Eliot Cutler smugly news by the way what's up my God there's news all over the place we've got so much to get to. I always have nothing to get a two. And we've got fifty million fucking things to get good Steve Because you sent me a message on twitter. Yesterday she said off the record. There's a fan of smug and Sherborne. What are you doing his off the record off the record you have to agree to get off the record off the record that we're GONNA be originally? She says she's got a yes again. Authored you'll be go to jail if you break off our friend. She says she has vanished. Sherborne was that mean person I know. Oh they're typical smug which I shouldn't say anything now to colony very vague hinting around the edges said I said well maybe Smug Z.. Is Converted Bob. And that's what we haven't heard from. Oh well maybe who knows. I think this other reasons we haven't heard from but I don't know what do I know I don't I don't have any answer for that well. That's wonderful Steve. Would you like to do with that piece of information. I don't know you brought up smugly. Okay okay good. Don't that's thank you very much. I'll be point Tennessee at the bossy center at one thirty. And and that's GonNa Change everything once these playing say you might actually withdraw. You might just say I've got to do it. And I have to throw the game because the prospect of a lie detector test will be just as good idea of getting kirk ice. Fishing would be good as well. It sounds good for show perspective. The course is that as I said in the old show yes Fifteen minutes ago Steve runs like his left leg is on his right leggings right legs on his left leg. It's in very strange you that but he was an athlete and your quarterback in high school right. Yes believe you were. If I'm not mistaken both both class president and Valedictorian right. This is true so I don't understand how you can be so what happened. You coordination the originator of the scoop and score. Yeah that's right twenty three. How's your back by the way I've very very long legs? Six three taller six four giant. Sorry twice handles. Big Steve Yes. Yes yes it's like my high school basketball roster was six five. Oh you lied. And you're getting the sneakers on your six record the find that roster awesome house the back. It's a little sore. You broke it and you want to know from that. I understand but I'm saying how does it feel now is okay you completely healed. Yeah Oh good what happened. I got a helmet. I got a helmet into the middle of my back on doing look kick return. I broke three proxies on the besides my guy fell on you and you broke your back. No I wasn't on the Ground Song is wrong. Yeah he ran into me so you call him a liar liar. Wow how are you good for the goose is good for the Gander. My guess so. Are you ready for lie detector tests. You confident yeah okay. There will be. Some things are feverishly dispute. What's his face is a Barstool who's at the Barcelona turn? The guy's name is they've got to compile all investing. Investigators say betsy it's all lies. It's four fourteen year old kid in Canada. OKAY TO DISMISS OUR ORION Steve Young. I'm only I can do that. Let's start with Ron Weaving. Ninety reads to get to hear the good news. Thanks to SMUG S Again it plain and simple you want to the Professor Manhattan today talking to people out there. Okay Okay Okay you WanNa be a d plus fuck for the rest of your life. Fine Knock yourself out. Come in two seconds you want to be an a plus fucker. A coitus king us. Roman swiping your deck. And you'll make everyone happy. Your girlfriend will have fifty orgasms. Your boyfriend will also swipe In the two at the same time we'll fuck forever forever. You're a plus fucking enrollment K. Professor Man is GonNa look at get some grades going And I WANNA see some matter WASCO With them now the WASCO have man mating. Okay I'll take it now. The WASCO mating as well. We'll be grading that. They'll be Roman there. If you put rolling on in and Steve will agree with this in temperatures like that. If you leave your Dick Exposure but Roman on you'll be fine. I I don't think that check with your physicians consult with the Warm Vagina. If it's inside of Virginia Yeah you're fine. Yeah it's like the Empire Strikes Back when Luke Sleeps inside the thing member Solo kills the is that Ed whatever the creditor is it goes in there critter having nuclear also though. I do think there's a chance that you can leave your penis. Flo exposed in that cold weather check. I'm not saying I'm just saying I think that I don't know that it's possible. It's not we're GONNA have we're have them in the fan afraid hours with Roman probably not put a bunch of Roman around it in like wrapping up probably just get frostbite dick yet but then if you've been Roman on then we'll take longer to come with no bad ideas and brainstorming. Here I mean we I suppose if your Dick is just like a dead skin tag. It'll take really long to come. Let some saying so go to wilms necessarily point is it's time to get an a plus fucking professor men Hanson. Start doing the grading. It's going to start with Mike and now they're going to be near tomorrow. Some hard core out coach fucking wanted to lead again. I'm just GonNa say that's it. It's a baby geared Mama. Gerry grandmother a guilt. It is time. Don't you think sure don't you at this point that he's not having kids dry. She is in DC right or no according to DC says yes right drill dried up sandpaper apor this age and you know what. Let's have a great grandmother before I don't know can we get that done in. Months is a long time for now. I'm saying thing well. Maybe she'll have a premature baby. At least it'd be sad at least made me at this. Point is long way of saying get Roman DOT COM. Get your man dot com slash Lashkar. We hear from these people today or no. No we haven't yet Roman DOT COM get tremaine dot com slash Kirke and her first month for just five bucks. Let's say goodbye by the way before we get to the other stuff to guest. MHP's that right now we'll see what you just said. Do you want me to. Let's play that phone call for before his honour. Well I will remember you. It is this. Listen I got to tell you. This is some of the most pathetic displays of commentary about you and Kirk Manhattan. Your Bill parcells right. And you've got Bella check coming in here that's really put it in terms that you can understand no dumb everything down and make it a sports analogy for day. That's really what you have there. I'm sorry you're not ourselves. You're not brady you just the two seconds later. You're not parcells. How you start to play waiting do you want me to replay what you just said? You'd a parcells know your parcels. Remember fucking Christ man. I just like faulk you you come. What portnoy's right? You are a fucking moron like a total. Who's he talking himself? Producer for the fuck you you fucking pussy. I'm so disappointed posted this last night. Yeah it's nine o'clock just about on On Tack Primetime Primetime. I didn't see it till this morning. I know it's fucking stupid on poor for Neva. Post this if you really think about this true you really break. The time has come for me to say goodbye to the persona. I created the account with a purpose is to speak truth to the pussies stifling Kirk situation at Wfan entercom. That war was won. Not by me but like I think I helped. Now it's time to step away and give the other voices an opportunity. UH-HUH IMPACT The community. I'll miss you all hands down the best fan base and podcast in the planet. I might be gone but I'll be listening. PS great thinkers better than making them in the fans a title. Mike stole from me. Yes that's actually not nothing you made up on his way. I tell you son of a bitch so I mean so. MHP If indeed is gone on And he's not one of these like guys okay. I'm leaving do this all the time. And he's been very quietly. Yes so I would even say some of the newer listeners. I don't even really know who he is. The very new no new. We gave them all the time. And if you've been listening lists the last few weeks I hear from people who started what's going on. MHP is a made guy. He is on the Mount. Rushmore of mini vans That's done in Pencil. Not Think honest about that former briefly president moved we decide to go some more normal and stable mummy. Mummy you say I'm kidding my Momma Too Bad asshole. My Mom's alive. Everyone tells me I banged his mother before she died. That's ridiculous does it feel so good feel good for you well we love DC as well actually podcast guests. If you get a chance to listen it was excellent. Talks with his mom a really good job I thought he did a great job of it. So go listen to. There's nothing like a nice young smooth hairless boy that seems like odd awed came in the middle. Yeah right in the middle of the final words so image B. is absolutely right when I was in purgatory and nobody not Gerry Callahan over the intercom was talking about me. Image being DC for sure MHP led the charge. And I am always grateful to that. I think I'd be here anyway anyway but it doesn't matter yes they were you know they were asking questions which I like. Nobody else was doing and I will forever be grateful to those guys and You know doesn't brought content and a dark time. There was no Dickman hinch. Who did he did he? And so if he's indeed gone and I don't know what I don't know what happened in DC. And I were texting regards messaging early this morning. He doesn't really know either. He didn't just saw the message he didn't know either. I texted DC as well to get the scoop bonus yeah and You know I imagine you can understand tragic times you will confront laugh sure. I appreciated that I said I predict. MHP will be back at some point. I don't think this will stick nick. I don't tend. DC said I pretty back by Thanksgiving Slough grief. Grieving brings us all together. I guess the new job and think so so no I think he doesn't. He doesn't. This is not a criticism. But he doesn't like the heat. He likes throwing it. He likes causing housing trouble. You like to ask him questions but he doesn't come back. You like being exposed. which was by Steve? I know Steve Really re this. The the blood is on your hands friend. And this is your kill this even even. He's like a deer. Even after this emotional moment steve went back and dug up. Do you hanging about because the deer died quicker than the hanged India upside down and let them bleed out before you even they snack as to which fat ass playing meal right now. You really think it was the poetry that started it breath. I think that was more like he knew that we were all having fun. I do think the whole thing. He's very he. We would do. The Marty Walsh stuff indeed. He tried really hard with that. He in with the other guy be like. Hey I got this call from this guy. I got this call this number and recognize that sort of paranoid doing now. I think he's like I don't WanNa deal with it now. My advice my advice I would say the him like you can kind of just stick your finger in. You'll have to just have some fun tweet about the show and listen to the show and even I mean. DC pointed out to me he goes. You can dupe one podcast a month one of rights. I think he's going to back away from all the other parody account see runs. That's a great question so through three hundred of them by also. Think the Kelleher thing. I think you really hate her. That's you know I think that sort of I think he's the first casualty of the minivan console war and that's a big kill for themselves. I got to say this but he so he. I texted him and said what. What's going on here buddy? Respondents said that exactly what you texted. I'm pretty much. What's going on here champ? And he said. Can I call you at some point this week and I said sure but that's all I know I don't know if there's some dirty details he doesn't WANNA next. Why could see him say that somebody in the mid so world has been bothering him? That's the way he thinks right. So Oh you know and even even clients and you believe that and you believe that like so big right. That's a good example. So maybe it's best for him to just. This isn't for everyone. He served his purpose. He was a good soldier gray. We now need a new secretary. Of was he secretary of position. Thought who sex date I think he's Sacramento. Huge Best Secretary of state is our ambassador to the World Matt from Providence immediately dancing on the grave of Mason. The I'm willing to step in warm. There's no so the so the point will be made by me. Yes like this. This is not mean election. This is this is your in your term. So we don't have a line of succession for those positions undersecretary of state so secretary of state. MHP's now removed from office with with distinction with service. Well well done thank thank you for your service. You're out Good luck with everything. Good luck with your poetry and your sandwiches and everything we love you. You're welcome back anytime you're always have a home with us. Very good The Matt from Providence is making the case to be the replacement is yes. I think he'd be a good candidate. He distinguished himself with prank phone calls. He was at the prayer. Vigil MHM using the minivans. He was at the courthouse us at the courthouse. Was He's been with you for some battles who this is but he sounds like Sean may be your favorite prank call. He's the guy who did The the the Rhode Island's you heard because he goes and that was to just throw that's fees. He's a good candidate. Controversial candidate a lot of people. Don't like okay. Can I throw. Aj in here again. We have a transgender person in our cabinet. Now you're engaging in tokenism correct something we can point to. It seems like this seems like a naked ploy correct. But I I am. I am throwing that one out there just just just to say you know. I like that as well. Maybe from providence say Ambassadorship to another country. Okay you know maybe armband around very good. I don't know I'm I'm just throwing out. There was a state. I understand that. But I'm just saying so whatever he'd like a plum position to worry about anything anymore doesn't have to you know salary. HP should really have. You should get a nice retirement package basser Bermuda or something exactly. Yeah I don't know he didn't now. Here's an interesting little. Maybe I'm wrong here. When odal wording that he threw in there didn't say he's leaving the persona of the hiring them? HP Persona Right does that me. John Devon is going to be back or someone else will be exciting. I'm just saying I don't know at the end of the show know no. DC said he's been preparing for this for what really he. He's seen the writing on the walls. More than as you prepare for. Love is something that doesn't pay you anything. Yes good strategy by DC. It was wife has pointed that out to them. I guess but yeah. He said he knew this was coming for a while. So I don't know if people from the discord can be added perhaps You know guys like Djba. The of Stepped up you know. This is the problem when like you lose those great chemistry. Yes so when you lose that does it becomes something else you know has become like a bad spinoff off right. I'm concerned is this archie. SHOWS GONNA turn into Joey I mean. He's the he's the president so many other things to worry about so I'm willing in your from Africa province but you know I like the idea of a solid token position as well I think if AJ wants person. So I'm just being pragmatic here. So same merchant comes back attacking us in then. Listen to this okay. Some companies has hate. Seems like we have real issue with transgender people. Say Well they say that. You're you're about to apologize thirty-six you know we. Aj Secretary of state of the minivan replaced. MHP be left the position where to fly on their face. So why don't you just Paul doesn't writing or you can do video. You want. It's up to you asshole. We're to fly into California into a big presentation to one of the agencies. I think so yeah. I'm sorry you think we're TRANSPHOBIC does the discord the representative to the secretary of state by definition. Is Your representative to the rest of the world. I mean essentially. Yeah when you say charter foreign policy so Ooh well yes I mean. I'm in charge of foreign policy but AJ or Matt will be you know. I'll give them the notes and then they'll spin it. They'll be the Mike pompeo to your trump correct correct. Yes indeed so. I don't know you know it's really quite by Harry Manila last night. By the way you asked me to ask if there have been a female secretary of the Treasury. And there's never female secretary of Treasury so there you go to trust the beginning we were talking about female he said there's never been the president. I said no female Vice President present knows he's obsessed with money says Female Treasury Secretary. I said I don't think there has I looked up. There's never has been surprised too young to even know those words. He's doing a good lesson school system pretty clear. What do we have a treasury secretary or no? Yeah I think we do the job pizza thing what do you what do you think of. HP's retiring on here. You go one hundred sixty eight nesting for a big loss now. I think the newer people they say well so what not know. This guy has been my brother and arms. I mean he was with with us for the real fights. Now he's one of the fans with access to the official show twitter account. Oh who's that new. I think he has to. I mean He. Can you know I gotTA. We gotTA booed him from the Twitter thread to loss. I don't know the new twitter thread picture in this picture of this. Oh I think you'd love it at the very professional shop our Avar choke out of the minivan thread. Oh I ah you look at that picture. It's got a young put. Well is it the one where he looks like. He's shit maybe he's in a suit business business cash way the great run. Yeah that's it that's it I mean I say now I would say By the way a win for KFC. I know that's a win for KFC we came in here. I'm I'm honestly surprised you're taking it so well who me. Yeah what am I supposed to do. The guy wants to leave lash out in rage but what about. What am I supposed to do? A lot of people thought he free to leave. I mean as long as they. You know. Donate a portion of the future salary to me. It take test physical mental tests before they leave for the free leave. That's good were you say. People a lot of people wonder if and I'm not one of these of course but a lot of people wondered if there was maybe too much pomp and circumstance around a man not running a parody account anymore. It's up to them this question. I mean where are we going to video announcement in a press conference part of that anymore. It was a very understated classy exit. It was and that's what you want your secretary of state due. Yes I am nominating. Aj Secretary of state myself. I am nominating yet. And I shouldn't say that I'm throwing the name out there your respond with Matt from Providence. I think the only thing that makes sense for the whole thing makes sense going to make sense of the two of them do some sort of video dividends of ask them we ask them questions. This is bad news for Matt from Providence. Why is that? I think is going to be a strong contender. Yeah that's tough. I mean great credentials. Yeah I think you just tanked that problem. I mean she's willing to go literally all in for this. It's hard to you. Know is a sort of an odd way trump hillary election section it is providence. Was the clean. Cut Easy choice right but you brought a an outsider in Mo- shake things up so you compare Asia that trump in many ways every match like Hillary. I like a good solid candidate. He's a great Kenny. He's on my shortlist he's other shortlist. Got Matt Aj Rosie. Three people in the shortlist. WHO's the mom mm-hmm who's the third one? I don't know when that would really hurt him. HP If that's him have we know the good so we have a third name. You need could third name for that dominate kirks wallpaper. No that's a person I got I got. I don't know if it's a political. We know kirks desk is driving. Aj Up to a meadow Oscar. Is that true. I said God speed in the sense that this a section suck but he also conversely should secretary of state be a minivan or adminstered not immune cell. They had a good solid sort of position. We go at the old school like a president. I think you'll see a female president way before you see him in cell president really. Yes the United States on me before you see him when D. E. C. Dies of a heart attack. Whatever sure then you know? We're GONNA replace him. I think with them. I think unless things are moving fast on these people like with trump. I just can't keep up times. It's tough tough. CBS running of course. But he's an act like you just want to. You know that our third candidate maybe. Yeah you'll throw him in there. Yes arriving Keta but what what the people need yes deserve but the year we need right now you secretary. That's a good yes. I think he's a good one high profile. Yes clearly a fan right all right good. Yeah yeah that's a great deal of his hands dirty. Yes yeah yeah all right. So he'll be willing to participate in the debate. But you might be a little trouble. That would be great going. Aw I agree I agree. But he's he's acting like he's acting like he's better than Asia's running a fashion empire. She is going to be in the debate if she accepts. Maybe she WANNA do it. You can't new forced into these guessing. She's going to want to do all right. TROLL SOCKS DOT COM. Get Your Minihan. And I'm Mike Salk. TRAE now Kirkman. And that's me. Mike SOx TROLL SOCKS DOT COM. Use Code Sucks for twenty percent off also pick up. Some game of thrones socks Brady. Socks trump socks love socks. troll soccer one size fit all so they're perfect gift super comfortable super warm and never get a hole in your toes again. If you're a fan had the mouth wasco go the TROLL SOCKS DOT COM use. The Code Sucks for twenty percent off where we got here where we all go here but you know where my heart is. But where's that the cause of that story the we'll do later he's lunatic. They've been dealing with. Some imposter is amazing. Thing is he did a an interview with with Like Black News Dot Com And something on my bit. Somehow the interviewer comes off as a bigger asshole true. It's great but the jury were impostors caused thanks. I did too many heroes life. These women wanted to play Vanessa huxtable. It's just doesn't he. He's I I don't know I don't know what to say about the guy he's it's just. The big picture is just insane like amaze me the most prolific rapist in American history nineteen. EIGHTY-FOUR COSBY will be fighting off rape allegations. And it'll be facing jail time ten years in jail rape rape. Yes but like you know sixty rapes one of the most prolific rapists of all time in one point was most famous man in America. I think clean cut man. I I have to twenty years ago if you could play this audio for people. I'd like to know what they thought the. Why is it so bad I you can cosby? Are you GonNa make sure your audio was good. Shit that's going to be the get the prison phone line. But he fair. How old is he was too? So is what Steven Avery was phone on. You can hear him fine also guilty by the way and so and so is the guy from Which McCall who Who got a the thing that I can do? Try Not guilty guilty guilty guilty there was. Yes a podcast by big liberal dinner whole thing in you know spun it one way. I don't know about that very pretty fair and balanced. You should listen to the Walmart making murder pockets from the guy who thinks he's guilty. You'll think he's fucking guilty guilty. Yeah nobody goes to prison. Let's guilty God damn it. No one's ever been innocence. The first time Steven Avery went he was not true. That's true that's true. That's the only time that ever happened. History there's also three men were just let out of prison. After thirty six years I think in Maryland for high school. Yes yes I'm Michael go to jail all the time and I'm steven being sarcastic. Yeah it was hot criminal justice take anyone's ever been wrong here rice and if I can be blunt don't believe it Mitch be ever held a cabinet position in this guy control. Yes I understand Steve. I've I've had podcast guests on talked about have ranted against the death penalty and the death penalty is insane especially nephew. You know we you find any twelve people three Mer stupid and now. We think that they can decide. Somebody's life it's absolutely free wrongfully convicted. Great podcast you heard it or not just sort of have very good. PODCAST Steve. Well the death of did the the death penalty is a The big issue for conservatives conservatives are pro death penalty but not all are no. It's a conservative issue for sure. Yeah I would say that there are more the the pro death penalty camp is more conservative than it is right. which is you know strange? Because they're also you know pro-life Yeah I don't really see the comparison between those two issues but I think is criminals. Dirty criminal issued a higher burden of proof well in order to have the death knell. I think too. I think conservative sometimes get to hopped up in their own. Like fake Michio Bullshit. That's true John Wayne where it's like. Hey we kill burned these fucking motherfuckers. Tough kill the kill the bags do I think Zarni ev should be killed. I have no problem with that or the time if ever if you can be assured that everyone is guilty then fucking string among kids. I have no moral like. There's no moral compass. I have with like a guy like that or somebody who rapes a kid. Kill Them. I have no problem with that. But you can look at the whole thing either. Guide a the old podcasts. They had a guy a guy who wrote a book and Author Really Book Benjamin Franklin Rash on our C. H. L. A.. And I forget. The name of the book Ghosts of something and he did. It is basically True Crime Book Guy was in prison for fifty years for forty years for rape. He didn't commit and like you know the in in their stories like that all over the place so I can't say like like you know that guy could easily be dead. He's abode guy is he. Yeah no ghosts of the innocent man actual story of trial and redemption excellent book. He might people your age. Maybe a little older. He did good job. Good Book I can't you know with I think of all the people in history have been killed. Probably do it right. It's I mean in so inducing killed imagine you city. Yeah so so Zarni. I've know marathon bomber. The one who lived is obviously the worst person person on earth for that instead of dying which I'd be fine with. He is literally in a room. You know it's like whatever. It is eight by eight right for for seventy years. I mean you know sixty that's I. He doesn't die but okay. I mean I know you got sense of death. But he's not in he's is GonNa die. Win Forty years from now. Thirty appeals process the tax payer funded process will go on forever right so death rose always miserable right. It's never like you adapt up to a lifestyle there I wanNA know. I watched his documentary. Some of them do okay. I mean they just like typical incarceration Tiv somewhere the way they live their life and have their food and hang out people's problem with it. Is that these guys don't deserve that. You shouldn't be able to adapt to a lifestyle. I would have no problem if you WANNA torture them. If but then again. What if they're innocent right so you know I just don't trust here's the thing like it? That's right I have a problem. With the Republicans they'll want limited government. They don't trust government built trust people but yet they trust dumb jurors to you know I. It doesn't make sense doesn't make like I think the system itself is flawed. I think there are some states. That require two eye-witnesses for in order to enact the death penalty which I think is okay. I'm I'm okay with NFL. That is flawed. No I think if you have a higher if you agree bear but eyewitnesses is not a perfect that's also could be. You can poke holes through that two people say Yeah I saw Kirkman and kill Mike Gary. I mean the happened She this all the time I me I would just say I'm all for you. WanNa put them in jail forever. You want to say they can't do this. You can't do that on the waking up every hour. They're sleeping keeping for the rest of their life fine but I can't kill him just because once you kill them Kinda hard to bring back your innocence out. Yeah that's that's difficult. I mean I think you're issue who is with flaws in the criminal justice system altogether because those guys in Maryland. They've been in jail for thirty six year. Right when you've stolen they're fucking life retire. Life has gone great. They're going to get three million dollars should should be. What is that going to do? Some sort of three million. They'll get they'll get X.. Amount per year. They'll still how how much money a year of your life worth. How much money's thirty six six fucking years like? It's like the Paradise Lost Trilogy. You know those guys and some people still think they get it you know they were the West Memphis three were women Jalen Hill like fifteen sixteen years old guy when they were thirty five for crying every day. fucking nuts in. Everyone thinks you're guilty. What you get out? They think you're guilty even like well. Maybe who I knows and you know the mental. You can't go out and live life. I mean you can. You've missed an opportunity to start a family. Your entire life is stolen from you and it doesn't have anything the death penalty right. You meet this way. I can't put those guys in the cabinet because I don't know I don't really know stuff like that matters. I'm sure that's the most upsetting thing that's happened to them in their live hop six out of jail after thirty six years. Now listen did like today's show car. WHO's this big girlfriends like? Oh yeah there's Woah. This podcast fucking commits a crime. That's bring it back done. I bet you prisoners listening this podcast. One one we know of what I'm saying active prison. I bet you the more learnings are allowed to have phones. Computers could yeah you could you go to Kirkman the hand show dot com probably smuggling some iphones up there s strike guarantee. There's a prisoner listening to us today. They'll let us know. I hope so. Let's hope Nope we boost. We have friends in the letters. And I also think you know I'm considered liberal minded because of this. I do believe that Prisons Are Korea should be for rehabilitation in Forever Luli. Because what good is it. Do you go for seven years that you feel like shit then you come in the fuck does that. Do you could rephrase that though you're not considered liberal minded your when you give priority to avoid recidivism because they just costing us do us any good. I know it's only GonNa hurt other people so great some you treat some guy like shit for nine years. Then he rolls out. He's fucking as learn nothing and then he does it again. Well then what but I think there also has to be element of punishment not separation from society. I know but that's a pretty significant punishment. Would you like Steve. No I just think like society in whole justice demands that there be some kind of punter. Jail can't be like a European license. Oh no no no no no no no life should be tougher. Exactly you broke the walls and there's a there's a it is a fine line you have to walk between avoiding turning them into a worse criminal but also punishing them watch no Robertson new report loop for thirty. I don't know what they did with Kingpin Pete but that seems to be the where the fine line is. Oh yeah he's really worked. He's a great guy. He's fantastic whatever they whatever they did with him at work or might be something fundamental to his character that allowed him to turn it around. Seems like a very nice guy was a young guy a mistake yes can never gonNa vote but not. That's one eighty can't vote and his strange again. That says you know you commit a crime you Get caught with some oxycontin. You lose your fundamental rights. The why should why just. Because that's the way America popped twenty okay. So when he's fifty eight he can't vote for president. Data links does it. I know but that doesn't that seem you are a too strong of the problem is is that the F- previously incarcerated population would tend to vote for Democrats. So it's true it only good conservatives. Suppose them having individual rights. I agree yes. Let's talk about Milton's as Milton's happy with day wondering Milton's is happy. Yes well a fan of the video that I directed got lots of views it did despite the reluctant performance of my My Star or you didn't excellent job with that quite a vision. You have quite a worker. The bill has their first sees Mike standing there. Confused trying to hack natural natural the minute minute fans man sells step even be worse than funeral. I would suppose right. Yes yes but again you know I trust this. Yesterday yesterday was arrested in social media. You don't understand you know and you do. I think if you listen every day by millions a loyal. They've been to me to my old show to this show. 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They'll be perfectly tailored look like a fucking starting. It looks like the guy who got married at the prayer whether it's a wedding or a or whatever you want whether it's work or you just want some casual clothes as well like micro sang holiday parties just work just to have them you the Milton's uh-huh dot com slash kirk. Let them know fans step up here this week. Help build who've been the great supporter of this show. Milton's dot com slash Kirk. Do that right now. Total purchase from today through Sunday all during Black Friday week. Stephen Hot Black Friday guy. No I will be offset well. Milton's you mean yes. Yes but you on these guys waiting for nine dollars a fucking shovel or something right. I mean have you. Have you seen the the way I dress S.. I'm not a big shopper. Johnny but yeah I can see a tools guy or something or electronics guy though don't knowing a basic spartan TV no I have a TV. But I think I bought it in in June. Okay I mean I don't see Mike doing it. No Sir I. The last time I did black black Friday I was more of a mercenary. I was shopping on behalf. Half of my sister-in-law she. She wanted the deal she wanted to. TV So I was in and out in and out of Walmart for like grave or something. No My sister-in-law twin sister sister and sister in law was alive at the time got show. I don't know what are you laughing at. Probably a finesse around that in straight she has a twin sister. The one who's deceased yes. Oh she must have she must be. That's supposed to be brutal yet. is here but these twins other bonded. Yeah Oh Komo. Hey you have you and your husband spare anyone in your brother married her yes of course you did. It only seemed brush Robinson. Jesus how she doing She's doing well. She just got engaged. Yeah well that's good. He's how old is she should be thirty four thirty five talk to her. Yep You talked to her individually. Yeah you talk to your you close your little. Yeah I was She came into my life when I was in fourth grade. So she's pretty much big sister. Okay can you like fourth grade Nineteen the thirty sticky. The world's fair a wonderful now was I going to say that threw me off. I don't know we're talking about black Friday. Yeah it was just any songs or no. Yes we do. Oh I I was into this because I'm just into this stuff so I guess I was having dinner. Uh Harry last night after news Swimming swim lessons. He does at Bentley He's a place likes to go so we went there last night. The two of US and we're watching two. TV's these are on MSN. If you're not in Boston Nessin is the red sox propaganda network I mean. That's really is I mean John. Henry owns it. It's just it's just pure your awful fucking not even that there's just no nothing remotely interesting programming on it ever well. Red Sox Bruins Games. If you're talkie or baseball you're watching last night then because we did go two hours worth of the announcement for the Worcester. Red Sox t name Oh the minor league teams moving from pawtucket to worcester the AAA team and they they were building this up. And I'm watching this thinking. I know the red sox own it but there is no. I'm trying to talk to Harry about this disease like that fucking care you're like there's no henry has been going after me for years. There's no way any human being cares about the name of the Worcester reds. It's okay if you're in Worcester. No one cares. Nobody well how what have I told you. They went with a creative name and not the one that everyone expected. Something would be and and wound socks and just kept winning my God. Can you pull even and it's just the old it was. It was all ninety year. Old People talking about Sa- fucking doc and antiquated stupid. fucking thing I've ever seen in my of the Wu socks becomes the city's excitement and we have felt all along. And I see it here tonight. It's a standing-room-only standing room. Only crowd but Dr Charleston sc yes. He's actually I hate to say it. He's actually guys. Actually I was GONNA say there have even more schmaltzy guys. Tries Tali offers told schmaltz fest. But I mean you know and watch him like this is from nineteen keenly twenty-seven. There's nobody would care about so for the out of towners. The Red Sox triple A.. Team used to be called the paw paw socks Rhode Island right back so it just seems natural. Everyone kind of assumed it'd be the worst site there is no no one was interested in. Like what gave you a crazy name. You still wouldn't care he'd be like Oh. Don't say eh some minor league team for the Red Sox man people were so just the old people on Nessin the Mike. This is just horrendous television. I wouldn't even give a fuck if the red sox teams there. I wouldn't care if they won the way baseball is dead. It's so fucking dead and good for Worcester. Like I'm sure gives him a nice boost and people go gotta such a target. I was kind of like the pawtucket. Red Sox house will thrive miss the sixty minutes special on the on the woo hoo socks. Now's younger. My Dad took me in the Minor League Baseball. The best is next. Baseball's going to get more Joe Castiglione plenty of sound. Yeah because it's just every inane detail about a perfect person while he of course went to Uh He loves. Steve went to Bowdoin College. Dexter Maine resit Valedictorian and president speeches. In everyone in there is all major league in ashes. Like this everyone's great. They're all great. Great guys throughout won. A wonderful guy had a chance to talk to Dr Bill Cosby on the phone today. For a nice guy I worked in my old job is working these stupid events for w uh-huh and I worked invent with Joe Castiglione and was the most bizarre thing we did. We were Sponsored by Hood Day or the the yeah the young sponsorship in this Little Hood Z.. Cups and Castiglione says you mind if I have. I have a few of those. I'm GonNa take them for the empires give the UMPIRES snacks. Before the Gaming Major League Baseball Games yes men and then I was imagining the UMPIRES. Like what am I gonNa to do it like. Where are we next we have to Boston? Oh fuck ice cream before the game you all. I'm sure I'm sure they have some some food to offer them before the game I think the years ago so yoga said go in the play by play guy for the red sox. Terrible fucking awful has been doing for like ninety years in the tree like a God for some reason. They think it's important meal anybody could do. It doesn't matter so like seven eight years ago I got asked to do in the event in Western mass with Rob Bradford Ford and Castiglione. Somebody else was like a red sox off season roundtable. Okay and what. I didn't understand what's supposed to red sox ask kissing fest that Castiglione talking about how wonderful Roger Roger Clemens is and I said well you think he did steroids right. He's like I don't know anything about that. Don't know anything about the issue robbers after like. You can't do that like you know they take that very seriously. I you know rob is a pussy thing like you can't talk the everyone's a God all these athletes are God's there's also an MLB commissioned investigation instigation into Mitchell. You can't ask joke sums dad. Ronnie Clemens was like forty years old. He circled five thousand guys with the Astros because he was on steroids. Navy imaginings McNamee's as name. Yes so the injected clemencies wife in the ass at their house steroid. We all understand. This is what happened. Yes Ma give fuck it gives a fuck but the sort of like this glorification. We're just going on in the. I've just how they do it now. Which is fine? But that's bazaar but I mean my thing was talk about you know John Henry owns. Isn't Tom were different. Thinks is a genus. Thou- Tom Worm. I was reading that Bill Cosby store. Yes Oh you know. This is the television they give you on a on a weeknight Jill flipping around in the time in history where there's more good things to watch ever on television. NECESSARILY SAYING WE'RE GONNA they give you an hour long announcement to what the Worcester Baseball team throughout two hours. I didn't know if we were just endless. I mean so so the name was the red sox known as the rue socks the logo as well entering now slough with the team's new right right. That's how did they get delete the power. He blew his brains out very nice guy who was just doing just doing his job. He's just a show for them. And what are you gonNA. It's a job it's just living. He's making a very very nice guy. But I always feel I who the hell Jesus correct. Oh God it's just from a different. That's Andy Rooney one. Oh One right there. Can you believe it folks folks. The Wu socks the logo is a smiley face. Seems I remember when they were pawtucket reds. I like Minor League Baseball when they barred stormed and I remember my dad took me to. We drove fifty miles to see Satchel page play. That was the first time I saw a black guy play baseball. I remember when Jackie Robinson broke into lane so they go through socks exactly the right clothes. So that's all know this. They show anytime soon. I don't think the red sox relationship is that great supporting. It's too bad but yeah it's so. Good luck to the Wu socks. We'll say this speaking of relationships. That aren't great. Your Boy Ronan Farrow. You still interested in Hock in his book Lisa Mahabir. What do you expect them to do this? Guy You deal with this yesterday or no transition receive texts mailer nowhere. He's like here's podcast and radio DOT COM Thelma. FRANCESA's see Francis announced how about this for the kids reading boy. It's just announced yesterday. Just just this is only like Caitlin are. Her friends came running. Knocked me down with this news or so excited He's doing a nightly. Once is all done with this radio stuff nightly six pm a half hour radio DOT com show talks with sports and politics politics. You know I was just sitting here thinking I need Francesa's take on this election for a half an hour a night you misspoke. What is what's Francesa do? I don't want to hear about your co Jerry. A half hour. It's six o'clock at night we've talking. That will get after the initial thing whatever fifty listeners maximum I got is that unbelievable so essentially it's a podcast that comes out at six. pm I I think it's well no one will be live. You'll have to live because off. Take some calls and a half hour. So he's GonNa he's GonNa do it from everyday from his house or from wherever summer houses. Yeah that's a big political guy. I remember never heard. I remember when imus got fired. Originally Francis a one in the morning show he was doing this. How crazy this guy in the morning show you do a lot of politics? It was awful then they come back in the afternoon. Show Russo. If you're on the air for eight hours a day she fucking ego this person to he he wanted to do you WanNa do that. He wanted to do like political stuff. Political Guy Really. He's not he's never incorporated end of the show. Remember no no no no no. He's getting killed in the ratings now. So radio DOT COM disaster on their hands are about to pay somebody else. Millions of dollars due him. He'll get a show because it's not gonNA get any fucking trouble. Yeah he'll do is half half hour. RADIO DOT COM show. I think starting next year is he a pro-trump I think he's Republican. Yeah Alevis pro-trump. I don't even know. He's a Republican that but find out. How often does that show? Seems like a real deep thinker to me shit. So Steve's thing was Ronan Farrow radio DOT COM PODCAST SO steve is very upset with him. Fuck lookback should really be fully aware of my situation entercom before he signed it on and you should have come on the show. Why he'd know about there seems he's like Steve Texts me said? Do you think this is. Why Ronan Farrow didn't come on you know it's maybe he agency has handlers? They're aware that. Does this deal in the making king. They're probably more savvy on the Kirkman entercom situation. He did. I think there's something fucked that guy he didn't he didn't do any real podcasts at all because he you didn't do what rate no hope. He gets outed fucking skeletons in his closet. Somebody should look into Ronan Farrow. That's all I'm saying. What do you mean? I don't know it's time to do some digging. He might he might. He's about to get the ESI Robinson treatment trouble. No that ends wait till Ronin Ronin finds out about Chris. Curtis that's true the work I want to do. Some digging Yes so they'll be terrible fast. I mean how's IT GONNA be different from his audiobook. Yeah well hopefully. That'll be good. Do I hope just impression I guess Rosie Perez all that sound like Mike I can tell you that's GonNa be. He's an interesting guy. He's a good journalist. Show sucked the press release. ENTERCOM put out is just. I can be about his book six episodes isn't that book. Come and gone. I mean I could ask Ya Yeah. It's running now. No Zombie talking about him. He's got a new stuff. Is it going to be. You might have said this. Is it GonNa be a podcast series or is he just GonNa Brancheau. I think it's going to be a couple of episodes. Okay weekly episode out somebody else in Hollywood every week. That'd be a fucking hell of a pipe that data's tap dance. And eventually you run out a rapist. Right Hollywood who knows who knows so. Yeah we'll see what the radio so he's doing. RADIO DOT COM confusing. It was in partnership with some studio that Entercom owns and the New Yorker magazine is confusing. I guess you so fucking complicated. That stupid replace. The press release could have been written by Dave. Was that bad speaking of colony. What's up for tonight? Where are we at Steven McCarron? I Dunno Stephen Mike Remotely Michaelson. You're going Steve. Moly yeah you can go. Some Big Star is GonNa be number today show but he offered me a ride last night. We did he was he seemed only. What does he live? I don't know no relives always but he's picking you up and bringing you why as I say if it's if that's the way to worry about it but I just didn't I mean Ubuntu Woburn at six. PM might be paying the ADS. Get there earlier just fucking ethic we are yet. Just go get something to eat or something you don't WanNa fuck and hang out won't be driving with Uber and then right how many people are going going. I mean last I checked. He had these a number of confirmations quick twenty-five RSVP's unbelievable the ghosts. Dave Colony Yeah G. calling signals so seriously right. Oh yeah a big event for his life it was once again brings him no no revenue an announcement to make vis-a-vis Dave Culinary. Oh boy it's A. We may be approaching the first day of Choline sale with us. Oh golfing approach. No not this golfing. What is another another client client okay? Why Not Why am I not coaching his sale? I just told you know what what is it world is it in. It's a company called head. Gum mm-hmm I'll tell you I'll let me show you. It's it's an agency that places advertising on a network of podcasts. All right Lee other great right. Let's get okay. We did know. That's why I didn't tell you off. Air Okay I've already told me on the Astro. I got a call from conning on an yesterday saying like hey do you think we should do this blah blah blah and I visited. You said like let's just get some confirmations if we get twenty people whatever then we should do it. If we're going to have four people look like assholes and why but I would agree okay. That's good that's a good idea. Good idea and then he calls me like twenty minutes later and says says what. If you did a live periscope from the Kirkman hand show. Count talk this out and I said I I mean I'll do it but a I can't even read the comments so me. Doing this adds nothing. It's just me talking saying should I do it. I don't know people living off me. When you build your own brains shithead Liza's me? Both him man him here. What good does that do well? I talked about left so if I go on instagram. So instagram right now. Yeah let me see. I think you might have deleted it. I know Steve Talking about that so on instagram. Right now okay. I'm on our instagram account. Okay so how do I do video on it right now instagram. What if you click? Click the if you're on the I don't know he's looking at right now. Top right top left. Were they that arrows I think so just clicking on that I've never known own that's direct your time like the camera thing right. IGT That's how you do it. Oh no not I G. TV that's different stays up. How do you do a fucking video? Like doc enabled camera access. Maybe yeah you have to do that in the settings on your iphone buffet on Clicky okay. I'm doing video right now for Dave Okay go enable microphone access. Those already done so tap for video joe or hold for sound it says here right. That's how I do it. Yeah we're no Steve. Yes so you tap tap the Little Camera I on the camera. I have like a circle. Things that that is. Yeah okay so for video yes some video right now okay. It'll be broadcast while I do. Okay right yes okay. It's going around and like Red Circle. Sounds Right Jarrett. Yes so Did you did you swipe over to the live down at the bottom. No I don't know what I'm doing. Got There so go back to the main screen. Oh for Christ's sake. I'll even do that. So like the first the the first screen you encounter when you open up your instagram out. Have your story right now. It's just a fucking picture of okay. Don't click now. You're fucking car on builds. Your own brand. I mean fucking really like I was nowhere. Ten years ago I was doing fucking weekends in snowstorms storms. Coding was selling. It's fucking real estate thing with Barry Armstrong for the last twelve years. Now he's cocky walking around. I think I was working on it with Barry Armstrong. You fucking fucking asshole. What did he do? It missed us. I know he did a video with no sound. He'd been doing okay. So you're at the main screen right. Yeah on the maker of force the US's foreplay pod right now so click the camera and the upper left corner. I did that okay. Now down at the bottom hold on okay. The bottom live. It says normal. You want to scroll live live on instagram. Press that button. I press the live Button Razali Button so now I have an ex and I have a thing below. Okay yes push the thing below the the acts. That's it's in the middle at the bottom checking connection. Now live your largo to live right now. You do your thing do I do. I double click it to get back to me like gun the gun the other video right now. Just if you guys right I I'll do it to get to meet. There should be a little camera with like Arrows on author down camera with Arrows. I must see doubleclick dude. It's me okay. You're Amazon I. This is the first time I've ever been on instagram. Graham doing a video ever. I'm doing a live on the Kirkman show right now because Dave Cohen wants us to do something is that right. I guess all right. So what are we doing. What are we talking about? We're talking about about the event at the virtual golf place where Dave culinary event at the fucking virtual golf place in Melbourne. Steve Robinson will be there Mike. You'll be there. Were doing the show right now. Now so whatever so go watch it. I don't know what what was supposed to go to go to hoover tonight. That's it that's pretty much it just go to. That was that was the that was where vaccine for me. What are you gonNA say are tight hundreds right? It's a can't read lips which means you probably working makes sense. Does that mean working. Can you can you hear me. Can you hear me came here. Me these people say no cooking the fucking audio work fucking with is there a like a microphone button or something. Can you just turn the microphone. Remember that part of the process of the Microphone Song You OUGHTA is working fine. Look at the studio right now. Here's Steve There's Mike Hello here's the mural it's not done right now we're doing the show right now so there you go so buck in St Mike want you. Whoever Dave wants to go to thing and hoover and tonight at six o'clock time we'll be starting around seven? I believe we've seven o'clock tonight there. You go the Milton's Milton's dot com slash car twenty percent off and all of the great advertisement for an instagram. or No. And if you want to follow us on instagram going instagram dot com slash on instagram. You should these people not on the pod which people art listening to give a fuck. I only care about instrument. I'M GONNA influence right right. This is Johnny. Oh shirt make five million dollars off it all right all right so there you go. So are we going back to do the show healer. That was exciting thought. So do you want to end-july video and now there you go wow viewers. Jesus Christ feel. I exhausted like I always do math. What does it matter if my camera was on camera off before that I don't know For All the APPS require you to enable how wow them to use it. It's just it's an iphone security future so that an APP can't access your camera without your permission inspire on you as a matter. That's on now care about that. But you've given permission how it turns off your clothes if you've closed it out it's off now right. I guess cares. Happy Dave he fuck had misinterpreted. Instagram is for an hour ago. UCF in here. That it's GonNa aggravate me. I wanted to be in the know you can't you can't ever want for an hour ago. You can't hear it from an hour but we were in here. How do you know that I it was? Oh maybe while we were one said one hour ago because apparently he did one. That's now been deleted that you on her account. It was the last one. You're still up there so I think no no. I think I think this one you can hear. He's driving around his car. cocky is can be as an accomplished fucking thing in his life again if I don't bring him back he's nobody right captains swinging Dick econ discord who it is going to sell fucking gum hair. said he had a great meeting with Jesse yesterday on. Good Jew this Callahan. JC what what. I'll get to that fucking second. Oh boy I have no use for him right now. I'm not seeing it on our account. The last thing is the keyboard chop exclusive. I don't care about him. They don't care about Chiba Chiba. He's wonderful all saying yeah. I've got I've got it on my phone but not on your you hang on. I'm sharing this story by the way except for the hell that means your video available since I've been up astor I I don't know I don't know how regular listeners would feel but I think my favorite part of couldn't wait until I park at the office much fucking mm-hmm I don't care get back in here. Come on get back in here round three. This is exactly how it should go fucking. Oh my face. Can you hear me. Why was covering the Mike? I don't understand. Massachusetts just passed a distracted driving. He's going down the highway years. Hopefully the guy yesterday turned all about bad co well first of all talked with something that does work express. VPN Hi yes express. VPN Is something that everybody should have. It's a virtual private network. It allows you to spoof your Internet location location if you're looking to buy the international game pass through direct direct TV for NFL You can get a discount on it if you spoof your VPN outside of the United States but it's also just a good security function to have protects your data from corporations who might have you looking for governments who might be we'll go encrypted or whatever you know if you're like Harvey Weinstein and you got black line with him. I'm just saying if former massage agents are trying to dig into your Shit Cuba's tracking on Harvey Weinstein. I think they're protecting him down. Roy Farrell if your journal if you're Ronan Farrow and SEC runoff. It's I don't know if if you're Enron situation you got SC Robinson trying to dig into you use express VPN to mask your Internet traffic and it makes things it makes it a little bit harder for people addiction up on you. You're saying even the DC sleuth couldn't get passed out. No I don't think I don't think so. There's no better advertising than and if you if you stream football games like I do going through who read it or what it's become and you don't pay for it you can use express. VPN In order to you know. Make sure you're safe the the FBI or ice man can and get you that. I like this product express. VPN Dot com slash Minihan M. I. N. H. A. N. E. that's Xpress dot com slash Hannity three. VPN The N.. Word I say express the first time I said this. You said Express Dot Com. Oh I beg a express. VPN DOT COM. I Apologize Express. VPN Dot com slash minihan am I h Min McCain. Not many honey had people from Hawaiian before. Yes Minivan M. I. N. I. H. Any from County Cork Ireland assholes m. i. n. i. H. A. N. Express. VPN DOT com slash. Mundane do it right now. Three months free. What are you? Laughing could be Hawaiian guy. Be Hawaiian Seeming Catharsis french-canadian. It's my French Canadian. Blood Bahama shirts for millions. I do like those express rush. VPN Dot com slash minihan. That do that right now. What does Tommy Bahama Halftime daily Hawaiian shirts kind of Bahama? Oh whatever yeah. I'd like to go to Hawaii but that is twelve hours. That's too far I have I have I have a I have a bunch of places. Now we're GONNA go Australia. Yes of course. I get messages from offense every day saying hey if you need Australian Minna Fan on I get every day from people who say hey. When are you into a live? Show here here here. So I I mean I mean you know for the people in Say New Yorker. Whenever I saw Steve Tweed place? Lisa morning that tickled my ass home. Did you see this. I don't think so. Give me a give them give them I will give the name of the place please So just north of Dexter in Iowa there is a s e Robinson Wildlife area. I mean real. I mean it's a hundred one hundred. Ten Acre Acre Wildlife area located along the Middle Raccoon River. Do I do I hear the first. The first I'd say next spring maybe spring. Two thousand twenty minute fan hunting expedition almost like they were built for a minute fan of the Olympics. The buildings the ESI Robinson Wildlife area is primarily used for public hunting with excellent habitat for deer. Turkey Turkey squirrels year at this is going to happen. But that's a fall two thousand twenty one. Kim Hunt Denial. What are the hunting fall? Fall is someone's pranking. My daughter was born in. I am in Iowa Guy. I'm in for. Where's IT Monroe? What's it called it's in Panera? Nora Iowa where is that night I mean in the Middle Okay. I was kind of a boxy state. I've been there several cooler shape state. I like Iowa though. It's a nice state to drive through What was I going to say? See Look at the people already Giving me credit on on my instagram stuff. Oh good thank you. It's important Influence what's her That's I mean to live hunting. Show in the name of the town again. This is GonNa this is going to happen. Would you say Pinot Pinot Minora Minora the S. E. Robinson Wildlife Area Panera Iowa. Just just a few miles north west of Dexter. I mean am I wrong. This is first of all a little bit of water. They're seeing lake in that town. Yes it's a nice nice river for fishing. Yes they're beautiful Lake Panorama and the Raccoon River valley. Thirty minute drive west of the Nora Panorama. Yes thirty minute west of Des Moines. A nice little town you can stay in Des Moines and we can do the show big city. Nor I'm thinking I'm already thinking three shows away Nora Iowa restaurants. I mean come on the port scenic property. I mean what we're doing this like God. This place looks great excellent. That's really good Steve. We're doing population. One Thousand One hundred seventy five what they have these places my favorite thing. Yeah those like accordion French fries. Ou know talking to Michael Jackson it calls them accordion so they look like even born in this country. What he meant right away ever call a firm called? Accordion fries before the Panera Panorama high school has a respectable golf team according according to their worked accordion fries million million hits on it forty and fries. Don Don done. We tried to get you nice. Try to turn the tables on the the old mast done so oh fall two thousand twenty. Let's start making it happen right now. In two thousand ten and had four hundred sixty households so now it's triple population w saying no those households household has at one thousand one hundred seventy five individuals living in Nora. Wow well bigger. Areas tend to have a better venues rent from barstow can help a scope location. I know our faltering Aaron. I like Trent Fuck. Oh I get I will blood you would. So do you think I might be more open to places smaller population for live. Show you figured out yet. Let's do one fucking Manhattan boy. That's that's interesting to do that. Carolina it always should do if you have an ice fishing show. She gets really creative. People get together and Yoshi do after that is say. Oh that's really good by the way to a fucking pond hockey competition to I coincidentally. That's all that's all. I'll say I'll leave it at that a couple of weeks later. Did you find that coincidental. Steve the only solution is to get together. A minute fan hockey team in win it. That's fine I'm up. We also tag fuck you also take the motto Oscar crew and just set up ice fishing on the pond. That's true but yet. Did you think that that was influenced by our announcement. It's interesting timing. I would say no question no question. No we'll give us a promotion. They do their own thing. That's fine the only thing that makes me think is important. Portwood falls on the fucking river. Is the river fort. Jesus that's true at coward. Davey deletes. Change Guys Davis not changed at all every throughout the history of Barstool David of deleted his twitter. 'cause he called someone fat. There's no evidence very strange move. Here's Dave egner every recalling anyone play which is weird. There's one still up. That's strange part guys just so you know I think it was. It was awesome so cool well. She's brave and courageous. How Dave his always been smart? I know this person was. I had no idea none none. While you're like ninety nine percent of America's you're not watching award more shows. We should the grammys or something shit. A tiny perks Did you see it. She's a very large woman and she had a tiny knowing. Liz Oh that's the only reason reason you might know a song or something great singer. Yeah I mean she is. I'm told you know what you're supposed to say. This is a great thing Tricia. Wonderful Savvy tab wonderful beautiful one go you go girl. I'm with you one hundred percent Boy I have a bad phone conversation Sherry last night surprise. ooh I want to have this conversation because because it's been going pretty well lately bad conversation so I call him last night Jerry so calm last night just to check talked in the wild and he sounds could stay in the mood. He's irritated and he's mad me still because I didn't push hard enough to do a podcast with him barstool or do Sirius radio with him. Okay and my retort to that was won't asked and there wasn't a lot of interest to be honest. I was there in the meeting when Erica was like. We need to get Gerry Callahan situation. You're like fuck you were as I said the Jerry Stephen. The attempt I talked to Erica wasn't not overwhelming amount of my own. Show him do my own thing. Now you lied to me. I'm like I did not lie to you. And so then it got ugly like back and forth again. I'm having fucking conversation with this guy again like you. You do your own thing like I'm missing is like you. You were after work for my podcast. You handed over the walked to the Barstool like I'm like I'm a guy I've definitely had. The Nice salary agree to that. Give America's phone number to call her and call Dave absolutely And he has number. I'm sure I you know. And they give us a nice platform no promotion which is fine. We don't ask for your own thing. I've created this show from scratch with no help from Barstool it all so jersey. The old Kirkman Hamadou his own podcast with me and tell Barcelo go screw. No I like them I respect them. They've been good to me. I'm not GonNa do that with Jerry is upset about it. You WanNa hear it is. I've created the world without him and he could never ever do that without me. He's GonNa do this angry old man conservative radio show on a podcast with the call Nathan random liberals in sixty two year. Old GonNa tell how great it is. That's it I mean you know. Enjoy Gerry Callahan Discord Gerry Callahan. Rabbit Gerry Callahan. Parity accounts and all that stuff. I mean it seems like a porn salt and a fresh wound here. What do you mean it must have been a really bad phone call? There's a bad jerry. A couple of weeks ago says listening more because I made fun of the fact that Greg Hill's ratings are higher than Jerry Matz. Jerry's aries ratings were high with me I left. They went down Before I got to the show they were down. And once Jerry left Greg Hill has higher ratings and Gerry Callahan. Who hosts right now? Okay misquotes that's for you tag Jerry tag me. Those are facts. Greg Hill has higher ratings and Kellyanne. She's so now that's just a fact. DOC ID. He hates me saying that. So I won't say it again but I'll just one last time regulus higher ratings than Jerry Juice Gerry Callahan. Who again in is giving me shit and I would just say the ham like I said to him again? Last night he gets mad at me. I like to say I left. And he didn't leave at the time the the the the the the the The Times did not work out correctly. I left before he did. I kicked my way out of there. He chose not to which is is fine if they called him he said last night they called me. Take the job back there. I wouldn't so he stayed until they fired him. I kicked my way out of there with a contract with years left on the contract. He waited until they cut his nuts off with two months. Left in this contract. Yeah it seems tough because I know I have earned the right to talk about Jerry. I understand sure but what it does seem odd to kind of say to you like well. What did you want me to do? I can't just leave morning show when you when you left. And then when you're a barstool expect you to tell L. Barstool to go screw. I would say like I liked by show like I'm going to say. Hey I'm I'm doing the Kirk and Callahan. Show again I don't WanNa do that. I've done it. I don't WanNa do it again. So I said the Jerry and I'm mad. I'm pissed off. He called me a fucking liar night. That pissed me off so he can go fuck off right now He said to me you know I said to him last night. I've given you a and season going to like this part. I said I've given you a producer. Now I understand it's colony of producer. We've given you a studio space. I think we've given him given the fact it's not a barstool are still podcast. Unbelievable promotion for PODCASTS. It doesn't exist. I think that he starting off with some advantages because of Kirkman. Of course he's nothing without me. I mean to be an asshole. He's like the Jersey. I got more great buzzing. I left when you left. That's because I decided to be nice that day if I was like. This is what you get for being disloyal loyal and you deserve to get fired you fuck head the other people would still be like Oh cherries a great guy. I didn't even talk Jerry's Jerry's the will right now because because I allowed it because I decided to use the wand in and give them a little tap on the head and say you get real minivan ferry dust today but I could change my mind just like that and it'll get ugly for Manila and he'll start shitting saying how much he hates. Parody accounting loves them now because I like him right now but what. I don't like them. It'll turn ugly. So then he said he said the colleen I was very critical of you trying to screw them over by doing the instead of the rent. Doing one piece of the No that's interesting. They can just give us a cash payment payment then or just not at all. I thought that it's call. They favor doing. We're not doing it for any any money off your seventy three three dollar ad like yeah. That's what I'm saying. I thought that that was a huge favor because they're not going to have a bunch of cash upfront. They'll just do a partner live read. Maybe they'll give us a Milton's reader something something also done for nothing for a while. We didn't care. Yeah no we were trying to help out Jerry. We weren't trying to make money you know. Fuck those guys. Let's say I cacophony. I I hated that part. Fuck you like we're he's again. Konate said that Steve Trying to screw us over has it. Okay first colleen hasn't said one word to me other than and to clarify what the terms we discuss would be which is just a unit of advertising in each show. So what's at the three units of advertising a week at your dollar read for those with the greatest facial. He's begging for them to Buchan. Come advertise for them. Yeah Yeah you have that meantime. We're giving Dave Cohen and the opportunity to sell for commission into this audience. Shirt I mean I mean that's unlimited unfettered like Schlep up the woburn to go do his shit show right. Well I mean you know. We're going to get. We could have got if we wanted wanted to. We could have got five hundred people mather WASCO. I believe that if we promote and push all the way Jerry wiggin nine people to live show and fucking you know anywhere. So I'm just I'm not being an asshole here but you know kind of being an asshole but it's not without justification. I'm sort of this thing. Where you re coattails like you know it's kind of like fuck off like last night was a real fuck walk-off moment and I'll get over and I'm sure but I'm just like what do you want me to do? I built a show. I look when I started the show. Where was Jerry? Okay so what am I supposed to do. That's my only sticking point because I have respect Jerry's of broadcast or anything I wouldn't say. Be Nowhere by a male audience. The idea that he essentially told you. What do you want me to do? I'm an enter Comma contract. I wonder if he would've stayed there. They offer to contract for all his tough stuff. Now see I was a tough guy when I was still there like I did these videos and criticized. They moved away from me. I took a raise. Jerry's right I left the morning show. They were Never GonNa let me back. We've thought about that. That was never going to happen. Any reason person knows that so I've seen a radio DOT COM until I realized it wasn't going to work and once I rose wasn't going to work. I kicked my way out. Jerry still had whatever six months left I had. I think four years left on my contract for a lot of money and I left. I walked away left millions of dollars. Because you know I knew this was here. Obviously that but I would have done anyway. If barstool didn't exist I was I was uh even with a subscription service. Maybe within the made as much money I don't care what have been happy but we call me a liar last night. I'm like what would you like me to do Jerry like. Why don't you do your own thing thing for once in your life as opposed to writing for a newspaper doing a show John Dennis or with Kirkman Eoghan? Why don't you start your own thing and see how you do? Maybe you'll do better than I do than if you do. I'll okay that's awesome. I'll promote if it's good sound planet we could be collaborative up on your show as much as you want. You will mind as much as you want as oppose. Why don't you bring me with the be a fucking looking adult that you think? This is just frustration that he hasn't launched yet. I guess but you know when there's no These no desire audience doesn't I don't know he's played within the system firs entire career. He's always had the court. You just wanted to ask you to be on the radio always easier when you're in the podcast world. There's more freedom but it has there are some pitfalls and perils with that freedom right. Now he's got you hired some consultants who pod. Who who produces Mike Adams? podcast Bob Ryan's podcast. So you know. Oh good luck. Maybe it'll be a good high. They'll work out. I have no idea I wish him. Well I mean you know if you if you listen to it less no. We're not promoting it but you know good luck you know colony wants to do that. He can do that but I mean I. That's fine when Dave can keep working with us if he wants to but I got that part of it worth like we're trying to fuck him over my fuck I'm over in what way. I'm perplexed like. Yeah I'm like are you serious. I said to him I was like well. How about this? We don't do it all and you can do it for do it for free or don't show show up idea that a unit advertising what per shows our talking about. Yeah that's what that's what we proposed and even that wasn't like a hard thing they agreed. You too it right. I mean it. Just verbally signed anything. We weren't going to sign anything. It was just like give a fuck gives to give some love to our advertisers on your podcast and we're good and here's the thing that's four hundred listeners. But it's not. It's not taking any money from them but also we can sixty sixty seconds of Jerry not do that. We didn't I don't care doesn't matter to me like why don't they just They can split rent with us here. That's where people say that like Coleens cover rat you know you hear that about him a lot you do year they block a lot of people. Don't like them right. I'm serious I like seeing you hear yourself say like okay. Well now. I'm kinda seeing. Is there any chance. Jerry made this up and just contributed possible but sounds more culinary because Jerry does not know the monetary value of what works and doesn't work in the podcast right. It's it sounds more colony world to me and maybe Jerry just said it in heated argument. I have no idea but I got the phone I was like. I can't believe we're still fighting in a fucking years since I left that shed Jerry decide to leave Jerry's right Jerry. Decide the state because he's a company guy that's not a criticism he just is I did my own thing took a race. He's right didn't work out so I said I'm leaving and Jerry Jerry said you'd ask me go with you sound like when I quit I was gonna say the Bible. He would quit his job at that point. Pointing Moore said this last night. We're talking on the phone so but a year ago I listened to your last show. And you're like you didn't come with me. He's like them in the contra correct. Yeah correct what he wants to Cherry wants. Nothing is easier for Jerry's. He learned over from two thousand fourteen. Fifteen two thousand seventeen to sit there and nod Kirkman. The hand gets going and collect those checks that I mean I can be. You know. It doesn't mean I like the guy but he you know he rode the train that that's what happened. When was that? Thank you when I hate this but listen I mean you know if if he fights back maybe maybe it'd be a better broadcast. QB Greg on the ratings breath. When I was a when I was a delusional boy thinking that Radio Dot Com had your best intentions in heart? They're not setting him up to well. They hired Dave colored by. I wouldn't with Jerry thinks that win with this sort of like. Hey I trust these guys I women with open. Mind as I could have talked to Steve during the process. I wasn't like I was like. Hey this is going to definitely work. This definitely be great. I went in saying okay. I'm going to give them a chance here. They've made a proposal. They don't want me to do the morning show anymore. That's clear clear like this idea that they were going to bring you back to Jerry. Fuck and absurd. They would just never going to happen so I went to a open mind until they prove to me that I couldn't trust them anymore. Then I walked out. Well I said at the time and maybe this delusion I don't know how all these contracts work and shit like that but I was surprised that Jerry and Cannon Curtis didn't see the the value in keeping the Kirk and Callahan show together starting something on your own like when worked radio DOT COM. No I don't blame. I don't blame any of those guys for staying. I was mad at Cherry but I got over. But I'm saying but now you kind of have to series like writing but apparently it's the Kristen Ken. They're now part of a more successful show than Macho Callahan. Show so it's like I. Congratulations stem the Greg Hill. You know it's just a better show in them more successful. That's the way it is. I mean when I leave. That's what happens so but I I couldn't I was like I was completely was having his phone. Thought we're way past this. I'm like we fucking doing this again. Like you're doing when your podcast. I forgot promote the shit out of it. When I'M GONNA come on announcing start? He's got some start date mine. You know you can go on Mike Graham show. Whatever announce that they're good? What started I just come out and you lied to me? I'm like why did you what we're GonNa do a serious showed together. He's going to be. He's going to be frustrated right with your frustrated. Don't take me call me a lot. I mean serious was not going to pass any money you know there was no there was no interest from Barstool with I. I mean I would say I've heard that about serious is that if you're not a huge star you'll get your own channel and they pay shit. Yeah I mean you know. They weren't just wasn't I'm GONNA happen. I I don't know what to say. I was amazed immensely frustrated. Getting off the phone. I know being a Dick now but too bad I was Dick on the phone. That'd be a dictum of US here doc. I cannot believe this conversation year later. I thought we were past all this stuff. I don't get it and you're right. Steven probably comes from point. where he knows he's you know he's he's got to build build his own show? Well I mean just imagine having the career that he had you're at the top of the pile you're the you're fixture of Boston sports radio and then you're unceremoniously tossed out on your ass. Greg takes your show and now but say Jerry Kelly. I'm Michael on the air inlets Kirkman and comes back. Maybe would have been different. There's also an element of. I know. I wouldn't want to do that but I'm just saying some regrets about how he and should he handle really poorly. Yeah well when Jerry was in here and he was mocking talking the idea of us talking about her doing prank calls and shit like that he doesn't necessarily get the show the show I don't I don't want somebody old out of touches. I'm upping Dick. I don't want him to like the show he likes to show. We're doing something wrong but I'm probably going to be your climate change takes yesterday. So yeah but he'll get that with the and there's an audience for that you good. I hope I hope it's podcast. Great but my point his own purpose of if Greg guilty doesn't surprise you better. Now that'll hurt. I think I think Jerry listen to the show and said well. I mean. This isn't what we were doing so well. What are you gonNA WANNA do? Kirk and Callahan. Show and I think maybe it hurts them that you didn't do that. Why would say it's a lot of what I did on that show anyway though but now I'm able to do it on my own? I was creating characters and worlds and doing shit right but you know I was burdened by his side kick. Who just didn't get it? You know I wish. I could have been doing twenty-five thirties. Sheriff Greg with me you put us together fucking forget it a real real radio talent. You always doing the lead every more shit fuck. You always said you wanted. Danielle is the third person. Did Yeah Jerry cans another missile. I remember so. Have you changed your mind if they offered you an opportunity to come back and hosts the show with Greg pressure. I think the ratings might go down. I see. I couldn't couldn't be drained. I mean that's what he's doing good on his show. Yeah I don't I don't Wanna I don't want I wouldn't want to get away that train. No but I am. I know I tend overreacting trying to be as calm as I can hear yelling. You're coming all the way. No I'm like you're calling US ally and then the thing obviously oddly the thing that bothered me the most the fucking commercial the ad thing the thing I'm pissed off about his colonnade owning while even get it so if you say if Dave says if you talked later he says hey looks and Jerry was. I think think that's probably too much of an investment then would say okay fine right I mean. Yeah that's but he could have brought it up with me and say he said hey talking talking with this Consultant that Jerry hired and we think that there's a better Rent Payment Strategy. And I'd say okay fine or somewhere else. We don't get here. We don't really care not at all as a matter. It wasn't pittance I mean. It doesn't mean I want to be successful. I want Jerry to be successful. Autumn share doesn't either wise and hurt us but I mean yeah sure l. but now I'm going to have to go up to woo burn fucking two and a half hour drive and ask you about it and was calling me a baby. That's not. That's not what I think. That's what Jerry said either. Great thinkers content. You know he's GonNa be a baby when he hears US going in. He's not GonNa like this. He's going to get all defensive. But but the bottom line go to hoover's I even do this fucking thing. Yeah I mean so I mean I wish Sherry. Well that's all say in things were liars and he thinks you're trying to screw him we we happy not to promote the podcast. No big deal. Good luck with him. We hope it does well. I told myself with debuts debut really high up. No did make sure you let people know and then and hopefully hold zomig. We have you know we've kept. We've rebuilt our audience. I think every month right. Yes so you know hopefully do that. That's all I mean I I know oh you want to do a podcast. That's the thing that's the other big difference is he wants to do radio. I want to do this you know. Doesn't he just doesn't because it's the only thing you can do. You settling. Yeah he wants to do radio he he wants to go under which is okay. That's what he knows. But don't take your frustrations out on me. I mean I'm not WanNa do that. God knows but you know like the Fox like you. Li- relied. We'll do your own thing like posting parcel call today and said hey you're out. Sorry she's not working out and everything will be like Jerry. Can we like. I'd say all right what's next with that'd be me. I'd say all right subscription time baby or let's find something else to do. You can do it. I know I have an audience. I'm confident in my abilities. These on my own to have my own audience here we go and you guys imagine. Come with me and we'll do it somewhere else. I think well fine. I thought somebody else subscription service I think the the whole pizza thing was just a glimpse into how work with a subscription service. That's true fork over your dope the true but you know I'm sure a subscription service to do very well we have really loyal audience and if you give them an you know content all day long do fine. I mean I mean I don't even know you would need to do a full subscription service where everything's whatever it is you have some creative. WH would figure it out. This is my point but I love working here and I love Barstool with even perfect example. Is Erica Friday. I'm with stupid Bikini. Thing perfectly great example from entercom ever tweet anything that was playful or soured of account central. Yeah absolutely not. And that's why I wish them. Nothing but misery nothing but misery in on both Mike legendary fights and enter commonly three Talk Radio giants who kicked their way at a vendor Howie Carr Kirkman Hanan Blind Mike. That's true it's true that is true. That's true I am Jerry. Kelly Jerry about this entire segment is me throwing in my two cents. Yes sorry Portnoy and Mike doesn't disagree. Hey enjoy those shows with schilling. You're going to be doing. I'm sure there'll be a lot of disagreement on those a lot. Laughs lapse there but for them a good luck to them and saw its. I don't hold any grudges but I don't think I'm wrong but you're wrong in that you just said you don't hold grudges. You are a well-known apologize and grudge. Hold I'm saying I was gobsmacked which not a word. I use a lot when I got on the phone last night. I was like Oh we really actually looked while I was talking to date was on my phone and I said we really do on November twenty fifth a year later. Really having this conversation. Jerry's actually your therapist Arabist. Let's just move on like maybe we shouldn't talk. Whatever if it's going to be like this tension is going to be in the Air I don't know support for the Kirkman? Show comes from manscaping. Men's below the belt grooming precision injury or tools for your downstairs stairs area. There you go mike back. Yes the late. Dave colony wants a free shipping with Kurkin MANSCAPING DOT COM and get the man's Cape Perfect Package two point. Oh the crop observers. Well skin safe technology with that lawnmower by the way no nicking or snagging. You're cutting off your nuts. It's also waterproof and using the shower. which is an interesting strategy? I wear who else. Would you shave your balls. Look doing after shower. Maybe what sort of Lino. Water lubricates provinces rules. Shave your balls in the shower. You can't shave in the shower. Yeah I shake my balls in the shower every day. I do kind of dirty hair I know but you have like that sort of. I don't think you're never hair-washer Washer. I am every day your hair every day I when I came back from Europe I was No Poo Poo what I didn't I didn't Shush. Gosh there's a there's a there's a movement that believes that shampooing is your your scalp over compensates when you shampoo every day right so what no poop for a while for how long I would say from one. I left for Europe at the beginning of July until the end of September in Washburn for two months while does he will strange to you. That's debt seems a couple of days a week not like maybe Tuesday Thursday. Not well this is a whole thing where you have to go like two or three weeks before your scalp settles into a new normal okay. Twenty percent off and Free Shipping Code Kirk K.. Ira At your dad. Your brother other friends Gerry Callahan. Anybody the best gift of all Manzke Perfect Package two point. Oh it's great for my nuts. MANSCAPING DOT COM. Your Bulls will thank thank you twenty percent off. I'm so pissed with that. I say that I know that is a regret sucked twenty percent off and free shipping with Kirk at me. She said to me last night too like I don't even know a coin. Sweep your show. I don't get it I understand. I told you like well good. I'm glad you told me I'm just saying we with your point though and you say you told me the use victory. They're really hold on me. I told you I already said that. Sometimes I feel throw words she go fuck off autonomy oh toy percents with free shipping and MANSCAPING DOT COM. Use the Code Kirk K. R. K.. Clip your nuts and make Santa proud this year. We we want some songs like it's time how pissing Jerry's going to be at that very Ya. That's pretty nasty nasty. Fuck off said. He couldn't do it on his own. Said Greg Hill was better than them. Bergman is good at a couple of things apologies. TENNIS HOLDING GRUDGES AND PINPOINTING PEOPLE'S INSECURITIES IN. I'm really just fucking drilling down like it's almost like it's almost it's like I make spun running or something. Yeah Alphabetize it's ridiculous. I I reject that notion So there you go where some songs you know. Yes we do good ones. Yeah I would say we've got some good ones all right here. We go in this week. It's only Tuesday. We have one of the cabins was good. Yes I did Kirksey liars back the song about our dear host here. But first we'RE GONNA kick it off if with a contribution from blind groupie. ooh likes wine and again today. Cast Great. But we're not sure that he can stay day to Sox told you that you felt that and thought maybe there's turned me can't be like rich rich key. Against the day he cried. I wish to have a manly side understand. He silence APP Barstool. He looked like a tool. Mike Sponge enough one then blaze glaze. Mike's up this show from the goals. Name Alba's Cameron average on the lives of all those tears. You've nobis you're grouping Eh. So take Mike as us. Don't bother asking if he has any idea. The rest assured that you've made really nervous telling him to stay at home. Mike had the whole day off and still accomplished nothing. Voice Blind Thakur stole show from Golden Name. Alvis every install shamed trip on air bulldozed. Here's your main. That's pretty good do you. What do you think of the criticism that has an online Christmas Suv? That you're too sensitive about Barstools barstools. MUCIS right Steve Sensitive. Yeah this sort of like you get you know you kinda played like the with rich Keefe even like how dare you say this. I'm blonde if I was fucking like the poor noise for Porna- kept saying I'm playing the victim planet and I was like how and he said because your self deprecating me making fun of myself as pointing I mean I have sympathy for my career because on Portnoy was unhappy. That was ridiculous. I never said well. Hey I'm blind. Don't make fun of me. I I think we're talking about Jerry. I think was more substantively. Substance based than poor noise against Mike that was just the bear in the revenue going to arrays weird. Feeling since I've known this guy this is what he does like. We don't really believe he was so angry at you. It was like one of the original founders of Barstool and you had to disagree the pain but that was that was a couple of tweets. Dave saw few months ago said Davis neighbors lost his edge. And when there's truth and stuff I mean come on them. It gets you there David elites you might want to delete his thoughts with you that Friday but yeah I think she was the fat thinks about it. Maybe he the army or another Aligarh Guy One of my cookie huge castle. Wait call now Undo bag which he would shut the head the him the loan to them this is. I'm good say opinion in this But my ma because he's a bastard. Puppet Master makes fun of me. Cancer Diesel Liter He's a winger. Troublemaker okay mark take a I was just thinking. I'm glad he looked this secreting. Throwing his see. It appears the coding to H- Kirk says it's always been his days tallies. That's ridiculous good deal more money were instead one who reads surely the Here's is don't get him started on lurches in a good one. Can you explain by the wage to give Steve Miller in these concerts. I've went to in the the past terrible shows seeing people like that. What was that tide pig? We get to that you and a tie-dyed shirt. I mean after you eat a handful of mushrooms. He's supposed to wear black where is the Righteous brothers where is that. That was Ivy Spring Festival at Bowdoin. Such an asshole. In that picture a trip and Paul shrew and Manchurian triple Sherry was radical tripping. Yes okay you still do drugs now Mushrooms for a long time. Unfortunately shrooms the wildland. What are you a lot of low layers? You wouldn't expect. Steve has ever done shrooms or no. I have not no. I'm a big cyclist. Yeah that's true. I looking at medical developments out now. That's a profound thoughts about moral relativism. Hang out with him at that. Point Committee is actually a place like the universe ends. Sounds like where does it what happens after that. Kinda Shit Contemplate yes. What's your take on that? I don't think there's this place with the universe I was possible. That's the end somewhere namen. Someday I'm going to move to American was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight any other Songa. We've got a Christmas. One is good or no. It's all right. Sounds Great. There goes Minahan their house men at hand right underneath the train up up to see his parents sin e I have done this all to him. Jerry Adler new partner with Kirk kills himself to dare goes again right underneath the train. Rain listen to Zarbano and stayed right in Islam is doing mornings on W. ee. I realized that things take time. Car Pills himself tunein. Christmas hit field. Go hand right underneath the train. They told him that he was number one in made him go so we can go. Suck on Greg's bills Dick just ride. That station will forever blowing car. Kills kills himself to nine. It's there goes Manahan. There goes Minahan right underneath the train on the he did not not know how to play the one mustard when he sees the trains. Truly you'll become podcast. CAST is awesome cartels him so bad. It's very nice. It's a nice holiday jingle. I can see that playing the fire sweater on Having a little play on a year. That's true it's like that was the best of the day so far. I like to say yeah. I like that last one. Apply Appropriate Delilah guys. He set the bar so high. We heard that first great. This is just like okay. You're bigger blindness. Thanks group Fan than I am. Ironically I ca I song better really like this one better act. How many? How many Roman swipes do you think we need to bring for? I can we eloquently. Gets tough of me you have. Aj and by mys- groupie there. There is going to be a Mike Gary in the world. Film IT FOR US so call three. So but yes. But we'll see you. You do that for the show right. Of course I've never said no I won't buy Mike's Groupie first of all. Is that at something. The Secretary of state should be doing no probably not Well I mean there's a rules against it. I understand that you're saying today amazing bad in this day in the meat you don't think right. Hillary Clinton was fucking the talent. I don't think so. I don't know that fired some rumors. You wonder why we lost some the same in bed. Forget when Chelsea was conceived sub sub to the same bed actually probably not even Chelsea caused Clinton's foster yeah bills not the father. But I mean do you think the when when they first day that you'll get sucked in the same bed overnight like I would assume so. We talked with Dolly Kyle. who was bills first girlfriend and she met At after their first year of college when Bill and Hillary met Hillary was apparently not a big shower. You know right let me just shower. Lot frumpy and there was an odor about her jeans. Oh God willing to heal it. Well how does girlfriend know that She she a bill introduced hillary to Dolly not bills. First girlfriend this life. They had sex a lot when they were very young. Okay one of the early series girlfriends. Yeah fucking get a fifteen. That was no bill to dynamos whereas these days he's not going to be campaigning for keys in Chappaqua. Fuck in the energizer bunny. Nobody wants to be He's dead now. That Senator Gillaibrand Threw him under the bus. She did she buried he's done. He is a A spent round as they say everyone's now worrying about Cullen I guess is for some reason knows is social media stuff today so wait a minute. Wait what worried about him I think. I think Steve's Piston CONAN right. Yeah I agree. I'm I'm pissed tonight. That's what he's going to culinary only fucking kills himself. And we don't have to do that event. Jesus would stand Dan from boy being spoken. So I'm the original colony guy. That's a is that true Yeah we recorded a podcast. And you said and I think Gotcha Guy. I'm going to have to work with him right exactly right. That's exactly how you deny that you might have been wearing that shirt. In fact I may have been and and I said Oh no he's good he'll be good for you and then like three days later. No there's maybe a week a week later you reached out to me and you said you asked again about colony and this was after the whole I had heard search. I heard some some stories. Yeah Yeah So. This is where I knew there was problem. Howie Carr camp with Kony? Well there was no. That's why she had no. You know that's true. Yeah maybe I don't know I can't speak to it. You mean Li it no. I just don't have any. I don't have any information knowledge. What's not true true? I mean I know I know as much as you do right but you know something. Yeah but I mean I. It's it's complicated anymore. It's a convoluted but but you know I was just curious. I don't think he was a big player in that bell. No big painting. PORTIA players sales game. Sell Hair. Gum or something awesome. I like this one. Today's show is going to be interesting to see how he he actually is. Keep in mind that this guy's been running the instagram and generating a ton of content for nothing trying to you. Basically fired him as a producer he just kept working Let's okay I brought him back produced reduce I for a month. I mean you nuts so I liked. We have no problem with Dave. I like Dave. I just don't know what you know if I had this ratio Jerry that turns ugly. He's GonNa be surgery or teams introduce. Jerry's podcast run our instagram account. Well does seem unlikely to you. If there's a line in the sand that has to be drawn is they're going to be a podcast at all or as Jerry Jones the bedding colony would choose Jerry. Because that's where because it's a job. Yeah who'd blame him for that. You know right but then Coleen what's GonNa really hurt him is like say bye. Bye to relevance like that's because he loves interacting with the FAN rising and that's not that that'll be gone he'll still check in but aw. I don't think there's anything we can do to get Mike to quit colonnade as true. That's true but I mean you can go Gerry Cole. Shit somebody else. They'll be deal. I'll survive I'll get through persevere you the best I can. I don't know what else we have. Anything else Did you did the stuff with Conan in and trump yesterday. Interesting the reaction reaction to that fucking dog by the moon bats on twitter was amazing. I was interested in the Messiah Thing Sent Messiah College or University. Whatever was I'm sorry I was reading the thing Steve sent about the Messiah College. Yeah saw that yeah. He's what a tweet. He tweeted out some things that were obviously sarcastic. Oh no what's his face. Sorry The Guy Enos name. Yeah Oh and you know the guy who got kicked off twitter twitter yet. What happened so he Chelsea Clinton had so stop but he's not on these still on twitter? Well he was suspended yesterday. I don't know the public outcry might have brought him back. And then twitter will claim it was just an automated automated thing but what happened is Chelsea Clinton tweeted out some virtuous signaling thing about trends Murderers exactly what it was and he no replied that statistically typically amateur if this is true I would assume it is but America's the safest place for transgender individuals and the murder rate for trans individuals roles is actually lower than it is for sis individuals in America and that he also added that the majority or most of the murders murders of trans individuals are committed by African American males. I've known if that's true and I know I have. No we're not. I would say that I would say my guesses that if you're going to rank the country's for safety for transpeople I'm GonNa Guess the United States is pretty damn high up on the list. Say better than like Iraq better than Burkina Paso. Yes I would say for sure you know better than China or Russia or I'm just I'm just guessing you know I don't know that but you know Russia for sure. Yes I mean I mean it just seems like you know. It's pretty progressive. It's perfect but seems pretty. Yeah so twitter. Looks at just a factual statement that journalists makes and I know the right winger novas factual twitter's job to be spending twelve hours for hateful conduct. You may not promote violence against threaten harass other people on the basis of race ethnicity national origin sexual orientation gender gender identity re religious affiliation age disability serious disease. That's what it says in any does not like a mainstream journalists. He's definitely a right-winger and he's got an agenda of his own but he's a free speech guy and while they suspend spend some of you for that though the like you like you can't now it's their platform. The the whole idea is you can't talk about the issue at all right no no. Why does it help transgender engineer? That's not true. You can talk about the issue but you can't have a conversation about it like Charlestown Chelsea going get suspended. Probably not so. Oh you can talk about on one side but you. We're at the point. I was like these. Are the rules on twitter. Like there's even rules. You could break that you would have no intention would have no idea. Bruce Jenner right. When I mean you could get suspended for that? Yeah you could. I mean so naming against their suspended for that on meanwhile twitter for is owned in large part by Saudi Arabia. Well they're smiling. They're spying on critics solution to that. Is this like I'm on twitter. A lot it's part of my job I understand. It's essentially the only motor show the number one way to promote our show right. So why is everybody getting together and found a way to do it in a different way. Well it did. It was called Gab job right and it sucks so I mean instead of. It's sort of one of these things where it's like these are the rules are not going to change. Yeah wake up and say you know what we hear. You're from the right as well as a left on this one. They're never changing. They're going to be left leaning so until somebody comes up with a better alternative. That's unfortunately I don't agree with that. Sounds like that's going to be life. I think more more so people want them to admit what they are rather than continuing to say. Oh no whoops. We made a mistake was an excellent job. He had them on the show. Yeah they know answers and change range right. But that's what I mean so. Nothing's going to change and I I'm with you. I would love them to give the answers. That's never going to happen. I think at this point it would be almost impossible for a competitor to come along just because of the size of adoption. fucking president of the United States is using it every day right now if he took his show tough Gav or or something like that but probably not get adoption at our lady Gaga. fucking Taylor Swift. Whoever they're not GonNa do that and then whatever's like if trump went to another platform it would be viewed? There's some old right and also everyone who's spent five ten years building up a huge following on twitter isn't going to say you know what I think I'd like to do that all over again one could say and I have no problem obviously with with Andy. No that's great but some would say like Chelsea couldn't tweets out which he tweeted out over one hundred fifty transgender people. Emergency thousand thirteen again. He said to me better. I mean that's true. Yeah yeah that's great like sometimes it's sort of like well. Oh Yeah but you know I found this trap to yeah but but but Saudi Arabia's AP's worse well okay but also us bad at that Dick Online. Of course no of course absolutely. I believe I'm on. I'm a GOLF RECOVERING ALIEN TO I. Don't care what you say but like sort of this incident like hey yeah but so is worse like okay. We know that. But she's just fucking mate you know I mean she's fucking but my only thing with her she's fucking obviously pandering so it's like you know like great. was she done to fix that. My what are you doing Chelsea. She got paid. I I think over six hundred thousand dollars producer NBC. Yeah she said nothing like three stories odd but they do that. They love doing that like deb. George Bush does terrible. Yeah you know what they this is. Yeah but I. I don't know it's so this guy was again. He's kicked off twitter for twelve hours. The world doesn't end. The service is a chilling thing where it's like the guy is if the facts are wrong factor wrong but if the facts either thanks for right twitter's not saying hey the facts sir right or wrong. They don't care about that saying these are the rules are saying. Hey wait a minute this is. It's hate speech to save this. Well what if he's right right. I know it doesn't matter. I understand that that doesn't matter. But what if he's right. Yeah and I don't know it and I don't know who has a majority of I have no idea and by the way. I think you know there are trans. People who who were probably murdered for reasons other than the fact that they're transgender. Possibly yes. I think every single time. That's the reason so I don't know I delete. Delete that part. I don't WanNa you know just saying it's it's strange that's all it's been very straight. I found it to be very strange. Little Story and people get a James Woods is off twitter permanently right. Yes very bad republican his account taking taking me for some Elizabeth Warren. Yeah ever get their account taking the way for new. ooh For saying Sarah Huckabee fat or something. NOPE that are ugly. That doesn't happen no you. You can say anything you want about. Conservatives or Republicans Libertarians Ann Coulter's whereas whatever say anything you want about. Ann Coulter encouraged Sarah Palin anything you want okay. The New York Times usually carries that that's true the only example. I could never think of at that happening anywhere. Not even not just trump's kid katie rich admitted Joe and it was like there was a glitch. We're GONNA fire. I guess what happened now. Now there's also the There's the feminist writer from Canada. She's a turf. Trans exclusion exclusionary radical feminist. She's a huge left wing feminist. But but she just doesn't think that trans individuals can be treated like women when it comes to sports and stuff like that she has. She's a total left winger when they should get out of jail. She's she's banned from twitter. Good fushing the initial good. Well let's have a conversation that fuck that I'm good. I'm glad thank you like. We don't realize is our lives of probably been easier. You're not having to see not much. Maybe that's why Jerry was so mad. Maybe you've probably fan of but I mean I don't I don't you know it's it's so scary to think. Hey let's I'm how can you know. Let's hear from one side in one side. Only and I say this every day that's liberals who were saying that. Yeah that's insane fucking insane. And that's I mean you're saying like that's that's a twitter. Twitter is either make something better deal with it but it's like twitter then has to advertise themselves as well. I'm not saying that I'm just saying I mean but I'm saying twitter should be honest. Most of what they are then if that's what they are true. Oh Yeah but but we know that's never gonNA handle. Megan Murphy is the one that I was thinking about Mega Murphy. Yes okay. Well we should get on on that. Okay I'm out on some guest on your Jesus did you see. We got an response from Tina win. The oh I did not know. Thanks but no thanks yes she loves come on at some point in the future though she would walk. Come on now busy busy. It's like Yes Tina. We'd love to have have you on at some point in the future. When you're writing about Pete Budejovice Tie? Yeah when you're no shit when you're yeah well I mean you ten minutes that busy. I guess they're pretty busy. So you know how busy nobis that busy down fifty minutes. No one's asking you to come on anywhere except for us. No you know I don't I don't I don't know I don't I don't get it very busy. Can do are now can do later. Peter has a Mike Sky Bloomberg during the early polls. We've seen these at all and it's been thirty five million dollars this weekend and TV advertising. We think Steve Sands on the Bloomberg Tantrum on Bloomberg Bloomberg Guy Steve. I'm not a Bloomberg course and of course all Bloomberg's right I mean don't you think they control enough Who New Yorkers Oh? She's Gosh Edgy. Isn't he spent a lot of comments media company. You're right so you cannot put on television or go on YouTube or anything being bludgeoned by Bloomberg bad this morning on Youtube as ridiculous. That new billionaire could be president. I mean is when the first polls come out with him in there is going to be way up no no he won't be up at all. I think that it way up in the top four five. No I don't think he I don't think he gets it already. Seeing this with Tom Steyer is just a a billionaire name. Though you'll know that I suppose was no one knows it comes stiers. I think the interesting thing for me is how Bloomberg the media outlet is going to handle this because they've just come out and announced we're not going to be doing any investigations instigations into Mike Bloomberg. Our owner we will still be investigating trump so he's gonNA come into this with this entire team of journalists who are digging dirt on his opponents and they say that they'll stay out of the Democrat primary but come on if you're if you if you're working is Moxie if you're working at Bloomberg right now and you're covering this election you top of mine has to be the fact that your boss is in it and you don't WanNa do anything jeopardize your employment. Wait a minute I just saw. Somebody re tweeted apparently accounts. Rob Bradford for tweet out six months every tweet this out at the event that the doing tonight they'll be honoring three. PODCASTS listened to Brunch. Whatever that is what that is you would not do The NEWNAN show. I don't know what that is. I don't know what that is either in section ten podcast hold on. How wait wait a minute? Wait a minute wait. I'm not our section ten. I don't know wait a minute. Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. I don't I understand this. The hope the new show is in my guy. We'll new because I like him. I I don't Whatever we don't care about them I mean ah what the fuck it is will noonan a sixty three followers is It is corrobos is Section ten pod. Why don't they understand what is going on? so He's there tonight. I don't know first of all tweet makes no sense but I mean what wha-what Tall Jarrett you have crops number. No calm boy. This is sticky situation here. It'll be explained in two minutes. We'll see I WANNA be. I understand this. What is the actual? tweet say we're read. It doesn't make any sense but there are wondering the podcast and Gary Tanguay. That's on my care whether he's a loser you. Hey what's up on I. Can you clarify something for me really quick. You're you're live on the Cookman show okay clarify. Can you clarify something for me quickly. Yeah sure I just Rob Bradford tweeted. They're arming you at something tonight. Yeah I don't I don't understand what that is something about that. Something about like acknowledging podcast or something. I don't know that we hit three hundred episodes for such okay because I hate him in the hate that place so I am. I'm on your feed. You like but you're not participating in this. I will not physically be there now. Okay what does that mean I won't I won't be where the recording is being held video for the video or are you participating in some way I physically not participating doing he's Kirk he's doing during a segment I'm listening. He's taking knowledge in that section ten hits three hundred episodes. And that's all I know. You should put a statement saying you do not support court this little me. Please carry You know what I'll do that just for you. What are you doing well? I thought you I thought you were coming in here at some point with the fuck look. I'm I'm actually heading back to Boston. And that's what we're talk. Today US giving for Thanksgiving and Yeah I would have to spend the holiday at your house not well you miss. What else is going? I think. Going on with you or no Ma- no it's about the shower so I'm like happening. Just those pants awesome. My pants are not any different from any conversation. Weaver Roman on there. And we'll get talking right now. That's about love responser for the Kirkman hand. Show support the ball were you how excited were you. Did you watch all seven. Hours of blue sox covers last night or now they literally they could have on it was on. I was at dinner with Harry. Had like fucking four hours for the stupid fucking name name. Can you believe it gives a fire. I think it was cool that one. I'm a finalist for the name that was never going to happen. Yeah it was like the rockets socks. The Wu socks and like the math home and that was probably. I'm not gonNA happen. No but it was a finalist. which is I can respect that? Yes I guess so fine all right go to do I accept your apology. Fine go take a shower. I'll talk to. I'm very sorry. Very sorry to deal with the -ffiliated that I worship you. PODCAST thank you. I'll talk you later. Good bye I find it. You make a call and get an answer. That's kind of interesting that he picks up the phone when I call him and he's about to the shower and he's naked turned on by you and I thought it was odd as he said he's half naked but it's the bottom half well. Maybe she could change change before shower. You've never take the pants off. I would go shared off any of these fucking Barstool people get up in the normal human time. Get the office at ten am. I think that's like my me and Mike. If Mike Wasn't for me Mike Mike Beginning. Play Ten thirty eleven o'clock not if I had a job regular who in the hell that happened. I've had I've had jobs before street. teamers job well. I'd say it's not a job I've worked in my life and I had to get up early for sitting understand but if it was in your world the perfect if you worked at Barstool you'd be fine rolling in ten thirty. I'm well now I wake up naturally like if I don't have the show I wake up at like six thirty. Yeah so maybe not. I used to sleep in one. I had the old show just because my time is different. Eight nine when I find that so such little respect for people. You're you're you're on air from three to seven your entire clock. Your body clock shows up until seven and a before the morning. I mean Saturday night. Going to bed at like midnight. So good that juice from the show and that's it's over kidnapping segment corrobos. It's a fine. Although I will say we have spies. If there's some video or something be an issue. Yeah if he says the autumn I mean very physically. He's very thankful for pods giving very shrewd guy. I mean you can't you can't can't walk them in anything. so He's you know. Oh He's also under questioning. He's not folding so he gave me. I thought not a great answer he did seem a little Evasive like I'm not physically going to be joyless voiceless event. That sounds like too doesn't it. Like what are they doing. Like it's just this little circle like inside circle jerk but he said they're going to do a Saturday of me saying I understand. This is oh by the the way speaking of Gary Tanguay was GonNa be honored at this event. I'm told that he is a member of the Bossy sportscenter he is. He lives in submarine Sherry is. Oh wow how could he be brought in to offer his commentary for this when they call me you know I think I might. He gets a pass for going to this thing tonight. I can't blame Gary. He doesn't know any better. He really literally has no idea what's going on. But he said there's GonNa be a segment like what are they going to say. Hey can you believe section tens got into three hundred episodes. That sounds wrong to me working. They say I don't know how far blocked the number after last time is probably true. We're we're going to voicemail right. Why am I getting a call from to? Who is this? I'm talking about well. What are you doing? I've talked. I've talked to him since then but yeah I like. I don't like you'll be doing that. I don't use afraid of my world. Yeah but you're GONNA be playing tennis. Be They're afraid of getting he got in there before. Did like Gary has got the Itch play-by-play he's got the itch go into uh some safe podcast event around. You know what that is might have no idea pods. I heard from one of my sources. Is that rob was very happy. He was very proud of that name pods giving very close good and so you can literally do anything. But what's his last. Yeah bill say I thought of this the other day too I think maybe the hardest. I laughed at the Kirk and Callahan show very obscure moment but I was. I was like half listening. I wasn't fully paying attention and I just hear you say Rob Bradford dead at forty five and then it goes to break the Super Bowl Minneapolis. which was a great like like this one? I when I fight with Jerry the only two people in in any way affiliate with Entercom it all who I care about maintaining relations with at all or Jerry. That's it and I get mad but I mean it's not as I love him. I can't those are my my brother. He is a scar on his quad. Awed from being bitten by dogs after practice. That was that week it was a while week and I just I would jump because you went to Minneapolis for super weak. You literally had nothing to do the show. It started five in the morning. We're at the mall of America. We were nowhere near we were at the Marriott across the street with walk they do show. We'll be done at nine. Am You're done with your day at nine am so do some stuff trying in trouble but a couple of times a week go jump with mud and because he was by himself and I did. One of the flashes flashes forum in rat. Forget at the age of forty five and rob texting our like. I've forgotten where I went to deal with. No because he's doing. This show went to dinner with Gary Gary Gary and I got to interrupt your dinner and I got a text from rob to see you know. My brother heard that talking about like what are you talking about. My brother thought I was dead. Dead freaking out all due respect your posters like a fucking idiot like I. I've known you for twenty five years on the Flashback Rob Bradford Diets and they just do a show the fuck and there'd be no and his brother would have no way of knowing it's just announced on the radio and then we'll just go just go back and do the show after so what's going on the crazy week. He'll be like Jerry tweeting out. Kirk died right forty five. That was that that was that was. That was a good week. But that's I mean some get fights with Jerry MUP- it's he can't be that mad at somebody if you don't love somebody you know what I mean. Like unless it's like merchant center Shirley or something but but like you can't really there has to be some Emmerson. I do probably love each other down the yeah but rivals Fall Creek Buddies. But you know I. I think it's stuff like that. We say that I'm like what the fuck was but who knows so there you go So tonight is a big night for colony. Thank I think. Maybe in Steve who better bring his big boy pants and some balls today challenge colony on this. I don't think instigating I won't throw Nia no gasoline on the fire at all. I don't do well I will say was this far. Steve knows is of the things. That's really happened the Jerusalem. I'll be curious. Curious to hear colleen's spin on it. You know which will be nominated convoluted and totally sensitive fusing what what what. No Oh yeah but no no no no no no no no no steve what I said no no no. You're you're on the phone. What I said was giving a a piece of the advertising was a trade off? It'll be something that doesn't make any sense. Go zero sense so how you gonNA handle it. Well well I'm not a mean person by nature but you've got a little bit of revenge. Just ask the late you know. MHP your latest kill. Yeah but that was just a flick of the wrist. Who I mean we gotta remember colony is a friend? Yeah I like Conan but you know you have to ask questions. That's all. I mean you expect them to tell the truth though right. I mean we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get to the bottom of it detector. I'm GonNa get an hour and a half worth of truth on the right up there explaining me Kirk was wrong. And why Steve. He doesn't understand this role on ninety. Three it's just red lights. Traffic do the Doodoo Samantha. Juries go it's fine. It's good so we got that so so call it a and so that was a good meeting Great Meeting ooh. I got just got out of a great meeting with Jerry Kelly. What's good I was good or bad jerry? So these met with them. How Jerry was doing I tell you and then you'll say on the air so like so? What yet promotion fucking state secret? It's fucking podcast. Jesus Christ it's all we news talk about this yeah. It doesn't really matter. Someone knows if he made a joke about counting or something. Yeah what do you have that Steve. I'm just looking at cullens twitter account. He says risk my life to plug this event and I got Richmond or in a client nonetheless burying me now. What are we doing? That's a great question I'll tell you. What Dave launch? Don't you believe everything. What does he if he's being sarcastic right? I think he's He's trying to recover from the instagram floods. A famous colony and sense of humor. It's it's always done so well in the past oh I get it. Rich mandarins is a class. I can keep up with jokes calling show somebody lattice. It's Jalen and could easily be another patient. I said being named patient for sure Steve Orderly when he said Jerry's your therapist Ger yes. Here's a good therapist once a week. You have a phone call. Are we looking internally yourself. Aw how does your relationship with your father thinking about those makes Jesus all right anything else Steve. We get a little bit of the old Radio Dot Com podcast for the Papa. John's thing Papa. John's interview did you watch any of this. I watched some of it. Hi this is Steve Robinson you have something new excited. I just think it's funny. That he's He's fired from the company for using N Word on a conference call in his comeback strategy. Is He's going to sit down and talk with a black journalist. I just think it's like it's so he's never talked to them. It's sleeves. I'm saying it's obvious it's he's engaging aging in tokenism again I think he's taking black journalists and saying well tokenism I would agree is not a good way to go one more thing about. Aj in what forty pieces the month. That's what he says Papa. John's is affiliate pasta pizzas in the last thirty games incurred. I'm glad you asked the optics of the entire thing are so awful. He looks like he was dipped in grease before the great look he's he's all. All sweaty was wrongfully fired. Like what he was saying was not. What did the other remember? He used the N.. Word but it was. Incontinence heard the context that he was saying he was talking about how people were calling him a racist for voting for trump and he goes colonel sanders use the N.. Word but he said. Oh yeah a fight for that. Take us the stories. Just roll one like you. Just forget what people got fired. Fan said he said he used the N. word To show how much he hates racism which is kind of I mean not really the way I'll go but in the interview that he says that the pizza is shit now because they fired him because apparently the piece of tastes tastes better when he was there but he agrees with their decision to bring on shack and he thinks that the only thing that would make that better advertising if you had him standing next to SHEC- in black face right just to show a racist playing the recording is a little too on the nose. Fire Papa John for saying the n word then they should. I think pizza very seriously only cheese pizza papa. John's with advertiser parcel. They're great. I'm assuming they don't not my favorite say not not. It's tough it's it's tough to mass produce pizza right. I mean any any domino's Papa. John's is not going to have the quality of life. Post Office Better Pizza Hut Dominos or at least like see I will fight pizza hut pizzas execute the right Pizza Hut. I don't know if I'd go good but it's not that every year every year my bro- Every year my brother and I will have pizza once or twice Ryan's a big pizza guy and it's a it's an event. I enjoy my pizzas. Yeah dramatic but Papa Johns. I won't speak to the entire company but I had a once. Maybe be Springfield is a bad one could understand they. There was Baru. There's no other Papa. John's Springfield Massachusetts. Is that my favorite Papa. Uh either popaginos off course I mean that's you know and I'm concerned about publishing somebody's shitting on Papa Gino's the other day I was not happy shit on Popaginos. I don't like it though Papa. John's you gotta they get to get the right slice though. Yeah you gotta get call any real quick. He's a publishing house master chemical. Because if you gotTa talk to working right now we're GONNA talk popaginos. There's only one guy that's going to get any horn. He's like in the middle of Open heart surgery right now. He's not a doctor he's a he's a finance guy. Does works numbers coming. You're thinking the lace ace NA. LA's yeah he's real guy. I mean what's Nolan. I don't think I've number save. You have known number number. I was trying to do like What's it called an Anagram or something because like Monette makes me think of I combine monette and another name of one of your friends? I Spell Mahan. It all comes together. I'm like my God now. It all makes sense is what you are doing not really. I'd do it some tell. Is it a dummy. Share the contact here. Sure contacting fuller. Ben Oh he disappeared. Yeah I I think brief run. I think after we didn't respond to twelve texts. You got the message. He could still be listening for. All we know this. But this the title in Nineteen ninety-two in one thousand nine hundred ninety three division one st tennis singles champion Being Matthew Fuller Winchester Massachusetts. Really Fuck I guess I do have to call them now tips. Yes wow tennis player Dartmouth. You're playing against when I was younger I did. He always always beat me but it was pretty good for a while. Is Andy Ashby answers. I mean what's he got to do more important than that's that's the thing on credit though he doesn't answer sometimes he's actually working. I will be managing the investment account for some ninety eight year old. You know most of the shows I was nude one ring Fun fucking disappointing commodity. Mammo Ottomar but he's I was looking to get the secrets for was per. Yeah that's the thing so you might want to reach out and get the number and fully at the meet up for some pizza later. You've got two guys who beat me at tennis fuller or any Andy. Nolan guys can make that claim to be three in that club. What do you mean? He wavered his confidence wait. How you're feeling cocky? No I'm still going to see me on the Corden. A couple of hours I am you sandbag. What do you mean play bad on purpose? You're going to get what you get. I'm not this is it man. I'm not playing any any any no games and nobody like I'm ready to go. Yes kirkman is never played psychological games. I have not. I've never tried to fuck with your producers. We'll do consumer productive up front with you. Would I know what I mean. I suppose. Five and issue are we talking about. This is true for the elevator. What's the real issue? Probably the lights the lights issue but then they're gone right well they haven't been turned on right so never be turned on. Wow what did you think. Oh mural thing so we think we can get somebody to use Louis. Yeah we've got a couple of candidates. Okay we'll throw it out. We'll have some some listener involvement remodeling moving US backgrounds right. Now it's not now. What would you like that? Turks painter did an excellent job. The call you pay just plain but I'm just saying from a visual excitement. You know you need a little bit of winning. That'll be done. Well it depends John. It's hard to say right now because we don't have a murless picked and then it'll depend on their schedule and working out the arrangement how about. Aj Year's Eve again. I've never said no Mike Age Jake's team I guy if we do with our setup here it does kind of look like were shooting. Dot Com Mike Mike's Groupie in. Aj New Year's Eve just to sleepover see just a hang. I'm down for it here's the problem MHM The idea of me and Kelleher spending New Year's Eve together. I think it's interesting to watch US right. Interact even in the know moments. I don't know blend megs groupie right mean age. You can can just have conversation through. Punish out there. I don't know you know willing to do it. I'm just trying to content on your baby in her. What do you think's keeping mind that that by that time they'll be like four? Twas deep we think very familiar you think so. Yeah my goodness I'm saying a month's time Alba Albert should be worried worried I think Alba's Alba understands she's GonNa lose. Mike Aftermath might just might stay with them Oscar commune wife Yeah. Free Love love kind of place. Maybe it's nice and quiet rooms man. So it's you know that's like let's say October of next year. Is Iowa October interesting. Yes timing you ready for that Steve. I'm ready we can do a show. Wherever we need to s era people? Parcel will love that right. Oh yes they would be thrilled. Good you're going to Nora. We get five hundred people there. I met the record. When I- conversations around five hundred people the director of operations of Arsenal's so all right life show show in Panera Iowa we give them one for them in the spring? Yes we're giving them one for them in the Spring Omega they're going to be a lot of money doodle money ex and we get one for us. It's sort of the old I've always appreciated the actors that old one for the studio independent one like Matt Damon. You know he kind of gives us gives you one for him one for me so. I'm giving them one for the big budget that I'm a dual independent one in Iowa. We get three hundred people there easily easily we could go to drive mucking live attention. It's what ten hours more hours understanding of space and time. It's like twelve hours just to Cleveland. Let's see how long okay I thought it was about the same as I I would say it's a two day drive. Okay you're a pussy. Maybe let me see here. I would have guessed. Cleveland and NY were roughly the same distance. What's what's what's the name of the town? Panera Boston to Panera Iowa I'm GonNa say it's GonNa be nineteen hours in the car eighteen hours Kerr not quite twenty one hours in the car you take that in one sitting two days two nights two uh-huh full days of Dr. Oh Yeah for sure I mean yes. I've yeah I mean trying to think yeah now most people will fly. You're thinking Oh we're not as nice travel travel package. We're going to the best packages around train. We'll get our travel agent on the show. The put it together. Who Dave Dave handling train to work fan train expedition addition to Iowa? I just want to be part of this deal with a coal company. That's good good October. You'll take them on doing right. Is that seen the. Maybe maybe some legal loopholes with that or no maybe small town like that. Say you just do it right. I was going to ask forgiveness. Dick Cheney thing. He's had offered no purpose purpose. Knowledge I mean are we always have the best intentions in mind if you kill the deer hunting before Maybe what do you mean There's been some blood left if behind after I've taken shots so they might died for an infection a little while after but no no successful kills ailing hunting killed stuff. But I've never squirrels whatever yeah. Squirrels squirrelled birds. That kind of thing. But I've never been not one of the great hunters of all appealed to me. That doesn't appeal to me fishing. I can almost understand. Hunting doesn't do would you like they lost. I think he would like the bill for you know. I think you'd like the experience of just kind of sitting out by yourself in the woods tree. Stand ten leagues long time for I told you I guess A. Why wouldn't you WANNA murder them there so you can I just? I've run before driven the deer. So dumb they just don't scary because they're so dumb but it's a it's a great excuse to murder another living being that's true. I mean there's a good argument to be now. They're your problem. These people go to kill elephants and shit like that. That's not my bag. I mean I think you should. You should eat it if you're going to kill it only uses much of the animal and I think they're just rich people that want to say aided they're hunting elephant right thing if elephants went extinct. Would it really affect us. I'm not sure. How does it affect baby? What does that mean? I don't think there are a keystone. What are they what are they contributing the site? They're saying that the The koalas right now because of the wildfires in Australia they're losing their habitat like fuck the koalas right. Exactly right out right off is all. You could save. You've all the qualities and it was gonna cost you five thousand dollars fuck. No I wasn't doing that. Were no animal. I would say that for exactly if no single fucking penguin on the planet. I don't know if every single animal was wiped out I wouldn't care Or the chicken. You're fan of the chicken. I don't like chicken. Do you eat it all the time. It's the only thing I've ever seen you eat. I can chicken sandwich. It's not the only ever seen at stake at the okay so so would you some either hot dog right in front of me. We talked for hours. I I'm a now I would. I would prefer that my source of food stature. Chicken Turkey pig. Yeah that's how Cowo- kangaroo we mean Irungu neither view by the way when. There's a place in Portland Maine that sells jerky from alligator from kangaroo. WHO's good it'll be debunked by noon by noon? Believe it now. A lot of these podcasts are doing the best now. We're at the end of the decade movie burns. I read and podcast redoing the best movies of the decade decade right. You guys have any. Steve has no idea of bourgeoisie. Best movie of the deck best movie this decade boy if I if if I had to say the accent so I looked it up. The most recent ghostbusters was going so I saw one of these ones who basically strung together a consensus of the critics and came up with. What has the most votes right now for number one and I would probably put this in my top ten movies of all time the Deck Tech Oak? Yeah I I would say don't have I don't have a the problem with this. One boy said he would come out. You probably wouldn't even know if this decade or last okay. That's one thing I know because I just care about that stupid shit but it came out in two thousand thousand ten got. I don't even have a guest. Two thousand ten social network. Oh okay which is an excellent movie though I yeah. I wouldn't think of that as the best last movie of the decade great movies. Have you ever seen the tree of life. That's lasted notes on the woman to two Johnson. Two thousand eleven the true. Yeah Sean Penn and Brad Pitt. Yeah I'll put them up on top. My top twenty twenty-five it's one of those movies that when I was watching it I was just drudge. Just fuck is going on. But I've it stayed with me so I mean a good movie if it leaves a lasting impression. I like the social network but if that's the best movie that decade it's been a rough decade grand. Budapest hotel was good. That's this decade. Yes it is right. Would you put remnant. No I liked revenue but it was just maybe one one of the best performer. Maybe the best performance you. Yeah I think it would be a great movie. I don't know if it's top ten though because anytime you doing this you you don't have top of mind. The entire universe films have come out in the last ten. Well it's hard. That's the thing you gotta give some real thought that some saying the spotlight. I don't think that that goes I hate. Hey that's not blow job for twelve years. A slave output considering a top ten great movie CBO says his his beliefs in other one. That's way of glories bathrooms that that's a second yeah doesn't ten Django says decade. Oh I would be up there. I'd say number one movie this decade though if I had to pick thought about this guy I'm seeing might sneak in a Mad Max fury every road I think number one. That's probably true. Have you ever seen the lobster. which ones that? It's the movie movie with Colin Farrell. It's a kind of a dark comedy where you go off the Colin Farrell goes off to an island. It's a good one it's on. It's on some of these lists of best movies of the decade really. I think you'd like it. It's kind of A. It's a darkly funny. Twist on a dystopia in society. It's it's interesting wolf of Wall Street. I would throw up their my. My top. Ten Wall Street is definitely a bunch of this. I've seen you know you you see like you know. We don't zero dark thirty. Yeah forgot about that Steve. No you're not tell you it was great so it was the The Benghazi movie. Thirteen hours piece on Jerry. Now you didn't like that it's a good action flick and it's based on a true story of Hillary Clinton used Steve Lakes. That's true may come out the I would also like. I think there's got to be so. I read a lot of these Chris. I love this shit. But all the crew to the critic jerk off movies which is fine but you gotta put some popular entertainment in there too like it's a whole decade. Yeah give me something I put fucking creed in their quest. I loved the first creed that the two lists. I've looked at I have Once upon a time in Hollywood in their people way fucking waybill of that no way where they put that in. Either I look at that now right now. I'm looking at the independent it. Okay top ten this top forty. Okay what are they have. It was part of time. Hollywood is their forty. Oh it's fortieth. Yeah the masters excellent excellent. Don't put one I boy. That boy had way up there. I mean it's a you know there's been some been some good movies and it's a bunch of good documentaries but it's hard I'm I I put the Wichita dragging girl and Dragon Tattoo. I thought was good. You'll hate this. Joker would be there for me and my top fifteen at least twenty. Maybe yeah I like that a lot. I liked it a lot more than you teachers looking at the list right now. Like watch watching Steve. Do things the best comedy of this decade. Who has a tough call? I this is the end was really fun. That was fun. I'd say bridesmaids you C- Conversation for that. That's probably I put the top twenty five. Yeah I'm trying to think of anything not lot. Is that two thousand eleven ten eleven. I can remember what year I was in college so it was general. Yeah I think it was eleven. I think there's also a bunch of good war movies too like dunkirk good. What was the one of the darkest hour about Winston Churchill? I thought that that was a good movie. Is All right not a lot of people like that. But that's true story though. No it's not your story kind of hurts. That wasn't bad the the the PIP one. It wasn't bad it's fucking job I ever had. I was not bad movie. So there you go Tom. Moody's the decade with Gary. Glad we got the joker and fury in the end but this should be places for movies. You know everyone saw snob. I've seen much moonlight number one. Which fucking Kim you just put the fuck? Oh what that's about though. I don't not means you. I mean if there's a movie that prominently features Someone of the Non Heterosexual non-sis gender persuasions. They tend to get the benefit of the doubt eighty. Yeah possible I'd say that's true. That's true. Might be fair. Did you guys see green book or no. I did see Green Book. I thought it was. Okay Lala Land on a lot of lists probably was I never saw. It's like ten minutes brew fucking brutal. The Independent has a movie here. That could be kirks life story. You you were never really here. Oh God no I have not banging on the commies the finish line Paddington. To on a lot of these creeks like I don't know what that's about Addington to I don't know what that is. It's the sequel the Paddington the court Paddington. Bear is British Stuffed animal and I couldn't be when I was critics like love that I'm really understand that I don't get it bridesmaids. Two thousand eleven. Yeah the top. One of independent list is Moonlight number two is Carol with Cate Blanchett Rooney Mirror. I didn't see it. I don't want my instinct is go. I've never seen it before. It just does not seem like I would like it just does not seem like that'd be my i. American sniper. Naipaul was a good one. Oh that was a good movie movie. Clint to kick around with Clinton I get out. I see get done everything I think. You'd have to include some some vendors movies in their rank why I think honestly from a from cinematic movie perspective. That's the story of the decade. There's no in fully. War has to close the top five. I guess the only yeah was at which ones that in fighting the war is the one that ends with the Feno snap. Well yeah me the only one I saw those movies and I thought was a great movie was the one with Robert Redford Nat Twins up Captain America's civil war. which was that with Robert? When he's the red fucking people are GonNa kill me for this but the right guy guy with a red-faced Redford's doctor doom or something? Ooh Redford Redford's like the director of the CIA or something in that. I'm talking about the bad guy. I don't know which one of them is really good. I was actually watching the plane. It was a good movie. Also put three billboards from Ebbing the top two excellent movie. Really I thought you were the one that said. It was Tarot Jerry like Jerry. Terrible yes Reno's speaking of Clint Eastwood last it. The last I think that's last decade. I think Stephen Alexander Pearce okay. Which one is that winter soldier? Yes that was like. I don't know I liked it. I thought it was really awful. I think all of them yes. I think they're great movies re watchable. I loved I even the The Iron Man's kicked off their good ironman. One two and three. They're all oh good. You said that it's over. I will say it was an emotional moment when Santo snapped his fingers and you cry cry cry the movie. Last time I cried during movie other war movies get to me I do yeah. Well sure I understand. You've been there. Did you like the one where Tom Hanks British spies with the Russian guy. I haven't seen despise too close to home. I know I know the last time Steve Crud. What's that inglorious bastards? He didn't exit. Sad course. BASHES is good. I like it better than Jangling chain. It loses me a lot because I can't can't Read the form. It's really a foreign movie. Remember the big debate. The time was would be qualify for best foreign language film for the Oscars because because it's what percent of it is for language enough that I kind of get lost in this dance. Seventy five percent of all the non-paid stuff one of the best opening scenes of any maybe the best opening the movie ever. So everyone says you can't nothing for you though loses meal. It's two guys speaking. What French? Yes it's because Christoph Waltz is talking to the DAD and they're on the basement basements. I do have a lot of Nice people offer though. Like what am I read the fun I can't. It'd be great washing your performance of Jingle unchain wall. It's unfair forgotten three on in that movie who waltz. He's trying to negotiate trying to negotiate. A deal did screw over pits and not very honorable is pick good movie MHM Nazis Nazis. That's a scalp. It's tough to tell I duNno. He plays a character. Everyone's saying how great he wasn't once upon a time in Hollywood I'm like I just don't I don't see it. I was disappointed that movie. I didn't only be back. I don't think I hated it. Forget this calling in on back is important conversation you just said. He's in the meeting meeting got. He's coughing business. Yes you were. Yes you did miss our call. Okay you have a unique perspective on two issues right now. Andy Number one is who somebody who's been with being critical popaginos are now not. We're being crazy popaginos. I I prefer Popaginos Paul. We're actually forget we were praising public you said someone was critical popaginos on on social media forgets so anyway number two. Steve Wants to talk up to the Kirk. Whisper for a minute before next week. Got A big tennis match coming up Andy. He's aware of it. You you defeated Kirkman What what's the secret to beating him? Well Kirk Kirk Style Kirk style is going to keep the rally going. He's GonNa he's GonNa let you he's going to let you make the mistake. Hold on one second one. Second what did I say to you earlier in the show today. Pretty much. That dig- Andy I swear to God verbatim. I said that I'm GonNa make you make the play. I'm probably GONNA WANNA mistakes. Okay go ahead. I'm sorry guys continue. I was wanted in in in the in the match. Gotcha that the historic match. Yeah twenty year old. I would go winters early. I would try to snacks right. Forehand and I go for winners than Kirkwood let we make the mistake and then you have to play his game you have to just you have to be in it for the long rally. Houses serve it gets in. He goes in. Yeah no the monopoly mock as I said to you I'm looking to get twenty two aces in the match but I'm not GonNa have any double faults either. I'M NOT GONNA I'm GonNa make you make the play right. That's very true very true. That lost person your times. Yeah that lost everything we lost it. Hurt the fucking loss hurt. I I forgot you corrected me the other day. I thought I'd smash that taking an actual left but you said I did. I know you're right. What happened was got in the car and he sat there in the car and he was so fuming that he just as we're sitting there parts he takes the blinker and he starts going up really fast and Ken and breaks the blink? Aw Point Talker. I live a mile away. I'll just walk. Oh he told me to fuck off and then we drove on am I am I at risk of physical violence. If somehow managed to win this now. I don't think I'm older now but I'm more worried about like you've played more than I have like. I'm worried that it forty five. I'm just GONNA like you've lost. I'm just GonNa suck like when you play basketball. I'm just GONNA be totally awful around the bike. You never lose those go out and I think I think because of Kirks because of your style of play it it it it should grow old well all right fine all right. Well I'll talk you later. So they won't sounds like a pleasant sort is the nicest guy you've ever made your life. His brother. Tim says all the time he says the happiest guy he we know he's the most. No no no no no no no no. He's limb listening to what happened to Jerry earlier so I wonder if no no I mean. I've known Andy. I think that time something would come up thirty six thirty five thirty six up forever. No he's he's a he's a pleasant you know behind signed guy. Sounds like a nice fellow. You wouldn't guess he was. I would guess his voice. It was a little younger. You always forty four. I think he's actually couple months younger than me but I wasn't lying at once again unless you think. Plant possible interesting. I would say likely. I'm giving you my game plan. I'm handing you my game now. That's a master Astra military move math to have a phone call with Team Oh you are taking this new information. I'm just I'm saying to you. The ball was literally in your court. You have place to make. That's it you know now. We need somebody now at your produce in do the play by play this event. My guess is my match as the day goes on to colony is going to be calling coal-lease choice the little seen sequel the Sophie's Choice. Rude chooses between me and Jerry which is not not up to me. I'm saying you know it feels like he has to do with the US to do it. I'm going to enjoy that car right up there. Oh God that should that should be periscope. Ter- PUNA put on instagram. If you've ever driven the car call only before now. You're like a conversation with him face to face before I mean. Yeah there's the show for a month. Oh God that's right for a complete eh eighty. Because I I forget the coney produced the show we sell the time. We'd like Steve. What Steve like these like and then see showed up? I remember coin produced Steve Two weeks before you left somebody to basically man back. I barely remembered now. True story have you ever. You'll hear from anybody in the old world anymore. Steve Racer Howling over the no. No quick answer. I think they hate they hate you know I I by don't have any information. See more sound awfully vache. The TISA about this questions relationship with human means I and don't have anything to report. I wish to invoke my fifth amendment as a regular mark. Furman in many ways wasn't going to say all right. Well there you go so too so you got rid of the donkey thing. Yeah you told me to fuck off about it so I said it was up to you. Jesus Christ priced. You said it was up to me and I got rid of it. You got rid of it because of what I said. Oh the boss. I'd be awfully random yesterday. No I thought the show needed an opener. Closer and you decided otherwise you know what. Give me give me. smokey what makes monkey so self-satisfied season two episode the three up their weight so we missed an episode. Oh a Smug Z.. Girl has her own account. Now I've seen you have. I didn't Autobahn three seconds corresponds with people. Does she correspond with its mugsy. I think I've seen that. I can't confirm somebody may WanNa remember that for lunch. They must drink my lunch. They might I was thinking what this ice cold Coca Cola Nepi Nice. I was wondering if you WANNA get lunch before we are after after our little imagine. Yeah I'll meet you somewhere relationship. It potato chip go go have my not. It's nothing you see me before pizza. They go fuck that one time we. We'll have lunch a lot chore. You're the one who said you don't WanNa have released outside the show it would be it would be. I don't WanNa get in the way of that. I don't want to make you upset while you want to get lunch. What time before today? Fine we'll find the place to have lunch them. You want to eat before yes. I'm okay after one thirty. I'm an old man. I have watched like eleven thirty twelve. You're saying swinging a racket with pizza in your pizza of a sandwich. I'm have a hammer. Talion Sandwich today with Coca Cola. Oh God five minutes long. Six months slugs e series season two episode three and it's called what makes Mugsy Z.. So self-satisfied early in her business career Smug Z.. Observed what is the epitome of sex discrimination women. She noticed do not have have equal opportunity to cash. In on the business of sex it was one particularly egregious disagree. That was too smug Mike know. Ladies on New Year's Eve might have to be involved or at least call in woody a gender amenable sex robot made from wood composites Alexa miniaturized tries tubes filled with sand fish. Oil is what puts muggsy on the map. SMUGLY got the idea of the woody while reading corporate literature literature about another product called the Oj a sleek new product designed for women and modestly described as the unquote worlds. First hands. Free device for the Holy Grail of orgasms closed clubs. What the fuck is going on? His own was the result. What is Steve Reference? Oh you think I know it's got to be what do you. What is the the first sex doll she found right like you said you referred to Boehner Woody so I think that dialed in? Its way off. No she's raising. She's communicating her life story. I think Eh dismiss anything. Can you Steve. While we won't you I'll tell you what you've listened to after the show at the best as I understand the stand is she going tomato. Oscar would be a short drive for just five hours. Is that right. Yeah from Portland. She's a she's a mean there you all right. So that's the latest muggsy. Well tomorrow I have a feeling. We're GONNA have plenty to report on because today I can see clearly first of all big big look into fighters but he's shaking your head above just the fact that I have to drive the tonight Steve Wasco in February to do something I wanted to. You don't want to do great thinkers. I'm not that interested I go. I wasn't invited. We have all that Jerry Falwell. Show them this. This follow my tennis experience. I mean there's a lot of important things we're GONNA covered. Yes I would think in giving spectacular. What's that we'll talk about? What our favorite dishes it goes? We'll each of these stories. I say I. The radio shows all over the country mashed potatoes Guy. I'll say what's tough that's tough. Va You owe. It makes sense barstool talks about this shit. I gotTa Tell You you're not mm-hmm lengths Thanksgiving food I think overrated again part of the Turkey. I'll say it. I'm sick of the Turkey you wouldn't have if cranberry I'm very sauce with that. Good you'd have a year round. That's true it's really good point. We're your house for Thanksgiving Steve. I'm actually going down to the Cape. There will be six of us in a dog dog. The Cape Who's done a cape the place where I'm having Thanksgiving Okay sounds excellent makes going on Western mess MEEMA. She'll be there hopefully. We'll just keep it propped up on you stay home yes I do quiet after the craziness of the I'm keeping a very close the immediate family or more. We don't go crazy especially over the issue. Cook anything me ninety nine or the we have the chefs. We have the very give them we give them an hour offer. Thanksgiving there are allowed to spread home and then make their way back suite. You know very low key I find generational. Even I find that like people this this idea that you can use schlep around nine hours for Thanksgiving fuels crazy. No Yeah I mean if you have a nightmare when are you leaving probably tomorrow. I'm going to be the worst win. After I'd done working early enough I guess in the skirt or leaving had a four pm to as when she gets to work which is Thursday morning the reunion. Tomorrow Oh wow yeah yeah tomorrow night you bring her yes can compete will be make energy that she wanted to go. She didn't know there's no worse than Dragon. The girlfriend round I. Yeah I told her no pressure at all. Jesus go find so we go. What is his donkey Salam here? I think you'll like doc put just. Don't you sound sorry. It's in different folder. He threw it away. This was pretty reprehensible. I I don't know how it can be anybody's idea humor. The end of my show is showing. Is that really true every day until yesterday one hundred and some episodes the show ends. Yeah why because I thought that there is an interesting irony with Dan Kennedy a donkey sound though 'cause Jackass Yes oh shut in line with my humor necessarily steep we. Now you're upset. 'cause I wanNA taken away which I never said which I never said No. I'm not honestly it's just one less step I have to do before I post. So it's fine. We'll see you. He wanted to stay and let me know. The show's over. Just say we're done right. Yeah well you know. We'll make a donkey sound every show. I can do that. Steve I would like to hear the sound one more time. Dick Dan Kennedy is really with a fucking asshole. I'm just not sure this was pretty reprehensible I I don't know how it can be anybody's idea. Humor Tanguay yeah yeah the pedophile guy. Who said that Murchison the idea? These sort of Forces offensive the idea that he has maligned of those. No mind nine offensive right. Yeah I mean is there a bigger and nobody even knows who he is bigger than Dan Kennedy Really Jackass right the guys. Everyone knows listening now. Who who do the jackass soundly? Take us off to the perfect.

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